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Wed Jul 19 23:02:11 2017 +0000
30e0585ef763763b0e4a85a49bf626ac67ac0389Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1379762 - Don't call MediaFeaturesChanged if our override device pixel ratio is set to its current value. r=dbaron, a=jcristau
28488519e000565dd4be43c17ce22ab40758f0a7John Lin — Bug 1374556 - Use Android-like signal handlers instead of SIG_DFL. r=glandium, a=jcristau
ecafc69c34daf50c8edc11f169de2d35e552ecb7Chris Peterson — Bug 1367226 - Remove unused pref "plugins.navigator_hide_disabled_flash". r=bsmedberg, a=jcristau
b3eff505c8d1ce8f201742a8dda07830ec38ad4dJan de Mooij — Bug 1381438 - Fix boxDouble to not clobber the source register on x86 CPUs without SSE 4.1. r=evilpie, a=jcristau
84b80aceba4c5e667d908470172efe696269a620Paul Adenot — Bug 1312623 - Don't attempt to shutdown a thread in the dtor of a GraphDriver, since it might be called during stable state. r=smaug, a=jcristau
a05565c8035ce927870c739845a7f869f2e26fc8Blake Kaplan — Bug 1372824 - Work around race conditions on startup enabling e10s. r=Felipe, a=jcristau
20b0f0b4a61218a67893f2252f378f8ad35b2876Junior Hsu — Bug 1380909 - Try to solve crash: move GetElement out of lambda. r=michal, a=jcristau
64f34d964fa3924d976793e1490e2f554d5840a4Jonathan Kingston — Bug 1327947 - Remove id's from about:preferences#containers as it breaks sorting for applications. r=jaws, a=jcristau
fe847bf98f6ad35e96f98a218741a7bdcffe0ebdJonathan Kew — Bug 1379444 - Use generic cmap-based font fallback if platform-specific code fails to find a usable font. r=lsalzman, a=jcristau
cbaff692f6fef2ded5e861d652d8e6edacad1eefTimothy Guan-tin Chien — Bug 1378136 - Redirect user to the general pane for search settings on old preferences page. r=jaws, a=jcristau
45afa550d6cc52effd06f7c42ca99d2ea68bcfa1Jed Davis — Bug 1372428 - Extend file pre-opening for sandboxed media plugins. r=gcp, a=jcristau
01af915e2e85c9f116aa92ff5c2ea76dd7ca75faJed Davis — Bug 1372428 - Deal with fcntl() in media plugins. r=gcp, a=jcristau
e5e3e626cdaf6b52570b242fe38c1d7f03079a22Jed Davis — Bug 1372428 - Deal with uname() in media plugins. r=gcp, a=jcristau
46395cf00273964063bad976590cdfb509449619Rok Garbas — Bug 1364650 - Retry on ChunkedEncodingError. r=gps, a=NPOTB