Bug 996883. r=mjrosenb, a=abillings
authorDouglas Crosher <dtc-moz@scieneer.com>
Thu, 17 Apr 2014 00:08:21 +1000
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Bug 996883. r=mjrosenb, a=abillings
--- a/js/src/jit/arm/MacroAssembler-arm.cpp
+++ b/js/src/jit/arm/MacroAssembler-arm.cpp
@@ -359,17 +359,17 @@ MacroAssemblerARM::ma_alu(Register src1,
     // and add{,s} dest, src, 0xff00; add{,s} dest, dest, 0xff is not
     // guaranteed to set the overflow flag the same as the (theoretical)
     // one instruction variant.
     if (alu_dbl(src1, imm, dest, op, sc, c))
     // And try with its negative.
     if (negOp != op_invalid &&
-        alu_dbl(src1, negImm, dest, negOp, sc, c))
+        alu_dbl(src1, negImm, negDest, negOp, sc, c))
     // Well, damn. We can use two 16 bit mov's, then do the op
     // or we can do a single load from a pool then op.
     if (hasMOVWT()) {
         // Try to load the immediate into a scratch register
         // then use that
         as_movw(ScratchRegister, imm.value & 0xffff, c);