Bug 815473 - Replace runtime computed gUnicodeToGBKTable by constants. r=smontagu
authorTing-Yuan Huang <thuang@mozilla.com>
Sun, 16 Dec 2012 19:20:01 -0500
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Bug 815473 - Replace runtime computed gUnicodeToGBKTable by constants. r=smontagu
new file mode 100644
--- /dev/null
+++ b/intl/uconv/ucvcn/cp936invmap.h
@@ -0,0 +1,2684 @@
+/* -*- Mode: C++; tab-width: 2; indent-tabs-mode: nil; c-basic-offset: 2 -*- */
+/* This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
+ * License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
+ * file, You can obtain one at http://mozilla.org/MPL/2.0/. */
+/* This file is generated by the following C snippet, which depends on
+ * cp936map.h. It maps Unicode to GBK. */
+#include <stdio.h>
+#include <unistd.h>
+#include <stdint.h>
+#include <string.h>
+#define MAX_GBK_LENGTH 24066 // (0xfe-0x80)*(0xfe-0x3f)
+#define UNICHAR_IN_RANGE(a, b, c) \
+ (((uint16_t)(a) <= (uint16_t)(b))&&((uint16_t)(b) <= (uint16_t)(c)))
+static const uint16_t gGBKToUnicodeTable[MAX_GBK_LENGTH] = {
+#include "cp936map.h"
+static uint16_t gUnicodeToGBKTable[0xA000-0x4e00];
+int main()
+    uint16_t unicode;
+    uint16_t i;
+    // zap it to zero first
+    memset(gUnicodeToGBKTable,0, sizeof(gUnicodeToGBKTable));
+    for ( i=0; i<MAX_GBK_LENGTH; i++ )
+    {
+        unicode = gGBKToUnicodeTable[i];
+        // to reduce size of gUnicodeToGBKTable, we only do direct unicode to GB 
+        // table mapping between unicode 0x4E00 and 0xA000. Others by searching
+        // gGBKToUnicodeTable. There is a trade off between memory usage and speed.
+        if(UNICHAR_IN_RANGE(0x4e00, unicode, 0x9fff))
+        {
+            unicode -= 0x4E00; 
+            gUnicodeToGBKTable[unicode] =  (( i / 0x00BF + 0x0081) << 8) | 
+                ( i % 0x00BF+ 0x0040);
+        }
+    }
+    for (i = 0; i < 0xA000 - 0x4e00; i += 8) {
+        printf("0x%.4x, ", gUnicodeToGBKTable[i + 0]);
+        printf("0x%.4x, ", gUnicodeToGBKTable[i + 1]);
+        printf("0x%.4x, ", gUnicodeToGBKTable[i + 2]);
+        printf("0x%.4x, ", gUnicodeToGBKTable[i + 3]);
+        printf("0x%.4x, ", gUnicodeToGBKTable[i + 4]);
+        printf("0x%.4x, ", gUnicodeToGBKTable[i + 5]);
+        printf("0x%.4x, ", gUnicodeToGBKTable[i + 6]);
+        printf("0x%.4x,\n", gUnicodeToGBKTable[i + 7]);
+    }
+    return 0;
+0xd2bb, 0xb6a1, 0x8140, 0xc6df, 0x8141, 0x8142, 0x8143, 0xcdf2,
+0xd5c9, 0xc8fd, 0xc9cf, 0xcfc2, 0xd8a2, 0xb2bb, 0xd3eb, 0x8144,
+0xd8a4, 0xb3f3, 0x8145, 0xd7a8, 0xc7d2, 0xd8a7, 0xcac0, 0x8146,
+0xc7f0, 0xb1fb, 0xd2b5, 0xb4d4, 0xb6ab, 0xcbbf, 0xd8a9, 0x8147,
+0x8148, 0x8149, 0xb6aa, 0x814a, 0xc1bd, 0xd1cf, 0x814b, 0xc9a5,
+0xd8ad, 0x814c, 0xb8f6, 0xd1be, 0xe3dc, 0xd6d0, 0x814d, 0x814e,
+0xb7e1, 0x814f, 0xb4ae, 0x8150, 0xc1d9, 0x8151, 0xd8bc, 0x8152,
+0xcde8, 0xb5a4, 0xceaa, 0xd6f7, 0x8153, 0xc0f6, 0xbed9, 0xd8af,
+0x8154, 0x8155, 0x8156, 0xc4cb, 0x8157, 0xbec3, 0x8158, 0xd8b1,
+0xc3b4, 0xd2e5, 0x8159, 0xd6ae, 0xceda, 0xd5a7, 0xbaf5, 0xb7a6,
+0xc0d6, 0x815a, 0xc6b9, 0xc5d2, 0xc7c7, 0x815b, 0xb9d4, 0x815c,
+0xb3cb, 0xd2d2, 0x815d, 0x815e, 0xd8bf, 0xbec5, 0xc6f2, 0xd2b2,
+0xcfb0, 0xcfe7, 0x815f, 0x8160, 0x8161, 0x8162, 0xcae9, 0x8163,
+0x8164, 0xd8c0, 0x8165, 0x8166, 0x8167, 0x8168, 0x8169, 0x816a,
+0xc2f2, 0xc2d2, 0x816b, 0xc8e9, 0x816c, 0x816d, 0x816e, 0x816f,
+0x8170, 0x8171, 0x8172, 0x8173, 0x8174, 0x8175, 0xc7ac, 0x8176,
+0x8177, 0x8178, 0x8179, 0x817a, 0x817b, 0x817c, 0xc1cb, 0x817d,
+0xd3e8, 0xd5f9, 0x817e, 0xcac2, 0xb6fe, 0xd8a1, 0xd3da, 0xbff7,
+0x8180, 0xd4c6, 0xbba5, 0xd8c1, 0xcee5, 0xbeae, 0x8181, 0x8182,
+0xd8a8, 0x8183, 0xd1c7, 0xd0a9, 0x8184, 0x8185, 0x8186, 0xd8bd,
+0xd9ef, 0xcdf6, 0xbfba, 0x8187, 0xbdbb, 0xbaa5, 0xd2e0, 0xb2fa,
+0xbae0, 0xc4b6, 0x8188, 0xcfed, 0xbea9, 0xcda4, 0xc1c1, 0x8189,
+0x818a, 0x818b, 0xc7d7, 0xd9f1, 0x818c, 0xd9f4, 0x818d, 0x818e,
+0x818f, 0x8190, 0xc8cb, 0xd8e9, 0x8191, 0x8192, 0x8193, 0xd2da,
+0xcab2, 0xc8ca, 0xd8ec, 0xd8ea, 0xd8c6, 0xbdf6, 0xc6cd, 0xb3f0,
+0x8194, 0xd8eb, 0xbdf1, 0xbde9, 0x8195, 0xc8d4, 0xb4d3, 0x8196,
+0x8197, 0xc2d8, 0x8198, 0xb2d6, 0xd7d0, 0xcacb, 0xcbfb, 0xd5cc,
+0xb8b6, 0xcfc9, 0x8199, 0x819a, 0x819b, 0xd9da, 0xd8f0, 0xc7aa,
+0x819c, 0xd8ee, 0x819d, 0xb4fa, 0xc1ee, 0xd2d4, 0x819e, 0x819f,
+0xd8ed, 0x81a0, 0xd2c7, 0xd8ef, 0xc3c7, 0x81a1, 0x81a2, 0x81a3,
+0xd1f6, 0x81a4, 0xd6d9, 0xd8f2, 0x81a5, 0xd8f5, 0xbcfe, 0xbcdb,
+0x81a6, 0x81a7, 0x81a8, 0xc8ce, 0x81a9, 0xb7dd, 0x81aa, 0xb7c2,
+0x81ab, 0xc6f3, 0x81ac, 0x81ad, 0x81ae, 0x81af, 0x81b0, 0x81b1,
+0x81b2, 0xd8f8, 0xd2c1, 0x81b3, 0x81b4, 0xcee9, 0xbcbf, 0xb7fc,
+0xb7a5, 0xd0dd, 0x81b5, 0x81b6, 0x81b7, 0x81b8, 0x81b9, 0xd6da,
+0xd3c5, 0xbbef, 0xbbe1, 0xd8f1, 0x81ba, 0x81bb, 0xc9a1, 0xceb0,
+0xb4ab, 0x81bc, 0xd8f3, 0x81bd, 0xc9cb, 0xd8f6, 0xc2d7, 0xd8f7,
+0x81be, 0x81bf, 0xceb1, 0xd8f9, 0x81c0, 0x81c1, 0x81c2, 0xb2ae,
+0xb9c0, 0x81c3, 0xd9a3, 0x81c4, 0xb0e9, 0x81c5, 0xc1e6, 0x81c6,
+0xc9ec, 0x81c7, 0xcbc5, 0x81c8, 0xcbc6, 0xd9a4, 0x81c9, 0x81ca,
+0x81cb, 0x81cc, 0x81cd, 0xb5e8, 0x81ce, 0x81cf, 0xb5ab, 0x81d0,
+0x81d1, 0x81d2, 0x81d3, 0x81d4, 0x81d5, 0xcebb, 0xb5cd, 0xd7a1,
+0xd7f4, 0xd3d3, 0x81d6, 0xcce5, 0x81d7, 0xbace, 0x81d8, 0xd9a2,
+0xd9dc, 0xd3e0, 0xd8fd, 0xb7f0, 0xd7f7, 0xd8fe, 0xd8fa, 0xd9a1,
+0xc4e3, 0x81d9, 0x81da, 0xd3b6, 0xd8f4, 0xd9dd, 0x81db, 0xd8fb,
+0x81dc, 0xc5e5, 0x81dd, 0x81de, 0xc0d0, 0x81df, 0x81e0, 0xd1f0,
+0xb0db, 0x81e1, 0x81e2, 0xbcd1, 0xd9a6, 0x81e3, 0xd9a5, 0x81e4,
+0x81e5, 0x81e6, 0x81e7, 0xd9ac, 0xd9ae, 0x81e8, 0xd9ab, 0xcab9,
+0x81e9, 0x81ea, 0x81eb, 0xd9a9, 0xd6b6, 0x81ec, 0x81ed, 0x81ee,
+0xb3de, 0xd9a8, 0x81ef, 0xc0fd, 0x81f0, 0xcacc, 0x81f1, 0xd9aa,
+0x81f2, 0xd9a7, 0x81f3, 0x81f4, 0xd9b0, 0x81f5, 0x81f6, 0xb6b1,
+0x81f7, 0x81f8, 0x81f9, 0xb9a9, 0x81fa, 0xd2c0, 0x81fb, 0x81fc,
+0xcfc0, 0x81fd, 0x81fe, 0xc2c2, 0x8240, 0xbdc4, 0xd5ec, 0xb2e0,
+0xc7c8, 0xbfeb, 0xd9ad, 0x8241, 0xd9af, 0x8242, 0xceea, 0xbaee,
+0x8243, 0x8244, 0x8245, 0x8246, 0x8247, 0xc7d6, 0x8248, 0x8249,
+0x824a, 0x824b, 0x824c, 0x824d, 0x824e, 0x824f, 0x8250, 0xb1e3,
+0x8251, 0x8252, 0x8253, 0xb4d9, 0xb6ed, 0xd9b4, 0x8254, 0x8255,
+0x8256, 0x8257, 0xbfa1, 0x8258, 0x8259, 0x825a, 0xd9de, 0xc7ce,
+0xc0fe, 0xd9b8, 0x825b, 0x825c, 0x825d, 0x825e, 0x825f, 0xcbd7,
+0xb7fd, 0x8260, 0xd9b5, 0x8261, 0xd9b7, 0xb1a3, 0xd3e1, 0xd9b9,
+0x8262, 0xd0c5, 0x8263, 0xd9b6, 0x8264, 0x8265, 0xd9b1, 0x8266,
+0xd9b2, 0xc1a9, 0xd9b3, 0x8267, 0x8268, 0xbcf3, 0xd0de, 0xb8a9,
+0x8269, 0xbee3, 0x826a, 0xd9bd, 0x826b, 0x826c, 0x826d, 0x826e,
+0xd9ba, 0x826f, 0xb0b3, 0x8270, 0x8271, 0x8272, 0xd9c2, 0x8273,
+0x8274, 0x8275, 0x8276, 0x8277, 0x8278, 0x8279, 0x827a, 0x827b,
+0x827c, 0x827d, 0x827e, 0x8280, 0xd9c4, 0xb1b6, 0x8281, 0xd9bf,
+0x8282, 0x8283, 0xb5b9, 0x8284, 0xbef3, 0x8285, 0x8286, 0x8287,
+0xccc8, 0xbaf2, 0xd2d0, 0x8288, 0xd9c3, 0x8289, 0x828a, 0xbde8,
+0x828b, 0xb3ab, 0x828c, 0x828d, 0x828e, 0xd9c5, 0xbeeb, 0x828f,
+0xd9c6, 0xd9bb, 0xc4df, 0x8290, 0xd9be, 0xd9c1, 0xd9c0, 0x8291,
+0x8292, 0x8293, 0x8294, 0x8295, 0x8296, 0x8297, 0x8298, 0x8299,
+0x829a, 0x829b, 0xd5ae, 0x829c, 0xd6b5, 0x829d, 0xc7e3, 0x829e,
+0x829f, 0x82a0, 0x82a1, 0xd9c8, 0x82a2, 0x82a3, 0x82a4, 0xbcd9,
+0xd9ca, 0x82a5, 0x82a6, 0x82a7, 0xd9bc, 0x82a8, 0xd9cb, 0xc6ab,
+0x82a9, 0x82aa, 0x82ab, 0x82ac, 0x82ad, 0xd9c9, 0x82ae, 0x82af,
+0x82b0, 0x82b1, 0xd7f6, 0x82b2, 0xcda3, 0x82b3, 0x82b4, 0x82b5,
+0x82b6, 0x82b7, 0x82b8, 0x82b9, 0x82ba, 0xbda1, 0x82bb, 0x82bc,
+0x82bd, 0x82be, 0x82bf, 0x82c0, 0xd9cc, 0x82c1, 0x82c2, 0x82c3,
+0x82c4, 0x82c5, 0x82c6, 0x82c7, 0x82c8, 0x82c9, 0xc5bc, 0xcdb5,
+0x82ca, 0x82cb, 0x82cc, 0xd9cd, 0x82cd, 0x82ce, 0xd9c7, 0xb3a5,
+0xbffe, 0x82cf, 0x82d0, 0x82d1, 0x82d2, 0xb8b5, 0x82d3, 0x82d4,
+0xc0fc, 0x82d5, 0x82d6, 0x82d7, 0x82d8, 0xb0f8, 0x82d9, 0x82da,
+0x82db, 0x82dc, 0x82dd, 0x82de, 0x82df, 0x82e0, 0x82e1, 0x82e2,
+0x82e3, 0x82e4, 0x82e5, 0x82e6, 0x82e7, 0x82e8, 0x82e9, 0x82ea,
+0x82eb, 0x82ec, 0x82ed, 0xb4f6, 0x82ee, 0xd9ce, 0x82ef, 0xd9cf,
+0xb4a2, 0xd9d0, 0x82f0, 0x82f1, 0xb4df, 0x82f2, 0x82f3, 0x82f4,
+0x82f5, 0x82f6, 0xb0c1, 0x82f7, 0x82f8, 0x82f9, 0x82fa, 0x82fb,
+0x82fc, 0x82fd, 0xd9d1, 0xc9b5, 0x82fe, 0x8340, 0x8341, 0x8342,
+0x8343, 0x8344, 0x8345, 0x8346, 0x8347, 0x8348, 0x8349, 0x834a,
+0x834b, 0x834c, 0x834d, 0x834e, 0x834f, 0x8350, 0x8351, 0xcff1,
+0x8352, 0x8353, 0x8354, 0x8355, 0x8356, 0x8357, 0xd9d2, 0x8358,
+0x8359, 0x835a, 0xc1c5, 0x835b, 0x835c, 0x835d, 0x835e, 0x835f,
+0x8360, 0x8361, 0x8362, 0x8363, 0x8364, 0x8365, 0xd9d6, 0xc9ae,
+0x8366, 0x8367, 0x8368, 0x8369, 0xd9d5, 0xd9d4, 0xd9d7, 0x836a,
+0x836b, 0x836c, 0x836d, 0xcbdb, 0x836e, 0xbda9, 0x836f, 0x8370,
+0x8371, 0x8372, 0x8373, 0xc6a7, 0x8374, 0x8375, 0x8376, 0x8377,
+0x8378, 0x8379, 0x837a, 0x837b, 0x837c, 0x837d, 0xd9d3, 0xd9d8,
+0x837e, 0x8380, 0x8381, 0xd9d9, 0x8382, 0x8383, 0x8384, 0x8385,
+0x8386, 0x8387, 0xc8e5, 0x8388, 0x8389, 0x838a, 0x838b, 0x838c,
+0x838d, 0x838e, 0x838f, 0x8390, 0x8391, 0x8392, 0x8393, 0x8394,
+0x8395, 0xc0dc, 0x8396, 0x8397, 0x8398, 0x8399, 0x839a, 0x839b,
+0x839c, 0x839d, 0x839e, 0x839f, 0x83a0, 0x83a1, 0x83a2, 0x83a3,
+0x83a4, 0x83a5, 0x83a6, 0x83a7, 0x83a8, 0x83a9, 0x83aa, 0x83ab,
+0x83ac, 0x83ad, 0x83ae, 0x83af, 0x83b0, 0x83b1, 0x83b2, 0xb6f9,
+0xd8a3, 0xd4ca, 0x83b3, 0xd4aa, 0xd0d6, 0xb3e4, 0xd5d7, 0x83b4,
+0xcfc8, 0xb9e2, 0x83b5, 0xbfcb, 0x83b6, 0xc3e2, 0x83b7, 0x83b8,
+0x83b9, 0xb6d2, 0x83ba, 0x83bb, 0xcdc3, 0xd9ee, 0xd9f0, 0x83bc,
+0x83bd, 0x83be, 0xb5b3, 0x83bf, 0xb6b5, 0x83c0, 0x83c1, 0x83c2,
+0x83c3, 0x83c4, 0xbea4, 0x83c5, 0x83c6, 0xc8eb, 0x83c7, 0x83c8,
+0xc8ab, 0x83c9, 0x83ca, 0xb0cb, 0xb9ab, 0xc1f9, 0xd9e2, 0x83cb,
+0xc0bc, 0xb9b2, 0x83cc, 0xb9d8, 0xd0cb, 0xb1f8, 0xc6e4, 0xbedf,
+0xb5e4, 0xd7c8, 0x83cd, 0xd1f8, 0xbce6, 0xcade, 0x83ce, 0x83cf,
+0xbcbd, 0xd9e6, 0xd8e7, 0x83d0, 0x83d1, 0xc4da, 0x83d2, 0x83d3,
+0xb8d4, 0xc8bd, 0x83d4, 0x83d5, 0xb2e1, 0xd4d9, 0x83d6, 0x83d7,
+0x83d8, 0x83d9, 0xc3b0, 0x83da, 0x83db, 0xc3e1, 0xdaa2, 0xc8df,
+0x83dc, 0xd0b4, 0x83dd, 0xbefc, 0xc5a9, 0x83de, 0x83df, 0x83e0,
+0xb9da, 0x83e1, 0xdaa3, 0x83e2, 0xd4a9, 0xdaa4, 0x83e3, 0x83e4,
+0x83e5, 0x83e6, 0x83e7, 0xd9fb, 0xb6ac, 0x83e8, 0x83e9, 0xb7eb,
+0xb1f9, 0xd9fc, 0xb3e5, 0xbef6, 0x83ea, 0xbff6, 0xd2b1, 0xc0e4,
+0x83eb, 0x83ec, 0x83ed, 0xb6b3, 0xd9fe, 0xd9fd, 0x83ee, 0x83ef,
+0xbebb, 0x83f0, 0x83f1, 0x83f2, 0xc6e0, 0x83f3, 0xd7bc, 0xdaa1,
+0x83f4, 0xc1b9, 0x83f5, 0xb5f2, 0xc1e8, 0x83f6, 0x83f7, 0xbcf5,
+0x83f8, 0xb4d5, 0x83f9, 0x83fa, 0x83fb, 0x83fc, 0x83fd, 0x83fe,
+0x8440, 0x8441, 0x8442, 0xc1dd, 0x8443, 0xc4fd, 0x8444, 0x8445,
+0xbcb8, 0xb7b2, 0x8446, 0x8447, 0xb7ef, 0x8448, 0x8449, 0x844a,
+0x844b, 0x844c, 0x844d, 0xd9ec, 0x844e, 0xc6be, 0x844f, 0xbfad,
+0xbbcb, 0x8450, 0x8451, 0xb5ca, 0x8452, 0xdbc9, 0xd0d7, 0x8453,
+0xcdb9, 0xb0bc, 0xb3f6, 0xbbf7, 0xdbca, 0xbaaf, 0x8454, 0xd4e4,
+0xb5b6, 0xb5f3, 0xd8d6, 0xc8d0, 0x8455, 0x8456, 0xb7d6, 0xc7d0,
+0xd8d7, 0x8457, 0xbfaf, 0x8458, 0x8459, 0xdbbb, 0xd8d8, 0x845a,
+0x845b, 0xd0cc, 0xbbae, 0x845c, 0x845d, 0x845e, 0xebbe, 0xc1d0,
+0xc1f5, 0xd4f2, 0xb8d5, 0xb4b4, 0x845f, 0xb3f5, 0x8460, 0x8461,
+0xc9be, 0x8462, 0x8463, 0x8464, 0xc5d0, 0x8465, 0x8466, 0x8467,
+0xc5d9, 0xc0fb, 0x8468, 0xb1f0, 0x8469, 0xd8d9, 0xb9ce, 0x846a,
+0xb5bd, 0x846b, 0x846c, 0xd8da, 0x846d, 0x846e, 0xd6c6, 0xcba2,
+0xc8af, 0xc9b2, 0xb4cc, 0xbfcc, 0x846f, 0xb9f4, 0x8470, 0xd8db,
+0xd8dc, 0xb6e7, 0xbcc1, 0xccea, 0x8471, 0x8472, 0x8473, 0x8474,
+0x8475, 0x8476, 0xcff7, 0x8477, 0xd8dd, 0xc7b0, 0x8478, 0x8479,
+0xb9d0, 0xbda3, 0x847a, 0x847b, 0xccde, 0x847c, 0xc6ca, 0x847d,
+0x847e, 0x8480, 0x8481, 0x8482, 0xd8e0, 0x8483, 0xd8de, 0x8484,
+0x8485, 0xd8df, 0x8486, 0x8487, 0x8488, 0xb0fe, 0x8489, 0xbee7,
+0x848a, 0xcaa3, 0xbcf4, 0x848b, 0x848c, 0x848d, 0x848e, 0xb8b1,
+0x848f, 0x8490, 0xb8ee, 0x8491, 0x8492, 0x8493, 0x8494, 0x8495,
+0x8496, 0x8497, 0x8498, 0x8499, 0x849a, 0xd8e2, 0x849b, 0xbdcb,
+0x849c, 0xd8e4, 0xd8e3, 0x849d, 0x849e, 0x849f, 0x84a0, 0x84a1,
+0xc5fc, 0x84a2, 0x84a3, 0x84a4, 0x84a5, 0x84a6, 0x84a7, 0x84a8,
+0xd8e5, 0x84a9, 0x84aa, 0xd8e6, 0x84ab, 0x84ac, 0x84ad, 0x84ae,
+0x84af, 0x84b0, 0x84b1, 0xc1a6, 0x84b2, 0xc8b0, 0xb0ec, 0xb9a6,
+0xbcd3, 0xcef1, 0xdbbd, 0xc1d3, 0x84b3, 0x84b4, 0x84b5, 0x84b6,
+0xb6af, 0xd6fa, 0xc5ac, 0xbdd9, 0xdbbe, 0xdbbf, 0x84b7, 0x84b8,
+0x84b9, 0xc0f8, 0xbea2, 0xc0cd, 0x84ba, 0x84bb, 0x84bc, 0x84bd,
+0x84be, 0x84bf, 0x84c0, 0x84c1, 0x84c2, 0x84c3, 0xdbc0, 0xcac6,
+0x84c4, 0x84c5, 0x84c6, 0xb2aa, 0x84c7, 0x84c8, 0x84c9, 0xd3c2,
+0x84ca, 0xc3e3, 0x84cb, 0xd1ab, 0x84cc, 0x84cd, 0x84ce, 0x84cf,
+0xdbc2, 0x84d0, 0xc0d5, 0x84d1, 0x84d2, 0x84d3, 0xdbc3, 0x84d4,
+0xbfb1, 0x84d5, 0x84d6, 0x84d7, 0x84d8, 0x84d9, 0x84da, 0xc4bc,
+0x84db, 0x84dc, 0x84dd, 0x84de, 0xc7da, 0x84df, 0x84e0, 0x84e1,
+0x84e2, 0x84e3, 0x84e4, 0x84e5, 0x84e6, 0x84e7, 0x84e8, 0x84e9,
+0xdbc4, 0x84ea, 0x84eb, 0x84ec, 0x84ed, 0x84ee, 0x84ef, 0x84f0,
+0x84f1, 0xd9e8, 0xc9d7, 0x84f2, 0x84f3, 0x84f4, 0xb9b4, 0xcef0,
+0xd4c8, 0x84f5, 0x84f6, 0x84f7, 0x84f8, 0xb0fc, 0xb4d2, 0x84f9,
+0xd0d9, 0x84fa, 0x84fb, 0x84fc, 0x84fd, 0xd9e9, 0x84fe, 0xdecb,
+0xd9eb, 0x8540, 0x8541, 0x8542, 0x8543, 0xd8b0, 0xbbaf, 0xb1b1,
+0x8544, 0xb3d7, 0xd8ce, 0x8545, 0x8546, 0xd4d1, 0x8547, 0x8548,
+0xbdb3, 0xbfef, 0x8549, 0xcfbb, 0x854a, 0x854b, 0xd8d0, 0x854c,
+0x854d, 0x854e, 0xb7cb, 0x854f, 0x8550, 0x8551, 0xd8d1, 0x8552,
+0x8553, 0x8554, 0x8555, 0x8556, 0x8557, 0x8558, 0x8559, 0x855a,
+0x855b, 0xc6a5, 0xc7f8, 0xd2bd, 0x855c, 0x855d, 0xd8d2, 0xc4e4,
+0x855e, 0xcaae, 0x855f, 0xc7a7, 0x8560, 0xd8a6, 0x8561, 0xc9fd,
+0xcee7, 0xbbdc, 0xb0eb, 0x8562, 0x8563, 0x8564, 0xbbaa, 0xd0ad,
+0x8565, 0xb1b0, 0xd7e4, 0xd7bf, 0x8566, 0xb5a5, 0xc2f4, 0xc4cf,
+0x8567, 0x8568, 0xb2a9, 0x8569, 0xb2b7, 0x856a, 0xb1e5, 0xdfb2,
+0xd5bc, 0xbfa8, 0xc2ac, 0xd8d5, 0xc2b1, 0x856b, 0xd8d4, 0xced4,
+0x856c, 0xdae0, 0x856d, 0xcec0, 0x856e, 0x856f, 0xd8b4, 0xc3ae,
+0xd3a1, 0xcea3, 0x8570, 0xbcb4, 0xc8b4, 0xc2d1, 0x8571, 0xbeed,
+0xd0b6, 0x8572, 0xdae1, 0x8573, 0x8574, 0x8575, 0x8576, 0xc7e4,
+0x8577, 0x8578, 0xb3a7, 0x8579, 0xb6f2, 0xccfc, 0xc0fa, 0x857a,
+0x857b, 0xc0f7, 0x857c, 0xd1b9, 0xd1e1, 0xd8c7, 0x857d, 0x857e,
+0x8580, 0x8581, 0x8582, 0x8583, 0x8584, 0xb2de, 0x8585, 0x8586,
+0xc0e5, 0x8587, 0xbaf1, 0x8588, 0x8589, 0xd8c8, 0x858a, 0xd4ad,
+0x858b, 0x858c, 0xcfe1, 0xd8c9, 0x858d, 0xd8ca, 0xcfc3, 0x858e,
+0xb3f8, 0xbec7, 0x858f, 0x8590, 0x8591, 0x8592, 0xd8cb, 0x8593,
+0x8594, 0x8595, 0x8596, 0x8597, 0x8598, 0x8599, 0xdbcc, 0x859a,
+0x859b, 0x859c, 0x859d, 0xc8a5, 0x859e, 0x859f, 0x85a0, 0xcfd8,
+0x85a1, 0xc8fe, 0xb2ce, 0x85a2, 0x85a3, 0x85a4, 0x85a5, 0x85a6,
+0xd3d6, 0xb2e6, 0xbcb0, 0xd3d1, 0xcbab, 0xb7b4, 0x85a7, 0x85a8,
+0x85a9, 0xb7a2, 0x85aa, 0x85ab, 0xcae5, 0x85ac, 0xc8a1, 0xcadc,
+0xb1e4, 0xd0f0, 0x85ad, 0xc5d1, 0x85ae, 0x85af, 0x85b0, 0xdbc5,
+0xb5fe, 0x85b1, 0x85b2, 0xbfda, 0xb9c5, 0xbee4, 0xc1ed, 0x85b3,
+0xdfb6, 0xdfb5, 0xd6bb, 0xbdd0, 0xd5d9, 0xb0c8, 0xb6a3, 0xbfc9,
+0xcca8, 0xdfb3, 0xcab7, 0xd3d2, 0x85b4, 0xd8cf, 0xd2b6, 0xbac5,
+0xcbbe, 0xccbe, 0x85b5, 0xdfb7, 0xb5f0, 0xdfb4, 0x85b6, 0x85b7,
+0x85b8, 0xd3f5, 0x85b9, 0xb3d4, 0xb8f7, 0x85ba, 0xdfba, 0x85bb,
+0xbacf, 0xbcaa, 0xb5f5, 0x85bc, 0xcdac, 0xc3fb, 0xbaf3, 0xc0f4,
+0xcdc2, 0xcff2, 0xdfb8, 0xcfc5, 0x85bd, 0xc2c0, 0xdfb9, 0xc2f0,
+0x85be, 0x85bf, 0x85c0, 0xbefd, 0x85c1, 0xc1df, 0xcdcc, 0xd2f7,
+0xb7cd, 0xdfc1, 0x85c2, 0xdfc4, 0x85c3, 0x85c4, 0xb7f1, 0xb0c9,
+0xb6d6, 0xb7d4, 0x85c5, 0xbaac, 0xccfd, 0xbfd4, 0xcbb1, 0xc6f4,
+0x85c6, 0xd6a8, 0xdfc5, 0x85c7, 0xcee2, 0xb3b3, 0x85c8, 0x85c9,
+0xcefc, 0xb4b5, 0x85ca, 0xcec7, 0xbaf0, 0x85cb, 0xcee1, 0x85cc,
+0xd1bd, 0x85cd, 0x85ce, 0xdfc0, 0x85cf, 0x85d0, 0xb4f4, 0x85d1,
+0xb3ca, 0x85d2, 0xb8e6, 0xdfbb, 0x85d3, 0x85d4, 0x85d5, 0x85d6,
+0xc4c5, 0x85d7, 0xdfbc, 0xdfbd, 0xdfbe, 0xc5bb, 0xdfbf, 0xdfc2,
+0xd4b1, 0xdfc3, 0x85d8, 0xc7ba, 0xced8, 0x85d9, 0x85da, 0x85db,
+0x85dc, 0x85dd, 0xc4d8, 0x85de, 0xdfca, 0x85df, 0xdfcf, 0x85e0,
+0xd6dc, 0x85e1, 0x85e2, 0x85e3, 0x85e4, 0x85e5, 0x85e6, 0x85e7,
+0x85e8, 0xdfc9, 0xdfda, 0xceb6, 0x85e9, 0xbac7, 0xdfce, 0xdfc8,
+0xc5de, 0x85ea, 0x85eb, 0xc9eb, 0xbaf4, 0xc3fc, 0x85ec, 0x85ed,
+0xbed7, 0x85ee, 0xdfc6, 0x85ef, 0xdfcd, 0x85f0, 0xc5d8, 0x85f1,
+0x85f2, 0x85f3, 0x85f4, 0xd5a6, 0xbacd, 0x85f5, 0xbecc, 0xd3bd,
+0xb8c0, 0x85f6, 0xd6e4, 0x85f7, 0xdfc7, 0xb9be, 0xbfa7, 0x85f8,
+0x85f9, 0xc1fc, 0xdfcb, 0xdfcc, 0x85fa, 0xdfd0, 0x85fb, 0x85fc,
+0x85fd, 0x85fe, 0x8640, 0xdfdb, 0xdfe5, 0x8641, 0xdfd7, 0xdfd6,
+0xd7c9, 0xdfe3, 0xdfe4, 0xe5eb, 0xd2a7, 0xdfd2, 0x8642, 0xbfa9,
+0x8643, 0xd4db, 0x8644, 0xbfc8, 0xdfd4, 0x8645, 0x8646, 0x8647,
+0xcfcc, 0x8648, 0x8649, 0xdfdd, 0x864a, 0xd1ca, 0x864b, 0xdfde,
+0xb0a7, 0xc6b7, 0xdfd3, 0x864c, 0xbae5, 0x864d, 0xb6df, 0xcddb,
+0xb9fe, 0xd4d5, 0x864e, 0x864f, 0xdfdf, 0xcfec, 0xb0a5, 0xdfe7,
+0xdfd1, 0xd1c6, 0xdfd5, 0xdfd8, 0xdfd9, 0xdfdc, 0x8650, 0xbba9,
+0x8651, 0xdfe0, 0xdfe1, 0x8652, 0xdfe2, 0xdfe6, 0xdfe8, 0xd3b4,
+0x8653, 0x8654, 0x8655, 0x8656, 0x8657, 0xb8e7, 0xc5b6, 0xdfea,
+0xc9da, 0xc1a8, 0xc4c4, 0x8658, 0x8659, 0xbfde, 0xcff8, 0x865a,
+0x865b, 0x865c, 0xd5dc, 0xdfee, 0x865d, 0x865e, 0x865f, 0x8660,
+0x8661, 0x8662, 0xb2b8, 0x8663, 0xbadf, 0xdfec, 0x8664, 0xdbc1,
+0x8665, 0xd1e4, 0x8666, 0x8667, 0x8668, 0x8669, 0xcbf4, 0xb4bd,
+0x866a, 0xb0a6, 0x866b, 0x866c, 0x866d, 0x866e, 0x866f, 0xdff1,
+0xccc6, 0xdff2, 0x8670, 0x8671, 0xdfed, 0x8672, 0x8673, 0x8674,
+0x8675, 0x8676, 0x8677, 0xdfe9, 0x8678, 0x8679, 0x867a, 0x867b,
+0xdfeb, 0x867c, 0xdfef, 0xdff0, 0xbbbd, 0x867d, 0x867e, 0xdff3,
+0x8680, 0x8681, 0xdff4, 0x8682, 0xbba3, 0x8683, 0xcadb, 0xcea8,
+0xe0a7, 0xb3aa, 0x8684, 0xe0a6, 0x8685, 0x8686, 0x8687, 0xe0a1,
+0x8688, 0x8689, 0x868a, 0x868b, 0xdffe, 0x868c, 0xcdd9, 0xdffc,
+0x868d, 0xdffa, 0x868e, 0xbfd0, 0xd7c4, 0x868f, 0xc9cc, 0x8690,
+0x8691, 0xdff8, 0xb0a1, 0x8692, 0x8693, 0x8694, 0x8695, 0x8696,
+0xdffd, 0x8697, 0x8698, 0x8699, 0x869a, 0xdffb, 0xe0a2, 0x869b,
+0x869c, 0x869d, 0x869e, 0x869f, 0xe0a8, 0x86a0, 0x86a1, 0x86a2,
+0x86a3, 0xb7c8, 0x86a4, 0x86a5, 0xc6a1, 0xc9b6, 0xc0b2, 0xdff5,
+0x86a6, 0x86a7, 0xc5be, 0x86a8, 0xd8c4, 0xdff9, 0xc4f6, 0x86a9,
+0x86aa, 0x86ab, 0x86ac, 0x86ad, 0x86ae, 0xe0a3, 0xe0a4, 0xe0a5,
+0xd0a5, 0x86af, 0x86b0, 0xe0b4, 0xcce4, 0x86b1, 0xe0b1, 0x86b2,
+0xbfa6, 0xe0af, 0xceb9, 0xe0ab, 0xc9c6, 0x86b3, 0x86b4, 0xc0ae,
+0xe0ae, 0xbaed, 0xbab0, 0xe0a9, 0x86b5, 0x86b6, 0x86b7, 0xdff6,
+0x86b8, 0xe0b3, 0x86b9, 0x86ba, 0xe0b8, 0x86bb, 0x86bc, 0x86bd,
+0xb4ad, 0xe0b9, 0x86be, 0x86bf, 0xcfb2, 0xbac8, 0x86c0, 0xe0b0,
+0x86c1, 0x86c2, 0x86c3, 0x86c4, 0x86c5, 0x86c6, 0x86c7, 0xd0fa,
+0x86c8, 0x86c9, 0x86ca, 0x86cb, 0x86cc, 0x86cd, 0x86ce, 0x86cf,
+0x86d0, 0xe0ac, 0x86d1, 0xd4fb, 0x86d2, 0xdff7, 0x86d3, 0xc5e7,
+0x86d4, 0xe0ad, 0x86d5, 0xd3f7, 0x86d6, 0xe0b6, 0xe0b7, 0x86d7,
+0x86d8, 0x86d9, 0x86da, 0x86db, 0xe0c4, 0xd0e1, 0x86dc, 0x86dd,
+0x86de, 0xe0bc, 0x86df, 0x86e0, 0xe0c9, 0xe0ca, 0x86e1, 0x86e2,
+0x86e3, 0xe0be, 0xe0aa, 0xc9a4, 0xe0c1, 0x86e4, 0xe0b2, 0x86e5,
+0x86e6, 0x86e7, 0x86e8, 0x86e9, 0xcac8, 0xe0c3, 0x86ea, 0xe0b5,
+0x86eb, 0xcecb, 0x86ec, 0xcbc3, 0xe0cd, 0xe0c6, 0xe0c2, 0x86ed,
+0xe0cb, 0x86ee, 0xe0ba, 0xe0bf, 0xe0c0, 0x86ef, 0x86f0, 0xe0c5,
+0x86f1, 0x86f2, 0xe0c7, 0xe0c8, 0x86f3, 0xe0cc, 0x86f4, 0xe0bb,
+0x86f5, 0x86f6, 0x86f7, 0x86f8, 0x86f9, 0xcbd4, 0xe0d5, 0x86fa,
+0xe0d6, 0xe0d2, 0x86fb, 0x86fc, 0x86fd, 0x86fe, 0x8740, 0x8741,
+0xe0d0, 0xbcce, 0x8742, 0x8743, 0xe0d1, 0x8744, 0xb8c2, 0xd8c5,
+0x8745, 0x8746, 0x8747, 0x8748, 0x8749, 0x874a, 0x874b, 0x874c,
+0xd0ea, 0x874d, 0x874e, 0xc2ef, 0x874f, 0x8750, 0xe0cf, 0xe0bd,
+0x8751, 0x8752, 0x8753, 0xe0d4, 0xe0d3, 0x8754, 0x8755, 0xe0d7,
+0x8756, 0x8757, 0x8758, 0x8759, 0xe0dc, 0xe0d8, 0x875a, 0x875b,
+0x875c, 0xd6f6, 0xb3b0, 0x875d, 0xd7ec, 0x875e, 0xcbbb, 0x875f,
+0x8760, 0xe0da, 0x8761, 0xcefb, 0x8762, 0x8763, 0x8764, 0xbad9,
+0x8765, 0x8766, 0x8767, 0x8768, 0x8769, 0x876a, 0x876b, 0x876c,
+0x876d, 0x876e, 0x876f, 0x8770, 0xe0e1, 0xe0dd, 0xd2ad, 0x8771,
+0x8772, 0x8773, 0x8774, 0x8775, 0xe0e2, 0x8776, 0x8777, 0xe0db,
+0xe0d9, 0xe0df, 0x8778, 0x8779, 0xe0e0, 0x877a, 0x877b, 0x877c,
+0x877d, 0x877e, 0xe0de, 0x8780, 0xe0e4, 0x8781, 0x8782, 0x8783,
+0xc6f7, 0xd8ac, 0xd4eb, 0xe0e6, 0xcac9, 0x8784, 0x8785, 0x8786,
+0x8787, 0xe0e5, 0x8788, 0x8789, 0x878a, 0x878b, 0xb8c1, 0x878c,
+0x878d, 0x878e, 0x878f, 0xe0e7, 0xe0e8, 0x8790, 0x8791, 0x8792,
+0x8793, 0x8794, 0x8795, 0x8796, 0x8797, 0xe0e9, 0xe0e3, 0x8798,
+0x8799, 0x879a, 0x879b, 0x879c, 0x879d, 0x879e, 0xbabf, 0xcce7,
+0x879f, 0x87a0, 0x87a1, 0xe0ea, 0x87a2, 0x87a3, 0x87a4, 0x87a5,
+0x87a6, 0x87a7, 0x87a8, 0x87a9, 0x87aa, 0x87ab, 0x87ac, 0x87ad,
+0x87ae, 0x87af, 0x87b0, 0xcff9, 0x87b1, 0x87b2, 0x87b3, 0x87b4,
+0x87b5, 0x87b6, 0x87b7, 0x87b8, 0x87b9, 0x87ba, 0x87bb, 0xe0eb,
+0x87bc, 0x87bd, 0x87be, 0x87bf, 0x87c0, 0x87c1, 0x87c2, 0xc8c2,
+0x87c3, 0x87c4, 0x87c5, 0x87c6, 0xbdc0, 0x87c7, 0x87c8, 0x87c9,
+0x87ca, 0x87cb, 0x87cc, 0x87cd, 0x87ce, 0x87cf, 0x87d0, 0x87d1,
+0x87d2, 0x87d3, 0xc4d2, 0x87d4, 0x87d5, 0x87d6, 0x87d7, 0x87d8,
+0x87d9, 0x87da, 0x87db, 0x87dc, 0xe0ec, 0x87dd, 0x87de, 0xe0ed,
+0x87df, 0x87e0, 0xc7f4, 0xcbc4, 0x87e1, 0xe0ee, 0xbbd8, 0xd8b6,
+0xd2f2, 0xe0ef, 0xcdc5, 0x87e2, 0xb6da, 0x87e3, 0x87e4, 0x87e5,
+0x87e6, 0x87e7, 0x87e8, 0xe0f1, 0x87e9, 0xd4b0, 0x87ea, 0x87eb,
+0xc0a7, 0xb4d1, 0x87ec, 0x87ed, 0xcea7, 0xe0f0, 0x87ee, 0x87ef,
+0x87f0, 0xe0f2, 0xb9cc, 0x87f1, 0x87f2, 0xb9fa, 0xcdbc, 0xe0f3,
+0x87f3, 0x87f4, 0x87f5, 0xc6d4, 0xe0f4, 0x87f6, 0xd4b2, 0x87f7,
+0xc8a6, 0xe0f6, 0xe0f5, 0x87f8, 0x87f9, 0x87fa, 0x87fb, 0x87fc,
+0x87fd, 0x87fe, 0x8840, 0x8841, 0x8842, 0x8843, 0x8844, 0x8845,
+0x8846, 0x8847, 0x8848, 0x8849, 0xe0f7, 0x884a, 0x884b, 0xcdc1,
+0x884c, 0x884d, 0x884e, 0xcaa5, 0x884f, 0x8850, 0x8851, 0x8852,
+0xd4da, 0xdbd7, 0xdbd9, 0x8853, 0xdbd8, 0xb9e7, 0xdbdc, 0xdbdd,
+0xb5d8, 0x8854, 0x8855, 0xdbda, 0x8856, 0x8857, 0x8858, 0x8859,
+0x885a, 0xdbdb, 0xb3a1, 0xdbdf, 0x885b, 0x885c, 0xbbf8, 0x885d,
+0xd6b7, 0x885e, 0xdbe0, 0x885f, 0x8860, 0x8861, 0x8862, 0xbef9,
+0x8863, 0x8864, 0xb7bb, 0x8865, 0xdbd0, 0xccae, 0xbfb2, 0xbbb5,
+0xd7f8, 0xbfd3, 0x8866, 0x8867, 0x8868, 0x8869, 0x886a, 0xbfe9,
+0x886b, 0x886c, 0xbce1, 0xccb3, 0xdbde, 0xb0d3, 0xceeb, 0xb7d8,
+0xd7b9, 0xc6c2, 0x886d, 0x886e, 0xc0a4, 0x886f, 0xccb9, 0x8870,
+0xdbe7, 0xdbe1, 0xc6ba, 0xdbe3, 0x8871, 0xdbe8, 0x8872, 0xc5f7,
+0x8873, 0x8874, 0x8875, 0xdbea, 0x8876, 0x8877, 0xdbe9, 0xbfc0,
+0x8878, 0x8879, 0x887a, 0xdbe6, 0xdbe5, 0x887b, 0x887c, 0x887d,
+0x887e, 0x8880, 0xb4b9, 0xc0ac, 0xc2a2, 0xdbe2, 0xdbe4, 0x8881,
+0x8882, 0x8883, 0x8884, 0xd0cd, 0xdbed, 0x8885, 0x8886, 0x8887,
+0x8888, 0x8889, 0xc0dd, 0xdbf2, 0x888a, 0x888b, 0x888c, 0x888d,
+0x888e, 0x888f, 0x8890, 0xb6e2, 0x8891, 0x8892, 0x8893, 0x8894,
+0xdbf3, 0xdbd2, 0xb9b8, 0xd4ab, 0xdbec, 0x8895, 0xbfd1, 0xdbf0,
+0x8896, 0xdbd1, 0x8897, 0xb5e6, 0x8898, 0xdbeb, 0xbfe5, 0x8899,
+0x889a, 0x889b, 0xdbee, 0x889c, 0xdbf1, 0x889d, 0x889e, 0x889f,
+0xdbf9, 0x88a0, 0x88a1, 0x88a2, 0x88a3, 0x88a4, 0x88a5, 0x88a6,
+0x88a7, 0x88a8, 0xb9a1, 0xb0a3, 0x88a9, 0x88aa, 0x88ab, 0x88ac,
+0x88ad, 0x88ae, 0x88af, 0xc2f1, 0x88b0, 0x88b1, 0xb3c7, 0xdbef,
+0x88b2, 0x88b3, 0xdbf8, 0x88b4, 0xc6d2, 0xdbf4, 0x88b5, 0x88b6,
+0xdbf5, 0xdbf7, 0xdbf6, 0x88b7, 0x88b8, 0xdbfe, 0x88b9, 0xd3f2,
+0xb2ba, 0x88ba, 0x88bb, 0x88bc, 0xdbfd, 0x88bd, 0x88be, 0x88bf,
+0x88c0, 0x88c1, 0x88c2, 0x88c3, 0x88c4, 0xdca4, 0x88c5, 0xdbfb,
+0x88c6, 0x88c7, 0x88c8, 0x88c9, 0xdbfa, 0x88ca, 0x88cb, 0x88cc,
+0xdbfc, 0xc5e0, 0xbbf9, 0x88cd, 0x88ce, 0xdca3, 0x88cf, 0x88d0,
+0xdca5, 0x88d1, 0xccc3, 0x88d2, 0x88d3, 0x88d4, 0xb6d1, 0xddc0,
+0x88d5, 0x88d6, 0x88d7, 0xdca1, 0x88d8, 0xdca2, 0x88d9, 0x88da,
+0x88db, 0xc7b5, 0x88dc, 0x88dd, 0x88de, 0xb6e9, 0x88df, 0x88e0,
+0x88e1, 0xdca7, 0x88e2, 0x88e3, 0x88e4, 0x88e5, 0xdca6, 0x88e6,
+0xdca9, 0xb1a4, 0x88e7, 0x88e8, 0xb5cc, 0x88e9, 0x88ea, 0x88eb,
+0x88ec, 0x88ed, 0xbfb0, 0x88ee, 0x88ef, 0x88f0, 0x88f1, 0x88f2,
+0xd1df, 0x88f3, 0x88f4, 0x88f5, 0x88f6, 0xb6c2, 0x88f7, 0x88f8,
+0x88f9, 0x88fa, 0x88fb, 0x88fc, 0x88fd, 0x88fe, 0x8940, 0x8941,
+0x8942, 0x8943, 0x8944, 0x8945, 0xdca8, 0x8946, 0x8947, 0x8948,
+0x8949, 0x894a, 0x894b, 0x894c, 0xcbfa, 0xebf3, 0x894d, 0x894e,
+0x894f, 0xcbdc, 0x8950, 0x8951, 0xcbfe, 0x8952, 0x8953, 0x8954,
+0xccc1, 0x8955, 0x8956, 0x8957, 0x8958, 0x8959, 0xc8fb, 0x895a,
+0x895b, 0x895c, 0x895d, 0x895e, 0x895f, 0xdcaa, 0x8960, 0x8961,
+0x8962, 0x8963, 0x8964, 0xccee, 0xdcab, 0x8965, 0x8966, 0x8967,
+0x8968, 0x8969, 0x896a, 0x896b, 0x896c, 0x896d, 0x896e, 0x896f,
+0x8970, 0x8971, 0x8972, 0x8973, 0x8974, 0x8975, 0xdbd3, 0x8976,
+0xdcaf, 0xdcac, 0x8977, 0xbeb3, 0x8978, 0xcafb, 0x8979, 0x897a,
+0x897b, 0xdcad, 0x897c, 0x897d, 0x897e, 0x8980, 0x8981, 0x8982,
+0x8983, 0x8984, 0xc9ca, 0xc4b9, 0x8985, 0x8986, 0x8987, 0x8988,
+0x8989, 0xc7bd, 0xdcae, 0x898a, 0x898b, 0x898c, 0xd4f6, 0xd0e6,
+0x898d, 0x898e, 0x898f, 0x8990, 0x8991, 0x8992, 0x8993, 0x8994,
+0xc4ab, 0xb6d5, 0x8995, 0x8996, 0x8997, 0x8998, 0x8999, 0x899a,
+0x899b, 0x899c, 0x899d, 0x899e, 0x899f, 0x89a0, 0x89a1, 0x89a2,
+0x89a3, 0x89a4, 0x89a5, 0x89a6, 0xdbd4, 0x89a7, 0x89a8, 0x89a9,
+0x89aa, 0xb1da, 0x89ab, 0x89ac, 0x89ad, 0xdbd5, 0x89ae, 0x89af,
+0x89b0, 0x89b1, 0x89b2, 0x89b3, 0x89b4, 0x89b5, 0x89b6, 0x89b7,
+0x89b8, 0xdbd6, 0x89b9, 0x89ba, 0x89bb, 0xbabe, 0x89bc, 0x89bd,
+0x89be, 0x89bf, 0x89c0, 0x89c1, 0x89c2, 0x89c3, 0x89c4, 0x89c5,
+0x89c6, 0x89c7, 0x89c8, 0x89c9, 0xc8c0, 0x89ca, 0x89cb, 0x89cc,
+0x89cd, 0x89ce, 0x89cf, 0xcabf, 0xc8c9, 0x89d0, 0xd7b3, 0x89d1,
+0xc9f9, 0x89d2, 0x89d3, 0xbfc7, 0x89d4, 0x89d5, 0xbaf8, 0x89d6,
+0x89d7, 0xd2bc, 0x89d8, 0x89d9, 0x89da, 0x89db, 0x89dc, 0x89dd,
+0x89de, 0x89df, 0xe2ba, 0x89e0, 0xb4a6, 0x89e1, 0x89e2, 0xb1b8,
+0x89e3, 0x89e4, 0x89e5, 0x89e6, 0x89e7, 0xb8b4, 0x89e8, 0xcfc4,
+0x89e9, 0x89ea, 0x89eb, 0x89ec, 0xd9e7, 0xcfa6, 0xcde2, 0x89ed,
+0x89ee, 0xd9ed, 0xb6e0, 0x89ef, 0xd2b9, 0x89f0, 0x89f1, 0xb9bb,
+0x89f2, 0x89f3, 0x89f4, 0x89f5, 0xe2b9, 0xe2b7, 0x89f6, 0xb4f3,
+0x89f7, 0xccec, 0xccab, 0xb7f2, 0x89f8, 0xd8b2, 0xd1eb, 0xbabb,
+0x89f9, 0xcaa7, 0x89fa, 0x89fb, 0xcdb7, 0x89fc, 0x89fd, 0xd2c4,
+0xbfe4, 0xbcd0, 0xb6e1, 0x89fe, 0xdec5, 0x8a40, 0x8a41, 0x8a42,
+0x8a43, 0xdec6, 0xdbbc, 0x8a44, 0xd1d9, 0x8a45, 0x8a46, 0xc6e6,
+0xc4ce, 0xb7ee, 0x8a47, 0xb7dc, 0x8a48, 0x8a49, 0xbffc, 0xd7e0,
+0x8a4a, 0xc6f5, 0x8a4b, 0x8a4c, 0xb1bc, 0xdec8, 0xbdb1, 0xccd7,
+0xdeca, 0x8a4d, 0xdec9, 0x8a4e, 0x8a4f, 0x8a50, 0x8a51, 0x8a52,
+0xb5ec, 0x8a53, 0xc9dd, 0x8a54, 0x8a55, 0xb0c2, 0x8a56, 0x8a57,
+0x8a58, 0x8a59, 0x8a5a, 0x8a5b, 0x8a5c, 0x8a5d, 0x8a5e, 0x8a5f,
+0x8a60, 0x8a61, 0x8a62, 0xc5ae, 0xc5ab, 0x8a63, 0xc4cc, 0x8a64,
+0xbce9, 0xcbfd, 0x8a65, 0x8a66, 0x8a67, 0xbac3, 0x8a68, 0x8a69,
+0x8a6a, 0xe5f9, 0xc8e7, 0xe5fa, 0xcdfd, 0x8a6b, 0xd7b1, 0xb8be,
+0xc2e8, 0x8a6c, 0xc8d1, 0x8a6d, 0x8a6e, 0xe5fb, 0x8a6f, 0x8a70,
+0x8a71, 0x8a72, 0xb6ca, 0xbccb, 0x8a73, 0x8a74, 0xd1fd, 0xe6a1,
+0x8a75, 0xc3ee, 0x8a76, 0x8a77, 0x8a78, 0x8a79, 0xe6a4, 0x8a7a,
+0x8a7b, 0x8a7c, 0x8a7d, 0xe5fe, 0xe6a5, 0xcdd7, 0x8a7e, 0x8a80,
+0xb7c1, 0xe5fc, 0xe5fd, 0xe6a3, 0x8a81, 0x8a82, 0xc4dd, 0xe6a8,
+0x8a83, 0x8a84, 0xe6a7, 0x8a85, 0x8a86, 0x8a87, 0x8a88, 0x8a89,
+0x8a8a, 0xc3c3, 0x8a8b, 0xc6de, 0x8a8c, 0x8a8d, 0xe6aa, 0x8a8e,
+0x8a8f, 0x8a90, 0x8a91, 0x8a92, 0x8a93, 0x8a94, 0xc4b7, 0x8a95,
+0x8a96, 0x8a97, 0xe6a2, 0xcabc, 0x8a98, 0x8a99, 0x8a9a, 0x8a9b,
+0xbde3, 0xb9c3, 0xe6a6, 0xd0d5, 0xceaf, 0x8a9c, 0x8a9d, 0xe6a9,
+0xe6b0, 0x8a9e, 0xd2a6, 0x8a9f, 0xbdaa, 0xe6ad, 0x8aa0, 0x8aa1,
+0x8aa2, 0x8aa3, 0x8aa4, 0xe6af, 0x8aa5, 0xc0d1, 0x8aa6, 0x8aa7,
+0xd2cc, 0x8aa8, 0x8aa9, 0x8aaa, 0xbca7, 0x8aab, 0x8aac, 0x8aad,
+0x8aae, 0x8aaf, 0x8ab0, 0x8ab1, 0x8ab2, 0x8ab3, 0x8ab4, 0x8ab5,
+0x8ab6, 0xe6b1, 0x8ab7, 0xd2f6, 0x8ab8, 0x8ab9, 0x8aba, 0xd7cb,
+0x8abb, 0xcdfe, 0x8abc, 0xcdde, 0xc2a6, 0xe6ab, 0xe6ac, 0xbdbf,
+0xe6ae, 0xe6b3, 0x8abd, 0x8abe, 0xe6b2, 0x8abf, 0x8ac0, 0x8ac1,
+0x8ac2, 0xe6b6, 0x8ac3, 0xe6b8, 0x8ac4, 0x8ac5, 0x8ac6, 0x8ac7,
+0xc4ef, 0x8ac8, 0x8ac9, 0x8aca, 0xc4c8, 0x8acb, 0x8acc, 0xbeea,
+0xc9ef, 0x8acd, 0x8ace, 0xe6b7, 0x8acf, 0xb6f0, 0x8ad0, 0x8ad1,
+0x8ad2, 0xc3e4, 0x8ad3, 0x8ad4, 0x8ad5, 0x8ad6, 0x8ad7, 0x8ad8,
+0x8ad9, 0xd3e9, 0xe6b4, 0x8ada, 0xe6b5, 0x8adb, 0xc8a2, 0x8adc,
+0x8add, 0x8ade, 0x8adf, 0x8ae0, 0xe6bd, 0x8ae1, 0x8ae2, 0x8ae3,
+0xe6b9, 0x8ae4, 0x8ae5, 0x8ae6, 0x8ae7, 0x8ae8, 0xc6c5, 0x8ae9,
+0x8aea, 0xcdf1, 0xe6bb, 0x8aeb, 0x8aec, 0x8aed, 0x8aee, 0x8aef,
+0x8af0, 0x8af1, 0x8af2, 0x8af3, 0x8af4, 0xe6bc, 0x8af5, 0x8af6,
+0x8af7, 0x8af8, 0xbbe9, 0x8af9, 0x8afa, 0x8afb, 0x8afc, 0x8afd,
+0x8afe, 0x8b40, 0xe6be, 0x8b41, 0x8b42, 0x8b43, 0x8b44, 0xe6ba,
+0x8b45, 0x8b46, 0xc0b7, 0x8b47, 0x8b48, 0x8b49, 0x8b4a, 0x8b4b,
+0x8b4c, 0x8b4d, 0x8b4e, 0x8b4f, 0xd3a4, 0xe6bf, 0xc9f4, 0xe6c3,
+0x8b50, 0x8b51, 0xe6c4, 0x8b52, 0x8b53, 0x8b54, 0x8b55, 0xd0f6,
+0x8b56, 0x8b57, 0x8b58, 0x8b59, 0x8b5a, 0x8b5b, 0x8b5c, 0x8b5d,
+0x8b5e, 0x8b5f, 0x8b60, 0x8b61, 0x8b62, 0x8b63, 0x8b64, 0x8b65,
+0x8b66, 0x8b67, 0xc3bd, 0x8b68, 0x8b69, 0x8b6a, 0x8b6b, 0x8b6c,
+0x8b6d, 0x8b6e, 0xc3c4, 0xe6c2, 0x8b6f, 0x8b70, 0x8b71, 0x8b72,
+0x8b73, 0x8b74, 0x8b75, 0x8b76, 0x8b77, 0x8b78, 0x8b79, 0x8b7a,
+0x8b7b, 0x8b7c, 0xe6c1, 0x8b7d, 0x8b7e, 0x8b80, 0x8b81, 0x8b82,
+0x8b83, 0x8b84, 0xe6c7, 0xcfb1, 0x8b85, 0xebf4, 0x8b86, 0x8b87,
+0xe6ca, 0x8b88, 0x8b89, 0x8b8a, 0x8b8b, 0x8b8c, 0xe6c5, 0x8b8d,
+0x8b8e, 0xbcde, 0xc9a9, 0x8b8f, 0x8b90, 0x8b91, 0x8b92, 0x8b93,
+0x8b94, 0xbcb5, 0x8b95, 0x8b96, 0xcfd3, 0x8b97, 0x8b98, 0x8b99,
+0x8b9a, 0x8b9b, 0xe6c8, 0x8b9c, 0xe6c9, 0x8b9d, 0xe6ce, 0x8b9e,
+0xe6d0, 0x8b9f, 0x8ba0, 0x8ba1, 0xe6d1, 0x8ba2, 0x8ba3, 0x8ba4,
+0xe6cb, 0xb5d5, 0x8ba5, 0xe6cc, 0x8ba6, 0x8ba7, 0xe6cf, 0x8ba8,
+0x8ba9, 0xc4db, 0x8baa, 0xe6c6, 0x8bab, 0x8bac, 0x8bad, 0x8bae,
+0x8baf, 0xe6cd, 0x8bb0, 0x8bb1, 0x8bb2, 0x8bb3, 0x8bb4, 0x8bb5,
+0x8bb6, 0x8bb7, 0x8bb8, 0x8bb9, 0x8bba, 0x8bbb, 0x8bbc, 0x8bbd,
+0x8bbe, 0x8bbf, 0x8bc0, 0x8bc1, 0x8bc2, 0x8bc3, 0x8bc4, 0x8bc5,
+0x8bc6, 0xe6d2, 0x8bc7, 0x8bc8, 0x8bc9, 0x8bca, 0x8bcb, 0x8bcc,
+0x8bcd, 0x8bce, 0x8bcf, 0x8bd0, 0x8bd1, 0x8bd2, 0xe6d4, 0xe6d3,
+0x8bd3, 0x8bd4, 0x8bd5, 0x8bd6, 0x8bd7, 0x8bd8, 0x8bd9, 0x8bda,
+0x8bdb, 0x8bdc, 0x8bdd, 0x8bde, 0x8bdf, 0x8be0, 0x8be1, 0x8be2,
+0x8be3, 0x8be4, 0x8be5, 0x8be6, 0x8be7, 0x8be8, 0x8be9, 0x8bea,
+0x8beb, 0x8bec, 0xe6d5, 0x8bed, 0xd9f8, 0x8bee, 0x8bef, 0xe6d6,
+0x8bf0, 0x8bf1, 0x8bf2, 0x8bf3, 0x8bf4, 0x8bf5, 0x8bf6, 0x8bf7,
+0xe6d7, 0x8bf8, 0x8bf9, 0x8bfa, 0x8bfb, 0x8bfc, 0x8bfd, 0x8bfe,
+0x8c40, 0x8c41, 0x8c42, 0x8c43, 0x8c44, 0x8c45, 0x8c46, 0x8c47,
+0xd7d3, 0xe6dd, 0x8c48, 0xe6de, 0xbfd7, 0xd4d0, 0x8c49, 0xd7d6,
+0xb4e6, 0xcbef, 0xe6da, 0xd8c3, 0xd7ce, 0xd0a2, 0x8c4a, 0xc3cf,
+0x8c4b, 0x8c4c, 0xe6df, 0xbcbe, 0xb9c2, 0xe6db, 0xd1a7, 0x8c4d,
+0x8c4e, 0xbaa2, 0xc2cf, 0x8c4f, 0xd8ab, 0x8c50, 0x8c51, 0x8c52,
+0xcaeb, 0xe5ee, 0x8c53, 0xe6dc, 0x8c54, 0xb7f5, 0x8c55, 0x8c56,
+0x8c57, 0x8c58, 0xc8e6, 0x8c59, 0x8c5a, 0xc4f5, 0x8c5b, 0x8c5c,
+0xe5b2, 0xc4fe, 0x8c5d, 0xcbfc, 0xe5b3, 0xd5ac, 0x8c5e, 0xd3ee,
+0xcad8, 0xb0b2, 0x8c5f, 0xcbce, 0xcdea, 0x8c60, 0x8c61, 0xbaea,
+0x8c62, 0x8c63, 0x8c64, 0xe5b5, 0x8c65, 0xe5b4, 0x8c66, 0xd7da,
+0xb9d9, 0xd6e6, 0xb6a8, 0xcdf0, 0xd2cb, 0xb1a6, 0xcab5, 0x8c67,
+0xb3e8, 0xc9f3, 0xbfcd, 0xd0fb, 0xcad2, 0xe5b6, 0xbbc2, 0x8c68,
+0x8c69, 0x8c6a, 0xcfdc, 0xb9ac, 0x8c6b, 0x8c6c, 0x8c6d, 0x8c6e,
+0xd4d7, 0x8c6f, 0x8c70, 0xbaa6, 0xd1e7, 0xcffc, 0xbcd2, 0x8c71,
+0xe5b7, 0xc8dd, 0x8c72, 0x8c73, 0x8c74, 0xbfed, 0xb1f6, 0xcbde,
+0x8c75, 0x8c76, 0xbcc5, 0x8c77, 0xbcc4, 0xd2fa, 0xc3dc, 0xbfdc,
+0x8c78, 0x8c79, 0x8c7a, 0x8c7b, 0xb8bb, 0x8c7c, 0x8c7d, 0x8c7e,
+0xc3c2, 0x8c80, 0xbaae, 0xd4a2, 0x8c81, 0x8c82, 0x8c83, 0x8c84,
+0x8c85, 0x8c86, 0x8c87, 0x8c88, 0x8c89, 0xc7de, 0xc4af, 0xb2ec,
+0x8c8a, 0xb9d1, 0x8c8b, 0x8c8c, 0xe5bb, 0xc1c8, 0x8c8d, 0x8c8e,
+0xd5af, 0x8c8f, 0x8c90, 0x8c91, 0x8c92, 0x8c93, 0xe5bc, 0x8c94,
+0xe5be, 0x8c95, 0x8c96, 0x8c97, 0x8c98, 0x8c99, 0x8c9a, 0x8c9b,
+0xb4e7, 0xb6d4, 0xcbc2, 0xd1b0, 0xb5bc, 0x8c9c, 0x8c9d, 0xcad9,
+0x8c9e, 0xb7e2, 0x8c9f, 0x8ca0, 0xc9e4, 0x8ca1, 0xbdab, 0x8ca2,
+0x8ca3, 0xcebe, 0xd7f0, 0x8ca4, 0x8ca5, 0x8ca6, 0x8ca7, 0xd0a1,
+0x8ca8, 0xc9d9, 0x8ca9, 0x8caa, 0xb6fb, 0xe6d8, 0xbce2, 0x8cab,
+0xb3be, 0x8cac, 0xc9d0, 0x8cad, 0xe6d9, 0xb3a2, 0x8cae, 0x8caf,
+0x8cb0, 0x8cb1, 0xdecc, 0x8cb2, 0xd3c8, 0xdecd, 0x8cb3, 0xd2a2,
+0x8cb4, 0x8cb5, 0x8cb6, 0x8cb7, 0xdece, 0x8cb8, 0x8cb9, 0x8cba,
+0x8cbb, 0xbecd, 0x8cbc, 0x8cbd, 0xdecf, 0x8cbe, 0x8cbf, 0x8cc0,
+0xcaac, 0xd2fc, 0xb3df, 0xe5ea, 0xc4e1, 0xbea1, 0xceb2, 0xc4f2,
+0xbed6, 0xc6a8, 0xb2e3, 0x8cc1, 0x8cc2, 0xbed3, 0x8cc3, 0x8cc4,
+0xc7fc, 0xcceb, 0xbdec, 0xcedd, 0x8cc5, 0x8cc6, 0xcaba, 0xc6c1,
+0xe5ec, 0xd0bc, 0x8cc7, 0x8cc8, 0x8cc9, 0xd5b9, 0x8cca, 0x8ccb,
+0x8ccc, 0xe5ed, 0x8ccd, 0x8cce, 0x8ccf, 0x8cd0, 0xcaf4, 0x8cd1,
+0xcdc0, 0xc2c5, 0x8cd2, 0xe5ef, 0x8cd3, 0xc2c4, 0xe5f0, 0x8cd4,
+0x8cd5, 0x8cd6, 0x8cd7, 0x8cd8, 0x8cd9, 0x8cda, 0xe5f8, 0xcdcd,
+0x8cdb, 0xc9bd, 0x8cdc, 0x8cdd, 0x8cde, 0x8cdf, 0x8ce0, 0x8ce1,
+0x8ce2, 0xd2d9, 0xe1a8, 0x8ce3, 0x8ce4, 0x8ce5, 0x8ce6, 0xd3ec,
+0x8ce7, 0xcbea, 0xc6f1, 0x8ce8, 0x8ce9, 0x8cea, 0x8ceb, 0x8cec,
+0xe1ac, 0x8ced, 0x8cee, 0x8cef, 0xe1a7, 0xe1a9, 0x8cf0, 0x8cf1,
+0xe1aa, 0xe1af, 0x8cf2, 0x8cf3, 0xb2ed, 0x8cf4, 0xe1ab, 0xb8da,
+0xe1ad, 0xe1ae, 0xe1b0, 0xb5ba, 0xe1b1, 0x8cf5, 0x8cf6, 0x8cf7,
+0x8cf8, 0x8cf9, 0xe1b3, 0xe1b8, 0x8cfa, 0x8cfb, 0x8cfc, 0x8cfd,
+0x8cfe, 0xd1d2, 0x8d40, 0xe1b6, 0xe1b5, 0xc1eb, 0x8d41, 0x8d42,
+0x8d43, 0xe1b7, 0x8d44, 0xd4c0, 0x8d45, 0xe1b2, 0x8d46, 0xe1ba,
+0xb0b6, 0x8d47, 0x8d48, 0x8d49, 0x8d4a, 0xe1b4, 0x8d4b, 0xbff9,
+0x8d4c, 0xe1b9, 0x8d4d, 0x8d4e, 0xe1bb, 0x8d4f, 0x8d50, 0x8d51,
+0x8d52, 0x8d53, 0x8d54, 0xe1be, 0x8d55, 0x8d56, 0x8d57, 0x8d58,
+0x8d59, 0x8d5a, 0xe1bc, 0x8d5b, 0x8d5c, 0x8d5d, 0x8d5e, 0x8d5f,
+0x8d60, 0xd6c5, 0x8d61, 0x8d62, 0x8d63, 0x8d64, 0x8d65, 0x8d66,
+0x8d67, 0xcfbf, 0x8d68, 0x8d69, 0xe1bd, 0xe1bf, 0xc2cd, 0x8d6a,
+0xb6eb, 0x8d6b, 0xd3f8, 0x8d6c, 0x8d6d, 0xc7cd, 0x8d6e, 0x8d6f,
+0xb7e5, 0x8d70, 0x8d71, 0x8d72, 0x8d73, 0x8d74, 0x8d75, 0x8d76,
+0x8d77, 0x8d78, 0x8d79, 0xbefe, 0x8d7a, 0x8d7b, 0x8d7c, 0x8d7d,
+0x8d7e, 0x8d80, 0xe1c0, 0xe1c1, 0x8d81, 0x8d82, 0xe1c7, 0xb3e7,
+0x8d83, 0x8d84, 0x8d85, 0x8d86, 0x8d87, 0x8d88, 0xc6e9, 0x8d89,
+0x8d8a, 0x8d8b, 0x8d8c, 0x8d8d, 0xb4de, 0x8d8e, 0xd1c2, 0x8d8f,
+0x8d90, 0x8d91, 0x8d92, 0xe1c8, 0x8d93, 0x8d94, 0xe1c6, 0x8d95,
+0x8d96, 0x8d97, 0x8d98, 0x8d99, 0xe1c5, 0x8d9a, 0xe1c3, 0xe1c2,
+0x8d9b, 0xb1c0, 0x8d9c, 0x8d9d, 0x8d9e, 0xd5b8, 0xe1c4, 0x8d9f,
+0x8da0, 0x8da1, 0x8da2, 0x8da3, 0xe1cb, 0x8da4, 0x8da5, 0x8da6,
+0x8da7, 0x8da8, 0x8da9, 0x8daa, 0x8dab, 0xe1cc, 0xe1ca, 0x8dac,
+0x8dad, 0x8dae, 0x8daf, 0x8db0, 0x8db1, 0x8db2, 0x8db3, 0xeffa,
+0x8db4, 0x8db5, 0xe1d3, 0xe1d2, 0xc7b6, 0x8db6, 0x8db7, 0x8db8,
+0x8db9, 0x8dba, 0x8dbb, 0x8dbc, 0x8dbd, 0x8dbe, 0x8dbf, 0x8dc0,
+0xe1c9, 0x8dc1, 0x8dc2, 0xe1ce, 0x8dc3, 0xe1d0, 0x8dc4, 0x8dc5,
+0x8dc6, 0x8dc7, 0x8dc8, 0x8dc9, 0x8dca, 0x8dcb, 0x8dcc, 0x8dcd,
+0x8dce, 0xe1d4, 0x8dcf, 0xe1d1, 0xe1cd, 0x8dd0, 0x8dd1, 0xe1cf,
+0x8dd2, 0x8dd3, 0x8dd4, 0x8dd5, 0xe1d5, 0x8dd6, 0x8dd7, 0x8dd8,
+0x8dd9, 0x8dda, 0x8ddb, 0x8ddc, 0x8ddd, 0x8dde, 0x8ddf, 0x8de0,
+0x8de1, 0x8de2, 0xe1d6, 0x8de3, 0x8de4, 0x8de5, 0x8de6, 0x8de7,
+0x8de8, 0x8de9, 0x8dea, 0x8deb, 0x8dec, 0x8ded, 0x8dee, 0x8def,
+0x8df0, 0x8df1, 0x8df2, 0x8df3, 0x8df4, 0x8df5, 0x8df6, 0x8df7,
+0x8df8, 0xe1d7, 0x8df9, 0x8dfa, 0x8dfb, 0xe1d8, 0x8dfc, 0x8dfd,
+0x8dfe, 0x8e40, 0x8e41, 0x8e42, 0x8e43, 0x8e44, 0x8e45, 0x8e46,
+0x8e47, 0x8e48, 0x8e49, 0x8e4a, 0x8e4b, 0x8e4c, 0x8e4d, 0x8e4e,
+0x8e4f, 0x8e50, 0x8e51, 0x8e52, 0x8e53, 0x8e54, 0x8e55, 0xe1da,
+0x8e56, 0x8e57, 0x8e58, 0x8e59, 0x8e5a, 0x8e5b, 0x8e5c, 0x8e5d,
+0x8e5e, 0x8e5f, 0x8e60, 0x8e61, 0x8e62, 0xe1db, 0x8e63, 0x8e64,
+0x8e65, 0x8e66, 0x8e67, 0x8e68, 0x8e69, 0xcea1, 0x8e6a, 0x8e6b,
+0x8e6c, 0x8e6d, 0x8e6e, 0x8e6f, 0x8e70, 0x8e71, 0x8e72, 0x8e73,
+0x8e74, 0x8e75, 0x8e76, 0xe7dd, 0x8e77, 0xb4a8, 0xd6dd, 0x8e78,
+0x8e79, 0xd1b2, 0xb3b2, 0x8e7a, 0x8e7b, 0xb9a4, 0xd7f3, 0xc7c9,
+0xbede, 0xb9ae, 0x8e7c, 0xced7, 0x8e7d, 0x8e7e, 0xb2ee, 0xdbcf,
+0x8e80, 0xbcba, 0xd2d1, 0xcbc8, 0xb0cd, 0x8e81, 0x8e82, 0xcfef,
+0x8e83, 0x8e84, 0x8e85, 0x8e86, 0x8e87, 0xd9e3, 0xbded, 0x8e88,
+0x8e89, 0xb1d2, 0xcad0, 0xb2bc, 0x8e8a, 0xcba7, 0xb7ab, 0x8e8b,
+0xcaa6, 0x8e8c, 0x8e8d, 0x8e8e, 0xcfa3, 0x8e8f, 0x8e90, 0xe0f8,
+0xd5ca, 0xe0fb, 0x8e91, 0x8e92, 0xe0fa, 0xc5c1, 0xccfb, 0x8e93,
+0xc1b1, 0xe0f9, 0xd6e3, 0xb2af, 0xd6c4, 0xb5db, 0x8e94, 0x8e95,
+0x8e96, 0x8e97, 0x8e98, 0x8e99, 0x8e9a, 0x8e9b, 0xb4f8, 0xd6a1,
+0x8e9c, 0x8e9d, 0x8e9e, 0x8e9f, 0x8ea0, 0xcfaf, 0xb0ef, 0x8ea1,
+0x8ea2, 0xe0fc, 0x8ea3, 0x8ea4, 0x8ea5, 0x8ea6, 0x8ea7, 0xe1a1,
+0xb3a3, 0x8ea8, 0x8ea9, 0xe0fd, 0xe0fe, 0xc3b1, 0x8eaa, 0x8eab,
+0x8eac, 0x8ead, 0xc3dd, 0x8eae, 0xe1a2, 0xb7f9, 0x8eaf, 0x8eb0,
+0x8eb1, 0x8eb2, 0x8eb3, 0x8eb4, 0xbbcf, 0x8eb5, 0x8eb6, 0x8eb7,
+0x8eb8, 0x8eb9, 0x8eba, 0x8ebb, 0xe1a3, 0xc4bb, 0x8ebc, 0x8ebd,
+0x8ebe, 0x8ebf, 0x8ec0, 0xe1a4, 0x8ec1, 0x8ec2, 0xe1a5, 0x8ec3,
+0x8ec4, 0xe1a6, 0xb4b1, 0x8ec5, 0x8ec6, 0x8ec7, 0x8ec8, 0x8ec9,
+0x8eca, 0x8ecb, 0x8ecc, 0x8ecd, 0x8ece, 0x8ecf, 0x8ed0, 0x8ed1,
+0x8ed2, 0x8ed3, 0xb8c9, 0xc6bd, 0xc4ea, 0x8ed4, 0xb2a2, 0x8ed5,
+0xd0d2, 0x8ed6, 0xe7db, 0xbbc3, 0xd3d7, 0xd3c4, 0x8ed7, 0xb9e3,
+0xe2cf, 0x8ed8, 0x8ed9, 0x8eda, 0xd7af, 0x8edb, 0xc7ec, 0xb1d3,
+0x8edc, 0x8edd, 0xb4b2, 0xe2d1, 0x8ede, 0x8edf, 0x8ee0, 0xd0f2,
+0xc2ae, 0xe2d0, 0x8ee1, 0xbfe2, 0xd3a6, 0xb5d7, 0xe2d2, 0xb5ea,
+0x8ee2, 0xc3ed, 0xb8fd, 0x8ee3, 0xb8ae, 0x8ee4, 0xc5d3, 0xb7cf,
+0xe2d4, 0x8ee5, 0x8ee6, 0x8ee7, 0x8ee8, 0xe2d3, 0xb6c8, 0xd7f9,
+0x8ee9, 0x8eea, 0x8eeb, 0x8eec, 0x8eed, 0xcda5, 0x8eee, 0x8eef,
+0x8ef0, 0x8ef1, 0x8ef2, 0xe2d8, 0x8ef3, 0xe2d6, 0xcafc, 0xbfb5,
+0xd3b9, 0xe2d5, 0x8ef4, 0x8ef5, 0x8ef6, 0x8ef7, 0xe2d7, 0x8ef8,
+0x8ef9, 0x8efa, 0x8efb, 0x8efc, 0x8efd, 0x8efe, 0x8f40, 0x8f41,
+0x8f42, 0xc1ae, 0xc0c8, 0x8f43, 0x8f44, 0x8f45, 0x8f46, 0x8f47,
+0x8f48, 0xe2db, 0xe2da, 0xc0aa, 0x8f49, 0x8f4a, 0xc1ce, 0x8f4b,
+0x8f4c, 0x8f4d, 0x8f4e, 0xe2dc, 0x8f4f, 0x8f50, 0x8f51, 0x8f52,
+0x8f53, 0x8f54, 0x8f55, 0x8f56, 0x8f57, 0x8f58, 0x8f59, 0x8f5a,
+0xe2dd, 0x8f5b, 0xe2de, 0x8f5c, 0x8f5d, 0x8f5e, 0x8f5f, 0x8f60,
+0x8f61, 0x8f62, 0x8f63, 0x8f64, 0xdbc8, 0x8f65, 0xd1d3, 0xcda2,
+0x8f66, 0x8f67, 0xbda8, 0x8f68, 0x8f69, 0x8f6a, 0xdec3, 0xd8a5,
+0xbfaa, 0xdbcd, 0xd2ec, 0xc6fa, 0xc5aa, 0x8f6b, 0x8f6c, 0x8f6d,
+0xdec4, 0x8f6e, 0xb1d7, 0xdfae, 0x8f6f, 0x8f70, 0x8f71, 0xcabd,
+0x8f72, 0xdfb1, 0x8f73, 0xb9ad, 0x8f74, 0xd2fd, 0x8f75, 0xb8a5,
+0xbaeb, 0x8f76, 0x8f77, 0xb3da, 0x8f78, 0x8f79, 0x8f7a, 0xb5dc,
+0xd5c5, 0x8f7b, 0x8f7c, 0x8f7d, 0x8f7e, 0xc3d6, 0xcfd2, 0xbba1,
+0x8f80, 0xe5f3, 0xe5f2, 0x8f81, 0x8f82, 0xe5f4, 0x8f83, 0xcde4,
+0x8f84, 0xc8f5, 0x8f85, 0x8f86, 0x8f87, 0x8f88, 0x8f89, 0x8f8a,
+0x8f8b, 0xb5af, 0xc7bf, 0x8f8c, 0xe5f6, 0x8f8d, 0x8f8e, 0x8f8f,
+0xecb0, 0x8f90, 0x8f91, 0x8f92, 0x8f93, 0x8f94, 0x8f95, 0x8f96,
+0x8f97, 0x8f98, 0x8f99, 0x8f9a, 0x8f9b, 0x8f9c, 0x8f9d, 0x8f9e,
+0xe5e6, 0x8f9f, 0xb9e9, 0xb5b1, 0x8fa0, 0xc2bc, 0xe5e8, 0xe5e7,
+0xe5e9, 0x8fa1, 0x8fa2, 0x8fa3, 0x8fa4, 0xd2cd, 0x8fa5, 0x8fa6,
+0x8fa7, 0xe1ea, 0xd0ce, 0x8fa8, 0xcdae, 0x8fa9, 0xd1e5, 0x8faa,
+0x8fab, 0xb2ca, 0xb1eb, 0x8fac, 0xb1f2, 0xc5ed, 0x8fad, 0x8fae,
+0xd5c3, 0xd3b0, 0x8faf, 0xe1dc, 0x8fb0, 0x8fb1, 0x8fb2, 0xe1dd,
+0x8fb3, 0xd2db, 0x8fb4, 0xb3b9, 0xb1cb, 0x8fb5, 0x8fb6, 0x8fb7,
+0xcdf9, 0xd5f7, 0xe1de, 0x8fb8, 0xbeb6, 0xb4fd, 0x8fb9, 0xe1df,
+0xbadc, 0xe1e0, 0xbbb2, 0xc2c9, 0xe1e1, 0x8fba, 0x8fbb, 0x8fbc,
+0xd0ec, 0x8fbd, 0xcdbd, 0x8fbe, 0x8fbf, 0xe1e2, 0x8fc0, 0xb5c3,
+0xc5c7, 0xe1e3, 0x8fc1, 0x8fc2, 0xe1e4, 0x8fc3, 0x8fc4, 0x8fc5,
+0x8fc6, 0xd3f9, 0x8fc7, 0x8fc8, 0x8fc9, 0x8fca, 0x8fcb, 0x8fcc,
+0xe1e5, 0x8fcd, 0xd1ad, 0x8fce, 0x8fcf, 0xe1e6, 0xcea2, 0x8fd0,
+0x8fd1, 0x8fd2, 0x8fd3, 0x8fd4, 0x8fd5, 0xe1e7, 0x8fd6, 0xb5c2,
+0x8fd7, 0x8fd8, 0x8fd9, 0x8fda, 0xe1e8, 0xbbd5, 0x8fdb, 0x8fdc,
+0x8fdd, 0x8fde, 0x8fdf, 0xd0c4, 0xe2e0, 0xb1d8, 0xd2e4, 0x8fe0,
+0x8fe1, 0xe2e1, 0x8fe2, 0x8fe3, 0xbcc9, 0xc8cc, 0x8fe4, 0xe2e3,
+0xecfe, 0xecfd, 0xdfaf, 0x8fe5, 0x8fe6, 0x8fe7, 0xe2e2, 0xd6be,
+0xcdfc, 0xc3a6, 0x8fe8, 0x8fe9, 0x8fea, 0xe3c3, 0x8feb, 0x8fec,
+0xd6d2, 0xe2e7, 0x8fed, 0x8fee, 0xe2e8, 0x8fef, 0x8ff0, 0xd3c7,
+0x8ff1, 0x8ff2, 0xe2ec, 0xbfec, 0x8ff3, 0xe2ed, 0xe2e5, 0x8ff4,
+0x8ff5, 0xb3c0, 0x8ff6, 0x8ff7, 0x8ff8, 0xc4ee, 0x8ff9, 0x8ffa,
+0xe2ee, 0x8ffb, 0x8ffc, 0xd0c3, 0x8ffd, 0xbaf6, 0xe2e9, 0xb7de,
+0xbbb3, 0xccac, 0xcbcb, 0xe2e4, 0xe2e6, 0xe2ea, 0xe2eb, 0x8ffe,
+0x9040, 0x9041, 0xe2f7, 0x9042, 0x9043, 0xe2f4, 0xd4f5, 0xe2f3,
+0x9044, 0x9045, 0xc5ad, 0x9046, 0xd5fa, 0xc5c2, 0xb2c0, 0x9047,
+0x9048, 0xe2ef, 0x9049, 0xe2f2, 0xc1af, 0xcbbc, 0x904a, 0x904b,
+0xb5a1, 0xe2f9, 0x904c, 0x904d, 0x904e, 0xbcb1, 0xe2f1, 0xd0d4,
+0xd4b9, 0xe2f5, 0xb9d6, 0xe2f6, 0x904f, 0x9050, 0x9051, 0xc7d3,
+0x9052, 0x9053, 0x9054, 0x9055, 0x9056, 0xe2f0, 0x9057, 0x9058,
+0x9059, 0x905a, 0x905b, 0xd7dc, 0xeda1, 0x905c, 0x905d, 0xe2f8,
+0x905e, 0xeda5, 0xe2fe, 0xcad1, 0x905f, 0x9060, 0x9061, 0x9062,
+0x9063, 0x9064, 0x9065, 0xc1b5, 0x9066, 0xbbd0, 0x9067, 0x9068,
+0xbfd6, 0x9069, 0xbae3, 0x906a, 0x906b, 0xcba1, 0x906c, 0x906d,
+0x906e, 0xeda6, 0xeda3, 0x906f, 0x9070, 0xeda2, 0x9071, 0x9072,
+0x9073, 0x9074, 0xbbd6, 0xeda7, 0xd0f4, 0x9075, 0x9076, 0xeda4,
+0xbade, 0xb6f7, 0xe3a1, 0xb6b2, 0xccf1, 0xb9a7, 0x9077, 0xcfa2,
+0xc7a1, 0x9078, 0x9079, 0xbfd2, 0x907a, 0x907b, 0xb6f1, 0x907c,
+0xe2fa, 0xe2fb, 0xe2fd, 0xe2fc, 0xc4d5, 0xe3a2, 0x907d, 0xd3c1,
+0x907e, 0x9080, 0x9081, 0xe3a7, 0xc7c4, 0x9082, 0x9083, 0x9084,
+0x9085, 0xcfa4, 0x9086, 0x9087, 0xe3a9, 0xbab7, 0x9088, 0x9089,
+0x908a, 0x908b, 0xe3a8, 0x908c, 0xbbda, 0x908d, 0xe3a3, 0x908e,
+0x908f, 0x9090, 0xe3a4, 0xe3aa, 0x9091, 0xe3a6, 0x9092, 0xcef2,
+0xd3c6, 0x9093, 0x9094, 0xbbbc, 0x9095, 0x9096, 0xd4c3, 0x9097,
+0xc4fa, 0x9098, 0x9099, 0xeda8, 0xd0fc, 0xe3a5, 0x909a, 0xc3f5,
+0x909b, 0xe3ad, 0xb1af, 0x909c, 0xe3b2, 0x909d, 0x909e, 0x909f,
+0xbcc2, 0x90a0, 0x90a1, 0xe3ac, 0xb5bf, 0x90a2, 0x90a3, 0x90a4,
+0x90a5, 0x90a6, 0x90a7, 0x90a8, 0x90a9, 0xc7e9, 0xe3b0, 0x90aa,
+0x90ab, 0x90ac, 0xbeaa, 0xcdef, 0x90ad, 0x90ae, 0x90af, 0x90b0,
+0x90b1, 0xbbf3, 0x90b2, 0x90b3, 0x90b4, 0xcce8, 0x90b5, 0x90b6,
+0xe3af, 0x90b7, 0xe3b1, 0x90b8, 0xcfa7, 0xe3ae, 0x90b9, 0xcea9,
+0xbbdd, 0x90ba, 0x90bb, 0x90bc, 0x90bd, 0x90be, 0xb5eb, 0xbee5,
+0xb2d2, 0xb3cd, 0x90bf, 0xb1b9, 0xe3ab, 0xb2d1, 0xb5ac, 0xb9df,
+0xb6e8, 0x90c0, 0x90c1, 0xcfeb, 0xe3b7, 0x90c2, 0xbbcc, 0x90c3,
+0x90c4, 0xc8c7, 0xd0ca, 0x90c5, 0x90c6, 0x90c7, 0x90c8, 0x90c9,
+0xe3b8, 0xb3ee, 0x90ca, 0x90cb, 0x90cc, 0x90cd, 0xeda9, 0x90ce,
+0xd3fa, 0xd3e4, 0x90cf, 0x90d0, 0x90d1, 0xedaa, 0xe3b9, 0xd2e2,
+0x90d2, 0x90d3, 0x90d4, 0x90d5, 0x90d6, 0xe3b5, 0x90d7, 0x90d8,
+0x90d9, 0x90da, 0xd3de, 0x90db, 0x90dc, 0x90dd, 0x90de, 0xb8d0,
+0xe3b3, 0x90df, 0x90e0, 0xe3b6, 0xb7df, 0x90e1, 0xe3b4, 0xc0a2,
+0x90e2, 0x90e3, 0x90e4, 0xe3ba, 0x90e5, 0x90e6, 0x90e7, 0x90e8,
+0x90e9, 0x90ea, 0x90eb, 0x90ec, 0x90ed, 0x90ee, 0x90ef, 0x90f0,
+0x90f1, 0x90f2, 0x90f3, 0x90f4, 0x90f5, 0x90f6, 0x90f7, 0xd4b8,
+0x90f8, 0x90f9, 0x90fa, 0x90fb, 0x90fc, 0x90fd, 0x90fe, 0x9140,
+0xb4c8, 0x9141, 0xe3bb, 0x9142, 0xbbc5, 0x9143, 0xc9f7, 0x9144,
+0x9145, 0xc9e5, 0x9146, 0x9147, 0x9148, 0xc4bd, 0x9149, 0x914a,
+0x914b, 0x914c, 0x914d, 0x914e, 0x914f, 0xedab, 0x9150, 0x9151,
+0x9152, 0x9153, 0xc2fd, 0x9154, 0x9155, 0x9156, 0x9157, 0xbbdb,
+0xbfae, 0x9158, 0x9159, 0x915a, 0x915b, 0x915c, 0x915d, 0x915e,
+0xcebf, 0x915f, 0x9160, 0x9161, 0x9162, 0xe3bc, 0x9163, 0xbfb6,
+0x9164, 0x9165, 0x9166, 0x9167, 0x9168, 0x9169, 0x916a, 0x916b,
+0x916c, 0x916d, 0x916e, 0x916f, 0x9170, 0x9171, 0x9172, 0x9173,
+0x9174, 0x9175, 0x9176, 0xb1ef, 0x9177, 0x9178, 0xd4f7, 0x9179,
+0x917a, 0x917b, 0x917c, 0x917d, 0xe3be, 0x917e, 0x9180, 0x9181,
+0x9182, 0x9183, 0x9184, 0x9185, 0x9186, 0xedad, 0x9187, 0x9188,
+0x9189, 0x918a, 0x918b, 0x918c, 0x918d, 0x918e, 0x918f, 0xe3bf,
+0xbaa9, 0xedac, 0x9190, 0x9191, 0xe3bd, 0x9192, 0x9193, 0x9194,
+0x9195, 0x9196, 0x9197, 0x9198, 0x9199, 0x919a, 0x919b, 0xe3c0,
+0x919c, 0x919d, 0x919e, 0x919f, 0x91a0, 0x91a1, 0xbab6, 0x91a2,
+0x91a3, 0x91a4, 0xb6ae, 0x91a5, 0x91a6, 0x91a7, 0x91a8, 0x91a9,
+0xd0b8, 0x91aa, 0xb0c3, 0xedae, 0x91ab, 0x91ac, 0x91ad, 0x91ae,
+0x91af, 0xedaf, 0xc0c1, 0x91b0, 0xe3c1, 0x91b1, 0x91b2, 0x91b3,
+0x91b4, 0x91b5, 0x91b6, 0x91b7, 0x91b8, 0x91b9, 0x91ba, 0x91bb,
+0x91bc, 0x91bd, 0x91be, 0x91bf, 0x91c0, 0x91c1, 0xc5b3, 0x91c2,
+0x91c3, 0x91c4, 0x91c5, 0x91c6, 0x91c7, 0x91c8, 0x91c9, 0x91ca,
+0x91cb, 0x91cc, 0x91cd, 0x91ce, 0x91cf, 0xe3c2, 0x91d0, 0x91d1,
+0x91d2, 0x91d3, 0x91d4, 0x91d5, 0x91d6, 0x91d7, 0x91d8, 0xdcb2,
+0x91d9, 0x91da, 0x91db, 0x91dc, 0x91dd, 0x91de, 0xedb0, 0x91df,
+0xb8ea, 0x91e0, 0xceec, 0xeaa7, 0xd0e7, 0xcaf9, 0xc8d6, 0xcfb7,
+0xb3c9, 0xced2, 0xbde4, 0x91e1, 0x91e2, 0xe3de, 0xbbf2, 0xeaa8,
+0xd5bd, 0x91e3, 0xc6dd, 0xeaa9, 0x91e4, 0x91e5, 0x91e6, 0xeaaa,
+0x91e7, 0xeaac, 0xeaab, 0x91e8, 0xeaae, 0xeaad, 0x91e9, 0x91ea,
+0x91eb, 0x91ec, 0xbdd8, 0x91ed, 0xeaaf, 0x91ee, 0xc2be, 0x91ef,
+0x91f0, 0x91f1, 0x91f2, 0xb4c1, 0xb4f7, 0x91f3, 0x91f4, 0xbba7,
+0x91f5, 0x91f6, 0x91f7, 0x91f8, 0x91f9, 0xece6, 0xece5, 0xb7bf,
+0xcbf9, 0xb1e2, 0x91fa, 0xece7, 0x91fb, 0x91fc, 0x91fd, 0xc9c8,
+0xece8, 0xece9, 0x91fe, 0xcad6, 0xded0, 0xb2c5, 0xd4fa, 0x9240,
+0x9241, 0xc6cb, 0xb0c7, 0xb4f2, 0xc8d3, 0x9242, 0x9243, 0x9244,
+0xcdd0, 0x9245, 0x9246, 0xbfb8, 0x9247, 0x9248, 0x9249, 0x924a,
+0x924b, 0x924c, 0x924d, 0xbfdb, 0x924e, 0x924f, 0xc7a4, 0xd6b4,
+0x9250, 0xc0a9, 0xded1, 0xc9a8, 0xd1ef, 0xc5a4, 0xb0e7, 0xb3b6,
+0xc8c5, 0x9251, 0x9252, 0xb0e2, 0x9253, 0x9254, 0xb7f6, 0x9255,
+0x9256, 0xc5fa, 0x9257, 0x9258, 0xb6f3, 0x9259, 0xd5d2, 0xb3d0,
+0xbcbc, 0x925a, 0x925b, 0x925c, 0xb3ad, 0x925d, 0x925e, 0x925f,
+0x9260, 0xbef1, 0xb0d1, 0x9261, 0x9262, 0x9263, 0x9264, 0x9265,
+0x9266, 0xd2d6, 0xcae3, 0xd7a5, 0x9267, 0xcdb6, 0xb6b6, 0xbfb9,
+0xd5db, 0x9268, 0xb8a7, 0xc5d7, 0x9269, 0x926a, 0x926b, 0xded2,
+0xbfd9, 0xc2d5, 0xc7c0, 0x926c, 0xbba4, 0xb1a8, 0x926d, 0x926e,
+0xc5ea, 0x926f, 0x9270, 0xc5fb, 0xcca7, 0x9271, 0x9272, 0x9273,
+0x9274, 0xb1a7, 0x9275, 0x9276, 0x9277, 0xb5d6, 0x9278, 0x9279,
+0x927a, 0xc4a8, 0x927b, 0xded3, 0xd1ba, 0xb3e9, 0x927c, 0xc3f2,
+0x927d, 0x927e, 0xb7f7, 0x9280, 0xd6f4, 0xb5a3, 0xb2f0, 0xc4b4,
+0xc4e9, 0xc0ad, 0xded4, 0x9281, 0xb0e8, 0xc5c4, 0xc1e0, 0x9282,
+0xb9d5, 0x9283, 0xbedc, 0xcdd8, 0xb0ce, 0x9284, 0xcdcf, 0xded6,
+0xbed0, 0xd7be, 0xded5, 0xd5d0, 0xb0dd, 0x9285, 0x9286, 0xc4e2,
+0x9287, 0x9288, 0xc2a3, 0xbcf0, 0x9289, 0xd3b5, 0xc0b9, 0xc5a1,
+0xb2a6, 0xd4f1, 0x928a, 0x928b, 0xc0a8, 0xcac3, 0xded7, 0xd5fc,
+0x928c, 0xb9b0, 0x928d, 0xc8ad, 0xcba9, 0x928e, 0xded9, 0xbfbd,
+0x928f, 0x9290, 0x9291, 0x9292, 0xc6b4, 0xd7a7, 0xcab0, 0xc4c3,
+0x9293, 0xb3d6, 0xb9d2, 0x9294, 0x9295, 0x9296, 0x9297, 0xd6b8,
+0xeafc, 0xb0b4, 0x9298, 0x9299, 0x929a, 0x929b, 0xbfe6, 0x929c,
+0x929d, 0xccf4, 0x929e, 0x929f, 0x92a0, 0x92a1, 0xcdda, 0x92a2,
+0x92a3, 0x92a4, 0xd6bf, 0xc2ce, 0x92a5, 0xcece, 0xcca2, 0xd0ae,
+0xc4d3, 0xb5b2, 0xded8, 0xd5f5, 0xbcb7, 0xbbd3, 0x92a6, 0x92a7,
+0xb0a4, 0x92a8, 0xc5b2, 0xb4ec, 0x92a9, 0x92aa, 0x92ab, 0xd5f1,
+0x92ac, 0x92ad, 0xeafd, 0x92ae, 0x92af, 0x92b0, 0x92b1, 0x92b2,
+0x92b3, 0xdeda, 0xcda6, 0x92b4, 0x92b5, 0xcdec, 0x92b6, 0x92b7,
+0x92b8, 0x92b9, 0xcee6, 0xdedc, 0x92ba, 0xcdb1, 0xc0a6, 0x92bb,
+0x92bc, 0xd7bd, 0x92bd, 0xdedb, 0xb0c6, 0xbab4, 0xc9d3, 0xc4f3,
+0xbee8, 0x92be, 0x92bf, 0x92c0, 0x92c1, 0xb2b6, 0x92c2, 0x92c3,
+0x92c4, 0x92c5, 0x92c6, 0x92c7, 0x92c8, 0x92c9, 0xc0cc, 0xcbf0,
+0x92ca, 0xbcf1, 0xbbbb, 0xb5b7, 0x92cb, 0x92cc, 0x92cd, 0xc5f5,
+0x92ce, 0xdee6, 0x92cf, 0x92d0, 0x92d1, 0xdee3, 0xbedd, 0x92d2,
+0x92d3, 0xdedf, 0x92d4, 0x92d5, 0x92d6, 0x92d7, 0xb4b7, 0xbddd,
+0x92d8, 0x92d9, 0xdee0, 0xc4ed, 0x92da, 0x92db, 0x92dc, 0x92dd,
+0xcfc6, 0x92de, 0xb5e0, 0x92df, 0x92e0, 0x92e1, 0x92e2, 0xb6de,
+0xcada, 0xb5f4, 0xdee5, 0x92e3, 0xd5c6, 0x92e4, 0xdee1, 0xcccd,
+0xc6fe, 0x92e5, 0xc5c5, 0x92e6, 0x92e7, 0x92e8, 0xd2b4, 0x92e9,
+0xbef2, 0x92ea, 0x92eb, 0x92ec, 0x92ed, 0x92ee, 0x92ef, 0x92f0,
+0xc2d3, 0x92f1, 0xccbd, 0xb3b8, 0x92f2, 0xbdd3, 0x92f3, 0xbfd8,
+0xcdc6, 0xd1da, 0xb4eb, 0x92f4, 0xdee4, 0xdedd, 0xdee7, 0x92f5,
+0xeafe, 0x92f6, 0x92f7, 0xc2b0, 0xdee2, 0x92f8, 0x92f9, 0xd6c0,
+0xb5a7, 0x92fa, 0xb2f4, 0x92fb, 0xdee8, 0x92fc, 0xdef2, 0x92fd,
+0x92fe, 0x9340, 0x9341, 0x9342, 0xdeed, 0x9343, 0xdef1, 0x9344,
+0x9345, 0xc8e0, 0x9346, 0x9347, 0x9348, 0xd7e1, 0xdeef, 0xc3e8,
+0xcce1, 0x9349, 0xb2e5, 0x934a, 0x934b, 0x934c, 0xd2be, 0x934d,
+0x934e, 0x934f, 0x9350, 0x9351, 0x9352, 0x9353, 0xdeee, 0x9354,
+0xdeeb, 0xced5, 0x9355, 0xb4a7, 0x9356, 0x9357, 0x9358, 0x9359,
+0x935a, 0xbfab, 0xbebe, 0x935b, 0x935c, 0xbdd2, 0x935d, 0x935e,
+0x935f, 0x9360, 0xdee9, 0x9361, 0xd4ae, 0x9362, 0xdede, 0x9363,
+0xdeea, 0x9364, 0x9365, 0x9366, 0x9367, 0xc0bf, 0x9368, 0xdeec,
+0xb2f3, 0xb8e9, 0xc2a7, 0x9369, 0x936a, 0xbdc1, 0x936b, 0x936c,
+0x936d, 0x936e, 0x936f, 0xdef5, 0xdef8, 0x9370, 0x9371, 0xb2ab,
+0xb4a4, 0x9372, 0x9373, 0xb4ea, 0xc9a6, 0x9374, 0x9375, 0x9376,
+0x9377, 0x9378, 0x9379, 0xdef6, 0xcbd1, 0x937a, 0xb8e3, 0x937b,
+0xdef7, 0xdefa, 0x937c, 0x937d, 0x937e, 0x9380, 0xdef9, 0x9381,
+0x9382, 0x9383, 0xccc2, 0x9384, 0xb0e1, 0xb4ee, 0x9385, 0x9386,
+0x9387, 0x9388, 0x9389, 0x938a, 0xe5ba, 0x938b, 0x938c, 0x938d,
+0x938e, 0x938f, 0xd0af, 0x9390, 0x9391, 0xb2eb, 0x9392, 0xeba1,
+0x9393, 0xdef4, 0x9394, 0x9395, 0xc9e3, 0xdef3, 0xb0da, 0xd2a1,
+0xb1f7, 0x9396, 0xccaf, 0x9397, 0x9398, 0x9399, 0x939a, 0x939b,
+0x939c, 0x939d, 0xdef0, 0x939e, 0xcba4, 0x939f, 0x93a0, 0x93a1,
+0xd5aa, 0x93a2, 0x93a3, 0x93a4, 0x93a5, 0x93a6, 0xdefb, 0x93a7,
+0x93a8, 0x93a9, 0x93aa, 0x93ab, 0x93ac, 0x93ad, 0x93ae, 0xb4dd,
+0x93af, 0xc4a6, 0x93b0, 0x93b1, 0x93b2, 0xdefd, 0x93b3, 0x93b4,
+0x93b5, 0x93b6, 0x93b7, 0x93b8, 0x93b9, 0x93ba, 0x93bb, 0x93bc,
+0xc3fe, 0xc4a1, 0xdfa1, 0x93bd, 0x93be, 0x93bf, 0x93c0, 0x93c1,
+0x93c2, 0x93c3, 0xc1cc, 0x93c4, 0xdefc, 0xbeef, 0x93c5, 0xc6b2,
+0x93c6, 0x93c7, 0x93c8, 0x93c9, 0x93ca, 0x93cb, 0x93cc, 0x93cd,
+0x93ce, 0xb3c5, 0xc8f6, 0x93cf, 0x93d0, 0xcbba, 0xdefe, 0x93d1,
+0x93d2, 0xdfa4, 0x93d3, 0x93d4, 0x93d5, 0x93d6, 0xd7b2, 0x93d7,
+0x93d8, 0x93d9, 0x93da, 0x93db, 0xb3b7, 0x93dc, 0x93dd, 0x93de,
+0x93df, 0xc1c3, 0x93e0, 0x93e1, 0xc7cb, 0xb2a5, 0xb4e9, 0x93e2,
+0xd7ab, 0x93e3, 0x93e4, 0x93e5, 0x93e6, 0xc4ec, 0x93e7, 0xdfa2,
+0xdfa3, 0x93e8, 0xdfa5, 0x93e9, 0xbab3, 0x93ea, 0x93eb, 0x93ec,
+0xdfa6, 0x93ed, 0xc0de, 0x93ee, 0x93ef, 0xc9c3, 0x93f0, 0x93f1,
+0x93f2, 0x93f3, 0x93f4, 0x93f5, 0x93f6, 0xb2d9, 0xc7e6, 0x93f7,
+0xdfa7, 0x93f8, 0xc7dc, 0x93f9, 0x93fa, 0x93fb, 0x93fc, 0xdfa8,
+0xeba2, 0x93fd, 0x93fe, 0x9440, 0x9441, 0x9442, 0xcbd3, 0x9443,
+0x9444, 0x9445, 0xdfaa, 0x9446, 0xdfa9, 0x9447, 0xb2c1, 0x9448,
+0x9449, 0x944a, 0x944b, 0x944c, 0x944d, 0x944e, 0x944f, 0x9450,
+0x9451, 0x9452, 0x9453, 0x9454, 0x9455, 0x9456, 0x9457, 0x9458,
+0x9459, 0x945a, 0x945b, 0x945c, 0x945d, 0x945e, 0x945f, 0x9460,
+0xc5ca, 0x9461, 0x9462, 0x9463, 0x9464, 0x9465, 0x9466, 0x9467,
+0x9468, 0xdfab, 0x9469, 0x946a, 0x946b, 0x946c, 0x946d, 0x946e,
+0x946f, 0x9470, 0xd4dc, 0x9471, 0x9472, 0x9473, 0x9474, 0x9475,
+0xc8c1, 0x9476, 0x9477, 0x9478, 0x9479, 0x947a, 0x947b, 0x947c,
+0x947d, 0x947e, 0x9480, 0x9481, 0x9482, 0xdfac, 0x9483, 0x9484,
+0x9485, 0x9486, 0x9487, 0xbef0, 0x9488, 0x9489, 0xdfad, 0xd6a7,
+0x948a, 0x948b, 0x948c, 0x948d, 0xeab7, 0xebb6, 0xcad5, 0x948e,
+0xd8fc, 0xb8c4, 0x948f, 0xb9a5, 0x9490, 0x9491, 0xb7c5, 0xd5fe,
+0x9492, 0x9493, 0x9494, 0x9495, 0x9496, 0xb9ca, 0x9497, 0x9498,
+0xd0a7, 0xf4cd, 0x9499, 0x949a, 0xb5d0, 0x949b, 0x949c, 0xc3f4,
+0x949d, 0xbec8, 0x949e, 0x949f, 0x94a0, 0xebb7, 0xb0bd, 0x94a1,
+0x94a2, 0xbdcc, 0x94a3, 0xc1b2, 0x94a4, 0xb1d6, 0xb3a8, 0x94a5,
+0x94a6, 0x94a7, 0xb8d2, 0xc9a2, 0x94a8, 0x94a9, 0xb6d8, 0x94aa,
+0x94ab, 0x94ac, 0x94ad, 0xebb8, 0xbeb4, 0x94ae, 0x94af, 0x94b0,
+0xcafd, 0x94b1, 0xc7c3, 0x94b2, 0xd5fb, 0x94b3, 0x94b4, 0xb7f3,
+0x94b5, 0x94b6, 0x94b7, 0x94b8, 0x94b9, 0x94ba, 0x94bb, 0x94bc,
+0x94bd, 0x94be, 0x94bf, 0x94c0, 0x94c1, 0x94c2, 0x94c3, 0xcec4,
+0x94c4, 0x94c5, 0x94c6, 0xd5ab, 0xb1f3, 0x94c7, 0x94c8, 0x94c9,
+0xecb3, 0xb0df, 0x94ca, 0xecb5, 0x94cb, 0x94cc, 0x94cd, 0xb6b7,
+0x94ce, 0xc1cf, 0x94cf, 0xf5fa, 0xd0b1, 0x94d0, 0x94d1, 0xd5e5,
+0x94d2, 0xced3, 0x94d3, 0x94d4, 0xbdef, 0xb3e2, 0x94d5, 0xb8ab,
+0x94d6, 0xd5b6, 0x94d7, 0xedbd, 0x94d8, 0xb6cf, 0x94d9, 0xcbb9,
+0xd0c2, 0x94da, 0x94db, 0x94dc, 0x94dd, 0x94de, 0x94df, 0x94e0,
+0x94e1, 0xb7bd, 0x94e2, 0x94e3, 0xecb6, 0xcaa9, 0x94e4, 0x94e5,
+0x94e6, 0xc5d4, 0x94e7, 0xecb9, 0xecb8, 0xc2c3, 0xecb7, 0x94e8,
+0x94e9, 0x94ea, 0x94eb, 0xd0fd, 0xecba, 0x94ec, 0xecbb, 0xd7e5,
+0x94ed, 0x94ee, 0xecbc, 0x94ef, 0x94f0, 0x94f1, 0xecbd, 0xc6ec,
+0x94f2, 0x94f3, 0x94f4, 0x94f5, 0x94f6, 0x94f7, 0x94f8, 0x94f9,
+0xcede, 0x94fa, 0xbcc8, 0x94fb, 0x94fc, 0xc8d5, 0xb5a9, 0xbec9,
+0xd6bc, 0xd4e7, 0x94fd, 0x94fe, 0xd1ae, 0xd0f1, 0xeab8, 0xeab9,
+0xeaba, 0xbab5, 0x9540, 0x9541, 0x9542, 0x9543, 0xcab1, 0xbff5,
+0x9544, 0x9545, 0xcdfa, 0x9546, 0x9547, 0x9548, 0x9549, 0x954a,
+0xeac0, 0x954b, 0xb0ba, 0xeabe, 0x954c, 0x954d, 0xc0a5, 0x954e,
+0x954f, 0x9550, 0xeabb, 0x9551, 0xb2fd, 0x9552, 0xc3f7, 0xbbe8,
+0x9553, 0x9554, 0x9555, 0xd2d7, 0xcef4, 0xeabf, 0x9556, 0x9557,
+0x9558, 0xeabc, 0x9559, 0x955a, 0x955b, 0xeac3, 0x955c, 0xd0c7,
+0xd3b3, 0x955d, 0x955e, 0x955f, 0x9560, 0xb4ba, 0x9561, 0xc3c1,
+0xd7f2, 0x9562, 0x9563, 0x9564, 0x9565, 0xd5d1, 0x9566, 0xcac7,
+0x9567, 0xeac5, 0x9568, 0x9569, 0xeac4, 0xeac7, 0xeac6, 0x956a,
+0x956b, 0x956c, 0x956d, 0x956e, 0xd6e7, 0x956f, 0xcfd4, 0x9570,
+0x9571, 0xeacb, 0x9572, 0xbbce, 0x9573, 0x9574, 0x9575, 0x9576,
+0x9577, 0x9578, 0x9579, 0xbdfa, 0xc9ce, 0x957a, 0x957b, 0xeacc,
+0x957c, 0x957d, 0xc9b9, 0xcffe, 0xeaca, 0xd4ce, 0xeacd, 0xeacf,
+0x957e, 0x9580, 0xcded, 0x9581, 0x9582, 0x9583, 0x9584, 0xeac9,
+0x9585, 0xeace, 0x9586, 0x9587, 0xceee, 0x9588, 0xbbde, 0x9589,
+0xb3bf, 0x958a, 0x958b, 0x958c, 0x958d, 0x958e, 0xc6d5, 0xbeb0,
+0xcefa, 0x958f, 0x9590, 0x9591, 0xc7e7, 0x9592, 0xbea7, 0xead0,
+0x9593, 0x9594, 0xd6c7, 0x9595, 0x9596, 0x9597, 0xc1c0, 0x9598,
+0x9599, 0x959a, 0xd4dd, 0x959b, 0xead1, 0x959c, 0x959d, 0xcfbe,
+0x959e, 0x959f, 0x95a0, 0x95a1, 0xead2, 0x95a2, 0x95a3, 0x95a4,
+0x95a5, 0xcaee, 0x95a6, 0x95a7, 0x95a8, 0x95a9, 0xc5af, 0xb0b5,
+0x95aa, 0x95ab, 0x95ac, 0x95ad, 0x95ae, 0xead4, 0x95af, 0x95b0,
+0x95b1, 0x95b2, 0x95b3, 0x95b4, 0x95b5, 0x95b6, 0x95b7, 0xead3,
+0xf4df, 0x95b8, 0x95b9, 0x95ba, 0x95bb, 0x95bc, 0xc4ba, 0x95bd,
+0x95be, 0x95bf, 0x95c0, 0x95c1, 0xb1a9, 0x95c2, 0x95c3, 0x95c4,
+0x95c5, 0xe5df, 0x95c6, 0x95c7, 0x95c8, 0x95c9, 0xead5, 0x95ca,
+0x95cb, 0x95cc, 0x95cd, 0x95ce, 0x95cf, 0x95d0, 0x95d1, 0x95d2,
+0x95d3, 0x95d4, 0x95d5, 0x95d6, 0x95d7, 0x95d8, 0x95d9, 0x95da,
+0x95db, 0x95dc, 0x95dd, 0x95de, 0x95df, 0x95e0, 0x95e1, 0x95e2,
+0x95e3, 0xcaef, 0x95e4, 0xead6, 0xead7, 0xc6d8, 0x95e5, 0x95e6,
+0x95e7, 0x95e8, 0x95e9, 0x95ea, 0x95eb, 0x95ec, 0xead8, 0x95ed,
+0x95ee, 0xead9, 0x95ef, 0x95f0, 0x95f1, 0x95f2, 0x95f3, 0x95f4,
+0xd4bb, 0x95f5, 0xc7fa, 0xd2b7, 0xb8fc, 0x95f6, 0x95f7, 0xeac2,
+0x95f8, 0xb2dc, 0x95f9, 0x95fa, 0xc2fc, 0x95fb, 0xd4f8, 0xcce6,
+0xd7ee, 0x95fc, 0x95fd, 0x95fe, 0x9640, 0x9641, 0x9642, 0x9643,
+0xd4c2, 0xd3d0, 0xebc3, 0xc5f3, 0x9644, 0xb7fe, 0x9645, 0x9646,
+0xebd4, 0x9647, 0x9648, 0x9649, 0xcbb7, 0xebde, 0x964a, 0xc0ca,
+0x964b, 0x964c, 0x964d, 0xcdfb, 0x964e, 0xb3af, 0x964f, 0xc6da,
+0x9650, 0x9651, 0x9652, 0x9653, 0x9654, 0x9655, 0xebfc, 0x9656,
+0xc4be, 0x9657, 0xceb4, 0xc4a9, 0xb1be, 0xd4fd, 0x9658, 0xcaf5,
+0x9659, 0xd6ec, 0x965a, 0x965b, 0xc6d3, 0xb6e4, 0x965c, 0x965d,
+0x965e, 0x965f, 0xbbfa, 0x9660, 0x9661, 0xd0e0, 0x9662, 0x9663,
+0xc9b1, 0x9664, 0xd4d3, 0xc8a8, 0x9665, 0x9666, 0xb8cb, 0x9667,
+0xe8be, 0xc9bc, 0x9668, 0x9669, 0xe8bb, 0x966a, 0xc0ee, 0xd0d3,
+0xb2c4, 0xb4e5, 0x966b, 0xe8bc, 0x966c, 0x966d, 0xd5c8, 0x966e,
+0x966f, 0x9670, 0x9671, 0x9672, 0xb6c5, 0x9673, 0xe8bd, 0xcaf8,
+0xb8dc, 0xccf5, 0x9674, 0x9675, 0x9676, 0xc0b4, 0x9677, 0x9678,
+0xd1ee, 0xe8bf, 0xe8c2, 0x9679, 0x967a, 0xbabc, 0x967b, 0xb1ad,
+0xbddc, 0x967c, 0xeabd, 0xe8c3, 0x967d, 0xe8c6, 0x967e, 0xe8cb,
+0x9680, 0x9681, 0x9682, 0x9683, 0xe8cc, 0x9684, 0xcbc9, 0xb0e5,
+0x9685, 0xbcab, 0x9686, 0x9687, 0xb9b9, 0x9688, 0x9689, 0xe8c1,
+0x968a, 0xcdf7, 0x968b, 0xe8ca, 0x968c, 0x968d, 0x968e, 0x968f,
+0xcef6, 0x9690, 0x9691, 0x9692, 0x9693, 0xd5ed, 0x9694, 0xc1d6,
+0xe8c4, 0x9695, 0xc3b6, 0x9696, 0xb9fb, 0xd6a6, 0xe8c8, 0x9697,
+0x9698, 0x9699, 0xcae0, 0xd4e6, 0x969a, 0xe8c0, 0x969b, 0xe8c5,
+0xe8c7, 0x969c, 0xc7b9, 0xb7e3, 0x969d, 0xe8c9, 0x969e, 0xbfdd,
+0xe8d2, 0x969f, 0x96a0, 0xe8d7, 0x96a1, 0xe8d5, 0xbcdc, 0xbccf,
+0xe8db, 0x96a2, 0x96a3, 0x96a4, 0x96a5, 0x96a6, 0x96a7, 0x96a8,
+0x96a9, 0xe8de, 0x96aa, 0xe8da, 0xb1fa, 0x96ab, 0x96ac, 0x96ad,
+0x96ae, 0x96af, 0x96b0, 0x96b1, 0x96b2, 0x96b3, 0x96b4, 0xb0d8,
+0xc4b3, 0xb8cc, 0xc6e2, 0xc8be, 0xc8e1, 0x96b5, 0x96b6, 0x96b7,
+0xe8cf, 0xe8d4, 0xe8d6, 0x96b8, 0xb9f1, 0xe8d8, 0xd7f5, 0x96b9,
+0xc4fb, 0x96ba, 0xe8dc, 0x96bb, 0x96bc, 0xb2e9, 0x96bd, 0x96be,
+0x96bf, 0xe8d1, 0x96c0, 0x96c1, 0xbced, 0x96c2, 0x96c3, 0xbfc2,
+0xe8cd, 0xd6f9, 0x96c4, 0xc1f8, 0xb2f1, 0x96c5, 0x96c6, 0x96c7,
+0x96c8, 0x96c9, 0x96ca, 0x96cb, 0x96cc, 0xe8df, 0x96cd, 0xcac1,
+0xe8d9, 0x96ce, 0x96cf, 0x96d0, 0x96d1, 0xd5a4, 0x96d2, 0xb1ea,
+0xd5bb, 0xe8ce, 0xe8d0, 0xb6b0, 0xe8d3, 0x96d3, 0xe8dd, 0xc0b8,
+0x96d4, 0xcaf7, 0x96d5, 0xcba8, 0x96d6, 0x96d7, 0xc6dc, 0xc0f5,
+0x96d8, 0x96d9, 0x96da, 0x96db, 0x96dc, 0xe8e9, 0x96dd, 0x96de,
+0x96df, 0xd0a3, 0x96e0, 0x96e1, 0x96e2, 0x96e3, 0x96e4, 0x96e5,
+0x96e6, 0xe8f2, 0xd6ea, 0x96e7, 0x96e8, 0x96e9, 0x96ea, 0x96eb,
+0x96ec, 0x96ed, 0xe8e0, 0xe8e1, 0x96ee, 0x96ef, 0x96f0, 0xd1f9,
+0xbacb, 0xb8f9, 0x96f1, 0x96f2, 0xb8f1, 0xd4d4, 0xe8ef, 0x96f3,
+0xe8ee, 0xe8ec, 0xb9f0, 0xccd2, 0xe8e6, 0xcea6, 0xbff2, 0x96f4,
+0xb0b8, 0xe8f1, 0xe8f0, 0x96f5, 0xd7c0, 0x96f6, 0xe8e4, 0x96f7,
+0xcda9, 0xc9a3, 0x96f8, 0xbbb8, 0xbddb, 0xe8ea, 0x96f9, 0x96fa,
+0x96fb, 0x96fc, 0x96fd, 0x96fe, 0x9740, 0x9741, 0x9742, 0x9743,
+0xe8e2, 0xe8e3, 0xe8e5, 0xb5b5, 0xe8e7, 0xc7c5, 0xe8eb, 0xe8ed,
+0xbdb0, 0xd7ae, 0x9744, 0xe8f8, 0x9745, 0x9746, 0x9747, 0x9748,
+0x9749, 0x974a, 0x974b, 0x974c, 0xe8f5, 0x974d, 0xcdb0, 0xe8f6,
+0x974e, 0x974f, 0x9750, 0x9751, 0x9752, 0x9753, 0x9754, 0x9755,
+0x9756, 0xc1ba, 0x9757, 0xe8e8, 0x9758, 0xc3b7, 0xb0f0, 0x9759,
+0x975a, 0x975b, 0x975c, 0x975d, 0x975e, 0x975f, 0x9760, 0xe8f4,
+0x9761, 0x9762, 0x9763, 0xe8f7, 0x9764, 0x9765, 0x9766, 0xb9a3,
+0x9767, 0x9768, 0x9769, 0x976a, 0x976b, 0x976c, 0x976d, 0x976e,
+0x976f, 0x9770, 0xc9d2, 0x9771, 0x9772, 0x9773, 0xc3ce, 0xcee0,
+0xc0e6, 0x9774, 0x9775, 0x9776, 0x9777, 0xcbf3, 0x9778, 0xccdd,
+0xd0b5, 0x9779, 0x977a, 0xcae1, 0x977b, 0xe8f3, 0x977c, 0x977d,
+0x977e, 0x9780, 0x9781, 0x9782, 0x9783, 0x9784, 0x9785, 0x9786,
+0xbcec, 0x9787, 0xe8f9, 0x9788, 0x9789, 0x978a, 0x978b, 0x978c,
+0x978d, 0xc3de, 0x978e, 0xc6e5, 0x978f, 0xb9f7, 0x9790, 0x9791,
+0x9792, 0x9793, 0xb0f4, 0x9794, 0x9795, 0xd7d8, 0x9796, 0x9797,
+0xbcac, 0x9798, 0xc5ef, 0x9799, 0x979a, 0x979b, 0x979c, 0x979d,
+0xccc4, 0x979e, 0x979f, 0xe9a6, 0x97a0, 0x97a1, 0x97a2, 0x97a3,
+0x97a4, 0x97a5, 0x97a6, 0x97a7, 0x97a8, 0x97a9, 0xc9ad, 0x97aa,
+0xe9a2, 0xc0e2, 0x97ab, 0x97ac, 0x97ad, 0xbfc3, 0x97ae, 0x97af,
+0x97b0, 0xe8fe, 0xb9d7, 0x97b1, 0xe8fb, 0x97b2, 0x97b3, 0x97b4,
+0x97b5, 0xe9a4, 0x97b6, 0x97b7, 0x97b8, 0xd2ce, 0x97b9, 0x97ba,
+0x97bb, 0x97bc, 0x97bd, 0xe9a3, 0x97be, 0xd6b2, 0xd7b5, 0x97bf,
+0xe9a7, 0x97c0, 0xbdb7, 0x97c1, 0x97c2, 0x97c3, 0x97c4, 0x97c5,
+0x97c6, 0x97c7, 0x97c8, 0x97c9, 0x97ca, 0x97cb, 0x97cc, 0xe8fc,
+0xe8fd, 0x97cd, 0x97ce, 0x97cf, 0xe9a1, 0x97d0, 0x97d1, 0x97d2,
+0x97d3, 0x97d4, 0x97d5, 0x97d6, 0x97d7, 0xcdd6, 0x97d8, 0x97d9,
+0xd2ac, 0x97da, 0x97db, 0x97dc, 0xe9b2, 0x97dd, 0x97de, 0x97df,
+0x97e0, 0xe9a9, 0x97e1, 0x97e2, 0x97e3, 0xb4aa, 0x97e4, 0xb4bb,
+0x97e5, 0x97e6, 0xe9ab, 0x97e7, 0x97e8, 0x97e9, 0x97ea, 0x97eb,
+0x97ec, 0x97ed, 0x97ee, 0x97ef, 0x97f0, 0x97f1, 0x97f2, 0x97f3,
+0x97f4, 0x97f5, 0x97f6, 0x97f7, 0xd0a8, 0x97f8, 0x97f9, 0xe9a5,
+0x97fa, 0x97fb, 0xb3fe, 0x97fc, 0x97fd, 0xe9ac, 0xc0e3, 0x97fe,
+0xe9aa, 0x9840, 0x9841, 0xe9b9, 0x9842, 0x9843, 0xe9b8, 0x9844,
+0x9845, 0x9846, 0x9847, 0xe9ae, 0x9848, 0x9849, 0xe8fa, 0x984a,
+0x984b, 0xe9a8, 0x984c, 0x984d, 0x984e, 0x984f, 0x9850, 0xbfac,
+0xe9b1, 0xe9ba, 0x9851, 0x9852, 0xc2a5, 0x9853, 0x9854, 0x9855,
+0xe9af, 0x9856, 0xb8c5, 0x9857, 0xe9ad, 0x9858, 0xd3dc, 0xe9b4,
+0xe9b5, 0xe9b7, 0x9859, 0x985a, 0x985b, 0xe9c7, 0x985c, 0x985d,
+0x985e, 0x985f, 0x9860, 0x9861, 0xc0c6, 0xe9c5, 0x9862, 0x9863,
+0xe9b0, 0x9864, 0x9865, 0xe9bb, 0xb0f1, 0x9866, 0x9867, 0x9868,
+0x9869, 0x986a, 0x986b, 0x986c, 0x986d, 0x986e, 0x986f, 0xe9bc,
+0xd5a5, 0x9870, 0x9871, 0xe9be, 0x9872, 0xe9bf, 0x9873, 0x9874,
+0x9875, 0xe9c1, 0x9876, 0x9877, 0xc1f1, 0x9878, 0x9879, 0xc8b6,
+0x987a, 0x987b, 0x987c, 0xe9bd, 0x987d, 0x987e, 0x9880, 0x9881,
+0x9882, 0xe9c2, 0x9883, 0x9884, 0x9885, 0x9886, 0x9887, 0x9888,
+0x9889, 0x988a, 0xe9c3, 0x988b, 0xe9b3, 0x988c, 0xe9b6, 0x988d,
+0xbbb1, 0x988e, 0x988f, 0x9890, 0xe9c0, 0x9891, 0x9892, 0x9893,
+0x9894, 0x9895, 0x9896, 0xbcf7, 0x9897, 0x9898, 0x9899, 0xe9c4,
+0xe9c6, 0x989a, 0x989b, 0x989c, 0x989d, 0x989e, 0x989f, 0x98a0,
+0x98a1, 0x98a2, 0x98a3, 0x98a4, 0x98a5, 0xe9ca, 0x98a6, 0x98a7,
+0x98a8, 0x98a9, 0xe9ce, 0x98aa, 0x98ab, 0x98ac, 0x98ad, 0x98ae,
+0x98af, 0x98b0, 0x98b1, 0x98b2, 0x98b3, 0xb2db, 0x98b4, 0xe9c8,
+0x98b5, 0x98b6, 0x98b7, 0x98b8, 0x98b9, 0x98ba, 0x98bb, 0x98bc,
+0x98bd, 0x98be, 0xb7ae, 0x98bf, 0x98c0, 0x98c1, 0x98c2, 0x98c3,
+0x98c4, 0x98c5, 0x98c6, 0x98c7, 0x98c8, 0x98c9, 0x98ca, 0xe9cb,
+0xe9cc, 0x98cb, 0x98cc, 0x98cd, 0x98ce, 0x98cf, 0x98d0, 0xd5c1,
+0x98d1, 0xc4a3, 0x98d2, 0x98d3, 0x98d4, 0x98d5, 0x98d6, 0x98d7,
+0xe9d8, 0x98d8, 0xbae1, 0x98d9, 0x98da, 0x98db, 0x98dc, 0xe9c9,
+0x98dd, 0xd3a3, 0x98de, 0x98df, 0x98e0, 0xe9d4, 0x98e1, 0x98e2,
+0x98e3, 0x98e4, 0x98e5, 0x98e6, 0x98e7, 0xe9d7, 0xe9d0, 0x98e8,
+0x98e9, 0x98ea, 0x98eb, 0x98ec, 0xe9cf, 0x98ed, 0x98ee, 0xc7c1,
+0x98ef, 0x98f0, 0x98f1, 0x98f2, 0x98f3, 0x98f4, 0x98f5, 0x98f6,
+0xe9d2, 0x98f7, 0x98f8, 0x98f9, 0x98fa, 0x98fb, 0x98fc, 0x98fd,
+0xe9d9, 0xb3c8, 0x98fe, 0xe9d3, 0x9940, 0x9941, 0x9942, 0x9943,
+0x9944, 0xcff0, 0x9945, 0x9946, 0x9947, 0xe9cd, 0x9948, 0x9949,
+0x994a, 0x994b, 0x994c, 0x994d, 0x994e, 0x994f, 0x9950, 0x9951,
+0x9952, 0xb3f7, 0x9953, 0x9954, 0x9955, 0x9956, 0x9957, 0x9958,
+0x9959, 0xe9d6, 0x995a, 0x995b, 0xe9da, 0x995c, 0x995d, 0x995e,
+0xccb4, 0x995f, 0x9960, 0x9961, 0xcfad, 0x9962, 0x9963, 0x9964,
+0x9965, 0x9966, 0x9967, 0x9968, 0x9969, 0x996a, 0xe9d5, 0x996b,
+0xe9dc, 0xe9db, 0x996c, 0x996d, 0x996e, 0x996f, 0x9970, 0xe9de,
+0x9971, 0x9972, 0x9973, 0x9974, 0x9975, 0x9976, 0x9977, 0x9978,
+0xe9d1, 0x9979, 0x997a, 0x997b, 0x997c, 0x997d, 0x997e, 0x9980,
+0x9981, 0xe9dd, 0x9982, 0xe9df, 0xc3ca, 0x9983, 0x9984, 0x9985,
+0x9986, 0x9987, 0x9988, 0x9989, 0x998a, 0x998b, 0x998c, 0x998d,
+0x998e, 0x998f, 0x9990, 0x9991, 0x9992, 0x9993, 0x9994, 0x9995,
+0x9996, 0x9997, 0x9998, 0x9999, 0x999a, 0x999b, 0x999c, 0x999d,
+0x999e, 0x999f, 0x99a0, 0x99a1, 0x99a2, 0x99a3, 0x99a4, 0x99a5,
+0x99a6, 0x99a7, 0x99a8, 0x99a9, 0x99aa, 0x99ab, 0x99ac, 0x99ad,
+0x99ae, 0x99af, 0x99b0, 0x99b1, 0x99b2, 0x99b3, 0x99b4, 0x99b5,
+0x99b6, 0x99b7, 0x99b8, 0x99b9, 0x99ba, 0x99bb, 0x99bc, 0x99bd,
+0x99be, 0x99bf, 0x99c0, 0x99c1, 0x99c2, 0x99c3, 0x99c4, 0x99c5,
+0x99c6, 0x99c7, 0x99c8, 0x99c9, 0x99ca, 0x99cb, 0x99cc, 0x99cd,
+0x99ce, 0x99cf, 0x99d0, 0x99d1, 0x99d2, 0x99d3, 0x99d4, 0x99d5,
+0x99d6, 0x99d7, 0x99d8, 0x99d9, 0x99da, 0x99db, 0x99dc, 0x99dd,
+0x99de, 0x99df, 0x99e0, 0x99e1, 0x99e2, 0x99e3, 0x99e4, 0x99e5,
+0x99e6, 0x99e7, 0x99e8, 0x99e9, 0x99ea, 0x99eb, 0x99ec, 0x99ed,
+0x99ee, 0x99ef, 0x99f0, 0x99f1, 0x99f2, 0x99f3, 0x99f4, 0x99f5,
+0xc7b7, 0xb4ce, 0xbbb6, 0xd0c0, 0xeca3, 0x99f6, 0x99f7, 0xc5b7,
+0x99f8, 0x99f9, 0x99fa, 0x99fb, 0x99fc, 0x99fd, 0x99fe, 0x9a40,
+0x9a41, 0x9a42, 0xd3fb, 0x9a43, 0x9a44, 0x9a45, 0x9a46, 0xeca4,
+0x9a47, 0xeca5, 0xc6db, 0x9a48, 0x9a49, 0x9a4a, 0xbfee, 0x9a4b,
+0x9a4c, 0x9a4d, 0x9a4e, 0xeca6, 0x9a4f, 0x9a50, 0xeca7, 0xd0aa,
+0x9a51, 0xc7b8, 0x9a52, 0x9a53, 0xb8e8, 0x9a54, 0x9a55, 0x9a56,
+0x9a57, 0x9a58, 0x9a59, 0x9a5a, 0x9a5b, 0x9a5c, 0x9a5d, 0x9a5e,
+0x9a5f, 0xeca8, 0x9a60, 0x9a61, 0x9a62, 0x9a63, 0x9a64, 0x9a65,
+0x9a66, 0x9a67, 0xd6b9, 0xd5fd, 0xb4cb, 0xb2bd, 0xcee4, 0xc6e7,
+0x9a68, 0x9a69, 0xcde1, 0x9a6a, 0x9a6b, 0x9a6c, 0x9a6d, 0x9a6e,
+0x9a6f, 0x9a70, 0x9a71, 0x9a72, 0x9a73, 0x9a74, 0x9a75, 0x9a76,
+0x9a77, 0xb4f5, 0x9a78, 0xcbc0, 0xbcdf, 0x9a79, 0x9a7a, 0x9a7b,
+0x9a7c, 0xe9e2, 0xe9e3, 0xd1ea, 0xe9e5, 0x9a7d, 0xb4f9, 0xe9e4,
+0x9a7e, 0xd1b3, 0xcae2, 0xb2d0, 0x9a80, 0xe9e8, 0x9a81, 0x9a82,
+0x9a83, 0x9a84, 0xe9e6, 0xe9e7, 0x9a85, 0x9a86, 0xd6b3, 0x9a87,
+0x9a88, 0x9a89, 0xe9e9, 0xe9ea, 0x9a8a, 0x9a8b, 0x9a8c, 0x9a8d,
+0x9a8e, 0xe9eb, 0x9a8f, 0x9a90, 0x9a91, 0x9a92, 0x9a93, 0x9a94,
+0x9a95, 0x9a96, 0xe9ec, 0x9a97, 0x9a98, 0x9a99, 0x9a9a, 0x9a9b,
+0x9a9c, 0x9a9d, 0x9a9e, 0xecaf, 0xc5b9, 0xb6ce, 0x9a9f, 0xd2f3,
+0x9aa0, 0x9aa1, 0x9aa2, 0x9aa3, 0x9aa4, 0x9aa5, 0x9aa6, 0xb5ee,
+0x9aa7, 0xbbd9, 0xecb1, 0x9aa8, 0x9aa9, 0xd2e3, 0x9aaa, 0x9aab,
+0x9aac, 0x9aad, 0x9aae, 0xcee3, 0x9aaf, 0xc4b8, 0x9ab0, 0xc3bf,
+0x9ab1, 0x9ab2, 0xb6be, 0xd8b9, 0xb1c8, 0xb1cf, 0xb1d1, 0xc5fe,
+0x9ab3, 0xb1d0, 0x9ab4, 0xc3ab, 0x9ab5, 0x9ab6, 0x9ab7, 0x9ab8,
+0x9ab9, 0xd5b1, 0x9aba, 0x9abb, 0x9abc, 0x9abd, 0x9abe, 0x9abf,
+0x9ac0, 0x9ac1, 0xeba4, 0xbac1, 0x9ac2, 0x9ac3, 0x9ac4, 0xccba,
+0x9ac5, 0x9ac6, 0x9ac7, 0xeba5, 0x9ac8, 0xeba7, 0x9ac9, 0x9aca,
+0x9acb, 0xeba8, 0x9acc, 0x9acd, 0x9ace, 0xeba6, 0x9acf, 0x9ad0,
+0x9ad1, 0x9ad2, 0x9ad3, 0x9ad4, 0x9ad5, 0xeba9, 0xebab, 0xebaa,
+0x9ad6, 0x9ad7, 0x9ad8, 0x9ad9, 0x9ada, 0xebac, 0x9adb, 0xcacf,
+0xd8b5, 0xc3f1, 0x9adc, 0xc3a5, 0xc6f8, 0xebad, 0xc4ca, 0x9add,
+0xebae, 0xebaf, 0xebb0, 0xb7d5, 0x9ade, 0x9adf, 0x9ae0, 0xb7fa,
+0x9ae1, 0xebb1, 0xc7e2, 0x9ae2, 0xebb3, 0x9ae3, 0xbaa4, 0xd1f5,
+0xb0b1, 0xebb2, 0xebb4, 0x9ae4, 0x9ae5, 0x9ae6, 0xb5aa, 0xc2c8,
+0xc7e8, 0x9ae7, 0xebb5, 0x9ae8, 0xcbae, 0xe3df, 0x9ae9, 0x9aea,
+0xd3c0, 0x9aeb, 0x9aec, 0x9aed, 0x9aee, 0xd9db, 0x9aef, 0x9af0,
+0xcda1, 0xd6ad, 0xc7f3, 0x9af1, 0x9af2, 0x9af3, 0xd9e0, 0xbbe3,
+0x9af4, 0xbaba, 0xe3e2, 0x9af5, 0x9af6, 0x9af7, 0x9af8, 0x9af9,
+0xcfab, 0x9afa, 0x9afb, 0x9afc, 0xe3e0, 0xc9c7, 0x9afd, 0xbab9,
+0x9afe, 0x9b40, 0x9b41, 0xd1b4, 0xe3e1, 0xc8ea, 0xb9af, 0xbdad,
+0xb3d8, 0xcedb, 0x9b42, 0x9b43, 0xccc0, 0x9b44, 0x9b45, 0x9b46,
+0xe3e8, 0xe3e9, 0xcdf4, 0x9b47, 0x9b48, 0x9b49, 0x9b4a, 0x9b4b,
+0xccad, 0x9b4c, 0xbcb3, 0x9b4d, 0xe3ea, 0x9b4e, 0xe3eb, 0x9b4f,
+0x9b50, 0xd0da, 0x9b51, 0x9b52, 0x9b53, 0xc6fb, 0xb7da, 0x9b54,
+0x9b55, 0xc7df, 0xd2ca, 0xced6, 0x9b56, 0xe3e4, 0xe3ec, 0x9b57,
+0xc9f2, 0xb3c1, 0x9b58, 0x9b59, 0xe3e7, 0x9b5a, 0x9b5b, 0xc6e3,
+0xe3e5, 0x9b5c, 0x9b5d, 0xedb3, 0xe3e6, 0x9b5e, 0x9b5f, 0x9b60,
+0x9b61, 0xc9b3, 0x9b62, 0xc5e6, 0x9b63, 0x9b64, 0x9b65, 0xb9b5,
+0x9b66, 0xc3bb, 0x9b67, 0xe3e3, 0xc5bd, 0xc1a4, 0xc2d9, 0xb2d7,
+0x9b68, 0xe3ed, 0xbba6, 0xc4ad, 0x9b69, 0xe3f0, 0xbeda, 0x9b6a,
+0x9b6b, 0xe3fb, 0xe3f5, 0xbad3, 0x9b6c, 0x9b6d, 0x9b6e, 0x9b6f,
+0xb7d0, 0xd3cd, 0x9b70, 0xd6ce, 0xd5d3, 0xb9c1, 0xd5b4, 0xd1d8,
+0x9b71, 0x9b72, 0x9b73, 0x9b74, 0xd0b9, 0xc7f6, 0x9b75, 0x9b76,
+0x9b77, 0xc8aa, 0xb2b4, 0x9b78, 0xc3da, 0x9b79, 0x9b7a, 0x9b7b,
+0xe3ee, 0x9b7c, 0x9b7d, 0xe3fc, 0xe3ef, 0xb7a8, 0xe3f7, 0xe3f4,
+0x9b7e, 0x9b80, 0x9b81, 0xb7ba, 0x9b82, 0x9b83, 0xc5a2, 0x9b84,
+0xe3f6, 0xc5dd, 0xb2a8, 0xc6fc, 0x9b85, 0xc4e0, 0x9b86, 0x9b87,
+0xd7a2, 0x9b88, 0xc0e1, 0xe3f9, 0x9b89, 0x9b8a, 0xe3fa, 0xe3fd,
+0xcca9, 0xe3f3, 0x9b8b, 0xd3be, 0x9b8c, 0xb1c3, 0xedb4, 0xe3f1,
+0xe3f2, 0x9b8d, 0xe3f8, 0xd0ba, 0xc6c3, 0xd4f3, 0xe3fe, 0x9b8e,
+0x9b8f, 0xbde0, 0x9b90, 0x9b91, 0xe4a7, 0x9b92, 0x9b93, 0xe4a6,
+0x9b94, 0x9b95, 0x9b96, 0xd1f3, 0xe4a3, 0x9b97, 0xe4a9, 0x9b98,
+0x9b99, 0x9b9a, 0xc8f7, 0x9b9b, 0x9b9c, 0x9b9d, 0x9b9e, 0xcfb4,
+0x9b9f, 0xe4a8, 0xe4ae, 0xc2e5, 0x9ba0, 0x9ba1, 0xb6b4, 0x9ba2,
+0x9ba3, 0x9ba4, 0x9ba5, 0x9ba6, 0x9ba7, 0xbdf2, 0x9ba8, 0xe4a2,
+0x9ba9, 0x9baa, 0xbae9, 0xe4aa, 0x9bab, 0x9bac, 0xe4ac, 0x9bad,
+0x9bae, 0xb6fd, 0xd6de, 0xe4b2, 0x9baf, 0xe4ad, 0x9bb0, 0x9bb1,
+0x9bb2, 0xe4a1, 0x9bb3, 0xbbee, 0xcddd, 0xc7a2, 0xc5c9, 0x9bb4,
+0x9bb5, 0xc1f7, 0x9bb6, 0xe4a4, 0x9bb7, 0xc7b3, 0xbdac, 0xbdbd,
+0xe4a5, 0x9bb8, 0xd7c7, 0xb2e2, 0x9bb9, 0xe4ab, 0xbcc3, 0xe4af,
+0x9bba, 0xbbeb, 0xe4b0, 0xc5a8, 0xe4b1, 0x9bbb, 0x9bbc, 0x9bbd,
+0x9bbe, 0xd5e3, 0xbfa3, 0x9bbf, 0xe4ba, 0x9bc0, 0xe4b7, 0x9bc1,
+0xe4bb, 0x9bc2, 0x9bc3, 0xe4bd, 0x9bc4, 0x9bc5, 0xc6d6, 0x9bc6,
+0x9bc7, 0xbac6, 0xc0cb, 0x9bc8, 0x9bc9, 0x9bca, 0xb8a1, 0xe4b4,
+0x9bcb, 0x9bcc, 0x9bcd, 0x9bce, 0xd4a1, 0x9bcf, 0x9bd0, 0xbaa3,
+0xbdfe, 0x9bd1, 0x9bd2, 0x9bd3, 0xe4bc, 0x9bd4, 0x9bd5, 0x9bd6,
+0x9bd7, 0x9bd8, 0xcdbf, 0x9bd9, 0x9bda, 0xc4f9, 0x9bdb, 0x9bdc,
+0xcffb, 0xc9e6, 0x9bdd, 0x9bde, 0xd3bf, 0x9bdf, 0xcfd1, 0x9be0,
+0x9be1, 0xe4b3, 0x9be2, 0xe4b8, 0xe4b9, 0xcce9, 0x9be3, 0x9be4,
+0x9be5, 0x9be6, 0x9be7, 0xccce, 0x9be8, 0xc0d4, 0xe4b5, 0xc1b0,
+0xe4b6, 0xced0, 0x9be9, 0xbbc1, 0xb5d3, 0x9bea, 0xc8f3, 0xbda7,
+0xd5c7, 0xc9ac, 0xb8a2, 0xe4ca, 0x9beb, 0x9bec, 0xe4cc, 0xd1c4,
+0x9bed, 0x9bee, 0xd2ba, 0x9bef, 0x9bf0, 0xbaad, 0x9bf1, 0x9bf2,
+0xbad4, 0x9bf3, 0x9bf4, 0x9bf5, 0x9bf6, 0x9bf7, 0x9bf8, 0xe4c3,
+0xb5ed, 0x9bf9, 0x9bfa, 0x9bfb, 0xd7cd, 0xe4c0, 0xcffd, 0xe4bf,
+0x9bfc, 0x9bfd, 0x9bfe, 0xc1dc, 0xccca, 0x9c40, 0x9c41, 0x9c42,
+0x9c43, 0xcae7, 0x9c44, 0x9c45, 0x9c46, 0x9c47, 0xc4d7, 0x9c48,
+0xccd4, 0xe4c8, 0x9c49, 0x9c4a, 0x9c4b, 0xe4c7, 0xe4c1, 0x9c4c,
+0xe4c4, 0xb5ad, 0x9c4d, 0x9c4e, 0xd3d9, 0x9c4f, 0xe4c6, 0x9c50,
+0x9c51, 0x9c52, 0x9c53, 0xd2f9, 0xb4e3, 0x9c54, 0xbbb4, 0x9c55,
+0x9c56, 0xc9ee, 0x9c57, 0xb4be, 0x9c58, 0x9c59, 0x9c5a, 0xbbec,
+0x9c5b, 0xd1cd, 0x9c5c, 0xcced, 0xedb5, 0x9c5d, 0x9c5e, 0x9c5f,
+0x9c60, 0x9c61, 0x9c62, 0x9c63, 0x9c64, 0xc7e5, 0x9c65, 0x9c66,
+0x9c67, 0x9c68, 0xd4a8, 0x9c69, 0xe4cb, 0xd7d5, 0xe4c2, 0x9c6a,
+0xbda5, 0xe4c5, 0x9c6b, 0x9c6c, 0xd3e6, 0x9c6d, 0xe4c9, 0xc9f8,
+0x9c6e, 0x9c6f, 0xe4be, 0x9c70, 0x9c71, 0xd3e5, 0x9c72, 0x9c73,
+0xc7fe, 0xb6c9, 0x9c74, 0xd4fc, 0xb2b3, 0xe4d7, 0x9c75, 0x9c76,
+0x9c77, 0xcec2, 0x9c78, 0xe4cd, 0x9c79, 0xcebc, 0x9c7a, 0xb8db,
+0x9c7b, 0x9c7c, 0xe4d6, 0x9c7d, 0xbfca, 0x9c7e, 0x9c80, 0x9c81,
+0xd3ce, 0x9c82, 0xc3ec, 0x9c83, 0x9c84, 0x9c85, 0x9c86, 0x9c87,
+0x9c88, 0x9c89, 0x9c8a, 0xc5c8, 0xe4d8, 0x9c8b, 0x9c8c, 0x9c8d,
+0x9c8e, 0x9c8f, 0x9c90, 0x9c91, 0x9c92, 0xcdc4, 0xe4cf, 0x9c93,
+0x9c94, 0x9c95, 0x9c96, 0xe4d4, 0xe4d5, 0x9c97, 0xbafe, 0x9c98,
+0xcfe6, 0x9c99, 0x9c9a, 0xd5bf, 0x9c9b, 0x9c9c, 0x9c9d, 0xe4d2,
+0x9c9e, 0x9c9f, 0x9ca0, 0x9ca1, 0x9ca2, 0x9ca3, 0x9ca4, 0x9ca5,
+0x9ca6, 0x9ca7, 0x9ca8, 0xe4d0, 0x9ca9, 0x9caa, 0xe4ce, 0x9cab,
+0x9cac, 0x9cad, 0x9cae, 0x9caf, 0x9cb0, 0x9cb1, 0x9cb2, 0x9cb3,
+0x9cb4, 0x9cb5, 0x9cb6, 0x9cb7, 0x9cb8, 0x9cb9, 0xcde5, 0xcaaa,
+0x9cba, 0x9cbb, 0x9cbc, 0xc0a3, 0x9cbd, 0xbda6, 0xe4d3, 0x9cbe,
+0x9cbf, 0xb8c8, 0x9cc0, 0x9cc1, 0x9cc2, 0x9cc3, 0x9cc4, 0xe4e7,
+0xd4b4, 0x9cc5, 0x9cc6, 0x9cc7, 0x9cc8, 0x9cc9, 0x9cca, 0x9ccb,
+0xe4db, 0x9ccc, 0x9ccd, 0x9cce, 0xc1ef, 0x9ccf, 0x9cd0, 0xe4e9,
+0x9cd1, 0x9cd2, 0xd2e7, 0x9cd3, 0x9cd4, 0xe4df, 0x9cd5, 0xe4e0,
+0x9cd6, 0x9cd7, 0xcfaa, 0x9cd8, 0x9cd9, 0x9cda, 0x9cdb, 0xcbdd,
+0x9cdc, 0xe4da, 0xe4d1, 0x9cdd, 0xe4e5, 0x9cde, 0xc8dc, 0xe4e3,
+0x9cdf, 0x9ce0, 0xc4e7, 0xe4e2, 0x9ce1, 0xe4e1, 0x9ce2, 0x9ce3,
+0x9ce4, 0xb3fc, 0xe4e8, 0x9ce5, 0x9ce6, 0x9ce7, 0x9ce8, 0xb5e1,
+0x9ce9, 0x9cea, 0x9ceb, 0xd7cc, 0x9cec, 0x9ced, 0x9cee, 0xe4e6,
+0x9cef, 0xbbac, 0x9cf0, 0xd7d2, 0xcccf, 0xebf8, 0x9cf1, 0xe4e4,
+0x9cf2, 0x9cf3, 0xb9f6, 0x9cf4, 0x9cf5, 0x9cf6, 0xd6cd, 0xe4d9,
+0xe4dc, 0xc2fa, 0xe4de, 0x9cf7, 0xc2cb, 0xc0c4, 0xc2d0, 0x9cf8,
+0xb1f5, 0xccb2, 0x9cf9, 0x9cfa, 0x9cfb, 0x9cfc, 0x9cfd, 0x9cfe,
+0x9d40, 0x9d41, 0x9d42, 0x9d43, 0xb5ce, 0x9d44, 0x9d45, 0x9d46,
+0x9d47, 0xe4ef, 0x9d48, 0x9d49, 0x9d4a, 0x9d4b, 0x9d4c, 0x9d4d,
+0x9d4e, 0x9d4f, 0xc6af, 0x9d50, 0x9d51, 0x9d52, 0xc6e1, 0x9d53,
+0x9d54, 0xe4f5, 0x9d55, 0x9d56, 0x9d57, 0x9d58, 0x9d59, 0xc2a9,
+0x9d5a, 0x9d5b, 0x9d5c, 0xc0ec, 0xd1dd, 0xe4ee, 0x9d5d, 0x9d5e,
+0x9d5f, 0x9d60, 0x9d61, 0x9d62, 0x9d63, 0x9d64, 0x9d65, 0x9d66,
+0xc4ae, 0x9d67, 0x9d68, 0x9d69, 0xe4ed, 0x9d6a, 0x9d6b, 0x9d6c,
+0x9d6d, 0xe4f6, 0xe4f4, 0xc2fe, 0x9d6e, 0xe4dd, 0x9d6f, 0xe4f0,
+0x9d70, 0xcafe, 0x9d71, 0xd5c4, 0x9d72, 0x9d73, 0xe4f1, 0x9d74,
+0x9d75, 0x9d76, 0x9d77, 0x9d78, 0x9d79, 0x9d7a, 0xd1fa, 0x9d7b,
+0x9d7c, 0x9d7d, 0x9d7e, 0x9d80, 0x9d81, 0x9d82, 0xe4eb, 0xe4ec,
+0x9d83, 0x9d84, 0x9d85, 0xe4f2, 0x9d86, 0xceab, 0x9d87, 0x9d88,
+0x9d89, 0x9d8a, 0x9d8b, 0x9d8c, 0x9d8d, 0x9d8e, 0x9d8f, 0x9d90,
+0xc5cb, 0x9d91, 0x9d92, 0x9d93, 0xc7b1, 0x9d94, 0xc2ba, 0x9d95,
+0x9d96, 0x9d97, 0xe4ea, 0x9d98, 0x9d99, 0x9d9a, 0xc1ca, 0x9d9b,
+0x9d9c, 0x9d9d, 0x9d9e, 0x9d9f, 0x9da0, 0xccb6, 0xb3b1, 0x9da1,
+0x9da2, 0x9da3, 0xe4fb, 0x9da4, 0xe4f3, 0x9da5, 0x9da6, 0x9da7,
+0xe4fa, 0x9da8, 0xe4fd, 0x9da9, 0xe4fc, 0x9daa, 0x9dab, 0x9dac,
+0x9dad, 0x9dae, 0x9daf, 0x9db0, 0xb3ce, 0x9db1, 0x9db2, 0x9db3,
+0xb3ba, 0xe4f7, 0x9db4, 0x9db5, 0xe4f9, 0xe4f8, 0xc5ec, 0x9db6,
+0x9db7, 0x9db8, 0x9db9, 0x9dba, 0x9dbb, 0x9dbc, 0x9dbd, 0x9dbe,
+0x9dbf, 0x9dc0, 0x9dc1, 0x9dc2, 0xc0bd, 0x9dc3, 0x9dc4, 0x9dc5,
+0x9dc6, 0xd4e8, 0x9dc7, 0x9dc8, 0x9dc9, 0x9dca, 0x9dcb, 0xe5a2,
+0x9dcc, 0x9dcd, 0x9dce, 0x9dcf, 0x9dd0, 0x9dd1, 0x9dd2, 0x9dd3,
+0x9dd4, 0x9dd5, 0x9dd6, 0xb0c4, 0x9dd7, 0x9dd8, 0xe5a4, 0x9dd9,
+0x9dda, 0xe5a3, 0x9ddb, 0x9ddc, 0x9ddd, 0x9dde, 0x9ddf, 0x9de0,
+0xbca4, 0x9de1, 0xe5a5, 0x9de2, 0x9de3, 0x9de4, 0x9de5, 0x9de6,
+0x9de7, 0xe5a1, 0x9de8, 0x9de9, 0x9dea, 0x9deb, 0x9dec, 0x9ded,
+0x9dee, 0xe4fe, 0xb1f4, 0x9def, 0x9df0, 0x9df1, 0x9df2, 0x9df3,
+0x9df4, 0x9df5, 0x9df6, 0x9df7, 0x9df8, 0x9df9, 0xe5a8, 0x9dfa,
+0xe5a9, 0xe5a6, 0x9dfb, 0x9dfc, 0x9dfd, 0x9dfe, 0x9e40, 0x9e41,
+0x9e42, 0x9e43, 0x9e44, 0x9e45, 0x9e46, 0x9e47, 0xe5a7, 0xe5aa,
+0x9e48, 0x9e49, 0x9e4a, 0x9e4b, 0x9e4c, 0x9e4d, 0x9e4e, 0x9e4f,
+0x9e50, 0x9e51, 0x9e52, 0x9e53, 0x9e54, 0x9e55, 0x9e56, 0x9e57,
+0x9e58, 0x9e59, 0x9e5a, 0x9e5b, 0x9e5c, 0x9e5d, 0x9e5e, 0x9e5f,
+0x9e60, 0x9e61, 0x9e62, 0x9e63, 0x9e64, 0x9e65, 0x9e66, 0x9e67,
+0x9e68, 0xc6d9, 0x9e69, 0x9e6a, 0x9e6b, 0x9e6c, 0x9e6d, 0x9e6e,
+0x9e6f, 0x9e70, 0xe5ab, 0xe5ad, 0x9e71, 0x9e72, 0x9e73, 0x9e74,
+0x9e75, 0x9e76, 0x9e77, 0xe5ac, 0x9e78, 0x9e79, 0x9e7a, 0x9e7b,
+0x9e7c, 0x9e7d, 0x9e7e, 0x9e80, 0x9e81, 0x9e82, 0x9e83, 0x9e84,
+0x9e85, 0x9e86, 0x9e87, 0x9e88, 0x9e89, 0xe5af, 0x9e8a, 0x9e8b,
+0x9e8c, 0xe5ae, 0x9e8d, 0x9e8e, 0x9e8f, 0x9e90, 0x9e91, 0x9e92,
+0x9e93, 0x9e94, 0x9e95, 0x9e96, 0x9e97, 0x9e98, 0x9e99, 0x9e9a,
+0x9e9b, 0x9e9c, 0x9e9d, 0x9e9e, 0xb9e0, 0x9e9f, 0x9ea0, 0xe5b0,
+0x9ea1, 0x9ea2, 0x9ea3, 0x9ea4, 0x9ea5, 0x9ea6, 0x9ea7, 0x9ea8,
+0x9ea9, 0x9eaa, 0x9eab, 0x9eac, 0x9ead, 0x9eae, 0xe5b1, 0x9eaf,
+0x9eb0, 0x9eb1, 0x9eb2, 0x9eb3, 0x9eb4, 0x9eb5, 0x9eb6, 0x9eb7,
+0x9eb8, 0x9eb9, 0x9eba, 0xbbf0, 0xece1, 0xc3f0, 0x9ebb, 0xb5c6,
+0xbbd2, 0x9ebc, 0x9ebd, 0x9ebe, 0x9ebf, 0xc1e9, 0xd4ee, 0x9ec0,
+0xbec4, 0x9ec1, 0x9ec2, 0x9ec3, 0xd7c6, 0x9ec4, 0xd4d6, 0xb2d3,
+0xecbe, 0x9ec5, 0x9ec6, 0x9ec7, 0x9ec8, 0xeac1, 0x9ec9, 0x9eca,
+0x9ecb, 0xc2af, 0xb4b6, 0x9ecc, 0x9ecd, 0x9ece, 0xd1d7, 0x9ecf,
+0x9ed0, 0x9ed1, 0xb3b4, 0x9ed2, 0xc8b2, 0xbfbb, 0xecc0, 0x9ed3,
+0x9ed4, 0xd6cb, 0x9ed5, 0x9ed6, 0xecbf, 0xecc1, 0x9ed7, 0x9ed8,
+0x9ed9, 0x9eda, 0x9edb, 0x9edc, 0x9edd, 0x9ede, 0x9edf, 0x9ee0,
+0x9ee1, 0x9ee2, 0x9ee3, 0xecc5, 0xbee6, 0xccbf, 0xc5da, 0xbebc,
+0x9ee4, 0xecc6, 0x9ee5, 0xb1fe, 0x9ee6, 0x9ee7, 0x9ee8, 0xecc4,
+0xd5a8, 0xb5e3, 0x9ee9, 0xecc2, 0xc1b6, 0xb3e3, 0x9eea, 0x9eeb,
+0xecc3, 0xcbb8, 0xc0c3, 0xccfe, 0x9eec, 0x9eed, 0x9eee, 0x9eef,
+0xc1d2, 0x9ef0, 0xecc8, 0x9ef1, 0x9ef2, 0x9ef3, 0x9ef4, 0x9ef5,
+0x9ef6, 0x9ef7, 0x9ef8, 0x9ef9, 0x9efa, 0x9efb, 0x9efc, 0x9efd,
+0xbae6, 0xc0d3, 0x9efe, 0xd6f2, 0x9f40, 0x9f41, 0x9f42, 0xd1cc,
+0x9f43, 0x9f44, 0x9f45, 0x9f46, 0xbfbe, 0x9f47, 0xb7b3, 0xc9d5,
+0xecc7, 0xbbe2, 0x9f48, 0xcccc, 0xbdfd, 0xc8c8, 0x9f49, 0xcfa9,
+0x9f4a, 0x9f4b, 0x9f4c, 0x9f4d, 0x9f4e, 0x9f4f, 0x9f50, 0xcde9,
+0x9f51, 0xc5eb, 0x9f52, 0x9f53, 0x9f54, 0xb7e9, 0x9f55, 0x9f56,
+0x9f57, 0x9f58, 0x9f59, 0x9f5a, 0x9f5b, 0x9f5c, 0x9f5d, 0x9f5e,
+0x9f5f, 0xd1c9, 0xbab8, 0x9f60, 0x9f61, 0x9f62, 0x9f63, 0x9f64,
+0xecc9, 0x9f65, 0x9f66, 0xecca, 0x9f67, 0xbbc0, 0xeccb, 0x9f68,
+0xece2, 0xb1ba, 0xb7d9, 0x9f69, 0x9f6a, 0x9f6b, 0x9f6c, 0x9f6d,
+0x9f6e, 0x9f6f, 0x9f70, 0x9f71, 0x9f72, 0x9f73, 0xbdb9, 0x9f74,
+0x9f75, 0x9f76, 0x9f77, 0x9f78, 0x9f79, 0x9f7a, 0x9f7b, 0xeccc,
+0xd1e6, 0xeccd, 0x9f7c, 0x9f7d, 0x9f7e, 0x9f80, 0xc8bb, 0x9f81,
+0x9f82, 0x9f83, 0x9f84, 0x9f85, 0x9f86, 0x9f87, 0x9f88, 0x9f89,
+0x9f8a, 0x9f8b, 0x9f8c, 0x9f8d, 0x9f8e, 0xecd1, 0x9f8f, 0x9f90,
+0x9f91, 0x9f92, 0xecd3, 0x9f93, 0xbbcd, 0x9f94, 0xbce5, 0x9f95,
+0x9f96, 0x9f97, 0x9f98, 0x9f99, 0x9f9a, 0x9f9b, 0x9f9c, 0x9f9d,
+0x9f9e, 0x9f9f, 0x9fa0, 0x9fa1, 0xeccf, 0x9fa2, 0xc9b7, 0x9fa3,
+0x9fa4, 0x9fa5, 0x9fa6, 0x9fa7, 0xc3ba, 0x9fa8, 0xece3, 0xd5d5,
+0xecd0, 0x9fa9, 0x9faa, 0x9fab, 0x9fac, 0x9fad, 0xd6f3, 0x9fae,
+0x9faf, 0x9fb0, 0xecd2, 0xecce, 0x9fb1, 0x9fb2, 0x9fb3, 0x9fb4,
+0xecd4, 0x9fb5, 0xecd5, 0x9fb6, 0x9fb7, 0xc9bf, 0x9fb8, 0x9fb9,
+0x9fba, 0x9fbb, 0x9fbc, 0x9fbd, 0xcfa8, 0x9fbe, 0x9fbf, 0x9fc0,
+0x9fc1, 0x9fc2, 0xd0dc, 0x9fc3, 0x9fc4, 0x9fc5, 0x9fc6, 0xd1ac,
+0x9fc7, 0x9fc8, 0x9fc9, 0x9fca, 0xc8db, 0x9fcb, 0x9fcc, 0x9fcd,
+0xecd6, 0xcef5, 0x9fce, 0x9fcf, 0x9fd0, 0x9fd1, 0x9fd2, 0xcaec,
+0xecda, 0x9fd3, 0x9fd4, 0x9fd5, 0x9fd6, 0x9fd7, 0x9fd8, 0x9fd9,
+0xecd9, 0x9fda, 0x9fdb, 0x9fdc, 0xb0be, 0x9fdd, 0x9fde, 0x9fdf,
+0x9fe0, 0x9fe1, 0x9fe2, 0xecd7, 0x9fe3, 0xecd8, 0x9fe4, 0x9fe5,
+0x9fe6, 0xece4, 0x9fe7, 0x9fe8, 0x9fe9, 0x9fea, 0x9feb, 0x9fec,
+0x9fed, 0x9fee, 0x9fef, 0xc8bc, 0x9ff0, 0x9ff1, 0x9ff2, 0x9ff3,
+0x9ff4, 0x9ff5, 0x9ff6, 0x9ff7, 0x9ff8, 0x9ff9, 0xc1c7, 0x9ffa,
+0x9ffb, 0x9ffc, 0x9ffd, 0x9ffe, 0xecdc, 0xd1e0, 0xa040, 0xa041,
+0xa042, 0xa043, 0xa044, 0xa045, 0xa046, 0xa047, 0xa048, 0xa049,
+0xecdb, 0xa04a, 0xa04b, 0xa04c, 0xa04d, 0xd4ef, 0xa04e, 0xecdd,
+0xa04f, 0xa050, 0xa051, 0xa052, 0xa053, 0xa054, 0xdbc6, 0xa055,
+0xa056, 0xa057, 0xa058, 0xa059, 0xa05a, 0xa05b, 0xa05c, 0xa05d,
+0xa05e, 0xecde, 0xa05f, 0xa060, 0xa061, 0xa062, 0xa063, 0xa064,
+0xa065, 0xa066, 0xa067, 0xa068, 0xa069, 0xa06a, 0xb1ac, 0xa06b,
+0xa06c, 0xa06d, 0xa06e, 0xa06f, 0xa070, 0xa071, 0xa072, 0xa073,
+0xa074, 0xa075, 0xa076, 0xa077, 0xa078, 0xa079, 0xa07a, 0xa07b,
+0xa07c, 0xa07d, 0xa07e, 0xa080, 0xa081, 0xecdf, 0xa082, 0xa083,
+0xa084, 0xa085, 0xa086, 0xa087, 0xa088, 0xa089, 0xa08a, 0xa08b,
+0xece0, 0xa08c, 0xd7a6, 0xa08d, 0xc5c0, 0xa08e, 0xa08f, 0xa090,
+0xebbc, 0xb0ae, 0xa091, 0xa092, 0xa093, 0xbef4, 0xb8b8, 0xd2af,
+0xb0d6, 0xb5f9, 0xa094, 0xd8b3, 0xa095, 0xcbac, 0xa096, 0xe3dd,
+0xa097, 0xa098, 0xa099, 0xa09a, 0xa09b, 0xa09c, 0xa09d, 0xc6ac,
+0xb0e6, 0xa09e, 0xa09f, 0xa0a0, 0xc5c6, 0xebb9, 0xa0a1, 0xa0a2,
+0xa0a3, 0xa0a4, 0xebba, 0xa0a5, 0xa0a6, 0xa0a7, 0xebbb, 0xa0a8,
+0xa0a9, 0xd1c0, 0xa0aa, 0xc5a3, 0xa0ab, 0xeaf2, 0xa0ac, 0xc4b2,
+0xa0ad, 0xc4b5, 0xc0ce, 0xa0ae, 0xa0af, 0xa0b0, 0xeaf3, 0xc4c1,
+0xa0b1, 0xceef, 0xa0b2, 0xa0b3, 0xa0b4, 0xa0b5, 0xeaf0, 0xeaf4,
+0xa0b6, 0xa0b7, 0xc9fc, 0xa0b8, 0xa0b9, 0xc7a3, 0xa0ba, 0xa0bb,
+0xa0bc, 0xccd8, 0xcefe, 0xa0bd, 0xa0be, 0xa0bf, 0xeaf5, 0xeaf6,
+0xcfac, 0xc0e7, 0xa0c0, 0xa0c1, 0xeaf7, 0xa0c2, 0xa0c3, 0xa0c4,
+0xa0c5, 0xa0c6, 0xb6bf, 0xeaf8, 0xa0c7, 0xeaf9, 0xa0c8, 0xeafa,
+0xa0c9, 0xa0ca, 0xeafb, 0xa0cb, 0xa0cc, 0xa0cd, 0xa0ce, 0xa0cf,
+0xa0d0, 0xa0d1, 0xa0d2, 0xa0d3, 0xa0d4, 0xa0d5, 0xa0d6, 0xeaf1,
+0xa0d7, 0xa0d8, 0xa0d9, 0xa0da, 0xa0db, 0xa0dc, 0xa0dd, 0xa0de,
+0xa0df, 0xa0e0, 0xa0e1, 0xa0e2, 0xc8ae, 0xe1eb, 0xa0e3, 0xb7b8,
+0xe1ec, 0xa0e4, 0xa0e5, 0xa0e6, 0xe1ed, 0xa0e7, 0xd7b4, 0xe1ee,
+0xe1ef, 0xd3cc, 0xa0e8, 0xa0e9, 0xa0ea, 0xa0eb, 0xa0ec, 0xa0ed,
+0xa0ee, 0xe1f1, 0xbff1, 0xe1f0, 0xb5d2, 0xa0ef, 0xa0f0, 0xa0f1,
+0xb1b7, 0xa0f2, 0xa0f3, 0xa0f4, 0xa0f5, 0xe1f3, 0xe1f2, 0xa0f6,
+0xbafc, 0xa0f7, 0xe1f4, 0xa0f8, 0xa0f9, 0xa0fa, 0xa0fb, 0xb9b7,
+0xa0fc, 0xbed1, 0xa0fd, 0xa0fe, 0xaa40, 0xaa41, 0xc4fc, 0xaa42,
+0xbadd, 0xbdc6, 0xaa43, 0xaa44, 0xaa45, 0xaa46, 0xaa47, 0xaa48,
+0xe1f5, 0xe1f7, 0xaa49, 0xaa4a, 0xb6c0, 0xcfc1, 0xcaa8, 0xe1f6,
+0xd5f8, 0xd3fc, 0xe1f8, 0xe1fc, 0xe1f9, 0xaa4b, 0xaa4c, 0xe1fa,
+0xc0ea, 0xaa4d, 0xe1fe, 0xe2a1, 0xc0c7, 0xaa4e, 0xaa4f, 0xaa50,
+0xaa51, 0xe1fb, 0xaa52, 0xe1fd, 0xaa53, 0xaa54, 0xaa55, 0xaa56,
+0xaa57, 0xaa58, 0xe2a5, 0xaa59, 0xaa5a, 0xaa5b, 0xc1d4, 0xaa5c,
+0xaa5d, 0xaa5e, 0xaa5f, 0xe2a3, 0xaa60, 0xe2a8, 0xb2fe, 0xe2a2,
+0xaa61, 0xaa62, 0xaa63, 0xc3cd, 0xb2c2, 0xe2a7, 0xe2a6, 0xaa64,
+0xaa65, 0xe2a4, 0xe2a9, 0xaa66, 0xaa67, 0xe2ab, 0xaa68, 0xaa69,
+0xaa6a, 0xd0c9, 0xd6ed, 0xc3a8, 0xe2ac, 0xaa6b, 0xcfd7, 0xaa6c,
+0xaa6d, 0xe2ae, 0xaa6e, 0xaa6f, 0xbaef, 0xaa70, 0xaa71, 0xe9e0,
+0xe2ad, 0xe2aa, 0xaa72, 0xaa73, 0xaa74, 0xaa75, 0xbbab, 0xd4b3,
+0xaa76, 0xaa77, 0xaa78, 0xaa79, 0xaa7a, 0xaa7b, 0xaa7c, 0xaa7d,
+0xaa7e, 0xaa80, 0xaa81, 0xaa82, 0xaa83, 0xe2b0, 0xaa84, 0xaa85,
+0xe2af, 0xaa86, 0xe9e1, 0xaa87, 0xaa88, 0xaa89, 0xaa8a, 0xe2b1,
+0xaa8b, 0xaa8c, 0xaa8d, 0xaa8e, 0xaa8f, 0xaa90, 0xaa91, 0xaa92,
+0xe2b2, 0xaa93, 0xaa94, 0xaa95, 0xaa96, 0xaa97, 0xaa98, 0xaa99,
+0xaa9a, 0xaa9b, 0xaa9c, 0xaa9d, 0xe2b3, 0xcca1, 0xaa9e, 0xe2b4,
+0xaa9f, 0xaaa0, 0xab40, 0xab41, 0xab42, 0xab43, 0xab44, 0xab45,
+0xab46, 0xab47, 0xab48, 0xab49, 0xab4a, 0xab4b, 0xe2b5, 0xab4c,
+0xab4d, 0xab4e, 0xab4f, 0xab50, 0xd0fe, 0xab51, 0xab52, 0xc2ca,
+0xab53, 0xd3f1, 0xab54, 0xcdf5, 0xab55, 0xab56, 0xe7e0, 0xab57,
+0xab58, 0xe7e1, 0xab59, 0xab5a, 0xab5b, 0xab5c, 0xbec1, 0xab5d,
+0xab5e, 0xab5f, 0xab60, 0xc2ea, 0xab61, 0xab62, 0xab63, 0xe7e4,
+0xab64, 0xab65, 0xe7e3, 0xab66, 0xab67, 0xab68, 0xab69, 0xab6a,
+0xab6b, 0xcde6, 0xab6c, 0xc3b5, 0xab6d, 0xab6e, 0xe7e2, 0xbbb7,
+0xcfd6, 0xab6f, 0xc1e1, 0xe7e9, 0xab70, 0xab71, 0xab72, 0xe7e8,
+0xab73, 0xab74, 0xe7f4, 0xb2a3, 0xab75, 0xab76, 0xab77, 0xab78,
+0xe7ea, 0xab79, 0xe7e6, 0xab7a, 0xab7b, 0xab7c, 0xab7d, 0xab7e,
+0xe7ec, 0xe7eb, 0xc9ba, 0xab80, 0xab81, 0xd5e4, 0xab82, 0xe7e5,
+0xb7a9, 0xe7e7, 0xab83, 0xab84, 0xab85, 0xab86, 0xab87, 0xab88,
+0xab89, 0xe7ee, 0xab8a, 0xab8b, 0xab8c, 0xab8d, 0xe7f3, 0xab8e,
+0xd6e9, 0xab8f, 0xab90, 0xab91, 0xab92, 0xe7ed, 0xab93, 0xe7f2,
+0xab94, 0xe7f1, 0xab95, 0xab96, 0xab97, 0xb0e0, 0xab98, 0xab99,
+0xab9a, 0xab9b, 0xe7f5, 0xab9c, 0xab9d, 0xab9e, 0xab9f, 0xaba0,
+0xac40, 0xac41, 0xac42, 0xac43, 0xac44, 0xac45, 0xac46, 0xac47,
+0xac48, 0xac49, 0xac4a, 0xc7f2, 0xac4b, 0xc0c5, 0xc0ed, 0xac4c,
+0xac4d, 0xc1f0, 0xe7f0, 0xac4e, 0xac4f, 0xac50, 0xac51, 0xe7f6,
+0xcbf6, 0xac52, 0xac53, 0xac54, 0xac55, 0xac56, 0xac57, 0xac58,
+0xac59, 0xac5a, 0xe8a2, 0xe8a1, 0xac5b, 0xac5c, 0xac5d, 0xac5e,
+0xac5f, 0xac60, 0xd7c1, 0xac61, 0xac62, 0xe7fa, 0xe7f9, 0xac63,
+0xe7fb, 0xac64, 0xe7f7, 0xac65, 0xe7fe, 0xac66, 0xe7fd, 0xac67,
+0xe7fc, 0xac68, 0xac69, 0xc1d5, 0xc7d9, 0xc5fd, 0xc5c3, 0xac6a,
+0xac6b, 0xac6c, 0xac6d, 0xac6e, 0xc7ed, 0xac6f, 0xac70, 0xac71,
+0xac72, 0xe8a3, 0xac73, 0xac74, 0xac75, 0xac76, 0xac77, 0xac78,
+0xac79, 0xac7a, 0xac7b, 0xac7c, 0xac7d, 0xac7e, 0xac80, 0xac81,
+0xac82, 0xac83, 0xac84, 0xac85, 0xac86, 0xe8a6, 0xac87, 0xe8a5,
+0xac88, 0xe8a7, 0xbaf7, 0xe7f8, 0xe8a4, 0xac89, 0xc8f0, 0xc9aa,
+0xac8a, 0xac8b, 0xac8c, 0xac8d, 0xac8e, 0xac8f, 0xac90, 0xac91,
+0xac92, 0xac93, 0xac94, 0xac95, 0xac96, 0xe8a9, 0xac97, 0xac98,
+0xb9e5, 0xac99, 0xac9a, 0xac9b, 0xac9c, 0xac9d, 0xd1fe, 0xe8a8,
+0xac9e, 0xac9f, 0xaca0, 0xad40, 0xad41, 0xad42, 0xe8aa, 0xad43,
+0xe8ad, 0xe8ae, 0xad44, 0xc1a7, 0xad45, 0xad46, 0xad47, 0xe8af,
+0xad48, 0xad49, 0xad4a, 0xe8b0, 0xad4b, 0xad4c, 0xe8ac, 0xad4d,
+0xe8b4, 0xad4e, 0xad4f, 0xad50, 0xad51, 0xad52, 0xad53, 0xad54,
+0xad55, 0xad56, 0xad57, 0xad58, 0xe8ab, 0xad59, 0xe8b1, 0xad5a,
+0xad5b, 0xad5c, 0xad5d, 0xad5e, 0xad5f, 0xad60, 0xad61, 0xe8b5,
+0xe8b2, 0xe8b3, 0xad62, 0xad63, 0xad64, 0xad65, 0xad66, 0xad67,
+0xad68, 0xad69, 0xad6a, 0xad6b, 0xad6c, 0xad6d, 0xad6e, 0xad6f,
+0xad70, 0xad71, 0xe8b7, 0xad72, 0xad73, 0xad74, 0xad75, 0xad76,
+0xad77, 0xad78, 0xad79, 0xad7a, 0xad7b, 0xad7c, 0xad7d, 0xad7e,
+0xad80, 0xad81, 0xad82, 0xad83, 0xad84, 0xad85, 0xad86, 0xad87,
+0xad88, 0xad89, 0xe8b6, 0xad8a, 0xad8b, 0xad8c, 0xad8d, 0xad8e,
+0xad8f, 0xad90, 0xad91, 0xad92, 0xb9cf, 0xad93, 0xf0ac, 0xad94,
+0xf0ad, 0xad95, 0xc6b0, 0xb0ea, 0xc8bf, 0xad96, 0xcddf, 0xad97,
+0xad98, 0xad99, 0xad9a, 0xad9b, 0xad9c, 0xad9d, 0xcecd, 0xeab1,
+0xad9e, 0xad9f, 0xada0, 0xae40, 0xeab2, 0xae41, 0xc6bf, 0xb4c9,
+0xae42, 0xae43, 0xae44, 0xae45, 0xae46, 0xae47, 0xae48, 0xeab3,
+0xae49, 0xae4a, 0xae4b, 0xae4c, 0xd5e7, 0xae4d, 0xae4e, 0xae4f,
+0xae50, 0xae51, 0xae52, 0xae53, 0xae54, 0xddf9, 0xae55, 0xeab4,
+0xae56, 0xeab5, 0xae57, 0xeab6, 0xae58, 0xae59, 0xae5a, 0xae5b,
+0xb8ca, 0xdfb0, 0xc9f5, 0xae5c, 0xccf0, 0xae5d, 0xae5e, 0xc9fa,
+0xae5f, 0xae60, 0xae61, 0xae62, 0xae63, 0xc9fb, 0xae64, 0xae65,
+0xd3c3, 0xcba6, 0xae66, 0xb8a6, 0xf0ae, 0xb1c2, 0xae67, 0xe5b8,
+0xccef, 0xd3c9, 0xbcd7, 0xc9ea, 0xae68, 0xb5e7, 0xae69, 0xc4d0,
+0xb5e9, 0xae6a, 0xeeae, 0xbbad, 0xae6b, 0xae6c, 0xe7de, 0xae6d,
+0xeeaf, 0xae6e, 0xae6f, 0xae70, 0xae71, 0xb3a9, 0xae72, 0xae73,
+0xeeb2, 0xae74, 0xae75, 0xeeb1, 0xbde7, 0xae76, 0xeeb0, 0xceb7,
+0xae77, 0xae78, 0xae79, 0xae7a, 0xc5cf, 0xae7b, 0xae7c, 0xae7d,
+0xae7e, 0xc1f4, 0xdbce, 0xeeb3, 0xd0f3, 0xae80, 0xae81, 0xae82,
+0xae83, 0xae84, 0xae85, 0xae86, 0xae87, 0xc2d4, 0xc6e8, 0xae88,
+0xae89, 0xae8a, 0xb7ac, 0xae8b, 0xae8c, 0xae8d, 0xae8e, 0xae8f,
+0xae90, 0xae91, 0xeeb4, 0xae92, 0xb3eb, 0xae93, 0xae94, 0xae95,
+0xbbfb, 0xeeb5, 0xae96, 0xae97, 0xae98, 0xae99, 0xae9a, 0xe7dc,
+0xae9b, 0xae9c, 0xae9d, 0xeeb6, 0xae9e, 0xae9f, 0xbdae, 0xaea0,
+0xaf40, 0xaf41, 0xaf42, 0xf1e2, 0xaf43, 0xaf44, 0xaf45, 0xcae8,
+0xaf46, 0xd2c9, 0xf0da, 0xaf47, 0xf0db, 0xaf48, 0xf0dc, 0xc1c6,
+0xaf49, 0xb8ed, 0xbece, 0xaf4a, 0xaf4b, 0xf0de, 0xaf4c, 0xc5b1,
+0xf0dd, 0xd1f1, 0xaf4d, 0xf0e0, 0xb0cc, 0xbdea, 0xaf4e, 0xaf4f,
+0xaf50, 0xaf51, 0xaf52, 0xd2df, 0xf0df, 0xaf53, 0xb4af, 0xb7e8,
+0xf0e6, 0xf0e5, 0xc6a3, 0xf0e1, 0xf0e2, 0xb4c3, 0xaf54, 0xaf55,
+0xf0e3, 0xd5ee, 0xaf56, 0xaf57, 0xccdb, 0xbed2, 0xbcb2, 0xaf58,
+0xaf59, 0xaf5a, 0xf0e8, 0xf0e7, 0xf0e4, 0xb2a1, 0xaf5b, 0xd6a2,
+0xd3b8, 0xbeb7, 0xc8ac, 0xaf5c, 0xaf5d, 0xf0ea, 0xaf5e, 0xaf5f,
+0xaf60, 0xaf61, 0xd1f7, 0xaf62, 0xd6cc, 0xbadb, 0xf0e9, 0xaf63,
+0xb6bb, 0xaf64, 0xaf65, 0xcdb4, 0xaf66, 0xaf67, 0xc6a6, 0xaf68,
+0xaf69, 0xaf6a, 0xc1a1, 0xf0eb, 0xf0ee, 0xaf6b, 0xf0ed, 0xf0f0,
+0xf0ec, 0xaf6c, 0xbbbe, 0xf0ef, 0xaf6d, 0xaf6e, 0xaf6f, 0xaf70,
+0xccb5, 0xf0f2, 0xaf71, 0xaf72, 0xb3d5, 0xaf73, 0xaf74, 0xaf75,
+0xaf76, 0xb1d4, 0xaf77, 0xaf78, 0xf0f3, 0xaf79, 0xaf7a, 0xf0f4,
+0xf0f6, 0xb4e1, 0xaf7b, 0xf0f1, 0xaf7c, 0xf0f7, 0xaf7d, 0xaf7e,
+0xaf80, 0xaf81, 0xf0fa, 0xaf82, 0xf0f8, 0xaf83, 0xaf84, 0xaf85,
+0xf0f5, 0xaf86, 0xaf87, 0xaf88, 0xaf89, 0xf0fd, 0xaf8a, 0xf0f9,
+0xf0fc, 0xf0fe, 0xaf8b, 0xf1a1, 0xaf8c, 0xaf8d, 0xaf8e, 0xcec1,
+0xf1a4, 0xaf8f, 0xf1a3, 0xaf90, 0xc1f6, 0xf0fb, 0xcadd, 0xaf91,
+0xaf92, 0xb4f1, 0xb1f1, 0xccb1, 0xaf93, 0xf1a6, 0xaf94, 0xaf95,
+0xf1a7, 0xaf96, 0xaf97, 0xf1ac, 0xd5ce, 0xf1a9, 0xaf98, 0xaf99,
+0xc8b3, 0xaf9a, 0xaf9b, 0xaf9c, 0xf1a2, 0xaf9d, 0xf1ab, 0xf1a8,
+0xf1a5, 0xaf9e, 0xaf9f, 0xf1aa, 0xafa0, 0xb040, 0xb041, 0xb042,
+0xb043, 0xb044, 0xb045, 0xb046, 0xb0a9, 0xf1ad, 0xb047, 0xb048,
+0xb049, 0xb04a, 0xb04b, 0xb04c, 0xf1af, 0xb04d, 0xf1b1, 0xb04e,
+0xb04f, 0xb050, 0xb051, 0xb052, 0xf1b0, 0xb053, 0xf1ae, 0xb054,
+0xb055, 0xb056, 0xb057, 0xd1a2, 0xb058, 0xb059, 0xb05a, 0xb05b,
+0xb05c, 0xb05d, 0xb05e, 0xf1b2, 0xb05f, 0xb060, 0xb061, 0xf1b3,
+0xb062, 0xb063, 0xb064, 0xb065, 0xb066, 0xb067, 0xb068, 0xb069,
+0xb9ef, 0xb06a, 0xb06b, 0xb5c7, 0xb06c, 0xb0d7, 0xb0d9, 0xb06d,
+0xb06e, 0xb06f, 0xd4ed, 0xb070, 0xb5c4, 0xb071, 0xbdd4, 0xbbca,
+0xf0a7, 0xb072, 0xb073, 0xb8de, 0xb074, 0xb075, 0xf0a8, 0xb076,
+0xb077, 0xb0a8, 0xb078, 0xf0a9, 0xb079, 0xb07a, 0xcdee, 0xb07b,
+0xb07c, 0xf0aa, 0xb07d, 0xb07e, 0xb080, 0xb081, 0xb082, 0xb083,
+0xb084, 0xb085, 0xb086, 0xb087, 0xf0ab, 0xb088, 0xb089, 0xb08a,
+0xb08b, 0xb08c, 0xb08d, 0xb08e, 0xb08f, 0xb090, 0xc6a4, 0xb091,
+0xb092, 0xd6e5, 0xf1e4, 0xb093, 0xf1e5, 0xb094, 0xb095, 0xb096,
+0xb097, 0xb098, 0xb099, 0xb09a, 0xb09b, 0xb09c, 0xb09d, 0xc3f3,
+0xb09e, 0xb09f, 0xd3db, 0xb0a0, 0xb140, 0xd6d1, 0xc5e8, 0xb141,
+0xd3af, 0xb142, 0xd2e6, 0xb143, 0xb144, 0xeec1, 0xb0bb, 0xd5b5,
+0xd1ce, 0xbce0, 0xbad0, 0xb145, 0xbff8, 0xb146, 0xb8c7, 0xb5c1,
+0xc5cc, 0xb147, 0xb148, 0xcaa2, 0xb149, 0xb14a, 0xb14b, 0xc3cb,
+0xb14c, 0xb14d, 0xb14e, 0xb14f, 0xb150, 0xeec2, 0xb151, 0xb152,
+0xb153, 0xb154, 0xb155, 0xb156, 0xb157, 0xb158, 0xc4bf, 0xb6a2,
+0xb159, 0xedec, 0xc3a4, 0xb15a, 0xd6b1, 0xb15b, 0xb15c, 0xb15d,
+0xcfe0, 0xedef, 0xb15e, 0xb15f, 0xc5ce, 0xb160, 0xb6dc, 0xb161,
+0xb162, 0xcaa1, 0xb163, 0xb164, 0xeded, 0xb165, 0xb166, 0xedf0,
+0xedf1, 0xc3bc, 0xb167, 0xbfb4, 0xb168, 0xedee, 0xb169, 0xb16a,
+0xb16b, 0xb16c, 0xb16d, 0xb16e, 0xb16f, 0xb170, 0xb171, 0xb172,
+0xb173, 0xedf4, 0xedf2, 0xb174, 0xb175, 0xb176, 0xb177, 0xd5e6,
+0xc3df, 0xb178, 0xedf3, 0xb179, 0xb17a, 0xb17b, 0xedf6, 0xb17c,
+0xd5a3, 0xd1a3, 0xb17d, 0xb17e, 0xb180, 0xedf5, 0xb181, 0xc3d0,
+0xb182, 0xb183, 0xb184, 0xb185, 0xb186, 0xedf7, 0xbff4, 0xbeec,
+0xedf8, 0xb187, 0xccf7, 0xb188, 0xd1db, 0xb189, 0xb18a, 0xb18b,
+0xd7c5, 0xd5f6, 0xb18c, 0xedfc, 0xb18d, 0xb18e, 0xb18f, 0xedfb,
+0xb190, 0xb191, 0xb192, 0xb193, 0xb194, 0xb195, 0xb196, 0xb197,
+0xedf9, 0xedfa, 0xb198, 0xb199, 0xb19a, 0xb19b, 0xb19c, 0xb19d,
+0xb19e, 0xb19f, 0xedfd, 0xbea6, 0xb1a0, 0xb240, 0xb241, 0xb242,
+0xb243, 0xcbaf, 0xeea1, 0xb6bd, 0xb244, 0xeea2, 0xc4c0, 0xb245,
+0xedfe, 0xb246, 0xb247, 0xbdde, 0xb2c7, 0xb248, 0xb249, 0xb24a,
+0xb24b, 0xb24c, 0xb24d, 0xb24e, 0xb24f, 0xb250, 0xb251, 0xb252,
+0xb253, 0xb6c3, 0xb254, 0xb255, 0xb256, 0xeea5, 0xd8ba, 0xeea3,
+0xeea6, 0xb257, 0xb258, 0xb259, 0xc3e9, 0xb3f2, 0xb25a, 0xb25b,
+0xb25c, 0xb25d, 0xb25e, 0xb25f, 0xeea7, 0xeea4, 0xcfb9, 0xb260,
+0xb261, 0xeea8, 0xc2f7, 0xb262, 0xb263, 0xb264, 0xb265, 0xb266,
+0xb267, 0xb268, 0xb269, 0xb26a, 0xb26b, 0xb26c, 0xb26d, 0xeea9,
+0xeeaa, 0xb26e, 0xdeab, 0xb26f, 0xb270, 0xc6b3, 0xb271, 0xc7c6,
+0xb272, 0xd6f5, 0xb5c9, 0xb273, 0xcbb2, 0xb274, 0xb275, 0xb276,
+0xeeab, 0xb277, 0xb278, 0xcdab, 0xb279, 0xeeac, 0xb27a, 0xb27b,
+0xb27c, 0xb27d, 0xb27e, 0xd5b0, 0xb280, 0xeead, 0xb281, 0xf6c4,
+0xb282, 0xb283, 0xb284, 0xb285, 0xb286, 0xb287, 0xb288, 0xb289,
+0xb28a, 0xb28b, 0xb28c, 0xb28d, 0xb28e, 0xdbc7, 0xb28f, 0xb290,
+0xb291, 0xb292, 0xb293, 0xb294, 0xb295, 0xb296, 0xb297, 0xb4a3,
+0xb298, 0xb299, 0xb29a, 0xc3ac, 0xf1e6, 0xb29b, 0xb29c, 0xb29d,
+0xb29e, 0xb29f, 0xcab8, 0xd2d3, 0xb2a0, 0xd6aa, 0xb340, 0xeff2,
+0xb341, 0xbed8, 0xb342, 0xbdc3, 0xeff3, 0xb6cc, 0xb0ab, 0xb343,
+0xb344, 0xb345, 0xb346, 0xcaaf, 0xb347, 0xb348, 0xedb6, 0xb349,
+0xedb7, 0xb34a, 0xb34b, 0xb34c, 0xb34d, 0xcef9, 0xb7af, 0xbff3,
+0xedb8, 0xc2eb, 0xc9b0, 0xb34e, 0xb34f, 0xb350, 0xb351, 0xb352,
+0xb353, 0xedb9, 0xb354, 0xb355, 0xc6f6, 0xbfb3, 0xb356, 0xb357,
+0xb358, 0xedbc, 0xc5f8, 0xb359, 0xd1d0, 0xb35a, 0xd7a9, 0xedba,
+0xedbb, 0xb35b, 0xd1e2, 0xb35c, 0xedbf, 0xedc0, 0xb35d, 0xedc4,
+0xb35e, 0xb35f, 0xb360, 0xedc8, 0xb361, 0xedc6, 0xedce, 0xd5e8,
+0xb362, 0xedc9, 0xb363, 0xb364, 0xedc7, 0xedbe, 0xb365, 0xb366,
+0xc5e9, 0xb367, 0xb368, 0xb369, 0xc6c6, 0xb36a, 0xb36b, 0xc9e9,
+0xd4d2, 0xedc1, 0xedc2, 0xedc3, 0xedc5, 0xb36c, 0xc0f9, 0xb36d,
+0xb4a1, 0xb36e, 0xb36f, 0xb370, 0xb371, 0xb9e8, 0xb372, 0xedd0,
+0xb373, 0xb374, 0xb375, 0xb376, 0xedd1, 0xb377, 0xedca, 0xb378,
+0xedcf, 0xb379, 0xcef8, 0xb37a, 0xb37b, 0xcbb6, 0xedcc, 0xedcd,
+0xb37c, 0xb37d, 0xb37e, 0xb380, 0xb381, 0xcff5, 0xb382, 0xb383,
+0xb384, 0xb385, 0xb386, 0xb387, 0xb388, 0xb389, 0xb38a, 0xb38b,
+0xb38c, 0xb38d, 0xedd2, 0xc1f2, 0xd3b2, 0xedcb, 0xc8b7, 0xb38e,
+0xb38f, 0xb390, 0xb391, 0xb392, 0xb393, 0xb394, 0xb395, 0xbcef,
+0xb396, 0xb397, 0xb398, 0xb399, 0xc5f0, 0xb39a, 0xb39b, 0xb39c,
+0xb39d, 0xb39e, 0xb39f, 0xb3a0, 0xb440, 0xb441, 0xb442, 0xedd6,
+0xb443, 0xb5ef, 0xb444, 0xb445, 0xc2b5, 0xb0ad, 0xcbe9, 0xb446,
+0xb447, 0xb1ae, 0xb448, 0xedd4, 0xb449, 0xb44a, 0xb44b, 0xcdeb,
+0xb5e2, 0xb44c, 0xedd5, 0xedd3, 0xedd7, 0xb44d, 0xb44e, 0xb5fa,
+0xb44f, 0xedd8, 0xb450, 0xedd9, 0xb451, 0xeddc, 0xb452, 0xb1cc,
+0xb453, 0xb454, 0xb455, 0xb456, 0xb457, 0xb458, 0xb459, 0xb45a,
+0xc5f6, 0xbcee, 0xedda, 0xccbc, 0xb2ea, 0xb45b, 0xb45c, 0xb45d,
+0xb45e, 0xeddb, 0xb45f, 0xb460, 0xb461, 0xb462, 0xc4eb, 0xb463,
+0xb464, 0xb4c5, 0xb465, 0xb466, 0xb467, 0xb0f5, 0xb468, 0xb469,
+0xb46a, 0xeddf, 0xc0da, 0xb4e8, 0xb46b, 0xb46c, 0xb46d, 0xb46e,
+0xc5cd, 0xb46f, 0xb470, 0xb471, 0xeddd, 0xbfc4, 0xb472, 0xb473,
+0xb474, 0xedde, 0xb475, 0xb476, 0xb477, 0xb478, 0xb479, 0xb47a,
+0xb47b, 0xb47c, 0xb47d, 0xb47e, 0xb480, 0xb481, 0xb482, 0xb483,
+0xc4a5, 0xb484, 0xb485, 0xb486, 0xede0, 0xb487, 0xb488, 0xb489,
+0xb48a, 0xb48b, 0xede1, 0xb48c, 0xede3, 0xb48d, 0xb48e, 0xc1d7,
+0xb48f, 0xb490, 0xbbc7, 0xb491, 0xb492, 0xb493, 0xb494, 0xb495,
+0xb496, 0xbdb8, 0xb497, 0xb498, 0xb499, 0xede2, 0xb49a, 0xb49b,
+0xb49c, 0xb49d, 0xb49e, 0xb49f, 0xb4a0, 0xb540, 0xb541, 0xb542,
+0xb543, 0xb544, 0xb545, 0xede4, 0xb546, 0xb547, 0xb548, 0xb549,
+0xb54a, 0xb54b, 0xb54c, 0xb54d, 0xb54e, 0xb54f, 0xede6, 0xb550,
+0xb551, 0xb552, 0xb553, 0xb554, 0xede5, 0xb555, 0xb556, 0xb557,
+0xb558, 0xb559, 0xb55a, 0xb55b, 0xb55c, 0xb55d, 0xb55e, 0xb55f,
+0xb560, 0xb561, 0xb562, 0xb563, 0xede7, 0xb564, 0xb565, 0xb566,
+0xb567, 0xb568, 0xcabe, 0xecea, 0xc0f1, 0xb569, 0xc9e7, 0xb56a,
+0xeceb, 0xc6ee, 0xb56b, 0xb56c, 0xb56d, 0xb56e, 0xecec, 0xb56f,
+0xc6ed, 0xeced, 0xb570, 0xb571, 0xb572, 0xb573, 0xb574, 0xb575,
+0xb576, 0xb577, 0xb578, 0xecf0, 0xb579, 0xb57a, 0xd7e6, 0xecf3,
+0xb57b, 0xb57c, 0xecf1, 0xecee, 0xecef, 0xd7a3, 0xc9f1, 0xcbee,
+0xecf4, 0xb57d, 0xecf2, 0xb57e, 0xb580, 0xcfe9, 0xb581, 0xecf6,
+0xc6b1, 0xb582, 0xb583, 0xb584, 0xb585, 0xbcc0, 0xb586, 0xecf5,
+0xb587, 0xb588, 0xb589, 0xb58a, 0xb58b, 0xb58c, 0xb58d, 0xb5bb,
+0xbbf6, 0xb58e, 0xecf7, 0xb58f, 0xb590, 0xb591, 0xb592, 0xb593,
+0xd9f7, 0xbdfb, 0xb594, 0xb595, 0xc2bb, 0xecf8, 0xb596, 0xb597,
+0xb598, 0xb599, 0xecf9, 0xb59a, 0xb59b, 0xb59c, 0xb59d, 0xb8a3,
+0xb59e, 0xb59f, 0xb5a0, 0xb640, 0xb641, 0xb642, 0xb643, 0xb644,
+0xb645, 0xb646, 0xecfa, 0xb647, 0xb648, 0xb649, 0xb64a, 0xb64b,
+0xb64c, 0xb64d, 0xb64e, 0xb64f, 0xb650, 0xb651, 0xb652, 0xecfb,
+0xb653, 0xb654, 0xb655, 0xb656, 0xb657, 0xb658, 0xb659, 0xb65a,
+0xb65b, 0xb65c, 0xb65d, 0xecfc, 0xb65e, 0xb65f, 0xb660, 0xb661,
+0xb662, 0xd3ed, 0xd8ae, 0xc0eb, 0xb663, 0xc7dd, 0xbacc, 0xb664,
+0xd0e3, 0xcbbd, 0xb665, 0xcdba, 0xb666, 0xb667, 0xb8d1, 0xb668,
+0xb669, 0xb1fc, 0xb66a, 0xc7ef, 0xb66b, 0xd6d6, 0xb66c, 0xb66d,
+0xb66e, 0xbfc6, 0xc3eb, 0xb66f, 0xb670, 0xeff5, 0xb671, 0xb672,
+0xc3d8, 0xb673, 0xb674, 0xb675, 0xb676, 0xb677, 0xb678, 0xd7e2,
+0xb679, 0xb67a, 0xb67b, 0xeff7, 0xb3d3, 0xb67c, 0xc7d8, 0xd1ed,
+0xb67d, 0xd6c8, 0xb67e, 0xeff8, 0xb680, 0xeff6, 0xb681, 0xbbfd,
+0xb3c6, 0xb682, 0xb683, 0xb684, 0xb685, 0xb686, 0xb687, 0xb688,
+0xbdd5, 0xb689, 0xb68a, 0xd2c6, 0xb68b, 0xbbe0, 0xb68c, 0xb68d,
+0xcfa1, 0xb68e, 0xeffc, 0xeffb, 0xb68f, 0xb690, 0xeff9, 0xb691,
+0xb692, 0xb693, 0xb694, 0xb3cc, 0xb695, 0xc9d4, 0xcbb0, 0xb696,
+0xb697, 0xb698, 0xb699, 0xb69a, 0xeffe, 0xb69b, 0xb69c, 0xb0de,
+0xb69d, 0xb69e, 0xd6c9, 0xb69f, 0xb6a0, 0xb740, 0xeffd, 0xb741,
+0xb3ed, 0xb742, 0xb743, 0xf6d5, 0xb744, 0xb745, 0xb746, 0xb747,
+0xb748, 0xb749, 0xb74a, 0xb74b, 0xb74c, 0xb74d, 0xb74e, 0xb74f,
+0xb750, 0xb751, 0xb752, 0xcec8, 0xb753, 0xb754, 0xb755, 0xf0a2,
+0xb756, 0xf0a1, 0xb757, 0xb5be, 0xbcda, 0xbbfc, 0xb758, 0xb8e5,
+0xb759, 0xb75a, 0xb75b, 0xb75c, 0xb75d, 0xb75e, 0xc4c2, 0xb75f,
+0xb760, 0xb761, 0xb762, 0xb763, 0xb764, 0xb765, 0xb766, 0xb767,
+0xb768, 0xf0a3, 0xb769, 0xb76a, 0xb76b, 0xb76c, 0xb76d, 0xcbeb,
+0xb76e, 0xb76f, 0xb770, 0xb771, 0xb772, 0xb773, 0xb774, 0xb775,
+0xb776, 0xb777, 0xb778, 0xb779, 0xb77a, 0xb77b, 0xb77c, 0xb77d,
+0xb77e, 0xb780, 0xb781, 0xb782, 0xb783, 0xb784, 0xb785, 0xb786,
+0xf0a6, 0xb787, 0xb788, 0xb789, 0xd1a8, 0xb78a, 0xbebf, 0xc7ee,
+0xf1b6, 0xf1b7, 0xbfd5, 0xb78b, 0xb78c, 0xb78d, 0xb78e, 0xb4a9,
+0xf1b8, 0xcdbb, 0xb78f, 0xc7d4, 0xd5ad, 0xb790, 0xf1b9, 0xb791,
+0xf1ba, 0xb792, 0xb793, 0xb794, 0xb795, 0xc7cf, 0xb796, 0xb797,
+0xb798, 0xd2a4, 0xd6cf, 0xb799, 0xb79a, 0xf1bb, 0xbdd1, 0xb4b0,
+0xbebd, 0xb79b, 0xb79c, 0xb79d, 0xb4dc, 0xced1, 0xb79e, 0xbfdf,
+0xf1bd, 0xb79f, 0xb7a0, 0xb840, 0xb841, 0xbffa, 0xf1bc, 0xb842,
+0xf1bf, 0xb843, 0xb844, 0xb845, 0xf1be, 0xf1c0, 0xb846, 0xb847,
+0xb848, 0xb849, 0xb84a, 0xf1c1, 0xb84b, 0xb84c, 0xb84d, 0xb84e,
+0xb84f, 0xb850, 0xb851, 0xb852, 0xb853, 0xb854, 0xb855, 0xc1fe,
+0xb856, 0xb857, 0xb858, 0xb859, 0xb85a, 0xb85b, 0xb85c, 0xb85d,
+0xb85e, 0xb85f, 0xb860, 0xc1a2, 0xb861, 0xb862, 0xb863, 0xb864,
+0xb865, 0xb866, 0xb867, 0xb868, 0xb869, 0xb86a, 0xcafa, 0xb86b,
+0xb86c, 0xd5be, 0xb86d, 0xb86e, 0xb86f, 0xb870, 0xbeba, 0xbeb9,
+0xd5c2, 0xb871, 0xb872, 0xbfa2, 0xb873, 0xcdaf, 0xf1b5, 0xb874,
+0xb875, 0xb876, 0xb877, 0xb878, 0xb879, 0xbddf, 0xb87a, 0xb6cb,
+0xb87b, 0xb87c, 0xb87d, 0xb87e, 0xb880, 0xb881, 0xb882, 0xb883,
+0xb884, 0xd6f1, 0xf3c3, 0xb885, 0xb886, 0xf3c4, 0xb887, 0xb8cd,
+0xb888, 0xb889, 0xb88a, 0xf3c6, 0xf3c7, 0xb88b, 0xb0ca, 0xb88c,
+0xf3c5, 0xb88d, 0xf3c9, 0xcbf1, 0xb88e, 0xb88f, 0xb890, 0xf3cb,
+0xb891, 0xd0a6, 0xb892, 0xb893, 0xb1ca, 0xf3c8, 0xb894, 0xb895,
+0xb896, 0xf3cf, 0xb897, 0xb5d1, 0xb898, 0xb899, 0xf3d7, 0xb89a,
+0xf3d2, 0xb89b, 0xb89c, 0xb89d, 0xf3d4, 0xf3d3, 0xb7fb, 0xb89e,
+0xb1bf, 0xb89f, 0xf3ce, 0xf3ca, 0xb5da, 0xb8a0, 0xf3d0, 0xb940,
+0xb941, 0xf3d1, 0xb942, 0xf3d5, 0xb943, 0xb944, 0xb945, 0xb946,
+0xf3cd, 0xb947, 0xbce3, 0xb948, 0xc1fd, 0xb949, 0xf3d6, 0xb94a,
+0xb94b, 0xb94c, 0xb94d, 0xb94e, 0xb94f, 0xf3da, 0xb950, 0xf3cc,
+0xb951, 0xb5c8, 0xb952, 0xbdee, 0xf3dc, 0xb953, 0xb954, 0xb7a4,
+0xbff0, 0xd6fe, 0xcdb2, 0xb955, 0xb4f0, 0xb956, 0xb2df, 0xb957,
+0xf3d8, 0xb958, 0xf3d9, 0xc9b8, 0xb959, 0xf3dd, 0xb95a, 0xb95b,
+0xf3de, 0xb95c, 0xf3e1, 0xb95d, 0xb95e, 0xb95f, 0xb960, 0xb961,
+0xb962, 0xb963, 0xb964, 0xb965, 0xb966, 0xb967, 0xf3df, 0xb968,
+0xb969, 0xf3e3, 0xf3e2, 0xb96a, 0xb96b, 0xf3db, 0xb96c, 0xbfea,
+0xb96d, 0xb3ef, 0xb96e, 0xf3e0, 0xb96f, 0xb970, 0xc7a9, 0xb971,
+0xbcf2, 0xb972, 0xb973, 0xb974, 0xb975, 0xf3eb, 0xb976, 0xb977,
+0xb978, 0xb979, 0xb97a, 0xb97b, 0xb97c, 0xb9bf, 0xb97d, 0xb97e,
+0xf3e4, 0xb980, 0xb981, 0xb982, 0xb2ad, 0xbbfe, 0xb983, 0xcbe3,
+0xb984, 0xb985, 0xb986, 0xb987, 0xf3ed, 0xf3e9, 0xb988, 0xb989,
+0xb98a, 0xb9dc, 0xf3ee, 0xb98b, 0xb98c, 0xb98d, 0xf3e5, 0xf3e6,
+0xf3ea, 0xc2e1, 0xf3ec, 0xf3ef, 0xf3e8, 0xbcfd, 0xb98e, 0xb98f,
+0xb990, 0xcfe4, 0xb991, 0xb992, 0xf3f0, 0xb993, 0xb994, 0xb995,
+0xf3e7, 0xb996, 0xb997, 0xb998, 0xb999, 0xb99a, 0xb99b, 0xb99c,
+0xb99d, 0xf3f2, 0xb99e, 0xb99f, 0xb9a0, 0xba40, 0xd7ad, 0xc6aa,
+0xba41, 0xba42, 0xba43, 0xba44, 0xf3f3, 0xba45, 0xba46, 0xba47,
+0xba48, 0xf3f1, 0xba49, 0xc2a8, 0xba4a, 0xba4b, 0xba4c, 0xba4d,
+0xba4e, 0xb8dd, 0xf3f5, 0xba4f, 0xba50, 0xf3f4, 0xba51, 0xba52,
+0xba53, 0xb4db, 0xba54, 0xba55, 0xba56, 0xf3f6, 0xf3f7, 0xba57,
+0xba58, 0xba59, 0xf3f8, 0xba5a, 0xba5b, 0xba5c, 0xc0ba, 0xba5d,
+0xba5e, 0xc0e9, 0xba5f, 0xba60, 0xba61, 0xba62, 0xba63, 0xc5f1,
+0xba64, 0xba65, 0xba66, 0xba67, 0xf3fb, 0xba68, 0xf3fa, 0xba69,
+0xba6a, 0xba6b, 0xba6c, 0xba6d, 0xba6e, 0xba6f, 0xba70, 0xb4d8,
+0xba71, 0xba72, 0xba73, 0xf3fe, 0xf3f9, 0xba74, 0xba75, 0xf3fc,
+0xba76, 0xba77, 0xba78, 0xba79, 0xba7a, 0xba7b, 0xf3fd, 0xba7c,
+0xba7d, 0xba7e, 0xba80, 0xba81, 0xba82, 0xba83, 0xba84, 0xf4a1,
+0xba85, 0xba86, 0xba87, 0xba88, 0xba89, 0xba8a, 0xf4a3, 0xbbc9,
+0xba8b, 0xba8c, 0xf4a2, 0xba8d, 0xba8e, 0xba8f, 0xba90, 0xba91,
+0xba92, 0xba93, 0xba94, 0xba95, 0xba96, 0xba97, 0xba98, 0xba99,
+0xf4a4, 0xba9a, 0xba9b, 0xba9c, 0xba9d, 0xba9e, 0xba9f, 0xb2be,
+0xf4a6, 0xf4a5, 0xbaa0, 0xbb40, 0xbb41, 0xbb42, 0xbb43, 0xbb44,
+0xbb45, 0xbb46, 0xbb47, 0xbb48, 0xbb49, 0xbcae, 0xbb4a, 0xbb4b,
+0xbb4c, 0xbb4d, 0xbb4e, 0xbb4f, 0xbb50, 0xbb51, 0xbb52, 0xbb53,
+0xbb54, 0xbb55, 0xbb56, 0xbb57, 0xbb58, 0xbb59, 0xbb5a, 0xbb5b,
+0xbb5c, 0xbb5d, 0xbb5e, 0xbb5f, 0xbb60, 0xbb61, 0xbb62, 0xbb63,
+0xbb64, 0xbb65, 0xbb66, 0xbb67, 0xbb68, 0xbb69, 0xbb6a, 0xbb6b,
+0xbb6c, 0xbb6d, 0xbb6e, 0xc3d7, 0xd9e1, 0xbb6f, 0xbb70, 0xbb71,
+0xbb72, 0xbb73, 0xbb74, 0xc0e0, 0xf4cc, 0xd7d1, 0xbb75, 0xbb76,
+0xbb77, 0xbb78, 0xbb79, 0xbb7a, 0xbb7b, 0xbb7c, 0xbb7d, 0xbb7e,
+0xbb80, 0xb7db, 0xbb81, 0xbb82, 0xbb83, 0xbb84, 0xbb85, 0xbb86,
+0xbb87, 0xf4ce, 0xc1a3, 0xbb88, 0xbb89, 0xc6c9, 0xbb8a, 0xb4d6,
+0xd5b3, 0xbb8b, 0xbb8c, 0xbb8d, 0xf4d0, 0xf4cf, 0xf4d1, 0xcbda,
+0xbb8e, 0xbb8f, 0xf4d2, 0xbb90, 0xd4c1, 0xd6e0, 0xbb91, 0xbb92,
+0xbb93, 0xbb94, 0xb7e0, 0xbb95, 0xbb96, 0xbb97, 0xc1b8, 0xbb98,
+0xbb99, 0xc1bb, 0xf4d3, 0xbeac, 0xbb9a, 0xbb9b, 0xbb9c, 0xbb9d,
+0xbb9e, 0xb4e2, 0xbb9f, 0xbba0, 0xf4d4, 0xf4d5, 0xbeab, 0xbc40,
+0xbc41, 0xf4d6, 0xbc42, 0xbc43, 0xbc44, 0xf4db, 0xbc45, 0xf4d7,
+0xf4da, 0xbc46, 0xbafd, 0xbc47, 0xf4d8, 0xf4d9, 0xbc48, 0xbc49,
+0xbc4a, 0xbc4b, 0xbc4c, 0xbc4d, 0xbc4e, 0xb8e2, 0xccc7, 0xf4dc,
+0xbc4f, 0xb2da, 0xbc50, 0xbc51, 0xc3d3, 0xbc52, 0xbc53, 0xd4e3,
+0xbfb7, 0xbc54, 0xbc55, 0xbc56, 0xbc57, 0xbc58, 0xbc59, 0xbc5a,
+0xf4dd, 0xbc5b, 0xbc5c, 0xbc5d, 0xbc5e, 0xbc5f, 0xbc60, 0xc5b4,
+0xbc61, 0xbc62, 0xbc63, 0xbc64, 0xbc65, 0xbc66, 0xbc67, 0xbc68,
+0xf4e9, 0xbc69, 0xbc6a, 0xcfb5, 0xbc6b, 0xbc6c, 0xbc6d, 0xbc6e,
+0xbc6f, 0xbc70, 0xbc71, 0xbc72, 0xbc73, 0xbc74, 0xbc75, 0xbc76,
+0xbc77, 0xbc78, 0xcec9, 0xbc79, 0xbc7a, 0xbc7b, 0xbc7c, 0xbc7d,
+0xbc7e, 0xbc80, 0xbc81, 0xbc82, 0xbc83, 0xbc84, 0xbc85, 0xbc86,
+0xbc87, 0xbc88, 0xbc89, 0xbc8a, 0xbc8b, 0xbc8c, 0xbc8d, 0xbc8e,
+0xcbd8, 0xbc8f, 0xcbf7, 0xbc90, 0xbc91, 0xbc92, 0xbc93, 0xbdf4,
+0xbc94, 0xbc95, 0xbc96, 0xd7cf, 0xbc97, 0xbc98, 0xbc99, 0xc0db,
+0xbc9a, 0xbc9b, 0xbc9c, 0xbc9d, 0xbc9e, 0xbc9f, 0xbca0, 0xbd40,
+0xbd41, 0xbd42, 0xbd43, 0xbd44, 0xbd45, 0xbd46, 0xbd47, 0xbd48,
+0xbd49, 0xbd4a, 0xbd4b, 0xbd4c, 0xbd4d, 0xbd4e, 0xbd4f, 0xbd50,
+0xbd51, 0xbd52, 0xbd53, 0xbd54, 0xbd55, 0xbd56, 0xbd57, 0xbd58,
+0xbd59, 0xbd5a, 0xbd5b, 0xbd5c, 0xbd5d, 0xbd5e, 0xbd5f, 0xbd60,
+0xbd61, 0xbd62, 0xbd63, 0xbd64, 0xbd65, 0xbd66, 0xbd67, 0xbd68,
+0xbd69, 0xbd6a, 0xbd6b, 0xbd6c, 0xbd6d, 0xbd6e, 0xbd6f, 0xbd70,
+0xbd71, 0xbd72, 0xbd73, 0xbd74, 0xbd75, 0xbd76, 0xd0f5, 0xbd77,
+0xbd78, 0xbd79, 0xbd7a, 0xbd7b, 0xbd7c, 0xbd7d, 0xbd7e, 0xf4ea,
+0xbd80, 0xbd81, 0xbd82, 0xbd83, 0xbd84, 0xbd85, 0xbd86, 0xbd87,
+0xbd88, 0xbd89, 0xbd8a, 0xbd8b, 0xbd8c, 0xbd8d, 0xbd8e, 0xbd8f,
+0xbd90, 0xbd91, 0xbd92, 0xbd93, 0xbd94, 0xbd95, 0xbd96, 0xbd97,
+0xbd98, 0xbd99, 0xbd9a, 0xbd9b, 0xbd9c, 0xbd9d, 0xbd9e, 0xbd9f,
+0xbda0, 0xbe40, 0xbe41, 0xbe42, 0xbe43, 0xbe44, 0xbe45, 0xbe46,
+0xbe47, 0xbe48, 0xbe49, 0xbe4a, 0xbe4b, 0xbe4c, 0xf4eb, 0xbe4d,
+0xbe4e, 0xbe4f, 0xbe50, 0xbe51, 0xbe52, 0xbe53, 0xf4ec, 0xbe54,
+0xbe55, 0xbe56, 0xbe57, 0xbe58, 0xbe59, 0xbe5a, 0xbe5b, 0xbe5c,
+0xbe5d, 0xbe5e, 0xbe5f, 0xbe60, 0xbe61, 0xbe62, 0xbe63, 0xbe64,
+0xbe65, 0xbe66, 0xbe67, 0xbe68, 0xbe69, 0xbe6a, 0xbe6b, 0xbe6c,
+0xbe6d, 0xbe6e, 0xbe6f, 0xbe70, 0xbe71, 0xbe72, 0xbe73, 0xbe74,
+0xbe75, 0xbe76, 0xbe77, 0xbe78, 0xbe79, 0xbe7a, 0xbe7b, 0xbe7c,
+0xbe7d, 0xbe7e, 0xbe80, 0xbe81, 0xbe82, 0xbe83, 0xbe84, 0xbe85,
+0xbe86, 0xbe87, 0xbe88, 0xbe89, 0xbe8a, 0xbe8b, 0xbe8c, 0xbe8d,
+0xbe8e, 0xbe8f, 0xbe90, 0xbe91, 0xbe92, 0xbe93, 0xbe94, 0xbe95,
+0xbe96, 0xbe97, 0xbe98, 0xbe99, 0xbe9a, 0xbe9b, 0xbe9c, 0xbe9d,
+0xbe9e, 0xbe9f, 0xbea0, 0xbf40, 0xbf41, 0xbf42, 0xbf43, 0xbf44,
+0xbf45, 0xbf46, 0xbf47, 0xbf48, 0xbf49, 0xbf4a, 0xbf4b, 0xbf4c,
+0xbf4d, 0xbf4e, 0xbf4f, 0xbf50, 0xbf51, 0xbf52, 0xbf53, 0xbf54,
+0xbf55, 0xbf56, 0xbf57, 0xbf58, 0xbf59, 0xbf5a, 0xbf5b, 0xbf5c,
+0xbf5d, 0xbf5e, 0xbf5f, 0xbf60, 0xbf61, 0xbf62, 0xbf63, 0xbf64,
+0xbf65, 0xbf66, 0xbf67, 0xbf68, 0xbf69, 0xbf6a, 0xbf6b, 0xbf6c,
+0xbf6d, 0xbf6e, 0xbf6f, 0xbf70, 0xbf71, 0xbf72, 0xbf73, 0xbf74,
+0xbf75, 0xbf76, 0xbf77, 0xbf78, 0xbf79, 0xbf7a, 0xbf7b, 0xbf7c,
+0xbf7d, 0xbf7e, 0xbf80, 0xf7e3, 0xbf81, 0xbf82, 0xbf83, 0xbf84,
+0xbf85, 0xb7b1, 0xbf86, 0xbf87, 0xbf88, 0xbf89, 0xbf8a, 0xf4ed,
+0xbf8b, 0xbf8c, 0xbf8d, 0xbf8e, 0xbf8f, 0xbf90, 0xbf91, 0xbf92,
+0xbf93, 0xbf94, 0xbf95, 0xbf96, 0xbf97, 0xbf98, 0xbf99, 0xbf9a,
+0xbf9b, 0xbf9c, 0xbf9d, 0xbf9e, 0xbf9f, 0xbfa0, 0xc040, 0xc041,
+0xc042, 0xc043, 0xc044, 0xc045, 0xc046, 0xc047, 0xc048, 0xc049,
+0xc04a, 0xc04b, 0xc04c, 0xc04d, 0xc04e, 0xc04f, 0xc050, 0xc051,
+0xc052, 0xc053, 0xc054, 0xc055, 0xc056, 0xc057, 0xc058, 0xc059,
+0xc05a, 0xc05b, 0xc05c, 0xc05d, 0xc05e, 0xc05f, 0xc060, 0xc061,
+0xc062, 0xc063, 0xd7eb, 0xc064, 0xc065, 0xc066, 0xc067, 0xc068,
+0xc069, 0xc06a, 0xc06b, 0xc06c, 0xc06d, 0xc06e, 0xc06f, 0xc070,
+0xc071, 0xc072, 0xc073, 0xc074, 0xc075, 0xc076, 0xc077, 0xc078,
+0xc079, 0xc07a, 0xc07b, 0xf4ee, 0xc07c, 0xc07d, 0xc07e, 0xe6f9,
+0xbec0, 0xe6fa, 0xbaec, 0xe6fb, 0xcfcb, 0xe6fc, 0xd4bc, 0xbcb6,
+0xe6fd, 0xe6fe, 0xbccd, 0xc8d2, 0xceb3, 0xe7a1, 0xc080, 0xb4bf,
+0xe7a2, 0xc9b4, 0xb8d9, 0xc4c9, 0xc081, 0xd7dd, 0xc2da, 0xb7d7,
+0xd6bd, 0xcec6, 0xb7c4, 0xc082, 0xc083, 0xc5a6, 0xe7a3, 0xcfdf,
+0xe7a4, 0xe7a5, 0xe7a6, 0xc1b7, 0xd7e9, 0xc9f0, 0xcfb8, 0xd6af,
+0xd6d5, 0xe7a7, 0xb0ed, 0xe7a8, 0xe7a9, 0xc9dc, 0xd2ef, 0xbead,
+0xe7aa, 0xb0f3, 0xc8de, 0xbde1, 0xe7ab, 0xc8c6, 0xc084, 0xe7ac,
+0xbbe6, 0xb8f8, 0xd1a4, 0xe7ad, 0xc2e7, 0xbef8, 0xbdca, 0xcdb3,
+0xe7ae, 0xe7af, 0xbeee, 0xd0e5, 0xc085, 0xcbe7, 0xccd0, 0xbccc,
+0xe7b0, 0xbca8, 0xd0f7, 0xe7b1, 0xc086, 0xd0f8, 0xe7b2, 0xe7b3,
+0xb4c2, 0xe7b4, 0xe7b5, 0xc9fe, 0xceac, 0xc3e0, 0xe7b7, 0xb1c1,
+0xb3f1, 0xc087, 0xe7b8, 0xe7b9, 0xd7db, 0xd5c0, 0xe7ba, 0xc2cc,
+0xd7ba, 0xe7bb, 0xe7bc, 0xe7bd, 0xbcea, 0xc3e5, 0xc0c2, 0xe7be,
+0xe7bf, 0xbca9, 0xc088, 0xe7c0, 0xe7c1, 0xe7b6, 0xb6d0, 0xe7c2,
+0xc089, 0xe7c3, 0xe7c4, 0xbbba, 0xb5de, 0xc2c6, 0xb1e0, 0xe7c5,
+0xd4b5, 0xe7c6, 0xb8bf, 0xe7c8, 0xe7c7, 0xb7ec, 0xc08a, 0xe7c9,
+0xb2f8, 0xe7ca, 0xe7cb, 0xe7cc, 0xe7cd, 0xe7ce, 0xe7cf, 0xe7d0,
+0xd3a7, 0xcbf5, 0xe7d1, 0xe7d2, 0xe7d3, 0xe7d4, 0xc9c9, 0xe7d5,
+0xe7d6, 0xe7d7, 0xe7d8, 0xe7d9, 0xbdc9, 0xe7da, 0xf3be, 0xc08b,
+0xb8d7, 0xc08c, 0xc8b1, 0xc08d, 0xc08e, 0xc08f, 0xc090, 0xc091,
+0xc092, 0xc093, 0xf3bf, 0xc094, 0xf3c0, 0xf3c1, 0xc095, 0xc096,
+0xc097, 0xc098, 0xc099, 0xc09a, 0xc09b, 0xc09c, 0xc09d, 0xc09e,
+0xb9de, 0xcdf8, 0xc09f, 0xc0a0, 0xd8e8, 0xbab1, 0xc140, 0xc2de,
+0xeeb7, 0xc141, 0xb7a3, 0xc142, 0xc143, 0xc144, 0xc145, 0xeeb9,
+0xc146, 0xeeb8, 0xb0d5, 0xc147, 0xc148, 0xc149, 0xc14a, 0xc14b,
+0xeebb, 0xd5d6, 0xd7ef, 0xc14c, 0xc14d, 0xc14e, 0xd6c3, 0xc14f,
+0xc150, 0xeebd, 0xcaf0, 0xc151, 0xeebc, 0xc152, 0xc153, 0xc154,
+0xc155, 0xeebe, 0xc156, 0xc157, 0xc158, 0xc159, 0xeec0, 0xc15a,
+0xc15b, 0xeebf, 0xc15c, 0xc15d, 0xc15e, 0xc15f, 0xc160, 0xc161,
+0xc162, 0xc163, 0xd1f2, 0xc164, 0xc7bc, 0xc165, 0xc3c0, 0xc166,
+0xc167, 0xc168, 0xc169, 0xc16a, 0xb8e1, 0xc16b, 0xc16c, 0xc16d,
+0xc16e, 0xc16f, 0xc1e7, 0xc170, 0xc171, 0xf4c6, 0xd0df, 0xf4c7,
+0xc172, 0xcfdb, 0xc173, 0xc174, 0xc8ba, 0xc175, 0xc176, 0xf4c8,
+0xc177, 0xc178, 0xc179, 0xc17a, 0xc17b, 0xc17c, 0xc17d, 0xf4c9,
+0xf4ca, 0xc17e, 0xf4cb, 0xc180, 0xc181, 0xc182, 0xc183, 0xc184,
+0xd9fa, 0xb8fe, 0xc185, 0xc186, 0xe5f1, 0xd3f0, 0xc187, 0xf4e0,
+0xc188, 0xcecc, 0xc189, 0xc18a, 0xc18b, 0xb3e1, 0xc18c, 0xc18d,
+0xc18e, 0xc18f, 0xf1b4, 0xc190, 0xd2ee, 0xc191, 0xf4e1, 0xc192,
+0xc193, 0xc194, 0xc195, 0xc196, 0xcfe8, 0xf4e2, 0xc197, 0xc198,
+0xc7cc, 0xc199, 0xc19a, 0xc19b, 0xc19c, 0xc19d, 0xc19e, 0xb5d4,
+0xb4e4, 0xf4e4, 0xc19f, 0xc1a0, 0xc240, 0xf4e3, 0xf4e5, 0xc241,
+0xc242, 0xf4e6, 0xc243, 0xc244, 0xc245, 0xc246, 0xf4e7, 0xc247,
+0xbab2, 0xb0bf, 0xc248, 0xf4e8, 0xc249, 0xc24a, 0xc24b, 0xc24c,
+0xc24d, 0xc24e, 0xc24f, 0xb7ad, 0xd2ed, 0xc250, 0xc251, 0xc252,
+0xd2ab, 0xc0cf, 0xc253, 0xbfbc, 0xeba3, 0xd5df, 0xeac8, 0xc254,
+0xc255, 0xc256, 0xc257, 0xf1f3, 0xb6f8, 0xcba3, 0xc258, 0xc259,
+0xc4cd, 0xc25a, 0xf1e7, 0xc25b, 0xf1e8, 0xb8fb, 0xf1e9, 0xbac4,
+0xd4c5, 0xb0d2, 0xc25c, 0xc25d, 0xf1ea, 0xc25e, 0xc25f, 0xc260,
+0xf1eb, 0xc261, 0xf1ec, 0xc262, 0xc263, 0xf1ed, 0xf1ee, 0xf1ef,
+0xf1f1, 0xf1f0, 0xc5d5, 0xc264, 0xc265, 0xc266, 0xc267, 0xc268,
+0xc269, 0xf1f2, 0xc26a, 0xb6fa, 0xc26b, 0xf1f4, 0xd2ae, 0xdec7,
+0xcbca, 0xc26c, 0xc26d, 0xb3dc, 0xc26e, 0xb5a2, 0xc26f, 0xb9a2,
+0xc270, 0xc271, 0xc4f4, 0xf1f5, 0xc272, 0xc273, 0xf1f6, 0xc274,
+0xc275, 0xc276, 0xc1c4, 0xc1fb, 0xd6b0, 0xf1f7, 0xc277, 0xc278,
+0xc279, 0xc27a, 0xf1f8, 0xc27b, 0xc1aa, 0xc27c, 0xc27d, 0xc27e,
+0xc6b8, 0xc280, 0xbedb, 0xc281, 0xc282, 0xc283, 0xc284, 0xc285,
+0xc286, 0xc287, 0xc288, 0xc289, 0xc28a, 0xc28b, 0xc28c, 0xc28d,
+0xc28e, 0xf1f9, 0xb4cf, 0xc28f, 0xc290, 0xc291, 0xc292, 0xc293,
+0xc294, 0xf1fa, 0xc295, 0xc296, 0xc297, 0xc298, 0xc299, 0xc29a,
+0xc29b, 0xc29c, 0xc29d, 0xc29e, 0xc29f, 0xc2a0, 0xc340, 0xedb2,
+0xedb1, 0xc341, 0xc342, 0xcbe0, 0xd2de, 0xc343, 0xcbc1, 0xd5d8,
+0xc344, 0xc8e2, 0xc345, 0xc0df, 0xbca1, 0xc346, 0xc347, 0xc348,
+0xc349, 0xc34a, 0xc34b, 0xebc1, 0xc34c, 0xc34d, 0xd0a4, 0xc34e,
+0xd6e2, 0xc34f, 0xb6c7, 0xb8d8, 0xebc0, 0xb8ce, 0xc350, 0xebbf,
+0xb3a6, 0xb9c9, 0xd6ab, 0xc351, 0xb7f4, 0xb7ca, 0xc352, 0xc353,
+0xc354, 0xbce7, 0xb7be, 0xebc6, 0xc355, 0xebc7, 0xb0b9, 0xbfcf,
+0xc356, 0xebc5, 0xd3fd, 0xc357, 0xebc8, 0xc358, 0xc359, 0xebc9,
+0xc35a, 0xc35b, 0xb7ce, 0xc35c, 0xebc2, 0xebc4, 0xc9f6, 0xd6d7,
+0xd5cd, 0xd0b2, 0xebcf, 0xceb8, 0xebd0, 0xc35d, 0xb5a8, 0xc35e,
+0xc35f, 0xc360, 0xc361, 0xc362, 0xb1b3, 0xebd2, 0xcca5, 0xc363,
+0xc364, 0xc365, 0xc366, 0xc367, 0xc368, 0xc369, 0xc5d6, 0xebd3,
+0xc36a, 0xebd1, 0xc5df, 0xebce, 0xcaa4, 0xebd5, 0xb0fb, 0xc36b,
+0xc36c, 0xbafa, 0xc36d, 0xc36e, 0xd8b7, 0xf1e3, 0xc36f, 0xebca,
+0xebcb, 0xebcc, 0xebcd, 0xebd6, 0xe6c0, 0xebd9, 0xc370, 0xbfe8,
+0xd2c8, 0xebd7, 0xebdc, 0xb8ec, 0xebd8, 0xc371, 0xbdba, 0xc372,
+0xd0d8, 0xc373, 0xb0b7, 0xc374, 0xebdd, 0xc4dc, 0xc375, 0xc376,
+0xc377, 0xc378, 0xd6ac, 0xc379, 0xc37a, 0xc37b, 0xb4e0, 0xc37c,
+0xc37d, 0xc2f6, 0xbcb9, 0xc37e, 0xc380, 0xebda, 0xebdb, 0xd4e0,
+0xc6ea, 0xc4d4, 0xebdf, 0xc5a7, 0xd9f5, 0xc381, 0xb2b1, 0xc382,
+0xebe4, 0xc383, 0xbdc5, 0xc384, 0xc385, 0xc386, 0xebe2, 0xc387,
+0xc388, 0xc389, 0xc38a, 0xc38b, 0xc38c, 0xc38d, 0xc38e, 0xc38f,
+0xc390, 0xc391, 0xc392, 0xc393, 0xebe3, 0xc394, 0xc395, 0xb8ac,
+0xc396, 0xcdd1, 0xebe5, 0xc397, 0xc398, 0xc399, 0xebe1, 0xc39a,
+0xc1b3, 0xc39b, 0xc39c, 0xc39d, 0xc39e, 0xc39f, 0xc6a2, 0xc3a0,
+0xc440, 0xc441, 0xc442, 0xc443, 0xc444, 0xc445, 0xccf3, 0xc446,
+0xebe6, 0xc447, 0xc0b0, 0xd2b8, 0xebe7, 0xc448, 0xc449, 0xc44a,
+0xb8af, 0xb8ad, 0xc44b, 0xebe8, 0xc7bb, 0xcdf3, 0xc44c, 0xc44d,
+0xc44e, 0xebea, 0xebeb, 0xc44f, 0xc450, 0xc451, 0xc452, 0xc453,
+0xebed, 0xc454, 0xc455, 0xc456, 0xc457, 0xd0c8, 0xc458, 0xebf2,
+0xc459, 0xebee, 0xc45a, 0xc45b, 0xc45c, 0xebf1, 0xc8f9, 0xc45d,
+0xd1fc, 0xebec, 0xc45e, 0xc45f, 0xebe9, 0xc460, 0xc461, 0xc462,
+0xc463, 0xb8b9, 0xcfd9, 0xc4e5, 0xebef, 0xebf0, 0xccda, 0xcdc8,
+0xb0f2, 0xc464, 0xebf6, 0xc465, 0xc466, 0xc467, 0xc468, 0xc469,
+0xebf5, 0xc46a, 0xb2b2, 0xc46b, 0xc46c, 0xc46d, 0xc46e, 0xb8e0,
+0xc46f, 0xebf7, 0xc470, 0xc471, 0xc472, 0xc473, 0xc474, 0xc475,
+0xb1ec, 0xc476, 0xc477, 0xccc5, 0xc4a4, 0xcfa5, 0xc478, 0xc479,
+0xc47a, 0xc47b, 0xc47c, 0xebf9, 0xc47d, 0xc47e, 0xeca2, 0xc480,
+0xc5f2, 0xc481, 0xebfa, 0xc482, 0xc483, 0xc484, 0xc485, 0xc486,
+0xc487, 0xc488, 0xc489, 0xc9c5, 0xc48a, 0xc48b, 0xc48c, 0xc48d,
+0xc48e, 0xc48f, 0xe2df, 0xebfe, 0xc490, 0xc491, 0xc492, 0xc493,
+0xcdce, 0xeca1, 0xb1db, 0xd3b7, 0xc494, 0xc495, 0xd2dc, 0xc496,
+0xc497, 0xc498, 0xebfd, 0xc499, 0xebfb, 0xc49a, 0xc49b, 0xc49c,
+0xc49d, 0xc49e, 0xc49f, 0xc4a0, 0xc540, 0xc541, 0xc542, 0xc543,
+0xc544, 0xc545, 0xc546, 0xc547, 0xc548, 0xc549, 0xc54a, 0xc54b,
+0xc54c, 0xc54d, 0xc54e, 0xb3bc, 0xc54f, 0xc550, 0xc551, 0xeab0,
+0xc552, 0xc553, 0xd7d4, 0xc554, 0xf4ab, 0xb3f4, 0xc555, 0xc556,
+0xc557, 0xc558, 0xc559, 0xd6c1, 0xd6c2, 0xc55a, 0xc55b, 0xc55c,
+0xc55d, 0xc55e, 0xc55f, 0xd5e9, 0xbeca, 0xc560, 0xf4a7, 0xc561,
+0xd2a8, 0xf4a8, 0xf4a9, 0xc562, 0xf4aa, 0xbecb, 0xd3df, 0xc563,
+0xc564, 0xc565, 0xc566, 0xc567, 0xc9e0, 0xc9e1, 0xc568, 0xc569,
+0xf3c2, 0xc56a, 0xcae6, 0xc56b, 0xccf2, 0xc56c, 0xc56d, 0xc56e,
+0xc56f, 0xc570, 0xc571, 0xe2b6, 0xcbb4, 0xc572, 0xcee8, 0xd6db,
+0xc573, 0xf4ad, 0xf4ae, 0xf4af, 0xc574, 0xc575, 0xc576, 0xc577,
+0xf4b2, 0xc578, 0xbabd, 0xf4b3, 0xb0e3, 0xf4b0, 0xc579, 0xf4b1,
+0xbda2, 0xb2d5, 0xc57a, 0xf4b6, 0xf4b7, 0xb6e6, 0xb2b0, 0xcfcf,
+0xf4b4, 0xb4ac, 0xc57b, 0xf4b5, 0xc57c, 0xc57d, 0xf4b8, 0xc57e,
+0xc580, 0xc581, 0xc582, 0xc583, 0xf4b9, 0xc584, 0xc585, 0xcda7,
+0xc586, 0xf4ba, 0xc587, 0xf4bb, 0xc588, 0xc589, 0xc58a, 0xf4bc,
+0xc58b, 0xc58c, 0xc58d, 0xc58e, 0xc58f, 0xc590, 0xc591, 0xc592,
+0xcbd2, 0xc593, 0xf4bd, 0xc594, 0xc595, 0xc596, 0xc597, 0xf4be,
+0xc598, 0xc599, 0xc59a, 0xc59b, 0xc59c, 0xc59d, 0xc59e, 0xc59f,
+0xf4bf, 0xc5a0, 0xc640, 0xc641, 0xc642, 0xc643, 0xf4de, 0xc1bc,
+0xbce8, 0xc644, 0xc9ab, 0xd1de, 0xe5f5, 0xc645, 0xc646, 0xc647,
+0xc648, 0xdcb3, 0xd2d5, 0xc649, 0xc64a, 0xdcb4, 0xb0ac, 0xdcb5,
+0xc64b, 0xc64c, 0xbdda, 0xc64d, 0xdcb9, 0xc64e, 0xc64f, 0xc650,
+0xd8c2, 0xc651, 0xdcb7, 0xd3f3, 0xc652, 0xc9d6, 0xdcba, 0xdcb6,
+0xc653, 0xdcbb, 0xc3a2, 0xc654, 0xc655, 0xc656, 0xc657, 0xdcbc,
+0xdcc5, 0xdcbd, 0xc658, 0xc659, 0xcedf, 0xd6a5, 0xc65a, 0xdccf,
+0xc65b, 0xdccd, 0xc65c, 0xc65d, 0xdcd2, 0xbde6, 0xc2ab, 0xc65e,
+0xdcb8, 0xdccb, 0xdcce, 0xdcbe, 0xb7d2, 0xb0c5, 0xdcc7, 0xd0be,
+0xdcc1, 0xbba8, 0xc65f, 0xb7bc, 0xdccc, 0xc660, 0xc661, 0xdcc6,
+0xdcbf, 0xc7db, 0xc662, 0xc663, 0xc664, 0xd1bf, 0xdcc0, 0xc665,
+0xc666, 0xdcca, 0xc667, 0xc668, 0xdcd0, 0xc669, 0xc66a, 0xcead,
+0xdcc2, 0xc66b, 0xdcc3, 0xdcc8, 0xdcc9, 0xb2d4, 0xdcd1, 0xcbd5,
+0xc66c, 0xd4b7, 0xdcdb, 0xdcdf, 0xcca6, 0xdce6, 0xc66d, 0xc3e7,
+0xdcdc, 0xc66e, 0xc66f, 0xbfc1, 0xdcd9, 0xc670, 0xb0fa, 0xb9b6,
+0xdce5, 0xdcd3, 0xc671, 0xdcc4, 0xdcd6, 0xc8f4, 0xbfe0, 0xc672,
+0xc673, 0xc674, 0xc675, 0xc9bb, 0xc676, 0xc677, 0xc678, 0xb1bd,
+0xc679, 0xd3a2, 0xc67a, 0xc67b, 0xdcda, 0xc67c, 0xc67d, 0xdcd5,
+0xc67e, 0xc6bb, 0xc680, 0xdcde, 0xc681, 0xc682, 0xc683, 0xc684,
+0xc685, 0xd7c2, 0xc3af, 0xb7b6, 0xc7d1, 0xc3a9, 0xdce2, 0xdcd8,
+0xdceb, 0xdcd4, 0xc686, 0xc687, 0xdcdd, 0xc688, 0xbea5, 0xdcd7,
+0xc689, 0xdce0, 0xc68a, 0xc68b, 0xdce3, 0xdce4, 0xc68c, 0xdcf8,
+0xc68d, 0xc68e, 0xdce1, 0xdda2, 0xdce7, 0xc68f, 0xc690, 0xc691,
+0xc692, 0xc693, 0xc694, 0xc695, 0xc696, 0xc697, 0xc698, 0xbceb,
+0xb4c4, 0xc699, 0xc69a, 0xc3a3, 0xb2e7, 0xdcfa, 0xc69b, 0xdcf2,
+0xc69c, 0xdcef, 0xc69d, 0xdcfc, 0xdcee, 0xd2f0, 0xb2e8, 0xc69e,
+0xc8d7, 0xc8e3, 0xdcfb, 0xc69f, 0xdced, 0xc6a0, 0xc740, 0xc741,
+0xdcf7, 0xc742, 0xc743, 0xdcf5, 0xc744, 0xc745, 0xbea3, 0xdcf4,
+0xc746, 0xb2dd, 0xc747, 0xc748, 0xc749, 0xc74a, 0xc74b, 0xdcf3,
+0xbcf6, 0xdce8, 0xbbc4, 0xc74c, 0xc0f3, 0xc74d, 0xc74e, 0xc74f,
+0xc750, 0xc751, 0xbcd4, 0xdce9, 0xdcea, 0xc752, 0xdcf1, 0xdcf6,
+0xdcf9, 0xb5b4, 0xc753, 0xc8d9, 0xbbe7, 0xdcfe, 0xdcfd, 0xd3ab,
+0xdda1, 0xdda3, 0xdda5, 0xd2f1, 0xdda4, 0xdda6, 0xdda7, 0xd2a9,
+0xc754, 0xc755, 0xc756, 0xc757, 0xc758, 0xc759, 0xc75a, 0xbac9,
+0xdda9, 0xc75b, 0xc75c, 0xddb6, 0xddb1, 0xddb4, 0xc75d, 0xc75e,
+0xc75f, 0xc760, 0xc761, 0xc762, 0xc763, 0xddb0, 0xc6ce, 0xc764,
+0xc765, 0xc0f2, 0xc766, 0xc767, 0xc768, 0xc769, 0xc9af, 0xc76a,
+0xc76b, 0xc76c, 0xdcec, 0xddae, 0xc76d, 0xc76e, 0xc76f, 0xc770,
+0xddb7, 0xc771, 0xc772, 0xdcf0, 0xddaf, 0xc773, 0xddb8, 0xc774,
+0xddac, 0xc775, 0xc776, 0xc777, 0xc778, 0xc779, 0xc77a, 0xc77b,
+0xddb9, 0xddb3, 0xddad, 0xc4aa, 0xc77c, 0xc77d, 0xc77e, 0xc780,
+0xdda8, 0xc0b3, 0xc1ab, 0xddaa, 0xddab, 0xc781, 0xddb2, 0xbbf1,
+0xddb5, 0xd3a8, 0xddba, 0xc782, 0xddbb, 0xc3a7, 0xc783, 0xc784,
+0xddd2, 0xddbc, 0xc785, 0xc786, 0xc787, 0xddd1, 0xc788, 0xb9bd,
+0xc789, 0xc78a, 0xbed5, 0xc78b, 0xbefa, 0xc78c, 0xc78d, 0xbaca,
+0xc78e, 0xc78f, 0xc790, 0xc791, 0xddca, 0xc792, 0xddc5, 0xc793,
+0xddbf, 0xc794, 0xc795, 0xc796, 0xb2cb, 0xddc3, 0xc797, 0xddcb,
+0xb2a4, 0xddd5, 0xc798, 0xc799, 0xc79a, 0xddbe, 0xc79b, 0xc79c,
+0xc79d, 0xc6d0, 0xddd0, 0xc79e, 0xc79f, 0xc7a0, 0xc840, 0xc841,
+0xddd4, 0xc1e2, 0xb7c6, 0xc842, 0xc843, 0xc844, 0xc845, 0xc846,
+0xddce, 0xddcf, 0xc847, 0xc848, 0xc849, 0xddc4, 0xc84a, 0xc84b,
+0xc84c, 0xddbd, 0xc84d, 0xddcd, 0xccd1, 0xc84e, 0xddc9, 0xc84f,
+0xc850, 0xc851, 0xc852, 0xddc2, 0xc3c8, 0xc6bc, 0xceae, 0xddcc,
+0xc853, 0xddc8, 0xc854, 0xc855, 0xc856, 0xc857, 0xc858, 0xc859,
+0xddc1, 0xc85a, 0xc85b, 0xc85c, 0xddc6, 0xc2dc, 0xc85d, 0xc85e,
+0xc85f, 0xc860, 0xc861, 0xc862, 0xd3a9, 0xd3aa, 0xddd3, 0xcff4,
+0xc8f8, 0xc863, 0xc864, 0xc865, 0xc866, 0xc867, 0xc868, 0xc869,
+0xc86a, 0xdde6, 0xc86b, 0xc86c, 0xc86d, 0xc86e, 0xc86f, 0xc870,
+0xddc7, 0xc871, 0xc872, 0xc873, 0xdde0, 0xc2e4, 0xc874, 0xc875,
+0xc876, 0xc877, 0xc878, 0xc879, 0xc87a, 0xc87b, 0xdde1, 0xc87c,
+0xc87d, 0xc87e, 0xc880, 0xc881, 0xc882, 0xc883, 0xc884, 0xc885,
+0xc886, 0xddd7, 0xc887, 0xc888, 0xc889, 0xc88a, 0xc88b, 0xd6f8,
+0xc88c, 0xddd9, 0xddd8, 0xb8f0, 0xddd6, 0xc88d, 0xc88e, 0xc88f,
+0xc890, 0xc6cf, 0xc891, 0xb6ad, 0xc892, 0xc893, 0xc894, 0xc895,
+0xc896, 0xdde2, 0xc897, 0xbaf9, 0xd4e1, 0xdde7, 0xc898, 0xc899,
+0xc89a, 0xb4d0, 0xc89b, 0xddda, 0xc89c, 0xbffb, 0xdde3, 0xc89d,
+0xdddf, 0xc89e, 0xdddd, 0xc89f, 0xc8a0, 0xc940, 0xc941, 0xc942,
+0xc943, 0xc944, 0xb5d9, 0xc945, 0xc946, 0xc947, 0xc948, 0xdddb,
+0xdddc, 0xddde, 0xc949, 0xbdaf, 0xdde4, 0xc94a, 0xdde5, 0xc94b,
+0xc94c, 0xc94d, 0xc94e, 0xc94f, 0xc950, 0xc951, 0xc952, 0xddf5,
+0xc953, 0xc3c9, 0xc954, 0xc955, 0xcbe2, 0xc956, 0xc957, 0xc958,
+0xc959, 0xddf2, 0xc95a, 0xc95b, 0xc95c, 0xc95d, 0xc95e, 0xc95f,
+0xc960, 0xc961, 0xc962, 0xc963, 0xc964, 0xc965, 0xc966, 0xd8e1,
+0xc967, 0xc968, 0xc6d1, 0xc969, 0xddf4, 0xc96a, 0xc96b, 0xc96c,
+0xd5f4, 0xddf3, 0xddf0, 0xc96d, 0xc96e, 0xddec, 0xc96f, 0xddef,
+0xc970, 0xdde8, 0xc971, 0xc972, 0xd0ee, 0xc973, 0xc974, 0xc975,
+0xc976, 0xc8d8, 0xddee, 0xc977, 0xc978, 0xdde9, 0xc979, 0xc97a,
+0xddea, 0xcbf2, 0xc97b, 0xdded, 0xc97c, 0xc97d, 0xb1cd, 0xc97e,
+0xc980, 0xc981, 0xc982, 0xc983, 0xc984, 0xc0b6, 0xc985, 0xbcbb,
+0xddf1, 0xc986, 0xc987, 0xddf7, 0xc988, 0xddf6, 0xddeb, 0xc989,
+0xc98a, 0xc98b, 0xc98c, 0xc98d, 0xc5ee, 0xc98e, 0xc98f, 0xc990,
+0xddfb, 0xc991, 0xc992, 0xc993, 0xc994, 0xc995, 0xc996, 0xc997,
+0xc998, 0xc999, 0xc99a, 0xc99b, 0xdea4, 0xc99c, 0xc99d, 0xdea3,
+0xc99e, 0xc99f, 0xc9a0, 0xca40, 0xca41, 0xca42, 0xca43, 0xca44,
+0xca45, 0xca46, 0xca47, 0xca48, 0xddf8, 0xca49, 0xca4a, 0xca4b,
+0xca4c, 0xc3ef, 0xca4d, 0xc2fb, 0xca4e, 0xca4f, 0xca50, 0xd5e1,
+0xca51, 0xca52, 0xceb5, 0xca53, 0xca54, 0xca55, 0xca56, 0xddfd,
+0xca57, 0xb2cc, 0xca58, 0xca59, 0xca5a, 0xca5b, 0xca5c, 0xca5d,
+0xca5e, 0xca5f, 0xca60, 0xc4e8, 0xcadf, 0xca61, 0xca62, 0xca63,
+0xca64, 0xca65, 0xca66, 0xca67, 0xca68, 0xca69, 0xca6a, 0xc7be,
+0xddfa, 0xddfc, 0xddfe, 0xdea2, 0xb0aa, 0xb1ce, 0xca6b, 0xca6c,
+0xca6d, 0xca6e, 0xca6f, 0xdeac, 0xca70, 0xca71, 0xca72, 0xca73,
+0xdea6, 0xbdb6, 0xc8ef, 0xca74, 0xca75, 0xca76, 0xca77, 0xca78,
+0xca79, 0xca7a, 0xca7b, 0xca7c, 0xca7d, 0xca7e, 0xdea1, 0xca80,
+0xca81, 0xdea5, 0xca82, 0xca83, 0xca84, 0xca85, 0xdea9, 0xca86,
+0xca87, 0xca88, 0xca89, 0xca8a, 0xdea8, 0xca8b, 0xca8c, 0xca8d,
+0xdea7, 0xca8e, 0xca8f, 0xca90, 0xca91, 0xca92, 0xca93, 0xca94,
+0xca95, 0xca96, 0xdead, 0xca97, 0xd4cc, 0xca98, 0xca99, 0xca9a,
+0xca9b, 0xdeb3, 0xdeaa, 0xdeae, 0xca9c, 0xca9d, 0xc0d9, 0xca9e,
+0xca9f, 0xcaa0, 0xcb40, 0xcb41, 0xb1a1, 0xdeb6, 0xcb42, 0xdeb1,
+0xcb43, 0xcb44, 0xcb45, 0xcb46, 0xcb47, 0xcb48, 0xcb49, 0xdeb2,
+0xcb4a, 0xcb4b, 0xcb4c, 0xcb4d, 0xcb4e, 0xcb4f, 0xcb50, 0xcb51,
+0xcb52, 0xcb53, 0xcb54, 0xd1a6, 0xdeb5, 0xcb55, 0xcb56, 0xcb57,
+0xcb58, 0xcb59, 0xcb5a, 0xcb5b, 0xdeaf, 0xcb5c, 0xcb5d, 0xcb5e,
+0xdeb0, 0xcb5f, 0xd0bd, 0xcb60, 0xcb61, 0xcb62, 0xdeb4, 0xcaed,
+0xdeb9, 0xcb63, 0xcb64, 0xcb65, 0xcb66, 0xcb67, 0xcb68, 0xdeb8,
+0xcb69, 0xdeb7, 0xcb6a, 0xcb6b, 0xcb6c, 0xcb6d, 0xcb6e, 0xcb6f,
+0xcb70, 0xdebb, 0xcb71, 0xcb72, 0xcb73, 0xcb74, 0xcb75, 0xcb76,
+0xcb77, 0xbde5, 0xcb78, 0xcb79, 0xcb7a, 0xcb7b, 0xcb7c, 0xb2d8,
+0xc3ea, 0xcb7d, 0xcb7e, 0xdeba, 0xcb80, 0xc5ba, 0xcb81, 0xcb82,
+0xcb83, 0xcb84, 0xcb85, 0xcb86, 0xdebc, 0xcb87, 0xcb88, 0xcb89,
+0xcb8a, 0xcb8b, 0xcb8c, 0xcb8d, 0xccd9, 0xcb8e, 0xcb8f, 0xcb90,
+0xcb91, 0xb7aa, 0xcb92, 0xcb93, 0xcb94, 0xcb95, 0xcb96, 0xcb97,
+0xcb98, 0xcb99, 0xcb9a, 0xcb9b, 0xcb9c, 0xcb9d, 0xcb9e, 0xcb9f,
+0xcba0, 0xcc40, 0xcc41, 0xd4e5, 0xcc42, 0xcc43, 0xcc44, 0xdebd,
+0xcc45, 0xcc46, 0xcc47, 0xcc48, 0xcc49, 0xdebf, 0xcc4a, 0xcc4b,
+0xcc4c, 0xcc4d, 0xcc4e, 0xcc4f, 0xcc50, 0xcc51, 0xcc52, 0xcc53,
+0xcc54, 0xc4a2, 0xcc55, 0xcc56, 0xcc57, 0xcc58, 0xdec1, 0xcc59,
+0xcc5a, 0xcc5b, 0xcc5c, 0xcc5d, 0xcc5e, 0xcc5f, 0xcc60, 0xcc61,
+0xcc62, 0xcc63, 0xcc64, 0xcc65, 0xcc66, 0xcc67, 0xcc68, 0xdebe,
+0xcc69, 0xdec0, 0xcc6a, 0xcc6b, 0xcc6c, 0xcc6d, 0xcc6e, 0xcc6f,
+0xcc70, 0xcc71, 0xcc72, 0xcc73, 0xcc74, 0xcc75, 0xcc76, 0xcc77,
+0xd5ba, 0xcc78, 0xcc79, 0xcc7a, 0xdec2, 0xcc7b, 0xcc7c, 0xcc7d,
+0xcc7e, 0xcc80, 0xcc81, 0xcc82, 0xcc83, 0xcc84, 0xcc85, 0xcc86,
+0xcc87, 0xcc88, 0xcc89, 0xcc8a, 0xcc8b, 0xf2ae, 0xbba2, 0xc2b2,
+0xc5b0, 0xc2c7, 0xcc8c, 0xcc8d, 0xf2af, 0xcc8e, 0xcc8f, 0xcc90,
+0xcc91, 0xcc92, 0xd0e9, 0xcc93, 0xcc94, 0xcc95, 0xd3dd, 0xcc96,
+0xcc97, 0xcc98, 0xebbd, 0xcc99, 0xcc9a, 0xcc9b, 0xcc9c, 0xcc9d,
+0xcc9e, 0xcc9f, 0xcca0, 0xb3e6, 0xf2b0, 0xcd40, 0xf2b1, 0xcd41,
+0xcd42, 0xcaad, 0xcd43, 0xcd44, 0xcd45, 0xcd46, 0xcd47, 0xcd48,
+0xcd49, 0xbae7, 0xf2b3, 0xf2b5, 0xf2b4, 0xcbe4, 0xcfba, 0xf2b2,
+0xcab4, 0xd2cf, 0xc2ec, 0xcd4a, 0xcd4b, 0xcd4c, 0xcd4d, 0xcd4e,
+0xcd4f, 0xcd50, 0xcec3, 0xf2b8, 0xb0f6, 0xf2b7, 0xcd51, 0xcd52,
+0xcd53, 0xcd54, 0xcd55, 0xf2be, 0xcd56, 0xb2cf, 0xcd57, 0xcd58,
+0xcd59, 0xcd5a, 0xcd5b, 0xcd5c, 0xd1c1, 0xf2ba, 0xcd5d, 0xcd5e,
+0xcd5f, 0xcd60, 0xcd61, 0xf2bc, 0xd4e9, 0xcd62, 0xcd63, 0xf2bb,
+0xf2b6, 0xf2bf, 0xf2bd, 0xcd64, 0xf2b9, 0xcd65, 0xcd66, 0xf2c7,
+0xf2c4, 0xf2c6, 0xcd67, 0xcd68, 0xf2ca, 0xf2c2, 0xf2c0, 0xcd69,
+0xcd6a, 0xcd6b, 0xf2c5, 0xcd6c, 0xcd6d, 0xcd6e, 0xcd6f, 0xcd70,
+0xd6fb, 0xcd71, 0xcd72, 0xcd73, 0xf2c1, 0xcd74, 0xc7f9, 0xc9df,
+0xcd75, 0xf2c8, 0xb9c6, 0xb5b0, 0xcd76, 0xcd77, 0xf2c3, 0xf2c9,
+0xf2d0, 0xf2d6, 0xcd78, 0xcd79, 0xbbd7, 0xcd7a, 0xcd7b, 0xcd7c,
+0xf2d5, 0xcddc, 0xcd7d, 0xd6eb, 0xcd7e, 0xcd80, 0xf2d2, 0xf2d4,
+0xcd81, 0xcd82, 0xcd83, 0xcd84, 0xb8f2, 0xcd85, 0xcd86, 0xcd87,
+0xcd88, 0xf2cb, 0xcd89, 0xcd8a, 0xcd8b, 0xf2ce, 0xc2f9, 0xcd8c,
+0xd5dd, 0xf2cc, 0xf2cd, 0xf2cf, 0xf2d3, 0xcd8d, 0xcd8e, 0xcd8f,
+0xf2d9, 0xd3bc, 0xcd90, 0xcd91, 0xcd92, 0xcd93, 0xb6ea, 0xcd94,
+0xcaf1, 0xcd95, 0xb7e4, 0xf2d7, 0xcd96, 0xcd97, 0xcd98, 0xf2d8,
+0xf2da, 0xf2dd, 0xf2db, 0xcd99, 0xcd9a, 0xf2dc, 0xcd9b, 0xcd9c,
+0xcd9d, 0xcd9e, 0xd1d1, 0xf2d1, 0xcd9f, 0xcdc9, 0xcda0, 0xcecf,
+0xd6a9, 0xce40, 0xf2e3, 0xce41, 0xc3db, 0xce42, 0xf2e0, 0xce43,
+0xce44, 0xc0af, 0xf2ec, 0xf2de, 0xce45, 0xf2e1, 0xce46, 0xce47,
+0xce48, 0xf2e8, 0xce49, 0xce4a, 0xce4b, 0xce4c, 0xf2e2, 0xce4d,
+0xce4e, 0xf2e7, 0xce4f, 0xce50, 0xf2e6, 0xce51, 0xce52, 0xf2e9,
+0xce53, 0xce54, 0xce55, 0xf2df, 0xce56, 0xce57, 0xf2e4, 0xf2ea,
+0xce58, 0xce59, 0xce5a, 0xce5b, 0xce5c, 0xce5d, 0xce5e, 0xd3ac,
+0xf2e5, 0xb2f5, 0xce5f, 0xce60, 0xf2f2, 0xce61, 0xd0ab, 0xce62,
+0xce63, 0xce64, 0xce65, 0xf2f5, 0xce66, 0xce67, 0xce68, 0xbbc8,
+0xce69, 0xf2f9, 0xce6a, 0xce6b, 0xce6c, 0xce6d, 0xce6e, 0xce6f,
+0xf2f0, 0xce70, 0xce71, 0xf2f6, 0xf2f8, 0xf2fa, 0xce72, 0xce73,
+0xce74, 0xce75, 0xce76, 0xce77, 0xce78, 0xce79, 0xf2f3, 0xce7a,
+0xf2f1, 0xce7b, 0xce7c, 0xce7d, 0xbafb, 0xce7e, 0xb5fb, 0xce80,
+0xce81, 0xce82, 0xce83, 0xf2ef, 0xf2f7, 0xf2ed, 0xf2ee, 0xce84,
+0xce85, 0xce86, 0xf2eb, 0xf3a6, 0xce87, 0xf3a3, 0xce88, 0xce89,
+0xf3a2, 0xce8a, 0xce8b, 0xf2f4, 0xce8c, 0xc8da, 0xce8d, 0xce8e,
+0xce8f, 0xce90, 0xce91, 0xf2fb, 0xce92, 0xce93, 0xce94, 0xf3a5,
+0xce95, 0xce96, 0xce97, 0xce98, 0xce99, 0xce9a, 0xce9b, 0xc3f8,
+0xce9c, 0xce9d, 0xce9e, 0xce9f, 0xcea0, 0xcf40, 0xcf41, 0xcf42,
+0xf2fd, 0xcf43, 0xcf44, 0xf3a7, 0xf3a9, 0xf3a4, 0xcf45, 0xf2fc,
+0xcf46, 0xcf47, 0xcf48, 0xf3ab, 0xcf49, 0xf3aa, 0xcf4a, 0xcf4b,
+0xcf4c, 0xcf4d, 0xc2dd, 0xcf4e, 0xcf4f, 0xf3ae, 0xcf50, 0xcf51,
+0xf3b0, 0xcf52, 0xcf53, 0xcf54, 0xcf55, 0xcf56, 0xf3a1, 0xcf57,
+0xcf58, 0xcf59, 0xf3b1, 0xf3ac, 0xcf5a, 0xcf5b, 0xcf5c, 0xcf5d,
+0xcf5e, 0xf3af, 0xf2fe, 0xf3ad, 0xcf5f, 0xcf60, 0xcf61, 0xcf62,
+0xcf63, 0xcf64, 0xcf65, 0xf3b2, 0xcf66, 0xcf67, 0xcf68, 0xcf69,
+0xf3b4, 0xcf6a, 0xcf6b, 0xcf6c, 0xcf6d, 0xf3a8, 0xcf6e, 0xcf6f,
+0xcf70, 0xcf71, 0xf3b3, 0xcf72, 0xcf73, 0xcf74, 0xf3b5, 0xcf75,
+0xcf76, 0xcf77, 0xcf78, 0xcf79, 0xcf7a, 0xcf7b, 0xcf7c, 0xcf7d,
+0xcf7e, 0xd0b7, 0xcf80, 0xcf81, 0xcf82, 0xcf83, 0xf3b8, 0xcf84,
+0xcf85, 0xcf86, 0xcf87, 0xd9f9, 0xcf88, 0xcf89, 0xcf8a, 0xcf8b,
+0xcf8c, 0xcf8d, 0xf3b9, 0xcf8e, 0xcf8f, 0xcf90, 0xcf91, 0xcf92,
+0xcf93, 0xcf94, 0xcf95, 0xf3b7, 0xcf96, 0xc8e4, 0xf3b6, 0xcf97,
+0xcf98, 0xcf99, 0xcf9a, 0xf3ba, 0xcf9b, 0xcf9c, 0xcf9d, 0xcf9e,
+0xcf9f, 0xf3bb, 0xb4c0, 0xcfa0, 0xd040, 0xd041, 0xd042, 0xd043,
+0xd044, 0xd045, 0xd046, 0xd047, 0xd048, 0xd049, 0xd04a, 0xd04b,
+0xd04c, 0xd04d, 0xeec3, 0xd04e, 0xd04f, 0xd050, 0xd051, 0xd052,
+0xd053, 0xf3bc, 0xd054, 0xd055, 0xf3bd, 0xd056, 0xd057, 0xd058,
+0xd1aa, 0xd059, 0xd05a, 0xd05b, 0xf4ac, 0xd0c6, 0xd05c, 0xd05d,
+0xd05e, 0xd05f, 0xd060, 0xd061, 0xd0d0, 0xd1dc, 0xd062, 0xd063,
+0xd064, 0xd065, 0xd066, 0xd067, 0xcfce, 0xd068, 0xd069, 0xbdd6,
+0xd06a, 0xd1c3, 0xd06b, 0xd06c, 0xd06d, 0xd06e, 0xd06f, 0xd070,
+0xd071, 0xbae2, 0xe1e9, 0xd2c2, 0xf1c2, 0xb2b9, 0xd072, 0xd073,
+0xb1ed, 0xf1c3, 0xd074, 0xc9c0, 0xb3c4, 0xd075, 0xd9f2, 0xd076,
+0xcba5, 0xd077, 0xf1c4, 0xd078, 0xd079, 0xd07a, 0xd07b, 0xd6d4,
+0xd07c, 0xd07d, 0xd07e, 0xd080, 0xd081, 0xf1c5, 0xf4c0, 0xf1c6,
+0xd082, 0xd4ac, 0xf1c7, 0xd083, 0xb0c0, 0xf4c1, 0xd084, 0xd085,
+0xf4c2, 0xd086, 0xd087, 0xb4fc, 0xd088, 0xc5db, 0xd089, 0xd08a,
+0xd08b, 0xd08c, 0xccbb, 0xd08d, 0xd08e, 0xd08f, 0xd0e4, 0xd090,
+0xd091, 0xd092, 0xd093, 0xd094, 0xcde0, 0xd095, 0xd096, 0xd097,
+0xd098, 0xd099, 0xf1c8, 0xd09a, 0xd9f3, 0xd09b, 0xd09c, 0xd09d,
+0xd09e, 0xd09f, 0xd0a0, 0xb1bb, 0xd140, 0xcfae, 0xd141, 0xd142,
+0xd143, 0xb8a4, 0xd144, 0xd145, 0xd146, 0xd147, 0xd148, 0xf1ca,
+0xd149, 0xd14a, 0xd14b, 0xd14c, 0xf1cb, 0xd14d, 0xd14e, 0xd14f,
+0xd150, 0xb2c3, 0xc1d1, 0xd151, 0xd152, 0xd7b0, 0xf1c9, 0xd153,
+0xd154, 0xf1cc, 0xd155, 0xd156, 0xd157, 0xd158, 0xf1ce, 0xd159,
+0xd15a, 0xd15b, 0xd9f6, 0xd15c, 0xd2e1, 0xd4a3, 0xd15d, 0xd15e,
+0xf4c3, 0xc8b9, 0xd15f, 0xd160, 0xd161, 0xd162, 0xd163, 0xf4c4,
+0xd164, 0xd165, 0xf1cd, 0xf1cf, 0xbfe3, 0xf1d0, 0xd166, 0xd167,
+0xf1d4, 0xd168, 0xd169, 0xd16a, 0xd16b, 0xd16c, 0xd16d, 0xd16e,
+0xf1d6, 0xf1d1, 0xd16f, 0xc9d1, 0xc5e1, 0xd170, 0xd171, 0xd172,
+0xc2e3, 0xb9fc, 0xd173, 0xd174, 0xf1d3, 0xd175, 0xf1d5, 0xd176,
+0xd177, 0xd178, 0xb9d3, 0xd179, 0xd17a, 0xd17b, 0xd17c, 0xd17d,
+0xd17e, 0xd180, 0xf1db, 0xd181, 0xd182, 0xd183, 0xd184, 0xd185,
+0xbad6, 0xd186, 0xb0fd, 0xf1d9, 0xd187, 0xd188, 0xd189, 0xd18a,
+0xd18b, 0xf1d8, 0xf1d2, 0xf1da, 0xd18c, 0xd18d, 0xd18e, 0xd18f,
+0xd190, 0xf1d7, 0xd191, 0xd192, 0xd193, 0xc8ec, 0xd194, 0xd195,
+0xd196, 0xd197, 0xcdca, 0xf1dd, 0xd198, 0xd199, 0xd19a, 0xd19b,
+0xe5bd, 0xd19c, 0xd19d, 0xd19e, 0xf1dc, 0xd19f, 0xf1de, 0xd1a0,
+0xd240, 0xd241, 0xd242, 0xd243, 0xd244, 0xd245, 0xd246, 0xd247,
+0xd248, 0xf1df, 0xd249, 0xd24a, 0xcfe5, 0xd24b, 0xd24c, 0xd24d,
+0xd24e, 0xd24f, 0xd250, 0xd251, 0xd252, 0xd253, 0xd254, 0xd255,
+0xd256, 0xd257, 0xd258, 0xd259, 0xd25a, 0xd25b, 0xd25c, 0xd25d,
+0xd25e, 0xd25f, 0xd260, 0xd261, 0xd262, 0xd263, 0xf4c5, 0xbdf3,
+0xd264, 0xd265, 0xd266, 0xd267, 0xd268, 0xd269, 0xf1e0, 0xd26a,
+0xd26b, 0xd26c, 0xd26d, 0xd26e, 0xd26f, 0xd270, 0xd271, 0xd272,
+0xd273, 0xd274, 0xd275, 0xd276, 0xd277, 0xd278, 0xd279, 0xd27a,
+0xd27b, 0xd27c, 0xd27d, 0xf1e1, 0xd27e, 0xd280, 0xd281, 0xcef7,
+0xd282, 0xd2aa, 0xd283, 0xf1fb, 0xd284, 0xd285, 0xb8b2, 0xd286,
+0xd287, 0xd288, 0xd289, 0xd28a, 0xd28b, 0xd28c, 0xd28d, 0xd28e,
+0xd28f, 0xd290, 0xd291, 0xd292, 0xd293, 0xd294, 0xd295, 0xd296,
+0xd297, 0xd298, 0xd299, 0xd29a, 0xd29b, 0xd29c, 0xd29d, 0xd29e,
+0xd29f, 0xd2a0, 0xd340, 0xd341, 0xd342, 0xd343, 0xd344, 0xd345,
+0xd346, 0xd347, 0xd348, 0xd349, 0xd34a, 0xd34b, 0xd34c, 0xd34d,
+0xd34e, 0xd34f, 0xd350, 0xd351, 0xd352, 0xd353, 0xd354, 0xd355,
+0xd356, 0xd357, 0xd358, 0xd359, 0xd35a, 0xd35b, 0xd35c, 0xd35d,
+0xd35e, 0xbcfb, 0xb9db, 0xd35f, 0xb9e6, 0xc3d9, 0xcad3, 0xeae8,
+0xc0c0, 0xbef5, 0xeae9, 0xeaea, 0xeaeb, 0xd360, 0xeaec, 0xeaed,
+0xeaee, 0xeaef, 0xbdc7, 0xd361, 0xd362, 0xd363, 0xf5fb, 0xd364,
+0xd365, 0xd366, 0xf5fd, 0xd367, 0xf5fe, 0xd368, 0xf5fc, 0xd369,
+0xd36a, 0xd36b, 0xd36c, 0xbde2, 0xd36d, 0xf6a1, 0xb4a5, 0xd36e,
+0xd36f, 0xd370, 0xd371, 0xf6a2, 0xd372, 0xd373, 0xd374, 0xf6a3,
+0xd375, 0xd376, 0xd377, 0xecb2, 0xd378, 0xd379, 0xd37a, 0xd37b,
+0xd37c, 0xd37d, 0xd37e, 0xd380, 0xd381, 0xd382, 0xd383, 0xd384,
+0xd1d4, 0xd385, 0xd386, 0xd387, 0xd388, 0xd389, 0xd38a, 0xd9ea,
+0xd38b, 0xd38c, 0xd38d, 0xd38e, 0xd38f, 0xd390, 0xd391, 0xd392,
+0xd393, 0xd394, 0xd395, 0xd396, 0xd397, 0xd398, 0xd399, 0xd39a,
+0xd39b, 0xd39c, 0xd39d, 0xd39e, 0xd39f, 0xd3a0, 0xd440, 0xd441,
+0xd442, 0xd443, 0xd444, 0xd445, 0xd446, 0xd447, 0xd448, 0xd449,
+0xd44a, 0xd44b, 0xd44c, 0xd44d, 0xd44e, 0xd44f, 0xd450, 0xd451,
+0xd452, 0xd453, 0xd454, 0xd455, 0xd456, 0xd457, 0xd458, 0xd459,
+0xd45a, 0xd45b, 0xd45c, 0xd45d, 0xd45e, 0xd45f, 0xf6a4, 0xd460,
+0xd461, 0xd462, 0xd463, 0xd464, 0xd465, 0xd466, 0xd467, 0xd468,
+0xeeba, 0xd469, 0xd46a, 0xd46b, 0xd46c, 0xd46d, 0xd46e, 0xd46f,
+0xd470, 0xd471, 0xd472, 0xd473, 0xd474, 0xd475, 0xd476, 0xd477,
+0xd478, 0xd479, 0xd47a, 0xd47b, 0xd47c, 0xd47d, 0xd47e, 0xd480,
+0xd481, 0xd482, 0xd483, 0xd484, 0xd485, 0xd486, 0xd487, 0xd488,
+0xd489, 0xd48a, 0xd48b, 0xd48c, 0xd48d, 0xd48e, 0xd48f, 0xd490,
+0xd491, 0xd492, 0xd493, 0xd494, 0xd495, 0xd496, 0xd497, 0xd498,
+0xd499, 0xd5b2, 0xd49a, 0xd49b, 0xd49c, 0xd49d, 0xd49e, 0xd49f,
+0xd4a0, 0xd540, 0xd541, 0xd542, 0xd543, 0xd544, 0xd545, 0xd546,
+0xd547, 0xd3fe, 0xccdc, 0xd548, 0xd549, 0xd54a, 0xd54b, 0xd54c,
+0xd54d, 0xd54e, 0xd54f, 0xcac4, 0xd550, 0xd551, 0xd552, 0xd553,
+0xd554, 0xd555, 0xd556, 0xd557, 0xd558, 0xd559, 0xd55a, 0xd55b,
+0xd55c, 0xd55d, 0xd55e, 0xd55f, 0xd560, 0xd561, 0xd562, 0xd563,
+0xd564, 0xd565, 0xd566, 0xd567, 0xd568, 0xd569, 0xd56a, 0xd56b,
+0xd56c, 0xd56d, 0xd56e, 0xd56f, 0xd570, 0xd571, 0xd572, 0xd573,
+0xd574, 0xd575, 0xd576, 0xd577, 0xd578, 0xd579, 0xd57a, 0xd57b,
+0xd57c, 0xd57d, 0xd57e, 0xd580, 0xd581, 0xd582, 0xd583, 0xd584,
+0xd585, 0xd586, 0xd587, 0xd588, 0xd589, 0xd58a, 0xd58b, 0xd58c,
+0xd58d, 0xd58e, 0xd58f, 0xd590, 0xd591, 0xd592, 0xd593, 0xd594,
+0xd595, 0xd596, 0xd597, 0xd598, 0xd599, 0xd59a, 0xd59b, 0xd59c,
+0xd59d, 0xd59e, 0xd59f, 0xd5a0, 0xd640, 0xd641, 0xd642, 0xd643,
+0xd644, 0xd645, 0xd646, 0xd647, 0xd648, 0xd649, 0xd64a, 0xd64b,
+0xd64c, 0xd64d, 0xd64e, 0xd64f, 0xd650, 0xd651, 0xd652, 0xd653,
+0xd654, 0xd655, 0xd656, 0xd657, 0xd658, 0xd659, 0xd65a, 0xd65b,
+0xd65c, 0xd65d, 0xd65e, 0xd65f, 0xd660, 0xd661, 0xd662, 0xe5c0,
+0xd663, 0xd664, 0xd665, 0xd666, 0xd667, 0xd668, 0xd669, 0xd66a,
+0xd66b, 0xd66c, 0xd66d, 0xd66e, 0xd66f, 0xd670, 0xd671, 0xd672,
+0xd673, 0xd674, 0xd675, 0xd676, 0xd677, 0xd678, 0xd679, 0xd67a,
+0xd67b, 0xd67c, 0xd67d, 0xd67e, 0xd680, 0xd681, 0xf6a5, 0xd682,
+0xd683, 0xd684, 0xd685, 0xd686, 0xd687, 0xd688, 0xd689, 0xd68a,
+0xd68b, 0xd68c, 0xd68d, 0xd68e, 0xd68f, 0xd690, 0xd691, 0xd692,
+0xd693, 0xd694, 0xd695, 0xd696, 0xd697, 0xd698, 0xd699, 0xd69a,
+0xd69b, 0xd69c, 0xd69d, 0xd69e, 0xd69f, 0xd6a0, 0xd740, 0xd741,
+0xd742, 0xd743, 0xd744, 0xd745, 0xd746, 0xd747, 0xd748, 0xd749,
+0xd74a, 0xd74b, 0xd74c, 0xd74d, 0xd74e, 0xd74f, 0xd750, 0xd751,
+0xd752, 0xd753, 0xd754, 0xd755, 0xd756, 0xd757, 0xd758, 0xd759,
+0xd75a, 0xd75b, 0xd75c, 0xd75d, 0xd75e, 0xd75f, 0xbeaf, 0xd760,
+0xd761, 0xd762, 0xd763, 0xd764, 0xc6a9, 0xd765, 0xd766, 0xd767,
+0xd768, 0xd769, 0xd76a, 0xd76b, 0xd76c, 0xd76d, 0xd76e, 0xd76f,
+0xd770, 0xd771, 0xd772, 0xd773, 0xd774, 0xd775, 0xd776, 0xd777,
+0xd778, 0xd779, 0xd77a, 0xd77b, 0xd77c, 0xd77d, 0xd77e, 0xd780,
+0xd781, 0xd782, 0xd783, 0xd784, 0xd785, 0xd786, 0xd787, 0xd788,
+0xd789, 0xd78a, 0xd78b, 0xd78c, 0xd78d, 0xd78e, 0xd78f, 0xd790,
+0xd791, 0xd792, 0xd793, 0xd794, 0xd795, 0xd796, 0xd797, 0xd798,
+0xdaa5, 0xbcc6, 0xb6a9, 0xb8bc, 0xc8cf, 0xbca5, 0xdaa6, 0xdaa7,
+0xccd6, 0xc8c3, 0xdaa8, 0xc6fd, 0xd799, 0xd1b5, 0xd2e9, 0xd1b6,
+0xbcc7, 0xd79a, 0xbdb2, 0xbbe4, 0xdaa9, 0xdaaa, 0xd1c8, 0xdaab,
+0xd0ed, 0xb6ef, 0xc2db, 0xd79b, 0xcbcf, 0xb7ed, 0xc9e8, 0xb7c3,
+0xbef7, 0xd6a4, 0xdaac, 0xdaad, 0xc6c0, 0xd7e7, 0xcab6, 0xd79c,
+0xd5a9, 0xcbdf, 0xd5ef, 0xdaae, 0xd6df, 0xb4ca, 0xdab0, 0xdaaf,
+0xd79d, 0xd2eb, 0xdab1, 0xdab2, 0xdab3, 0xcad4, 0xdab4, 0xcaab,
+0xdab5, 0xdab6, 0xb3cf, 0xd6ef, 0xdab7, 0xbbb0, 0xb5ae, 0xdab8,
+0xdab9, 0xb9ee, 0xd1af, 0xd2e8, 0xdaba, 0xb8c3, 0xcfea, 0xb2ef,
+0xdabb, 0xdabc, 0xd79e, 0xbdeb, 0xcedc, 0xd3ef, 0xdabd, 0xcef3,
+0xdabe, 0xd3d5, 0xbbe5, 0xdabf, 0xcbb5, 0xcbd0, 0xdac0, 0xc7eb,
+0xd6ee, 0xdac1, 0xc5b5, 0xb6c1, 0xdac2, 0xb7cc, 0xbfce, 0xdac3,
+0xdac4, 0xcbad, 0xdac5, 0xb5f7, 0xdac6, 0xc1c2, 0xd7bb, 0xdac7,
+0xccb8, 0xd79f, 0xd2ea, 0xc4b1, 0xdac8, 0xb5fd, 0xbbd1, 0xdac9,
+0xd0b3, 0xdaca, 0xdacb, 0xcebd, 0xdacc, 0xdacd, 0xdace, 0xb2f7,
+0xdad1, 0xdacf, 0xd1e8, 0xdad0, 0xc3d5, 0xdad2, 0xd7a0, 0xdad3,
+0xdad4, 0xdad5, 0xd0bb, 0xd2a5, 0xb0f9, 0xdad6, 0xc7ab, 0xdad7,
+0xbdf7, 0xc3a1, 0xdad8, 0xdad9, 0xc3fd, 0xccb7, 0xdada, 0xdadb,
+0xc0be, 0xc6d7, 0xdadc, 0xdadd, 0xc7b4, 0xdade, 0xdadf, 0xb9c8,
+0xd840, 0xd841, 0xd842, 0xd843, 0xd844, 0xd845, 0xd846, 0xd847,
+0xd848, 0xbbed, 0xd849, 0xd84a, 0xd84b, 0xd84c, 0xb6b9, 0xf4f8,
+0xd84d, 0xf4f9, 0xd84e, 0xd84f, 0xcde3, 0xd850, 0xd851, 0xd852,
+0xd853, 0xd854, 0xd855, 0xd856, 0xd857, 0xf5b9, 0xd858, 0xd859,
+0xd85a, 0xd85b, 0xebe0, 0xd85c, 0xd85d, 0xd85e, 0xd85f, 0xd860,
+0xd861, 0xcff3, 0xbbbf, 0xd862, 0xd863, 0xd864, 0xd865, 0xd866,
+0xd867, 0xd868, 0xbac0, 0xd4a5, 0xd869, 0xd86a, 0xd86b, 0xd86c,
+0xd86d, 0xd86e, 0xd86f, 0xe1d9, 0xd870, 0xd871, 0xd872, 0xd873,
+0xf5f4, 0xb1aa, 0xb2f2, 0xd874, 0xd875, 0xd876, 0xd877, 0xd878,
+0xd879, 0xd87a, 0xf5f5, 0xd87b, 0xd87c, 0xf5f7, 0xd87d, 0xd87e,
+0xd880, 0xbad1, 0xf5f6, 0xd881, 0xc3b2, 0xd882, 0xd883, 0xd884,
+0xd885, 0xd886, 0xd887, 0xd888, 0xf5f9, 0xd889, 0xd88a, 0xd88b,
+0xf5f8, 0xd88c, 0xd88d, 0xd88e, 0xd88f, 0xd890, 0xd891, 0xd892,
+0xd893, 0xd894, 0xd895, 0xd896, 0xd897, 0xd898, 0xd899, 0xd89a,
+0xd89b, 0xd89c, 0xd89d, 0xd89e, 0xd89f, 0xd8a0, 0xd940, 0xd941,
+0xd942, 0xd943, 0xd944, 0xd945, 0xd946, 0xd947, 0xd948, 0xd949,
+0xd94a, 0xd94b, 0xd94c, 0xd94d, 0xd94e, 0xd94f, 0xd950, 0xd951,
+0xd952, 0xd953, 0xd954, 0xd955, 0xd956, 0xd957, 0xd958, 0xd959,
+0xd95a, 0xd95b, 0xd95c, 0xd95d, 0xd95e, 0xd95f, 0xd960, 0xd961,
+0xd962, 0xd963, 0xd964, 0xd965, 0xd966, 0xd967, 0xd968, 0xd969,
+0xd96a, 0xd96b, 0xd96c, 0xd96d, 0xd96e, 0xd96f, 0xd970, 0xd971,
+0xd972, 0xd973, 0xd974, 0xd975, 0xd976, 0xd977, 0xd978, 0xd979,
+0xd97a, 0xd97b, 0xd97c, 0xd97d, 0xd97e, 0xd980, 0xd981, 0xd982,
+0xd983, 0xd984, 0xd985, 0xd986, 0xd987, 0xd988, 0xd989, 0xd98a,
+0xd98b, 0xd98c, 0xd98d, 0xd98e, 0xd98f, 0xd990, 0xd991, 0xd992,
+0xd993, 0xd994, 0xd995, 0xd996, 0xd997, 0xd998, 0xd999, 0xd99a,
+0xd99b, 0xd99c, 0xd99d, 0xd99e, 0xd99f, 0xd9a0, 0xda40, 0xda41,
+0xda42, 0xda43, 0xda44, 0xda45, 0xda46, 0xda47, 0xda48, 0xda49,
+0xda4a, 0xda4b, 0xda4c, 0xda4d, 0xda4e, 0xb1b4, 0xd5ea, 0xb8ba,
+0xda4f, 0xb9b1, 0xb2c6, 0xd4f0, 0xcfcd, 0xb0dc, 0xd5cb, 0xbbf5,
+0xd6ca, 0xb7b7, 0xccb0, 0xc6b6, 0xb1e1, 0xb9ba, 0xd6fc, 0xb9e1,
+0xb7a1, 0xbcfa, 0xeada, 0xeadb, 0xccf9, 0xb9f3, 0xeadc, 0xb4fb,
+0xc3b3, 0xb7d1, 0xbad8, 0xeadd, 0xd4f4, 0xeade, 0xbcd6, 0xbbdf,
+0xeadf, 0xc1de, 0xc2b8, 0xd4df, 0xd7ca, 0xeae0, 0xeae1, 0xeae4,
+0xeae2, 0xeae3, 0xc9de, 0xb8b3, 0xb6c4, 0xeae5, 0xcaea, 0xc9cd,
+0xb4cd, 0xda50, 0xda51, 0xe2d9, 0xc5e2, 0xeae6, 0xc0b5, 0xda52,
+0xd7b8, 0xeae7, 0xd7ac, 0xc8fc, 0xd8d3, 0xd8cd, 0xd4de, 0xda53,
+0xd4f9, 0xc9c4, 0xd3ae, 0xb8d3, 0xb3e0, 0xda54, 0xc9e2, 0xf4f6,
+0xda55, 0xda56, 0xda57, 0xbad5, 0xda58, 0xf4f7, 0xda59, 0xda5a,
+0xd7df, 0xda5b, 0xda5c, 0xf4f1, 0xb8b0, 0xd5d4, 0xb8cf, 0xc6f0,
+0xda5d, 0xda5e, 0xda5f, 0xda60, 0xda61, 0xda62, 0xda63, 0xda64,
+0xda65, 0xb3c3, 0xda66, 0xda67, 0xf4f2, 0xb3ac, 0xda68, 0xda69,
+0xda6a, 0xda6b, 0xd4bd, 0xc7f7, 0xda6c, 0xda6d, 0xda6e, 0xda6f,
+0xda70, 0xf4f4, 0xda71, 0xda72, 0xf4f3, 0xda73, 0xda74, 0xda75,
+0xda76, 0xda77, 0xda78, 0xda79, 0xda7a, 0xda7b, 0xda7c, 0xcccb,
+0xda7d, 0xda7e, 0xda80, 0xc8a4, 0xda81, 0xda82, 0xda83, 0xda84,
+0xda85, 0xda86, 0xda87, 0xda88, 0xda89, 0xda8a, 0xda8b, 0xda8c,
+0xda8d, 0xf4f5, 0xda8e, 0xd7e3, 0xc5bf, 0xf5c0, 0xda8f, 0xda90,
+0xf5bb, 0xda91, 0xf5c3, 0xda92, 0xf5c2, 0xda93, 0xd6ba, 0xf5c1,
+0xda94, 0xda95, 0xda96, 0xd4be, 0xf5c4, 0xda97, 0xf5cc, 0xda98,
+0xda99, 0xda9a, 0xda9b, 0xb0cf, 0xb5f8, 0xda9c, 0xf5c9, 0xf5ca,
+0xda9d, 0xc5dc, 0xda9e, 0xda9f, 0xdaa0, 0xdb40, 0xf5c5, 0xf5c6,
+0xdb41, 0xdb42, 0xf5c7, 0xf5cb, 0xdb43, 0xbee0, 0xf5c8, 0xb8fa,
+0xdb44, 0xdb45, 0xdb46, 0xf5d0, 0xf5d3, 0xdb47, 0xdb48, 0xdb49,
+0xbfe7, 0xdb4a, 0xb9f2, 0xf5bc, 0xf5cd, 0xdb4b, 0xdb4c, 0xc2b7,
+0xdb4d, 0xdb4e, 0xdb4f, 0xccf8, 0xdb50, 0xbcf9, 0xdb51, 0xf5ce,
+0xf5cf, 0xf5d1, 0xb6e5, 0xf5d2, 0xdb52, 0xf5d5, 0xdb53, 0xdb54,
+0xdb55, 0xdb56, 0xdb57, 0xdb58, 0xdb59, 0xf5bd, 0xdb5a, 0xdb5b,
+0xdb5c, 0xf5d4, 0xd3bb, 0xdb5d, 0xb3ec, 0xdb5e, 0xdb5f, 0xcca4,
+0xdb60, 0xdb61, 0xdb62, 0xdb63, 0xf5d6, 0xdb64, 0xdb65, 0xdb66,
+0xdb67, 0xdb68, 0xdb69, 0xdb6a, 0xdb6b, 0xf5d7, 0xbee1, 0xf5d8,
+0xdb6c, 0xdb6d, 0xccdf, 0xf5db, 0xdb6e, 0xdb6f, 0xdb70, 0xdb71,
+0xdb72, 0xb2c8, 0xd7d9, 0xdb73, 0xf5d9, 0xdb74, 0xf5da, 0xf5dc,
+0xdb75, 0xf5e2, 0xdb76, 0xdb77, 0xdb78, 0xf5e0, 0xdb79, 0xdb7a,
+0xdb7b, 0xf5df, 0xf5dd, 0xdb7c, 0xdb7d, 0xf5e1, 0xdb7e, 0xdb80,
+0xf5de, 0xf5e4, 0xf5e5, 0xdb81, 0xcce3, 0xdb82, 0xdb83, 0xe5bf,
+0xb5b8, 0xf5e3, 0xf5e8, 0xcca3, 0xdb84, 0xdb85, 0xdb86, 0xdb87,
+0xdb88, 0xf5e6, 0xf5e7, 0xdb89, 0xdb8a, 0xdb8b, 0xdb8c, 0xdb8d,
+0xdb8e, 0xf5be, 0xdb8f, 0xdb90, 0xdb91, 0xdb92, 0xdb93, 0xdb94,
+0xdb95, 0xdb96, 0xdb97, 0xdb98, 0xdb99, 0xdb9a, 0xb1c4, 0xdb9b,
+0xdb9c, 0xf5bf, 0xdb9d, 0xdb9e, 0xb5c5, 0xb2e4, 0xdb9f, 0xf5ec,
+0xf5e9, 0xdba0, 0xb6d7, 0xdc40, 0xf5ed, 0xdc41, 0xf5ea, 0xdc42,
+0xdc43, 0xdc44, 0xdc45, 0xdc46, 0xf5eb, 0xdc47, 0xdc48, 0xb4da,
+0xdc49, 0xd4ea, 0xdc4a, 0xdc4b, 0xdc4c, 0xf5ee, 0xdc4d, 0xb3f9,
+0xdc4e, 0xdc4f, 0xdc50, 0xdc51, 0xdc52, 0xdc53, 0xdc54, 0xf5ef,
+0xf5f1, 0xdc55, 0xdc56, 0xdc57, 0xf5f0, 0xdc58, 0xdc59, 0xdc5a,
+0xdc5b, 0xdc5c, 0xdc5d, 0xdc5e, 0xf5f2, 0xdc5f, 0xf5f3, 0xdc60,
+0xdc61, 0xdc62, 0xdc63, 0xdc64, 0xdc65, 0xdc66, 0xdc67, 0xdc68,
+0xdc69, 0xdc6a, 0xdc6b, 0xc9ed, 0xb9aa, 0xdc6c, 0xdc6d, 0xc7fb,
+0xdc6e, 0xdc6f, 0xb6e3, 0xdc70, 0xdc71, 0xdc72, 0xdc73, 0xdc74,
+0xdc75, 0xdc76, 0xccc9, 0xdc77, 0xdc78, 0xdc79, 0xdc7a, 0xdc7b,
+0xdc7c, 0xdc7d, 0xdc7e, 0xdc80, 0xdc81, 0xdc82, 0xdc83, 0xdc84,
+0xdc85, 0xdc86, 0xdc87, 0xdc88, 0xdc89, 0xdc8a, 0xeaa6, 0xdc8b,
+0xdc8c, 0xdc8d, 0xdc8e, 0xdc8f, 0xdc90, 0xdc91, 0xdc92, 0xdc93,
+0xdc94, 0xdc95, 0xdc96, 0xdc97, 0xdc98, 0xdc99, 0xdc9a, 0xdc9b,
+0xdc9c, 0xdc9d, 0xdc9e, 0xdc9f, 0xdca0, 0xdd40, 0xdd41, 0xdd42,
+0xdd43, 0xdd44, 0xdd45, 0xdd46, 0xdd47, 0xdd48, 0xdd49, 0xdd4a,
+0xdd4b, 0xdd4c, 0xdd4d, 0xdd4e, 0xdd4f, 0xdd50, 0xdd51, 0xdd52,
+0xdd53, 0xdd54, 0xdd55, 0xdd56, 0xdd57, 0xdd58, 0xdd59, 0xdd5a,
+0xdd5b, 0xdd5c, 0xdd5d, 0xdd5e, 0xdd5f, 0xdd60, 0xdd61, 0xdd62,
+0xdd63, 0xdd64, 0xdd65, 0xdd66, 0xdd67, 0xdd68, 0xdd69, 0xdd6a,
+0xdd6b, 0xdd6c, 0xdd6d, 0xdd6e, 0xdd6f, 0xdd70, 0xdd71, 0xdd72,
+0xdd73, 0xdd74, 0xdd75, 0xdd76, 0xdd77, 0xdd78, 0xdd79, 0xdd7a,
+0xdd7b, 0xdd7c, 0xdd7d, 0xdd7e, 0xdd80, 0xdd81, 0xdd82, 0xdd83,
+0xdd84, 0xdd85, 0xdd86, 0xdd87, 0xdd88, 0xdd89, 0xdd8a, 0xdd8b,
+0xdd8c, 0xdd8d, 0xdd8e, 0xdd8f, 0xdd90, 0xdd91, 0xdd92, 0xdd93,
+0xdd94, 0xdd95, 0xdd96, 0xdd97, 0xdd98, 0xdd99, 0xdd9a, 0xdd9b,
+0xdd9c, 0xdd9d, 0xdd9e, 0xdd9f, 0xdda0, 0xde40, 0xde41, 0xde42,
+0xde43, 0xde44, 0xde45, 0xde46, 0xde47, 0xde48, 0xde49, 0xde4a,
+0xde4b, 0xde4c, 0xde4d, 0xde4e, 0xde4f, 0xde50, 0xde51, 0xde52,
+0xde53, 0xde54, 0xde55, 0xde56, 0xde57, 0xde58, 0xde59, 0xde5a,
+0xde5b, 0xde5c, 0xde5d, 0xde5e, 0xde5f, 0xde60, 0xb3b5, 0xd4fe,
+0xb9ec, 0xd0f9, 0xde61, 0xe9ed, 0xd7aa, 0xe9ee, 0xc2d6, 0xc8ed,
+0xbae4, 0xe9ef, 0xe9f0, 0xe9f1, 0xd6e1, 0xe9f2, 0xe9f3, 0xe9f5,
+0xe9f4, 0xe9f6, 0xe9f7, 0xc7e1, 0xe9f8, 0xd4d8, 0xe9f9, 0xbdce,
+0xde62, 0xe9fa, 0xe9fb, 0xbdcf, 0xe9fc, 0xb8a8, 0xc1be, 0xe9fd,
+0xb1b2, 0xbbd4, 0xb9f5, 0xe9fe, 0xde63, 0xeaa1, 0xeaa2, 0xeaa3,
+0xb7f8, 0xbcad, 0xde64, 0xcae4, 0xe0ce, 0xd4af, 0xcfbd, 0xd5b7,
+0xeaa4, 0xd5de, 0xeaa5, 0xd0c1, 0xb9bc, 0xde65, 0xb4c7, 0xb1d9,
+0xde66, 0xde67, 0xde68, 0xc0b1, 0xde69, 0xde6a, 0xde6b, 0xde6c,
+0xb1e6, 0xb1e7, 0xde6d, 0xb1e8, 0xde6e, 0xde6f, 0xde70, 0xde71,
+0xb3bd, 0xc8e8, 0xde72, 0xde73, 0xde74, 0xde75, 0xe5c1, 0xde76,
+0xde77, 0xb1df, 0xde78, 0xde79, 0xde7a, 0xc1c9, 0xb4ef, 0xde7b,
+0xde7c, 0xc7a8, 0xd3d8, 0xde7d, 0xc6f9, 0xd1b8, 0xde7e, 0xb9fd,
+0xc2f5, 0xde80, 0xde81, 0xde82, 0xde83, 0xde84, 0xd3ad, 0xde85,
+0xd4cb, 0xbdfc, 0xde86, 0xe5c2, 0xb7b5, 0xe5c3, 0xde87, 0xde88,
+0xbbb9, 0xd5e2, 0xde89, 0xbdf8, 0xd4b6, 0xcea5, 0xc1ac, 0xb3d9,
+0xde8a, 0xde8b, 0xccf6, 0xde8c, 0xe5c6, 0xe5c4, 0xe5c8, 0xde8d,
+0xe5ca, 0xe5c7, 0xb5cf, 0xc6c8, 0xde8e, 0xb5fc, 0xe5c5, 0xde8f,
+0xcaf6, 0xde90, 0xde91, 0xe5c9, 0xde92, 0xde93, 0xde94, 0xc3d4,
+0xb1c5, 0xbca3, 0xde95, 0xde96, 0xde97, 0xd7b7, 0xde98, 0xde99,
+0xcdcb, 0xcbcd, 0xcaca, 0xccd3, 0xe5cc, 0xe5cb, 0xc4e6, 0xde9a,
+0xde9b, 0xd1a1, 0xd1b7, 0xe5cd, 0xde9c, 0xe5d0, 0xde9d, 0xcdb8,
+0xd6f0, 0xe5cf, 0xb5dd, 0xde9e, 0xcdbe, 0xde9f, 0xe5d1, 0xb6ba,
+0xdea0, 0xdf40, 0xcda8, 0xb9e4, 0xdf41, 0xcac5, 0xb3d1, 0xcbd9,
+0xd4ec, 0xe5d2, 0xb7ea, 0xdf42, 0xdf43, 0xdf44, 0xe5ce, 0xdf45,
+0xdf46, 0xdf47, 0xdf48, 0xdf49, 0xdf4a, 0xe5d5, 0xb4fe, 0xe5d6,
+0xdf4b, 0xdf4c, 0xdf4d, 0xdf4e, 0xdf4f, 0xe5d3, 0xe5d4, 0xdf50,
+0xd2dd, 0xdf51, 0xdf52, 0xc2df, 0xb1c6, 0xdf53, 0xd3e2, 0xdf54,
+0xdf55, 0xb6dd, 0xcbec, 0xdf56, 0xe5d7, 0xdf57, 0xdf58, 0xd3f6,
+0xdf59, 0xdf5a, 0xdf5b, 0xdf5c, 0xdf5d, 0xb1e9, 0xdf5e, 0xb6f4,
+0xe5da, 0xe5d8, 0xe5d9, 0xb5c0, 0xdf5f, 0xdf60, 0xdf61, 0xd2c5,
+0xe5dc, 0xdf62, 0xdf63, 0xe5de, 0xdf64, 0xdf65, 0xdf66, 0xdf67,
+0xdf68, 0xdf69, 0xe5dd, 0xc7b2, 0xdf6a, 0xd2a3, 0xdf6b, 0xdf6c,
+0xe5db, 0xdf6d, 0xdf6e, 0xdf6f, 0xdf70, 0xd4e2, 0xd5da, 0xdf71,
+0xdf72, 0xdf73, 0xdf74, 0xdf75, 0xe5e0, 0xd7f1, 0xdf76, 0xdf77,
+0xdf78, 0xdf79, 0xdf7a, 0xdf7b, 0xdf7c, 0xe5e1, 0xdf7d, 0xb1dc,
+0xd1fb, 0xdf7e, 0xe5e2, 0xe5e4, 0xdf80, 0xdf81, 0xdf82, 0xdf83,
+0xe5e3, 0xdf84, 0xdf85, 0xe5e5, 0xdf86, 0xdf87, 0xdf88, 0xdf89,
+0xdf8a, 0xd2d8, 0xdf8b, 0xb5cb, 0xdf8c, 0xe7df, 0xdf8d, 0xdaf5,
+0xdf8e, 0xdaf8, 0xdf8f, 0xdaf6, 0xdf90, 0xdaf7, 0xdf91, 0xdf92,
+0xdf93, 0xdafa, 0xd0cf, 0xc4c7, 0xdf94, 0xdf95, 0xb0ee, 0xdf96,
+0xdf97, 0xdf98, 0xd0b0, 0xdf99, 0xdaf9, 0xdf9a, 0xd3ca, 0xbaaa,
+0xdba2, 0xc7f1, 0xdf9b, 0xdafc, 0xdafb, 0xc9db, 0xdafd, 0xdf9c,
+0xdba1, 0xd7de, 0xdafe, 0xc1da, 0xdf9d, 0xdf9e, 0xdba5, 0xdf9f,
+0xdfa0, 0xd3f4, 0xe040, 0xe041, 0xdba7, 0xdba4, 0xe042, 0xdba8,
+0xe043, 0xe044, 0xbdbc, 0xe045, 0xe046, 0xe047, 0xc0c9, 0xdba3,
+0xdba6, 0xd6a3, 0xe048, 0xdba9, 0xe049, 0xe04a, 0xe04b, 0xdbad,
+0xe04c, 0xe04d, 0xe04e, 0xdbae, 0xdbac, 0xbac2, 0xe04f, 0xe050,
+0xe051, 0xbfa4, 0xdbab, 0xe052, 0xe053, 0xe054, 0xdbaa, 0xd4c7,
+0xb2bf, 0xe055, 0xe056, 0xdbaf, 0xe057, 0xb9f9, 0xe058, 0xdbb0,
+0xe059, 0xe05a, 0xe05b, 0xe05c, 0xb3bb, 0xe05d, 0xe05e, 0xe05f,
+0xb5a6, 0xe060, 0xe061, 0xe062, 0xe063, 0xb6bc, 0xdbb1, 0xe064,
+0xe065, 0xe066, 0xb6f5, 0xe067, 0xdbb2, 0xe068, 0xe069, 0xe06a,
+0xe06b, 0xe06c, 0xe06d, 0xe06e, 0xe06f, 0xe070, 0xe071, 0xe072,
+0xe073, 0xe074, 0xe075, 0xe076, 0xe077, 0xe078, 0xe079, 0xe07a,
+0xe07b, 0xb1c9, 0xe07c, 0xe07d, 0xe07e, 0xe080, 0xdbb4, 0xe081,
+0xe082, 0xe083, 0xdbb3, 0xdbb5, 0xe084, 0xe085, 0xe086, 0xe087,
+0xe088, 0xe089, 0xe08a, 0xe08b, 0xe08c, 0xe08d, 0xe08e, 0xdbb7,
+0xe08f, 0xdbb6, 0xe090, 0xe091, 0xe092, 0xe093, 0xe094, 0xe095,
+0xe096, 0xdbb8, 0xe097, 0xe098, 0xe099, 0xe09a, 0xe09b, 0xe09c,
+0xe09d, 0xe09e, 0xe09f, 0xdbb9, 0xe0a0, 0xe140, 0xdbba, 0xe141,
+0xe142, 0xd3cf, 0xf4fa, 0xc7f5, 0xd7c3, 0xc5e4, 0xf4fc, 0xf4fd,
+0xf4fb, 0xe143, 0xbec6, 0xe144, 0xe145, 0xe146, 0xe147, 0xd0ef,
+0xe148, 0xe149, 0xb7d3, 0xe14a, 0xe14b, 0xd4cd, 0xccaa, 0xe14c,
+0xe14d, 0xf5a2, 0xf5a1, 0xbaa8, 0xf4fe, 0xcbd6, 0xe14e, 0xe14f,
+0xe150, 0xf5a4, 0xc0d2, 0xe151, 0xb3ea, 0xe152, 0xcdaa, 0xf5a5,
+0xf5a3, 0xbdb4, 0xf5a8, 0xe153, 0xf5a9, 0xbdcd, 0xc3b8, 0xbfe1,
+0xcbe1, 0xf5aa, 0xe154, 0xe155, 0xe156, 0xf5a6, 0xf5a7, 0xc4f0,
+0xe157, 0xe158, 0xe159, 0xe15a, 0xe15b, 0xf5ac, 0xe15c, 0xb4bc,
+0xe15d, 0xd7ed, 0xe15e, 0xb4d7, 0xf5ab, 0xf5ae, 0xe15f, 0xe160,
+0xf5ad, 0xf5af, 0xd0d1, 0xe161, 0xe162, 0xe163, 0xe164, 0xe165,
+0xe166, 0xe167, 0xc3d1, 0xc8a9, 0xe168, 0xe169, 0xe16a, 0xe16b,
+0xe16c, 0xe16d, 0xf5b0, 0xf5b1, 0xe16e, 0xe16f, 0xe170, 0xe171,
+0xe172, 0xe173, 0xf5b2, 0xe174, 0xe175, 0xf5b3, 0xf5b4, 0xf5b5,
+0xe176, 0xe177, 0xe178, 0xe179, 0xf5b7, 0xf5b6, 0xe17a, 0xe17b,
+0xe17c, 0xe17d, 0xf5b8, 0xe17e, 0xe180, 0xe181, 0xe182, 0xe183,
+0xe184, 0xe185, 0xe186, 0xe187, 0xe188, 0xe189, 0xe18a, 0xb2c9,
+0xe18b, 0xd3d4, 0xcacd, 0xe18c, 0xc0ef, 0xd6d8, 0xd2b0, 0xc1bf,
+0xe18d, 0xbdf0, 0xe18e, 0xe18f, 0xe190, 0xe191, 0xe192, 0xe193,
+0xe194, 0xe195, 0xe196, 0xe197, 0xb8aa, 0xe198, 0xe199, 0xe19a,
+0xe19b, 0xe19c, 0xe19d, 0xe19e, 0xe19f, 0xe1a0, 0xe240, 0xe241,
+0xe242, 0xe243, 0xe244, 0xe245, 0xe246, 0xe247, 0xe248, 0xe249,
+0xe24a, 0xe24b, 0xe24c, 0xe24d, 0xe24e, 0xe24f, 0xe250, 0xe251,
+0xe252, 0xe253, 0xe254, 0xe255, 0xe256, 0xe257, 0xe258, 0xe259,
+0xe25a, 0xe25b, 0xe25c, 0xe25d, 0xe25e, 0xe25f, 0xe260, 0xe261,
+0xe262, 0xe263, 0xe264, 0xe265, 0xe266, 0xe267, 0xe268, 0xe269,
+0xe26a, 0xe26b, 0xe26c, 0xe26d, 0xe26e, 0xe26f, 0xe270, 0xe271,
+0xe272, 0xe273, 0xe274, 0xe275, 0xe276, 0xe277, 0xe278, 0xe279,
+0xe27a, 0xe27b, 0xe27c, 0xe27d, 0xe27e, 0xe280, 0xe281, 0xe282,
+0xe283, 0xe284, 0xe285, 0xe286, 0xe287, 0xe288, 0xe289, 0xe28a,
+0xe28b, 0xe28c, 0xe28d, 0xe28e, 0xe28f, 0xe290, 0xe291, 0xe292,
+0xe293, 0xe294, 0xe295, 0xe296, 0xe297, 0xe298, 0xe299, 0xe29a,
+0xe29b, 0xe29c, 0xe29d, 0xe29e, 0xe29f, 0xe2a0, 0xe340, 0xe341,
+0xe342, 0xe343, 0xe344, 0xe345, 0xe346, 0xe347, 0xe348, 0xe349,
+0xe34a, 0xe34b, 0xe34c, 0xe34d, 0xe34e, 0xe34f, 0xe350, 0xe351,
+0xe352, 0xe353, 0xe354, 0xe355, 0xe356, 0xe357, 0xe358, 0xe359,
+0xe35a, 0xe35b, 0xe35c, 0xe35d, 0xe35e, 0xe35f, 0xe360, 0xe361,
+0xe362, 0xe363, 0xe364, 0xe365, 0xe366, 0xe367, 0xe368, 0xe369,
+0xe36a, 0xe36b, 0xe36c, 0xe36d, 0xbcf8, 0xe36e, 0xe36f, 0xe370,
+0xe371, 0xe372, 0xe373, 0xe374, 0xe375, 0xe376, 0xe377, 0xe378,
+0xe379, 0xe37a, 0xe37b, 0xe37c, 0xe37d, 0xe37e, 0xe380, 0xe381,
+0xe382, 0xe383, 0xe384, 0xe385, 0xe386, 0xe387, 0xf6c6, 0xe388,
+0xe389, 0xe38a, 0xe38b, 0xe38c, 0xe38d, 0xe38e, 0xe38f, 0xe390,
+0xe391, 0xe392, 0xe393, 0xe394, 0xe395, 0xe396, 0xe397, 0xe398,
+0xe399, 0xe39a, 0xe39b, 0xe39c, 0xe39d, 0xe39e, 0xe39f, 0xe3a0,
+0xe440, 0xe441, 0xe442, 0xe443, 0xe444, 0xe445, 0xf6c7, 0xe446,
+0xe447, 0xe448, 0xe449, 0xe44a, 0xe44b, 0xe44c, 0xe44d, 0xe44e,
+0xe44f, 0xe450, 0xe451, 0xe452, 0xe453, 0xe454, 0xe455, 0xe456,
+0xe457, 0xe458, 0xe459, 0xe45a, 0xe45b, 0xe45c, 0xe45d, 0xe45e,
+0xf6c8, 0xe45f, 0xe460, 0xe461, 0xe462, 0xe463, 0xe464, 0xe465,
+0xe466, 0xe467, 0xe468, 0xe469, 0xe46a, 0xe46b, 0xe46c, 0xe46d,
+0xe46e, 0xe46f, 0xe470, 0xe471, 0xe472, 0xe473, 0xe474, 0xe475,
+0xe476, 0xe477, 0xe478, 0xe479, 0xe47a, 0xe47b, 0xe47c, 0xe47d,
+0xe47e, 0xe480, 0xe481, 0xe482, 0xe483, 0xe484, 0xe485, 0xe486,
+0xe487, 0xe488, 0xe489, 0xe48a, 0xe48b, 0xe48c, 0xe48d, 0xe48e,
+0xe48f, 0xe490, 0xe491, 0xe492, 0xe493, 0xe494, 0xe495, 0xe496,
+0xe497, 0xe498, 0xe499, 0xe49a, 0xe49b, 0xe49c, 0xe49d, 0xe49e,
+0xe49f, 0xe4a0, 0xe540, 0xe541, 0xe542, 0xe543, 0xe544, 0xe545,
+0xe546, 0xe547, 0xe548, 0xe549, 0xe54a, 0xe54b, 0xe54c, 0xe54d,
+0xe54e, 0xe54f, 0xe550, 0xe551, 0xe552, 0xe553, 0xe554, 0xe555,
+0xe556, 0xe557, 0xe558, 0xe559, 0xe55a, 0xe55b, 0xe55c, 0xe55d,
+0xe55e, 0xe55f, 0xe560, 0xe561, 0xe562, 0xe563, 0xe564, 0xe565,
+0xe566, 0xe567, 0xe568, 0xe569, 0xe56a, 0xe56b, 0xe56c, 0xe56d,
+0xe56e, 0xe56f, 0xe570, 0xe571, 0xe572, 0xe573, 0xf6c9, 0xe574,
+0xe575, 0xe576, 0xe577, 0xe578, 0xe579, 0xe57a, 0xe57b, 0xe57c,
+0xe57d, 0xe57e, 0xe580, 0xe581, 0xe582, 0xe583, 0xe584, 0xe585,
+0xe586, 0xe587, 0xe588, 0xe589, 0xe58a, 0xe58b, 0xe58c, 0xe58d,
+0xe58e, 0xe58f, 0xe590, 0xe591, 0xe592, 0xe593, 0xe594, 0xe595,
+0xe596, 0xe597, 0xe598, 0xe599, 0xe59a, 0xe59b, 0xe59c, 0xe59d,
+0xe59e, 0xe59f, 0xf6ca, 0xe5a0, 0xe640, 0xe641, 0xe642, 0xe643,
+0xe644, 0xe645, 0xe646, 0xe647, 0xe648, 0xe649, 0xe64a, 0xe64b,
+0xe64c, 0xe64d, 0xe64e, 0xe64f, 0xe650, 0xe651, 0xe652, 0xe653,
+0xe654, 0xe655, 0xe656, 0xe657, 0xe658, 0xe659, 0xe65a, 0xe65b,
+0xe65c, 0xe65d, 0xe65e, 0xe65f, 0xe660, 0xe661, 0xe662, 0xf6cc,
+0xe663, 0xe664, 0xe665, 0xe666, 0xe667, 0xe668, 0xe669, 0xe66a,
+0xe66b, 0xe66c, 0xe66d, 0xe66e, 0xe66f, 0xe670, 0xe671, 0xe672,
+0xe673, 0xe674, 0xe675, 0xe676, 0xe677, 0xe678, 0xe679, 0xe67a,
+0xe67b, 0xe67c, 0xe67d, 0xe67e, 0xe680, 0xe681, 0xe682, 0xe683,
+0xe684, 0xe685, 0xe686, 0xe687, 0xe688, 0xe689, 0xe68a, 0xe68b,
+0xe68c, 0xe68d, 0xe68e, 0xe68f, 0xe690, 0xe691, 0xe692, 0xe693,
+0xe694, 0xe695, 0xe696, 0xe697, 0xe698, 0xe699, 0xe69a, 0xe69b,
+0xe69c, 0xe69d, 0xf6cb, 0xe69e, 0xe69f, 0xe6a0, 0xe740, 0xe741,
+0xe742, 0xe743, 0xe744, 0xe745, 0xe746, 0xe747, 0xf7e9, 0xe748,
+0xe749, 0xe74a, 0xe74b, 0xe74c, 0xe74d, 0xe74e, 0xe74f, 0xe750,
+0xe751, 0xe752, 0xe753, 0xe754, 0xe755, 0xe756, 0xe757, 0xe758,
+0xe759, 0xe75a, 0xe75b, 0xe75c, 0xe75d, 0xe75e, 0xe75f, 0xe760,
+0xe761, 0xe762, 0xe763, 0xe764, 0xe765, 0xe766, 0xe767, 0xe768,
+0xe769, 0xe76a, 0xe76b, 0xe76c, 0xe76d, 0xe76e, 0xe76f, 0xe770,
+0xe771, 0xe772, 0xe773, 0xe774, 0xe775, 0xe776, 0xe777, 0xe778,
+0xe779, 0xe77a, 0xe77b, 0xe77c, 0xe77d, 0xe77e, 0xe780, 0xe781,
+0xe782, 0xe783, 0xe784, 0xe785, 0xe786, 0xe787, 0xe788, 0xe789,
+0xe78a, 0xe78b, 0xe78c, 0xe78d, 0xe78e, 0xe78f, 0xe790, 0xe791,
+0xe792, 0xe793, 0xe794, 0xe795, 0xe796, 0xe797, 0xe798, 0xe799,
+0xe79a, 0xe79b, 0xe79c, 0xe79d, 0xe79e, 0xe79f, 0xe7a0, 0xe840,
+0xe841, 0xe842, 0xe843, 0xe844, 0xe845, 0xe846, 0xe847, 0xe848,
+0xe849, 0xe84a, 0xe84b, 0xe84c, 0xe84d, 0xe84e, 0xf6cd, 0xe84f,
+0xe850, 0xe851, 0xe852, 0xe853, 0xe854, 0xe855, 0xe856, 0xe857,
+0xe858, 0xe859, 0xe85a, 0xe85b, 0xe85c, 0xe85d, 0xe85e, 0xe85f,
+0xe860, 0xe861, 0xe862, 0xe863, 0xe864, 0xe865, 0xe866, 0xe867,
+0xe868, 0xe869, 0xe86a, 0xe86b, 0xe86c, 0xe86d, 0xe86e, 0xe86f,
+0xe870, 0xe871, 0xe872, 0xe873, 0xe874, 0xe875, 0xe876, 0xe877,
+0xe878, 0xe879, 0xe87a, 0xf6ce, 0xe87b, 0xe87c, 0xe87d, 0xe87e,
+0xe880, 0xe881, 0xe882, 0xe883, 0xe884, 0xe885, 0xe886, 0xe887,
+0xe888, 0xe889, 0xe88a, 0xe88b, 0xe88c, 0xe88d, 0xe88e, 0xe88f,
+0xe890, 0xe891, 0xe892, 0xe893, 0xe894, 0xeec4, 0xeec5, 0xeec6,
+0xd5eb, 0xb6a4, 0xeec8, 0xeec7, 0xeec9, 0xeeca, 0xc7a5, 0xeecb,
+0xeecc, 0xe895, 0xb7b0, 0xb5f6, 0xeecd, 0xeecf, 0xe896, 0xeece,
+0xe897, 0xb8c6, 0xeed0, 0xeed1, 0xeed2, 0xb6db, 0xb3ae, 0xd6d3,
+0xc4c6, 0xb1b5, 0xb8d6, 0xeed3, 0xeed4, 0xd4bf, 0xc7d5, 0xbefb,
+0xced9, 0xb9b3, 0xeed6, 0xeed5, 0xeed8, 0xeed7, 0xc5a5, 0xeed9,
+0xeeda, 0xc7ae, 0xeedb, 0xc7af, 0xeedc, 0xb2a7, 0xeedd, 0xeede,
+0xeedf, 0xeee0, 0xeee1, 0xd7ea, 0xeee2, 0xeee3, 0xbcd8, 0xeee4,
+0xd3cb, 0xccfa, 0xb2ac, 0xc1e5, 0xeee5, 0xc7a6, 0xc3ad, 0xe898,
+0xeee6, 0xeee7, 0xeee8, 0xeee9, 0xeeea, 0xeeeb, 0xeeec, 0xe899,
+0xeeed, 0xeeee, 0xeeef, 0xe89a, 0xe89b, 0xeef0, 0xeef1, 0xeef2,
+0xeef4, 0xeef3, 0xe89c, 0xeef5, 0xcdad, 0xc2c1, 0xeef6, 0xeef7,
+0xeef8, 0xd5a1, 0xeef9, 0xcfb3, 0xeefa, 0xeefb, 0xe89d, 0xeefc,
+0xeefd, 0xefa1, 0xeefe, 0xefa2, 0xb8f5, 0xc3fa, 0xefa3, 0xefa4,
+0xbdc2, 0xd2bf, 0xb2f9, 0xefa5, 0xefa6, 0xefa7, 0xd2f8, 0xefa8,
+0xd6fd, 0xefa9, 0xc6cc, 0xe89e, 0xefaa, 0xefab, 0xc1b4, 0xefac,
+0xcffa, 0xcbf8, 0xefae, 0xefad, 0xb3fa, 0xb9f8, 0xefaf, 0xefb0,
+0xd0e2, 0xefb1, 0xefb2, 0xb7e6, 0xd0bf, 0xefb3, 0xefb4, 0xefb5,
+0xc8f1, 0xcce0, 0xefb6, 0xefb7, 0xefb8, 0xefb9, 0xefba, 0xd5e0,
+0xefbb, 0xb4ed, 0xc3aa, 0xefbc, 0xe89f, 0xefbd, 0xefbe, 0xefbf,
+0xe8a0, 0xcefd, 0xefc0, 0xc2e0, 0xb4b8, 0xd7b6, 0xbdf5, 0xe940,
+0xcfc7, 0xefc3, 0xefc1, 0xefc2, 0xefc4, 0xb6a7, 0xbcfc, 0xbee2,
+0xc3cc, 0xefc5, 0xefc6, 0xe941, 0xefc7, 0xefcf, 0xefc8, 0xefc9,
+0xefca, 0xc7c2, 0xeff1, 0xb6cd, 0xefcb, 0xe942, 0xefcc, 0xefcd,
+0xb6c6, 0xc3be, 0xefce, 0xe943, 0xefd0, 0xefd1, 0xefd2, 0xd5f2,
+0xe944, 0xefd3, 0xc4f7, 0xe945, 0xefd4, 0xc4f8, 0xefd5, 0xefd6,
+0xb8e4, 0xb0f7, 0xefd7, 0xefd8, 0xefd9, 0xe946, 0xefda, 0xefdb,
+0xefdc, 0xefdd, 0xe947, 0xefde, 0xbeb5, 0xefe1, 0xefdf, 0xefe0,
+0xe948, 0xefe2, 0xefe3, 0xc1cd, 0xefe4, 0xefe5, 0xefe6, 0xefe7,
+0xefe8, 0xefe9, 0xefea, 0xefeb, 0xefec, 0xc0d8, 0xe949, 0xefed,
+0xc1ad, 0xefee, 0xefef, 0xeff0, 0xe94a, 0xe94b, 0xcfe2, 0xe94c,
+0xe94d, 0xe94e, 0xe94f, 0xe950, 0xe951, 0xe952, 0xe953, 0xb3a4,
+0xe954, 0xe955, 0xe956, 0xe957, 0xe958, 0xe959, 0xe95a, 0xe95b,
+0xe95c, 0xe95d, 0xe95e, 0xe95f, 0xe960, 0xe961, 0xe962, 0xe963,
+0xe964, 0xe965, 0xe966, 0xe967, 0xe968, 0xe969, 0xe96a, 0xe96b,
+0xe96c, 0xe96d, 0xe96e, 0xe96f, 0xe970, 0xe971, 0xe972, 0xe973,
+0xe974, 0xe975, 0xe976, 0xe977, 0xe978, 0xe979, 0xe97a, 0xe97b,
+0xe97c, 0xe97d, 0xe97e, 0xe980, 0xe981, 0xe982, 0xe983, 0xe984,
+0xe985, 0xe986, 0xe987, 0xe988, 0xe989, 0xe98a, 0xe98b, 0xe98c,
+0xe98d, 0xe98e, 0xe98f, 0xe990, 0xe991, 0xe992, 0xe993, 0xe994,
+0xe995, 0xe996, 0xe997, 0xe998, 0xe999, 0xe99a, 0xe99b, 0xe99c,
+0xe99d, 0xe99e, 0xe99f, 0xe9a0, 0xea40, 0xea41, 0xea42, 0xea43,
+0xea44, 0xea45, 0xea46, 0xea47, 0xea48, 0xea49, 0xea4a, 0xea4b,
+0xea4c, 0xea4d, 0xea4e, 0xea4f, 0xea50, 0xea51, 0xea52, 0xea53,
+0xea54, 0xea55, 0xea56, 0xea57, 0xea58, 0xea59, 0xea5a, 0xea5b,
+0xc3c5, 0xe3c5, 0xc9c1, 0xe3c6, 0xea5c, 0xb1d5, 0xceca, 0xb4b3,
+0xc8f2, 0xe3c7, 0xcfd0, 0xe3c8, 0xbce4, 0xe3c9, 0xe3ca, 0xc3c6,
+0xd5a2, 0xc4d6, 0xb9eb, 0xcec5, 0xe3cb, 0xc3f6, 0xe3cc, 0xea5d,
+0xb7a7, 0xb8f3, 0xbad2, 0xe3cd, 0xe3ce, 0xd4c4, 0xe3cf, 0xea5e,
+0xe3d0, 0xd1cb, 0xe3d1, 0xe3d2, 0xe3d3, 0xe3d4, 0xd1d6, 0xe3d5,
+0xb2fb, 0xc0bb, 0xe3d6, 0xea5f, 0xc0ab, 0xe3d7, 0xe3d8, 0xe3d9,
+0xea60, 0xe3da, 0xe3db, 0xea61, 0xb8b7, 0xdae2, 0xea62, 0xb6d3,
+0xea63, 0xdae4, 0xdae3, 0xea64, 0xea65, 0xea66, 0xea67, 0xea68,
+0xea69, 0xea6a, 0xdae6, 0xea6b, 0xea6c, 0xea6d, 0xc8ee, 0xea6e,
+0xea6f, 0xdae5, 0xb7c0, 0xd1f4, 0xd2f5, 0xd5f3, 0xbdd7, 0xea70,
+0xea71, 0xea72, 0xea73, 0xd7e8, 0xdae8, 0xdae7, 0xea74, 0xb0a2,
+0xcdd3, 0xea75, 0xdae9, 0xea76, 0xb8bd, 0xbcca, 0xc2bd, 0xc2a4,
+0xb3c2, 0xdaea, 0xea77, 0xc2aa, 0xc4b0, 0xbdb5, 0xea78, 0xea79,
+0xcfde, 0xea7a, 0xea7b, 0xea7c, 0xdaeb, 0xc9c2, 0xea7d, 0xea7e,
+0xea80, 0xea81, 0xea82, 0xb1dd, 0xea83, 0xea84, 0xea85, 0xdaec,
+0xea86, 0xb6b8, 0xd4ba, 0xea87, 0xb3fd, 0xea88, 0xea89, 0xdaed,
+0xd4c9, 0xcfd5, 0xc5e3, 0xea8a, 0xdaee, 0xea8b, 0xea8c, 0xea8d,
+0xea8e, 0xea8f, 0xdaef, 0xea90, 0xdaf0, 0xc1ea, 0xccd5, 0xcfdd,
+0xea91, 0xea92, 0xea93, 0xea94, 0xea95, 0xea96, 0xea97, 0xea98,
+0xea99, 0xea9a, 0xea9b, 0xea9c, 0xea9d, 0xd3e7, 0xc2a1, 0xea9e,
+0xdaf1, 0xea9f, 0xeaa0, 0xcbe5, 0xeb40, 0xdaf2, 0xeb41, 0xcbe6,
+0xd2fe, 0xeb42, 0xeb43, 0xeb44, 0xb8f4, 0xeb45, 0xeb46, 0xdaf3,
+0xb0af, 0xcfb6, 0xeb47, 0xeb48, 0xd5cf, 0xeb49, 0xeb4a, 0xeb4b,
+0xeb4c, 0xeb4d, 0xeb4e, 0xeb4f, 0xeb50, 0xeb51, 0xeb52, 0xcbed,
+0xeb53, 0xeb54, 0xeb55, 0xeb56, 0xeb57, 0xeb58, 0xeb59, 0xeb5a,
+0xdaf4, 0xeb5b, 0xeb5c, 0xe3c4, 0xeb5d, 0xeb5e, 0xc1a5, 0xeb5f,
+0xeb60, 0xf6bf, 0xeb61, 0xeb62, 0xf6c0, 0xf6c1, 0xc4d1, 0xeb63,
+0xc8b8, 0xd1e3, 0xeb64, 0xeb65, 0xd0db, 0xd1c5, 0xbcaf, 0xb9cd,
+0xeb66, 0xeff4, 0xeb67, 0xeb68, 0xb4c6, 0xd3ba, 0xf6c2, 0xb3fb,
+0xeb69, 0xeb6a, 0xf6c3, 0xeb6b, 0xeb6c, 0xb5f1, 0xeb6d, 0xeb6e,
+0xeb6f, 0xeb70, 0xeb71, 0xeb72, 0xeb73, 0xeb74, 0xeb75, 0xeb76,
+0xf6c5, 0xeb77, 0xeb78, 0xeb79, 0xeb7a, 0xeb7b, 0xeb7c, 0xeb7d,
+0xd3ea, 0xf6a7, 0xd1a9, 0xeb7e, 0xeb80, 0xeb81, 0xeb82, 0xf6a9,
+0xeb83, 0xeb84, 0xeb85, 0xf6a8, 0xeb86, 0xeb87, 0xc1e3, 0xc0d7,
+0xeb88, 0xb1a2, 0xeb89, 0xeb8a, 0xeb8b, 0xeb8c, 0xceed, 0xeb8d,
+0xd0e8, 0xf6ab, 0xeb8e, 0xeb8f, 0xcff6, 0xeb90, 0xf6aa, 0xd5f0,
+0xf6ac, 0xc3b9, 0xeb91, 0xeb92, 0xeb93, 0xbbf4, 0xf6ae, 0xf6ad,
+0xeb94, 0xeb95, 0xeb96, 0xc4de, 0xeb97, 0xeb98, 0xc1d8, 0xeb99,
+0xeb9a, 0xeb9b, 0xeb9c, 0xeb9d, 0xcbaa, 0xeb9e, 0xcfbc, 0xeb9f,
+0xeba0, 0xec40, 0xec41, 0xec42, 0xec43, 0xec44, 0xec45, 0xec46,
+0xec47, 0xec48, 0xf6af, 0xec49, 0xec4a, 0xf6b0, 0xec4b, 0xec4c,
+0xf6b1, 0xec4d, 0xc2b6, 0xec4e, 0xec4f, 0xec50, 0xec51, 0xec52,
+0xb0d4, 0xc5f9, 0xec53, 0xec54, 0xec55, 0xec56, 0xf6b2, 0xec57,
+0xec58, 0xec59, 0xec5a, 0xec5b, 0xec5c, 0xec5d, 0xec5e, 0xec5f,
+0xec60, 0xec61, 0xec62, 0xec63, 0xec64, 0xec65, 0xec66, 0xec67,
+0xec68, 0xec69, 0xc7e0, 0xf6a6, 0xec6a, 0xec6b, 0xbeb8, 0xec6c,
+0xec6d, 0xbeb2, 0xec6e, 0xb5e5, 0xec6f, 0xec70, 0xb7c7, 0xec71,
+0xbfbf, 0xc3d2, 0xc3e6, 0xec72, 0xec73, 0xd8cc, 0xec74, 0xec75,
+0xec76, 0xb8ef, 0xec77, 0xec78, 0xec79, 0xec7a, 0xec7b, 0xec7c,
+0xec7d, 0xec7e, 0xec80, 0xbdf9, 0xd1a5, 0xec81, 0xb0d0, 0xec82,
+0xec83, 0xec84, 0xec85, 0xec86, 0xf7b0, 0xec87, 0xec88, 0xec89,
+0xec8a, 0xec8b, 0xec8c, 0xec8d, 0xec8e, 0xf7b1, 0xec8f, 0xec90,
+0xec91, 0xec92, 0xec93, 0xd0ac, 0xec94, 0xb0b0, 0xec95, 0xec96,
+0xec97, 0xf7b2, 0xf7b3, 0xec98, 0xf7b4, 0xec99, 0xec9a, 0xec9b,
+0xc7ca, 0xec9c, 0xec9d, 0xec9e, 0xec9f, 0xeca0, 0xed40, 0xed41,
+0xbecf, 0xed42, 0xed43, 0xf7b7, 0xed44, 0xed45, 0xed46, 0xed47,
+0xed48, 0xed49, 0xed4a, 0xf7b6, 0xed4b, 0xb1de, 0xed4c, 0xf7b5,
+0xed4d, 0xed4e, 0xf7b8, 0xed4f, 0xf7b9, 0xed50, 0xed51, 0xed52,
+0xed53, 0xed54, 0xed55, 0xed56, 0xed57, 0xed58, 0xed59, 0xed5a,
+0xed5b, 0xed5c, 0xed5d, 0xed5e, 0xed5f, 0xed60, 0xed61, 0xed62,
+0xed63, 0xed64, 0xed65, 0xed66, 0xed67, 0xed68, 0xed69, 0xed6a,
+0xed6b, 0xed6c, 0xed6d, 0xed6e, 0xed6f, 0xed70, 0xed71, 0xed72,
+0xed73, 0xed74, 0xed75, 0xed76, 0xed77, 0xed78, 0xed79, 0xed7a,
+0xed7b, 0xed7c, 0xed7d, 0xed7e, 0xed80, 0xed81, 0xcea4, 0xc8cd,
+0xed82, 0xbaab, 0xe8b8, 0xe8b9, 0xe8ba, 0xbec2, 0xed83, 0xed84,
+0xed85, 0xed86, 0xed87, 0xd2f4, 0xed88, 0xd4cf, 0xc9d8, 0xed89,
+0xed8a, 0xed8b, 0xed8c, 0xed8d, 0xed8e, 0xed8f, 0xed90, 0xed91,
+0xed92, 0xed93, 0xed94, 0xed95, 0xed96, 0xed97, 0xed98, 0xed99,
+0xed9a, 0xed9b, 0xed9c, 0xed9d, 0xed9e, 0xed9f, 0xeda0, 0xee40,
+0xee41, 0xee42, 0xee43, 0xee44, 0xee45, 0xee46, 0xee47, 0xee48,
+0xee49, 0xee4a, 0xee4b, 0xee4c, 0xee4d, 0xee4e, 0xee4f, 0xee50,
+0xee51, 0xee52, 0xee53, 0xee54, 0xee55, 0xee56, 0xee57, 0xee58,
+0xee59, 0xee5a, 0xee5b, 0xee5c, 0xee5d, 0xee5e, 0xee5f, 0xee60,
+0xee61, 0xee62, 0xee63, 0xee64, 0xee65, 0xee66, 0xee67, 0xee68,
+0xee69, 0xee6a, 0xee6b, 0xee6c, 0xee6d, 0xee6e, 0xee6f, 0xee70,
+0xee71, 0xee72, 0xee73, 0xee74, 0xee75, 0xee76, 0xee77, 0xee78,
+0xee79, 0xee7a, 0xee7b, 0xee7c, 0xee7d, 0xee7e, 0xee80, 0xee81,
+0xee82, 0xee83, 0xee84, 0xee85, 0xee86, 0xee87, 0xee88, 0xee89,
+0xee8a, 0xee8b, 0xee8c, 0xee8d, 0xee8e, 0xee8f, 0xee90, 0xee91,
+0xee92, 0xee93, 0xee94, 0xee95, 0xee96, 0xee97, 0xee98, 0xee99,
+0xee9a, 0xee9b, 0xee9c, 0xee9d, 0xee9e, 0xee9f, 0xeea0, 0xef40,
+0xef41, 0xef42, 0xef43, 0xef44, 0xef45, 0xd2b3, 0xb6a5, 0xc7ea,
+0xf1fc, 0xcfee, 0xcbb3, 0xd0eb, 0xe7ef, 0xcde7, 0xb9cb, 0xb6d9,
+0xf1fd, 0xb0e4, 0xcbcc, 0xf1fe, 0xd4a4, 0xc2ad, 0xc1ec, 0xc6c4,
+0xbeb1, 0xf2a1, 0xbcd5, 0xef46, 0xf2a2, 0xf2a3, 0xef47, 0xf2a4,
+0xd2c3, 0xc6b5, 0xef48, 0xcdc7, 0xf2a5, 0xef49, 0xd3b1, 0xbfc5,
+0xcce2, 0xef4a, 0xf2a6, 0xf2a7, 0xd1d5, 0xb6ee, 0xf2a8, 0xf2a9,
+0xb5df, 0xf2aa, 0xf2ab, 0xef4b, 0xb2fc, 0xf2ac, 0xf2ad, 0xc8a7,
+0xef4c, 0xef4d, 0xef4e, 0xef4f, 0xef50, 0xef51, 0xef52, 0xef53,
+0xef54, 0xef55, 0xef56, 0xef57, 0xef58, 0xef59, 0xef5a, 0xef5b,
+0xef5c, 0xef5d, 0xef5e, 0xef5f, 0xef60, 0xef61, 0xef62, 0xef63,
+0xef64, 0xef65, 0xef66, 0xef67, 0xef68, 0xef69, 0xef6a, 0xef6b,
+0xef6c, 0xef6d, 0xef6e, 0xef6f, 0xef70, 0xef71, 0xb7e7, 0xef72,
+0xef73, 0xeca9, 0xecaa, 0xecab, 0xef74, 0xecac, 0xef75, 0xef76,
+0xc6ae, 0xecad, 0xecae, 0xef77, 0xef78, 0xef79, 0xb7c9, 0xcab3,
+0xef7a, 0xef7b, 0xef7c, 0xef7d, 0xef7e, 0xef80, 0xef81, 0xe2b8,
+0xf7cf, 0xef82, 0xef83, 0xef84, 0xef85, 0xef86, 0xef87, 0xef88,
+0xef89, 0xef8a, 0xef8b, 0xef8c, 0xef8d, 0xef8e, 0xef8f, 0xef90,
+0xef91, 0xef92, 0xef93, 0xef94, 0xef95, 0xef96, 0xef97, 0xef98,
+0xef99, 0xef9a, 0xef9b, 0xef9c, 0xef9d, 0xef9e, 0xef9f, 0xefa0,
+0xf040, 0xf041, 0xf042, 0xf043, 0xf044, 0xf7d0, 0xf045, 0xf046,
+0xb2cd, 0xf047, 0xf048, 0xf049, 0xf04a, 0xf04b, 0xf04c, 0xf04d,
+0xf04e, 0xf04f, 0xf050, 0xf051, 0xf052, 0xf053, 0xf054, 0xf055,
+0xf056, 0xf057, 0xf058, 0xf059, 0xf05a, 0xf05b, 0xf05c, 0xf05d,
+0xf05e, 0xf05f, 0xf060, 0xf061, 0xf062, 0xf063, 0xf7d1, 0xf064,
+0xf065, 0xf066, 0xf067, 0xf068, 0xf069, 0xf06a, 0xf06b, 0xf06c,
+0xf06d, 0xf06e, 0xf06f, 0xf070, 0xf071, 0xf072, 0xf073, 0xf074,
+0xf075, 0xf076, 0xf077, 0xf078, 0xf079, 0xf07a, 0xf07b, 0xf07c,
+0xf07d, 0xf07e, 0xf080, 0xf081, 0xf082, 0xf083, 0xf084, 0xf085,
+0xf086, 0xf087, 0xf088, 0xf089, 0xf7d3, 0xf7d2, 0xf08a, 0xf08b,
+0xf08c, 0xf08d, 0xf08e, 0xf08f, 0xf090, 0xf091, 0xf092, 0xf093,
+0xf094, 0xf095, 0xf096, 0xe2bb, 0xf097, 0xbca2, 0xf098, 0xe2bc,
+0xe2bd, 0xe2be, 0xe2bf, 0xe2c0, 0xe2c1, 0xb7b9, 0xd2fb, 0xbda4,
+0xcace, 0xb1a5, 0xcbc7, 0xf099, 0xe2c2, 0xb6fc, 0xc8c4, 0xe2c3,
+0xf09a, 0xf09b, 0xbdc8, 0xf09c, 0xb1fd, 0xe2c4, 0xf09d, 0xb6f6,
+0xe2c5, 0xc4d9, 0xf09e, 0xf09f, 0xe2c6, 0xcfda, 0xb9dd, 0xe2c7,
+0xc0a1, 0xf0a0, 0xe2c8, 0xb2f6, 0xf140, 0xe2c9, 0xf141, 0xc1f3,
+0xe2ca, 0xe2cb, 0xc2f8, 0xe2cc, 0xe2cd, 0xe2ce, 0xcad7, 0xd8b8,
+0xd9e5, 0xcfe3, 0xf142, 0xf143, 0xf144, 0xf145, 0xf146, 0xf147,
+0xf148, 0xf149, 0xf14a, 0xf14b, 0xf14c, 0xf0a5, 0xf14d, 0xf14e,
+0xdcb0, 0xf14f, 0xf150, 0xf151, 0xf152, 0xf153, 0xf154, 0xf155,
+0xf156, 0xf157, 0xf158, 0xf159, 0xf15a, 0xf15b, 0xf15c, 0xf15d,
+0xf15e, 0xf15f, 0xf160, 0xf161, 0xf162, 0xf163, 0xf164, 0xf165,
+0xf166, 0xf167, 0xf168, 0xf169, 0xf16a, 0xf16b, 0xf16c, 0xf16d,
+0xf16e, 0xf16f, 0xf170, 0xf171, 0xf172, 0xf173, 0xf174, 0xf175,
+0xf176, 0xf177, 0xf178, 0xf179, 0xf17a, 0xf17b, 0xf17c, 0xf17d,
+0xf17e, 0xf180, 0xf181, 0xf182, 0xf183, 0xf184, 0xf185, 0xf186,
+0xf187, 0xf188, 0xf189, 0xf18a, 0xf18b, 0xf18c, 0xf18d, 0xf18e,
+0xf18f, 0xf190, 0xf191, 0xf192, 0xf193, 0xf194, 0xf195, 0xf196,
+0xf197, 0xf198, 0xf199, 0xf19a, 0xf19b, 0xf19c, 0xf19d, 0xf19e,
+0xf19f, 0xf1a0, 0xf240, 0xf241, 0xf242, 0xf243, 0xf244, 0xf245,
+0xf246, 0xf247, 0xf248, 0xf249, 0xf24a, 0xf24b, 0xf24c, 0xf24d,
+0xf24e, 0xf24f, 0xf250, 0xf251, 0xf252, 0xf253, 0xf254, 0xf255,
+0xf256, 0xf257, 0xf258, 0xf259, 0xf25a, 0xf25b, 0xf25c, 0xf25d,
+0xf25e, 0xf25f, 0xf260, 0xf261, 0xf262, 0xf263, 0xf264, 0xf265,
+0xf266, 0xf267, 0xf268, 0xf269, 0xf26a, 0xf26b, 0xf26c, 0xf26d,
+0xf26e, 0xf26f, 0xf270, 0xf271, 0xf272, 0xf273, 0xf274, 0xf275,
+0xf276, 0xf277, 0xf278, 0xf279, 0xf27a, 0xf27b, 0xf27c, 0xf27d,
+0xf27e, 0xf280, 0xf281, 0xf282, 0xf283, 0xf284, 0xf285, 0xf286,
+0xf287, 0xf288, 0xf289, 0xf28a, 0xf28b, 0xf28c, 0xf28d, 0xf28e,
+0xf28f, 0xf290, 0xf291, 0xf292, 0xf293, 0xf294, 0xf295, 0xf296,
+0xf297, 0xf298, 0xf299, 0xf29a, 0xf29b, 0xf29c, 0xf29d, 0xf29e,
+0xf29f, 0xf2a0, 0xf340, 0xf341, 0xf342, 0xf343, 0xf344, 0xf345,
+0xf346, 0xf347, 0xf348, 0xf349, 0xf34a, 0xf34b, 0xf34c, 0xf34d,
+0xf34e, 0xf34f, 0xf350, 0xf351, 0xc2ed, 0xd4a6, 0xcdd4, 0xd1b1,
+0xb3db, 0xc7fd, 0xf352, 0xb2b5, 0xc2bf, 0xe6e0, 0xcabb, 0xe6e1,
+0xe6e2, 0xbed4, 0xe6e3, 0xd7a4, 0xcdd5, 0xe6e5, 0xbcdd, 0xe6e4,
+0xe6e6, 0xe6e7, 0xc2ee, 0xf353, 0xbdbe, 0xe6e8, 0xc2e6, 0xbaa7,
+0xe6e9, 0xf354, 0xe6ea, 0xb3d2, 0xd1e9, 0xf355, 0xf356, 0xbfa5,
+0xe6eb, 0xc6ef, 0xe6ec, 0xe6ed, 0xf357, 0xf358, 0xe6ee, 0xc6ad,
+0xe6ef, 0xf359, 0xc9a7, 0xe6f0, 0xe6f1, 0xe6f2, 0xe5b9, 0xe6f3,
+0xe6f4, 0xc2e2, 0xe6f5, 0xe6f6, 0xd6e8, 0xe6f7, 0xf35a, 0xe6f8,
+0xb9c7, 0xf35b, 0xf35c, 0xf35d, 0xf35e, 0xf35f, 0xf360, 0xf361,
+0xf7bb, 0xf7ba, 0xf362, 0xf363, 0xf364, 0xf365, 0xf7be, 0xf7bc,
+0xbaa1, 0xf366, 0xf7bf, 0xf367, 0xf7c0, 0xf368, 0xf369, 0xf36a,
+0xf7c2, 0xf7c1, 0xf7c4, 0xf36b, 0xf36c, 0xf7c3, 0xf36d, 0xf36e,
+0xf36f, 0xf370, 0xf371, 0xf7c5, 0xf7c6, 0xf372, 0xf373, 0xf374,
+0xf375, 0xf7c7, 0xf376, 0xcbe8, 0xf377, 0xf378, 0xf379, 0xf37a,
+0xb8df, 0xf37b, 0xf37c, 0xf37d, 0xf37e, 0xf380, 0xf381, 0xf7d4,
+0xf382, 0xf7d5, 0xf383, 0xf384, 0xf385, 0xf386, 0xf7d6, 0xf387,
+0xf388, 0xf389, 0xf38a, 0xf7d8, 0xf38b, 0xf7da, 0xf38c, 0xf7d7,
+0xf38d, 0xf38e, 0xf38f, 0xf390, 0xf391, 0xf392, 0xf393, 0xf394,
+0xf395, 0xf7db, 0xf396, 0xf7d9, 0xf397, 0xf398, 0xf399, 0xf39a,
+0xf39b, 0xf39c, 0xf39d, 0xd7d7, 0xf39e, 0xf39f, 0xf3a0, 0xf440,
+0xf7dc, 0xf441, 0xf442, 0xf443, 0xf444, 0xf445, 0xf446, 0xf7dd,
+0xf447, 0xf448, 0xf449, 0xf7de, 0xf44a, 0xf44b, 0xf44c, 0xf44d,
+0xf44e, 0xf44f, 0xf450, 0xf451, 0xf452, 0xf453, 0xf454, 0xf7df,
+0xf455, 0xf456, 0xf457, 0xf7e0, 0xf458, 0xf459, 0xf45a, 0xf45b,
+0xf45c, 0xf45d, 0xf45e, 0xf45f, 0xf460, 0xf461, 0xf462, 0xdbcb,
+0xf463, 0xf464, 0xd8aa, 0xf465, 0xf466, 0xf467, 0xf468, 0xf469,
+0xf46a, 0xf46b, 0xf46c, 0xe5f7, 0xb9ed, 0xf46d, 0xf46e, 0xf46f,
+0xf470, 0xbffd, 0xbbea, 0xf7c9, 0xc6c7, 0xf7c8, 0xf471, 0xf7ca,
+0xf7cc, 0xf7cb, 0xf472, 0xf473, 0xf474, 0xf7cd, 0xf475, 0xceba,
+0xf476, 0xf7ce, 0xf477, 0xf478, 0xc4a7, 0xf479, 0xf47a, 0xf47b,
+0xf47c, 0xf47d, 0xf47e, 0xf480, 0xf481, 0xf482, 0xf483, 0xf484,
+0xf485, 0xf486, 0xf487, 0xf488, 0xf489, 0xf48a, 0xf48b, 0xf48c,
+0xf48d, 0xf48e, 0xf48f, 0xf490, 0xf491, 0xf492, 0xf493, 0xf494,
+0xf495, 0xf496, 0xf497, 0xf498, 0xf499, 0xf49a, 0xf49b, 0xf49c,
+0xf49d, 0xf49e, 0xf49f, 0xf4a0, 0xf540, 0xf541, 0xf542, 0xf543,
+0xf544, 0xf545, 0xf546, 0xf547, 0xf548, 0xf549, 0xf54a, 0xf54b,
+0xf54c, 0xf54d, 0xf54e, 0xf54f, 0xf550, 0xf551, 0xf552, 0xf553,
+0xf554, 0xf555, 0xf556, 0xf557, 0xf558, 0xf559, 0xf55a, 0xf55b,
+0xf55c, 0xf55d, 0xf55e, 0xf55f, 0xf560, 0xf561, 0xf562, 0xf563,
+0xf564, 0xf565, 0xf566, 0xf567, 0xf568, 0xf569, 0xf56a, 0xf56b,
+0xf56c, 0xf56d, 0xf56e, 0xf56f, 0xf570, 0xf571, 0xf572, 0xf573,
+0xf574, 0xf575, 0xf576, 0xf577, 0xf578, 0xf579, 0xf57a, 0xf57b,
+0xf57c, 0xf57d, 0xf57e, 0xf580, 0xf581, 0xf582, 0xf583, 0xf584,
+0xf585, 0xf586, 0xf587, 0xf588, 0xf589, 0xf58a, 0xf58b, 0xf58c,
+0xf58d, 0xf58e, 0xf58f, 0xf590, 0xf591, 0xf592, 0xf593, 0xf594,
+0xf595, 0xf596, 0xf597, 0xf598, 0xf599, 0xf59a, 0xf59b, 0xf59c,
+0xf59d, 0xf59e, 0xf59f, 0xf5a0, 0xf640, 0xf641, 0xf642, 0xf643,
+0xf644, 0xf645, 0xf646, 0xf647, 0xf648, 0xf649, 0xf64a, 0xf64b,
+0xf64c, 0xf64d, 0xf64e, 0xf64f, 0xf650, 0xf651, 0xf652, 0xf653,
+0xf654, 0xf655, 0xf656, 0xf657, 0xf658, 0xf659, 0xf65a, 0xf65b,
+0xf65c, 0xf65d, 0xf65e, 0xf65f, 0xf660, 0xf661, 0xf662, 0xf663,
+0xf664, 0xf665, 0xf666, 0xf667, 0xf668, 0xf669, 0xf66a, 0xf66b,
+0xf66c, 0xf66d, 0xf66e, 0xf66f, 0xf670, 0xf671, 0xf672, 0xf673,
+0xf674, 0xf675, 0xf676, 0xf677, 0xf678, 0xf679, 0xf67a, 0xf67b,
+0xf67c, 0xf67d, 0xf67e, 0xf680, 0xf681, 0xf682, 0xf683, 0xf684,
+0xf685, 0xf686, 0xf687, 0xf688, 0xf689, 0xf68a, 0xf68b, 0xf68c,
+0xf68d, 0xf68e, 0xf68f, 0xf690, 0xf691, 0xf692, 0xf693, 0xf694,
+0xf695, 0xf696, 0xf697, 0xf698, 0xf699, 0xf69a, 0xf69b, 0xf69c,
+0xf69d, 0xf69e, 0xf69f, 0xf6a0, 0xf740, 0xf741, 0xf742, 0xf743,
+0xf744, 0xf745, 0xf746, 0xf747, 0xf748, 0xf749, 0xf74a, 0xf74b,
+0xf74c, 0xf74d, 0xf74e, 0xf74f, 0xf750, 0xf751, 0xf752, 0xf753,
+0xf754, 0xf755, 0xf756, 0xf757, 0xf758, 0xf759, 0xf75a, 0xf75b,
+0xf75c, 0xf75d, 0xf75e, 0xf75f, 0xf760, 0xf761, 0xf762, 0xf763,
+0xf764, 0xf765, 0xf766, 0xf767, 0xf768, 0xf769, 0xf76a, 0xf76b,
+0xf76c, 0xf76d, 0xf76e, 0xf76f, 0xf770, 0xf771, 0xf772, 0xf773,
+0xf774, 0xf775, 0xf776, 0xf777, 0xf778, 0xf779, 0xf77a, 0xf77b,
+0xf77c, 0xf77d, 0xf77e, 0xf780, 0xd3e3, 0xf781, 0xf782, 0xf6cf,
+0xf783, 0xc2b3, 0xf6d0, 0xf784, 0xf785, 0xf6d1, 0xf6d2, 0xf6d3,
+0xf6d4, 0xf786, 0xf787, 0xf6d6, 0xf788, 0xb1ab, 0xf6d7, 0xf789,
+0xf6d8, 0xf6d9, 0xf6da, 0xf78a, 0xf6db, 0xf6dc, 0xf78b, 0xf78c,
+0xf78d, 0xf78e, 0xf6dd, 0xf6de, 0xcfca, 0xf78f, 0xf6df, 0xf6e0,
+0xf6e1, 0xf6e2, 0xf6e3, 0xf6e4, 0xc0f0, 0xf6e5, 0xf6e6, 0xf6e7,
+0xf6e8, 0xf6e9, 0xf790, 0xf6ea, 0xf791, 0xf6eb, 0xf6ec, 0xf792,
+0xf6ed, 0xf6ee, 0xf6ef, 0xf6f0, 0xf6f1, 0xf6f2, 0xf6f3, 0xf6f4,
+0xbea8, 0xf793, 0xf6f5, 0xf6f6, 0xf6f7, 0xf6f8, 0xf794, 0xf795,
+0xf796, 0xf797, 0xf798, 0xc8fa, 0xf6f9, 0xf6fa, 0xf6fb, 0xf6fc,
+0xf799, 0xf79a, 0xf6fd, 0xf6fe, 0xf7a1, 0xf7a2, 0xf7a3, 0xf7a4,
+0xf7a5, 0xf79b, 0xf79c, 0xf7a6, 0xf7a7, 0xf7a8, 0xb1ee, 0xf7a9,
+0xf7aa, 0xf7ab, 0xf79d, 0xf79e, 0xf7ac, 0xf7ad, 0xc1db, 0xf7ae,
+0xf79f, 0xf7a0, 0xf7af, 0xf840, 0xf841, 0xf842, 0xf843, 0xf844,
+0xf845, 0xf846, 0xf847, 0xf848, 0xf849, 0xf84a, 0xf84b, 0xf84c,
+0xf84d, 0xf84e, 0xf84f, 0xf850, 0xf851, 0xf852, 0xf853, 0xf854,
+0xf855, 0xf856, 0xf857, 0xf858, 0xf859, 0xf85a, 0xf85b, 0xf85c,
+0xf85d, 0xf85e, 0xf85f, 0xf860, 0xf861, 0xf862, 0xf863, 0xf864,
+0xf865, 0xf866, 0xf867, 0xf868, 0xf869, 0xf86a, 0xf86b, 0xf86c,
+0xf86d, 0xf86e, 0xf86f, 0xf870, 0xf871, 0xf872, 0xf873, 0xf874,
+0xf875, 0xf876, 0xf877, 0xf878, 0xf879, 0xf87a, 0xf87b, 0xf87c,
+0xf87d, 0xf87e, 0xf880, 0xf881, 0xf882, 0xf883, 0xf884, 0xf885,
+0xf886, 0xf887, 0xf888, 0xf889, 0xf88a, 0xf88b, 0xf88c, 0xf88d,
+0xf88e, 0xf88f, 0xf890, 0xf891, 0xf892, 0xf893, 0xf894, 0xf895,
+0xf896, 0xf897, 0xf898, 0xf899, 0xf89a, 0xf89b, 0xf89c, 0xf89d,
+0xf89e, 0xf89f, 0xf8a0, 0xf940, 0xf941, 0xf942, 0xf943, 0xf944,
+0xf945, 0xf946, 0xf947, 0xf948, 0xf949, 0xf94a, 0xf94b, 0xf94c,
+0xf94d, 0xf94e, 0xf94f, 0xf950, 0xf951, 0xf952, 0xf953, 0xf954,
+0xf955, 0xf956, 0xf957, 0xf958, 0xf959, 0xf95a, 0xf95b, 0xf95c,
+0xf95d, 0xf95e, 0xf95f, 0xf960, 0xf961, 0xf962, 0xf963, 0xf964,
+0xf965, 0xf966, 0xf967, 0xf968, 0xf969, 0xf96a, 0xf96b, 0xf96c,
+0xf96d, 0xf96e, 0xf96f, 0xf970, 0xf971, 0xf972, 0xf973, 0xf974,
+0xf975, 0xf976, 0xf977, 0xf978, 0xf979, 0xf97a, 0xf97b, 0xf97c,
+0xf97d, 0xf97e, 0xf980, 0xf981, 0xf982, 0xf983, 0xf984, 0xf985,
+0xf986, 0xf987, 0xf988, 0xf989, 0xf98a, 0xf98b, 0xf98c, 0xf98d,
+0xf98e, 0xf98f, 0xf990, 0xf991, 0xf992, 0xf993, 0xf994, 0xf995,
+0xf996, 0xf997, 0xf998, 0xf999, 0xf99a, 0xf99b, 0xf99c, 0xf99d,
+0xf99e, 0xf99f, 0xf9a0, 0xfa40, 0xfa41, 0xfa42, 0xfa43, 0xfa44,
+0xfa45, 0xfa46, 0xfa47, 0xfa48, 0xfa49, 0xfa4a, 0xfa4b, 0xfa4c,
+0xfa4d, 0xfa4e, 0xfa4f, 0xfa50, 0xfa51, 0xfa52, 0xfa53, 0xfa54,
+0xfa55, 0xfa56, 0xfa57, 0xfa58, 0xfa59, 0xfa5a, 0xfa5b, 0xfa5c,
+0xfa5d, 0xfa5e, 0xfa5f, 0xfa60, 0xfa61, 0xfa62, 0xfa63, 0xfa64,
+0xfa65, 0xfa66, 0xfa67, 0xfa68, 0xfa69, 0xfa6a, 0xfa6b, 0xfa6c,
+0xfa6d, 0xfa6e, 0xfa6f, 0xfa70, 0xfa71, 0xfa72, 0xfa73, 0xfa74,
+0xfa75, 0xfa76, 0xfa77, 0xfa78, 0xfa79, 0xfa7a, 0xfa7b, 0xfa7c,
+0xfa7d, 0xfa7e, 0xfa80, 0xfa81, 0xfa82, 0xfa83, 0xfa84, 0xfa85,
+0xfa86, 0xfa87, 0xfa88, 0xfa89, 0xfa8a, 0xfa8b, 0xfa8c, 0xfa8d,
+0xfa8e, 0xfa8f, 0xfa90, 0xfa91, 0xfa92, 0xfa93, 0xfa94, 0xfa95,
+0xfa96, 0xfa97, 0xfa98, 0xfa99, 0xfa9a, 0xfa9b, 0xfa9c, 0xfa9d,
+0xfa9e, 0xfa9f, 0xfaa0, 0xfb40, 0xfb41, 0xfb42, 0xfb43, 0xfb44,
+0xfb45, 0xfb46, 0xfb47, 0xfb48, 0xfb49, 0xfb4a, 0xfb4b, 0xfb4c,
+0xfb4d, 0xfb4e, 0xfb4f, 0xfb50, 0xfb51, 0xfb52, 0xfb53, 0xfb54,
+0xfb55, 0xfb56, 0xfb57, 0xfb58, 0xfb59, 0xfb5a, 0xfb5b, 0xc4f1,
+0xf0af, 0xbca6, 0xf0b0, 0xc3f9, 0xfb5c, 0xc5b8, 0xd1bb, 0xfb5d,
+0xf0b1, 0xf0b2, 0xf0b3, 0xf0b4, 0xf0b5, 0xd1bc, 0xfb5e, 0xd1ec,
+0xfb5f, 0xf0b7, 0xf0b6, 0xd4a7, 0xfb60, 0xcdd2, 0xf0b8, 0xf0ba,
+0xf0b9, 0xf0bb, 0xf0bc, 0xfb61, 0xfb62, 0xb8eb, 0xf0bd, 0xbae8,
+0xfb63, 0xf0be, 0xf0bf, 0xbee9, 0xf0c0, 0xb6ec, 0xf0c1, 0xf0c2,
+0xf0c3, 0xf0c4, 0xc8b5, 0xf0c5, 0xf0c6, 0xfb64, 0xf0c7, 0xc5f4,
+0xfb65, 0xf0c8, 0xfb66, 0xfb67, 0xfb68, 0xf0c9, 0xfb69, 0xf0ca,
+0xf7bd, 0xfb6a, 0xf0cb, 0xf0cc, 0xf0cd, 0xfb6b, 0xf0ce, 0xfb6c,
+0xfb6d, 0xfb6e, 0xfb6f, 0xf0cf, 0xbad7, 0xfb70, 0xf0d0, 0xf0d1,
+0xf0d2, 0xf0d3, 0xf0d4, 0xf0d5, 0xf0d6, 0xf0d8, 0xfb71, 0xfb72,
+0xd3a5, 0xf0d7, 0xfb73, 0xf0d9, 0xfb74, 0xfb75, 0xfb76, 0xfb77,
+0xfb78, 0xfb79, 0xfb7a, 0xfb7b, 0xfb7c, 0xfb7d, 0xf5ba, 0xc2b9,
+0xfb7e, 0xfb80, 0xf7e4, 0xfb81, 0xfb82, 0xfb83, 0xfb84, 0xf7e5,
+0xf7e6, 0xfb85, 0xfb86, 0xf7e7, 0xfb87, 0xfb88, 0xfb89, 0xfb8a,
+0xfb8b, 0xfb8c, 0xf7e8, 0xc2b4, 0xfb8d, 0xfb8e, 0xfb8f, 0xfb90,
+0xfb91, 0xfb92, 0xfb93, 0xfb94, 0xfb95, 0xf7ea, 0xfb96, 0xf7eb,
+0xfb97, 0xfb98, 0xfb99, 0xfb9a, 0xfb9b, 0xfb9c, 0xc2f3, 0xfb9d,
+0xfb9e, 0xfb9f, 0xfba0, 0xfc40, 0xfc41, 0xfc42, 0xfc43, 0xfc44,
+0xfc45, 0xfc46, 0xfc47, 0xfc48, 0xf4f0, 0xfc49, 0xfc4a, 0xfc4b,
+0xf4ef, 0xfc4c, 0xfc4d, 0xc2e9, 0xfc4e, 0xf7e1, 0xf7e2, 0xfc4f,
+0xfc50, 0xfc51, 0xfc52, 0xfc53, 0xbbc6, 0xfc54, 0xfc55, 0xfc56,
+0xfc57, 0xd9e4, 0xfc58, 0xfc59, 0xfc5a, 0xcaf2, 0xc0e8, 0xf0a4,
+0xfc5b, 0xbada, 0xfc5c, 0xfc5d, 0xc7ad, 0xfc5e, 0xfc5f, 0xfc60,
+0xc4ac, 0xfc61, 0xfc62, 0xf7ec, 0xf7ed, 0xf7ee, 0xfc63, 0xf7f0,
+0xf7ef, 0xfc64, 0xf7f1, 0xfc65, 0xfc66, 0xf7f4, 0xfc67, 0xf7f3,
+0xfc68, 0xf7f2, 0xf7f5, 0xfc69, 0xfc6a, 0xfc6b, 0xfc6c, 0xf7f6,
+0xfc6d, 0xfc6e, 0xfc6f, 0xfc70, 0xfc71, 0xfc72, 0xfc73, 0xfc74,
+0xfc75, 0xede9, 0xfc76, 0xedea, 0xedeb, 0xfc77, 0xf6bc, 0xfc78,
+0xfc79, 0xfc7a, 0xfc7b, 0xfc7c, 0xfc7d, 0xfc7e, 0xfc80, 0xfc81,
+0xfc82, 0xfc83, 0xfc84, 0xf6bd, 0xfc85, 0xf6be, 0xb6a6, 0xfc86,
+0xd8be, 0xfc87, 0xfc88, 0xb9c4, 0xfc89, 0xfc8a, 0xfc8b, 0xd8bb,
+0xfc8c, 0xdcb1, 0xfc8d, 0xfc8e, 0xfc8f, 0xfc90, 0xfc91, 0xfc92,
+0xcaf3, 0xfc93, 0xf7f7, 0xfc94, 0xfc95, 0xfc96, 0xfc97, 0xfc98,
+0xfc99, 0xfc9a, 0xfc9b, 0xfc9c, 0xf7f8, 0xfc9d, 0xfc9e, 0xf7f9,
+0xfc9f, 0xfca0, 0xfd40, 0xfd41, 0xfd42, 0xfd43, 0xfd44, 0xf7fb,
+0xfd45, 0xf7fa, 0xfd46, 0xb1c7, 0xfd47, 0xf7fc, 0xf7fd, 0xfd48,
+0xfd49, 0xfd4a, 0xfd4b, 0xfd4c, 0xf7fe, 0xfd4d, 0xfd4e, 0xfd4f,
+0xfd50, 0xfd51, 0xfd52, 0xfd53, 0xfd54, 0xfd55, 0xfd56, 0xfd57,
+0xc6eb, 0xecb4, 0xfd58, 0xfd59, 0xfd5a, 0xfd5b, 0xfd5c, 0xfd5d,
+0xfd5e, 0xfd5f, 0xfd60, 0xfd61, 0xfd62, 0xfd63, 0xfd64, 0xfd65,
+0xfd66, 0xfd67, 0xfd68, 0xfd69, 0xfd6a, 0xfd6b, 0xfd6c, 0xfd6d,
+0xfd6e, 0xfd6f, 0xfd70, 0xfd71, 0xfd72, 0xfd73, 0xfd74, 0xfd75,
+0xfd76, 0xfd77, 0xfd78, 0xfd79, 0xfd7a, 0xfd7b, 0xfd7c, 0xfd7d,
+0xfd7e, 0xfd80, 0xfd81, 0xfd82, 0xfd83, 0xfd84, 0xfd85, 0xb3dd,
+0xf6b3, 0xfd86, 0xfd87, 0xf6b4, 0xc1e4, 0xf6b5, 0xf6b6, 0xf6b7,
+0xf6b8, 0xf6b9, 0xf6ba, 0xc8a3, 0xf6bb, 0xfd88, 0xfd89, 0xfd8a,
+0xfd8b, 0xfd8c, 0xfd8d, 0xfd8e, 0xfd8f, 0xfd90, 0xfd91, 0xfd92,
+0xfd93, 0xc1fa, 0xb9a8, 0xede8, 0xfd94, 0xfd95, 0xfd96, 0xb9ea,
+0xd9df, 0xfd97, 0xfd98, 0xfd99, 0xfd9a, 0xfd9b, 0x0000, 0x0000,
+0x0000, 0x0000, 0x0000, 0x0000, 0x0000, 0x0000, 0x0000, 0x0000,
+0x0000, 0x0000, 0x0000, 0x0000, 0x0000, 0x0000, 0x0000, 0x0000,
+0x0000, 0x0000, 0x0000, 0x0000, 0x0000, 0x0000, 0x0000, 0x0000,
+0x0000, 0x0000, 0x0000, 0x0000, 0x0000, 0x0000, 0x0000, 0x0000,
+0x0000, 0x0000, 0x0000, 0x0000, 0x0000, 0x0000, 0x0000, 0x0000,
+0x0000, 0x0000, 0x0000, 0x0000, 0x0000, 0x0000, 0x0000, 0x0000,
+0x0000, 0x0000, 0x0000, 0x0000, 0x0000, 0x0000, 0x0000, 0x0000,
+0x0000, 0x0000, 0x0000, 0x0000, 0x0000, 0x0000, 0x0000, 0x0000,
+0x0000, 0x0000, 0x0000, 0x0000, 0x0000, 0x0000, 0x0000, 0x0000,
+0x0000, 0x0000, 0x0000, 0x0000, 0x0000, 0x0000, 0x0000, 0x0000,
+0x0000, 0x0000, 0x0000, 0x0000, 0x0000, 0x0000, 0x0000, 0x0000
--- a/intl/uconv/ucvcn/nsGBKConvUtil.cpp
+++ b/intl/uconv/ucvcn/nsGBKConvUtil.cpp
@@ -6,27 +6,27 @@
 #include "nsGBKConvUtil.h"
 #include "gbku.h"
 #include "nsCRT.h"
 #define MAX_GBK_LENGTH 24066 /* (0xfe-0x80)*(0xfe-0x3f) */
 // nsGBKConvUtil
-static bool gInitToGBKTable = false;
 static const PRUnichar gGBKToUnicodeTable[MAX_GBK_LENGTH] = {
 #include "cp936map.h"
-static uint16_t gUnicodeToGBKTable[0xA000-0x4e00];
+static const uint16_t gUnicodeToGBKTable[0xA000-0x4e00] = {
+#include "cp936invmap.h"
 bool nsGBKConvUtil::UnicodeToGBKChar(
   PRUnichar aChar, bool aToGL, char* 
   aOutByte1, char* aOutByte2)
-  NS_ASSERTION(gInitToGBKTable, "gGBKToUnicodeTable is not init yet. need to call InitToGBKTable first");
   bool found=false;
   *aOutByte1 = *aOutByte2 = 0;
   if(UNICHAR_IN_RANGE(0xd800, aChar, 0xdfff))
     // surrogate is not in here
     return false;
   if(UNICHAR_IN_RANGE(0x4e00, aChar, 0x9FFF))
@@ -86,33 +86,8 @@ PRUnichar nsGBKConvUtil::GBKCharToUnicod
   // play it safe- add if statement here ot protect ARB
   // probably not necessary
   if(idx < MAX_GBK_LENGTH)
     return gGBKToUnicodeTable[ idx ];
     return UCS2_NO_MAPPING;
-void nsGBKConvUtil::InitToGBKTable()
-  if ( gInitToGBKTable )
-   return;
-  PRUnichar unicode;
-  PRUnichar i;
-  // zap it to zero first
-  memset(gUnicodeToGBKTable,0, sizeof(gUnicodeToGBKTable));
-  for ( i=0; i<MAX_GBK_LENGTH; i++ )
-  {
-    unicode = gGBKToUnicodeTable[i];
-    // to reduce size of gUnicodeToGBKTable, we only do direct unicode to GB 
-    // table mapping between unicode 0x4E00 and 0xA000. Others by searching
-    // gGBKToUnicodeTable. There is a trade off between memory usage and speed.
-    if(UNICHAR_IN_RANGE(0x4e00, unicode, 0x9fff))
-    {
-      unicode -= 0x4E00; 
-      gUnicodeToGBKTable[unicode] =  (( i / 0x00BF + 0x0081) << 8) | 
-                                    ( i % 0x00BF+ 0x0040);
-    }
-  }
-  gInitToGBKTable = true;
--- a/intl/uconv/ucvcn/nsGBKConvUtil.h
+++ b/intl/uconv/ucvcn/nsGBKConvUtil.h
@@ -5,14 +5,13 @@
 #ifndef nsGBKConvUtil_h__
 #define nsGBKConvUtil_h__
 #include "prtypes.h"
 #include "nscore.h"
 class nsGBKConvUtil {
   nsGBKConvUtil() {  }
   ~nsGBKConvUtil() { }
-  void InitToGBKTable();
   PRUnichar GBKCharToUnicode(char aByte1, char aByte2);
   bool UnicodeToGBKChar(PRUnichar aChar, bool aToGL, 
                            char* aOutByte1, char* aOutByte2);
 #endif /* nsGBKConvUtil_h__ */
--- a/intl/uconv/ucvcn/nsUnicodeToGB2312V2.cpp
+++ b/intl/uconv/ucvcn/nsUnicodeToGB2312V2.cpp
@@ -7,17 +7,16 @@
 #include "nsUCvCnDll.h"
 #include "gbku.h"
 // Class nsUnicodeToGB2312V2 [implementation]
 nsUnicodeToGB2312V2::nsUnicodeToGB2312V2() :
-  mUtil.InitToGBKTable();
 NS_IMETHODIMP nsUnicodeToGB2312V2::ConvertNoBuff(const PRUnichar * aSrc, 
                                                  int32_t * aSrcLength, 
                                                  char * aDest, 
                                                  int32_t * aDestLength)
   int32_t iSrcLength = 0;
--- a/intl/uconv/ucvcn/nsUnicodeToGBK.cpp
+++ b/intl/uconv/ucvcn/nsUnicodeToGBK.cpp
@@ -108,17 +108,16 @@ bool nsUnicodeToGB18030::EncodeSurrogate
 // Class nsUnicodeToGBK [implementation]
 nsUnicodeToGBK::nsUnicodeToGBK(uint32_t aMaxLength) :
   mExtensionEncoder = nullptr;
   m4BytesEncoder = nullptr;
-  mUtil.InitToGBKTable();
   mSurrogateHigh = 0;
 void nsUnicodeToGBK::CreateExtensionEncoder()
   mExtensionEncoder = new nsUnicodeToGBKUniq2Bytes();
 void nsUnicodeToGBK::Create4BytesEncoder()
--- a/intl/uconv/ucvcn/nsUnicodeToHZ.cpp
+++ b/intl/uconv/ucvcn/nsUnicodeToHZ.cpp
@@ -22,17 +22,16 @@
 #define HZ_STATE_ASCII	2
 #define HZ_STATE_TILD	3
 #define HZLEAD1 '~'
 #define HZLEAD2 '{'
 #define HZLEAD3 '}'
 #define UNICODE_TILD	0x007E
 nsUnicodeToHZ::nsUnicodeToHZ() : nsEncoderSupport(6)
-  mUtil.InitToGBKTable();
   mHZState = HZ_STATE_ASCII;	// per HZ spec, default to HZ mode
 NS_IMETHODIMP nsUnicodeToHZ::ConvertNoBuff(
   const PRUnichar * aSrc, 
   int32_t * aSrcLength, 
   char * aDest, 
   int32_t * aDestLength)