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Mon Apr 30 17:10:23 2018 +0000
c7889ba50e125021c8ef9ad54c80f9a76d3b45a5Henrik Skupin — Bug 1455241 - [mozinstall] Detach mounted image in install() if path contains space. r=gbrown a=test-only FIREFOX_60b_RELBRANCH
f3a8986b8de961ec3608211b8677beda32e990cdHenrik Skupin — Bug 1455241 - [mozinstall] Convert unit tests to pytest format. r=gbrown a=test-only FIREFOX_60b_RELBRANCH
873f0487a7352e24b3c839fb31f71a63310c3174Vlad Baicu — Bug 1405192 - Return if onResume has already been called and onPause hasn't. Add telemetry ping for future investigations. r=mcomella a=jcristau FIREFOX_60b_RELBRANCH
853522d049846ca4e6e5793db73903f6c09a329fGabriel Luong — Bug 1452503 - Remove closePath call to fix the implicit and explicit lines drawn on the grid highlighter. r=jdescottes a=jcristau FIREFOX_60b_RELBRANCH
eee5fa942701d2e4673df7c74b5ca86a122dcfd5Tom Ritter — Bug 1418162 Use a build constant to determine update channel, and update ESR equation for 60 r=froydnj,Gijs a=jcristau FIREFOX_60b_RELBRANCH
b28d01fdafa5e2c0d39dc389574bd7d6e4a0ffacJames Willcox — Bug 1455662 - Guard against mprotect() failure when manipulating link map r=jchen a=jcristau FIREFOX_60b_RELBRANCH