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Mon Jul 23 07:51:53 2018 +0000
5d6261b568c63c6f87d15210afe6507fd1741cc1Ursula Sarracini — Bug 1471514 - FxA top of funnel metrics not captured from about:welcome. r=Mardak a=lizzard
0d79a96597a04bc790193cd296e53848541211d8Bharat Raghunathan — Bug 1470964 - Make confirmation hint panel blue instead of green r=jaws a=lizzard
dd493fc5f6a7c41af31c877c835c1bb9ab777125Valentin Gosu — Bug 1412081 - Call KillClearOnShutdown(ShutdownPhase::ShutdownFinal) in PluginProcessChild on all platforms r=jimm a=lizzard
5b05309eb9be6bb697665dc9bb86c2b12aa5168bValentin Gosu — Bug 1412081 - Add ability to blacklist file paths on Unix platforms r=mayhemer a=lizzard