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Thu Sep 27 11:50:27 2018 +0000
b404112c2f6ce82c177d5337cd99daf79bf51a37Xidorn Quan — Bug 1493869 - Put window.event behind a pref and disable it by default for release versions. r=smaug a=pascalc
d72ddbe9798884935ea974e963c5c9e1d1a135b0Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 1493211 - Make the doubly nested iframe checks specific to requests coming from trackers r=baku a=pascalc
92308e03be8333fdc9cb8b48aa6ffd8e90d10564Nicholas Hurley — Bug 1492484 - Do not reprioritize pushed streams on tab switch. r=kershaw a=pascalc
41f214d66947e7a50012bd558e25a78e8d3aeb11Kershaw Chang — Bug 1490235 - Use nsDependentCSubstring in AltDataOutputStreamChild::WriteDataInChunks r=mayhemer a=pascalc
fb0e9934b6cea695d10551d100ffdb2aac527cd0Doug Thayer — Bug 1483533 - Switch to glClientWaitSync for texture syncing r=jrmuizel a=pascalc
7b90b8e04295c01a650a7cccbb055eac0c66cf06Lucas Luna Souza — Bug 1472875 - HTTP response text missing in devtools/network/headers panel r=Honza a=pascalc