Bug 1158692 - Change omx AudioSink to GonkAudioSink r=cpearce
authorSotaro Ikeda <sikeda@mozilla.com>
Tue, 28 Apr 2015 06:50:59 -0700
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Bug 1158692 - Change omx AudioSink to GonkAudioSink r=cpearce
--- a/dom/media/omx/AudioOffloadPlayer.cpp
+++ b/dom/media/omx/AudioOffloadPlayer.cpp
@@ -46,17 +46,17 @@ namespace mozilla {
 PRLogModuleInfo* gAudioOffloadPlayerLog;
 #define AUDIO_OFFLOAD_LOG(type, msg) \
   PR_LOG(gAudioOffloadPlayerLog, type, msg)
 #define AUDIO_OFFLOAD_LOG(type, msg)
 // maximum time in paused state when offloading audio decompression.
-// When elapsed, the AudioSink is destroyed to allow the audio DSP to power down.
+// When elapsed, the GonkAudioSink is destroyed to allow the audio DSP to power down.
 static const uint64_t OFFLOAD_PAUSE_MAX_MSECS = 60000ll;
 AudioOffloadPlayer::AudioOffloadPlayer(MediaOmxCommonDecoder* aObserver) :
@@ -468,38 +468,38 @@ void AudioOffloadPlayer::NotifyAudioTear
     mSeekPromise.Resolve(val, __func__);
   nsCOMPtr<nsIRunnable> nsEvent = NS_NewRunnableMethod(mObserver,
 // static
-size_t AudioOffloadPlayer::AudioSinkCallback(AudioSink* aAudioSink,
+size_t AudioOffloadPlayer::AudioSinkCallback(GonkAudioSink* aAudioSink,
                                              void* aBuffer,
                                              size_t aSize,
                                              void* aCookie,
-                                             AudioSink::cb_event_t aEvent)
+                                             GonkAudioSink::cb_event_t aEvent)
   AudioOffloadPlayer* me = (AudioOffloadPlayer*) aCookie;
   switch (aEvent) {
-    case AudioSink::CB_EVENT_FILL_BUFFER:
+    case GonkAudioSink::CB_EVENT_FILL_BUFFER:
       AUDIO_OFFLOAD_LOG(PR_LOG_DEBUG, ("Notify Audio position changed"));
       return me->FillBuffer(aBuffer, aSize);
-    case AudioSink::CB_EVENT_STREAM_END:
+    case GonkAudioSink::CB_EVENT_STREAM_END:
       AUDIO_OFFLOAD_LOG(PR_LOG_DEBUG, ("Notify Audio EOS"));
       me->mReachedEOS = true;
-    case AudioSink::CB_EVENT_TEAR_DOWN:
+    case GonkAudioSink::CB_EVENT_TEAR_DOWN:
       AUDIO_OFFLOAD_LOG(PR_LOG_DEBUG, ("Notify Tear down event"));
       AUDIO_OFFLOAD_LOG(PR_LOG_ERROR, ("Unknown event %d from audio sink",
@@ -692,17 +692,17 @@ MediaDecoderOwner::NextFrameStatus Audio
     return MediaDecoderOwner::NEXT_FRAME_UNAVAILABLE_SEEKING;
   } else if (mPlayState == MediaDecoder::PLAY_STATE_ENDED) {
     return MediaDecoderOwner::NEXT_FRAME_UNAVAILABLE;
   } else {
     return MediaDecoderOwner::NEXT_FRAME_AVAILABLE;
-void AudioOffloadPlayer::SendMetaDataToHal(sp<AudioSink>& aSink,
+void AudioOffloadPlayer::SendMetaDataToHal(sp<GonkAudioSink>& aSink,
                                            const sp<MetaData>& aMeta)
   int32_t sampleRate = 0;
   int32_t bitRate = 0;
   int32_t channelMask = 0;
   int32_t delaySamples = 0;
   int32_t paddingSamples = 0;
--- a/dom/media/omx/AudioOffloadPlayer.h
+++ b/dom/media/omx/AudioOffloadPlayer.h
@@ -45,21 +45,21 @@ class WakeLock;
  * This depends on offloading capability provided by Android KK AudioTrack class
  * Audio playback is based on pull mechanism, whenever audio sink needs
  * data, FillBuffer() will read data from compressed audio source and provide
  * it to the sink
  * Also this class passes state changes (play/pause/seek) from
- * MediaOmxCommonDecoder to AudioSink as well as provide AudioSink status
+ * MediaOmxCommonDecoder to GonkAudioSink as well as provide GonkAudioSink status
  * (position changed, playback ended, seek complete, audio tear down) back to
  * MediaOmxCommonDecoder
- * It acts as a bridge between MediaOmxCommonDecoder and AudioSink during
+ * It acts as a bridge between MediaOmxCommonDecoder and GonkAudioSink during
  * offload playback
 class AudioOffloadPlayer : public AudioOffloadPlayerBase
   typedef android::Mutex Mutex;
   typedef android::MetaData MetaData;
   typedef android::status_t status_t;
@@ -75,17 +75,17 @@ public:
   AudioOffloadPlayer(MediaOmxCommonDecoder* aDecoder = nullptr);
   // Caller retains ownership of "aSource".
   virtual void SetSource(const android::sp<MediaSource> &aSource) override;
-  // Start the source if it's not already started and open the AudioSink to
+  // Start the source if it's not already started and open the GonkAudioSink to
   // create an offloaded audio track
   virtual status_t Start(bool aSourceAlreadyStarted = false) override;
   virtual status_t ChangeState(MediaDecoder::PlayState aState) override;
   virtual void SetVolume(double aVolume) override;
   virtual double GetMediaTimeSecs() override;
@@ -101,17 +101,17 @@ public:
   virtual nsRefPtr<MediaDecoder::SeekPromise> Seek(SeekTarget aTarget) override;
   void TimeUpdate();
   // Close the audio sink, stop time updates, frees the input buffers
   void Reset();
-  // Set when audio source is started and audioSink is initialized
+  // Set when audio source is started and GonkAudioSink is initialized
   // Used only in main thread
   bool mStarted;
   // Set when audio sink is started. i.e. playback started
   // Used only in main thread
   bool mPlaying;
   // Once playback reached end of stream (last ~100ms), position provided by DSP
@@ -165,30 +165,30 @@ private:
   // Compressed audio source.
   // Used in main thread first and later in offload callback thread
   android::sp<MediaSource> mSource;
   // Audio sink wrapper to access offloaded audio tracks
   // Used in main thread and offload callback thread
   // Race conditions are protected in underlying Android::AudioTrack class
-  android::sp<AudioSink> mAudioSink;
+  android::sp<GonkAudioSink> mAudioSink;
   // Buffer used to get date from audio source. Used in offload callback thread
   MediaBuffer* mInputBuffer;
   // MediaOmxCommonDecoder object used mainly to notify the audio sink status
   MediaOmxCommonDecoder* mObserver;
   TimeStamp mLastFireUpdateTime;
   // Timer to trigger position changed events
   nsCOMPtr<nsITimer> mTimeUpdateTimer;
-  // Timer to reset AudioSink when audio is paused for OFFLOAD_PAUSE_MAX_USECS.
+  // Timer to reset GonkAudioSink when audio is paused for OFFLOAD_PAUSE_MAX_USECS.
   // It is triggered in Pause() and canceled when there is a Play() within
   // OFFLOAD_PAUSE_MAX_USECS. Used only from main thread so no lock is needed.
   nsCOMPtr<nsITimer> mResetTimer;
   // To avoid device suspend when mResetTimer is going to be triggered.
   // Used only from main thread so no lock is needed.
   nsRefPtr<mozilla::dom::WakeLock> mWakeLock;
@@ -198,22 +198,22 @@ private:
   // frames played by audio track
   int64_t GetOutputPlayPositionUs_l() const;
   // Fill the buffer given by audio sink with data from compressed audio
   // source. Also handles the seek by seeking audio source and stop the sink in
   // case of error
   size_t FillBuffer(void *aData, size_t aSize);
-  // Called by AudioSink when it needs data, to notify EOS or tear down event
-  static size_t AudioSinkCallback(AudioSink *aAudioSink,
+  // Called by GonkAudioSink when it needs data, to notify EOS or tear down event
+  static size_t AudioSinkCallback(GonkAudioSink *aAudioSink,
                                   void *aData,
                                   size_t aSize,
                                   void *aMe,
-                                  AudioSink::cb_event_t aEvent);
+                                  GonkAudioSink::cb_event_t aEvent);
   bool IsSeeking();
   // Set mSeekTarget to the given position and restart the sink. Actual seek
   // happens in FillBuffer(). If mSeekPromise is not empty, send
   // SeekingStarted event always and SeekingStopped event when the play state is
   // paused to MediaDecoder.
   // When decoding and playing happens separately, if there is a seek during
@@ -249,18 +249,18 @@ private:
   // Notify position changed event by sending PlaybackPositionChanged event to
   // observer
   void NotifyPositionChanged();
   // Offloaded audio track is invalidated due to usecase change. Notify
   // MediaDecoder to re-evaluate offloading options
   void NotifyAudioTearDown();
-  // Send information from MetaData to the HAL via AudioSink
-  void SendMetaDataToHal(android::sp<AudioSink>& aSink,
+  // Send information from MetaData to the HAL via GonkAudioSink
+  void SendMetaDataToHal(android::sp<GonkAudioSink>& aSink,
                          const android::sp<MetaData>& aMeta);
   AudioOffloadPlayer(const AudioOffloadPlayer &);
   AudioOffloadPlayer &operator=(const AudioOffloadPlayer &);
 } // namespace mozilla
--- a/dom/media/omx/AudioOutput.h
+++ b/dom/media/omx/AudioOutput.h
@@ -19,27 +19,27 @@
 #include <stagefright/foundation/ABase.h>
 #include <utils/Mutex.h>
 #include <AudioTrack.h>
-#include "AudioSink.h"
+#include "GonkAudioSink.h"
 namespace mozilla {
  * Stripped version of Android KK MediaPlayerService::AudioOutput class
  * Android MediaPlayer uses AudioOutput as a wrapper to handle
  * Android::AudioTrack
  * Similarly to ease handling offloaded tracks, part of AudioOutput is used here
-class AudioOutput : public AudioSink
+class AudioOutput : public GonkAudioSink
   typedef android::Mutex Mutex;
   typedef android::String8 String8;
   typedef android::status_t status_t;
   typedef android::AudioTrack AudioTrack;
   class CallbackData;
rename from dom/media/omx/AudioSink.h
rename to dom/media/omx/GonkAudioSink.h
--- a/dom/media/omx/AudioSink.h
+++ b/dom/media/omx/GonkAudioSink.h
@@ -12,18 +12,18 @@
  * Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
  * distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
  * WITHOUT WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS OF ANY KIND, either express or implied.
  * See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
  * limitations under the License.
-#ifndef AUDIO_SINK_H_
-#define AUDIO_SINK_H_
 #include <utils/Errors.h>
 #include <utils/String8.h>
 #include <system/audio.h>
@@ -34,37 +34,37 @@
 namespace mozilla {
  * AudioSink: abstraction layer for audio output
  * Stripped version of Android KK MediaPlayerBase::AudioSink class
-class AudioSink : public android::RefBase
+class GonkAudioSink : public android::RefBase
   typedef android::String8 String8;
   typedef android::status_t status_t;
   enum cb_event_t {
     CB_EVENT_FILL_BUFFER,   // Request to write more data to buffer.
     CB_EVENT_STREAM_END,    // Sent after all the buffers queued in AF and HW
                             // are played back (after stop is called)
     CB_EVENT_TEAR_DOWN      // The AudioTrack was invalidated due to usecase
                             // change. Need to re-evaluate offloading options
   // Callback returns the number of bytes actually written to the buffer.
-  typedef size_t (*AudioCallback)(AudioSink* aAudioSink,
+  typedef size_t (*AudioCallback)(GonkAudioSink* aAudioSink,
                                   void* aBuffer,
                                   size_t aSize,
                                   void* aCookie,
                                   cb_event_t aEvent);
-  virtual ~AudioSink() {}
+  virtual ~GonkAudioSink() {}
   virtual ssize_t FrameSize() const = 0;
   virtual status_t GetPosition(uint32_t* aPosition) const = 0;
   virtual status_t SetVolume(float aVolume) const = 0;
   virtual status_t SetParameters(const String8& aKeyValuePairs)
     return android::NO_ERROR;
@@ -81,9 +81,9 @@ public:
   virtual void Stop() = 0;
   virtual void Flush() = 0;
   virtual void Pause() = 0;
   virtual void Close() = 0;
 } // namespace mozilla
-#endif // AUDIO_SINK_H_
+#endif // GONK_AUDIO_SINK_H_
--- a/dom/media/omx/moz.build
+++ b/dom/media/omx/moz.build
@@ -21,17 +21,17 @@ SOURCES += [
     EXPORTS += [
-        'AudioSink.h',
+        'GonkAudioSink.h',
     SOURCES += [
     EXPORTS += [