Bug 409601: Ask for an email instead of a username (since Weave usernames are email addresses)
authorDan Mills <thunder@mozilla.com>
Wed, 26 Dec 2007 14:56:52 -0800
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Bug 409601: Ask for an email instead of a username (since Weave usernames are email addresses)
--- a/services/sync/locales/en-US/login.dtd
+++ b/services/sync/locales/en-US/login.dtd
@@ -1,7 +1,7 @@
 <!ENTITY dialog.title                 "Mozilla Services Login">
 <!ENTITY dialog.label                 "Sign in to Weave from this computer.">
-<!ENTITY username.label               "Username:">
+<!ENTITY username.label               "Email:">
 <!ENTITY password.label               "Password:">
 <!ENTITY encryptionPassphrase.label   "Encryption Passphrase:">
 <!ENTITY savePassword.label           "Save password on this computer">
 <!ENTITY autoconnect.label            "Automatically connect each time I start Firefox">
--- a/services/sync/locales/en-US/wizard.dtd
+++ b/services/sync/locales/en-US/wizard.dtd
@@ -11,17 +11,17 @@
 <!ENTITY step2.title                      "Backup Your Data">
 <!ENTITY step2.description                "Backing up now will allow you to recover from some of the data loss you will experience. Seriously. We're not kidding.">
 <!ENTITY step2.note                       "Click on the &quot;Back Up Bookmarks...&quot; button below, and we will save a copy of your bookmarks to your desktop.">
 <!ENTITY backUpBookmarks.label            "Back Up Bookmarks...">
 <!ENTITY step3.counter                    "Step 3 of 5">
 <!ENTITY step3.title                      "Account Details">
 <!ENTITY step3.description                "Please enter the Weave account details and click the &quot;Verify&quot; button to validate before proceeding.">
-<!ENTITY username.label                   "Username:">
+<!ENTITY username.label                   "Email:">
 <!ENTITY password.label                   "Password:">
 <!ENTITY encryptionPassphrase.description "You must also now choose an encryption passphrase that is different from your password. This will be used to protect your data on the server.">
 <!ENTITY encryptionPassphrase.label       "Encryption Passphrase:">
 <!ENTITY verify.label                     "Verify Account">
 <!ENTITY verifyStatusUnverified.label     "Status: Unverified">
 <!ENTITY step4.counter                    "Step 4 of 5">
 <!ENTITY step4.title                      "Initial Data Transfer">