Bug 1384665 - Use virtualenv Python in `mach check-spidermonkey`; r=jimb
authorGregory Szorc <gps@mozilla.com>
Wed, 26 Jul 2017 18:02:51 -0700
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Bug 1384665 - Use virtualenv Python in `mach check-spidermonkey`; r=jimb Recent changes in bug 1377216 introduced some new Python imports to some SpiderMonkey test scripts. These modules likely won't be on sys.path by default. To ensure these Python processes always work, this commit changes them to be executed with the Python binary from the build system's virtualenv. In the case of jit_test.py and jstests.py, we switch from relying on the shebang Python (`/usr/bin/env python`). In other cases, we switch from mach's python (essentially `which python2.7` or `python`). Previously, some clients may have been using Python 3 via shebang discovery. This change will force them to Python 2. This might be unfortunate. But proper Python 3 support in mach and the build system is a bit of a mess right now. I'd rather we just consistently use the virtualenv Python because it is more well-defined and it eliminates a class of bugs around the Python environment being undefined. MozReview-Commit-ID: 4NHzWisIgDC
--- a/testing/mach_commands.py
+++ b/testing/mach_commands.py
@@ -424,47 +424,58 @@ def executable_name(name):
 class CheckSpiderMonkeyCommand(MachCommandBase):
     @Command('check-spidermonkey', category='testing', description='Run SpiderMonkey tests (JavaScript engine).')
     @CommandArgument('--valgrind', action='store_true', help='Run jit-test suite with valgrind flag')
     def run_checkspidermonkey(self, **params):
         import subprocess
-        import sys
+        self.virtualenv_manager.ensure()
+        python = self.virtualenv_manager.python_path
         js = os.path.join(self.bindir, executable_name('js'))
         print('Running jit-tests')
-        jittest_cmd = [os.path.join(self.topsrcdir, 'js', 'src', 'jit-test', 'jit_test.py'),
-              js, '--no-slow', '--jitflags=all']
+        jittest_cmd = [
+            python,
+            os.path.join(self.topsrcdir, 'js', 'src', 'jit-test', 'jit_test.py'),
+            js,
+            '--no-slow',
+            '--jitflags=all',
+        ]
         if params['valgrind']:
         jittest_result = subprocess.call(jittest_cmd)
         print('running jstests')
-        jstest_cmd = [os.path.join(self.topsrcdir, 'js', 'src', 'tests', 'jstests.py'),
-              js, '--jitflags=all']
+        jstest_cmd = [
+            python,
+            os.path.join(self.topsrcdir, 'js', 'src', 'tests', 'jstests.py'),
+            js,
+            '--jitflags=all',
+        ]
         jstest_result = subprocess.call(jstest_cmd)
         print('running jsapi-tests')
         jsapi_tests_cmd = [os.path.join(self.bindir, executable_name('jsapi-tests'))]
         jsapi_tests_result = subprocess.call(jsapi_tests_cmd)
         print('running check-style')
-        check_style_cmd = [sys.executable, os.path.join(self.topsrcdir, 'config', 'check_spidermonkey_style.py')]
+        check_style_cmd = [python, os.path.join(self.topsrcdir, 'config', 'check_spidermonkey_style.py')]
         check_style_result = subprocess.call(check_style_cmd, cwd=os.path.join(self.topsrcdir, 'js', 'src'))
         print('running check-masm')
-        check_masm_cmd = [sys.executable, os.path.join(self.topsrcdir, 'config', 'check_macroassembler_style.py')]
+        check_masm_cmd = [python, os.path.join(self.topsrcdir, 'config', 'check_macroassembler_style.py')]
         check_masm_result = subprocess.call(check_masm_cmd, cwd=os.path.join(self.topsrcdir, 'js', 'src'))
         print('running check-js-msg-encoding')
-        check_js_msg_cmd = [sys.executable, os.path.join(self.topsrcdir, 'config', 'check_js_msg_encoding.py')]
+        check_js_msg_cmd = [python, os.path.join(self.topsrcdir, 'config', 'check_js_msg_encoding.py')]
         check_js_msg_result = subprocess.call(check_js_msg_cmd, cwd=self.topsrcdir)
         all_passed = jittest_result and jstest_result and jsapi_tests_result and check_style_result and check_masm_result and check_js_msg_result
         return all_passed
 class JsapiTestsCommand(MachCommandBase):