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Sat Jan 24 16:33:37 2015 +0000
34330baf2af60c3c1a529e11d200358fef357906Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 1120233 - Ensure that the delete command will stay enabled for password fields. r=roc, ba=sledru
e4e2855e992c35cc8775de408092c7407fbb35b3Michael Comella — Bug 1107386 - Set internal container height as height of MenuPopup. r=mhaigh, a=sledru
2745f66dac6f4c7b7fc00562ce56f56f7f89779bMichael Comella — Bug 1110555 - Use real device dimensions when calculating LWT bitmap sizes. r=mhaigh, a=sledru
d6baa06d52b487c92fcdc6ef2420b4d98965d7c8Michael Comella — Bug 1096958 - Move TilesRecorder instance into TopSitesPanel. r=bnicholson, a=sledru
c1e9f11144a5b589a9a14586fedb6b709b80bcf0Martyn Haigh — Bug 1122074 - Normal Tabs tray has an empty state. r=mcomella, a=sledru
17830430e6be6e81af58bc5777f033b6b89bd947Jean-Yves Avenard — Bug 1123198 - Run reset parser state algorithm when aborting. r=cajbir, a=sledru
cb103a9390412390138cf9a48ac151cd4dff37c4Jean-Yves Avenard — Bug 1124172 - Abort read if there's nothing to read. r=bholley, a=sledru
e17127e00300252e7a7f2ede2b54f353ef546da1Bobby Holley — Bug 1123983 - Don't reset request status in MediaDecoderStateMachine::FlushDecoding. r=cpearce, a=sledru
a99eabe5e8eae0cddf9f92f89967aa44315c2aeaNicholas Nethercote — Bug 1122322 (follow-up) - Fix busted paths in worker memory reporter. r=bent, a=sledru
cb0fd5d9a263a01a871e2fdbbd4bd23818f60ce4Benjamin Smedberg — Bug 869208 - Increase the buffer size we're using to deliver network streams to OOPP plugins. r=aklotz, a=sledru