Bug 1259850 - Comments
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Bug 1259850 - Comments MozReview-Commit-ID: 9RjVxl4EX8N
--- a/js/public/GCAnnotations.h
+++ b/js/public/GCAnnotations.h
@@ -18,32 +18,33 @@
 // annotation.)
 # define JS_HAZ_GC_POINTER __attribute__((tag("GC Pointer")))
 // Mark a type as a rooted pointer, suitable for use on the stack (eg all
 // Rooted<T> instantiations should have this.)
 # define JS_HAZ_ROOTED __attribute__((tag("Rooted Pointer")))
 // Mark a type as something that should not be held live across a GC, but which
-// is itself not a GC pointer.
+// is not itself a GC pointer.
 # define JS_HAZ_GC_INVALIDATED __attribute__((tag("Invalidated by GC")))
 // Mark a type that would otherwise be considered a GC Pointer (eg because it
 // contains a JS::Value field) as a non-GC pointer. It is handled almost the
 // same in the analysis as a rooted pointer, except it will not be reported as
 // an unnecessary root if used across a GC call. This should rarely be used,
 // but makes sense for something like ErrorResult, which only contains a GC
 // pointer when it holds an exception (and it does its own rooting,
 // conditionally.)
 # define JS_HAZ_NON_GC_POINTER __attribute__((tag("Suppressed GC Pointer")))
 // Mark a function as something that runs a garbage collection, potentially
 // invalidating GC pointers.
 # define JS_HAZ_GC_CALL __attribute__((tag("GC Call")))
+// Mark an RAII class as suppressing GC within its scope.
 # define JS_HAZ_GC_SUPPRESSED __attribute__((tag("Suppress GC")))
 # define JS_HAZ_GC_THING
 # define JS_HAZ_ROOTED