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Thu Jun 04 13:33:19 2020 +0000
d6fc47eb7f3bce9812eed407f06dffeb7156d793Emilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1634602 - Minor follow-up cleanups. a=jcristau
307b75879bcaade2b454b512d721d82acd4a8478Tom Ritter — Bug 1634602 - Exempt about:black from color scheme preference in RFP mode. r=emilio, a=jcristau
6bef5b17397610b6bc22813c0997094a881b830dJamie Nicol — Bug 1642079 - Only snap animated transforms for zoom reference frames. r=aosmond, a=jcristau
c4c1941f5a8d1110f2a80aab1ddbd1954cca070aEmilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1642343 - Fix Mac themed focus outline to not show white edges. r=mstange, a=jcristau
dfa0b3855b9fad60a7fda4374db86c8bb5b623aaValentin Gosu — Bug 1640867 - Add new HTTP_CHANNEL_ONSTART_SUCCESS_TRR probe r=dragana,tdsmith,necko-reviewers, a=jcristau
f0f45c8a7bb214fbd3cb3d051224216f3de5417cprathiksha — Bug 1641047 - Update styling in the monitor card body in protections dashboard. r=ewright, a=jcristau
5e90387e27ce98ed50002c177045e19785a8711eJames Teh — Bug 1642480: Null check content in nsAccUtils::IsARIALive. r=MarcoZ, a=jcristau
39d996685740f052ecee030ee4012a382945b645James Teh — Bug 1642258: Allow role="alert" on the body of chrome documents (but not content documents). r=MarcoZ, a=jcristau
cf1cee074da0714d577339f4a272412f350f0e0aJames Teh — Bug 1642141: When clearing the AccessibleHandlerControl Accessible cache, swap it into a temporary map first to avoid re-entry into the main map while clearing. r=MarcoZ, a=jcristau
a81711950f481af92cb735ed53aa05b364bde48dHubert Boma Manilla — Bug 1642201 - Remove undefined and trim the headers for edit & resend. r=Honza, a=jcristau
ebb62d9da97a514ff3e301c453114d304b9137b7emcminn — Bug 1640231 - Added vars to enable Dark Mode colors in multistage about:welcome. r=pdahiya, a=jcristau
52bf9bd04b97dd5d26ddd47ab8cef256ad4da2e4Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 1640490 - Backed out changeset 217394da44ac (bug 1591469) for breaking about:reader in a lot of cases. r=neildeakin, a=jcristau
907deb8bd4dd441944514588cfc0f9defa0acdcdEmilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1643279 - Fix specificity of select rules in forms.css. r=jwatt, a=jcristau