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Mon Apr 08 10:37:16 2019 +0000
fceed60b10ce9ca9b022b73d769f6a070c859339Ryan Hunt — Bug 1516425 - Hold a strong reference to TabParent from nsFrameLoader and make TabParent cycle collected. r=smaug a=pascalc
d8cb02604219e560b7d15f73667e3f0015ae02eaJed Davis — Bug 1516325. r=glandium a=pascalc
1cdd67f491bf9e8de3a8bfa052c72ed6f0e9654fOlli Pettay — Bug 1540166, avoid some useless ForgetSkippable handling while we're already dealing with snow-white objects, r=mccr8 a=pascalc
def85b90d5e4d7fd846cbba7c96ee02989abad9dNika Layzell — Bug 1536405 - Cycle-collect through ChromeEventHandler. r=bz a=pascalc
97b3d94e492d245ce71546550af6a6b6e54917b2Dan Minor — Bug 1532465 - Ensure we AddRef prior to early return in MediaType::Assign; r=pehrsons a=pascalc
e964138e796b526597daac4125a79dca43233c6eLars T Hansen — Bug 1535194 - Always check error return from BufferOffset::diffB. r=luke a=pascalc
cc0d59ec03cfabb3b2c3e0aa8f92c9628bfb99bcDave Townsend — Bug 1539820: Fix test_claim_locked.js to work with dev-edition. r=Gijs a=test-only