Bug 1416052 - Remove comment filtering; r=nalexander
authorGregory Szorc <gps@mozilla.com>
Thu, 09 Nov 2017 22:26:26 -0800
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Bug 1416052 - Remove comment filtering; r=nalexander The auto-generated make file that we include (and the `mach environment` output that we included before that) should not contain comment lines. I think it is safe to remove the code that filters them out. It is possible a multi-line value in mozconfigs could contain lines looking like comments and this may cause problems. I'm inclined to believe that this scenario doesn't exist. If someone complains and we need to bring back support, we could certainly do that. MozReview-Commit-ID: 8kKw91HH4ms
--- a/client.mk
+++ b/client.mk
@@ -52,19 +52,16 @@ endef
 MOZCONFIG_CONTENT := $(subst ||,$(CR),$(subst || ,$(CR),$(shell cat $(OBJDIR)/.mozconfig-client-mk | sed 's/$$/||/')))
 include $(OBJDIR)/.mozconfig-client-mk
 # As '||' was used as a newline separator, it means it's not occurring in
 # lines themselves. It can thus safely be used to replaces normal spaces,
 # to then replace newlines with normal spaces. This allows to get a list
 # of mozconfig output lines.
 MOZCONFIG_OUT_LINES := $(subst $(CR), ,$(subst $(NULL) $(NULL),||,$(MOZCONFIG_CONTENT)))
-# Filter-out comments from those lines.
   MOZ_MAKE_FLAGS := $(filter-out -j%,$(MOZ_MAKE_FLAGS))
@@ -113,19 +110,19 @@ MOZCONFIG_MK_LINES := $(filter export||%
 # Include that makefile so that it is created. This should not actually change
 # the environment since MOZCONFIG_CONTENT, which MOZCONFIG_OUT_LINES derives
 # from, has already been eval'ed.
 include $(OBJDIR)/.mozconfig.mk
 # Print out any options loaded from mozconfig.
 all build clean distclean export libs install realclean::
-ifneq (,$(strip $(MOZCONFIG_OUT_FILTERED)))
+ifneq (,$(strip $(MOZCONFIG_OUT_LINES)))
 	$(info Adding client.mk options from $(FOUND_MOZCONFIG):)
-	$(foreach line,$(MOZCONFIG_OUT_FILTERED),$(info $(NULL) $(NULL) $(NULL) $(NULL) $(subst ||, ,$(line))))
+	$(foreach line,$(MOZCONFIG_OUT_LINES),$(info $(NULL) $(NULL) $(NULL) $(NULL) $(subst ||, ,$(line))))
 # helper target for mobile
 build_and_deploy: build package install
 # In automation, manage an sccache daemon. The starting of the server
 # needs to be in a make file so sccache inherits the jobserver.