Bug 1525905 - Require both arguments to JS_TransplantObject to be non-gray r=sfink r=bz
authorJon Coppeard <jcoppeard@mozilla.com>
Sat, 09 Feb 2019 07:30:08 +0000
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Bug 1525905 - Require both arguments to JS_TransplantObject to be non-gray r=sfink r=bz
--- a/dom/base/nsGlobalWindowOuter.cpp
+++ b/dom/base/nsGlobalWindowOuter.cpp
@@ -2075,17 +2075,17 @@ nsresult nsGlobalWindowOuter::SetNewDocu
       JS::Rooted<JSObject*> outerObject(
           cx, NewOuterWindowProxy(cx, newInnerGlobal, thisChrome));
       if (!outerObject) {
         NS_ERROR("out of memory");
         return NS_ERROR_FAILURE;
-      JS::Rooted<JSObject*> obj(cx, GetWrapperPreserveColor());
+      JS::Rooted<JSObject*> obj(cx, GetWrapper());
       js::SetProxyReservedSlot(obj, OUTER_WINDOW_SLOT,
       js::SetProxyReservedSlot(outerObject, OUTER_WINDOW_SLOT,
       js::SetProxyReservedSlot(obj, HOLDER_WEAKMAP_SLOT, JS::UndefinedValue());
--- a/js/src/jsapi.cpp
+++ b/js/src/jsapi.cpp
@@ -680,16 +680,17 @@ static void ReleaseAssertObjectHasNoWrap
 JS_PUBLIC_API JSObject* JS_TransplantObject(JSContext* cx, HandleObject origobj,
                                             HandleObject target) {
   MOZ_ASSERT(origobj != target);
   MOZ_ASSERT(origobj->getClass() == target->getClass());
   ReleaseAssertObjectHasNoWrappers(cx, target);
+  JS::AssertCellIsNotGray(origobj);
   RootedValue origv(cx, ObjectValue(*origobj));
   RootedObject newIdentity(cx);
   // Don't allow a compacting GC to observe any intermediate state.
   AutoDisableCompactingGC nocgc(cx);
@@ -697,23 +698,19 @@ JS_PUBLIC_API JSObject* JS_TransplantObj
   JS::Compartment* destination = target->compartment();
   if (origobj->compartment() == destination) {
     // If the original object is in the same compartment as the
     // destination, then we know that we won't find a wrapper in the
     // destination's cross compartment map and that the same
     // object will continue to work.
-    AutoRealmUnchecked ar(cx, origobj->nonCCWRealm());
+    AutoRealm ar(cx, origobj);
     JSObject::swap(cx, origobj, target);
     newIdentity = origobj;
-    // |origobj| might be gray so unmark it to avoid returning a possibly-gray
-    // object.
-    JS::ExposeObjectToActiveJS(newIdentity);
   } else if (WrapperMap::Ptr p = destination->lookupWrapper(origv)) {
     // There might already be a wrapper for the original object in
     // the new compartment. If there is, we use its identity and swap
     // in the contents of |target|.
     newIdentity = &p->value().get().toObject();
     // When we remove origv from the wrapper map, its wrapper, newIdentity,
     // must immediately cease to be a cross-compartment wrapper. Nuke it.
@@ -734,17 +731,17 @@ JS_PUBLIC_API JSObject* JS_TransplantObj
   // cached wrapper state.
   if (!RemapAllWrappersForObject(cx, origobj, newIdentity)) {
   // Lastly, update the original object to point to the new one.
   if (origobj->compartment() != destination) {
     RootedObject newIdentityWrapper(cx, newIdentity);
-    AutoRealmUnchecked ar(cx, origobj->nonCCWRealm());
+    AutoRealm ar(cx, origobj);
     if (!JS_WrapObject(cx, &newIdentityWrapper)) {
     MOZ_ASSERT(Wrapper::wrappedObject(newIdentityWrapper) == newIdentity);
     JSObject::swap(cx, origobj, newIdentityWrapper);
     if (!origobj->compartment()->putWrapper(
             cx, CrossCompartmentKey(newIdentity), origv)) {