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Thu May 08 15:27:35 2014 +0000
e532119b92ab33dfb9d401bc825637547739e88aRandy Lin — Bug 969372 - Move mediaRecorder in global scope to avoid test timeout. r=jsmith, a=test-only
d43267eaf5284001e6214be0c2973b18f28e921eRob Campbell — Bug 998302 - Connect to about:config instead of about:credits to avoid accessing when the test runs. r=robcee, a=test-only
f59b7498a97fe75786362079e7228c8f8dce967aNathan Froyd — Bug 997341 - Modify content/xul/document/test/bug497875-iframe.xul to not connect to r=smaug, a=test-only
ccde75e4b1aff92ce5235dc0db7d9fe03656090aSzu-Yu Chen [:aknow] — Bug 1004152 - Delay telephony.dial for 1s in test cases. r=hsinyi, a=test-only
adafd31af170147bea35c2ac2e7dd737b5e2057aMilan Sreckovic — Bug 994907 - imgDecoderObserver does reference counting on different threads, so should be using thread safe reference counting. r=seth, r=ehsan, a=abillings
1fc8f2d7a2613d56863dc5b3835aba720011adceRyan VanderMeulen — Bug 983490 - Disable test_browserElement_inproc_SetInputMethodActive.html and test_browserElement_oop_SetInputMethodActive.html for frequent failures. a=test-only