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Mon Aug 27 22:37:00 2012 +0000
db4b09302ee28adbaaec854ca5ebc8d00a7ce2a5Alex Keybl — Merging in branding changes NO BUG CLOSED TREE
d1f0d53dbc4316087fa965a3616870d6094a640fAlex Keybl — Merging in version bump NO BUG CLOSED TREE
179a8a17a542f15af0ec993bf7f572c9f854f4f3Bill McCloskey — Bug 782337 - Stack clobbering (r=bhackett,a=lsblakk)
d22251230d354c5f363b6f9efd0e9053b3e0ec1eBill McCloskey — Bug 774859 - JM: Missing write barrier on JSOP_INITPROP (r=bhackett,a=lsblakk)
b471130dc1129493a01d45f1bd1534558ec21c6fMs2ger — Backout bug 774859 and bug 782337 for bustage; a=sparky
646b88b844d277f4753fb16b7bfe07bf653fd2deBill McCloskey — Bug 782337 - Stack clobbering (r=bhackett,a=lsblakk)
66b5247306e72f8897d16499329971c5f1d80452Bill McCloskey — Bug 774859 - JM: Missing write barrier on JSOP_INITPROP (r=bhackett,a=lsblakk)
2ec0163a9aa98b6935aee17c0061e8f2ec6a6bd7Callek — Automated blocklist update from host - CLOSED TREE a=blocklist-update
6c385f151b26e49c2a3740961b8d34570ee4e1dcBill McCloskey — Bug 777693 - Initialize values before rooting in JSD (r=terrence, a=akeybl)
bd6369260b0c7d419977c990cdba6482a0be0325Mike Hommey — Bug 785436 - PageThumbsWorker.js url is wrong when creating the worker in PageThumbs.jsm. r=gavin,a=gavin
b93e2a513c8fa12ab4933c814c241f95ac3c0170Ryan VanderMeulen — Bug 778413 - Move and rename the reftest. irc-r=dbaron, a=test
7d9e6b2b9db77946133e4b8198452a3b4359e205Rob Campbell — merge a=aurora
8d0bfa525e8b279a4e701ed677332eab70dae4f7Rob Campbell — Bug 783393 - Breakpoints not getting caught on reload - testfix; a=lsblakk
aa9dbb75a7164bdb5f27002da1a34e0e850e6b1dTal Aloni — Bug 778413 - Minimum cell width calculation reftest. r=dbaron, a=test
ea826c966c2fcaf767d7b2efa67c605be43fca84Panos Astithas — Bug 783393 - Breakpoints not getting caught on reload - Aurora 16; a=lsblakk
1f17cdc4fe1b9bec49fdddf5acc76d5c39656841Matt Brubeck — Back out bug 774633 for make check hangs and mochitest failures on a CLOSED TREE, a=backout
2ac94671432343f47134c46de3223d8aa81244f7Wes Johnston — Bug 776600 - Allow passing some default prefs from the manfiest to the webapp. r=mfinkle, a=lsblakk
cdf595eaae644508c46017f73bd4794874bee9feWes Johnston — Bug 776600 - Add support for orientation in webapp manifests. r=felipe, a=lsblakk
dbb77e74c67bcbcf45a1229fbebdc1bc1d92c32cLucas Rocha — Bug 784682 - Penalize nodes with "hidden" class or id in Readability.js (r=bnicholson, a=lsblakk)
2767578cef230e64787938ae44b1ea39e1b2a111Lucas Rocha — Bug 784680 - Remove utility nodes from Wordpress blog posts (r=bnicholson, a=lsblakk)
f3a2b3f6cd8b127da05b3302041cead4a5dc10a4Lucas Rocha — Bug 784674 - Better byline fetching in Readability (r=bnicholson, a=lsblakk)
e978f8eda190f36fe2b5174dfa20588b8ab03c77Lucas Rocha — Bug 782285 - Don't offer reader in pages with too much reading competition (r=mfinkle, a=akeybl)
c40040b6425914acce45c9d17b45942f8f2a2840Peter Van der Beken — Fix for bug 775543 (Passing a Worker object to console.log() results in a crash). r=bz, a=lsblakk.
f304efa9667a8d71196240c0243ce8a9ff225893Bobby Holley — Bug 774633 - Assert against switching origins on a compartment. r=jst, a=akeybl
ed313f650bbf6a2bac7bbcf96c67f33e55548573Bobby Holley — Bug 774633 - Remove "is chrome window" condition for inner window reuse. r=jst, a=akeybl
047997b71f09ccfeb32b696ac18ff18565fc0556Bobby Holley — Bug 774633 - Move the call to SetInitialPrincipalToSubject into nsAppShellService::RegisterTopLevelWindow. r=jst, a=akeybl
16454afdf3aa7325819bd38e9273bb42c082c4faBobby Holley — Bug 774633 - Fold SetOpenerScriptPrincipal into SetInitialPrincipalToSubject, and make it indempotent and callable without an existing document. r=jst, a=akeybl
a27800787e7f2b6986e8900bb82e04c2f11829f9Bobby Holley — Bug 774633 - Remove dead mOpenerScriptPrincipal. r=jst, a=akeybl
26c9db582c132e4d87411c5e2ae5a95415d5a359Bobby Holley — Bug 774633 - Wean SetInitialPrincipalToSubject off some parameters and clean it up. r=jst, a=akeybl
e78456d2f05c955c075cce0f828dd45cdd750f10Bobby Holley — Bug 774633 - Factor nsWindowWatcher call to SetOpenerScriptPrincipal into a method on nsGlobalWindow. r=jst, a=akeybl
4e68f2c7176b927f4cde97170655d063e6dda7abKyle Huey — Bug 766793: Look for .pp files for shared libraries. r=ted a=lsblakk
9e33f51c047219e1530e9e3972201f50b90150fdWes Johnston — Bug 776600 - Readd pref removed in unbitrotting. r=blassey a=lsblakk CLOSED TREE
bd8d5ac3a3689db8483006fecdde187d0ac0f1f4Lucas Rocha — Bug 784683 - Don't create temporary H1 element for title (r=mfinkle, a=lsblakk)
128124e804df5487efeeaa12a481fbf2f5eff2d9Brian Nicholson — Bug 784104 - Disable search suggestions by default. r=mfinkle a=akeybl
5a95d677c2505c934e8078313953b3104d239ff2Brian Nicholson — Bug 784126 - Fix JSDOMParser textContent setter. r=lucasr a=lsblakk
27e1ecbbc6ed0c102c80d809bce39d1142940c98Wes Johnston — Bug 776600 - Support apps setting their default orientation. r=blassey, a=lsblakk
4ac36aa37b1801f7f8da0bf242162139824c4db6Wes Johnston — Bug 784397 - Apps should have their own task affinity so that they all show in recent apps. r=mfinkle, a=lsblakk
9fc11770135ada5d48b048f9f65ba5a973395287Wes Johnston — Bug 781061 - System notifications should call back to the process that created them. r=blassey, a=lsblakk
178d17961d8b008f3cf55d3c796ef197bce97feeWes Johnston — Bug 650399 - All webapps should use the same webapp database. r=mfinkle, a=lsblakk
e11642a5a5093e678b283dd7750e1351d0e2986dSriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 777427: BrowserApp should handle its MenuItems. [r=wesj] a=lsblakk
905a439a571781ce64184c9a33643697e7ede504Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 777427: BrowserApp should handle Addon related menu items. [r=wesj] a=lsblakk
633d2043079f8dbbaaba6dd5c6285a6f2201174bBlair McBride — Bug 775072 - Inline autocomplete munges URLs that contain characters that would normally be escaped. r=mak a=gavin
d3d5c0b5aa7529995df2104e4660ae7f212a8eddTim Taubert — Bug 779445 - SegFault in WorkerMemoryReporter because it accesses mWorkerPrivate when null; r=bent a=gavin
1fed79eac734dca6c8ef2fe7622efb129aecd898Nick Alexander — Bug 769671 - Don't use IOException(Throwable cause), since it is only available in API level >= 9. r=rnewman a=lsblakk
5a76e53d11fc7e51fe2c51905361e54e5fd081dbBoris Zbarsky — Bug 783867. Don't blindly assume IsDOMClass objects are nsISupports. r=peterv, a=lsblakk
4762f9ba57271ec430164f37b3457fc541fcaa27Tim Taubert — Bug 754671 - [Page Thumbnails] size of thumbnails directory (in profiles directory) keeps growing infinitely; r=felipe a=akeybl
4df6a52d0e496a70b1dad8ede7ec99a9a6f637b3Tim Taubert — Backed out changeset 3d01c3e9573c (re-landing bug 744388); a=akeybl
a5a515cfad7d26b6f1695455d0d83b791d55e314Brian Nicholson — Bug 782421 - Use parsed result for reader articles. r=lucasr a=lsblakk
f0ce5d7281c34eedb032cf5480c839b97e6c11d3James Willcox — Bug 783754 - Fix Flash on the Galaxy SII r=BenWa a=lsblakk
d0e7a18fd101447ddf75a3f288d3a2314ef7bed3Lucas Rocha — Bug 784055 - Remove all code dealing with offsetWidth in Readability.js (r=bnicholson, a=lsblakk)
c80a6ec0125069824d08963273084bce0de71c96Lucas Rocha — Bug 784050 - No need to remove stylesheets and style tags in Readability.js (r=bnicholson, a=lsblakk)
0ff3225158c6cd58124921bd3b3a4b49e92c0eb2Lucas Rocha — Bug 782348 - Fetch byline info from articles to show on Reader (r=bnicholson, a=lsblakk)
def773f1aeace4e3bb2b6b42cf3a24d3750e69ffBenjamin Smedberg — Bug 700583 - Null-check our way out of crashes on both mobile and desktop in pr_FindSymbolInLib caused by plugin code where the plugin fails to load correctly, r=josh a=lsblakk
163a48714779df340360f3900c61a2b4d536b926Charly Molter — Bug 776265 - changing the way ComputeHeightValue works to make it work just like ComputeWidthValue already does. this fixes {min,max}-height + adding reftests for {min,max}-{height,width} r=mats a=lsblakk
5520545ed68894d0fbb5de935001e86ed0b3415dGian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 779687 - Telemetry around Fennec OOM kills. r=blassey a=akeybl
a5c4075368af65359d797db3ba2e8e64aefc6511Gian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 779687 - Add detection for ARMv7 CPUs. r=dougt a=akeybl
04e23ec85ebb5ea7429b57101550ef6628f10ae5Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 783208 - Force a zoom out on double-tap if we're already zoomed in to the maximum allowed zoom. r=wesj a=lsblakk
75fae9087fc3727b5b09b154bd95ee137ba8f997Hubert Figuière — Bug 781090 - Preserve minimum a11y support when we don't have Voice Over. r=dbolter a=lsblakk
805e936380abda266ed76ab8ed7b6b4fe3cdfcaePanos Astithas — Don't send newScript notifications for ignored scripts (bug 770882). r=rcampbell,a=lsblakk
433dd89143076e68a980f6f6f91bd47e38624bdfMark Finkle — Bug 783912 - [ARMv6] Use more conservative GC settings for ARMv6 r=blassey a=lsblakk
94e84c4f1c8eed2ba3ca0f70ef1d52fab4cd08a5Mark Finkle — Bug 783909 - Fixup app update timer prefs r=blassey a=lsblakk
98c1284b9429041a9a9bedf7ed4df7fe31472a7dMichael Comella — Bug 779321: 10" tab about:home layout no longer animates when remote tabs are opened. r=sriram, a=lsblakk
3d01c3e9573c395e801b833c8c4a1a750e03f458Tim Taubert — Backout changeset e1edaf3a8883 once again (bug 744388); a=akeybl
2fa008533f03c89cdd60d52e1ab512cb1a141212L. David Baron — Back out nsXBLPrototypeHandler changes from changeset d09b4e60bb09 to fix bug 776075. approval-mozilla-aurora=lsblakk
68264c5a86690cd329184f6df49d98da5128a33cJohnathan Nightingale — Bug 721264 - Blocklist babyfox.dll for instability. r=bsmedberg a=lsblakk
f8bb07e341405bdf500a3507c0923d53e6398fbbLucas Rocha — Bug 766948 - Implement new Reader style (r=mfinkle, a=lsblakk)
c90f86ecc093a3762dd1980b6d39db7427fb410eLucas Rocha — Bug 781865 - Ignore DOMContentLoaded events from iframes in Reader (r=mfinkle, a=lsblakk)
fd0cdea0b171928d74bd56bbcbb7640c7ce75071Lucas Rocha — Bug 782480 - Clear parentNode reference when removing a child in JSDOMParser (r=bnicholson, a=lsblakk)
fe1c94dbee7b744df04fc8f818c0bc69e7942e65Lucas Rocha — Bug 777565 - Don't overflow pre/code elements in reader, wrap them (r=bnicholson, a=lsblakk)
5d7b893f5868e8501a4f317df51fb33ee6c3f9a0James Willcox — Bug 777746 - Don't block Flash for Tegra on Gingerbread/Froyo r=blassey a=lsblakk
6cd5b6d1b4bcf29cadbcefbf9553479671c28c5cChris Lord — Bug 779269 - Implement a TryMerge method for nsDisplayFixedPosition. r=roc a=lsblakk
b49f8ce5b0f2a60d805d5487890b2cf611597628Chris Lord — Bug 777260 - Fix invalidations on transform items in container layers. r=roc a=lsblakk
5e6da3c55e7cd06982698203ebb72056962db256Gavin Sharp — Back out bug 760951 on Aurora because it broke console styling on Mac (bug 763821), a=me
0112ad558432dc6b8bd7acee3e22f4a619eaa5dbBobby Holley — Bug 777628 - Do a Checked Unwrap in JS_WriteTypedArray. r=jorendorff a=lsblakk
cdcde4d200d49f026c622a87da5a131ecb81eceeBobby Holley — Bug 781476 - Test. r=me a=lsblakk
ab5ca4c67ba1709176e18f37c92a0144f9024ba2Bobby Holley — Bug 781476 - Cross-compartment wrap same-origin objects with PreCreate even if PreCreate requests one wrapper per scope. r=mrbkap
d7b344615437c427cb602eeeafcdc27292f16026Jonathan Kew — bug 769475 - incorrect font used for italicized Arabic text when font-family is Arial or Times New Roman. r=smontagu a=lsblakk
a09e54d947f232e341ef4dd3d885799d38c30fc7Brian Nicholson — Bug 717428 - Add missing breaks in database upgrade logic. r=lucasr a=lsblakk
9615809c0dbc6520f115f9c6561e8e1c91220470Brian Nicholson — Bug 783601 - Remove extra textContent reference from getInnerText(). r=lucasr a=lsblakk
0d2e595fa3b10a1bbf90725d678b21757a4483f7Brian Nicholson — Bug 779796 - Move readability check to web worker. r=lucasr,mfinkle a=lsblakk
f86615ca28132b2013a62b40de9af2a993bd283aBrian Nicholson — Bug 780713 - Disable reader mode logging by default. r=lucasr a=lsblakk
e6ff85ba5b2e9cb173dfd6423d7203c145d4ee65Brian Nicholson — Bug 777966 - Replace regex <br> matching with replaceBrs(). r=lucasr a=lsblakk
af19c92f21f9f8335ef9635415541d2405839b2aBrian Nicholson — Bug 775346 - Make sure DOM events match current document. r=mbrubeck a=lsblakk
b0d83353adfe5e465ecd61f82b0808f4357d1ee6Brian Nicholson — Bug 775346 - Add yields to Readability.js. r=lucasr a=lsblakk
10de8a7d727bf602c18b17acc8f4e22f6c524820Brian Nicholson — Bug 773774 - Don't clone document for reader mode check. r=mfinkle a=lsblakk
8b243972bf82ba1bbfee7e907dc1de82d44907b0Robert O'Callahan — Bug 779399. A horizontally-flipped gradient can dither differently. r=jrmuizel,a=lsblakk
5b1b65bf7f4dc00ddcdbade4d787db79cdb84e30Robert O'Callahan — Bug 779399. Scale gradient cell to exactly fill snapped rect. r=jrmuizel,a=lsblakk
d25d95292cadf95d42b8f554784ff0cc9faa5f79Robert O'Callahan — Mark gradient tests fuzzy for bug 768775. r=bas,a=akeybl
68bc6eeb7b147a320ab44de4b7177f4c5bfccde6Robert O'Callahan — Bug 768775. For linear gradients where the gradient line is parallel to an axis and runs from one edge of a background tile to the other, we can repeat the background by just repeating the gradient instead of drawing individual tiles. r=jrmuizel,a=akeybl
5e4a0ba8918d9fadf15a6b73eee4228db1ad1533Robert O'Callahan — Bug 768775. Improve the precision of the calculation of the number of stops that need to be added to handle 'repeat' and 'reflect', when we're filling a path. r=bas,a=akeybl
08d03be346d4ae03639c1771993f9961c4fcce5eSriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 784203: Firefox logo left uncropped on about:home on tablets. [r=mfinkle] [a=mfinkle]
6fcd56ab70f063b85a52e66095bee4cc758c5dd7Michael Comella — Bug 780486: Corrected about:home draw order. r=sriram a=mfinkle
65ac00871b6eed81466416f60114c1fa86002fcaRobert O'Callahan — Bug 780582 - Ensure that mouse-up/touch-end events are processed by some frame, so that capture is released. r=smaug, a=lsblakk
82a02621fc9b1442758ec4f48c44e9cf71f39cf0Mats Palmgren — Bug 780661 - Update mDropdownCanGrow also when the position is currently outside viewport to allow a resize later at a different position. Also, don't call PositionFrameView unless the position really changed to avoid infinite number of calls to AbsolutelyPositionDropDown (via nsResizeDropdownAtFinalPosition event from NotifyGeometryChange). r=roc a=lsblakk
175f65b65826ed9e57c634769e3168ef7800a799Chris Peterson — Bug 781748 - Part 1: Guard against null mIMEActionHint or mIMETypeHint from Gecko. r=blassey a=lsblakk
80af99a297535a0779f8d1c2d68549f901d1ecedChris Pearce — Bug 725770. r=bz a=lblakk
5d4a947e8fdb1362bac862b2e055a01899b95b8fSriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 777026: Use a touch delegate on Tabs button to overcome overlapping on menu button. [r=mfinkle] [a=lsblakk]
9223cf558eea5ce0218a74dcf5ff8f1781cf92beWes Johnston — Bug 766392 - Style about:apps to match other about pages. r=mfinkle, a=lsblakk
6915a31421037d56182530dd684544d053d7902eMark Finkle — Bug 781091 - aboutCertError.xhtml XML Parsing Error r=margaret a=lsblakk
1a741adbdcd3c6e070eafe5d67c9a63bd103b0edJames Willcox — Bug 776334 - Don't double free shared texture handles for Flash on Android r=blassey a=lsblakk
bbdbc7a0c457a8a93d6ab9b4a997fd96578d88a8Brian Nicholson — Bug 783373 - Change mobile-specific Google search URL to standard Google search URL. r=mfinkle a=lsblakk
bb764cfc347a99268dc94039a1969c8c18b2e68fChris Lord — Bug 782332 - Don't retain fixed-position tiles. r=bgirard a=lsblakk
3b5a093a54294d9064ec121c6f48ecc984666cdfAxel Hecht — no bug, add Acholi to beta locales, ra=drivers, DONTBUILD
95a9ef9dfc3d8abca33c7886cbb32db9d723b0d1Bill McCloskey — Bug 781393 - Followup to fix orange (r=bhackett,a=lsblakk)
63c85d3cb319ed492228721ce1534fad993dc7c0Bill McCloskey — Bug 781393 - JS VM stack values shouldn't always be clobbered during marking (r=bhackett,a=lsblakk)
e967498a5737a638db31898a66e968080c7d2d10Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 765156 - Fix NPE from getHandler() returning null for a detached view. r=mfinkle a=lsblakk
eccbc55f80df82cb55d64efa8d707d7e0c63fe27Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 765156: NPE in Property Animator's invalidate(). [r=mfinkle] a=lsblakk
4baf783709af4c45d2a8f89da5164dd8f6f24a80Jonathan Watt — Bug 782141 - Don't mix signed and unsigned variables in nsSVGFEMorphologyElement::Filter(), and clamp radii to 100000. r=roc, a=lsblakk.
08e55f351f6d24fccbfdf2ff21362f4ab622378dBill McCloskey — Bug 765065 - Annotation for crash reports: "Are we GCing?" (r=bsmedberg,a=lsblakk)
034e993e79f82b01b3e091c20c8822aa0c102df0Simon Montagu — Don't split inline ancestors of bidi frames if we don't have any child frames after the split. Bug 779003, r=roc, a=lsblakk
856b6b5bf31c8a42b9636d42416871c005bd47d6Ben Hearsum — bug 783241: add extensions/{972ce4c6-7e08-4474-a285-3208198ce6fd}/preview.png to r=ted/bmcbride, a=lsblakk
340db7fd3e4dbdfcaec6e799a63f7284c1284b5aJonathan Kew — bug 769303 - precompute intrinsic width of floats. r=roc a=lsblakk
943b896fc72137bc83b06f61f72a487885f3101ePeter Van der Beken — Fix for bug 769464 (Check mDOMObjectIsISupports when unwrapping). r=bz, a=akeybl.
87e40ca2045209c0057a515d4b66a7b6514bea16Robert O'Callahan — Bug 772679. Don't enable test as passing on Mac. a=me
cb0208e24e225ececfab58f7994236c8d7408440Robert O'Callahan — Bug 772679. Make test_offsets.js handle the viewport being transformed. r=tnikkel,a=lsblakk
f1c542259ffc3dd25e40cd9db1241472e6d9e374Robert O'Callahan — Bug 772679. Handle frame with NS_HAS_CONTAINER_LAYER having no display items. r=tnikkel,a=lsblakk
ca10ea6d11ea8541eae749245de1d0cb8f1e33fdRobert O'Callahan — Bug 772679. Mark test as passing on Mac. a=lsblakk
ee69702b3f71c05bd9320980c88521201b8d4cb7Robert O'Callahan — Bug 772679. Testcase. a=lsblakk
169ec60d32c9ef6ab73df6fd2c58612af8fe364fRobert O'Callahan — Bug 772679. RestrictToLayerPixels needs to accurately convert between appunits scroll offsets and ThebesLayer pixel coordinates. r=tnikkel,a=lsblakk
b9245270095d7403d2d6764349de19909c15ff35Chris Peterson — Bug 781020 - Remove IME's composing spans when Gecko resets the composition state. r=blassey a=lsblakk
1ec304d942059adfd972842f42b465a73b7585c9Chenxia Liu — Bug 755638 - Uncaught SecurityException when attempting to sync multiple Fennecs to the same Sync account. r=rnewman; a=lsblakk
b31ce0e5545c9057b26753a88bc9612550b39ea0Andrew McCreight — Bug 775424 - Make JSCompartmentParticipant vtable rodata. r=glandium a=lsblakk
b30b3ec249adebc854454418f8984fc0e366cfe1Tim Taubert — Bug 771979 - Intermittent browser_newtab_drag_drop.js | Test timed out; r=felipe a=test-only
4b14245b6996440d9e2775f77f70a451c0a4e06bTed Mielczarek — bug 763621 - Fix a Breakpad issue, patch from upstream r792. r=upstream a=lsblakk
ecff9596cfba5e443362abc5ded13a18e85c4caeMichael Comella — Bug 780481 - Fix top sites item height. r=sriram a=lsblakk
e3985167ea1d865ed8485ebd6b586bec81327b8cMichael Comella — Bug 780367 - AboutHomeContent should no longer have two views. r=sriram a=lsblakk
3a7b67da4faa619e0fa0c8aa3f0bc3a4f985a8f1Michael Comella — Bug 686528 - (5 of 5) about:home recreates itself onConfigurationChange. r=sriram a=lsblakk
0ef5b2e31835d657dfbd1ac7079644a01846817fMichael Comella — Bug 686528 - (4 of 5) kTopSiteHeight in AboutHomeContent uses a dimen constant. r=sriram a=lsblakk
6958061dc711d5f889507574b3e3dbce6ce35b0dMichael Comella — Bug 686528 - (3 of 5) Set padding for about:home tablet layout. r=sriram a=lsblakk
1f826579aae32b785fbfb927916493fd41ee12dcMichael Comella — Bug 686528 - (2 of 5) Clean up about:home and add 10" landscape layout. r=sriram a=lsblakk
79c412fa3945d3722eef5d0e9e45800d58c7e77aMichael Comella — Bug 686528 - (1 of 5) about:home uses integer resources to handle different sizes. r=sriram a=lsblakk
c236df02c24f72b6aae90b3d6939ab78ccfe21b1Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 776906 - Fix thumbnails on Nexus 7. r=blassey a=lsblakk
d343a687b8ee5c359ed7d30315fa8c34206634ebKai Engert — Bug 780009 - Update to NSS to version 3.13.6, r=wtc, a=lsblakk
56170d1c2eb3a77bc41e0e3e228048bb319501caChris Peterson — Bug 780191 - Commit composition string before sending autocomplete text event. r=blassey a=lsblakk
52956b3e7be22e1bb2887cb3d7ce1c72078f6620Boris Zbarsky — Bug 780542. Make construction via a function proxy with an object in the constructor slot actually construct instead of just calling. a=lsblakk r=ejpbruel
9211b0e0edad08ce2ae6a2b82ffc6e40b4f53a98Joe Drew — Backout f3a5f621b0a4 for being incomplete & hence failing tests. a=backout
2129954bde529eb888e36a5529ec72ff1c6e4cbcChris Peterson — Backout a7e88d150acb (Bug 781274) to avoid user confusion over StrictMode screen flashing. a=me
d25e95cee40d73e760f5526c0c0a2c768da0f5b4Lucas Rocha — Bug 766942 - Stop prograpation on clicks in toolbar buttons (r=mfinkle, a=lsblakk)
cff53f283a80eb6057fe58795d34b2ac5dc561c4Lucas Rocha — Bug 766942 - Get rid of mInReadingList property in BookmarksTab (r=wesj, a=lsblakk)
ed5f474d5f72645832d57e3a1431bbfca1016081Lucas Rocha — Bug 766942 - Implement new reader toolbar (r=mfinkle, a=lsblakk)
9ec746a4982fbe5d8cf30be2d2be65104bbf7b43Lucas Rocha — Bug 766942 - Change Tabs to handle Reader:Removed message from Gecko (r=mfinkle, a=lsblakk)
be4405c0406c450f8f17ecb39933542dcbc4e97fLucas Rocha — Bug 766942 - Set query argument with initial reading list state (r=mfinkle, a=lsblakk)
aff96f868e6c8ca927e8c1246761726a2a074ebcLucas Rocha — Bug 766942 - Add Reader:GoToReadingList bits to GeckoApp (r=margaret, a=lsblakk)
d760ef085a73adc32c05c53ead7cf7cb33563985Lucas Rocha — Bug 766942 - Support showing reading list directly on awesomebar startup (r=margaret, a=lsblakk)
7ae2826a5873cdc91fc1d424119b2c3050016f91Lucas Rocha — Bug 766942 - Change bookmarks tab to support reading list as initial folder (r=margaret, a=lsblakk)
f3a5f621b0a4ec88e5e8198cb4d583159506ff84Eddy Bruel — Bug 780542. Make construction via a function proxy with an object in the constructor slot actually construct instead of just calling. r=ejpbruel a=lsblakk
f9db91caea8d8681e77811c18ace85c51e7a45b7Aryeh Gregor — Bug 780035 - Don't cache font-style as CSS; r=ehsan a=lsblakk
c2d5393d005c7c8da9110b616ca4bb2afce807edJoe Drew — Back out 4cbf6aa4f022 for breaking the tree a=backout
c45599eff49f2ae2d2112856707437cdffebae0bJoe Drew — Bug 773097. r=roc,mattwoodrow a=lsblakk
4cbf6aa4f0227be0b1d29bf985ae180937d48183Eddy Bruel — Bug 780542. Make construction via a function proxy with an object in the constructor slot actually construct instead of just calling. a=lsblakk r=ejpbruel
ad729a04c4fcc4e1c2d27e0490b36870c1ced22aMs2ger — Bug 718260 - Fix a crash in DispatchPrematureAbortEvent; r=bent a=lsblakk
233563ef88bd7bbfa5e84022a984894655d5f177Andres Hernandez — Bug 625273 - Intermittent browser_tabview_bug587503.js | In the end, the group was showing a dropSpace - Got false, expected true r=ttaubert a=test-only
32bef71f074b55803c9081c2ebea409008b102e2Ed Morley — Bug 733848 - Temporarily disable part of markuprules.xml for frequent intermittent failures; r=surkov a=test-only
1b8af79d519440d827c62bd35216e9a70aa68a11Ryan VanderMeulen — Backout bug 686528, bug 780367, and bug 780481 due to bustage. a=bustage
3b53726859fd06d045b186485d27ec914162e89fRyan VanderMeulen — Bustage fix for bug 686528 part 5. a=bustage
fe11110060e6a7d74ef785d626da95a7972454f8Michael Comella — Bug 780481 - Fix top sites item height. r=sriram, a=lsblakk
0000a76dc267409d45f1afd06ba786e4aa555349Michael Comella — Bug 780367 - AboutHomeContent should no longer have two views. r=sriram, a=lsblakk
d54a1c9b1f5c93eacd4805ce53d7989d1a4f03fbMichael Comella — Bug 686528 - (5 of 5) about:home recreates itself onConfigurationChange. r=sriram, a=lsblakk
b6a50c80dad63a6437cecad346f2665837668dafMichael Comella — Bug 686528 - (4 of 5) kTopSiteHeight in AboutHomeContent uses a dimen constant. r=sriram, a=lsblakk
76cff107b031cc7db17139127f30bf2741a0e4f3Michael Comella — Bug 686528 - (3 of 5) Set padding for about:home tablet layout. r=sriram, a=lsblakk
8518a8edd111dcce10c8e4a1aff4b676d5dc8f46Michael Comella — Bug 686528 - (2 of 5) Clean up about:home and add 10" landscape layout. r=sriram, a=lsblakk
8738a36b2a9ed991a16c11e13e7701c5caa40893Michael Comella — Bug 686528 - (1 of 5) about:home uses integer resources to handle different sizes. r=sriram, a=lsblakk
487a4d3f98aa7a6fe5c65755273b5fe8ecbbcf1fKartikaya Gupta — Bug 781676 - Fix possible NPE from a null mTouchEventHandler. r=sriram a=lsblakk
824121cfc9ad0ffcf00cf2d5a873e4fdee2e941eMargaret Leibovic — Bug 778263 - Clean up SelectionHandler data when we bail in startSelection. r=mfinkle a=lsblakk
eb55406fa541ac03162a169f2930e31fadd3007aMike Hommey — Bug 775424 - Make cycle collection vtables rodata. r=smaug a=lsblakk
8849e41376e0d940f87c9d33751a2e5a4effe132Nathan Froyd — Bug 623242 - Fix intermittent orange in browser_bug553455.js; r=Mossop a=lsblakk
a7e88d150acb208e550f0ffa6b9811d7e3fb84b1Chris Peterson — Bug 781274 - Enable StrictMode's red screen flashing on unofficial builds. r=blassey a=lsblakk
a4bdc645127cf88dad74c8abfbb839c0da2759f6Chris Peterson — Bug 781038 - Part 2: Extract setSpan() and setSelection() boilerplate into a convenience method. r=blassey a=lsblakk
5ca4c8fe973c28482ab3fee6c0df329fc255a654Chris Peterson — Bug 781038 - Part 1: Span and select the Editable's actual length. r=blassey a=lsblakk
99b89297c6c819a761491469360a598ecc5c55c6Kyle Huey — Bug 775206. r=bent a=lsblakk
4768b438133411d6cc5a10a29806d87e76be30ecPatrick McManus — bug 780522 - test case r=honzab a=lsblakk
ffcd0fbd502a3706ed58ac90a8b9a8ccac34e30dPatrick McManus — bug 780522 - stack overflow port out of range part 2/2 r=honzab a=lsblakk
47a96c3f4b5e05f6999d99450faea2b20a0dc266Patrick McManus — bug 780522 - stack overflow port out of range part 1/2 r=honzab a=lsblakk
6de83f12aa1d6c5ce107c13fcda1d5f83d8d3bfeHonza Bambas — Bug 774243 - [Linux] Process name changes to RunProcess, r=benjamin,a=gavin
4b8725e713c4e28a46c991aaec7afdde7ccd1cd0Mike Hommey — Bug 776325 - Set nsXREAppData::name instead of using g_set_prgname is Linux webapprt. r=karlt,a=lsblakk
a78609c4e41d8eebd70c582ea745e926c615adbcMike Hommey — Bug 776325 - Set gtk program name to the one defined in application.ini. r=karlt,a=lsblakk
2454d9517b7b9c7156c39d68d6cb845f776b4ad8Richard Newman — Bug 774300 - Sync authentication errors if passwords contain non-ASCII characters. r=nalexander, a=lsblakk
7119a45e0fea7fcdabdf383bb1f35647a4b5fc51Paul Adenot — Bug 774084 - Fix a crash in nsBuiltinDecoder::GetSeekable. r=kinetik a=lsblakk
719ca729259e4b865ed99a95da7526c99cded94cRobert Longson — Bug 777476 - text bounding boxes should ignore whitespace-only nodes when whitespace compression suppresses them. r=jwatt a=lsblakk
648e60750d53a330833d9838695abc57192a0c3bMs2ger — Bug 780993 - Reinstate support for setting indexed properties on HTMLSelectElement to null; r=bz a=lsblakk
9a89e396e7cd46784ed625336bfe09356193cfa1Benoit Jacob — Bug 777028 - WebGL: allow only 16 samplers per program on Mesa - r=jgilbert, a=lsblakk
aba52cb488fa6e669e34491d46f0ecb01357f046Benoit Jacob — Bug 778765 - Work around nouveau driver bug by changing samples=1 to samples=0 - r=jgilbert, a=lsblakk
045211dc4296e7f2fbfda6c328b88cf61a409a2cAryeh Gregor — Bug 778428 - Refcount arrays of nodes in editor/; r=ehsan a=lsblakk
16d4b9df3cd330e996e085c5f51fce62b69a5a2aDão Gottwald — Backed out bug 588909. a=lsblakk
7bd72ea6ab99bdd7e7cc57e71485bda8f15408bcJared Wein — Bug 756419 - White standalone image background flashes into view when switching tabs. r=roc,bholley a=lsblakk
c9bdd225388d262fa879b541cec4528975709a86Jared Wein — Backed out changeset 568fd13e4008 (bug 756419), pushed wrong patch.
025cea007fcb44493ab8bd7fea4f50aa92c88ccfDao Gottwald — Bug 779302 - Speed up arrow panel opening animation. r=shorlander a=lsblakk
568fd13e400836ca874f10220cc29f9d4563ff21Jared Wein — Bug 756419 - White standalone image background flashes into view when switching tabs. r=roc,bholley a=lsblakk
56e05fc797123b0d4bbaed66b6ee991c58e1bfb7Robert O'Callahan — Bug 776836. When invalidating ThebesLayers due to an appunits-per-dev-pixel
7c89662c33108f8dcc43cd2641635e339435685bKarl Tomlinson — b=772883 replace MOZ_ENABLE_GTK with MOZ_WIDGET_GTK to restore nsUnixProxyModule r=roc a=lsblakk
c9c87187e30b250dea2b03d0bbcea0e9000e7be6Karl Tomlinson — b=775848 Initialize BasicShadowLayerManager::mRepeatTransaction appropriately r=BenWa a=lsblakk
6372bb9fb95d3799ebd85e03e0501e187af17805Luke Wagner — Bug 780712 - Allow RegExp objects to be visible across compartments (r=billm,a=lsblakk)
5ea8570c59558df0bbe3b07475abcb471c7ff219Wes Johnston — Bug 772968 - Use a special appid for webapps on android. r=mfinkle a=lsblakk
9c3831e1c3b7b3c08ae2787b66e45f7430eed37fWes Johnston — Bug 769821 - Save app cache at install time for webapps. r=mfinkle,fabrice a=lsblakk
12a2e9a56100bd9a85925227c844423fbe2b82f5Wes Johnston — Bug 766094 - Disable telemetry on webapps. r=mfinkle a=lsblakk
c6cf382c9f6f57aae5849d31e62d2df9d824e4f7Wes Johnston — Bug 766802 - Target=blank links should open in the browser for webapps. r=mfinkle a=lsblakk
a5763ac8cbc373b6f0af37de56d6874bdc661615Patrick McManus — bug 765048 backout 672448 (3 digit http q values) r=biesi a=lsblakk
9155a5c01de650967112c8a0d362002b48febd0aJohn Schoenick — Bug 773207 - Make mChannel a COMPtr in nsObjectLoadingContent. r=smaug a=lsblakk
1b4e93422e58e03bf05a403ccc66bee51136e163Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 780699 - Prevent possible deadlock by reducing the scope of a synchronized block in GLController. r=ajuma a=lsblakk
10de2817a14e1a8da1f73a3cc61d89ebbdb8b819Andrew McCreight — Bug 752764 - Nuke wrapped reflector during transplant. r=bholley a=lsblakk
b7b13e997cfd8110cea8ab35f9a0b506f9095a0aAndrew McCreight — Bug 779669 - Return error in GetMozDash. r=peterv a=lsblakk
ac893752ff8657caf0302c49023ccee609224f93Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 773431 - Ensure we grab touchstart events in capture mode since content can kill it before it bubbles. r=wesj a=lsblakk
6d0ad34230a0b5e88055b215d984323d2cc1ea4aHonza Bambas — Bug 768568, test fix followup, r=kaie, a=lsblakk
49848d305daad5cfd1077f9695e959361a18e515Honza Bambas — Bug 768568, r=kaie, a=lsblakk
8f7540d6e1b8b671b5f9e43ab76b0e0160457d9bPatrick McManus — bug 779413 r=bsmith a=lsblakk
4bd4029cdd4a49fa7304e348ed08e4bb1a5456b8Brian Nicholson — Bug 779089 - Add proper Apache 2 header to Readability.js. r=gerv a=lsblakk
7f9f10e43508e28821dc9abf7b51a9fd88bc4737Tal Aloni — Bug 778413 - Fix table cell automatic width calculation when using box-sizing:border-box. r=dbaron, a=lsblakk
0a856c99ad3b313799b0eadf8d7b8fbcc153b690Josh Aas — Bug 574229: Open new window in the current OS X space when opening from the dock menu. r=gavin a=gavin
3c6fe5bff8562e99e39a11c8558ae6c99188f499Florian Queze — Bug 779843 - nsIdleService never fires the "back" notification if there's only one listener. r=vlad, a=lsblakk
eea777847e40f27d61e142ebc3af7afa2b44cc2dWes Johnston — Bug 766604 - Convert UTF-8 App names to UTF16 for Java. r=mbrubeck, a=lsblakk
6098f0178631ff84d0e0ef77a87a07526bee7bbbSriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 778438: ActionBar crash on Awesomebar. [r=mfinkle] [a=lsblakk]
35eecb9cc1aa779cc2c831d9319b642676d90b71Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 770928: Enable default text interaction on honeycomb+. [r=mbrubeck] [a=lsblakk]
5c93b603dc7194c22488dc3001430f0ca9039c21Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 777358: Large tablet tab new should be added to [r=mfinkle] [a=lsblakk]
7b8cc0f8691b6c2c7d2de9d99d55de1c3c6aa6d9Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 761785: Background shown during overscroll disappeared. [r=kats] [a=lsblakk]
6eccd9aabcfc5bd0f54628aaf84fe08726d0c484Tim Taubert — Bug 728426 - Opening and then closing bookmarks sidebar keeps the bookmarksPanel.xul and/or history-panel.xul document alive; r=dao a=lsblakk
72fbc3c754078c9bc904fae594cce428a7cb51acTim Taubert — Bug 728294 - Analyze cycle collection logs after test runs to detect leaks; r=ted,smaug a=lsblakk
0004e9b268ae9e9c33855f2b97d766afd906789dWes Johnston — Bug 777706 - Backout new dom bindings for touchlists. r=smaug a=lsblakk
daa838a23b97a8a131f6dc2bdbf7dbeb5a640015Adam Dane [:hobophobe] — Bug 767779 - Stop eating animation frames for non-multipart. r=joe a=lsblakk
940158b98658d2a156744ae626932c485fe33539Jan Varga — Bug 778023 - Need to figure out how cycle collected DOM files are supposed to play with workers. r=bent, a=lsblakk.
906986f587b724f150e8cb57c2fffb06d0075405Lucas Rocha — Bug 767738 - Use favicon from the original site in Reader (r=mbrubeck, a=lsblakk)
a13e10835394df1dee8481266a38df76622b5752Lucas Rocha — Bug 774306 - Protect access to mFavicons behind a getter (r=margaret, a=lsblakk)
59cd03317e0bd6d45018d0da8a71c7639cd64b09Tim Taubert — Backed out changeset 60af41022814 (bug 728294) a=bustage
15ec2847a74405331f65154a5e9fd6741df9a939Andrew McCreight — Bug 761422, part 4 - Don't try to be a hero in ReparentWrapperIfFound. r=bholley a=lsblakk
d31bb4ca74eb8274e5ac6aaf90bb3fd5ec2ff199Andrew McCreight — Bug 761422, part 3 - get security wrappers before changing maps. r=bholley a=lsblakk
246942f98354604ac87116ed878e076aae63270dAndrew McCreight — Bug 761422, part 2 - guard against double reflectors on failure in ReparentWrapperIfFound. r=bholley a=lsblakk
d3bfb4a1621ea028899af88830e4a54f5dea8b0fAndrew McCreight — Bug 761422, part 1 - Clone before we adjust XPC maps in ReparentWrapperIfFound. r=bholley a=lsblakk
d68436b2cf7d129151ca9bbd54f1860d2a520040Andrew McCreight — Bug 777806. r=bz a=lsblakk
81c6465d31b6d708318f910751c20fa74e1996d5Bill McCloskey — Bug 758408 - Fix XML slot handling (r=Waldo,a=lsblakk)
998b5d096f2cf5796d64fcff0492babda18da287Margaret Leibovic — Bug 779007 - Don't make about: pages privileged if they don't need to be. r=mfinkle a=lsblakk
bac4527ff910d84da2b9bb761d62f37a726e411cBill McCloskey — Bug 779849 - Fix NPAPI wrapping (r=bholley,a=lsblakk)
eaa94120ccbb279356f6dc38adf80be16b462734Kyle Huey — Bug 779638: Delay dropping the transaction until later to avoid races. r=bent a=lsblakk
60af41022814b5cc53daadc32598ce48daa47700Tim Taubert — Bug 728294 - Analyze cycle collection logs after test runs to detect leaks; r=ted,smaug a=lsblakk
01df340dc8f51c56c3f54170511d7da74d6a4b1dAndrew McCreight — Bug 776213 - don't forget about sortedControls. r=smaug a=lsblakk
4d2b4204653addd787ab31b30ac5ef995f19162fEd Morley — Bug 661099 - Disable part of test_bug596600.xul on OS X 10.6 for frequent failures; r=mstange a=lsblakk
f2e923c88812ab757848016a3a613cf877ee5507Ed Morley — Bug 760770 - Mark test_timeupdate_small_files.html's 'got unexpected stalled after ended' for seek.webm as todo due to too many intermittent failures; r=cpearce a=lsblakk
c4f3769869bb7d47b4d5f35a25e62c343d234506Brian R. Bondy — Bug 770911 - Remove all prefetch clearing code. r=taras, a=lsblakk.
09036d362f916bed26b04bbcbcc25af8bda38845Victor Porof — Bug 773653 - Intermittent leak in browser_dbg_breakpoint-new-script.js; r=rcampbell a=lsblakk
5ac86e22641aaa425fb8f0b3b273477541b642e0Masatoshi Kimura — Bug 750241 - Filter console messages to prevent intermittent orange; r=hsivonen a=lsblakk
3124a5d23996f8bea318a409bb8902579cb21788Kai Engert — Bug 778845 - Must upgrade Aurora 16 to NSPR 4.9.2 final, r=wtc, a=lsblakk
ff79f93761fdeb33762fbfa0ebf504178a79e088Boris Zbarsky — Bug 778128. Make putImageData and createImageData on non-Azure canvas work with Xrays. r=peterv, a=lsblakk
d5e99acb8feaf0c1549d0128978b38be18489b8fBenoit Jacob — Bug 749678 - re-add missing MakeCurrent call in certain WebGL uniform setters - r=jgilbert, a=lsblakk
2bfad756dbc058ef3ae58942973f654c0e9dd89dBobby Holley — Bug 778409 - Enter the compartment of unwrappedProto rather than obj in Rewrap. r=gabor a=akeybl
5929ae1d45ce86d72fde1184ab386e49faf5bffaBobby Holley — Bug 760109 - Tests. rs=mrbkap
f3675f4d2c373730c4e2fe8d02e6c2c11423a539Bobby Holley — Bug 760109 - Override traps in ChromeObjectWrapper to bounce lookups to the local prototype chain. r=mrbkap
3ca7effdcc235604abe3a610838a45ac38a238d3Bobby Holley — Bug 760109 - Introduce an explicit ChromeObjectWrapper. r=mrbkap For now it's identical to ChromeObjectWrapperBase. Custom behavior comes in the next patch.
39b5e3d7f32328bd1335cd538d18ed8ed60d590bBobby Holley — Bug 760109 - When COWing objects with standard prototypes, use the prototype in the home compartment instead. r=mrbkap
0a48148c39e61db231e2655c8eb19f37e07cbafdBobby Holley — Bug 760109 - Add an API to lookup proto key via standard prototype objects and vice-versa.
064eb8de0ad75d7afbd1124a25b4d484c10aff2cBobby Holley — Bug 760109 - Don't force wrappers to use the wrapped proto if they decide to use something different. r=mrbkap
cf0d8079a6d81da861b37943243023ba1b45a059Steven Michaud — Bug 764176 - Cap area of rectangles passed to CUIDraw. r=mstange a=lsblakk
c530848fdf531ea44e3700c4eec66961676547a6Julian Reschke — Bug 776399 - Fix IDL compat problem introduced by changes for bug 663057. r=bz, a=akeybl
da26c9c61b2ef8c229849ba46c26a658dfc12ff0Benoit Jacob — Bug 771669 - Crash with memory-pressure, WebGL bufferData - r=jgilbert, a=akeybl
747b9e6ee86a19f572ee54fda4bd1de2b7a4ff56Wes Johnston — Bug 779078 - handleRelease should just return if not handling a mouseEvent. r=smaug a=lsblakk
baf781443c5dff391752ec7e023e0b5d4a51d3bcJustin Lebar — Bug 773980 - Add Cu.isDeadWrapper. r=bholley, a=lsblakk
e670dfc55dc8af9a31b3759f322d40ffe1d0e73fMike Hommey — Backout changeset d945ae198516 (bug 760152). r=kats,a=akeybl
573d539ae6d577ffcab1d28c307a246ff71227a0Matthew Noorenberghe — Bug 763232 - Handle shell service throwing on Linux in the advanced preferences pane. r=jaws a=lsblakk
74324fb8f6424ef365af46b6a966ec6bb64d3be1Jonathan Watt — Bug 768351 - "ABORT: Passed bad frame" with mask pointing at data: URL. r=roc, a=lsblakk.
ca633397362e55ea6f4ddc84f84d667545f73f1bJonathan Watt — Bug 776337 - "ASSERTION: Should not use nsSVGIntegrationUtils on this SVG frame". r=longsonr, a=lsblakk.
d6b4ac96bdfb9da554908173c196641776433134Terrence Cole — Bug 777992 - Move array slowification barrier closer to update; r=billm a=lsblakk
79b7cfde17918269389157cfed2119e30a9113bbAryeh Gregor — Bug 747637 - Restore transform: skew() support; r=dbaron, a=akeybl
3186b5d413c9c7e2433d9edba10dea8c2a518b0cNick Alexander — Bug 764867 - Make Android Sync branding match Fennec branding by using @drawable/icon. r=rnewman, a=lsblakk
cbf944c8b6fcfe0ce6e84a89ff303c834b2017a9Nick Alexander — Bug 778081 - No NullPointerException in CommandProcessor.getArgsList. r=rnewman, a=lsblakk
bd3e0818ea0d2a1d591aa14875190fe6af7864d6Matthew Gregan — Bug 761274 - Work around buffer sizing bug in PulseAudio ALSA plugin. r=doublec a=akeybl
43bf08945eafbd75c083d40494f8d93162c0a825Matthew Gregan — Bug 768333 - nsBufferedAudioStream::GetPositionInFrames miscompiled with Win32 PGO. r=cpearce a=lsblakk
31111ab0eb7aa180ba40ec5ec253f74323b8397dWes Johnston — Bug 774422. Send messages to notification handlers after we resume the app. r=mfinkle a=akeybl
f54f0b37b9e46d54a226bf865deebafbfde8b615Wes Johnston — Bug 774426. Get correct origin for app shortcuts. r=mfinkle a=lsblakk
ac2fbc3fc256292470c0a00c954257d117b9ce72Wes Johnston — Bug 774426. Set allAppsLaunchable to true since it has no Android implementation. r=mfinkle,felipe a=lsblakk
27235727dfbfe736b9cffbf5e5a4422ed5704540Etienne Segonzac — Bug 774216. Can't launch apps on B2G/Android since it's seen as XP_UNIX by WebappOSUtils. r=felipe a=lsblakk
e18b0ecc9b83e0a46379d058e13bae385711bf8fFelipe Gomes — Bug 759502. Include URL of active window in URL field of webapp runtime crash reporter. r=gavin a=lsblakk
e0d6e40bc40b7bf892efe93cec3b08411f24f3fdTerrence Cole — Backed out changeset 1910025519e0 a=bustage
1910025519e04880495be56b6940868cd0eeace8Terrence Cole — Bug 777992 - Move array slowification barrier closer to update; r=billm a=lsblakk
a793894365e73317a93c4ba6a3dd80a65876c144Matt Brubeck — Bug 775372 - Back out 7d11ab4b1a8c (bug 769857) because of link-clicking regressions [a=lsblakk]
28163c01520454654867381eccd45c8c3ece2baaBas Schouten — Bug 762948: Work-around in invalidation problem with flash. r=roc a=akeybl
6f118ea66b73001c5419de43a26a831810888048Olli Pettay — Bug 770429, do uri load check earlier to avoid running code unnecessarily, r=mrbkap, a=akeybl
cc561d1aa5a66bd624b560901b4ac85b1bb98991Peter Van der Beken — Fix for bug 774775 (XRayWrapper does not handle new bindings constants) - refactor code. r=bz, a=akeybl.
c98bb360201d86679460e85f19c61f0326634a6ePeter Van der Beken — Fix for bug 774775 (XRayWrapper does not handle new bindings constants). r=bz, a=akeybl.
4853c37d22292e2c2bfc807601997570eceea66bJames Willcox — Bug 776331 - Avoid crash when trying to redraw a destroyed plugin on Android r=josh a=lsblakk
cd14c477f275cd3e5b8deb18892f6b5e6bece795Boris Zbarsky — Bug 775852 followup: skip the test when WebGL is not around. No review, a=orange
4c7fd2c69d1a2690a90bf4a80f4507858804921fKartikaya Gupta — Bug 770047 - Add the LayerView directly to the XML layout rather than creating it later, so that we don't get a black flash on startup on JellyBean devices. r=sriram a=akeybl
fa4cb266be0492bc422bfa8ae61d1843a5488d77Mike Hommey — Bug 756786 - Install the xulrunner binary as xulrunner instead of xulrunner-bin, and get rid of the xulrunner wrapper script. r=bsmedberg,a=akeybl
90fce5a844d095a3a096c111b16450d7f2ac8086Vladan Djeric — Bug 777220: Temporarily disable slow SQL reporting. a=akeybl
cdd2a34ddaec8c857cd2562a0767f9a1ec1ffc06Boris Zbarsky — Bug 775852. Actually follow the WebIDL spec for creating JS representations of sequences. r=khuey, a=akeybl
7934b72dae2533dcfff47785e9d7a5caca70ca2aMatt Woodrow — Bug 772296 - Forward transform the overflow rect when computing dirty rects for 3d transforms. r=roc a=akeybl
ebf55549de6b126078ffd49c3cd469bc4c57f153Wes Johnston — Bug 777649 - Use history ID for removing items on the all pages screen. r=margaret a=akeybl
c0214d0affca6995c8aa66ff3f8b65e794ac5680Michael Comella — Bug 776110 - <a> and <img> uris are replaced with absolute uris. r=lucasr, a=akeybl
11d7c076de511ea55a4e2c69f9149faa73bb611cDave Townsend — Bug 774990: Copying a profile with a disabled restartless add-on to a different directory causes extensions to fail to load. r=Unfocused, a=akeybl
712a7cdbdf7cfb6014ebc34d81b36d84a57bed11Eitan Isaacson — Bug 777752 - Disable explore by touch for devices on API version 16 (Jelly Bean) and above. r=davidb a=akeybl
2f7d9cc63a6a84ceae17cef7c0b62ef0ea2e649bTerrence Cole — Bug 745158; r=luke a=akeybl
3028f8287bba33fd71c27a79bc8d89dd02c29204Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 775976 - Guard against a null tab when processing a thumbnail. r=blassey a=lsblakk
3bec50c0a33f841c258615f3f58855cdf816d723Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 766647 - Do a better job of coalescing the low-res screenshots. r=blassey a=lsblakk
01dee641a05eefaebd21a9aece7998c8ba56631eMats Palmgren — Bug 777578 - Make mLimiter and mAncestorLimiter strong refs. r=smaug a=akeybl
ab0ab9e65f96872ef97a22136b2ef7623b8b5560Aryeh Gregor — Bug 776323 part 1 - Fix crash due to silly logic error in nsSelectionState::SaveSelection; r=ehsan a=akeybl
8ca36187554a780ade5714b025b11f9a69c10bfcMartin Stransky — Bug 776490 - variable lock (lockPref) does not work, r=bzbarsky a=akeybl
b13cc8063a77233cbc27d788b3d24785a0d0ee9eJonathan Watt — Bug 773450 - Lines don't show up in some Google Maps directions. r=roc, a=akeybl.
81279c9aef08ed73b9867b0f0c5c8313804223c5Ed Morley — Backout dff198fbc2ce (bug 767738) for bustage; a=backout
dff198fbc2ce078511c7b94c89c32d20c6867e96Lucas Rocha — Bug 767738 - Use favicon from the original site in Reader (r=mbrubeck, a=akeybl)
6f3913c43f45e5ff2849df8183adf22ae1a443e4Victor Porof — Bug 770542 - Intermittent leak in browser_dbg_bug723069_editor-breakpoints.js, browser_dbg_bug723071_editor-breakpoints-pane.js & browser_dbg_bug731394_editor-contextmenu.js of browser_dbg_script-switching.html; r=rcampbell a=akeybl
e9f6200f421a4c4aed1cfcc16d1c4d4ca39ad949Mats Palmgren — Bug 769120. r=roc a=lsblakk
f62ab8356d232e1d47cb84c43d9abf4930e0ec1fBrian Birtles — Bug 765107 - Fix transformed filter drawing with Azure; r=bas; a=lsblakk
ab2e89e0333f152df3c1632f312bf07a71af0036Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 773427 - Ensure that when moving click points, we don't allow it to get rounded incorrectly. r=wesj a=akeybl
c7d8a9e01250773d7197da9425dfc71b61c85c50Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 775722 - Reposition the text selection handles during pan/zoom operations. r=blassey a=akeybl
f67e1f5b8166520e05c61a7d81eb427ce4578654Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 777505 - Fix possible NPE in getInputMethodManager. r=cpeterson a=akeybl
00738d54c024130af9385b0b25958afacb4c1965Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 774205 - Guard against a null layer controller object in GeckoInputConnection. r=cpeterson a=akeybl
657b6a0f0c1cb35e54814007d4a0d1a60e44e2c7Bobby Holley — Bug 773962 - Fix up waivers after transplanting. r=mrbkap a=akeybl
6ac860432dd2f69dc28918c9b2b4fbc374de73b2Bobby Holley — Bug 773962 - Refactor Xray waiving logic to allow simple lookups in the waiver map without creating a waiver. r=mrbkap
2a8c122b8a60a14258b8af20a8cb95856297975fBobby Holley — Bug 773962 - Add some asserts in the brain transplant code. r=billm
068e4ca57007c8ce2cc16230a745ee9ab23c5ebfPatrick McManus — bug 762162 - network.http.timeout-connection r=honzab a=akebyl
92d17113de2671b22e7e9f5b6d8f06caff9dbac7William Chen — Bug 746855 - Be more careful when checking for a carry during number format evaluation. r=sicking a=akeybl
61afffa83517aa9e84ba123f7cc72ebf5ae09889Margaret Leibovic — Bug 725286 - Plugin placeholder text for the unsupported platforms is misleading. r=blassey,dolske a=akeybl
13235b7f12673220e8570b50a58e8f987d5a0876Randell Jesup — Bug 773970: Disable webrtc and mozGetUserMedia for Aurora r=ted a=akeybl
559bb27b0defa512eca4ae881ac50ee8f49cb444Tim Taubert — Bug 716108 - [New Tab Page] 'Connecting…' should not briefly flicker in the tab title when a new tab is opened; r=gavin a=akeybl
540cd72d844585fc9fc033bbc355fdc95582d8fdSriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 775211: Custom menu flickers on JB and HTC Sensation. [r=mbrubeck] [a=lsblakk]
97a20755be4fab4ed8f63c50c4c6c8b76294091aSriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 761929: Crash on H/W MENU key press with custom menu. [r=mbrubeck] [a=lsblakk]
c24fa8d2d008f1d526d4080c33ed5823fe88d550Nicholas Cameron — Bug 767337; remove D3D10_RESOURCE_MISC_GDI_COMPATIBLE flag. r=roc,a=akeybl
18158fb2a7439256d251a29fd67a05b4f667b3d3Robert O'Callahan — Bug 769541. Fix build bustage. r+a=me
efce6a8b911715911d1896949dd5a12cdb98d087Chris Lord — Bug 758620 - Only use nsDisplayFixedPosition when necessary. r=roc,a=akeybl
d0b7e9bf59fc9b106529ed582cdf46f2f3692bf6Chris Lord — Bug 769541 - Fix display list creation for positioned descendants of fixed position frames. r=roc,a=akeybl
36e6fae946857c2ea1cb41c884d3b89160c13a65Brian Nicholson — Bug 766940 - Notify MENU_UPDATED TabEvent when menu items change. r=mbrubeck a=akeybl
01d29af0802e05e072546b24e057e0e3933c2f0fBrian Nicholson — Bug 766940 - Invalidate options menu for soft menu button. r=sriram a=akeybl
21b0be1a9e2a5349cfa1b7373f30b2d6b8cf5e4eChris Peterson — Bug 767597 - Part 1: Unset AwesomeBar inputType:textUri when using Swype. r=blassey f=mbrubeck a=akeybl
47a702158c852121bc79d8f90ec7a3079de16c91Asaf Romano — Bug 760940 - Bookmarks and history menus behave incorrectly due to non-node weak map keys. r=mak a=gavin
bd25542e99d5a6f8a57dc86d415fa5f97833f161Wes Johnston — Bug 777663 - Use localized string for password prompts. r=mbrubeck a=akeybl
30546191916b215bb11e07e6b766a2fca53cad93Steve Fink — Bug 769192 - Typed array accessors should not use JSPROP_READONLY. r=Waldo, a=lsblakk
5f096ba0e62d971d82c8014e3f916bcb197d430ePatrick McManus — bug 767005 - backout 235853 r=jduell a=lsblakk
151896de0ae999046876a93a3dab1a67d635b25bDavid Mandelin — Merge for backout of d6531ef05a6f, a=backout
6bbf81ee113beba880af4f6d650444824dbf2b89David Mandelin — Backed out changeset d6531ef05a6f due to SunSpider regression
eb1cb96db8a7ad1a7825142092286790d979f3beNicholas Nethercote — Bug 772615 (part 2) - Enter compartments before calling GetNativeOfWrapper() in the JS memory reporter. r=bholley. a=lsblakk
046f31d24b3515b56302b19ec7dea25189e29164Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 772615 (part 1) - Use the safe JSContext in the JS memory reporter. r=bholley. a=lsblakk
3c61eb8b9a0485cb1516ab1b14dc3b87f0ef0474Lucas Rocha — Bug 771159 - Properly set toolbar's background size to handle different densities (r=mfinkle, a=lsblakk)
e3d339e2b25bb7ff61bf414d3a0a388e81ba6597Geoff Brown — Bug 770456 - Robocop: wait for view in testHistoryTab; r=wesj a=lsblakk
e328a4f6d4dcad5c2d17c7d67aa8971ef9e9637dBrian R. Bondy — Bug 775794. r=jgilbert. a=akeybl
8dda64a9d0cc1eac2444fe6e32182c52c7561624Jeff Gilbert — Bug 774688 - Mark reused buffer as dirty in BasicCanvasLayer - r=bas, a=akeybl
76745d7889eff80845b478f2e6db458a2065a06bJeff Gilbert — Bug 775793 - Clarify BMP decoding for unexpected alpha pixels - r=bbondy, a=akeybl
51701d1f4bccf43de2ca4c9b6974fba98c394b28Chris Peterson — Bug 768106 - Ignore empty composing events when we have no composition string to replace. r=blassey a=lsblakk
e061fdd4ab2f206c1ca1f4c97f210687dccadd93Chris Peterson — Bug 775442 - Part 1: Clamp string indexes when updating IME extracted text. r=blassey a=lsblakk
1ea57f0d6d855b432ed0abc044516dd1ada135fbChris Peterson — Bug 764193 - Part 1: Re-enable form autocomplete, but blocklist some IMEs. r=blassey a=lsblakk
ea759dc40e08cb0edf410f487c30f148a011271cBrian Nicholson — Bug 775029 - Follow-up patch for bad merge. a=me
410a1df0d0b1df2e7f1cc36ab9bae2007cc56186James Willcox — Bug 687267 - Initial support for Flash on Honeycomb r=bgirard,vlad,jgilbert,blassey a=akeybl
dbd697f5316340a545c32ee75d16c8fe94b5690aNick Alexander — Bug 774233: Do not start Sync settings activity as a new task to prevent failures on some HTC devices. r=rnewman,liuche a=akeybl
e1ebed628f4be3c0e35fd286d963c4221bb9841dArkady Blyakher — bug 773943 - fix null pointer exception from accessing getExternalFilesDir r=snorp a=akeybl
aeb14ddf1fc0466438a318ec870f1ac802229344Andrew McCreight — Bug 773533 - import Element.h into XPConnect the right way. rs=Ms2ger a=akeybl
aea5bfa1f2833e938d6e51fa939d69517582193bNicholas Nethercote — Bug 773533 (part 2) - Add a <marquee> to test_memoryReporters.xul, to test for the crash in bug 773533. r=ehsan. a=akeybl
6811f9bc2f93fbfd3987d1fc7d4e47c14635821dNicholas Nethercote — Bug 773533 (part 1) - Skip XBL nodes when looking for orphan DOM nodes. r=mccr8,smaug. a=akeybl
bfabcc2ecce79d2d9a680780a27ce05c20849b04Myk Melez — bug 773784 - update webapp runtime error messages to reference Firefox 16 when launching webapp with no compatible version of Firefox installed; r=felipe, a=akeybl
1a79e2cf11ad4397a2c3a147ab7997ad60714ce0Bobby Holley — Bug 767273 - Never declare a stack-allocated PropertyDescriptor within SM, and make API safe. r=luke a=akeybl
da5ea41d129dc18f801c0cf9c30c3f2157e29d51Bobby Holley — Bug 775435 - Wrap-by-default in GetNPObjectWrapper. r=bsmedberg a=akeybl
ce2e8871ebd8c523afb9e29f27b470c8ec5a8496Mike Hommey — Bug 774772 - Fix webapprt l10n after bug 762864. r=bsmedberg,a=akeybl
55664fef24877b0b00051a69276f88a4cae78745Matt Woodrow — Bug 773100 - Invalidate the frame bounds instead of deleting the frame property. r=roc,a=akeybl
7addc0e9c15d85b78e047aa28acbfab080e978c6Robert O'Callahan — Bug 774597. Avoid accessing MediaStreamGraphImpl members after the graph object may have been cleaned up by the main thread. r=jesup,a=akeybl
a989cf247c6986a5b35edbf781c77253cd8f57ddMats Palmgren — Bug 774548. r=roc,a=akeybl
8029ce3d62af1f59cbb36807ded83ec2f1a9dd49Wes Johnston — Bug 702487 - Allow users to enter falsy values in prompt dialogs. r=mfinkle, a=akeybl
35804aed58adb8ca22367f366ef7792e6b9969a6Wes Johnston — Bug 772908 - Remove race condition adding touch listeners in the Awesomescreen. r=mbrubeck, a=akeybl
77e31940e4dc2a55ea133ae2b956e2bbd6098538Marco Bonardo Bug 774801 - Disable the Downloads Panel in Firefox 16. r+a=gavin
6addc3c4408ecdaca3e572dbcf3bd4d11f19daaeMargaret Leibovic — Bug 776547 - Add text selection support for web apps. r=wesj a=lsblakk
63e4dbbffa2c62542672da074a1b958d3e79c6e5Margaret Leibovic — Bug 776390 - Get selected text for context menu actions. r=mbrubeck a=lsblakk
33799e1ebccff27baec42f19a8e40c34ade6bfd4Margaret Leibovic — Bug 775759 - Native handles don't precisely line up horizontally with the ends of the selection. r=mbrubeck a=lsblakk
caeaf8a403556f21174a1deaff9cc12dd40a0a8aMargaret Leibovic — Bug 775969 - Native handles vanish when crossing. r=mbrubeck a=lsblakk
19f189f814a5aabe5622a95ee1f2e5dc8ec37344Margaret Leibovic — Bug 775723 - Native handles shrink when dragged to the right/bottom of the content area. r=mfinkle a=lsblakk
cb23493f8d3c8ee9bc9012e984b80a086182ff10Margaret Leibovic — Bug 774938 - Native text selection handles. r=mfinkle,kats a=lsblakk
5c9ca801c4c73ff17082a2098a93af958b6665b3Makoto Kato — Bug 771401 - Change PRTime in IDL to signed long long. r=bholley sr=bsmedberg a=akeybl
a87bbc6fb62031caaf90513cc6ad6980d658bd8cSriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 765156: Property Animator should have null check. [r=wesj] [a=akeybl]
ee12f6c16eab1299c789d13ccd2328afdc4a2032Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 776602: about:home logo should be behind thumbnails. [r=wesj] [a=akeybl]
d09b7a8dbf35454325a83180d1feddb92298eaa3Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 776309: Support for 7" tablet-ish + phone-ish interface. [r=mbrubeck] [a=akeybl]
6e3af4a361aceb52e3df5dada180a2a6bc03e1e2Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 776309: Make XLARGE to be only honeycomb+. [r=mbrubeck] [a=akeybl]
8a140e187c7ff9ac006fea33284ab299b4825e7cSriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 775717: about:home thumbnails should use android:listSelector. [r=mfinkle] [a=akeybl]
55de04170f3cb7d9a15d33cb1470768587e7f6d0Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 776067: Replace menu icons for GB phones. [r=mfinkle] [a=akeybl]
85f4d09c9df77edff546d74f75a8ab3ee495d504Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 775334: Make about:home clean. [r=mfinkle] [a=akeybl]
373c5c98cd010e63b8a70fc2fdcdd3e86588f07bSriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 775200: History tab is cut-off. [r=mfinkle] [a=akeybl]
90c5090a35234ee11754b7a0ee83d9f8055e9560Matt Brubeck — Bug 776253 - NullPointerException at AboutHomeContent.onInterceptTouchEvent [r=kats, a=lsblakk]
031afbc6129848fd3656624e742c2f0de68fb19bMatt Brubeck — Bug 766858 - When tab menu is open, intercept all touch events on about:home or web content [r=kats, a=lsblakk]
58b2e6a5eae8d31eb32926b0a37c603bcfffc907Andrew Hurle — Bug 774495 - Get rid of ac-emphasize-alt in awesomebar. r=Unfocused, a=gavin
078b300be5efeaacad29ea00ff13b89b9945b869Andrew Hurle — Bug 775010 - Preprocess autocomplete.css to fix some visual bugs on XP. r=MattN. a=akeybl
69c8c2360d626ee0aeea447075f52673a5475cfbAndrew McCreight — Bug 761831 - Be less ambitious in GetMemberInfo. r=bholley a=akeybl
2ae7d777b815465356f25c3e8caa8cb7b5bf331bEhsan Akhgari — Bug 771976 - Make sure that mozSpellChecker's refcount doesn't go down prematurely; r=roc a=akeybl
3253a84c85c8d6923c7f58fd6e372a2015a0503bDão Gottwald — Bug 767133 - Add slide-in animation for arrow panels. r=Enn,Mossop a=akeybl
e38f3d1640791c6fd792c1f16c09e67637066f06Brian Nicholson — Bug 775029 - Add "Saved passwords" privacy item. r=mfinkle a=akeybl
4c78d5d0a5b7564ba30b0158bdd5c2480b113bf9Brian Nicholson — Bug 775042 - Clear downloads when clearing history. r=mfinkle a=akeybl
285eb81b436793f7359cb2cfec6306070918bd3dBrian Nicholson — Bug 774072 - Close Favicons on background thread. r=mfinkle a=akeybl
985eaf394b5208d41244421f5f5d2d6ca5ec62e4Brian Nicholson — Bug 774648 - Enable positive button in MultiChoicePreference only if items are checked. r=mfinkle a=akeybl
be0f058891bc7d226394cb84e5847ea996a0d05bAryeh Gregor — Bug 775552 - Don't access siblings of nodes that might be deleted; r=ehsan a=akeybl
6dbbc79fa5fb60bf369e5cb30d6578be7969f008Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 774081: Replacing tab related resources for phones. [r=mfinkle] [a=lsblakk]
1580771f753bc693e6d0d7ba80fe8726fb09f3f1Gian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 769527 - Import extra Places bookmark attributes to LocalDB. r=rnewman, a=akeybl
cb9481958a96dbb3eda88014e8b76e6e803bd2beGeorg Fritzsche — Re-land only the single part of bug 686335 which prevents us from unloading a plugin in the middle of NPP_New, which was the cause of some new crashes. This was really only an issue when NPN_ReloadPlugins was called from within NPP_New, which is a new behavior of Flash 11.3. a=akeybl
5527cad8832793e015ac900580f0d58899009d2dGeorg Fritzsche — Bug 686335 - Backout revision 7c92091ea0b8 from Aurora. a=akeybl
c5081fdf23e0109defa5dc4d47324642c2c9488dAlex Crichton — Bug 774330: Don't unnecessarily prevent code from entering the JIT with SPS enabled. r=luke a=lsblakk
0565f384e382fb4d0822b57cee5dcf7824714f20Matt Brubeck — Bug 767809 - must be called on the UI thread [r=margaret a=akeybl]
4705cf0c501199d81c29bb7da6bb557573c10c5eMichal Novotny — Bug 769531 - Intermittent TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | test/build/xpcshell/tests/netwerk/test/unit/test_304_responses.js | undefined == 304, r=bsmith a=akeybl
75c9b7bc4eb3612a5e36f50287b0eeeec4ee9e87Mark Finkle — Bug 775100 - Remove 'xxx' logging in HistoryTab r=wesj a=akeybl
b7078bf947eaf6503a925cbec70e17207f3e6716Luke Wagner — Bug 773929 - Restore pre-bug 765956 behavior in CheckNewScriptProperties (r=bhackett,a=akeybl)
1387ad6209b18c86b4cff37f0cb172a07c3115e4Brian R. Bondy — Bug 770122 - Crash on websites withs ICO containing invalid GIFs. r=joe, a=akeybl.
a31767ccfc1b983223d8d87d01ba98c947a407fdMats Palmgren — Bug 773432 - Don't overlay an image if it's not in the primary selection. r=roc a=akeybl
ad98fe0fb57eb250ac332145a6fe61347441935cMihai Sucan — Bug 773466 - Console will stop displaying output; r=rcampbell a=akeybl
1424be157414a9b245a606c1ea8f08ac1909f787Matt Brubeck — Bug 771989 - Don't hide the soft keyboard if another view is active [r=cpeterson, a=lsblakk]
85275cda0f1951d4d15a2a614b316881b4b3edc3Peter Van der Beken — Fix for bug 762280 (Use nsContentUtils::PreserveWrapper for preserving expandos). r=bz, a=lsblakk.
6ac391deb63144aad89e8594c5033543ec0b8e00Matt Brubeck — Bug 774789 - Add quotes around MOZ_APP_DISPLAYNAME to fix build errors on beta [r=ted, a=lsblakk]
0add44c303d2fa07b33eb3e1f1d2d5b9a883dfa1Marco Castelluccio — Bug 774134 - Support S3 texture compression with Mesa drivers. r=bjacob, a=akeybl
8386a8f7289aee769e72571b8eea1b3cafc6dae5Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 707037 - Revert the update check frequency increase (bug 707020); a=lsblakk
f4e75e148951baea666287edadcd06afbf2e246fLukas Blakk — Merging in l10n changes NO BUG CLOSED TREE
bda7af4e9a1ab4de4a9548cc80688a926de717dcLukas Blakk — Merging in branding changes NO BUG CLOSED TREE
30c596722c5bed3ab56364e240e5f822e879fbf1Lukas Blakk — Merging in version bump NO BUG CLOSED TREE
6fdf9985acfe6f939da584b2559464ab22264fe7Gavin Sharp — Bug 773845: lazy-load some social modules to see what effect that has on maxheap/allocs tests FIREFOX_AURORA_16_BASE
934ef44ce5af34ceef2674b51df86d17a6c4c9faShane Caraveo — Bug 771826: implement Social toolbar button UI, including notification icons, notification panel, and "profile" panel. Styling only for Windows/Mac for the moment, r=gavin
075af07e9952cff2c1f6adae85a2ed8b688a7164Shane Caraveo — Bug 774178: make some changes to provider profile/notification handling to support "logout", r=gavin
1453708a86817dbbf972fa8dffa28b95e473a0c3Joel Maher — Bug 774283 - upload a new to capture the latest jstests changes. r=armenzg
00405b1daf05947cc5bcd78854ce7a5594fe83c3Ed Morley — Merge last PGO-green changeset of mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central
54c48ea625e6ebe4f31a7ee5cb8407a2136be249Mark Hammond — Merge backout of 777fbc99f40b and 27e4b9cbed74 due to leak bustage
b879021904462103771a512fe74204774d5e34b1Mark Hammond — Backout 777fbc99f40b and 27e4b9cbed74 due to leak bustage
2220334ff2d0102ab8df6a73b11dd51ca055ea20Brian Nicholson — Bug 774156 - Fix NPE in Tabs when "Don't keep activities" is enabled. r=mfinkle
777fbc99f40b42de16f7577c56503b23f0121fd6Mark Hammond — Bug 773160: expose a reduced 'navigator' object to social frameworker workers. r=gavin
27e4b9cbed7438d797e85864ffe2c26fb9f50ec0Mark Hammond — Bug 773164: remove social frameworker load listener. r=gavin
66a9604f532679a43c53dbe3444a6ffa3629fb2dMounir Lamouri — Bug 769586 - Make PopupWindowManager using principal to test permissions instead of URI. r=sicking
e72e124b791aabcf9944ed1a8a5f72c08fa504dcMounir Lamouri — Bug 769597 - IndexedDB should use nsIPermissionManager with principals. r=sicking
2cdd7ca5a5883d23c1227b6cea7fef7dc3f5c783Jonathan Watt — Bug 774095 - Make sure that we call nsSVGEffects::UpdateEffects() on frames that are added after the first reflow. r=dholbert.
b2a1fa5d8c3683f76b07bc1461143e205af731a6Jonathan Watt — Bug 774087 - Mark SVG filter primitive frame classes as NS_STATE_SVG_NONDISPLAY_CHILD. r=dholbert.
5f0d8860ca63d5bdac4636d663b9eeb586935d07Jonathan Watt — Bug 773837 part 2 - Fix bug in reftests/svg/filters/feDistantLight-filterRes-01-ref.svg. r=me.
38812f58ea22baac2edb13406744d6315c036280Ed Morley — Merge fx-team and mozilla-central
21d5e58533e06ce120e35acf6a1457750def9e9dVictor Porof — Bug 767384 - The script from the dropdown is kept when loading a page with no scripts after loading one with scripts and opening the Debugger; r=past
f63242dea1f95c8e1307fdb0d0eb51b938805defVictor Porof — Bug 723071 - Add a pane to display the list of breakpoints across all scripts in the debuggee; f=msucan,past r=past
6a0dfbde408949420de42caaa5e97f92efdde035Victor Porof — Bug 767401 - Clearing the searched token in the scripts filter should also clear the 'find next' history; r=past
492fb99ae0d8e22017d696dce87120f9351faf23Victor Porof — Bug 767377 - The filtering textbox expands when entering a string; r=past
842865c36ff15dcd1c392047ee35c9b9fafa3d63Victor Porof — Bug 768677 - Remote debugger asks for host:port, displays http://host:port/ as default value; r=past
206b75c9d58eaa317c0a916c755fa0c9763dda08Victor Porof — Bug 767389 - about:home and about:newtab are intermittently shown in the Debugger dropdown; r=past
e7e48bd97c697a070708edcee375e53be3f9ad97Joe Walker — Bug 774057 - Hiding of jsb breaks unit tests; r=msucan
bbaf6eac575e0a10e6d84afdb1b68c36070a3161Joe Walker — Bug 774027 - Add hidden:true to selected GCLI commands; r=jwalker
6e2e2f904237e6d9d794f4b8304207f674363382Michael Ratcliffe — Bug 769560 - GCLI should include jsbeautifier in the set of tools it provides to Firefox; r=jwalker
aaaa345f52bd1cba7af7474fc3d6703c40c4a74cMichael Ratcliffe — Bug 733783 - GCLI needs commands to support breakpoint stepping; r=past
bab9a9889ba48ca2f94b27c9c2514f25a26873e7Paul Rouget — Bug 761169 - [responsive mode] The resizers are not easy to discover. r=msucan
e7d2e3c6d861db8fdca472f03b34f898b3bdbb58Joe Walker — Bug 770145 - GCLI needs a command to log function calls; r=past
815ef28d1dff2d0c4cc828f19c0902b921db7b8dJoe Walker — Bug 773225 - GCLI selected element should be clearer in menus; r=harth
c3495652ac47ba6e261eb494aba94804b7c7c77eJoe Walker — Bug 773254 - GCLI should match options case-insensitively; r=harth
f001313bbbf3e5dfeef790fb5000edfd03f2868cJoe Walker — Bug 773345 - GCLI 'cookie list' command should have space at end of 'cookie set ' shortcuts; r=harth
acfe6c13a72c6b307a597745a760a32aa26e908eJoe Walker — Bug 773174 - GCLI help output should be sorted; r=harth
c9371c78dfb58559fd27f11d1d656dda0e392130Panos Astithas — Bug 751949 - Reloading a page when the debuggee is paused results in: ASSERTION: Mismatched calls to ResumeTimeouts; r=rcampbell
15727d21b0d9276464c4236d2e78b51d5d6878b3Panos Astithas — Bug 771452 - resume button need two clicks to go on after a breakpoint when the script is inside the .html file; r=rcampbell
4cffe2b37d0c95dde87ec2a96f5bf8d34eb3a670Dan Walkowski — Bug 772600. Create WebappOSUtils to host platform-specific webapps code and implement native app launch. r=felipe
827cfcf5a41b01b25693d29e546d14a51556d4b0Felipe Gomes — Bug 769095. Enforce maximum icon size for nsIAlertsService's notification. r=dao
eda29d325cea712c6475c90e32c13c598955affeDan Walkowski — Bug 755934. Display notification for successful app installation. r=felipe
c2760174d69844689f2ed95b83bff634c34ce0c2Eitan Isaacson — Bug 773952 - Fix crasher in MenuPanel.dispatchPopulateAccessibilityEvent. r=mfinkle
993d0060a5a58d08be496a8886f8148a0d99c82bBill McCloskey — Bug 774104 - Add a read barrier when rooting JS objects (r=mccr8)
cbabd0ce3603e7e125ed15515899f5bdc4e2c8d9Bill McCloskey — Bug 758034 - Make CC_FORCED GCs less common (r=smaug)
2a2f3c7196fbeb271ba6e0a2a4c30c5baa9ceae8Bill McCloskey — Bug 774104 - Purge allocating arenas when incremental GC starts (r=mccr8)
8c929d90f92563d2b507102ba8e6fa7670a64f21Bill McCloskey — Bug 774104 - Avoid leaks during JS_TransplantObject (r=mccr8)
1db0c93261d55057617e10844af84b14598cd3b9Bill McCloskey — Bug 758034 - Don't reset GCs for CC_FORCED (r=smaug)
173b3e481297c966fc01c906b2bbfe53bbbf6433Terrence Cole — Bug 773734 - Split off GC event observer notification from console logging; r=billm
8c74c9a515c75ae1eb5045e8d63f22231381ad82Daniel Holbert — (no bug) Fix typo in parameter name, in documentation for nsIFrame::InsertFrames and nsIFrame::AppendFrames. Comment-only, DONTBUILD
02c4bf15eb5987d779858fb6ef6b021e765fb530Oleg Romashin — Bug 728524 - Invalid OP fix. r=jgilbert
6fed555b91c3f62d1b819601b2010a60d2b1e27fOleg Romashin — Bug 728524 - Render to shared EGLImage/Texture implementation. r=bgirard,vlad,jgilbert
4f6f1a2aa64ed36bb2812ee085373e2e37774d26Oleg Romashin — Bug 728524 - Public shared texture API + Canvas impl. r=bgirard,vlad,jgilbert
5a89db18c245d26a87bf34ab4ac1813d0981219cOleg Romashin — Bug 728524 - Minor rework for TexImage filter setup. r=bgirard
f06d25578bdc8b09753adaaca796996c4b791d19Rafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 774015 - Fix -Wdelete-non-virtual-dtor warning. r=justin.lebar
1fd41677351a97b880262a3c1c51394e239d955dDão Gottwald — Bug 767896 - disable browser_pageInfo.js
f95134013a7757a8f9c33a28ab7e6ff362125f51Rafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 774030 - Remove extra ;. r=jwatt.
d3fdb4cbaf6aabdc4e851662c0fc2253fc7cf73aRafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 774024 - Remove extra ;. r=smaug.
6f8420498231a3a9f68823fe0fc57bc5d117ca48Rafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 774023 - Remove extra ;. r=smaug.
d726bd119389deb1584eb6e6f5abbfcde1ddfda8Rafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 774029 - Remove extra ;. r=jonas.
f4ce0394ab109f9e0dd950e8d941ae47552b3139Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
1fdfd85870b9ccef03bca922c9a2ba63feed42ecJared Wein — Bug 765411 - about:home loading performance optimizations. r=dao
670ad979c4945da2fff70d4312673d7ad0092ae1Ed Morley — Backout 6ceeca8b4b73 (bug 772332), ce5629b973e4, 1dcff1db63b4, 108d06ef7755 & 7bf6519b3f43 (bug 768756) for bustage
7f90b559d0acf105f396ab48db10b0d84197e31cVivien Nicolas — Bug 774000 - Volume is always set to 0 on the device. r=cjones
6ceeca8b4b73beb91dfd868adb98a34ca6ef414cAryeh Gregor — Bug 772332 part 1 - Don't access siblings of nodes that might be deleted; r=ehsan
ce5629b973e4e2f3b074fc98094481c7349c8ad4Aryeh Gregor — Bug 768756 part 4 - Clean up nsHTMLCSSUtils::GetCSSInlinePropertyBase; r=ehsan
1dcff1db63b4025ef31bd3a329603300fe2af08cAryeh Gregor — Bug 768756 part 3 - Get rid of nsHTMLCSSUtils::GetDefaultViewCSS; r=ehsan
108d06ef77551e44e36a90eac29aed1231660e01Aryeh Gregor — Bug 768756 part 2 - Make nsComputedDOMStyle Init infallible and merge into constructor; r=bz
7bf6519b3f43859f9fa4b6313f4fc5ad3a744875Aryeh Gregor — Bug 768756 part 1 - Use enum in nsHTMLCSSUtils for computed/specified style; r=ehsan
23225d8cc5294266bf772c78075d048fdaee2c75Bonnie Surender — Fix for bug 771967. OS idle api active to briefly idle to active notification fix. r=jst
4c42f5fdc7693899931e24be0f8f93b5af43a080Bonnie Surender — Fix for bug 769722 and bug 769723. Remove unnecessary kungFuDeathGrips and extra parentheses in the Idle API code. r=jst
d4eff6c7ddc829c77fe2c79a507cbb76a0188214Rafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 774037 - Fix -Wdelete-non-virtual-dtor warning. r=dolske.
4d18d941e2a78fd58e23b96d345cab05eabf8342Rafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 774040 - remove unused field. r=roc.
36990f97c3e88955a5c86ffdae09f7e81bedb40bRafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 774039 - remove unused field. r=roc.
28db23e37bfa7adc6779c01403cf5e6e8f4c89e8Rafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 774038 - remove unused field. r=roc.
b93c218a7ef3896ca00f1f1c7c9a911bf92250f9Rafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 774031 - Remove extra ;. r=roc.
d88ddc58dea4f083f7307272bf3e186874e84d97Rafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 774022 - Remove extra ;. r=dbaron.
5605a99b0a7e2ab7950524e564326146e402637aRafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 774025 - Remove extra ;. r=roc.
ad502e5670e575514be146bdd954752eeb3d3a13Rafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 774028 - Fix variable declaration. r=dholbert.
c29fecf6595fad059ea048ccfa047b478e8f56e2Rafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 774021 - Remove extra ;. r=n.nethercote
7712c66a20fc5a257827925583542d744771168eRafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 774018 - Remove extra ;. r=khuey.
96518776bca21ef9c516d2aa6bc207a482ffce75Chris Jones — Bug 774026: Enable async video for b2g. r=gal
f00bc02921e3ad41f7f6b5396cd02365bf8c7cbbNicolas Silva — Bug 598868: Add support for pushing video frames directly to the compositor thread, bypassing the content thread. r=cjones
578ab55e644b9c6c618e0be894ad3d3beb5270d4Brian R. Bondy — Bug 772711 - Invoking default application does not work if default application is a metro app. r=jimm
ed137f37a3c26909bb2a6c5ae1cf2dcc898088c6Shane Caraveo — Bug 773530: make additions to the social WorkerAPI module to support the toolbar UI, r=gavin
5ff43f5c593e7b234a322148aedf5ef4362fa9f1Olli Pettay — Bug 773755 - don't force a cycle collection with 0 suspected objects, r=mccr8
57abb5f70e019cbd6d5261386ca35371b7849d47Aryeh Gregor — Bug 773262 - Re-add SetMaxTransactionCount call incorrectly removed by bug 765595 part 2; r=ehsan
648510be4091b9e31bcb95982b5fb2667517e98fRyan VanderMeulen — Merge the last PGO-green inbound changeset to m-c.
5b5f4f615e007d9b512d235c086eabd426510743Marco Castelluccio — Bug 770772 - Implement WebappRT test framework on Linux. r=adw
70a4f4292ef4f7253b2fda776832aa87dc77f087Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
4a87bb77ff983c57a9d04eeb230772c2147a33ccVivien Nicolas — Bug 773534 - Show briefly the typed character for <input type=password>. r=mwu
4826b702f9125228417c985a03d678827a179532Margaret Leibovic — Bug 773864 - Use nsIDOMWindowUtils to get scroll without reflow, and cache it. r=mfinkle
ebef82dedb13d5e8a4656dc8fbb5f011610fa2c0Margaret Leibovic — Bug 773819 - Avoid calls to getBoundingClientRect in text selection code. r=mfinkle
5c293947bf9ce76b1acbce96627f49f6d771a5b4Margaret Leibovic — Bug 773813 - Avoid using ElementTouchHelper methods in text selection code. r=mfinkle
d3f19e4f90e77456d688778b3a1109a4bca60ce9Chris Jones — Bug 745148, part 2: GeckoChildProcessHost can't drop messages on the floor. Queue them and hand them off to the *Channel. r=bent
453481dbb8282834f25d062cb588d2262ac9e900Chris Jones — Bug 745148, part 1: Allow sending messages on an Opening channel, since they'll be queued if we're really actually still awaiting connect. r=bent
d84d1d76048336c1faee57c1aecdf412f2b37ed6Chris Jones — Bug 745148, part 0: Log the PID with MOZ_IPC_MESSAGE_LOG logging. r=bent
a138ec3bdb65d38c7b8edcd201fa1ab63cd817ceMatthew Noorenberghe — Bug 639362 - Display text/cache-manifest data as text. r=bz
7551b8fb7564b7e4659cc82ea6e1d83d09ee0f47Matthew Noorenberghe — Bug 770063 - Disable a portion of test_sandbox.xul on OS X 10.5 due to intermittent failure. r=dolske
141fd2c4581bc3e6a2d502784230d37b0e4d87aeAndrew Hurle — Bug 587909 - Improve the visual style of location bar results. r=Unfocused ui-r=shorlander
2b1f3007410005999822584f81da8762ee3ac6c0KO Myung-Hun — Bug 768742 Fix a buggy process of compositionupdate event. NPOTDB DONTBUILD OS/2 Only. r=masayuki
d229299ec2bee2f863fbe9bedf3c1d67c91a2d94Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge the last PGO-green inbound changeset to m-c.
d97fd94a634862cfb0d3545d1118c078efdf7571Josh Matthews — Bug 767775 - Viciously and loudly kill any process sending messages that race with RPC __delete__ messages. Test by bsmedberg. r=cjones
5e6d4028b17602db1688efdb7b7e42e25b3b832fRyan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
90ef3533fa48674fb8a1a2055482c25c13dec38dMargaret Leibovic — Bug 773730 - Minimize the number of calls we make for text selection handles. r=mfinkle
22611700863cbcb7e36d89f7e81770a831f6c802Margaret Leibovic — Bug 773718 - Don't cache range.getBoundingClientRect(). r=mbrubeck
d00ae2e9b92ab669d3ae6c6b2be5af5affe5c1c9Brian R. Bondy — Bug 770899 - Prefetch clearing should be repurposed to delete 0 sized read only .pf files only. r=taras
6166a8e28786393454378a671f4b4154678f0527Ben Turner — Bug 772700 - 'IndexedDB - OOP from a JS component or JSM doesn't work'. Disable xpcshell tests entirely until I can figure out how to enable them selectively.
580030d776a2ed9ce9c433564a65b427ace50862Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
247fb4c3ad5fda3569122ce341fb8a20ffa1740aBoris Zbarsky — Bug 558516. Make getAttribute faster in the cases when we have no prefix and are in the right case. r=smaug
06ba7dd9f841264ef6506a173107e1ab8df76e1fBen Turner — Bug 772700 - 'IndexedDB - OOP from a JS component or JSM doesn't work'. r=khuey+mrbkap.
8e2f9cc15bd32659d9564c66a3ab49fa691d2d4dGregory Szorc — Merge services-central into mozilla-central
d9d878d5b8a7e8c8bd569971e33844e998d8fb09Gregory Szorc — Backout 66a9982a4bc9 (bug 760902) for frequent orange
66a9982a4bc9ca3284a1bc0cf139a0eee386bac6Anant Narayanan — Bug 760902: Add test for AITC manager GET timer; r=gps
1808d668c711d6b2fa7b4fe5ece0646e930478a3Anant Narayanan — Bug 761045: Upload locally installed apps on first run; r=gps
1498357e31445a39a8191dea0224c126c5ef7cc9Nick Desaulniers — Bug 760910: Handle 401 responses correctly in AITC; r=gps
85bc47c2d64689836e4b516f79023db8274175f3Gregory Szorc — Merge mozilla-central into services-central
f7acb805fe4fcd4d74bd27a15e7c47a0b7b11088Anant Narayanan — Bug 772191 - Change default stream encoding of RESTRequest to utf-8; r=philikon
992e01fbc1b8d60d9c23c90e34f8b31afc7f7e14Gregory Szorc — Bug 760895 - Rewrite reconciling algorithm for AITC; r=mconnor
bf3e2d5c426ea15b4efbfc186be85e1a204ef021Nick Desaulniers — Bug 760909: Implement client driven backoff for AITC; r=gps
c2d5b44491943e59b7403cb16b6bb5bcffc7ef1eAnant Narayanan — Bug 773717: now redirects to; r=gps
3eddb4087f85950c969eb9b567bc0f8777333f01Nick Desaulniers — Bug 760909 - Add onRequest and mock response handling to AITC server; r=gps
a2fe3cbf454a32033fbe41c40c80dd95dbe3d384Harald Kirschner — Bug 750948 - Implement unit tests for AitC client against mock server; r=gps
f20846d5c1f1269635b6c841d3ee8ee879097c4bBenjamin Peterson — Bug 722956: clear async io timer, so it doesn't run after shutdown has started. r=philkon
4c552a902d9cf7e1882dda536fe31d4726189fb7Gregory Szorc — Merge mozilla-central into services-central
fd32b032a1296d943cd1193917f4208c1a0cf252Richard Newman — Merge m-c to s-c.
f010345cf137f3b9b8188e976e9824edcc2513e5Gregory Szorc — Bug 772569 - Remove do_load_httpd_js from services test code; r=rnewman
5124e5684be353762035b3fa0c214fdfd9ecadb5Gregory Szorc — Merge mozilla-central into services-central
f6a5b82eb76bd7c0d4f01cf3bf87cd4f533c2134Gregory Szorc — Bug 769816 - Send newline-delimited requests instead of JSON; r=rnewman
4a46b155c36578fe32acc07e0f7eb2c5617e9f43Gregory Szorc — Bug 771968 - Call onLoginFinish properly; r=rnewman
9046ecf4db8fafb4ce1c2a28aaefff597f018b8bRyan VanderMeulen — Merge the last PGO-green inbound changeset to m-c.
2ff61044edbd8c8418cbb00dd12e15788fb3e544Honza Bambas — Bug 765203 - Support mode 'unknown' when parsing cache manifest, r=jduell
6bfce37d7fa494b499b96dfea3ba0a6dce8a58ddMs2ger — Merge backout.
20a09c21d3d5bd1359a520adb3103ba32e002c54Ms2ger — Backout 977ee9208065, a405768bd32a, 69a1fb2ddca3, 58d5f1d1443e for Moth orange.
1f9add03a089747d629ff4ce4b31f1a25ce45490Ms2ger — Backout changeset 592bfc94e628 for X orange.
58d5f1d1443e9ec3f787d6327cc1d6184e833d07Dan Walkowski — Bug 772600. Create WebappOSUtils to host platform-specific webapps code and implement native app launch. r=felipe
69a1fb2ddca3e05e327a82c9890bca30a13dc3c7Felipe Gomes — Bug 771294. Use window id for webapp installation. r=gavin
a405768bd32a8fece62380159003b8923f132f84Dan Walkowski — Bug 755934. Display notification for successful app installation. r=felipe
977ee9208065e945aeb2ad85bfeb2eeeed05b515Felipe Gomes — Bug 769095. Enforce maximum icon size for nsIAlertsService's notification. r=dao
a7f80f6408eda9a2cf2243bc5da427d95260bc8eChris Lord — Bug 772079 - Fix ThebesLayerInvalidRegion being destroyed too soon. r=roc
9f3534c54fa38db04f783b218c8f9d310a779900Jeff Walden — Fix another obvious typo to make MutableHandle<Value> a friend of ValueOperations<MutableHandle<Value>> and MutableValueOperations<MutableHandle<Value>>. Followup to bug 773049, r=sparky
8349edd9f8a1658ce5aed5b77a541c2ed5fc1f0dDoug Turner — Bug 761930 - Multi-process support for Device Storage. r=sicking
ebaadef4058056f94dc40ae79c7769d27a371858Doug Turner — Bug 773713 - Stop using profile directory for Device Storage testings. r=jmaher
75f82fd7b2b0b582d39bb7759690e110194056b5Doug Turner — Bug 768654 - Device Storage - Add test that verifies the content written. r=bent
024c3fafd53152a4aa27e63cd57ff1ebc5540c96Rafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 772853 - upgrade clang to r160176. r=rail.
bc145c1e0647db339c9511aa893fc304fcd1f64dRafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 772853 - upgrade clang to r160176. r=rail.
ad04b9931208493ce06f081513db78d0d336a983Gene Lian — Bug 773596 - Alarm API (make up missing sendAsyncMessage() for some early-return if-blocks). r=vivien
7db81ae082e7f0d7bd2cdec9465fe492814a97ebRyan VanderMeulen — Backout b3f14a850269, f9d877d78294, and c7335ca109a4 due to build bustage.
53fcd978832ee2fe3601469dae458ac7f607cfc4Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
c7335ca109a4d3787046a3598194b5cd73cfdfffDoug Turner — Bug 761930 - Multi-process support for Device Storage. r=sicking
f9d877d78294a2825c04248ce698628c4078d4ceDoug Turner — Bug 773713 - Stop using profile directory for Device Storage testings. r=jmaher
b3f14a850269e3d99505b4a39c47e77f78932a02Doug Turner — Bug 768654 - Device Storage - Add test that verifies the content written. r=bent
592bfc94e62829fc239c17aa19f19f10e088aaceBen Turner — Bug 772700 - 'IndexedDB - OOP from a JS component or JSM doesn't work'. r=khuey+mrbkap.
f9723f26c8a930786b0d202936316b9e1961315bBrendan Dahl — Bug 773422 - Update pdf.js to version 0.3.452. r=Mossop
e48be93aa253f3331dfcd92bd91aa7f0a16b0bb4Raymond Lee — Bug 710543 - Bring back 'change.password.pwSameAsRecoveryKey' string. r=gps
558eedbae9454072fa015697d28861ebcea2b6deNicolas Silva — Bug 763234 - Use only one compositor thread with OMTC. r=cjones
e1ce1af6c0ee93f10f711ccbd2f88d0674e99357Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
73e6fad019851607d558417556908ed9b599a105David Zbarsky — Bug 773128 - Fix some build warnings r=bent
1e6065596acefecc8d65f06062a61281aec72367L. David Baron — Require animation-duration and transtion-duration to be nonnegative at parse time. (Bug 773102, patch 3) r=bzbarsky
6f2ab38fd9922b0fef18619c7f328169fe546823L. David Baron — Add VARIANT_NONNEGATIVE_DIMENSION. (Bug 773102, patch 2) r=bzbarsky
9d29e87c3b6484d5bc309a0c6638f3fa8a6d7921L. David Baron — Rename VARIANT_POSITIVE_LENGTH to VARIANT_POSITIVE_DIMENSION since it also applies to times and frequencies. (Bug 773102, patch 1) r=bzbarsky
d4e43a290fa76140a8b9089af376fd1e5f689a38L. David Baron — Back out changeset d49beb57db23 (bug 558516) for causing all Mac builds to crash in nsXULElement::GetAttrValue and for causing a single mochitest-1 failure.
31342850f91f2a0622b6402004ecd4191787c698Ehsan Akhgari — Merge backout
16b2a1339ec0979fbe1eb9641ee1fbf12c28889dEhsan Akhgari — Backout changeset 4e1480ab5116, changeset 576f7d52de4b, and changeset 2a030d4733a0 (bug 773102) because of test failure
2bc62d5247fe16ca3ab43bb895de24da11d70224Boris Zbarsky — Bug 771594. Allow preference control over what CSS properties we parse. r=dbaron,dholbert
ddfa6d5ad10a91444bf67904c0463994c8a34f7fBoris Zbarsky — Bug 757164. Move infallibility annotations into webidl. r=peterv
d49beb57db23b539ad5f36e1d45df926eeae0e78Boris Zbarsky — Bug 558516. Make getAttribute faster in the cases when we have no prefix and are in the right case. r=smaug
016584d9d91becade449073854f19a997e6cf75fBoris Zbarsky — Bug 771429. Instead of using bound functions for the functions we get off the sandbox proto, use a function proxy. That allows property gets on the functions to get through. r=bholley
31580baf1dd6068891a02feeffc2d7f3fcfff328Wes Johnston — Bug 766098 - Show a better name for webapps in recent apps list. r=mfinkle
7dddcb67fbac319b97f38aee3d6f9edcb36b9558Wes Johnston — Bug 769840 - Increase number of installable apps. r=mfinkle
b489e06d3874b3a5c65d80834ce29022a5caf190Jonathan Watt — Bug 769970 - Get SVG patterns working under HTML elements with CSS transforms applied. r=roc.
7f9c4c7ccabf9dd4d179f609a2aaeeacac8f8740Jonathan Watt — Bug 773837 - Fix bug in reftests/svg/filters/feDistantLight-filterRes-01.svg. r=me.
8590078b5508a69caff1cf76dbc664f359a19e7bSean Stangl — Bug 285615 - Define and implement JS_ClearDateCaches() API. r=waldo
b5cec4b5e57389c3ae24766b8cb597639b0347f1David Zbarsky — Bug 773827 - (CSP) use of undefined nsresult r=bz
d573e0604c2661bbf093a83327ec9b53679029c5Marco Castelluccio — bug 770771 - Implement WebappRT test framework on Windows; r=adw
bc419f436c8a27a7a6dc5c282b6e4eafa91c2e46Dave Townsend — Bug 708984: Land the Add-on SDK promises API. r=dtownsend, r=Yoric
2a030d4733a0d54248f43680c08be816dbb5f4e9L. David Baron — Require animation-duration and transtion-duration to be nonnegative at parse time. (Bug 773102, patch 3) r=bzbarsky
576f7d52de4bfc30ca173d867a2ff1af11e9cb3cL. David Baron — Add VARIANT_NONNEGATIVE_DIMENSION. (Bug 773102, patch 2) r=bzbarsky
4e1480ab5116bec2d1fe74b9907cb2f0b3b046b1L. David Baron — Rename VARIANT_POSITIVE_LENGTH to VARIANT_POSITIVE_DIMENSION since it also applies to times and frequencies. (Bug 773102, patch 1) r=bzbarsky
8e83e0f0e4e415cd57add9605b9e8b2c8da1a122L. David Baron — Add support for unprefixed calc(), and prefer serializing to unprefixed form. (Bug 771678) r=bzbarsky
011147826130675190cb2d7a2de5c3270e29eb6aDão Gottwald — merge backout
868caa9a50c0af1b5bd8683831f97b45f413c764Dão Gottwald — Backed out changeset 7a8975c9206b
a8db81b342fdb2c301be3f032ac351049128e0deOlli Pettay — Bug 773803 - Remove nsIScriptObjectOwner, r=bz
6f14db95942b0749b4d9ecd0e78626461afbd16cffxbld — Automated blocklist update from host bld-centos5-32-vmw-004
bd0392b4564e2aa908fa2fc4340c770c1fbe7e2fMike Hommey — Bug 772886 - Avoid failure to mmap some library segments on some armv6 devices. r=nfroyd
0602e44ac2480c9699ae9a147f444a4ab39976cfRyan VanderMeulen — Backout 3923d008386d (bug 753158) due to various regressions.
2a1283c673d5884b1a43d68e3ff42ff2e12b3bf7Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge the last PGO-green inbound changeset to m-c.
61cee6de036044276a8d4faf72f9099605374bffBrian Nicholson — Bug 773250 - Change UA for all resources, not just main document
5873a8ea12a6c7046db05de50081b6a62802b89cGregor Wagner — Bug 768445 - Add GC and CC log to logcat. r=cjones
f3215d2dc286fade00cdcafdc769fee479d04e1aKartikaya Gupta — Back out 083d36bafbc8 (bug 763166) on suspicion of android talos redness. r=me
9ddc7f3d82716b0778a0e228081a407e77060afaJustin Lebar — Bug 762802 - Each <iframe mozapp> should get its own process. Part 2: Content/DOM changes. r=mounir
d3212385b1aff58fe9b23793d93316f92bef640fJustin Lebar — Bug 762802 - Each <iframe mozapp> should get its own process. Part 1: IPC changes. r=cjones
641670655f92f1fe932074820fc8bd46036386baKartikaya Gupta — Bug 773772 - Scale subdocument scrolling by the zoom factor. r=Cwiiis
be16c1ae013328c4a33dfc99824a3c76b983fb7fNick Alexander — Bug 773562 - android.content.ActivityNotFoundException opening Sync settings on Motorola devices. r=rnewman
9368a54926a5c6f6a80d534890ae340cffcd484cMatt Brubeck — Bug 773089 - Use the tablet layout only on xlarge screens [r=mfinkle]
aec3f38712a316d13e299b8562c6729f4acb23e1Hubert Figuière — Bug 768997 - nsAccUtils::IsTextInterfaceSupportCorrect() is no longer called in DEBUG on Mac. r=davidb
d6531ef05a6ff1db9003813b8d0946b74da1a1e4Brian Hackett — Fix rooting hazard in eval cache, no bug. r=billm
cfa35c4507fdec52a8a49e76edd7502c0e221164Ehsan Akhgari — Backout changeset e62e0d2137b6 (bug 773500) because of mochitest-4 bustage
7c1e2b2a718357bf9d045aa59ede37dd97251cb5Brian Nicholson — Bug 773556 - Check URI scheme for readability. r=mfinkle
36188df867f3c39949cdeb21d926d0ec03bc643fBrian Nicholson — Bug 773556 - Fix reader mode typos. r=mfinkle
eab366e56bf1b7579479b0df902bd7e8d78de04eBrian Nicholson — Bug 773552 - Encode URLs sent as queries to about:reader. r=mfinkle
5c7fd2550d3c9e930c4e7b487987dfcd542ae5e7Henri Sivonen — Bug 765381 - Make the destructors on nsHtml5ElementName and nsHtml5AttributeName virtual to avoid warnings in clang. r=ehsan
06756c4481d5dda73afdb1634bdde1b3ae681ac5Marco Castelluccio — Bug 768768 - Launch app from shell, close, then launch it from terminal results in no icon showing up in task bar in ubuntu; r=karlt
c0f0844797ba034d472f37a8b73afd3a6d7c5a46Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 773268 - Rename variables in to have the m prefix. r=bnicholson
5d204299aa38f81158e5520e62b8272725c93fd0David Zbarsky — Bug 772758 - Clean up some build warnings in html5 parser r=hsivonen
0cffa86b365492115fcc40a224392966ad223335Chris Peterson — Bug 733147 - Use non-fullscreen VKB for AwesomeScreen landscape mode. r=kats
e62e0d2137b60551c5ed9b7fc0842eee45026fddDavid Zbarsky — [Bug 773500] nsStyleAnimation checks for common units of nsCSSValuePair/Triplet are screwy r=dbaron
030cc6de72588061f276eee921bc499cbc7b1ad4Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 773393 - Make the ActivityHandlerHelper a static member of GeckoAppShell. r=mfinkle
e9ba73beb18c0ee991c8bd53cf3e93801907f5b1Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 773393 - Evacuate more code from GeckoApp into a new ActivityHandlerHelper class. r=mfinkle
f50d3885980b11d5fd1fdd45b1617f9a6a4ecbe2Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 773393 - Evacuate the activity result handler classes from r=mfinkle
567d5343e36328449b3c0dcb9182bd19480719d1Gavin Sharp — Bug 773529: add addProvider/removeProvider methods to ease testing, r=adw
0e5b85c4fdde335c73928ac2b4f6d54906adb72bJared Wein — Bug 765874 - Implement recommend/share button, r=gavin
30a4cd976842d78fffe99d201fd701fe516a3887Brian Hackett — Add more rooting for --enable-rootanalysis tbpl builds, bug 772303. r=terrence
17a9890a351a35909015d71d2e308702a6a4fc76Jim Mathies — Bug 773624 - Catch invalid vccorlib GetProcAddress calls when running on the desktop. r=ehsan
7601c7ace55288176dbc80a71bfea454327a0ed0Mark Finkle — Bug 765930 - Reader Mode: Optimize readability check (fix pageactions in browser toolbar) r=sriram
d0bd171a6f4e3e2988fd399b0ee52c6728fa45e5Mark Finkle — Bug 765930 - Reader Mode: Optimize readability check (do reader check in pageshow event) r=bnicholson
f1c05fde89c7ef658b27651da9c065437f066167Mark Finkle — Bug 765930 - Reader Mode: Optimize readability check (do less DOM manipulation when checking) r=bnicholson
4e24278d2273dac7a5f8a681e078e207d09da12aAryeh Gregor — Bug 772807 - Clean up editor/ includes with include-what-you-use; r=ehsan
3afe01d22000559dc82b7b000bd78c3ec5947f6bJonathan Watt — Bug 773197 - Add some tests for SVG clipPath on HTML elements under CSS transforms. r=me.
a5adf7a7f841c9ff67396a2fd27c7e2bd7310b98Jonathan Watt — Bug 773196 - Remove -moz prefix from CSS transform properties in SVG reftests. r=me.
93f24c8511e7e58bf63ad5616becfd899d20f962Bobby Holley — Bug 771074 - Introduce pointer wrapping mechanism for hold references to pointers off-main-thread. r=bsmedberg
05a436f462e718f391e62b0f015efcb77ca0f39fJim Mathies — Bug 769623 - when binscope fails, dump the failure report to logs. r=khuey
2a31f6253167ce50001530b0241c87bdfcf8223cJim Mathies — Bug 769623 - remove win line endings from r=khuey
7a5b34645a73fc70b0f5feea88cb67320766bfb9Ed Morley — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound
e7033562615233d5466b88aad91cdec11873b017Dão Gottwald — Bug 773360 - Remove workarounds for bug 768400. r=enn
88dd29d90c52fa37354bbe30bff57b49986c74c5Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 769269 - Add code to handle restarting GeckoApp. r=mfinkle
1dd671e62713e98043e87a4686759c66f255a4d6Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 769269 - Update the graphics code to be able to deal with blowing away the layer controller, client, and view and creating them afresh. r=ajuma
3ce3068cb1dfa6d21bc623e69c40aa8762e4a667Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 769269 - Update a bunch of fields in GeckoApp to not be static any more. r=mfinkle
4abd628b1fa1e75e3e4a375c16659dde67ff6f46Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 769269 - Fill in missing gecko listener unregistrations. r=mfinkle
5ed247b1725f593fe83824cf0be50f5f694bc038Nathan Froyd — Bug 772981 - adjust microformats mochitests to new mochitest world order; r=glandium
dd09c36c3e4201f2d2b12c87afb0f586fb12ff2eNathan Froyd — Bug 772557 - remove libs:: rules from layout/reftests/ makefiles; r=glandium
a75570f52a035ae17290673429bdb8ef77bd802dJan de Mooij — Bug 773586 - Initialize PICGenInfo::pc and clean up ICs a bit. r=bhackett
083d36bafbc866d5c5265828d62f31b288b50c2eKartikaya Gupta — Bug 763166 - Add a AndroidBridge::GetJNIForCompositorThread function to avoid using GetJNIForThread. r=blassey
5cb30728cb99c86825327a7b8a11859732a10d39Bobby Holley — Backed out changeset 784d3448dfe3 (Bug 771074) for windows bustage. a=me
784d3448dfe3b68f420d225d1cd2a78dd1418342Bobby Holley — Bug 771074 - Introduce pointer wrapping mechanism for hold references to pointers off-main-thread. r=bsmedberg
43e70deac1241da9c04f0b28877136a3fb196cfcBobby Holley — Bug 763343 - Handle classinfo singletons in cross-compartment wrapping. r=peterv
ab3a6f89cb7f9e14a205cdd292477ab90a0428e8Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 683243. Dither 16 bit gradients. r=BenWa
369c2e5757eab01fa8508a3866600eea75fb7e77Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 683243. Add a 16 bit pipeline. r=BenWa
9f4294d7f12e3f3f53c2650957fcca695a2b0831Bobby Holley — Bug 771202 - Tests. r=bsmedberg
6c7c4782f088dfa7ab895d5cb04acdbb80b7d3ecEd Morley — Backout 14e984035ca5 (bug 773534) for bustage
e3f2d02b21b98e4a683404cc96d55133f97db24cChris Pearce — Bug 772743 - Add pref to not make the widget fullscreen when entering fullscreen. Set it to true for b2g desktop client. r=mounir
14e984035ca5bcbd98cd8af7808c54977f7c9cb3Vivien Nicolas — Bug 773534 - Show briefly the typed character for <input type=password>. r=mwu
4f8e385922fc4c88c54c92210e45f053ee46adecAlive Kuo — Bug 767311 - Migrate volume change to mozSettings. r=vingtetun
f658278070ac455bce93b3be92dab0acb69ff58bEd Morley — Backout 776f008404bf (bug 771202) for mochitest-3 orange
e9203900ce6c00a5e85e76fbb725e5c4fe816681Bobby Holley — Bug 771202 - Don't double-call OnWrapperDestroyed. r=bsmedberg
776f008404bf865b0eed45c19392a2fff16cb945Bobby Holley — Bug 771202 - Tests. r=bsmedberg
ff73dacf8eb303427185448d5b0dbee9db246151Bobby Holley — Bug 771202 - Unwrap object arguments passed to plugins. r=bsmedberg
101bc799fc73aa2cfb98297111e0fdc4585c92baBobby Holley — Bug 771202 - Implement post-transplant plugin behavior. r=bsmedberg
0d561abceeb30d041ae0700e460f2f2862368a64Bobby Holley — Bug 771202 - Make the prototype climbing code in nsJSNPRuntime unwrap security wrappers. r=bsmedberg
d3e8af05b074cf79cacd5f111ed2384889c08797Bobby Holley — Bug 771202 - Add a PostTransplant nsIXPCScriptable hook. r=peterv
bdc169cbbbac89abd5d0b2301dea35180fd17c7cNicholas Nethercote — Bug 749010 (part 2) - Move code around to merge two anonymous namespaces; no functional changes. r=bent.
7e78cbe9ea946ed6caaf379ee3af46d37b0ea89dNicholas Nethercote — Bug 749010 (part 1) - Make WorkerMemoryReporter less crashy. r=bent.
08c5d1085a44060974a7ba34324b35d0d50f2336Chris Jones — Bug 773830: Check GetEnabled() before OOPInit(). r=ted
be26e809e6b1cd1cee82a687bf57f9f45d286f07Olli Pettay — Bug 773606 - XBL fastload creates XUL element before feeding proto attributes to the protoelement, r=enndeakin
1dbe063197396eac57de0cb732c13aa586252d51Benjamin Smedberg — Bug 773665 - Don't crash during shutdown because XPCOM is already mostly-dead and refuses to create a local file, r=ted
9c2d509f2aabf33befe18f42d9f1d4e4f32186c6Ben Turner — Bug 773551 - Fix pymake bustage from bug 763651, r=bsmedberg.
a2d40b91eea9262dd138daace1569c28fdd6a846Ed Morley — Merge last PGO-green changeset of mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central
a67b71ac0ba7d9cfbfb3041fc76aa9f9973fb48aAryeh Gregor — Bug 771994 - Make nsRangeStore refcounted; r=ehsan
6a5d9afb58e59b6c72c5cc8f66ca2d91078b4a66Eitan Isaacson — Bug 773039 - Don't populate menu accessibility event with descendant strings. r=blassey
b878869b3d819cf4637fe94499fd5fe2a95a6887Gian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 772676 - History visit counts are all 1 after migration. r=margaret
3de0ba7c2eb498184e4c7a861e9e5d1df93c0a39Gian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 772676 - Test history visit counts after migration. r=margaret
e2fd625c1e79c85c99e344ee6f980c6223f35556Jan Varga — Bug 773182 - Remove unused db description parameter from IDB mochitests. r=sicking
1e5dd8c5cc38c23789363779522acc6bdb38a4b8Felipe Gomes — Bug 630567. Disable test_taskbarprogress_service.xul due to frequent failures. r=philor
8919db908bedec55d668a9dd298ce511ad964be7Phil Ringnalda — Back out 0c1f34eb5b93 and 0f987ac28e8c (bug 683243) for Android R2 bustage
6dcd9fe905dfff204b256372e1db6c5c2ac2df17Matt Brubeck — Bug 755221 - Make the button to cancel an add-on uninstall clearer [r=mfinkle]
125d01cf13b67010979879ce4ed30e517af71f9cDavid Zbarsky — Bug 772759 - Fix a few build warnings r=bsmedberg
9acc5029800e41fc03773789867f7fb506d863f4Robert O'Callahan — Backout e42786561b60 (bug 772679) for reftest failures.
e42786561b60fb82ff78156f1f3e94db05860d2bRobert O'Callahan — Bug 772679. RestrictToLayerPixels needs to accurately convert between appunits scroll offsets and ThebesLayer pixel coordinates. r=tnikkel
23c13d1dd6069d0643ec80a0ebe17936433dd099Robert O'Callahan — Bug 771822. Fire overflow/underflow events as will-paint observers, to avoid having them trigger flushing at unnecessary times. r=bz
0c1f34eb5b9304e636789e4a23819cf2a8ca69d5Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 683243. Dither 16 bit gradients. r=BenWa
0f987ac28e8c0ba440e1bd9c1280a0bbe44834e8Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 683243. Add a 16 bit pipeline. r=BenWa
b303b2565fe644a6629ffd26ad9e27d2c4ef694dMakoto Kato — Bug 772327 - Password mask timer is too short on Android. r=blassy
88bd50014db3695ec23d4d1d555fa5ee4b1165c8Vivien Nicolas — Bug 770869 - Ignore input type='image' in the IME API. r=fabrice
de6e1019ab044e06be8ec94d08d0288c57cc5094Vivien Nicolas — Bug 771518 - ContentPermissionPrompt.js is broken since Bug 757137 landed. r=fabrice
71056117a93027b627bf3b458e0c86fe40755608Ryan VanderMeulen — Backout 7ddda33608c6 (bug 772672) due to robocop orange.
9b2fb5e208e4c5332a2642540724aeb88ffd8e6bEric Faust — Bug 766447 - Teach TI about the new DOM bindings. (r=bhackett)
6cd5f16a8c3c685f723e6326bbf7d97f13ba27aaJason Duell — Bug 773150 - FailDelayManager passing wrong type to MOZ_COUNT_CTR. r=mcmanus
e46b2b4fb65a22f0da62a69352f79f89e3d9422bRyan VanderMeulen — No bug - fix broken m-c merge.
33843dd89abc07751a9b54318f73e8ea8434751dRyan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
e2daccb7d367a5a6bcb68d6a63c57bbb14c18c3aRyan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
70a11a81d2c5bb64759a26ff81331ac90aaff115Jonathan Griffin — Bug 772310 - Check if pref exists before attempting to read from it, r=mdas
23c4021f728cdc72b8a4eda17d3ac8a54fee8462Ryan VanderMeulen — Backout de697e323b39, b778d551c9e5, and 4b9414cba94d (bug 544088) due to build bustage.
a8e4b5602618b66e6542a22de798806962111379Jeff Walden — Bug 773049 - Fix a comment typo noted by terrence over IRC, DONTBUILD to save resources. r=lumpy
0091488ce2f1a8ff25c22c60e10b91670193e3f5Benjamin Peterson — Bug 773115 - Remove unneeded needStrictChecks() call. r=njn
ab47730f36effbf270d6d75077bad8414e6f3657Georg Fritzsche — Bug 772143 - Remove carriage returns from TelemetryPing. r=nfroyd
03e30c5fde87cf6f662bff87d923b27b8c7ae2d1Benjamin Peterson — Bug 772012 - When the rest parameter aliases a function and defaults are present, don't try to set the rest parameter. r=jorendorff
6ee398199925bb0cf0ccb7e1a5639aee7f76a765Xi Yang — Bug 769452 - Use NS_FORWARD_NSIACCESSIBLETABLE on accessible tables instead of custom macro. r=tbsaunde
01dee496d82f6478f701e8798d2045f92aafa879Benjamin Peterson — Bug 722956 - Clear async io timer so it doesn't run after shutdown has started. r=philikon
4b9414cba94d0e85d60b9700e7b96a77f18bade9Martin Stransky — Bug 544088 - UseAsyncPainting() -> IsOOP(). r=joshmoz
b778d551c9e56b1a7aefd6230f54d526ab3a1b34Martin Stransky — Bug 544088 - Export XtClient methods. r=karlt
de697e323b394b9e9d346003db7288b97a6d89b4Martin Stransky — Bug 544088 - Support Xt plugins OOP. r=karlt
f0f359a747728214f26417c0decb355bda7d7b56Tal Aloni — Bug 338554 - Honor -moz-box-sizing on table cells in standards mode (we ignore it in quirks mode). r=dbaron
54cfa52ffb78b0ddbb707bb374243839ee24ebb9Eitan Isaacson — Bug 773085 - Make door hangers keyboard navigable. r=margaret
6ceaeaa0638f58ce1de91fac9ea46427b1b34b2aJeff Walden — Bug 773049 - Implement the Value interface in MutableHandle<Value> and Rooted<Value> (in addition to Handle<Value> and EncapsulatedValue which already manually implemented it), consolidating the Value interface bits in ValueOperations and MutableValueOperations classes using CRTP. r=bhackett
1dd81bbdb0e04f74fec10400c830804e4eefce8fBrian Smith — Bug 650355 - Stop accepting MD5 as a hash algorithm in signatures, r=johnath
097fc01c52a4837dbde2835b045f788155da984eBrian Smith — Bug 758314 - Allow end-user to override error when MD5 cert is encountered, r=kaie
a2ec9847277de8937af741d9dc0d0289d9e68496Luke Wagner — Bug 773108 - Avoid overflowing blockid in CompExprTransplanter (r=dvander)
11900afd18dec8763676bb08c0dbe9ffd5066ffeSriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 745225: about:home rows should have orange highlight. [r=mfinkle]
641d061b9e197bab781139dc0c8cd7006884de50Randell Jesup — Bug 772201: remove relative topsrcdir/srcdir/etc paths from gyp-sourced Makefiles - fixes symlinked objdirs for linux/mac r=ted
82acb91724a1a179ad399b512a5f1126b9862b5bSriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 772684: Splitting XHDPI_V11 to XHDPI and XHDPI_V11. [r=mfinkle]
7826903ddbf276f53440842b773cf28e1260004dSriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 772684: Extending support for HDPI + ICS that don't have a tabs tail. [r=mfinkle]
7ddda33608c646843cd6b39a2cc3eb7a12349427Brad Lassey — bug 772672 - CreateCompositor can hold up the Gecko thread, waiting for a surface r=ajuma
4410dced4a0865c1969f94e849da68857efdbc19Benoit Girard — Bug 772665 - Add console.profile to test_consoleAPI.html. r=gavin
e15fc86db72863e0e4ae43078d4bbcbd8f350c3bWes Johnston — Bug 772422 - Ignore touch events when selecting text. r=smaug
d8063abe193f5a7fab13cb1d50a0a94739c756c8Wes Johnston — Bug 772422 - Tests for selection and touch events. r=smaug
db08a9bc1557f8be833ae9b0e7873035ab512e93Wes Johnston — Bug 732052 - Internal touch event listeners should not enable slow path. r=smaug
207c9718fe3f2957866e81baa89895e46acb3f3dWes Johnston — Bug 732052 - Allow slide frames to use touch events. r=smaug,enn
363077c10ba97eef283a2d9cb5fb198f654b96f5Wes Johnston — Bug 732052 - Update video controls for touch events. r=dolske
4f0c3cb6d91180399a5d41c3558c68098f313d5fChris Jones — Bug 773192: Only proxy drawing to a non-default target in BasicShadowableLayerManager, i.e. drawWindow(USE_WIDGET_LAYERS) for a content context, when the request is same-process. r=ajuma
741b4ebd050f1bfe39f0ff8d5be5ead2a72b18c7Myk Melez — bug 755554 - enable only flash in the desktop webapp runtime; r=felipe
260f3b5e03f494c59e538f3a343a900df91bd29dMyk Melez — bug 773411 - when running tests, freeze WebappRT config object after calling confirmInstall(); r=adw
83e30b5c8dbaeb939dc23a8c07af084eacba1936Benoit Girard — Bug 772665 - Add console.profile API to be used by profiling extensions. r=rcampbell
f25cba119ef99aaf3990b0cd923bd53d5835f2c7David Burns — Bug 772835: changing get_window and get_windows to match Selenium; r=jgriffin
322ef042e1d227966b440c7533a53bbc38198fc7Mounir Lamouri — Bug 772373 - Force warnings as errors in hal/. r=jlebar
ab6a89ec10feb29040c494347f94d73aa518f0d5Dão Gottwald — Bug 765221 - White text shadow for lightweight themes with dark text looks weird. r=shorlander
40821ab51232f219bd9bd7dd33ea835a6bbf3281Tim Taubert — merge m-c to fx-team
cb7d40a84ae3654f549c7b44faa70af89673cc02Panos Astithas — Bug 767399 - When navigating between web pages with the Back and Forward buttons, the same scripts are displayed in the Debugger for all the pages; r=rcampbell
32c911bc25790a2b70a64b05972d3edfe3cc12a8Blake Kaplan — Bug 772801 - Deal with drivers that don't support active/passive scanning. r=mwu DONTBUILD
6489be1890c058de61c4cac031e40a1902e3e9d9Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge the last PGO-green inbound changeset to m-c.
1f4ad785cca82b5affcc79332a6dbd109d53338aGian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 769896 - Make "Import from Android" use MultiChoicePreference. r=bnicholson
848ed9d569323cc1538fd162758cff6ec4ac0fa3Brian Hackett — Add more rooting for interpreter, TI and JIT, bug 772303, r=terrence. Also disable Windows PGO for RegExp.cpp because the compiler is broken.
34982c7bcd3043d92c76ba62047fc397652f6955Margaret Leibovic — Bug 773177 - java.lang.NullPointerException: at org.mozilla.gecko.TabsTray$TabsAdapter.refreshTabsData( r=mfinkle
6091c6a6f4b24789c75a94d146dc1e950cfc8fb6Margaret Leibovic — Bug 770160 - Page title changes for a brief period when a new page is loaded. r=mfinkle
67e09e165ce691bc439ad7a79ac2ca461c32e612David Zbarsky — Bug 758992 - Make the classes which use the XPCOM nsISupports implementation macros final, to avoid the warning about deleting using a pointer to a base class with virtual functions and no virtual dtor (toolkit/places); r=mak
75657697cfb504161e27f7a4e1cb4406d192e076David Zbarsky — Bug 758992 - Make the classes which use the XPCOM nsISupports implementation macros final, to avoid the warning about deleting using a pointer to a base class with virtual functions and no virtual dtor (extensions/cookie); r=mak
3923d008386d5b74926d020786afbf4253f02177Luke Wagner — Bug 753158 - emit ALIASEDVAR ops for upvars (r=bhackett)
7221c50cb5b43f34c0aab6af24aef4c9b65d080aLuke Wagner — Bug 753145 - Attach static scope nesting information to scripts (r=jimb)
ebc800948e7a3137c486974b1a350ab5b1eca916Luke Wagner — Bug 767750 - rm JSScript::evalHashLink (r=njn)
d9650bc4da1a12cf3b913ab09a61611f953ce5b1Luke Wagner — Bug 765956 - Remove the non-reentrant closure optimization (r=bhackett)
749d103d86367dcdb74168b8f55d9461eecc2efbLuke Wagner — Bug 765956 - Set Bindings' parent eagerly (r=bhackett)
b790407d394f4d1a5ba7211236bbe7a650afec30Luke Wagner — Bug 771039 - assert some invariants in BindNameToSlot (r=dvander)
15409e3b3bdc0c9f349e80003396cd0c2cffbce7Luke Wagner — Bug 771039 - fix CompExpTransplanter to correctly fix up implicit arguments definitions in generator expressions (r=dvander)
e3c30588f319fc4a3cf36ead81f9f5dcf9b8b509Jeff Walden — Remove a stray semicolon that causes a warning compiling pretty much any SpiderMonkey file. No bug, r=themaid
18d69de4ff6700d624a450602e86347188c3a949David Keeler — bug 760625 - use the blocklist to inform click-to-play plugins. r=joshmoz,bmcbride
089b9510e595459e7c6087b7812fc5eba8970315Chris Jones — Bug 765734, part 6: Integrate gralloc buffers into the shadow-layers pipelines. r=gal
738a193b05a03a8e4785a4a117fa3ce7c8f21104Chris Jones — Bug 765734, part 5: Disable texture-upload hacks on b2g. (This code is dead for android currently too, to be removed soon.) r=BenWa
4ee990ea5eb4cc4f473e9dae977c043528e9c6f2Chris Jones — Bug 765734, part 4: Add an RAII helper to open/close SurfaceDescriptors and mark usage of SurfaceDescriptor as ReadOnly or ReadWrite. r=BenWa,nrc sr=roc
c07632e4dd16e6a6e5c9cd9c92dbf83a0630ded9Chris Jones — Bug 765734, part 3: Remove unused code. r=mattwoodrow
f0649ff1f524de5beb5fd5d07726c316118fbdcaChris Jones — Bug 765734, part 2: Migrate ImageLayers to SurfaceDescriptor. r=mattwoodrow,roc
05cd73b5e00c695a97300110a4e975bafd9e5f54Chris Jones — Bug 765734, part 1: Let clients specify capabilities required of cross-process surfaces. Only MAP_AS_IMAGE_SURFACE needed for now. r=roc
417036b673680ef34eba0f32db72f3bf89a8b474Chris Jones — Bug 765734, part 0.2: Remove \r from basic layers files. r=nrc
265d8525f707ce906b21522c94f6d2caa7544940Chris Jones — Bug 765734, part 0.1: Gecko subprocesses on Gonk want propdb too. r=mwu
6b35f9011f269ece466b27f7a75506ba8b2ef9f6Chris Jones — Bug 765734, part 0: Do the right thing here. r=bent
641a641e39036c15c86ffc5964d57a2a49cd0bfcKartikaya Gupta — Bug 772993 - Fix compiler warnings for widget/android. r=cpeterson
072ee4ad183d5e3b4ddf45c1d76d468d353045adWilliam Lachance — Bug 772595 - Better escape commands sent to devicemanager shell;r=jmaher
3f00954a0301d2a654ba3854d937e2932b09fb37Aryeh Gregor — Bug 771873 part 2 - Assert on addition overflow in nsTArray::RemoveElementsAt; r=bsmedberg
a0c8be30a28be4d01eb51c6374b3f613ba6c7104Aryeh Gregor — Bug 771873 part 1 - Check for reversed indices in Selection::GetIndicesForInterval; r=ehsan
b4183760a8130419b8a58399a5ba4a96b4d76f20Ed Morley — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound
ed4888197cb523d994b540a247ccc78347baf171Malini Das — Bug 771224 - use chrome:// instead of loading remote xul. r=jgriffin
6a640ca09064b687395e845ba2b3988ad971a600Benjamin Smedberg — Bug 771251 - OOP crash reporting accesses the directory service off the main thread. In addition, the first design of the crash injector callback meant that we're dropping some set of Flash crashes which happen during an RPC call. r=ted
87ff6a0cc45e174de9299911f899006078a3cc78Mike Hommey — Bug 772841 - Use make package instead of make stage-package before profile run, but avoid package signing. r=ted,r=catlee
f9499238bd4b82cb34b2ab2fd1aafde29ea3007eEd Morley — Merge last PGO-green changeset of mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central
f0be4b70b814d6cd310667b309d2d80859aad71eEd Morley — Backout 6bbf3f22bb5d (bug 753158), 38a703b244c2 (bug 753145), c9a5dfa1b07d (bug 767750), cd782fd66995 & 6cf7aa93994c (bug 765956), 0253f34f6bc2 & 41d5c8529748 (bug 771039),94f6bf99a4aa (bug 766447),fad7d06d7dd5 (bug 772303) for winxp pgo-only jsreftest failures (caused by fad7d06d7dd5) and the rest for conflicts, on a CLOSED TREE
64cff7aafcc474aa245963d9bc318bf57a599e39Anant Narayanan — Bug 771833: Assign an nsIPrincipal to media streams returned by getUserMedia; r=roc
1d3ef213c75b66ba835d34305a91693259d41648Anant Narayanan — Bug 691234: Part 3/3: Add DOM binding for getUserMedia on Desktop; r=jst
3059151ff3494d04864862910fb553f662a27525Anant Narayanan — Bug 691234: Part 2/3: Implement WebRTC backend for MediaEngine on Desktop; r=jesup, r=roc
3bbd6655fb05ec6e4f26f0decf72d3d78308d7c0Anant Narayanan — Bug 691234: Part 1/3: Move MediaEngine files and tweak interface; r=roc
10c3a37563ab9d6220833d902765fef39f0fe233Jim Mathies — Bug 768400 - clear win32 transparent windows when hidden so stale content isn't briefly displayed when they are reshown. r=roc
cf874e608c6035289dbf0d2e3161f758fc80a6a1Mark Hammond — Bug 773165 - more robust removal of frameworker's iframe. r=dao
71fe850374d4d2ec1d68958e18d38a1ca03d8a27Dão Gottwald — merge backout
b13f42bfcb9db0504d0d5f93581797cdc653be92Dão Gottwald — Backed out changeset 184ba174e8a6
c9b038fa695625540348a5620013cdb137fddec7Bobby Holley — Bug 601277 - Better tests for document.domain. r=mrbkap
8f3340e10d5fd1c2588fbeb9051b90e35a3bd0bfBobby Holley — Bug 655649 - Stop doing dynamic security checks for document.domain. r=mrbkap
e5579991e19e8eb594f448d1c47f10b40b581d56Bobby Holley — Bug 655649 - Use Subsumes Rather than Equals in XPConnect wrapper computation. r=mrbkap
3f0ff9117f8b21e763ec93c36521106ec38e0a63Bobby Holley — Bug 655649 - Recompute cross-compartment wrappers when setting document.domain. r=mrbkap
184ba174e8a6af3415169bf22d80ddc5a64666d0Mark Hammond — bug 773165 - more robust removal of frameworker's iframe. r=gavin
341214c1b9641b726e23abbc7e91006587de6f35Benjamin Peterson — Bug 773153: don't use operand context when looking for line end. r=njn
4be97839a566d8f482f431801237afc4caac22aeMike Hommey — Bug 763651 - Link the javascript engine against zlib. r=khuey
4761bf12898b036468f524ab64d04322cedabc25Mike Hommey — Bug 762864 - Ship webapprt locale files in webapprt chrome. r=bsmedberg
7d11ab4b1a8cb9da76f2b0eeff0d1b6822a55910Matt Brubeck — Bug 769857 - Add a small delay before the tap highlight [r=wesj]
6bbf3f22bb5dfee937c386a3e6004df46ff02203Luke Wagner — Bug 753158 - emit ALIASEDVAR ops for upvars (r=bhackett)
38a703b244c2eb27785fe0e04345307b2083d2a2Luke Wagner — Bug 753145 - Attach static scope nesting information to scripts (r=jimb)
c9a5dfa1b07d30d6648b6b1d755c8b5a11eb5371Luke Wagner — Bug 767750 - rm JSScript::evalHashLink (r=njn)
cd782fd669958adc64934b3528d0c0a8fe5735f3Luke Wagner — Bug 765956 - Remove the non-reentrant closure optimization (r=bhackett)
6cf7aa93994ca9dcd3c51140570b17dae34f2f04Luke Wagner — Bug 765956 - Set Bindings' parent eagerly (r=bhackett)
0253f34f6bc25e34a702e4a7a3ec343b9f8e9aa1Luke Wagner — Bug 771039 - assert some invariants in BindNameToSlot (r=dvander)
41d5c8529748dd95ec1c17e434c80e553d96d45dLuke Wagner — Bug 771039 - fix CompExpTransplanter to correctly fix up implicit arguments definitions in generator expressions (r=dvander)
2ad3e97aa5503e9d7be0fe69066bd0a1fb37a1e9Benoit Jacob — Bug 760323 - fix --disable-webgl : let it also disable the bindings and s3tc extension - r=bz
8d98dea0ba5f34650bd857235072d1176b3cc051Phil Ringnalda — Back out 5eacd4fc78e4 (bug 772722) for mochitest-4 shutdown crashes
25e85c74b9aec8e531965a4b764305f7dbc041c7Anant Narayanan — Backout 431ab4d097c9, bustage
351b9bb964a30f2fa22ff30d04b38c2c66367797Anant Narayanan — Backout 431ab4d097c9, bustage
d28330b09a8aa9d262773f7c568b2f0029797437Anant Narayanan — Backout 038e89521330, bustage
0bdcca132fcfae5b7ec75679cb57224e705201e5Anant Narayanan — Backout b53e8a614a4c, bustage
f22ca97a03ea9b4d6c2582afdae19237c0027dafAnant Narayanan — Backout 39fe6a5577d7, bustage
21c98ae5fc4251053e809bef5633c4b2ec8ef76eEhsan Akhgari — Bug 771976 - Make sure that mozSpellChecker's refcount doesn't go down prematurely; r=roc
e60f929e7d6bad1bd14ced1773d20cfa36c0e423Siddharth Agarwal — Bug 772186 - Support return values from pymake native commands. r=khuey
39fe6a5577d72c20fd7e1e5963be67271a22384bAnant Narayanan — Bug 771833: Assign an nsIPrincipal to media streams returned by gUM; r=roc
b53e8a614a4cd3a8747e0869fcb49ce3dcd3f964Anant Narayanan — Bug 691234: Part 3/3: Add DOM binding for getUserMedia on Desktop; r=jst
038e8952133097d8ccfdcbf5d8a62b493479ffaaAnant Narayanan — Bug 691234: Part 2/3: Implement WebRTC backend for MediaEngine on Desktop; r=jesup, r=roc
431ab4d097c9796b81462fce6295d82b655f0cd4Anant Narayanan — Bug 691234: Part 1/3: Move MediaEngine files and tweak interface; r=roc
264e13c78feecb5f15c4b411b268330573c0bb59David Zbarsky — Bug 773025 - fix 2 warnings in dom/plugins r=jst
94f6bf99a4aa9c071adfc77e873ae6a5034d51c6Eric Faust — Bug 766447 - Teach TI about the new DOM bindings. (r=bhackett)
367729a91a97ea9895debf47a73deba6a437f08fBrian R. Bondy — Bug 773105 - r=rstrong
f14591911ad8f0c6b0e47abc89c08cd830492320Cameron McCormack — Bug 563191 - Fix clang warnings about string constants in nsAuthSambaNTLM::SpawnNTLMAuthHelper. r=ehsan
56141758a0f0f262a427c274412b336a76a8ec94Mihnea Balaur — Bug 773086 - Add --emulatorImg option to Marionette, r=jgriffin, DONTBUILD because NPOTB
b33564258377e15f0b2755abea527aaf1ff1ce0cMatt Brubeck — Back out bug 769254 (a81e5e60dca3, 0afba80f60a1, d5e4f42b8540, 636dfa176232) because of Windows M3 leaks
5eacd4fc78e402bc538f78907f886f8cd9165687Terrence Cole — Bug 772722 - Remove superfluous usage of Atomics in SpiderMonkey; r=luke
17bc02a42a1ac8621fd59ebb7bc4845d6d962a19Alex Crichton — Bug 772078 - Remove JS entries even when stopping the SPS profiler. r=luke
61d879a04b013294e1650f570abb8324de3a56b5Eitan Isaacson — Bug 771727 - Block focus in tabs panel when it is hidden. r=sriram
a2a27bb34f239181a056831d9c6ac39acbebf661Eitan Isaacson — Bug 771733 - Don't use plural tabs description in tabs button when only one tab exists. r=sriram
9ae98903e9a52c5b45657ac2e16e9c8b72127efdMatt Brubeck — Bug 762309 - Show and hide the on-screen keyboard along with the Find In Page bar [r=bnicholson]
99ce4d0052cca487b3ffdb66496c79287240fdf4Matt Brubeck — Bug 771525 - Back button should dismiss the Find In Page bar [r=bnicholson]
3d8c1913e6696a4d6bb261fc607e9b4067a75ecbWilliam Lachance — Bug 763497 - Always run standard commands through "su" with SUTAgent r=jmaher
c4f0151df881d86b179b968cac491e1c135b425eSteve Fink — Backed out changeset d99d8b4d0eeb (bug 769192) for mochitest-3 bustage
fad7d06d7dd5e81d6e1fc8c776c4a9fa05f9c0eeBrian Hackett — Add more rooting for interpreter, TI and JIT, bug 772303. r=terrence
fd0f3b5283d4f4a13d75833d1911d98276b97c2bSankha Narayan Guria — Bug 770812 - Remove nsIEditorSupport; r=ehsan
425a7ec173a91b4fb1eece2179defc7c217c2dd4Nick Alexander — Bug 771024 - Reveal entire device list in Send Tab activity; correct scrolling/checking interaction; make Send Tab do database work on background thread. r=liuche,nalexander
525920146b191797339078c0d1df6cdf17088e97Nick Alexander — Bug 772978 - Log some per-sync stats: number of records received and sent, duration of server stages, duration of sync. r=liuche
bebe383fcd5292bffd04c488eb862af23f1eb882Nick Alexander — Bug 772971 - Pickle Sync account parameters on background thread to avoid strict mode warnings. r=liuche
6600c32aa5f04c203de2cfc6ba7844c31c50a623Chris Peterson — Bug 722042 - Part 5: Remove Windows code from mobile/android. r=blassey
0e557485ecd8ae6da223f24957b9fae675c8fd75Chris Peterson — Bug 722042 - Part 4: Remove Qt code from mobile/android. r=blassey
8a841a175bdc87c14358c7e1daa893bd5da9e9afChris Peterson — Bug 722042 - Part 3: Remove some redundant #ifdef ANDROID checks. r=blassey
af680b1b0d4d63d582dda37d0d774173e1553856Chris Peterson — Bug 722042 - Part 2: Remove macbuild code from mobile/android. r=blassey
a256dd9f427bb6c24804441efe606de9d2ed8238Chris Peterson — Bug 722042 - Part 1: Remove Maemo code from mobile/android. r=blassey
d99d8b4d0eeb0ecb6e22f8a6434e6de4310d8099Steve Fink — Bug 769192 - Typed array accessors should not use JSPROP_READONLY. r=Waldo
8feb24b4989c04218b79b88fa94a53b73e5df3fdSteve Fink — Bug 758106 - Intentionally leak poisoned pointers when using rooting analysis. r=bhackett
fa86aaa84b91a6270a783b86b54ec79cf63147fbNick Alexander — Bug 764669 - correct beta branding filename (should be fennec_48x48.png; was fennec_40x40.png). r=mbrubeck
70afb9434e3e680979ac36c8a53ef1d93bee1863Terrence Cole — Backed out changeset 9dc4e44365c4
9dc4e44365c46452e69d189e4d84314176b799fcTerrence Cole — Bug 772722 - Remove superfluous usage of Atomics in SpiderMonkey; r=luke
df1325c991211248db2a7cecf40586d58f7dd3e0David Burns — Bug 754226: add getting title of content to marionette. r=mdas
d6a41a194234dc43a76e622257d4cb355801b5f7Gregor Wagner — Bug 772127 - Followup: disable on android. r=orange
10326d838740d6dc8d657d133967c12f02000850Raymond Lee — Bug 729867 - There is no way to pop up confirmation dialogs when the last private browsing window is being closed r=ttaubert
13e1da252e009e2265bc8ea09759a848eba2e70eBenjamin Peterson — Bug 772963: remove empty parameter name. r=Neil
f7658b8bd587b1a66f625d03540f5c81dfef2cd9Joel Maher — Bug 772893 - upload a new to remove specialpowers from the default configuration. r=aki
a81e5e60dca3eb5b57fc65f0828980b82b1bf9ddJustin Lebar — Bug 769254 - Part 4: Tests for clicking _blank link from <iframe mozbrowser>. r=bz
0afba80f60a1a454a656a432d3e91cd729f30035Justin Lebar — Bug 769254 - Part 3: Rename nsWindowWatcher::OpenWindowJSInternal --> OpenWindowInternal. r=bz
d5e4f42b85403ddeadd44d8b09687cd1fe047aa3Justin Lebar — Bug 769254 - Part 2: Modify nsPIWindowWatcher::OpenWindowJS (renamed to OpenWindow2) so we can pass in the URL for target=_blank links without navigating the opened window to that URL. r=bz
636dfa176232446712d23ebdc64db232f2a7c877Justin Lebar — Bug 769254 - Part 1: Fix crashes in BrowserElementParent.cpp, TabChild.cpp on null URI to window-opening code. r=bz
5975dc46a5396d502ecf16ed529c7fea370cf26cBenoit Girard — Bug 772715 - Use JSON instead of string profiles on mobile. r=ehsan,sfink
b65b8500bf89446cb9d21d336a8cbc1f30cbf5beDaniel Holbert — Bug 696253 patch 9: Update mochitest-files variable name in ifdef'd chunk of Makefile for style tests, to accommodate changes from bug 370750. r=dbaron
425a2086db6dada7b116b6c99a9e638c45e3a950Gregory Szorc — Bug 760905 - Change bounds of test_storage_queue.js to address orange; r=rnewman
90f88b503848ab3f8f5fefff0a69356809f9a799Jonathan Griffin — Bug 772687 - Add ability to specify deviceRoot when instantiating DeviceManager, r=jmaher
c62c64506ad76d731593b7c6e83aace76b92f1d3Honza Bambas — Bug 765158 - Remove naming of main thread, conflicts with process name on Linux, r=bsmedberg
21a7618affa8f5f55e1de4a680ed8413a00e5614Honza Bambas — Bug 767096 - Optimize nsICachingChannel interface for offline cache writing, r=sinker
3a055d95569104d79f4909fa8db4236f7b6ac743Honza Bambas — Bug 760067 - Release all OfflineCache custom profile files ASAP after custom profile cache update has finished, r=michal
bb59a53bda40a57942eadf8273d2bb7394122853Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 772890 - Guard against ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException in GfxInfoThread. r=bjacob
ebfbd27fe7b5e437fc35cc285fcbed83319743dbKartikaya Gupta — Bug 772890 - Update package for GfxInfoThread. r=bjacob
5bd1aff57cce8d2c92110cd0a03b7b81d0513244Gregor Wagner — Bug 765435 - Make JS heap growth factor depend on the heap size after a GC and GC frequency. r=billm
c612d081dc385667ca76471d45397f9870cdde02Gavin Sharp — Bug 771980: provider must be re-usable, r=jaws
f00b16bf5dfdc26bf9cd0f5090412fcd055f7f52Gregor Wagner — Bug 772127 - Run Contacts and Settings API tests on desktop. r=sicking
169276010be930ed1e5450741a9bbf290e6cb28fJohn Ford — bug 771095 - include gkmedias.dll on Windows B2G desktop builds r=cjones
320cd8a173e1e4f96ebc9bc712f8a2527d1cd26cFabrice Desré — merge
633f88dda03b9e5a25247d391c0f317094347f9eFabrice Desré — Bug 772363 - Followup to fix test failures [r=fabrice]
81d3daf110793624d7671567cb45488ec49ab14cWes Johnston — Bug 766260 - Use fallback icon if there is an error downloading the specified one. r=mfinkle
f87229369e59bcafa4e565a2401b065d0e199ca6William Lachance — Bug 768957 - Fall back to getting mac address using wifiman on older versions of Android;r=jmaher
1acf5eea58dc834871009cf95b476ed73999544eWilliam Lachance — Backed out changeset fa4bd6ad8a13
fa4bd6ad8a13736be4d521293940b01426a7a1dfWilliam Lachance — Bug 768597 Fall back to getting mac address using wifiman on older versions of Android;r=jmaher
4ee829c429c1ae3d3a3ada9903d087cbd0c8cf50Ed Morley — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound
f3ada8025e75bdc13b8c61ac19a92eedc125aebdFabrice Desré — Bug 769350 - Implement trusted/certified app scheme support [r=vingtetun]
484d2214d81ab5eb65a1762bbecee5531e18c802Fabrice Desré — Bug 772363 - Implement installation API for packaged apps [r=vingtetun]
8f3d448b4f393f23a7d19bea7ef0a5cbcf5b4b04Mike Hommey — Fixup for bug 771103. r=bgirard
671023de588e98fd14041eec1970dba7226c9b25Mike Hommey — Bug 772423 - Hook mozjemalloc's abort(). r=jlebar
31388635897cf738539fe9958c25d69ec5c26795Mike Hommey — Bug 771103 - Allow to start the profiler with a signal on Android. r=bgirard,r=blassey
f8a42c0ed58ac6d5fed58d32c74ccbe5a9f8b10bNathan Froyd — Bug 772532 - fix JavaScript warnings for XPIProviderUtils.js; r=Unfocused
a667224e0861c2ee3118a4b2aeda0b4379c293fdWilliam Lachance — Bug 772105 - Give a better error if failed to push a file with devicemanagerSUT;r=jmaher
addac3423b97454610ef3cffb44f824c94d7b135Ed Morley — Bug 772388 - Make ShutdownLeakLogger output the list of leaking tests in a format that TBPL can individually star; r=ttaubert
7edaa46a402aae99b89c1ba6774967f0dcbf822bEhsan Akhgari — Bug 772738 - Avoid "unused variable 'tmp'" warnings for empty CC traverse method implementations; r=smaug
7cf25b6002ae088204f563b5c19c53ab018beafdEhsan Akhgari — Bug 772523 - Remove the unused nsMemoryCacheDevice::mEvictionThreshold member; r=michal
12c1f43db3d159619ec62d7216d290a41ab489d6David Burns — Bug 772227: renaming display to is_displayed to align with Selenium API r=jgriffin
ba89d552b9dc7da024b6756488512906870c7a43Eddy Bruel — Bug 771908 - Get rid of Wrapper::leave; r=bholley, sr=mrbkap
9bfc3490136e127e743bbe8af59ea4f02e09faa5Jonathan Watt — Bug 772017, part 2 - Have the visual overflow rect for SVG frames include non-rendering stroke when 'pointer-events' demands it. r=roc.
69f5207c57c8f3b6e13fbaae102f6747472492fdChris Peterson — Bug 773089 - Do not use "large" menus on Gingerbread devices. r=sriram
b24995e163b54055e33db4903a14ae1355abbfeeRafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 772853 - upgrade clang to r160105. r=rail.
70d92a6ccdfa95b8a015010d4c99b2307864f087Tim Taubert — merge m-c to fx-team
04df150d0cc3157583ecccd804bb8753fc4f2325Robert Strong — Windows installer only - Bug 756325. r=bbondy
fe7cb8cd6c6d703a31d37042951610df5bafe446Joe Walker — Bug 771356 - GCLI "console clear" command doesn't appear to clear the console; r=dcamp
e6f3c420aaa37a2f445c1322bfd2131d0d57935cJoe Walker — Bug 771992 - GCLI cookie command completion wonky in xmas tree case; r=dcamp
46804c31366b9fcf06fc707baa21be6eec5f5152Andrew Halberstadt — Bug 772307 - Add dummy browser.manifestURL pref to user.js to prevent B2G from dying, r=jgriffin
8b639f976a00708859bf1347ebde7ac771536cc4Benjamin Peterson — Bug 772963: remove empty parameter name. r=Neil DONTBUILD for m-c land
e4857e5dfb515e6a25b0d61fa551044336108bbeJoel Maher — Bug 772893 - upload a new to remove specialpowers from the default configuration. r=aki
ca0d192683ad7c49781429b462c23bb35f008fa0Ed Morley — Merge last PGO-green changeset of mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central
e800d39d1600563652d3e2268cd35e1fba527324Ed Morley — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound
7776db42d372279df9239c898d437f94f2c82f70Michal Novotny — Bug 737615 - Remove use of synchronous cache API from unit tests - dom tests, r=honzab
ad66250ace28452e7444d9f28f6253ad9127cddfMichal Novotny — Bug 737615 - Remove use of synchronous cache API from unit tests - content tests, r=bsmith
72019f63312946ea0dde6bd88b6c2ab826cdc319Michal Novotny — Bug 737615 - Remove use of synchronous cache API from unit tests - browser tests, r=bsmith
3437e9d38623941e3a1438549c383b795b34cdb9Michal Novotny — Bug 737615 - Remove use of synchronous cache API from unit tests - minor fixies in necko tests, r=bsmith
03144e4c4fa1a222c872da4c84adba78fbfabd22Ekanan Ketunuti — Bug 772460 - Replace '-moz-transition' with 'transition' in browser/. r=dao
1fc8bc11a0cd62bd17b82de76c5d182011b3820eEkanan Ketunuti — Bug 772456 - Replace '-moz-transition' with 'transition' in toolkit/. r=dao
b5c5d733031fa9545d0357da297674f68341f10fEkanan Ketunuti — Bug 772462 - Replace '-moz-transform' with 'transform' in toolkit/. r=dao
2e3c67b2d95dbb43ab4ce9c7c41faba5da67b507Aryeh Gregor — Bug 719054 - matrix() and matrix3d() with length units should be parse errors; r=dbaron
26b9d20710ea17d4423c4a8ecbf3fab70a13d7bbAryeh Gregor — Bug 772282 - Hold on to nodes when we delete them in nsEditor::MoveNode; r=ehsan
576bbe43bb64a0e3c3b124cd110976c1e2aeaf52Matthew Noorenberghe — Bug 753239 - Identity module mochitests using DOM APIs. r=dolske
a335f5f3e103bd5d034c9e315e4f99f302dfb9a2Matthew Noorenberghe — Bug 753239 - Implement a DOM component for r=jst
c84e7d4fb37ab852fd2d5debf3cf926650cb95c6Matthew Noorenberghe — Bug 770418 - Improve identity logging output. r=dolske,jparsons
aba424421b31a50670e49609cfd096eeaf7184adDavid Zbarsky — Bug 757960 - GCC 4.6.3 build warnings in nsNavHistoryResult.cpp for unsigned >= 0 (or < 0) always returning the same value [-Wtype-limits] r=mak
5f9bf790012bfba00725baca1ad571d0e63eec75Thinker K.F. Li — Bug 769291 - Move nsOfflineCacheDevice::Discard() to cache IO thread. r=honzab
0d66a78f61305bb21f863a555f0a028c7b6b6616Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 758992 - Make the classes which use the XPCOM nsISupports implementation macros final, to avoid the warning about deleting using a pointer to a base class with virtual functions and no virtual dtor (embedding parts); r=jrmuizel
f35365fb2a636ad17ae39a8f3fe844eca627c105Brian Nicholson — Bug 771610 - Open Reader Mode for Reading List bookmarks. r=margaret
e96d5a1428bc51716a6648285797f589b1e6cf6fEhsan Akhgari — Bug 758992 - Make the classes which use the XPCOM nsISupports implementation macros final, to avoid the warning about deleting using a pointer to a base class with virtual functions and no virtual dtor (more layout parts); r=roc
a0cc45efb01e948eab10521543debbd6daf194a1Ehsan Akhgari — Correct the initialization order in the IDBIndex constructor (no bug; DONTBUILD)
23b2eb2ee380da9e920893f9514276bb45105126Paul O’Shannessy — Bug 714186 - Add padding to top of windows when fullscreen on Lion. r=fryn ui-r=shorlander
f16647509237dcbeccf5d632d9e51c202e08854aBrian Birtles — Bug 707733 - Extend timeout for deferred-anim-1.xhtml; r=dholbert
cd48fae38214135910ac2ba87a79988b3c94bd65Arkady Blyakher — Bug 772651 - change name for temp directory from hard-coding r=blassey, mfinkle
3391c610940ba5286a4ac1adb2c3071cb3779aa6foo — Bug 772457 - add --disable-webgl, remove --disable-angle, clean up - r=vladv
ced403b699b266ecb68a58b521f7282e02787428Benoit Jacob — Bug 760323 - fix the --disable-webgl build - r=vladv
506be11611726b35731eb30eed65dc20a6ed8b80Benoit Girard — Bug 772630 - Deay JS profiling until we have a JSRuntime. r=ehsan,acrichton
ee74ca523ff236d071564f186588175f8f6e8722Benjamin Peterson — Bug 772691 - Disallow XML in function defaults. r=njn
57ee1a91e771071a78a654a3cfe24a14e3ce04fcAndrew McCreight — Bug 704623 - Track memory used by orphan DOM nodes. code=mccr8,njn. r=njn,mccr8.
89945c6ca23233c14f6167498b8577dc658174e7Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 770789 - Remove dead StorageMemoryReporter. r=mak.
c048a86eb289cf2c7695b5d9628c6379b56603a1Brian Hackett — Add more rooters, bug 772303. r=billm
a86157211faa22b64bbd2596c105ce25f1ef7cd5pcheng — Bug 742659 - move nsARIAMap::UniversalStatesFor to aria namespace, r=tbsaunde, f=surkov
48b60be9e37f9f45f2010cb872ab873c04c798dcLuke Wagner — Bug 770737 - Make JSContext::global() return Handle<GlobalObject*> (r=billm)
c0c3f78b9850845cc6d37203899be25c3bdeff74Luke Wagner — Bug 771998 - add Handle<Value> specialization that is better suited for Value (r=billm)
b036556db80ac38c94edbac262f72846f177ec4cLuke Wagner — Bug 772285 - rm JSPD_ARGUMENT/JSPD_VARIABLE (r=sfink)
092c73924711b95ff33a0b1506f08fbb8ec61932Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 767968 - Increase the amount of time we wait for the helper application to finish running in the updater tests; r=rstrong
dfab02971a0883d4cbe592405a00efc2440f25efJeff Walden — Bug 771743 - Remove generator_op and have the methods that call it do their work manually. r=luke
7820ae26bd7f9a52c69c779c3b7287c20167e751Jeff Walden — Bug 771744 - Remove num_toStringHelper in favor of including its functionality in callers (most of which don't even need all its functionality!). r=luke
e0f23682ce957b4f96cfdf917754900413b9f2f2Jeff Walden — Bug 771744 - Move declarations from the start of num_toLocaleString throughout the method, for better readability. r=luke
4483ab804f1e77b19077355e66e4f069fe49c7d3Jeff Walden — Bug 771744 - Remove num_to, and fold its functionality into its callers, for greater clarity and readability, and to move method-guarding code to the start of each user method. r=luke
57e0bdd6f6c734c7b52dd6ae51b003da17401795Jeff Walden — Bug 771946 - Convert most of the internal Date functions to work in terms of doubles, and add a ton of assertions to verify proper time clipping, integerization, etc. r=luke
bd0866487635386be6babd244e8f17cd3ac1883dGregory Szorc — Bug 769700 - Add docstrings to pymake.parserdata classes; r=bsmedberg
32b6c83aeac53ac9f9ad3dca8fb473bb3c865bc4Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 772346 - Hold a strong ref to the child node in nsHTMLEditRules::DeleteNonTableElements; r=roc
c8993f4e12944ae33f2d35bfa4c378efb57686ddJohn Schoenick — Bug 772590 - The plugin category manager registration should account for multiple plugins per MIME, r=josh
686cf6e6ed4b699ea041e4fcaebffc4bc96a83afJohn Schoenick — Bug 755551 - Followup, check if the preference has a value, not necessarily a user value, r=josh
faef72257478df34ccbef28d3b848f77ea9b71f4Ben Hearsum — bug 770996: partial mars broken for mac partner builds - partial backout of bug 759318 to fix. a=akeybl
d070bd19c526914fa87b99c0783ae085d9570889Tim Taubert — Bug 771555 - Revert setting DEBUG_FOCUS to avoid spamming the console; rs=jdm,unfocused
53860f11100c0be29a53210a6017be9d919f8881Tim Taubert — merge m-c to fx-team
74218d787b063bd69cbf7da3cbc3f8fdb85e48c1Michael Ratcliffe — Bug 771555 - GCLI needs a addon, resize, restart, cookie and pagemanip commands; r=dcamp,jwalker
f942edab3edf007cfba1ace33f60a6cd7006fe01Joe Walker — Bug 769186 - [devtb] Decide on a key sequence for the developer toolbar; r=dcamp
b699ded05a12182be294d4eb744d1ae9a8fe6711Tanvi Vyas — Bug 737873 - Implement mixed content highlighting in the web console; r=msucan,
395e4eaaf47b39b2678f500c0925237cbfdb22c7Mihai Sucan — Bug 737873 - Make HUDService-content send the new page location earlier; r=rcampbell
6c31b06b0c8f5e6b4cb1893332a8f8782032d634Mihai Sucan — Bug 772506 - Make sure jsterm eval results are correctly formatted as strings; r=rcampbell
c9c8ecd605b5eec52e3ffdb0249983c0c76a239bTim Taubert — Bug 724239 - Loading a page in a new tab enables the back button; r=gavin,bz
8495e311226f6f5f92473008e561b3b9a4c7537eRyan VanderMeulen — Merge the last PGO-green inbound changeset to m-c.
925562fd7d684489113b105063ed84a228e8d111Ryan VanderMeulen — Backout 3bf8ff8836d1 too
a22d693c1ea16e5f4b87d981c41a3c5a0ea30cb8Ryan VanderMeulen — Backout 7d1b925bd4ee and 52e5b438c911 (Bug 753239) due to almost permaorange.
981ac887f6e209bf14c8eb7a40cb770010641539Ryan VanderMeulen — Backout 2838ba825479, 991404facac2, 7f6e22f10b99, 30a4e0cf7130, ad2c42efbe57, and 1f07f04ec01d (Bug 760067, Bug 767096, Bug 765158, Bug 729182) due to xpcshell orange.
af7b12206c01ace146fd1329ccb822097e473ba4Wes Johnston — Backout a7d1108f70fb, e32603f16465, 142b9df4d021,
5d1fd77da308041d47703a11548b89d2e5da4913Ehsan Akhgari — Switch HangMonitor.cpp to use Unix line endings (no bug; DONTBUILD)
e3c42c6b420e1a7c9faddc33033f9dca20c108feEitan Isaacson — Bug 771726 - Fix toolbar focus order. r=sriram
d540e12b6c6b5a29b94ea9048d3eadb875b349dcEitan Isaacson — Bug 757372 - Announce "editing" when in editing mode. Use a11y states and focus to determine it. r=davidb
9cb90658bd51b26929099daa3bbf52ba7652cb1fJonathan Watt — Bug 772406 - Make nsSVGGlyphFrame::UpdateBounds reuse GetBBoxContribution. r=roc.
29b823147b88d1a1de7eb04562f15e34bff5e78dMargaret Leibovic — Bug 771997 - Use the browser's built-in fastFind. r=mfinkle
743769226802d93c0857156a00b774cc89dc9ca7Margaret Leibovic — Bug 771997 - End active find when switching tabs. r=mfinkle
cfc62f5ab57d7f8df53e2a3cdd3f714d81d75f79Margaret Leibovic — Bug 772656 - End text selection when a different tab is selected. r=mfinkle
49c4664c1a2dd5abda62d8e399e617f61c7553beRyan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
45c7c796fd81697d6e0550fe08f25203b6d719c5Vladan Djeric — Bug 772643: Don't allocate memory in hang monitor while a thread is suspended. r=ehsan
7b83848f94aa4ecba663fb73fcb1885452b65823Michael Comella — Bug 772527 - Removed unused imports. r=bnicholson
fe989a36789ababba1c723f4b82ef93c4df20346Reuben Morais — Bug 772524 - Fix "data argument not used by format string" warnings in r=mounir
081902aa49be871123972497d84dfecab53d948bReuben Morais — Bug 772351 - Fix deprecated writable strings warnings on r=mounir
f3145f3e7f4403bd8317df305d45fb4679e099d7Cameron Kaiser — Bug 771320 - Use payloadOf/PAYLOAD_OFFSET when constructing PIC stubs. r=bhackett
3b579feaa4fc4405f1db12f6e9350d3cfa2e7c13Tim Abraldes — Bug 771090 - Use NS_GRE_DIR instead of current process dir when looking up plugin container. r=bsmedberg
815dcf79f5deea4836708f1774d7a82bc5672c28Michael Comella — Bug 770345 - GeckoPreferences no longer recreates itself on orientation change. r=sriram
acf3ae205d8c9d12e0102b07dfa2a7e1f736ea60Brandon Cheng — Bug 577221 - Create the proper registry keys before writing the SubmitCrashReporter value. r=ted
0ca33f85d5ce75a3ea5dd4c9d0c8f6de8f6e3c0eJosh Aas — Bug 769782: Remove synchronous DNS resolution in network tests. r=mcmanus
3bf8ff8836d19bf73a5c3b61991103d445f2b8f8Honza Bambas — Bug 767096 - Optimize nsICachingChannel interface for offline cache writing, remove unused member from nsOfflineCacheUpdate, r=sinker DONTBUILD
5bb5b5dd4960f358b91b04f906435a3b68374b27Myk Melez — bug 771395 - show origin of page in window title when it is different from webapp's origin; r=felipe
1f07f04ec01decf4086d97cd024cd324d5e9e698Honza Bambas — Bug 729182 - Implement visual event tracer, docshell instrumentation, r=bzbarsky
ad2c42efbe57309ed037463c6a297c7358a64b10Honza Bambas — Bug 729182 - Implement visual event tracer, dns instrumentation, r=sworkman
30a4e0cf71304537eecdfeefc70310c9928e0430Honza Bambas — Bug 729182 - Implement visual event tracer, http instrumentation, r=mcmanus
7f6e22f10b99eb823d4f3fe039497aa1c9f87ad6Honza Bambas — Bug 765158 - Remove naming of main thread, conflicts with process name on Linux, r=bsmedberg
991404facac2f4884dca0257a767595471de1830Honza Bambas — Bug 767096 - Optimize nsICachingChannel interface for offline cache writing, r=sinker
2838ba825479dc2022170933ae23750422c359b8Honza Bambas — Bug 760067 - Release all OfflineCache custom profile files ASAP after custom profile cache update has finished, r=michal
52e5b438c9115d358a1bdc38e57a994ea22eb456Matthew Noorenberghe — Bug 753239 - Identity module mochitests using DOM APIs. r=dolske
7d1b925bd4ee35e45595abca747fbd363707cf31Matthew Noorenberghe — Bug 753239 - Implement a DOM component for r=jst
e2888cfe516cc6d84d68ba0a15b4d4719d3e9f21Chris Lee — Bug 680897 - There should be a colon after "You have chosen to open" in download window. r=MattN
b824d4c9e57518ca4be62085257614de53bdecc3Benoit Girard — Bug 766579 - Part 3: Follow up fix. r=dbaron
9c681f745658a351dd5ddd9ebfcd760a07be1ddaArkady Blyakher — Bug 769438 - Support sharing images via long press r=snorp
25ffee656138a6c80172c57101523cfe9d5e4f79Wes Johnston — Bug 771099 - Don't send initial touchmove if the users finger hasn't moved far. r=kats
13ea641e1b5a608aa64a583ade753b24d048c22fNeil Rashbrook — Bug 770182 Warn when preprocessing unnecessarily r=bsmedberg
3980bc27a10e0ef2b8974f989a18c388b1aba346Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 772519 - Remove the unused variable res in nsPlatformCharset::Init; r=smontagu
f5ba1d1f6f0e1e4140c5c6eb8f70fd2821638f2fChris Lord — Bug 772479 - Fix use of undefined aViewport width/height properties. r=kats
5c2e6a50906afa23485c52c342e3c340191517a2Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 758992 storage follow-up: make AsyncStatementSpinner's destructor virtual as it is derived from in Windows tests; r=me to fix bustage
8536c3611bbb8f1a014e4a41f5fb499cad2a4788Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 772518 - Remove nsThread::mShutdownPending because it is unused; r=bsmedberg
ad7c34f4f6beb52bb95c82da0a3795b4831d330bMalini Das — Bug 772086 - change emulator command check to use simpler call, r=philikon
c07ade928cc003297a4c29283f13737de1cd7effEhsan Akhgari — Backout changeset 3a7ece100089 (bug 770182) because of make check failures
4a291b930430a7efeb92f85044c06b33831144bdNeil Rashbrook — Bug 766494 Followup to bug 278860 to check for the actual missing profile folder r=bsmedberg
3a7ece100089349c65774ffb0701a8f40543267cNeil Rashbrook — Bug 770182 Warn when preprocessing unnecessarily r=bsmedberg
d9c9fe7a8d3d4970b8badfe6d4f8b529d4e7c252Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 758992 - Make the classes which use the XPCOM nsISupports implementation macros final, to avoid the warning about deleting using a pointer to a base class with virtual functions and no virtual dtor (places parts); r=mak
8f6369338673ff1fcff50973431087d5c848ed99Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 758992 - Make the classes which use the XPCOM nsISupports implementation macros final, to avoid the warning about deleting using a pointer to a base class with virtual functions and no virtual dtor (storage parts); r=mak
1e6251d8d492d7044a7b514c9dbb056dbf2c4503Wes Johnston — Bug 772502 - Remove custom focus rings on mobile. r=mfinkle
90e6b6c68e635f999825ebdb4a9e3cb55349ad21Margaret Leibovic — Bug 757198 - Make TabsAdapter listen for tab changes, not TabsTray. r=mfinkle
ee10766fbd8da67fafe34c593c16db39d374b0e2Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 772525 - Remove the unused variable on in nsCacheService::Lock; r=bsmith
465da27bb61bcbcca59104405cbd5aca9790d7d3Wes Johnston — Bug 772436 - Fix rounding errors in slide to close tabs. r=mfinkle
1e756c5a69d3a2b58f8ba789303fbf62a4f92169Nick Alexander — Bug 772553 - Warning and logging improvements. r=rnewman
24970e96b3de02431661ddd75f780a7bcf0d3fe5Timothy B. Terriberry — Bug 772341 - Enable Opus support by default, r=roc
a1ce3c30d47c23a51124e86e96676b4c04a36c9fTakanori MATSUURA — Bug 772507 - Add vpx/vpx_encoder.h and vpx/vp8cx.h to system-headers files. r=bsmedberg
2c74d07ba892c0319fdef66be4d8683cac40d31aMihnea Balaur — Bug 758452 - Add xUnit output support to Marionette, r=jgriffin, DONTBUILD because NPOTB,
346dfa3989782f2e45b21e03417153d8c34b2768Terrence Cole — Bug 772314 - Replace NSPR's interval timer with PRMJ_Now; r=luke
83fc31dccd9147e01c47c429be504d0c60219325Benoit Girard — Bug 766579 - Part 2: Intertwine during sampling. r=jmuizelaar
461dd0c4f2b7ca651e28b3d3b5e3bcbe314a2e7eBenoit Girard — Bug 766579 - Part 1: Add SP param to NS_StackWalk. r=dbaron
a7264c9e51cbb5c40bcc4952ae18d252ac33695eEhsan Akhgari — Remove some extra trailing semicolons (no bug)
e6b770b1457206dce70fb112adb4195ade68f820Chris Lord — Bug 772510 - Fix Java build warning in r=mfinkle
5990b7ced37d478a44339d4396bb42f398facc76Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 771757 - Fix subdocument scrolling so that it works again. r=wesj
1182273aad8839e63d796e8b613db300e44de157Ehsan Akhgari — Remove some extra trailing semicolons (no bug)
92a5b06cd9e89403dcdae3458ac3d406e2398114Ehsan Akhgari — Remove some extra trailing semicolons (no bug)
fc5feb08c73f192db83a5d5a6fe7c36795f1dbc0Brad Lassey — bug 765426 - nsAndroidHistory requires QI to be posted to the main thread as a runnable r=gavin
391f4f60d810f72c5ed107a26f1d2236893968deWes Johnston — Bug 769454 - Show helper apps option in the context menu for links. r=mfinkle
301b36379f402b4cc91440e5af0c77a4609e2420Scott Johnson — Bug 758079: Inflate margin of numeric list elements to prevent cut-off text during font inflation. [r=dbaron]
d75c06f195d2086537f439583350d41172d63a79Justin Wood — Backed out Bug 771251 -- changeset 95c9bc0e63f7 due to red.
95c9bc0e63f72caace325087cd87e238e57f5eb7Benjamin Smedberg — Bug 771251 - OOP crash reporting accesses the directory service off the main thread. In addition, the first design of the crash injector callback meant that we're dropping some set of Flash crashes which happen during an RPC call. r=ted
340764f48ed218896d47356a3d0d2ed8dc4bc325Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge the last PGO-green inbound changeset to m-c.
04dc0717dd53724a5e3ed9e07bc38dcd40725b78Ed Morley — Backout 6087689a0745, 153e82923805, 255445a0a851 (bug 728524) on suspicion of causing bug 772405
46b33c04a8401194f5e058e467ff03b60aab7008Ed Morley — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound
6e6bfdabd6631f3f21bb984c99d670028a76e9feAli Juma — Bug 762101 - Correctly convert from screen coordinates to buffer coordinates in ShadowBufferOGL::Upload. r=cjones
7578fa8c76f72133c9fd1fb394e9fe4776c3a941Josh Aas — Bug 771489: Use standard threadsafe refcounting in host resolver. r=sworkman
e8dc86da1363480c2720bb27dea22df7b9bd697cDão Gottwald — Bug 772259 - Download history button shouldn't inherit the panel's background. r=paolo
021cff093a3c0a836e1dc54b129d95f4debfae72Blair McBride — Bug 771817 - Add-on compatibility dialog appears when launching app using different version from that previously run. r=gavin
6c8ea05c83ad6a1da4616d7c60c97257aca89ed1Justin Lebar — Bug 772338 - Abort when VirtualAlloc fails in jemalloc's pages_commit routine. r=glandium
2e6f37d5c96d66d37cd0414dfcc6dee650189b15Andrew Quartey — Bug 767757 - Move nsAccessNode::Init() to Acccessible::Init() r=trev.saunders
9e25fe33268dac875aca9d2ccae420c29e6293deJacek Caban — Bug 769607 - depends on dumpbin r=glandium
512948e12f25b33217248875eb06002a0566bf6aJonathan Watt — Bug 772246 - nsSVGUtils::GetPostFilterVisualOverflowRect should not offset the returned rect by the frame's position. r=roc.
01a48ccbd15e79b9284ae33be868a7529858e8cbEd Morley — Backout 751aa72f61a2 (bug 729495) for robocop testAllPagesTab failures
5c3fea9f6da6720e9f4222ac402cf56fdec9db97Hsinyi Tsai — Bug 766822 - WebTelephony: add tests for hanging up dialing/alerting/holding calls. r=philikon
da0f71229ea5c7e59b0fd789f0cf1d5beafe64e0Cameron McCormack — Bug 772355 - Use nsStyleDisplay::IsFloating in a couple of places rather than inspecting mFloats. r=roc
6d65db5944813bf9c5ee6ca81b54866432c8db8eCameron McCormack — Bug 772356 - Add an IsEmpty method to SVGUserUnitList. r=jwatt
6b8bea26cdfbd6b4709896241687c2413d0e9caeAryeh Gregor — Bug 771983 - Re-add non-debug null check to nsEditor::GetNodeLocation; r=ehsan
5b855bdde1a92fd3105f8e4bc3f1e63800c08823Aryeh Gregor — Bug 771435 - Fix nsEditor::DoTransaction to use transaction interfaces sanely; r=ehsan
519bc7e30a7bbd46da01e3d00a4956de5469582bAryeh Gregor — Bug 771749 - Fix dangling pointer in nsEditor::RemoveContainer; r=ehsan
cdd36f5c088b82aec4cb8fbfc978bc0e1bda983eMike Hommey — Bug 771056 - Use NS_OS_TEMP_DIR to save SPS profile data. r=bgirard
4248dbd859721e5782f367d6eb604d8a6250d6bbSriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 769237: Removing expanded tabs button state on phones. [r=mfinkle]
418ad69cfe528708b7dedff73be6aed4738deb51Benjamin Peterson — Bug 769072: retroactively apply strict mode to defaults. r=njn
6332579d7623c2e4d5fa989dae3b545a14042c32Benjamin Peterson — Bug 769072: increase tokenizer lookahead to 3. r=njn
50ab0f0736c8f428a78ce8ea21e4d3c6aad36357Benjamin Peterson — Bug 772012: create a CompileError class. r=njn
166b9569242358a77371c28d69e79f82ca8ab515Brian Nicholson — Bug 769524 - Add sleep to testSearchSuggestions to workaround blocked event queue. r=gbrown
5549659290f725c675a6e5d85a9bbf9dc7a1865dJan Varga — Bug 771498 - FileHandle: getFile() should return a DOMRequest (instead of a FileRequest). r=sicking
b9c7a7f3335c2b619bfcc0a20692e673148bda84Phil Ringnalda — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound
751aa72f61a2578311e03d41ddc7befc4a99ffc5Brian Nicholson — Bug 729495 - Hide http:// in displayed URLs. r=mfinkle
4de086e95f6b94d4bda14bc6700d99aab39e2ea5Gavin Sharp — Bug 771877: add WorkerAPI, r=jaws/mixedpuppy
6087689a07456e521903ce175ab8343cc6b4e9adOleg Romashin — Bug 728524 - Render to shared EGLImage/Texture implementation. r=bgirard,vlad,jgilbert
153e82923805f4b6e5b48376ca35f656b8d2fe20Oleg Romashin — Bug 728524 - Public shared texture API + Canvas impl. r=bgirard,vlad,jgilbert
255445a0a851bd6313eae7e96d3b0e9dc3591a2bOleg Romashin — Bug 728524 - Minor rework for TexImage filter setup. r=bgirard
552418e64261a15c9c51d691d1306ca61ffe2413Justin Lebar — Bug 772077 - Fix randomorange caused by test_browserElement_inproc_ContextmenuEvents.html calling SimpleTest.finish() twice. r=daleharvey
56545257892911d994aad63ae7b7415fdaacf4f4Justin Lebar — Bug 772275 - Make mozvisibilitychange event bubble, per spec. r=bz
8e8bc0324383771fb8540400883e8fe5df48927dJustin Lebar — Bug 772155 - Disallow nested content processes. r=bz
d51590af8299cc4d237859776ff7cbb3f9820522Jason Duell — Bug 771318 - Fix early websocket Init fail. r=mcmanus, r=smaug
a0efe9a4f4da0b7b775db6f6095d4e20757dd5dbJason Duell — Bug 771318 - Code cleanup before actual fix. r=mcmanus
422dcbefb833d5505ece0a8609ba5afebb01cb1cWes Johnston — Bug 766808 - Resolve icon urls for apps using relative urls. r=mfinkle
6b0d194eabed8a5caf96586c72ea8efeb122398dMasatoshi Kimura — Bug 771115 - Get System Proxy Settings from the active Internet connection. r=jimm
e6dc10b2f61766ea714fd31948e2bc7f99b58a13Oleg Romashin — Bug 770754 - Allow build Qt mobility without maemo define. r=dougt
3d6027262f4fb0c1dd289c40f77e87055822476dHenri Sivonen — Bug 765620 - When parsing from stream without executing scripts, avoid script execution-related tree ops. r=smaug
91bf7ac760e54a6a75f9f3c94129703ab77e563eRyan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
9740009f67ae5be622339d1e90ea28d90ee6134aEhsan Akhgari — Bug 771766 - Preserve the case of the application installation directory when replacing the application after an update for it has been staged; r=rstrong
5a104d7e8e7ccec2b44418254aca4301aeabaec0Jason Duell — Bug 752780 - Convert invalid UTF-16 to UTF-8 in websocket send(). r=sicking
601e2a3564ac7cae8bddac3c0b22219fe1f8c9f3Brian R. Bondy — Bug 770874 - Removed the STARTUP_USING_PRELOAD_TRIAL telemetry histogram code. r=taras
5b03b3e56196e17303e9c1f0f9967b4b324f8264Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 767479 - Handle the case of more than 1024 frames when walking the stack of another thread on Windows, and also use the infallible allocator when walking the stack of your own thread; r=dbaron
a7f575fe03e018b830454175a70fa7d38f431f94Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 763223 - convert the assertion added in bug 157681 to a warning; r=dbaron
2cbf12886c8914b36127cdec5c93ea4884c7d6b1Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 767488 - Cache the current process handle after reading it for the first time during stack walking; r=dbaron
d9351d6dd5e376a090b9820d2db4954273d99bfaPatrick McManus — bug 770264 - http connection diagnostics r=honzab
4cc05ceaa476ded65c8b948ca9cd58824291d1b6Margaret Leibovic — Bug 768073 - Fix doorhanger arrow alignment on tablets. r=sriram
6170836e4f9ec3dece8bbce118b58f455fcf3f1aMargaret Leibovic — Bug 764405 - Adjust site identity popup arrow margin to work with new toolbar icon layout. r=sriram
d99fa5ee8bd34adee695c1caa3564bfc5e6d96bdMargaret Leibovic — Bug 769001 - Site identity popup should have a max width on tablets. r=sriram
023ac6edd2af42568339921ce2b48c1cc341c5adJonathan Kew — backout changeset d9d5d1bd766c (bug 769194) because of crashiness.
24a3959ab89399dab7908f8b1e5700fec814c4e3Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 769237: Remove tabs_button_expanded.xml as it's not needed.
c5623d48b5fcc8f6d210d719ad1c982aeb8747b0Chris Peterson — Bug 772210 - Fix warning: unused variable 'initFlushCount'. r=luke
03a28b099e4863733721f56c8a834d3a49418c50Justin Lebar — Bug 770239 - Tests for X-Frame-Options behavior inside <iframe mozbrowser>. r=bz
e587293c649722ba2bab0ab26688c4f7d63d32a3Justin Lebar — Bug 770239 - Make X-Frame-Options work correctly with <iframe mozbrowser>, and remove the disable X-Frame-Options pref (added in bug 707893). r=bz
e308e75d1b5bbcf7fc11b18e320edfe2e0536b35Jim Mathies — Bug 770896 - include vccorlib110 redist library in installs for metro. r=rstrong
727439019fa71718ef644372a580c9d6d4b806edSriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 770079: LARGE identifier satisfies 7" inch tablets. [r=mfinkle]
35ea8db0ca39cc158cbc30f5ff6224bec42c362fSriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 769237: Centered plus, synced-tab icons for tabs panel toolbar. [r=mfinkle]
7564ef1532bd3b016f0ff5c639228a861be1376dSriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 769237: Menu popup arrow position doesn't need to be calculated. [r=mfinkle]
ce6955c27e17cab4b6788127f25ff35a0716d65eSriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 769237: Remove extra tab carats; rename tab expanded button on phones. [r=mfinkle]
7c2897ce1b53a524290a6e0cda33d60b83352c13Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 769237: Move the overflow menu to the right in XHDPI ICS devices. [r=mfinkle]
a5dacb3e58bdb2051a939516a2971797df8fd89fJim Blandy — Bug 769754: Debugger handler functions should not corrupt the debuggee's JSContext::iterValue. r=jorendorff
90b26572387980f6f5746c02026e749efdfb9a86Jason Duell — Bug 767512 - Fix connection pressure for non-SSL CONNECT. r=mcmanus
9b12977096b9083b59c0f1c2df4f4b4bbc21e5c9Jason Duell — Bug 766929 - NS_ABORT_IF_FALSE(mConnectionInfo->UsingSSL()) failing [websockets http proxy]. r=mcmanus
aa3ac9e05a566c6b1c3835a819815d3a87d561a3Justin Lebar — Bug 764718 - Part 2: Test for calling window.close() on a window opened by from <iframe mozbrowser>. r=bz
1bef7c0e655ba2a167c2e42d293adfb8c5286a58Justin Lebar — Bug 764718 - Part 1: Make window.close work on windows opened via from <iframe mozbrowser>, when OOP is disabled. r=bz
ad0398f298c6f86e012b49cbbf378894b68d2c9dJason Orendorff — Back out changeset ac870e3e94f3 due to red on m-i.
5187bb9b28d049f9652c037497ba86ae4830d497Jason Orendorff — Back out changeset a88ce0cbdba6 due to red on m-i.
a88ce0cbdba61fe0b071e9addd6a4cfe49e2486cJason Orendorff — Bug 770865 - Rename TreeContext to ParseContext. r=njn.
ac870e3e94f38fb14e1234a4ea50bc652ffc6092Jason Orendorff — Bug 770854 - Put frontend code in the frontend namespace. r=njn.
102443258731dc5ba78e8d167669d60397a66194Mark Finkle — Bug 767864 - fix %BUILD_TARGET% in mobile.js r=nthomas
098fbc184428c2902a789d2b70354669c001d63bDaniel Veditz — Fix test failure from bug 767778, r=sstamm, a=akeybl
f87cba6f0581aadbf96ddcc927caa9fd84c5f398Daniel Veditz — bug 767778 bring report struct in-line w/1.0 spec; include original URI for redirects r=sstamm, a=akeybl
5b77d71ed9275a71ab9e3223e488eb6effd31cdfOlli Pettay — Bug 765139, prevent leaking oldDocument, r=peterv
0b4a966d3f85e60f6c1e0e874d1df7e32bceab3fEd Morley — Backout 1cefe3f794ba (bug 767778) for xpcshell failures
1cefe3f794ba37322b8657efe178e97d6642b460Daniel Veditz — bug 767778 bring report struct in-line w/1.0 spec; include original URI for redirects r=sstamm, a=akeybl
8bba6a37776e41e0f8aa0785bcd0cc8dab7d00aeTim Taubert — merge m-c to fx-team
90c8e72e00b6f1e85f3688882ac8f7067f35b978Tim Taubert — Bug 771892 - [New Tab Page] check for private browsing mode *every* time a user drags a link onto the grid; r=ehsan
d6c83328d74190ed1076fb8d1f0f0fbcb26ca7c5Paul Rouget — Bug 772093 - test fail on Mac: browser_inspector_bug_672902_keyboard_shortcuts.js | Test timed out. r=harth
80df6fa4627c07d48b67e5d23b6be5868fe07a69Panos Astithas — Bug 771464 - Duplicate CSS rules for the step-over button. r=paul
28473532325effedba1e79130dddf3c4ed27d954Paul Rouget — Bug 719845 - [markup panel] The HTML Tree should have its own keybindings. r=dcamp
17867a57ffc205bae2c97aaffe3392741435faabPaul Rouget — Bug 771199 - [devtb] remove the Style Editor from the developer toolbar. r=dao
7ca8c657adae7a851ee7873093f703123c4a6933Paul Rouget — Bug 764474 - [inspector] arrow keys are creating problems. r=harth
11aa96777b29cabf272fbdfee1eaef16883a231bPaul Rouget — Bug 752851 - [Responsive Mode] if the inspector is open, the inspector should close first (when hitting Escape). r=harth
02b26fb307b4b5a4d3ba59a413bd24b7145c3e51Ryan VanderMeulen — Backout a516a86f854d (bug 767064) due to Android M1 orange.
7f65a44991de788f8b6598a9212d88c1a689dab5Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge the last PGO-green inbound changeset to m-c.
7cfd416e0b06fe24b1d265d6c5766e9a448c0f58Randell Jesup — Bug 771981: Don't build webrtc except for Linux/Mac/Windows; don't check for chrome dlls on windows r=bsmedberg
b9b7b40019a0050a3d440458fffe70f32a20ec8dMakoto Kato — Bug 767354 - Typing 1 character in password fields will insert 2 characters. r=cpeterson
ad4fd5dcc088b47c2ddcf64bcc39f4184fe9c88eChris Peterson — Bug 769520 - Part 2: In debug builds, assert IME code is running on UI thread. r=blassey
b9ad5793fbba40d81e0f69acc88246d6db0a35dbChris Peterson — Bug 769520 - Part 1: Post Gecko's IME callbacks from Gecko thread to UI thread. r=blassey
136088ebded37491c7910d3a9860e2bcf760c38bMatt Brubeck — Bug 768254 - Fix crash in shouldUpdateThumbnail when opening a new window in a WebApp [r=sriram]
3ac72d60477395620633b706e9b863713e703d94Justin Lebar — Bug 772076 - Fix race condition whereby BrowserElementParent.js can be loaded /after/ BrowserElementChild.js, for popup windows in <iframe mozbrowser>. r=smaug
60fc6a0b66dc3abbaff5ac4efd57f533608e8286Jonathan Watt — Bug 771042, part 3 - Enable the reftests/svg/smil/motion tests. r=birtles.
bcda78cc9bed06d69c5dd3f0933b9c1e892eaa09Jonathan Watt — Bug 771042, part 2 - Fix bug in reftests/svg/smil/motion/animateMotion-rotate-2.svg. r=me.
d651a39e115b3f52ff2411a6acecb74776342329Jonathan Watt — Bug 771042, part 1 - Fix invalidation of animateMotion. r=birtles.
654677c62195ade890271785c1d1d6e05b2332d5Nathan Froyd — Bug 370750 - consolidate mochitest files installation; r=glandium
a516a86f854da9a92976566878010c820458b22dVladimir Vukicevic — b=767064; use 4444/565 GL context format for WebGL on mobile; r=jgilbert
f1502bb466347a03a8657eec122866967c09a8d3Wes Johnston — Bug 769454 - Turn off helper app prompts. r=mfinkle
142b9df4d0212d15400d1afcd7fd25d953afd29aWes Johnston — Bug 732052 - Internal touch event listeners should not enable slow path. r=smaug
e32603f16465aac22d20f4604015a289db7155dcWes Johnston — Bug 732052 - Allow slide frames to use touch events. r=smaug,enn
a9d1108f70fb693f69e962878484476d9b380ac6Wes Johnston — Bug 732052 - Update video controls for touch events. r=dolske
84623518d42861f0787d0e7ee654405e40b2add5Vicamo Yang — Bug 771048: fix typo in nsAutoRef::swap, r=khuey
7aba0b7a805f5ea182fa18505562201729b80a3cBrian Hackett — Fix --enable-root-analysis builds break, no bug. r=billm
7738b028e2fdf0746c1e7600a8b10082c1e68f42Justin Lebar — Bug 771829 - Add a python script to create new browser element tests. r=mounir DONTBUILD
c0f7c33713b3e33e47e191130050b34908aa07c7Mike Hommey — Bug 771569 - Move elfhack sections before .rel{,a}.dyn to work around glibc 2.16 bug. r=nfroyd
a895c39732ff2e7c189019bf5748d5adfa869810Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 769460 - Add a build time option for enabling per-window private browsing; r=glandium
b4eb0d2cafc029a11ba5d3aa92b63a1da375c79aBrian R. Bondy — Bug 693263 - Support CF_HDROP format for drag and dropped files. r=neil.
baa345c66f85a94fc94af5e74c92e40cb126066eRaphael Catolino — Bug 771492 - Enable the dom.experimental_forms pref by default on mobile. r=mfinkle
32334d92099ae7b1ee70e6c1557ffed5cc94f316Ed Morley — Backout 61038a15b7b7 (bug 771569) for elfhack errors
138751d54763f080008691f7ff9d13f1a33cce25Mike Hommey — Bug 771870 - Avoid js/src/Makefile being created with wrong topsrcdir. r=khuey
61038a15b7b741cf5963f4e4e71261e6c424509aMike Hommey — Bug 771569 - Move elfhack sections before .rel{,a}.dyn to work around glibc 2.16 bug. r=nfroyd
60aa15acdd0923826a159eab419d463f03aefff4Mounir Lamouri — Bug 769583 - Add methods to nsIPermissionManager to take principals instead of URIs. r=sicking
104a6456639e248493d95b00aedd72802e73d9f5Mounir Lamouri — Bug 770832 - Add 'localeId' to WebApps registry. r=fabrice
4da377ae2e2f4efee21e15bcab19b6072ff061c4Mark Capella — Bug 704311 - Element CopyInnerTo shouldn't be const, r=jst, f=ms2ger
c205394bc02d40cc7da1215461a8e281286ff815Ed Morley — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound
8774a43f10bfc7bb21a053ce2eddc35c88202b1eJonathan Watt — Bug 772017 - Have the visual overflow rect for SVG frames include 'none' stroke when 'pointer-events' demands it. r=roc.
a114220721528795f0e59b09c0030b87ea3032e8Mike Hommey — Bug 769130 - Actually install channel-prefs.js in PREF_DIR when building Firefox as a XULRunner app. r=khuey
04955334260e547705a10a30d3919fefdc344029Mike Hommey — Bug 771110 - Properly log the file name under which profile data is saved. r=bgirard
5af87e9088ce8df069bbdbf18a0b77823f192771Eddy Bruel — Bug 703537 - Uncomment a line that the previous patch commented out by accident
8129536fb25c1ed7fcea8294d51795b354579fe5Aryeh Gregor — Bug 771639 - Handle null current node in nsRange.cpp's ValidateCurrentNode; r=smaug
1fc78d08e3f7dbddc58b08b50f462a027380dfcfEd Morley — Backout 034afcc038c9 (bug 771877) for mochitest-browser-chrome leaks
5645ad3abc2c7b19e6304993753286655ca51811Luke Wagner — Bug 771896 - rm LOAD_ATOM, LOAD_NAME, and 'atoms' from js::Interpret (r=waldo)
a3c416843da08a87cbcac8a3559b0c6863d21d23Luke Wagner — Bug 770795 - add NullPtr and associated Handle constructor (r=billm)
034afcc038c925e2d8f7c066e7cb59c06824a5f8Gavin Sharp — Bug 771877: add WorkerAPI, r=jaws/mixedpuppy
37fc31499d8a9013a26549f432be1faf0e1d78e7Gregory Szorc — Merge mozilla-central into services-central
24312b9671c64fc218772bf1320b33690c54d0fdGregory Szorc — Merge mozilla-central into services-central
5099eb0d0287ed8214ce5c650e43ec2eb8322bccAnant Narayanan — Bug 760896: Use CommonUtils.json* in AitC Storage module; r=gps
55cf49a44cdc66d9a01f0e78a83635fddda5d436Gregory Szorc — Merge mozilla-central into services-central
d07cb07160dd75a9dd7a678dbeeb439dafd24790Gregory Szorc — Bug 769864 - Fix intermittent test failure due to timing inconsistency; r=rnewman
c73c500bd6e7c119aa7f2c25f81895fa63559a98Richard Newman — Merge m-c to s-c.
ea8c4810d3d5a5a2d60452143024ded37bc318faRichard Newman — Merge m-c to s-c.
9d0bf5dddfc4b97b89f95f134e226da6a7b46d5eGregory Szorc — Bug 763171 - Move display synced tab logic to nsBrowserGlue.js; r=gavin
dbb9abec1fea45b038efc103ea5a668fce91fa97Gregory Szorc — Bug 732152 - Implement standalone client for Storage Service 2.0; r=rnewman
f9ec1c3125181f9fd4cbce639af34af770bbd113Gregory Szorc — Bug 760466 - Make JS Storage Server pass Python functional tests; r=rnewman
ea5eedb6ff461e954fc7fe03e6cd6add214e4235Gregory Szorc — Bug 757860 - Load JS HTTP server as a module; r=rnewman
5db95a224bc64b67d4f3b86633a8378c9a4ad932Gregory Szorc — Bug 755196 - Allow httpd.js to be loaded as a testing module; r=mcmanus
6f4f21863da1bf1ae581053da4f8e4cd13486012Gregory Szorc — Bug 762837 - Try to find modules directory if not defined; r=ted
6519f404443daf662d261ed1f8523aa52c2e66aeGregory Szorc — Bug 755339 - Package testing-only JS modules; r=ted
bed0b991aa981daac58daa3efba24ce602d5724bRichard Newman — Merge m-c to s-c.
c0f8160baaf7d568b339072b847af8f7b3c9820dAnant Narayanan — Bug 744985: Redirect about:apps to apps dashboard; r=gps
9e5967a09ac10798c878381ff4ad40acbd327f05Anant Narayanan — Bug 760898: Merge with s-c
86ae249ed098d43c8765566f89d99bc9c6af886dAnant Narayanan — Bug 760898: Only enable AITC if the Apps DOM API is used; r=gps
0388e4acf5c8748e977b6f8a2291960046db8883Anant Narayanan — Bug 760898: Set dom.mozApps.used when the Apps DOM API is used; r=fabrice
6c5f4b12f49651c8754f9c60e681f1db6404e906Olli Pettay — Bug 771961, fix a regression from Bug 756750, r=ehsan
db88713eebf71d88cd182dd97f0a3e290e6c1628Olli Pettay — Bug 770887 - MutationReceiver doesn't need to be cycle collected, r=mccr8
93e9bfe61602f975161ecdba82e5d4783ca127dbChris Peterson — Bug 769520 - Part 2: In debug builds, assert IME code is running on UI thread. r=blassey
6ffe01582f9da89bc1100f4e98a2ae32ae316c68Chris Peterson — Bug 769520 - Part 1: Post Gecko's IME callbacks from Gecko thread to UI thread. r=blassey
23e02d96d349cbb5315cfab51e68b47daf9d5936Makoto Kato — Bug 767354 - Typing 1 character in password fields will insert 2 characters. r=cpeterson
15f4ed9607b32fcbf37d441e0c75798eed66bb3fOlli Pettay — Bug 770684, make sure chrome DOMParser doesn't load external resources, r=bz
072784f83257eac61d262d03b0a113e6dc536ee5Joel Maher — Bug 771587 - update a to include specialpowers, a11y, dirty, v8, sunspider changes. r=jhammel
78e058c75a38b70dd8fce19cdd30339a54dbba0bEd Morley — Merge last PGO-green changeset of mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central
d3cfb134c62540401cbcc56f695200af52ff8fb4Vicamo Yang — Bug 769347: order database query results by timestamp, r=philikon
dfca0a052c47aa149ecf7d0378a1c4a86df24481Brian R. Bondy — Bug 770883 - Disable functionality for clearing prefetch. r=taras
137f4655cf255762958f6a52f55b794a98dc13fdEmmanuele Bassi — Bug 762303 - Unprefix CSS Transition properties and provide temporary aliases for -moz-transition and exposed subproperties. r=dbaron
7f35b944aaddd685b14579a4671127e61f520ff0Emmanuele Bassi — Bug 762302 - Unprefix CSS Animation properties and @keyframes rule and provide temporary aliases for -moz-animation and exposed subproperties. r=dbaron
3af3e1615bfc01f81622eb631e1c3116cd22ab1dCameron McCormack — Bug 771903 - Fix member initialization order warning. r=smaug
e76664c1c80fa98f2f7b8d44d7571ee74223838dCameron McCormack — Bug 771874 - Make nsTextFrame::TrimmedOffsets::GetEnd const. r=roc
116d44996f48604975e577b575e8a345eb105f9bCameron McCormack — Bug 771879 - Minor code formatting tweaks. r=roc
d3758482ee586e8320e450d97d65389fc872bf4aCameron McCormack — Bug 771883 - Minor nsTextFrame::GetCaretColorAt refactoring. r=roc
29a65f75102139125b242a8b3c9b46bd895bb6ffCameron McCormack — Bug 771900 - Don't have presentation attributes for properties we don't support. r=jwatt
6e0f0a9228ce3cb663e03912b2c495be61792186Jonathan Watt — Bug 769742 - Account for nsSVGOuterSVGFrames' border/padding offset by giving nsSVGOuterSVGFrame an anonymous child to wrap its real children. r=roc.
43993f45c3286c30fd5b71d1a448f474aaf0ca5aJonathan Watt — Bug 771935 - SVGs that are larger than the browser content area should scroll. r=roc.
392e0ec0088e9b7b4d3ea54d3143e0348c0edbccLuqman Aden — Bug 770814 - Make nsEditor::GetNodeLocation return already_AddRefed<nsIDOMNode> instead of having it as an out param; r=ehsan
b6fb3d9bd1b9be91dd10ee3877ea45394a162941Eddy Bruel — Bug 703537 - Revert accidental mozconfig change; DONTBUILD
1ee6c61e0a0bcfe916f577d60439aadc7a181e97Brian Birtles — Bug 555392 - Extend timeout for deferred-tree-1.xhtml; r=dholbert
75529339a7db41e7115551cec54b4bf0ec008ff2Matthew Noorenberghe — Bug 758952 - Add l10n notes to a=comment-only
1dca8301543333171f119840d47450208af46853Matthew Noorenberghe — Bug 770063 - Give more time for loading content in intermittent test_sandbox.xul. a=test-only
ad49b6cda2870e595ddbaf5a5d3fa2e9fced01afRyan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
08fb8d6997bc9d510ae527bd3781d7f8b614108bRyan VanderMeulen — Backout 2dd36c1cd662 (bug 771320) due to red.
89e5bededa3e9046e3b26f566441592bba9d9caeMatthew Noorenberghe — Bug 749931 - "Migration to a clean Firefox profile" feature doesn't suggest browser history migration (Part 2). r=gavin
2dd36c1cd6627207f0028e8c35df5ffdb6b73f95Cameron Kaiser — Bug 771320 - Use payloadOf/PAYLOAD_OFFSET when constructing PIC stubs. r=bhackett
3fa8a7059b69ff851999c75c694b6fbfc15701feLandry Breuil — Bug 764436 - remove DT_WHT constant, it's unused and not standardized. r=yoric
1c58f5b42d42604e2b9f6e07b0f4a246e3e69e26Gavin Sharp — Bug 771844: make about:memory wider, r=njn
13e12510e60ffafeab13c89705fb43af80e1284aBill McCloskey — Bug 771720 - Improve GC data collection (r=terrence)
2e71feecb12833315139cb150415e4be87026888Eddy Bruel — Bug 703537: Rename AbstractWrapper to IndirectWrapper + adding comments; r=bholley
b794372c1ad2a1691b98245f009e58da44e24a7cL. David Baron — Merge mozilla-inbound and mozilla-central.
3cfacdaa343889a4d5dbb1f330c1640daf198e1aBenoit Jacob — Bug 768538 - CheckedInt: HasSignBit should return bool - r=Ms2ger
02207487d5e52d83708325f9f881f004c2979560Benoit Girard — Bug 771219 - Disable progressive painting until Talos correctly measure progressive painting progress. r=ajuma
6a4ee4b39ca34e213a73c4fc8beca18c6f28e062Benoit Girard — Bug 771219 - Added a pref for progressive painting. r=ajuma
b5cdfedc324d2bc322bd216cea475c5114d3218bBenoit Girard — Bug 771219 - Implement tile based progressive drawing. r=ajuma
265258de61ec001e48724a967da24198102f8c48Benoit Girard — Bug 771219 - Add Repeatable transactions. r=ajuma
b7c9802cfef5727208c10ecdc5681e0885b6560aBenoit Girard — Bug 771219 - Restore display items when drawing a thebes layer. r=roc
5a372bbee65ccfc6390e33c50ba001b937b0c0a6Benoit Jacob — Bug 768538 - CheckedInt: code simplification; remove the separate operator/ implementation - r=Ms2ger
d21643ed38afc8476f2169123e1a8451f7468849Dão Gottwald — merge backout
69062ce3781863f34af43016f7fd94b27352045eDão Gottwald — Backed out changeset e5248b32d1b6
221f1a184f678d18579473688ef94a37c43df048Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge the last PGO-green inbound changeset to m-c.
c8715136091bfd3cdd6e5d71289e28878e07e06cAryeh Gregor — Bug 767169 part 3 - Use script runner for nsHTMLEditor::ResetRootElementAndEventTarget; r=ehsan,bz
d50d39defc0c42db3d3dabb0af49e4d6b1570070Randell Jesup — Bug 771588: don't PGO asm_enc_offsets.c in libvpx - fix for MSVC2010 r=bsmedberg
f86b9868abd929ee8ddd064287979b18803b0979Randell Jesup — Bug 771248: Flip webrtc build pref to on r=roc
a8b4c3e86584d00b60733eb580d36f7a50b7e772Cameron McCormack — Bug 769115 - Calculate marker orientation correctly for arc endpoints. r=jwatt
fa1bf35aae2e7d838126f8031e6b9f713d556707Jonathan Watt — Bug 771795 - Stop over-invalidating SVG. r=heycam.
70995c6989e46afe5cb183b66a33ddc640591f2fL. David Baron — Add flush before we find our pres context, to fix media queries tests on ringmark. (Bug 753777) r=bzbarsky
a9a5832fc7989042c4d1fe1cb898b8a5a8408f2eL. David Baron — Implement dppx units [css3-images] for resolution media query. (Bug 741644) r=bzbarsky
6e509374cbd1e02671455ab3ecdfa94d4e81613bL. David Baron — Change our interpretation of resolution units in CSS to match updates to the spec: i.e., device pixels per CSS inch (instead of device pixels per physical inch). (Bug 771390) r=bzbarsky
07e36b94baddb2e0cc46edfc2fbf79e130de6f14Mihai Sucan — Bug 770993 - ConsoleAPI.js consumes excessive amounts of memory; r=dbaron,rcampbell
c9b0e6294a7c592b9dafe2da639fa01b0e675f60Luke Wagner — Remove unnecessary decls (mostly to trigger a clobbering rebuild) (no bug, r=me)
ec41fa92504fbad80a7120c7a86c6dca5ae5ac06Alex Crichton — Bug 770663 - Add a JS shell function to turn on a static profiling stack (r=luke)
69225f71e53804b5d216405148768089ac8f9730Alex Crichton — Bug 761261 - Add JS profiling to SPS (r=luke,ehsan)
c3382b5975c84ef7b27ff5e7fed80a5f819c8ed4Jeff Walden — Bug 771742 - Refactor the date to-UTC-string methods to not use date_format_utc. r=luke
6f326e125cdafba111f833a826ad00ff54d245dfJeff Walden — Bug 771742 - Refactor the date to-locale-string methods to do their method-guarding right at the start, and never in nested method calls. r=luke
e68d62b3ab834dbaa84eedaee4e920c4d2690fd8Jeff Walden — Bug 771742 - Reimplement the Date.prototype.set<date component> functions in terms of their spec steps, and remove the hard-to-understand date_makeDate. r=luke
65396577e80a003e7693ccc642e9c92242eb0367Jeff Walden — Bug 771742 - Reimplement the Date.prototype.set<unit of time> functions in terms of their spec steps, and remove the hard-to-understand date_makeTime. r=luke
5493f54ce6212fbcfa65e6b0acfb8434da715dd8Jeff Walden — Bug 771742 - Reorganize all the date/time spec algorithms and constants to be in spec order (when possible), have proper types, be methods rather than macros, and so on. This will make it easier to refactor some of the Date method implementations to read more like the spec algorithms. r=luke
c20386dc121942151b81fb5e38c35b0fc6ab7905Jason Orendorff — Bug 768313 - Crash with newGlobal, newContext, --dump-bytecode, happens because jaeger inlines the non-pccount script into the pccount script, r=bhackett
1751d97cc9e4f1e71ed98e8d7564714aa160ff14Gavin Sharp — Bug 753238 bustage fix: fix uninitialized variable use, and clang build error (error: non-constant-expression cannot be narrowed from type 'int' to 'unsigned int' in initializer list [-Wc++11-narrowing]), irc-r=jlebar
9533b40ff28b292e772572c932915300dd7d1c79Bill Walker — Bug 768927: Revised Web Runtime error messages for Mac and Win for consistency; r=myk
8acd1c0b2383907122049a0a937b48e3f6b2f0c8Masatoshi Kimura — Bug 752187 - Tests. r=dbaron
27241e3ecff2603d7b047b676ebef4466be4f770Masatoshi Kimura — Bug 752187 - Part 12: Implement serializing unprefixed computed values. r=dbaron
f31675524ba3a0ba92e06489e78bdc9243c1033fMasatoshi Kimura — Bug 752187 - Part 11: Implement serializing unprefixed gradients. r=dbaron
abebbd5a16bae2b62c60ca25ec6fd80e13d3639cMasatoshi Kimura — Bug 752187 - Part 10: Implement rendering unprefixed gradients. r=dbaron
2f569b4103b6a0d0fe16e34f6e4ea38363108024Masatoshi Kimura — Bug 752187 - Part 9: Implement unprefixed radial-gradient parsing. r=dbaron
d228cf703d195360460d0cf0a02919d46970edccMasatoshi Kimura — Bug 752187 - Part 8: Implement unprefixed linear-gradient parsing. r=dbaron
1f3a325d58a49dc920cea8ec6f7f620c78826a8cMasatoshi Kimura — Bug 752187 - Part 7: Add aIsLegacy parameter to parsing functions. r=dbaron
58c902db06f2351a746e3f821f94c5b69ebdb811Masatoshi Kimura — Bug 752187 - Part 6: Rename mIsToCorner to mIsLegacySyntax. r=dbaron
6aa473d9aa4720a919e4fbc90a7d325dfa062deeMasatoshi Kimura — Bug 752187 - Part 5: Remove "to" corner parsing from ParseRadialGradient. r=dbaron
5cbef9a8469d96312a6fe5407274d2df6bb9e847Masatoshi Kimura — Bug 752187 - Part 4: Remove aIsRadial parameter. r=dbaron
ae0a58ffa3f8fd1efdc3e067cda7649fb995f891Masatoshi Kimura — Bug 752187 - Part 3: Separate linear gradient parsing and radial gradient parsing. r=dbaron
f5df0233b74ebb8eaa1d8e71b914b221cf6c85f6Masatoshi Kimura — Bug 752187 - Part 2: Separate legacy gradient line parsing. r=dbaron
9704644a486f416a55f9135f69209e767c23ecd6Masatoshi Kimura — Bug 752187 - Part 1: Separate color stops parsing. r=dbaron
5508eb7bd2635cf52e5fe95ee488f6e80ee19681Ryan VanderMeulen — Bug 771403 - Update libjpeg-turbo to version 1.2.1. r=jlebar
fb3ed8cb10243eac4cd2e9c8ee7f32586887c6e4Ryan VanderMeulen — Bug 771394 - Update libpng to version 1.5.11. r=jlebar
71be75e10f5f0ad5dfc1abfb0509a66f23030ae0Marshall Culpepper — Bug 771595 - Ensure the Gonk widget falls back to software rendering when the GL context cannot be created. r=cjones
fa518b4a8222afd0ed907963bf00ded6708dd9a7Andrew Quartey — Bug 761910 - Add text attribute testing for HTML mark color. r=eitan
ac99859dce8c6bbeb716a3c093f8c243fa7caab5Marshall Culpepper — Bug 749538 - Check 24bpp/RGBX_8888 and 32bpp/RGBA_8888 when validating EGL Contexts. r=vlad
18fbc0716c9ccd5708d68a495333b32f959df6a1Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
69270e84853eafe9dd5e13e50f41999d80580c09Brian Nicholson — Bug 771677 - Fix setting suggest client in testSearchSuggestions. r=gbrown
480c74c5e36d199294d30cb56427cfc7e6306bffBrian Nicholson — Bug 771621 - Check sameDocument on location change. r=mfinkle
da718420b64725b3095e19926840d8cc7ac6443fBrian Nicholson — Bug 750358 - Workaround for AsyncTask using wrong Looper. r=blassey
19f70f1fd34a70bec923eebd908462209318df24Phil Ringnalda — Bug 752752 - Set prefs in the reftest harness to prevent updating and prefetching data about addons, to avoid leaking, r=Unfocused,dbaron
2e6bc1480efd53b8f3817a8102bf27f9c9e642d2Benoit Jacob — Bug 760323 - Runtime fails to create WebGL contexts without DirectX End-User Runtime Installed - r=bsmedberg
002efc873e3248ddb42e4ab533e5266ed8570958Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 764188 - Expose a global frame tree generation number. r=dbaron
3695f3f44753bcdb95ef3a8926f23bd4d72f1997Nick Alexander — Bug 769745 - Persist Android Sync account settings to disk on each sync and re-create account when checking if Sync is set up. r=rnewman
e119c29c81c6307892fb01afe5ffd7dfb8eadd3bNick Alexander — Bug 735842 - replace hard-coded isSyncSetup() with SyncAccounts.syncAccountsExist in AboutHomeContent. r=rnewman
51e02ddd7482dd278f8ddddc78fba1cb5c1b7e58Rafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 771683 - Mark some functions MOZ_ALWAYS_INILINE. r=bzbarsky.
0da8cb3296fd211ef099159a8287db62e51f13cdLuke Wagner — Bug 770407 - Remove overzealous assert in CrossCompartmentWrapper::nativeCall (r=waldo)
17305771f59416c99320a376aff1df481e5511e8Rafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 771083 - Shutdown telemetry causes "Assertion failure: r == count, at xpcom/build/mozPoisonWriteMac.cpp:194"
b6488e90d566871ff1d86e19c90522ab35d20038John Schoenick — Bug 755551 - Implement plugin.allowed_types whitelist
a112868224d10b3924a28e6752edf6336c6e62baDaniel Holbert — Bug 696253, patch 8: implement parsing/computation for CSS shorthand property 'flex'. r=dbaron
57126745d4629a4be7049756fb649f59bd4de2d5Daniel Holbert — Bug 696253, patch 7: implement parsing/computation for CSS property 'flex-basis'. r=dbaron
10d1162cd4e1c2fbd9344dd42e874dd2886dcff6Daniel Holbert — Bug 696253, patch 6: implement parsing/computation for CSS properties 'flex-grow' and 'flex-shrink'. r=dbaron
08dc24b4a21cf7142fa980043a2899668b355a20Daniel Holbert — Bug 696253, patch 5: implement parsing/computation for CSS property 'align-self'. r=dbaron
7f84743f59a17f3c2a30d142c492723291d76c1aDaniel Holbert — Bug 696253, patch 4: implement parsing/computation for CSS property 'align-items'. r=dbaron
499c380b84f8ab998d2ecdd7fce0fa1a99d0292cDaniel Holbert — Bug 696253, patch 3: implement parsing/computation for CSS property 'flex-direction'. r=dbaron
0b82cae00864e0f9de292c06277b6a03ef0d8327Daniel Holbert — Bug 696253, patch 2: implement parsing/computation for CSS property 'order'. r=dbaron
15b88a02abe2571f34402726de71d589dfb09b0eDaniel Holbert — Bug 696253, patch 1: implement parsing/computation for CSS property 'justify-content'. r=dbaron
2ef72ec44da37ec5b2b0f9772e77af61a84c320aRichard Newman — Bug 721760 - Part 2: use Sync's openSyncSettings method from Fennec. r=blassey
66b36a145f89f98a3d891df28b383edc5aa56ab1Chenxia Liu — Bug 721760 - Part 1: Opening Sync Settings on Motorola Blur devices. r=rnewman
2699c091b91b16fa2e97ff4f6485cd70409cb92aBen Adida — Bug 753238 - Identity module unit tests. rs=dolske
88070ff09ccd685ece07d0219eccc6e7992be145Jed Parsons — Bug 753238 - Identity (BrowserID) module. r=dolske,rrelyea
921d27b8a76e83cee2023dfb2c3fa501ad49ab14Jeff Gilbert — Bug 769949 - GuaranteeResolve() must BlitDirtyFBOs() - r=bjacob
675fdcfc540abb65d745d760c8cd88baa34cef12Jignesh Kakadiya — Bug 695813 - Use init list in nsStyleDisplay copy-constructor instead of direct-assignment. r=dbaron
c990f7d9ee496989762f20c4e700efcd29e8d5aeMatt Brubeck — Back out 8e47e74e3578 and 82f24178d2cb (bug 764718) because of test failure
393a38baf9fc22c87f6e61a1eca65a3a530aee2dRafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 763361 - shutdown. sigsegv during freelibrary.
79672ac5f11bc3c8b56d86356642632b64b699cfJason Orendorff — Bug 770850 - Reimplement DefnOrHeader as DefinitionList. r=njn.
39b5c26b9b28cb041ec4cd3cb6f3ee45ab9dbaa2Jason Orendorff — Bug 770849 - Move StmtInfoBCE to BytecodeEmitter.cpp. r=njn.
1796f50e5d1a9e5dccb3076a925e0879c56bf863Jason Orendorff — Bug 770846 - Convert some macros to methods and flags to bitfields in TreeContext.h. Part 4: move isFunctionBodyBlock to StmtInfoTC. r=njn.
887f1eb6307cc3c93693e018066392585ec203f5Jason Orendorff — Bug 770846 - Convert some macros to methods and flags to bitfields in TreeContext.h. Part 3: GOSUBS and friends. r=njn.
af6684f3e8707ebb3bbea7c2abcbe4279a208c3eJason Orendorff — Bug 770846 - Convert some macros to methods and flags to bitfields in TreeContext.h. Part 2: StmtInfoBase::flags. r=njn.
2ef163668331d3bdf04433f42d0ba0e9adb32133Jason Orendorff — Bug 770846 - Convert some macros to methods and flags to bitfields in TreeContext.h. Part 1: STMT_IS_TRYING and friends. r=njn.
7f63483c6157bb0e7e3b3be2e758ae50d35687bdDaniel Holbert — Bug 771638 - Remove unused variables from IDBObjectStore::GetAddInfo. r=khuey
422eef4412e33d131324059cbe1eae90c7e052b1Alessandro Decina — Bug 761063 - Add avc1.42001E (used by youtube) to the list of supported h264 codecs r=doublec
6a068ea399237ebd2484ce775b3586d060fd7eddNeil Rashbrook — Bug 761319 Use a more reliable way of resolving the feed handler URI r=gavin
680840cf39b37e0597abfd2a73b6a7c9106c1fa4Benoit Girard — Bug 771608 - Fix a crash when saving a text profile; r=ehsan
24114243bd00eb055fdbfc27d406e7d064b16376Nick Alexander — Bug 767596 - Log less potentially PII from Android Sync to the Android log, and log less overall at Log.INFO level. r=liuche
7d01ae75a5d7957be961b5210179956f1fa3dfeaSriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 760223: New menu icons for Find in page and Request desktop site. [r=mfinkle]
ad1018d8e73ea5250a9454073c25eddc5ffb778fSriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 770886: Height of search suggestions. [r=mfinkle]
8dee2a85c0c904dfa62ff3a2fbcbd4396e0bb053Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 769388: Find in page overlaps content. [r=margaret]
a9d3bbaf4ac54452aebea59a5162b7b8d204208cSriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 769824: Styles aren't applied to AwesomeScreen lists. [r=mfinkle]
e146e44dbe50a3aef4eb0ae81f3e201d80a3d074Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 770597: Short url in AwesomeScreen. [r=mfinkle]
885c843432e648ffb05dbdb8dd0e91b202834c36Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 767338 - Increment the module's refcount and ensure the validity of its base address in the virtual address space before attempting to read its PDB info to make sure that it doesn't get unloaded too soon; r=vladan
edfbf1e2f6b72dafc211bd658cc63bbf3d79df68Margaret Leibovic — Bug 771501 - Update text selection handle graphics. r=mfinkle
b17d35c73185d63de4d8db3339af300859df1d13Margaret Leibovic — Bug 766483 - (Part 2) Remove hidePlugins because it's not used. r=snorp
485fecad177586333f5508d83ab34d5ae5a53f84Margaret Leibovic — Bug 766483 - Only call update methods in onTabChanged if the event has to do with the current tab. r=mfinkle
adcf949f975e9ed67bf68cb86bc06ad985c3087dBrian Nicholson — Bug 769145 - Remove mSuggestEngine and use mSearchEngines for all engines. r=mfinkle
e17e2363fb1bf3cedbd68efa2097c3f348289ba5Brian Nicholson — Bug 769145 - Move search engine logic to AllPagesTab. r=mfinkle
db774ca70b42c77b7af283be89831974b3ad8397Daniel Holbert — Bug 770598: Simplify NS_NewSVGDocument. r=jwatt
947f0dfd0262d8474180936d2ee1c4a6e78aff37Ekanan Ketunuti — Bug 771365 - Fix typo in FrameWorker.jsm. r=jaws
82f24178d2cbdd3998691630c320faba6a8a7c63Justin Lebar — Bug 764718 - Part 2: Test for calling window.close() on a window opened by from <iframe mozbrowser>. r=bz
8e47e74e35783bcb609934346dd3f59db6f3875dJustin Lebar — Bug 764718 - Part 1: Make window.close work on windows opened via from <iframe mozbrowser>, when OOP is disabled. r=bz
03c5347327d89a2bc0101546146235858bac22b7Kyle Huey — Bug 765936. r=bent,peterv
cd58bfdf6c71142ac0368ef79a85420ce19151bdBenjamin Smedberg — Followup to bug 769048 part F - actually annotate the crash report with the notes we've carefully collected, r=captain-obvious
fec28c1afb633614164e13757bdfe185069003edKyle Huey — Back out Bug 771248 for failing to build on inbound the exact same way it failed to build on try.
4a898478fe06591278b055d9821cd4429da2e69cMark Capella — Bug 762770 - implement IAccessibleEx, rkhuey
d5d75d1a87f5a06177071d4cced00c31782f3565Matt Brubeck — Bug 771036 - Sanitizer.history should clear the Java history too [r=mfinkle]
5ceed3703df9ecbf78a7a92c6d66c54fe753af45Boris Zbarsky — Bug 767352. Keep track of a method's overloads in a list of IDLMethodOverload objects. r=jlebar
3477c454d7f3575ea4f85ae013c63af6f105e464Randell Jesup — Bug 770230: Remove broken symlinks in webrtc to third_party/google-visualization-python DONTBUILD r=derf
aef382189fef0f1e8726a843c99cfb97ed4b5223Gavin Sharp — Bug 771344: make workerURL optional, r=adw
32b731c72f914c66c41ec9f120370307806c9b05Vladimir Vukicevic — backout bug 767064, 1f9c66d66df4
8361bdf249cb4ae981287210a1b8f3d75717d460Jason Orendorff — Bug 695908 - Use bool in js/src/frontend rather than JSBool. Part 2: JSBool to bool. r=ejpbruel.
936e436201e0a065c08f1d5991d401e281b2ec6fJason Orendorff — Bug 695908 - Use bool in js/src/frontend rather than JSBool. Part 1: true/false literals. r=ejpbruel.
42098143c56a7572c6754a6b65655f4b3da449dcEhsan Akhgari — Merge mozilla-central into mozilla-inbound
a98b83bf233465ab0562e36a88d96d2f45961585Jonathan Watt — Bug 769645 - Use nsDisplayClip to do the content box clipping for nsSVGOuterSVGFrame. r=roc.
4cc5e9540b60ca67026f57a02ee947da521210a8Nicolas Silva — Bug 771307 - Disable OMTC for popup widgets that are not XUL panels. r=ajuma
2538f744029cf7bd5161a66a1b07cd7545fa96e1Randell Jesup — Bug 771248: Flip webrtc build pref to on r=roc
6ca2f332fa912fd54e870c1351a049664b9f1292Ali Juma — Bug 771189 - Don't try to pause/resume a non-existent compositor. r=kats
d09a1fd4e7bd90f0335462e07e482e25facabf8dVladimir Vukicevic — b=766205; HTML video playback occasionally uses RGB frame on mobile (incorrect marking as inactive); r=roc
1f9c66d66df46c0bd6c9d2bdbeb4e90cf6e75e48Vladimir Vukicevic — b=767064; use 4444/565 GL context format for WebGL on mobile; r=jgilbert
d4d3ae6de60e7eb3b3b4a6dacc9901824e9f5bd4Brian Hackett — Check the types of values newly known as doubles at loop heads when entering from the interpreter, bug 769985. r=dvander
85a06a22095bdeb9269c44b341d8f6a17858bdabMounir Lamouri — Bug 771385 - Use more heavily NS_floorModolu() instead of fmod() in nsHTMLInputElement. r=smaug
a5f122ba052cda5facfda09147e84145b3562db4Mounir Lamouri — Bug 771182 - Don't use standard C++ way to detect/set NaN but use MFBT instead. r=smaug
217abf50bc102c6d03fcd8c885b772d304160ed9Mounir Lamouri — Bug 636634 - Add GetMinAsDouble() and GetMaxAsDouble() to nsHTMLInputElement and refactorize. r=smaug
f7ecc9ec354d795e3edbc8727e7d87124cc3c6f5Raphael Catolino — Bug 765772 - Always sanitize the value when blurring, submitting and getting the value, for <input type='number'>. r=mounir
c28e5bf6cc40f1d0216a01ef73597631de38c875Gene Lian — Bug 749551 - Alarm API (System Message Integration). r=vivien
6474c913b05fc1717ea5c640338bc364c8e26360Gene Lian — Bug 749551 - Alarm API (AlarmsManager and AlarmService). r=vivien
09aed6c9f4a0f1f958ce15114362d42a4107874dGene Lian — Bug 749551 - Alarm API (AlarmDB). r=vivien
7ddee2b0e86898b4311c486266e7973d5116a144Gene Lian — Bug 749551 - Alarm API (AlarmHalService). r=cjones
7b992fc42d0a9312f93a41a45cf258bb76dafd70Gene Lian — Bug 749551 - Alarm API (Hal/Gonk). r=cjones
b3d4127dd8cefb1405cbc295aebda05c343ac850Gene Lian — Bug 749551 - Alarm API (Idl and dummy Dom). r=mounir sr=jonas
afbb478ed7a169bfdb8f34054c9a0ad49c5de178Tim Taubert — merge m-c to fx-team
d103f74ecd5cb911403d5529af2555a7ee02f662Tim Taubert — Bug 758212 - Allow swapping of docShells from standalone and tabbrowser <browser> elements; r=neil
eb12d458e0fbc90e286472d287341461ec004674Tim Taubert — Bug 765235 - [New Tab Page] test suite should make use of underlying storages; r=gavin
6d7fae9764b34ce5d6e25d19a1c86fbcfabbf829Joel Maher — backout 9abaedb956a1
af182487472063042c3df7c1fd9e63fbeadc564dMihnea Dobrescu-Balaur — Bug 770490 - Add ability to specify emulator resolution, r=jgriffin, DONTBUILD because NPOTB,
9abaedb956a16b100c171ba99ba450ba86667f07Joel Maher — Bug 771587 - update a to include specialpowers, a11y, dirty, v8, sunspider changes. r=armenzg
a8f682801a6d7c2bd2a65562f1b217e332caa1bbEhsan Akhgari — Merge the last green PGO changeset from mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central
5a96f6193e75f6433d8c445d18af82d58046a086Makoto Kato — Bug 769533 - Part 2. get rid of AppendWithConversion. r=jlebar
3c3fc27e97468a017912b714824c790e6aea9846Makoto Kato — Bug 769533 - Part 1. Replace AppendWithConversion with others. r=jlebar
510602478d52567267471daa06e67758990ad967Aryeh Gregor — Bug 766426 - Avoid assertion with extractContents() and mutation events; r=smaug
e9a9bcd5e1b48536ff116f810c3c9d9f6351473eAryeh Gregor — Bug 770580 part 2 - Fix crash due to removed null check in Selection::selectFrames; r=ehsan
f3284f32a16b112c262b2e5f75b39c8a0069ced6Aryeh Gregor — Bug 770580 part 1 - Clarify Selection::selectFrames parameter; r=ehsan
05f4bcada6b9f47a7852709a72cbbcbbea37dcc9Aryeh Gregor — Bug 765595 part 4 - Make nsEditor::DoAfter*Transaction infallible; r=ehsan
6bdb22e380c6b8b13ee5a694bb6320f599245738Aryeh Gregor — Bug 765595 part 3 - Make PeekUndoStack/PeekRedoStack infallible; r=ehsan
b31578d20f5e670a5023039bbe4185dde185ddd7Aryeh Gregor — Bug 765595 part 2 - De-COMtaminate nsEditor::mTxnMgr; r=ehsan
a05040374df31d330e8200b07cd12b2b10432238Aryeh Gregor — Bug 765595 part 1 - Clean up nsEditor::DoTransaction; r=ehsan
dc819724b3a4f36f289e8fa0b0bd3dc4da53aa3eAryeh Gregor — Bug 766025 - Remove incorrect assert in DeleteTextTxn::Init; r=ehsan
778e030fa2999cc8554412cd5780448d3d2710b7Aryeh Gregor — Bug 769967 part 5 - Don't special-case -moz-user-select: all elements for deletion; r=ehsan
0158f2d0b32d487c9474309112343e9264afc80dNicholas Nethercote — Bug 687724 (part 4) - Re-indent JSMemoryMultiReporter's methods. r=bholley.
e586043f5b5816da1b6b7146176bd4f021c43953Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 687724 (part 3) - Report JS memory consumption for compartments that are associated with |window| objects under "window-objects". r=bholley,jlebar,luke.
7919de7e468cbb10df2838491b3172c0d063fccbNicholas Nethercote — Bug 687724 (part 2) - Make JSCompartment::global() fallible. r=luke.
869b97c469b5c59f6f80df906c1ba22a1bc9994dNicholas Nethercote — Bug 687724 (part 1) - Convert JSCompartment::gcRunning to gcState. r=wmccloskey.
478b9ac3a85fa5b3bc6488cc3607a791a3bd27eeGian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 762620 - Make daily timer callback resilient against Android misfiring. r=roc
dfe2f597230f88fb1f1b8590b2ef2402e62307f6Gian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 762620 - Force last idle-daily time to be saved. r=blassey
c332505ca51f0af8c2b95525e620cf22d94911f3Siddharth Agarwal — Bug 600522 - Sunspider trace-test 'check-date-format-tofte.js' fails on computers not set to Pacific time. r=dmandelin
9fad3e1bc979a3ed01da7a7b01dc2ba8575b49b5Siddharth Agarwal — Bug 770558 - Use MOZ_BUILD_ROOT instead of `pwd` for virtualenv python, to avoid creating a shell for each Python invocation under Pymake. r=khuey
27d4a1f95ac5af30bedc2e90b13863e7bd60ff87Benjamin Smedberg — Bug 770805 - Close the IPC channel safely when we discover that a Flash process has crashed; don't call Close() directly, because PluginModuleParent assumes that a normal shutdown only occurs from PluginModuleParent::NP_Shutdown. Instead, follow a similar codepath to the hang timeout which calls AsyncChannel::SynchronouslyClose and then sets a specific error code, r=cjones
f536e2d52eda7f029d85ff379d5f618906e5cb2bNicholas Nethercote — Bug 770092 (part 4) - Move JSFunction initialization code out of JSScript::fullyInitFromEmitter().
2a88ef4eaf30390671be0d0e0dd6838f7d632490Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 770092 (part 3) - Move typeSetFunction() from JSScript to JSFunction.
3331772d38a8dbe7cd34746a599ac1a761ed2035Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 770092 (part 2) - Don't set JSScript::function_ in JSScript::fullyInitFromEmitter().
dd4967738263bd8ab45c47bf2b49b3b225d10988Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 770092 (part 1) - Move the new script notification code out of JSScript::fullyInitFromEmitter().
007003bb82c9f9a0995fc3a6731b7655118692b8Luke Wagner — Bug 771242 - Disable the 'arguments' optimization for generators (r=bhackett)
aff063e52fc65bf8bc5b449b4e1ceca477da74b6Jeff Gilbert — Bug 735560 - Emulate GLSL math on Mac+Intel - r=bjacob
214bc2c2eeb25e9b5c1afffe6aadb227f2fd68b8Kan-Ru Chen — Bug 768364 - Clear sLockTable on shutdown r=jlebar
d64dfd57d873158c6aab632032b3cc776b521540Benjamin Peterson — Bug 771281 - Remove js shell workers. r=jorendorff
bf5a2135b072d34f28e5725b5bde3ca4ee44628aDavid Rajchenbach-Teller — Bug 771087 - Fix warnings. r=yoric
3a5fff792306285581f1f906b33e485c9b94d913Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 765725 - Ensure we are binding to the correct texture unit. r=chrislord
962af4981b64044520ec9d3ecdc6b8e0e2899fefMarco Castelluccio — Bug 763365 - Launching an installed web application with no supported version of Firefox installed for web apps results in a not so useful error message to the user. r=myk
421a53b025972781f2780f58d7585b392795063dRyan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
6e084c98a6177b3d91302c2e8e318883d3e6bbaeJared Wein — Bug 506172 - Going to malware site with redirect causes infobar to disappear. r=MattN
13934665b2b808f0f4f4b7640e4e03faa5ce7188Philipp von Weitershausen — Bug 768690 - Fix B2G debugger server script. r=vingtetun
9cf3bee9d5c10610165b9980f7c47d67f64d0175Bonnie Surender — fixing bug 770656, idle fuzz time for idle notifications.
10483a67fe11c3f44b8684bab09f384edbdc6fbcTimothy Nikkel — Bug 771351. Disallow plugins in popup panels gracefully. r=roc
c41bf7b9364cf0a8bafb1256e359b0acc34a1058Masayuki Nakano — Bug 769190 part.2 Rename nsInputEvent::IsWin() and widget::MODIFIER_(SCROLL|WIN) to nsInputEvent::IsOS() and widget::MODIFIER_(SCROLLLOCK|OS) r=smaug
013bdf4143572afc93b59fab57feb810d0a448baMasayuki Nakano — Bug 769190 part.1 Rename Scroll and Win to ScrollLock and OS for the argument of getModifierState() r=smaug, sr=jst
0f3558a03db75d4d694bede133d5c5aad6720d5cNicholas Nethercote — No bug. Fix two compile warnings. r=luke,jwalden.
07823fa2edb08977d521bbe2e580fc4b6a087e35Bill McCloskey — Bug 767074 - Fix bug in barrier verifier (r=bhackett)
1be6ac53a9071a6d5c065be6ad41b827a66dd411Margaret Leibovic — Bug 760085 - White cursor in text entry field within Find in Page. r=sriram
864b5965c87b2f1cbd0d8ce56e4eb9b80fd67da9Margaret Leibovic — Bug 718705 - Only persist the password doorhanger across location changes if it is showing. r=mfinkle
a48058e9b9b3bee65e3e2362816fb2f29a1aa7b9Margaret Leibovic — Bug 769905 - Don't remove doorhangers that are showing if the tab's url doesn't change. r=mfinkle
709db7ae0dbc4396bdb8f79b4531c3a47a10e3baTim Abraldes — bug 708033. Cache the large and small icons that are set for each `nsWindow`. Free them in `nsWindow::~nsWindow()` rather than in `nsWindow::OnDestroy()`. r=jimm
163d51da4349e8d7cf48a8b5d5a1f203f78536f5Hub Figuière — Bug 718700 - Implement subroles for WAI-ARIA Landmarks. f=marcoz r=dbolter
fbc2677b146dcb48f01d7fce2e8532be8e30908eHub Figuière — Bug 718625 - Implement TextLeaf accessibles for Mac. Fix Heading title. r=tbsaunde
91e737d544c7a9979f90232a5ca38f9be8b59137Hub Figuière — Bug 758799 - Check accessible expiry properly. r=dbolter
5ca70d915a6705213216164158998f748d2d560dHub Figuière — Bug 750612 - Don't expose invisible property pages in a deck frame. r=tbsaunde
57ae1fdbcfc561d44850655dbce2673ca880c7c9Ehsan Akhgari — Backout changeset 34c8a2369cbc (bug 771266) because the fastcall annotation actually matters
fdf1b8a5acaf18a1171e7b324d4246460ea5ab60Felipe Gomes — Bug 769955. Change the window name to 'default' as nsXULWindow uses the window name to search for the icon to display. r=myk
66a21d10cc58a8f1b322c52288d39921949c68ecFelipe Gomes — Bug 769545. Add missing const Cr declaration that would case an app reinstall with appcache to fail. r=marco
874900dd7b775c666b4d333b1e544f262d92da6dTim Taubert — merge m-c to fx-team
f8a4f9332cc824ce133d8fb329be2107dd6e1a55Joe Walker — Bug 767729 - [GCLI] pressing Tab on an empty Developer Toolbar inserts "break"; r=dcamp
a7011201f228a664a7aecd1c69b819eca2b3999dJoe Walker — Bug 731972 - GCLI selection field should be clear when more options exist, and allow you to get them; r=dcamp
ab6d89236f5eb84c29c0dde8e5f265d87619f4ceJoe Walker — Bug 720972 - GCLI optional parameters should have a popup menu; r=dcamp
90929a9a474a6870efc2a05197204dea09ebd04eJoe Walker — Bug 770929 - GCLI should execute its tests asynchronously; r=dcamp
bd9789163a5fde03963f0aa399199d355de868c3Joe Walker — Bug 769672 - GCLI shouldn't grab focus on startup; r=dcamp
7c1d395ebab7aebb370a2c0a05b8f2071a766918Paul Rouget — Bug 764746 - [devtb] style the error counter. r=dao
650c5a98c137d7cadef8bcf3dd10b37efe0fa9d5Paul Rouget — Bug 764555 - [devtb] Implement the style for the buttons in the developer toolbar. r=dao
c79fd595263c2da6eaa29995c05204b8ff061991Victor Porof Bug 767373 - The 'Filter scripts' textbox is cleared when checking/unchecking the 'Pause on exceptions' checkbox. r=past
4b1249ae1906544429f9cf7ba4b77da31f78a89bRyan VanderMeulen — Merge the last PGO-green inbound changeset to m-c.
654181827f06cb9f4c5090d44b3ca10499377cfbMyk Melez — remove observer added by test to resolve test bustage caused by fix for bug 765063 (fa750527a43b)
0504d9475cd595a27b106a535199a83d543f3408Gregor Wagner — Bug 758357 - Remove indexedDB permission for B2G. r=fabrice
e7ccacd50d63babd1eab48819b5203708c0826adBen Turner — Bug 758357 - Only show prompt after 50mb of quota was reached. r=sicking
e548482bc255ebafb9da74f5be97053e4db05a77Gavin Sharp — Bug 771247: lazify SocialService initialization, add getProviderList, r=adw
c265b644a72cb0121684c4664bec9892efe360efGavin Sharp — Bug 766403: add provider class for the social service, r=jaws,adw
7851dc0f395cc916ce188de45d276223080444fbAryeh Gregor — Bug 767684 Test to prevent regression from bug 752210 happening again r=ehsan
aa7493c796cefc4885f70ab4c75ff30e422b13beNeil Rashbrook — Bug 767684 Fix regression from bug 752210 r=ehsan
34c8a2369cbc1faa386cd8bd3af2d72113659959Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 771266 - Part 2: Remove the fastcall annotation from ~nsCOMPtr_base, because it doesn't mean anything now that it's inline; irc-r=Neil
a10f431c3480a7ef0c8a5530a76005f968aa532bEhsan Akhgari — Bug 758992 - Make the classes which use the XPCOM nsISupports implementation macros final, to avoid the warning about deleting using a pointer to a base class with virtual functions and no virtual dtor (toolkit/profile parts); r=jrmuizel
952cd748c30eb96219329e696e44b725459813adEhsan Akhgari — Bug 758992 - Make the classes which use the XPCOM nsISupports implementation macros final, to avoid the warning about deleting using a pointer to a base class with virtual functions and no virtual dtor (xre parts); r=jrmuizel
bf8a77e238f0a6ddc6bfaee9d3b67b6bb38e3be2Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 758992 - Make the classes which use the XPCOM nsISupports implementation macros final, to avoid the warning about deleting using a pointer to a base class with virtual functions and no virtual dtor (startupcache parts); r=jrmuizel
debdfc7a3de8b580b66c6e5ecffa5f701e3cf628Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 758992 - Make the classes which use the XPCOM nsISupports implementation macros final, to avoid the warning about deleting using a pointer to a base class with virtual functions and no virtual dtor (more xpcom and gonk parts); r=jrmuizel
c5ca1456419a44b862906d947cbf9a761b57b291Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 758992 - Make the classes which use the XPCOM nsISupports implementation macros final, to avoid the warning about deleting using a pointer to a base class with virtual functions and no virtual dtor (toolkit parts); r=jrmuizel
76e0145803ba97a87db7b0f0c9e918efe0f7240bEhsan Akhgari — Bug 758992 - Make the classes which use the XPCOM nsISupports implementation macros final, to avoid the warning about deleting using a pointer to a base class with virtual functions and no virtual dtor (browser parts); r=jrmuizel
b84af5d0c13c73da78aa54439326589e9d3ab3ddEhsan Akhgari — Bug 771266 - Inline nsCOMPtr_base's destructor; r=jlebar
e5248b32d1b6ece115548982e909799739e5b5a5Jared Wein — Bug 765411 - Performance improvements for about:home. r=dao
9ad624cd2791a4148e5d468750447042072c0d75Benoit Girard — Bug 769989 - Store time information in each sample. r=jmuizelaar
72ed7ee7517d5d4c4f1e0f7bc00af22ca71b1538Benoit Girard — Bug 769963 - Record responsiveness in jank mode. r=jmuizelaar
3832c96d17175a661dd5665738f2ce4cbbb58158Vladimir Vukicevic — b=765150, HTML5 video playback shows purple screen on Motorola/Tegra 2 devices; r=jrmuizel
41cbcc06d6b3ea5a79cc9872823cdfae1f6515daRyan VanderMeulen — Merge the last PGO-green inbound changeset to m-c.
f88cf68c7fcd0d731511710c1afc14e24f34bd3eBill McCloskey — Bug 771026 - Replace JSProperty with Shape (r=bhackett)
fa750527a43ba7aa5304c96fa17ef6e8e0637aafMyk Melez — bug 765063 - save installURL for later use; r=fabrice
c820391d9a2ef0e53498b4e301502fbad30867e5Matt Brubeck — Bug 729429 - Follow-up to fix some misplaced whitespace (DONTBUILD)
5e9b5536926763291ad70cdf7c71a2c587ec0a97Benoit Girard — Bug 770988 - Seperate DumpAsDataURL into MOZ_DUMP_IMAGES. r=ajuma
66f1b29d806b7fa9a4f4bdbeda004ed82d2af2d5van51 — Bug 729429 - The system search key should not dismiss the awesomescreen [r=mbrubeck]
33edc203725e2e76e0917a47952ce91f5c3eaa64Phil Ringnalda — Back out f79077bad960 and 94dd16a365d9 (bug 765150) for bustage
b95c12c7e6d1a502fb54bbd9468a8e552c14003aMarco Castelluccio — Bug 767864 - armv6 builds of Native Fennec need to use unique %BUILD_TARGET% in update queries r=mfinkle,rstrong
f79077bad96000c7c240b1deb3d47f20df303decVladimir Vukicevic — b=765150, HTML5 video playback shows purple screen on Motorola/Tegra 2 devices -- now with correctly generated shaders include; r=jrmuizel
0af1dcf636d7c02b9047d555696aa546e4aee1b5Jonathan Watt — Bug 769612 - Move the SVGAutoRenderState::SetPaintingToWindow() call to nsDisplayOuterSVG::Paint and kill nsSVGOuterSVGFrame::Paint. r=dholbert.
caaf9085c7d8f410619dfc2dff69f192ecd6ff16Jonathan Watt — Bug 769514 - Kill the Mac bitmap fallback code in nsSVGOuterSVGFrame. r=roc.
a881c34b49f08bf74996b2acfd9c1869c03bc6ceNicolas Chaim Echeverria — Bug 767077 - Fix hang when converting Telemetry pings to Unicode. r=froydnj
f4e2d78423259d2e824e1df54fb3d18e8c385ac7Ehsan Akhgari — Merge mozilla-central into mozilla-inbound
05500de401042903033699c7348ca0226d035f58Geoff Brown — Bug 769919 - Clear VKB in Robocop testBookmark and testBookmarksTab to ensure correct list child count; r=jmaher
9015f41f5e4e5d906569ee85612b626c24f66f36Brian R. Bondy — Bug 751729 - File dialogs don't open with Visual Themes disabled in Windows 7 fix. r=jimm
3e066975553f48dce654a2eeaa47bd4a357bfca8Benoit Jacob — Bug 754572 - add option to use fatal assertions in NS_CheckThreadSafe, use it in nsBaseScreen and nsScreenManagerAndroid - r=bsmedberg
bf32387bfec306813884b6c48cdbdf83f4e1672eBenoit Jacob — Bug 754572 - let NS_CheckThreadSafe(x,y) be empty in XPCOM_GLUE case, as opposed to letting it evaluate to (x,y) - r=bz
89b620627911e3ed7e82087d8902a5ea8e7db578Benoit Jacob — Bug 769810 - Mac ATI OpenGL driver still needs math function emulation on 10.8 - r=jgilbert
8faed44d0af69183f609939637f4043f024acde0Benoit Jacob — Bug 769812 - ATI OpenGL driver renders point sprite upside-down - r=jgilbert
2b9bea1ee9e94e6b020bae198e496384ba41711dBenoit Jacob — Bug 768570 - Fix all the warnings in CheckedInt - r=jwalden
79f74e4d885c1616f51c33d63502b6e37f37bb1aBenoit Jacob — Bug 768538 - 2/2 - Fix undefined behavior in the CheckedInt unit test - r=jwalden
d0d426929fda5dd02a5204f87d5a7b9d38745c1aBenoit Jacob — Bug 768538 - 1/2 - Fix undefined behavior in CheckedInt - r=jwalden
53699dc2704768959772eb10876eb77134af40c6Benoit Jacob — Bug 766251 - 5/5 - update Adreno WebGL blacklisting - r=jrmuizel
7435a35652ea52ea7805f688fbe332a916456eeaBenoit Jacob — Bug 766251 - 4/5 - clean up GetGfxDriverInfo on Android - r=jrmuizel
f442e3c82ae66c7fe1797412e66634c82de41569Benoit Jacob — Bug 766251 - 3/5 - fatal-assert GL layers support on android in nsBaseWidget on Android - r=jrmuizel
d241bfe6db55bb7fd9dcfce8bc7a6c54a795b180Benoit Jacob — Bug 766251 - 2/5 - reimplement GfxInfo on Android to use the data provided by the Java thread - r=jrmuizel
13a8dd90da08a497d7aacab0f45d3ab636b45149Benoit Jacob — Bug 766251 - 1/5 - GfxInfo on Android: the Java and AndroidBridge parts - r=kats,jrmuizel
94dd16a365d93731590448197dac9a347f53374eVladimir Vukicevic — b=765150, HTML5 video playback shows purple screen on Motorola/Tegra 2 devices; r=jrmuizel
9f088e7bd5332c8798205435bd647ea74cea9e26Mounir Lamouri — Bug 769571 - Unprefix Battery API. r=sicking sr=smaug
3626afc510958c09df4caa72ad539219ad0d683dMounir Lamouri — Bug 769571 - Unprefix Vibrator API. r=jlebar sr=smaug
c995cbc6f7fc63a63677d646c3c221aa94ecb620Mounir Lamouri — Bug 767806 - Don't create a useless string every time we check for input's validity. r=jlebar
7ab35205f4aa867c5e15b4afbd8ccf217263d1e4Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 771317. Fix comment about FASTCALL and inline functions. r=espindola
e0f64c71481491d60c4ad3e3d9f8bf23affb8b83Ehsan Akhgari — Merge the last green PGO changeset from mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central
87f322ca53e480104923099808a43e58e36eee10Sankha Narayan Guria — Bug 656011 - Password Manager now allows to copy username; r=MattN
25bdbb0faa4a04ec440bc5f169f040f85f6dc377Aryeh Gregor — Backed out changeset f49e52ee86f3, insufficient review
f49e52ee86f31dbc6c15ba3b4b4ca641637ede79Aryeh Gregor — Bug 767169 part 3 - Use script runner for nsHTMLEditor::ResetRootElementAndEventTarget; r=ehsan
35db35b62ceee627c4e1cb660729cedfa86dbda7Aryeh Gregor — Bug 768765 - Fix assert in nsEditor::DeleteSelectionAndPrepareToCreateNode; r=ehsan
ebee137a5573d6fe7b4771528c50e7dfd5c86760Aryeh Gregor — Bug 769967 part 4 - Rename DeleteElementTxn to DeleteNodeTxn; r=ehsan
d513793b28265010c122552452d5ea1ec9e0931bAryeh Gregor — Bug 769967 part 3 - Clean up DeleteElementTxn and nsEditor::DeleteNode; r=ehsan
4efdb783d5d9b36eb93c2f3157dae106c972a463Aryeh Gregor — Bug 769967 part 2 - Clean up nsEditor::GetNodeLocation; r=ehsan
6ff15f925e264292031127981dd92fd52f5bca16Aryeh Gregor — Bug 769967 part 1 - Clean up nsEditor::GetChildOffset; r=ehsan
e467906239f694ed30273003d3929abe4b1b9126Aryeh Gregor — Bug 768748 part 2 - Rewrite nsHTMLEditRules::GetPromotedPoint; r=ehsan
2bfd425ea2e5727eb8c2c916f15fd62d027533a2Aryeh Gregor — Bug 768748 part 1 - Clean up nsHTMLEditor::IsNext/PrevCharWhitespace; r=ehsan
39c39bc9925b143275b9e761a16cb68ea2246dc1Phil Ringnalda — Bug 766560 - Remove --with-endian from in-tree mozconfigs, r=glandium
74e381773948a7e8ceb60b3af6b6663821757f1bJon Buckley — Bug 769077 - Have unintialized render buffers report memory usage correctly, r=bjacob
630e9fa1dd0b13cc42dca265444a67360a0a5907Ehsan Akhgari — Merge mozilla-central into mozilla-inbound
1ccd7094cd5e8ded37777bdd053a47bf47985f46Ehsan Akhgari — Merge mozilla-central into mozilla-inbound
ee2c5f2928b68dfcadb2e3682c829afbc3b8b956Raphael Catolino — Bug 764481 - Add a pref to enable/disable experimental form features. r=mounir
340c38628ed59fa3283cab9d221c069282d24447Mounir Lamouri — Bug 636737 - Implement valueAsNumber for <input type='number'>. r=sicking
7d3e502fb58cb8d8b7c01502ee16dc151037822fMounir Lamouri — Bug 636627 - Implement stepDown() and stepUp() for <input type='number'>. r=sicking
c5c01f02da802a7afe900e4a9c7f63c53c7b4f6cMounir Lamouri — Bug 767519 - Add NS_flooredModulo to nsMathUtils. r=bz
e8a4a2497b71ff01e69a5b04a2057f14413ae637Mounir Lamouri — Bug 556009 (2/2) - <input type='number'> can suffer from a step mismatch when @step is set. r=sicking
c85133eac60be2cbb3ba6d159daf6b6541104d28Mounir Lamouri — Bug 556009 (1/2) - Add the step attribute to HTMLInputElement. r=sicking
5c252caac591b5a5e6d86ebf1e2a2ed27901f7feMounir Lamouri — Bug 635554 (2/2) - Implement :in-range and :out-of-range for <input>. r=sicking
c49c1f667e7a3c69be942bdf55e20ca37266dbf6Mounir Lamouri — Bug 635554 (1/2) - Keep track of whether an input element has a range applying. r=sicking
3cc6b0905611ed07df0da01ca93c8197a2e2e57dMounir Lamouri — Bug 635553 (2/2) - <input type='number'> can suffer from a range underflow when @min is set. r=sicking
e5fd860299aa13af971aa4e4c4b719455b991a5fMounir Lamouri — Bug 635553 (1/2) - Add the min attribute to HTMLInputElement. r=sicking
9d82cf442db179329aa068aec3d8bd076da24ed5Mounir Lamouri — Bug 635499 (2/2) - <input type='number'> can suffer from a range overflow when @max is set. r=sicking
dab3703c32455437156dd8bffd5f61a27560458dMounir Lamouri — Bug 635499 (1/2) - Add the max attribute to HTMLInputElement. r=sicking
67671ccfee0b78eae6ddf5f4279fd33450a824b8Mounir Lamouri — Bug 635281 - Implement the value sanitizing algorithm for <input type="number">. r=sicking
83211311f29d508f9ed30feeacda7b5246158fa4Mounir Lamouri — Bug 635498 - Make <input type='number'> behaves like <input type='text'>. r=sicking
7209f9f14a7d9c53d0f1be3dde40ac495c38cc89Tim Taubert — merge m-c to fx-team
0d945555996e5365958ca456b7f885a03202ca91Tim Taubert — Bug 669603 - Part 2 - Add sessionStorage helpers to nsIDocShell; r=smaug,mayhemer
4500876c3c6dd4d3cacbe1561ab48979862fcd09Tim Taubert — Bug 669603 - Part 1 - Add MODE_RDWR to FileUtils.jsm; r=ted
36a9882bb6c78061d591cb02888c662b9d0b58a6David Rajchenbach-Teller — Bug 764436 - Windows back-end;r=taras
e96ad4de3febae9da7068d3fe20d2029cdf4700fDavid Rajchenbach-Teller — Bug 764436 - Windows front-end;r=taras
f4acd66d4d19b1a55cdcdea731ac13397fc74329David Rajchenbach-Teller — Bug 764436 - Companion test suite;r=taras
844c43a98031390e7079ac272e0b92139f1c775bDavid Rajchenbach-Teller — Bug 764436 - Directory-related constants;r=taras
ffb095a61280a8cee8a1d475cc1c5206fd83c549David Rajchenbach-Teller — Bug 764436 - Unix front-end;r=taras
ba4c17db234545d662734fe5199c23eb78dbe6dbDavid Rajchenbach-Teller — Bug 764436 - Unix back-end;r=taras
2e9dac9249f9c40af5c679ce7d3fa0673d90b68aDavid Rajchenbach-Teller — Bug 764436 - Shared code;r=taras
124c0182df1c4f4725e50e2a0ed154f33ec78430Joe Walker — Bug 760450 - Work out why GCLI popup panels are not transparent on mac/linux; r=dcamp,dão
5d6c06259bb182efb5007e63e22a740491020ec1Joe Walker — Bug 768150 - The developer toolbar should be preffed on by default for testing on nightly only; r=ttaubert
bd74a29499299ad9028a03baa468e5caad621198Joe Walker — Bug 769234 - [devtb] GCLI has focus issues when embedded in firefox; r=dcamp
ea890a6eed56fbbdc4fc721cbd11cafe2c329c4dJoe Walker — Bug 761481 - GCLI help output does not display the first time; r=dcamp
675f55c4310cb363115fe7061c5aa2998acd29daMark Banner — Bug 766264 Fix test failures in test_0201_app_launch_apply_update.js and test_0203_app_launch_apply_update.js when MOZ_MAINTENANCE_SERVICE isn't set for the build by correctly handling the applied state value. Also tidy up some error statements to provide better debug. r=ehsan
76fd67373e897d6407d73b4bb3bb1b18e27ed13bBill McCloskey — Backed out changeset fe305819d2f2 (bug 771026) for orange
fe305819d2f26c9dbef649f0de0088152476209cBill McCloskey — Bug 771026 - Replace JSProperty with Shape (r=bhackett)
fbd96a0bcc002b25656174adc1a499ced1df7f70Bill McCloskey — Bug 771018 - Replace "const Shape" with "Shape" (r=luke)
0690da7a7b86b54110698860492232756793f1ebLuke Wagner — Bug 770261 - hoist eval code into builtin/Eval.{h,cpp} (r=jorendorff)
2ecd5bbb52897c504f1a134966396a6cd62a1b4eBill McCloskey — Bug 770999 - Add get() method to Handle<T> and Rooted<T> (r=bhackett)
13897ce0f3a2a70e7b8a9d1cf6b1e939416fe6f8Bill McCloskey — Bug 770759 - Add mutable handles (r=bhackett)
9586208fceae9c8852d82a971e557873c8f51856Ehsan Akhgari — Empty patch to trigger builds, no bug
2447eb7dc7d21a29deeb69ed2f63f6b730312fd5Ehsan Akhgari — Merge backouts
f6bdb7fc663f9db5d07f7f997b08b5c089c5540dEhsan Akhgari — Backout changeset aec1ad4171a1 (bug 769504) because of merge conflicts with the rest of the backouts
cd8db9c2ffc3689f2060cacf28e1e0e6aaa60643Ehsan Akhgari — Backout changeset 8e3bc766092d (bug 725909) because of merge conflicts with the rest of the backouts
015cbcaf855284eda119c630ad2510fe97e90970Ehsan Akhgari — Backout changeset f44eca03418c (bug 725907 part 5) because of merge conflicts with the rest of the backouts
de50598e23295cf30f04c33adbb0d1646adfd824Ehsan Akhgari — Backout changeset b23429ce0d81 (bug 695908) under the suspicion of breaking Linux32 mochitest-chrome without framepointers
77407e03e22fdc8bd32e4f3124971bb32e514ee1Ehsan Akhgari — Backout changeset 1e28b1f771c1 (bug 695908) under the suspicion of breaking Linux32 mochitest-chrome without framepointers
a9aa3ca036274386dc3a1b41ef60e5ce994511deEhsan Akhgari — Backout changeset 5f4c341d773a (bug 743107) under the suspicion of breaking Linux32 mochitest-chrome without framepointers
86cf7f8a124a1a309d362d7c3e028a4f6bad0a34Ehsan Akhgari — Backout changeset 3a488b71b69a (bug 725907 part 1) under the suspicion of breaking Linux32 mochitest-chrome without framepointers
aadf6091245bd6b65a624f8e01f433d4644af171Ehsan Akhgari — Backout changeset cb49c3730a97 (bug 725907 part 2) under the suspicion of breaking Linux32 mochitest-chrome without framepointers
0d2b03dff288e66aff9ba93c527ade35ea9ef1ebEhsan Akhgari — Backout changeset 4313740f1adc (bug 725907 part 3) under the suspicion of breaking Linux32 mochitest-chrome without framepointers
b9c98f0d0fdeb5432356fb9f8fd75580a7ed3732Ehsan Akhgari — Backout changeset 24feaa8bd894 (bug 725907 part 4) under the suspicion of breaking Linux32 mochitest-chrome without framepointers
bdf2bb0c66fd19fd64c253d95775d2cf6f224edfEhsan Akhgari — Backout changeset 20b0bce4c165 (bug 703537) under the suspicion of breaking Linux32 mochitest-chrome without framepointers
6517c5178fa9bb0b96d0a8f0ddb4688759e28d41Ehsan Akhgari — Backout changeset 8417741974ba (bug 770261) under the suspicion of breaking Linux32 mochitest-chrome without framepointers
555989fb3764d50b107fa7cd49c0f1d4fdfb5622Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge inbound to m-c.
94d461c799fd965451180ed91862b3433c7eb538Bas Schouten — Bug 770033 - Part 3: Deal with extend modes for D2D partial bitmap uploads. r=jrmuizel
a5b33148ae58dcb75935648bde60dab70c4bf8baBas Schouten — Bug 770033 - Part 2: Add order test for horizontal halfscaling code. r=jrmuizel
de7ab39f550dc28ff2613452244a28208ed7d135Bas Schouten — Bug 770033 - Part 1: Fix shuffling bug in horizontal halfscaling code. r=jrmuizel
07b1a599943049c581f6bb058af482201f96a38dLuke Wagner — Bug 769987 - don't forget to ExpandInlineFrames before discarding jit code (r=bhackett)
28d73863a62ef4e79de84cef766c6bd5a650bf56Rafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 770476 - Upgrade clang to 159509. r=rail.
8e3bc766092df0359253982b3bc1782c8d54068cJason Orendorff — Bug 725909 - Make Maps and Sets iterable. r=luke.
aec1ad4171a17e692e7af213a2c82dc693f4459cJason Orendorff — Bug 769504 - Atomize strings when using them as hash keys in a Map or Set. r=luke.
926876345186403b3c68a1c7ebf339b79102ed2cJason Orendorff — Use // comments in MapObject.cpp. Trivial. r=luke in bug 769504.
f44eca03418cf16a0b74fe5494a81e3d44172fbfJason Orendorff — Bug 725907 - for-of improvements, part 5: Make ctypes arrays iterable. r=bhackett.
52310f1b29ea929d3ef7a45c298f26b0f44dcdf0Tim Taubert — merge m-c to fx-team
09b9de5e8bb937c76492c2eeef121b9a61cccf41Saurabh Anand — Bug 767836 - show custom newtab page in private browsing mode if configured; r=ttaubert
1ec7439ba4773467811e84db0bb629071ae934d6Owen Coutts — Bug 767289 - [New Tab page] The :hover border should follow the dragImage instead of staying with the thumbnail tile; r=ttaubert
a19d621cdc4f07d8e3095f0a02e3dc32b34a7756Andres Hernandez — Bug 719035 - [New Tab Page] Write keyboard navigation tests r=ttaubert
43c35b83223572d93462ae1201f629c25389fb61Andres Hernandez [:andreshm] — Bug 681005 - Restore pinned tabs before normal tabs r=zpao
bfd236cc29eb5b92274acc964d4e36a6c008448dEhsan Akhgari — Merge mozilla-inbound into mozilla-central
2e9813915a1bc74f323d4306104fb3900ed43320Vladimir Vukicevic — b=768598, [profiler] save LR register on ARM Android, for some additional syscall info, r=bgirard
7747e6a69ebe98d7d57e48c53f0bc5a538185bccHessam Salehi — Bug 722976 - Stop using nsIPrivateBrowsingService in ConsoleAPIStorage. r=gavin
290afd57d2a82cd5d0d533ada653bd12fcbac180Gervase Markham — Bug 763208 - Update .jp entry in PSL.
8ca7a4f665a1ea213c51630a37a7f2483357161bChris Lord — Bug 758620 - Fix abort caused by unchecked clamping. r=ajuma
f4a40f6773912e6fb4bcb05f7ee00fe930b29c80Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge the last PGO-green inbound changeset to m-c.
5c30c255b49079f948ad0ee4f0cb36be2c3f1a07Kan-Ru Chen — Bug 770440 - Make sure we only initialize sGLContext/sFramebufferOpen once. r=cjones
78353003288ed531ba2ddf00c65d3104cc2e4860KO Myung-Hun — Bug 768742 - Implement Full OS/2 IME support. r=daveryeo
936ee90e6e549aa8876a26cfb3cf5c465917f89dGeorg Fritzsche — Bug 757287 - Submit flash version from telemetry ping. r=nfroyd
e997600270c2ce1c039bcee4f4da21c8d68a9977David Rajchenbach-Teller — Bug 750178 - Companion test suite. r=khuey
460c8abe0a91480df915bea63094e55e5415e112David Rajchenbach-Teller — Bug 750178 - Add an OS.Constants module. r=khuey
f9fb64b005637f891f156b8b4a0db6cd60da1c28David Rajchenbach-Teller — Bug 750178 - Expose OS.Constants as an xpcom component. r=khuey
1911af67056984976a521d269f5c6047f4037254Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
ed582ea30746d8076ed52d23d8a7cef514909ac5Jon Coppeard — Bug 770200: GC: Simplify use of GC lock r=billm
2eb2d4b9a0ef582362c3e17103f57752efee3c33Jon Coppeard — Bug 770121: GC: Make GC more deterministic when JS_MORE_DETERMINISTIC is defined r=billm
df79a01137c1a02a50600f4a561a46446acdcd1bJon Coppeard — Bug 770110: GC: gcIncrementalState is now used by non-incremental GCs r=billm
9a492f7908211a6ed989312fcdd1fdc0a8430ae0Bobby Holley — Bug 655649 - Introduce an API to recompute wrappers based on various filters. r=billm
d2a65035b2ec18124dcfd49e5141be4243aadd41Bobby Holley — Bug 655649 - Codify |wrappedObject(value) == key| invariant. r=billm
684fc1db7debb37f4061525d627bdcbb8e8c4097Bobby Holley — Bug 655649 - Move/Rename RemapWrappers. r=billm
54fb630b70773c3a18b92ca582d8e63ddcd06f7bBobby Holley — Bug 655649 - Hoist machinery for remapping a single wrapper into a separate function. r=billm
b6aa44d8f11fdef485b28aca2b00ea2df7ef1d5eRyan VanderMeulen — Merge the last PGO-green inbound changeset to m-c.
3e206a3aa14ef926e676e0a86a3296429ba04625Jared Wein — Bug 770792 - PRIORITY_CRITICAL_HIGH notification bar on Windows and Linux is ugly solid red. r=dao
2237382fc7218a6a7647a7fa2dc2b774325509e7Jared Wein — Bug 654687 - Combine Stop and Reload in the page context menu. r=felipe
0f516031218f412e4edde7ef545fc70059a41f00Masayuki Nakano — Bug 764285 part.2 Use naming rules of virtual keycodes in SDK for defining undefined keycode r=smichaud
83f49d543833c18b9a2c8506431eec1583bc57d9Masayuki Nakano — Bug 764285 part.1 Use virtual keycodes defined in SDK r=smichaud
b58f095b4107e0e86fd4c39e0f22c9b4b5065c5aMasayuki Nakano — Bug 537230 part.2 Remake the test for selection underlines with CSS3 text-decoration r=roc
5c4f6719798022f048462f8faf8df049377486e4Masayuki Nakano — Bug 537230 part.1 Paint connection of complex style decoration lines smoothly r=roc
6f871f3c25cfec264d38e1e451cb09fc3885ef7ePhil Ringnalda — Back out ea9410c65673 (bug 769791) for mochitest-chrome bustage
2ed02bff1f4dbf4e8ab0b3fb607cdf2565ff94ebJared Wein — Bug 770419 - Rename 'Send Image...', 'Send Video', 'Send Audio', and 'Send Page' to 'Email Image...', etc. r=fryn
f39b9c98ab140125d61cfe1ec6e084e1c007eddbMatthew Gregan — Bug 695612 - Make nsRemoteAudioStream::Write block by waiting for acks from its parent. r=doublec
1bf6e9c3b10448c079ace650b3f2b5a414cbf3fdRyan VanderMeulen — No Bug - MUST CLOBBER after merging 8417741974ba.
d7ccd19c876729493848e6160ab390dfa2939745Hernan Rodriguez Colmeiro — Bug 770628 - Add mozglue to b2g packaging. r=mwu
ea9410c65673eb9710bbe541154b84e79b2fffb7Adam Dane [:hobophobe] — Bug 769791 - Optimize nsSelection::GetIndicesForInterval for adding ranges to the end. r=smaug
8417741974ba9034e6d8f2069bb2f798e5d02f5eLuke Wagner — Bug 770261 - hoist eval code into builtin/Eval.{h,cpp} (r=jorendorff)
0a009343d59dc779773870bd0b6acd03051f02ebEhsan Akhgari — Merge backout of DLBI from mozilla-central
de483b66eb94a81440cf044be725c397ff0d48b1Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 330868 - Fall back to assuming that we have retrieved HTML data from the clipboard if it lies to us saying that it has returned CF_HTML; r=roc
a70007cba6bfd9b9e22f2da0bb09e295e5de2d9bGavin Sharp — Bug 770550: change exported symbol for FrameWorker.jsm from FrameWorker to getFrameWorkerHandle, r=markh
4ea9c1b951268fab51d5df760cea3cae6380b694Ehsan Akhgari — Merge mozilla-central into mozilla-inbound to prepare backing DLBI out
830e2279375b222fb713002691dd0e61fbdc38c7Oleg Romashin — Bug 763241 - Add double buffer EGL provider detection by define or permanently. r=jgilbert
20b0bce4c16529ece1b4ce6e59bb7263ad1d6a62Eddy Bruel — Bug 703537 - Rename AbstractWrapper to IndirectWrapper; r=bholley
a198f8d63027e26859c0ecc47b143b68605189c8David Rajchenbach-Teller — Bug 769658 - Companion test suite. r=khuey
df770ecef00ae682c09c440a74e128bea335742dDavid Rajchenbach-Teller — Bug 769658 - Split OS.Constants.Sys and OS.Constants.Path. r=khuey
82e16d73fe0937e23e431ce17be29fbe4df42f6eDavid Rajchenbach-Teller — Bug 707696 - Windows test suite. r=taras
992ba16d7d5e826000756ac1c80c83794a42f44aDavid Rajchenbach-Teller — Bug 707696 - Unix test suite. r=taras
12964e66b3b30c24ce82c4c40a6393fb3692fbddDavid Rajchenbach-Teller — Bug 707696 - Path handling Unix back-end. r=taras
4ff738074a6d41a58f1b8a12ccfebef126abd487David Rajchenbach-Teller — Bug 707696 - Path handling Windows back-end. r=taras
41aaaf01140669813e33e0a7fc3187bafff6637cRyan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
24feaa8bd89423b04b16e4ba22e3b67b4a038869Jason Orendorff — Bug 725907 - for-of improvements, part 4: Add .next() method to iterator objects and make for-of call it. r=bhackett.
4313740f1adc9ae35a66ed4a9585800ee24f4d77Jason Orendorff — Bug 725907 - for-of improvements, part 3: Implement .iterator() for arraylike DOM objects. r=bzbarsky.
cb49c3730a9788ba010ef7a64d9db629bc436dbeJason Orendorff — Bug 725907 - for-of improvements, part 2: Make for-of loops just call .iterator() instead of using the magic iteratorObject hook with an extra flag. r=bhackett.
3a488b71b69a7586cb506510a2535f559e7db64bJason Orendorff — Bug 725907 - for-of improvements, part 1: minor C++ refactoring, rename Iterator to PropertyIteratorObject. r=Waldo.
5f4c341d773a39cd425da34f9d090bcf73ec048cJason Orendorff — Bug 743107 - Add OrderedHashTable. Change implementation of Map and Set to retain insertion order. r=luke.
1e28b1f771c1e0e6b4eb77826d11b0eb5abc43d7Jason Orendorff — Bug 695908 - Use bool in js/src/frontend rather than JSBool. Part 2: JSBool to bool. r=ejpbruel.
b23429ce0d81ed6c5cc727bad19086146f0241caJason Orendorff — Bug 695908 - Use bool in js/src/frontend rather than JSBool. Part 1: true/false literals. r=ejpbruel.
632e14f18cb1f942cfa538ae9f718ddef4dfe2d3Ehsan Akhgari — Backed out changeset 0f1a8f17bfdf because the patch was not reviewed!
0f1a8f17bfdfc6ac541b0800fc2a9f8c0547f7deEhsan Akhgari — Bug 330868 - Fall back to assuming that we have retrieved HTML data from the clipboard if it lies to us saying that it has returned CF_HTML; r=roc
121f87144909f6086aa372d456f3e98414e40ab9Brian Smith — Bug 763342 - Fix device-specific cache hit rate telemetry regression, r=michal
8ea07a17e25c0c0f68acbd4527510b9750a7fcabDaniel Holbert — Bug 770287: Reorder IDBIndex constructor init list to fix build warning. r=khuey
2d70201995f1ac1b0c5fb316a3dd5895653dc6adOleg Romashin — Bug 770414: Framebuffer stride isn't calculated properly for gonk fb back/Front Buffer. r=mwu
6583faced02ac13f0b1baa6b8905934d7a22237eJared Wein — Bug 239307 - Remove 'Send Link...' from context menus. r=fryn ui-r=shorlander
242ce0073d97b80c021dd9fd374feae1745ccb61Gavin Sharp — Bug 762569: followup to add additional test coverage
2dfd0ad87b155b0cff2eb152c977c11f87b97b4bDão Gottwald — Bug 277079 - "Close other tabs" should always warn about closing multiple tabs. r=ttaubert
e50461d4bfc843b332fdd3ba7f78b3ed17ee344aJeff Walden — Bug 770586 - Move CallArgs into the public API, for eventual use in JSAPI signatures. r=luke
a86fbf7a14ea14ee612fedf54e696b18bb7fcdd1Tim Taubert — merge m-c to fx-team
40e232a4acf363221f41f277b55b61b7da045b96Johan Charlez — Bug 651942 - Add a list of recently-opened files to the file menu of the Scratchpad. r=harth
3a1f8992606cfa95029710007307b41db0eb3bd1Tim Taubert — Bug 769634 - imgITools should provide cropping functionality; r=bbondy
87db9617a885e7bac31d9e724facf9f0ad3a6c50Ehsan Akhgari — Backout changeset 89f35d1fea6c (bug 539356) because of performance and correctness regressions
a6ee1952a230b8b03540bd9cbdc894d24982d5c6Ehsan Akhgari — Backout changeset 75419010ac02 (bug 539356) because of performance and correctness regressions
fe89d83d71be290bc27ece7333487ad4a45f6aabEhsan Akhgari — Backout changeset ef47dbb6313a (bug 539356) because of performance and correctness regressions
37ace49edeb32d87a52969e5c17ebcb876cbe01bEhsan Akhgari — Backout changeset 3a41b53f8ada (bug 539356) because of performance and correctness regressions
ea8c4c02abf95de13c580672368fdd99f2a2094eEhsan Akhgari — Backout changeset eea5704272d0 (bug 539356) because of performance and correctness regressions
032329e0f4cc6bfd8759a0f69fdac0be074b98d0Ehsan Akhgari — Backout changeset 2c411daf6633 (bug 539356) because of performance and correctness regressions
e9117b081b9fd70943547ab68c0bb1544ed16932Ehsan Akhgari — Backout changeset 60affaedccc3 (bug 539356) because of performance and correctness regressions
3c2ce59947ab99e34c59769f73e1178d9891fd8eEhsan Akhgari — Backout changeset d97bd4246317 (bug 539356) because of performance and correctness regressions
a49eedd187dddab9f8642598c31ed5f89fd57e2eEhsan Akhgari — Backout changeset bd0a91621ea9 (bug 539356) because of performance and correctness regressions
32e8fc01c01f4946b32b4ecb21c69320fee5c817Ehsan Akhgari — Backout changeset f83491fc735a (bug 539356) because of performance and correctness regressions
c22083ebc853b173e110f1f65e842fd35ebb5ce1Ehsan Akhgari — Backout changeset f568fc280fb0 (bug 539356) because of performance and correctness regressions
2d5604335e1510838467005b1c0d9feb1de3160dEhsan Akhgari — Backout changeset e04abde1b323 (bug 539356) because of performance and correctness regressions
9af1b99d622b0940025f72626049651148b212d1Ehsan Akhgari — Backout changeset ba840bf34511 (bug 539356) because of performance and correctness regressions
3b932903b7b2447787b0ffd86042f4153ee8ac8fEhsan Akhgari — Backout changeset 90ab708bab8b (bug 539356) because of performance and correctness regressions
dd21bea4fb7774dd3b3eb5d08eea0f0cfbb9cb0dEhsan Akhgari — Backout changeset 65410094add4 (bug 539356) because of performance and correctness regressions
cde7abd8c9dd84c7f85eba87ce8a7410d925f07aEhsan Akhgari — Backout changeset ce5e9fefee19 (bug 539356) because of performance and correctness regressions
02ba5ab5a3f90755dee0231dd8287cb77178e79aEhsan Akhgari — Backout changeset d9f3358435ba (bug 539356) because of performance and correctness regressions
cdbbbea09aeb746801b4a112f6d771971168605fEhsan Akhgari — Backout changeset 0c75abcb72ff (bug 539356) because of performance and correctness regressions
c86e39ee8c55b492e9ceb0871fe86528c08b7483Ehsan Akhgari — Backout changeset f09fdc691c66 (bug 539356) because of performance and correctness regressions
19dcfb96c0d3610dedfb03358417c6694becc46bEhsan Akhgari — Backout changeset b7b89bbdd7ab (bug 539356) because of performance and correctness regressions
cf71b613d9e74404f1071fac7bdff651d57502caEhsan Akhgari — Backout changeset 3c553c4b10e9 (bug 539356) because of performance and correctness regressions
45acaaed2f94302eb6cd4d760190769122a5b89cEhsan Akhgari — Backout changeset e794d5f88e0c (bug 539356) because of performance and correctness regressions
5bdd6a4fe0fd6553daed3549b0803b358c7cce95Ehsan Akhgari — Backout changeset cb1ac88bedc2 (bug 539356) because of performance and correctness regressions
d6c612f340545e7f152fd7bcbfd020b58a6b3835Ehsan Akhgari — Backout changeset ef4557011ad3 (bug 539356) because of performance and correctness regressions
6baef7642626b4c3179fd8713d75691ac9fb66a5Ehsan Akhgari — Backout changeset ba7021170544 (bug 539356) because of performance and correctness regressions
6bfde067f70044d6445e3cd72084e7d5527dadebEhsan Akhgari — Backout changeset 3f8e99e92344 (bug 539356) because of performance and correctness regressions
461b05b02842ea5f20ef5c5e2680a4eb941f46cdEhsan Akhgari — Backout changeset 6e8c5c011767 (bug 539356) because of performance and correctness regressions
e596d4c9db2edb14edd57fc4c56c2ae2fc2568eaEhsan Akhgari — Backout changeset f7599b247eef (bug 539356) because of performance and correctness regressions
6add891f904ff10f93583263aa6318fae1dea334Ehsan Akhgari — Backout changeset d14ec506f28f (bug 539356) because of performance and correctness regressions
6f0754272ae033cb99493433d3e1813263e5405dEhsan Akhgari — Backout changeset 17cc480ae05d (bug 539356) because of performance and correctness regressions
5f34f67d178d10a7cc8ce03dbd8179ca9929697fEhsan Akhgari — Backout changeset b59fde84e97f (bug 539356) because of performance and correctness regressions
48755ba6bb629347efedbb5a7b7373f469e3fa57Ehsan Akhgari — Backout changeset 6234134d4430 (bug 539356) because of performance and correctness regressions
f56dac9de37c0333b1f8b1b983974d2724f43cfdEhsan Akhgari — Backout changeset cd6d52bdf2d8 (bug 539356) because of performance and correctness regressions
e1b9fec095010f59a67bf48a7790217ec8b514d9Ehsan Akhgari — Backout changeset a9ae09d4f1d8 (bug 539356 part 30) because DLBI is being backed out
b9c6ed198a1afd1d14b5fa35813febd3957d0ef5Ehsan Akhgari — Backout changeset 2cf9546ee691 (bug 770001) because DLBI is being backed out
2524478b03c6806a9fcda99fd90d8eaf2a877832Ehsan Akhgari — Backout changeset 25061ce7382b (bug 770041) because DLBI is being backed out
eda1eb35c706eebef1895b3aaab101bec0fb3f0fEhsan Akhgari — Backout changeset c862a7dd7851 (bug 769922) because DLBI is being backed out
d62e567738df9c68b0a98701314ef3f24c13900fEhsan Akhgari — Backout changeset 4e29b12a5d25 (bug 770096) because DLBI is being backed out
4fb1de24239d0253371594ef4ec0e07e900c5774Ehsan Akhgari — Backout changeset 071d6332729b (bug 770058 part 1) because DLBI is being backed out
a510b1500a8bdb9f9344e38cf5de895ab2569495Ehsan Akhgari — Backout changeset 6266a1336e2d (bug 770058 part 2) because DLBI is being backed out
902e4fd79c9ee4c15316ef970d8f698fdc430ac3Ehsan Akhgari — Backout changeset 674cde7d007a (bug 770000 because DLBI is being backed out
477d807660d7093abdebdb91ffd360eb7567b987Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge the last PGO-green inbound changeset to m-c.
71982be9e5375579d5372f97b507bd255f81324bSiddharth Agarwal — Bug 770604 - should abspath during directory creation too. r=khuey
c54c4e2f80585513e2b606ce45a99fd2f572476bGregor Wagner — Bug 769245 - Contacts API: Add ContactEmail Type. r=sicking
ba6941b5077e86e936f1335a0498acfac8a2246aBrad Lassey — bug 770289 - JNIEnv->NewString can throw and needs to be caught before another JNI call, follow up to fix whitespace r=kats
a36da70ad3da6ab9b3f0a5e37a606763847bb0ebBrad Lassey — bug 770289 - JNIEnv->NewString can throw and needs to be caught before another JNI call r=kats
4524c3a94a3cd772d25ad0960c06b573b9a31404Brad Lassey — bug 749917 - crash in mozilla::AndroidBridge::CheckURIVisited r=kats
166fc54b3964e89ecdf13f4cd9e88add4ddbbb74Matt Brubeck — Bug 770371 - Add a margin to the tappable area for copying selected text [r=margaret]
7679131180349d09ff78fc91935966d0d8c71a55Luke Wagner — Bug 770421 - tidy CallObject::getCalleeFunction() (r=njn)
dadb511cc04c44abc0c2aebde6481c56bde6d8acMichal Novotny — Bug 764337 - Firefox 14+ requests images inserted by JS multiple times if not cached r=mayhemer
72a742ed3d20fd6207b7d5d750a976d3e065c140Ed Morley — Backout e29885f8f290 (bug 769245) for M3 failures
e29885f8f290530e5689eecb712ddedbb7849287Gregor Wagner — Bug 769245 - Contacts API: Add ContactEmail Type. r=sicking
3a7d6d2bd7eeb0e4653c1c1aeffd555b37776bceDão Gottwald — merge backout
57130d6e4aaaea12cb8bdde73f6f8e46ed6a1ad8Dão Gottwald — Backed out changeset c36c02221c6a
0d5401de56834a4d195409b3c39265d9be453bc6Daniel Holbert — Bug 770299: use size_t instead of int for loop iterator in MaskLayerImageCache.h, to fix build warning. r=nrc
1757e2d83cd152257abe92095bc782b6450e9b02Gordon P. Hemsley — Bug 723609: Improve localization notes in r=Pike
d17fc82f43eda6e4489668da940f9226807c97fcEhsan Akhgari — Merge mozilla-central into moizilla-inbound
834baebc83f799cc1793012191a62d256a8c1a09Dão Gottwald — Bug 767840 - Let middleMousePaste call openUILink instead of whereToOpenLink and openUILinkIn. r=gavin
c36c02221c6aaa57086cdc9b66677d4dfbf4a46dDão Gottwald — Bug 277079 - "Close other tabs" should always warn about closing multiple tabs. r=ttaubert
14351e2f39372e392f6601584110d8f8aeab6b5dGavin Sharp — Bug 762569: add "FrameWorker" module, implementing a SharedWorker-like API for use by social providers. Original code by Mark Hammond <>, Shane Caraveo <>, and Michael Hanson <>, r=me/shane/markh
505d87bc55d4203ef113fbafd014f3feb75fae67Chris Lord — Bug 769467 - Add a PrivateBrowsingUtils module. r=gavin
ad4882f08d10295650631dd8d62e6a98807a2c62Ehsan Akhgari — Update the comment on gPrivateBrowsingUI.privateWindow (no bug, DONTBUILD)
0ca8d61d79930b9f6326f6787a7a14908ff61205Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 767835 - Avoid using about:privatebrowsing as the new tab URL when permanent private browsing has been turned on; r=ttaubert
032188386b9efc55223772c1360e84e623a0bca5Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 768798 - Return false from onSingleTapUp, so that the PanZoomController still gets an ACTION_UP event. r=mbrubeck
7ae505066ea780fa7ffb4a9a8563cbc824e22314Mounir Lamouri — Bug 770491 - Fix leak introduced by System Message Handler API. r=khuey
da871640d4486b3149671987877e278e8cda5a00Rafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 732173 - poison write during shutdown in a debug build. r=ted.
2cd530626b0e7f91874ce921f7914fd5511c54fdRafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 769772 - Print compiler version being used and drop checks for llvm-gcc and old versions of clang. r=khuey.
9a679266be3377d674f715545a9d91ee1ad88775Ed Morley — Backout 3175d72d8a40 (bug 770144) for turning 611498-1.html permaorange
b77545d6a4f53b1fc8c60312925846a515ed0439Jonathan Kew — bug 754452 - use GDI synthetic italic rather than cairo font matrix when it's safe to do so, for better glyph spacing. r=jdaggett
e1557cf228913760f94ee686bd484473e2dfcf87Jonathan Kew — bug 765906 - reftests for use of synthetic bold with system fallback fonts. r=jdaggett
f749cea93c54bcad2b252a1fdeca7aa67b138f5fJonathan Kew — bug 765906 - don't ignore boldness when using system fallback fonts. r=jdaggett
c86aa20289a4062e7d7540dca6a0a429185f44fbEd Morley — Backout 1dba66cfad9a, ed768b821da1, 23fd9a8d0c9a, 1e90805d96aa, 07425f0e921e (bug 749551) for M3 failures
10fad54737f63d06b17194ee7c780e54df1b99b6Panos Astithas — Bug 769574 - Update the settings file with the new debugger preferences; r=vingtetun
dbd41e244549492fbc354c7c1667c406db6fd781Ed Morley — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound
1dba66cfad9ab1aac43a7a1dec8f219192f9566bGene Lian — Bug 749551 - Alarm API (AlarmsManager and AlarmService). r=vivien
ed768b821da17bed5d0f932fa3b81b43f29ed9fbGene Lian — Bug 749551 - Alarm API (AlarmDB). r=vivien
23fd9a8d0c9afbd3dc247301304156c3c4949346Gene Lian — Bug 749551 - Alarm API (AlarmHalService). r=cjones
1e90805d96aab9f2c29431908b722cfb51107847Gene Lian — Bug 749551 - Alarm API (Hal/Gonk). r=cjones
07425f0e921ec0f55739e5039a1b0abb1844f957Gene Lian — Bug 749551 - Alarm API (Idl and dummy Dom). r=mounir sr=jonas
3175d72d8a40878ee9e030f31672a421649ad597Matt Woodrow — Bug 770144 - Restrict ThebesLayer invalidations to the visible region. r=roc
674cde7d007a5adb887578529255998fb6812c98Matt Woodrow — Bug 770000 - Call WillPaint and DidPaint from the refresh driver instead of the widget events. r=roc
d8a4ef92f06e08cebf9e40ecfd4e112803df0419Neil Rashbrook — Bug 767839 Don't preprocess update-settings.ini twice r=khuey
ce75fa1a043ea888d4170e311522252b69d79bdeMark Finkle — Bug 754585 - Fennec Nightly failing ACID3 test (with one error) r=mbrubeck
b39f4007be5a1893bb1d96baed2db842ff766e0dBenjamin Smedberg — Bug 769721 - Minimal patch to force OOPP mode on for Windows Vista+ users, because Flash is not tested with the IPP configuration and has known bugs, r=josh
47f814827db64da0d5a010279d64f5dd57ff312bJohn Schoenick — Backout Bug 406451 for regressions
edf132b767b0fc739e3b80b35e2870c051846936KO Myung-Hun — Bug 684487 Place OS/2 IME input box correctly. NPOTDB DONTBUILD OS/2 Only. r=daveryeo
f38d6df93cadad51358934032240c00e14ab902bBen Hearsum — bug 744008: Produce B2G builds for desktop operating systems - rename mozconfigs; adjust compiler. r=gal
f6827c0d913e84019da50aee80ff20c3af522a42Honza Bombas — bug 760138: need to build redit.exe as part of a b2g windows desktop. r=jones.chris.g
1d370ca5bb8dcf173889ff14659560412996b748Benjamin Smedberg — Bug 769048 part F - Add the final bits to PluginModuleParent which watch for new Flash processes and inject a crashreporter into them, r=jimm
52b93da290236f84bf62bac550eb07a4e359be01Benjamin Smedberg — Bug 769048 part E - Core crashreporter support for injecting a crashreporter DLL into an arbitrary process and callbacks for notifications when that process has crashed, r=ehsan
6990667ebd08aa06536c93ed7b0a4e42c187fab1Benjamin Smedberg — Bug 769048 part D - Import the MemoryModule code from revision ca4f504527 and modify it to support injecting a DLL image into a remote process. MPLv2 upgrade approved by the author. r=ehsan
141f0a09f4b60253b60bf7ecfbbea54d6a2ac2d2Benjamin Smedberg — Bug 769048 part C - Build an injector DLL which can watch for crashes in Flash player processes. This involves building two copies of breakpad: one to live inside of libxul which uses mozalloc and the dynamic CRT, another to link into the injector which links the CRT statically and doesn't use mozalloc. Introduce a new define/makefile variable MOZ_CRASHREPORTER_INJECTOR rather than repeating "#if defined(XP_WIN) && !defined(HAVE_64BIT_OS) in many places. r=ehsan/khuey
c154cee1928a754e1aded5f4fee16e9c282620caBenjamin Smedberg — Bug 769048 part B - unbust our in-tree exception handler initializer which became ambiguous because NULL could have been a wstring* or a HANDLE, r=ehsan
796f649b8140fb49e43f6e066ffa70815f23ba89Benjamin Smedberg — Bug 769048 part A - import breakpad changes from which allow the crash generation client to be initialized with a handle instead of a pipe name, r=ted
e61399f315059cb943c3685f97fd826cfd424b63Ed Morley — Merge last PGO-green changeset of mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central
9574d7725ec54d5c5b4fb2371ee413188fd23631Phil Ringnalda — Back out 921c2e13b45e (bug 770144) for reftest bustage
2e39a01b89984ac23dfa9ecb0e172477888cd121Andrew McCreight — Bug 752340 - ensure swap preserves finalizerness. r=billm
093f6da3e4e1145eaf9a9f9356f2caef4ea0f71cAndrew McCreight — Bug 752340 - use a finalizer in FunctionProxyClass. r=jorendorff
921c2e13b45e7c915a4f16e83ef3b9fe845e06b9Matt Woodrow — Bug 770144 - Restrict ThebesLayer invalidations to the visible region. r=roc
6266a1336e2ddba0aff503a563cfbb34423cd95dRobert O'Callahan — Bug 770058. Part 2: When the document switches between active and inactive, invalidate all frames. r=mattwoodrow
071d6332729b9feb5bb322e730b0707eda2593c6Robert O'Callahan — Bug 770058. InvalidateFrame doesn't need flags, we can just avoid calling ScheduleRepaint if we find any ancestor frame with a descendant that needs invalidation. r=mattwoodrow
4e29b12a5d255f8af07e53b3ee6d04e6c43edd4cMatt Woodrow — Bug 770096 - Prevent crashes when encountering an empty ThebesLayer. r=roc
d7aa6473ce02ba5e120d94c5dd191a2a4d9a8d5cRyan VanderMeulen — Backout 38cfb0413e04 (bug 767506) due to M1 permaorange.
c862a7dd785125e5e00216ab459b94c2f5d46f19Matt Woodrow — Bug 769922 - Add nsDisplayAltFeedback so that alt feedback images get invalidated correclty. r=roc
25061ce7382be516a3c16389ddfe97d9a5cceff6Matt Woodrow — Bug 770041 - Revert GetRootPresContext to pre-DLBI behaviour and add GetDisplayRootPresContext for DLBI. r=roc
38cfb0413e04970c1797c3ee90fedd4b0cb08ac6Jason Duell — Bug 767506 - Select proper proxy caps for non-SSL CONNECT. r=honzab
452df149aafc6bd9d2d9e4004ab5439731819eacFabrice Desré — Bug 755245 - Implement System Message Handler - Part 5, Add system messages registration from webapps manifests [r=vingtetun]
ae504d48bcb0a46d7cd9a0d6001cb120810930bdFabrice Desré — Bug 755245 - Implement System Message Handler : Part 4, B2G glue [r=vingtetun]
2155615b46700e6311436d1423c1ef1c20d17644Fabrice Desré — Bug 755245 - Implement System Message Handler : Part 3, DOM implementation [r=vingtetun,mounir]
8b9a1c775077768d9ad47850b9bfc38c4c691122Fabrice Desré — Bug 755245 - Implement System Message Handler : Part 2, Add a getApp() method to nsGlobalWindow [r=mounir]
d1a45c3f6f8fb27d387aa0773104e6637e03c85aFabrice Desré — Bug 755245 - Implement System Message Handler : Part 1, IDL [sr=jonas,r=mounir,khuey]
ecb0393610d5b43d15bd30bb00186a55fecd840bBrian Smith — Bug 767275 - Add more detailed cache lock telemetry, r=michal, r=nfroyd
2d4d8153d27dc94a67d67ca95de01e2835921a44Paul Adenot — Bug 767087 - xpcshell test r=jduell
0a46999bfecb40171ad4da7ae027998e75327a43Paul Adenot — Bug 767087 - Add a flag to force content sniffing when we get served application/octet-stream. r=jduell
875b8a0416e55d7e2624459099a326fcd93d655eBonnie Surender — Fixing bug 770175 and bug 770171. Idle API moz assert fix.
2777ec78a2b5dc77e18eed0e4001bc699344405cDevdatta Akhawe — Bug 767134 - Stuff the source principal into nsIContentPolicy (r=bz, sr=jst)
fae2698d6ac6c2612f5f3eda478f8bb16030324fPatrick McManus — bug 769264 pipeline logging cleanups r=honzab
947af3f855e1404ae762f92522498ff11474db78Siddharth Agarwal — Fix orange due to botched mozprocess update in bug 769808.
88aaf6c529b9e1bb2f5e332aa756df5d53e86c26Siddharth Agarwal — Bug 680636 - Add support for running nsinstall natively under pymake and convert a bunch of cases over. r=ted
e149b8c85eb8bb398ff2e1638ad248c249f901afSiddharth Agarwal — Bug 757252 - Kill nsinstall_win.c, use on Windows instead. r=ted
8155cc5972d64ca85128bd1d915d30543e85daa9Felipe Gomes — Bug 770297. Call to isLaunchable needs to use the app origin, and not the install origin. r=fabrice
e43bc469868750af82887eeb4a99921b376deabbRyan VanderMeulen — Merge the last PGO-green inbound changeset to m-c.
d3a3e58db83ddc077a9d2568617369985be05acaRyan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
3b86df322556777a22418fcd7a1e6f502422218eLuke Wagner — Bug 769743 - Bump the XDR version because bug 769743 forgot to do it (rs=waldo)
64b4556e61f4d5f604e63ca741d69c64d4504fc6Jeff Walden — Unify DelegateObject and ArrayBufferDelegate in a single function, rather than duplicating two places. No bug, rs=luke over IRC
8c50b2ddc155fb9693ec9dc64185d0b5e1d8580eWes Kocher — Update revision of Jetpack code used for tests to fix bug 769440. r=philor
72893005d192f5a447f8a1d52b8daf7fdab6deb0Siddharth Agarwal — Bug 770189 - dom/bindings/parser/ invocations need to be un-native-commandified. r=khuey
a9fda5347abd578680813882ebb09980de955223Siddharth Agarwal — Bug 769808 - Update mozbase on m-c to include fix for bug 769789. r=jhammel
4a5f794edd2d03d83a9836f749665ac874b7320cBrian Nicholson — Bug 769097 - Remember desktop mode preference after OOM. r=mfinkle
3fa201aec65200cf2db0e2998438f1d3ec986989Guillermo Lopez — Bug 769805 - Contacts API broken due to IndexedDB API Change. r=khuey
b1b127541ba8e17df37686f782e197b5075d3de8Guillermo Lopez — Bug 769803 - WebSMS broken due to IndexedDB API Change. r=khuey
26aa29fdd8884160716b73638355b0bfdaf58452Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge last PGO-green inbound changeset to m-c.
28d34d5f50ae6bf14d39101da0eb7254c1cdf431Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 739364: All iconified buttons in url-bar should have bigger target area. [r=mfinkle]
a92bb4e1842de83bb4b853734d5c707f2a0a4a86Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 739364: Change awesomescreen backgrounds to be lighter blue. [r=mfinkle]
46a9d74546bc898e76c17a9666b5d419ddfce06fJim Mathies — Bug 723133 - Protect against recursive calls in nsPluginNativeWindowWin's PluginWndProc. r=bsmedberg
c9c5ff6c35594dd0e701e3f529b5c0abf7ba8b25Luke Wagner — Fix 'inline function used but never defined' warnings (no bug, r=themaid)
4cd38116f593d7db97fb24d3e9831243ae553c48Steve Fink — Bug 767141 followup - remove extra return statement. r=woof!
e248fe5d20f4b674f44e400101f76cb988c01f24Justin Lebar — Bug 768842 - Inform the <iframe mozbrowser> embedder when Gecko displays an error page. r=mounir
d9892b7747b5942cc300cfa92ccf5c0569e09ddeEd Morley — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound
eb110cad75a5a3dd07640d19a906160ec97ac50aGian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 768900 - Protect against errors when quering Android DBs. r=mfinkle
20137a4f2187a2ea5e4a37a023f0f1aac3cf84c5Trevor Saunders — bug 758112 - use mozilla::Selection in accessible/ r=surkov
2433bf50d64ecb810c70640971c02b8c87e9000dTrevor Saunders — bug 758113 - remove a bunch of nsIDOMNode stuff from HypertextAccessible r=davidb
9824d5acb894869eb0b46bffbaf6eaae9ed6777dChris Pearce — Bug 758357 - Backout 2d295ed03d7f for causing bug 770085. r=backout
c675f4171c3fb6f90f462a6e86b98c7ec12097c7Chris Pearce — Bug 758357 - Backout 6763477075a4 for causing bug 770085. r=backout
63f1d0471102c537c683124ecadd83e8a126014aChris Pearce — Bug 758357 - Backout 540cd3aabdd4 for causing bug 770085. r=backout
155f67c2c5789ca51d4edc49403199e9e8434e48Blake Kaplan — Bug 766497 - Fix typo. r=gal DONTBUILD
8f967762ac65e9362b40804fe909f1445282db9fBlake Kaplan — Bug 769648 - Get rid of __exposedProps__ warnings. r=gal
62667de136fb4d601b57e8e54fedcf019a0c1246Ed Morley — Merge last PGO-green changeset of mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central
c9db3ccb566c9e2c1e4cb280d13911a793db9208Mark Capella — Bug 767269 - ia2Accessible Text/EditableText QI shouldn't call QI for nsIAccessible Text/EditableText, r=tbsaunde
8824db9aa7094b683429378bc4234482c3f666abRobert O'Callahan — Backout bug 768775 for now
108984fa0a891e621ffee7055af96bd47b850c94Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 769881 - copyStringToClipboard Optional parameters should go at the end, also this will make it backward compatible for version bumped extensions; r=roc
61b94ce72be4196c74aad49d812243885f9cfcf6Robert O'Callahan — Mark gradient tests fuzzy for bug 768775
27c9c81709f58d8759b3f32b00127c15338336feRobert O'Callahan — Bug 768348. Avoid ExtCreatePen failures by avoiding rounding widths and dash lengths down to zero. r=jrmuizel
479ec03a3b3d16936f8721695a3117007680adcfRobert O'Callahan — Bug 768775. For linear gradients where the gradient line is parallel to an axis and runs from one edge of a background tile to the other, we can repeat the background by just repeating the gradient instead of drawing individual tiles. r=jrmuizel
2cf9546ee6915fd3080bcb9f5327a2ab66836b53Robert O'Callahan — Bug 770001. When comparing clips, adjust for any change in the ThebesLayer coordinate system. When clips are different, try to accumulate differences intelligently, taking into account that changes in clips outside the bounds of the clipped display item don't matter. r=mattwoodrow
2068c7dda3a233937ebfde5995baa3888006cb88David Zbarsky — Bug 763350 - Clean up some includes in content/ and dom/ r=smaug
4c793a367b2f1a5114664e0db6ec13cae25f0f1bPhilip Chee — Bug 769737 Add nsIFocusManager to Services.jsm r=gavin.
d444d01ef71cfb77433e9eb1ba7351d7d5a0baa4Hub Figuière — Bug 769304 - Add accessibility platform status to about:support. r=dbolter,gavin
77aefa0444d550cd74881b88cd2b3ccef0df31dcHub Figuière — Bug 761589 - Part 2: implement accessibility.force_disabled for ATK. r=tbsaunde
a3efc841a24fb7fca25ac6d780ee59d530dddc1aEkanan Ketunuti — Bug 769913 - TestTXMgr.cpp should use fail() from TestHarness.h; r=ehsan
a31fc905284031559f3c6ea2211feae6b295f0f1Ms2ger — Bug 769437 - Remove a check that has been dead since 2005 to fix a build warning; r=mounir
4004407a1f493acb9373378b081472ad2e3c26f0Ms2ger — Bug 745523 - Part b: Unprefix transforms; r=dbaron
d8edf6858553afa3166b054e0ce6c8420de28b8eMs2ger — Bug 767790 - Remove nsIHTMLDocument::{Get,Set}IsFrameset; r=mounir
4644f221b2afe7a16bfc40f87db26ad1c8e15f54Ms2ger — Bug 770013 - Cleanup NodeIsBlockStatic/IsBlockNode a bit; r=ehsan
3be950fe9e1e01703601d8da182612871cde3ebdRyan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
540cd3aabdd4040d0521d984aa2a57db6e73411dRyan VanderMeulen — Bug 758357 - Back out part of the landing due to risk of it introducing oranges.
3663b7886fddad3891ad391c52f2231b91571dabAryeh Gregor — Bug 767169 part 2 - Handle lastCandidate being null in nsContentSubtreeIterator::Init; r=bz
61070cc08413d3c24512e3e9a3233f248f9b7448Aryeh Gregor — Bug 767169 part 1 - Partial cleanup of Selection::selectFrames; r=ehsan
25e49f1454926f2e4780ac1957d6fd85d0d63a8fMatthew Noorenberghe — Bug 762993 - Follow-up fix for 15ac0594d478. Unregister for WindowWatcher notifications in the success case. a=bustage-fix
15ac0594d4785374c944dfebb3a41ca71578436bMatthew Noorenberghe — Bug 762993 - Implement a sandbox iframe for Identity IdP provisioning. r=jst,benadida,dolske
3b30ca51a2a1045f0138bcf4ee80d4a572cfb6f3Ryan VanderMeulen — Backout a8bfe5a447e7 for creating more orange than it fixed.
ef8319d2f4989787d2b13446cd9942cf35c8dac1Tim Chien — Bug 738530 - Move PowerManager from shell.js to gaia. r=vingtetun
708d5743c27edfaa009de2e2088e9705535cc5eaRyan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
a8bfe5a447e774eae1366399c8fa64c5461f0880Jonas Sicking — Back out part of the landing for bug 758357 due to risk of it introducing oranges
864f8f84cc537e21abebfbd9ee113ac6e75088b4Bill McCloskey — Bug 768732 - Write barrier for array slowification (r=bhackett)
3b62d36c68c5dfc9a55cc4c8841ec8dd5c5ef3ccBill McCloskey — Bug 758034 - Avoid compartment changed GC resets (r=smaug)
7c6e0423400ec259e0f95d68b884355aade09953Bill McCloskey — Bug 758034 - Add new JS APIs for GC (r=terrence)
fa36c61ce4c8fae48100594819e278087020ad9bBill McCloskey — Bug 758034 - Clean up browser GC API (r=smaug)
38c2df3ae4058764ead8eb7b7c6aa3cfb2e0d387Jonathan Watt — Bug 769902 - Avoid unnecessary precision issues in nsSVGUtils::ObjectSpace. r=longsonr.
6763477075a47a36789136e0ae0dd0b2327ae756Jonas Sicking — Attempt at fixing orange due to setting wrong permission in test. Bug 758357
2d295ed03d7f12ec7ec47bd78845ff85e4a6571eBen Turner — Bug 758357: Only show prompt after 50mb of usage for now. Plan is to soon introduce a new service which allows us to remove "old" indexedDB databases and keep a global quota, but for now we simply remove the prompt. r=sicking
a86ce9b348b8b93bde0e3b2ef69faa281cbe3538Chris Peterson — Bug 769080 - Fix Azure build errors about Uint8ClampedArray on Android. Fix some uninitialized variable warnings. r=Ms2ger
d9d61d199b11bebc4b26e52c00e7b998bd47d889Tim Taubert — merge m-c to fx-team
a28eac0f369023d291c97fa0f07f981909835dc7Paul Rouget — Backed out 1464fc01cd17 - leaks
c0f2b7396a43de955de0ff21c235393245c3acbePaul Rouget — Bug 769299 - Make the Inspector less fragile when the selection is deleted. r=dcamp
1464fc01cd1779f1865aca0afbc60fce56d62afdJohan Charlez — Bug 651942 - Add a list of recently-opened files to the file menu of the Scratchpad. r=harth
b7d0f477f873814e06c9b77e60264788f582ec44Ed Morley — Merge mozilla-central to fx-team to pick up the #1 top orange fix
ec2861c9baa6b2597fea273e945c734d568ddc3dJoe Walker — Bug 659686 - Re-license GCLI to a more liberal license; r=dcamp
afc76272017b8852d9d9eb2a9a609c63c77a7e27Sankha Narayan Guria — Bug 764545 - WebConsole default position should be "below"; r=msucan
e42cc35e45cc57d4984b8530ede60cf696dbebe6Mihai Sucan — Bug 768019 - Cached CSS warnings are displayed as JavaScript warnings on Web Console open; r=paul
9757b4d383de7a89455bba99a08b7e1b10bdb45cMihai Sucan — Bug 767994 - reset the toolbar error counter when the clear button is pressed; r=paul
3532b3c14ae53c4291f57d84ab46796d5ec1a111Matthew Noorenberghe — Bug 759656 - Remove unimplemented notification argument to PopupNotification callbacks r=margaret
7a8975c9206be33540ee4492375a34ef482ad1f9Andrew Hurle — Bug 583683 - Show all awesomebar results without scrolling. r=MattN
a6aeae2f15143958b11d341b688034611fe44b2bTim Taubert — Bug 767693 - [New Tab Page] need to save block list when unblocking a site; r=jaws
5393fad896d111de8513e98f28dc1c05aefe6d3dAndres Hernandez [:andreshm] — Bug 766597 - no option to move a tab to a group if the folder is empty r=ttaubert
4c2ddc60f360c3e3c69de4ddc1ef54e45a3a67bfJeff Walden — Bug 769132 - Add a receiver argument to all the set-property APIs. r=luke
db570d1247ee7399d1f74d463b96177290177c63Jeff Walden — Bug 757908 - Remove JSRESOLVE_DECLARING. r=dmandelin
abf333859c83c00f5c81d45f7d117efc42162223Jeff Walden — Bug 769040 - Remove JSACC_PARENT. r=dmandelin
a52d79ad75daa917542e79c0f0245d5b9bac90b9Nicolas Silva — Bug 769294 - Fix crash when trying to dump layers in the console. r=joedrew
4dd209b82d90cc7132b3b3e0404dd431b295bcc2Tal Aloni — Bug 248239 - Change standards mode height calculations for table cells to use content-box sizing rather than border-box sizing by default (and to honor -moz-box-sizing, which we do not do in quirks mode). Also remove -moz-box-sizing: border-box from default style for caption element (all modes). r=dbaron
5d9924488dd2ca19515ec5dbc0a79a3d2e7d3734David Rajchenbach-Teller — Bug 763848 - Companion test suite. r=khuey
6b4f69c478fa97d9c52fb9cc70f1156ff08e092eDavid Rajchenbach-Teller — Bug 763848 - Expose the path to libxul at OS.Constants.Sys. r=khuey
eb8f9356376a4893e92f91af536bf22a9f15e87bEhsan Akhgari — Bug 769008 - Don't pass a null node to GetBlockNodeParent; r=roc
8cc01c494f6a8d0587542d0b220b4cc48a5951a7Ryan VanderMeulen — Backout b97cdd8008a0, bc305a9ac000, and 03549c72043d due to Android browser-chrome orange.
82de1c252339e74c96ec411f40c89a289d591737Masatoshi Kimura — Bug 769119 - Treat null or undefined as an empty dictionary; r=sicking
ef04a2a3284eff8d89a0cb4987f2a3c0719505a8Jonathan Watt — Bug 732819 followup - fix test. r=me.
56cfe23c332fd3bd7b08fab1a032b9518ba17f8cMs2ger — Merge m-c to m-i.
a9ae09d4f1d85257621700b6fed28aab72300103Robert O'Callahan — Bug 539356. Part 30: Call correct HasShadowManager method. Fixing Win mochitest-2 bustage. r=the-wind
82a0b3fe9fa718804f0ee4f6eff9b16cca8468e9Jonathan Watt — Bug 767734 - Give GetCanvasTM knowledge of what the request is for so it can do the right thing when SVG display lists are enabled. r=longsonr.
fed6b276ad326fe2a4ae9f95c7ae144e3717d885Jonathan Watt — Bug 732819 - "ASSERTION: don't think me need this any more" with font-size: 0. r=roc.
9feb8257666c2ae1c7dfe3f2379f379f3e608efaPeter Van der Beken — Fix for bug 762654 (Switch the Azure 2d canvas context to new DOM bindings). r=bz.
37776fc33437ad88e8910d67ba1383e61a52c4a9Jason Duell — Bug 757738 - Websockets: release reference to nsIWebSocketListener after OnClose. r=mcmanus
5c76f0b5100aab5c3c7603773bfdd987828ed86eJason Duell — Bug 769529 - Update nsIWebSocket*.idl comments to reflect that we don't always call OnStart. r=mcmanus, sr=biesi
41412974ed77e0ba7f0641bc17030d93efc86f48Boris Zbarsky — Bug 768190. Don't allow [TreatNullAs] or [TreatUndefinedAs] on dictionary members. r=jlebar
f44dce601af642450245929ef69378ea16d1021dBoris Zbarsky — Bug 767546. Make the WebIDLError constructor take a list of locations. r=jlebar
418f162dfd8e833858b81890aa6533f74aa9ce50Boris Zbarsky — Bug 767936. Use Element* as the cache key for CanvasImageCache. r=roc
03549c72043d010e47a1cc4bf90f9c0bbbf3fbf9Jeff Walden — Bug 769132 - Add a receiver argument to all the set-property APIs. r=luke
bc305a9ac000eccb0f2e17dd16c7e04186022adaJeff Walden — Bug 757908 - Remove JSRESOLVE_DECLARING. r=dmandelin
b97cdd8008a0fafa73df3b26799b27fa335e205dJeff Walden — Bug 769040 - Remove JSACC_PARENT. r=dmandelin
8f15e352d4b4fa0ec9315938623365abfd75ea3bSteve Fink — Bug 767141 - Add a Rooted<Type> and use it to root some scary type manipulation. r=bhackett
0dd9559f15ff98a990e79cb204f76a1c88a72d8aSteve Fink — Bug 767141 - moar rooting. r=bhackett
54bb503183ebfcc0c98faa89c097a128eabd155cSteve Fink — Bug 767141 - Add a handleAt(i) accessor to AutoVectorRooter. r=bhackett
0d87f9f5d3c6053a3ded26d1a316897557e5aa04Steve Fink — Bug 767141 - Implement AssertRootingUnnecessary guard. r=bhackett
cd6d52bdf2d81a79d83b5a664229f30951a0b23bMatt Woodrow — Bug 539356 - Part 29 - Handle OOM exception gracefully during java snapshots. r=jrmuizel
6234134d44305a3650a9de877721ba2a3e5ab7e9Matt Woodrow — Bug 539356 - Part 28 - Cached nsDisplayBackground rasterizations with BasicLayers. r=roc
b59fde84e97f449ec0b72cf2424d515b7a5ac3c1Matt Woodrow — Bug 539356 - Part 27 - Make nsImageFrame's overflow include the AltFeedback image if it will use one. r=roc
17cc480ae05def906c27d504aa50824aa22bafd5Matt Woodrow — Bug 539356 - Part 26 - Send invalidations for hidden documents. r=roc
d14ec506f28f79cbf3b68578e814db1f1fbd2addMatt Woodrow — Bug 768766 - Make css-valid tests use MozReftestInvalidate and mark them as fuzzy. r=roc
f7599b247eef46459e794f3a9661dec6fbbf7accMatt Woodrow — Bug 539356 - Part 25 - Invalidate display items that have a changed clip. r=roc
6e8c5c011767c7d7e5072dc27cb192750ce347c0Matt Woodrow — Bug 539356 - Part 24 - Don't paint android widgets that aren't being composited, or at the front. r=roc
3f8e99e9234442b96484b5fe66d9d39e57c63a20Matt Woodrow — Bug 539356 - Part 23 - Fix MovePixels crash when our surface is in an error state. r=jrmuizel
ba7021170544272ea019fce1323e3475b70a85ffMatt Woodrow — Bug 539356 - Part 22 - Force a background color when running android reftests. r=roc
ef4557011ad31383d15e08379c8a4261e7463b0cMatt Woodrow — Bug 539356 - Part 21 - BasicLayers should always retain content. r=roc
cb1ac88bedc210846c73885d56aa4071416e5affOleg Romashin — Bug 539356 - Part 20 - Simplify regions to avoid excessive region calculation. r=roc
e794d5f88e0cd04aff3f283f2c989910045a0f97Matt Woodrow — Bug 539356 - Part 19 - Only repaint retained layers after the previous repainted has been drawn to the window. r=roc
3c553c4b10e960f15c8f7bb7aa10e71a6f7de1e2Matt Woodrow — Bug 539356 - Part 18 - Mark frames with only invalid children as an optimization to use when invalidating further frames. r=roc
b7b89bbdd7abcdf3930b00a456bbe6bc55bb275aMatt Woodrow — Bug 539356 - Part 17 - Don't paint widgets that an invisible or empty bounds. r=roc
f09fdc691c66b8e1c477ad922f5b7ef553bdd5abMatt Woodrow — Bug 539356 - Part 16 - Revoke any pending ViewManager flushes when we do one (sometimes we get this called from Will Paint events). r=roc
0c75abcb72ff937cdd7b36cd5217100d08ba2fbcMatt Woodrow — Bug 539356 - Part 14 - Handle multiple widget layer managers retaining data for the same frame. r=roc
d9f3358435ba92c61829714d842ae8d8d637ba68Matt Woodrow — Bug 539356 - Part 13 - Only repaint widgets that have had changes since the last paint. r=roc
ce5e9fefee191532a6164c7c697b6b97d2a699aeMatt Woodrow — Bug 539356 - Part 12 - Remove unnecessary LayerManagerLayerBuilder indirection. r=roc
65410094add4d86920290f69be224b14885a435fMatt Woodrow — Bug 741682 - Disable component alpha layers with BasicLayers. r=roc
90ab708bab8b14ea75d49dee9db3b32c3bbbfbf5Matt Woodrow — Bug 739671 - Store optimized Color/ImageLayers on the ThebesLayers that they replace. r=roc
ba840bf34511473c2278236237e7a3340e3b6acaMatt Woodrow — Bug 539356 - Part 11 - Reimplement empty transactions. r=roc
e04abde1b3238f60e250b208cc7ecfc47c440b32Matt Woodrow — Bug 539356 - Part 10 - Test changes required for DLBI. r=roc
f568fc280fb0e40bd082444fc0ea9da1cbbda410Matt Woodrow — Bug 539356 - Part 9 - Implement DLBI. r=roc,bz,jwatt
f83491fc735aa473edfeea67a57206c2ffc4e038Matt Woodrow — Bug 539356 - Revert changes made by bug 728983
bd0a91621ea97bfaba43dbdefa316a5c388566f9Matt Woodrow — Bug 539356 - Part 8b - Move painting of retained layers to the view manager flush, and only composite on the paint event. r=roc
d97bd4246317866bc8ed0de5004588056cc3b81dMatt Woodrow — Bug 539356 - Part 8a - Add END_NO_COMPOSITE to EndTransactionFlags and implement in for all LayerManagers. r=roc
60affaedccc396ce4d1b9b345e22b75cfec7143eMatt Woodrow — Bug 539356 - Part 7 - Store FrameLayerBuilder objects on the LayerManager instead of nsDisplayListBuilder. r=roc
2c411daf6633c108535cb106f5e740b067aa1f9aMatt Woodrow — Bug 539356 - Part 6 - Add compositing paint flashing to BasicLayers. r=roc
eea5704272d0e6692f28bfa0563c5ab5bb3f02e9Matt Woodrow — Bug 539356 - Part 5 - Change SVG effects painting to use a LayerManager transaction. r=roc
3a41b53f8ada0522240897bfe8436262976ffe28Jonathan Watt — Bug 539356 - Part 4 - Reinstate the foreignObject registering code so that bug 605265 doesn't slow down SVG in general. r=mattwoodrow
ef47dbb6313a2f5226d98b582e471163100276beMatt Woodrow — Bug 539356 - Part 3 - Make GetParentPresContext() succeed when the current PresContext has no frames. r=bz
75419010ac026ca2eafea6ac74019d4c7c432532Matt Woodrow — Bug 539356 - Part 2 - Add new API to BasicLayers. r=roc
89f35d1fea6c7b0c9e251ee7ec1224a6f613481dMatt Woodrow — Bug 539356 - Part 1 - Allow LayerManagers to have multiple user data objects. r=roc
0d9f7fb55226856e66cc24f25a91f3bf25965f3bLuke Wagner — Bug 769743 - simplify ScopedCoordinate::slot and fix names (r=dvander)
df25da0249562120237aa4300bfa7430a93ebbe1Phil Ringnalda — Back out e8bab55ac425 for not compiling
301d38e920a02b8900cc83c83575c44699e02552Chris Peterson — Bug 767791 - Selection ranges exclude end index, so write [a,b), not (a,b]. r=blassey
e8bab55ac425419721f047c4c9dfc799d838b5a8Luke Wagner — Bug 769743 - simplify ScopedCoordinate::slot and fix names (r=dvander)
df17f2f4ab63777c252b88b9e68211422a9c4501Drew Willcoxon — Bug 733631 - Create a unit test infrastructure for the webapp runtime. r=myk,felipc,ctalbert
b3d91c0e323ba37003151f55e41b27120e1b5060Rafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 769635 - Upgrade clang to 159409. r=rail.
edd37b3c169d794dce5cb2c03f1d785d176f9ff6Chris Peterson — Bug 768727 - Send '&' as composition string because some Gingerbread VKBs incorrectly map '&' key events. r=blassey
f69ae9bc7c14f4fd19a2c98eb7f2ea509ba256e9Geoff Brown — Bug 735461 - Parse -profile <path> argument properly in Fennec; r=blassey
47488847428f4fad4f7d348ba469caa2c719066fWes Johnston — Bug 766094 - Disable telemetry on webapps. r=mfinkle
e8c20d4ba61a0cb6e545e14bf265283408b84ba8Brian Hackett — Treat canvas invalidations as animation activity for JS heuristics, bug 753630. r=dmandelin
9933d50de880821f51040e788cbc0963232f6c48Luke Wagner — Bug 768446 - Remove StackIter::sp_ (r=dvander)
b323d6090b21edb52a6ad1579888ad3ddb49c2ceLuke Wagner — Bug 768446 - Remove StackIter stack-sniffing (r=dvander)
a3322674e2c32de9fb3c56b81cf019f2997cfe1dBenoit Jacob — Bug 763355 - even more logging to understand this intermittent orange in WebGL tests on Android - r=jgilbert
8047fce875ac90546d4e229d0f208737ff43ce44Gavin Sharp — Bug 769771: add support for specifying content type of an html:iframe, r=bz
d3f4b88c64111a64825a5f46ccd6c91d2eb3ada2Felipe Gomes — Bug 768276. Part 5 - Set allAppsLaunchable = true on API tests that skip native installation. r=ctalbert
df79962b38265dbbede03b68145fbb5b22240e34Felipe Gomes — Bug 768276. Part 4 - Set allAppsLaunchable = true for b2g. r=fabrice
e7901569b6ec515b4cfbee3a9eea094085119885Felipe Gomes — Bug 768276. Part 3 - Implement mozApps.getNotInstalled. r=jst
3c9c6b8e048de63581f086b1c6ab894ecdee342fFelipe Gomes — Bug 768276. Part 2 - Use isLaunchable in existing mozApps calls to only return launchable apps. r=jst
94ea4e12bb78cef5a3dc0ec3b6f3a1fe6e34a309Felipe Gomes — Bug 768276. Part 1 - Implement Webapps._isLaunchable on desktop platforms to verify if a webapp is launchable. r=myk
dc013da3bb9b4f5dbdbc5e5002881b73f805cb28Jeff Walden — Bug 769041 - Followup to fix a test that hard-coded an error message improved/corrected by previous patches here. r=orange
924b157541bc8269eb5ef871e624edbd1c4ba748Margaret Leibovic — Bug 768666 - Adjust the size of text selection handles as you zoom in/out. r=mbrubeck
63212e0a927bf92e28b050ddf62d4e0a504dbb7eMark Goodwin — Bug 766569 - add l10n support to existing CSP errors and warnings. (r=bz)
b1f1aeec713261b6ad5adf839a99a670512ac80cBrian Hackett — Watch for typed array prototypes when making filling in type information for singletons, bug 769433. r=dvander
d4ac6ac2e61827b686bf4b710647cc0d59e27585Luke Wagner — Bug 767667 - fix getelem on optimized arguments (r=bhackett)
80803faf5851b1d994fb6234d110939e71feb2e5Rafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 769635 - Upgrade clang to 159409. r=rail.
d8fa108aee43a1afeaedd0ee4d12bfbd75627731Jeff Walden — Bug 769041 - Remove __proto__ special-casing from arrays' getProperty hook. r=luke
3451a9f921e6823c294f3bf05589d185716e84fbJeff Walden — Bug 769041 - Remove the __proto__ special-casing from dotted property accesses; as tests demonstrate, it's unnecessary to pass tests, and for obvious reasons it doesn't need to be performant. r=luke
76ae14b30bb3a40715ab7c42be719e57bfc86ebbJeff Walden — Bug 769041 - Remove the __proto__ special-case from EmitPropOp; as tests demonstrate, it's unnecessary to pass tests, and for obvious reasons it doesn't need to be performant. r=luke
10c1a7434e6784657b87eb88c513249e2eede1d9Patrick McManus — bug 763312 pipeline position 0 read time rescheduling fixes r=honzab
835c0105e4f0e9db30886d794848caa4377d0fc8Ted Mielczarek — bug 768957 - Make SUTAgent able to get MAC address from ethernet connection. r=ctalbert
11001f18e49982353b3ad2d9e92efe99609bb33eEitan Isaacson — Bug 769340 - Don't utter anything for list roles. r=MarcoZ
752842e054ee1955a3909da4696a5ff00948a0c5Eitan Isaacson — Bug 768863 - Provide full context for explore by touch events like we do for focus. r=MarcoZ
f332c2b64748916c657ea43ac79ab0a0d73dc5ffPeter Van der Beken — Bug 762652. Rename the class GeneralPattern here to avoid having Windows PGO builds confuse this class with the GeneralPattern class in gfxContext.cpp. r=bz
7dbb809292523476fce755a221df3321be01a7d2Peter Van der Beken — Fix for bug 762652 (Add the new DOM bindings API to CanvasRenderingContext2D). r=bz.
26766bbd977d682977d59d8c6152035acf9c71d3Lucas Rocha — Bug 766961 - Apply fade in/out transitions to Reader Mode toolbar (r=mfinkle)
fc563de4ff0e30b78c6d4826f0952064ed40af45Wes Johnston — Bug 759041 - Unit tests for awesomescreen tabs. r=lucasr
cb5ea3d1940a0fad1ef421b62e79637ebac1b701Wes Johnston — Bug 759041 - Fix context menus on all pages tab. r=lucasr
379c9b4964d083d9df8261d1a856333de3a465f5Wes Johnston — Bug 759041 - Move back and context menu actions to interface. r=lucasr
6031408381fa3f7c422c02bd0d991032269e048aWes Johnston — Bug 759041 - Port history tab to awesomebartab interface. r=lucasr
583d8cbc26bc98bcf93092750cd23158052662acWes Johnston — Bug 759041 - Port bookmarks tab to awesomebartab interface. r=lucasr
36a9ced2cf3eddb881cbd7ce08d3491610fd4190Wes Johnston — Bug 759041 - Port all pages tab to awesomebartab interface. r=lucasr
956bbba79fd4af5a3d5b68983b23ffeb1034a73bWes Johnston — Bug 759041 - Add an awesomebartab interface. r=lucasr
6ad21d37ab919d378dcebded1d12a9aeb9923dbeSaurabh Anand — Bug 758660 - Panorama telemetry gatherer checks global PB state; r=ttaubert
178b8927e59b8e4f7aaaa00d32e250efe9232fafMalini Das — Bug 761202 - Load special powers only if needed in Marionette. r=dburns
4bd78599dd091d7ef47cae94748e1fe2ce859084Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 769679 - Pass the correct document to copyString in copySelectedItems; r=msucan
0e9d5367addbc5f334afa6b7cc1e487a55375280Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 769653 - Initialize the transferable created in nsDOMDataTransfer::FillInExternalDragData; r=bzbarsky
cf1e126bccadfc9b4d1b7db78b19bbbccef810d5Andrew McCreight — Bug 754495 - fix assertion. rs=Ms2ger
55d0b0f169fcb46a67269f72d07ff98d5f46b5d3Lucas Rocha — Bug 769642/766935 - Only show toolbar once the reader content is shown (r=mfinkle)
6f41a0fde6d28f022f6ab4ac30ca0c0790a654a5Lucas Rocha — Bug 767852 - Dismiss any open dropdowns on Android back button (r=mfinkle)
3fadf91276fcd06cd3039f1c382689cf03ab535aLucas Rocha — Bug 767599 - Disable bookmarking while in reader mode (r=mfinkle)
af15b0a28ed83cbc20d3d2c70fa1bbdd1756ca96Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 748890 - Make getting the load context in nsExternalHelperAppService work in multiprocess mode; r=jdm
53e0f8e066f40f7cdd352e85be2091a1b764d44bEddy Bruel — Bug 703537: Inherit DirectWrapper from DirectProxyHandler; r=bholley
735f9847ef0115504b22dcb98981daf706364577Justin Lebar — Bug 769584 - Disable b2g hardware back button on all devices. r=gal
d9d5d1bd766c79444441049bc4e3f6cd6af71d32Jonathan Kew — bug 769194 - support src:local(...) in @font-face rules on Android/FT2FontList. r=jdaggett
5344832c40cec9c908ae94a4858b3fcef61642b2Justin Lebar — Bug 769585 - Fix vim modelines. DONTBUILD rs=mrbkap
3c5f8eb756bff97f13cefac17cdb3e13102aa8d3Nicholas Cameron — Bug 768723; Reorganise BasicLayers.cpp into multiple files; r=roc
33bee15f56d0c258bd9804af618a8cf941b6b822Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 767202 (part 4) - Initialize bodyid in TreeContext's constructor. r=bhackett.
51a436ea06a80ce3e0c98674a6b667cb9d9b23e8Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 767202 (part 3) - Split StmtInfo into two. r=bhackett.
74150db1e5bb58ef2f9f3e3ae2a681e1497037b2Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 767202 (part 2) - Inline EnterFunction(). r=bhackett.
6c5cfab6e24134423d44cb9fc107d4ce238aece3Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 767202 (part 1) - Don't export PopStatementBCE(). r=bhackett.
b405f493e834918e5513731d96975e1de7b5bbebBonnie Surender — Fixing bug 715041. Add support for Idle API. r=bent, jst
bdafb1929d8d44edced52b665088428d89608c80Mark Capella — Bug 767705 - decomtaminate GetSelectedCells() on accessible tables, r=tbsaunde
22fa45431e1a862727bd1a50039b6cc3e0a63e3fEd Morley — Merge again
8a2458ffa51dd08d8ee7d9885aaf0a6bd0b5a312Ed Morley — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound
c7da6936a2c8d2d71e31f114561f88c13e2b36b3Mark Banner — Bug 766269 - Thunderbird Permanent orange: TEST_UNEXPECTED_FAIL | test_0030_general.js. Correctly handle MOZ_APP_BASENAME and MOZ_APP_VENDOR being unset when determining the update location for unit tests on Windows. r=ehsan, test-only
00ed57f00db0a044c9e41915381c2cdf13279e5aJustin Lebar — No bug - Remove two .orig files. DONTBUILD rs=jst
72a0595d29a136cfbf43af54575e9127f168f756Felipe Gomes — Bug 759619. Center webapp on screen on first run, and persist size and position values afterwards. r=myk
46362775ce798845417e047b1c52958fe67cf0d4ffxbld — Automated blocklist update from host linux-ix-slave12
f08d285b63b0f9c8d30152dad07875725753d9c9L. David Baron — Back out half of the previous patch for bug 709747, since the nsCOMPtr<nsISupports>::forget(nsISupports**) specialization is substantially different from nsCOMPtr<T>::forget(I**), and uses swap which already does the needed logging.
eb59a7e6d1010d49a2e5ae90185f0f14f4707457Kyle Huey — No bug: disable this test on Android until we can debug it.
e39327aa16e352bbb81831ebe8bf7bba6a3a59b9Ehsan Akhgari — Remove the trailing semicolon after function definition in order to silence clang warnings; (no bug, DONTBUILD)
a12b54b2f848143c4aec2f5eac81580a19cade03Kyle Machulis — Bug 769785 - Settings API breaks due to IndexedDB Prefix change; r=khuey
3242cae81803828918703ab685a2546f7c025fe8Kyle Huey — Bug 726378: Followup to fix orange make check. r=me
027b86239bf3960dce8ad54d871fc446a0d1bb6aKyle Huey — Bug 709747: Fix COMPtr logging for .forget(). r=dbaron
8f307e676f320f0c9985bc44634c4349aa05351eKyle Huey — Bug 726378: Unprefix IndexedDB. r=sicking
6b50a5c705c26841fd7dd665f62e6736d85e589eJonas Sicking — Bug 755514: Cursor.update support for keypath arrays. r=khuey
1cf5fe8cdb15fa40206d3303f15004f0756f7da6Kyle Huey — Bug 769356: Calling transaction.abort() should leave transaction.error as null, but throwing exceptions should set transaction.error. r=sicking
5424f28013c674fe90a3cdd87459b9ff2c57adf3Kyle Huey — Bug 769537: Actually use QuotaExceededError for database creation. r=bent
333849115ee218b202f8c05534804113efa02c47Kyle Huey — Bug 758497: Mimic [EnforceRange] for cursor.advance until we get new WebIDL bindings. r=sicking
939191463ed488cfadc032a4fb57e2d28eaf2dfeKyle Huey — Bug 762206: Fire an nsScriptErrorEvent at the window to get the proper window.onerror behavior. r=sicking
f6b519d4881bbd019d6ca8c65dd2fc69380d672aKyle Huey — Bug 755511: Revert all in-memory data when reverting versionchange transactions. r=sicking
4290c4653e8c509e7ced6bb86f33c26d5362259dKyle Huey — Bug 755507: Sort objectStoreNames/indexNames. r=sicking
f22f90356a87788c90e011c6bd0ca72368a52a4aKyle Huey — Bug 755515: Catch exceptions in error handlers. r=sicking
9c6ad99de47a6037c61c17aae044c41b4b8a8197Blake Kaplan — Bug 766497 - Dispatch events for wifi going up and down and handle multiple requests to bring it up and down at the same time. r=gal DONTBUILD (missed this review comment in the original checkin)
30727f988a0815493fa2381da4b7efa2dd1a0eb7Blake Kaplan — Bug 769227 - Wait a little bit before starting wpa_supplicant on the otoro. r=gal DONTBUILD
ff38bb1bce5add6c28f079f67353c432efac4f33Blake Kaplan — Bug 766497 - Dispatch events for wifi going up and down and handle multiple requests to bring it up and down at the same time. r=gal
4a8e0d5fc954ac726af18044ae7e2b1d8a260782Ed Morley — Merge last PGO-green changeset of mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central
0b5f8c30088c8279a7b49419c7bb31ee84a2c266Jason Duell — Backout 25663e7d7f56 a=memory leak
ebd6773acf2aa1bef051f0105704ade9d27faeaaJason Duell — Backed out changeset 25663e7d7f56 a=memory leak
a43b6c4f3006e16dfba01d5b2e783464dc6807cdDavid Mandelin — Bug 746036: stop querying for the current script in GetNameFromBytecode, r=bhackett
59d39ce427e290edf60915621b6f6ef760b9b80dJonathan Watt — Bug 769103 - Get SVG masks working for HTML elements under CSS transforms. r=roc.
116dcbbd39baed49b2600917e69beab9f6e1ca84Patrick McManus — bug 767159 remove sync dns from socks proxy r=biesi
d5bc4a1251b65462c4683c8cc212d5bfc5879dfaPatrick McManus — bug 766312 - part 1 - pipeline cancelation could be "undone" r=honzab
cf09f7b139daf215caa9fe4ea2bdaa37c4d915e4Bobby Holley — Bug 754202 - Only push the context of the event target if the listener is scripted. r=smaug
3c9880d4eb157bc01a5cebb1c71c864ed872ba4cBobby Holley — Bug 754202 - Use the safe JSContext rather than the current JSContext in IndexedDBDatabaseParent::HandleDatabaseEvent. r=bent
ab626a14a2f098ca49726b8f2bfe5e4a24d8c034Bobby Holley — Bug 754202 - Scope the push of the safe js context such that it doesn't include the call to XHR::Send. r=mrbkap,bent
53ccd3f1972da72053745c14247974f0151ca1a9Bobby Holley — Bug 754202 - Check principal in IsCapabilityEnabled when there's no code on the stack. r=mrbkap
bafdc2c0afc5f674472c86693ddd942da9b5f9a6Bobby Holley — Bug 754202 - Remove NoWaiverWrapper. r=mrbkap
34eb5691b71c7c7cb39dcf66e83c06bbdca9a1b7Bobby Holley — Bug 754202 - Remove mContextPrincipal usage from within nsScriptSecurityManager. r=mrbkap
6d94014e416d3d518a16f5995c98a5c727ad1e71Bobby Holley — Bug 754202 - Remove context pushing/popping API. r=mrbkap Each one of these uses grabs the principal off of an object for pushing, but also enters the compartment of that object. So we shouldn't need this anymore.
b647b29c83269b98966aba3ebf61f2b7b35412deBobby Holley — Bug 754202 - Disallow calling EvaluateString{,WithValue} with a principal that doesn't match the global. r=mrbkap
6f70fe755b103c65fe2f50983959d59a5d20d553Bobby Holley — Bug 754202 - Pull subject principals directly off the compartment. r=mrbkap It would be nice to check these principals against the principals acquired using the old mechanism. Unfortunately, they often differ. Because CAPS uses JS stack frames, any time we enter a compartment and do an operation (even throwing an Access-Denied exception) without running any JS code, we'll end up with a different principal.
93f05c65f3f14c6d66b70f32d6975c9f13cd0275Bobby Holley — Bug 754202 - Pull object principals directly off the compartment and assert that behavior doesn't change. r=bz
77f3f1009869daa97e610ced5485ac072fe23307Bobby Holley — Bug 754202 - Fix content->chrome postMessage mochitest. r=bz This isn't something we actually support, and were using enablePrivilege to do it before. When we switch this to SpecialPowers wrapping, the sender origin becomes a chrome URL (not very interesting) and the source window becomes null (which we do explicitly in nsGlobalWindow for chrome callers). So those tests stop being useful.
51175fc0de28aee0e53c43f1068ac9616b907491Saurabh Anand — Bug 722984 - nsBrowserGlue uses global private browsing service to make decisions; r=ehsan
25663e7d7f56f5c0b085e470d29ab49e29e7a1c2Jason Duell — Bug 711793 - Delay websocket reconnection after abnormal termination. r=mcmanus
2e079d4b54b99f05515c6b06a02db864853e01e5Margaret Leibovic — Bug 766556 - Cancel text selection on device rotation. r=mfinkle
a9f5408e83e0a07e65f22b9280e05113d25d0edcMargaret Leibovic — Bug 769038 - Margin on root element causes selection handles to appear at wrong spot. r=mbrubeck
ec5f88c0ad59d726e7712eaabb3284dd8a736b19Jonathan Watt — Bug 769306 - Move more code from nsSVGOuterSVGFrame::Paint to nsDisplaySVG::Paint. r=dholbert.
d8308e2677f90b4b87098105786b417074657297Jonathan Watt — Bug 769242 - Rename nsDisplaySVG to nsDisplayOuterSVG in preparation for adding other SVG display list item types. r=dholbert.
10ae67e2c60af8cb1092ddddce519198702728edJonathan Watt — Bug 769238 - Rename aEffectsFrame to just aFrame in nsSVGIntegrationUtils. r=dholbert.
74bdffe278e80ca4f10c3696697e16355269d8bcEhsan Akhgari — Bug 769362 - Mark the rest of the relative position change tests as random on Mac; r=bzbarsky
481df5e313c5547074f8b47c92efaf9b735845c8Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 722868 - Part 7: Remove the usage of the global private browsing in the external app helper service since it is no longer needed; r=bzbarsky
4bdfc3bda7beeca11e4d710c3a0fbacf819f731bEhsan Akhgari — Bug 722868 - Part 6: Delete the temporary private files when the last private browsing window is closed; r=bzbarsky
4cec29fdbcf4f692f0dfd4670e6d956b546b41d1Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 722868 - Part 5: Use the channel's private browsing flag to determine how to handle the temporary file in nsExternalAppHandler::OpenWithApplication; r=bzbarsky
660e21737556bbf3acb724107e0fdcbdd9ef28caEhsan Akhgari — Bug 722868 - Part 4: Make the view source window aware of the deleteTemporaryPrivateFileWhenPossible API; r=Mossop
de044548f71863fb7daf168eeb939fac886d7246Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 722868 - Part 3: Make insExternalAppHandler::OpenWithApplication aware of the deleteTemporaryPrivateFileWhenPossible API; r=bzbarsky
dd64403cf1720f44888bdbfc7811c0919f91a076Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 722868 - Part 2: Make the download manager aware of the deleteTemporaryPrivateFileWhenPossible API; r=gavin
ff1b571741832d3257941fdfbf460935b84e5202Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 722868 - Part 1: Add the deleteTemporaryPrivateFileWhenPossible API; r=bzbarsky
23d9d354236ec99b1111462ef5f98c69d119710aVladan Djeric — Bug 763138: Telemetry should indicate whether a debugger is attached. r=bsmedberg,smichaud
6fd744aca078097b05e9868cd111234ad1f565b3Asaf Romano — Bug 762799 - Cannot open bookmark from sidebar with keyboard (with Enter key). r=mak
93aa6874678d533a1a6fe9efb075dfade62b3e01Brian Nicholson — Bug 762968 - Part 2: Replace onInterceptTouchEvent() with individual listeners. r=wesj
14bd687b39b247d1a8ae05205b057a7e3e121517Brian Nicholson — Bug 762968 - Part 1: Ignore bogus stylus events in onKeyDown(). r=cpeterson
b4fdcc91afb9e5ffececb4bb025ecb1a2dbbbaa9Geoff Brown — Bug 756704 - Robocop: avoid hangs when events missed; r=kats
4d766f24e6a48af42457099ff927add96247c7f4Asaf Romano — Bug 761494 - Cannot open all Bookmarks in tabs by Middle clicking a folder in Sidebar. r=mak
d70b14d6df3391de9ddfa43f07718aa989c03386Chris Peterson — Bug 758427 - Ignore KeyEvents with keyCodes greater than getMaxKeyCode(), such as Gingerbread Galaxy Note's bogus stylus events. r=blassey
b912941bed45a65375dc5a1427a78c4a01200fb2Ed Morley — Backout a6175c97f365, 3ceeeaf0519f, bde34cebdcdc, 66dfa9606626, 86762d8c4de9, 717f908c990a, aa83d71fe7ee (bug 722868) for compilation failures
a6175c97f365362fd5b30323de505c6e24d934efEhsan Akhgari — Bug 722868 - Part 7: Remove the usage of the global private browsing in the external app helper service since it is no longer needed; r=bzbarsky
3ceeeaf0519f63f14913364ae0dd745655cb167cEhsan Akhgari — Bug 722868 - Part 6: Delete the temporary private files when the last private browsing window is closed; r=bzbarsky
bde34cebdcdcd8f467c2d663ff5fa9d31767c8beEhsan Akhgari — Bug 722868 - Part 5: Use the channel's private browsing flag to determine how to handle the temporary file in nsExternalAppHandler::OpenWithApplication; r=bzbarsky
66dfa96066269f5d00e661bf7628bc3572f43716Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 722868 - Part 4: Make the view source window aware of the deleteTemporaryPrivateFileWhenPossible API; r=Mossop
86762d8c4de93f42e6a935871f30463dfcc4f34eEhsan Akhgari — Bug 722868 - Part 3: Make insExternalAppHandler::OpenWithApplication aware of the deleteTemporaryPrivateFileWhenPossible API; r=bzbarsky
717f908c990af2b59bf0e9788e50db3318db6721Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 722868 - Part 2: Make the download manager aware of the deleteTemporaryPrivateFileWhenPossible API; r=gavin
aa83d71fe7ee643119459c95b9a3991576483c5bEhsan Akhgari — Bug 722868 - Part 1: Add the deleteTemporaryPrivateFileWhenPossible API; r=bzbarsky
b9eabf51c50afde961644db99c82a91a9a367534Benoit Girard — Bug 707308 - Support dynamic stack labels for profile. r=jmuizelaar
b3ee916d45c33dfc73aeed44d1bcb7736fa556e5Blake Kaplan — Bug 769265 - Fix these calls. r=bent
158a9986c6427cd8d98f1690d3a1e3a75db09319Blake Kaplan — Bug 769248 - Don't overwrite a good BSSID with a bad one. r=gal
f1bd5333433e60a3fa3bfee672fd004c9738e95aSaurabh Anand — Bug 722988 - openLocationLastURL.jsm uses global Private Browsing state to make decisions; r=ehsan
fec0dc972e853e1f0cebe51419873fd029bb3b2eVladimir Vukicevic — b=766998; fennec profiling broken by webapp intent changes; r=wesj
9519fbc7fb92a429609b40348758e2f2cad5a793Gian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 762620 - Log the actual DailyCallback events. r=blassey
367d0809c8f919b6c5c9a9b12d51630c2a562398Jonathan Kew — bug 764805 - reftest for style descriptors on src:local font face. r=jdaggett
2ab61c8b46d8f4b17303b04b7123699576cf521fJonathan Kew — bug 764805 - fix handling of src:local style properties in the GDI backend. r=jdaggett
081d8578beb131516f2d58290eb563bb96d46b72Brian Smith — Backout change to netwerk/test/unit/test_bug651100.js from the patch for Bug 737615, a=bustage
219499cc5eff960ff41c71b550176408c59ad059Jason Duell — Bug 711793 - Delay websocket reconnection after abnormal termination. r=mcmanus
8534fbb1a5da387da3f4ac02cb0b4bdbd7ba9895Jeff Hammel — Bug 758925 - Update in-tree virtualenv to 1.7.2. r=ted
e59db72b33d5b512c922a8f36a3711eaf178a1b6Brian Smith — Bug 766683: Export nsNSSShutdown.h from PSM so that other components can use it, r=kaie
28d3f37783159c982c62ecf0b94c52323b297cd0Brian Smith — Bug 761228: Fix 304 response handling for custom conditional responses to prevent crash, r=jduell
1417da4ee51e6db5139e5546ace4ca98086ed7d4Michal Novotny — Bug 737615: Replace usage of openCacheEntry with asyncOpenCacheEntry in Necko unit tests, r=bsmith
1f695f10fa115282ecbfe58ded56a8fd84a4d982Brian Smith — Bug 764171: Fix crash in nsStorageStream by avoiding pre-buffering for items we will validate, r=honzab
90f4210aa8d65632aeaf0897c0a9753639a19053Brian Smith — Bug 760955 - Fix null pointer dereference in mozilla::net::nsHttpChannel::InstallOfflineCacheListener, r=hurley
5030b469ca79c29dfdc6acef68a1da49fed9fc58Brian Smith — Bug 760380 - Stop calling mOfflineCacheEntry->GetLastModified when processing response from normal cache, r=honzab
1a5d6b1adf31ae9f44ac952858748c92171ace8cWes Kocher — no bug - Update revision of Jetpack tests used on m-c to green things up. r=me
9017b297030277370846421eca8130427b557d7dEd Morley — Merge last PGO-green changeset of mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central
dcf8693ba5e159ae66de9a6548602a98650c04f9Mark Capella — Bug 765110 - TextLeafAccessibleWrap is never instanciated, r=tbsaunde
687c15c6d651374c4495a788db6880bd56fe698eChris Pearce — Bug 760102 - Enable fullscreen API for web apps. r=vingtetun
87207dba8272172ed5fcd8022fe54659692b42f3Vivien Nicolas — Bug 760102 - Authorize web applications to use fullscreen by default. r=cpearce
f62640f30159add2a03682c971b0525f7bd08098Chris Pearce — Bug 762191 - Make video controls mute/volume widgets do nothing if the video doesn't have audio. r=jaws
72c50592b3a7d86bd0663d7ea06cde166a018d84Boris Zbarsky — Bug 558220 part 2. Fix a bug in the test HTTP header that caused it to misread headers when a packet boundary fell between the CR and LF at the end of a header value. r=waldo
4918f2685b05d574f84b90ef973e97dad7ce1542Boris Zbarsky — Bug 558220 part 1. Add more debugging spew to the test HTTP server. r=waldo
9bf5e71c5746664ed69ebea94a6085db968c7ce8Jim Mathies — merge backout
9c743145c60dea59cb0fd4804479d9d1931ed801Jim Mathies — Bug 769212 - backout of bug 733630 due to bug 769212. r=backout
bf8f2961d0cc0e48a6d21f67892a9f4743ddc9beSaurabh Anand — Bug 722994 - globalOverlay.js uses global Private Browsing state to control display of a prompt; r=ehsan
614d3cf8947be7362ab821a2d4e7b19815301c2aEhsan Akhgari — Bug 766843 - Exempt inner table frames from optimized dynamic position change handling, as the required handling is performed for outer table frames; r=bzbarsky
5deea00d55bd70c86e3b1bc5e4e5423c3cc222beEddy Bruel — Bug 70357 - Add Wrapper base class; r=bholley
b038d3cfa0c30a193206a8d1a7115da2da6d6f07Trevor Saunders — bug 683855 implement width and height attributes for html inputs r=bz
5ca81c0d0474204e37133ddc23a53c2c4c9a100aRyan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound...again.
eb01d0556cdc4bda5e7df8cd433054a803917a78David Rajchenbach-Teller — Bug 768381 - OS.Constants.Sys.Version should be OS.Constants.Sys.Name. r=yoric
d37010874d5fb30fa5cc89f5b59e6e3ed82ec26aDavid Rajchenbach-Teller — Bug 768381 - Size of type mode_t depends on the platform. r=yoric
f68238e9c432b35db71f5f3dcfb7af78ae8ece8fChristopher Finke — Bug 763139 - Add the "DEPRECATED_" prefix to the LS_createLivemark function name. r=mak77
ca3c97022901fda2c9652af9d738d8ea3b2d24edDavid Rajchenbach-Teller — Bug 760035 - Adapt main clients to async API (mobile FF). r=mbrubeck
9f3af99c8297a47f4b894a13c1570b9d09d4717dDavid Rajchenbach-Teller — Bug 722332 - Adapt main clients to asynchronous nsIBrowserSearchService API. r=gavin
ab0ba9f18f3d17a3d776c7eacb09926699c33a1aMartin Stransky — Bug 627699 - Port GTK2 to GTK3, gfx patch. r=karlt
44931b8274b4e659998a447670bfede0d9f6ae2fMartin Stransky — Bug 627699 - Port GTK2 to GTK3, gtk2compat.h extension. r=karlt
b0ed2abf47cc2fa60fc0ab9bc3849528511a1a3cMartin Stransky — Bug 627699 - Port GTK2 to GTK3, dom patch. r=karlt
ea1ff477aca82afef96213dc80ab4c3cfd3d4535Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
fcb5936df6a8137577683b597ff1e729b52197d3Felipe Gomes — Bug 767672. Enable smooth scrolling on webapp runtime. r=myk
ea8be9af91839f698906962a224abafeb004598dMarco Castelluccio — Bug 764172. Preserve profile when reinstalling webapp over existing installation. r=felipe
c408dd243e7aa8e0e8dcd419fe35eea3f04a6899Steve Fink — Bug 734215 - Typed array property access should allow proxies. r=luke
fb6b64407b31860de2d99e5d43299520af6b9820Steve Fink — Bug 730873 - Implement ArrayBufferView.prototype.move (r=Waldo)
829b0fa41e2e0039e0575c3f05564684d82cb55bBrian Nicholson — Bug 758392 - Create abstract getTestType() method in BaseTest. r=gbrown
2963d4018347052ad7597bf518b7f3ea7a9348ddMatt Brubeck — Back out d861452b261c (bug 734215) and 784b7a971022 (bug 730873) because of build failure
d861452b261c7e7fd799430568c0c686acbebe97Steve Fink — Bug 734215 - Typed array property access should allow proxies. r=luke
784b7a971022bb1d7df85a398214b5a4fe1eb234Steve Fink — Bug 730873 - Implement ArrayBufferView.prototype.move (r=Waldo)
9a2cc88619ba31dfbfc1369c84f1a25c53ac28bfMatt Brubeck — Back out 438c192e561b and d6f341e77b68 (bug 762652, bug 762654) on suspicion of breaking Windows PGO tests
18f7e51126e0ef8b65318ae3d4013c00e25a76d2Doug Turner — Bug 767894 - Device Storage - Move test from dom/tests/mochitest/devicestorage to dom/devicestorage. rs=bent
2830e6de596c8696287856a30000bc50ed5ab39fDoug Turner — Bug 767905 - Device Storage - Move editable flag into DeviceStorageFile. r=bent
d150934320bef76a551d42a92269024411780e98Bill McCloskey — Bug 757199 - Don't use an addprop IC during incremental GC (r=bhackett)
e98b25f5fbc84b8ed42606bb4df4e9203609d092Bill McCloskey — Bug 715761 - Followup fix for xpconnect tracing (r=bholley)
cd361ba7118ed98d321f6a9d2a14ea5c01bd6994Benoit Girard — Bug 767844 - Store meta data in profile. r=jrmuizel
0e8522d513c2b94481e6a3d7625ef86af55a33c6Benoit Girard — Bug 707308 - Add Dynamic profiling labels. r=jmuizel,ehsan
8f1fa78d43a18f42d3493df3e4e1a089d9ff0cfbWes Johnston — Bug 749618 - Add missing comma. r=mfinkle
756beeab80a6696b5f53693d72fcd9101b87305dWes Johnston — Bug 749618 - Use a default icon for webapps without one. r=mfinkle
ba54b8464eea807bb20ff0d53c9b9b7b336dbaddWes Johnston — Bug 653833 - Show a doorhanger allowing users to open a page in helper apps. r=mfinkle
f98679b051a962f5f12eea3ff26b44165fd8dd5cMichael Comella — Bug 768235 - Setting BrowserEventHandler.blockClick = true does nothing. r=mbrubeck
c64440f55c79cff78f953ef06292da8036ac7e9eMargaret Leibovic — Bug 768665 - Add context menu to selected text. r=mfinkle
cfd1ef196425b2b6981f3103f03ba2a596a6fd37Blake Kaplan — Bug 768905 - Don't react to 'connecting' events when we're already connected. r=gal DONTBUILD
7ef9568fbd406af676c546f48d14763257fb2e1fDavid Bolter — Bug 759158 - Introduce accessibility status to about:support. r=gavin
5ad1927e8011e77587075f1039bea120d554f67fChris Lord — Bug 758620 - Clamp scroll port to content size in android fennec. r=kats
6f3be04963ad59edf9c894c7a6f4502e20e28cb7Chris Lord — Bug 758620 - Respect the Layers' anchor points in CompositorParent. r=ajuma
cfa7d5e01f605f428272e6a57503470de927f6e7Chris Lord — Bug 758620 - Add fuzzing to fixed-pos reftests. r=roc
4d177002f4738cc35377c7b84a6cfae9d032a912Chris Lord — Bug 758620 - Force fixed-position frames to have their own layers. r=roc
2866469094c3fc7339cc2b00303811287d5b4b37Chris Lord — Bug 758620 - Layout fixed-position frames to the set scroll-port. r=roc
06e7df3a8209738d4eb47b5938216addac1bc013Phil Ringnalda — Back out 6a386d638a1a (bug 746277) for packaged build bustage
55a0cdf654cf7e00cdf5c2f4d7a1aec2549764fbEdwin Flores — Bug 755609 - Set B2G media cache size to 4MB r=cpearce
afaa7483d8468095f25fded1f2eac98bceb11429Andrew McCreight — Bug 754495, part 9 - Don't merge too much. r=smaug
fe20c11fbdde643cbb19cf642900b0bbf9c8a43fAndrew McCreight — Bug 754495, part 8 - do merging CCs when there's a gray global. r=smaug,mrbkap
d101692ae80e2eaff0e733487e8ad7c016e53783Andrew McCreight — Bug 754495, part 7 - indicate if CycleCollectNow is forced. r=smaug
d0f1af5a3094a978ffd4151a2904b01d4f753fa1Andrew McCreight — Bug 754495, part 6 - indicate in error console if we do a merged CC. r=smaug
06fe901437d5e5ed8ebfe66670352111132e5116Andrew McCreight — Bug 754495, part 5 - Add support for compartment merging to cycle collector. r=smaug
f6d9d9473b010dcdd1f004330bd706ad55cdaa35Andrew McCreight — Bug 754495, part 4 - Define CompartmentParticipant. r=smaug,billm
09e9fd1c5eea2d4b19bf545c0d3379b555aa0daeAndrew McCreight — Bug 754495, part 3 - Add shim for NoteJSChild to allow it to be reused. r=smaug
cadd1096dec09a86eb3089d01ceffa8ef7b7554aAndrew McCreight — Bug 754495, part 2 - Add flag to control JS traversal behavior. r=smaug
ac3322d1a9dcf2bdb4765dc525e4e85120693c03Andrew McCreight — Bug 754495, part 1: add JS hooks for compartment CC scanning. r=billm
7fa4b9a0d764130f3d2f8cf9517bbd98a141f470Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 765463 - Fix indexes when copying the screenshot buffer to the screenshot layer image buffer. r=blassey
50cb8318cf5050081df13770e7120ea9075012c3David Flanagan — Bug 768701 - take screenshot in chrome but don't save it from chrome. r=vingtetun
dbf7b4c5e8fcb1f2b1ef57c52aa7f5a5f63d9e40Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 722872 - Part 2: Move the nsClipboardPrivacyHandler implementation aways from using the global private browsing service; r=roc
93e55dcf0e2ee8fcd9d21def6d9787317856e1acEhsan Akhgari — Bug 722872 - Part 1: Add nsITransferable::Init(nsILoadContext*), enforce that it's called in debug builds, and add nsIDOMDocument* arguments to nsIClipboardHelper methods; r=roc
6a386d638a1ac6e7f911b3908b1987e4be6b0b46Joey Armstrong — bug 746277: replace hg shell pipelines with make logic
d6f341e77b68172e828f23701e1e32ae6768ee97Peter Van der Beken — Fix for bug 762654 (Switch the Azure 2d canvas context to new DOM bindings). r=bz.
195ffaea56ea8e81374201abf1c15c6f5aa11fcfBrian Hackett — Specialize big typed arrays with singleton types, bug 762561. r=dvander
d0ac157afcb77fe37cc4ee0048c4f02765f6d6adGian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 750753 - Isolate Migration tests in a seperate database. r=lucasr
a847f96dec340d25cfd8dda4e82ec1d474a2ffa5Gian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 750753 - Add tests for Profile Migration. r=lucasr
c55fea20167ea95720914386582cab4c6bb99a04Joel Maher — Bug 765193 - Intermittent Android test_text_wholeText.html, test_title.html. r=edmorley
a4155271b0dde56bdd4c9e1933ef7ea5310aa47dRafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 768406 - Upgrade clang to r159219. r=rail.
1de35fd8375dd8c0e731802e044596a3a7042459Rafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 768406 - Upgrade clang to r159219. r=rail.
438c192e561bfe8abea50f7c7dc3ccd2730b438ePeter Van der Beken — Fix for bug 762652 (Add the new DOM bindings API to CanvasRenderingContext2D). r=bz.
794245a8a8522c90708bbff6f1eca9f8a4fee9e7Aryeh Gregor — Bug 766845 part 3 - Fix assertion in DeleteRangeTxn; r=ehsan,surkov
281b41001b4a326470428959aed9e6911d2491d2Aryeh Gregor — Bug 766845 part 2 - Make CloneRange() return already_AddRefed<nsRange>; r=smaug
225e51b07b6ae2fef462e1b3c0c6c2b2fcb4ebf6Aryeh Gregor — Bug 766845 part 1 - Clean up DeleteRangeTxn; r=ehsan
a0ede175182d7c2c6a7b1fbbe6e1f621de84523eMasayuki Nakano — Bug 733630 Use native window border size if there is no content under mouse cursor r=jimm
cd9ce15216cd8379d763960a1c199973edca4722Peter Van der Beken — Fix for bug 768669 (Move remaining DOM list proxy bindings from behind the pref). r=bz.
7c0a1c9ab3800ebe9d367e9fc3bdcd1de9fb749fPeter Van der Beken — Fix for bug 768533 (Make mozilla::dom::Uint8ClampedArray::Create call JS_NewUint8ClampedArray). r=bz.
ee34f7b362417122ed42cfa6699576b1816f4b4aPeter Van der Beken — Fix for bug 768050 (Make TypedArray::Create take a wrapper cache and create JS objects in the compartment of the cache's wrapper). r=bz.
c53df6787f00b1b5816c05cb8cc4b82ca2fd5bccEd Morley — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound
2791940fb1ff454482ed91a76c9865c14b7b924eBrian Nicholson — Bug 766867 - Use null-safe string comparison for oldURL. r=mbrubeck
81cf04b16eb19ab624a8e372d7463ffc327beb4cBrian Nicholson — Bug 762064 - Part 4: Add instance state support to MultiChoicePreference. r=blassey
dfced0e2fdaf01caba89de29aa8c3f3d101e2d7fBrian Nicholson — Bug 762064 - Part 3: Add toast notification for cleared private data. r=blassey
03cd608177cc216c3af3c73cfeda9527903880bdBrian Nicholson — Bug 762064 - Part 2: Enable clearing individual privacy items. r=mfinkle
f3c2734016bda42fac2199de8aa19ba47cf08dd3Brian Nicholson — Bug 762064 - Part 1: Implement MultiChoicePreference. r=blassey
df7bd51e9a55833f5bce8561fef87fcbc3cbc39eYoshi Huang — Bug 768428 - B2G RIL: REQUEST_GET_IMSI doesn't have response on Akami. r=philikon
01c8479cf333af1842a9f3e0d060fffcd7f275b5Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 766937 - Add scrollLeftMax/scrollTopMax properties to DOM elements. r=roc
d254c07f3301e913a815443ab157fd3e44cc775aOlli Pettay — Bug 730639 - Blast DOM owned subtrees during canSkip, r=mccr8
917e1f97dbb51733d2b1919d8abd0d3d1d48c835Blake Kaplan — Bug 768905 - Don't react to 'connecting' events when we're already connected. r=gal DONTBUILD
5b3bf49ce3cf9c6adc2aa841eeb6463ae71cd501Edwin Flores — Bug 755609 - Set B2G media cache size to 4MB r=cpearce
91d579fd6a5ff754a3d65f4efd32f53570fa2271Jim Mathies — Bug 767517 - Checkin new vs 2012 dump_syms_vc1700.exe. r=ted
a12ce6b09f13a6296503eb0f5d1c7d097f412fefYoshi Huang — Bug 768428 - B2G RIL: REQUEST_GET_IMSI doesn't have response on Akami. r=philikon
1a56f1f011c964815844ef8bdd9f313db20feebfEd Morley — Merge last PGO-green changeset of mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central
8e830624d9ee91045b25b8c30e85b3a423bca819Phil Ringnalda — Back out e3ec1bc37d8c (bug 762561) for debug make check orange
015b304bebd0332b71ecc595d5bbe8bdf29481aeMasayuki Nakano — Bug 768736 Define constants for system native virtual keys for nsIDOMWindowUtils::SendNativeKeyEvent() r=roc
3ee5063de5d557a45678038cfc47aeffc7c23fb6Benoit Girard — Bug 765357 - Add xpcshell tests for the Profiler. r=ehsan
77e2d6789e028135de5433c2e8003077be16edbfGary Kwong — Backout 431fa10c63a6 for orange. Thanks philor for pointing it out, r=orange
7102b33f78edf3f8919e5239788d7fb9d1927101Brian R. Bondy — Bug 767802 - Fix for build error on win32 xulrunner builds. r=timA
c9126626a41b58e37f675b344f67455ab9401f2fL. David Baron — Backout changeset 1e2b9cdc486b (Bug 248239) due to failure of tests/MochiKit-1.4.2/tests/test_MochiKit-Style.html .
fee840205f5bf006b0e63b41e73a45b7306688dbBrian Nicholson — Backout a3f5b011f665 for Android bustage
a4dc234066d25b32889a5b63de4252164d5108aaBrian Nicholson — Backout 21a070f6afcd for Android bustage
431fa10c63a6697f6c4e8c5e03d982ddece507e6Bill McCloskey — Bug 757199 - Assertion failure: [barrier verifier] Unmarked edge: shape, r=bhackett
e3ec1bc37d8c563dd08a0765e389e739d2a845dbBrian Hackett — Specialize big typed arrays with singleton types, bug 762561. r=dvander
115d48a4ce0c6e1a0001467302f0703f7897ee56Brian Nicholson — Backout 5ab2723fc0e0 for Android bustage
9ee3c13ca96c0378e5e6e80ab91653e316e255e4Cameron McCormack — Bug 767848 - Backout NSPR MSVC version detection change from bug 448573. r=ted
1e2b9cdc486b0d23de9d313fdfe24978213d3630Tal Aloni — Change standards mode height calculations for table cells to use content-box sizing rather than border-box sizing by default (and to honor -moz-box-sizing, which we do not do in quirks mode). Also remove -moz-box-sizing: border-box from default style for caption element (all modes). (Bug 248239) r=dbaron
b433848205b817a03806be9de9210d3ce97ee701Ralph Giles — Bug 766331 - Don't rescan old data for Ogg timestamps - r=cpearce
ef4be3efbb411886ece0681f386164f8e4fbc007Frédéric Wang — Reftest for bug 662756. r=karlt
08f12e27bf51938e521a9eba9e6e7ea9c522d750Frédéric Wang — Bug 662756 - The default value for attributes lspace/rspace of <mo> should be thickmathspace. r=karlt
2ee8a6148b943a6df6b4d1f36b2f6dbc472b8d9bAtte Kemppilä — Bug 745703 - Fix menu-button xbl:inherits typo: accessKey -> accesskey. r=enndeakin
89465e472cf097cbdd727461f714636ea99d734eDaniel Holbert — Bug 666041 patch 3: Create boilerplate nsFlexContainerFrame class. r=bz
4a363e159fb6704dca6d66cb6148df2d09b43942Daniel Holbert — Bug 666041 patch 2.5: Add nsCSSFrameConstructor code for detecting when a flex container needs to have its frames rebuilt. r=bz
56ccb1deb91d32bef937cc51a76f28e8d2ed31d7Daniel Holbert — Bug 666041 patch 2: Add "-moz-flex" & "-moz-inline-flex" values for "display" property. r=bz
5ab2723fc0e02fd706cdce07051cc6b80195c275Wes Johnston — Bug 653833 - Add back some code that should not have been removed. r=mfinkle
f6a23947fc337daba23d71ed4a14e66f8c298012Yoshi Huang — Bug 768367 - B2G RIL: send/received SMS failed on Otoro
21a070f6afcd6640546786bab91b21f6a7a914abWes Johnston — Bug 749618 - Use a default icon for webapps without one. r=mfinkle
a3f5b011f665977d9c15d94820b8b147cb851d2bWes Johnston — Bug 653833 - Show a doorhanger allowing users to open a page in helper apps. r=mfinkle
a38aeae6134faa7b7da6443dd98d5c0ce127b540Wes Johnston — Bug 653833 - Ignore mimetype for helperapps if it is the same as our url. r=blassey
1496916570c62fc5487071cad9ab098f01a945b3Dão Gottwald — Bug 767975 - Set the consumeoutsideclicks attribute on autocomplete result popups instead of calling popupBoxObject.setConsumeRollupEvent. r=enndeakin
d095c0213dc851d396d792b38299abe5500103fbMargaret Leibovic — Bug 767065 - Add a listsener to get rid of text selection handles if the selection is programatically collapsed. r=mbrubeck
cd3101aa036056c84585a97ce02d5b3948361bdeMargaret Leibovic — Bug 716095 - Specify a width for the doorhanger popup on tablets. r=sriram
651035b940af0e52815e6689ce5e3e2bdeccc8c6Matt Brubeck — Bug 768613 - Mark Fennec Native as compatible with tablets [r+a=blassey]
17a545fb6702c85e69a2801d8e1e4b7ace1a7383Bobby Holley — Bug 758344 - Make ContextHolder implement nsIScriptContextPrincipal. r=mrbkap
c7b0713958d6dbcb7fd4b8c2c17c8f6b939d99aaLandry Breuil — Bug 767403 - also match readelf case on *.so.* to fix *BSDs. r=glandium
57127eda3007339392ca16239d8a3eefeff87479Terrence Cole — Bug 768626 - Add rooting analysis for PropertyId; r=Waldo
394ff92cde9886aced30286a3ad45d26e0c0bcdaBill McCloskey — Bug 767643 - Don't assert(false) when finding black/gray edges (r=mccr8)
ef0f6e8707ae0bd60472c47146c8b059fab277a9Bill McCloskey — Bug 762199 - Don't use tinyids in indexeddbg (r=Waldo)
5135641e44962fe7a9caf161a39f588d3117289fBill McCloskey — Bug 766717 - nsNodeInfoManager needs to be able to add itself to the purple buffer (r=smaug)
29d7b50bc9933ceb58e21ddbabbc9cdfe8026387Mark Goodwin — Bug 712859 - show CSP policy violation messages in the web developer console. r=bz
df43767956ba99d8d811eacbb0c609212b5bbd54Bill McCloskey — Bug 768282 - Run GCCyle only once for CC_FORCED GCs (r=mccr8)
73421f48fe54238c170e444fbfaa36c2c54eb0f4Benjamin Peterson — Bug 762324: write to the current address of the bytecode, r=jorendorff
1209bfaff4b976f1ca8d78a162858ccc117ed775Nicholas Cameron — Bug 768079; mask layers force an intermediate surface for their containers. r=roc
1766d4a0c876a053ad8aff42848ef0c197f68fd9Nicholas Cameron — Bug 768079; test for patch. r=roc
ad3bf1e13093df7cf3b8aad4d9a99c8916fb51e5Marco Zehe — Bug 768494 - Add accessibility descriptions to various browser toolbar buttons, r=sriram
04fef47c3faee357a5350d9d083dfd65da600dbcWes Johnston — Bug 766297 - Create a default prefs.js for webapps. r=mfinkle
e4f82be09302d74d8a7d53c997c6311edb152827Wes Johnston — Bug 741472 - Add an Apps menu item to open about:apps. r=mfinkle
6fb15015d104de891fbb59c772702bb7512f311bEd Morley — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound
829abeedcde45efb8235b043255d348616c13c88Chenxia Liu — Bug 766499 - Show error message about multiple Firefox installations when Android Sync fails on Account creation. r=nalexander
2efe5f77b9522f894cc2f1494db0dd93ccaa7f0eMargaret Leibovic — Bug 767600 - Handle text selection in iframes properly. r=mbrubeck
7c28ebe35b15265aca26e358c925730b38c72786Margaret Leibovic — Bug 767797 - Always disable Find in Page menuitem on about:home. r=mfinkle
12d4fdf528801ea2b0e824c5658d407b9601a168Siddharth Agarwal — Bug 767827 - TestAUSReadStrings.cpp fails with 'unable to find platform specific path separator' under Pymake on Windows. r=rstrong
c74442257e60fa4eadbce075ac42de871efff7cbChristian Holler — Bug 768405 - Adjust Clang path in ASan mozconfig for use with tooltool
610161cc263b291c2de4f02e88c964cbcd42c7e4Ed Morley — Backout c707e4f15fd4 (bug 767905), cad3e0609835 (bug 767894) for various devicestorage test failures
c94c8777d7ebfb8f084fa0f8a35a68c52b0e5d21Justin Lebar — Bug 767978 - Create an shistory object for top-level b2g mozbrowser. r=bz
00bef3ccdd2ba9e1470305bae201df85185f72edJustin Lebar — Bug 767957 - Remove dead null-check for shistory in {push,replace}State. r=bz
941774f975ac18bc3076b3c4474c02c3829ebb48Ed Morley — Backout de70e79ced32, ddd519d0767e, 9b952d924953 & 03efce585669 (bug 758620) for reftest failures
65536f28b65ee6f44ab80969944975e9de7da633Patrick McManus — bug 764648 navigation timing responseEnd not recorded on EOF HTTP delimiter r=honzab
a047da349d5973742be094e56df963430415679eCody Brocious — Bug 743612: Fix OMTC on gonk. r=cjones
074372a19576798de5262fc00676f4091c23e686Chris Jones — Backed out changeset a22ca1e05bb8
a22ca1e05bb8191c03967cae739c7abaeb4a9390Cody Brocious — Bug 743612: Fix OMTC on gonk. r=cjones
069b6fb2b5c589db304554778d009538ea0bb252Vivien Nicolas — Bug 766878 - IME prototype doesn't work with <iframe mozbrowser remote>. r=cjones
de70e79ced32b414eca99e219430c20d73b16500Chris Lord — Bug 758620 - Clamp scroll port to content size in android fennec. r=kats
ddd519d0767ed613df103591e62d5412aee02aa0Chris Lord — Bug 758620 - Respect the Layers' anchor points in CompositorParent. r=ajuma
9b952d9249536576a90b41b95bc60ab367607b97Chris Lord — Bug 758620 - Force fixed-position frames to have their own layers. r=roc
03efce5856692f8b2573ed134d775d49db3d75feChris Lord — Bug 758620 - Layout fixed-position frames to the set scroll-port. r=roc
c707e4f15fd41182e2aea567e4fa96fe6a3f0ce6Doug Turner — Bug 767905 - device storage - Move editable flag into DeviceStorageFile. r=bent
cad3e0609835dc8ec093b8a5ebf4f97d0a705d72Doug Turner — Bug 767894 - Device Storage - move test from dom/tests/mochitest/devicestorage to dom/devicestorage. rs=bent
5cdbeae144058bfc99438bf33c515eb76ddbd408Jan Varga — Bug 767193 - FileHandles do not get GCed/removed when overwritten in indexeddb. r=bent
be373f4b243feda9d4b2942c690b055611e635f0Richard Newman — Merge m-c to s-c.
7b97f42c3a591c2e50aff2d1360dfee63534db1dGregory Szorc — Bug 767023 - Change "deleted" to "hidden" per spec change; r=rnewman
6cb0f670716839a09bbe8f925424dc3be1f48daeGregory Szorc — Merge mozilla-central into services-central
4af0c62e30a7ead77c1e41bd5043396211a3d7faGregory Szorc — Backed out changeset dd0d02c1ee7c (bug 766325) for xpcshell bustage
dd0d02c1ee7ceea388352e437a50146c295f726fGregory Szorc — Bug 766325 - Change "deleted" to "hidden" per spec change; r=rnewman
61aec3b7bae5c6e4cac69401c4530d027d83dd39Gregory Szorc — Bug 763171 - Open tabs for URIs received from Sync; r=rnewman
be2ab5deb078f9daa36f139d15f2945609c61cd3Gregory Szorc — Bug 765294 - Fix packaging of services components; r=ted
b4b7fb6242427f47f4528c8e4660d60c560ec523Gregory Szorc — Bug 754062 - Add skeleton for browser notifications service; r=gps
e2b108c9411d89e24fd84f1e0ac2b607b4fedc55Gregory Szorc — Merge mozilla-central into services-central
adb88277ea1949d14dd900e58835e89fd9cb4b35Gregory Szorc — Merge mozilla-central into services-central
591fd1c696f0556fbbc6d49915d10a478b2695b0Gregory Szorc — Backout bug 754062 (c53f474c502b) for xpcshell breakage
ea34920bf049c3f7f6edd80369160685d2a4f344Gregory Szorc — Merge mozilla-central into services-central
1bd5becfe43be41ba096b86da55cd6a72bf09614Gregory Szorc — Merge mozilla-central into services-central
d8e9c8848a2a2b97048c0061c1c4923d0aa2b686Anant Narayanan — Bug 761877: Add correct UTF-8 handling to RESTRequest; r=gps
7d0a38909321dc529c585db0c60483a2373b8b4eAnant Narayanan — Bug 760906: Enable logging for AITC; r=gps
c53f474c502b0b4d9e8bb46b11da6961520ac829Jeff Balogh — Bug 754062 - Add skeleton for browser notifications service; r=gps
38eb0ceba74fd7f9613d8018d6493ae7dc084147Tim Taubert — merge m-c to fx-team
d9e78d7def12e59a301fbe90faaba250ffd26781Paul Rouget — Bug 763932 - [devtb] Add the right buttons to the Developer Toolbar; r=dao,jwalker,cedricv
b8956522f66ccadab4b3436c6f7ead70e550bbc9Paul Rouget — Bug 766999 - In the developer toolbar, the debugger should be named "debugger", not "Script"; r=past,dao,rcampbell
05bd5e0108359fcd9846cf1e0a5b56976e72fabbMihai Sucan — Bug 766812 - Exception in HUDService-content.js when the Web Console is closed during network requests; r=rcampbell
b7bb7c7891311b76bc3912dd0882dfa281ba14a9Joe Walker — Back out 551ad0863475 and a5a50d13cc85 for test failures
a5a50d13cc852134e23800312eac275e7719180bJoe Walker — Bug 768150 - The developer toolbar should be preffed on by default for testing on nightly only; r=dcamp
551ad08634751a0784a313d980345dd7aa1b3785Joe Walker — Bug 761481 - GCLI help output does not display the first time; r=dcamp
85d44a26763c73b7b9c8098d6b84538006d70805Andres Hernandez [:andreshm] — Bug 765729 - New Tab page thumbnails can't be tabbed to r=ttaubert
e4f3532ec56c272f341f8ffae1979f1feb63fb73Ed Morley — Merge last PGO-green changeset of mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central
551e7fe3f2ac295a73c4ad77b6746868555126c4Ed Morley — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound
224e353a3e404709a5ef02cf1792fa0b12e4f7eaJonathan Watt — Bug 767823 - Make nsAutoFilterInstance take frame rects and stop using GetCoveredRegion. r=longsonr.
947e8490af73f9c522ea2f4050bb8f6d10e1bdb4Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 711130 (part 6) - Improve the measurement of decommitted GC memory. r=terrence.
ebab6b4a9c47d6bd24f005ddafe6cc575bc823aaNicholas Nethercote — Bug 711130 (part 5) - Overhaul the "other measurements" measurements for JS memory consumption. r=terrence.
b81037d455e46ff77f872f16c95ab64122925f9cNicholas Nethercote — Bug 711130 (part 4) - Treeify the non-compartment gc-heap-XYZ measurements. r=terrence.
a7e25244e43acfa12d70f2d9aed631b2b763cdd6Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 711130 (part 3) - Use consistent names for reports of unused JS memory. r=terrence.
425e7d2dcbd7791b085f718cf2984934f282cf8dNicholas Nethercote — Bug 711130 (part 2) - Merge "arena/unused" and "arena/padding" into "arena-admin". r=terrence.
7519820af249a17d6267f992db2e5648c29e76a3Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 711130 (part 1) - Fix "window-objects" measurement inconsistency. r=nfroyd.
064319559cb2f50e1ea9e20fca3e36ad4663a223Jonathan Kew — bug 763873 - avoid repeatedly accessing aRanges.Length() within ComputeRanges. r=jdaggett
0c149cc0dd0cd1be91ef5f2581e1cf5b2902ddefEd Morley — Backout 4e195dd3a989 (bug 767835) for mochitest-browser-chrome failures
49819cb0465490e9e54715d95f831f6d5151b001Mark Capella — Bug 767264 - remove uses of do_QueryObject() in CAccessibleHyperlink, r=tbsaunde
a757d8b9cda176c0beb40d29acd14de557880ea8Kan-Ru Chen — Bug 766866 - Save data call information in data call object. r=philikon
14707b4a5677e1eb9beff7e65b1e8f512cd37a0aKan-Ru Chen — Bug 766891 - Remove nsIRadioInterfaceLayer.DATACALL_STATE_* r=philikon
8a0a36ccc8302a5169edb59d1fb1235e9d49359dDavid Flanagan — Bug 768057 - b2g desktop client default size not exposed by CSS media queries. r=vingtetun
020c3b73b4fc724e1ca8043ca85d44cbc00fa9ddEtienne Segonzac — Bug 768238 - Fixing the mozContentEvent listening in B2G. r=vingtetun
4847f55d3ece0000fc11d897c146929d726f95d4Vivien Nicolas — Bug 766549 - Keyboard appear when pressing buttons. r=fabrice
421b653f33dc920795b95f8063017dd82420800eBoris Zbarsky — Bug 766796 followup to deal with lack of WebGL on Mac OS 10.5. No review.
4e195dd3a9892129bc05f404ba2c2dc184943dcbEhsan Akhgari — Bug 767835 - Avoid using about:privatebrowsing as the new tab URL when permanent private browsing has been turned on; r=ttaubert
82849fb54cc0c441ba8866c52d2c160ef568ccfaBoris Zbarsky — Bug 766796. Make IDL conversions to 64-bit ints treat NaN and Infinity as 0 instead of whatever the compiler decides to do in that undefined-behavior case. r=peterv
db27f8ee705a9a473744672711f5fb0da0295861Boris Zbarsky — Bug 768085. Speed up WebIDL tests and make them more usable by pickling the datastructures Yacc produces for the grammar and shutting up the logging it does in the debug mode we force it into. r=khuey
22e58ac501b594cf6a72eeb92ea223293ed003f1Kyle Huey — Bug 755510: db.transaction should work inside a versionchange transaction's oncomplete handler. r=bent
b4d033913a034b98c1c184657353ba07ef01a5c1Michael Wu — Bug 768377 - Back out Bug 762153 due to regression on akami, r=cjones
74e503bfa5755aa239dbaf2ba34fbd2e097fef21Ed Morley — Merge last PGO-green changeset of mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central
9a1934aec83cfb2233e08ce74e0dafd20a0f8b26Nicholas Cameron — Bug 757347; checking the format of images. r=roc
d5a60bfaa968a61c19be72124afda82c23b12b3aNicholas Cameron — Bug 757346; Use A8 textures (OGL). r=roc
5a327af385df375579deb9533b9be9ab098e0f5bNicholas Cameron — Bug 757346; Use A8 textures (DX9). r=roc
ec5d136e203d0445d73a2f2e1cf5859f71b69bcfNicholas Cameron — Bug 757346; mask image format stuff - use A8 textures (except DX10) and some small, misc fixes. r=roc
57077263e3c5e8d32c542376650fd3775a8e9909Nicholas Cameron — Bug 757347; Add a shutdown hook and remove MaskImageFormat(). r=roc
24469179b56280ee6ae618a2518ef0c677f8925dNicholas Cameron — Bug 757347; changes to FrameLayerBuilder. r=roc
edb911d3aeaa52bb7256d554f5c61e8f2d6a0990Nicholas Cameron — Bug 757347; changes to mask layer user data. r=roc
8e0f729afc4dc5da56c9386a36699f3df424bc53Nicholas Cameron — Bug 757347; Add a cache for image containers. r=roc
1d8cb944f7a923128d868dffe2174b6e0ab16de4Blair McBride — Bug 767965 - Web App Runtime should disable installation of distribution extensions. r=gavin
1e188186d0f86aac1570cc348c22815db895ac12Bas Schouten — Bug 765845: Reduce calling frequency of SetTextRenderingParams. r=jrmuizel
60fedf46af8edeff207902780906c9766638cbf2Eric Faust — Bug 764148 - Stop incorrectly shadowing TI properties on sets if a setter would
9c26ea9ce587c22882fcd7cdc25773ed12f4e787Matthew Gregan — Bug 768265 - Really enable AudioUnit cubeb backend. r=doublec
e13388210fc26bac0055a4c616fa0922faa1cb33Benoit Girard — Backout 493781e75ced (Bug 765357)
1718e78e0cb0f3e532f4e2e33309574f25fc91f1Neil Rashbrook — Bug 758354 Stop unnecessarily preprocessing chrome r=dolske
97dfd947b752967dea2fcf4b56f30342f1c5ee6fNicholas Cameron — Back out bug 757346
db9fc4c50e24f3a4080e1fc7299ffa79561e07f2Jonathan Watt — Bug 767388 - Kill NS_DEBUG. r=bz.
493781e75ced48565b48c193a7e10b9e7965b49aBenoit Girard — Bug 765357 - Add xpcshell tests for the Profiler. r=ehsan
aff898bb348b39ab68c8234c0c39009848f00c6dGian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 710330 - Fix isBookmark logic for duplicated bookmarks. r=margaret
8c268dafb5a4e9c053cf4031cc594d3392cbecb4Gian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 710330 - Handle updates of bookmark folders and seperators correctly. r=lucasr
34302be5af12c7704475f71818d3e120151874c7Gian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 710330 - Allow duplicate bookmarks if parents differ. r=lucasr
75c4ef84ea2469767901d930165a734b591eeb9fGian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 710330 - Add simple settings function to trigger import. r=lucasr
6d5067a298dd440ad8fddcd008fa174228536918Gian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 710330 - Import function for Android bookmarks and history. r=lucasr
217cf49f5f6feb2e9567c000a512805c550d19cbGian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 710330 - Refactor batch update helper functions into LocalDB. r=lucasr
2bb22a2cbd33ac68940ab24acae8fa7a84f4349aGian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 710330 - Extend INSERT_IF_NEEDED support to Bookmarks and Images. r=lucasr
e670f4596c3705e9179f97514621a83d51e47df3Dão Gottwald — Bug 684534 - Apply workaround to all arrow panels to prevent flickering when reopening certain panels. r=enndeakin
75c9e54e17f2bb789e6215a0a21110cceb7abd31Nicholas Cameron — Bug 757346 followup, actually compile
673264ebb9ea98e6175cbc5f9150d183c751693aNicholas Cameron — Bug 757347; checking the format of images. r=roc
ce4804e41b2144c3df06f0c6e167e6cdeb516cbeNicholas Cameron — Bug 757346; Use A8 textures (OGL). r=roc
6b8ca539ce78f46693e61f532057f8229a823a34Nicholas Cameron — Bug 757346; Use A8 textures (DX9). r=roc
3e3688595289e02ddfd3326aa23880f7ae422d6cNicholas Cameron — Bug 757346; mask image format stuff - use A8 textures (except DX10) and some small, misc fixes. r=roc
1a6a30f467a53169b836f3fbc9c1267572cbf650Nicholas Cameron — Bug 757347; Add a shutdown hook and remove MaskImageFormat(). r=roc
6e2583de79b4670da4d6efd79a3f264a9d35beb7Nicholas Cameron — Bug 757347; changes to FrameLayerBuilder. r=roc
01f8597b6724b78c49a9b3f989797ab57fd73151Nicholas Cameron — Bug 757347; changes to mask layer user data. r=roc
271b085a010078c50581234698105dca2b7609f6Nicholas Cameron — Bug 757347; Add a cache for image containers. r=roc
172ffbd87b1bcd00c5a1eb61f70a6513b5cedaaeGary Kwong — Add tests for bug 632778, take two. r=jorendorff
0d94dbf7ae1e575a66fb96189d975a76891419c1Luke Wagner — Bug 765907 - Don't save frame variables of dead generators in the debugger (r=billm)
17b13226e5e0178002c862bc7e5d6b54431e168cLuke Wagner — Bug 767744 - rm UndominateInitializers (it's unnecessary) (r=jorendorff)
511d56b0d138b3ea2afca1523b4cc39236979e6cLuke Wagner — Bug 768071 - rm TypeSet::hasGlobalObject (dead code) (r=bhackett)
627c49f46421e4f83ffb7e51a89c726c3d902f2bGary Kwong — Backout df2e726ece1f because apparently the tests still seem to be failing.
51cff2123f458de5011861afb4e2093afe9cafacEd Morley — Backout d45ca69b67a3 (bug 767516), 4ff98d3e4d8d (bug 767512), 70cc47076115 (bug 767505), 4eca26d02c84 (bug 766929) for mochitest-plain-5 failures
df2e726ece1f39e1d932dedf239f7219172010c3Gary Kwong — Add tests for bug 632778, r=jorendorff
701d9949c2b23fc6b3002305833ba3c8a04df763Nick Alexander — Bug 763020 and Bug 763021 - Make Android Sync's Send Tab activity request an immediate clients-only sync. r=rnewman
2ae1e57c5851d530ccd43c80e9cf64bd67389cc5Benjamin Peterson — Bug 767660: after mutating a list, update its tail, r=jorendorff
d45ca69b67a3bb9edd2f9495d8db468b384c3effJason Duell — Bug 767516 - Rename: s/SSLConnect/ProxyConnect/g r=mcmanus
4ff98d3e4d8d00eedb0b318c80744e9cb5ad362cJason Duell — Bug 767512 - Fix connection pressure for non-SSL CONNECT. r=mcmanus
70cc470761158a9c7e2a9718de88dd06b04509ffJason Duell — Bug 767505 - ProcessAuthentication misses error check for non-SSL CONNECT. r=mcmanus
4eca26d02c84d0cf8809e1bce3c171f030e6c060Jason Duell — Bug 766929 - NS_ABORT_IF_FALSE(mConnectionInfo->UsingSSL()) failing. r=mcmanus
892392714fc2667b2bc29ca447cfef94cafaf46fJason Orendorff — Bug 765302 - Add noScriptRval option to JS shell evaluate() function. r=luke.
539051fd90c2440b243f0c5402bd613a02901638Brian R. Bondy — Bug 767471 - Report telemetry data for if the MozillaMaintenance service was ever manually uninstalled. r=rstrong
c562af29a9dba532c0c5e5d35ccfaa4d5be87a74William Hamilton — Bug 766933 - Amend an nsIScreen_MOZILLA_2_0_BRANCH comment to nsIScreen; f=edmorley r=roc DONTBUILD
699ef823e92ea4aaa6290a614272cc5f22a21e19Nick Alexander — Bug 767437 - Don't hard code Android Sync brand names in Send Tab activity. r=rnewman
a05fc1998f5e710ffde950c9b0fb7155e75b268bEd Morley — Backout ec9451e9e830 (bug 758354) for PGO linux permaorange in browser_bug422590.js and friends
ac2bddd99d8f5c98307bcaba964cf2939c42f22dNathan Froyd — Bug 765326 - followup fix for M-oth bustage r=orange
b4fff5e5afb3051970f811a01bff24f0d574634dEitan Isaacson — Bug 766779 - Introduce Explore by touch
678d9ad1e2447259167ef48ecbb4914808e2b861Eitan Isaacson — Bug 766780 - Introduce android scroll accessibility events. r=davidb
a65f7692ceab2bef83cdd2e0bba6d80911a2f7c2Eitan Isaacson — Bug 764686 - Always check if point are in match's bounds in Accessible::ChildAtPoint(). r=davidb
1ede57501820632ac132f0fdf81c3dd9e2f75a3eSimone Carletti — Bug 767700 - fix line endings to be consistent. r=gerv.
fd380dbfcbf1a439c0cec2fc5930e1c15560e59bEd Morley — Backout c38e96f197e5, 7e795daed2f7, d74e5dfa1626, a942ab4e7089, 28754a456feb & d3da23241bba (bug 710330) for failures in test_localStorageOriginsDomainDiffs.html
f57e5a2598786a08a2684ccd442b2bb0d15f6323Ed Morley — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound
408e24552eeb219889b0241dc240729c3d6f1086Nathan Froyd — Bug 765326 - atom-table numbers should include the static atom table; r=njn
542074e589ebbddd4a030809f8f27639ec4b2921Nathan Froyd — Bug 747509 - include mIdentifierMap's hash keys in about:memory statistics; r=njn
8a3df3497e8f77d1c78e063b516338013169e184Aryeh Gregor — Bug 766387 - Make editing commands disabled in more cases; r=ehsan
5cca92dac983b501dfb04085d40b3a0491bb00bfAryeh Gregor — Bug 766360 - Rewrite nsEditor::DeleteSelectionAndPrepareToCreateNode; r=ehsan
3aba84d3df94b9ff91ae9a85793a81b6ebb8e3b3Aryeh Gregor — Bug 760052 - execCommand() should abort and return false for disabled commands; r=ehsan
d87705c71464826dab8a5dc4c35e90a908b3ceb9Dale Harvey — Bug 756371 - Add ability to parent of mozbrowser to handle contextmenu. r=jlebar
c38e96f197e52f662124e6dbbd373ac714eb7976Gian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 710330 - Handle updates of bookmark folders and seperators correctly. r=lucasr
7e795daed2f7f891a4131c02a0db328f1a7ea801Gian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 710330 - Allow duplicate bookmarks if parents differ. r=lucasr
d74e5dfa1626b81b2c6163ac14c8b1fb2ca1dce5Gian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 710330 - Add simple settings function to trigger import. r=lucasr
a942ab4e70895e6ddec25b70025529268a1646e3Gian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 710330 - Import function for Android bookmarks and history. r=lucasr
28754a456feba89bf5b9fb3ab3b7ff6b9ba79a5bGian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 710330 - Refactor batch update helper functions into LocalDB. r=lucasr
d3da23241bbaa867eca0809f9f24ae2a275d8342Gian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 710330 - Extend INSERT_IF_NEEDED support to Bookmarks and Images. r=lucasr
7eb665a56c55fbee72543101e5e7ed4ba807389fBobby Holley — Bug 767948 - Make assertion nonfatal. r=me
23818f9b65a2a2f44d0301f30eabacd4e0a58faaRafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 761421 - Upgrade clang to 158160. r=rail.
ec9451e9e830e4a66186c488e33020775b4456a1Neil Rashbrook — Bug 758354 Stop unnecessarily preprocessing chrome r=dolske
5ad6c86d9f60c2b5ee853329c44de342e32acedfJonathan Kew — bug 766505 - update the default Mac font prefs to include Indic fonts now shipped with the OS. r=jdaggett
611574c8fc1e63d63d66b827972581377f857713Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 754739 - Clean up front-end error reporting. r=jwalden.
288936a28af3d6c47d22217b8b90c3f6b027744cDão Gottwald — Bug 767861 - Add fade-in animation for arrow panels. r=enndeakin ui-r=shorlander
5c07a681371d46d1bc86af397b6d712fdd870e2bKyle Huey — Bug 767999: Actually use QuotaExceededErr. r=bent
4f832cefc08e6c55a7dded3a26baeb1678479387Kyle Huey — Bug 748630: Support IDBTransaction.error. r=bent
5424abbda7a888f258fd91b6bf52b445458bcc57Jonathan Watt — Bug 767996 - Prevent DoApplyRenderingChangeToTree calling nsSVGUtils::InvalidateBounds() and passing in an nsSVGOuterSVGFrame. r=me.
3fe96d84e281742f4a57d9462380c9a6da2acf67Jonathan Watt — Bug 767996 - Add null check to nsSVGUtils::InvalidateBounds. r=me.
99b01df834c8252ba16c6d9f3ae8f71914d8f3a1Panos Astithas — Merge m-c to fx-team
cf6d687f0784bbedac50cb5b7572393cc224c635Paul Rouget — Backed out changeset e51851dba7a2 - leaked 23 DOMWindow(s) and 1 DocShell(s)
e51851dba7a2a0f0fb3ba22ac77ecb60ce1cc5c1Paul Rouget — Bug 763932 - [devtb] Add the right buttons to the Developer Toolbar. r=past r=dao
848ac784a4baa470353ea66b61b519734b8d0d49Paul Rouget — Bug 763865 - Layout tool is not positioned correctly when it is collapsed. r=dcamp
c659521a7a9a04d1db76e1e0e1f3e8b4d9d5486cRyan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
61b4a68e24c9920a348b105ea0a3cf25776bebb9Benoit Girard — Backout 746513dca667 (Bug 765357) due to xpcshell orange (linux, mac).
67398aacf866f9e5c8e328e934620118cb50fc0bNicholas Nethercote — Bug 634800 - Clean up reportCompileErrorNumberVA(). r=jwalden.
dd9f0911976b2cee8e30868fd8d3bc64fd016798L. David Baron — Track TEXT_IN_TEXTRUN_USER_DATA separately for inflated and non-inflated text runs. (Bug 718290) r=roc
746513dca667ec109c627f0a5b38726dd014001dBenoit Girard — Bug 765357 - Add xpcshell tests for the Profiler. r=ehsan
1fae4e25f1e7aede22f2c5d60f0b987a24afd51bDão Gottwald — Bug 767828 - disable test
09e29c4688add82f9390c157616fe18c00ae5332Dão Gottwald — Bug 767813 - Set the consumeoutsideclicks attribute on panels instead of calling popupBoxObject.setConsumeRollupEvent. r=enndeakin
11ae01d2d76a4d5783dd2f3b3e97d7444cd43287Ryan VanderMeulen — Backout e8a507a0a1a8 (bug 767813) due to mochitest-browser-chrome orange.
85e7655b9ac0f03d12bd1970aea771f4756c7272Jonathan Watt — Bug 767734, part 1 - Require all callers of nsSVGPathGeometryFrame::GeneratePath to pass in the CTM that should be used. r=longsonr.
69f836d8b3cc60e53127bbc2b5a85c8deb2d5103Kyle Huey — Bug 766462: Twiddle IDB tests some more to make the orange stop.
e8a507a0a1a87a5cc4b221bf1cc5b9769a2d85d9Dão Gottwald — Bug 767813 - Set the consumeoutsideclicks attribute on panels instead of calling popupBoxObject.setConsumeRollupEvent. r=enndeakin
c0f602b18c2915a69c7caf84f7f288ac29020000Dão Gottwald — Bug 761990 - The Feedback button's dropdown arrow overlaps the label. r=jaws
12e4d32ecd07b1b3272ae109349ec1de55f60334Jonathan Watt — Bug 738192 follow-up. Re-enable layout/reftests/svg/dynamic-text-04.svg after fixing MarkDirtyBitsOnDescendants. r=me.
2e40e269180eb205d562fc992e36166b7300f032Jonathan Watt — Bug 738192 follow-up. Disable layout/reftests/svg/dynamic-text-04.svg temporarily while I fix it. r=me.
fe96d0162dee31b61f8e42b4a096ed4839fce9bdJonathan Watt — Bug 738192 follow-up. Make layout/reftests/svg/dynamic-text-04.svg use MozReftestInvalitade instead of setTimeout to avoid random orange. r=me.
5c26b1320e1a0613c1b71b7c12c86db83316dcddJonathan Watt — Bug 738192 - Get rid of the old horrendous "invalidate everything" hack in nsSVGUtils::FindFilterInvalidation(). r=longsonr.
b6cb132d8df94539f33da1b51be8675d22440bc7Joe Walker — Bug 724055 - Create a really easy way to make new GCLI commands; r=dcamp
f84e59e1fd66719fef054b03c2f4b7ed4ce02e18Peter Van der Beken — Fix for bug 756258 (Support union types in new DOM bindings). r=bz.
32d8e7d71fefc2483ee80f320bb525d11812382dPeter Van der Beken — Fix for bug 765467 (Fix special operations in the WebIDL parser). r=khuey.
e23e10a4638b34026ae3f79573575d85700ff8dfAryeh Gregor — Back out bac4434b31d2 for test failures
b507d9bfcd04ecf32afb34f5b6685e10512fe419Aryeh Gregor — Back out 66b3801292a0 for test failures
248f55ae4b239e22793d164ebea495518a1fc853Aryeh Gregor — Bug 766795 - Fix asserts when placing cursor in editable detached content; r=roc,ehsan
bac4434b31d20915da9df934093cfc69b759bfccAryeh Gregor — Bug 766387 - Make editing commands disabled in more cases; r=ehsan
66b3801292a0b42f6eedeb7627d1de0a8c9d5cd5Aryeh Gregor — Bug 766360 - Rewrite nsEditor::DeleteSelectionAndPrepareToCreateNode; r=ehsan
4968c2a22becc099e0cbad26b7784f3c95880c12Aryeh Gregor — Bug 766305 - WSFragment should use PRInt32 for offsets, not PRInt16; r=ehsan
8cd2ae931ba81df8fb28623d21092bb3ab82316dOussama BADR — Bug 763150 - remove notification methods from nsIAccessibilityService, r=tbsaunde
030728d0d1d797576264a3c204db9254e7ee0328Luke Wagner — Bug 756864 - Decrease MAX_FRAMES in XPCJSStackFrame::CreateStack (r=bhackett)
68dfd8c07bde53ff371067003d434b9b43464196Luke Wagner — Bug 756864 - Avoid quadratic cost of JS_GetFramePC when the stack is deep (r=bhackett)
4d17545dba03aab2ef1c3208bf9588d5536ba4c6Landry Breuil — Bug 765834 - remove extra UTF BOM that breaks builds r=khuey
cb2904476d146bce98091f77d1246350d673afcaRyan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
04d05d7a6d8f19ac816c6faa0709096cce338e62Margaret Leibovic — Bug 765390 - (Part 3) Add ability to call endSelection without attempting to copy text. r=mbrubeck
19366546d05883f5d16a3e53d78bca6b8ea39d62Margaret Leibovic — Bug 765390 - (Part 2) Text selection should be cleared on pagehide. r=mbrubeck
fba3307010b08f35eabe10628098031a712af910Margaret Leibovic — Bug 765390 - (Part 1) Create a flag to keep track of whether or not selection is active instead of checking _view. r=mbrubeck
13c1c215bc5f8c7ba0c043bb1c71138481de8b84Margaret Leibovic — Bug 767626 - We don't need to be caching the selectedText. r=mbrubeck
594e394c497e75d054ae7db9bbb008500a5186a0Margaret Leibovic — Bug 724339 - Support text selection on RTL pages. r=mbrubeck
3845dd69436932b7f5c8c1f89bb1595f4c9c8bfaMark Capella — Bug 757503 - decomtaminate GetColumnIndexAt/GetRowIndexAt/GetRowAndColumnIndicesAt on accessible tables, r=tbsaunde
9e10ec9462e2bf70c0ef19c269efa32d1ea386d1Mark Capella — Bug 765512 - decomtaminate GetSelected (Cell / Column / Row) Indices() on accessible tables, r=tbsaunde
d592966ede4f4ba3ab55ef4486dc11101d5b6538Geo Mealer — Bug 760735 - Write mochitests for Screen Orientation API. r=mounir
53ba44b136f0377caf46cf4d529538d08575bcfbJeff Walden — Bug 751377 - Begin to implement [[GetOwnProperty]] for named properties in the new representation. r=bhackett
a16183d07a46d478a1a617774695238cc0904341Jeff Walden — Bug 751377 - Add handles to all the new meta-object APIs. r=bhackett
df6b7367f1a4fd9db5f42523f72ad56e766e6452Jeff Walden — Bug 751377 - Introduce a new union type to use for property keys in shapes. (jsid is what's currently used, and it's unsuitable because it can also store indexes, but in the new object representation shapes will never hold indexes.) r=bhackett
fab79c2c9b9fe38fce7ab2928451af41a4eaa5f8Jeff Walden — Bug 751377 - Add resolve-flags arguments to all the element-access APIs that might call a resolve hook, since resolve flags appear like they'll be with us for at least the near future. :-\ r=bhackett
b0fd1627db78134185402fc1ab59112cc5ffb697Jeff Walden — Bug 766347 - Adjust Handle<T> constructors to only accept Rooted<S> or Handle<S> where S is convertible to T. r=luke
fe817bf85f36386d626ed35383ffb9dae2f4ddc5Jeff Walden — Bug 766347 - Implement mozilla::IsConvertible to detect when a value of one type will convert to a value of another type. r=luke
54a17b76f48868f24dfa261309289af896eca39dJeff Walden — Bug 766347 - Implement a mozilla::EnableIf template struct for SFINAE capabilities. r=luke
8aa75c0cd1e5c22a84e0e514e985d7d4be2cab65Jonathan Watt — Bug 767647 followup. Fix unused variable bustage. r=me.
b7ba8a51adafc8cb871e239b4269c814d0d923bdJonathan Watt — Bug 767647 - Stop invalidating once for every SVG descendant of a changed SVG container, and stop invalidating the descendants' rendering observers. r=longsonr.
633a85b28dbbffbb7c0930d6f5e5770a03c039fcJustin Lebar — Bug 766871 - Part 2: Tests for from <iframe> inside <iframe mozbrowser>. r=bz
6838f7908bdabe310d719ec59f2a8e8a1943cb9eJustin Lebar — Bug 766871 - Part 1: in <iframe> in in-process <iframe mozbrowser> should work. r=bz
a6a8b50651e11d23043b9077238f013d10c99a7cJustin Lebar — Bug 766481 - Part 2: Tests for alert() from inside an <iframe> inside an <iframe mozbrowser>. r=mounir
f3cd319dd52d6d0cce725639db34dedbaa59d28aJustin Lebar — Bug 766481 - Part 1: Make alert work from <iframe>s within <iframe mozbrowser>. r=mounir
65dff94ced6a40070c90f35e25a29f4923fa2e2aRyan VanderMeulen — Merge Hueyfix to inbound.
081ae9cc097b57783f037785f64be46a9e7cfc49Jonathan Watt — Bug 767697 - Stop invalidating rendering observers of ancestors of SVG frames that only render by reference. r=longsonr.
057844075b237c3821d3a90869a41712ac843e69Jonathan Watt — Bug 767701 - Add missing nsSVGEffects::InvalidateDirectRenderingObservers() call to the clipPath code. r=longsonr.
c394c6a79ee9adc724772869aca1b41f5cde881cRyan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
ad006bd70b373d52d921aa5fdcf3a6b4b0cb1fb1Robert O'Callahan — Bug 761034. Backout patch for bug 610713 since it didn't fix anything and caused regressions. r=bas
ab06d2884a226bcf7eb14f7bb94dcd0b196c081cJustin Lebar — Bug 767654 - Fix out-of-date comment in nsIDOMMozBrowserFrame.idl. DONTBUILD r=mounir
47bb129f9fbe8dc1fc1e29ebdf7bfc3a38955ef3Charly Molter — Bug 716875 - Make nsTextControlFrame inherits from nsContainerFrame instead of nsStackFrame. r=roc,bz
bc77e19588517115ee5f47565c5641646f0b9f01Tim Taubert — merge m-c to fx-team
f0236032c7e112f11014f470fdaf4dec5346bfe2Saurabh Anand — Bug 763468 - Use about:privatebrowsing for new tabs opened in private browsing mode; r=ttaubert
a387c891b56ff48cb01601cd415c7ac85f7d3ceaOlli Pettay — Bug 766694 - Add a test to check existence of each interface in the window scope, r=bz
51541bc07f52a642bf99f3f9459d974078d8bf31Olli Pettay — Bug 763899 - mouseenter events should fire the opposite order of mouseleave, r=masayuki
0658004f8b44310c61ee2146693223211c801503Kyle Huey — Bug 766462: Followup to fix typo.
a20e771e60c6855a4bad5067c74bada689d7648aKyle Huey — Bug 766462: Make some tests wait for all their events. r=me
e21173ed2c380e83c0e09fe41ad530b84a51f4c4Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge the last PGO-green inbound changeset to m-c.
daf9c42be5188b1862b5382c3bfac61f14801ffdMs2ger — Merge m-c to m-i.
31e6d7c6ac5d7757c2fc3e06d1923e458ce74fe3Chris Ilias — Bug 752268 - Add browser.privatebrowsing prefs to about:support. r=zpao
0880a8ce3407c28557428e7a142ab5d717c85921Stephen Horlander — Bug 766985 - Backout Mixed State Icon. r=dao
cb74a377095a9615394dda674e7102a4c4915783Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 727351 - Fix the MotionEventHelper fling code to deal with the panning threshold and re-enable the fling correctness test. r=cpeterson
985a93bb76227f54cc332099503c5efe3d758070Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 727351 - Some minor refactoring of the MotionEventHelper code to make the fling part more readable. r=cpeterson
7a882620cbd3ed90a4eb67c84bbe1a8760652d99Kartikaya Gupta — Back out cset c7f2e01bd3a3 (bug 746876) for robocop perma-orange.
010c24939cc5bf583e85888453677d80ae487e95Jonathan Watt — Bug 541270 - Correctly calculate the filter region for SVG filters on HTML to account for zooming. r=dholbert.
6c4b38bcdfc75cc5e72a95617e7eea169f0134fePhil Ringnalda — Back out 12f76b9a2d78 (bug 541270) for failing to compile
12f76b9a2d78f6ff86f4431144fd25956bd4cfe9Jonathan Watt — Bug 541270 - Correctly calculate the filter region for SVG filters on HTML to account for zooming. r=dholbert.
c35d2d3071aca855d65348b646f154794275312dChris Jones — Bug 761927: Fix focus for <iframe mozbrowser remote>. r=jlebar,Enn
671fff6e55ef67f94b90c1e32bd028d0ae658a21Chris Jones — Bug 761927, part 0: Add casting helpers and clean house a little. r=jlebar
b2e5b06b0c2483fe98096182cf76f29be02f6575Mats Palmgren — Bug 575294 - s/mFocused/sFocused/. part=5/5 r=smaug
b47364c051d26f83e5267dd43403b13e6deb38edMats Palmgren — Bug 575294. part=4/5 r=roc
612ee5c6300d25d733a732e52fbd913a7ceb2063Mats Palmgren — Bug 575294. part=3/5 r=roc
23f5c88adb8fb7e3ffeecca692151a066f5503eaMats Palmgren — Bug 575294. part=2/5 r=smaug,roc
e3676fde39a8123e5fca66eb590c561e9610f5cdMats Palmgren — Bug 575294, bug 760946. part=1/5 r=enndeakin,smaug
cc89df1b08aebd2205d2cee89894f9d7d39e552eMats Palmgren — Bug 726264. r=smaug
80b8680bda1c09fe0619d9caebfaae4d08f3f3bdLuke Wagner — Bug 755186 - add JSCompartment::global (r=jorendorff)
6966d9832704184ff91fbddedf4bf16a1da6dd46Luke Wagner — Bug 755186 - s/JS_NewCompartmentAndGlobalObject/JS_NewGlobalObject/ (r=jorendorff)
68c396f305f47bd8ffe8e2a229ccf63cfd0cec13Luke Wagner — Bug 755186 - rm JS_NewGlobalObject (r=jorendorff)
e6c5677e58de792cdc408ef2e416e331ad2121a8Luke Wagner — Bug 766064 - Remove overly-conservative assertion (r=jorendorff)
c22be5c1f8d3bbae126f8bbbe668658bdb09d2b5David Rajchenbach Teller — Bug 767021 - Add missing constants. r=yoric
b9433348bf93f3f5d4eea8120ac6ca7ce561fd20David Rajchenbach Teller — Bug 767021 - Make error-handling compatible with 'use strict'. r=yoric
d1e37cf51ae530f4cc12fbd4e7b51d37b3b3e0d6David Rajchenbach Teller — Bug 767021 - Add support for int64/uint64. r=yoric
d65f19e1815ebe1a782b458f9b9e30edd9ceb929Margaret Leibovic — Bug 765072 - All text is selected when one text selection handle moves over another. r=mfinkle
e077c138cd5d7a5a043197863f3145eb79254b8eTerrence Cole — Bug 504735 - Passing --disable-threadsafe to JS configure enables threadsafe; r=ted
83bde5a2881fd30fc968529c284fb013ab6a4b03Randell Jesup — Bug 767250: Stop B2G/Gonk from trying to build's in media/webrtc rs=mwu
08d44c70e1cbe86bb343aadc0f65b473672f5accMyk Melez — Bug 757678. Set IndexedDB permissions for desktop webapps. r=felipe
d9298b8a841e1cc37319ea12954c725eeaa94d64Felipe Gomes — Bug 758044. Follow-up: update comments to new naming scheme. r=me
e9662c4822cbc70c2f47ac0b34f8073cf1f59f6eFelipe Gomes — Bug 760365. Preload appcache into webapp's profile during installation. r=marco
4ad52472d98f466d0820f48408a52408f34a9645Ryan VanderMeulen — Backout 70e3a2c8c6b4 (Bug 767133) due to mochitest-other orange.
0de46ea58d83dce0f1c71daa79f9f7adc8e1cd77Brian Nicholson — Bug 767541 - Allow search suggestions for string compositions. r=cpeterson
87d73e4f93f46592b3b1b343fada7e59f5bdb59bEhsan Akhgari — Bug 758992 - Make the classes which use the XPCOM nsISupports implementation macros final, to avoid the warning about deleting using a pointer to a base class with virtual functions and no virtual dtor (more jsd parts); r=Waldo
fddffb3dc2ad67083aa0de34f63a64cece8a1890Steve Fink — Bug 764184 - Fix GC_REASON telemetry bucket count (r=froydnj)
6de95d6a72cf3b5e876149064108580f371dd2f9Boris Zbarsky — Bug 766853 followup to address review comment. No review other than the other review.
13fd7bda630a23355ed04e73762bac0cc39fe670Boris Zbarsky — Bug 766449. Use the fully namespaced class name to determine the default header name for bindings. r=peterv
01d6a8fd10ce15938bff80af001dac01a2ea1a5cBoris Zbarsky — Bug 766853. The two sides of an implements statement must both be non-callback interfaces. r=jlebar
1580d3878ff0d429751bd0b73fa3b4c92c66689fBoris Zbarsky — Bug 766844. Non-callback interfaces must not inherit from callback interfaces. r=jlebar
825dfb552fd8940c1af406bff8dda99b85ccb814Boris Zbarsky — Bug 742152. Move distinguishing index determination and verification of type-identity of preceding arguments out of codegen and into the WebIDL parser. r=jlebar
a37c6fb970a4f2dcaa55211d367fbd1b75cd34e4Boris Zbarsky — Bug 742213. isDistinguishableFrom should correctly check whether two interfaces can be implemented on the same object. r=jlebar
25a6e906d51bca00fac5842f368610ea153d1670Boris Zbarsky — Bug 764456 part 1. Flag consequential interfaces in the WebIDL data model. r=khuey
39fe6a5626ddf4b58ac3df3a43d1f7060957146fBoris Zbarsky — Bug 766798. Throw SYNTAX_ERR, not NAMESPACE_ERR, from querySelector(All) on unknown namespaces. r=dbaron
9cee44a83f2189c5936b4fe53ffb7034997b5c64David Zbarsky — Bug 766017 - Fix some skia warnings r=gw280
70e3a2c8c6b4f304ef1506823e8f5c73ae08d170Dão Gottwald — Bug 767133 - Add slide-in animation for arrow panels. r=enndeakin ui-r=shorlander
16477f23e11314dd0a50d42941e95e234a918e3eDão Gottwald — Bug 767462 - Allow controlling outside-click event consumption with an attribute. r=enndeakin
c6c0140066012355a6a215dfc7ac73e68bc57660Asaf Romano — Bug 738263 - Default bookmarks are still not imported during initial migration. r=gavin.
c7f2e01bd3a35b098bca4de3fe8bc3c7109cf0ddKartikaya Gupta — Bug 746876 - Re-enable test_bug720538 as it seems to work fine now. r=jmaher
43363716c8a27e4643888a600837da83683cc40bKartikaya Gupta — Bug 767215 - Fix intermittent failure in pixel tests caused by slower-than-expected initial page paint. r=jmaher
aaff24d3411a657b5f3386a1e25a156e4cd4ed89Brian Nicholson — Bug 766406 - Implement "Request Desktop Site". r=mfinkle
68a0e956ed249de6c8dd7b45d5400f24ee6ba83bNicolas Silva — Bug 761849 - D[OGL] Don't convert video texture to RGBA for better performance on desktoop. r=joe
efb3a00b3aadc65158bd261c1c3b224c8b9be34bGary Kwong — Bug 719750 - Remove extraneous print statement.
f526c2c1c44332311e80b72f6a34687e14deab3cSteve Fink — Backed out changeset c33a30aedb3b (bug 764184)
47b99bc54fdf7538967ed356ace28a6e53dbbe68Bill McCloskey — Bug 715761 - Fix build error
bb2a5759abb458936848be8586763fd090118e1bGary Kwong — Add a test for bug 719750.
ae2dfcf544b00ba5e4d500d59cd58b99ff75a388Bill McCloskey — Bug 715761 - Rename XPCWrappedNativeScope::TraceJS (r=bholley)
a6ccaf417497a3e58545e73e6da5341814583661Bill McCloskey — Bug 715761 - De-insanify xpconnect wrapper tracing (r=bholley)
61d6f770a4305ab88b359e738d57d1a0407feba6Bill McCloskey — Bug 764850 - Don't run write barrier verifier during shutdown (r=terrence)
868fd5e81dd76aed5670a892f0071d781966d3a2Bill McCloskey — Bug 765313 - script->types is getting thrown out too soon in JSScript::ensureRanAnalysis (r=bhackett)
bd1992ab029b50b1747e6ba890217035eabb27a9Bill McCloskey — Bug 766355 - Fix GC valgrind warnings (r=terrence)
0ebd00f1512f8959b4ea2e2d3842352aa81511fdBill McCloskey — Bug 766707 - Free dynamic slots if we OOM during object allocation (r=dvander)
9d8cf9fc3775e14c8cc3c64f192ab33ea2867598Bill McCloskey — Bug 767234 - Don't invoke write barrier on generator slots (r=luke)
c33a30aedb3b9a13ad3c5ecbb7d486d482daae33Steve Fink — Bug 764184 - Fix GC_REASON telemetry bucket count (r=froydnj)
8e4885e82c2938a60f7c29e0b40faeaed4b47c66Jason Duell — Bug 713023 - Websockets: don't prefer SOCKS to HTTP proxy until bug 449251 is fixed. r=biesi
372c93939e2bf7f1c2f2af14f32cf45e9db76adbJoel Maher — Bug 765860 - remove the requirement from sutagent to reboot after an uninstall. r=gbrown
112547d7cb08ede55b98e3dc4a6d6e469cdb0007Lucas Rocha — Bug 766966 - Change "Font" to "Text" in Reader UI (r=mfinkle)
03f1fdde213775c09ccfa8827ee9d682928b0443Mike Hommey — Bug 767024 - Allow to work when cross-compiling for Android on OSX. r=khuey
a13e11be0959825fad80d580a2690e05e492df80Mike Hommey — Bug 766975 - Rename OBJS-related dependency files. r=khuey
4cb9b553b68ae2d186640aa735814ffd1d315534Robert O'Callahan — Bug 763838. Update mDestination to match chosen subpixel destination. r=tnikkel
a770f57a063fd8eb5c112a64b93b03e0914b27e1Ed Morley — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound
31cf3f1603d760c4b46ab7846a55deedb234ae1aJulian Seward — Bug 767370 - Uninitialised value use in nsIDOMKeyEvent_GetCharCode; r=peterv
d7dc563a8f436872f95b396dac95d7af25b41d87Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 766349 - ClearOnShutdown_Internal::ShutdownObserver needs a virtual destructor; r=bsmedberg
d66e9641cf782453e2a3708ee467c0d36e991a20Lucas Rocha — Bug 766164 - pngcrush all Reader assets (r=mfinkle)
00ecf8da4c07bcba7cfc95755849c08db1946a08Lucas Rocha — Bug 766617 - Use arrow image with shadow and proper density in Reader (r=mfinkle)
175a72cf20db81af2db3e91d06d7c21ba7d96627Lucas Rocha — Bug 766950 - Reduce blockquote's left padding in Reader (r=mfinkle)
9d076b46d1b74c732f9a132260f1e873e8aa713dBas Schouten — Bug 764117 - Part 1: Prefer performance over avoiding seaming in border drawing. r=roc
878a3e1f9591b089e2d07d9338867d4d16eae365Bas Schouten — Bug 764117 - Part 0: Mark reftest fuzzy on OS X. r=roc
def2b3740f0de4ec002d2fff2937c50c8518aabfBrian R. Bondy — Bug 766833 - Some MozillaMaintenance installs point to maintenanceservice_tmp.exe. r=ehsan
4571fdeaa65eb25804665b8673539fd2ef3ed292Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 766668 - Account for RTL pages having the top-left corner not at (0,0) when taking a screenshot update. r=blassey
c98f1c1ee9137f019593e3deabbe2d079954186eSimone Carletti — Bug 767312 - update PSL for .sh. r=gerv.
a240fd5029da97424a51a90c01962ba3cdda78b8Dão Gottwald — Bug 728831 - Don't expose the Firefox patch level (13.X.Y) in the UA string, only show the major version (13.X). r=bz sr=gavin
59be51b3268d79d55c68205f3a9f076de6b9491aJon Coppeard — Bug 763984: Simplify the code and use the same path for incremental/non-incremental GC r=billm
f2a937c4fb9975ccdd62cb83c53d54e69285f977Jon Coppeard — Bug 763984: Add new zeal modes to test incremental GC r=billm
e828ff0dbc9455d4fc884f82717da1560dd3b20eRobert O'Callahan — Bug 766007. Create scrollframes for frameset documents. r=tnikkel
e3e9557ddab6c2e9b70d0acf3e19378dcc06dcf6Robert O'Callahan — Bug 752796. More logging. r=jesup
39a40030e7c23777aed3b81a53417da4063da393Robert O'Callahan — Bug 731868. Part 3: Remove JS workaround for memory leak. r=dietrich
955e8c4bbce4a093c07e2f368baefd9a0ae218d3Robert O'Callahan — Bug 731868. Part 2: Make CanvasRenderingContext2DUserData's reference to the context weak (Azure). r=jrmuizel
bdd1a49fa5622d3c19ee5e1d24be6553685b4d3aRobert O'Callahan — Bug 731868. Make reference from CanvasRenderingContext2DUserData to its 2D (non-Azure) context weak. r=jrmuizel
e1efdaa680ba80aa9fd557ea06a794030eafc431Jonathan Watt — Bug 766896 - Have InvalidateAllContinuations use GetNextContinuationOrSpecialSibling so that we invalidate the correct areas. r=roc.
b0335d52d1b48a4c805767b5f6ac7548ef108d8bJonathan Watt — Bug 766227 - Follow-up to fix comment after discussion with roc. r=me.
bf37951c110427184dc5c912b676424b3b532625ffxbld — Automated blocklist update from host bld-centos5-32-vmw-019
bb4b37094b9f058b220955d24fb8aad44cbc888bMs2ger — Bug 756641 - Set up redirects for W3C servers; r=ted
0a14c3b24796cf14c3c90fdeb8147b3f11fd543aMs2ger — Bug 767130 - Consolidate code duplicated between nsGenericElement.cpp and nsINode.cpp; r=bz
b93768181dd0c21e22943d8561e262886b1bfa95David Zbarsky — Bug 661746 - Part of part 2: Introduce a const AsElement(). r=bzbarsky
187571843979e5f0ed3e3e432c064629e697000fMs2ger — Bug 767130 - Create nsINode.cpp; r=mounir
05e8a5d923457f0ffecd2973dcee1dc840738af7Kyle Huey — Merge m-c to b-s.
4cbc78fd6eef1c2ce5a2a457f2354d4175680164Kyle Huey — Bug 767186: Cache the keyPath for objectStores and indexes. r=bent
66deabf32a65f26adb7ffa621729e756535a99b0Kyle Huey — Bug 767184: Make test_complex_keyPath run in xpcshell too. r=bent
04b64c12cc4616e98e78810278fc5dee7b30a9a4Kyle Huey — Bug 767493: Make AsyncUsageRunnable participate in the WaitForOpenAllowed synchronization mechanism. r=bent
0b7e8d848bffb5a515192a0b444c70ae6edc1a3dKyle Huey — Bug 765834: Followup to placate gcc.
f65133bc5723eeb73dc7cfb552e2e04173581e38Kyle Huey — Bug 765834: Rework and unify keyPath handling. r=bent
48630f5a2b7c0b6333080f3229d2bd21bdb11922Kyle Huey — Backed out changeset fdf2d378d405 (landed with wrong bug #).
fdf2d378d40546b549ec4e851f0e246b464a4126Kyle Huey — Bug 765834: Rework and unify keyPath handling. r=bent
93439ef249799a7bcb7dcfe6c4e2de45108c8fd5Ed Morley — Merge last PGO-green changeset of mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central
1da4a83db7b24433fb1ab0bb6f29db751c09757eEd Morley — Backout 714c402f3050, 80d09e39cd0d & 3a1129278710 (bug 764718) for frequent intermittent failures
56864bcba72ccda3867a0ecb7551cea623c5a9a0Bobby Holley — Bug 767306 - Temporarily make assertion from bug 766641 non-fatal. r=me
a7621ccb684e43a8c295ae4fd54156b73357e4ceMounir Lamouri — Merge backout.
ef1c6a327b0d7fd8db7691ff8809ea8349ac3064Mounir Lamouri — Back out bug 766007, bug 703241 and bug 752796 due to perma-orange (419f0d1b848b to 8661c74deeb5).
5a1a4ae9172d308839bfc3ce11081e40e9ecfd13Mounir Lamouri — Bug 766904 - Make sure unlockOrientation() is a no-op if the orientation wasn't locked. r=blassey
6d2468821b76bfce47d112c80d03c86c87d54771Mounir Lamouri — Bug 757791 - Change unlockOrientation() behavior to set orientation to UNSPECIFIED instead of SENSOR. r=blassey
2053b4c52c169620a729af6abc367afb53b9c4acMounir Lamouri — Bug 766903 - Cleanup eventlisteners when nsScreen is reseted. r=smaug
054217b5399b247525c3ef717f6c907494abedf5Mounir Lamouri — Bug 764753 - Unlock screen orientation when the document is left without explicitly exiting fullscreen. r=smaug
71f3a9a2b160385610e68ebdd76c977ad90cea7aMounir Lamouri — Bug 766902 - Don't listen for fullscreenchange when screen has been locked by an application. r=smaug
c0221764624b1866ba8fa475b460bbc5134b864eAndreas Gal — Support 32-bit color depth in gonk widget backend (bug 767288, r=cjones).
c9dec2d6c44555b2011267a5894b6033bc1f2580Aryeh Gregor — Followup to bug 764400 - Move IsHTML etc. back from nsINode to nsIContent; r=mounir
dced59dc110025cbdd552e0aa9a4722d180a2e63Kan-Ru Chen — Backout edbb25e71396 (bug 766891) for b2g bustage
026eb5f84c559c506ab7734f01415b1ffdb7420dJeff Walden — Bug 758913 - Remove JSCLASS_NEW_RESOLVE_GETS_START. r=dmandelin
86a43c804932c0af9ac46ca510981c62d7fee923Jeff Walden — Bug 758912 - Don't use JSCLASS_NEW_RESOLVE_GETS_START in XBL code. r=bz
8d5e44898e8f5fc214012f6e7287f9054c05a56bKan-Ru Chen — Bug 766870 - Simplify nsIRILDataCallback.dataCallStateChanged interface. r=philikon
edbb25e71396513a879978b2d63c306eecfccf94Kan-Ru Chen — Bug 766891 - Sync nsIRadioInterfaceLayer.DATACALL_STATE_* with ril_consts.js. r=philikon
5a2f50db17b3bebe8d38a5bfeb09c5097dacadcaBrian Smith — Bug 763351: Fix cache hit rate telemetry so that kCacheMissedViaReval gets reported, r=hurley
a3b40a155d4caa752398ea5e2c3bb0003df83713Brian Smith — Bug 765665: Stop acquiring the cache service lock in nsICacheService::GetCacheIOTarget when on the main thread, r=michal
8661c74deeb50d2c591a7c8d188f1c7ee05cb711Robert O'Callahan — Bug 752796. Add a bit more logging. r=jesup
215cc8b416a2e18b0d6d73147504af5b88b964b9Robert O'Callahan — Bug 703241. Part 2: Stop the 'scroll top of line into view' behavior when ancestors in the line are transformed or positioned. Allow that behavior for any kind of line-participant ancestor. r=mats
243d341c4edd1b873009348ccfab99dbf3a7b55bRobert O'Callahan — Bug 703241. PresShell::DoScrollContentIntoView and PresShell::ScrollFrameRectIntoView should take transforms into account. r=matspal
419f0d1b848b6e1db29b77765662c92c33ff5d01Robert O'Callahan — Bug 766007. Create scrollframes for frameset documents. r=tnikkel
7d2c164b80e6820ec04c1fc1c2ed3456d2ee15adHsinyi Tsai — Bug 765684 - WebTelephony: invalid argument in Telephony::NotifyError. r=bent
96eb15859e360b73d11b57bacc7f9ce5bea17728Hsinyi Tsai — Bug 766273 - B2G telephony on Otoro: Can't hang up dialing call. r=philikon
ecd8d18eac466674024918a139bc190110c8ccdeHsin-Yi Tsai — Backout 1675a6451849 (Bug 765684) due to missing r= in comments.
afb9e6a53e1045c6e4f33481f829cf508784a052Hsin-Yi Tsai — Backout a054d74dea39(Bug 766273) due to missing r= in comments
cce693a7edcac5d116d0137b4fe291e3765627a5Cameron McCormack — Bug 448573 - Match French localisations of MSVC version banners. r=ted,dmandelin
5cb6edb530d4c7e2fa31900c3ac104b67c2a9034Gregor Wagner — Bug 767230 - Don't trigger a GC in MaybeGC when we are still sweeping in the background. r=billm
1675a6451849923b21edce6facb6f36bc517e41aHsinyi Tsai — [PATCH] Bug 765684 - WebTelephony: invalid argument in
a054d74dea39fa16c6979b02639774fe95edae82Hsinyi Tsai — Bug 766273 - B2G telephony on Otoro: Can't hang up dialing call
714c402f3050b8e378fcaf87bff6af736d77dac3Justin Lebar — Bug 764718 - Part 3: Test for calling window.close() on a window opened by from <iframe mozbrowser>. r=bz
80d09e39cd0d1168438aa1e5872b4b3925f396efJustin Lebar — Bug 764718 - Part 2: Make window.close work on windows opened via from <iframe mozbrowser>, when OOP is disabled. r=bz
3a1129278710baa8e23a9d5e760622f7e418f465Justin Lebar — Bug 764718 - Part 1: Set the initial principal of in-process <iframe mozbrowser> correctly. r=bz
18d056438d00dcd4933aff95abbdd77c1f70fa42Justin Lebar — Bug 765075 - Load BrowserElementChild.js before returning the result of from <iframe mozbrowser> to the opener. r=smaug
06873a64a192af290235c7ca4383d7cb984cf768Tim Taubert — merge m-c to fx-team
a4d1abc8f9650991439c5937bccb0e690cf1520bVictor Porof — Bug 761174 - Always show a property tooltip; r=past
5a81009ec864659ad488abfdb7e2489809ec3df1Paul Rouget — Bug 766535 - [devtb] this.DeveloperToolbar is undefined when starting Firefox with toolbar previously visible. r=dao
722af585eac0ec6683e6cbcebcf84657a55248e4Paul Rouget — Bug 766512 - Rename tab.responsiveUI to tab.__responsiveUI. r=dao
40dc186f19e17433e899c493e81026a3354b4914Paul Rouget — Bug 765413 - Warning: Unknown property '-moz-transition-properties'. Declaration dropped. r=dao
1b472fa5c8a47aab6d65b24c253f99e3b5339c68Paul Rouget — Bug 761884 - LayoutView is causing an infinite loop by making changes within a MozAfterPaint handler. r=dcamp
aaa6906f8e92b50a64e519a6aa597f6638c3bd56Patrick McManus — bug 764186 spdy sessions closed prematurely if started with null transaction r=honzab
4d77afd530ba8ff57f9afd87b4b19e559197f42bRyan VanderMeulen — Backout a07e9d98a7c6 (Bug 627699) due to build bustage.
0da00a304a4a03c7cc3b02ca9ca3affe7e3eb596Paul Adenot — Bug 761419 - Build failure in content/media/gstreamer/nsGStreamerReader.cpp when using clang r=kinetik
e5fb5ad11849e6e52dd5bfa65f2958312ec2a5daNicolas Silva — Bug 758048 - Move PopupType from the Windows widget implementation to the cross platform base class and use it to determine when to accelerate windows. r=bbondy
1cd36362b11b4e73ed3c72fd9d3a5331d0db6ac6Chris Jones — Bug 747055 - Crash in RtlEnterCriticalSection | PR_Lock | mozilla::ipc::RPCChannel::WaitForNotify. r=bsmedberg
e08abe6f2d611b96ecaa096443c6f5e4ef5ca8b3Nomis101 — Bug 638004 - Various "...deprecated for NSScrollWheel. Please use..." messages to console on first trackpad scroll. r=mstange
a07e9d98a7c66bababada872ce32616fc13bbd6aMartin Stransky — Bug 627699 - Port GTK2 to GTK3, dom patch. r=karlt
85fdb410cb717c3775a0e6fad0081b8ed44d75edRyan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
9a7a000b252e8f1f889ab3462ab4a4bac8f0dbf6Chris Peterson — Bug 766797 - Fix compiler warnings in APKOpen.cpp. r=glandium
74c23f01b3c329f1fd2e9b27171387d26e722f9bJose Antonio Olivera Ortega — Bug 753170 - B2G 3G: Expose state information through WebMobileConnection. r=philikon
14305028261bdec2ecad050510db2b4a16becd18Benjamin Peterson — Bug 765055: bind rest argument when defaults are present, r=jorendorff
a18007180a41fc9026485dca2d28c4d99644d708Brian R. Bondy — Bug 735975 - Get rid of UNEXPECTED_ERROR codes from updater error handling. r=ehsan
9995a8402762e37ef7c8a6803883ae6020bb1a4bBrian R. Bondy — Bug 766567 - Figure out the source of WRITE_ERROR (7) errors in updater code. r=ehsan
1ac44e8c1ede2570df37e5a3d3a0e28f5cefca17Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 764714 (part 3) - Remove BytecodeEmitter::GlobalScope. r=jorendorff.
24ea9cbc30b8f78a657638987d66365913d6282cNicholas Nethercote — Bug 764714 (part 2) - Move Parser::callerFrame to BytecodeEmitter. r=jorendorff.
23015006c97575021d70ee1e4fabe23beb01c3e7Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 764714 (part 1) - Only set JSScript::savedCallerFun when appropriate. r=jorendorff.
bfa21a56f646805dea290bc814673bb7830e14f8Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 766821 - Clear dead wood from Bindings. r=luke.
bd0284bc1b63aafaaae273e56d3168bc73d944b7Margaret Leibovic — Bug 767073 - Disable clipboard.autocopy on Android. r=mbrubeck
039721acef4709e4608c4bf4724563dd4a79525fMatt Brubeck — Bug 766865 - java.lang.IndexOutOfBoundsException in TabsTray.addTab [r=margaret]
685105c235d74a2653f128ebdf1d4e02890915afGregor Wagner — Bug 766375 - Move idb databases to /data/local. r=fabrice
67326ea1c6972d65b3adf6d6db3f8b969239f388Edward Lee — Bug 738832 - Allow desktop runtime to support webRT installs (mozApps.install API) [r=myk, r=felipe]
93f5a6a9474a3d1ecd2331ddc8f0a38dd0aa07e1Brian Nicholson — Bug 766757 - Follow-up to add missing break. r=me
e5d1b7a89755ebe4ba8d34a647376c529eefb5b9Ed Morley — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound
234979ecbf502ef09b1e256b6b111db17c310970Oleg Romashin — Bug 767034 - xpcom/glue/arm.cpp:165: error: expected declaration before '}' token. r=derf
42c652ac08c8380c6c2fe54a1704cadd9064895fDaniel Holbert — Bug 766783: Remove unneeded member variable nsBulletFrame::mComputedSize. r=mats
94e753c5323db1cfb7260dcef4fca864d03f022fDavid Rajchenbach-Teller — Bug 709771 - Exporting OS name to JS; r=khuey
0f3f06fbe11d1eb3b2c2e263b50040948077bf50Jignesh Kakadiya — Bug 765590 - CSSNameSpaceRule.type should be 10, not 0. r=dbaron
8505289f8042424ef02f240f230892f4e713a00cJeff Muizelaar — Bug 764594. Remove some unneeded calls in the Azure CG backend. r=bgirard
512f605b69995dabbe7a47c0ece9a69e8e6fce24Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 767088. Add SAMPLE_LABEL to nsDOMWindowUtils::SendMouseEventToWindow. r=ehsan
84dffec9742cc14ffd4f6397db44d1805114b88fRafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 761421 - Upgrade clang to 158160. r=rail.
b792285b0815504fe81591c9e989bb13ed217517vliu — Bug 764378 - RIL: sometimes RIL model was not detected. r=philikon
f86277e8b7876ad64428df16a457e044755f032aMarshall Culpepper — Bug 766002: Added more graceful state handling when the network operator is unregistered (NULL). r=philikon
8ec957ae5ffd874ff4539fd4e269e229093eab94Geoff Brown — Bug 746938 - Prevent NullPointerException in getNetworkType; r=mounir
c236ae57cfa7262151d9cfae70a22d5011ebb5cfL. David Baron — Treat animation-iteration-count:0 specially. (Bug 765218) r=bzbarsky
53951caf3e5d4ead36256ec92f2a6ae98392d448L. David Baron — Implement new values of animation-direction. (Bug 655920) r=bzbarsky
bebaf521f64f8715f16ebdf48365db0b3a3266e1L. David Baron — Add reftest for bug 764354.
e031f55fd9972588d4e0bb21a2ba192b648cdea6Brian Nicholson — Bug 763396 - Dismiss keyboard when showing tabs tray. r=mfinkle
c5e6ff595e91c8e4fd41fdec15f2c0a8a381e60cFabrice Desré — Bug 702369 - ensure that web app install caches them into app cache on B2G [r=jonas,vingtetun,felipe]
31c540b023996fddc0f43b2185ffc6808893bd33Justin Lebar — Bug 741755 - Part 4: Tests for goBack / goForward on <iframe mozbrowser>. r=smaug
b21ba17e03af75d9c4bf4442cf4a264538ebf88eJustin Lebar — Bug 741755 - Part 3: Add goBack/goForward to <iframe mozbrowser>. r=smaug
2a0f3399cea393739bb88cfcece3e9e955e39350Justin Lebar — Bug 741755 - Part 2: Add tests for getCanGo{Back,Forward} methods on <iframe mozbrowser>. r=mounir
c9ce1a042083fcfb99286d52125ff6054b099b35Justin Lebar — Bug 741755 - Part 1: Add getCanGoBack, getCanGoForward methods to <iframe mozbrowser>. r=mounir
803bd99294fbf229f0f62b59ec8e826ade8e5695Kyle Machulis — Bug 767045 - Unfinished merge of marionettecomponent.js commited; r=mdas
4913b412caaa7f076cb17e3dd8a514b3328936f5Wes Johnston — Bug 766635 - Follow up to fix warning. r=mfinkle
48e15675e2908ae8127f441e3ea625e3c0e12eb5Brian Nicholson — Bug 766757 - Add LOAD_REPLACE_BYPASS_CACHE load type. r=bz
13a8fa3afd28f98d71aa3737d8ecd9a1facd589fJeff Walden — Bug 765990 - Never use Rooted<T> as a temporary, so that the Rooted->Handle conversion path occurs in only one manner, not two (ambiguous) manners. r=luke
4b8385bcfc2025aaf68f32f48aa9be5ef4893772Jeff Walden — Eliminate Assertions.h's dependency on Types.h, for a narrower interface and minimized dependencies. No bug, r=Ms2ger
14b79d264b0b07db0511469b81988940aaead90aJeff Walden — Bug 760995 - Move Scoped.h into the mozilla namespace. r=sparky
a7fce1dd2b5853df71b7e511dbf4a2bf1c4aabb8Jeff Walden — Bug 426163 - Make MOZ_CRASH() use TerminateProcess on Windows rather than exit so that destructors and atexit handlers aren't called. r=ted
db1a0ca3bc67e3714813a828b9fc79a909cef5b3Ed Morley — Backout fed89ccfe0c2, 5fb8d7a3852f & d220195a8b95 (bug 764718) for mochitest-2 failures
859048b45a64b22ddf84b6cdcdfe5248559bb94fWes Johnston — Bug 766635 - Don't close tabs on diagonal swipes. r=mfinkle
cc426bd053fe7a214b1d3b99ccefdf74c0ce1524Wes Johnston — Bug 764812 - Only close tabs is dragged to the left or right edge of the tab. r=mfinkle
6f0cb242f0e623dba6fc79d92fa6832bcdac336fGregor Wagner — Bug 742626 - Allow indexedDB parent directory to not be the default profile directory. r=bent
5de10f87c56e971dda9b0718d90f9a4febfa1e4fBoris Zbarsky — Bug 763724. Detect cycles in the interface inheritance and implementation graph. r=jlebar
da942dd41b43a3fa6c72725d766edbab06717569Boris Zbarsky — Bug 764698. Fix isDistinguishableFrom for dictionaries to work right. r=peterv
ac340a4f26f0fa44774bd030be68fad9e4403116Boris Zbarsky — Add a test for enum inside dictionary. No bug, no review.
8d73102a64e4c2dd9fbca58be111597e93eef6daMargaret Leibovic — Bug 766789 - Fire mouse events closer to the tip of the handle image. r=mbrubeck
6ca47af3af8774f427aac3c3c62e9249a55f7d4aMargaret Leibovic — Bug 765057 - (Part 2) Reverse handles if the start handle goes past the end of the selection and vice versa. r=mbrubeck
de6e7c9a28c0c6691c755d628ab872f77b67d234Margaret Leibovic — Bug 765057 - (Part 1) Refactor updateCacheFromRange and moveSelection to update the cache on each touchmove. r=mbrubeck
f886c5bfd27328309fb0aeef0bd261304bcee20aMargaret Leibovic — Bug 765486 - Protect isBookmark() against NPE. r=lucasr
fed89ccfe0c25e5dd41cf111bfc205d799a9b026Justin Lebar — Bug 764718 - Part 3: Test for calling window.close() on a window opened by from <iframe mozbrowser>. r=bz
5fb8d7a3852fb0935e5280f8c690f324ecc1c312Justin Lebar — Bug 764718 - Part 2: Make window.close work on windows opened via from <iframe mozbrowser>, when OOP is disabled. r=bz
d220195a8b956bc271e67d2ff7c5fc516b44e19aJustin Lebar — Bug 764718 - Part 1: Set the initial principal of in-process <iframe mozbrowser> correctly. r=bz
7c2bab7807b3f62aef1a45345abf75731fe9710bKartikaya Gupta — Bug 766988 - Prevent NPE and/or running screenshot updates when screenshotting is disabled. r=blassey
c42521d54b7993e691e85c7e5478c23643c9bba4Rafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 761421 - Upgrade clang to 158160. r=rail.
5bd5734369f725c48adc9823cff455399debc74cKartikaya Gupta — Bug 766696 - Allow the MessagePump to process multiple pieces of idle work in a row. r=blassey
7136e735672e3f160a5e2174ef99b1a1f8df9681Bobby Holley — Bug 755255 - Rename XPCThreadContext.cpp to XPCJSContextStack.cpp, since that's all that's left. r=mrbkap
1e9daec1334505db325c4cc4330d51fd79d555a1Bobby Holley — Bug 755255 - Remove XPCPerThreadData. r=mrbkap
6b5d68a2085523319b428e2b0ab6a052669be4a3Bobby Holley — Bug 755255 - Remove thread iteration in XPCJSRuntime. r=mrbkap
f29ad0bb7eb3f8220fedfa7103fc32c388729953Bobby Holley — Bug 755255 - Remove mThreadData from XPCCallContext. r=mrbkap
86d61e9ab6f246b50be1b295f0f3a3be5e9d448cBobby Holley — Bug 755255 - Remove threadsafety checking machinery. r=mrbkap
1d3ccb427cd3bb3bdca4d63cd3237a9f308235c1Bobby Holley — Bug 755255 - Hoist Resolving* machinery into XPCJSRuntime. r=mrbkap
0581a34dde2a2d61f8098d56abcae5c78f6864aeBobby Holley — Bug 755255 - Remove Usage of XPCPerThreadData::IsMainThread. r=mrbkap
f841f07b2aee810c580af781d4e7864fac99f60eBobby Holley — Bug 755255 - Hoist auto root list into XPCJSRuntime. r=mrbkap
77f929c7118c841c22e898c746ad84dbaa81f633Bobby Holley — Bug 755255 - Hoist pending exception junk into XPCJSRuntime. r=mrbkap
e957355fd066c7ae144270866f95d37e1fc94198Bobby Holley — Bug 755255 - Make consumers of mCallContext go through XPCJSRuntime. r=mrbkap
dde0b55ba4f412dbcefd3036cb386fb07f87365aBobby Holley — Bug 755255 - Hoist mCallContext into XPCJSRuntime. r=mrbkap
43340a612078e60ecc3263ae892a0269a0d2924dBobby Holley — Bug 755255 - Make consumers of GetJSContextStack go through XPCJSRuntime. r=mrbkap
58da526df2826039c053260dee0c1236899fd541Bobby Holley — Bug 755255 - Add a convenience function to grab the JS runtime. r=mrbkap