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Sun Dec 03 18:46:48 2017 +0000
43f74013ae081e9b5a84cdc6c087d4e206af068bJan de Mooij — Bug 1417961 - Fix Baseline debug mode OSR to delazify type monitor chains correctly. r=tcampbell, a=gchang
d23f5b4bf54978803f0c4b5312b00b209d12b55dJeremy Chen — Bug 1418433 - Increment RestyleGeneration for undisplayed elements when invalidating servo stylist. r=heycam, a=gchang
25f3d0651a78a6d30dfe4237d5d41d3d653b463eJeremy Chen — Bug 1418433 - Move the implementation of SetStylistStyleSheetsDirty to .cpp file. r=heycam, a=gchang
005f0819a0cdbb88070d7fd1a8fa24e6903354c8Jeremy Chen — Bug 1418433 - Add tests for style data update mechanism for non-displayed elements. r=emilio, r=heycam, a=gchang
9ebc50b8692dfa0e779024b28396b69dea7ee6a5Makoto Kato — Bug 1420332 - Use system locale when system default is selected for browser locale. r=snorp, a=gchang
9b8d0f0783279786b4e5a59414308f47cbec15b1Karl Tomlinson — Bug 1382366 - Disable AudioCallback -> SystemClockDriver fallback before disowning graph. f=pehrsons, r=padenot, a=gchang
cda8fcf76af1fef92fa7a4b2292beba4543a7b93Karl Tomlinson — Bug 1408276 - Move to LIFECYCLE_WAITING_FOR_MAIN_THREAD_CLEANUP at end of iteration. r=padenot, a=gchang