Bug 1291954 - Avoid problems with timeouts when running under tsan, r=jonco
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Wed, 03 May 2017 07:15:50 -0700
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Bug 1291954 - Avoid problems with timeouts when running under tsan, r=jonco One jstest was found to run more slowly under tsan, so add it to the cgc-jittest-timeouts.txt bucket. Several jit-tests expect to timeout, and are annotated with an expected status code. Currently, we have to force tsan to report a zero status if it finds an error, since otherwise it will cause lots of tests to fail (due to hitting a tsan-detectable problem.) But those zero exit statuses cause the test to fail. Add --unusable-error-status to treat those as passing.
--- a/js/src/devtools/automation/cgc-jstests-slow.txt
+++ b/js/src/devtools/automation/cgc-jstests-slow.txt
@@ -54,10 +54,12 @@ js1_5/GC/regress-278725.js
--- a/js/src/devtools/automation/variants/tsan
+++ b/js/src/devtools/automation/variants/tsan
@@ -1,16 +1,16 @@
     "configure-args": "--enable-debug-symbols='-gline-tables-only' --disable-jemalloc --enable-thread-sanitizer",
     "optimize": true,
     "debug": false,
     "compiler": "clang",
     "env": {
         "LLVM_SYMBOLIZER": "{TOOLTOOL_CHECKOUT}/clang/bin/llvm-symbolizer",
-        "JITTEST_EXTRA_ARGS": "--jitflags=debug --ignore-timeouts={DIR}/cgc-jittest-timeouts.txt",
+        "JITTEST_EXTRA_ARGS": "--jitflags=debug --ignore-timeouts={DIR}/cgc-jittest-timeouts.txt --unusable-error-status",
         "JSTESTS_EXTRA_ARGS": "--exclude-file={DIR}/cgc-jstests-slow.txt",
         "TSAN_OPTIONS": "exitcode=0 log_path={OUTDIR}/sanitize_log"
     "[comment on expect-errors]": "Note that expect-errors may contain duplicates. These indicate that tsan reports errors as two distinct line numbers. We cannot just insert line numbers, because they will shift around between versions.",
     "expect-errors": [
         [ "Shape.h", "inDictionary" ],
         [ "jsfriendapi.h", "GetObjectClass" ],
         [ "Shape.h", "maybeSlot" ],
--- a/js/src/jit-test/jit_test.py
+++ b/js/src/jit-test/jit_test.py
@@ -104,16 +104,18 @@ def main(argv):
     op.add_option('-g', '--debug', action='store_const', const='gdb', dest='debugger',
                   help='Run a single test under the gdb debugger')
     op.add_option('-G', '--debug-rr', action='store_const', const='rr', dest='debugger',
                   help='Run a single test under the rr debugger')
     op.add_option('--debugger', type='string',
                   help='Run a single test under the specified debugger')
     op.add_option('--valgrind', dest='valgrind', action='store_true',
                   help='Enable the |valgrind| flag, if valgrind is in $PATH.')
+    op.add_option('--unusable-error-status', action='store_true',
+                  help='Ignore incorrect exit status on tests that should return nonzero.')
     op.add_option('--valgrind-all', dest='valgrind_all', action='store_true',
                   help='Run all tests with valgrind, if valgrind is in $PATH.')
     op.add_option('--avoid-stdio', dest='avoid_stdio', action='store_true',
                   help='Use js-shell file indirection instead of piping stdio.')
     op.add_option('--write-failure-output', dest='write_failure_output',
                   help='With --write-failures=FILE, additionally write the'
                   ' output of failed tests to [FILE]')
--- a/js/src/tests/lib/jittests.py
+++ b/js/src/tests/lib/jittests.py
@@ -449,16 +449,21 @@ def check_output(out, err, rc, timed_out
             return True
         # Allow a non-zero exit code if we want to all too-much-recursion and
         # the test actually over-recursed.
         if test.allow_overrecursed and 'too much recursion' in err \
            and 'Assertion failure' not in err:
             return True
+        # Allow a zero exit code if we are running under a sanitizer that
+        # forces the exit status.
+        if test.expect_status != 0 and options.unusable_error_status:
+            return True
         return False
     return True
 def print_automation_format(ok, res):
     # Output test failures in a parsable format suitable for automation, eg:
     # TEST-RESULT | filename.js | Failure description (code N, args "--foobar")