Bug 1483656 - Part VI, Undo reftest.list changes r=jaws
authorTimothy Guan-tin Chien <timdream@gmail.com>
Wed, 03 Oct 2018 15:50:00 +0000
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Bug 1483656 - Part VI, Undo reftest.list changes r=jaws This revert reftest changes in bug 1431255 Part VIII (c42039f3ffe7) so that we could test UA Widget in these tests. Depends on D5085 Differential Revision: https://phabricator.services.mozilla.com/D7543
--- a/layout/reftests/bugs/reftest.list
+++ b/layout/reftests/bugs/reftest.list
@@ -1169,17 +1169,19 @@ fails-if(Android) fails-if(usesRepeatRes
 fails-if(Android) fails-if(usesRepeatResampling) fails-if(webrender) == 446100-1c.html about:blank
 fails-if(usesRepeatResampling) fails-if(webrender) == 446100-1d.html about:blank
 fails-if(usesRepeatResampling) fails-if(webrender) == 446100-1e.html about:blank
 == 446100-1f.html about:blank
 fails-if(usesRepeatResampling) fails-if(Android) fails-if(webrender) == 446100-1g.html about:blank
 == 446100-1h.html about:blank
 == 447749-1.html 447749-1-ref.html
 fuzzy(0-127,0-2) == 448193.html 448193-ref.html
-# There isn't a way to load UA Widget in reftest yet.
+!= 449149-1a.html about:blank
+!= 449149-1b.html about:blank
+# Test again with original XBL bindings
 test-pref(dom.ua_widget.enabled,false) != 449149-1a.html about:blank
 test-pref(dom.ua_widget.enabled,false) != 449149-1b.html about:blank
 # Retry the above with XBL scopes
 test-pref(dom.ua_widget.enabled,false) test-pref(dom.use_xbl_scopes_for_remote_xul,true) != 449149-1a.html about:blank
 test-pref(dom.ua_widget.enabled,false) test-pref(dom.use_xbl_scopes_for_remote_xul,true) != 449149-1b.html about:blank
 == 449149-2.html 449149-2-ref.html
 == 449171-1.html 449171-ref.html
 == 449362-1.html 449362-1-ref.html