servo: Merge #18395 - Use a 1-element smallvec for selector lists (from jdm:selector-smallvec); r=SimonSapin
authorJosh Matthews <>
Wed, 06 Sep 2017 15:33:20 -0500
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servo: Merge #18395 - Use a 1-element smallvec for selector lists (from jdm:selector-smallvec); r=SimonSapin Profiling shows this reducing parsing time by a few milliseconds on the tp6 facebook case. The gtest benchmark with the same concatenated stylesheets also shows a significant improvement. --- - [X] `./mach build -d` does not report any errors - [X] `./mach test-tidy` does not report any errors - [X] There are tests for these changes Source-Repo: Source-Revision: 5e321cadf3308d21c4bc7de5061c5fc08670c18a
--- a/servo/components/selectors/
+++ b/servo/components/selectors/
@@ -2,17 +2,17 @@
  * License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
  * file, You can obtain one at */
 use attr::{AttrSelectorWithNamespace, ParsedAttrSelectorOperation, AttrSelectorOperator};
 use attr::{ParsedCaseSensitivity, SELECTOR_WHITESPACE, NamespaceConstraint};
 use bloom::BLOOM_HASH_MASK;
 use builder::{SelectorBuilder, SpecificityAndFlags};
 use context::QuirksMode;
-use cssparser::{ParseError, BasicParseError, CowRcStr};
+use cssparser::{ParseError, BasicParseError, CowRcStr, Delimiter};
 use cssparser::{Token, Parser as CssParser, parse_nth, ToCss, serialize_identifier, CssStringWriter};
 use precomputed_hash::PrecomputedHash;
 use servo_arc::ThinArc;
 use sink::Push;
 use smallvec::SmallVec;
 use std::ascii::AsciiExt;
 use std::borrow::{Borrow, Cow};
 use std::fmt::{self, Display, Debug, Write};
@@ -171,33 +171,40 @@ pub trait Parser<'i> {
     fn namespace_for_prefix(&self, _prefix: &<Self::Impl as SelectorImpl>::NamespacePrefix)
                             -> Option<<Self::Impl as SelectorImpl>::NamespaceUrl> {
 #[derive(Clone, Debug, Eq, PartialEq)]
-pub struct SelectorList<Impl: SelectorImpl>(pub Vec<Selector<Impl>>);
+pub struct SelectorList<Impl: SelectorImpl>(pub SmallVec<[Selector<Impl>; 1]>);
 impl<Impl: SelectorImpl> SelectorList<Impl> {
     /// Parse a comma-separated list of Selectors.
     /// Return the Selectors or Err if there is an invalid selector.
     pub fn parse<'i, 't, P, E>(parser: &P, input: &mut CssParser<'i, 't>)
                                -> Result<Self, ParseError<'i, SelectorParseError<'i, E>>>
     where P: Parser<'i, Impl=Impl, Error=E> {
-        input.parse_comma_separated(|input| parse_selector(parser, input))
-             .map(SelectorList)
+        let mut values = SmallVec::new();
+        loop {
+            values.push(input.parse_until_before(Delimiter::Comma, |input| parse_selector(parser, input))?);
+            match {
+                Err(_) => return Ok(SelectorList(values)),
+                Ok(&Token::Comma) => continue,
+                Ok(_) => unreachable!(),
+            }
+        }
     /// Creates a SelectorList from a Vec of selectors. Used in tests.
     pub fn from_vec(v: Vec<Selector<Impl>>) -> Self {
-        SelectorList(v)
+        SelectorList(SmallVec::from_vec(v))
 /// Ancestor hashes for the bloom filter. We precompute these and store them
 /// inline with selectors to optimize cache performance during matching.
 /// This matters a lot.
 /// We use 4 hashes, which is copied from Gecko, who copied it from WebKit.