bug 1471281: toolkit: make building geckodriver mandatory; r=froydnj
authorAndreas Tolfsen <ato@sny.no>
Wed, 22 Aug 2018 17:26:10 +0100
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bug 1471281: toolkit: make building geckodriver mandatory; r=froydnj Enable building of geckodriver by default where we have a compile environment available. This makes --enable-geckodriver unavailable to artifact builds. Following this change: * --enable-geckodriver is implied in supported build configurations, but may be used in unsupported build configurations (Android, cross compiled, and hazard builds) to force geckodriver to be built. * --disable-geckodriver causes geckodriver not to be built. * In artifact build mode, a geckodriver binary artifact will continue to be downloaded, but it will not be possible to specify --enable-geckodriver without a compile environment. * --disable-tests will imply not building geckodriver, but can be overridden using --enable-geckodriver as indicated above. geckodriver remains disabled by default on cross compile builds and hazard builds, pointing out Android specifically (although it is cross compiled).
--- a/toolkit/moz.configure
+++ b/toolkit/moz.configure
@@ -897,49 +897,38 @@ option('--enable-marionette',
 def marionette(value):
     if value:
         return True
 set_config('ENABLE_MARIONETTE', marionette)
 # geckodriver WebDriver implementation
 # ==============================================================
-option('--enable-geckodriver', help='Enable WebDriver implementation')
-         'MOZ_AUTOMATION',
-         compile_environment,
-         target,
-         cross_compiling,
-         hazard_analysis,
-         asan)
-def geckodriver(enable, automation, compile_env, target, cross_compile, hazard, asan):
-    """
-    geckodriver is implied on supported platforms when MOZ_AUTOMATION
-    is set, but we also provide the --enable-geckodriver option for
-    developers to use.
+# Turn off geckodriver for build configs we don't handle yet,
+# but allow --enable-geckodriver to override when compile environment is available.
+# --disable-tests implies disabling geckodriver.
-    At the present time, we want individual developers to be able to
-    opt-in to building geckodriver locally, and for it to be enabled by
-    default on supported CI build platforms.
-    """
-    if enable:
-        if not compile_env:
-            die("--enable-geckodriver is not available without a compile "
-                "environment. A geckodriver binary will be downloaded during "
-                "an artifact build by default where available.")
+@depends('--enable-tests', target, cross_compiling, hazard_analysis, asan)
+def geckodriver_default(enable_tests, target, cross_compile, hazard, asan):
+    if not enable_tests:
+        return False
+    if hazard or target.os == 'Android' or (asan and cross_compile):
+        return False
+    return True
+option('--enable-geckodriver', default=geckodriver_default,
+       when='--enable-compile-environment',
+       help='Build geckodriver')
+@depends('--enable-geckodriver', when='--enable-compile-environment')
+def geckodriver(enabled):
+    if enabled:
         return True
-    if enable.origin == 'default':
-        # Bug 1441656 for Android.
-        broken_platforms = hazard or target.os == 'Android' or (asan and cross_compile)
-        if automation and compile_env and not broken_platforms:
-            return True
 set_config('ENABLE_GECKODRIVER', geckodriver)
 # WebRTC
 # ========================================================
 def webrtc_default(target):
     # Turn off webrtc for OS's we don't handle yet, but allow
     # --enable-webrtc to override.