Bug 1621503 - Notify the extension system when GeckoView has started. r=geckoview-reviewers,agi a=jcristau
authorBrendan Dahl <brendan.dahl@gmail.com>
Fri, 13 Mar 2020 17:34:35 +0000
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Bug 1621503 - Notify the extension system when GeckoView has started. r=geckoview-reviewers,agi a=jcristau The extension background page should be loaded when either an event needs to be sent to it or after the browser has started up. When an extension is updated the special startup event listeners do not appear to be built yet and GeckoView was not sending browser started notification, which meant the background page never being loaded. Differential Revision: https://phabricator.services.mozilla.com/D66717
--- a/mobile/android/chrome/geckoview/geckoview.js
+++ b/mobile/android/chrome/geckoview/geckoview.js
@@ -592,16 +592,22 @@ function startup() {
     // Bug 1496684: Various bits of platform stuff depend on this notification
     // to learn when a browser window has finished its initial (chrome)
     // initialisation, especially with regards to the very first window that is
     // created. Therefore, GeckoView "windows" need to send this, too.
     InitLater(() =>
       Services.obs.notifyObservers(window, "browser-delayed-startup-finished")
+    // Let the extension code know it can start loading things that were delayed
+    // while GeckoView started up.
+    InitLater(() => {
+      Services.obs.notifyObservers(window, "extensions-late-startup");
+    });
     // This should always go last, since the idle tasks (except for the ones with
     // timeouts) should execute in order. Note that this observer notification is
     // not guaranteed to fire, since the window could close before we get here.
     // This notification in particular signals the ScriptPreloader that we have
     // finished startup, so it can now stop recording script usage and start
     // updating the startup cache for faster script loading.
     InitLater(() =>