bug 978313 - fix up existing reftests affected by improved joiner handling. r=jdaggett
authorJonathan Kew <jkew@mozilla.com>
Mon, 03 Mar 2014 08:02:43 +0000
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bug 978313 - fix up existing reftests affected by improved joiner handling. r=jdaggett
--- a/layout/reftests/font-features/reftest.list
+++ b/layout/reftests/font-features/reftest.list
@@ -9,18 +9,17 @@ skip-if(B2G) HTTP(..) != font-features-t
 # check that disabling ligatures causes a change
 HTTP(..) != font-features-noliga.html font-features-ref.html
 # check that enabling optional ligatures causes a change
 HTTP(..) != font-features-hlig.html font-features-ref.html
 # compare Turkish rendering with reference using ZWNJ to break the ligature
-# (also works via Pango)
-fails-if(d2d) HTTP(..) == font-features-turkish.html font-features-turkish-ref.html
+HTTP(..) == font-features-turkish.html font-features-turkish-ref.html
 # compare Turkish rendering with explicitly disabled ligatures
 HTTP(..) == font-features-turkish.html font-features-noliga.html
 # The following should pass even if feature support isn't available,
 # because both testcase and reference will have the default rendering,
 # though they're not really meaningful unless the tests above passed already.
--- a/layout/reftests/text/kerning-01-notref.html
+++ b/layout/reftests/text/kerning-01-notref.html
@@ -7,16 +7,19 @@
   /* a copy of M+ with OpenType tables removed, so only legacy 'kern' is present */
 body {
   text-rendering: optimizeLegibility;
   font-size: 40px;
   font-family: mplus;
+span {
+  font-family: serif;
-<!-- the ZWNJ characters should prevent kerning at those positions;
+<!-- the ZWNJ characters with font change should prevent kerning at those positions;
      if the testcase looks the same, then kerning failed altogether -->
--- a/layout/reftests/text/reftest.list
+++ b/layout/reftests/text/reftest.list
@@ -141,18 +141,17 @@ HTTP(..) == zwnj-02.xhtml zwnj-02-ref.xh
 == 449555-1.html 449555-1-ref.html
 == 467722.html 467722-ref.html
 skip-if(B2G) HTTP(..) == 475092-sub.html 475092-ref.html
 fails-if(!winWidget&&!gtk2Widget) skip-if(B2G) HTTP(..) == 475092-pos.html 475092-sub.html # bug 482596
 == 476378-soft-hyphen-fallback.html 476378-soft-hyphen-fallback-ref.html
 # Test for bug 484954
 == rgba-text.html rgba-text-ref.html
 # Test for bug 575695, 'kern' table support
-# Random on Windows because behavior depends on Uniscribe version(?)
-random-if(winWidget) HTTP(..) != kerning-01.html kerning-01-notref.html
+HTTP(..) != kerning-01.html kerning-01-notref.html
 # Test for bug 577380, support for AAT layout (on OS X only)
 random-if(!cocoaWidget) == 577380.html 577380-ref.html
 # Test for OpenType Arabic shaping support
 HTTP(..) == arabic-shaping-1.html arabic-shaping-1-ref.html
 # check ligature in Arial Bold on Windows, for bug 644184; may fail on other platforms depending on fonts
 random-if(!winWidget) == arial-bold-lam-alef-1.html arial-bold-lam-alef-1-ref.html
 # Fallback (presentation-forms) shaping with a font that lacks GSUB/GPOS
 # These tests are not valid on OS X because our masking of complex-script ranges