Bug 1382775 - Add tools/tryselect to flake8 linter, r=chmanchester
authorAndrew Halberstadt <ahalberstadt@mozilla.com>
Mon, 17 Jul 2017 21:40:15 -0400
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Bug 1382775 - Add tools/tryselect to flake8 linter, r=chmanchester This also fixes a handful of lint errors in the mach_commands.py and syntax.py files. MozReview-Commit-ID: 6nXz87ch3z4
--- a/tools/lint/flake8.yml
+++ b/tools/lint/flake8.yml
@@ -10,14 +10,15 @@ flake8:
         - testing/marionette/harness
         - testing/marionette/puppeteer
         - testing/mozbase
         - testing/mochitest
         - testing/talos/
         - tools/git
         - tools/lint
         - tools/mercurial
+        - tools/tryselect
         - toolkit/components/telemetry
         - testing/mochitest/pywebsocket
     extensions: ['py']
     type: external
     payload: flake8_:lint
--- a/tools/tryselect/mach_commands.py
+++ b/tools/tryselect/mach_commands.py
@@ -170,17 +170,19 @@ class PushToTry(MachCommandBase):
         from mozbuild.testing import TestResolver
         from tryselect.selectors.syntax import AutoTry
         print("mach try is under development, please file bugs blocking 1149670.")
-        resolver_func = lambda: self._spawn(TestResolver)
+        def resolver_func():
+            return self._spawn(TestResolver)
         at = AutoTry(self.topsrcdir, resolver_func, self._mach_context)
         if kwargs["list"]:
         if kwargs["load"] is not None:
             defaults = at.load_config(kwargs["load"])
--- a/tools/tryselect/selectors/syntax.py
+++ b/tools/tryselect/selectors/syntax.py
@@ -1,14 +1,13 @@
 # This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
 # License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
 # file, You can obtain one at http://mozilla.org/MPL/2.0/.
 import argparse
-import itertools
 import os
 import re
 import subprocess
 import sys
 import which
 from collections import defaultdict
@@ -16,44 +15,48 @@ import ConfigParser
 def arg_parser():
     parser = argparse.ArgumentParser()
     parser.add_argument('paths', nargs='*', help='Paths to search for tests to run on try.')
     parser.add_argument('-b', '--build', dest='builds', default='do',
                         help='Build types to run (d for debug, o for optimized).')
     parser.add_argument('-p', '--platform', dest='platforms', action='append',
-                        help='Platforms to run (required if not found in the environment as AUTOTRY_PLATFORM_HINT).')
+                        help='Platforms to run (required if not found in the environment as '
+                             'AUTOTRY_PLATFORM_HINT).')
     parser.add_argument('-u', '--unittests', dest='tests', action='append',
                         help='Test suites to run in their entirety.')
     parser.add_argument('-t', '--talos', dest='talos', action='append',
                         help='Talos suites to run.')
     parser.add_argument('-j', '--jobs', dest='jobs', action='append',
                         help='Job tasks to run.')
     parser.add_argument('--tag', dest='tags', action='append',
                         help='Restrict tests to the given tag (may be specified multiple times).')
     parser.add_argument('--and', action='store_true', dest='intersection',
-                        help='When -u and paths are supplied run only the intersection of the tests specified by the two arguments.')
+                        help='When -u and paths are supplied run only the intersection of the '
+                             'tests specified by the two arguments.')
     parser.add_argument('--no-push', dest='push', action='store_false',
                         help='Do not push to try as a result of running this command (if '
                         'specified this command will only print calculated try '
                         'syntax and selection info).')
     parser.add_argument('--save', dest='save', action='store',
                         help='Save the command line arguments for future use with --preset.')
     parser.add_argument('--preset', dest='load', action='store',
-                        help='Load a saved set of arguments. Additional arguments will override saved ones.')
+                        help='Load a saved set of arguments. Additional arguments will override '
+                             'saved ones.')
     parser.add_argument('--list', action='store_true',
                         help='List all saved try strings')
     parser.add_argument('-v', '--verbose', dest='verbose', action='store_true', default=False,
                         help='Print detailed information about the resulting test selection '
                         'and commands performed.')
     for arg, opts in AutoTry.pass_through_arguments.items():
         parser.add_argument(arg, **opts)
     return parser
 class TryArgumentTokenizer(object):
     symbols = [("seperator", ","),
                ("list_start", "\["),
                ("list_end", "\]"),
                ("item", "([^,\[\]\s][^,\[\]]+)"),
                ("space", "\s+")]
     token_re = re.compile("|".join("(?P<%s>%s)" % item for item in symbols))
@@ -61,16 +64,17 @@ class TryArgumentTokenizer(object):
         for match in self.token_re.finditer(data):
             symbol = match.lastgroup
             data = match.group(symbol)
             if symbol == "space":
                 yield symbol, data
 class TryArgumentParser(object):
     """Simple three-state parser for handling expressions
     of the from "foo[sub item, another], bar,baz". This takes
     input from the TryArgumentTokenizer and runs through a small
     state machine, returning a dictionary of {top-level-item:[sub_items]}
     i.e. the above would result in
     {"foo":["sub item", "another"], "bar": [], "baz": []}
     In the case of invalid input a ValueError is raised."""
@@ -136,21 +140,23 @@ class TryArgumentParser(object):
             raise ValueError
     def after_list_end_state(self):
         self.state = self.item_state
 def parse_arg(arg):
     tokenizer = TryArgumentTokenizer()
     parser = TryArgumentParser()
     return parser.parse(tokenizer.tokenize(arg))
 class AutoTry(object):
     # Maps from flavors to the job names needed to run that flavour
     flavor_jobs = {
         'mochitest': ['mochitest-1', 'mochitest-e10s-1'],
         'xpcshell': ['xpcshell'],
         'chrome': ['mochitest-o'],
         'browser-chrome': ['mochitest-browser-chrome-1',
@@ -436,22 +442,22 @@ class AutoTry(object):
             del suites['all']
             suites.update({suite_name: None for suite_name in non_compiled_suites})
         if suites:
             parts.append(",".join("%s%s" % (k, "[%s]" % ",".join(v) if v else "")
-                                  for k,v in sorted(suites.items())))
+                                  for k, v in sorted(suites.items())))
         if talos:
             parts.append(",".join("%s%s" % (k, "[%s]" % ",".join(v) if v else "")
-                                  for k,v in sorted(talos.items())))
+                                  for k, v in sorted(talos.items())))
         if jobs:
         if tags:
             parts.append(' '.join('--tag %s' % t for t in tags))