clean up preferences XUL and make Create Account button work on Windows and Linux
authorMyk Melez <>
Fri, 21 Dec 2007 17:41:26 -0800
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clean up preferences XUL and make Create Account button work on Windows and Linux
--- a/services/sync/locales/en-US/preferences.dtd
+++ b/services/sync/locales/en-US/preferences.dtd
@@ -3,33 +3,33 @@
 <!ENTITY syncTab.label                      "Data">
 <!ENTITY addonsTab.label                    "Add-ons">
 <!ENTITY advancedTab.label                  "Advanced">
 <!ENTITY alreadyHaveAccount.description     "Already have a Weave account?">
 <!ENTITY signIntoAccount.description        "Sign into your account to use Weave on this computer.">
 <!ENTITY signInButton.label                 "Sign In...">
 <!ENTITY signedIn.label                     "Status">
-<!ENTITY signedIn.description               "Signed in as ">
 <!ENTITY signOutButton.label                "Sign Out">
 <!ENTITY autoconnectCheckbox.label          "Automatically connect each time you start Firefox">
 <!ENTITY createAccount.description          "Create an account">
 <!ENTITY signUpForAccount.description       "To use Weave you must first create an account.">
 <!ENTITY createAccountButton.label          "Create Account...">
 <!ENTITY accountSettings.label              "Settings">
 <!ENTITY backUpCheckbox.label               "Back up and synchronize my data to a Weave server">
 <!ENTITY encryptOnServerCheckbox.label      "Encrypt my data on the server">
 <!ENTITY syncNowButton.label                "Sync Now">
+<!ENTITY syncItemsList.label                "Synchronize these items:">
 <!ENTITY bookmarksCheckbox.label            "Bookmarks">
-<!ENTITY historyCheckbox.label              "History">
+<!ENTITY historyCheckbox.label              "Browsing History">
 <!ENTITY addonsGroupbox.description         "This is where you will find, install, and manage Weave add-ons.">
-<!ENTITY advancedCaption.label              "Server Settings">
+<!ENTITY serverSettingsCaption.label        "Server Settings">
 <!ENTITY serverLocation.label               "Server Location:">
 <!ENTITY encryption.label                   "Encryption:">
 <!ENTITY teaAlgorithmItem.label             "Placeholder Algorithm">
 <!ENTITY noEncryptionItem.label             "No encryption">
 <!ENTITY defaultServerRequiresEncryption.description "Note: Encryption is required by default in this version.">
 <!ENTITY resetServerURLButton.label         "Reset to Default">
 <!ENTITY debugCaption.label                 "Debugging Tools">
new file mode 100644
--- /dev/null
+++ b/services/sync/locales/en-US/
@@ -0,0 +1,2 @@
+# %S is the username of the signed in user
+signedIn.description = Signed in as %S