Bug 1369399 - Re-enable e10s for DevEdition. r=Felipe
authorBlake Kaplan <mrbkap@gmail.com>
Tue, 06 Jun 2017 15:35:07 -0700
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Bug 1369399 - Re-enable e10s for DevEdition. r=Felipe I thought of fixing this in the e10srollout addon because DevEdition is now built off of Beta, but it would only serve to complicate the addon even more and expose us to more risk every time we touch it. Also, DevEdition stayed on the Aurora update channel and who knows if we're going to change that in the future. Special casing DevEdition (via AppConstants) is possible, but it was going to get messy pretty quickly. This is probably the most straightforward way to make this all work. MozReview-Commit-ID: 6WPjBawUutz
--- a/browser/app/profile/firefox.js
+++ b/browser/app/profile/firefox.js
@@ -992,20 +992,16 @@ pref("dom.ipc.plugins.flash.disable-prot
 // Feature-disable the protected-mode auto-flip
 pref("browser.flash-protected-mode-flip.enable", false);
 // Whether we've already flipped protected mode automatically
 pref("browser.flash-protected-mode-flip.done", false);
 pref("dom.ipc.shims.enabledWarnings", false);
-// Start the browser in e10s mode
-pref("browser.tabs.remote.autostart", false);
-pref("browser.tabs.remote.desktopbehavior", true);
 #if defined(XP_WIN) && defined(MOZ_SANDBOX)
 // Controls whether and how the Windows NPAPI plugin process is sandboxed.
 // To get a different setting for a particular plugin replace "default", with
 // the plugin's nice file name, see: nsPluginTag::GetNiceFileName.
 // On windows these levels are:
 // 0 - no sandbox
 // 1 - sandbox with USER_NON_ADMIN access token level
 // 2 - a more strict sandbox, which might cause functionality issues. This now
@@ -1512,17 +1508,21 @@ pref("privacy.userContext.longPressBehav
 pref("privacy.userContext.enabled", false);
 pref("privacy.userContext.ui.enabled", false);
 pref("privacy.usercontext.about_newtab_segregation.enabled", false);
 // 0 disables long press, 1 when clicked, the menu is shown, 2 the menu is shown after X milliseconds.
 pref("privacy.userContext.longPressBehavior", 0);
+// Start the browser in e10s mode
+pref("browser.tabs.remote.autostart", false);
+pref("browser.tabs.remote.desktopbehavior", true);
+#if !defined(RELEASE_OR_BETA) || defined(MOZ_DEV_EDITION)
 // At the moment, autostart.2 is used, while autostart.1 is unused.
 // We leave it here set to false to reset users' defaults and allow
 // us to change everybody to true in the future, when desired.
 pref("browser.tabs.remote.autostart.1", false);
 pref("browser.tabs.remote.autostart.2", true);
 // For the about:tabcrashed page
--- a/modules/libpref/init/all.js
+++ b/modules/libpref/init/all.js
@@ -3137,17 +3137,19 @@ pref("dom.ipc.plugins.unloadTimeoutSecs"
 // Asynchronous plugin initialization is on hold.
 pref("dom.ipc.plugins.asyncInit.enabled", false);
 // Allow Flash async drawing mode in 64-bit release builds
 pref("dom.ipc.plugins.asyncdrawing.enabled", true);
 // Force the accelerated direct path for a subset of Flash wmode values
 pref("dom.ipc.plugins.forcedirect.enabled", true);
+// Enable multi by default for Nightly and DevEdition only.
+// For Beta and Release builds, multi is controlled by the e10srollout addon.
+#if defined(RELEASE_OR_BETA) && !defined(MOZ_DEV_EDITION)
 pref("dom.ipc.processCount", 1);
 pref("dom.ipc.processCount", 4);
 // Default to allow only one file:// URL content process.
 pref("dom.ipc.processCount.file", 1);