Bug 1424946 - Move GeneralParser::identifierReference into a baser class. r=arai
authorJeff Walden <jwalden@mit.edu>
Tue, 12 Dec 2017 15:21:00 -0600
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Bug 1424946 - Move GeneralParser::identifierReference into a baser class. r=arai
--- a/js/src/frontend/Parser.cpp
+++ b/js/src/frontend/Parser.cpp
@@ -8867,19 +8867,19 @@ GeneralParser<ParseHandler, CharT>::bind
                      ? anyChars.currentToken().type
                      : TOK_LIMIT;
     RootedPropertyName ident(context, anyChars.currentName());
     if (!checkBindingIdentifier(ident, pos().begin, yieldHandling, hint))
         return nullptr;
     return ident;
-template <class ParseHandler, typename CharT>
+template <class ParseHandler>
 typename ParseHandler::Node
-GeneralParser<ParseHandler, CharT>::identifierReference(Handle<PropertyName*> name)
+PerHandlerParser<ParseHandler>::identifierReference(Handle<PropertyName*> name)
     Node pn = newName(name);
     if (!pn)
         return null();
     if (!noteUsedName(name))
         return null();
--- a/js/src/frontend/Parser.h
+++ b/js/src/frontend/Parser.h
@@ -352,16 +352,18 @@ class PerHandlerParser
     inline Node newName(PropertyName* name);
     inline Node newName(PropertyName* name, TokenPos pos);
     Node newInternalDotName(HandlePropertyName name);
     Node newThisName();
     Node newDotGeneratorName();
+    Node identifierReference(Handle<PropertyName*> name);
     inline bool processExport(Node node);
     inline bool processExportFrom(Node node);
     // If ParseHandler is SyntaxParseHandler:
     //   Do nothing.
     // If ParseHandler is FullParseHandler:
     //   Disable syntax parsing of all future inner functions during this
     //   full-parse.
@@ -541,16 +543,17 @@ class GeneralParser
     using Base::checkAndMarkSuperScope;
     using Base::declareDotGeneratorName;
     using Base::declareFunctionArgumentsObject;
     using Base::declareFunctionThis;
     using Base::finishFunction;
     using Base::hasUsedName;
+    using Base::identifierReference;
     using Base::leaveInnerFunction;
     using Base::newDotGeneratorName;
     using Base::newInternalDotName;
     using Base::newThisName;
     using Base::nextTokenContinuesLetDeclaration;
     using Base::noteDestructuredPositionalFormalParameter;
     using Base::noteUsedName;
     using Base::prefixAccessorName;
@@ -1009,18 +1012,16 @@ class GeneralParser
     PropertyName* labelIdentifier(YieldHandling yieldHandling) {
         return labelOrIdentifierReference(yieldHandling);
     PropertyName* identifierReference(YieldHandling yieldHandling) {
         return labelOrIdentifierReference(yieldHandling);
-    Node identifierReference(Handle<PropertyName*> name);
     bool matchLabel(YieldHandling yieldHandling, MutableHandle<PropertyName*> label);
     // Indicate if the next token (tokenized as Operand) is |in| or |of|.  If
     // so, consume it.
     bool matchInOrOf(bool* isForInp, bool* isForOfp);
     bool checkIncDecOperand(Node operand, uint32_t operandOffset);