Bug 1288823, part 3 - Mark more classes final in xpcprivate.h. r=mrbkap
authorAndrew McCreight <continuation@gmail.com>
Mon, 25 Jul 2016 16:32:56 -0700
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Bug 1288823, part 3 - Mark more classes final in xpcprivate.h. r=mrbkap
--- a/js/xpconnect/src/xpcprivate.h
+++ b/js/xpconnect/src/xpcprivate.h
@@ -404,17 +404,17 @@ public:
     mozilla::Maybe<StringType> mStrings[2];
-class XPCJSRuntime : public mozilla::CycleCollectedJSRuntime
+class XPCJSRuntime final : public mozilla::CycleCollectedJSRuntime
     static XPCJSRuntime* newXPCJSRuntime();
     static XPCJSRuntime* Get() { return nsXPConnect::XPConnect()->GetRuntime(); }
     void RemoveWrappedJS(nsXPCWrappedJS* wrapper);
     void AssertInvalidWrappedJSNotInTable(nsXPCWrappedJS* wrapper) const;
@@ -662,17 +662,17 @@ private:
 // init'd and leave other members undefined. In debug builds the accessors
 // use a CHECK_STATE macro to track whether or not the object is in a valid
 // state to answer the question a caller might be asking. As long as this
 // class is maintained correctly it can do its job without a bunch of added
 // overhead from useless initializations and non-DEBUG error checking.
 // Note that most accessors are inlined.
-class MOZ_STACK_CLASS XPCCallContext : public nsAXPCNativeCallContext
+class MOZ_STACK_CLASS XPCCallContext final : public nsAXPCNativeCallContext
     NS_IMETHOD GetCallee(nsISupports** aResult);
     NS_IMETHOD GetCalleeMethodIndex(uint16_t* aResult);
     NS_IMETHOD GetJSContext(JSContext** aResult);
     NS_IMETHOD GetArgc(uint32_t* aResult);
     NS_IMETHOD GetArgvPtr(JS::Value** aResult);
     NS_IMETHOD GetCalleeInterface(nsIInterfaceInfo** aResult);
@@ -843,17 +843,17 @@ struct InterpositionWhitelistPair {
 typedef nsTArray<InterpositionWhitelistPair> InterpositionWhitelistArray;
 // XPCWrappedNativeScope is one-to-one with a JS global object.
 class nsIAddonInterposition;
 class nsXPCComponentsBase;
-class XPCWrappedNativeScope : public PRCList
+class XPCWrappedNativeScope final : public PRCList
     GetRuntime() const {return XPCJSRuntime::Get();}
     GetWrappedNativeMap() const {return mWrappedNativeMap;}
@@ -1109,17 +1109,17 @@ private:
 // XPCNativeMember represents a single idl declared method, attribute or
 // constant.
 // Tight. No virtual methods. Can be bitwise copied (until any resolution done).
-class XPCNativeMember
+class XPCNativeMember final
     static bool GetCallInfo(JSObject* funobj,
                             XPCNativeInterface** pInterface,
                             XPCNativeMember**    pMember);
     jsid   GetName() const {return mName;}
@@ -1206,17 +1206,17 @@ private:
 } JS_HAZ_NON_GC_POINTER; // Only stores a pinned string
 // XPCNativeInterface represents a single idl declared interface. This is
 // primarily the set of XPCNativeMembers.
 // Tight. No virtual methods.
-class XPCNativeInterface
+class XPCNativeInterface final
     static XPCNativeInterface* GetNewOrUsed(const nsIID* iid);
     static XPCNativeInterface* GetNewOrUsed(nsIInterfaceInfo* info);
     static XPCNativeInterface* GetNewOrUsed(const char* name);
     static XPCNativeInterface* GetISupports();
     inline nsIInterfaceInfo* GetInterfaceInfo() const {return mInfo.get();}
@@ -1283,17 +1283,17 @@ private:
     uint16_t                   mMemberCount : 15;
     uint16_t                   mMarked : 1;
     XPCNativeMember            mMembers[1]; // always last - object sized for array
 // XPCNativeSetKey is used to key a XPCNativeSet in a NativeSetMap.
-class XPCNativeSetKey
+class XPCNativeSetKey final
     explicit XPCNativeSetKey(XPCNativeSet*       BaseSet  = nullptr,
                              XPCNativeInterface* Addition = nullptr,
                              uint16_t            Position = 0)
         : mIsAKey(IS_A_KEY), mPosition(Position), mBaseSet(BaseSet),
           mAddition(Addition) {}
     ~XPCNativeSetKey() {}
@@ -1333,17 +1333,17 @@ private:
     uint16_t                mPosition;
     XPCNativeSet*           mBaseSet;
     XPCNativeInterface*     mAddition;
 // XPCNativeSet represents an ordered collection of XPCNativeInterface pointers.
-class XPCNativeSet
+class XPCNativeSet final
     static XPCNativeSet* GetNewOrUsed(const nsIID* iid);
     static XPCNativeSet* GetNewOrUsed(nsIClassInfo* classInfo);
     static XPCNativeSet* GetNewOrUsed(XPCNativeSet* otherSet,
                                       XPCNativeInterface* newInterface,
                                       uint16_t position);
@@ -1452,17 +1452,17 @@ class XPCNativeSet
 // XPCNativeScriptableFlags is a wrapper class that holds the flags returned
 // from calls to nsIXPCScriptable::GetScriptableFlags(). It has convenience
 // methods to check for particular bitflags. Since we also use this class as
 // a member of the gc'd class XPCNativeScriptableShared, this class holds the
 // bit and exposes the inlined methods to support marking.
 #define XPC_WN_SJSFLAGS_MARK_FLAG JS_BIT(31) // only high bit of 32 is set
-class XPCNativeScriptableFlags
+class XPCNativeScriptableFlags final
     uint32_t mFlags;
     explicit XPCNativeScriptableFlags(uint32_t flags = 0) : mFlags(flags) {}
@@ -1516,17 +1516,17 @@ public:
 // XPCNativeScriptableShared is used to hold the JSClass and the
 // associated scriptable flags for XPCWrappedNatives. These are shared across
 // the runtime and are garbage collected by xpconnect. We *used* to just store
 // this inside the XPCNativeScriptableInfo (usually owned by instances of
 // XPCWrappedNativeProto. This had two problems... It was wasteful, and it
 // was a big problem when wrappers are reparented to different scopes (and
 // thus different protos (the DOM does this).
-class XPCNativeScriptableShared
+class XPCNativeScriptableShared final
     const XPCNativeScriptableFlags& GetFlags() const { return mFlags; }
     const JSClass* GetJSClass() { return Jsvalify(&mJSClass); }
     XPCNativeScriptableShared(uint32_t aFlags, char* aName, bool aPopulate);
@@ -1554,17 +1554,17 @@ private:
     // allocated. So we must free them in the destructor.
     js::Class mJSClass;
 // XPCNativeScriptableInfo is used to hold the nsIXPCScriptable state for a
 // given class or instance.
-class XPCNativeScriptableInfo
+class XPCNativeScriptableInfo final
     static XPCNativeScriptableInfo*
     Construct(const XPCNativeScriptableCreateInfo* sci);
     GetCallback() const {return mCallback;}
@@ -1611,17 +1611,17 @@ private:
     XPCNativeScriptableShared*  mShared;
 // XPCNativeScriptableCreateInfo is used in creating new wrapper and protos.
 // it abstracts out the scriptable interface pointer and the flags. After
 // creation these are factored differently using XPCNativeScriptableInfo.
-class MOZ_STACK_CLASS XPCNativeScriptableCreateInfo
+class MOZ_STACK_CLASS XPCNativeScriptableCreateInfo final
     explicit XPCNativeScriptableCreateInfo(const XPCNativeScriptableInfo& si)
         : mCallback(si.GetCallback()), mFlags(si.GetFlags()) {}
     XPCNativeScriptableCreateInfo(already_AddRefed<nsIXPCScriptable>&& callback,
                                   XPCNativeScriptableFlags flags)
@@ -1648,17 +1648,17 @@ private:
     nsCOMPtr<nsIXPCScriptable>  mCallback;
     XPCNativeScriptableFlags    mFlags;
 // XPCWrappedNativeProto hold the additional shared wrapper data
 // for XPCWrappedNative whose native objects expose nsIClassInfo.
-class XPCWrappedNativeProto
+class XPCWrappedNativeProto final
     static XPCWrappedNativeProto*
     GetNewOrUsed(XPCWrappedNativeScope* scope,
                  nsIClassInfo* classInfo,
                  const XPCNativeScriptableCreateInfo* scriptableCreateInfo,
                  bool callPostCreatePrototype = true);
@@ -1775,17 +1775,17 @@ private:
     XPCNativeSet*            mSet;
     XPCNativeScriptableInfo* mScriptableInfo;
 // XPCWrappedNativeTearOff represents the info needed to make calls to one
 // interface on the underlying native object of a XPCWrappedNative.
-class XPCWrappedNativeTearOff
+class XPCWrappedNativeTearOff final
     bool IsAvailable() const {return mInterface == nullptr;}
     bool IsReserved()  const {return mInterface == (XPCNativeInterface*)1;}
     bool IsValid()     const {return !IsAvailable() && !IsReserved();}
     void   SetReserved()       {mInterface = (XPCNativeInterface*)1;}
     XPCNativeInterface* GetInterface() const {return mInterface;}
@@ -2350,18 +2350,18 @@ private:
     RefPtr<nsXPCWrappedJSClass> mClass;
     nsXPCWrappedJS* mRoot;    // If mRoot != this, it is an owning pointer.
     nsXPCWrappedJS* mNext;
     nsCOMPtr<nsISupports> mOuter;    // only set in root
-class XPCJSObjectHolder : public nsIXPConnectJSObjectHolder,
-                          public XPCRootSetElem
+class XPCJSObjectHolder final : public nsIXPConnectJSObjectHolder,
+                                public XPCRootSetElem
     // all the interface method declarations...
     // non-interface implementation