Bug 1138489 - Remove JSPROP_INDEX. r=Waldo.
authorJason Orendorff <jorendorff@mozilla.com>
Mon, 02 Mar 2015 10:20:56 -0600
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Bug 1138489 - Remove JSPROP_INDEX. r=Waldo.
--- a/js/src/jsapi.cpp
+++ b/js/src/jsapi.cpp
@@ -2363,26 +2363,20 @@ JS_DefineElement(JSContext *cx, HandleOb
 static bool
 DefineProperty(JSContext *cx, HandleObject obj, const char *name, HandleValue value,
                const JSNativeWrapper &getter, const JSNativeWrapper &setter,
                unsigned attrs, unsigned flags)
     AutoRooterGetterSetter gsRoot(cx, attrs, const_cast<JSNative *>(&getter.op),
                                   const_cast<JSNative *>(&setter.op));
-    RootedId id(cx);
-    if (attrs & JSPROP_INDEX) {
-        id = INT_TO_JSID(intptr_t(name));
-        attrs &= ~JSPROP_INDEX;
-    } else {
-        JSAtom *atom = Atomize(cx, name, strlen(name));
-        if (!atom)
-            return false;
-        id = AtomToId(atom);
-    }
+    JSAtom *atom = Atomize(cx, name, strlen(name));
+    if (!atom)
+        return false;
+    RootedId id(cx, AtomToId(atom));
     return DefinePropertyById(cx, obj, id, value, getter, setter, attrs, flags);
 static bool
 DefineSelfHostedProperty(JSContext *cx, HandleObject obj, HandleId id,
                          const char *getterName, const char *setterName,
                          unsigned attrs, unsigned flags)
--- a/js/src/jsapi.h
+++ b/js/src/jsapi.h
@@ -891,17 +891,17 @@ class MOZ_STACK_CLASS SourceBufferHolder
                                            are JSGetterOp/JSSetterOp */
 #define JSPROP_GETTER           0x10    /* property holds getter function */
 #define JSPROP_SETTER           0x20    /* property holds setter function */
 #define JSPROP_SHARED           0x40    /* don't allocate a value slot for this
                                            property; don't copy the property on
                                            set of the same-named property in an
                                            object that delegates to a prototype
                                            containing this property */
-#define JSPROP_INDEX            0x80    /* name is actually (int) index */
+#define JSPROP_INTERNAL_USE_BIT 0x80    /* internal JS engine use only */
 #define JSPROP_DEFINE_LATE     0x100    /* Don't define property when initially creating
                                            the constructor. Some objects like Function/Object
                                            have self-hosted functions that can only be defined
                                            after the initialization is already finished. */
 #define JSFUN_STUB_GSOPS       0x200    /* use JS_PropertyStub getter/setter
                                            instead of defaulting to class gsops
                                            for property holding function */
@@ -2014,19 +2014,19 @@ typedef struct JSNativeWrapper {
  * Macro static initializers which make it easy to pass no JSJitInfo as part of a
  * JSPropertySpec or JSFunctionSpec.
 #define JSNATIVE_WRAPPER(native) { {native, nullptr} }
- * To define an array element rather than a named property member, cast the
- * element's index to (const char *) and initialize name with it, and set the
- * JSPROP_INDEX bit in flags.
+ * Description of a property. JS_DefineProperties and JS_InitClass take arrays
+ * of these and define many properties at once. JS_PSG, JS_PSGS and JS_PS_END
+ * are helper macros for defining such arrays.
 struct JSPropertySpec {
     struct SelfHostedWrapper {
         void       *unused;
         const char *funname;
     const char                  *name;
--- a/js/src/vm/Shape.h
+++ b/js/src/vm/Shape.h
@@ -257,19 +257,19 @@ class ShapeTable {
      * Try to grow the table.  On failure, reports out of memory on cx
      * and returns false.  This will make any extant pointers into the
      * table invalid.  Don't call this unless needsToGrow() is true.
     bool grow(ExclusiveContext *cx);
- * Reuse the API-only JSPROP_INDEX attribute to mean shadowability.
+ * Use the reserved attribute bit to mean shadowability.
  * Shapes encode information about both a property lineage *and* a particular
  * property. This information is split across the Shape and the BaseShape
  * at shape->base(). Both Shape and BaseShape can be either owned or unowned
  * by, respectively, the Object or Shape referring to them.
  * Owned Shapes are used in dictionary objects, and form a doubly linked list