Bug 1385380 - Detect watchman more resiliently; r=glandium
authorGregory Szorc <gps@mozilla.com>
Fri, 28 Jul 2017 16:11:22 -0700
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Bug 1385380 - Detect watchman more resiliently; r=glandium Before, a non-runnable watchman would result in configure error. A trivial refactor to ignore `watchman version` errors would still result in setting WATCHMAN and exposing its presence to downstream consumers. Since we want WATCHMAN tied to a working watchman install, we refactor the code so that binary location and its version test are in the same function. They are either both defined or none of them are. MozReview-Commit-ID: 7wvBvYuOlmJ
--- a/moz.configure
+++ b/moz.configure
@@ -363,25 +363,51 @@ def tup_progs(build_backends):
             return ['tup']
     return None
 tup = check_prog('TUP', tup_progs)
 # watchman detection
 # ==============================================================
-watchman = check_prog('WATCHMAN', ('watchman',), allow_missing=True)
+option(env='WATCHMAN', nargs=1, help='Path to the watchman program')
-@checking('for watchman version')
-def watchman_version(watchman):
-    out = check_cmd_output(watchman, 'version')
-    res = json.loads(out)
-    return Version(res['version'])
+def watchman_info(prog):
+    if not prog:
+        prog = find_program('watchman')
+    if not prog:
+        return
+    out = check_cmd_output(prog, 'version', onerror=lambda: None)
+    if out is None:
+        return
+    # Assume a process not emitting JSON is not watchman or is a
+    # broken watchman.
+    try:
+        res = json.loads(out)
+    except ValueError:
+        return
+    return namespace(path=prog, version=Version(res['version']))
+@checking('for watchman')
+def watchman(w):
+    return w.path
+@checking('for watchman version')
+def watchman_version(w):
+    return w.version
+set_config('WATCHMAN', watchman)
 @depends_all(hg_version, hg_config, watchman)
 @checking('for watchman Mercurial integration')
 def watchman_hg(hg_version, hg_config, watchman):
     if hg_version < Version('3.8'):
         return 'no (Mercurial 3.8+ required)'