Bug 1636886 - Only download conditioned-profiles once in Raptor. r=tarek,perftest-reviewers,Bebe
authorGregory Mierzwinski <gmierz2@outlook.com>
Thu, 14 May 2020 11:20:42 +0000
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Bug 1636886 - Only download conditioned-profiles once in Raptor. r=tarek,perftest-reviewers,Bebe This patch makes it so that we only download and extract the conditioned-profile once and have tests use copies of that original copy. It also adds some debugging logs to the condprof `download_file` function to debug an issue where we seem to hit a cache-miss when we have already downloaded the artifact. Differential Revision: https://phabricator.services.mozilla.com/D75176
--- a/testing/condprofile/condprof/util.py
+++ b/testing/condprofile/condprof/util.py
@@ -197,29 +197,41 @@ def download_file(url, target=None):
     if not present:
         logger.info("Cannot find %r" % url)
         raise ArchiveNotFound(url)
     etag = headers.get("ETag")
     if target is None:
         target = url.split("/")[-1]
+    logger.info("Checking for existence of: %s" % target)
     if os.path.exists(target):
         # XXX for now, reusing downloads without checking them
         # when we don't have an .etag file
         if etag is None or not os.path.exists(target + ".etag"):
+            logger.info("No existing etag downloads.")
             return target
         with open(target + ".etag") as f:
             current_etag = f.read()
         if etag == current_etag:
             logger.info("Already Downloaded.")
             # should at least check the size?
             return target
+    else:
+        logger.info("Could not find an existing archive.")
+        # Add some debugging logs for the directory content
+        try:
+            archivedir = os.path.dirname(target)
+            logger.info(
+                "Content in cache directory %s: %s" % (archivedir, os.listdir(archivedir))
+            )
+        except Exception:
+            logger.info("Failed to list cache directory contents")
     logger.info("Downloading %s" % url)
     req = requests.get(url, stream=True, timeout=DOWNLOAD_TIMEOUT)
     total_length = int(req.headers.get("content-length"))
     target_dir = os.path.dirname(target)
     if target_dir != "" and not os.path.exists(target_dir):
         logger.info("Creating dir %s" % target_dir)
--- a/testing/raptor/raptor/perftest.py
+++ b/testing/raptor/raptor/perftest.py
@@ -206,19 +206,31 @@ either Raptor or browsertime."""
         tempdir = tempfile.mkdtemp()
         return tempdir
     def is_localhost(self):
         return self.config.get("host") in ("localhost", "")
+    @property
+    def conditioned_profile_copy(self):
+        """Returns a copy of the original conditioned profile that was created."""
+        condprof_copy = os.path.join(self._get_temp_dir(), "profile")
+        shutil.copytree(self.conditioned_profile_dir, condprof_copy)
+        LOG.info("Created a conditioned-profile copy: %s" % condprof_copy)
+        return condprof_copy
     def get_conditioned_profile(self):
         """Downloads a platform-specific conditioned profile, using the
         condprofile client API; returns a self.conditioned_profile_dir"""
+        if self.conditioned_profile_dir:
+            # We already have a directory, so provide a copy that
+            # will get deleted after it's done with
+            return self.conditioned_profile_copy
         # create a temp file to help ensure uniqueness
         temp_download_dir = self._get_temp_dir()
             "Making temp_download_dir from inside get_conditioned_profile {}".format(
@@ -280,30 +292,29 @@ either Raptor or browsertime."""
             raise OSError
-            "self.conditioned_profile_dir is now set: {}".format(
+            "Original self.conditioned_profile_dir is now set: {}".format(
-        return self.conditioned_profile_dir
+        return self.conditioned_profile_copy
     def build_browser_profile(self):
         if not self.using_condprof or self.config['app'] in ['chrome', 'chromium', 'chrome-m']:
             self.profile = create_profile(self.profile_class)
-            self.get_conditioned_profile()
             # use mozprofile to create a profile for us, from our conditioned profile's path
             self.profile = create_profile(
-                self.profile_class, profile=self.conditioned_profile_dir
+                self.profile_class, profile=self.get_conditioned_profile()
         # Merge extra profile data from testing/profiles
         with open(os.path.join(self.profile_data_dir, "profiles.json"), "r") as fh:
             base_profiles = json.load(fh)["raptor"]
         for profile in base_profiles:
             path = os.path.join(self.profile_data_dir, profile)
             LOG.info("Merging profile: {}".format(path))