Bug 1499542 part 1: Don't do early-freeze of flexible-but-doomed-to-be-clamped flex items, if devtools are active. r=bradwerth
authorDaniel Holbert <dholbert@cs.stanford.edu>
Thu, 18 Oct 2018 23:44:42 +0000
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Bug 1499542 part 1: Don't do early-freeze of flexible-but-doomed-to-be-clamped flex items, if devtools are active. r=bradwerth We'd like to be able to record the "desired" (pre-clamped) delta size from tentatively flexing for these items. That size would be computed during a loop of the flex layout algorithm -- but we can't do that if we freeze them before we start flexing. So let's bypass this early freeze so they get a chance to compute this tentative size, even though they can never have it. Differential Revision: https://phabricator.services.mozilla.com/D8922
--- a/layout/generic/nsFlexContainerFrame.cpp
+++ b/layout/generic/nsFlexContainerFrame.cpp
@@ -1074,17 +1074,18 @@ public:
   void PositionItemsInCrossAxis(nscoord aLineStartPosition,
                                 const FlexboxAxisTracker& aAxisTracker);
   friend class AutoFlexLineListClearer; // (needs access to mItems)
   // Helpers for ResolveFlexibleLengths():
-  void FreezeItemsEarly(bool aIsUsingFlexGrow);
+  void FreezeItemsEarly(bool aIsUsingFlexGrow,
+                        ComputedFlexLineInfo* aLineInfo);
   void FreezeOrRestoreEachFlexibleSize(const nscoord aTotalViolation,
                                        bool aIsFinalIteration);
   LinkedList<FlexItem> mItems; // Linked list of this line's flex items.
   uint32_t mNumItems; // Number of FlexItems in this line (in |mItems|).
                       // (Shouldn't change after GenerateFlexLines finishes
@@ -2498,17 +2499,18 @@ nsFlexContainerFrame::BuildDisplayList(n
   for (; !iter.AtEnd(); iter.Next()) {
     nsIFrame* childFrame = *iter;
     BuildDisplayListForChild(aBuilder, childFrame, childLists,
-FlexLine::FreezeItemsEarly(bool aIsUsingFlexGrow)
+FlexLine::FreezeItemsEarly(bool aIsUsingFlexGrow,
+                           ComputedFlexLineInfo* aLineInfo)
   // After we've established the type of flexing we're doing (growing vs.
   // shrinking), and before we try to flex any items, we freeze items that
   // obviously *can't* flex.
   // Quoting the spec:
   //  # Freeze, setting its target main size to its hypothetical main size...
   //  #  - any item that has a flex factor of zero
@@ -2527,17 +2529,23 @@ FlexLine::FreezeItemsEarly(bool aIsUsing
   uint32_t numUnfrozenItemsToBeSeen = mNumItems - mNumFrozenItems;
   for (FlexItem* item = mItems.getFirst();
        numUnfrozenItemsToBeSeen > 0; item = item->getNext()) {
     MOZ_ASSERT(item, "numUnfrozenItemsToBeSeen says items remain to be seen");
     if (!item->IsFrozen()) {
       bool shouldFreeze = (0.0f == item->GetFlexFactor(aIsUsingFlexGrow));
-      if (!shouldFreeze) {
+      // NOTE: We skip the "could flex but base size out of range"
+      // early-freezing if flex devtools are active, so that we can let the
+      // first run of the main flex layout loop compute how much this item
+      // wants to flex. (This skipping shouldn't impact results, because
+      // any affected items will just immediately be caught & frozen as min/max
+      // violations in that first loop, and that'll trigger another loop.)
+      if (!shouldFreeze && !aLineInfo) {
         if (aIsUsingFlexGrow) {
           if (item->GetFlexBaseSize() > item->GetMainSize()) {
             shouldFreeze = true;
         } else { // using flex-shrink
           if (item->GetFlexBaseSize() < item->GetMainSize()) {
             shouldFreeze = true;
@@ -2619,17 +2627,17 @@ FlexLine::ResolveFlexibleLengths(nscoord
   MOZ_LOG(gFlexContainerLog, LogLevel::Debug, ("ResolveFlexibleLengths\n"));
   // Determine whether we're going to be growing or shrinking items.
   const bool isUsingFlexGrow =
     (mTotalOuterHypotheticalMainSize < aFlexContainerMainSize);
   // Do an "early freeze" for flex items that obviously can't flex in the
   // direction we've chosen:
-  FreezeItemsEarly(isUsingFlexGrow);
+  FreezeItemsEarly(isUsingFlexGrow, aLineInfo);
   if ((mNumFrozenItems == mNumItems) && !aLineInfo) {
     // All our items are frozen, so we have no flexible lengths to resolve,
     // and we aren't being asked to generate computed line info.
   MOZ_ASSERT(!IsEmpty() || aLineInfo,
              "empty lines should take the early-return above");