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Mon Apr 14 00:29:54 2014 +0000
e946bc71ae2b6940d26607f2455c154efe7581f8Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 989289 - only migrate builtin toolbars, also migrate toolbox, r=mconley a=sylvestre
8e6041de3ce7c9475ddb236293355a5e95d5a7bdMatthew Noorenberghe — Bug 980220 - UITour: [Linux] Change the highlight style to have better fallback without an X compositor. r=Unfocused, ui-r=mmaslaney a=sylvestre
975b76d0b1c013871d9efcc4d19ec6695ec7d7e4Matthew Noorenberghe — Bug 946987 - Add 2x tab images for Windows and use them for 1.25dppx and higher. r=mconley a=Sylvestre