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Sat Apr 12 18:03:04 2014 +0000
f1c211a4714dc22540c70f2e51d85999b1890096Mike de Boer — Bug 989466: revert clip-path change made in bug 893661 to fix font scaling. r=dao, a=sledru.
9eca66ee5b10f3f3fcfb360013b9bbb30901135fMike Conley — Bug 994758 - Rename tabHeight define to tabMinHeight, which is more accurate. r=dao, a=sledru.
163d2250a03e9b801e225b554dea96b7dc4ac50fMike Conley — Bug 990218 - Simplify OS X's titlebar styling rules for tabs in titlebar. r=MattN, feedback=Gijs, a=sledru.
3537a7b4b9924125f3d6f39c4cfb4028b40d590eJared Wein — Bug 993299 - Australis - There is no minimum width set in customization mode. r=mconley, a=sledru.
7c5fb4327c30413328b2b5b994d7f7a9fcac4a00Mike Conley — Bug 992373 - Items in the panel jump up slightly when the customization transition finishes. r=Gijs, mikedeboer, a=sledru.
5aa6eb09fe62272fdc5293cdcc55476532078354Jared Wein — Bug 993421 - Only set the position:relative on the PanelUI-footer-inner when a subview is showing. r=Gijs, a=sledru.
9798420b26fc8b7db2c2b3bfef1d8017f82ee36dJared Wein — Bug 971630 - Australis: Far right/left selected overflow tabs look bad on session restore. r=mconley, a=sledru.
9dd4a9d6739ada89e584a49a9baa1e8fe389998bMike Conley — Bug 989609 - Dynamically added toolbars with API-created widgets should not break customize mode. r=Unfocused,mdeboer, a=sledru.
5dcc734a5736338ec82e57214139bce88d08b760Jared Wein — Bug 967110 - Add an inverted help icon and arrow to show on the menu panel anchor when the Help subview is open. r=mconley, a=sledru.
9d3d5c2225aa19a2d0a417a4fa3e637206762a7dJared Wein — Bug 971034 - Australis - [Windows] Zoom reset button isn't as tall as other zoom buttons in toolbar. r=mikedeboer, a=sledru.
4b355a2745cd5d46604fb7612fa88157acd92389Dão Gottwald — Bug 989701 - Set -moz-box-align:center for #urlbar-container and reduce the url bar's vertical margin in order to correctly align the urlbar-back-button-clip-path. r=mdeboer, a=sledru.
ff6f9042176843c87956c8c5c596e67304990166Mike de Boer — [Australis] Bug 477948: update tests for new keyhole on Linux. r=jaws, a=sledru.
871c60982cac540732adb2f00edfe881e0667f20Mike de Boer — [Australis] Bug 477948: Keyhole back/ forward button for Linux. r=jaws, a=sledru.