Bug 1517241 - Fix some gcc / msvc bustage.
authorEmilio Cobos Álvarez <emilio@crisal.io>
Thu, 03 Jan 2019 18:36:35 +0100
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Bug 1517241 - Fix some gcc / msvc bustage. In a CLOSED TREE, since apparently I pushed the wrong revision to do all the builds on try.
--- a/dom/base/Document.h
+++ b/dom/base/Document.h
@@ -76,17 +76,16 @@ class ElementCreationOptionsOrString;
 }  // namespace mozilla
 class gfxUserFontSet;
 class imgIRequest;
 class nsBindingManager;
 class nsCachableElementsByNameNodeList;
 class nsContentList;
-class nsDocumentOnStack;
 class nsIDocShell;
 class nsDocShell;
 class nsDOMNavigationTiming;
 class nsFrameLoader;
 class nsGlobalWindowInner;
 class nsHtml5TreeOpExecutor;
 class nsHTMLCSSStyleSheet;
 class nsHTMLDocument;
@@ -114,17 +113,16 @@ class nsIStreamListener;
 class nsIStructuredCloneContainer;
 class nsIURI;
 class nsIVariant;
 class nsViewManager;
 class nsPresContext;
 class nsRange;
 class nsSimpleContentList;
 class nsTextNode;
-class nsUnblockOnloadEvent;
 class nsWindowSizes;
 class nsDOMCaretPosition;
 class nsViewportInfo;
 class nsIGlobalObject;
 class nsIXULWindow;
 namespace mozilla {
 class AbstractThread;
@@ -203,16 +201,19 @@ class TreeWalker;
 class XPathEvaluator;
 class XPathExpression;
 class XPathNSResolver;
 class XPathResult;
 class XULDocument;
 template <typename>
 class Sequence;
+class nsDocumentOnStack;
+class nsUnblockOnloadEvent;
 template <typename, typename>
 class CallbackObjectHolder;
 enum class CallerType : uint32_t;
 }  // namespace dom
 }  // namespace mozilla
@@ -442,17 +443,17 @@ class Document : public nsINode,
   explicit Document(const char* aContentType);
   virtual ~Document();
   Document(const Document&) = delete;
   Document& operator=(const Document&) = delete;
-  typedef ExternalResourceMap::ExternalResourceLoad ExternalResourceLoad;
+  typedef mozilla::dom::ExternalResourceMap::ExternalResourceLoad ExternalResourceLoad;
   typedef net::ReferrerPolicy ReferrerPolicyEnum;
@@ -2795,17 +2796,17 @@ class Document : public nsINode,
    * throttled. We throttle requestAnimationFrame for documents which aren't
    * visible (e.g. scrolled out of the viewport).
   bool ShouldThrottleFrameRequests();
   // This returns true when the document tree is being teared down.
   bool InUnlinkOrDeletion() { return mInUnlinkOrDeletion; }
-  ImageTracker* ImageTracker();
+  mozilla::dom::ImageTracker* ImageTracker();
   // AddPlugin adds a plugin-related element to mPlugins when the element is
   // added to the tree.
   void AddPlugin(nsIObjectLoadingContent* aPlugin) {
@@ -3087,17 +3088,17 @@ class Document : public nsINode,
                                                        JSObject* aObject);
   static bool AreWebAnimationsTimelinesEnabled(JSContext* aCx,
                                                JSObject* aObject);
   // Checks that the caller is either chrome or some addon.
   static bool IsCallerChromeOrAddon(JSContext* aCx, JSObject* aObject);
   bool Hidden() const { return mVisibilityState != VisibilityState::Visible; }
-  VisibilityState VisibilityState() const { return mVisibilityState; }
+  mozilla::dom::VisibilityState VisibilityState() const { return mVisibilityState; }
   void GetSelectedStyleSheetSet(nsAString& aSheetSet);
   void SetSelectedStyleSheetSet(const nsAString& aSheetSet);
   void GetLastStyleSheetSet(nsAString& aSheetSet) {
     aSheetSet = mLastStyleSheetSet;
   const nsString& GetCurrentStyleSheetSet() const {
     return mLastStyleSheetSet.IsEmpty() ? mPreferredStyleSheetSet