Bug 1552717 - P3: Set mInitDataType on sample info regardless of if the sample is encrypted. r=cpearce a=jcristau
authorBryce Van Dyk <bvandyk@mozilla.com>
Tue, 28 May 2019 12:40:16 +0000
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reviewerscpearce, jcristau
Bug 1552717 - P3: Set mInitDataType on sample info regardless of if the sample is encrypted. r=cpearce a=jcristau Unencrypted samples can carry init data and thus we should set the init data type regardless of if the sample itself is encrypted (otherwise the init data info is incomplete for unencrypted samples). Depends on D32751 Differential Revision: https://phabricator.services.mozilla.com/D32752
--- a/dom/media/mp4/Index.cpp
+++ b/dom/media/mp4/Index.cpp
@@ -133,40 +133,39 @@ already_AddRefed<MediaRawData> SampleIte
     if (!moofParser->mSinf.IsValid()) {
       // The sample description entry says this sample is encrypted, but we
       // don't have a relevant sinf box, this shouldn't happen, so bail.
       return nullptr;
     if (moofParser->mSinf.mDefaultEncryptionType == AtomType("cenc")) {
       cryptoScheme = CryptoScheme::Cenc;
       writer->mCrypto.mCryptoScheme = CryptoScheme::Cenc;
-      writer->mCrypto.mInitDataType = NS_LITERAL_STRING("cenc");
     } else if (moofParser->mSinf.mDefaultEncryptionType == AtomType("cbcs")) {
       cryptoScheme = CryptoScheme::Cbcs;
       writer->mCrypto.mCryptoScheme = CryptoScheme::Cbcs;
-      writer->mCrypto.mInitDataType = NS_LITERAL_STRING("cenc");
     } else {
           "Sample description entry reports sample is encrypted, but no "
           "scheme, or an unsupported shceme is in use!");
       return nullptr;
+  // We need to check if this moof has init data the CDM expects us to surface.
+  // This should happen when handling the first sample, even if that sample
+  // isn't encrypted (samples later in the moof may be).
   if (mCurrentSample == 0) {
     const nsTArray<Moof>& moofs = moofParser->Moofs();
     const Moof* currentMoof = &moofs[mCurrentMoof];
     if (!currentMoof->mPsshes.IsEmpty()) {
-      MOZ_ASSERT(sampleDescriptionEntry->mIsEncryptedEntry,
-                 "Unencrypted fragments should not contain pssh boxes");
-      MOZ_ASSERT(cryptoScheme != CryptoScheme::None);
       // This Moof contained crypto init data. Report that. We only report
       // the init data on the Moof's first sample, to avoid reporting it more
       // than once per Moof.
+      writer->mCrypto.mInitDataType = NS_LITERAL_STRING("cenc");
   if (sampleDescriptionEntry->mIsEncryptedEntry) {
     writer->mCrypto.mCryptoScheme = cryptoScheme;
                "Sample should not already have a key ID");