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Thu Jun 28 17:56:21 2018 +0000
e09909cb2297c14e75e9a94425af8e5b8e605094Daniel Stenberg — Bug 1471217 - ignore the network.dns.get-ttl pref on non-supported systems r=mcmanus a=lizzard DEVEDITION_62_0b4_BUILD1 DEVEDITION_62_0b4_RELEASE FIREFOX_62_0b4_BUILD1 FIREFOX_62_0b4_RELEASE
7ccdd10cf1b0baeeb77b18894641f140403ccb10Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1471157. Fix null-deref crash when a drop event has no DataTransfer. r=nika a=lizzard
0b8330a22470d371d43bc49cc22967e91dc8e294Jan Beich — Bug 1470938 - Unbreak build without GeckoProfiler after bug 1448040. r=dthayer a=RyanVM
ed377d7086570469fba9e99b47f367c947e86f70J. Ryan Stinnett — Bug 1470497 - Fix navigation after opening container in RDM. r=gl a=lizzard
f514597a84c4f5be08c5ed5fe4a5e0371916897dDão Gottwald — Bug 1470393 - Implement workaround for squashed favicon in the bookmarking panel. r=mak a=lizzard
4b518c97f12c97eaae20d747e17530ce7dd80b7bNicolas Chevobbe — Bug 1469959 - Don't use relatedTarget to check if the ObjectInspector was focused by tabbing; r=bgrins a=lizzard
73e476e6f9d2eaed08c5270aa987adc6785a927bEmilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1469354: Use the first continuation to get the layout parent style. r=mats a=lizzard
93c4df61e1d1bbffb8b37d9f0c8bed1141fd1a8fJohann Hofmann — Bug 1465337 - Adjust tracking protection toggle and other right-hand-side buttons in the main menu to align their separators. r=dao a=lizzard
a0d7247da1b7951c08867b5d5e8b8924dd0abc04Timothy Guan-tin Chien — Bug 1454610 - Restore PNG density metadata on DMG backgrounds r=dolske a=lizzard