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Thu May 04 22:37:00 2017 +0000
6022f5353130c90cadbf40b96a86058436c5896eJames Cheng — Bug 1360626 - Create a blacklist for adaptive playback support. r=jolin, a=lizzard
d833c4cac4a751a22d32152f358dbd55b9ff8e7bTobias Schneider — Bug 1321865 - Enable tests. r=jet, a=test-only
c45159d6fe1fb87ee4411ec1043a533e2c81866bTobias Schneider — Bug 1313927 - Create separated test to disable it on Android only. r=jet, a=test-only
9f86465621ed869b49a6c2d925186fa9b6424407Tobias Schneider — Bug 1354163 - Wait until there are intersection records to observe. Prevents an intermittent test failure. r=jet, a=test-only
b0a7956aa594859ce4eb1311c4319d8aa4a5b6ddTobias Schneider — Bug 1324135 - Wait 300ms after the first IntersectionObserver notification to prevent intermittent test failure. r=jet, a=test-only
c097727dc38532dfac5370dc7a1023ca1ba1ef40Tobias Schneider — Bug 1313972 - Avoid racing condition by making sure postMessage events are consumed by the correct tests. r=smaug, a=test-only