Bug 1367896: Include script filename in crash reason. r=shu data-r=bsmedberg a=jcristau
authorKris Maglione <maglione.k@gmail.com>
Wed, 05 Jul 2017 18:02:20 -0700
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reviewersshu, jcristau
Bug 1367896: Include script filename in crash reason. r=shu data-r=bsmedberg a=jcristau If the scope that we're trying to clone is actually a function script, this should give us the script URL. If it's not (presumably due to some sort of data corruption), it should give us a different crash, which should hopefully give us more information. MozReview-Commit-ID: Fppi0qt4GJP
--- a/js/src/vm/Scope.cpp
+++ b/js/src/vm/Scope.cpp
@@ -367,19 +367,27 @@ Scope::clone(JSContext* cx, HandleScope 
     RootedShape envShape(cx);
     if (scope->environmentShape()) {
         envShape = scope->maybeCloneEnvironmentShape(cx);
         if (!envShape)
             return nullptr;
     switch (scope->kind_) {
-      case ScopeKind::Function:
+      case ScopeKind::Function: {
+        RootedScript script(cx, scope->as<FunctionScope>().script());
+        const char* filename = script->filename();
+        // If the script has an internal URL, include it in the crash reason. If
+        // not, it may be a web URL, and therefore privacy-sensitive.
+        if (!strncmp(filename, "chrome:", 7) || !strncmp(filename, "resource:", 9))
+            MOZ_CRASH_UNSAFE_PRINTF("Use FunctionScope::clone (script URL: %s)", filename);
         MOZ_CRASH("Use FunctionScope::clone.");
+      }
       case ScopeKind::FunctionBodyVar:
       case ScopeKind::ParameterExpressionVar: {
         Rooted<VarScope::Data*> original(cx, &scope->as<VarScope>().data());
         UniquePtr<VarScope::Data> dataClone = CopyScopeData<VarScope>(cx, original);
         if (!dataClone)
             return nullptr;
         return create(cx, scope->kind_, enclosing, envShape, Move(dataClone));