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Thu Apr 09 18:39:57 2015 +0000
3f5e298cb6416fa78f9845abe1319c4016d27138Mike de Boer — Bug 1152391 - appVersionInfo should use UpdateChannel.jsm to fetch update channel information. r=Standard8, a=sledru
f377c6831282133f56676a0b015d450e849eb6feFlorian Quèze — Bug 1144774 - Add to reading list button is blurry. ui-r=mmaslaney, r=jaws, a=sledru
d4ee3499fe0db51facd40b519109cff0ea844be9Florian Quèze — Bug 1137603 - WebRTC sharing notifications fail to open from the global indicator when the Hello window has been detached. r=mixedpuppy, a=sledru
e62ca3da49e1223eddd71fbbf42d31a07d7db2d5Byron Campen [:bwc] — Bug 1151139 - Simplify how we choose which streams to gather stats from. r=mt, a=abillings
c821f76bf302600af9b6278629bfb8fed1a27eb5Andreas Pehrson — Bug 1149494 - Part 2: Add mochitest. r=jesup, a=sledru
d46cb3b3ebb31c7478b042e33c14b955b78c5634Robert O'Callahan — Bug 1149494 - Part 1: Add a listener directly to the unblocked input stream that reports the size of the first non-empty frame seen. r=pehrsons, a=sledru