Bug 1552040 - Make layout.scroll.root-frame-containers a regular (not override) pref. r=kats
authorBotond Ballo <botond@mozilla.com>
Thu, 16 May 2019 01:07:41 +0000
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Bug 1552040 - Make layout.scroll.root-frame-containers a regular (not override) pref. r=kats Differential Revision: https://phabricator.services.mozilla.com/D31350
--- a/gfx/thebes/gfxPrefs.h
+++ b/gfx/thebes/gfxPrefs.h
@@ -719,17 +719,17 @@ class gfxPrefs final {
   DECL_GFX_PREF(Live, "layout.display-list.show-rebuild-area", LayoutDisplayListShowArea, bool, false);
   DECL_GFX_PREF(Live, "layout.display-list.flatten-transform", LayoutFlattenTransform, bool, true);
   DECL_GFX_PREF(Live, "layout.frame_rate",                     LayoutFrameRate, int32_t, -1);
   DECL_GFX_PREF(Live, "layout.min-active-layer-size",          LayoutMinActiveLayerSize, int, 64);
   DECL_GFX_PREF(Once, "layout.paint_rects_separately",         LayoutPaintRectsSeparately, bool, true);
   // This and code dependent on it should be removed once containerless scrolling looks stable.
-  DECL_OVERRIDE_PREF(Live, "layout.scroll.root-frame-containers",   LayoutUseContainersForRootFrames, !OverrideBase_WebRender());
+  DECL_GFX_PREF(Live, "layout.scroll.root-frame-containers",   LayoutUseContainersForRootFrames, bool, false);
   // This pref is to be set by test code only.
   DECL_GFX_PREF(Live, "layout.scrollbars.always-layerize-track", AlwaysLayerizeScrollbarTrackTestOnly, bool, false);
   DECL_GFX_PREF(Live, "layout.smaller-painted-layers",         LayoutSmallerPaintedLayers, bool, false);
   DECL_GFX_PREF(Once, "media.hardware-video-decoding.force-enabled",
                                                                HardwareVideoDecodingForceEnabled, bool, false);
 #ifdef XP_WIN
   DECL_GFX_PREF(Live, "media.wmf.dxva.d3d11.enabled", PDMWMFAllowD3D11, bool, true);
--- a/mobile/android/app/geckoview-prefs.js
+++ b/mobile/android/app/geckoview-prefs.js
@@ -31,17 +31,17 @@ pref("dom.push.enabled", false);
 // enable external storage API
 pref("dom.storageManager.enabled", true);
 // enable Visual Viewport API
 pref("dom.visualviewport.enabled", true);
 // Use containerless scrolling.
-pref("layout.scroll.root-frame-containers", 0);
+pref("layout.scroll.root-frame-containers", false);
 // Inherit locale from the OS, used for multi-locale builds
 pref("intl.locale.requested", "");
 // Enable Safe Browsing blocklist updates
 pref("browser.safebrowsing.features.phishing.update", true);
 pref("browser.safebrowsing.features.malware.update", true);
--- a/mobile/android/app/mobile.js
+++ b/mobile/android/app/mobile.js
@@ -537,17 +537,17 @@ pref("layers.low-precision-opacity", "1.
 // We want to limit layers for two reasons:
 // 1) We can't scroll smoothly if we have to many draw calls
 // 2) Pages that have too many layers consume too much memory and crash.
 // By limiting the number of layers on mobile we're making the main thread
 // work harder keep scrolling smooth and memory low.
 pref("layers.max-active", 20);
 // Use containerless scrolling on Fennec.
-pref("layout.scroll.root-frame-containers", 0);
+pref("layout.scroll.root-frame-containers", false);
 pref("notification.feature.enabled", true);
 pref("dom.webnotifications.enabled", true);
 // prevent tooltips from showing up
 pref("browser.chrome.toolbar_tips", false);
 // don't allow meta-refresh when backgrounded
--- a/modules/libpref/init/all.js
+++ b/modules/libpref/init/all.js
@@ -772,17 +772,17 @@ pref("apz.y_stationary_size_multiplier",
 // Whether to run in native HiDPI mode on machines with "Retina"/HiDPI display;
 //   <= 0 : hidpi mode disabled, display will just use pixel-based upscaling
 //   == 1 : hidpi supported if all screens share the same backingScaleFactor
 //   >= 2 : hidpi supported even with mixed backingScaleFactors (somewhat broken)
 pref("gfx.hidpi.enabled", 2);
 // Default to containerless scrolling
-pref("layout.scroll.root-frame-containers", 0);
+pref("layout.scroll.root-frame-containers", false);
 pref("layout.scrollbars.always-layerize-track", false);
 // Whether to enable LayerScope tool and default listening port
 pref("gfx.layerscope.enabled", false);
 pref("gfx.layerscope.port", 23456);
 // Log severe performance warnings to the error console and profiles.