Bug 1115812 patch 3 - Pass the hints to DoRebuildAllStyleData via the member variables, in preparation for future refactoring. r=heycam
authorL. David Baron <dbaron@dbaron.org>
Tue, 13 Jan 2015 21:03:11 -0800
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Bug 1115812 patch 3 - Pass the hints to DoRebuildAllStyleData via the member variables, in preparation for future refactoring. r=heycam Part of this refactoring involves the ability to start the rebuild-all process within the processing of restyles. This means we can't pass parameters directly from RebuildAllStyleData into DoRebuildAllStyleData. So this continues storing the hints as member variables a little bit deeper into the process. (I tried to move in a different direction in this patch queue, and store these hints in mPendingRestyles, for the root element. But that broke layout/style/test/test_counter_style.html and layout/style/test/test_font_loading_api.html, and I didn't want to figure out why. It would be somewhat better in the long run, since currently these hints will get processed if we do a rebuild-all on a RestyleTracker other than mPendingRestyles, which can happen if we have 'rem' units and have a root element font size change in the animation-only update or in mPendingAnimationRestyles.)
--- a/layout/base/RestyleManager.cpp
+++ b/layout/base/RestyleManager.cpp
@@ -944,17 +944,18 @@ RestyleManager::RestyleElement(Element* 
     nsStyleContext *oldContext = aPrimaryFrame->StyleContext();
     if (!oldContext->GetParent()) { // check that we're the root element
       nsRefPtr<nsStyleContext> newContext = mPresContext->StyleSet()->
         ResolveStyleFor(aElement, nullptr /* == oldContext->GetParent() */);
       if (oldContext->StyleFont()->mFont.size !=
           newContext->StyleFont()->mFont.size) {
         // The basis for 'rem' units has changed.
         newContext = nullptr;
-        DoRebuildAllStyleData(aRestyleTracker, nsChangeHint(0), aRestyleHint);
+        mRebuildAllRestyleHint |= aRestyleHint;
+        DoRebuildAllStyleData(aRestyleTracker);
         if (aMinHint == 0) {
         aPrimaryFrame = aElement->GetPrimaryFrame();
@@ -1473,20 +1474,18 @@ void
 RestyleManager::RebuildAllStyleData(nsChangeHint aExtraHint,
                                     nsRestyleHint aRestyleHint)
   NS_ASSERTION(!(aExtraHint & nsChangeHint_ReconstructFrame),
                "Should not reconstruct the root of the frame tree.  "
                "Use ReconstructDocElementHierarchy instead.");
   mRebuildAllStyleData = false;
-  NS_UpdateHint(aExtraHint, mRebuildAllExtraHint);
-  aRestyleHint |= mRebuildAllRestyleHint;
-  mRebuildAllExtraHint = nsChangeHint(0);
-  mRebuildAllRestyleHint = nsRestyleHint(0);
+  NS_UpdateHint(mRebuildAllExtraHint, aExtraHint);
+  mRebuildAllRestyleHint |= aRestyleHint;
   nsIPresShell* presShell = mPresContext->GetPresShell();
   if (!presShell || !presShell->GetRootFrame())
   // Make sure that the viewmanager will outlive the presshell
   nsRefPtr<nsViewManager> vm = presShell->GetViewManager();
@@ -1507,77 +1506,80 @@ RestyleManager::RebuildAllStyleData(nsCh
   // Until we get rid of these phases in bug 960465, we need to skip
   // animation restyles during the non-animation phase, and post
   // animation restyles so that we restyle those elements again in the
   // animation phase.
   mSkipAnimationRules = true;
   mPostAnimationRestyles = true;
-  DoRebuildAllStyleData(mPendingRestyles, aExtraHint, aRestyleHint);
+  DoRebuildAllStyleData(mPendingRestyles);
   mPostAnimationRestyles = false;
   mSkipAnimationRules = false;
 #ifdef DEBUG
   mIsProcessingRestyles = false;
   // Make sure that we process any pending animation restyles from the
   // above style change.  Note that we can *almost* implement the above
   // by just posting a style change -- except we really need to restyle
   // the root frame rather than the root element's primary frame.
-RestyleManager::DoRebuildAllStyleData(RestyleTracker& aRestyleTracker,
-                                      nsChangeHint aExtraHint,
-                                      nsRestyleHint aRestyleHint)
+RestyleManager::DoRebuildAllStyleData(RestyleTracker& aRestyleTracker)
   // Tell the style set to get the old rule tree out of the way
   // so we can recalculate while maintaining rule tree immutability
   nsresult rv = mPresContext->StyleSet()->BeginReconstruct();
   if (NS_FAILED(rv)) {
+  nsRestyleHint restyleHint = mRebuildAllRestyleHint;
+  nsChangeHint changeHint = mRebuildAllExtraHint;
+  mRebuildAllExtraHint = nsChangeHint(0);
+  mRebuildAllRestyleHint = nsRestyleHint(0);
   // Until we get rid of these phases in bug 960465, we need to add
   // eRestyle_ChangeAnimationPhaseDescendants so that we actually honor
   // these booleans in all cases.
-  aRestyleHint |= eRestyle_ChangeAnimationPhaseDescendants;
-  aRestyleHint = aRestyleHint | eRestyle_ForceDescendants;
-  if (!(aRestyleHint & eRestyle_Subtree) &&
-      (aRestyleHint & ~(eRestyle_Force | eRestyle_ForceDescendants))) {
+  restyleHint |= eRestyle_ChangeAnimationPhaseDescendants;
+  restyleHint |= eRestyle_ForceDescendants;
+  if (!(restyleHint & eRestyle_Subtree) &&
+      (restyleHint & ~(eRestyle_Force | eRestyle_ForceDescendants))) {
     // We want this hint to apply to the root node's primary frame
     // rather than the root frame, since it's the primary frame that has
     // the styles for the root element (rather than the ancestors of the
     // primary frame whose mContent is the root node but which have
     // different styles).  If we use up the hint for one of the
     // ancestors that we hit first, then we'll fail to do the restyling
     // we need to do.
     Element* root = mPresContext->Document()->GetRootElement();
     if (root) {
       // If the root element is gone, dropping the hint on the floor
       // should be fine.
-      aRestyleTracker.AddPendingRestyle(root, aRestyleHint, nsChangeHint(0));
+      aRestyleTracker.AddPendingRestyle(root, restyleHint, nsChangeHint(0));
-    aRestyleHint = nsRestyleHint(0);
+    restyleHint = nsRestyleHint(0);
   // Recalculate all of the style contexts for the document
   // Note that we can ignore the return value of ComputeStyleChangeFor
   // because we never need to reframe the root frame
   // XXX Does it matter that we're passing aExtraHint to the real root
   // frame and not the root node's primary frame?  (We could do
   // roughly what we do for aRestyleHint above.)
   // Note: The restyle tracker we pass in here doesn't matter.
-                               aExtraHint, aRestyleTracker, aRestyleHint);
+                               changeHint, aRestyleTracker, restyleHint);
   // Tell the style set it's safe to destroy the old rule tree.  We
   // must do this after the ProcessRestyledFrames call in case the
   // change list has frame reconstructs in it (since frames to be
   // reconstructed will still have their old style context pointers
   // until they are destroyed).
--- a/layout/base/RestyleManager.h
+++ b/layout/base/RestyleManager.h
@@ -324,19 +324,17 @@ public:
   // in the restyle hint is harmless; some callers (e.g.,
   // nsPresContext::MediaFeatureValuesChanged) might do this for their
   // own reasons.)
   void RebuildAllStyleData(nsChangeHint aExtraHint,
                            nsRestyleHint aRestyleHint);
   // Helper that does part of the work of RebuildAllStyleData, shared by
   // RestyleElement for 'rem' handling.
-  void DoRebuildAllStyleData(RestyleTracker& aRestyleTracker,
-                             nsChangeHint aExtraHint,
-                             nsRestyleHint aRestyleHint);
+  void DoRebuildAllStyleData(RestyleTracker& aRestyleTracker);
   // See PostRestyleEventCommon below.
   void PostRestyleEvent(Element* aElement,
                         nsRestyleHint aRestyleHint,
                         nsChangeHint aMinChangeHint)
     if (mPresContext) {
       PostRestyleEventCommon(aElement, aRestyleHint, aMinChangeHint,