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Mon Jun 04 19:57:52 2012 +0000
bbd8d5efd6d1e976d608a94fab79dbf088722522Lukas Blakk — Merging in branding changes NO BUG CLOSED TREE
3f07b371706e6072a8d925a8973fbcf8ee0810faLukas Blakk — Merging in version bump NO BUG CLOSED TREE
57b91ddc54fcd4ebff0d8943604dc999d491336aJeff Muizelaar — Bug 759457. Don't fast path shadows with negative scale. r=roc,a=akeybl
c53704c5e1e7b587b87a0ceef21fa11184662117Kyle Huey — Bug 725499. r=bent a=akeybl
c56c3b09500d3227b058bb7f931efc10de5f4996Kyle Huey — Bug 757284: Restore Blob.mozSlice. r=sicking a=akeybl
13723b00e8ceecac77df6a5c0f61dd236a681dbcKyle Huey — Bug 713643: Back out Bug 497995 from Aurora since it's not ready for prime time. a=akeybl
3bd9d0c544e0ed6d24c1dc2727e793a72090ae8fJeff Muizelaar — Bug 749953. Revert a hunk of bug 753762 to fix XUL panning. r=cjones a=lsblakk
6ad83fbedd696521f263ab7803735bf46ed434a1Myk Melez — bug 750936 - disable webapp support; r=felipe, a=akeybl
9822aa957d92f774e111c559f8c98cf58b197138Jonas Sicking — Backed out bug 757284 due to redness. a=backout
90f10b5cb7ea072f0e8fb4cd703036b4a89233b3Kyle Huey — Bug 757284 - Bring back Blob.mozSlice for now since sites depend on it. r=sicking a=akeybl
6b1e65dae1d59fe32c09eb84b93032d446bb12e0Robert Strong — Move channel-prefs.js back to original location - Bug 756325 - channel-prefs.js appears in new 'preferences' location on fresh installation but remains in 'pref' for updated existing installation. r=bbondy, a=akeybl
49bd90effd98d2e8d51f6c43c782206e57aad47dRobert Strong — Bug 759460 - Preprocess channel name into nsUpdateService.js instead of just using 'default'. r=bbondy, a=akeybl
762d16222aba62fd45c00ca98262ae5856e39133Honza Bambas — Bug 749209 - Happy Eyeballs implementation still not quite right, r=mcmanus a=akeybl
1851b8c13061fe22eb15a90a9284ec5b19dec808Marco Bonardo — Bug 720081 - Part 1: backportable solution for autocomplete controller to provide a different final defaultComplete value for typeAheadResults
173d2921c023501bf1544115dbf12754f6df1403Jason Duell — Bug 748766 - Only count connected websockets toward max-websocket limit. r=mcmanus, a=akeybl
32787d343859ff00c08034a3b2d35bb371b71d7cGavin Sharp — Also back out the test changes from bug 720081 that depended on the autocomplete controller changes, a=backout
2bfec66e13f429de3f706379dd8a3847c6c2700fSerge Gautherie — Bug 647875. (Av1) test_crash_submit.xul: Remove bug 604129 SeaMonkey workaround. r=joshmoz a=akeybl
d92042ceb4cb86ba3f28fbd10c160385e8d91837Serge Gautherie — Bug 749872. (Bv1) test_handlerApps.xhtml: OS X SeaMonkey workaround wrt iCal. r=dmose a=lsblakk
6db7fbab6f0cabcfe96cf45af8d64c2d72820278Gavin Sharp — Back out 59409e2655ca (from bug 720081) due to bug 760803, a=backout
60318baf2bc3625ca2407547f3848d6a618dcd07Serge Gautherie — Bug 747668. (Hv1a) XPFE autocomplete.xml: Implement nsIAutoCompleteInput.textValue. r=Neil a=IanN
0dae08b004a16c93b4cc15ea75cfa72b35715b10Serge Gautherie — Bug 747668. (Gv1a) XPFE autocomplete.xml: Implement nsIAutoCompleteInput.popupOpen(). r=Neil a=IanN
f4f10979fdf805b580c48822eb19f13a60493b1cSerge Gautherie — Bug 747668. (Fv1) XPFE autocomplete.xml: Move selectBy() into nsIAutoCompletePopup section. r=Neil a=IanN
ad5fab74c8fd813aba85df107dd3e0b3900abaadSerge Gautherie — Bug 747668. (Ev1) XPFE autocomplete.xml: Move code into searchParam. r=Neil a=Callek
8c479f0b1edbe881ea479671aa2b1b59f21b96a8Serge Gautherie — Bug 747668. (Dv1) XPFE autocomplete.xml: Move code into onTextReverted(). r=Neil a=Callek
11ac8b585ae334454ca29e29993349e4ca838d41Serge Gautherie — Bug 747668. (Cv1) XPFE autocomplete.xml: Regroup code into onSearchComplete(). r=Neil a=Callek
10b7f6c9be4fddc3d57dfc20abc8d1aa4427f447Paul O’Shannessy — Bug 752149 - [OS X] nsCocoaWindow::ConstrainPosition uses wrong screen in multi-display setup [r=smichaud]
b0e2daf63f06aab36f031136b0fc2c5a318f7e1bGregory Szorc — Bug 755339 - Part 1b Create dummy file in modules/ directory; r=ted; a=lsblakk
b61d1ddc855097831d224fce597ac3ac166c348bJim Mathies — Bug 740721 - Renable simple gesture zoom support on Windows in Firefox. Fixes touch input display problems on Win7 and Win8. r=dao a=akeybl
feacec1c819558743ff294ccac61d2f03bb0fb51Benoit Jacob — Bug 754303 - WebGLUniformLocation doesn't need to be a WebGLRefCountedObject - r=jrmuizel, a=akeybl
99805da33911d8936df780882deac82228394da6Marco Bonardo — Bug 720081 - Part 2: inline autocomplete should respect protocol and www prefix
cff98981add846ed1a7e4f441858ee9765f5819cMarco Bonardo — Bug 720081 - Part 1: backportable solution for autocomplete controller to provide a different final defaultComplete value for typeAheadResults
dcf51f141503377915079918766ea8e489fd39efBrad Lassey — bug 759146 - Looper throws uncaught exception on (some?) HTC Sense 4.0 phones (HTC Evo 4G LTE, HTC J, etc), follow up to guard against changes to MessageQueue r=snorp a=johnath
c3bbe64f1d376beaa1f31b9d3648e7e883c28135Brad Lassey — bug 759146 - Looper throws uncaught exception on (some?) HTC Sense 4.0 phones (HTC Evo 4G LTE, HTC J, etc) r=snorp a=johnath
e9efce4842b8b71847bf33d729f236ec2ca52e7eJim Mathies — Bug 740233 - fix for application id query bug in toolkit nsis scripts. r=rstrong a=lsblakk
540694f5df42647a31f01cbea75ecc3d6e17acaeMike Hommey — Bug 758010 - Wrap operator new/delete to jemalloc on Android. r=jlebar,a=blassey
410ad3113243709dc44ac1c553f0865a62d2048dAli Juma — Bug 747883 - Make Native Fennec's onLocationChanged handler behave correctly for wyciwyg-prefixed URIs. r=mfinkle,kats a=blassey
0a3b0dc863c41b3b5df04188ea5210c214c79c30Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 759762 - Update screenshot code to take into account RTL pages. r=blassey a=blassey
984b96b2341d5d9a934e868fdee84e36dbb83722Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 748384 - Propagate page bounds and CSS page bounds in via compositor. r=Cwiiis,ajuma,mats a=blassey
864882b43f5e7ecfc59e3c9466de94be3ceed04eKartikaya Gupta — Bug 748384 - Propagate the page bounds in via browser.js. r=Cwiiis,mats a=blassey
0b048cb8efdbd591bbdb31d9fdf257665001ac40Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 748384 - Update all Java code to keep a page rect and CSS page rect instead of just the page size. r=Cwiiis a=blassey
9904f5a0a14bf579a07fc2222af382105b0a5141Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 748384 - Remove the DrawMetadataProvider which is not being used any more. r=Cwiiis a=blassey
81592bd79815cdb0d979787ed774d7595f425231Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 758854 - Fix possible NPE if external activities return null data. r=blassey a=blassey
265559b7598572ae02c17ec4c9eed17de2bc3c84Mats Palmgren — Bug 759788: hold a strong ref to the nsPluginInstanceOwner in DoStopPlugin to avoid crashes, r=bsmedberg, a=akeybl
c2d2ac2d03aa57bab4bf0ce217e33d66b4aee268Robert O'Callahan — Bug 757262. Try bailing out of plugin instantiation if we're in an inactive document. r=josh, a=akeybl
08724aa1a626991e9e3b5b40fb496933ffdf4823Marco Bonardo — Bug 758201 - Fix usage of PlacesUtils for LMANNO constants.
adc7d8b31160127530370b44685b352ffbeef611Asaf Romano — Bug 748569 - Fix few migration regressions (reset profile feature is broken - bug 748047, bookmarks.html not imported during migration - bug 738263, default-browser detection during migration is completely broken and few more minor issues). r=mak a=akeybl
9d86c4735ae7e02c45d800142995ea6f11281b5eBobby Holley — Bug 754044 - Remove manual injection of same-compartment security wrappers, and make sure to call JS_Wrap* instead. r=mrbkap a=akeybl
f86cce5d95c8d91cf2892e2727cef453fb041e61Bobby Holley — Bug 754044 - Apply same-compartment security wrappers in same-compartment wrapping callback. r=mrbkap
fd813603c89e2c5b66a226864e09a10abf9f788fBobby Holley — Bug 754044 - Introduce sameCompartmentWrapObjectCallback. r=mrbkap We leave it null for gecko for the time being to keep this patch small.
cc780c6ba8ef93848cb8ea7130db47ecc1c3e8f8Bobby Holley — Bug 754044 - Simplify the logic surrounding the prewrap callback in jscompartment.cpp. r=mrbkap
fec931ade719fedd4a7517cbbc8db143d85c326fBobby Holley — Bug 754044 - Alter the semantics of UnwrapObject{,Checked} to check for outer windows on the initial wrapper passed. r=mrbkap This distinction is the only reason for writing the code in this confusing manner. And I don't think we need it now that we have stopAtOuter.
de05eff84e4c432ab8a2db1a800c907585b205f3Bobby Holley — Bug 754044 - Pass stopAtOuter=false in GetWrappedNativeOfJSObject, because that's what we mean. r=mrbkap
91eca10ae9a55bcb91027a8554866fa32e4b07e4Terrence Cole — Bug 748397 - Fix broken JSON when there is a ',' in LC_NUMERIC; r=billm,a=lsblakk
5f31310392169605c3036b063ebf5bb421285da1Jared Wein — Bug 755429 - Mixed content icon draws too much attention. r=dolske ui-r=shorlander a=akeybl
6086fcc613c213a6e5014c0dcb976d12544414a4Dão Gottwald — Bug 747090 - Use new location bar icons for mixed content. r=jaws a=akeybl
330ca032d38b07e657013cff9d04637d15db49c0Stephen Horlander — Bug 747090 - Add location bar icons for mixed content. r=dao a=akeybl
210ca2935a9ae69266e93f4e8516aa76f07b90b4Patrick McManus — bug 758625 spdy act on fin on synreply r=honzab a=akeybl
89176b6d643cb086ce07fc5ecacb9b624a4332a4Boris Zbarsky — Bug 758885. Don't apply the dynamic :hover reresolution skipping optimization to selectors which can match on mutable state other than :hover. r=dbaron, a=akeybl
de4a9e14237eb81d19971339b0aea6d1481edbdaJeff Muizelaar — Fix android breakage caused by bug 744850. a=me
0802aa10b6738782b3c1fd9afa17567c7ae693d9Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 744850. Only set isRegistered if registering succeeded. r=mfinkle a=jprmc
0604c47151d93b419fd620d5f47d42038e727456Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 753200: Many menu items are disabled on start. [r=mfinkle a=mfinkle]
c49bf9402c8a17559187fbbc866fdbc595312f2dMarco Bonardo — Bug 753205 - Add back separators support to bookmarks HTML import.
6a19f69f6f95747740ddf2f6528c3a65465347d3Margaret Leibovic — Bug 755062 - Make sure there are no visible plugins on the page before deciding to show the plugin doorhanger. r+a=mfinkle
1b6c19c33023f1b414ee50492ed0140be7d260d1Mark Finkle — Bug 748994 - Regression in rawfennecstartup 'throbber start' time r=sriram a=johnath
a4080bb8c16ed296183586b8468667b845647b66Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 755834. Use even lower precision bilinear interpolation when scaling 565 to 565. r=joe,a=joe
840623d838d93363f1b7c80ccd0d940b7948872cWes Johnston — Bug 756689 - Send notifications when addon options are shown. r=mfinkle a=jonath
656776d027ff2087c54606452ea097c268f9f6d7Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 753250 - Make the touch radius prefs map to real-world metrics (i.e. 1/240-inches) and expand the radius a little. r=mfinkle a=mfinkle
2bd4d69806b97f03f741a0df93702c860a02fb8eKartikaya Gupta — Bug 752709 - Show full-screen keyboard when the screen height is less than or equal to 480 pixels. r=cpeterson a=johnath
de5e49beafa7e3d8c9480d03d622b035f38d266dKartikaya Gupta — Bug 752709 - Extract a getDisplayMetrics function into GeckoApp. r=cpeterson a=johnath
8b7b85eded3fd63e770292ef55d4fe43a49be1b3Wes Johnston — Bug 757646 - Throw from NSSBridge if Master password is set. r=rnewman,gbrown a=mfinkle
156de12ac008f80664506a03a6754333b97cd78cRichard Newman — Bug 755576 - Redundant cyclic reuploading & repositioning of bookmark folders. r=nalexander, a=mfinkle
f38511c875c8fba4cceebb320bdb78a4f02ffa7cJan de Mooij — Bug 756600 - Initialize TokenStream::sourceMap in constructor instead of init. r=njn a=akeybl
769754742698b2bd0c56df41a4dcb83a7c591a5eGregory Szorc — Bug 756366 - Preserve Sync credentials during client wipe. r=rnewman, a=akeybl
ff0d77a6196385a2d95b396b1cb1d0b5c0e5b630Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 741216 - Allow dropping files into the file picker control; r=bzbarsky a=akeybl
192b18bb4d24dfaa0d5b249cec866fa8ec10aaebWes Johnston — Bug 750511 - Hide soft keyboard when user touches outside awesomebar. r=mfinkle a=joe
86ebc83b96713221083e5bed3f585972a356ca45Matt Brubeck — Bug 756665 - Clicking a tab close button in XUL Fennc should selected the tab [r=mfinkle, a=akeybl]
74f5e0d677f217684b6fc0b484c3685bd5bdf4deJeff Muizelaar — Bug 757039. Handle non-uniform scales when doing device space blurs. r=roc,a=joe
5ee3dbd560b5e5a4324ac11b00d357ac90ce021fJeff Muizelaar — Bug 754985. Draw shadows in device space when using a uniform scale. r=roc,a=joe
d490cc85303cbd66a63121fa83e6a8ba088175f0Jonathan Kew — bug 758257 - work around broken fonts on android when using cached font list as well as when first reading the list. r=jdaggett a=joe
45a587498baee12f123c02ed744bc4217b7e73c9Mats Palmgren — Bug 719117 - Use down-cast instead of separate member with correct type. part 3/3, r=roc a=akeybl
3a2ab408f2e2507e565e8fcfaa1ee0ae63983c39Mats Palmgren — Bug 719117 - Fix bug 724781 by preventing reentry to DoStopPlugin with a flag. part 2/3, r=roc a=akeybl
e8dd14a636a193138cb6b8bdc955ebe9f6f20a0aMats Palmgren — Bug 719117 - Backout bug 724781. part 1/3, r=roc a=akeybl
3a0cedb8ececd5ceee4bbc867bbbc0547c9e5f39Mike Hommey — Bug 758010 - Wrap operator new/delete on Android. r=khuey,a=joe
8b330f11e7809897c232a39d9747c5113f55fac4Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 757025 - Guard against a null mObservers which is possible due to a race condition on some platforms. r=cjones a=johnath
ef414707a0d6d85bba62656eba37bd6ac3fd9e70Bas Schouten — Bug 595375: Fail brush creation when bitmap creation fails. r=jrmuizel a=akeybl
7802a253d406d92a1a5cb9cef5cfec579ac62600Robert O'Callahan — Fixing bustage for bug 757807. a=me
e4dc3f0a913c381e38c2762e9af4a02ec84345b4Robert O'Callahan — Bug 757807. Don't store an nsMouseEvent in nsFrameSelection, it's unnecessary and leaky. r=smaug,a=akeybl
7f3c5dd8e78f8bc483f52436db595f4aaf5e1511Ben Hearsum — bug 723176: support mac dmg signing in the build system - enable mac signing of Aurora builds. r=ted, a=akeybl
efe05056199fb9159c07717de7ae4dc74e5ad62eHonza Bambas — Bug 700493 - Firefox Crash in nsJARChannel::OnStopRequest @ nsXULPrototypeScript::SerializeOutOfLine, r=bzbarsky, a=akeybl
4f318c1fea777e6469b6ce6ff9fb5bfd903d51afMatt Woodrow — bug 750334 - rotating image appears too big during transition, then snaps to correct size r=roc a=blocking-fennec1.0
a5bae202976b134b29ced766048b16e98073393bBenoit Girard — Bug 755452 - Don't re-invalidate region to paint in BasicTiledLayerBuffer::PaintThebes. r=roc a=akeybl
6db75fba7c00980d93684a9b658e8fcc898c71c8Steven Michaud — Bug 736655 - Resize dmg window's background to fit Mountain Lion's new minimum size. r=gavin a=akeybl
f937f9e12e9bf6303c874aaa84586d43335c65c1Matthew Gregan — Bug 744063 - Pass Y' texture size rather than picture size to Nv3DV. r=bas a=akeybl
2056622a1ac05b0e98f5e3084cbacc70f7841771Brian R. Bondy — Bug 757711 - Service does not get replaced for newer builds since bug 748764; r=ehsan, a=akeybl.
17bdb597ba39a4cf857aa49f5d57dbf533ee3712Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 752341. Avoid using CGContextSetTextMatrix. r=bgirard,a=akeybl
c0895715508d905b70e4ef26645e2ec13a6311bbWes Johnston — Bug 757893 - Reset max and min zoom when switching tabs. r=kats a=mfinkle
092e265d893adb961c7fc29ace6937a3a299abe8Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 751200 - Don't fall in infinite loops if the content iterator has gone bad; r=bzbarsky a=mfinkle
5b7d64ec3bac4643a89ad0b430bfd7b960155b23Gregory Szorc — Bug 755339 - Create modules directory in tests archive; r=ted; a=akeybl
125c4f8ff0da51bc7c53729b128c3c5f4f017a5cBenoit Girard — Bug 752254 - qcms - Prefer precache output curves even if a A2B/B2A CLUT is present. r=jmuizelaar a=lsblakk
1c4729a52ff195badf5d7acaa78ebbe7f872a15cL. David Baron — Make scroll frames (i.e., overflow != visible) no longer be font size inflation flow roots. This reverts part of 9499f6b28addcbcd9c480eb80cfe6c4c63a4a3a1. (Bug 747720, patch 7) r=roc approval-mozilla-aurora=blassey
f7b35488a05bbef3d39c23f1b8e1ee1dd7f63192L. David Baron — Remove caching of current inflation container and its width from the pres context. (Bug 747720, patch 6) r=roc approval-mozilla-aurora=blassey
d6264b8231b74632c05b1b2541c904fabb79f01cL. David Baron — Remove width determination parameters from font inflation methods. (Bug 747720, patch 5) r=roc approval-mozilla-aurora=blassey
c7c3f34a8bc37b2c1d729fbfacfe5d2210d7a02dL. David Baron — Fix call to wrong method (passing nscoord as enum). (Bug 747720, patch 4) r=roc approval-mozilla-aurora=blassey
750366fff45c7d382a7de0771d7141fd3af68a7cL. David Baron — Use the same width basis for font inflation throughout a font inflation flow root. (Bug 747720, patch 3) r=roc approval-mozilla-aurora=blassey
a85cb76bb4fd7ec01b9f2239547df87274be6040L. David Baron — Replace AutoMaybeNullInflationContainer with AutoMaybeDisableInflationForShrinkWrap since the concept of the pres context's current inflation container will be going away. (Bug 747720, patch 2) r=roc approval-mozilla-aurora=blassey
562f7505891e90eb8cd5eaba9d99aa28acc5d92bL. David Baron — Save and expose on nsFontInflationData the width of the nearest common ancestor of the inflated descendants. (Bug 747720, patch 1) r=roc approval-mozilla-aurora=blassey
1e14ba6856a4ad6c307ecff702c25c9cf4f110feGian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 755383 - Filter automatic bookmarks that are no longer supported in Native Fennec. r=blassey a=blassey
cb1661106d95873f5776fb589e276b4d25c66d31Brian Hackett — Monitor results of initializer opcodes, bug 755750. r=dvander a=akeybl
420d9a20075d94dcb7c4825e566b76830b8014f2Wes Johnston — Bug 756701 - Don't add items to the deleted tables when removeAll is called. r=dolske,mfinkle a=blassey
439f333274eef027d842da75753e610971683401Vladimir Vukicevic — b=748509; [android] selecting current tab stops rendering; r=blassey,mfinkle a=mfinkle
59816d777d62eb68662de98e546ed7409163b67eGeoff Brown — Bug 755324 - Avoid JNI leak in AndroidGLController::ProvideEGLSurface. r=kats a=blassey
dcc4f7b30335298226f49e69e83bd1cfb7ad6e9cOlli Pettay — Bug 750109, outerhtml crash, r=hsivonen,sicking,a=akeybl
a5ef446a214cf090b29c740e47de7fe4afd3181eKartikaya Gupta — Bug 756555 - Intersect the upload region with the valid region. r=ajuma a=joedrew
7e10c8d85def2b06454911bccf8bb6f0f727f4d0Brian Nicholson — Bug 752713 - Only save thumbnail if document stop URL matches tab URL. r=blassey a=mfinkle
f2d0a73239a608d5e774362c9e96d2747e8b52e6Brian Nicholson — Bug 755771 - Part 2: Send purge count to Java. r=mfinkle a=mfinkle
81fef8cd39181371226f4b9144940dcf4297cd0cBrian Nicholson — Bug 755771 - Part 1: Remove HistoryEntry class. r=mfinkle a=mfinkle
0f8d261df14bfc9bf878ca09937815a7bd792c62James Willcox — Bug 731288 - Don't call methods on finalized SurfaceTexture, JNI housekeeping r=blassey a=blassey
38cf9bdc6fea8f01d55188f651fbe4ff088ad08eDoug Turner — Bug 751597 - Network geolocation provider fails to get wifi data. Ensure xpt file is exported. r=ted a=akeybl
7bb1691988a5ff8ab52b3c50d855f6b50645a1b6Nathan Froyd — Bug 756152 - disable persistent telemetry sending; r=taras a=akeybl
9620de534159e6d6575ca482fbc2053186022f4dJonathan Kew — bug 739858 - fix bustage due to missing cast in transplanted patch. a=bustage
ce3cc54fe3bbc33cf1c8cd7e080aeed7e6cc192fEhsan Akhgari — Bug 749187 - Ensure new tabs and windows opened in private browsing mode have docshells set accordingly; r=gavin a=lsblakk
0433b21faf608bfea43e98ed14e09a5f654b92e8Jonathan Kew — bug 739858 - don't try to actually load a font if the proxy has been detached from its family. r=jdaggett a=akeybl
a2c9dd0b3312eb7618f5e71efe49aa7c3602dff9Robert Strong — Bug 745426 - Maintenance service description should wrap to allow long localizations. r=bbondy, a=akeybl
671f45ef1092ebf8c04b42cd164b77236692dac8Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 732572: Restart the entire application on locale change. [r=mfinkle] [a=mfinkle]
09c74e8206844c2110504f6db098a234119f21a4Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 732572: Fix the restarter to not have excludeFromRecents. [r=mfinkle] [a=mfinkle]
6a1f7e0392165d4e5842d848928a18b948444213Ali Juma — Bug 745243 - Wait for surfaceChanged before calling GLController.provideEGLSurface. r=kats a=blassey
7a3d2a52817ac0cb79cdf1171963b596220addd4Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 755549 - Don't provide haptic feedback if the body or root element listeners are what make the element clickable. r=mfinkle a=lsblakk
0680163e27c52b2071c63c2cf76e98ae8725042eKartikaya Gupta — Bug 743279 - Exclude elements at body-level or higher with mouse listeners from being picked first as a target. r=wesj a=lsblakk
a43b6a948106e6cf3238bf6de707d03fbe1bedc1Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 743279 - Minor code cleanups. r=wesj a=lsblakk
65b510f3440fd9f80955e656d38a5349011c48f4Patrick McManus — bug 756551 part 2 verify state of spdy mNeedsCleanup stream r=honzab a=akebyl
eeb44575b30cc296966ae2b889f807537cbab59bPatrick McManus — bug 756551 spdy stream index integrity checks r=honzab a=akebyl
af9be77989b64376c187a3eae6d871df9264a10fMargaret Leibovic — Bug 732901 - Use notifyDatasetChanged() to update view after modifying mTabsAdapter. r=sriram a=akeybl
349c6e3f5943dc5d8a21be5957711851e01dd706Henri Sivonen — Bug 753278 - Make after aborting the parser a no-op. r=smaug, a=akeybl.
fa00ac254da31f98d17ee95f6bf2118aadb0dd2eMatt Brubeck — Bug 707571 (part 5) - Add a hidden pref to ignore user-scalable=no [r=mfinkle a=akeybl]
e08ab879997dc38003fab32dbec700bad5b1e762Matt Brubeck — Bug 707571 (part 4) - Use mininum-scale and maximum-scale from <meta name="viewport"> [r=kats a=akeybl]
9f6b81c96aa51db56b9e576a9fc0708292c89ae3Matt Brubeck — Bug 707571 (part 3) - Disable double-tap listener on pages with user-scalable=no [r=kats a=akeybl]
1ecdee8df588f8ff120758557472c93d23727435Matt Brubeck — Bug 707571 (part 2) - Disable zooming for pages with user-scalable=no [r=kats a=akeybl]
68f63ff1743a11bda523b512644637077d619670Matt Brubeck — Bug 707571 (part 1) - Make viewport calculations respect zoom limits set by the page [r=mfinkle a=akeybl]
2275d7877dfcdbad4f77b1f9b85a7d6588f327f9Tim Taubert — Bug 740242 - | Received unexpected exception while running application ''NoneType' object has no attribute 'group'', r=ted a=lsblakk
dc87dfeeeb8858639e68056d440b660ba7a0e49eJason Duell — Bug 748580 - websockets: omit code when not passed to close(). r=mcmanus, a=akeybl
b6a7abca23b5d39f256740ab5e8b203260522504Jason Duell — Bug 752776 - Mozilla tweaks to pywebsocket v631. r=mcmanus, a=akeybl
031abdd1b0a03f3df6aba5d8b6d0b04abe6c2bdcJason Duell — Bug 752776 - Upgrade pywebsocket to v631. r=mcmanus, a=akeybl
7cee3454847170b9c7417de9405f08b3fcb41350Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 754872. Avoid using two passes to draw glyphs on mobile. r=joe,a=blassey
cda5d09d37bb2d04d0e6645099ef9769c5c45a1aChris Peterson — Bug 748590 - Backout adea606b5694 to map KEYCODE_DPAD_CENTER to DOM_VK_RETURN. r=eeejay a=akeybl
bc2131eecb51d7122c03fb4563613d67d38d89c5Chris Peterson — Bug 721835 - Hardcode an audio latency estimate because we can't call private Android API. r=snorp a=lsblakk
89fe604e9e282320ea027d8bfc47ec20549d4874Chenxia Liu — Bug 754958 - Pairing aborts if device screen turns off. r=nalexander, a=blocking-fennec,mfinkle
2406a4a75236a4a5e6cd78f40b1bb9d18237a704Chenxia Liu — Bug 755935 - Regression: J-PAKE code is refreshed on device rotation. r=nalexander, a=blocking-fennec,lsblakk
1b541106975c93c99fe076b53b5d159bed9e4f3fJason Duell — Bug 753179 - Websockets: never send 1005 close code on the network. r=smaug, a=lsblakk
1ec601ebea7d222f764708db0e1a5259b797c750Jason Duell — Backed out changeset 5e82be77e664. Wrong bug # in checkin comment.
5e82be77e664e02cf5c7f8b142e67c679203bfa2Jason Duell — Bug 748580: Do not reply to server close with 1005/1006 as close code. r=smaug, a=lsblakk
0bdcb1fe8c2e5b389ef231f8a8bd8a9ae60bd998Jason Duell — Bug 753105 - Change Websocket "internal error" code to 2011. r=mcmanus, a=lsblakk
6ba8f41fc10d41001a6cb6d829dca3ab9ac832ccenndeakin — Bug 730694, combobox crash, r=smaug, a=lsblakk
f4121274b38555528c17e88edd9cddaf4327378eBill McCloskey — Bug 751454 - Use automarker for XPCNativeScriptableInfo (r=bholley,a=lsblakk)
c064693c724c18e2f0fe206f08efb13493cb3751Margaret Leibovic — Bug 732901 - Call Tabs.notifyListeners() on the main thread. r=mfinkle a=lsblakk
2a3a10b7fc2535c59a045be39506741017a48079Chris Lord — Bug 753742 - Force layer build on scroll frames with a displayport. r=tn a=mfinkle
31e0f582ea197e51592a744430b07d1044ee3ebaMats Palmgren — Bug 750293 - Don't include a block's margins in its scrollable overflow for now. r=roc a=akeybl
5c69f909484c9e074f2a1c961b736f0dee99d69eMats Palmgren — Bug 749935 - Make all nsRect Union methods saturating. If width/height overflows nscoord_MAX then clamp the x/y to nscoord_MIN / 2 and try again. r=roc a=akeybl(pending)
e82cd30c4c96248fb9db0ad5034d4c6837b3bfe5Benoit Jacob — Bug 754426 - get screen depth from the main thread, expose it to other threads via gfxAndroidPlatform - r=joe, a=lsblakk
c605ef5e27a32d4fa2f963fd5b046b2add139df0Mats Palmgren — Merge backout, r=me a=bustage fix
1532b1e3741b4a341250667ceeac709280ee98bcMats Palmgren — Back out rev bf05b4614f5f, I landed the wrong patch. r=me a=backout
80b996cee7fd79ada092b49a6c04bc8aa995f5d3Mats Palmgren — Bug 688897 - Add MozReftestInvalidate handler to fix orange. r=jmuizelaar a=lsblakk
bf05b4614f5f63df332ef28b49643da0cb33029aMats Palmgren — Bug 750293 - Don't include a block's margins in its scrollable overflow for now. r=roc a=akeybl
9fd1222af3b1a839d1f920bd3f8590eccf4d06efBrian Hackett — Check that double variables have the correct representation when changing types at switch targets, bug 751320. r=dvander a=akeybl
9e96c2d39ced36514fe4656d392c4825373e3396Jonathan Kew — bug 752662 - Fix missing pointer check in Silf reading (cherry-picked from Graphite commit a7cf510b0798). r=jdaggett a=akeybl
cf5c4540fe22bef3707d7638836d03a5fe8e80afBrian R. Bondy — Bug 670514 - Preserve load replace flag. r=bz, a=akeybl.
b1c12c3c5841ef17586b128ac31bc19e0d8b56baSiarhei Siamashka — Bug 754364. pixman: Add scaled nearest repeat fast paths. r=jrmuizel,a=joe
0fc9cddcb19aef6bf828780bba2acdb6a0511c68Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 754364. Add bilinear non-repeat and repeat fast paths. r=joe,a=joe
63727a5fa570e0f0aa0ca125541d87805b8c5dadJeff Muizelaar — Bug 689707. Use lower precision bilinear interpolation. r=joe,a=akeybl
ac685c4554a508a2a7acafb2db0ec0d24001cd90Vladimir Vukicevic — b=752368; [android] random black screen when opening links from other apps; r=bgirard,ajuma,kats; a=joe
8a6bb72f1882e3f9d8a388e54667bb2a9eebca1bVladimir Vukicevic — b=749426; don't use CreateSamplingRestrictedDrawable on mobile to avoid OOM; r=jrmuizel; a=joe
d9e6e9bb3979cb919d17ea851cbdf6ad6126f7e0Benoit Girard — Bug 754233 - Handle negative layer coordinate in Tiled layers. r=ajuma a=joe
bc28e94bedd622181abc467a31d7f9b59f7d79f0Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 749384 - Notify PZC of some events before the touchevent listeners deal with it so that we remain responsive. r=wesj a=mfinkle
c3339c6f1ab85ded5faa0420fc758a6712fed047Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 749384 - Store the PZC instead of the LayerController. r=wesj a=mfinkle
ae8038733dce2d506cd7459d75e9f7dbe13e1515Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 749384 - Hardcode the touch event timeout to 200ms. r=wesj a=mfinkle
143aa91abcf4b51f1840fac41c6bc68f31a6902aNick Alexander — Bug 709311 - Handle changed meta/global. r=rnewman, a=blocking-fennec,mfinkle
cb65d67468f88421f850e4c09f5db27d04b90c8cNick Alexander — Bug 709313 - Upload meta/global. r=rnewman, a=blocking-fennec,mfinkle
e789e4a48423917fcdbe77eba9c645bc286cf36aRichard Newman — Bug 750346 - Persist engine enabled state. r=nalexander,rnewman a=blocking-fennec,mfinkle
fa61eedd233740273b113a898a864ff7038a29a3Nick Alexander — Bug 709323 - Handle key changes in info/collections. r=rnewman, a=blocking-fennec,mfinkle
6eb02cb3be12c31f969b7fd25ffeeb303fa767e7Nick Alexander — Bug 709321 - Generate and upload keys. r=rnewman, a=blocking-fennec,mfinkle
4d3f138c82bf64c5193cec429720c21529d917a4Richard Newman — Bug 753035 - Back out "do no harm" Bug 752687 (60988141cc4e) once meta/global upload work is complete. a=blocking-fennec,backout
7ddb2e8581a16b06e3f11e292f412b1dbf55c395Axel Hecht — bug 756455, add 15 more localizations to fennec, r=mfinkle, ra=drivers, DONTBUILD
e443c52f571c655685858d0f55ea20997b1bcaccMatt Brubeck — Bug 754947 - Use the default search engine for keyword.URL searches in Fennec [r+a=mfinkle]
bac25b8ea4e73fe45e1df0e7f8155422306f92a0Patrick McManus — bug 752648 - fix regression with restarting due to tls intolerance r=honzab a=akeybl
4e6bac3417e0601f9fffe68717eb17a876b74bd4Gian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 754224 - Add keyword support to Profile Migration. r=blassey a=blassey
ccc582a7974f6d3894fbdc7a352b35a793460d39Margaret Leibovic — Bug 754286 - Add null checks to AweseomeBar context menu. r=mfinkle a=akeybl
c897dadfb74c1e8cc8689930a1db85a8a9de3e05Luke Wagner — Bug 754503 - JSOP_SETALIASEDVAR should be JOF_DETECTING (r=bhackett,a=akeybl)
319fc8878b6e9d752075eea6c8ddcb692b956c02James Willcox — Bug 750778 - Ensure PluginLayer is always present when plugin is visible r=blassey a=lsblakk
2ff92ebc33e71b6aa72668dac4a5a70305ff00bfMark Finkle — Bug 752014 - Remove support for adding downloads to the system download manager r=mbrubeck a=mfinkle
0d31d9b5318985d03246170781955193bbeb4567Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 752539 - Pass in the AutoLocalJNIFrame to some methods that implicitly require it. r=blassey a=blassey
7bac62505304eabe93d2e47aa15205bb32418fa9Matt Brubeck — Bug 752681 - Make official XUL Fennec builds install on xlarge tablets only [r=blassey, a=mfinkle]
7ced703e9e5236a26cb402ef789afa1b7b3e6f43Lucas Rocha — Bug 750950 - Kill any zombie processes if database is locked (r=blassey a=blassey)
6fc8256df073e637064b2648689318106f7da1c2Margaret Leibovic — Bug 753880 - Marquee aweseome tab strings if they are too long. r+a=mfinkle
912f2f9254690c90ad45f5568bd6ecd5a8614ba2Brian Nicholson — Bug 753625 - Use tri-state session restore flag. r=mfinkle a=mfinkle
65bf57670069c94299f2200c639094010e78da3bL. David Baron — Add missing GetFirstInFlow() call that was causing a crash in ComputeDescendantWidth when printing with font inflation enabled (or a debug build). (Bug 751797) r=roc approval-mozilla-aurora=mfinkle
3421c2085f49c9a285746617076cfdeaf23deffbL. David Baron — Add missing GetFirstInFlow() call that was causing a crash in ComputeDescendantWidth when printing with font inflation enabled (or a debug build). (Bug 751797) r=roc approval-mozilla-aurora=mfinkle
e381efd3d9c5b072708ae07e200860c01a03b1efBenoit Girard — Bug 751896 - BasicTiledThebesLayer should use OPERATOR_SOURCE. r=jmuizelaar a=akeybl
8edbfdefcc264dbbc193559e146dec6453f56b2eHonza Bambas — Bug 748647 - INHIBIT_PERSISTENT_CACHING is incorrectly propagated after a redirect, r=michal, a=akeybl
5ce30c9e6f27f7654d468d1a681570924375003dChenxia Liu — Bug 738676 - Pair a device not working a second time. r=rnewman, a=blocking-fennec,akeybl
2919c14e90bd0a45478967dfad637863fe10b79dGian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 755267 - Make sure history is set as migrated when done. r=mfinkle a=mfinkle
0c1c0aa121af920f661d283318d45c98c7d1a924Gian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 754453 - BrowserProvider insert failures are silent. r=blassey a=mfinkle
c6e3fafe4fb7544dd50e19335ba7cb2cfe89bfeaGian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 752492 - Make sure Cursor objects are closed correctly. r=blassey a=mfinkle
fe0ca32428931fd3ccd95e05f23ea91971addcceGian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 746860 - Ensure profiles are moved to internal storage before accessing them. Use migrator. r=blassey a=mfinkle
14759622c2e5f5812dc1e565b9952615d590b61eGian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 746860 - Don't fail when creating directories that already exist. r=blassey a=mfinkle
12fa346baa18b98a092217e2431cc72a52cdb582Timothy B. Terriberry — Bug 752668 - Fix pp_sharp_mod calculation. r=kinetik, a=akeybl
cfeda9529635d0fda66718b23431c9a9ed00369dRobert O'Callahan — Bug 653994 - Avoid trying to paint plugin widgets in the case where a plugin fails to subclass our window. r=bsmedberg, a=akeybl
e56e0283291ca8d43af0b6405c973204b6cfd7a4L. David Baron — Null-check the right thing to fix topcrash. (Bug 752428) r=roc approval-mozilla-aurora=mfinkle
9fc473b657fb88007523c43ede4d970ed50a88c8L. David Baron — Try to fix topcrash bug 752428 by null-checking the result of nsIPresShell::FrameManager(), which isn't supposed to need it. r=roc approval-mozilla-aurora=mfinkle
1b3adfb8004d007bbc5e5b3467db5b56d2556267L. David Baron — Reflow for screen size change when font.size.inflation.minTwips is set. (Bug 747231, patch 4) r=roc approval-mozilla-aurora=mfinkle
42c25701174ed90f205b6659800a80ef59b8fb3eL. David Baron — Expose DocumentViewerImpl::CallChildren with an API that fills an array. (Bug 747231, patch 3) r=roc approval-mozilla-aurora=mfinkle
c29b05f31ac73c2941ec7ab370ea7fdf8853c8d3L. David Baron — Cache the last device width we used for font inflation on the pres context so that we can track when it changes. (Bug 747231, patch 2) r=roc approval-mozilla-aurora=mfinkle
0ae2d9f14d4d65c59c40fb25a45f35e8a6ac3d9cL. David Baron — Remove duplicate null check of presShell. (Bug 747231, patch 1) r=roc approval-mozilla-aurora=mfinkle
9b7ed656b15f6a34c12d822b1d10cc6d7f696adfL. David Baron — Make effect of form controls on font size inflation text threshold not depend on user changes to their value. (Bug 747857) r=roc approval-mozilla-aurora=mfinkle
defa2630e1eb2ca24310c85725dddaa3fc3f8e14Blair McBride — Bug 727702 - Undoing applying a Persona reverts back to default theme instead of old Persona (backout bug 714841). r=dtownsend, a=akeybl
61af70e94213e8d69e14013dc94cf03c66796529Boris Zbarsky — Bug 751458. Don't let DOM workers confuse the slow-script time accounting and trigger slow script dialogs. r=bent, a=akeybl
9a68c5896cd8fb5baa0a85eb87084f6ff24b6a1eWes Kocher — Bug 753628 - Update Jetpack revision for Aurora to fix a broken test, a=lsblakk
03c10fdb4fd0785152e7ffc741d2df3582f0ac3fMatt Woodrow — Bug 749118 - Translate the source correctly in RasterImage::CopyFrame. r=joe,a=lsblakk
8f5e65a6d5404245da9962a864c2bbfa89cc5c60Bas Schouten — Bug 749467 - Reftest: Add reftest for path continuation after transform changes. r=roc,a=akeybl
046f1d37eea0d96fffb61cfe409ffdd1201379e3Bas Schouten — Bug 749467: Properly mark mPathTransformWillUpdate false. r=roc,a=akeybl
61edcd0409bb9ce7155247ddaecd8b211be25e72Brad Lassey — bug 751678: Low-res screenshot happens when Fennec is in the background r=mfinkle a=mfinkle
8de48951c0ac6c75d7879b6e58a13bd3ae74c94bHonza Bambas — Bug 729951 - WebAPI does not refresh as offline when device switches from online to offline, r=mark.finkle a=mfinkle
6b1cf014bfd58078f76d63289e0caece8b90c026Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 751262 - Guard against leaking memory if NewDirectByteBuffer fails. r=blassey a=mfinkle
ff46c92d32e601cd13e02aa2609eac49fe30b759Brad Lassey — Bug 751262 - Don't pop the JNI local ref frame if pushing it failed. r=kats a=mfinkle
c79b814c8538c55cec2bf259e5940b885e6a5200Margaret Leibovic — Bug 752514 - Sync key/password are swapped, resulting in authentication error. r=rnewman a=johnath
90ff5aa6dfe5c8700dfd4b219aac965efedbe0a5Bill McCloskey — Bug 750424 - Make nsXULPrototypeNode an nsISupports. r=smaug a=lsblakk
56d137349efc6cd0d53bcd88233aff9a98a510feJosh Aas — Bug 751598: Sync to npapi-sdk r20. r=bas a=akeybl
35f963416ff0c70975cadc04942aceb757c58780Josh Aas — Bug 751602: Compile fixes for NPAPI drawing models. r=bas a=akeybl
35c8a9151452e473b8cac10424d32c37a9c4c0dcKarl Tomlinson — b=750061 Put the hidden drag widget in the window group of the source node so that the gtk_grab_add during gtk_drag_begin is effective r=roc a=akeybl
74256506960642669b1ee9c610b6d7c78ba60642Benoit Jacob — Bug 748112 - WebGL Water demo broken by long identifier mapping - r=jgilbert, a=akeybl
6490a4794f9eded66ec76c9e0e1ad40db59bc3e1Benoit Jacob — Bug 747619 - Fix WebGL uniform setter validation - r=jgilbert, a=akeybl
ed1123c5969aaba55d0671956ee43b1ed7ee6572Benoit Jacob — Bug 739648 - add mFlags field to TextureImage; introduce GetSrcTileRect flipping tile y-coords as needed; use it in DirectUpdate() to fix WebGL compositing bug - r=bgirard, a=akeybl
2a085bd1c43a31b0b863409b77e0fdd2a37eff5aBenoit Jacob — Bug 736123 - short-term fix: blacklist adreno using the global GLContext to get renderer info - r=bgirard, a=lsblakk
104b56122486b7161e7520898cffb2c9d067f7f1Benoit Jacob — Bug 751643 - ensure that strings produced by ANGLE's getVariableInfo function are null-terminated - r=bz,upstream, a=akeybl
5284ba293029894c15510a661c784b968738809bBenoit Jacob — Bug 748654 - manually abort on allocation failure - r=jgilbert, a=akeybl
f9b9d62b504426d6cc7ff16e5ceac7be82f18376Benoit Jacob — Bug 748654 - drop patch making us use mozalloc in angle - r=jgilbert, a=akeybl
91b4b9f38e406aadfcad57c6c77d2e782ffe3b4cMatt Brubeck — Back out 0b71fae84829 and c19c13e83f94 (bug 751598, bug 751602) because of Windows build error. a=backout
2955020b4cea1d4e2d2cec93894bada4f3e1c54fJared Wein — Bug 743421 - Automated tests for anchor navigation and history.pushState with click-to-play plugins. r=felipe a=akeybl
ffdecf936969797839146a8497c7a951d4eef7f2Jared Wein — Bug 743421 - Anchor navigation resets click-to-play state. r=felipe a=akeybl
d3b918a3d019411bb1e322af2287c0e807c1da5bJared Wein — Bug 746859 - Add a play icon to the click-to-play placeholder. r=felipe a=akeybl
eff91fd2ec87908c4ad1a3b717d6205483b834dfJared Wein — Bug 747608 - The identity-box should have a smaller font-size and a gradient end border instead of a solid line. r=dao a=lsblakk
0b71fae84829949433bbff1452c2995afcd4270eJosh Aas — Bug 751598: Sync to npapi-sdk r20. r=bas a=akeybl
c19c13e83f94e9ebdd43e14ba234700678cbda45Josh Aas — Bug 751602: Compile fixes for NPAPI drawing models. r=bas a=akeybl
8b7fbab78d0e2c4b853161aab25087bd9ecac34bBrian R. Bondy — Bug 753813 - Cache disabled if 10 cache directories to delete. r=jduell, a=lsblakk
31a5cacf8eac7824783b09774fc6d42d86a4f9baAxel Hecht — no bug, updating shipped-locales to match dashboard, adding ff, ra=drivers, DONTBUILD
7505c2f398d5b05cfd86e73520f08e4fffa7e7e5Brian Nicholson — Bug 752426 - Add null checks for thumbnail screenshots. r=blassey a=blassey
ca2e6ec11127beaf3eeec56528a8fc083a85e642Brian Nicholson — Bug 750846 - Move thumbnail size logic to Gecko. r=blassey a=joedrew
338785a9d6d9c06d21090114a4a8199e16e1727dMats Palmgren — Bug 747688. r=roc a=lsblakk
9d04b27de4c383c47d51f7eff35b5933f42892caKartikaya Gupta — Bug 751479 - Guard against the scale gesture detector receiving move events without corresponding down events. r=Cwiiis a=lblakk
6c1aface06732ac46f4b26db90c8ef0a754748a3Lucas Rocha — Bug 725389 - Set number of columns in top site's grid view onMeasure (r=mfinkle a=mfinkle)
a8a1d8dfba1d723ac3fe13336989d0af9c09a89fGian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 717096 - Crash may occur when switching between Flash tab. r=blassey a=mfinkle
67abaf68e33fdb9c4ff19af53db38702f30be485Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 748531 - Guard against exceptions in JNI. r=blassey a=mfinkle
853dce95eac252c22e068b984f77b655fd8fe89dKartikaya Gupta — Bug 748531 - Propagate the JNIEnv through DrawWindow*lay helpers instead of unnecessarily re-calling GetJNIForThread everywhere. r=blassey a=mfinkle
1e06f6c5ed3873b451179177bb5f67ac74112db4Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 748531 - Fix indentation and minor cleanup in AndroidBridge.cpp. r=blassey a=mfinkle
039532eb1c0dec1cc9232896b624e1392636e2d2Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 753845 - Fix race condition in setting/reading the selected tab. r=margaret a=mfinkle
b726a1552b8a5c26d037233af3128c90b452df3cMargaret Leibovic — Bug 753534 - Desktop Bookmarks folder is created after migration from XUL to Native. r=lucasr a=joe
7bc24d1f43bfdedc78b0747f4b92cf0d01f0bfa6Margaret Leibovic — Bug 752688 - Fix typo in SessionStore.js to fix exception that kills session restore. r=mfinkle a=joe
80ee58f5f6bf4fe2a21486c2fa4ca2d74e582bdbMargaret Leibovic — Bug 752052 - updateBookmark updates all bookmarks with the same URL, not a specific bookmark. r=rnewman a=mfinkle
2370b385ad3fdd926fac5c874ab6126bf3f6e4c9Margaret Leibovic — Bug 754276 - Migrate bookmark separators and drop all unknown bookmark types. r=gcp a=mfinkle
bfeacc6e275b762ae1eb1f786e50b9f74962baa4Gian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 752444 - Detect missing Mobile root folders and fix. r=lucasr a=jpr
76f314b1de5f1cea84597dc4583b2306d1f849e1Bill McCloskey — Bug 747926 - Fix compile error (r=bhackett,a=lsblakk)
6114cf84a407d9ee8a70c2dc00fe7c2792c4d460Bill McCloskey — Bug 747926 - Preserve type tag when overwriting VM stack values (r=bhackett,a=lsblakk)
5a750b6f3a3c7ca0a788c0a5f4448d3482040be5Marco Bonardo — Bug 740076 - Disable autoFill when autocomplete is disabled.
b486a6c98abe24707bb80715cf5807c4908d2f74Peter Van der Beken — Fix for bug 742156 (Stringifying EventTarget throws): implement a toString method for interface objects. r=bz, a=akeybl.
7d702f45c71a1875dd3e87e583a7d848057211b5Peter Van der Beken — Fix for bug 744772 (Trace the DOM interface object array). r=bz, a=akeybl.
62bc457629b60c9352cff17d4582f866f534a2d5Peter Van der Beken — Fix for bug 741367 (Creating second XMLHttpRequest via Components.Constructor throws NS_ERROR_FAILURE): don't overwrite content-defined properties. r=bz, a=akeybl.
56cc5a3c431612fa98f0550f02a9f34b566e1d9bWolfgang Rosenauer — Bug 749739 - New email sound notification file cannot contain spaces (Linux - Thunderbird 12). r=karlt, a=lsblakk
0bd74da75dc9452fdbf03628e7ab1ca8855603c6Josh Aas — Bug 750910: Add warning about removal of 'java' and 'Packages' DOM objects. r=smaug r=ahecht a=akeybl
7ffd2eac063d4c600a85b8c337e48c64af16e345Luke Wagner — Bug 747617 - Fix document.all (r=bz,a=akeybl)
b13f3c66540dbc38be62a5defd18b108599f7410Karl Tomlinson — backout changes for bug 750061 due to build failure a=backout
7ef932d1d679025b7d947545102159b85e27637dKarl Tomlinson — add gtk2compat.h include for bug 750061. picked out of ce526785dc49 a=trivial fixup
ca1c765ef9b657efec05a8ad91d2834810aac4d6Karl Tomlinson — b=750061 Put the hidden drag widget in the window group of the source node so that the gtk_grab_add during gtk_drag_begin is effective r=roc a=akeybl
69e772363914496302586adc327e0f9a23601238Boris Zbarsky — Bug 751077. Skip binding for the XPConnect-default property ops as well when resolving properties on a sandbox prototype. r=bholley, a=lsblakk
9ae9681dc9bdc914a4a7bb89ce62f243f3192fd9Gregory Szorc — Bug 749957; r=rnewman, a=lsblakk
88da07e9d9eadb6567b582f91f4ea20b5e359b19Mats Palmgren — Bug 750066. r=roc a=lsblakk
22bc961260730dca599165fddc770613295a9f72Justin Lebar — Bug 745141 - Make DiscardTracker::InformAllocation a nop, disabling bug 732820. r=joe, a=akeybl
fb8127fcaac4c2541101feff966b98a038baa619Patrick Walton — Bug 750583 - Empty out FUEL's gShutdown array in a less clownshoes manner. r=jlebar, a=lsblakk
1faea99701db8a1c322dda61eb50edb967fba48bJoe Drew — Bug 751732 - Disable component alpha shaders on GLES, since they don't compile on Motorola devices and we don't use them on mobile anyways. r=jrmuizel a=jpr
5fe40d328f311cdd8152f615f9d5fc6375fe0441Joe Drew — Bug 728026 - Leave the scissor bit enabled when we return from Java code. r=jrmuizel a=mfinkle
9bd737acd13fe30b6c9a970079ae45d6eca60eefSriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 751690: isApplicationInBackground() should return correct values r=mfinkle a=mfinkle
23178dc7e035ec2d4d620703183f8a21f2bb9d7eTimothy Nikkel — Bug 749425. Push the scroll frame clip inside the scroll layer so it gets transformed by the shadow transform. r=roc a=lsblakk
1ad62534690fa41b79984f1f3a028554972938b2Margaret Leibovic — Bug 753175 - Race condition in Sync Migration / Preference:Get. r=gcp a=johnath
4de94a39aef2c70e42d0258b2e7acd3808d2a7fdMargaret Leibovic — Bug 751488 - Can't reload the page after clearing private data. r=mfinkle a=johnath
b96241e2daf054c2355a7b8d926c6cdb64a3ad01James Willcox — Bug 751885 - Cancel pending events when plugin is destroyed on Android r=blassey a=blassey
4306b3474838c331360b102a173d6f1bb2e1a491James Willcox — Bug 751609 - Give up on locking a Surface after 10 failures r=blassey a=blassey
8c9887f3bcd93a9fe8c3b6b14299af037802be78James Willcox — Bug 750760 - Fix Android plugin positioning when iframes are used r=blassey a=mfinkle
982ca139a92ad7463daad1bcad92f908f162489fJames Willcox — Bug 746633 - Don't use placeholder for full page plugins on Android r=blassey a=blassey
609e87ff82790893d28685e36f4b69abf8251294James Willcox — Bug 703056 - Block Flash on Tegra devices r=blassey a=mfinkle
12b1b91efb1bff54d2ab2d156b87135d9e878737James Willcox — Bug 752153 - Improve the exit procedure for the Gecko Android Looper r=blassey a=blassey
b6d8869ae4a18010fb1c2b443edd94bca7d6c755James Willcox — Bug 730890 - Install and run an Android Looper on Gecko main thread r=cjones a=blassey
a41f240334c8c57db26afad2b35765cf36ce9980Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 743247. Ensure we don't have an array buffer bound when drawing PluginLayer. r=kats a=mfinkle
b14c92737b6aacead4c32ea2ac65e7445ae13009Mark Finkle — Bug 727116 - Redirect SurfaceView rendering for Flash on Froyo/Gingerbread (add default pref) r=blassey a=blassey
5b11cd229b48b6b33ad9956fc5f1840f83e8e406James Willcox — Bug 727116 - Draw Flash plugins with OpenGL during pan/zoom on legacy Android r=blassey a=blassey
317262a2c3b7b8745854c54e0f99d525beaf7bedBrad Lassey — bug 747642 - cleanup AndroidJNI.cpp r=mwu a=akeybl
3f16abb633ee1055f3bacbd467509b7298313267Scott Johnson — Bug 746966: Conditionally set NS_FRAME_IN_CONSTRAINED_HEIGHT for font inflation on percentage-based height so fonts with room to inflate can do so. [r=dbaron][a=johnath]
c035ee184c13abf82b589e8f71f7a9367353229dKartikaya Gupta — Bug 752939 - Update the mGeckoViewport when switching tabs so that we map touch events to the right point. r=Cwiiis a=blassey
51e0f0461cbcdb2ac400f2ef9ac139abf951b488Wes Johnston — Bug 747792 - HasTouchListener notification should use the topmost window. r=kats a=akeybl
60988141cc4e8e6f7ed2b04754b05b6b1e9ee943Nick Alexander — Bug 752687 - Android Sync hangs on sync when server has missing (404) meta/global record. r=rnewman, a=blocking-fennec
3005a05986d9f06c381be5216897a0c561c6239eKyle Huey — Bug 751585: Don't enforce ASLR for binary components on XP, because system DLLs don't have ASLR and trigger false positives. r=bsmedberg,ehsan a=lsblakk
0c2d3c36a43ee6e24b921249f952117d34fea331Takanori MATSUURA — Bug 737821 - Only warn for files which are already bundled with xulrunner. r=ted a=akeybl
7e48748aaf58238a8605edddc7d0d1547bca8494Gervase Markham — Bug 747871 - add .fr, .re, .pm, .tf, .yt and .wf to IDN TLD whitelist. a=akeybl.
e9ba2739fc0c39bdef8f822db6164539203a1d19Chris Peterson — Bug 752624 - Backout 6f99e37fc4c1 (bug 743468) because of text input regressions. a=android-only
6135b86479accdfc34ce2397488be2e62bf31598Margaret Leibovic — Bug 749582 - Fennec doesn't start in landscape mode. r=mfinkle a=akeybl
b73f34824b3eb0d09d0499f8cc1121421fedf77aFrank Yan — Bug 738642 - Finalized marketplace icon for about:home. r=mak a=dolske
99152272ca3e0561b6f927c829bd036163710a2fJeff Muizelaar — Bug 750598. Add some heuristics to catch cases when we can use nearest filtering. r=roc,a=jpr
e73465a6bfcb484df610af091eee29bf29d2058aJeff Muizelaar — Bug 751668. Avoid incorrectly using EXTEND_NONE. r=joe,a=jpr
cb4881f73296cb98880c545f7171d99781e22eeePatrick McManus — bug 739522 - allow parallelism for hosts that exhibit mixed spdy/http r=honzab a=akebyl
d6a46f18cc6aaeaeab3233e19dd6f3cd989169e7Michael Kaply — Bug 278860 - missed gPromptService change to Services.prompt in previous checkin - r=mossop, a=gavin
abe9bb783f88d2d103032ebd4b3803bcd4026ef5Kyle Huey — Back out Bug 730587 to fix Bug 736695 on aurora. a=me
f4aacb7f246f7c54d3151dc3267ba9ab874d3c2fBrian R. Bondy — Bug 750850 - Delayed loading. r=ehsan, a=lsblakk
ef89a868b38f90bc66b84f445ec2a6f63c1c03d7Robert Longson — Bug 751515 - Fix Crash with convertToSpecifiedUnits. r=dholbert a=akeybl
dd43cd34d18c5fafebfa5bfacc79604549f1889fJared Wein — Bug 750056 - Launcher panel moves to the top on about:home when in RTL mode. r=dao a=akeybl
42c6be86ed0d50aebb93d1b049c657c97392c1c3Jared Wein — Bug 748701 - Crash in nsObjectLoadingContent::IsPluginEnabledForType. r=joshmoz a=akeybl
1f09cf3138b51d5db123a9671098d3c8f98ceda5James Willcox — Bug 749750 - Correctly ref created Surfaces on Android r=blassey a=akeybl
265161b4c5812d9a434ff4d336bbe8a1d0c4f3ffKartikaya Gupta — Bug 732364 - Apply axis locking to subdocument scrolling as well. r=Cwiiis a=mfinkle
4622e10cc00473275f0b4607ba3656f48afdc2beKartikaya Gupta — Bug 732364 - Ensure _elementCanScroll doesn't return true when the irrelevant axis is scrollable. r=Cwiiis a=mfinkle
2ab23fcaa8ca796d472cc3be9bc010e1feccbeb6Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 722657 - Fix glaring bug in subdocument scrolling where scroll amounts got discarded. r=Cwiiis a=blassey
5dc031d43ff358dc567e513cf43b6ee0b67ebbbbKartikaya Gupta — Bug 749788 - Fix some JNI code bugs. r=blassey a=blassey
cd5706ecd36415e684548edc35de8c665d267ea7Honza Bambas — Bug 745254, r=kaie, a=akeybl
22fbb77fc58576883c9db253d28d31fb65821975Olli Pettay — Bug 751422, fix regression from GetOwnerDoc() -> OwnerDoc(), r=khuey, a=akeybl
37b8a2df105d4b693e08ba4d93c5c14e8e45f43cJonathan Kew — bug 706888 - ignore GSUB in broken version of Droid Sans Arabic. r=jdaggett a=akeybl
bf656bbd74bbe22b31a4967210988aca4b9e4d53Bobby Holley — Bug 743961 - Null-check context pushing callbacks. r=mrbkap, a=akeybl
8c8e96d70ab518e182db32747b2d8706ad60bb7eRichard Newman — Bug 714304 - Handle 'Upgrade Required' error response. r=rnewman, a=blocking-fennec
b37b69ed6b860a845190fb7af001d17deb991d43Richard Newman — Bug 747099 - Don't expire idle connections in Sync's connection pool. r=liuche, a=blocking-fennec, mobile-only
0f21b590e841860797024a2fa6a370c90af363f7Mark Finkle — Bug 750243 - Make sure target.currentURI is not null before saving an image r=wesj a=akeybl
01f32caf02bf7154bfab7d05c60651c9133e7b95Brian R. Bondy — Bug 748948 - r=rstrong, a=akeybl
43265ac8befd5e7eac2dfa491bc778cec66d6463Brian R. Bondy — Bug 748764 - r=rstrong, a=akeybl
fe490ee60a297f4f221f30acf7799f69747fd05cMatt Brubeck — Bug 751930 - Don't request READ/WRITE_HISTORY_BOOKMARKS permissions on Android [r=blassey, a=akeybl]
b0718c6f08a6e4145fde639ddf4c58555c49b832Serge Gautherie — Bug 635825. (Av1) Re-enable test_notifications.html, test_privbrowsing.html and test_prompt.html on SeaMonkey. rs=Callek (a=test-only).
30d0f3aa2836c75f157745970b83519e2f08e46eMs2ger — Bug 731832 - Backout bug 587021 for breaking a specific web page; r=bz a=akeybl
4fed1ce59dc4691a4d3f75c8a61ffb6a89b690a1Timothy Nikkel — Bug 749816. When setting the display port for an element We only need to discard layer contents when we are hiding a document with a widget. r=roc a=mfinkle
f1d3603c7289372609bbd25aee52f81ebd19530cWes Johnston — Bug 744518 - Use touch events to trigger tap highlight. r=kats. a=mobile-only
9f29ad49861b4a0c7316d08fa61260ff879993bcWes Johnston — Bug 747354 - Only show completed downloads in the download manager. r=mfinkle, a=mobile-only
350765cdbec1703d94d8764083a0ec1c9c97035fSriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 747419: Optimize TabsTray rows inflation using ViewHolder pattern [r=lucasr, a=mfinkle]
efcadd56464e1ed835450085272f4336948a2002Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 750349: Recycle Listener for TabsTray. [r=mfinkle, a=mfinkle]
c04c8f16486746b01e9045c68fc550bc7e222306Brad Lassey — bug 744070 - Page starts out zoomed, doesn't resize/scroll correctly r=mbrubeck a=jpr
1e9bd0060de7d8e63121adacb475f8b455f697aaMatt Brubeck — Bug 750051 - Disable window.find in Fennec because it breaks and/or crashes [r=jst, a=mfinkle]
f9241d2466169522de4f812d6c53f9153a5cf048Mike Hommey — Bug 749573 - Declare and xpcshell as SDK_BINARY. r=ted,a=keybl
58fb08cbb6d3581200df4d36ee52b613df8e60bfMike Hommey — Bug 749550 - Import dbg-client.jsm from resource://gre/ instead of resource:///. r=past,a=akeybl
09cc74b7a248240c2937c6024e1cb1ea102ca7a9Chris Lord — Bug 750535 - Fix invalidation of retained tiles. r=ajuma a=blocking-fennec
99726be033d0aa6f31a63546a46702ef8dc527e6Brian R. Bondy — Bug 749527 - Remove text formats in clipboard when copying an image. r=ehsan, a=akeybl
e1551b8eb23c2544384d72b6ecc65fa54a53d86dMichael Kaply — Bug 744992 - Do not go into the preview code if it is null. r=benb,jmathies a=lsblakk
445db7a929dce0d7b0905578b2cae932064b1fb8Boris Zbarsky — Bug 748803. Don't autofocus the Try Again button in error pages if the error page is not a toplevel page. r=mounir, a=akeybl
faaebf77bbc825edb3cba37f15a246d830343ca5Boris Zbarsky — Bug 748983. Fix the instanceof behavior for new bindings in situations where we don't need a custom hasInstance hook. r=peterv, a=akeybl
3bf38599348034f2433db03832a8d39a7eadc130Ali Juma — Bug 748048 - Part 2: Don't restrict invalidation to the widget's boundaries on Android. r=roc a=blassey
7473683e80d28ecc99a065eb8dfc668552782dc8Ali Juma — Bug 748048 - Part 1: Remove SetInvalidationDimensions and GetInvalidationDimensions. r=roc a=blassey
d05ab6c33f93d06b8c1d12b8c3a18ecee0c125c1Margaret Leibovic — Bug 749853 - about:* pages (and other unwanted URIs) should not be stored in history. r=mfinkle a=android-only
025db42287dd8639965da12dc7094f13b95519d2Richard Newman — Bug 718153 - Match Fennec's history URL blacklist. r=liuche, a=blocking-fennec
76ffa3c5a28e87d66e69f62ce6170212aa9b9c48Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 738641 - Account for rounding errors when reporting page size from JS to Java. r=Cwiiis a=blassey
2d7dd84abf1a725c7c31f56dcde1f4d1dc17cf0dChris Peterson — Bug 742267 - Restore AwesomeBar's cursor position when gaining input focus. r=blassey a=android-only,akeybl
88982d73f13524fd22d85e4b56f4c056aca18249Matt Brubeck — Bug 746703 - Set targetSdkVersion to 14 in AndroidManifest.xml to disable legacy menu button [r=blassey, a=akeybl]
0a959bb63c20d3ecf1e014da74a910747d97ea2bL. David Baron — Examine parentBorder only when parentContext is non-null. (Bug 749860) r=bzbarsky approval-mozilla-aurora=akeybl
ec07ee60ab4c52433d0e6a860e08deddc693d5e2Brian Nicholson — Bug 749305 - Change favicons on pageshow rather than DOMContentLoaded. r=mfinkle a=akeybl
67ef9bc234fde067e0a40da886d0df095bda6369Brian Nicholson — Bug 750734 - Ensure view is focused when showing virtual keyboard. r=cpeterson a=akeybl
cfaabe5f04beffeb95db76e64ba676c6536f7c7ePeter Van der Beken — Fix for bug 723465 (Make finalize for DOM list bindings use XPConnect). r=jst, a=akeybl.
8378e850186bc6402e9e0de8bba15dd048c67cc9Peter Van der Beken — Fix for bug 741267 (UserScript's XMLHttpRequest is undefined in 20120401 nightly). r=bz, a=akeybl.
e0dd3b0fbda29211d3264847659b94248129bb4dKai Engert — backout bug 650355, r=wtc, a=akeybl
a09e941412d1fa9c2f54ac1f2734fb1534d5e874Paul Rouget — Bug 747603 - Firefox:Inspector cannot start up with DOMi. r=dao a=lsblakk
8a68244c078bc3eb71359ee42563f9943e4b2278Brad Lassey — bug 744838 - crash in java.lang.NullPointerException at java.util.concurrent.SynchronousQueue.put( r=cpeterson a=jprmc
b101aa4ce10e4351ac3c08f05f7e8312576f687aBrian Nicholson — Bug 746697 - Create nsApplicationCacheService to wrap nsOfflineCacheDevice. r=honzab a=mfinkle
e38b991c08cadbc79f6fe495b847407fc69ffcf5Benoit Jacob — Bug 736123 - blacklist Adreno renderers for WebGL - r=joe, a=mfinkle
1a94eae3f574fb57dd2d76500eb5707fa94da97fBenoit Jacob — Bug 736123 - kill GetVendor() and EGLUtils.h - r=jrmuizel, a=mfinkle
112c34415cff56a1090b26516bba4ffb1b9c4d72Richard Newman — Bug 749857 - Don't upload history records without URI or visits. r=liuche, a=android-only
e910b904f86b4b85c29ab7b5c83193fd3229e007Nick Alexander — Bug 713524 - Batch bookmark inserts. r=rnewman, a=android-only
f2614661438becbe99a9b392e736f5bcdae8605dNick Alexander — Bug 743153 - Use ContentUris.parseId instead of RepoUtils.getAndroidIdFromUri. r=rnewman, a=android-only
14a10a95e377e098269b6724574444454d31346eJeff Muizelaar — Bug 748832. Remove dead paint supression code. r=kats, a=blassey
c8c0e9faf33aab42e202ae46a9c9858e11eee87eBrian Nicholson — Bug 748498 - Don't set tab URL on document start. r=mfinkle a=mfinkle
73698c7e0af2b1178421d68b2c5093ea68c4c981Brian Nicholson — Bug 712975 - Observe plugin pref changes. r=josh a=mfinkle
7ffc8cf166c608bcf9fc2623ca9d5d5fcbdc8434Mark Finkle — Bug 750195 - java.lang.NullPointerException: at org.mozilla.gecko.GeckoApp.onDestroy( r=bnicholson a=drivers
900765fec8e37191bcbeff9839fbee0d60fb8e92Mark Finkle — Bug 750159 - Sometimes we get 'browser is null' errors in onLocationChange so remove the need for the browser r=mbrubeck a=drivers
570951bd8b38da2777363623009d8a66cb186d41Benoit Girard — Bug 749107 - Set the correct texture unit when drawing tile images. Change the ordering the texture binds in ImageLayer to leave with texture unit 0 bound. r=jmuizelaar a=jpr
72d39007162f937e70e177d3fc43b9ef8c41ac8bBenoit Girard — Bug 749357 - Draw the exact region in TiledThebesLayerOGL instead of the bounds. r=chrislord a=blassey
2cd2fbbd988e6a5f62f92b9c5b247e56eb57e0edKartikaya Gupta — Bug 750722 - Fix missing null check. r=mfinkle a=blassey
ef9cb1276f4c8c2508fa2ab46638dc80d5317b44Myk Melez — bug 748379 - xulrunner builds broken by 'webapprt: No such file or directory'; r=mossop, a=lsblakk
d77293605e32bde23d7c42b422b6f852fe7c699dMargaret Leibovic — Bug 747023 - Install software notification doorhanger popup can appear from page in background tab. r+a=mfinkle
3e3d2f031e4ec8c502617685c846e97e3ebdced8Margaret Leibovic — Bug 750130 - Telemetry doorhanger appears then disappears when onLocationChange is fired during startup. r=bnicholson a=mfinkle
58c351982d756e5849a21e749d2b19d4a5f78490Richard Newman — Bug 749727 - Try to outwit talos again. a=bustage
47ea3be13859c4070657172c5c08afd574cbaa93Richard Newman — Bug 749727 - Fix process name to avoid Bug 750548. r=blassey, a=bustage
50ecd846ad35e36e08c8de4f34d2e1cdd8f198efBill McCloskey — Bug 744727 - Fix methodjit register alloc bug (r=bhackett,a=akeybl)
0129395173989e5efc86f253c7f48573a1a61747Benoit Jacob — Bug 747445 - block on onLowMemory() event - r=blassey, a=mfinkle
a3a4c8efa2394ec29171284c38f4ca2afcc2329dRichard Newman — Bug 749727 - Ensure that each Fennec channel runs its password content provider in a different process. r=blassey, a=blocking-fennec
68854a10e0cba394044dc05f3ec4d0e9ed639716Margaret Leibovic — Bug 746946 - Force AsyncTask onPostExecute to only touch UI on the main thread. r=mfinkle a=akeybl
b8d1bce48c2153eb0c41233ff97eff306c47f0aeMatt Brubeck — Bug 746876 - disable test_bug720538 because of perma-orange [r=kats, a=akeybl]
f5cc74ac3ee68fdc49fae0e12ba6b961d43b7e61Matt Brubeck — Bug 747067 - Don't loop through every history item in deleteHistory [r=bnicholson, a=jpr]
6f99e37fc4c1fb3864c11ca26c0c99343544ffbeChris Peterson — Bug 743468 - If IME begins an ephemeral composition string, then end it when done. r=blassey a=jpr
ea8c07d977c30190014e8101594acf68ead72929Kyle Huey — Bug 749648 - Null-check the return value of MapViewOfFile properly in CheckASLR; r=ehsan a=akeybl
3e32c74580f6014636a6af144f3f737d55425dd0Margaret Leibovic — Bug 749624 - Check to make sure BrowserApp.selectedTab isn't null. r=mfinkle a=jpr
da65f130ceb218ec49b813c739313a6334b53cb1Paul Rouget — Bug 747919 - browser/devtools/layoutview/test/browser_layoutview.js leaks chrome and content windows. r=dao a=test-only
620975d07853d4eace9118fb683bc5e8f4a454c1Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 749429 - Increase displayport size multiplier default to 2000 for fixed-margin and velocity-bias. r=Cwiiis a=jpr
f4ad941dacd578ea16f4972d539a92c98b5297e3Chris Lord — Bug 749143 - Don't draw retained tiles outside of layer bounds. r=bgirard a=blassey
1b143c452318948624af0d4e46a55d25b2b55bc1Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 746120 - Transform the root layer even if not scrollable so it doesn't cause separation of layers. r=ajuma a=mfinkle
5c321d7740dd3b36f83178d3142885ada5892aacChris Lord — Bug 749630 - Fix single-colour checkerboard and masking. r=kats a=blassey
ee2082335e396dcc97afd208e0efaa6b2123b97bChris Lord — Bug 748718 - Make ScreenshotLayer use SingleTileLayer.draw. r=kats a=mfinkle
6929c774dc4c589505fa28fec532bd05ade128beChris Lord — Bug 748718 - Crash if buffer size mismatches the layer size. r=kats a=mfinkle
3f863ee66bef5432caaba58101d943ed984c824dChris Lord — Bug 748718 - Fix drawing in r=kats a=mfinkle
686e78d4493bce6453a6ccb55bffe77914273e1aJeff Muizelaar — Bug 743247. Ensure we don't have an array buffer bound when drawing. r=bas,a=jpr
2949b353304131bc68c4e4363ec99bc2e3501b65Lucas Rocha — Bug 749493 - Catch SQLiteDatabaseLockedException when ensuring unlocked database (r=blassey a=blassey)
4dcc2d5428c700ea12ae8404889dfeb77b47ff9cRichard Newman — Bug 748898 - Use "mobile" as title for Mobile Bookmarks folder on upload. r=liuche, a=blocking-fennec,blassey
3c87865c60ab6010a3ac10a80645023170f982ffWes Johnston — Bug 741247 - Dispatch touch events to the active tabs presShell. r=smaug a=blocking-fennec
8d74d509b936e4111bc9eeed75d1aa3c52940763James Willcox — Bug 749120 - Fix hiding the keyboard from Flash on Android a=blassey
b1efdb47182166e9a5538c8cfb414de057f115f5L. David Baron — Remove unneeded getting of window and DOMWindowUtils so that GetViewportInfo can still return correct information while page is displayed during navigation away from it. (Bug 737621) r=sjohnson approval-mozilla-aurora=blassey
5fdf583b626883e9d73fa7cdb6385529b7a9a733Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 747528 - Add a PredictionBiasStrategy that uses estimated draw time to paint ahead. r=Cwiiis a=blassey
14173aceb23e2eadfa2eeb839f56f250e5d83762Richard Newman — Bug 744441 - Handle blank accounts in performSync. r=liuche, a=blocking-fennec,blassey
cf304a9f3c13bbb9ed29d618c19675f0a5724f9fLucas Rocha — Bug 741224 - Force unlock on tabs.db file when database is opened in read-only mode (r=blassey, a=blassey)
3fbddad3cfef5534439953dbc6a37ba18721c620Lucas Rocha — Bug 741224 - Move database unlock function to DBUtils (r=blassey, a=blassey)
fa3cd2532fe15b2672f9a954d142f09dd3cd0b36Benoit Girard — Bug 748645 - Upload TiledThebesLayerOGL outside the transaction. r=chrislord a=lsblakk
8fb4d0f15a180805196099e54e3b184c166407fdMargaret Leibovic — Bug 736008 - Show autocomplete suggestions on click instead of on focus. r=mfinkle a=blassey
f4e462ad50a2a8ed8b831757b1d273e7484e4531Chris Lord — Bug 745177 - Retain and re-use uploaded GL tiles. r=ajuma a=blassey
c5ac3bd1c831b6c3983c9096aeca0861ba7230c3Brad Lassey — bug 748621 - always shows black checkerboard r=BenWa a=jprmc
8a010659cdbf5d47aad0f32d7db28de4a2c74034Brad Lassey — bug 748585 - Java low res screenshot sometimes renders black r=cwiiis a=jprmc
c584e12ad1bd02034bc9aca3f863eba427e27804Brad Lassey — bug 746016 - Cache low res version of the page in the java ui for use instead of checkerboarding r=kats a=jprmc
740245b70266a796699493802e31c76734385144Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 724978 - nsColumnSetFrame should be an absolute container; r=roc a=lsblakk
7525533b3e42c8d7e47c1f8850518f640824cf2bJustin Lebar — Bug 748627 - Back out bug 741378 for FF14 because it broke telemetry for MEMORY_JS_GC_HEAP. a=lsblakk
a38075d6e6d0d504ea0a5826334616d48bd4a27aKartikaya Gupta — Bug 732016 - Re-enable scroll clamping but set the desired scrollport using the new scrollport API. r=Cwiiis a=lsblakk
e08b460bcb6090cd5b6b8d982bf6d30245c249e8Timothy Nikkel — Bug 732016 Allow override of the scroll port size used for clamping scroll positions. r=roc a=lsblakk
00d9852452e5b3250242eeb7152d9d25a91c9794Patrick McManus — bug 746731 - nsHttpConnection::mIdleTimeout initialization fixes r=honzab a=akeybl
776a2c422717c195b55d09e831f22870d7cc0914Eitan Isaacson — Bug 748590 - Map KEYCODE_DPAD_CENTER to DOM_VK_ENTER. r=cpeterson, a=blassey
064758fe4026050ed028bf05cd195b577351a10fMatt Brubeck — Bug 743325 - Back out 554ab0a2f470 (bug 734503) because it broke touch events in XUL Fennec [r=peterv, a=akeybl]
9bafe6b61d91186c492c941dc659f6345b60f653Matt Brubeck — Bug 748473 - Back button is no longer mapped to escape key [r=cpeterson, a=lsblakk]
f532880d43c527f715a155277115782cd39c3425Richard Newman — Bug 747065 - Precondition failed on clients PUT. r=nalexander, a=blocking-fennec,akeybl
6c55625149dd8f1f7c9ec63144058b51f9b71feeAryeh Gregor — Bug 743819 - Only re-spellcheck new nodes on insertions, not everything; r=ehsan a=lsblakk
9a9581a8a5393a30ef76e527fb7b1e5a0d7edf33Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 707037 - Revert the update check frequency increase (bug 707020); a=lsblakk
50ff48cd1ff30ab88b6168622e1b252e0f2692cbDave Townsend — Bug 743287: Turn off pdf.js on aurora. rs=robstrong, a=gavin.
fe347682de88904b8d5799415adf020efafffa01Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 737510 - Compensate for rounding errors in displayport processing that result in not snapping to tiles properly. r=Cwiiis a=akeybl
2d9150554eaa7ae244d85e01a23a62f9bdc91d95Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 737510 - Expand the displayport to fill any partial tiles. r=Cwiiis a=akeybl
2b354dbf7b30b567265b9af21795b2836a4d4b37Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 737510 - Print something useful when dumping an ImmutableViewportMetrics. r=Cwiiis a=akeybl
777c0bd7dd5d8421007d88b2ea45cee5cf3a71f8Richard Newman — Bug 748475 - Bump Android Sync User-Agent version for beta. r=trivial, a=blocking-fennec,akeybl
018f6b2913681b6663fae87a2e539cfd402f365eLucas Rocha — Bug 746444 - Force unlock database file when database is opened in read-only mode (r=blassey, a=akeybl)
80a502d60a87037cbdea7ea699d7f2d61edb74d2Lucas Rocha — Bug 746444 - Add native function to force unlock on database file (r=blassey, a=akeybl)
2bc277479ad2d48493675cbc6ac917e0d409e8bfMatthew Gregan — Bug 746456 - Disable cubeb nsAudioStream backend on Aurora. r=roc a=lsblakk
e0e848c066832dd3ec16cf347a8391dc8b992531Marco Bonardo — Bug 748541 - Disable the Downloads Panel for Firefox 14
303c094363719197d9360b655355c362c61bd38fLukas Blakk — Triggering clean aurora builds a=npotb
13580e09e879e39ed2b4385cb122b7025f13c7e6Lukas Blakk — Merging in l10n changes NO BUG CLOSED TREE
2133f7dda42ae1694abdfca287eab24279688332Lukas Blakk — Merging in branding changes NO BUG CLOSED TREE
28f8cc7da1d6eda9a60fce01588d1b096750e09bLukas Blakk — Merging in version bump NO BUG CLOSED TREE
357da346ceb705d196a46574804c7c4ec44ac186Tim Taubert — merge m-c to fx-team; a=desktop-only FIREFOX_AURORA_14_BASE
f849003d9864d36b72af72acde513faa66449e24Rob Campbell — backout failing patches in bug 741324, 741325, 741328; a=orange
d636e92961fadb10e8e56dc2e56661a6926c8cdfVictor Porof — Bug 741328 - Add a search input to easily/incrementally find scripts => with live buffer switching; r=rcampbell
3bdab8c3149290ef3945d3c037afdb0d28a7ab61Victor Porof — Bug 741325 - Sort the scripts in the menulist by filename; r=rcampbell
906f3bb4c5aa1d9f200ffaef7cc8eb55a623fa42Victor Porof — Bug 741324 - Make it possible to start a debugger in a new firefox instance; r=past,rcampbell,zpao
b9914d4ebc923ab54a2921a5347d07d6ecc4903dPanos Astithas — Bug 740803 - Put the debugger in its own compartment again; r=dcamp, a=mfinkle
d7f017e8e572d8ecff1cfcfee37bd621293654baJohn O'Duinn — bug 746741: add makefile targets to encapsulate rebuild/repackage/install steps on android. r=ted, a=npotb
f410f3436cdbf5e7c6f62209d41beb61bb319232Ehsan Akhgari — Merge mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central based on a green PGO changeset with some green mobile specific patches pushed on top of it; a=merge
82cb595c2a03e80fe17aa0f65905c25c4086a253Benoit Girard — Bug 739679 - Part 7: Enable tiling. r=pcwalton a=blocking-fennec
58736fb3b00105491a603ef24125d03aca182175Benoit Girard — Bug 739679 - Part 6: Fix unlocking gfxReusableSurface. r=pcwalton
baffceac44f944700133e2e3cf72bb2eb6dcbaf2Benoit Girard — Bug 739679 - Part 5: Remove memset for 565 surfaces. r=mwoodrow
a8f489c62eb06e32c7ae90918cbfd7477664ed29Benoit Girard — Bug 739679 - Part 4: TiledLayerBufferOGL. r=mwoodrow,roc
6aac1347aa358aba72753df5d366d84e87505cc8Benoit Girard — Bug 739679 - Part 3: BasicTiledThebesLayer. r=mwoodrow,roc
2f5d290dc23414758ae3f746153b986411c3c68fBenoit Girard — Bug 739679 - Part 2.5: Add TiledBuffer IPC code. r=cjones
b88fba85586ba81d8709fbcdcc15a0b7e36a025aGeorge Wright — Bug 747274 - Add a pref (default to true on Android) to forcible use nearest pixel filtering for background drawing. r=jrmuizel,ajuma a=blassey
bf3d41520582e8c03a4d835750fa548e5143d024Bobby Holley — Bug 743615 - Tests. r=bent, a=blassey
620dde7a187c4416ba2d4aed9590078145ba4084Bobby Holley — Bug 743615 - Hook up worker ImageData to the structured clone stream. r=bent
da2791698bf8389bf3ab10327b5c70280f2bb69bBobby Holley — Bug 743615 - Introduce the ImageData object/constructor in workers. r=bent
ed667638551d653fab36990703ca55a61a373529Bobby Holley — Bug 743615 - MainThreadWorkerStructuredCloneCallbacks should not call the WorkerStructuredCloneCallbacks variants. r=bent
db555180be49430fec73cd0eca77091e8293c5c0Bobby Holley — Bug 743615 - Handle ImageData in the main thread runtime callbacks. r=bent
ced1395a8ad05ff1db9052daaf83d59930f9f876Bobby Holley — Bug 743615 - Base worker structured clone tags on the dom ones to ensure against collisions. r=bent
270848da27e44971abe90b5ad1f2a7562fdae479Bobby Holley — Bug 743615 - Add the JS_{Read,Write}StructuredClone api. r=jorendorff
1b2dbf32886bba885d4fde24fe1fff5079bf9ed2Ed Morley — Merge last PGO-green changeset of mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central a=merge
c9228e7f3ef7794632283ba062697a454f3d10d3Ed Morley — Backout 37b4c6fd16ed, 190aa5af8398, 9924dff6dbe9, 502de391e55b, ea4c7f9fc725 & b43c36197d4f (bug 739679) for XUL Android bustage on a CLOSED TREE a=backout
610a9df3875b90daa579b0e3f06635b00c31ea14Phil Ringnalda — Back out b1bf084429e8, ddd8619fdf56, 1ca7c95917fb (bug 737510) for Android XUL and crashtest bustage on a CLOSED TREE, a=bustage
f3d8b1faf61197c1c7870e3991db778b0e2dc40fPhil Ringnalda — Back out e13cfb0b7497 (bug 747816) on suspicion of causing Android reftest bustage on a CLOSED TREE, a=bustage
b1bf084429e87c3986c33844de4f0b103acc05c9Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 737510 - Compensate for rounding errors in displayport processing that result in not snapping to tiles properly. r=Cwiiis a=blocking-fennec
ddd8619fdf56f774a5960b9167a1bc6cd209b321Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 737510 - Expand the displayport to fill any partial tiles. r=Cwiiis
1ca7c95917fb9cf95b38165323502bfe41224cdaKartikaya Gupta — Bug 737510 - Print something useful when dumping an ImmutableViewportMetrics. r=Cwiiis
37b4c6fd16edb1d282371fb4bd24d33f4cb9b9ccBenoit Girard — Bug 739679 - Part 7: Enable tiling. r=pcwalton a=blocking-fennec
190aa5af83987f5361a29d99027d5be9bb78e620Benoit Girard — Bug 739679 - Part 6: Fix unlocking gfxReusableSurface. r=pcwalton
9924dff6dbe98bb5fff7c14a363b0a331d343bccBenoit Girard — Bug 739679 - Part 5: Remove memset for 565 surfaces. r=mwoodrow
502de391e55b5efd3bb2ab62188cca6696bcf9dfBenoit Girard — Bug 739679 - Part 4: TiledLayerBufferOGL. r=mwoodrow,roc
ea4c7f9fc725509ca6f4ad68f07249d313ea966cBenoit Girard — Bug 739679 - Part 3: BasicTiledThebesLayer. r=mwoodrow,roc
b43c36197d4f80d9d8e0ae3fd13bbacd4d3c40adBenoit Girard — Bug 739679 - Part 2.5: Add TiledBuffer IPC code. r=cjones
9daee30907ea4a0c3531ba5bfe7726def0fac5e3Joe Drew — Back out bug 746703 (7ecd07342540) for causing bug 747681. a=bustage
bc9697fa337c35b905d0b8b6073b740a75ee120cKartikaya Gupta — Bug 748189 - Call GetJNIForThread less often on a hot code path. r=blassey a=blassey
ee30e2a91e10b03cfed1da0a772ef8a247459a82Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 747759 - Insert missing break statement. r=blassey a=blassey
2f422d4378a38100c55288b0eb2e3e7639401e31Vicamo Yang — Bug 738132 - Part 3: parse application port address for incoming messages. r=philikon a=b2g-only
88b7eafda84ee2e18b9b72aabfab547482e7b6b9Vicamo Yang — Bug 738132 - Part 2: support 8-bit encoding. r=philikon
9e58a74d1634caa4a90a15346951309aad0100b7Vicamo Yang — Bug 738132 - Part 1: add GsmPDUHelper.readDataCodingScheme. r=philikon
a37f78bb19b3212fea436c85307c5a79e047c3f2Yoshi Huang — Bug 736941 - B2G RIL: Fetch SIM record. r=philikon a=b2g-only
1b2f69d2b15f466072b6e9e72e0c8db069e5b31bEhsan Akhgari — Merge backout; a=me
fcd9f2f5529f7c4642f46843aed8db1e143c0154Ehsan Akhgari — Backout bug 743615 because of build bustage; a=backout
dd7040d1f8b956a9cedcd0915aef125a5b479285Ehsan Akhgari — Merge mozilla-central into mozilla-inbound; a=merge
2e95132e00d38d10d2da388b7980de4bd5c6c418Ehsan Akhgari — Merge mozilla-central into mozilla-inbound; a=merge
834a69fbceb9dfc0c135905b876d72ebf8ec0837Bobby Holley — Bug 743615 - Tests. r=bent, a=blassey
9a9d8dccae4497a9fd34b3f30e78677b79f1b204Bobby Holley — Bug 743615 - Hook up worker ImageData to the structured clone stream. r=bent
4eba9d8bda9328840fb2fbd0d8f90ad5cf3b3cb3Bobby Holley — Bug 743615 - Introduce the ImageData object/constructor in workers. r=bent
6a1b82c1dbde1a9d5923293b3059d79077983ebdBobby Holley — Bug 743615 - MainThreadWorkerStructuredCloneCallbacks should not call the WorkerStructuredCloneCallbacks variants. r=bent
19165ab7879ec12d4d5925add63f8f55b9966e11Bobby Holley — Bug 743615 - Handle ImageData in the main thread runtime callbacks. r=bent
508082793803cc082ec334fa6d08d63d9418c206Bobby Holley — Bug 743615 - Base worker structured clone tags on the dom ones to ensure against collisions. r=bent
8019cb482108b03c2860c90b328f03185dbbff87Bobby Holley — Bug 743615 - Add the JS_{Read,Write}StructuredClone api. r=jorendorff
4c1aa39b85a9707c23c48e5936913c0ba202abd8Tim Abraldes — bug 747409. Use a unique-per-webapp value for the "name" of the nsXREAppData struct. This way, webapps will not get confused about whether existing webapp windows are their windows. r=myk. a=desktop-only
e13cfb0b7497e30fe83a207bfaf99f5e208805a3Cameron Kaiser — Bug 747816 - Add big-endian tags to OTS r77. r=jfkthame, a=npotb
efba113561c6add878f293df132d69ac229782c7David Rajchenbach-Teller — Bug 744698 - Force logging. r=gavin, a=test-only
f474ef88b11cb62a71f9d95446d8cdbb8b08c342Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 745818. Fix crashtest bustage. a=bustage
0df5ff135d64e03d926f9f078db05ca7aadf8c39Brian Nicholson — Bug 746380 - Add sameDocument flag to location change. r=mfinkle a=blocking-fennec
22d17b21018ccb3b8da2e103cfe28e55f509af46Brian Nicholson — Bug 746380 - Set tab URL on document start. r=mfinkle a=blocking-fennec
ec09ab2b6e1423337674863c0e76ea19884bab7dJeff Muizelaar — Bug 743499. Handle negative sizes in CG backend. r=bas, a=akeybl
3b31c3121e98f3246a3bea213521799cab81fbb0Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 745818. Ignore invalid cairo surfaces. r=bas, a=blassey
e84141c374c2619ea766e246635d3dd8687da012Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 746086: NPE crash on onApplicationPause(). [r=mfinkle] [a=blocking-fennec]
2ca1d34393072b360f99e29def943402b62a4103Jared Wein — Bug 748037 - Identity doorhangers should anchor off of the identity icon. r=dao a=desktop-only
e481ab44f21f46260b6b2531edc46b154142cb84Asaf Romano — Bug 745508 - Remove unused "From an HTML File" mode from the migration wizard. r=mak. a=desktop-only
f946709d44e13cffb4af0a39353930c499bae8d0Matthew Schranz — Bug 686913 - HTMLProgressElement should no longer be a form control. r=mounir a=mfinkle
21da3f655b30f5dfb12e0da5764b0f0cb0fab10aSerge Gautherie — Bug 744663. (Cv1) Use 'test' pre instead of redundant 'log' pre, Improve on-screen logging. r=smaug.
03b56b258f69ee8b54a47d807f4fe34c407b5215Serge Gautherie — Bug 744663. (Bv1) Inline finishWSTest(), Use executeSoon() between sub-tests, Improve message contents, Receive "end" messages too, Add an additional forcegc(), Nits. r=smaug.
30404871c57ec6de3373acf7f0954706da15ef1fSerge Gautherie — Bug 744663. (Av1) Improve documentation and logs, Nits. r=smaug.
72fcb7c13613c9a721a8eb1db7fc5d39f2dca626Ehsan Akhgari — Backout 190fc7cd65c6 (bug 747274) for breaking Android R1; a=bustage
8acbbeca4f425d99614b981847a5a004516cdb49Ehsan Akhgari — Merge the last green PGO changeset from mozilla-inbound into mozilla-central; a=merge
33c843f7020423a5184b51414f45a3b0571e0d69Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 739350: Resolution specific doorhanger resources. [r=mfinkle] [a=blocking-fennec]
064655d7ea01aa390e39fe4a611b82b3bb413df9Joe Drew — Backout 492d12fa8b65 (bug 732016) for regressions. a=regression
8238bffb52b431139b37bfc31c121863093679ddJoe Drew — Backout 83faa1da3db8 (bug 732016) for regressions. a=regression
b552a2a7638be4374f1b11051c2d16d0226268d2Ed Morley — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound a=merge
72ac45a8f8f51cce2e0a5b62fa6ad60cc11a28ceJoe Drew — Bug 744439 - Reset the checkerboard colour when we start loading a new page. r=kats a=blocker
e8826e002d6993541b4ea6fee046b627c15adfb9Joe Drew — Bug 745809 - Default to white for checkboard color. r=kats
d400d7f9eadda3fcf12fc9a83bd95d8c8693fd5bBas Schouten — Bug 746588 - Invert the gfxPattern matrix when using DrawTargets. r=jrmuizel a=akeybl
3a0a2fbe7b47a4abbab050cd64bad842d2d669f0Brian Nicholson — Backout 4ab101096ab3 for breaking favicons. a=backout
344a48cc9998ca8d34902dcf68c4fa5bf95c7115Brad Lassey — bug 746132 - Screenshot buffers won't be freed if tab not found r=kats a=lsblakk
9b2440c92909ad592bf88755c12d6c22d41270afBrad Lassey — bug 746139 - local JNI frame won't be popped if init fails r=dougt a=lsblakk
190fc7cd65c62e87cca7d95252032a831c93fc60George Wright — Bug 747274 - Add a pref (default to true on Android) to forcibly use nearest pixel filtering for background drawing. r=jrmuizel,ajuma a=blassey
d2b34e4338bbaace43832db728e142ba7beeed79Brian Nicholson — Bug 734913 - Start throbber in initialization. r=mfinkle a=blocking-fennec
4ab101096ab3c7e9d5451564f3811929618dae34Brian Nicholson — Bug 746380 - Set tab URL on document start. r=mfinkle a=blocking-fennec
04994824992a491512774429609b1dca24dcea47Brian Nicholson — Bug 746380 - Use URI of nsIChannel on state change. r=mfinkle a=blocking-fennec
93b1912f077f733c3b0d77e96104f82db35e97d7Simon Montagu — Mark failing tests from bug 706194. r=orange, a=tests-only
662c2b50b803c098a84a10c8567dbadb7a52938eSimon Montagu — Fix typo in tests for bug 706194. r=orange, a=tests-only
b445a3255696a5dd48b1a5594dc4a1742590911aSimon Montagu — Fuzz failing reftests from bug 706194, a=tests-only
697b229db32aa8e17beac6303908e690ddd9743bEd Morley — Bug 706194 - Followup to fix bad qimport; a=tests-only
137acae37ff9ac940aa45dbf0955bdfb13bfd223Chris Pearce — Bug 690989 - Ensure we're focused before requesting fullscreen in rollback test. r=smaug a=test-only
3af815def68275b347f78241057d3c6649c4e029Simon Montagu — Modifications to the tests for default bidi css properties from Webkit. Bug 706194, r=dbaron, a=tests-only
386b8a429bbf960709c162e90860f5ace4f97e78Simon Montagu — Modifications to the tests for unicode-bidi: isolate and plaintext from Webkit. Bug 706194, r=roc
75ec3a324eee3f66d9f6328d19530de392bbe26eSimon Montagu — Tests for unicode-bidi: isolate and plaintext from Webkit. Bug 706194, r=roc
c5ead08145a9f254e4fdd20957fdbac33a21c4afEd Morley — Backout ef43fa1005b7, af0733d23b87 & d8d124d2a76c (bug 706194) for compilation failures a=backout
ef43fa1005b7e90d74ba3ab3de91c61d4d037d6cSimon Montagu — Modifications to the tests for default bidi css properties from Webkit. Bug 706194, r=dbaron, a=tests-only
af0733d23b87aaf51477a58afa08f716ab3b6402Simon Montagu — Modifications to the tests for unicode-bidi: isolate and plaintext from Webkit. Bug 706194, r=roc
d8d124d2a76c57bffed5972003470b4da218e839Simon Montagu — Tests for unicode-bidi: isolate and plaintext from Webkit. Bug 706194, r=roc
ee415e3f509d36f663a2abdbe99dfb7d94f63d31Justin Lebar — Bug 746055 - On desktop, increase image.mem.max_decoded_image_kb to 250mb, effectively backing out bug 732820. r=joe, a=desktop-only
a0ffd7065ef5db4829fe706fb875ef2cf5e38fbdBenoit Girard — Bug 739679 - Part 1: Add BasicImplData header into its own file. r=roc a=blocking-fennec
ad583c18d336bc3c2ffa93f947eaf9980fd5c299Benoit Girard — Bug 739679 - Part 1: Add TiledLayerBuffer to control logic for updating tiled layers. r=roc,mwoodrow, a=blocking-fennec
142fe408f5b4a805ca76406b62b2a2163ddeed2cKyle Huey — Bug 747245: Fix a silly weak reference assertion. r=bent a=mfinkle
b9936b8bcccfa0c3f7e8590127554e1bb19b9d97Kyle Huey — Bug 745681: Prepare the reftest harness for Bug 695480. r=dbaron a=test-only
937cdb639def297cdc98730022a9244e7fb8d955Dão Gottwald — Bug 748027 - Make the identity box transparent in more cases. r=jaws a=desktop-only
09750e764b6acf3c84f033fc5ea25b128ecede4dDão Gottwald — Bug 747742 - The identity panel's arrow should point to the center of the identity icon. r=jaws
85abf12e5c83b480f75bea9d42b0e2b136c6ab80Dave Townsend — Bug 747005: OSX XULRunner SDKs aren't getting named propertl. r=bsmedberg, a=lsblakk
6b26bdffa1bc8e79d72bc9986764177f1c914c3bMounir Lamouri — Bug 747442 - Unlock orientation only if the received mozfullscreenchange is for fullscreen being disabled. r=smaug a=mfinkle
e29b3d77f80802e46c3a0b5f1d78330a76b59ca5Ed Morley — Merge last PGO-green changeset of mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central a=merge
133c3b95125fc89138885f6ee4cd46d35739ea4fPhil Ringnalda — Merge m-c to m-i; a=merge
3dd8420155656203c86e19299631742c17968923Felipe Gomes — Bug 747601. Only create Info.plist file after webapp icon has been downloaded. r=mstange a=desktop-only.
c823e4f030174242f6f22495e5115a1dbe554a17Takanori MATSUURA — Bug 747041. Fix resource:// path usage in browser. r=felipe a=desktop-only
bd9cdcd353e63ea3a1a0e22e937a1c180480aa64Mike Hommey — Bug 747322 - Fix jemalloc mmap wrapper for s390x. r=jlebar,a=npotb
f4d242fc253498c472f52c88833cd935486c0ebaSerge Gautherie — Bug 747668. (Bv1) Port |Bug 418712 - nsIAutoCompleteInput should fire an event when a search begins| to SeaMonkey. r=neil.
989503f680bcebc83c21cd963e0ab19bab9773b0Phil Ringnalda — Bug 742455 - disable crashtests on Windows that are taking down the whole suite more often than not, a=test-only
03d6eed81646a0010c3ffacee20210ccdaaa7eb9Phil Ringnalda — Merge the last green PGO changeset from mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central; a=merge
ce9fff905894b2d253c4d9cb496e286f6f801d6aSteven Lee — Bug 736939 - AudioManager implementation. r=cjones, a=b2g-only
e2af0b79da44efb6b6256109944974889e83d3f0Steven Lee — Bug 736939 - Audio routing support. r=cjones, a=b2g-only
6c8fe1624a6bd82758e6e38344ddedd35bd9d376Margaret Leibovic — Bug 741831 - Readonly text inputs can trigger form autocomplete popups. r+a=mfinkle
1f4f4d6466b67ef525444e82ea2ca596cee98c12Margaret Leibovic — Bug 747181 - Profile migration migrates tag folders. r=rnewman a=blocking-fennec-beta
c2aa1c1c0ad676ebe22545cd4b3e7903518ba6dbPhil Ringnalda — Merge m-c to m-i, a=merge
c5cb077b45c8f14068bd80f319f92402e27a3c2aRichard Newman — Bug 747040 - Trivial guard against NPE in AndroidBrowserBookmarksRepositorySession.retrieveRecord. r=trivial, a=blocking-fennec
edf1159681967994f0749b1d822ce4428734aea8Richard Newman — Bug 730626 - Implement resetting. r=nalexander, a=blocking-fennec
4bd6c048e63a22a8807f5aa39d2014dfa84708fcSerge Gautherie — Bug 747668. (Av1a) XPFE autocomplete.xml: Regroup nsIAutoCompleteInput properties, Fix some nits. r=neil.
990f6542747b7c09519c52a76bc9836393feea0ePhil Ringnalda — Merge the last green PGO changeset from mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central; a=merge
7a601537cb88002be9f759a4697568e0ea664285Tom Schuster Bug 711843 - Update JSAPI for typed arrays, remove uses of jstypedarray.h outside the engine [r=Waldo,bz,Ms2ger,bholley,bjacob,philikon,evilpie,bent,yourmama] [a=mfinkle thanks to gkw]
1f41d05f51c662a992b24cb3c97e2e25ddc9a481Ryan VanderMeulen — Back out 149a80dafcb8 (bug 686913) due to build failures. a=YUNoTry?
8ef46e071f65e0477b29c1ae0e49f496418c795eOleg Romashin — Bug 746810 - Move mChannelState = ChannelOpening before PostTask call to fix assertion. r=cjones, a=mfinkle
149a80dafcb8fb761f1d805530059232dc7cbc3fMatthew Schranz — Bug 686913 - HTMLProgressElement and HTMLMeterElement should not be form controls. r=mounir, a=mfinkle
62e48300103f6510d95ffc64128fd83a883ceca9Jonathan Kew — bug 745780 - add reftests for Arabic presentation-forms shaping in harfbuzz. r=jdaggett a=test-only
25ca02ba36f4876505e565877296ae6b48ec140bJonathan Kew — bug 745780 - re-apply patch from bug 727736 after harfbuzz update. r=jdaggett a=mfinkle
03fa311b5a9badeb1866bcebd125a2c9d0342527Jonathan Kew — bug 745780 - update harfbuzz code to upstream commit 3cde23664fbbe9cd2ac1b8fd5eb2ea288309cc9c (2012-04-17). r=jdaggett a=mfinkle
0d48034b460e9822a5e34aecdf26d27152408727Myk Melez — bug 746645 - Adding the white-list for myapps (or stage-myapps) has no effect with a clean FF profile; r=fabrice, a=mfinkle
dd21fdb6971322b93b7814b9965e139ffcc4d06aBenoit Jacob — Bug 736481 - 7/7 - ForceLoseContext should not do anything on already lost context awaiting event - no review, a=blocking-fennec
b8bdcf5ef5ce40bca3813a37444fdd9b2fe95805Benoit Jacob — Bug 736481 - 6/7 - WebGL lost context handling: check if we still have a canvas - r=jgilbert, a=blocking-fennec
e855654fef7e02ce1bbc0dda4f921f352cf21e7fBenoit Jacob — Bug 736481 - 5/7 - make memory-pressure observer lifetime match WebGL context lifetime - r=jgilbert, a=blocking-fennec
1f0b1c587cd6ef839bc24f5329ed9b0d606d9cfeBenoit Jacob — Bug 736481 - 4/7 - WebGL lost contexts: remove ShouldEnableRobustnessTimer, rename Robustness to ContextLoss - r=jgilbert, a=blocking-fennec
ac74798eb3d3741b7b0e0b05ef0c63d68596647cBenoit Jacob — Bug 736481 - 3/7 - Add missing checks for lost WebGL contexts - r=jgilbert, a=blocking-fennec
9528f37307f3788463f8f59bce0a6e0b63b72088Benoit Jacob — Bug 736481 - 2/7 - lose WebGL context on memory-pressure events - r=jgilbert, a=blocking-fennec
bd7c35f578061e4ca1adb20f389def117c4b7b4dBenoit Jacob — Bug 736481 - 1/7 - simplification in WebGL lost context handling - r=jgilbert, a=blocking-fennec
d11d6ff6ae8908ab7c2fdc2fb74ccb3bbe1c95bbJoshua M — Bug 734373 - Implement Australis toolbar button design. r=dao a=desktop-only
e8f573bf8f2e2b4d147a31d37a1ecaa543586a76Jonathan Kew — bug 746975 - update graphite2 library to 1.1.2 release from upstream. r=jdaggett a=akeybl
961ec289d6159321b3de607be2f83b125aca5292Jared Wein — Bug 742419 - Implement new identity block design (OS X). r=fryn a=desktop-only
e79686174491e2e2ddb49d706d05d2bcb2f313b1Jared Wein — Bug 742419 - Implement new identity block design (Linux). r=ttaubert
479edc4c0af425bb818507c6b40f4a613862ea4bJared Wein — Bug 742419 - Implement new identity block design (browser/base, browser/app, and Windows). r=dao
0dd02041e575b08a009b0909603bff9ad25951f2Gavin Sharp — Bug 739040 followup: properly enforce the sniffing limit on uncompressed feeds, r=mano, a=desktop-only
e466bffc6a7bc931bd80de4c8a274f6630698fa1Josh Matthews — Bug 677194 - Change assertion to an early-return bailout. r=jst, a=akeybl
1b66f3caf2caa401b46380172b94472ad8e3d6d6Paul ADENOT — Bug 557278 - OGG audio handled as OGV video. r=dolske, a=desktop-only
ba9898675c510fff21c9cae32d3b717a6eb7bdebBoris Zbarsky — Bug 740811. Make SVGElement.prototype be Element.prototype again. r=peterv, a=akeybl
85a3c4509d2815a6a0ea8960d918af845ef3ba4fKyle Machulis — Bug 747545: Uevent Poller causes compile error when built debug due to ScopedClose member change - r=mwu a=b2g-only
e3c065802a42aaf285d52d3887ab1a15c493c922Edward Lee — Bug 747451 - Desktop web runtime user agent breaks apps expecting "Firefox" in the UA [f=myk, r=felipe, a=desktop-only]
c141dcc8c829c74c751dd7cce2e12cf5030da68eEdward Lee — Bug 746213 - Support mozApps.getSelf/getInstalled in desktop runtime to allow apps to access receipts [r=felipe, a=desktop-only]
ffb9beb36e5a8761a600f1b4244d6ae1e071c979Felipe Gomes — Bug 746771 - Mac installer needs to use updated webapp.json structure with registryDir instead of app.profile [r=myk, a=desktop-only]
ba03257fab287cc2b87e70a9221b004d31b28c3dChristian Holler — Bug 746951 - Avoid inlining js::MarkRangeConservatively with ASan, r=billm, a=npotb
f7dd147f842f0117306de7a8efcba4924d6ed72dBenoit Girard — Bug 747408 - Increase default sampling rate to 1ms for profiling fennec. r=jmuizelaar a=akeybl
47da536b514446695ccc70fe1eb362fa52f0f5d6Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 736689. Disable tearing on OS X. r=roc, a=joe
7fda4d02d3caf916949cfa849448fb50f0b2d467Phil Ringnalda — Bug 747394 - empty commit to trigger nightly rebuild on a CLOSED TREE; a=noop
d3783d4eb1eafa6d71ddb19f9cc629bf0dd345c4Myk Melez — bug 747394 - empty commit to trigger nightly rebuild on a CLOSED TREE; a=npotb
97170e7a5f844cf0fdd2c62c7f1df9dab2714912Myk Melez — bug 747394 - rename webapprt/application.ini to webapprt/webapprt.ini to work around an issue in a build script that looks for Firefox's application.ini, which busted nightly partial updates, on a CLOSED TREE; r=bsmedberg, a=khuey
d1ac8e24872c5b6f080354633529c1e733f04a6cDão Gottwald — Bug 746837 - In undoCloseTab, focus the browser instead of the content window and do it immediately rather than after a timeout. r=zpao a=desktop-only
021f95903dedfddb63554dfca228f66a0d3f4b07Tim Taubert — merge m-c to fx-team; a=desktop-only
fa8ef24d0e7e991a34e9acc6986aebc2446b7478Dave Camp — Bug 747550 - Style button doesn't work since bug 707809. r=dietrich
dde2fce2058af9c91db9486d9329c7896f2074d8Paul Rouget — Bug 683954 - [Layout] Implement an abstract view of the layout of the selected node. r=dcamp, r=jwalker
1eaf11b3cb5f0d3f265acad0d9b27b384701ad8eFrank Yan — Bug 746466 - Gradient background in about:home is only one viewport height tall. r=dao
bce6cabacc8802c9086c20dc8c015b25c50bad4bBoris Zbarsky — Bug 726949. Instead of using the given proto for the sandbox directly, use a proxy that forwards to the given proto but rebinds all getters/setters/methods to use the given proto, not the sandbox global, as this. r=bholley, a=tracking-firefox
d7d1e8e3b435a1e3681b18b80d08c3cb3d1877b9Geoff Brown — Bug 747268 - devicemanagerADB: improve listFiles error handling and check for root. r=jmaher, a=test-only
230435e1426324b472d3d1a8aed32845b788178bOleg Romashin — Bug 746913 - Plugins NativeRenderer X/qt/gtk includes defines cleanup. r=karlt, a=desktop-only
a12cbe3bf0456b062226487199ec6615c8b06ff3Steve Workman — Bug 739600: Add #define INET6 to getaddrinfo.c; r=jduell a=blocking-fennec
3a1d0f6ebe70240c20d76b483ec4c03f2cbfcdf2Joe Drew — Bug 744939 - Make animatedZoomTo operate in CSS pixels instead of device pixels. r=kats a=blocking-fennec
ec943d58604624e088163614fde479f95540109bJoe Drew — Bug 744916 - Make the Java viewport keep track of its size in both CSS pixels and device pixels. r=kats
e9053acaa5e1a102a173331ea7decb69938e914aJeff Muizelaar — Bug 744901 - Store the page size in FrameMetrics in CSS pixels in addition to device pixels. r=cjones
e8e1b554c7f8ecebd1a7b1e748364d15f5fd6a4cMatt Brubeck — Bug 747109 - Remove broken code to fix an error in Clear Private Data [r=mfinkle, a=blocking-fennec]
566721f5c440f395cda6a78c444f374cad568517Margaret Leibovic — Bug 746394 - No label for home screen icons when adding page without title. r=bnicholson a=mfinkle
b0eac121f6196cd3327018f929a440e300a7e1cfJames Willcox — Bug 707353 - Implement ANPWindow::showKeyboard() for Android plugins. r=snorp a=blocking-fennec
f1d0e75d425aae16eede355eaf00996c1d698d65Ehsan Akhgari — Merge mozilla-central into mozilla-inbound; a=merge
38110d3443632522753427617ca3db566b1d75a5Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 739040 - Use the length of the decoded string, if no more than 512 bytes, to sniff for feeds; r=Mano a=blocking
7dc2085a8cc6f913f3c76a2b5388c23a11223724Mike Conley — Bug 746993 - Fix editor caret behaviour when pressing RETURN after a BR node. r=ehsan, a=tracking-firefox
27a52fed91a5216c7970b1ac78d6234e7727b53aAli Juma — Bug 733596 - Tell the compositor about the new surface size on surface change. r=bgirard a=blocking-fennec
f5fdf571dbd6defd92dec7e09df3fdf1f2d565ddWes Johnston — Bug 746679 - Reset touch event dispatch state on each touch down. r=kats, a=blocking-fennec
a1c77b5ee099b64128227741454f32af37279865Gavin Sharp — Bug 747264: don't sync some prefs that are currently changing on different channels because Sync might cause trouble with them, r=mak, a=desktop-only
17af008937e32c24833a2b1af4fa511ca45c47a1Ehsan Akhgari — Merge the last green PGO changeset from mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central; a=merge
df08546b7cc481a9eb4f0a0ad1dce5cbb51844c8Jonathan Kew — bug 745580 - handle bad results from Core Text shaping more robustly. r=jdaggett a=tracking-firefox
6923b654d6112e1ae67dd0adf4aad4f1a9515151Gian-Carlo Pascutto — Backout 173f90d397a8 (Bug 673470). rs=dcamp a=mfinkle
8c00bd3fa27052d97039395244c9428bede75e6cGian-Carlo Pascutto — Backout db52b4916cde (Bug 673470). rs=dcamp a=mfinkle
46e19522aa98e5e551ab747f57ac6e6792155907Gian-Carlo Pascutto — Backout e9291f227d63 (Bug 725597). rs=dcamp a=mfinkle
e5af6f193e2a17b86444ad12481042bec3f69135Gian-Carlo Pascutto — Backout a010dcf1a973 (Bug 726002). rs=dcamp a=mfinkle
984300ab12826df098d2752dfd5e4d8066e0b5d4Gian-Carlo Pascutto — Backout 35bf0d62cc30 (Bug 726002). rs=dcamp a=mfinkle
01d2f5d68c15f96ce7c4b73df51d3552873fb827Gian-Carlo Pascutto — Backout f8bf3795b851 (Bug 729640). rs=dcamp a=mfinkle
936582807ae93a87869d1479d485d33ed01bda55Gian-Carlo Pascutto — Backout 1a6d008acb4f (Bug 729928). rs=dcamp a=mfinkle
ad824b9f5c38f803ba6f7758cdff1b68e6c4072fGian-Carlo Pascutto — Backout a01cf079ee0b (Bug 730247). rs=dcamp a=mfinkle
7b890b87bac97552445147529848b1a7b63fb873Mark Finkle — Bug 745765 - Reuse existing tab for same app launch in about:apps r=fabrice a=blocking-fennec
1bb268b42bbe4338cda37331f2dd23f7cb79b219Mark Finkle — Bug 741435 - Web App shortcuts should use the App Icon 'as is' and not add a background r=wesj a=blocking-fennec
dbd8e39c407ffaf0429ebefe0133c429e7225f9aMark Finkle — Bug 746958 - Do not make duplicate home screen shortcuts r=mbrubeck a=blocking-fennec
9c88cc584f049f5ab68ba4e1dd0f298cabec6fa3Jeff Muizelaar — Backout c048eb7cc728 for checkerboarding regresions
dcbe20a6f53a2c73d6e33876cb33a2a8ca69f407Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 746695. Update libpixman to 0.24.4 a=joe
7b59d08bd69a3c2396680ce6068dfbffa1a07c3bBenoit Jacob — Bug 746296 - Check for antialiasing should be samples>1 not samples>0 - r=jgilbert, a=akeybl
eb53fd36832405f3a4b041ff50e31ad5b1d22a5aBenoit Jacob — Bug 696495 - set tex min filter before generateMipmap calls, to work around driver bugs - r=jgilbert, a=akeybl
83faa1da3db83f3abec690d67f09e711af98d0f9Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 732016 - Re-enable scroll clamping but set the desired scrollport using the new scrollport API. r=Cwiiis a=fennec
492d12fa8b657824f4620e70d87bea908076a2baTimothy Nikkel — Bug 732016 Allow override of the scroll port size used for clamping scroll positions. r=roc
3a9db9c55f140cf04d28157bb8c5e6d49cf5509bChenxia Liu — Bug 746517 - View thread permission crash. r=rnewman, a=blocking-fennec
eec7626671fae19008b98f635c59f98633357d99Margaret Leibovic — Bug 732382 - Save As PDF freezes the application. r+a=mfinkle
d99013587d5bf4b67bb2225c4eee83016e93d5ffChris Peterson — Bug 742036 - Part 3: Pass Android's native keycodes to Flash plugin using nsGUIEvent::pluginEvent. r=masayuki,blassey a=blocking-fennec
cb4a3672b962fb6460aa37534f89e893b38cf093Chris Peterson — Bug 742036 - Part 2: Add AndroidGeckoEvent::RepeatCount() for KeyEvents. r=masayuki,blassey a=blocking-fennec
a6dd3218bf6ae750a9b34e22f82c2e1b4641a4fcChris Peterson — Bug 742036 - Part 1: Convert Android keycodes to DOM/NS_VK keycodes. r=masayuki a=blocking-fennec
3f15db794faede60fe938d6e932010e674350fdaGeoff Brown — Bug 747170 - Robocop: respect DM_TRANS to allow local testing via SUT agent. r=jmaher, a=test-only
370f6e1f4864a0a39037cd835bab6f068df2dc50Ms2ger — Bug 745291 - Remove superfluous ; in X11Util.h. r=dteller, a=blassey
c048eb7cc7282bc0694105385a3af87778608c3fJeff Muizelaar — Bug 745315. Draw as soon as we get a Viewport:Changed r=kats a=joe
162bfe6dac963f029c38c83214bf950fd1d8a510Philipp von Weitershausen — Bug 717122 - Network Manager interface for Wifi. r=gal,mrbkap a=b2g-only
9cfa8abfea148bd2279e3c45e3d9f7b2eef6bfa4Philipp von Weitershausen — Bug 717122 - Network Manager interface for the RIL. r=gal
68962a3b0d30b213cbd238b28212ca7b515b59c1Philipp von Weitershausen — Bug 717122 - Network Manager implementation. r=gal
637a250a8a70657b9dd662ce3132079265805987Thinker K.F. Li — Bug 717122 - Network Manager interfaces. r=cjones
880879bfc6a808540620195dc6208fb955f1294bPhilipp von Weitershausen — Bug 729173 - Part 6: Permission whitelist for B2G. r=mounir
ee7f4d1d2934a7e041736240cbb89d70a2dbb166Philipp von Weitershausen — Bug 729173 - Part 5 - Expose the RIL state to content. r=fabrice,qDot
466592cf04888fd518815a7436111d2567cfdd33Philipp von Weitershausen — Bug 729173 - Part 4: Fill in the MobileConnection DOM implementation. r=mounir
6c0ce3fad8ae8e69fbd7a44533f8702ee268c933Philipp von Weitershausen — Bug 729173 - Part 3: Hook up MobileConnection to the Navigator object
bf86e0eb704a9f7cdbc39cf8da2da9836ef7c752Philipp von Weitershausen — Bug 729173 - Part 2: MobileConnection boilerplate. r=mounir
4209594a01af72ea2e31a46c69c9750f17e2725dPhilipp von Weitershausen — Bug 729173 - Part 1: MobileConnection interfaces. r=sicking
853ae8c135f9e904c8c1d23ebf869af313bf0124Marco Bonardo — Bug 742776 - Use a case sensitive match for the URI path in inline autocomplete query.
df8d8d06a7bd19decb85ea3a166b332cf449fff4Marco Bonardo — Bug 739968 - MigrationUtils.jsm import should use app modules resource url.
47c706c98a825fb776152b3c76fc5513e79b8bdaGian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 746630 - Clean up SetupScreen class now that we no longer use the timers. r=blassey a=blocking-fennec
41aa31e62e7b0a02dbf033dc228e1ac454d3d236Gian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 746630 - Trigger the "setting up" screen via callbacks instead of timers. r=blassey a=blocking-fennec
029dae90f2ccccc1783b5da609b43a9031475e9eEd Morley — Backout 4e26b559d215, d74da7b4bf10 & d91d3787a3ef (bug 742036) for xul android failures; a=backout
078f22017c69479e83fe7e37b27bba2cce8d9017Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 745864 - Add profiling labels relevant for Fennec event performance. r=bgirard a=blassey
8e191b7164b4251eee36ab2c95f6938981564afbJeff Muizelaar — Bug 745864 - Add profiling labels relevant for Fennec graphics performance. r=bgirard a=blassey
473904bdde306fc4b64337db1457e9d565dd8c71Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 745864 - make SAMPLE_LABELS per line instead of per independent scope. r=bgirard a=blassey
d665f2ad8a78e0917943f342c779ae78fe2285f1Michael Kaply — Bug 278860 - Show the right error message when the profile is missing; r=bsmedberg a=mfinkle
03a334471fa35163774699f523a53a1c2fa9865aFrancesco Lodolo — Bug 738767 - Make the Addons label in View Quota localizable; r=mak a=mfinkle
d9cb12986a3a20dd2cc2a1a07d8b6b5b70cba7b9Ed Morley — Backout 3e24a0ebd104 (bug 726949) for M-oth orange; a=backout
febef520842e656d4976dd5af5d9e846247dda37Graeme McCutcheon — Bug 578771 testcase. r=ehsan a=test
7ecd07342540a2ca2fd14459064170334a72740eMatt Brubeck — Bug 746703 - Set targetSdkVersion to 14 in AndroidManifest.xml to disable legacy menu button [r=blassey, a=blocking-fennec]
4e26b559d215890bc9b5cc720c9f72b7913779a1Chris Peterson — Bug 742036 - Part 3: Pass Android's native keycodes to Flash plugin using nsGUIEvent::pluginEvent. r=masayuki,blassey a=blocking-fennec
d74da7b4bf106db071ce7657b3b2990146aada9aChris Peterson — Bug 742036 - Part 2: Add AndroidGeckoEvent::RepeatCount() for KeyEvents. r=masayuki,blassey a=blocking-fennec
d91d3787a3efc06c533b1f42e76aae9c7781e0cbChris Peterson — Bug 742036 - Part 1: Convert Android keycodes to DOM/NS_VK keycodes. r=masayuki a=blocking-fennec
8b1087512ec4787852ab2625eb46d047f4e5c510Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 737922: Invert form validation arrow if it is shown on top. [r=mfinkle] [a=blocking-fennec]
d585de9a3103dbdcca84b08e07d88049f381d182Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 715272: Add padding in top sites thumbnails. [r=mfinkle] [a=blocking-fennec]
3e24a0ebd104a5d11712ab9a7879003db8601773Boris Zbarsky — Bug 726949. Instead of using the given proto for the sandbox directly, use a proxy that forwards to the given proto but rebinds all getters/setters/methods to use the given proto, not the sandbox global, as this. r=bholley, a=tracking-firefox
6294c13ee51e040d96b0b0fcc1d6335f28261758jhorak — Bug 746148 - Respect the LANG environment variable when trying to select a spell checking dictionary; r=ehsan a=mfinkle
d8a90842487049896570f621ebb18bf2afe4edd5Jason Orendorff — Bug 738617 - Revert changeset 6d139ebc0f43 (bug 730139). Reserving let breaks some web sites. r=Waldo, a=mfinkle.
4ec92164de7bd178c55bce445d644bde2fb2565aGian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 746362 - StrictMode violation in saving Sync migration state. r=blassey a=mfinkle
cd8b66649278a03fc9bfff2e52422c9c7e7d8338Tim Taubert — merge m-c to fx-team; a=desktop-only
ac3ea3b31fe01e9aa8a94d7937a3eaa158052cf7Dave Camp — Bug 702411 - Rule view shouldn't update during highlighting. r=robcee
db5627efe52f2e85cd7b20e4330d0859aa4439a7Dave Camp — Bug 740662 - Replace InspectorStore dictionaries with Inspector instances. r=robcee
92dbde20179413385880c82f94d6ad45a761dc0eDave Camp — Bug 707809 - Refactor creation of registered sidebar tools iframes in InspectorUI. r=robcee
fc195f2e276a3de5ad76609552f473167954ce34Paul Rouget — Bug 717922 - In the PageInspector toolbar, move the HTML Tree button in front of the breadcrumbs display. a=desktop-only r=dao
134706dc07b1b4e3588cd9371fdb52580b084b87Paul Rouget — Bug 735214 - [inspector] Give the focus to the toolbar and make the buttons tabbable. a=desktop-only r=dao r=rcampbell
fe5bf2fca92ebb79204b1d218262ed67735149d1Bellindira Castillo [:bellindira] — Bug 736476 - Title page for New tab is about:newtab after restart r=ttaubert
22bfdebf5cae295b3aa946406d7654c356b55801Felipe Gomes — Bug 746369. Add support for installing apps that do not provide an icon, falling back to the standard webapp icon. r=gavin a=desktop-only
ebec7bc561e1905612befb1d07292903e702472cFelipe Gomes — Bug 747205. Webapps installer follow-ups. r=timA a=desktop-only
ac6e651207d3fe55b8f168c28c9568b00a6c8306Felipe Gomes — Bug 746848. Support pref for webapps installer dry-run. r=gavin a=desktop-only
3e2557ca55d665956268f63870c18264ee28da1aKyle Huey — Bug 746834: Fix the test for Bug 575561 to not use DOM objects after navigating the Window. r=dao a=test-only
c861d58b7ade2378bc7f1e80a5f1cb2c7fd6c07fEd Morley — Merge last PGO-green changeset of mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central a=merge
1d3aea7115d36068c375f00e2d3048f734a4da7bBlake Kaplan — Bug 745114 - Collapse the various status change callbacks into a single callback. r=cjones a=b2g-only
70689bad715673c3da3393e4358f75560296a91fEtienne Segonzac — Bug 746121 - Updating the DirectoryProvider to look for user.js on the sdcard. r=vingtetun a=b2g-only
76c80a198ebae612b4d181f3ade781dd7e18d4c1Gian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 746035 - Rework constants to common Java style. r=lucasr a=blocking-fennec
e320015d6348b094f0209a9170b4dae603a35e63Gian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 746035 - Make some more constant strings in the Migrator static. r=lucasr a=blocking-fennec
a9ee797ccd070edaae8a75cb8e786e8af9b6354bGian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 746035 - Don't migrate favicons GUIDs if not present. r=lucasr a=blocking-fennec
12a595c5d7a40ec2e3a9d46d45b28a136060ea8aGian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 746035 - Bail out of Profile Migration on errors. r=lucasr a=blocking-fennec
2d335134f808ee73bfff826989ff430b90e95185Gian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 726379 - Remove CheckBookmarkTask, use a simple Runnable. r=sriram a=blocking-fennec
1008d821954027da80f841b151e134c4a4c01b74Gian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 746365 - StrictMode violation in checking Profile Migration status. r=blassey a=blocking-fennec
e1ce5cd28a22ec66a4234b72b6916a653f7f9728Ehsan Akhgari — Merge mozilla-central and mozilla-inbound; a=merge
01cf4fb5a8c324853c5f1ab8fd00c15c35944b08Mounir Lamouri — Bug 647665 - Inform the UI that we do not hover a link anymore if the element is removed from the DOM. r=bz a=gavin
900945f9909a447a028bac6db5bb6b6fa077cf9bMyk Melez — bug 746629 - package webapp-uninstaller.exe on Windows so it is available to the webapp installer; r=felipe, a=desktop-only
c55ce76c8daca69e036fda7d2282e232b352c14bSerge Gautherie — Bug 743692. (Fv2-FF) nsBrowserGlue.js: fix 2 nits. r=mak77 a=(desktop-only).
ee38392142edd0298275dba2273ffc2713c92bdbEhsan Akhgari — Merge the last green PGO changeset from mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central; a=merge
e9e62564ab349a1c94376bce085ab807baff078fMyk Melez — bug 746156 - isolate webapp runtime files into subdirectory of Firefox package; r=bsmedberg, a=akeybl
7a227bcb5bdee5d018c0953b9fdd1042ac5e95cdMatt Brubeck — Bug 739393 - Set new tabs created in the background to inactive [r=mfinkle, a=blocking-fennec]
48704ff71f85aec6a81f847d95fc85d4602070c6Robert O'Callahan — Bug 745934. Update bounds of nsDisplayOpacity after we've mutated its list. r=mattwoodrow,a=blocking-fennec
c6316d2579e290764f44f341c4d96b1be0e1a9ceEhsan Akhgari — Backout changeset 0b25ccd32a49 (bug 745934) for reftest failures; a=bustage
8c8b6bbaf7cd684bdc5a57f0e9460b989ed0a2d7Ehsan Akhgari — Backout changeset 5f1b5ab7afb5 (bug 735898) for reftest failures
559cd0ff610cf6f7700d6896a68622ae22011d69Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 745494 - Hide the anonymous editing UI before its too late; r=roc a=blocking
5f1b5ab7afb5bacd39934e42318e3213ff1c6fbcRobert O'Callahan — Bug 735898. Part 8: Speed up SortByZOrder. r=dbaron,a=blocking-fennec
0b25ccd32a49a845a1433a6e0fe0ba224932a8f0Robert O'Callahan — Bug 745934. Update bounds of nsDisplayOpacity after we've mutated its list. r=mattwoodrow,a=blocking-fennec
a975f9c7d7f0c98eb3d79df028ebad34d9ed4ba9Terrence Cole — Bug 746356 - Ignore js files in the root test dir; r=dmandelin, a=blassey
9c94f2cf3f602260c6bf513d162cd7bae249d4a4Wes Johnston — Bug 746816 - Crash closing a select dialog while panning. r=mfinkle a=blocking-fennec
19f452f791987d0e7e5dfc0c01d42d2cabea8d8fLuke Wagner — Bug 745236 - fix f.apply(arguments) optimization bug 2 (r=bhackett,a=lsblakk)
02abd512e33960e630018bf1f225d601b2c6818bLuke Wagner — Bug 745236 - fix f.apply(arguments) optimization bug 1 (r=bhackett,a=lsblakk)
e2b8678bc86619f9630880a578b95958535d5c1eMatt Woodrow — Bug 704124 - Use correct source surface with Azure canvas on d3d9 layers. r=Bas, a=blassey
8094acc0a47ebbd3b4202e124d57cf5be49cc48aJohn Daggett — Bug 710727. Share cmaps across all fonts. r=jkew, a=tracking-firefox
23ad93b7c90a225ff3b41084ebbf21cddaf58d9cChris Peterson — Bug 687717 - Send key events rather than committing single-character composition strings. r=blassey r=masayuki a=blocking-fennec
dfcf1209c7928200deeb918cc36280d4d52145ffChris Pearce — Bug 744860 - Set sensible :-moz-full-screen CSS width/height defaults, so elements with specified CSS dimensions end up fullscreen properly. r=roc a=blassey
a7d54fc7d18b6ca46b566fd8cc7bcb47b34805c8Graeme McCutcheon — Bug 740784 - Don't allow old bogus nodes to trail textarea content. r=ehsan a=lsblakk
9d11d469890f3bda809f7590d756587e190a0921Matthew Noorenberghe — Bug 739697 - Don't begin a transaction for formhistory.sqlite if there's an existing one since we don't support nesting them. r=zpao,rnewman a=tracking-firefox
c04a467c48ac5c15d16da548f24203ef55df670eAlessandro Decina — Bug 422540 - GStreamer backend for audio/video decoding. r=cdouble, a=npotb
364a452825725e96dc5e9d3171b5a6ff63b2275eFelipe Gomes — Bug 731541. Implement webapp installer for Windows. r=bbondy a=blassey
0c61704a02ea8467dd81571b16d8a4e65ec96af2Tim Abraldes — Bug 745995. Natively-installed webapps should yse the app's icon for their taskbar and system menu icons. r=bsmedberg a=gavin
45ac4e63aee375b83a48903e10ef9542b95e8faaFelipe Gomes — Bug 738501. follow-up, rev uuid. rs,a=gavin
5c21a9ce79c723298e16c068d54a17e1d02b8264Tim Abraldes — bug 738501: Add `setShortcut` function to nsILocalFileWin. r=bsmedberg. a=gavin.
e4a3b7619f4dae3044d0878a6e2ab3e106310e98Michael Wu — Bug 746728 - Add sensor index fallback for qemu, r=gal a=b2g-only
6a6c9764a3a2050bd4c715d9983b27c453f57bb7Chenxia Liu — Bug 738676 - Pairing multiple devices. r=rnewman a=blocking-fennec
9cc11bafbb2944ebbe0179caef4cc6044e4176a8Benoit Girard — Bug 746344 - gfxImageSurface should allow allocation without memset. r=jmuizelaar a=jpr
26679372aaf4590ea453bb2c2705544d79271b15Graeme McCutcheon — Bug 686203 - nsHTMLEditorEventListener's MouseDown listener should disregard events outwith its editor. Also fixes bug 578771. r=ehsan a=blassey
31d07d8738379598f5c717655120e14cfcc4ccd2Ehsan Akhgari — Merge mozilla-central and mozilla-inbound; a=me
f6edc3d72a2275202c17dcff521bcd0bf6589fd2Brian Nicholson — Bug 746548 - Fix NPE for cache service in pause/resume. r=mfinkle a=blocking-fennec
a4d9b327cc69b18a4e2ccd8302148fd7164cb2ffJonathan Kew — bug 745699 - canvas2d rendering context needs to call gfxFontGroup::UpdateFontList() before MakeTextRun() to ensure user font generation is up to date. r=roc a=blassey
f2ef364eab91957c74ea6a49ca0a51b502a1e07cJared Wein — Bug 742619 - Intermittent orange in browser_pluginnotifications.js at test 11c. r=felipe a=desktop-only
cfadc6e0d7007bb4a0b7bcdda3e44a6ac024da58Jared Wein — Bug 711618 - Automated tests for plugin activation permissions. r=felipe a=blassey
cd390cfb7b3966a118ff553454191de3edd82dfaJared Wein — Bug 711618 - Platform changes for click-to-play permissions. r=josh a=blassey
cd89cb4e2208d0989ec3656eac8540864e842e7bJared Wein — Bug 711618 - Add ability to remember plugin activation settings. r=felipe a=blassey
e299d978c3bc284413158c0c94c4fd9344ce4515Dão Gottwald — Bug 745757 - Simplify CSS selectors involving the navigation toolbar and the tabsontop attribute. r=felipe a=desktop-only
32ed0c04a15396e8e5d161c49834a7a62845ec92Michael Wu — Bug 746429 - Make failure to set master volume non-fatal to startup, r=cjones a=b2g-only
12a2ee1f008862b213e4c93f80ca9c396c146888Bill Gianopoulos — Bug 745567: Integrate bug 702284 and bug 728737 patches, r=mbrubeck a=xul-only
1280df4478a8da730d76b8ed57082b9d3f4a8e25Wes Johnston — Bug 721084 - Don't move profile to sdcard when Fennec moves there. r=blassey a=blocking-fennec
a9b543de6b67b00bb67d41981451bd5e9f04b4b6Tim Taubert — merge m-c to fx-team; a=desktop-only
c2ee16305bc6289def44a42abcc9b136a7493ed3Tim Taubert — Bug 745303 - Part 3 - Remove empty method; r=me
15387b04ebf2f8c004dceab202caac8a0b415aa6Tim Taubert — Bug 745303 - Part 2 - Correct Panorama tests; r=dietrich
d42051ed9a815167b4684ed7965904a9c85e12a5Tim Taubert — Bug 745303 - Part 1 - Make Panorama use the thumbnail service; r=dietrich
5d69cf5ce27802364295d27e550b19df09729ffaRaymond Lee — Bug 659594 - Use MozAfterPaint to redraw thumbnails r=ttaubert
da53be6847941ee5a7017e8eaa79eea029547a0fEhsan Akhgari — Merge the last green PGO changeset on mozilla-inbound into mozilla-central; a=me
8f6fdee0a7128026af59db5b363b0befeaa8eb2cBenoit Girard — Bug 740557 - Add a Copy-On-Write surface wrapper (gfxReusableSurface) for OMTC tiling. r=jmuizelaar a=blocking-fennec
aec492e095b856a2d180470fad83c355a8e6a95cMargaret Leibovic — Bug 745016 - Tap-to-play plugin click listener sometimes doesn't get triggered. r+a=mfinkle
81c31a6906b6307f1dd6ccf000e550c9160f30cfMarco Bonardo — Bug 710895 - Part 4: fix the test
c209b10216fb5add1f06bd37ceca5770cda30cd1Bobby Holley — Bug 746221 - Pull properties for comparison off the prototype to avoid mismatches with expandos. r=past a=test-only
17d247638c4b277a94d64ffc00cd8659538deb4dKartikaya Gupta — Bug 743800 - Ensure all metrics used during one frame of composition are consistent. r=jrmuizel a=blocking-fennec
680493f701d93e4a35dd55d6333ab92d02ae23b0Robert O'Callahan — Bug 735898. Part 7: Remove expensive nsIFrame::HasBorder checks, just check style instead. r=dbaron,a=blocking-fennec
5d290ee96e81148ee9a957d4bfc393bc102bb52bRobert O'Callahan — Bug 735898. Part 6: Avoid nsIFrame::GetOffsetTo calls by caching a frame/offset pair in nsDisplayListBuilder, using the cache from nsDisplayListBuilder::ToReferenceFrame, and having BuildDisplayListForChild efficiently update the cached frame from parent to child when possible. Also, use display items' precalculated ToReferenceFrame() instead of calling nsDisplayListBuilder::ToReferenceFrame where possible. r=mattwoodrow,a=blocking-fennec
a18c49118152295433be812cc29d8b144b35708dRobert O'Callahan — Bug 735898. Part 5.9: Remove nsDisplaySVGEffects::mEffectsFrame since it's always the same as mFrame. r=mattwoodrow,a=blocking-fennec
a0258b6aeed48fad8b137b140a9f1c18b90ea509Hub Figuière — Bug 712924 - Part 2: Return the proper role description for definition lists, with localization. r=surkov a=NPOTB
eee73897136b4fb54a6e1cac13cc9b48e6af6c25Martin Stransky — Bug 741737 - Configure libvpx with pkgconfig. r=khuey, a=npotb
8f52882518b6d8a64294d3f53b85b896419aeb26Geoff Brown — Bug 745889: SUT agent/watcher - avoid NullPointerException when there are no running app processes. r=ctalbert, a=test-only
96425a35b8838e6f8905e0b3d0c98edece4cb24aGeoff Brown — Bug 744530 - SUT agent: do not routinely report expected exceptions. r=ctalbert, a=test-only
7696a4ff9d22e5639baf5db72b0be5a9efed0800Geoff Brown — Bug 743766 - Handle IllegalArgumentException in RedirOutputThread. r=ctalbert, a=test-only
df509f3ced810259937ad2037a7e2fb0b0392197Chenxia Liu — Bug 745302 - Passwords synced to Fennec database, but don't autocomplete in UI. r=nalexander,rnewman a=blocking-fennec
fdfd683899fdc05eb8b2811de83951cfbff0b57dAli Juma — Bug 733941 - Let callers of imgIContainer::draw choose to clamp instead of tile. r=roc a=blocking-fennec
656d5df8c8de91e53ef12b6ffa09929723bd46bcSriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 737907: Resolution specific resources for Form validation. [r=mfinkle] [a=blocking-fennec]
36c22a5ddbe5d92cc55d0fbbcbf827cc4ad02067Gian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 715550 - Migration of Sync settings from XUL Fennec. r=mfinkle a=blocking-fennec a=mfinkle
c80635a1c62f6bb7c6f555f5edb2282aa4a616a9Bill McCloskey — Bug 731837 - Fix GC mark time regression from IGC (r=igor,a=tracking-firefox)
f9fbee492a5cd7277c0d32e011469d4536f241c8Mounir Lamouri — Backout 23a0762a0dd6 because of bustage. a=backout
fe91ab23b390217aa67c1582829cee5ea877d6cdEhsan Akhgari — Bug 735262 - Fix the compilation error on profiling builds; r=me a=npotb
218a9ef791519ddd2c3da28c6fed185de67009ccOlli Pettay — Bug 745744 - Geolocation doorhanger might cause zombie compartments because it keeps callbacks alive, r=gavin, a=desktop-only
23a0762a0dd6ab356bc180d35fda30af5fb55c24Mounir Lamouri — Bug 647665 - Inform the UI that we do not hover a link anymore if the element is removed from the DOM. r=bz a=gavin
35e13f42ee8aa35af4ad7a02e2f56d7a962be3ecGinn Chen — Bug 689916 testing for regexp crash on SPARC r=dmandelin a=test-only
28ebf87f14a9ed3bbd2ff99b853f24d8eb6e7592Myk Melez — bug 746457 - fix bustage in reading extension default prefs (not covered by tests) from changeset ef55c163a23a (bug 725408); followup patch that completely reverts change to the previous behavior; r,a=bustage
0c7e2911be75b12aa98e83800231cecf127ec997Myk Melez — bug 746457 - fix bustage in reading extension default prefs (not covered by tests) from changeset ef55c163a23a (bug 725408); r,a=bustage
93dfd98900ad8e01e64e0bafb8880209777c5811Ed Morley — Merge last PGO-green changeset of mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central a=merge
6b917c007510a7c4f7c75d542a9419bbf396c80aGeorge Wright — Bug 728724 - Backout c210ff20f371, as the correct fix has now landed. r=joe a=blocking-fennec
ac561faaee40bd1c65e4b0dedd7522c2b10893a0Brian Nicholson — Bug 745075 - Close disk cache when pausing. r=gbrown f=mfinkle,michal
a0ecc336b66d10d65c6648cb43a823dafb9df1cfBobby Holley — Bug 746021 - Don't assert that the window ids are the same when they shouldn't be. r=msucan
d07b72d4865d24d98f0bbab28ec0f44eeb71137aWes Johnston — Bug 732016 - Don't call GetFrameFromPoint for non touchstart touch events. r=smaug
e4aaf4456c6faba8a53d0dffa0d18bd7170e5455Marco Bonardo — Bug 710895 follow-up - Temporarily disable test_IE_bookmarks.js, while looking into why it fails.
c79838793ceb61dc43c745e5afb315db252a4177Daniel Holbert — Bug 745991: In nsCSSFrameConstructor::MaybeRecreateContainerForFrameRemoval, add explicit parenthesis around '&&' within '||' to silence GCC warning. r=smontagu
165ec2dea41242b60bfa9cb25680960b82cb6163Daniel Holbert — Bug 744464: Fix incorrect bounds-check of unsigned value in nsPlainTextSerializer::AppendElementEnd. r=smaug
bb0ab2ceb0316f2cdb148bd9655913188886781cDavid Humphrey (:humph) — Bug 745266 - Operator precedence is wrong in nsEventStateManager::PreHandleEvent. r=smaug
328b56d0b34c1a66427111df96a2f98d45e71f5bDaniel Holbert — Backout f59dff115daa because it landed with the wrong bug number
6c0fdf2079a96dc609f000d5f4943d181de5c144Mats Palmgren — Bug 744541. r=bz
4a5d25e138e23585c50cf6fdd1f2093908f92da2Eitan Isaacson — Bug 745982 - Move border padding to VisualPresenter. r=surkov.
2bfce9e64bf11aa749aa037f2adf71216aab60d8Eitan Isaacson — Bug 745981 - Fix null reference error when switching to a tab with no VC set. r=surkov.
cefa04404a30bff72e3c3901173b0aed081f60dcMarco Zehe — bug 746164 - Failure for the shortcut keys in actions/test_keys.html on Mac, r=surkov
f636d62d59209cfe5c03c0668dedbf7b9d7965a2Marco Zehe — Bug 746168 - Wrong font referenced in attributes/test_text.html for the cursive test on Mac, r=surkov
200d81544f0253301aa7c1bb107bc2b4d819e4abWes Johnston — Backed out changeset a43a33ddd2b3
a43a33ddd2b3d64d7e5b098ec523437d5f2a439aKartikaya Gupta — Bug 745381 - Don't call GetFrameFromPoint for non touchstart touch events. r=smaug
1f86ad4f883dde71aa6a8951f8e1583979dd6754Wes Johnston — Bug 745936 - Dont overwrite dirty rect for hit testing with displyport. r=roc
8ddeb95d76503a0275cfcc48d11b198aa441a2d9Aryeh Gregor — Bug 205485 - execCommand("backcolor") should work the same as execCommand("hilitecolor"); r=ehsan
15845084c84dc6c1295bc52241d0595990537f2fKartikaya Gupta — Bug 741693 - Cleanup; change instance variable to private. r=cpeterson
fb2fd2b621ba207d044c1da377c89569a79e9008Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 741693 - Move the Axis prefs from GeckoLayerClient into PanZoomController. r=Cwiiis
1588b18050f408c386d5eb494de28b84d38e1ba7Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 741693 - Make the zoom animation frames preffable. r=Cwiiis
55f527f49d546342968ff99f5d4e14a15de557e5Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 745540 - Properly handle multithreaded access to the listener list. r=blassey
df9ea73ec1f4a437152e7a75c198f80803c4410bAryeh Gregor — Bug 702948 - Add telemetry to count how many ranges are detached; r=smaug
f96f490bedabbcf1a171253d95d38affd1c04ccaBrad Lassey — bug 746135 - PopLocalFrame won't be called if an error occurs in AudioRunnable::Run() r=snorp
76291134483795ce68ef05ea9a89d03bf0c0eacaFelipe Gomes — bug 739636 - implement webapp installer for Mac OS X; r=mstange
ef55c163a23a0fb7dc361791a53b6149d69f3ca2Myk Melez — bug 725408 - implement WebappRT launcher/shell; r=bsmedberg
2d345cf4616b132e576d3e82cbe8b5a6b537d6c0Nathan Froyd — Bug 745758 - pack ipdl-generated classes better; r=cjones
193999908be8160fea8600ec8cbd51d4020d6c19Marco Bonardo — Bug 710895 - Part 3: The new JS migrator.
2e3090639b46d7319681a6cbaa5a6d91c67c70e1Marco Bonardo — Bug 710895 - Part 2: Remove the old IE migrator
279264d06d08ba858f52a8e53cedfffd5c8db4ebMarco Bonardo — Merge central and inbound
67818a1a19c39a6b041d4e3b9150e38b491bf1c1Tanvi Vyas — bug 570505 - fix csp to avoid creating strings from URIs and un-hose test_bug558431. r=dveditz
372d32e0ea61376eb4c20443a2e3794345617195Wes Johnston — Bug 745936 - Display port should not override dirtyRect during hit detection r=roc
fdc8a3e8c956d48b0e7ed5812aa1122d464da46cHenri Sivonen — Bug 742414 & Bug 731234 - Highlight script end tag correctly in View Source and avoid crashing when doing so. r=smaug.
913f7811c0681b7485a61044502a1877f3c96006Paolo Amadini — Bug 726444 - Implement the Downloads Panel. r=mak ui-r=limi
9caaf32e08fc012fb993b4bed2296fbb9086a75aMark Banner — Backout bug 741972 / changeset 993d0e9edd3f due to test failures
bcc6fb80cd73b1016bac26505afcb2b62809d287Aryeh Gregor — Bug 738385 part 2 - queryCommand*() should not throw for commands that don't support them; r=ehsan
307272b019d4dd45a6afa29032b57c9acd51512dAryeh Gregor — Bug 738385 part 1 - Refactor some editing logic in nsHTMLDocument.cpp; r=ehsan
459b7d9d63d7191604d92848f651c775df5e0ad9Aryeh Gregor — Bug 279330 part 2 - execCommand("hilitecolor") should work even in non-CSS mode; r=ehsan
52e2737720a568d2b378ee8429d2ce4d326ed67dAryeh Gregor — Bug 279330 part 1 - Remove erroneous NS_ERRORs; r=ehsan
975341acf9f1f384e4ffe6601566f9daa92ed168Alexander Surkov — Bug 743680 - fix clang build, followup, rs=smaug
8a1dc2f6e8108f3ffbf161c61afeff346f79a5e0Gian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 745863 - Debug logging is not compiled out in NSSBridge. r=wesj
993d0e9edd3f30122fad0bd27ffb280b02cca4b2Mark Banner — Bug 741972 - Test failures on ESR when channel is set to ESR, TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | test_AddonRepository_compatmode.js | == and more. Change tests to re-use the new AddonManager.checkCompatibility attribute for future-proofing channel additions/changes. r=bmcbride
e5cd53eb0cf9d5af4bf620886fd198b6370848a9Jonathan Kew — bug 745261 - check calls to SetupCairoFont for failure. r=jdaggett
eb4d4fc1f84f8f44f581f1628c5d4c85e07755c1Alexander Surkov — Bug 733848 - fix image url in name/test_markup.html test, r=marcoz
719a2fb28324ec55ab92c776c31c5ef4517ed91eOlli Pettay — Bug 743178, CORS may keep XHR alive too long, r=bz, a=tracking-firefox14+
3a9629092a5f6f17f83913de422fd41a5c9f71d7Rob Campbell — merge fx-team to m-c
0e71d6eec4d367757b4bd28eedf4fd09a64524eeHeather Arthur — Backing out f95f46afce27:01a50802f2d7 for TypeError on inspector open
01a50802f2d7af05258359a1282eb8394a6a465bPaul Rouget — Bug 735214 - [inspector] Give the focus to the toolbar and make the buttons tabbable. (Part B - tabbable); r=rcampbell
f95f46afce27e36177cff467933ed82582913a52Paul Rouget — Bug 735214 - [inspector] Give the focus to the toolbar and make the buttons tabbable. (Part A - shortcut); r=dao
0ba7e290a08ff754cb49e26b82da6a50102054adHeather Arthur — Bug 733612 - Add a pseudo-class lock menu to the infobar node menu. r=paul
b8b2b94ae5e5b545526b860f9818384195902f4dMark Capella — Bug 745119 - Clean up TEST_URIs in webconsole tests; r=rcampbell
f1f9579b3eea57cb72a5bb62e29915dea7131b1dMichael Ratcliffe — Bug 740603 - "Copy Rule" in the rule view includes expanded shorthand properties; r=dcamp
0319eb7b084a197183a875c8caf01fc15d6d8653Panos Astithas — Bug 740805 - Treat JSM files as JS scripts in the debugger; r=rcampbell
1e7f193ff1a7de2f1ede0a623477362ef6a7e09dTim Taubert — Bug 745712 - FillInHTMLTooltip should not use title attributes from XUL ascendants; r=dao
40455cbb1ad3732a85a20da3f5de9e542e0e4de6Marco Bonardo — Merge last green PGO from inbound to central
5ed1eb2bb418416f36a715642b30a76eb52857baHenri Sivonen — Bug 744366 - Assert about old readyState before readyState transitions. r=bzbarsky.
e78c08c87860fc30afacccfd658f2ca53f7c4e27Pallani Kumaran — Bug 739866 - Store last accessed timestamp for tabbrowser tabs [r=zpao]
8951d7e2d564ffdc7f7fb8c3947ab7f688a450a8Timothy Nikkel — Bug 728284. Don't try to paint an opaque background for widgets that do it themselves. r=roc
6dbdb799fa6dd7161a05e1712e36c426bd192f5bRobert O'Callahan — Bug 728983. Part 2: When display items for multiple frames are merged, track the merged frames and mark them all as having an associated container layer. This ensures that invalidations are processed correctly. r=mattwoodrow
9157e2b139132e3325c4089ed9107364999ceacdRobert O'Callahan — Bug 728983. Part 1: Add nsDisplayItem::GetMergedFrames. r=mattwoodrow
2745411f4bb99b58673b8cbc9bcde66fd25fc162Andrei — Bug 739191 - get rid nsAccUtils::GetDocAccessibleFor(const nsIPresShell* aPresShell), r=surkov, f=tbsaunde
96e8cc4b2b20ba9f2021b5499a7c0f53e77db0b8Frédéric Wang — Bug 732834 - fix an error in the MathML stylesheet. r=karlt
b73de501ea5ee5a7f9838cb33d20c8976aca8683Karl Tomlinson — b=497498 prevent GetTargetDragData (and IsTargetContextList) from being called without a target GtkWidget r=roc
4e72b79e7cee1f1942c430bd9b4f976fd124ec22Karl Tomlinson — b=497498 move early drag end code to drag_motion_event_cb and correct return value r=roc
cf998e4853002e2c41b939c23a7b28418a679188Karl Tomlinson — b=497498 use nsIDragSession::getCurrentSession to remove sIsDraggingOutOf r=roc
7f5e0ef6ad589a7adf8ca866246f4e1ab3a8f060Karl Tomlinson — b=497498 split drag event dispatch code from GTK signal handling methods r=roc
93a7a0655014286756c8691e6a3cbe4882b33534Karl Tomlinson — b=497498 use a helper method for dispatching destination drag events r=roc
8bea9978c445a4a6dac7f2d05796e113746ce863Karl Tomlinson — b=497498 use event coordinates for source drag end point instead of new cursor position r=roc
fadcc45f8fe80aa5a52c96cf1422efc31981faabKarl Tomlinson — b=497498 use event and widget coordinates for drop point instead of new cursor position r=roc
46b2bf54dd1e1de503f2b990a49ab63b02d1b953Karl Tomlinson — b=497498 use nsDragService::SetCanDrop instead of nsIDragSessionGTK::StartDragMotion to reset before NS_DRAGDROP_OVER r=roc
3a94918698987fc1382e7a5cd4d45e4c42ac1dd4Karl Tomlinson — b=497498 fire NS_DRAGDROP_DRAG at source even before synthetic NS_DRAGDROP_OVER events r=enndeakin
0d31d468778b51a2f3795a607c58476393932f32Karl Tomlinson — b=497498 don't set a drag context with the new widget for a leave event on the old widget r=enndeakin
5bd66f15b1f21a4769e632f2bf2a52df595a05e2Karl Tomlinson — b=497498 no need to explicitly dispatch NS_DRAGDROP_ENTER as this is handled during NS_DRAGDROP_OVER r=enndeakin
9e9d4bca6460dcdd5a668450922caf2a72012068Karl Tomlinson — b=497498 Only dispatch drop events when canDrop has been set via dragover and only indicate successful drop when the drop is sent r=enndeakin
6b33a2960e6858c253963fcd514be90085bf6d0eJeff Walden — Bug 736591 - Reduce the amount of string allocation attempted in ecma_5/RegExp/regress-617935.js to hopefully reduce intermittent orange. (The limit the test previously checked is no longer correct, so the allocation need not be repeated quite so many times as it was before this patch.) r=luke
d0988a66f47ad9bdd0939ec15cd02d6f74b550b5Hessam Salehi — Bug 722986 - Make WebContentConverter use the per-window Private Browsing APIs in order to decide how to behave; r=ehsan
793b37be195339d2a4dca519fcbc2ccd3d84f34cWes Johnston — Bug 739446 - Fix test bustage. r=mfinkle
fbcc959f56169385a6be74f38e53344ea766950aBrad Lassey — bug 721654 - Crash in mozilla::AndroidBridge::HandleGeckoMessage, follow up to require a JNI env for nsJNIString constructor r=kats
8c3acc1224692cf4ef8a741ef2d8af88e502f7a9Brad Lassey — bug 721654 - Crash in mozilla::AndroidBridge::HandleGeckoMessage r=kats
5130ac1fa079c536c1a265d9842eaca52faa3546Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 739510. JSObjectBuilder: Speed up construction of char * properties. r=ehsan
0d0ac6a97737209b487ba276b97f3d102363603dJeff Muizelaar — Bug 726352. Move SAMPLE_LABEL from nsEventListenerManager::HandleEventInternal r=smaug
61189954ca171da5767152658c8040dcd4639bfeTerrence Cole — Bug 735549 - Generate the JS reftest suite's manifests automatically; r=dmandelin
af7a735a2d9ed73696ed6c99d5fb9952c838eb40Bobby Holley — Bug 745661 - Make TI assertion handle safe mode, too. r=khuey
9e11f5d4b7d9e185f6a69e64799b2c634a856e69Scott Johnson — Bug 745993: Fix failing reftest from bug 708175. [r=dbaron]
003de68df57ae43feae1fe124ec794f6f05eb86aKai Engert — Bug 633471, crash if I delete a PKCS#11 certificate when smart card is logged out. Patch contributed by timeless and Ludovic Rousseau, plus my cleanup. r=kaie
b16ed4c13f5b8552c561a6c0791dfdf17a344a52Margaret Leibovic — Bug 735747 - Form autocomplete doesn't trigger oninput event. r+a=mfinkle
5668272cf028d02681313793fe4f8d113b310f4cOHZEKI Tetsuharu — Bug 745445 - Remove arguments.callee from browser.js. r=dao
7a89be8dbecc75b35093cb58dae0e4f1ec5b3893Brendan Dahl — Bug 743264 - Update pdf.js to version 0.2.536. r=mossop
ad0867e065d81f52e99fe49eaddf85395bf9bcedKan-Ru Chen — Bug 739913 - Add cpuSleepAllowed attribute to mozPower. r=cjones
e44a95efa5f098cfd5f41d68371a407427f7c7efL. David Baron — Add tests for font.size.inflation.lineThreshold preference and the associated threshold behavior. (Bug 706193, patch 5) r=roc
0c18caf33991da536864054f0dbaa7037332eab3L. David Baron — Use the font inflation data to disable font inflation for small pieces of text. (Bug 706193, patch 4) r=roc
9cf58850cf26befc69b189d831ae6d8e5bff8a7dL. David Baron — Build font data structure by walking the necessary text. (Bug 706193, patch 3) r=roc
9499f6b28addcbcd9c480eb80cfe6c4c63a4a3a1L. David Baron — Add a font inflation data structure per block formatting context. (Bug 706193, patch 2) r=roc
30dce13b71d0d9099553b71c8b6feffc561c5e0fL. David Baron — Add a preference for the threshold at which we have enough text within a BFC to use font size inflation. (Bug 706193, patch 1) r=roc
554a06caebf27df5513051a2dddae5aeec826e0fL. David Baron — Fix mistake in manifest file from bug 708175 (causing some tests to be double-run and some not at all).
bb484a08400862660546c84791bd7dce4595f329L. David Baron — Fix compilation error by fixing up more code. (Bug 735262) r=jrmuizel
a76755f58bbbb03958c20c733605c1f72d64391bMark Finkle — Bug 739446 - Default AMO bookmark should point to android native addons r=wesj
f59dff115daa0729197a091d798f6aafe3bbd8ccDavid Humphrey (:humph) — Bug 745255 - Operator precedence is wrong in nsEventStateManager::PreHandleEvent. r=smaug
cfcd178b2f5fff1d81445c63fac335f2ec940530Daniel Holbert — Bug 745272: Replace comparison of unsigned value >=0 with a useful comparison. r=humph r=cpearce
a84bdeb378f6303335351dbf31ee020d29e8ec65Paul O’Shannessy — Bug 745342 - Use more lazy services from Services.jsm [r=dietrich]
26439e0c36792be23e913711ff4eb10b09f2f303Paul O’Shannessy — Bug 732292 - use XPCOMUtils.defineLazyModuleGetter in sessionstore [r=dietrich]
5d5e4abb88a360bc7bbff83f0ebe5518ca8c28f6Mark Finkle — Bug 745750 - HTML entities in a download title will break the Download Manager r=wesj
a1f8356394fc1cbf745c3b6083c7f537c47e801cJim Blandy — Bug 743026: Make the --verbose flag to also show the command, environment, and cwd. r=ted
bc01a7e2d26a3b5f2d35e52351673ee5a3382a90Chris AtLee — Bug 745942: make android builds use ccache. r=khuey
296b90f063d5d9b01be74939869303ba6f6b0527Asaf Romano — Butage fix for bug 745466 (that test is not valid on windows).
1855b84921b444788eef4952868b35ee378d593bWes Johnston — Bug 745834 - Fix test bustage. r=mfinkle
e59ac316362ad94fa74ed0e703074cb723d2bd18David Anderson — Remove more uses of JS_FrameIterator (bug 744617, r=mrbkap).
546132d79a53465ee75bc75e3169a974b41b3056David Anderson — Remove simple JS_FrameIterator use from content, DOM, and caps (bug 744617, r=mrbkap).
ecd8434e43d92b062a08b8e985d07323d38e33f0David Anderson — Remove simple JS_FrameIterator uses in xpconnect (bug 744617, r=bholley).
0cac35aa7296adcd4cc0bce6344c29911fc51aa2Brian Nicholson — Bug 742771 - Fix last title after OOM. r=blassey
0d48714f477387de8ce7b6bcdfcc03ed831c1b71Asaf Romano — Bug 745466 - initWithPath fails for "~". r=bz. sr=bsmedberg.
957f4055f7165cec856e26f974509aecc9ae7012Wes Johnston — Bug 745834 - Set encryption type correctly in java. r=mfinkle
ef563bc49ec26fb2be3632b760b8d89793a17c9aWes Johnston — Bug 744816 - Fix leak encrypting passwords for android sync. r=rnewman
9b1a1266c8fd93cc0993e147c0bea91cf07c031eChris Lord — Bug 745738 - Handle multiple devices on android install target. r=mfinkle
f7668b976d64c473e566d110d5bf2e820ef66382Max Li — Bug 741699 - telemetry for uiautomation.dll r=askalski f=davidb
7a74a4a363fc601917524d8e1ab01a521fa76e72David Bolter — Bug 729154 - Telemetry for a11y instantiation by unknown cause. r=tbsaunde f=surkov
3adacc7b151f419a447899498157fd64ddb4f709Ehsan Akhgari — Merge mozilla-central and mozilla-inbound
fad44f5a127c914601dea55ac2d40b8dd9b0c2f2JP Rosevear — Bug 745401 - Fix logic error in draw event coalescing. r=kats
7cd93796187ba19bc23f5aacc7820a8be9f8aa19Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 744699 - Call setDisplayPort on the correct presShell. r=roc
7775694dcfe5a75f42160adde3359e0fd2e05656Benoit Girard — Bug 745556 - Include shared library info in text profile dump for android symbolication. r=jmuizelaar
b295582d2c6a17bf64f999617d128dc9f70f64d7Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 742743. Unify pageRect retrieval. r=kats
2b06484c231c230f6f57441ba730945ac9858f19Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 742743. Remove needless try/catch block. r=kats
07257e5f06d5eaf8cfb181fb031253fade92bbbeJeff Muizelaar — Bug 742731. Remove performUpdates return value. r=kats
6256b17dd252f141b249fb6375eca0324ae02bdfJonathan Kew — bug 745555 - reftests for preservation of character-identity flags when uppercasing text containing es-zet. r=roc
19d1e35cff9a8d93d75580bcb2df6f0a824f188dJonathan Kew — bug 745555 - preserve character-identity flags in the CompressedGlyph record when updating glyph information. r=roc
773b2db48d0cbb43eb33896b2073e27cf8dfbecbJeff Muizelaar — Bug 735262. Make leaf address printing saner. r=bgirard
c61e7c3a232aad0d8fb1bc2455487ce61dd9e182Asaf Romano — add Safari migrator to package manifests. I forgot to do so in the patch for bug 710259. r=mak over irc
e74b044c18b8301b489f71b1ec383c0d3f49c7e6Benoit Jacob — Bug 744888 - Work around a NVIDIA driver bug - r=jgilbert
b56db6eab47c0192cfc80b3baf328e494c394354Benoit Jacob — Bug 732233 - Explicitly enforce spec in uniform setters - r=jgilbert
686e5bcf747ba2fc7b5e4babb791114ac734c5e3Olli Pettay — Bug 731875 - Geolocation doorhanger might cause a zombie compartment, GeoPositionOptions part, r=dougt
14084207e9d112e399e553d16cf4aa21ff2c1e91Blake Kaplan — Bug 740079 - Provide a synchronous API to get precise information about the current connection status. r=cjones f=kaze
0066df252596904f0418d262117dec893e07e2deEhsan Akhgari — Merge the last green PGO build on mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central
3302067526f60dead7c7c5181de5831bc4b32d21Max Li — Bug 739883 - decomtaminate impl of GetSummary() on accessible tables, r=tbsaunde, f=surkov
904830fc136772c0060912c17a0833a55d4ffca5Justin Lebar — Bug 745502 - Fix a null-pointer exception in pushState. r=smaug
61088f8aa842fb7042453ce2b2565492b32322d8Mounir Lamouri — Bug 745495 - Fix crash when using screen object from removed iframe. r=smaug — Bug 742657 - move nsAccUtils::GetRoleMapEntry(nsINode *aNode) into nsARIAMap, r=tbsaunde, f=surkov
01fd11649cc8f93cc9d4df770884019938794361Robert Longson — Bug 736031 - getBBox returns incorrect results with empty containers. r=jwatt
2f8fbd24bde1a0ce3110573e35438083110f9f4dNicholas Nethercote — Bug 745068 - Minor front-end cleanups. r=jorendorff.
7b426ec26c0a18f773e6be65da41462e8b9a3dd2Robert O'Callahan — Bug 735898. Part 5: Simple tweaks to avoid wrapping empty lists and to reorder boolean tests. r=mattwoodrow
1bb71108f4ded6a1bacfd1cf45770f2cb799c61fRobert O'Callahan — Bug 735898. Part 4: Create Inner/Outer box-shadow items only if we actually have inset/outset shadows. r=mattwoodrow
07f55ad76d8fe1368332f2082d4f710d8be11419Robert O'Callahan — Bug 610713. Disable acceleration in popup widgets to work around Windows/driver bugs. r=bas
67ca169a52d24cb370ebb01bc03eb16dc8453652Brian Hackett — Stop precisely tracking arguments and locals beyond a 1000 variable threshold, bug 735974. r=dvander
4597dcf0842ab6040039ca3c7eeab126a341ec98Brian Hackett — Check type compatibility when coercing RootedVar to Handle, bug 745361. r=luke
eae5257fcacad0b75ced5964aa65b51e68d0aceaMax Li — Bug 740702 - nsHyperTextAccessible::GetDOMPointByFrameOffset should take nsAccessible*, r=tbsaunde
1c46346f8e68ed53ada4ee13a93c6b1adb043b3bJustin Lebar — Bug 741378 - Part 3: Fix test_memoryReporters bustage. r=njn
2110c3be7d531f32fa0358578f01ce55167c2dd9Matthew Gregan — Bug 742160 - Import AudioUnit cubeb backend. r=doublec
0e390be0b88fcdc3fd7b40ff3e3820f506e4bd98Matthew Gregan — Bug 742154 - Work around media crashtest shutdown hang in cubeb_winmm. r=cpearce
b99da5d23b1bb4383c41770aac25098b93782932Matthew Gregan — Bug 723793 - Lazily initialize libcubeb on first use. r=roc
29c2bb6184b6abeb1a390cfc77e20fc9412726b7Justin Lebar — Bug 741378 - Part 2: Update telemetry to report js-gc-heap-committed.
48315737bd3f0ca1718195129157b301eaf0b44fJustin Lebar — Bug 741378 - Rejigger the js memory reporters to match jemalloc's. r=njn
d3b5f1d1dd11fbb1500d915be861af2af5fb042dJustin Lebar — Back out changeset 21f34fdd64a3 (bug 741378) because it breaks telemetry. r=me
21f34fdd64a31ff8d85f1abf784968e1106c2d66Justin Lebar — Bug 741378 - Rejigger the js memory reporters to match jemalloc's. r=njn
69fdff02f85d4b7b42981a81318e3db7b2301d07Bobby Holley — Bug 745483 - Don't assert that TI is enabled when the pref is disabled. r=jdm
39cf985bb1ce61ea97ef630168d9ca6b083e5a19Bobby Holley — Bug 743843 - Introduce the options object for Components.Exception. r=Ms2ger,sr=mrbkap
b80749916305ca8e0578e085389a75d25ecb0436Bobby Holley — Bug 743843 - Ditch the confusing switch-based parsing and add some comments. r=Ms2ger
b31df4d9758427437227801653b3c726181f6610Bobby Holley — Bug 743843 - Factor individual argument parsers into helper methods. r=Ms2ger
d4a0adaa9328f709d06b45bda872107154d38b3aBobby Holley — Bug 743843 - Factor out Exception argument parsing into a helper class. r=Ms2ger
1b19214a0a50c271c1f20429a14a5ec863024ba3Bobby Holley — Bug 745422 - Factor fundamental traps into js::AbstractWrapper. r=gal
9a2f5f6016160523630a565df941b0e61173f10aOHZEKI Tetsuharu — Bug 745525 - Use handleEvent in PopupNotifications r=dolske
b69c5c0bb7274ebf6f722873a6f5e2eb64ed3a7bOHZEKI Tetsuharu — Bug 745524 - Minor code cleanup in PopupNotifications.jsm. r=dolske
3b35598ce292c9cfc0d6b27389198a43ad3d4bfcJosh Aas — Bug 745241: Clean up some plugin stream functions. r=bsmedberg
7aa6a96404c08bc6272de85a243f0c9aa5b694a0Benoit Jacob — Bug 734657 - Upgrade ANGLE to r1042 - no review
f9196b054d14b2ba8ca0a66e5747c6e4a86dde67Patrick McManus — bug 745379 - mistake in spdy/2 spec reversed actual priority values r=honzab
d191234ca2fee0a8bdef704c41d4f8da35e35783Jonathan Kew — bug 740120 - reftest for context-sensitive lowercase sigma mapping. r=smontagu
2e895a0f5ccb01f1643ed59e96a9cb3f01a1da15Jonathan Kew — bug 740120 - implement context-sensitive mapping for Greek sigma in text-transform:lowercase. r=smontagu
5ac4bfd734aa749c184fce331096a71c8fe612f2Jonathan Kew — bug 745454 - don't lose line-break flag when merging case-transformed characters in text run. r=smontagu
7e798c7b83801a273dfa18c44307f966ab1adc3bMs2ger — Merge m-c to m-i.
1ce567bc7915a3350f6626094a33a9bde5820fe4Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 745501 - Make sure simple string prefs get sent to Java properly. r=mfinkle
e080a936c8994ba932f10ab7dcf8c76072007505Joel Maher — Bug 745727 - deploy a new for tcheck2 and non null revision/sourcestamps. r=armenzg
fd06332733e5f163c6c533f828bdd422a6ea5ebeMs2ger — Bug 744507 - Part b: Add nsINode versions in GetPriorHTMLSibling/GetNextHTMLSibling; r=ehsan
7a9bd13747ba0eb98ff71b5033d32dc898c92c72Ms2ger — Bug 744507 - Part a: Preparatory cleanup in GetPriorHTMLSibling/GetNextHTMLSibling; r=ehsan
1e337bbbea58d579cb9796ede90b287caf871c1fMs2ger — Bug 743438 - Move some style rule functions from nsIContent to Element; r=mounir sr=bz
bbc5bed7b7dee5623c5a093bb29e9ec8daf3292bMs2ger — Bug 742884 - Part c: Cleanup nsHTMLEditRules::GetListState; r=ehsan
00243f9b9febbd5994539dd9bcf90feb697d1460Ms2ger — Bug 742884 - Part b: Cleanup GetListState (nsComposerCommands.cpp); r=ehsan
75531f9c6a5894a01bc63535d2bc30009d8d950bMs2ger — Bug 742884 - Part a: Cleanup RemoveOneProperty / RemoveTextProperty (nsComposerCommands.cpp); r=ehsan
6c5c349b434b2fd07314cec3894c79460c23c425Ms2ger — Bug 742893 - Part a: Make xpc_qsValueTo{Uint,Int}64 public; r=bholley
0d871550085e74d1cad600d972298f0c7f2a670aMs2ger — Bug 732708 - Part c: Remove dom-storage-changed observer topic; r=honzab
a188746249cd5325c468e99ef3ee406df77d5a00Ms2ger — Bug 732708 - Part b: Devirtualize BroadcastChangeNotification and remove a dead implementation; r=honzab
7e9f4d2f164befc993128e6dfab3cc4b729d2baaMs2ger — Bug 742938 - Move W3C-imported testharness.js tests to make the path shorter; r=jhammel
3ab875907bfcb669abb262b383648e029b8de43cMs2ger — No bug - Fix a few issues in and update generated Makefiles; r=me
709948da957e5c9a5578a6316490d7129d92df90Ms2ger — Bug 741349 - Get rid of the mozilla::xpconnect::memory namespace; r=bholley
c661a8fe157a2f6e37e8bc2346d96d45f9b7d24dMs2ger — Bug 741347 - Remove nsIXPConnect::DefineDOMQuickStubs, call DOM_DefineQuickStubs directly instead; r=bholley
bb0cd5bd2edaf7a483bc30e7a8e512002e042728Ms2ger — Bug 742837 - Remove dead code and cleanup around nsDOMScriptObjectFactory; r=bz
b368955edd07b8ca3a92deec28862083f9bf9f2aMs2ger — Bug 744347 - Remove last traces of EventException; r=smaug
24ebe492528b7b90b26a51d53b3bd8812c0e70baMs2ger — Bug 688415 - Outparamdel nsDocument::GetRadioGroup; r=volkmar
f3aa582f0137cb813ba02983f5264c714444016bMs2ger — Bug 745287 - Fix recent a11y build warnings; r=davidb,capella
356d8a2fd732609bce56967c76ecddc712188b38Ms2ger — Merge m-i to m-c.
6f44748aa046c4528005765fa0cc532523982018Geoff Brown — Bug 742560 - Increase Fennec's max disk cache size to 20MB. r=mfinkle
fcf55cbcd2fb437f1db5902751b1abfa54608c5dAryeh Gregor — Bug 433662 part 2 - Make Range.insertNode insert the node into the range even when the range is collapsed
244c18f9b57749ede2482cd0f178d95a2cd0c6abAryeh Gregor — Bug 433662 part 1 - Clean up nsRange::InsertNode; r=smaug
4343723f49e1859a3426d6f1bed0c295a4e9953bAsaf Romano — Bug 710259 - New Safari migrator (OS X & Windows). r=mak.
cc905c76d8d5b37952f087f17b49cb602ec83f2dChristian Holler — Bug 734976 - Call js_ReportOutOfMemory in jsgcinlines when simulating OOM. Original patch by Brian Hackett. r=luke,bhackett,jdemooij
46c7419d4bb8404921d1ff371d4cadbb591c33e7Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 744390 - Add a configurable danger zone to the velocity-bias strategy. r=Cwiiis
54d4e69c07afd18d78d33cca301cedfeac6ef5a1Cervantes Yu — Bug 742226 - Refactor battery updater using uevent poller. r=cjones
04ddd85d3d134f5aeefa6fc48ee1ad636d705ce5Cervantes Yu — Bug 742226 - Create a uevent poller implementation. r=cjones
99f3fe5ff9c4470572d08d9f1653e595c8da6afcMarco Castelluccio — Bug 611843 - Don't fsync extensions.ini. r=mossop
dfa2bf38f209bca2db35bca81452713e716a6109Marco Bonardo — Bug 741506 - Removing nodes while a bookmarks popup is open in OS X native menubar zombifies them.
e1bef8037d364093de996c9fbd8af78fbb1945d4Ms2ger — Backing out bf0a78471e5e:dc7022e2d807 for inexplicable windows crashes.
dc7022e2d8074e3fedb8fa95fc5ea5a660ab954dMs2ger — Bug 745427 - Fix XPCWrappedNativeScope::SetContext; r=gal
0176bb1a1cb7e784f78c73cfad778e701bac2c7cMs2ger — Bug 744935 - Remove JS_PROPERTY_TREE; r=Waldo
696a791ad12bde7a49cb48eea4139ff3c4ebdc47Ms2ger — Bug 745291 - Remove superfluous ';' in X11Util.h; r=Yoric
91b869486756453d9e33f406699f225f3799af28Ms2ger — Bug 743573 - Fix a number of build warnings in dom/; r=volkmar
246f9bfe84fc4907dfe944e80dd9b212a92398bcMs2ger — Bug 744507 - Part b: Add nsINode versions in GetPriorHTMLSibling/GetNextHTMLSibling; r=ehsan
750a67926d63e790e9caa79598497656402d23a6Ms2ger — Bug 744507 - Part a: Preparatory cleanup in GetPriorHTMLSibling/GetNextHTMLSibling; r=ehsan
76de926c1758120e28fa26f76990dc84f03f5156Ms2ger — Bug 743438 - Move some style rule functions from nsIContent to Element; r=mounir sr=bz
cd034a3b81085396ce65b873b0ccbda70977ae11Ms2ger — Bug 742884 - Part c: Cleanup nsHTMLEditRules::GetListState; r=ehsan
b767627102acf70477e14eea1847e530b92ec152Ms2ger — Bug 742884 - Part b: Cleanup GetListState (nsComposerCommands.cpp); r=ehsan
36ec415f775f78e0e9805847a29a915930305b93Ms2ger — Bug 742884 - Part a: Cleanup RemoveOneProperty / RemoveTextProperty (nsComposerCommands.cpp); r=ehsan
72de47174ed6889f0bf42c40415a4f7926fdffc4Ms2ger — Bug 742893 - Part a: Make xpc_qsValueTo{Uint,Int}64 public; r=bholley
0c881bf654b63a9a2ea2ecb1ffb55e71e18f0bb5Ms2ger — Bug 732708 - Part c: Remove dom-storage-changed observer topic; r=honzab
0dd95fb59791b634fe1e3a43bb6c38efc99bac55Ms2ger — Bug 732708 - Part b: Devirtualize BroadcastChangeNotification and remove a dead implementation; r=honzab
09ce4712ba364469604cd0f25edd4aa2b6f2ac43Ms2ger — Bug 742938 - Move W3C-imported testharness.js tests to make the path shorter; r=jhammel
460f9c627f51384bc8e66bf3c4cdbf3855847841Ms2ger — No bug - Fix a few issues in and update generated Makefiles; r=me
be2de25cac2b11fc3f6b2e404dc52acb975d535eMs2ger — Bug 741349 - Get rid of the mozilla::xpconnect::memory namespace; r=bholley
58b6908bbb6c379ca873012b3a845e9acf910dcfMs2ger — Bug 741347 - Remove nsIXPConnect::DefineDOMQuickStubs, call DOM_DefineQuickStubs directly instead; r=bholley
2d70a752ff798b7aea2eb2430efd5e2564c9af93Ms2ger — Bug 741245 - Remove nsresult return value from nsXPConnect::GetSafeJSContext(); r=bholley
df765acf1a600b5521ae291705abbee09010ce3cMs2ger — Bug 742837 - Remove dead code and cleanup around nsDOMScriptObjectFactory; r=bz
5ced9680bfc5bf4e0d79edbcdf4f38a484cab6e0Ms2ger — Bug 744347 - Remove last traces of EventException; r=smaug
e7cb722f0022ccc1a623b829ec08d9329be7b4b9Ms2ger — Bug 688415 - Outparamdel nsDocument::GetRadioGroup; r=volkmar
bf0a78471e5e2764c1e479ab9348f7252c11cefcMs2ger — Bug 745287 - Fix recent a11y build warnings; r=davidb,capella
6880c195054ffdb9ae83e5ae2637540a00c3f01cMarco Bonardo — Merge central and inbound
4af624156257b6c91e68917125b3eae3b440ff5aAsaf Romano — Bug 737381 - The Firefox Migrator should use the new migration system. r=mak
4469d30b694330c086b057ce3e28ab5ae598a4b8Ms2ger — Backed out changeset db5d4c1aece7 for B2g bustage.
db5d4c1aece7290741f14f3f438f196be51ae710Kyle Machulis — Bug 732639: DBus Thread Implementation for B2G Bluetooth r=cjones
d50bc535870c6765ef10e73120e8eed831f15303Veeraya Pupatwibul — Bug 741131 - Clamp negative geolocation timeout values to 0. r=jdm
7b71bbd94961c5113067c7368bbe982b4a63c885Mark Finkle — Bug 741436 - Long Press Menu on a Web App on about:apps needs to be consistently the same r=wesj
2ce1f809b765b798653929777c8a23f989ea1368Mark Finkle — Bug 737050 - Add support for the WEBAPP intent r=blassey r=bnicholson r=gavin
190a237b1456185228f50f124a9cd0de68a82919Nick Alexander — Bug 739629 - Expose safe account creation API for profile migration. r=rnewman
bbfe59782089095eb6a3b96102af172fc7f40d41Richard Newman — Bug 709385 - temporarily disable password sync. r=trivial
b43e6857d7eea2af09793adf872076732809abc1Nick Alexander — Bug 742104 - enable form history sync; minor improvements. r=rnewman
1dde63bcf17e5e6a1cd5737b03ea71da63d94ee3Wes Johnston — Bug 745383 - Use database path for hashtables. r=mfinkle, a=mfinkle
dcb1ba052c3504651e7a912582d322d853674b6fNicolas Pierron — Bug 745360 - Native calls are not function frames. r=luke
2411a6a8e38c8adb82489d2c2b414b55008cb3d3Mark Capella — Bug 741703 - stop using QueryInterface in CAccessibleHypertext, r=surkov, f=tbsaunde
1b3d61ce3604df8cbc8b3656cfea8d2d701ba53bLuke Wagner — Fix warnings in js/src (no bug, rs=dvander)
071ec7e1766004cf7faaf4f457f5edaa2c50a292Eitan Isaacson — Bug 739498 - Added Javascript modules for mobile accessibility. r=surkov
362fd0d7c8c36402d46f31d8cd4cb45eb2ada9b0Matt Brubeck — Bug 739038 (followup) - tests for dom.disable_window_showModalDialog and disable_window_print [r=jst]
662c163ac08867d7d9167dbd5194a7f58127e6a3Jonathan Watt — Bug 745352 - Remove broken include paths from content files. r=dholbert.
a038c8c200f55d2fa4464fa22afa2b70e66deaf6Jared Wein — Bug 744964 - Plugin click-to-play popup notification icon should use the plugin icon, not the add-on icon. r=felipe
6eca3199cbcfbd89b4b540aa0381232430ad014cJeff Walden — Fix clang bustage from bug 743676. r=tbsaunde
b9553e2f5486e6fb699f0f1c20ff7180c2e4fe5eMatt Brubeck — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound
be00c204c58283c7551039c47d699b83195145d6Nicolas Pierron — Bug 744670 - Port StackIter modification of IonMonkey. r=luke
a93b99783b8c80955114a96209212b556eae8188Benoit Girard — Bug 719536 - Expose shared library offsets for proper symbolication. r=jmuizelaar
4a6a021e38cab64c8910ac4fa39ae81e9b484a9aJim Blandy — Bug 743351: Implement Debugger.Script.prototype.staticLevel. r=jorendorff
92e87abb646b56b804779c049cf128ce76818867Jeff Walden — Bug 739380 - Convert the defineElement hooks to use an ECMAScript-style [[DefineOwnProperty]] interface, not the old-school SpiderMonkey defineProperty interface. r=bhackett
ec68c96fb9dc4b974190627ae482c270e2e67ec7Jonathan Griffin — Bug 745307 - update import statements for log4moz.js, a=testonly
885bb3f8d0dda38a80f1280905c390f9e4808174Patrick McManus — bug 744788 - add httpconnmgrtick setTarget() in case of offline/online r=honzab
b9133ddb15c21c4cf12eee26460863708f2b8d0aMatt Brubeck — Bug 739038 - Disable window.print on Fennec [r=jst]
19780b0d3567e730bacdd574d0069df31e63fea0Marco Bonardo — Backout e20a19a790dd (bug 743830) for linux QT bustage.
9f703a3559c8469c93585a449c08b85e7a5cd6f7Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 744987: Remove initialize message in GeckoApp. [r=mfinkle, r=blassey]
eabff322e404cae2ae9f639816afb1f8265fed4fSriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 715287: Make BrowserToolbar shadow to be lighter. [r=mfinkle]
aaa7f8a1945cc4e16cf41cd1b57f51cad85619cfJeff Muizelaar — Backout acefe9a94a63 - Bug 735262 because of B2G breakage.
33552f5d803d7983325f893562a0e3e3591e617dJoey Armstrong — Bug 742835 - handle mkdir dot requests - r=ted
e20a19a790dd484cf270d8cad262dfaeacd6d3f3Nicolas Silva — Bug 743830: Added 'gfx.xrender.enableded' pref (true by default). The pref is fetched in gfPlatformGtk.cpp and can be accessed through gfxPlatformGtk::UseXRender(). UseXRender is used in GLContextProviderGLX to set mUseTextureFromPixmap. r=jrmuizel,gw280
c7145f4ebd47111a29062433fda105df6ab223efHub Figuière — Bug 712924 - Fix list implementation: proper roles and subroles. r=surkov
acefe9a94a63a014a26e95a5784c7aeddb787b95Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 735262. Make leaf address printing saner. r=bgirard
11cf97fceacdd1ed92de5a7bf3fe0e617f6d1a01Masatoshi Kimura — Bug 743575 - Try to get line number if at all possible when reporting warnings to the error console. r=mrbkap
cdf819eedd4bc527380119a5e7ec64adfa8f9cd0Boris Zbarsky — Bug 743820. Update to the changes to WebIDL that made interfaces with indexed properties distinguishable from array and sequence. r=khuey
5bdfc91404809ef7c9fcbd87a2b9590c9e6d39faBoris Zbarsky — Bug 714631. Feed converter should check HTTP channel response status before proceeding. r=gavin
a45e6af2cc324324d3bd6f0aac63f85da027e90cBoris Zbarsky — Bug 721730. When we have a null aKey, don't do a linear search down to mLastBuffer. r=hsivonen
3f872c75a08c3a9fe4b78c7fc29e771acc0aeb7cBenjamin Smedberg — Bug 743560 - Include xpcshell and in the SDK package but not the binary package, r=Mossop
a3f9ee8bb74519377646e8b3b174d75161beca11Benjamin Smedberg — Bug 743056 - nsPrintfCString is consistently misused because people don't understand its length-truncation behavior. Make it behave the way people expect by expanding the string as necessary (and use nsTSubstring::AppendPrintf to unify the codepath), r=jlebar
a11fba8ea615e51d9accd35d5423e46fc6e2e620Max Li — Bug 740851 - ARIA undetermined progressmeters should expose mixed state, r=eeejay, f=surkov
2f77fddb6f7ab61eff575cb7861bed8d8664808cJonathan Kew — bug 744480 - check for failure to set up the cairo font. r=bas
843a8a7b54c5586c6051e692982e50162848eaefMats Palmgren — Bug 740743 - Implement CSS overflow for <legend>. r=bz
ae42e4d0ec0b5736c6259430980dff9a360e30b2Jignesh Kakadiya — Bug 741697 - dexpcomify CAccessibleComponent, r=tbsaunde, f=surkov
86845b70c9365f349fffe376a9a8757d2a7432d1Max Li — Bug 743676 - densify base/nsFormControlAccessible, r=tbsaunde, f=surkov
5e8fa6a7e6d09c330fc83210891399396531f987Eitan Isaacson — Bug 739493 - Add "Accessibility:IsEnabled" message for Android
0b01ee2e0e7d25175528d832248c243603c69e91Eitan Isaacson — Bug 739493 - Add "Accessibility:Event" message for Android
94eb880e0cad9382f650d7437c01dd096e029099Jeff Walden — Attempt to fix OS X (gcc 4.2) build bustage. No bug, r=gcc-42-should-die
95fd0e0254396ec64d0f568e40ad58525fa28fb8Jeff Walden — Fix clang JS shell build bustage. No bug, r=billm over irl
4cfb132c7c16f6b76b9397091a7f54fc5e62d82aBrian Hackett — Add most handles and stack rooters needed for exact scanning on shell benchmarks, bug 714647. r=billm
84351dbcd62d12769fb601e11cc098849faee073Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 742115 - Make the java panning constants preffable; original patch stolen from :joe. r=Cwiiis
17e8b7678990045f4eea5e80fdfbb8b0c54c2060Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 744241 - Make the displayport strategy options preffable. r=Cwiiis
c0975fb1e62dc57e436f2f6aa3781433feeabe52Alexander Surkov — Bug 743680 - don't export nsARIAMap.h, r=tbsaunde
dc0b57deb507d4685fe1fb8656c1f7d5ea5551fdJonathan Watt — Bug 745066 - Add comments documenting the declaration of nsSVGFilterInstance, its methods and its members. r=longsonr.
c44c5a7141e3ccbbb03d314e1ac59255ec9176d8Robert O'Callahan — Bug 735898. Mark test as passing on Android
7623055c5171579e532cd3bafc5ade18fff65372Robert O'Callahan — Bug 735898. Part 3: In DisplayBorderBackgroundOutline, when we have created an nsDisplayBackground item and it's themed, don't bother checking to create an nsDisplayBorder item. r=mattwoodrow
007e4f53e361f7229e73ebc245544370b57fef7dRobert O'Callahan — Bug 735898. Part 1: Cache bounds (union of all child item bounds) in nsDisplayWrapList. r=mattwoodrow
e339ca6c2f118231a53293fe6e42f647bdb3aed1Robert O'Callahan — Bug 744607. Intersect a display item's layer-pixels draw-rect with the snapped clip rect. r=tnikkel
24809ef46491d1d6370f6ea0786c2e2c6dc7493cMarco Bonardo — Merge central and inbound
9c2b61a49cacebf86afae8d237d5bcaa4ccf421fLucas Rocha — Bug 715214 - Allow tab menu page titles to run on up to 4 lines (r=mfinkle)
68a7e8713ea81c3d63146a92c4d2d82904dfc3f3Lucas Rocha — Bug 743627 - Explicitly set cacheColorHint in awesomebar ListViews (r=mfinkle)
1587faab5e5c69818282a9943daad4fe4a33baa6Scott Johnson — Bug 708175: Disable font inflation for fixed-width or fixed-height input controls. [r=dbaron]
709a9867cc31314012a132f76bad041c61e64d61Robert Longson — Bug 743444 - Lighting Filter clipped when kernelUnitLength specified. r=roc
2187cab0d2f6eed33fef23794a0d9a17fd01e048Jeff Walden — Bug 714260 - Implement FloatingPoint.h to consolidate all IEEE-754 floating point operations in a single location. r=dmandelin for the js bits, r=Ms2ger for mfbt and the core bits
622e0d1cc986f7342cacaf0ad9961d5fca88dddbMark Capella — Bug 740688 - Use uintptr_t instead of PRUword, and intptr_t instead of PRWord. r=jwalden
e89cf2062b31c87e51c41c89e0d3a1e28c312cb4Tim Taubert — merge m-c to fx-team
ae940000a8268f09bb702699d3cc846e2345b788Tim Taubert — Bug 740807 - Clean up favicon code in Panorama; r=dietrich
b79c787bc18b42b182d1a7ee83bc692d94f15ad0Tim Taubert — Bug 721442 - [New Tab Page] Display the URL of the page on mouseover of thumbnails on about:newtab; r=dietrich
fc693ba6ce24a6515209a095793c663efc7eaac3Tim Taubert — Bug 744152 - [Page Thumbnails] Capture thumbnails only for the selected tab; r=dietrich
364f0a5a1d2dc959bba2dfada7bb2eade016d06aOlli Pettay — Bug 743416, crash with showModalDialog, r=jst
55e7efcc1946416c6c95685dbe72662083f7720fHonza Bambas — Bug 744887 - Build error: nsFilePicker.cpp(227) : error C2065: 'nsPIDOMWindow' : undeclared identifier, r=jmathies
cc3e893fbe1cfc2d6cd989404c77459cc94f042aRob Campbell — merge fx-team to m-c
71e852f66edbee20f0dad779164ec909d299c1d8Paul Rouget — Bug 717916 - Add an Inspect button and a node menu to the infobar; r=dao,dcamp
2baaa38fc2b30c82d66a03507f589d9dc89db887Panos Astithas — Bug 728244 - Enable the Script Debugger to debug B2G/Gaia; r=dcamp,vingtetun
e1f0bb28fbb4bfb087dc815c13368eccf7da660cMatt Brubeck — Bug 745233 - Back out 33e485d0e23b, 26eb08593f89, ce72679ffb95, 10b783e85c1e (bug 720771, bug 742384) because of Linux64 PGO crashes
018cac438918308ccc7b72fb96c0bff4889f1affGregory Szorc — Bug 731494 - Use nsinstall properly in services/common/; r=bustage
aa3b4c2feb4203a4e0975ffac47e6cd7b56b057aMark Finkle — Backing out e481b6ffc60b (bug 691061) because it breaks 'save as pdf' in Fennec (bug 704185)
cc61009b3f06dcbdebcae392d4d2376adbdf2b5cMarco Zehe — Turn on logging for Bug 708927 - Intermittent test_focus_menu.xul | Test timed out, sometimes followed by tens of thousands of gA11yEventListeners is undefined exceptions, r=surkov
d373afa244ee74de089d43dacb66d89cfc113dd0Joel Maher — Bug 745129 - upload a new to include raw results and saved off minidumps. r=armenzg
9c81a70ddb1c59dbf4a13df868b2cb0819ac58b1Marco Bonardo — Merge last green PGO from inbound to central
906aa73122d98b423452bdca8d93d31a92a77525Matt Brubeck — Back out e4c82a6b298c, 036194408a50, 39acc9f51df8 (bug 714647 and followups) because of test_finalizer.js crashes in Linux64 PGO builds
3e7aa45f40f7d7e8fc232dd07669082b2bd27a7cMatt Brubeck — Bug 735237 - Disable window.showModalDialog in Fennec [r=jst]
a2d751d71d64f88e81af77ce07a47ccf05b45353Mark Finkle — Bug 744770 - Master Password dummy pref should not be saved r=wesj
5f540a59b9064424569c46eda252e4a88e2702b6Nick Alexander — Bug 743098 - disable bookmarks and history stages if Fennec profile migration has not completed. r=rnewman
c379fa75d51011991f25335b1851d7b3920d3832Nick Alexander — Bug 744660 - SQLiteConstraintException on bulkInsert history data. r=rnewman
53b7f135e7b5147c3dbe7dc62ed88ee9363f11bcNick Alexander — Bug 709324, Bug 730643: persist crypto/keys and meta/global. r=rnewman
bbadf6bceab14e36a343b8ba71db91a2d17b120cBas Schouten — Bug 745054 - Part 2: Allow factory construction of Skia drawtargets on all platforms. r=mattwoodrow
a50d4ef25d84404e86e0148f1382bb3bd62bf703Bas Schouten — Bug 745054 - Part 1: Fix Skia compilation on windows. r=mattwoodrow
39acc9f51df8904f08de2c5b2e38a8db35128278Jeff Walden — Attempt to fix OS X (gcc 4.2) build bustage. No bug, r=gcc-42-should-die
036194408a50d1bc74ced388eee449501ca735d7Jeff Walden — Fix clang JS shell build bustage. No bug, r=billm over irl
9a4a992d1bef95367011aa082b8aa7764344a53aFelipe Gomes — Bug 740957. Webapp installer doorhanger should show a standard icon instead of the app-specified icon. r=dao
0209dfc83681b423cc41b3123312cb626f54bc70Stephen Horlander — Bug 735680. Update wbapps icons. r=gavin
1ae36c75ffb30796c21d4a3b822bbba55653681aRyan VanderMeulen — Back out entire dd28759eba7b push (bug 739913 and bug 742226) due to OSX 10.7 and b2g bustage. r=shouldausedtry
c7d6c4305f9397296eb0e97e99b6ea9aa8c9dc6bLuke Wagner — Bug 744842 - don't include actual args in error.stack.toString (r=dmandelin)
dd28759eba7b1d75772c2ea69326347b5be4ec4cCervantes Yu — Bug 742226 - Refactor battery updater using the uevent poller. r=cjones
8f0af0cf88a945230cadf0d707b002a286ebaabdCervantes Yu — Bug 742226 - Add a uevent poller implementation. r=cjones
b589fe2441a521a89b941712e7f34e8cca6d52f2Kan-Ru Chen — Bug 739913 - Use kernel wake lock when the "cpu" topic is locked. r=cjones
db23b2dac69c1fcf1dc99c5210cf4eaf628c8fe6David Rajchenbach-Teller — Bug 728171 - Use Scoped.h throughout the code. r=cjones
d5bc0234936939b5284b61e931875b89d56c0545Gian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 741042 - Fix wrong description for Telemetry entries. r=rnewman
89e69819fa98621f398f8af831f0a6275cd01bb6Gian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 741042 - Add telemetry support for timing XUL profile import. r=blassey
845bd13a5ebec41086571fcae956ec8e04203232Gian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 741281 - Add Telemetry timers in Java. r=blassey
c2eb46478efccf4d009a49382a02f24405388c81Gian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 741281 - Add a Java interface for sending telemetry data. r=blassey
d9a47a875dc03884cdfc96c04b1e1258f3ff4979Margaret Leibovic — Bug 743646 - Plugin doorhanger appears for unsupported plugin embeds (and hidden embeds that are enabled by default). r=mfinkle
9135a11eb1a2976421a1b8661e7ee001c5f1604cMargaret Leibovic — Bug 741132 - Plugin doorhanger reappears after switching tabs after Flash has been enabled. r=mfinkle
3ae0296eb3b276b419656a20e0d852cf64df7a8dMatt Brubeck — Bug 721784 - Don't configure sqlite to use jemalloc on Android [r=mak]
8f783fc30dd34ae5b286f80c119724613735ab20David Mandelin — Bug 736609: fix typo, r=sfink, a=akeybl
0ef3e84e6ce9c555bf8406b78a1f2bcd135c8d6fBobby Holley — Bug 744034 - Link the script context to the outer window earlier to ensure that we always have TI for content. r=mrbkap
ae32cca25ce0e844716b7ea7df812659008fa07eBill McCloskey — Bug 744489 - Fix incremental GC assertion in ValidateIncrementalMarking (r=igor)
4635be397546bd546dac23f496303caafe42a546Bill McCloskey — Bug 742843 - Clean up weakmap header (r=terrence)
8cf633d7a0318439b8ad3bc0343f7e5287ba4de5Bill McCloskey — Bug 740609 - Handle null filename (r=luke)
e3a77f2630c37ef20fee0f4d7c560372a1004369Bill McCloskey — Bug 740509 - Trace through all type properties for non-GC tracers (r=bhackett)
ca36c6b332d8242e841c080dde7b0e535c5d3768Bill McCloskey — Bug 744285 - Fix conservative stack scanning for non-GC tracers (r=igor)
6c468f97100d2131bd442ab66c1eaef54f4830a2Hub Figuière — Bug 721001 - Instantiate the right class and set the proper subrole for password field. r=
acc03bee1e022403cd4058fcc17ad1a020ccd7d6Gian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 744668 - Control URI access NPE if Fennec not yet launched. r=lucasr
4aa05c31b01a457ac77b9d94419b3a75c8dd73c4Gian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 744644 - Mark migration as finished if there is no database. r=lucasr
aa8facffe7ffb29e261534b8e4499646a0c02747Gian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 742815 - Don't launch migration twice when status is probed. r=lucasr
1c3e7cbe44eeb5d45534d134e651cfb1e040665aGian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 721898 - Remove history truncation code. r=lucasr
d0c617586fcf9bda17a14ace2db1e356b44ef2afGian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 743923 - Don't keep history in memory during Profile Migration. r=lucasr
428c6bf76857c038b36a8aa1ab10141af2d7bb95Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 743669 - Use hidden obtainNano API to replay motion events on Froyo. r=blassey
fba161c486a087da876813d99f86bb9c33adc5e8Michal Novotny — Bug 691108 - Make sure that no entry can be bound to the disk cache when nsDiskCacheDevice::ClearDiskCache() is in progress
38fcd9047d3905997d2aad6763c53b7a2a332ac1Michal Novotny — Bug 673543 - ensure that no entry is activated while the main thread is blocked by SyncWithCacheIOThread()
e4c82a6b298c57415fc574fc79151a31acafc4a1Brian Hackett — Add most handles and stack rooters needed for exact scanning on shell benchmarks, bug 714647. r=billm
21106c79a43dcb7f2846e3c38751c0247609d2ccEhsan Akhgari — Merge mozilla-central and mozilla-inbound
e17e02a3d5d9a45df709d7821a2a45c090e778c1Nathan Froyd — Bug 614188 - Part 3: build double-conversion as a part of MFBT; r=Waldo
1603db611224f1218797820f120f063791293ca7Nathan Froyd — Bug 614188 - Part 2: import double-conversion sources; r=Waldo
463626bffba7aa5a7a92649e304c2da5f6a11735Nathan Froyd — Bug 614188 - Part 1: setup mfbt/double-conversion; r=Waldo
7598b32483f907560acbd4e52494aa8d286e3e8cRichard Newman — Bug 744794 - Remove password debugging code. r=trivial
9413f184e70ecf70cecdf0d0900f2efd83f99b9cAsaf Romano — Bug 744189 - Can't open bookmarks from the Firefox button. r=mak
233fa36796ed5c973ec1685d07535dbff3a61121Paolo Amadini — Bug 742714 - Remove LMANNO_EXPIRATION, LMANNO_LOADFAILED, and LMANNO_LOADING. r=mak
05aa7f1962a3bb16c07baa1efa8aa0a0ba40d7f9Paolo Amadini — Bug 715355 - Deprecate and remove old style GUIDs. r=mak
6a4d396a3c438d0279544a1e21a7cb7e1535678cPaolo Amadini — Bug 741175 - Document skipping Places tests because the Private Browsing service is unavailable. r=mak
27616988a4a1489faac211601cd6494b699b0a1bPaolo Amadini — Bug 728174 - Replace old synchronous favicons calls in the bookmarks HTML import. r=mak
308e3b7254b397b8837131ac5c6782f85d7a6636Paolo Amadini — Bug 728142 - Replace old synchronous favicons calls in tabview. r=ttaubert
1a445c628b535e303f5b61d52af78bf9deed30b4Paolo Amadini — Bug 737133 - getFaviconURLForPage and getFaviconDataForPage should invoke nsIFaviconDataCallback even if the favicon is not available. r=mak sr=gavin
018d0d6cd9b09bb7b56f77f22615f5899e424278Yoshi Huang — Bug 740300 - B2G RIL: improper behavior in RadioStateChange. r=philikon
a19f6f1a4615aa8156b839c5f33f2d379f439de8Yoshi Huang — Bug 744306 - Part 2: enable RIL v6 on Akami. r=philikon
bfa9350d9ed9de7a0f4c5c1580a57ab860e71959Yoshi Huang — Bug 744306 - Part 1: response id collision in Akami & RIL v6. r=philikon
cb2e81306595ea77bea776c9c60c36257253fad5Tim Taubert — merge m-c to fx-team
2d2f4357809fc73bb140ff6168413132872f5134Rob Campbell — merge
1b6f644f276eecac7224adc46edbb5a46a44c87aVictor Porof — Bug 741322 - Refactor debugger UI, make it slimmer; r=past
8bf75b4eafb42e2c3d027d4f4a7f87398f7f0358Murali S R — Bug 722079 - Error: button is null ... inspector.jsm when Right Clicking on Breadcrumbs; r=paul
f91fefdfcc51441aa87ac6cbd040ea1b95406faaTim Taubert — Bug 744743 - [Page Thumbnails] Don't capture thumbnails in private browsing mode; r=dao
51fe735d19a90aef55fe0cf8661f159b650e4cb1Tim Taubert — Bug 726347 - [Page Thumbnails] add preference to disable capturing thumbnails in the background; r=dao
6edf254d7e5b56ca7641a1d5b6a7e44192261816Bellindira Castillo [:bellindira] — Bug 737032 - add isValidXULTab() method to ease tab checking r=ttaubert
7086b25fac2e8dfa145341cb22ee869d82ba9c85Blake Kaplan — Bug 743941 - Some small fixes to state tracking. Also move some logic out of the manager. r=cjones
63a7d74d01d8de02337cb240b14454b38065458dFabien Cazenave — Bug 744417 - Fix mistakes in the initial implementation of forgetNetwork. r=mrbkap
a3974cd83d6e517c87bea0c5addf932989f13069Blake Kaplan — Bug 743614 - Deal with failure more gracefully. r=cjones
10622eaff4fc3032552126daf89d888674833b1cPhilipp von Weitershausen — Bug 742780 follow-up: unbreak RIL and Wifi. r=mrbkap
41293c7b7234dde0068321b64491d517aca09026Wes Johnston — Bug 740961 - Remove debug logging from nssbridge. r=mfinkle
576a14e57ea6df60cf33d3b4781f440e0bc45d58Brian R. Bondy — Bug 730862 - Fix for signmar tests on linux and OS X. r=rstrong
82ece9fed7d057bad952bc51a97cc24979df54dfBrian R. Bondy — Bug 735969 - Revert the disable version downgrade check workaround from Bug 735784. r=rstrong
ea7a6ca0a55c1759a0003028d2c5224acbe3ca0fBrian R. Bondy — Bug 730862 - Signmar tests fix for version upgrades. r=rstrong
f75b7814f69837f2c6526c2dfd1ceb60a66691e2Brian R. Bondy — Bug 730862 - Fix for enabling the signmar option. r=rstrong
e6f4ae0bd30eee9891863f9a88be6494c9ff27dcChris Cooper — Backed out changeset 676dca561a2c
88b2925e68b9e5b4035d93dc56878158b58fcb3eChris Cooper — Backed out changeset b7ff20237032
b7ff20237032b8a202f9a4ce37491eed7be256eaJoey Armstrong — Bug 735638 - include missing functions for js as well - r=khuey
d26c0cd1dfa3a2c277d8d3713774febff1054db7Kyle Huey — Bug 741125: Update WebIDL parser.
676dca561a2cfbf1ac57a0e35b2455ec2aa2212aJoey Armstrong — Bug 735638 - replace functions that were removed by errant b-s merge - r=khuey
901dfde601838438440841311929e608fba7960eEhsan Akhgari — Merge the last green changeset of mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central
71539685fa1af07cf7261d02da0df5f9afd01eaaMarco Bonardo — Bug 743490 - Frequent test_redirects.js | test failed.
987f9a47cee9655bb0eb0d14e050cd95b2db208dKang-Hao (Kenny) Lu — Bug 744243 - Forbid odd trailing slash in CSS 'border-image' property. r=dbaron
7324a63f7855c085662098937df7b617d3209037Dão Gottwald — Bug 632634 - Allow the status panel to be as wide as the window. r=felipe
3e5b3359a4690f2fbe5c29c3a9b2b27932af2574Chenxia Liu — Bug 709385 - Passwords repository layer. r=rnewman
527a2b7e7f4e530d2e3939cc51dc0cc9c1326c9aOleg Romashin — Bug 744564 - Allow to create EGL context from Widget provided GL context (embedding approach). r=roc,jgilbert
1bd7dbc2653acf53831b462f0e12766c58705731Jared Wein — Bug 736028 - Page thumbnails should be 1/9th the size of the screen. r=ttaubert
412d3777596a123131d4547361dd46df87e5701cMatt Brubeck — Back out 6d41ddb6b9bc (bug 708175) because of Android test failures
68416d38fdd066df8bbf7aa7cfb30db390be1400Hub Figuière — Bug 720995 - Labels are groups, not text. r=surkov
51f25cd0e1b40e47384447936f74f78777e564ecJared Wein — Bug 716171 - mouseout should hide controls immediately, not after a delay. r=dolske
e72c21511787eed9b1523d832012a21b72bd58e2Gregory Szorc — Bug 744627 - TokenServerClient should not call callbacks twice; r=rnewman
54f5a1ebcf4315b23defb6bf3d6e914e971e21a5Gregory Szorc — Bug 744614 - Make token server client conform with spec change; r=rnewman
b774546790d72c97debc66afc69ebd9f8a6bcfa9Gregory Szorc — Merge mozilla-central into inbound
bfa27d58769d5c1d83a2b6d3f6e52d2e98443884Ms2ger — Bug 605180 - Fix build warnings in netwerk/. r=jduell
380e6f8bd681ee99176bbb08c05f490cbe6593eeTerrence Cole — Bug 744192 - Assert that Vectors do not contain implicitly postbarriered types; r=luke
9c0ffa4a064521a799fe1a0beed08bb33ddbbe06Bas Schouten — Bug 742566: Add stand-alone unit test framework to Azure. r=jrmuizel
56aa3326470cb6ce718f5437c832bfa1cad57df1Bas Schouten — Bug 719776 - Part 5: Fix MSVC build files for Azure. r=jrmuizel
f27e0a7e5809528f5c10f616d8c891121b9cd244Bas Schouten — Bug 719776 - Part 4: Do not depend upon mozalloc inside Azure. r=jrmuizel
a964ce19e78f0e29b7782127d7f515f2721889ebBas Schouten — Bug 719776 - Part 3: Only include ScaledFontWin when using Skia. r=jrmuizel
20218c1c79e0337a954adc6c68496e4f7d45c30dBas Schouten — Bug 719776 - Part 2: Make MOZ_CRASH and MOZ_ASSERT expand inline. r=waldo
d9964e231f469686a109f1da0a30a107c79e2aceAndrew McCreight — Bug 744088 - remove nsCycleCollector_getRuntime. r=smaug
2ffcf18c125335335eced33bfaa24b9778b88042Jason Duell — Bug 712191 - Clean up websocket close codes and abort logic. r?mcmanus
6d41ddb6b9bc49a9d02a4f5ffe2477256a5a8f22Scott Johnson — Bug 708175: Disable font inflation for fixed-width or fixed-height input controls. [r=dbaron]
93605222ddedee4ca61455b0b9fe06aa0be27c74Brian Hackett — Use right compartment iterator when profiling scripts, bug 744611. r=billm
f585e56c03ed5ac4fd47f9083cf6bbcaf592feecJason Duell — Bug 712191 - Clean up websocket close codes and abort logic. r=mcmanus
053487b8f1f7a0e112a26105d82a472be3824ae3Terrence Cole — Bug 743868 - Fix barriers in SupressDeletedProperties; r=billm
12e42fb8e321f095f098c86be96932f646e84885Richard Newman — Backout 0e03eb171e08 (Bug 743574 - Deprecate DOMException.code). a=bustage
084cc1528d4f941bd1c4d1dc209ab3a823eaac8dRichard Newman — Backout 4058f038e97f (bug 728171). a=bustage
af7263971ad4fcb3a0d1b5e64f6e80ba788b71beMargaret Leibovic — Bug 741134 - Plugin placeholder shown even when Site Setting says 'Play Plugins: Yes'. r=mfinkle
280a293f69613257ef705ed091428d154ce58cb3Margaret Leibovic — Bug 743633 - Dismissed doorhanger popup reappears when doorhanger notifications are added to background tabs. r=mfinkle
ec39d423e265ecb83a73ea56cf6860ed840036a2Margaret Leibovic — Bug 743223 - Fix ConcurrentModificationException in removeTransientDoorHangers. r=mfinkle
4058f038e97f22c04cae6e0546d9ff1fc704079cRyan VanderMeulen — Fix stupid un-bitrotting bustage from bug 728171.
4b667b134bc7c48d4e6e51618215045b72c5aa96Masatoshi Kimura — Bug 743574 - Deprecate DOMException.code. r=sicking
9dbeef29e1cf3a87c0a42585465f9fe5fc879c4dMasatoshi Kimura — Bug 743049 - Part 2: Use the new API from NS_ScriptErrorReporter to get an error type name. r=jst
b1e86ae73fc524a8350342dd31c585f3b3098be9Masatoshi Kimura — Bug 743049 - Part 1: Add a friend API to get an error type name from a number. r=luke
10b783e85c1ede51e2731d38308bdd12905b18c0David Rajchenbach-Teller — Bug 742384 - CDataFinalizer.dispose now returns a value. r=jorendorff
2b5c840841c1e7a11fa32cf7b7087adb40b85dcaOleg Romashin — Bug 740244 - Do not compile glx test when EGL provider enabled. r=bjacob
226937c24338cc5649179709b61a04d1d434dae3Chris Coulson — Bug 737463 - nsJARInputStream leaks if it is closed before the stream is inflated. r=mwu
56262a68406b6e8d9eb41736f6dcbedc8708124dMasatoshi Kimura — Bug 730161 - Tests fix. r=sicking
3b27921b99ebc4e6d374856aee3fcfcabfcc5864Masatoshi Kimura — Bug 730161 - Replace IDBDatabaseException and FileException with DOMException. r=sicking
37e9c8655cfd13883b22ac54490f6f9a0b5a636eMasatoshi Kimura — Bug 730161 - Implement IDBRequest.error. r=sicking
0e03eb171e0869596901d795e95077fb39d16a14David Rajchenbach-Teller — Bug 728171 - Use Scoped.h throughout the code. r=cjones
26eb08593f890f4b04697805dd4c29c6fad2d961David Rajchenbach-Teller — Bug 720771 - Companion testsuite. r=jorendorff
637a5d7228be55ee34dba86a474c9515ac606d36David Humphrey (:humph) — Bug 633602 - Implement Pointer Lock (Mouse Lock) API. r=roc,smaug
66e7ce7034c7d63d92b9f56be337b21b8c340415Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 718463 - Force redraw when an animation is interrupted by user touch. r=Cwiiis
7814c8fdc48b5e13074217a53185ad63034baa7fJason Duell — Bug 738484 - Handle Location: that won't parse to valid URI. r=mcmanus
6d83a00be8a0d0fa5efadc5f4be5ef25f649f6afMax Li — Bug 742098 - refactor observe() into a set of distinct methods [r=zpao]
bd071b2e8a16cde9ba17beb9d172f24ec20ccdacGeorge Wright — Bug 744543 - LayerManagerOGL doesn't build on Linux/clang. r=bjacob
ebfc8891f3e1d8b0e082f9853d233c30fa6049d4Armen Zambrano Gasparnian — Bug 735451. raise exception when DeviceManager fails to initialize. r=jmaher
e819f766c5868df9148cb9183f1053a93bb18937Patrick McManus — bug 743747: fix landing with 603514 r=honzab
5ed7fadb52aadc7f1b08e72704b86322cd978da0Terrence Cole — No bug - Warning fix for 91357:fa24b215d49e; r=luke
d770f8c6e19b7ab64fb60adbe458429c9f434d1dPatrick McManus — bug 743587 Intermittent Linux talos crash [@ nsHttpConnection::CloseTransaction] r=honzab
69e021051aa5cba60022da60a3a96aa5ffcb7ba2Patrick McManus — bug 738812 timer serviced after thread exit nsHttpConnectionMgr::ReadTimeoutTick r=honzab
6854bda609ae11affa58bc561b4d515e5ce4d712Vivien Nicolas — Bug 742092 - Bridge the permission prompt to the content using the homescreen messaging API. r=fabrice
3b5a0a7c2dbc12f5f3e5acb44f847cab5d6fc4eeVivien Nicolas — Bug 742780 - Turn off the debug mode by default for dom/system/gonk/systemlibs.js. r=kyle
756b1c28a3e33093104063e345085df58f7d2291Vivien Nicolas — Bug 743229 - Return 'number' instead of 'text' for input type='number' element in the showime event. r=cjones
3e969e8c0eb49a3840a3dd34713f10372a1d5677Vivien Nicolas — Bug 742805 - Do not dump ril socket failures on a desktop build with --enable-b2g-ril. r=philikon
1d45940d8d69ef7edf36318a0b4934342dc7230dVivien Nicolas — Bug 742778 - Turn off the debug mode by default for dom/wifi. r=mrbkap
2b908ba2b6903c544607680bbfc0a6a78d3db8c1Vivien Nicolas — Bug 742775 - Turn off the debug mode by default on SmsDatabaseService.js. r=philikon
fe5ba1320d4739ae40aeb6b0b834e02060e7d859Vivien Nicolas — Bug 740974 - toolbar currentSet setter needs to return 'val' when returning early. r=dao
41b018c6b752c98529c21f30f9c4a92016703a8aVivien Nicolas — Bug 742765 - this._indexedDB is undefined in SettingsManager.js. r=gwagner
8a0213203d8dce758d1a60f42c74096de0a7a9baVivien Nicolas — Bug 742761 - Remove some warnings in b2g/. r=fabrice
03cb4bb5662190ae9b2a8e73b638ad5405997e47Terrence Cole — Bug 743896 - Fix failure misattribution in jstest runner; r=dmandelin
2cd7a0d63346245b933c656a02a66ca6840cebf7James Willcox — backout 022be5c50732 for xul bustage
e31de91d13cc0f4f87d052f72270f82cb20fd00dNathan Froyd — Bug 743988 - unconditionally link PROGRAMS and SIMPLE_PROGRAMS with CXX; r=ted
5ddad68924667242e390e3d87e933a6843827d5aJan de Mooij — Bug 742393 - Don't inline array.concat if the array prototype has indexed properties. r=bhackett
8b85ca762178af4ec66e8a16370810c65548c508Joe Drew — Bug 743749 - Instead of checkerboard, display background colour. r=blassey
52cee9dadfaa6ed49ed9017e7f79ee6e9817a064Bas Schouten — Bug 743393: Reset scissorrect when clearing surfaces. r=jrmuizel
8eb50850371c79546b6e7fb514f5659753c1dfeeBas Schouten — Bug 743148: Setup input assembler for component alpha filling. r=jrmuizel
305e5980de923618abda73d6ea3d86b1779b1395Matt Brubeck — Bug 743415 - Back button goes back to about:empty after leading a redirect [r=mfinkle]
ed7531e3906623539ba95963ab9c3d17082ab1bbPhil Ringnalda — Back out 4b82f26f8593:2fcf9cbedd48 (bug 743393, bug 719776) for bustage
022be5c5073244276e949327f7339cf7f8335389James Willcox — Bug 730890 - Set up an Android Looper on the main Gecko thread r=cjones
f03124b0099079ddb74fca4006fb2efeb15a6836Matt Brubeck — Back out 14715fd6b81c (bug 677122) because of frequent failures in its test
4b82f26f8593af632e852833fae06c8d4263d606Bas Schouten — Bug 719776 - Part 1 - Followup: Fix one more case of assuming ASSERT expands to an expression. r=bustage
bc29c3a684199d44a0251b880d1a59e7c99091e7Bas Schouten — Bug 719776 - Part 2: Inline MOZ_Assert and MOZ_Crash. r=waldo
0260266fa8b5fe5e78971e8a61fcd643dd338c44Bas Schouten — Bug 743393: Reset scissorrect when clearing surfaces. r=jrmuizel
f99886297f833872e02362515f614f70ccc981d7Bas Schouten — Bug 743148: Setup input assembler for component alpha filling. r=jrmuizel
2fcf9cbedd48f5303fd1d0d426390b9ebc9c25d7Bas Schouten — Bug 743593: Properly cast gfxFont based on type. r=jfkthame
c124fc77aab2226eccd05c002018eb75e7e8b02eAndrew McCreight — Bug 744297 - initialize return value in nsXULPrototypeElement::Deserialize. r=bz
f097e8dcb6f21878b1c16a587a30467ba8407bccRyan VanderMeulen — Backout the tests from bug 720771 due to Linux64 red.
4dc5567fc431d584cd0f95283469a3d30c4b5524Robert O'Callahan — Backing out changesets ef599d7f3f11, 70ef464f50e3 and 1a204c38918e (bug 735898) due to test failures.
5fcd261121c303caf581ef011398365eba86e151Gian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 743715 - Cannot build Fennec without jemalloc. r=glandium
966e23109ac29990428dccec6b269a6945bb5b48Gian-Carlo Pascutto — Backed out changeset 3d047ef4fe29 (Bug 742815)
ce72679ffb95dbccb8baaab799ffbe1447ffa258David Rajchenbach-Teller — Bug 742384 - CDataFinalizer.dispose now returns a value. r=jorendorff
810e8295b080a8680d8676ffecf78dac584ef76cPrabindh Sundareson — Bug 741289 - Sydneyaudio does not include MOZ_ALSA_CFLAGS. r=glandium,romaxa
83b64bb97f2562b3bdba5fb41511c8bd54f6b43dLandry Breuil — Bug 739132 - Package necko_wifi.xpt only if NECKO_WIFI is set. r=khuey
f64fb9a403e63c15db8cf30f8091a810531b0b25Nicholas Cameron — Bug 737239 - Nix power of two for non-ARM builds. r=gw280
fe5b6de3c7d1ca51d36c005d027f60b5dcd09adbDavid Rajchenbach-Teller — Bug 720771 - Companion testsuite. r=jorendorff
33e485d0e23bb5a185405a479575559ec6cb541bDavid Rajchenbach-Teller — Bug 720771 - Implementing finalization for CData values. r=jorendorff
14715fd6b81c088cb373c81228f5958b12c6207bScott Downe — Bug 677122 - Update start/end times of mediafragment URL on hashchanges. r=bz
a5d3abd78272d44789054b8c9c6e6d91fd8719feAbhishek Bhatnagar — Bug 620164 - Remove CheckedInt and Muloverflow from nsTheoraState::MaxKeyframeOffset. r=cpearce
46eacf64298ac85d06fb068d87566c174e1af611Ms2ger — Backout changeset 986091dac358 (bug 744234) for M4 oranges.
3d047ef4fe29b3683e2f0d19393ff481cc6a6ff8Gian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 742815 - Don't launch migration twice when status is probed. r=lucasr
986091dac3584b6f1151625b6b9ed06a9aa6c1e4Kang-Hao (Kenny) Lu — Bug 744234 - Forbid odd trailing slash in CSS 'border-image' property. r=dbaron
a54c9b8aa9e48ae80921c77b7c3d661497496193Mike Hommey — Bug 644608 - Implement full dependencies for expandlibs. r=ted
cdd78230db65003364a15ee800a9d801ba32ede8Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 739512: Patch 9: move JSScript::debug into a table. r=jorendorff.
6cb5a238e20d79a6a72ebe201d52120413e87ba2Richard Newman — Bug 724739 - Part 4: Close cursor in idsForGUIDs, thread parent GUID through deletion. r=trivial
3aef4f7cbd6d00d0d7e77b71f3e6045c74280166Richard Newman — Bug 724739 - Part 3: invoke store callback on deletion. r=nalexander
1c2a06f36ba3868f7ce9cd1dcf3b21007e425a2eRichard Newman — Bug 724739, Bug 724740 - Part 2: Queue folder deletions, processing them after other records; reparent children during bookmark folder deletion. r=nalexander
6124a190cc2b17f531c2e3dfcf0e1eb65a22504fRichard Newman — Bug 724739 - Part 1: Pass the local record when handling deletions in order to determine type; add bumpModifiedByGUID; add idsForGUIDs and moveChildren. r=nalexander
5633c5648fed42deb0ede34b7e6dd271a32518e7Richard Newman — Bug 724739 - Part 0: Correct schema comment; project in getGuidsIDsForFolders; short-circuit updatePositions. r=nalexander
ced9405748208b7dc216f7b8a6b33799cf634849Richard Newman — Bug 744282 - Switch untracking to use GUIDs only, with Record input as a convenience. r=nalexander
1a46ebf1b9d521489b0c685719df7ac19a30b080Mark Capella — Bug 652635 - Fallback missing @longdesc to aria-describedby pointing to <a href>, r=surkov, jonas
b44a23917a99aa1a5e32306a42458a0893d24544Fernando Jimenez — Bug 712809 - Tests for the B2G SMS database. r=philikon
0b3c7a491be1059f376d9cb3471ea57a355009dfHsinyi Tsai — Bug 714968 - B2G telephony: support a second incoming call. r=philikon
836cd0fed64636885f5237aac609efbf48cad361Philipp von Weitershausen — Bug 734018 - Don't patch DOMRequestService into Services.jsm. r=gavin,fabrice
47577c0fd02970e0e8de12a3dbc1bec0de45bce4Philipp von Weitershausen — Bug 743635 - B2G SMS database initialization accesses Directory Provider off the main thread. r=mwu
30e9d2a85613d7532d3f04605d9753161275d65eNicholas Nethercote — Bug 739512 - Patch 8: move sourceMap into a table. r=jorendorff.
1a204c38918ecef610bf1d23826fdcd12798f10cRobert O'Callahan — Bug 735898. Part 3: In DisplayBorderBackgroundOutline, when we have created an nsDisplayBackground item and it's themed, don't bother checking to create an nsDisplayBorder item. r=mattwoodrow
70ef464f50e3236f1ccd3449ac0604fdd7b7259fRobert O'Callahan — Bug 735898. Part 2: When nsOverflowClipWrapper is asked to clip a display item that is entirely inside the clip rect, don't bother wrapping the item. r=mattwoodrow
ef599d7f3f118fbd61c775a0d803f877d8b6e3fdRobert O'Callahan — Bug 735898. Part 1: Cache bounds (union of all child item bounds) in nsDisplayWrapList. r=mattwoodrow
c6ac469f724766b06f4194d3031b9afa30fd3fd4Robert O'Callahan — Bug 735898. Part 0: Fix comment.
0d1e86660e49f1848cbe8b400e865de50d8bebb5Rail Aliiev — Bug 732976 - SingleSourceFactory should generate checksums file. r=ted
b7c1c0145079b1c0c6a72b316787735868fab92eKyle Huey — Backed out changeset adef80d2b5a0
adef80d2b5a0c80c0cc6bc48a072f201d13fbf48Kyle Huey — Bug 741125: Update WebIDL parser.
8eb367e5b0531480085fe5c96c0cbae7ad4ada28Olli Pettay — bustage fix, bug Bug 686735, r=Callek
1711e06ca9f7b8cba7ecb27a48b9fd8ad1980a26Gregory Szorc — Merge services-central into mozilla-central
e9bfc7255afde4d7629210b699c3887b5ccb415aRichard Newman — Merge m-c to s-c.
cf6ac3f55a41ae0784d353e577e22d36816bde6eRichard Newman — Merge m-c to s-c.
98efc3eca3d70c3888e7b6bd1bbb304d0c5d1882Jonathan Griffin — Bug 743872 - update TPS to use latest pulsebuildmonitor, a=testonly, DONTBUILD, npotb
eecb4cf4c45d03d936ffff169922b7526f8f2ae5Gregory Szorc — Bug 727210 - Implement client for Services' token server; r=rnewman
b2cb9c43964e6cee8ad2e2118ccbbe65158c6dd6Gregory Szorc — Bug 743413 - Move some utility functions from sync to common; r=rnewman
579f1d93491c059a42ee7a36f0c7234adf2fc5c3Gregory Szorc — Bug 731494 - Refactor generic code from services/sync into services/common; r=rnewman
3930e47f14ae61a8c72c07e45cb28a5ce3ecbe51Kyle Huey — Bug 744498: Fix some java warnings. r=kats
63f78a93ae5c3b41876e77332acd9d9e2c600479Matt Brubeck — Merge last green changeset from inbound to mozilla-central
671cc6b005f33e41a6e292e9f017cdc3a051df65Mark Capella — Bug 739612 - Cleanup A11y tests and test-suite organization, r=marcoz, f=surkov
259e39b355cf735e8e39af159d0d35802b8007faLavina Thong — Bug 741681 - replaced nsAccessNode::GetPresContext() with nsDocAccessible::PresContext(), r=hub, f=surkov
ef442645a2087d6383e3ffde70fc5a7e2ab24a60Michael Wu — Bug 743907 - Remove use of Message, pending-r=cjones
1de857c4399302afe6c76f5e2968fd3acb54481dMichael Wu — Bug 743907 - Remove use of WeakMessageHandler/MessageHandler, pending-r=cjones
8e82bc639a0a3f1156bc352675f963db12b11d30Michael Wu — Bug 743907 - Add cursor mapper support back to libui, r=cjones
4c40a352e2a45a36f8f6331c2bc47fd5d0d3dbabMichael Wu — Bug 738561 - Cleanup mozglue for gonk, r=glandium
7936634f5fe3832ed7a52ec2d7055ba1b85d55f7Michael Wu — Bug 736005 - Put GL config fallback back on Android, r=cjones
adc15425a17766cd3eaa55903ec976060e8292b3Andrew McCreight — Bug 744272. disable test_watchpoints due to bogus failures. rs=billm
9187a8ec50038722f9fdd88b8982b55a5bc52648Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 739512 - Patch 7: move scriptCounts into a table (attempt 2). r=bhackett.
0feac51b6605bd9ddcfd44704877c1f6ccf9f26eNicholas Nethercote — Backed out changeset fdd10e0e6e5e (bug 739512) due to 32-bit bustage.
fdd10e0e6e5e4733dc76535020d5482de6e0134eNicholas Nethercote — Bug 739512 - Patch 7: move scriptCounts into a table. r=bhackett.
731f7b016723d77e2fb9de930e110c1f5dbd4f78Malini Das — Bug 742947 - Integrate Selenium atoms, r=jgriffin
ab4a85bc480a54e5c71c0823d8deebd023789ab8Jeff Walden — Bug 743878 - Move uint8_clamped and associated machinery into ObjectImpl.h, so that the new object representation can use it as well. r=sfink
4e05bd6470c87414366912aa67401c7b0a4ecb84Terrence Cole — Backed out changeset a43eb4a2d2fd
a43eb4a2d2fde9ea984a5c8ee4b977ab2a91d06bTerrence Cole — Bug 744192 - Assert that Vectors do not contain implicitly postbarriered types; r=luke
920825c9873f25c9fce0018c641cca8b1df50624Jared Wein — Bug 740668 - Add noise to background of image document. r=joe,zpao
42fbf5d5d56709c88109054a4522d816ff068883Jared Wein — Bug 713487 - Move TopLevelImageDocument.css and TopLevelVideoDocument.css to toolkit/themes. r=roc,dao
f9a538375c8a76f2f019ec04ab72c5dd182f99e7Mark Capella — Bug 741707 - rm unused a11y CIDs, r=surkov, f=tbsaunde, hub
c90cb1ef7d1295dcb5973d8aa7a2a836c1aece57Mark Capella — Bug 741683 - move nsAccessNodeScrollTo to nsCoreUtils, r=surkov, m=hub
d54571be3d38c972b0fa2ab27ca1133f3a02c970Luke Wagner — Fix --disable-methodjit bustage (no bug, r=red)
1664d00a1d242878c8e214db86a45c483e29b6faLuke Wagner — Bug 740259 - add ALIASEDVAR ops, assert they are used iff the variable is aliased (r=bhackett,waldo,jorendorff,dherman)
fa24b215d49e781ccee44780c34230a3b524de5bLuke Wagner — Bug 740446 - make 'arguments' more like a normal local binding (r=bhackett)
4c298ca28fa6580ecdeeb72964ff592ba4cecdbbLuke Wagner — Bug 740259 - Assert that dynamic binding access is expected (r=bhackett)
3bc6b34d23daf6df7f38f2fe48c6388d408454eaLuke Wagner — Bug 740259 - Tighten assertions around closed-var noting (r=bhackett)
b1421c3cd5c88682da29e17fb2a43a76b3ce2e85Ali Juma — Bug 741319 - Delete textures using the same context used to create them, on the thread that owns that context. r=joe
b5c80ac325c1d2c68af68ccfea7f08f604ba5fc1Ehsan Akhgari — Merge mozilla-inbound and mozilla-central
d32163dc99028a006b28c09c333d6f5a0e241c12Brian Hackett — Treat FILTER and ENDFILTER as unknown ops, bug 740595. r=luke
0fd099d86cc1398e9f4cf9b88ea5b29e44cb0c54Justin Lebar — Bug 743786 - Add IsMainThread assertions to ClearOnShutdown. r=bmsedberg
91bbeb1c518702477e5a456474fe8ef5991f4a91Justin Lebar — Bug 724072 - If using a content process, display the pid and "parent"/"child" along with each NS_WARNING. r=bsmedberg
43cd822084b3e681cf81abf972b1f6457235d4a4Brian Hackett — Remove bogus assert, bug 727476. r=luke
3a89af02f11986bc6fc882c208f6a162d8eb889dJustin Lebar — Bug 742491 - Use a thread-safe DLL patcher on Windows, when possible. r=glandium
c3276660b556c28e271c847cefdb2e5b9eec7971Justin Lebar — Bug 742833 - In WindowsDllInterceptor, assign to the out-param as soon as the trampoline is set up, to avoid a race condition. r=glandium
1df10e8b5ce2d854b1dae34543bdfd4ec09e815dHub Figuière — Merge backout, a=bustage fix
57d8b862905b34ecb1011cc20741c44a31587821Hub Figuière — Back out bug 741707, bug 741681, bug 741683 due to bustage
24e84699e39548d1462b19deb57288d00bace05cBrian Hackett — Avoid assert botch in makeLazyType after types have been nuked, bug 734978. r=luke
acb53b7241c56ed5418909378c262fb49c35f3c1Jonathan Griffin — Bug 742947 - backout 65f02c832a0e due to b2g bustage
13d7d092964f7fc5c8f77e47eeb3e4f217293f13Brian Hackett — Don't botch assert after OOM while constructing object's lazy type, bug 735016. r=luke
48881a94f5eb5d6b667a569a2b1138e7f70c4f73Brian Hackett — Bail out from on calling functions if an OOM occurs while during initial bytecode analysis, bug 727341. r=luke
42fde200605462d7ba9e33a8bcd110cf597ec104Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 744094 - Log all robocop-internal exceptions as errors to the error log. r=jmaher
6a50937c9035e143098146a78b2dbc70b155e683Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 744094 - Shorten enum value identifiers to be less redundant. r=jmaher
ab09a3d4692694cbb94468a05847ce78e1498fa2Brian Hackett — Preserve invariant between saved array and lifetime variables' saved fields on OOM during analysis, bug 735045. r=luke
db71aaa60195df39d781cd375ae898b3a8ed42a0Brian Hackett — Nuking types should be recognized as a recompilation by enclosing monitors, bug 735012. r=dvander
a44bebea2bc8abe1dbfdc70465f5d2579793570cBrian Hackett — Don't botch assert after OOM while linking ICs, bug 727344. r=dvander
b78eb58c290083be2fff0a94abc1d1793bc5f2dbKartikaya Gupta — Bug 733041 - Switch to using the velocity-bias strategy by default. r=Cwiiis
d9b40fa434db7e9ae5415e12ae51c27e5d8b267eKartikaya Gupta — Bug 733041 - Adjust the velocity bias strategy to keep a small buffer in the opposite direction of the scroll. r=Cwiiis
d384f54707cc265812a4f109cc938716bce5e21dMalini Das — Bug 742947 - tests for functionality provided by Selenium atoms, r=jgriffin
65f02c832a0e106e37c8fd511361e96152dedb54Malini Das — Bug 742947 - Integrate select Selenium atoms with Marionette, r=jgriffin,
ea2aa8357d28e3312131386a621ea30a792f05bdMark Capella — Bug 741707 - rm unused a11y CIDs, r=surkov, f=tbsaunde, hub
78bd7974ba72164a8dc22b4914683af022f37e02Lavina Thong — Bug 741681 - replaced nsAccessNode::GetPresContext() with nsDocAccessible::PresContext() r=hub
d310f3a03c0fae2673cdbb4836cc0358c529c814Mark Capella — Bug 741683 - move nsAccessNodeScrollTo to nsCoreUtils, r=surkov, m=hub
ce4cfbc091dc1f092e7213184def3a1254b50556L. David Baron — Run font inflation reftests with the reftest harness rather than inside of mochitest. (Bug 743817) r=sjohnson
8667773688275b3f01939cf7c49a33191002563dL. David Baron — Add support to the reftest harness for preferences that apply to only one of the test or reference. (Bug 743105) r=jfkthame
c2ab1b9cb101ac8be36e48f52d54e7a6a26ae163Joey Armstrong — bug 743280: cosmetic edits removed from bug 739710. r=ted
c5a10dbe276b95165d58ee9a760da76464c392f5Daniel Holbert — Bug 743404: In nsHtml5TreeOperation::Perform, store the return-value of nsINode::IndexOf in a PRInt32 instead of a PRUint32, so we can range-check it. r=hsivonen
38f159e04083e31be9dd967b66898854c9946f6bTerrence Cole — Bug 744052 - Restructure HashTable::checkOverflow for easier reading; r=luke
9b43a9929daadbf28daf6a6fd9121b785cd6faa8Boris Zbarsky — Bug 742184. Use CGThings for whitespace munging in CGNativeToSupportsMethod. r=peterv
a021e58d714f331a6e678cbf2ea0cf42b05401b1Boris Zbarsky — Bug 742200. Use JSVAL_VOID, not JSVAL_NULL, as the default value for optional arguments that are not specified. r=peterv
6c93d7eb039aea2723d1c03a14e5e81ab36e5979Boris Zbarsky — Bug 742167. Give extendedAttribute() a better name. r=khuey
b1bed3ae047663cf7431986276ebc2d46cde805aBenoit Jacob — Bug 743813 - fix build bustage due to signedness warning in WARNINGS_AS_ERRORS dir - no review
95a886a80f9bee11f1cac4c31f4b49f04ca84719Steven Michaud — Bug 313700 - Stale information in about:plugins (pluginreg.dat) after a plugin update. r=josh
8a59c745c563f334651d9d896c995e755e84b974Benoit Jacob — Bug 743813 - Fix the warnings generated by WebGL activeTexture - r=jgilbert
971f7705b978c90cc58228fd3471ed884c7bc1b3Benoit Jacob — Bug 686735 - 2/2 - Implement no-gfx-driver-workarounds mode - r=joe
fb6f8a081a475246f26b910cbc4f642c2e736209Benoit Jacob — Bug 741730 - Remove USE_GLES2 - r=romaxa
469e2e5b18e5e0da7446b7823b1fe232fca8672dBenoit Jacob — Bug 686735 - 1/2 - Implement no-gfx-driver-workarounds mode - r=joe,ajuma,jgilbert
e636439e342fa7e561d2f86e0730251566dc5732Olli Pettay — Bug 742482 - Add support for MutationObserver.takeRecords(), r=sicking
4db1292be760c4ddc632dbf8f5d69d73840b9ce2Ehsan Akhgari — Merge the latest green changeset from mozilla-inbound into mozilla-central
2fd41fea3b27e5ac331b54786b38d30039a03201Ehsan Akhgari — Merge mozilla-central into mozilla-inbound
1e947b3674028021e52bc2b4ff0a10c1c09f16a0Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 740883 - Coalesce VIEWPORT events across NATIVE_POKE and DRAW events on insertion. r=Cwiiis
f7953acc6c72d026ff437b37558e53ff8470f594Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 740883 - Improve DRAW event coalescing behaviour for reduced latency. r=Cwiiis
ab8239e81ae4b9ef62816897b8a738bf834e005aMounir Lamouri — Bug 743217 - Do not allow iframes to lock the screen if a parent window's element is fullscreened. r=smaug
25a13d26509d31a7e4bf8c9e6458f479a5a70fccRobert O'Callahan — Bug 733607. Restructure logic to compute snapped bounds of display items in layer coordinates. Moves responsibility for computing snapped bounds from within the display items to callers of GetBounds/GetOpaqueRegion. r=tnikkel
a235528adace9fd46a837a1a47233a9aa8e4128fPhilipp von Weitershausen — Back out changeset c1ede9f0319e (bug 743635). a=bustage
ca10513eff60efb2031477dda08db611754480a2Jonathan Kew — bug 743767 - fix bugs in pattern matrix handling in GlyphBufferAzure. r=bas
9ea318f07099a8ea15ac0eb60408735ddcbe78aeLucas Rocha — Bug 739966 - Add a Debugger listener to Fennec (r=mfinkle)
357ebe57a7ee9ffe928675081136f35b4a90c60fLucas Rocha — Bug 739966 - Add Fennec's remote debugger actors (r=past)
54243c5a85285c399202fca5eb9eb0de1d2a9291Igor Bukanov — Bug 743559 - Remove unused JSRuntime::xml_singleton fields. r=:Waldo
dd6f8d1c7fe9705a85ea0560cfcd4c08d5b88171Chris Jones — Bug 739801: Initialize the lastUpdateTime to 0 to make sure we check for an update on first startup after a fresh install (or profile clear). r=rs
80bbc7983052fb7c4d798029e7ee81fd4451f3d1Jacek Caban — Bug 742361 - GCC 4.7 mingw fails to compile cairo due to missing ffs declaration r=jrmuizel
9082d21129753d6d9a7da738fa1815244342ccd1Daniel Holbert — Bug 742565: Cast known-to-be-nonnegative integer val to unsigned, to fix build warnings in nsRange.cpp. r=smaug
bc8ce16a462d444af526cce5540f985c93242b91Henri Sivonen — Bug 741384 - Change MOZ_NOT_REACHED added in bug 732343 to MOZ_ASSERT(false). r=smaug.
b687cabf75a18e41502df504fb657ac4ec55cd90John Ford — bug 720027 - turn the speed of Mac builds up to 11 r=ted
77f0e7d882dd2810179dee31d8240fac7555a5bdOlli Pettay — Bug 742636 - Keep observed node alive during microtask if there are transient observers, r=sicking
3fa30b0edd155100e511fc2bd05dda82fd4666a2Ehsan Akhgari — Merge the last PGO-green changeset from mozilla-inbound into mozilla-central
f483227d1cbef80513ac2e329a2bf30f235b3b33Mark Capella — Bug 741709 - nsAccessibleWrap::get_accParent() shouldn't use do_QueryObject, r=tbsaunde
8a4ef59d7490968c8a43c87ca6d96b39318306c5Matias Juntunen — Bug 743475 - Patch to fix the wrong template parameters in call to WebGLBuffer::FindMaxElementInSubArray - r=jgilbert
a1077ed06c0d86dd32eff26532540b57b26dfb25Jeff Gilbert — Bug 621036 - Remove printfs from GLContextProviderCGL - r=bjacob
8bf10298a769ef5ba09121970c01e5a1363bfbd7Terrence Cole — Bug 743885 - Fix OOM handling regression in HashTable; r=luke
a4b2bc52e38437a989288ebb70a02bf20cf08247John Daggett — Bug 738136. Add Lao to the list of scripts that require shaping under OSX. r=jkew
c1ede9f0319e1a093efe7e05059d2e6108693f9bPhilipp von Weitershausen — Bug 743635 - B2G SMS database initialization freezes I/O thread. r=mwu
939ec96b6b3809fd34da49aa1e35f600cf597864Ryan VanderMeulen — Backout e54c650e8748 (bug 737239) due to lack of proper reviews.
2336a559ec7c9408b7fa89024e873fd7858148bdBrian Hackett — Don't disable call ICs with the callee frame still on the stack, bug 743088. r=luke
21c2693e14e538b32894a767dcf9ce28a400895bMargaret Leibovic — Bug 741590 - Database migration to combine history entries with the same URL. r=rnewman
b92f18186461f369ac4641f23782e4f5a8f0b668Margaret Leibovic — Bug 741590 - Test for new updateOrInsertHistory method. r=rnewman
633f31dc40733b8f282e4d99e0a17f4828e2eb2dMargaret Leibovic — Bug 741590 - Create updateOrInsertHistory method for BrowserProvider. r=rnewman
7c63bedbb9b2049be49ed87d7a1ff25c33f6b150Wes Johnston — Bug 739215 - Favicon for about:firefox. r=mfinkle
657e55debef75f5932ff0c0ff1b91a7701362704Wes Johnston — Bug 739514 - Update database version. r=mleibovic
be4a5f0247c641573abb3daed97e3ecea7a18e96Jason Duell — Bug 742174 - Allow empty Location header. r=mcmanus
8e79f8755d6539b441b1e064d7b04dfabceae375Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 742163 (follow-up) - Unbreak --disable-methodjit. r=Ms2ger.
cd73b2ca1fcc334ae58ff41e368058835f180a36Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 739512 - Patch 2b: rename nClosed{Args,Vars}() as numClosed{Args,Vars}(). r=luke.
81012bc3fa5dc90353893a52fc3ae017a7369732Masatoshi Kimura — Bug 743451 - Workaround for ISO date parsing bug. r=bent
dde6ab4aa2c31e93a5cd1dcc13ea4fb202debe2dCervantes Yu — Bug 741272 - Implement raise() using pthread_kill() so the signal will be sent to the the caller thread instead of a random thread in the thread group. r=blassey,khuey
6990e7e757c39e6ddc9cba8a70a77b684ae8b933Ye Kaiqi — Bug 739072 - Change spelling error "thoes" to "those". r=coop
e54c650e87488ac80d0cce7e74cbd183b4a698cbNicholas Cameron — Bug 737239 - Nix power of two for non-ARM builds. r=gw280
77123b152b5c7275625333848327f82bc744b2a1Théo Chevalier — Bug 702284 - Additional descriptive text for Help > About $PRODUCTNAME in mobile Nightly. r=mfinkle
4e2d0a1a9edd070c0fbb63cf50ec099dcf171e3eLuke Wagner — Bug 738279 - Change 'pc' to match 'sp' in forced return path (r=bhackett)
69858997955863e2870308b1f67ffff7cdbab9d7Luke Wagner — Bug 723445 - StackIter should ExpandInlineFrames in all compartments, not just the current one (r=bhackett)
28485be3fd5c23aa350f62e27943c87330389b82Jonathan Griffin — Bug 740227 - Add TPS to package tests, r=ted, a=testonly
9095ac6a0f0196eac8dc877f977797e6ae36b73aKyle Huey — Merge m-c to m-i.
6f73c94b04eab5f1dcd8dde4920313db70f34a4eEhsan Akhgari — Bug 743632 - Fix nsHTMLEditor::GetNextHTMLSibling to return the correct node; r=roc
0edeaa911e1c41a4358217d2588bc120c7ac2391Brad Lassey — bug 738198 - crash in nsPluginInstanceOwner::~nsPluginInstanceOwner r=snorp
806aeb3cc9ac7de358a88c413adb67c7216dd704Daniel Holbert — Bug 743785: Remove no-longer-used variable 'javaIsEnabled' from nsNPAPIPlugin.cpp. r=josh
e2ea9eb6977cf04eee2b4bf57c7475ed4029708dTakanori MATSUURA — Bug 743630 - Remove unsed variable XPIDL_COMPILE. r=khuey
490b6732369e10c0326d5e29e56ec23de59046b9Diana Koenraadt — Bug 722864 - change nsFilePicker to no longer use global Private Browsing service. Instead, use nearest relevant docshell; r=jimm
36adc9ed1d0ed7170e67163d144db2fe67cb439aSriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 738347: Null value check for ContentValues in SQLiteBridge. [r=rnewman]
308fedc536c1675a4dbe1404d14e5c037ed982a5Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 738347: Tests for null value checks in SQLiteBridge. [r=rnewman]
42870fe1a4a34183768b7f1a186872b4592ec2b3Chris Peterson — Bug 743306 - Part 2: On Android, segfault in MOZ_Crash because SIGABRT is handled asynchronously. r=glandium
8a7965116a330f482644390ad5477d85d9fc85e4Chris Peterson — Bug 743306 - Part 1: On Android, log MOZ_Assert messages to logcat because stderr is directed to /dev/null. r=glandium
d4e09a9ed76ce187ba8bc16c1d03bd2bbbd99555Chris Ilias — Bug 728981 - Add "" preferences to about:support [r=zpao]
423e8d6463ffbede66da24a70a0ecba9ba9c3348Mark Finkle — Bug 738938 - Progress throbber shows again when loading about:home on startup r=blassey
f0f385e9f904ab2f5605ad646bcc41e55ae72a88Wes Johnston — Bug 740218 - Support transactions in sqlitebridge and use them. r=gcp,rnewman,lucasr
38eb61d6f1e60f59fb9fbceccabb67fefd30250eJesper Kristensen — Bug 700553 - test_add_remove_dictionaries.xul silently fails with uncaught JS exception; r=ehsan
736f897f8a0e99bdefe7dec4f90bcd10708a67ceSteven Michaud — Bug 730066 - Crash at mozilla::layers::ImageContainer::GetCurrentSize on printing r=roc
ed3b761936bee036d361956a03c8238f3a035660Justin Lebar — Bug 741540 - Add AvailableMemoryTracker's hooks before any threads have started up. r=bsmedberg
503a4e4804f0c6fd097a5b8e1efa9704c3247582Daniel Jeter II — Bug 722391 - Upgrade to zlib 1.2.6; rs=joe
19d0e4ef755baa796f032b71297b087df84ff29eDavid Mason — Bug 732779 - Update Date.prototype.set{Second,Minute,Hour,etc} methods to not short-circuit argument evaluation when this date is invalid or a leading argument converts to NaN. r=jwalden
c347f2c7296346c6041ff31c3023fe61c1fc1f2cWes Johnston — Backed out changeset f5d6cc2e4726
f5d6cc2e47260ec824438c5a2caae64cd9f5f62eWes Johnston — Bug 740218 - Support transactions in sqlitebridge and use them. r=gcp,rnewman,lucasr
9a736b04b47fb62fdf549ce697f60d8d65c49a3dKartikaya Gupta — Bug 741228 - Add a small element cache to reduce time spent finding clickable elements. r=wesj
147324800246e0e86db097b4fb0803c3422fef64Rafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 743650 - Don't use nsPrintfCString. r=nfroyd.
575db34e12396ab28b333a9d3df2d3dd9ca13530Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 740303. Make sure we update the checkerboard layer. r=kats.
74670610b9194aab1c5422a4cdcc00e7f255ccabAlexander Surkov — Bug 539683 - defunct object methods should return CO_E_OBJNOTCONNECTED, patch=tbsaunde, surkov, r=surkov, tbsaunde
bf132b7a5a9d839643f832f9e0996e6d0e3e6defPatrick McManus — bug 742935: fix landing problem with 717759 r=honzab
10f864a9b5c5f154cc712fc3280bb179f39f388dPatrick McManus — bug 742935: fix landing problem with 717350 r=honzab
dc8f2d891d8fbb9789ff5311dcb4fb1e75b75ef2Patrick McManus — bug 742935: fix landing problem with 603512 r=honzab
ced90280c7c16b0249924e03223bc5a5d9261d4fEhsan Akhgari — Merge mozilla-central into mozilla-inbound to fix B2G builds
1721afdbf0c3796bc1870e1526f0f2eac204a1faJohn Daggett — Bug 710727. Revert shared cmap patch due to reftest/mochitest-4 failures on Win7. a=bustage
db8d17856c4eb5f352692f5236605b0b3591f008Mark Capella — Bug 741701 - CAccessibleHyperlink::get_anchor shouldn't use nsIWinAccessNode, r=tbsaunde, f=surkov
4bcba0e0eecaebfa314d050ff947b1a5987560e8Mark Capella — Bug 742695 - densify nsARIAGridAccessible, r=tbsaunde, f=surkov
807a41c7113228ef3ed55bdb096f1a8f4d3ef73bMark Capella — Bug 740758 - dexpcom nsAccessible::GetValue, r=tbsaunde, f=surkov
c785549b6eb21c8bd69640a0baf74094b68d2ea8Ben Bucksch — #pragma O0 fails on GCC 4.4 with an Internal Compiler Error. -- bug 621446, r=honzab
cdd4141ec53b1ef60225e8587ae0d1b9ee9d7518Landry Breuil — Bug 743428 - package profiler.xpt only if MOZ_ENABLE_PROFILER_SPS is set. r=glandium
e0c118cd4f86cde23b457ae9d2b7b25b979bbb6dMs2ger — Merge m-c to m-i.
2b364a0ca1da908db47d92dba3edf378f6ecc8a2John Daggett — Bug 710727. Share cmaps across all fonts. r=jkew
2374ebd5026f86aab18d3e4fbfd484e5b3f5cbbbSerge Gautherie — Bug 740769. (Cv1a) test_bug325418.js: Create separate observers, Initialize gStartTime[12] later, Use instead of (new Date()).getTime(), "timer = null;" a bit later, Nits. r=bzbarsky.
6fe5b0271cd125c7a7fca5b75bc04943c6b31d08Serge Gautherie — Bug 740769. (Bv1) Convert test_bug325418.js file to LF end-of-lines, Fix nsITimer.idl documentation. r=bzbarsky.
7702bca6b64d7e71e9eede8c139ef51929468688Kyle Huey — Refix bug 741248 harder. r=me
434f50e708151ef17748bdba3600b617f828c8cbKyle Huey — Merge fx-team to m-c to please philor.
c0946061c57f8b46123880df73afd7e82602f473Girish Sharma — Bug 729960 - Source Editor: add shortcuts to quickly jump to the code block start and end; r=msucan
cafe030aca8aa6d1a03fe9749644af10e5b7ddf8Girish Sharma — Bug 739192 - Source Editor should toggle comment on line or selection with one key binding; r=msucan
7e22d83d5c6ce2124f2c8363144230c9a1f3d2c2Tim Taubert — Bug 742782 - [New Tab Page] Error: aCallback is not defined; r=dietrich
5d654a428c971c877dc9bf72727f4c47004e5e3eMihai Sucan — Bug 728926 - Intermittent failure in browser_dbg_script-switching.js | The correct script was loaded initially. | The first script is displayed. r=rcampbell
9f82d9ab3f1fa6da0058e09a68c3a9263acad720Mihai Sucan — Bug 728830 - Intermittent browser_dbg_update-editor-mode.js | Found the expected editor mode. - Got js, expected html | The correct script was loaded initially. | The first script is displayed. | Test timed out; r=rcampbell
52ee2124247dc70a1384ab371256945da994f395Matt Brubeck — Back out 17e4143dd6f0 (bug 737509) on suspicion of causing a crash in browser_tabview_bug597248.js
96a1ab35f7652ec04f5dede49bcc3a4899ca9634Kyle Huey — Refix bug 741248. r=me
17e4143dd6f044083d26f9a0bd348d0e953d2d83Steven Michaud — Bug 737509 - [10.5] Crash in _cairo_quartz_surface_mask @ _cairo_user_data_array_fini. r=jmuizelaar
7227004c889379546c4e8bdbf61b83fd9d4eb8f1Matt Brubeck — Merge last green changeset from inbound to mozilla-central
5b3f94379f5cd2a1e9871a95e50ba4d1b5af6fcbDaniel Holbert — Bug 369560 followup: Soften language in unusual-but-innocuous NS_WARNING for XBL docs with no root element. r=bz
6dffa132f245bfd8cdbfc05b56b1a04b9b7c04ffVicamo Yang — Bug 736707 - Part 2: Support Type-0 Message. r=philikon
0d4f1f7d050a9453075047f232b22f05ec34627fVicamo Yang — Bug 736707 - Part 1: TP-PID sanity checks. r=philikon
dc946d9481b2c144e466508d42f4a497f1b8fab6Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 740718 - Move event coalescing code to PostEvent and rearrange to avoid null pointer dereferences. r=blassey
2dd66b1911c1bf61e1cd646fb2a8a44538aaa4d6Takanori MATSUURA — Bug 743433 - Remove .orig files which were accidentally added by bug 680246. r=khuey
d5589821fc04eb82b238f2648fcb19ef0febcbf4Igor Bukanov — Bug 737364 - part 2 - replace JSContext with JSRuntime in the GC-related API
7dffb77aabcdd53b3e7d7098e36a0255d7986035Igor Bukanov — Bug 737364 - part 1 - stop using the cx in the GC implementation
c81e9412e02a9bc8874d5318f4a81bcb7f962df2Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 742019 - Rewrite how we handle touch events so we don't break panning, and don't introduce unnecessary latency. r=wesj
0285a0a4571f65874c75f70f851876009b4bebcfCervantes Yu — Bug 739121: Nonblocking IO handling error in RIL.cpp, r=qdot
e46fd6a8cff59ecc2b5474aca32aea9197eff985Philipp von Weitershausen — Back out changeset 26adf71d5c61 (bug 734018) due to oranges.
a7ae9d42184832903c11d56f3b095d5b99f428b1Boris Zbarsky — Bug 741266. with 3 or more arguments should invoke the scriptable version of, not the noscript one. r=jst
26a56a089f89119aab886df3023bc09b0cf74d88Vicamo Yang — Bug 743179 - B2G SMS: error notification for REQUEST_GET_SMSC_ADDRESS failure is not fired. r=philikon
d7a4dfac3acf04d10e68458fb490c3d6c72549e7Kan-Ru Chen — Bug 740710 - B2G SMS: Timezone offset sign is wrong. r=philikon
26adf71d5c6154e94050cc1ec8554e548b3c3657Philipp von Weitershausen — Bug 734018 - Don't patch DOMRequestService into Services.jsm, define message managers. r=gavin,fabrice
be20d1f8c8a3c51842fe351ae350ee05ac1ecda5Daniel Holbert — Bug 742581: Make definition of nsStyleCoord::GetCoordValue() consistent with the declaration, regarding what the function's return type is. r=dbaron
a29bc0e8de0a89c49257239ba1aec2eb9781cec9Jeff Gilbert — Bug 739421 - Implement/expose ARB_sync in GLContext - r=bjacob
3be23dcd43e45a3e108aded097c0065a6b244698Marco Bonardo — Backout d83c1ffb7397 (bug 741266) due to Windows M1 failures
b94616a8d514973c005d75a9692f00f024102725Marco Bonardo — Bug 737841 - Part 3: remove no more useful redirectsMode query option.
52a1ab08417af171997678dcb4f29f31cf2c6999Marco Bonardo — Bug 737841 - Part 2: tests
8e494b6b36ef52abac5245c2e5a4b382579c75ecMarco Bonardo — Bug 737841 - Part 1: ensure Places history properly handles redirecting and error visits.
a6527fdc59f4a7f40a54c943389a4ac46d5f4ec2Marco Bonardo — Bug 739751 - Don't inline autocomplete results shorter than the searcString to avoid confusing in-the-middle autocomplete.
fcd6861385da970ea2cdd7c2d4700b57571e57baJason Orendorff — Fix "Assertion failure: srcArgs.callee().toFunction()->native() == native || srcArgs.callee().toFunction()->native() == js_generic_native_method_dispatcher, at jswrapper.cpp:788." Bug 743101, r=djvj.
63cd904be4a7e2d1c103ed8826f9a65ae480c50bJason Orendorff — Debugger.Environment.getVariable and setVariable. Bug 692984, r=jimb.
19fb3c7c2fe4c7e1e11be8918d4b15a61cb9b435Jason Orendorff — Comment class js::FreeOp. No bug, no_r=me.
d83c1ffb7397e8bcf4919bb44b87bf33bc3b853cBoris Zbarsky — Bug 741266. with 3 or more arguments should invoke the scriptable version of, not the noscript one. r=jst
7fabd3f2bc1e4bb974fb0446cd8ff363eb9e673fBenoit Girard — Bug 719536 - Include symbol table in the Linux nightlies for profiling and debugging. r=ted
0c5916e57c2f2ff3aa5d07055550156e9df2f5e2Terrence Cole — Bug 737258 - Provide the real thing location to the marker callback; r=billm
90c1118bce0acd0a3bf2b45982862b517e181687Margaret Leibovic — Bug 743227 - "Always show" does not display the popoups until a page reload. r=mbrubeck
79662b6e372a61932ce555440a00d93a35311af7Jason Duell — Bug 705796 - telemetry data on how often cache is corrupt at startup. r=michal
bb1eebb47fc30f69e1091b3fc4f3ceac71460da2Dão Gottwald — Bug 723953 - Fennec chrome scripts and tests leak global variables. r=mbrubeck
bc1ecf41f4003829824d93eb4c72c06dcb9f1f5eDão Gottwald — Bug 742645 - Adding exception accidentally allowed in framed certificate error page. r=mak
a72502cf4dac5eb6a5fe4e77efde4eb4095e4f9aTerrence Cole — Bug 743047 - Make the script atoms HeapPointers; r=billm
b23771ca17fd1362243886e1beeab45ce5dc87e5Joey Armstrong — Bug 741839 - Consolidate wildcard calls in r=ted
a82e8c2edb2957b5cd6418b5d198e87c0ad80d1bTakanori MATSUURA — Bug 737006 - Use internal ply only if needed. r=khuey
5cc8dc1f19ec562ff36c25bb09488478c3f71cf5David Rajchenbach-Teller — Bug 718938 - Add RAII helper to mfbt. r=waldo,luke,cjones
11b6ea48df175e1217cb358f43077417f71e3c17Kai Engert — Bug 741135, update Mozilla to NSS 3.13.4. Landing final version numbers, no code change. r=wtc
39fc4711349c5b598cbcf013c251b7d515b6fb4aDave Townsend — Bug 738790: Add mozglue to dependentlibs.list to fix xulrunner stub loading. r=glandium
db25cbcdef4c2fffa5c944e21a9852898b9b3707Margaret Leibovic — Remove debugging line accidentally added in 67b54e87e03e (no bug)
7d9b76ac122da456cf84616ee177678d0d2f0172Brian Smith — Bug 743076 - Suppress warning warning C4355: 'this' : used in base member initializer list in HttpChannelChild and FTPChannelChild, r=cbiesinger
690e77288e987d7a6f98385930f6f021d9728f19Asaf Romano — Bug 739451 - Don't rely on XPConnect-magic for getting the owner window of a places view (Required for compartment-per-global work). r=mak
9ca66ce2672f906ac678d633a6ac6fd9d13c918aPhilipp von Weitershausen — Bug 743603 - B2G Wifi: minor code readability improvement. r=mrbkap
0dea9827ef0eb92c2205c7efeb27fbc70fad26f4Blake Kaplan — Backed out changeset 22521568cf79. It accidentally removed a file.
22521568cf79dc1059a266bb5835266161c46dc3Philipp von Weitershausen — Bug 743603 - B2G Wifi: minor code readability improvement. r=mrbkap
9aaed241e2b741170961dffd0a5bb1bc22a2fa8cBlake Kaplan — Bug 736091 - Add a forgetNetwork function that forgets the requested network. If the requested network is the current network, we reconnect to the next available network. r=cjones
fb5ff0b8fd6c022f3606f05742ec227e2c33ccc7Chris Jones — Bug 743617: Temporarily pref off omtc pending regression fixes. r=mwu (npotb) DONTBUILD
d25c5f07be7dcac0601e79e1f557aca9882244eeBlake Kaplan — Bug 742797 - Fix shutdown on ICS. r=cjones DONTBUILD
babbc38b7f521849e2ddb7859483f59cdd398e71Kyle Huey — Back out Bug 679230 due to Android reftest failures.
dd39182f70cbde594f6caf5ed6ce3e0b02a25665Kyle Huey — Bug 697230: Part 3 - Make style images block onload. r=bz
23fcc967bfce44719de2b6fbad7a7cc8df45a69bKyle Huey — Bug 697230: Part 2 - Push onload blocking logic down into imagelib. r=joe sr=bz
90c888efe410a66865b3f0cf4fcf8ba69704e6aeKyle Huey — Bug 697230: Part 1 - Centralize style image observers. r=bz
fc1432924480eeaacc9a04a93f687d5f11c687caffxbld — Automated blocklist update from host linux-ix-slave24
d532b94c9f13175bb4463253a89c52bfb4bce7b2Olli Pettay — Bug 743199 - Unmark Document's and Window's ELM, r=mccr8
4721cf101ae6088d2738580560a6c8333d82f1fbKyle Huey — Fix Bug 743376. r=bz
239052b7e7b9450b1c79e1d44cf8b6f5d57c6a84Serge Gautherie — Bug 739041. (Dv1a-FF) test_384370.js: Move after_import() into run_test(), Use Services.prefs too. f=neil r=mak77.
a402c2064466dee340d4ff19db55c04c74e04a77Matt Brubeck — Merge last green changeset from inbound to mozilla-central
4ea78fe84b7c7975578af0487447c8cb1f39ab5dMike Hommey — Backout bug 644608 for subtly breaking layout/media build
828112609eb9cfdc9a6bffcb79635ec2989e3a09Mike Hommey — Fixup for windows builds after bug 644608. rs=Ms2ger
92cc2053db2f352389d2ef637457d56c9fd69effMs2ger — Backout bug 742805, 742778, 742775, 740974, 742765, 742761, 742092, 722197 for leaks.
4aa132abac5a760e372fd6972a1a369ad9a0ad39Vivien Nicolas — Bug 722197 - Add a preference to map some domain names to localhost. r=mcmanus
599ba18912417fab4cd8032f7c6b85f689cddea4Vivien Nicolas — Bug 742092 - Bridge the permission prompt to the content using the homescreen messaging API. r=fabrice
996a39afd4aed987486ed67669c473e33c174ac5Vivien Nicolas — Bug 742761 - Remove some warnings in b2g/. r=fabrice
7a03c035f30a8388792344a15c7dfc8d9a274d49Vivien Nicolas — Bug 742765 - this._indexedDB is undefined in SettingsManager.js. r=gwagner
569698a19cb72f49f41625bf785c8b918cfb2967Vivien Nicolas — Bug 740974 - toolbar currentSet setter needs to return 'val' when returning early. r=dao
51a7b81b029a6ce50c00d6e8056d51828bd5744dVivien Nicolas — Bug 742775 - Turn off the debug mode by default on SmsDatabaseService.js. r=philikon
74813b11cf8bdfa2bf9358ead602f3c1e27cba83Vivien Nicolas — Bug 742778 - Turn off the debug mode by default for dom/wifi. r=mrbkap
c8e611f3872a94662571d8dc6e3db0eb0620244fVivien Nicolas — Bug 742805 - Do not dump ril socket failures on a desktop build with --enable-b2g-ril. r=philikon
ff3f6dc5547240c685c391294934ab315fd1cf2fMichael Wu — Bug 741038 - Dumb down mt touchscreen detection, r=cjones
182a625801b4901848d61714ab00e4f0fa593091Jacek Caban — Bug 742281 - Append instead of assigning OS_LIBS in xpcom/tests/windows/ r=glandium
377193a363ed95c8fed3148d15ab7dfa8f0272baJacek Caban — Bug 742357 - Use macros to declare nsIMutationObserver functions in nsMutationReceiver r=smaug
afbb19dccbe25f0e8c118b890a1e23f3bad91f1aMike Hommey — Bug 644608 - Implement full dependencies for expandlibs. r=ted
d405b4adf7f96dac993efa25ee5ec4c285ccde61Mike Hommey — Bug 741287 part 2 - Fix layout/build/ for missing libraries. r=ted
748db85b1a01b04023ca5a7593842adbc7b28d52Mike Hommey — Bug 741287 - Make error out when given a missing file. r=ted
f40757e784769060757a20580cec27972dd97f4aAryeh Gregor — Bug 742261 - Remove useless queryCommandText/execCommandShowHelp methods; r=ehsan
6e9a4af5c92054bba47aad80e19ffbee7875d22dAryeh Gregor — Bug 317093 part 2 - execCommand() should remove <strong>, <em>, and <s> as well as <b>, <i>, <strike>; r=ehsan
b62e0012748bd588f3ae54ae5aa87d1d1e665b81Aryeh Gregor — Bug 317093 part 1 - Avoid spurious UNEXPECTED-FAILs in test_richtext2 when fixing expected fails; r=ehsan
ad9d219c1855f3fe2deecae858ba5b17fa41c343Aryeh Gregor — Bug 316447 - execCommand("insertHorizontalRule") should not set height/width; r=ehsan
fba572626884ec5981b894c19dd48aaddb65d779Richard Newman — Merge m-c to m-i.
3875882a5ff4b5edecfdd7ca9ec2d22c9bc0d63bMakoto Kato — Bug 716354 - freetype2 detection doesn't consider cross-compiling. r=glandium
370a0a8ea1a20dfd6b2a8afeadbb5addc4a9937bChenxia Liu — Bug 742700 - Null URI crash in canceling J-PAKE. r=rnewman
c527278f647a213cae9dac90b35ad1ddd2b82589Richard Newman — Bug 736348 - Child positioning hits sqlite limits. r=lucasr
72ae9117ba882773b1ce4588810c84a701fd3a30Nick Alexander — Bug 735083 - batch inserts into Fennec history provider. r=rnewman
d966f9a5e4f27862bfea69d624ec6bfe43edc34bBoris Zbarsky — Bug 742549. Add a .crossOrigin IDL property. r=sicking
9259d8ea774b3319f53bfb39ace00ec071bc5edbHub Figuière — Bug 743114 - Regression: Autocomplete role should be ignored on Mac. r=tbsaunde
e8fb716946e00537197ff02a051b9e440fe41e86Terrence Cole — Bug 730452 - Trigger post barriers on moveDenseArrayElements; r=billm
1caaf6428d93af8d09447952ed4e1b4e729d8bdfMark Hammond — Bug 737245 followup: backout chunk of pymake that slipped in with this bug's patch. DONTBUILD
b0da9a35a841bf4cf770eb2d292128d3abc348a6Jim Blandy — Bug 733461: Implement the 'query' parameter of Debugger.prototype.findScripts. r=jorendorff
153cbd729eba7b3660f0a1d782c3d78c5e236abfBill McCloskey — Bug 739899 - Fix clang warning (rs=terrence)
2f84376063fe9b6fd302c7eabd0ff2daafc7e371Bill McCloskey — Bug 739899 - Fix orange
a57ee6d20b76bfbfbde2686b14aa49457a11f2f0Terrence Cole — no bug: Warning fix at predeclaration of AutoCompartment; r=jorendorff
b173abb25ebd9d39a96363b1044ca9e81bfac383Brian Smith — Bug 742610 - Remove opportunistic caching support from nsHttpChannel, r=honzab
34b08b53f6664ba595cec790d203c49333879afaWan-Teh Chang — Merge mozilla-inbound and my changes
f6cb35021951093c6c8ed93dd29f2ee6ee8105feWan-Teh Chang — Bug 741135: Update NSS to NSS_3_13_4_BETA2. Includes fixes for bug
a0a7af840b83b2e5567ced718fdd7d9af968c0e3Bill McCloskey — Bug 742570 - Improve shell control of incremental GC (r=igor)
15a23c3923ff9752395c339165cdf113629608a4Bill McCloskey — Bug 742570 - Improve GC testing functions (r=igor)
bc7f3c6766263a33daf4fe0817c9d7b5fb738014Bill McCloskey — Bug 742570 - Change API for compartment GCs (r=igor)
94efe1ec3367688a9871c67da042e59750b6543bBill McCloskey — Bug 742570 - Remove the compartment option for gczeal (r=igor)
94199cf080a3a26d1d600445a1ed2c198e1b4b20Bill McCloskey — Bug 739899 - Eliminate the distinction between full and compartment GCs (r=igor)
d41b23cd23596a204e0a5338045a9bc729963d8dBill McCloskey — Bug 739810 - Make cycle collector traverse nsGlobalWindow::mLocalStorage (r=smaug)
76032e5e6cccdf3ccbf33eba88ecb1bd833eb76eLuke Wagner — Bug 743034 - Fix script proto exec. r=bholley
33319eea57cacd791292b45f2918f5eb541760a5Patrick McManus — bug 742827 - fix problem with landing of bug 671591 r=honzab
6284f89a20696fdad4a3f12cf527222d25e65622Steven Michaud — Bug 738076 - Missing "return NS_ERROR_FAILURE" after malloc failure. r=bgigard
e7ebb831c3298a530dc754b1b1fc1df7a375922cJoey Armstrong — Bug 740452 - Move check-sync-dirs test to a named target so it can be run independent of configure. r=ted
8f03b8e2cc5a14c98a9bdf316516a8fa9790b464Gabor Krizsanits — Bug 733035 - postMessage support for sandboxes. r=khuey
c6fe3d26bece1b1d56bee1b5d2934496cabb647aPhilipp von Weitershausen — Back out changeset 3780b09790a0 (bug 733265) due to build bustage.
8e42943ed306659598bf3ffd00d1d2e61a9c11b7Veeraya Pupatwibul — Bug 742396 - Change stored password notification should truncate long usernames [r=zpao]
2f28c73810cde10e7cec485549089bedf2ce4bdfKartikaya Gupta — Bug 741988 - Avoid potentially triggering an extra draw. r=Cwiiis
701495278c158b0fe22c322a1b37b06eae1eba2cHub Figuière — Bug 740696 - Don't cache AXParent value. This basically revert bug 455443. r=tbsaunde
52643779c4d85e6c96b9b901abde96705ef02064Vicamo Yang — Bug 727319 - Part 2: notify SMS send failed. r=philikon
25b1bf1420ab8909e0dbaa146c6b41de01299914Vicamo Yang — Bug 727319 - Part 1: remove handleRequestError(). r=philikon
8646a8cfc01aa0a66e1deb0eb8f876259d58e801Vicamo Yang — Bug 736697 - Part 5: add error handling. r=philikon
2e2a8ba65b5ff9b3931457398742a3537e1a7e06Vicamo Yang — Bug 736697 - Part 4: handle SMS-STATUS-REPORT. r=philikon
572810096bb67d03bfdf59ce31d657e6674a74e1Vicamo Yang — Bug 736697 - Part 3: support SMS-STATUS-REPORT. r=philikon
dea06a99f0c66c046dbce8bc6b554c599b896b8cVicamo Yang — Bug 736697 - Part 2: Refactor to share methods. r=philikon
d0abf53d9b3b9bd6caed890fbd8c57e0715edd15Vicamo Yang — Bug 736697 - Part 1: Remove SMS-SUBMIT-only property from SMS-DELIVER. r=philikon
60f7fc980511b4e87a886295264364f1230dc481Hsinyi Tsai — Bug 735170 - WebTelephony: add API to hold a call. r=philikon
3780b09790a08f1eb1c2d0d25a24154b7b889e17Fernando Jiménez — Bug 733265 - B2G SMS DB tests. r=philikon
6120308406f3824d69315c9b6b75ef432e7b9f2dBobby Holley — Bug 739825 - Push principals when entering compartments in structured clone. r=mrbkap
522fb722cc0960a94c223300c7d9830ffcafc5f3Benjamin Smedberg — Bug 740919 - Don't delay-load gkmedias.dll and make the XPCOM glue work by eagerly loading it in dependentlibs.list, r=khuey
6f3a32b6598566772df5371e5ef1f8d93057d6ffDaniel Holbert — backout ca2cbec4255a (diagnostic patch for bug 739711)
d3fb71fc5292051c47e143f4eca4d1f902572475Josh Matthews — Bug 704147 - Make ctypes function pointers callable via call and apply. r=bholley
324e1ebd118d47c9b7f164c21015e3877a857395Jim Blandy — Bug 742358: Add some documentation to toolkit/devtools/debugger/dbg-transport.js. r=dcamp
0b28f9e01c51c6b38f187e8b3f5d4183d4d19adeJim Blandy — Bug 741615: Replace Debugger.prototype.wrap with Debugger.Object.prototype.makeDebuggeeValue. r=jorendorff
fe8ffd7166eb82cce58630bb8112f6e1e8537196Bobby Holley — Bug 739796 - Make same-origin cross-compartment Location object access go through the LW in the host compartment. r=gal
850547d0b635f36934de66c0714eab67b139ee88Bobby Holley — Bug 739796 - Make js_TransplantObjectWithWrapper and GetSameCompartmentSecurityWrapper play nicely together. r=mrbkap
6a4c590bf1d2d9cdc4a46a19a8da35db15713a01Bobby Holley — Bug 739796 - Move same-compartment security wrapping into a method on XPCWrappedNative. r=gal
633ddbb603901fd395122188e73346c6e63e84d9Mark Capella — Bug 741580 - Remove nsXULPrototype Element mScriptTypeID, r=ms2ger,jst
21086fa592c13d1b55bf74ff39fd86e1c33fac42Jonathan Griffin — Bug 741479 - make DeviceManagerADB useable with B2G, r=jmaher
cd0aed20d1ea8e7a88989a1fbdfe85cd05bd71b0Jonathan Griffin — Bug 741994 - add ability to pass device serial number to DeviceManagerADB, r=jmaher
b1db4217e0682c2b5d3436cc90262c076c13c9cbDaniel Holbert — Bug 742788: Fix two 'warning: comparison of unsigned expression >= 0 is always true' in js. r=luke
290dd1ca19b6540f4cac41f32464a4dc3642e5d1Daniel Holbert — backout 118c07dc56f9 (bug 742179) for windows build bustage
f2c60b01d75aed003c0861094be0d2dc41d135b7Ehsan Akhgari — Merge mozilla-inbound and mozilla-central
55ddaad4f6028f6baf5715df8e3b3ed0c0912ef7Boris Zbarsky — Bug 731521. Computed border on our descendants can change due to a change of our specified border styles even if our computed border did not change. r=dbaron
3892107262e55271d3fd39bfac1872173b26e325Boris Zbarsky — Bug 742030. When cloning nodes with inline style, preserve the inline style string. r=sicking
1907c8bf3cae6dea933c83c8fd714572ca46cb9fBoris Zbarsky — Bug 742222. Make sure to JS_WrapValue values being returned for callback types and 'any' types. r=peterv
f381c497e47a24774fc240f889da27593f7a7f08Boris Zbarsky — Bug 738356. Add JSAPI for doing the equivalent of Function.prototype.bind. r=jorendorff
d36aeec1abe1181a8aa0492931a7d1496e655a55Dave Townsend — Bug 734975: Fix XULRunner packaging in universal builds. r=bsmedberg
118c07dc56f993c3e0d221342d80641bb37552f1Doug Turner — Bug 742179 - Move MakeRandomString to xpcom/ds. r=bsmedberg
fc2d53ab4582a60d486a9258e9cade45d0b1930bAlexander Surkov — Bug 741398 - make ARIA state map extensible, r=tbsaunde
5738f35ffb113d6ea2ef39f30709e855c6dc38a8Cody Brocious — Bug 741837 - Hook up OMTC for Gonk [r=gal]
fab75de4ad2ed61333038cee30eb71dc7083429eJeff Muizelaar — Bug 740898. Merge LayerView and GLSurfaceView. r=pcwalton
c77aa84222f12636f765ee8f613352ed2a0175abJeff Muizelaar — Backed out changeset 0f8439284834
0f84392848347a9d0a40258877bf87cd08a1a598Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 730898. Merge LayerView and GLSurfaceView. r=pcwalton
ed9df432b9446406f2ebf04f9132d89e00d4ff58Joel Maher — Bug 742147 - tprovider doesn't provide accurate output format for talos parsers. r=gbrown
cc7afdbc31ff4d3d1f27bf718050d48e049a3e91Mats Palmgren — Bug 724352 - Decrement assertion counts for some layout crashtests. r=roc
b18609e4bc570b9839333fc18a05b1a2eb431714Mats Palmgren — Bug 724352 - Don't add vertical margin to scrollable overflow here, it's already done during reflow and we don't need it for UpdateOverflow yet (and we need to account for margin-collapsing when we do). r=roc
179d4fadc70a056a8eed8b34d5127b586c148bffMark Capella — Bug 739889 - densify nsOuterDocAccessible, r=surkov, tbsaunde
ad90865125a22a0613618ad7e671b12ba066feb4Serge Gautherie — Bug 739041. (Cv1a-FF) test_browserGlue_prefs.js: Move comment back to its related code, s/print/do_log_info/g. r=mak77.
da0d07b5ca1e79037eb66bad22bd2b3aeb106dc8Serge Gautherie — Bug 740769. (Av1) Fix multiple issues in test_bug325418.js. r=bzbarsky.
b7adf1bde2f668ed80e59b01fbf2a8e6fb9c021bSerge Gautherie — Bug 637101. (Bv1) Add a 1 second delay before calling killTest(), Fix bug 647323 regression, Remove extra ';' and spaces. r=ted.mielczarek.
1da11a2bc5db067d44d2178017b6c0bff7fbc837Rail Aliiev — Bug 738349 - PGP signature file missing r=ted
90a4942abf08a2232db9952f6772012df77b0746Ehsan Akhgari — Merge the last green PGO changeset from mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central
d19b20df7e70b3488cc0444a030dec9d89d2dd92Jonathan Kew — bug 736227 - fix surrogate handling in case-insensitive string compare. r=smontagu
a85db096112eb92e325e33f0d65ac4963c6581c5Max Li — Bug 670853 - undetermined progressmeters should expose mixed state, r=surkov, f=eeejay
f3acabd0b48c0833788d6f3f4c6c4bc4cb52b8f4Max Li — Bug 735645 - expose sub and sup elements in text attributes, r=surkov
e51a6ddc328297fed90bd4f84cd4b555e2646c02Mike Hommey — Bug 738709 - Don't call pthread_atfork from jemalloc on OSX. r=jlebar
26eb0d5a95a643a96e1b8b1f830809471aa670dbMike Hommey — Bug 738176 - Completely disable jemalloc when it's supposed to be disabled on OSX, and cleanup exposed APIs. r=jlebar,r=khuey
55ba87dd42e26d724283d2cc91a3fdf9f641c268Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 742163 - Clean up JSScript::jitArityCheck{Normal,Ctor}. r=dvander.
e618946cad01c7581bc62e7e828be198ebceee2fBrad Lassey — backout b51259905d85 because it needs sr
348e9d3a6bec187c07e5d291e7be9a887f3a23cdKan-Ru Chen — Bug 707589 - [Gonk] When screen is enabled/disabled, send visibility change events to windows [r=mwu]
b51259905d852073bfbbe9227efeeb82501fb3efBrad Lassey — bug 738528 - still photo support for getUserMedia r=dougt
bdaa03c8f24475287fc531eb8145074b0997c6afBrad Lassey — bug 741284 - add async file request method r=kats
442ae4ba8a9508c710b143d3b5a72ff2bcbb589dJared Wein — Bug 742619 - Temporarily disable one of the tests in test11c to quiet an intermittent orange. r=felipe
513dfdfb141f69313c028a7135db7b8985bc0b1eMichael Wu — Bug 742107 - Use GRE_HOME or /system/b2g on Gonk, r=glandium
ca2cbec4255a6a5d61d7171e47ebf48672edea4aDaniel Holbert — Bug 739711: add some diagnostic printfs to let us see if we're hitting canvas drawImage for SVG images on android. r=roc
d242e16d161cad51e26bed058818bb9d8c2445a6Brian Smith — Bug 736903: nsHttpChannel wraps the aOffset value it passes to its stream listener instead of clamping it, r=cbiesinger
3355f91a501fc6809de22b6f0591fc734bd5cd85Brian Smith — Bug 736898: Avoid signed/unsigned comparisons in tools/profiler, r=bgirard
6348b1ae1f859b417a58dad7303afb3e3b5064ffBrian Smith — Bug 736895: Suppress warning warning C4355: 'this' : used in base member initializer list in nsHttpChannel::nsHttpChannel, r=cbiesinger
497086b1463c229047774d29de3b8769e5978258Brian Smith — Bug 736887: Fix compiler warning in nsHttpChannel.cpp: warning C4244: 'argument' : conversion from 'double' to 'PRTime', possible loss of data, r=cbiesinger
1ace3d2af4b71c2192e2b3a8d705fe5c8fe74066Jeff Gilbert — Bug 685156 - webgl.hint() must accept GENERATE_MIPMAP_HINT - r=bjacob
e529dbc6eddbe5e6505bcedab1b5065b3ab3df38Trevor Saunders — bug 733510 - use flag histograms instead of bool histagrams for usage data r=davidb, froydnj
3a06c3ef2c1b0d2f733db4322c20901c6460c330Jeff Gilbert — Bug 741689 - Disable poorly implemented GL extensions on load - r=bjacob
d0430a04d92a92dfa26f16ae631c09625d8f86b6Luke Wagner — Fix semicolon warning in js/src (no bug, r=me)
f2c92cf02061ddbdd7d5ce0a08ee182f360db01cPatrick McManus — bug 739023 nightly crash in nshttpchannel::OnDataAvailable() from Restart r=honzab
6a3a951dcbc082b0328ef663356e512fab84649bOleg Romashin — Bug 742544 - Don't change global shared context multiple times. r=jgilbert
3dff692dc7bb1ae52d76faa89030072db2d3a352Fabrice Desré — Bug 741560 - Pin apps in b2g [r=mayhemer]
7580c5db101f37c76e9a1faaa338e0709f18ae8eSriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 742216: Battery sensor cleanup in the similar lines of GeckoConnectivityReceiver. [r=mfinkle]
fccc5ee8c51b262e0f990043dfc7fdc33a3fe6d6Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 742216: onPause() is redundant. [r=mfinkle]
ee64f3c826df1044056408f6e5f5bdb03759d2a4Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 742216: Disable sensors on application pause. [r=mfinkle]
563c26d0a991506dee0e3089fc56520fca5a6a99Justin Lebar — Bug 742448 - Don't return xray-waived objects in BrowserElementAPI, and don't use the parent window's content-overridable top property for implementing r=bholley
9e62b7df0d3cd84ff45a3e74243a9c18c629fb3eChenxia Liu — Bug 742111 - Focus text entry boxes in Pair a Device. r=rnewman
5ae07a2cc4cebf2dafa476ac2fb0cb2a3fa3f385Chenxia Liu — Bug 742593 - SetupSyncActivity does main thread networking. r=rnewman
c085696cbde9825b7c80943b42fd32bfc21d18aeChenxia Liu — Bug 725912 - Part 1: Sync key validation + tests. r=rnewman
36bae719a2d461416c79042da2de07193f462459Bobby Holley — Bug 737251 - Reuse the throwing code in jsobj.cpp for jsproxy.cpp. r=luke
17e95355ad77035e120598c816ff917f951eebbfBobby Holley — Bug 737245 - Typed Arrays should handle cross-compartment wrappers; part3. r=luke
e67ea61f46b6fa360f96249e6ace1da1191e6427Bobby Holley — Bug 737245 - Typed Arrays should handle cross-compartment wrappers; part2. r=luke
1cbedc2d11c6ec7c83480e5ce7c2ff532d6d35deBobby Holley — Bug 737245 - Typed Arrays should handle cross-compartment wrappers; part1. r=luke
fdac8905b6debc98c48e1a272ec6760ee6aea170Malini Das — Bug 742513 - allow marionette to launch b2g desktop build, r=jgriffin
dfddfef840960f14b3408788c18f2eaaf0751865Jared Wein — Bug 711552 - Automated tests for click-to-play plugins on desktop Firefox. r=felipe
fed1018b584257a802398ea9bf5bf49ec2d10a39Jared Wein — Bug 711552 - Click to play plugins for desktop Firefox. r=felipe
3b2230d34d3f9961c846a72dfb19e22cffb7d45cMatt Woodrow — Bug 719776: Kill some external dependencies inside Azure code. r=Bas
a13c9668e47f028710887a90fb667be38ab17aa4Margaret Leibovic — Bug 741128 - Plugin placeholder not shown when embeds become visible by dynamically changing height/width. r=mfinkle
d77254a6dcf7ef7d95e13b0052afa431d2635d6fSriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 740310: Grey background in ExpandableListView in AwesomeBarTabs. [r=mfinkle]
77a9eff9bf12afb98cd03057a69a94fe98a3789aOleg Romashin — Bug 742091 - Texture format detection broken by 740372. r=gwright
7c230f14a12cccb1d62585350927c49db20facadMatt Brubeck — Bug 742428 - Update the AMO/marketplace icon in the add-on manager [r=mfinkle]
2fe4b3fbd351304b5d780e4cd919bf2cafb4a81bDoug Turner — Backout of fd4b5485c24f (Bug 704147)
715ce48f31c7aa72793104ac562127f3d8496c47Doug Turner — Bug 741869 - Revert the android sensor correction which changes direction of values. r=mwu
5a2659a837929ad7c8f449d7da36eea182563e1fDoug Turner — Bug 741868 - Revert the android sensor filter which dropped orientation and movement events. r=mwu
fd4b5485c24f750fe51cd9b6db536119760d9c23Josh Matthews — Bug 704147 - Make ctypes function pointers callable via call and apply. r=bholley
8d7b5db9960351c5d6b2953c9b161d0268b1d63eBrian Nicholson — Bug 741712 - Fixup URIs stop throbber prematurely. r=mfinkle
48cb615fbcb5a46623ef45f7eb89754a69fd0d02Brian Nicholson — Bug 695178 - Download Manager. r=mfinkle,wesj
2a15dd9391197b44f203d844a725df6844bc8e7aWes Johnston — Bug 742481 - Fix NPE in GeckoActivity.checkIfGeckoActivity. r=sriram,mfinkle
a1eb00dcb958d20000ac860de386c6eeff06f8b8Richard Newman — Bug 742120 - History records incorrectly reconciled by title + URI, not just URI. r=nalexander
f1e4ac6159f882274386adc5a9de6b28f92ccd11Jared Wein — Backed out changeset 672cda014328 (bug 729111)
02b15cf9157fb02b4132ed25b5009ac40dcf6812Gian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 725150 - Expose CONTROL Uri for BrowserProvider. r=lucasr
b6cc76f45b95e6637cf6fee180f52ab591d320a0Gian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 736237 - Don't update about:home on database operations. r=lucasr
1540736ae9934dca9f2acc6fd77816a66ecc6df8Gian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 736237 - Make Profile Migration resumable. r=lucasr
485381749e29faa244efa072ebdbf5efe680d658Rafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 741821 - Don't access a null sql stmt. r=vdjeric.
a268ac68fb5865378aee78d8e0861e10bd8526d5Julian Seward — Bug 726590: Fix uninitialised value use in nsEventListenerManager::HandleEventInternal. r=smaug
c508a51af8435d6b8a6687fb2f5164d69908039dDaniel Holbert — Bug 742438: Fix straggling bool-vs-NULL comparison after HashSet::put return-type change. r=terrence
e55c365618ab33e6a2894e9f60093a3ad3f74eb1Wolfgang Rosenauer — Bug 673697 - needs to recognize linux3. r=ted
40604eba22ce0100b8fe786835bcd0f540933a81Jonathan Griffin — Bug 741989 - Add optional argument to specify adb path, r=jmaher
17696f172c013c3dd29697474a9dab3228655c64Nathan Froyd — Bug 732708 - remove nsIDOMStorageList; r=honzab
507c719614ecfb24d21bc63045fdb6ae091303f8Wes Johnston — Bug 741666 - Fix copying touchEvents if someone holds a reference. r=smaug
9c5902be83005e9ec822f10faf4bcb3aad0d7b4cNathan Froyd — Bug 739958 - fix compiler warnings in libmar; r=bbondy
b2ba2d3ae51f85303aa8cbb8e7eb5aebaa009868Doug Turner — Bug 742376 - DisableDevice is being called with types that are not known device sensors. r=smaug
5024ecda8259f885588f8c330a8cd4d10dfd48f8Doug Turner — Bug 742395 - restrict device sensor events to windows. r=smaug
06b921a803ace2755c880304f4ecbac13552e305Igor Bukanov — bug 737365 - followup to fix !JS_THREADSAFE build. r=none
d96543e0f7113f3cec65a7c1bfc771651fac8edaKartikaya Gupta — Bug 741400 - Guard against NullPointerException, and also move some code so it shouldn't happen. r=mfinkle
b070d9dafc84c7f43979b74d76129ae8975fee61Ali Juma — Bug 741984 - Prevent tiled texture upload from going into an infinite loop. r=Cwiiis
3f46053ab2b2b70a6a84f672076ef16e84448acbPatrick McManus — bug 741056 - nightly crash https sites with authenticated proxy r=honzab
13b84bf759ebfbaea5428dd4eb1ee82ab98f41b4Marco Bonardo — Bug 710895 - Part 1: Add a class to enumerate IE History entries
346f2964dc92a9110e8b1dd7d3a3c4157e11b7dfMarco Bonardo — Bug 738263 - Part 1: actually break default bookmarks import by will, to avoid worse handling.
da10fe58893ddfb30c69a62668eff2c80b84dfb8Makoto Kato — Bug 737966 - Evaluating nsIXMLHttpRequest.responseText throws on certain parsing errors. r=sicking
ba7f8495dd574a0d615898f15677d0cf1ddac663Marco Bonardo — Merge central to inbound
82c7bdff95d4abc73c071f0dd901bde35b9b23f4Geoff Lankow — Bug 682360 - Merge nsILocalFile and nsIFile interfaces; r=bsmedberg
d8c5316f513afee907aabd5a04873bdf41fdebb7Igor Bukanov — Bug 737365 - stop using the cx during finalization, part 3.
74053b148a3c8883ad1a375107c94359606f6e1eIgor Bukanov — Bug 737365 - stop using the cx during finalization, part 2.
d5057ff02ffb9786f62ca69ebc22cf11aa86f612Igor Bukanov — Bug 737365 - stop using the cx during finalization, part 1.
523d5c5c53eb9f18f460bdedad4c824cc1f6b0feVeeraya Pupatwibul — Bug 741333 - Remove PRBool/PR_TRUE/PR_FALSE that crept in r=Ms2ger
c52251654441353a20ab001dbf4c6d0685358dd5Jacek Caban — Bug 735194 - gfxDWriteFontList.cpp fails to compile on mingw r=bas
4b20ef3e8e8a9554d03a6294b3a2b8a35b7c6bceMax Li — Bug 559746 - add a11y mochitests for <input type='tel'>, r=surkov
7f363400344bb6eba73df9f0c9d52d4be61211ecAlexander Surkov — Bug 734566 - optimize memory layout of TextAttrsMgr, r=tbsaunde
ac5721fa4acba9a9bee19fe1088ae124c09e2475Tim Taubert — merge m-c to fx-team
811fcd591b181326fb37e5d7b318e2127b1ec7b2Rob Campbell — backout bug 728926; a=orange
f47780831b315a783d3d0f508e4a3206e9bc1f35Dave Camp — Bug 740615 - Move rule view copy code into CssRuleView.jsm. r=paul
b00af9fa37bed44a582649f32d4a16dbeea1eb44Victor Porof — Bug 728926 - Intermittent failure in browser_dbg_script-switching.js | The correct script was loaded initially. | The first script is displayed.; r=past
17269da35375805ab56691bf04a2a57f1e715e8cRob Campbell — merge
0b426db13d901d791576c9972ac80aee7d79ffbfMihai Sucan — Bug 734641 - Intermittent mochitest-browser-chrome browser/devtools/debugger/test/browser_dbg_bug723069_editor-breakpoints.js | The correct script was loaded initially. - Didn't expect -1, but got it; r=rcampbell
d3ac7d723408e88953c93c2dbdcf6caaafee650aVictor Porof — Bug 725249 - intermittent browser/devtools/debugger/test/browser_dbg_propertyview-08.js | Test timed out; r=rcampbell
61ec98df2dcebd54438cc75c5026617a197bd34eMihai Sucan — Bug 734641 - Intermittent mochitest-browser-chrome browser/devtools/debugger/test/browser_dbg_bug723069_editor-breakpoints.js | The correct script was loaded initially. - Didn't expect -1, but got it
2db0e35d654d14fe54278a6bb598a747dc4e0785Victor Porof — Bug 725249 - intermittent browser/devtools/debugger/test/browser_dbg_propertyview-08.js | Test timed out
61b9c4d798edac83a2d50849a5726796054dfd04Marco Bonardo — Bug 741543 - Some scratchpad browser chrome tests pollute next ones.
ed9cbe6a817e085705d2676a012019d7b21dbf76Kyle Huey — Bug 741248: Attempt a fix by twiddling the makefile a bit. r=me
869edbbfad819b65543cf38ada8d1a8e1005cdf9Kyle Huey — Backed out changeset 3a0940f90455
3a0940f904553197a95534bf8ac153bc691766b4Kyle Huey — Bug 741125: Update WebIDL parser.
c598b7b202e7c94f1135f4437898294548f53005Chris Cooper — Merge build-system to mozilla-central
1f093ab9df776721fe2a3c9420c9bd5baf403e50Joey Armstrong — Bug 738404 - edits to use threadsafe mkdir (bug 680246) - r=ted
106c7696d3b7a4cf0bf25beb0225d80ed2f4c530Joey Armstrong — Bug 688061 - reduce shell command use - r=khuey
329bd787a846961753ac8c42dcef57f8f2f6aea7Joey Armstrong — Bug 735638 - add utility function checkIfEmpty - r=khuey
6236ee493160f1448424886d1697eb3827cd2986Joey Armstrong — Bug 734121 - helper macros for writing make user functions - r=khuey
dd43f89c753e15a3c21b1005a0b0bf14955172fePhil Ringnalda — Merge m-c to b-s
0fe55a35369ff75edf47ecedb4d88a94036750f2Joey Armstrong — Bug 680246 - add missing files from import - r=khuey
9c293bf4df910e9e0087529c25c96ff01b2e2c8dJoey Armstrong — Bug 680246 - add a makefile library rule to support thread safe directory creation - r=khuey
320065be1731c72dc5e57237cde3d7f5fd1b630fOlli Pettay — Bug 742371 - Remove MutationReceiver from MutationObserver when the target is deleted, r=sicking
d9678c14dea97ff2a5aa2aa558219848dd02732eOlli Pettay — Bug 742237, MutationObserver crashes during GC, r=sicking
638769f8ec547d4e1f52164f0454db024e9511f0Marco Bonardo — Merge last green PGO from inbound to central
f64f62213f61693a4f85e4c89a3191f83e388684Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 711895 - Tweak the warning options used for GCC builds (3rd attempt). r=waldo,derf,khuey,mhommey.
6da50562fff011a37065dc4dbcc84c6dd5e2509cTimothy Nikkel — Backout f5c4aedd43a6 (bug 740841) for causing bug 742081.
cb3b3070ceff5ae0d197db0bcfe73e878adbe6e1Masayuki Nakano — Bug 668157 part.2 mozilla/dom should use mozilla::Preferences r=jst
0396f74d112bab0b1fc2454e36d6aaf18c26519bMasayuki Nakano — Bug 668157 part.1 Add Preferences::GetType() and Preferences::GetDefaultType() r=roc
d0a19172c70744c0701d490253d151028ea1989dPhil Ringnalda — Back out 6c435c96f10a (bug 736591) for Mac jsreftest orange
471f17a5c4057bc7f3ff16b1074ea0fa2eaced48Terrence Cole — Bug 742114 - Remove duplicate marking of TypeObject::interpretedFunction; r=billm
031f54b058189648760495d4d23a6ad0760eb541Ryan VanderMeulen — Mark a failing test from bug 741842 as todo-is until bug 716321 lands.
6c435c96f10af053ac2e3f2b15f2913dcd1d0808Jeff Walden — Bug 736591 - Ensure that StringBuffer never allocates more memory than is needed to represent a maximum-sized string. Thanks for the technique/idea go to Luke. r=luke
308440acc7b70223e7ab25aed3305da7e65a762aRyan VanderMeulen — Backout 17deb5f61b4d (bug 150073) due to build bustage. a=shouldausedtryfirst
c0712aa0f090848487b07ff19458c041ac58cc9bBrian Nicholson — Bug 739742 - Save bundle state when launching subactivity. r=blassey
62e4dcb92be0d026ae18956a3ab4c3608698acefGordon P. Hemsley — Bug 741842 - Improve BCP 47 support for extension and privateuse subtags. r=gavin
553c1d8965ca8daec27843f920ea928736b6281cGeoff Brown — Bug 741275 - Add back support for making a thumbnail after pageload. r=mfinkle
725a2ff9d08cad537cdae58afeeab12063b9accbMasatoshi Kimura — Bug 739659 - Try duck typing in js_ReportUncaughtException. r=luke
d42869982bf23c544c79eb01e238fbd00aecb2a0Masatoshi Kimura — Bug 738912 - Part 2: Add tests. r=sicking
a99fd5da56053d3de10bf45bde61d6fc85d16fc7Masatoshi Kimura — Bug 738912 - Part 1: Sort dictionary members lexicographically. r=khuey
d754f0fb17e68d24212dac21b70d3463ece6e464Masatoshi Kimura — Bug 738043 - Don't ignore user set values from pref files even if values are identical to default. r=roc
d3d336a9d86afe519619ebd2e7726ce70c5964c3Geoff Brown — Bug 734715 - Improve devicemanagerSUT socket diagnostics. r=jmaher
85a83632b3c43d2e0f9c589ae973159b5a9bf742David Rajchenbach-Teller — Bug 684017 - Implement ctypes.errno and ctypes.winLastError. r=jorendorff
047ca959dcebf6a22dbc8018d6e04cfb5d6c41f3Frédéric Wang — Bug 572899 - Reftest mathml/semantics-1.xhtml fails with STIX 1.0.0. r=karlt
17deb5f61b4dd0a8455e1931f394de1221564b3fShriram Kunchanapalli — Bug 150073 - Remove nsCRT:: in nsCRT::strlen. f=sgautherie, r=dougt
01c41b9cd6509a2f4dec672a854df448bfd162a4Jared Wein — Backed out changeset 3b8a666e351e (bug 702463)
9638f8e27e0009619a23fb837a034e2418596a1cNick Alexander — Bug 709402 - Part 2: Form history repository layer. r=rnewman
0ff98ed149a57d03de7a0eaab5add7ce3c512c6eMarina Samuel — Bug 715794 - Adjust syncResult delay to implement client-count-based sync interval. r=rnewman
409bb0bf6c05af62e1fd3a38edb4f2b6f394f46cNick Alexander — Bug 738067 - Set TTLs on outbound records. r=rnewman
564b6e551f1c3fc74e3c921aaa50039a0d1ae0bdMarina Samuel — Bug 740247 - Follow up: HTTP 412 Error due to inconsistent server & local timestamps. r=rnewman
16e29da73571adf590c445a9f66a9008b04ef223Chenxia Liu — Bug 738515 - Null credentials in setup. r=rnewman
74c085edb4ec38934d9e6be909811c718d820fdbRichard Newman — Bug 741165 - Correct SyncResponse.jsonBody. r=msamuel
162a102274e763228d20dce9337b0a49a60b2b61Jeff Gilbert — Bug 738126 - Enforce spec for webgl.generateMipmap, and zero is not PoT - r=bjacob
3b8a666e351e1121ac71accf157c44d0b4c93957Avi Halachmi (:avih) — Bug 702463: Smooth scroll - Use refresh observer instead of a timer. r=roc
44693b7c674273694204c459f3902401e31e5466Jared Wein — Backed out changeset 4e515b6a5a41 (bug 702463)
4e515b6a5a41e05b66a046eb78f7221f466da9e3Avi Halachmi (:avih) — Bug 702463: Part 1 v8 - Smooth scroll - Use refresh observer instead of a timer
5c6e93c9d2326865404f7708270e541582a04d10Scott Johnson — Bug 740331: Add explicit styles for links in tests for bug 708187 to combat random oranges. [r=dbaron]
c9de8cf2d3b44a4c9ed92a94c43fa60f0043ef57Josh Aas — Bug 741724: Clean up nsPluginHost::SetUpPluginInstance. r=jst
21397ba0b62128620f8de097446a61efb55b5e06Josh Aas — Bug 741726: Rename nsPluginTag::mEntryPoint to nsPluginTag::mPlugin. r=jst
c9f33e99eeffa13922f79bddf23ec09c65be3c75Bas Schouten — Backout changeset 690cba3bb817.
ff1c410a00f97e6e0a5b9a65878388ecc0f7661eBas Schouten — Backed out changeset 690cba3bb817
1ef36ed1ae2773a4852bdbaf1cdef1cf7b3fc57cEhsan Akhgari — Backed out changeset 690cba3bb817 (bug 719776) because of build failures
a154bf84abdb11780e118491c5c3e1aff5a2867fEhsan Akhgari — Bug 741734 - Fire the paste event when pasting without formatting; r=roc
ca51e71184bb7e76c9837138f944220af14f2badEhsan Akhgari — Backed out changeset afff429aaf9a because of bad commit message
afff429aaf9a8d999577293119167698e0197c20Ehsan Akhgari — commit cf0f05533cc23ba918e81ac3669449813799fe9f
690cba3bb817a6569decbcf005c6db2bfbae894dMatt Woodrow — Bug 719776: Kill some external dependencies inside Azure code. r=Bas
5d82421a984d2acbeecf574c4c92a573e3b7caecRafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 739674 - test_tmpl_storage_bad_parameters_2.xul (and others) don't close their database. r=enndeakin.
9fa58c6060c58df10150dcded42488ad3efb0f54Bas Schouten — Bug 740815 - Part 3: Use component alpha rendering when required and drawing content with Azure. r=jrmuizel
e36fabc31211b8bdb069a7d2a2e66681501ec2e3Bas Schouten — Bug 740815 - Part 2: Generalize code for filling component alpha surfaces with opaque colors. r=jrmuizel
3dd886d95c55d36646d5a284fa399e3bc8290649Bas Schouten — Bug 740815 - Part 1: Add DrawTargetDual to Azure for Component Alpha drawing. r=jrmuizel
c95b597b5f0823d311d6e56a68e2ff657222ba49Hub Figuière — Bug 718627 - Part 6: Cleanup string conversion. Make sure to return enmpty string for text instead of nil. r=surkov
ccb232b6b97ad2efb99951154ad1ecc2e960dcd0Ehsan Akhgari — Test case for bug 725210; r=jdm
5c941f58dd5e64acb58344e6231908ccccb940f8Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 739747: Add application level onPause and onResume. [r=mfinkle, r=blassey]
d0aa1570eb2119583a84e9b016c72cc8e3333beeMalini Das — Bug 741598 - Enable finding elements of child nodes, r=jgriffin
40406a497a3f74880cb8b6d28d0b90923a2c609eJeff Walden — Remove an unnecessary declaration that seems to be causing link errors only on Windows with some compilers. Followup to bug 739380, r=bustage
c62d71bac750b9e6956029a744e0359d45683327Gregory Szorc — Bug 741670 - Don't sync hotfix extensions; r=rnewman, Unfocused
9f5925b56c85d43abe2b6a9e1dc4f9cf67d38733Kan-Ru Chen — Bug 710135 - Move screen.enabled/brightness to mozPower. r=jlebar,mounir sr=cjones,sicking
99a1c7a14296a9976ba86bb8761bd814d27d5c8cMounir Lamouri — Bug 741250 - Fix "ASSERTION: Item in list without parent". r=bz
40396b36860efa6d0b34e7133126ce268c0ec042Gervase Markham — Bug 732021 - add license for praton.c to about:license.
4f3fb04bd5e074996832605eedeafece40087010Gervase Markham — Bug 732020 - add license for dtoa.c to about:license.
cfcdf9a80f363c126687af797c0182c7f8c4c74aAryeh Gregor — Bug 738440 - Support queryCommandState("stylewithcss"); r=ehsan
aaba08c212963d155ae99e58c78a48c84eebcd61Aryeh Gregor — Bug 738366 - Default styleWithCSS to false; r=ehsan
f9053a07fb7ac1ac58a13c44e1b06c5a4d8debb9Aryeh Gregor — Bug 737087 - Fire error event on <script> load failure per spec/other browsers; r=sicking
6881fa89cfca09c19cdbe9085c1bf719fb824d86Olli Pettay — Bug 742183 - Handle MicroTasks correctly with showModalDialog, r=sicking
b59fef232efe54d1167210698595c17302d22cd5Olli Pettay — Bug 742190 - Leak with MozMutationObserver, r=sicking
25ec8b71e8ce98d1434b361a55faa3fa827d8de5Kyle Huey — No bug: Shut up a struct/class warning. r=Bas
d698e656b1e083dd6f536ad4c1b2f99adbb1bcc8Matt Brubeck — Merge last green changeset from inbound to mozilla-central
679211c9474323838a22a629e97aed5bcabe53d2Marco Bonardo — Merge central and inbound
ab9a5eb634870263234596968ee74ae3f65fe231Jonathan Kew — bug 717175 - flush shaped-word caches if they grow excessively large. r=roc
5964d3d4bc66b41b2042767139da40bba4c9c6b7Lavina Thong — Bug 723427 - dexpcom GetUnignoredChildren(), r=tbsaunde, f=surkov
8f85a5488ffb5801e19b8d03123b9558c8865b37Mark Capella — Bug 740725 - Add down-casting to nsXULTreeAccessible, r=tbsaunde, f=surkov
8d741cb2569a3309dea63e2f2ffc952a7332824aMarco Bonardo — Bug 573259 - Intermittent time out in browser_relative.js due to browser_offline.js
7857c5bff0171c41a2242442aa1bcd232ee87cdfHenri Sivonen — Bug 739537 - No longer drop leading space from the plain text clipboard flavor when exporting both HTML and plain text to clipboard. r=smaug.
d2f8fa7e076ccba6cc82f6ac53b1086fc5575e2fJustin Lebar — Bug 737857 - Report number of ghost windows in telemetry. r=njn
1342c2f07d5c1c335a8b68d60d4cd0c7aab201daJustin Lebar — Bug 738624 - Add ghost windows to about:compartments. r=njn
e517839de582d02046e6505cdde938c54a57b311Justin Lebar — Bug 738011 - Separate "detached" from "ghost" windows in about:memory. r=njn,mccr8
f43822091ed15a9632a792e78496c8bb73976d29David Mandelin — Bug 737780: fix compartments in nsFrameScriptExecutor::LoadFrameScriptInternal, r=luke
3801f97de34740f224e8e2590acc55e1850db330Jeff Walden — Remove an unnecessary declaration that seems to be causing link errors only on Windows with some compilers. Followup to bug 739380, r=bustage
5128e92c536c17aede8e950dcf1f1974324c9c1eSerge Gautherie — Bug 741066. (Av1) browserPlacesViews.js: Fix 2 "function ... does not always return a value". r=mak77.
f9c4e201653935d4afdfbcb680ef75ae20eb35ecSerge Gautherie — Bug 741065. (Av1) controller.js: Fix "function PCDH_onDrop does not always return a value". r=mak77.
2c8a0c3b47f4f5438e3f4ae3424acfc1f20b3490Serge Gautherie — Bug 739687. (Av1) test_classifier.html and test_classifier_worker.html: Set preference they depend on, Some rewrite and documentation. r=dcamp.
c410b2d6d57095bbb39b0cba13ed2099debac44bMs2ger — Bug 532062 - localStorage/sessionStorage should return undefined (not null) for undefined keys through property access; r=mayhemer
1beb8e193e8d1563ae85ccdd02f3cff3e84930acMs2ger — Bug 740771 - Stringify null for Storage.getItem/setItem/removeItem; r=mayhemer
c0d3b3b6e2fb7d51f74d84f5a844964ea6bc4c61Ms2ger — Bug 738760 - Move nsContentUtils::GetContextAndScope into nsDocument.cpp; r=sicking
af7362ead6e51d7b3285627035cd7ae473646bd7Ms2ger — Bug 737122 - Attr nodes shouldn't have children; r=sicking
66101542ba093b56f67a2cacfe786e61cb66ce19Ms2ger — Bug 738759 - Add nsContentUtils::CheckSameOrigin overload taking two nsINodes; r=jst
dd146b9296f49167b80be92b4449eb645364ebc0Ms2ger — Bug 741223 - MutationObserver cleanup; r=smaug
4df84fc7cbf1092c5322f7a094f594f9740a15e3Ms2ger — Bug 741218 - Don't crash when loading a page with content-type application/json; r=hsivonen
9894cd99978190db956376e8ad2320fd600c87edNicholas Nethercote — Backout 2f9b6bdf63f7 (bug 739512) due to a bad V8 regression. r=me.
ad815bdb133cb89c5be67e47ccd3b23884699218Patrick McManus — bug 739617 - cannot upload large files r=honzab
aca7aac62fa6647916a7c9f2ea55dd2866193c3eWes Johnston — Bug 739514 - Fix bad history entries created by default bookmarks creation. r=lucasr
5f02ed27742455fc7e06c6d63ea3939e6446c718Brian Nicholson — Bug 741010 - Don't save favicon if loaded from DB. r=mfinkle
6642b531a08a0fe1be118b316c22aadf475452ceMats Palmgren — Bug 736915 - Print Selection prints a blank page when the selection is inside a table. r=bz
b66d04ae6ae0f9684b15bb2eeed2c472f15417d8Mark Capella — Bug 712936 - Convert users of PR_STATIC_ASSERT to MOZ_STATIC_ASSERT. r=jwalden
b1a9e8a536bfdd7857d6e3648efa8768ca7fb7dcBill McCloskey — Bug 716142 - Multi-compartment GC (r=igor,jorendorff)
3ad6cc527d5c7f293d1a9978998d46ff751eeb5aGregor Wagner — Bug 734198 - Contacts API: Add Sorting. r=bent
9cc500d2e6c8196edddcee609a7de4fc519ccac4Margaret Leibovic — Bug 740118 - Door-hangers de-attach from directional arrow when scrolling through list. r=mfinkle
6314b9c23fd755d691cab740ebe3b53db24a7705Chris Jones — Bug 739452, part 1: Catch errors in importing cutils, since (unfortunately) this code also runs on desktop builds. r=mrbkap
02b9017cc6c0e64fa43a37e00044ec2f12cf0f0bChris Jones — Bug 739452, part 2: Ensure we don't process stale 'reconnect' tasks after shutting down. r=kmachulis
a9cc7ebe75985219945aeb73515e4adaea0893dcKartikaya Gupta — Bug 737577 - Set the display port before bouncing rather than after. r=Cwiiis
d5100996fcc5ad1ea2a45beed6abd7dbcd44a003Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 721344: Unregister Connectivity Receiver in only if it has been initialized. [r=mfinkle]
5dfad57e46acee0013a0d093a81fad5b4ba3d155Marco Bonardo — Bug 739763 - Fix slow redirects query that with certain data distributions may cause long hangs on first page load.
15fc1cf4e5b2d29c0c4e1f3b54647fa534c622a3Wolfgang Rosenauer — Bug 526717 - remove non-working "Set as desktop background" from the UI for unsupported desktops. r=gavin
d272cfd24b5346a2e2776e0ab955f558326e9f62David Mandelin — Bug 737780: diagnostic for crashes in GetNameFromBytecode, r=luke
a214d423b525ed3d216a3f89547ec11418d106deTerrence Cole — Bug 549683 - Remove final JSDHashTable users from SpiderMonkey; r=Waldo
1ba6065d8202dad555e82731647dde88e84d1705Terrence Cole — Bug 741005 - Remove XPCNativeWrapperMap; r=bholley
7da9ecd5424fb77cc57bea68a4725c9bc856f0abJoe Drew — Bug 741166 - Add clarifying comment. DONTBUILD
61aa02b5a7a11f80fd68ff114fb75f1067468812Matt Brubeck — Back out bug 738011, bug 738624, and bug 737857 because of WinXP debug reftest log errors
3c1d6080a98f082afb0369318192aef7bf1e5ed3Joe Drew — Bug 741166 - Restore waitForValidSurface, removed in error in bug 737949. r=ajuma
e86e048872d6f2bf2f8cd34124c90d9f9336e572Jeff Walden — Bug 739380 - Begin to implement element definition. r=bhackett
c7ce0c86d5e86497deae66b8824dd51d2d6bbecdJeff Walden — Bug 739380 - Define an ElementsHeader base class for all element subtypes, and define meaningful subclasses through which to use an ElementsHeader. r=bhackett
029a32f787e928b8b415992231c5a5291d24b54bJosh Aas — Bug 741246: Simplify plugin instance creation and initialization (further). r=jst
2a976fea1a9dd8c3152320be61a265e0a7a6c535Matt Woodrow — Bug 740560 - [Azure] Add Factory::CreateDrawTargetForData. r=Bas,gw280
7ee9b08c2785463b447f25b271fb83276da20f2fRafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 683975 - Disable zlib when building binutils. r=rail.
dc634206d156893059c17882a9afa47e60da2059Margaret Leibovic — Bug 737896 - Put desktop bookmark folders under a "Desktop Bookmarks" folder. r=lucasr
823ab3b9d814478813d49e273ec63a0d5da4309cMargaret Leibovic — Bug 738961 - Awesomebar filter should treat space-separated words as separate filters. r=lucasr
d30a86bb54083084f9f7257b88c9a8daf30109e7Margaret Leibovic — Bug 738961 - Add spaces to KNOWN_PREFIX in testBrowserProviderPerf. r=lucasr
33c419fc0fe42ab6e3fa28205bab88afeeb645dfJosh Dhaliwal — Bug 739488 - Fennec Native nightly crashes in mozilla::AndroidBridge::EnableLocationHighAccuracy when page requests GPS location. r=dougt
d0a67d911787c7d01e5fcb0c165ebb3476453c0fMatt Brubeck — Bug 482057 (followup) - Remove a line that was accidentally left behind [r=me]
d4f6c908dc1758de7a79d717aae57806552d07e5Vladan Djeric — Bug 741242 - Fix profiler address output broken by bug 739800 on Mac 64 bit. r=bgirard
4abc7c28b048d7ef0832b8c82b109696935d0528Matt Brubeck — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound
9065e98ffb5d48d6ada6bdbe46df38fe16ee16eaJosh Matthews — Bug 725210 - Add observer notification for last PB docshell going away. r=bz
555c6be77592191945b08f7a9b0edc9b4ac8306bTerrence Cole — Bug 740673 - Simplify the C++ WeakMap implementation; r=jimb
a911e7d5cea1cb53116ab302fd0c513523dee4afTerrence Cole — Bug 740153 - Don't expose Entry directly through HashMap; r=luke
bf983daba97d0189bd5688bdd21e7b9d0a1d5e62Matt Brubeck — Back out 0501a5506c87 (bug 741131) because of test failures
1d499f685a61e14442885b16209ddb3e29a9892dHub Figuière — Bug 718627 - Part 5: fix the missing implementations of the text protocol. r=surkov
57e51e0c0c7800c8b698b2fea2c8bccffcf30c0eHub Figuière — Bug 718627 - Part 4: implement the text protocol for text accessible. r=surkov
8701e9dd771551dcb07701aa9624e543a8050e3dAlexander Surkov — Bug 741053 - crash in nsIDocument::GetRootElement, r=tbsaunde
3a185f0347686cd87719967c75c2078d50e836bfLuke Wagner — Bug 740654 - Hoist recursion checks out of Interpret into callers so that Interpret does not throw when trying to rejoin from mjit (r=bhackett)
0501a5506c87a09e1d5c33767da23796a55105d9Veeraya Pupatwibul — Bug 741131 - Clamp negative geolocation timeout values to 0. r=jdm
80df30079d1dd4172349896b834da43de0731d19Justin Lebar — Bug 737857 - Report number of ghost windows in telemetry. r=njn
dabe904f3a4212c206459eec474eae5f0180c11fJustin Lebar — Bug 738624 - Add ghost windows to about:compartments. r=njn
dc449362ea686e813ea4341d98b049c5771f1eaeJustin Lebar — Bug 738011 - Separate "detached" from "ghost" windows in about:memory. r=njn,mccr8
5a12884290a8f5d1ff60cf98c793e4822f90bdb5Benoit Jacob — Bug 724640 - Block FGLRX driver on Linux 2.6.32 kernel version - r=glandium
95df15895e025d95b8df37abb01650a3e126059eMatt Brubeck — Merge last green changeset from inbound to mozilla-central
16a7a0838a28a15a0bac4df8379c7d4fec2605aeMark Capella — Bug 739524 - replace TreeViewChanged DOM event on direct call from XUL tree, r=tbsaunde, f=surkov
075a2f69249c3aae888210a9c7dbbfde937dade3Lavina Thong — Bug 723424 - dexpcom GetUnignoredParent(), r=tbsaunde, f=surkov
8869f7a21a63f162c2ce861257c20f6fe9fd2ac4Max Li — Bug 739193 - nsTextEquivUtils::AppendTextEquivFromContent shouldn't use GetAccService()->GetAccessible, r=hub, tbsaunde
0296cdb4cb2b82ea4c32cd9f3f435fae9ffedfc6Arjun — Bug 737379 - change Comments to roles::ROLENAME, r=surkov, f=markcappella
621550442931464f85e3451dbf0ffb2dc16f03dcYe Kaiqi — Bug 739253 - optimize AccEvent::GetDocAccessible, r=surkov
3142f4268517e635617c36de5175061ccd668ee6Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 739512 - Patch 6: improving naming of PCCount-related stuff. r=bhackett.
2f9b6bdf63f7fa8b05ad7e33a99e78671aad8c83Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 739512 - Patch 5: remove JITScript::arityCheckEntry. r=dvander.
2f3d6a23051279684d684613d60b3e50cedb3477Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 739512 - Patch 2: space-optimize representation of closedArgs and closedVars. r=dvander.
f4df291002dd9a77d79d32fca0c9f53a30b2cae6Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 739512 - Patch 1: remove JSScript::cookie[12] and reorder JSScript members. r=wccloskey.
0dde67a8f4ea8f02a29e39892a9c677e476e4f50Chris Pearce — Bug 741052 - Null check nsMediaCache::mFileCache in nsMediaCache destructor. r=roc
f5c4aedd43a6da1196f241176074370a2ffbe2d5Timothy Nikkel — Bug 740841. If the image is not decoded already in RasterImage::GetFrame we will ignore the passed in decode flags. r=joe
ec9582b2ad155d7b4277171e1c6a06ff8ccb6d72Trevor Saunders — bug 736252 - rename CAccessibleAction to ia2AccessibleAction r=surkov
b569eb963ce13adebbfd21cb0853bd5b5feadf4cNeil Rashbrook — bug 736252 - remove uses of do_QueryInterface in CAccessibleAction r=surkov
d3f20d0371d0a1431e3df3965727b2c939670314Geoff Brown — Bug 740146 - Remove unused screenshot code. r=blassey
08deea54b324b3d9fe3308812ff4b423d427781fJoe Drew — Bug 739969 - Port patch from bug 633627 to use fixed point division instead of integer. r=jmuizelaar
5989e604e690aea3c8c4bfa2625dac7bf3176cf4Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 740539 - Account for possible mismatch in zoom levels when handling Viewport:PageSize. r=Cwiiis
3eee3ceb400ba3d96ef3a1c8379e6517dbb01020Mark Capella — Bug 738380 - Remove nsINode::{GetScriptTypeID, SetScriptTypeID}, nsIScriptContext::GetScriptTypeID, nsIScriptRuntime::GetScriptTypeID; r=jst
38dab05abe1427cc1af2191dbc74b70843c89813Aryeh Gregor — Bug 719533 - Range.extractContents() shouldn't modify the DOM if the range contains a doctype; r=smaug
57bd8957e1b492391761c9ad1467d607cf49f573Mark Capella — Bug 740375 - get rid nsIAccessible innerHTML method, r=tbsaunde
1e7736676d6652f6f51f94a18af97c0a3d48f680Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 730899 - Drop sending of scroll events where we don't actually scroll. r=Cwiiis
a9e86a80f046e6114cc40827b64301c84ca36cc4Jim Blandy — Bug 740542: Implement Debugger.prototype.wrap. r=jorendorff
885aab3548ed13be2338b340251fbcbecd2149fcEd Morley — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound
abe59de81f870866a407e59eb2a5f7af118d27a5Ed Morley — Backout 9e4d09efa335 (bug 737857), bd73daadcfe9 (bug 738624), 110338618465 (bug 738011) for mochitest-oth orange
ad0487e8b2d626c39db53ea9a3b0e558fbcd65aaKan-Ru Chen — Bug 739500 - Use settings API to get screen timeout. [r=cjones]
9b278853a823643538d71843a75267f05fe1ec9cWan-Teh Chang — Bug 741135: Update NSS to NSS_3_13_4_BETA1. See bug 741135 comment 0
9e4d09efa335ed3150ed8ac0a4b15a7b5875c2a7Justin Lebar — Bug 737857 - Report number of ghost windows in telemetry. r=njn
bd73daadcfe99bf35df61d03ec0d997511520b66Justin Lebar — Bug 738624 - Add ghost windows to about:compartments. r=njn
11033861846565439c317767b72906743878e6cfJustin Lebar — Bug 738011 - Separate "detached" from "ghost" windows in about:memory. r=njn,mccr8
ee28936ed0abaf13cee119995c76842972bbb8d9Ryan VanderMeulen — Backout bug 674728 part 3 due to missing reviews.
f4fe6a11813922d3d25564d2d1240e55073e2ba0Blake Kaplan — Bug 736096 - Don't pretend we have values that we didn't successfully
d2612e79e4563442673f64b97dbd75d45dbe9f25Blake Kaplan — Bug 736096 - Reprioritize networks when the priorities get too high to prevent overflow. r=cjones
85a31c1e4963f5627a76ae92241eb388da40d00cSerge Gautherie — Bug 739927. (Av2) dom-level*-*/DOMTestCase.js: Fix SimpleTest._logResult() override + testFails() + markTodos(), Fake a missing warn() function in checkInitialization(), Add missing early returns to assertSize() and assertURIEquals(). r=jmaher.
93251eb39b6e83d366935dd769091e9cc9708525Alexander Surkov — Bug 740958 - crash in nsAccessible::GetBounds, r=tbsaunde
3e46009daea3ca4538a1fe4cd49c4ce3ed3546e6Kyle Huey — Bug 722428: Fix leaks in mochitest by reworking SpecialPowers and nsDOMWindowUtils. r=mounir,ctalbert
447ede53509a3930d1ba5ecaa891af2b01460bedKyle Huey — Bug 722671: Components.utils.getWeakReference should get a reference to the underlying native object if possible. r=mrbkap
ba43d5d6a6c300f6ba1c0eb21cd0df6483728434Neil Rashbrook — Bug 738589 Avoid JavaScript strict warning by not explicitly passing the default value in r=gavin
0e959c772e5fa7d3285d8c9eb1456dee19ce4964Tim Taubert — merge m-c to fx-team
9669e95f51abcbd1cc27232c63941b433d7ade2cTim Taubert — Bug 727446 - follow up, test fix #2; r=bustage
de5dde8bfa295aca1449cebfccaf79e9f75e80c7Tim Taubert — Bug 727446 - follow up, test fix r=bustage
9987bba302cad3af217751019374a6dbbd8d5913Tim Taubert — Bug 727446 - Let the window owning a storage dispatch an event when the storage changes; r=smaug
dd21f16d11dae6542beb1adae795ea018838dfebSerge Gautherie — Bug 741064. (Av1) Fix "function PTV__buildVisibleSection does not always return a value". r=mano.
8b75b4f686e7b48d7b9c1b35585e1800ea47312dKyle Huey — Bug 741163: Add a rather important null check. r=me
06292389b24c0c3ff9d5c900066655c41682a488Josh Aas — Bug 741126: Require plugin for instance creation. r=jst
4a8a5e8ef78bdcf1d781294ae5bef76bfa530f88Ed Morley — Backout 369ad04efa1f (bug 736066) for linux64 crashes
bbe5086163c91cdb78a979720e0071077eb7fef8Ed Morley — Merge last PGO-green changeset of mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central
a963db912f08dc7adf7b4a8889084c9726c44350Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 740061. Remove unused skip functionality. r=kats
02782c390352cd4a537671fa3df77686bac115c0Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 740061. Remove support for subuploads. r=kats
7284cf8a2c5e77ff0de92c88966d8d073c5d76dcJeff Muizelaar — Bug 740061. Remove unused isDirty. r=kats
bb5bcfa28977d99073afae7754403e64759dd981Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 740061. Use set() instead of union(). r=kats
3cd77601c2056b1959664972626e493a97d970eaJeff Muizelaar — Bug 740061. Remove unused invalidate(rect). r=kats
e3f2d863c0d5cdbc0c8a201496566d9f82355af1Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 740983. Remove unneeded invalidate from scrollbar layers. r=kats
bd9c99b055ab1381d60b0b7ba544255893560e41Benoit Jacob — Bug 737182 - drop WebGL cube map workaround, now that we have it handled in GLContext - r=jrmuizel
f9dbb20938024eb6d952a59432704ff4e3090133Kyle Huey — Merge to pick up an orange fix from m-c.
fc71d9a33c593db1ad757d140d8975e99d27a229Ed Morley — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound
b39493b4caa79bd42405aae7920bf08e06a5864aHenri Sivonen — Bug 731896 - Export plain text from the DOM selection directly without an intermediate HTML serialization. r=smaug.
a6c6616553128b3874b8b9256a4ded8119ca1a7dHenri Sivonen — Bug 732343 - Defend HTML document loading against extensions causing bogus use of the old HTML parser. r=smaug.
8f77f15134c21c20200b0305023570da5dad22bcRobert Longson — Bug 740627 - Fix assert if width/height of pattern is negative. r=dholbert
d151eaf1985c19a1c7aff1c37018de81f7ce72a0Ed Morley — Backout 82c315c0bd14 (bug 644608) for suspected SHARED_LIBRARY_LIBS_DEPS issues on a CLOSED TREE
2195f743e7dcb69f975a2b557baacb4d74b98b17Ms2ger — Backed out changeset a329aa4bc026; r=bustage
a329aa4bc02608f8eda463dcbddd75f342865f37Robert Longson — Bug 740627 - Fix assert if width/height of pattern is negative. r=dholbert
5a5a55d435ca2bc3ba65fa606d620e1033932b55Mike Hommey — Bug 736519 - Add jssubloader to removed-files. r=khuey
369ad04efa1fe15d006ebc41dce6503c81850ad2Mike Hommey — Bug 736066 - Build NSS object files more like the rest of the tree, and simplify security/manager/ r=ted
82c315c0bd1446798b74edc9a7be7b695a14de1eMike Hommey — Bug 644608 - Implement full dependencies for expandlibs. r=ted
c2a9fb6260384b17046911ddc5cafef4a23b2256Mike Hommey — Bug 736963 - Move jemalloc'ed strdup/strndup definitions. r=jlebar,r=ted
5b524a2b9ec195b43aae1185642af73f25fbc540Ms2ger — Bug 741048: Remove gfxAtoms. r=roc
d5019270c0487bb4018427b2976cffc490f29d46Dave Townsend — Backing out changeset 432c4be058b5 which landed with no bug.
b857d5215c55902a057377b80a992a08002741b1Peter Van der Beken — Undo accidental mode change to webgl-conformance-tests.html. No bug.
1bdb337e3136c877e5d93b9c3ebac548bd7e4fffPeter Van der Beken — Fix for bug 740069 (Generate JS bindings in C++ with a python script for DOM objects on the main thread and in workers. Infrastructure and new bindings for XMLHttpRequest). Patch by bent/bz/bholley/jst/khuey/peterv, r=bent/bz/bholley/jlebar/khuey/peterv/sicking/smaug.
031949d40753cf8678ca9492c165a2ca885f330fRyan VanderMeulen — Backout f430bb8a0049 (bug 736010) due to Windows reftest orange.
839c971b90223c70db47d2ed06023fa7217d9df9Mounir Lamouri — Bug 740707 - Fix crash in mozilla::dom::Navigator::GetMozBattery. r=jlebar
44da25d479ef8fa9eecbc449a6af025644e0c9f4Matt Brubeck — Bug 735749 - No back button in awesomescreen on Maemo 6 [r=mfinkle]
db5dbc168429c9a19026a9665e727f3e0bec9bfcRyan VanderMeulen — Bustage fix for bug 674728.
cbf3b105189b31953f46dabc0fae9873ff5e970aMark Finkle — Bug 740823 - Disable creating and bundling the Feedback add-on r=mbrubeck
391418d235a8d2a033a68736c8f959a425630a97Christopher De Cairos — Bug 736400 - Make each decoder Clone() method check if its mimetype is enabled. r=cpearce
f430bb8a0049068fb0e70658c0c935d2de7c4e08François Wang — Bug 736010 - Make downloaded fonts usable in nsMathMLChar. r=karlt
a69635b2249037c3826d3f53ad7b2b56299b1c2fSinker Li — Bug 674728 - Part 3: Evict cache asynchronized. r=honzab
dd0291644c67b6e7356f5e8fff6b3ce35d3db0e8Sinker Li — Bug 674728 - Part 2: Testcase for pinned application caches. r=honzab
cdd005fde96d6649e4b7779a344f1b9cccda8e27Sinker Li — Bug 674728 - Part 1: Pinned apps get higher priority for cache. r=honzab
324368cce885f9a9fef478d1cdd8218e35ddf34bJonathan Kew — bug 740477 - reftest for Dutch capitalization behavior. r=smontagu
bb53aec4a302aa1d4dd170eae5d9a29eda2cd662Jonathan Kew — bug 740477 - handle Dutch-specific capitalization of the ij digraph. r=smontagu
af9989ded605ad39a5c664ea824e5a5581be93c3Wes Johnston — Bug 735912 - Update tests for new behavior. r=mfinkle
56d86fb6b887dbf95c234560c7bce1b81277fa90Wes Johnston — Bug 735912 - Create databases at startup. r=mfinkle
8a38635a80bddb3c1d46be9cc308c0998c4a3562Margaret Leibovic — Bug 740306 - Back button does not dismiss the keyboard in awesomebar. r=mfinkle
1faf67b119e6aea1b1f2fbec85b003bedb55893aPeter Van der Beken — Fix for bug 740064 (Refactor XrayWrapper). r=bholley.
84463b2ba5ff45454e0779218522b96d8fac4622Joe Drew — Bug 737949 - Don't initialize EGL from Fennec java code, and remove GLThread altogether. r=pcwalton,jrmuizel
fa5f41ab53150ccb79538437efc2fd1e310307daGeorge Wright — Bug 740963 - [Skia] Handle non-multiple-of-two dash lengths in HelpersSkia::StrokeOptionsToPaint(). r=jrmuizel
297ddf568a6a876d5943567bfaca353075031747Gregor Wagner — Bug 740968 - Cleanup SettingsManager.js. r=fabrice
176df86aa16e09484a4b17b8933511d1ed2935f2Daniel Holbert — Bug 740515: In nsIView::List fprintf call, wrap pointer in 'static_cast<void*>' to fix build warning. r=smaug
ec2d6134783be350134103a9be41d966e1197089Daniel Holbert — Bug 740945: Remove dead code nsSVGLeafFrame.cpp. r=longsonr
71b0a8620cc2dee278d1f8efc86ccd0da8e38653Wes Johnston — Bug 740291 - Add a missing brace in the makefile. r=blassey
f7bf4d83eab60338abca42d8369228ae6e64eb17George Wright — Bug 740570 - Add conversion functions between SurfaceFormats and ImageFormats. r=bas
db7260efc9a774c4da1dc4e9df64125049666452Ali Juma — Bug 737437 - Post a task to handle compositor destruction. r=bgirard
a54e169714884ffb789be6fc51f5dd8477053795Philipp von Weitershausen — Bug 738063 - B2G Wifi: Consolidate ctypes-related worker code. r=mrbkap,cjones
7fde5b6ebd13e413a244f12b50e9119c55cbd0b7Peter Van der Beken — Fix for bug 740855 (Make tests that try to get use SpecialPowers). r=bz, bent.
428dbcf861b5cc1ab84099289d4575844a4c352eAndrew McCreight — Bug 708825 - set mIdentity to null if compartment enter fails. r=bholley
7cf8fc503806bdbaf7db12e3ec404878a64a568dJohn Daggett — Bug 739706. Fix gfxFont.cpp compiler warning. r=jfkthame
3c7d0ac16919abf3ca4e76be48ce0ab7446790c8Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 740857 - Remove dead code from nsFrame::BoxReflow; r=dbaron
2a60f25594898d57ea271b1a0b1c191c7ac66fc4Andrew McCreight — Bug 740185 - mark safe JS context black. r=smaug
d88f380468eefcbe8a60acbbeea1a225d7c10d75Peter Van der Beken — Backout cfd6bf0fe1e9 as it includes an unwanted chunk
7b813cc009ce70a20f1f1a029315560a12492d04Josh Aas — Bug 740217: Simplify plugin instance object creation. r=bsmedberg
cfd6bf0fe1e9ed29f72957d98eda997bc77806a3Peter Van der Beken — Fix for bug 740855 (Make tests that try to get use SpecialPowers). r=bz.
61964245b303642e64d2e301ce67f87a61ac2d91Lucas Rocha — Bug 739066 - Don't include delete bookmarks/history in Combined view (r=margaret)
130e702908ca5f21364fd080edaf156d10e71e06Lucas Rocha — Bug 735636 - Factor out checked state update into separate method (r=wesj)
bb20be085b35a2cc1087d49aa763aa0d9c0bb570Lucas Rocha — Bug 735636 - Factor out icon update into separate method (r=wesj)
96fcc34dbbc9bd3943af8d75a105b83cfa61941bLucas Rocha — Bug 735636 - Correctly use recycled view and apply ViewHolder pattern (r=wesj)
f7a96b2c55f423f30c2828e766f6e4cc19e03641George Wright — Bug 740372 - Handle MOZ_GFX_OPTIMIZE_MOBILE in gfxASurface and gfx2DGlue format conversion functions. r=jrmuizel
5a3a3536f52a9cb2d4a47f0ff871652ef4478813Hiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 739497 - Fix the comment of filter method for xpcshell.ini. r=jmaher
301109c610001d73ee8ae4f6e256da897db162f1Lucas Rocha — Bug 730273 - Cleanup recommended-addons.json to only contain necessary properties (r=mfinkle)
931fe44e63264f676c1e2811c6c0fd14882866ecKartikaya Gupta — Bug 740569 - Make the display port strategy preffable. r=Cwiiis
10cf1144522fe8588bd4a58f17509f53ff24f2e3Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 737553 - Refactor much of the code in DisplayPortCalculator and tune some of the behaviour. r=Cwiiis
ba83e928fec3f78c0c6cb70c11c1104c91c78b2aKartikaya Gupta — Bug 737553 - Fix null handling in DisplayPortCalculator. r=Cwiiis
d5a7628eed875905a4b3b8f7860c97a04dfb7355Ali Juma — Bug 694964 - Don't generate a Thebes Paint edit in an incomplete transaction. r=bgirard
6a45337b5ed6a6e3689ec2ab1e444acb17392bd8Jacek Caban — Bug 739919 - browser/components/build fails to link on mingw r=jimm
2c4ec30ee406ca847eed74b259fc8a44cac0f053Jacek Caban — Bug 740324 - cubeb_winmm.c fails to compile on GCC r=jimm
83dce280d87141d551af64bddd9694eb84de125bOlli Pettay — Bug 641821, MutationObserver, r=sicking
fd2da289a3c15b8c96c248df2710d879793f22c9Kyle Huey — No bug: Followups to my previous two commits.
dc227fe382351bd23077e51600b8c427a54db1feKyle Huey — Bug 740626: Disable failing tests.
81630abfd7255e1b7ccd84ee5e21ce1ac3fa7cd2Kyle Huey — Bug 718316: Disable failing tests.
8c64512cb60bb22c6bc14e7bb30e5469e9e94cd7ffxbld — Automated blocklist update from host moz2-linux-slave02
c8dbf446d2971a366c4d70440c953e9c6ecca235Johnny Stenback — Removing windows newlines. no bug and DONTBUILD
4c43cfe73516df0b3ec7686fc12a920ab85dc1f8Olli Pettay — Bug 734151 - remove new lines from the class in the CC log, r=bsmedberg
cf60d15e88040da8b309ec376ef2fbc84aa97ce6Gregory Szorc — Merge services-central into mozilla-central
ac83018cd960b1b5cf1e9ba40889911f99ee5694Richard Newman — Merge m-c to s-c.
79d0a46d47b87556506b126f27983477d1c25f84Gregory Szorc — Bug 739320 - Handle title in received "display URI" Sync commands; r=rnewman
2a8d9ddd3cf86959be8f1119b8cb1941b648cd07Richard Newman — Bug 739892 - correct type comparison error and typo in 7703db949571 (Bug 739339). a=borkage
4ea6b51f12c7fc789208a648dd7dc96c9c34d7beGregory Szorc — Bug 739752 - Fix typo in Sync login form; r=sad panda
978f7c2e98f5b49aa2e4ab123f79f667cf63a590Marina Samuel — Bug 739320 - Send title in display URI command; r=gps
7703db94957117376a116f330e7d8aabcebac7b2Richard Newman — Bug 739339 - make desktop Sync more robust against malformed bookmark records. r=gps
58223630856f6af4cdd3b84157be7a7824cf55b2Richard Newman — Merge m-c to s-c.
68ee19a92287a1f4583a9b5e9c1e4472df453d85Gregory Szorc — Bug 730989 - Remove references to now defunct Weave.Service.* properties; r=rnewman
9b5e28881542f73f63abd5434e0603a97f28384aGregory Szorc — Merge m-c into s-c
633db2f581720f8ab730ac3851e1fd7b7ee2a965Richard Newman — Merge m-c to s-c.
46d74484648d862644a108a4e9d888ee2a02481cRichard Newman — Bug 735551 - cleanup and correction in nsFormHistory.js. rs=dolske
d6b9981245d2f2e4d042f48fa0333fcfd56ef648Pallani Kumaran — Bug 701967 - Misc code cleanup in Sync's util.js; r=gps
82c4a54e0437dd4f03e887bad846e188dd665791Gregory Szorc — Bug 730989 - Refactor identity and authentication in Sync; r=rnewman
e8b6b6b810ee2914fcdb694798ad1c81955dad72Gregory Szorc — Backed out changeset eb4233025be0 for xpcshell test failures
eb4233025be0571347082eb091f825f9e0753fbdPallani Kumaran — Bug 701967 - Misc code cleanup in Sync's util.js; r=gps
383da99956e6d5a8ae31f9b1e1beedae4d1d6509Gregory Szorc — Merge m-c into s-c
a205b93931513b8d4a2f90af7e71e1c347fc9a7eGregory Szorc — Merge m-c into s-c
ecb4a985463da22adcc00b34bcffcf14ddfd7489Richard Newman — Bug 733886 - Ensure that tabs engine always uploads integer timestamps, not strings. r=gps
e008004a2bf647bfa05b620b55e9a0955123edacRichard Newman — Sync version bump to 1.16. NO BUG
1f37e7e66d47b4dd9f942da2d5b6e98ff4a7d8dcMarco Bonardo — Bug 740581 - Make about:home's Sync button label not directly use the brand string.
8bf3120ed0f8acbe3ceb3cecb6412024859980f0Mounir Lamouri — Bug 740190 - Screen Orientation API: implement locking in Android. r=dougt
13bf530d772d3393d50baf522e7f50cb8719b91aMounir Lamouri — Bug 740188 - Screen Orientation API locking (3/3): revert orientation when fullscreen is left. r=smaug
d8aa32fa55317e94c58dcf6a216790fc03cdca3bMounir Lamouri — Bug 740188 - Screen Orientation API locking (2/3): security model. r=smaug
a1ba687fd66a73673fc6b8da781ae4f772fefaf4Mounir Lamouri — Bug 740188 - Screen Orientation API locking (1/3): DOM/HAL boilerplate. r=smaug sr=sicking
945faa47b6277c3337a8693e9ce4933e0912487dTim Taubert — merge m-c to fx-team
51e463e400d0b06e6c36d91ec41b71386868f5edPanos Astithas — Bug 739995 - Intermittent test failures in browser_dbg_bug723069_editor-breakpoints.js and others | Found the expected number of scripts. - Got 3, expected 2, followed by other errors; r=rcampbell
401804642db1e608f336c085aeff473af1cdd8c7Panos Astithas — Bug 723563 - Use findScripts to retrieve the list of scripts known to the debugger; r=rcampbell
7cc16b3f172d4f7a1d89dcfaab18b2f41cc112a7Frank Yan — Bug 740235 - Prevent about:home from creating a full window component alpha layer. r=mak
a78d2f8055e7cc287226d4e4fabf0125344ae4d2Matthew Noorenberghe — Bug 557890 - Update Google search suggestion URL. r=gavin,mfinkle
e91b6175dcebc9a63f20f4ec143511fb907e0b21Raymond Lee — Bug 712203 - 'Next tab group' keyboard shortcut doesn't work after 'restore previous session'; r=ttaubert
b1455bac2454968911912b94e195e284e4d251a7Raymond Lee — Bug 733115 - After creating a new tab group, 2nd RETURN should open that group; r=ttaubert
0cfa44a13b2513ad09075ef9da2a062ce40c9576Ed Morley — Merge last PGO-green changeset of mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central
7bfb26afd19b6ac4ab99b646e7972969954441a5Marco Bonardo — Merge central to inbound
461760e5dbd591abf0b943e89ca9cabad2485ecfNick Hurley — bug 712914 - add some sanity checking when (de)serializing security info in the disk cache. r=michal
38d50ee4b9bac84f0ccc7a2f09e297fe864e16b9Max Li — Bug 725432 - HTML buttons with aria-pressed not exposing IA2 TOGGLE_BUTTON role, r=tbsaunde, f=surkov
cf941140cded6887c3ca5b6fabb9723a0dba78cbJosh Matthews — Bug 722853 - Derive private browsing status from docshell when assigning element states. r=dbaron
7f483ad72e7c73eebbeab8cc67d98cbec074c1a3Mark Finkle — Bug 697309 - Add support for the Open Web Apps API - part 2 : about:apps r=mbrubeck r=fabrice
7c8f5618b789883d0824a66a3f21bffc7451c0b0Mark Finkle — Bug 697309 - Add support for the Open Web Apps API - part 1 : UI glue r=fabrice r=mbrubeck
31f1d027a49f239848c4406f1c0cd57552228832Masayuki Nakano — Bug 735648 Append command char and shifted commanded char when command key is pressed on Dvorak-QWERTY r=smichaud+karlt
e09299be8b9506edc1048e70e172f6f9c58bce78Dave Townsend — Bug 738485: Remove antiquated extensions.rdf and installed-extensions.txt files. r=robstrong
e2571157f6360b3852e1596212420e166ba96db6Cameron McCormack — Bug 740271 - Allocate partial ligature advance rounding error to the last part. r=roc
c6813085fd71b5910886d7da94b0d31a15938b49Terrence Cole — Backout 00f2e1e9adc2 after mq malfunction.
61b214270824e3e06223c8df46a7483e9ca9e07bTerrence Cole — Bug 738868 - Switch JSObject2JSObjectMap to new HashTable; r=mrbkap
00f2e1e9adc2fb33d0231214eb720bb46503bc73Terrence Cole — Bug 549683 - Remove final JSDHashTable users from SpiderMonkey; r=?
38b752214eaa5d4aaa019e737c468ef22eb4f3adRichard Newman — Bug 740637 - Better handling of unexpected failures during info/collections fetch. r=liuche,nalexander
160407805dd27d590c4cf2d056d6fe44fd769281Jeff Walden — Document ternary expression style and the else-after-return prohibition. No bug, rs=luke over IRC, DONTBUILD because this is modifying docs but touching no code
197cccd053e9175750ebd9b02fcd3c6854c193caWes Johnston — backout 2a46d0a93816, 3849a7572a98, and 8ba795535c17
4df2d9a68d6ee7df428bdc56f62610d1942367a4Patrick McManus — Bug 739023 - Disabling the Restart-in-progess logic temporarily since suspected of causing crashes, r=honzab
c29542b23601bfb89cd2f6507191f86c525e8920Ryan VanderMeulen — Backout rev 2c149ce94c49 (bug 740244) due to Linux WebGL orange.
a771149141f87dacd17e054fbbc017bbfdcd89a0Matt Brubeck — Back out b7c1e8289858 (bug 738645) because of robocop failures
7cec359d673684241de3af0343fac8d310bc2e85Ali Juma — Bug 740313 - Initialize TextureImage::mFilter. r=bgirard
2c149ce94c490efeadb3fe0567535404ced4a299Oleg Romashin — Bug 740244 - Don't compile glx test when the EGL provider is enabled. r=joedrew
4bbfb954c0dd9737ee0bf01646ef686ea5d6ec33Matias Juntunen — Bug 729048 - Part 5: Remove nsParserService::CheckQName. r=hsivonen
db2978f38798c96f35b169a14564d455da948d7bMatias Juntunen — Bug 729048 - Part 4: Replace calls to nsParserService::CheckQName with nsContentUtils::CheckQName in txXMLUtils.h. r=hsivonen
c2d8ac6bb09cbd96ead468c6c6f1cb0884d89a5fMatias Juntunen — Bug 729048 - Part 3: Replace call to nsParserService::CheckQName with nsContentUtils::CheckQName in nsXULDocument.cpp. r=hsivonen
7af2fcef270f45302408bcb65565aaa87b4d7d10Matias Juntunen — Bug 729048 - Part 2: Replace calls to nsParserService::CheckQName with nsContentUtils::CheckQName in nsDocument.cpp. r=hsivonen
11ef97686043964c0c0305f64fefddd57cf772afMatias Juntunen — Bug 729048 - Part 1: Move nsParserService::CheckQName to nsContentUtils and change calls within nsContentUtils to use nsContentUtils::CheckQName instead. r=hsivonen
70dda949e11d9abad418cbf6d8984d288baef6ddJeff Gilbert — Bug 732765 - Fail gracefully when we lack GL functionality - r=bjacob
76f8c248cb14e88912e7525eaeeef3fdd5fe2407Peter Van der Beken — Add include guards to nsVariant.h. No bug. r=bz.
5ed5a3e3acc47d02b7cc811159e75cd36c5ec348Bobby Holley — Bug 740469 - JSNative->JSFunction fixup should happen in DefinePropertyById, not DefineProperty. r=luke
79e4805da723cd18b891761425155d1f2e9359e8Nickolay Ponomarev — Bug 726943 - Fullscreen button in HTML video makes the browser go fullscreen but not the video [r=mstange]
1dd339df6a7c688232b511c9b8833c2a598784e1Chris Peterson — Bug 739418 - When reporting a rethrown exception, report the original exception's stack trace. r=blassey
a3195760001ff0e76bbd4d9b66654eddb5c2942aJonathan Griffin — Bug 740549 - add newline to dump statement, r=mdas, a=testonly
dee1a66e125b1ddbb0cc957ae53f4a0fc23c4502Richard Newman — Bug 740326 - Fix over-long log tag. all credit,r=nalexander
1b468e61ac0257d7004381811135cd65a1d1a964Bas Schouten — Bug 738691 - Part 2: Add proper stroke and path support to Azure glyph drawing. r=jrmuizel
89dfa68488e46e07149f030d3886b830ec07902dBas Schouten — Bug 738691 - Part 1: Add CopyGlyphsToBuilder API. r=jrmuizel
23fb4940211498334437a9db79d202763736445dBas Schouten — Bug 738690: Properly convert patterns to userspace in the Azure-Thebes wrapper. r=jrmuizel
6bfae7eb218767308685b1d252768a7166a25df1Bas Schouten — Bug 738688: Add supports for color patterns in the Azure-Thebes wrapper. r=jrmuizel
6b90f61fffafd96960b8267da92d3c22fa29a936Peter Van der Beken — Bug 740526. Change LookupName to return the nsGlobalNameStruct as a return value, not an out param. r=bzbarsky
42639be584318304121181e12a5f93e252b675c6Dão Gottwald — merge backout
f094990ed17dddc971c819deb389717a52b61457Dão Gottwald — Backed out changeset 6cb9adc02c12
612fd2e764fdae8e76a5144e9659fe9939387833Justin Lebar — Bug 737307 - Don't clobber mLoadType in short-circuited loads. r=bz
5561efcb19f226576e474fa8a1f57ef68c111b70Peter Van der Beken — Fix for bug 740467 (Make test_XHR_timeout.js use addEventListener(..., obj, ...) instead of on* = obj). r=khuey.
8ecff1c072e66279ef70659f30c2bc0d0a9aa5c7Peter Van der Beken — Fix for bug 740397 (Make tests that try to get use SpecialPowers). r=bholley.
c210ff20f3711e83eeb21122f60cde7d164b42c1George Wright — Bug 728284 - Main container layer has siblings that are drawn in the background. r=bgirard
6cb9adc02c12a0079976b7514e18243bb455ab7fMasatoshi Kimura — Bug 739659 - Try duck typing in js_ReportUncaughtException. r=luke
2f58de36c53a051e08da985cd0ae608a4c3c335fIrving Reid — Bug 738662 - Add tracing/warning information to help debug XUL overlay problems. r=bz,enn
17da1d57097d7b2d5112156c9cf8404d31f1c49bDão Gottwald — Bug 740389 - Clean up openTopWin and mark it as deprecated. r=gavin
81975c3ca49499e1aedab5db96ef933668b6e3daBenjamin Smedberg — Bug 737433 - Send the referer for embedded src="" streams for plugins (and make them part of the correct load group while we're at it!), r=josh
c85e435f8041567403c1ef8d3044568cdc901a3eDoug Turner — Bug 740252 - EventListenerManager disables various things in RemoveEventListener even if there can be still listeners. r=smaug
d6b87428bb2e3475d8beb933db7b2a921422de46L. David Baron — Add comment explaining the difference between CSS_PROPERTY_PARSE_FUNCTION and CSS_PROPERTY_VALUE_PARSER_FUNCTION (prompted by question from jdaggett). No bug.
b7c1e82898583c8f45ff4f397abe7939efd4fc76Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 738645: Add a pause to GeckoEventExpecter to allow GeckoApp to process the event. r=kats,jmaher
7737ca75286045bc60000236dacd39003ee1b9a2Gordon P. Hemsley — Bug 730209: Parse spellchecker dictionary names as BCP 47 language tags. r=gavin
f059dc47f3d7d219085e9d654a87263d7bdefb24Masayuki Nakano — Bug 739557 Set focus to editing host and use document.getSelection().collapse() for setting caret to edit target; r=ehsan
a9dfce8466063e7e76276cb3767c3fd555cb3ab7Philip Chee — Bug 736738 Make it easier for applications and extensions to overlay the customize toolbar window r=gavin.
ed56fc645fc31ac805a60a3a556661f6571c274dMarco Bonardo — Merge central to inbound
5016d3f2b36dd8a4e627cbc5de6a2e5470535819Phil Ringnalda — Back out 7bffc102114e (bug 737437) for Android native talos bustage
bf171cf48355f9e50f10a6095b41eb1131218359Phil Ringnalda — Back out 3e6a7f9fb34e (bug 739488) for Android XUL bustage
220fcfedb8a21d538b1a09901e02a16f75ce1080Margaret Leibovic — Bug 736278 - (2/2) Add always/never permissions for click-to-play plugins. r=mfinkle
6d62f902a321d8298f27570732fa66717a27ff17Margaret Leibovic — Bug 736278 - (1/2) Add support for checkbox in doorhanger message. r=mfinkle
3e6a7f9fb34e265380c1905b7677684eff876bf6Josh Dhaliwal — Bug 739488 - Fennec Native nightly crashes in mozilla::AndroidBridge::EnableLocationHighAccuracy when page requests GPS location. r=dougt
7bffc102114e6ada087d5a6abfd0f0c1a88100f6Ali Juma — Bug 737437 - Destroy the compositor's layer manager before the CompositorChild gets destroyed. r=cjones
1001d5a9f57a4b92d7dba13e13ecc04442f47ef4Marco Bonardo — Bug 738762 - Pass redirect and error information to global history.
af214ef4172e4e2572d3c758ea3695d6562ea08cSerge Gautherie — Bug 733269. (Av1) redirect.html: Let its load complete before redirecting. rs=jwalden.
0d696f3bb8872799522444a558883e094faf8675Ms2ger — No bug - Remove an always-true check.
167d10d80590ea139943604f70823b49571acc94Ms2ger — Bug 738761 - Remove nsIScriptTimeoutHandler::GetScriptVersion and pass JSVersion to nsIScriptContext::EvaluateString; r=jst
8f188d9889412d9da432cae5356840616cdb9b79Ms2ger — Bug 738996 - Remove agnostic Hold/DropScriptObject nsContentUtils functions; r=mrbkap
80aee211b0cefcc4e9079e569474cea6e052d7adMs2ger — Bug 738647 - DOMStorageImpl::GetKey shouldn't throw; r=honzab
dec46a6908cf2bea568475e0a47527af78cb5eb0Ms2ger — Bug 738654 - Part b: RemoveChildAt can't fail; r=sicking
bee19c71bcef7665f2934f091ae715fad45cf3e0Ms2ger — Bug 738654 - Part a: doRemoveChildAt can't fail; r=sicking
f28201b83cb40005c3ae7c88ac616dbdd4f0a970Ms2ger — Bug 738608 - Introduce nsINode::Length(); r=smaug
f6955126d2c535afc0db9e519d400c1f4efd49c1Ms2ger — Bug 647323 - Part e: Import Opera's getElementsByClassName tests from the WebApps WG repository; r=jhammel
c5201306217e433e53368f58e419ed2ea902a100Ms2ger — Bug 647323 - Part d: Import tests Mozilla contributed to the HTML WG test suite; r=jhammel
cd07e609e481ce71b2fedd327fbcd6215d2c2c08Ms2ger — Bug 647323 - Part c: Implement test importing code; r=jhammel
bb0cc19274c5c57b49d025a164ffe47857a86424Ms2ger — Bug 647323 - Part b: Implement test harness reporting code and import testharness code from the upstream repository; r=jhammel+ted
fd2549d5d38401ee45f3ca7c9597b79dbebb82ceMs2ger — Bug 647323 - Part a: Document the setup; r=jhammel
432c4be058b529289e2e8fc60468250b2ae47a6fMs2ger — No bug - Remove gfxAtoms; r=roc
92fe907ddac8855e733102813db5e860fd7a557aSerge Gautherie — Bug 735810. (Cv3) Stop trying to package MSVC dlls when WIN32_REDIST_DIR isn't set. r=(khuey, ted.mielczarek).
ff3521bc655946ec545b49bc64bc7167de8ee709Marco Bonardo — Merge last green PGO from inbound to central
d3cc19901240f812a2a5afd0a8e9cb601311d496Andriy Zui — Bug 729924 - statusline actiontype should use the second child as a message. r=karlt
76d72796ceeea36db202b27966d3281f56f9b6b4aceman — Bug 738568 - remove Services.prefs.getBranch(null) occurences. r=gavin
55a95cfe5ab902ac4e03043a0c927a61681bd44cRobert Longson — Bug 739972 - Stop using GetChildAt in svg layout code. r=dholbert
b604d4e1916d87373f06b4209d7f0cb672c4fa17Chris Pearce — Bug 736342 - Defer media cache writes and block moves to a non-main thread. r=roc
b564e3f1ffe0563dda0f32880f6ad99ce4e956a0Chris Pearce — Bug 736342 - Add AsyncBlockWriter, which defers file writes to another thread. r=roc
f2a1b3b8f3cef956832ad98fcb82d7b303ab36f5Doug Turner — Bug 739760 - doubles and floats can't be used in dictionaries. r=khuey
8dd9a07db9a7208d6077e9b755edc911d8c04a3dDoug Turner — Bug 740268 - DisableDeviceSensor doomedElement isn't being set correctly. r=mwu
7ed31daf07bd276798d7510d92fdfb405fbbee61Luke Wagner — Bug 733793 - Check for null return from JS_ObjectToOuterObject (r=bholley)
04aa64acdc6597872b8ff1f2df6c39026e2bddbcPhil Ringnalda — Back out b00bf7f3869c (bug 737976) for apparently causing mochitest-1 leaks on a CLOSED TREE
bb679e5939b973b93932b867da24b2eaa10da98ePhil Ringnalda — Back out 0cb85ff0f764 (bug 738568), 9949bb092303 (bug 730209), 095fd525afa7 (bug 729924), dcf8929a8115 (bug 633602) because of widely scattered and unclear bustage on a CLOSED TREE
ec1874ee6dc3df2795762ed96a7ecc3dcb702adbAndrew McCreight — Bug 738700 - unmark wrapped gray objects from nsISupports. r=smaug
0e919664cdf519e380c61033fcc91cea95672919Andrew McCreight — Bug 712735 - Don't add JS holders with no gray children as XPConnect roots. r=smaug
fa695fa4f819c806425ba68aed6c921db40e7fdePhil Ringnalda — Back out 5c63b21280c2 (bug 733265) for build failures
b87f9cc3ae84219b7de6af73b9ca10403512772dRichard Newman — Merge m-c to m-i.
5c63b21280c25d4460fbf206f839ea2b5c7bb688Fernando Jiménez — Bug 733265 - B2G SMS DB tests. r=philikon
2aaa5dbfcca538f177771a7916080b3dd436e88aYoshi Huang — Bug 733990 - Handle errors for ICC IO. r=philikon
fcfebfd76082cad98004276bce8e9da72f0aa203Yoshi Huang — Bug 737352 - B2G RIL: typo in RIL iccIO. r=philikon
3923a202ed23159ea0b563850fe11bfc27a91c27Jignesh Kakadiya — Bug 738221 - get rid nsIAccessibilityService, f=tbsaunde
17f586740c3bde0eac12b3e5409bba107726de99Mark Finkle — Backout a2b4067cb7f8, due to talos bustage
b6a1c1c85ca364cb7743de0a1b3b14b5c85eb679George Wright — Bug 740191 - [Skia] Fix SkBlitRow_opts_arm.cpp for compiling with NEON and Thumb enabled. r=mattwoodrow
ca5328d3c661e035ee1b74a88881353182862100George Wright — Bug 740187 - [Skia] Prevent the ARM implementation of memset16 from failing if count=0 r=mattwoodrow
b00bf7f3869c471073f6ade173b50617904066e0Kyle Huey — Bug 737976: Remove nsINodeInfo. rs=bent
61ea97629f0fc0dc16c836600a5ec738c16bb699Boris Zbarsky — Bug 739541. Add faster versions of JS_ValueToNumber and JS_ValueToECMAInt32. r=dmandelin
0cb85ff0f764433d05954772f49f12be2c27f330aceman — Bug 738568 - Remove Services.prefs.getBranch(null) occurences in Toolkit. r=gavin
9949bb0923030bdaccc2300b71641368e232633cGordon P. Hemsley — Bug 730209 - Parse spellchecker dictionary names as BCP 47 language tags. r=gavin
095fd525afa782e7f4c23a7056b1810f512284eeAndriy Zui — Bug 729924 - maction: statusline actiontype should use the second child as a message. r=karlt
dcf8929a8115a4a90e673f9dbf5c857857307445David Humphrey — Bug 633602 - Implement Pointer Lock (Mouse Lock) API. r=roc, smaug
082d5e045cc2009c1b7709b85b2684925759e7d1Margaret Leibovic — backout cecf156d7869 because of talos fail
a8bebfa88961964c05f42c7035f305a6afdf2595Margaret Leibovic — backout c86023072076 because of talos fail
e28a79957b4afb7cc72b43dcffdb462849e77e6cGregory Szorc — Bug 739753 - Fatal handling of invalid head and tail files in xpcshell test runner; r=ted
520ca2f9b4b7a729bf52d10ea67b04e841eab622Vladan Djeric — Bug 739800 - Force all profiler l-tag addresses to have a 0x prefix. r=bgirard
732633ac1e07036c6e3dce6eceba4dac9210c76aJeff Walden — Document macro naming style and struct naming style in C-compatible code, where C++ namespaces can't be used to avoid name collisions. No bug, r=luke over IRC, DONTBUILD because this is modifying docs but touching no code
5f280b4ff6f840d28ad411e51ec0a38daea75c24George Wright — Bug 740138 - [Skia] Use SkDebug_android for Android instead of SkDebug_stdio. r=mattwoodrow
16d5e6f8ed89a97fb83fb30514a8ce5e9a9b834cEd Morley — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound
6654f183d2143b340f42ebee673a92c73fd8f8fbNathan Froyd — Bug 739962 - fix -Wunused-but-set-variable warnings in content; r=bent
378f5363558939b964c41cdc30c3e26d3d241faeNathan Froyd — Bug 739635 - fix -Wunused-but-set-variable warnings in gfx/thebes/; r=jrmuizel
842d96e5f3afb4f0cb76621c8d3c4da3f4f9a6d1Ali Juma — Bug 735230 - Part 4: Don't call MakeCurrent with a context and without a surface. r=gw280
9435818930fabd03b6449f3124b9f25be2811eeeAli Juma — Bug 735230 - Part 3: Use the new compositor pause/resume events. r=kats
5303cc81321448cd5cea7b0dc60cf5a5a4bdc9aeAli Juma — Bug 735230 - Part 2: Add compositor pause/resume events to Gecko. r=kats
23f4b815ce82442b6450567f117f98571cf17178Ali Juma — Bug 735230 - Part 1: Add Pause and Resume messages to PCompositor. r=bgirard
a5c5bc683072964ed1cb9032da09bdae2ec6bf86Ben Turner — Bug 737911 - 'Shrink bits for CACHED_PROTO_KEYs and add two new JSClass flags for the new DOM bindings'. r=lukew.
5f4d6e20b6de14213fc80367794c3ac84a39089aPeter Van der Beken — Bug 732377. Add the API for the new DOM bindings to XMLHttpRequest. r=bzbarsky
ba46fc01fb32dd772a7082f4bd9d0fc63d0a8700Peter Van der Beken — Fix for bug 739898 (Stop using enablePrivilege in test_bug480509.html). r=bz.
b2c747fcacead8f9b60111d0ae02c034152ceb1aMargaret Leibovic — Bug 740094 - Folder icon doesn't appear anymore. r=lucasr
c860230720764d7d4f99f28770706251acda28c4Margaret Leibovic — Bug 736278 - (2/2) Add always/never permissions for click-to-play plugins. r=mfinkle
cecf156d786974f245ee8396c2c5074741e03462Margaret Leibovic — Bug 736278 - (1/2) Add support for checkbox in doorhanger message. r=mfinkle
a2b4067cb7f8acbbfd9840a28ce27eea5e7f7a14Mark Finkle — Bug 697309 - Add support for the Open Web Apps API (core) r=fabrice
82c98e0e7d71cd9caa4dd13264d424a4e5f46ed4Mounir Lamouri — Bug 733142 - Attempt to fix crash in GeckoNetworkManager when onDestroy() is called. r=dougt
dea46b8a52adee2f7c3c0e5d3568aae6b791e243Eitan Isaacson — Bug 738741 - Map Android's KEYCODE_DPAD_CENTER to DOM_VK_ENTER. r=mbrubeck
9f6159650e8071a10dfa4bb95b96785616fbe81bOonishi Atsushi — Bug 680727 - Part 2: docshell should pass a reloaded page to global history. r=smaug
bc7c335062cf39b5c7e62fe06d0836bb6f85ca51Oonishi Atsushi — Bug 680727 - Part 1: IHistory::VisitURI should accept a reloaded URI. r=mak
ee3a013ecc898c79656d262e7b6c719d0a05c6c4Daniel Holbert — Bug 740067: Make nsCSSFrameConstructor::CreateNeededTablePseudos return void. r=bz
199383e4fd2f0371c9915381f033db2cc725cd0aJustin Lebar — Bug 736688 - Part 6: Add BrowserElementAPI.js, implementing loadstart, loadend, locationchange, and the window.{top,parent,frameElement} override for <iframe mozbrowser>. r=smaug
e530ae7f6b74632fe77b72f7cce1717eff33f22eJustin Lebar — Bug 736688 - Part 5: Remove window.{top,parent,frameElement} mozbrowser changes in nsGlobalWindow (undoes changes from bug 725796). r=smaug
935db09a43651b4a416442f55ffee4e17257b1f5Justin Lebar — Bug 736688 - Part 4: Remove mozbrowser code from nsGenericHTMLFrameElement (undoes changes from bug 710231). r=smaug
3e8f54937d3b9ea54afd81e23f8c4257fb8bf96dJustin Lebar — Bug 736688 - Part 3: Make browser frame tests run faster by loading empty pages instead of (which is the huge, root mochitest file). r=smaug
e69f1c7562aa9b5eea20b976dad20e7abafdba3eJustin Lebar — Bug 736688 - Part 2: Move browser frame tests to their own directory. r=smaug
8e1f2165d52ec92e8d350ed66867c7fdff395a3fJustin Lebar — Bug 736688 - Part 1: Fix up browser frame tests. r=smaug
a313f75c607c1c15c743038ff18caa6c2393a90aOHZEKI Tetsuharu — Bug 647951 - Fix for " is null" error. r=mak
97377dc127550fe8c0a3dff0843d4de4bbb02ad6Dão Gottwald — Bug 739915 - Remove Firefox 2 UI migration code. r=gavin
2f0536c9c49790c8c79a9f0c68c4b844f36ece9eBrian Nicholson — Bug 726001 - Use BufferedHttpEntity for fetching favicons. r=mfinkle
baf59f769aed7a02b4cae352147bd3b68487575bJonathan Kew — bug 739925 - port OTS bug-fix from upstream rev.83. r=jdaggett
2fbd3599386cccd457c5b9cee0a578e50000400dChris Lord — Bug 739604 - Split out dumping of paint buffers from paint lists. r=mattwoodrow
f4ab0eddbe90b4c588b29ea1f1b39d6b14a47e09Chris Lord — Bug 739604 - Check if output file is valid before printing. r=mattwoodrow
35546f02ddb10a4094345a7c624fbc401333defaChris Lord — Bug 739604 - Don't leave mCurrentImage in an inconsistent state. r=ajuma
7b18a4980189bde77a5c64b8f7e823694adf6f62Mounir Lamouri — Bug 739840 - Make nsDOMEventTarget subclasses inherit from nsDOMEventTargetHelper first. r=khuey
720badd8c3367ce3261fd1734dc33c2a06f54320Ed Morley — Merge again
76024a05af986dd30ee3869890873cd93678f64aEd Morley — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound
ec441303e32e8a908d05326135fa3affc8bb502dGavin Sharp — Bug 739793: add old version to post-update whatsnew URL to allow differentiating various upgrade scenarios, r=mak
73937a6fd8289d05bc1971bbbef839dba577b6b6Luke Wagner — Fix warnings in js/src (no bug, r=me)
e44e3729a05203aa3c7116f3d642711dc3ad665dLuke Wagner — Bug 739520 - rm JSOP_SETLOCALPOP (r=bhackett)
d15eb9db765a7a6cb6177fcbc01fbe5e7ab3d201Luke Wagner — Bug 736742 - Fix decompiler precedence for destructuring assignment with comma-expression (r=jorendorff)
4166e7ce816c0235aeb06c55b72b4abe030dcd94Luke Wagner — Bug 739685 - rm useless makeAtom calls in BindNameToSlot (r=dvander)
1c7d12a257d0e784805998a463f4458d3683cb0cLuke Wagner — Bug 739532 - don't malloc BytecodeEmitter (r=jorendorff)
7a78aae4fa278a5c3819baf8fa280ac8910f3924Mark Capella — Bug 737724 - make IsDefunct() inline, r=surkov, f=tbsaunde
fa4228a37dbc7015c84a236646189d976b13c7a7Geoff Brown — Bug 739807 - Robocop: avoid character encoding warning; r=jmaher
265ae1eb0189237ad7a7995fd60fce74e26c7687Jared Wein — Bug 734323 - Invisible plugins added to the DOM after the 'load' event will not prompt a doorhanger to appear. r=margaret
486ff4199ca3f8a9ccc63fc2a04e3705f6b550b5Jared Wein — Bug 730318 - Opt-in activated plugins should use internal APIs to keep track of plugin activation. r=margaret
b60331eb28465e0575b1acdd6d43691532d614d1Jared Wein — Bug 730318 - Implement a way for chrome js to enumerate the plugin objects on a page for activation. r=khuey
15a4628f412e69f70a4fb82ab9345dfed9bcdc51Margaret Leibovic — Bug 739048 - Check to see if a plugin is unsupported before making it click-to-play. r=josh
c514f0c6098cc895175acbd575e4ad57c777b00aMasayuki Nakano — Bug 703774 Cast the result of getAttribute() as Number before comparing the values r=enn
2961cc5557921d26a33f4964897151b94d3f4948Mark Cote — Bug 739924 - Please rename testing/peptest/tests/firefox/server/ r=jmaher
24b7f6c27ee1153c25331015d67f0757fa227944Robert Longson — Bug 739591 - Implement filter xlink:href support. r=roc
563ea372f00035e543029ed4f9a4f4ed37540e5bTim Taubert — merge m-c to fx-team
5759f9c0d1eb11316d8044cff2dc7e0e4e6b888ePanos Astithas — Bug 737464 - Add frame and iframe globals to the debugger when present in a page; r=rcampbell
4b87cffba4d5dea5ddea2e6de571cc39ce9ed31bPanos Astithas — Backout changeset 794ff67c7a9a (bug 723563) due to suspected randomorange (bug 739995)
3faec66b941336df2d0a5bc3de4cc596f33519dePanos Astithas — Backout changeset 0b6a274e8b5a (bug 737464) due to suspected randomorange (bug 739995)
5e087503286f9c7837401162440c4621ae6661b6Heather Arthur — Bug 721156 - aError.stack is undefined in the Error Console when exception is thrown in Scratchpad. r=robcee
014c39d29e3022359d13366252eb1042c8ea78d2Victor Porof — Bug 737457 - Intermittent browser/devtools/tilt/test/browser_tilt_picking_highlight02.js | Test timed out | Found a tab after previous test timed out; r=rcampbell
7c1729f6ba3be15fe33cde91262028964d954517Michael Ratcliffe — Bug 734259 - Clicking a system stylesheet in the style inspector does not open the source; r=msucan
0b6a274e8b5a59781333040c2737e85825012506Panos Astithas — Bug 737464 - Add frame and iframe globals to the debugger when present in a page; r=rcampbell
794ff67c7a9acdaa58d4424d7d4d9c862847a3cbPanos Astithas — Bug 723563 - Use findScripts to retrieve the list of scripts known to the debugger; r=rcampbell
86907cf92dae3d7deca4ab0811db88026319d1e5Panos Astithas — Bug 734911 - Adding breakpoints sometimes doesn't work; r=rcampbell
9f166123a74fb6b2593ad0203b9a9abe93dfab64Tim Taubert — Bug 701377 - setTabState() always unhides the tab; r=zpao
3c8f6fe5ce4efc232d4ce52b885f728c59a5f415Tim Taubert — Bug 739805 - Calling getTabState() on a not-yet-restored tab wipes out text and scroll data; r=zpao
77f73d3a0d47a7ad714aba1b775e5aebb5d19711Tim Taubert — Bug 739171 - Don't save tabItem data while updating tabItems; r=dietrich
93f86e0dd4427dc700daab228f7752d9c818aa10Dão Gottwald — Bug 724599 - r=gavin,neil
d045d693568ab99b0cc0c89540632d1fd470b63fDão Gottwald — Bug 739574 - Set the tabsontop attribute on the navigation toolbar and simplify CSS selectors. r=felipe
8ebd1b1aede1f1c22c24f80615418bb69b744b0cDão Gottwald — Backed out changeset 36d7b3b02016
36d7b3b02016fa81f718cb57face38962830eb27Dão Gottwald — Bug 724599 - r=gavin,neil
1965a2c89d61a4d4e3ce156d6713c346f4624247Richard Newman — Bug 739519 - Part 2: logging. r=trivial
8365faf3a1560b9fa0d99352683f58451355064eMarina Samuel — Bug 739519 - Part 1: quickfix. r=rnewman
f0a104d6cc36c73cc391f979db4ec0c7754314e0Ed Morley — Backout 273173a592dc (bug 483992) for causing bug 739927
183eed448b9d7b09a3ecd98db69066e9863eedbfPeter Van der Beken — Fix for bug 739898 (Stop using enablePrivilege in test_bug480509.html). r=bz.
c3fd0768d46abdb77d0e51d4bcb52d5adf4d0445Kyle Huey — Merge the last good pgo-green cset on mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central.
6e232128a8ca37d57bda0fb4e9f50d83781fdb65Jacek Caban — Bug 739188 - Allow crosscompiling for Windows without NSIS r=ted
894c94e5a6310a6148021ede6326dc584036058bHenri Sivonen — Bug 739905 - Make nsFind use nsGkAtoms. r=bzbarsky.
5df6409bc7d24a8de5806710866897757d8e7062Henri Sivonen — Bug 729044 - Avoid nsIParserService in nsFind. r=bzbarsky.
3083df9ca1181021d2f2456fe56c2c2da1e12e09Mark Capella — Bug 614310 - Map section to pane (like role=region), r=davidb, f=surkov
5fde420239cdf11316e98d9887f0f920ec993f95Henri Sivonen — Bug 701361 - Add a telemetry probe for finding out how commonly multipart XHR is used on the Web. r=smaug.
254382ca03c1b45c88b1ff661f138ba4a00abb2ePhil Ringnalda — Back out 47afa45afdfb and ccb20a1169f1 (bug 697309) and c30bdfd14362 and 618b680315ee (bug 736278) for Android native Talos bustage
e82fc6f3bceb7f7df404ca9756b796647e1354cbHenri Sivonen — Bug 717180 - Ignore document.write after window.location. r=smaug.
59df0ebdf0f93ab98e2f0cfacb661198593096ffPhil Ringnalda — Merge m-c to m-i
d224959f26ad4c4465bbc327b198f1b857bd1e58Trevor Saunders — bug 648265 - non-xpcom accessible table interface and casting r=surkov sr=neil
804878ae0cac7b5864e686d4e659df5fa8204479Richard Newman — Remove forgotten stale file. NO BUG, r=trivial
8c11ef0773bb8b64e0b03a3c57f714aafb391f58Marina Samuel — Bug 732147 - Send tab to device: receiving pushed tabs on Android. r=rnewman
72a3e44395b23a65266323155b4dba47b063cdb8Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 738188. Avoid crashing by disabling the screenshot drawing code. r=kats
f892c7884b1ecc9f81793c08eeda7a8f67af0448Nick Alexander — Bug 709310 - Implement Handling of 5xxs, X-Weave-Backoff, Retry-After. r=rnewman
6ba0c586cd889ac3fbb642de573ab31f6123b5cdGavin Sharp — backout 110452fddc2a (bug 738568) since it broke viewsource
f7af1c8b8f8349bfc9a92c5c94ebdba993a4d83dTrevor Saunders — backout 6e03c7c669b7 due to missing local include causing windows bustage
15d5cdd961479cbba811e2385a2121172189ecddJustin Lebar — Back out changesets 6a2c57fa8edf, 34526f45d863 (bug 737307) due to web-facing regressions (e.g. bug 739478). r=bz
a09e61d9c6481c7e37aba37f917c143199159178David Mandelin — Bug 739808: Remove method cloning optimization and method barrier, r=luke
9d39733e4683e5296710ae467a2b04633b30eae1Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset 389eee1cce65 (bug 677122) due to bustage.
ed17cccf91cf7e7054a137d9faddc5e6518ee66fRyan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset 389eee1cce65 (bug 677122) due to bustage.
3eea0725665e5e7de534d928be0e388c2e1f2851Honza Bambas — Bug 736589, r=jst
110452fddc2aae8defb518b31b77f8ea6ccfc62caceman — Bug 738568 - Remove Services.prefs.getBranch(null) occurences in Toolkit. r=gavin
722d3bd080c2241b3bcc1ce486e39758ebfca320Eric Chou — Bug 731361 - Change bluetooth firmware loading to use a DOMRequest based API. r=bent
389eee1cce65ea5c258243a67ad061b325072718Scott Downe — Bug 677122 - Update start/end times of mediafragment URL on hashchanges. r=bz
7a6f316cea6a5e79d47fd70da156b6d739456b39Martin Stransky — Bug 496653 - Command line option --class <WM_CLASS> does not work, use MOZ_WM_CLASS workaround. r=karlt
10642cc4b2b369fdfccedfb5d8f79d81c256c049Trevor Saunders — bug 648265 - reduce includes of nsXULTreeAccessible.h and nsHTMLTableAccessible.h r=surkov
6e03c7c669b762d5ae527ad5756cecfd483b535fTrevor Saunders — bug 648265 - non-xpcom accessible table interface and casting r=surkov sr=neil
5dba48db457c42af1ea1de45bbd0d7e5f0e8443dBrian Nicholson — Bug 739698 - SearchEngines cleanup in browser.js. r=mfinkle
4930669183ed92f0f1a6d5140c2c5d830ab76a50Jeff Walden — Bug 736591 - Check for exceeding the operation limit when iteratively matching a global regexp against a string. r=luke
47afa45afdfb754b4046728d461e480a1197322aMark Finkle — Bug 697309 - Add support for the Open Web Apps API - part 2 : about:apps r=mbrubeck, fabrice
ccb20a1169f139e64f677067643eb549bd9d9413Mark Finkle — Bug 697309 - Add support for the Open Web Apps API - part 1 : UI glue r=fabrice
c30bdfd14362c29ddc27502608fb984da8d6fcdbMargaret Leibovic — Bug 736278 - Add always/never permissions for click-to-play plugins. r=mfinkle
618b680315eee54094636a6f49a1873263075846Margaret Leibovic — Bug 736278 - Add support for checkbox in doorhanger message. r=mfinkle
36586538ef3bfbd6f5ef2accfa71657120175351Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 723353 - Add browser.js APIs for per-window Private Browsing; r=gavin,jdm
4632ef0811a9157997c52f66ae80d2970e2bc2dbJared Wein — Backed out changeset 8e42ba558f07 (bug 730318) CLOSED TREE
586cf6cb101d7f38b9dc09a5a2d8f0a8418de8ffJared Wein — Backed out changeset 21c75d1d3295 (bug 730318)
26808dda208c3f837c0f94c87527ca33666a82f3Jared Wein — Backed out changeset 29529018c1da (bug 734323)
4f74dc1b7f52033605b6d78bdcf0fd92532a96ffJared Wein — Backed out changeset 77319b44907b (bug 711552)
15930226f98ba005aa9afcf3238893401b2c18a1Jared Wein — Backed out changeset 6e5e46023094 (bug 736278)
591720c6e34589b8a7edd47c7266d46a2b2e6c95Jared Wein — Backed out changeset 3a4ed2b028ad (bug 736278)
f8e563013a6102a5d03bb9248a8188cf1e1fd1f0Jared Wein — Backed out changeset 5f20ab3487db (bug 697309)
2989466dba9e55b2c45a9a6130089617a6d5b085Jared Wein — Backed out changeset add087add91a (bug 697309)
967263f4d02053b8a475a94141a95a8c59611738Bill McCloskey — Bug 739694 - Fix script filename saving in exception traces (r=luke)
add087add91aa8a02999eb6789a56ac492eb42d7Mark Finkle — Bug 697309 - Add support for the Open Web Apps API - part 2 : about:apps r=mbrubeck, fabrice
5f20ab3487dba4159ae56ea9f1bbd06d56d839e3Mark Finkle — Bug 697309 - Add support for the Open Web Apps API - part 1 : UI glue r=fabrice
97157235087fbed4b2110cc04be83b479058ae55Jonathan Kew — bug 688125 - part 1 - add memory reporting for the platform font list. r=njn
3a4ed2b028ad63845bb6324a6556d8864616c356Margaret Leibovic — Bug 736278 - Add always/never permissions for click-to-play plugins. r=mfinkle
6e5e460230945d1f113c1a9360c02b243dbf0c65Margaret Leibovic — Bug 736278 - (1/2) Add support for checkbox in doorhanger message. r=mfinkle
71416b7efdbde658a99d1c8d1ef0f5892e4801f1Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 736296: Avoid managed query while loading top sites. [r=mfinkle]
6442d65f75f619a6e8e31e2bd6ba97198020be2fAvi Halachmi (:avih) — Bug 737758: part 3: Cleanups and semantic consistency [r=roc]
28ab6cd9175d473d308ee2dcdac45d6f15b60459Avi Halachmi (:avih) — Bug 737758: Part 2: Address Windows abnormality (identify _faked_ pixel scrolls) [r=jmathies]
5f10a8447a5b937c59292996130b7ec8d0e7f611Avi Halachmi (:avih) — Bug 737758: part 1: Propagate mouse wheel event origin from ESM [r=roc]
6c9a18705b0dbcfe4e901100205c446ae6da1877Armen Zambrano Gasparnian — Bug 739768. We fixed the issue with a symlink but let's be cut and clear to which is the good one. DONTBUILD. r=jhammel
77319b44907b2f174188fa619d92b48cd61efa74Jared Wein — Bug 711552 - Click to play plugins for desktop Firefox. r=felipe
29529018c1da10232dfb014191805ddf097bf77bJared Wein — Bug 734323 - Invisible plugins added to the DOM after the 'load' event will not prompt a doorhanger to appear. r=margaret
21c75d1d3295dcd3bcd020cfaf83be6ef37905a6Jared Wein — Bug 730318 - Opt-in activated plugins should use internal APIs to keep track of plugin activation. r=margaret
8e42ba558f07913669c0b6e706d2475b1fb7531cJared Wein — Bug 730318 - Implement a way for chrome js to enumerate the plugin objects on a page for activation. r=khuey
493df387aa36dd5607f91473a3e88b1197c8bd41Jonathan Griffin — Bug 738766 - Marionette's log() now also dump()'s, r=mdas
5fb45a56e2afed7f7a035f8bb3f0c8f584a374e6Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 739415 - Add a talos test that replays a sequence of captured MotionEvents to simulate user behaviour. r=jmaher
fcf521827011c6387480b7105379ab3d22ec588cKartikaya Gupta — Bug 739415 - Add ability to have raw files as test assets. r=jmaher
bfd56e7aa7c18fd9c0959c6b6e97f0111cc34917Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 739415 - Add ability to log exceptions to robocop log file. r=jmaher
43b9f25a14b08e295151e3a4e7fd7334bba1d1dcBrian Nicholson — Bug 738859 - Increment mActivityDepth for all activities launched from GeckoApp. r=blassey
bb496ca24eefd6679b0258a00ab01a85cac0aef3Andrew McCreight — Bug 736563 - mark global objects held by live windows black during GC. r=smaug
b25f7ea3446005bd980b071f4597bbb4b6953bb4Rail Aliiev — Bug 731795 - MOZ_SOURCESTAMP_FILE shouldn't depend on MOZ_PKG_PRETTYNAMES; r=khuey
90f6c3fe8638b58012c687ccf4f5e1bbbcd85dfeBobby Holley — Bug 738956 - Wrap values in nsStructuredCloneContainer::InitFromVariant before passing them to JS_WriteStructuredClone. r=khuey
b5986b6f6bde63cf9ad804a2b5eebeafa4691061Bobby Holley — Bug 729589 - Fix js-ctypes tests for compartment-per-global. r=jorendorff
3c6e6afdfd4a0bbbb6fb19da1ba5de108a5c4f0eMalini Das — Bug 737930 - Enable marionette in instead of mozconfig, r=jgriffin
2f79b816b0daea744fb01775d3021d9defdf2813Ian Melven — Bug 650386 - CSP should not follow redirects for report-uri r=jst
f6b7b4b9f235b18ec544d7477f3fc563fd180dcfBill McCloskey — Bug 738841 - Fix handling of 'this' in methodjit without TI (r=bhackett)
fbe032073e04874ef540a5012e7fb853e8bee309Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 719427. Add a comment about malloc_logger. r=espindola
752737597c228b8185517bf029fe1cea77e574c3Richard Newman — Bug 731024 - Part 5: Safer handling of deleted items. r=nalexander
56789e683c23ecb10aaba419d05e4568e173574cRichard Newman — Bug 731024 - Part 4: Handle additional types. Test for livemarks. r=nalexander
a856b9136fd1351e7fb4272cbe21517ff0fab967Richard Newman — Bug 739515 - Defensive coding for Fennec history entries. r=emtwo,nalexander
c8e6770642a0b5adcc3644c1665c2b548651a88eSimon Montagu — Set all languages to true in Bug 730625, r=jfkthame
4cf5f398d6bf0afec3e36616110122242b6e5140Lucas Rocha — Bug 737867 - Share same LayoutInflater instance in AwesomeBarTabs (r=mfinkle)
1b3fc8a816342c7e3fa4e4704aadc6a1d4324675Lucas Rocha — Bug 737867 - Apply ViewHolder pattern on AwesomeBar's History tab (r=mfinkle)
9b69a0003fafbc38e8901b3bc55d9797c7d978aaLucas Rocha — Bug 737867 - Apply ViewHolder pattern in AwesomeBar's All/Bookmarks tabs (r=mfinkle)
ae768dcc85664d165913b95b65e5e6440227cd3aNathan Froyd — Bug 739632 - fix -Wwrite-strings warnings in dom/workers/EventTarget.cpp; r=bent
c510b7d0069c0895c977286be38036ac363d3f16Jonathan Kew — bug 231162 - reftests for Turkish casing behavior. r=smontagu
4e28b565455db92b213a3443db5edad445463bfcJonathan Kew — bug 231162 - support custom casing behavior for Turkish and similar writing systems. r=smontagu
f2e02f954e780246d665207f052094ca1adf2e5cJeff Muizelaar — Bug 738919. Add reftest for a canvas dash array with a single element. r=mwoodrow.
39e2091a2e200e4fe3a537d8d82512189b0d59cbKartikaya Gupta — Bug 729528 - Follow-up to fix incorrect calculation. r=Cwiiis
08227c5bef9bf0c112857237627f0aa257b5d581Marco Bonardo — Bug 737846 - followup: fix typo in test.
e4aaab8a2af6c589bb70fcd13f5ca087c6f28b40Masayuki Nakano — Bug 722961 Add tests for autocomplete with composition r=m_kato
4f722ca8712d4afbd5c4547377ab3e664f1c0e7cArmen Zambrano Gasparnian — Bug 739345 - update new with fixed permissions for minidump_stackwalk. r=jmaher
d98a01d9717c5b7a975dc0d705bfe9b4f7afd17dJim Mathies — Bug 737988 - Disable Win8 memory reportder due to missing headers in the latest consumer preview. r=jmuizelaar DONTBUILD
0089fd403e76534b48d80a57dedb0e824a251ac3Jim Mathies — Bug 736953 - Break XRE_main up into parts that can be called individually, r=dtownsend
26dbed3d9a8704059683d95bc6f2ee586b7bab27Jim Mathies — Bug 731807 - Fix for error building with VC11 - 'ksguid.lib' not found. r=khuey
033512dd3678ea54fb3d08dff4124d752b3412bdMarco Bonardo — Bug 737846 - Ensure favicons service doesn't add unwanted pages to history.
27898323401e207f30f0b13dd9e0f1132d07f76dMark Finkle — Bug 738976 - java.lang.NullPointerException at org.mozilla.gecko.db.LocalBrowserDB.updateFaviconForUrl r=blassey
edc2dc97b9ca66a5d048d13d935934f341f1824bMarco Bonardo — Merge central to inbound
186b88e3ade89e18c5670c0603a5d3b80a98d656Rafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 683975. Set PATH when building stage2. r=rail.
493068c3e31215e28f5567b5d3a7d70571ae84bcLuke Wagner — Bug 739494 - rm JSOP_DEFLOCALFUN (r=bhackett)
a679be907f55c4016cfdc6e0b8a654b4de19d8c9Luke Wagner — Bug 737552 - Remove 'funargs' (r=jimb)
31d88c5a7b187a25e495ab1ae8063bd1eef5fcb8Luke Wagner — Bug 737570 - Fix handling of overwritten arguments via non-toplevel function statement named 'arguments' (r=waldo)
c5d6aa6be62caa20d7d878d2add10bbb26d8b023Michal Novotny — Bug 649194 - Abort when the cache IO thread can't be created
7d7b5a5d1b8c39bd3bdbe653f8fedeaf058de49fAlexander Surkov — Bug 656225 - XUL listbox accessible tree doens't get updated, r=tbsaunde, bz
20d19312ccc12da35eef9f0c04d775aed87cfaacJustin Lebar — Bug 739457 - Don't decode images when you load a link in a background tab. r=joe
902b81504db99ac788fa635fa1dd252cc44a3e6bHenri Sivonen — Bug 731162 - Zap nsIParser::Parse(const nsAString&, ...). r=smaug.
2f205fdb13a759e3d6e458aadca207be03f03517Henri Sivonen — Bug 739033 - Allow external View Source editor code live dangerously. r=smaug.
dbaa6772917204c862f0b9a89d549e59186f41bbScott Johnson — Bug 708187: Disable caching of font inflation inside of BuildTextRunsScanner to prevent bleeding of bad values. [r=dbaron]
c346941eebdab64779eae0798e1b6000244aa8e2Ben Turner — Bug 720679 - 'Crash @ WorkerPrivate::CancelAllTimeouts while closing Firefox'. r=khuey.
fb23c30e3d6091acb6babb5b871a44c602b3ca3aNeil Rashbrook — Bug 737022 Re-enable debug chrome strict warnings r=jst
a996d3df12a3c8e07c2656499901b9d118596641Serge Gautherie — Bug 735312. (AAv1) Remove MIGRATION_BUNDLE leftover. r=mak77.
3db28151b12f7699b1b52a5f27bc80abeb03e632Serge Gautherie — Bug 482911. (AAv1) Remove DEFAULT_BOOKMARKS leftover. r=mak77.
4f8b9ff09a8a3453ef618b64bf3702b7e670a19cDão Gottwald — Bug 739093 - Remove the fullscreenflex. r=felipe
244991519f53e0f7c54cdd80b59621e5bc69669dTim Taubert — merge m-c to fx-team
fb41b10cd782fa44168fc4c996598ec8d4178291Tim Taubert — Backed out changeset 26051ffdbc34 (bug 739171)
50483ab04fd6fe941bc8af6c9d609bf943c916a7Tim Taubert — Bug 738774 - [Page Thumbnails] Channel leaks intermittently; r=dietrich
26051ffdbc3468e143000c4abd786155add73f81Tim Taubert — Bug 739171 - Don't save tabItem data while updating tabItems; r=dietrich
5b1154a3289cd6dc00c7ae0d0e48af773cb9df1cTim Taubert — Bug 734280 - [New Tab Page] clean up newtab test suite; r=dietrich
09362c5dceafe7bc08dd0dbcb0f8672d9c728a7fRobert Strong — Bug 491947 - Disable DDE shell integration. r=jmathies
1db916a98bd4f63839aa67d9b6bc8efc24bcef45Philipp von Weitershausen — Bug 728886 - Part 2: Support ril.h v6 parcels. r=qDot DONTBUILD because NPOTB
87aa00676c4b468a7c950df319e9bb6e8eb784d4Philipp von Weitershausen — Bug 728886 - Part 1: Introduce constants from ril.h version 6. r=qDot
53001c577ab9add678e8972761975c2379c3c9c1Philipp von Weitershausen — Bug 728886 - Part 0: Use constants when initializing RIL state. r=qDot
147c0d893cdb803e344d53818ffebfb5a07518b3Armen Zambrano Gasparnian — Bug 739768. We fixed the issue with a symlink but let's be cut and clear to which is the good one. r=jhammel
03fbc2e18d7ed92432ebb194b1582194ebf606ecArmen Zambrano Gasparnian — Bug 739345 - update new with fixed permissions for minidump_stackwalk. r=jmaher
273173a592dcdac8523bfdf49054e10b29f6e635Serge Gautherie — Bug 483992. (Av1) dom-level*-*/DOMTestCase.js: Remove sayrer's override of SimpleTest._logResult(). r=rcampbell.
7290c4f0a150f0c2deeb9e847684dcde1394492aBlake Kaplan — Bug 739234 - Deal with the odd case on a desktop computer where the backend error'd out. r=vingtetun
aa0f1e5fcf0074004dc0c3e0608e7bc702872de1Vivien Nicolas — Bug 739680 - onsettingchange is not called when the setting is changed inside another window r=fabrice
0ff816e5e9929e73b627418cd19555d568615419Marco Bonardo — Merge last green PGO from inbound to central
7166aa205758ad9ac83f8767e4193f11273166f2Ginn Chen — Bug 737344 make the jsval_layout field in JS::Value public on SPARC for binary compatibility across C and C++ r=luke
3f9b7201c29db9c873cc797aa21ab0ec025814a9Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 738919. Accept dash arrays of length > 0. r=mwoodrow
d69e6105b5b19ea9ac0bc32dba4de99d369c0283Vladan Djeric — Bug 735829 - Very minor fix: add quotes around PDB name string
18801aa145f05c61bca7ce946cb396914b690114Chris AtLee — Bug 737631: clean up linux32/linux64 mozconfigs. r=ted
e4d4400c93b1f44a5c7cca84ce42d80801d8a7bbMasayuki Nakano — Bug 668606 input event should be fired on all editors r=ehsan+smaug, sr=smaug
127fdbb5639a0d8203b392a50efc5fa8ff1201b3Mounir Lamouri — Bug 738744 - Fix "ASSERTION: Form controls should always have parents". r=bz
90f3a9a6e1971c00c6068e2f14f02ff5d11dfab2Chris Peterson — Bug 738695 - Part 2: Unify redundant IME mComposing and mCompositionStart variables. r=blassey
a7c227f347ea497815dbc6b3171dd6c5b569d27eChris Peterson — Bug 738695 - Part 1: Remove Native Fennec's unused returnIMEQueryResult() (but not XUL Fennec's half). r=blassey
6ad4454a4c83f059e3d468b2bcf3906fe01bf221Chris Peterson — Bug 720300 - Don't submit AwesomeBar text when there is an active composition string. r=blassey, m_kato
bfa75f04b29e11dc49955217c8bcaf72502239e0Margaret Leibovic — Bug 715274 - Fix testBookmark now that we remove the folder header instead of hide it. [r=wesj]
e09acca2c2c1dd58b4412e48fa1fe5fcd551cec5Bill McCloskey — Bug 737997 - Ensure we never do compartment GCs if preference is unset (r=igor)
00e08da6ff720301859232f5851a3dab14149169Boris Zbarsky — Bug 739004. When cloning a static clone, set the mOriginalDocument of the new clone to the mOriginalDocument of the thing being cloned, not to the thing being cloned (which is not an original document at all). r=smaug
82fe9c59db85fab8bc7a9c090f611ba62b90a8f8Oleg Romashin — Bug 703155 - Port Mozilla Qt to Qt5. r=mark.finkle,mh+mozilla,dougt
f65ae1a9074dee9a64ec8ba9a1cf0a2af6f56b47Oleg Romashin — Bug 739095 - Offscreen context without offscreen texture does not need YFlip. r=jgilbert
6b3d2762c0fb8b7176d8efbe2bdea5b1a4d8e774Matt Brubeck — Bug 739354 - Disable test_bug672453.html because of frequent failures [r=philor]
c7cce5198d83ee777fb6d132bef6803e614e9018Cameron McCormack — Bug 739129 - Add LastElement and SafeLastElement functions to nsTArray. r=dbaron
022b7fc56c7b9e5a23c46f8e114c1b51ceb45d45Daniel Holbert — Bug 739439: Make nsFrameConstructorState::GetGeometricParent() a const method. r=bz
d211c6492297101ecab2447cb67e63f1a6560b5eBobby Holley — Bug 739432 - Access the inplaceEditor expando with an explicit API. r=dcamp
603d27ac23e25037bb28aa4a600d97b1a58ad6daBrad Lassey — bug 728224 - Create default bookmarks on local DB creation, follow up to correct issue with relative objdirs r=mfinkle
b0d644ecd8a72456c23d7ecb28f15b678998550eGregor Wagner — Bug 678695 - Settings API. r=sicking, fabrice, smaug
2e7a23be3310886bab0f04456161b49fd8bb121aaceman — Bug 732691 - Further cleanups in /mozilla/editor/libeditor/html/nsHTMLDataTransfer.cpp found in bug 368758. r=ehsan
cfcaf4d0fcfe807910163e8f22b10f76ea2fcf4cBenoit Jacob — Bug 734423 - further WebGL test upgrade to 1.0.1 r17159 - no review
2725a65f02947d88d2105435f28d7058db0ef596Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 739334: Cleanup bookmarks' AsyncTasks. [r=mfinkle, r=margaret]
b179fc3dc5d50091ed8e01b38540a4bd05b2e80aSriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 715274: Fix lists in AwesomeScreen. [r=mfinkle, r=margaret]
a535ed0dc49ff3c6fa82403674af7d46af2f9462Mike Hommey — Bug 738753 - Fixup for Android NDK r6 after bug 734050. r=ted
ec5ee2b448c3546b772105d50f0fc1e60109ed91Ehren Metcalfe — Bug 739124 - Remove unused nsCharsetProber::SetOpion and overrides. r=smontagu
bced1eea4ed9fad9f5fe023e469af6ad925b00b0Dão Gottwald — Bug 736954 - Adjust bottom border color for Australis toolbar. r=shorlander
f21e0d068a12533c03451d18803e42fd18190233Chris Pearce — Bug 739116 - Remove fullscreen's "deactivate" listener on non-Lion systems upon leaving fullscreen. r=dao
500f3088583ff13931bcba1e03aa630c9f08696aJeff Walden — Bug 738075 - Remove the unnecessary Class* argument from GlobalObject::createConstructor. r=dmandelin
e89811e547a2145155457f1a987078a2cf72ff60Jeff Walden — Bug 738075 - Remove JSFunction::u::n::clasp, and change associated code accordingly. r=dmandelin
79f4d3ddee57875286b8fc3d627fd42238ed8052Scott Johnson — Bug 733640: Add crashtest for bug 718516. [r=ehsan]
55597f876d5e1bdc9d29b64592705cc95563593eJonathan Griffin — Bug 738825 - mirror Marionette Python client into gecko, a=testonly (npotb)
940563684bef47e0f9556774214ba568de13ed79Nathan Froyd — Bug 739260 - fix signed/unsigned comparison warning in nsBrowserApp.cpp; r=ehsan
6363e4983d50717dd6f7d2bfa2c5ff15e396bb53Nathan Froyd — Bug 739248 - fix signed/unsigned comparison warnings in the spellchecker; r=ehsan
30bdb43d4a4a8760daed201771387a7198af2e7aArmen Zambrano Gasparnian — Bug 715193. Match from mobile and desktop. r=jmaher
0684dcf0e756dbdca0527811e8e2fcf3b2157802Benoit Jacob — Bug 713369 - don't try to fall back to another GL provider, *at all* - r=jgilbert
acb20ce6ec61a88304d1b371cb084016862afdcaBenoit Jacob — Bug 734423 - refactor the gc() helper used by WebGL conformance tests - no review, will upstream - NPOTB
f9585cefcf568dbc2a6ce81f16a2048365af7ed2Benoit Jacob — Bug 734423 - Upgrade WebGL conformance test suite to 1.0.1 in-principle-final (r17063) - no review
331ff4b8e009b27dda1da7ed9ebf4dc965730d55Benoit Jacob — Bug 728029 - Preserve added JS properties on the JS object returned by webgl.getExtension - r=peterv
46a8181a7f158920b60b54d5b7bb3d3d00dc31f9Benoit Jacob — Bug 728029 - Preserve added JS properties on the JS object returned by webgl.getExtension - r=peterv
10d168a891324df3efa18b73a2ff1fc6877e164eDaniel Holbert — backing out 56664e0e2f2 (bug 718516) due to wrong commit message
dec7f7bb0302f8e7868e31188e5c53aaae381b47Matt Woodrow — Bug 729955 - Invalidate destroyed out-of-flow frames before unregistering the placeholder frame. r=bz
1dca64d7943a28b62a04e4d0aebddd8f5fa3fc40Jeff Walden — Bug 738072 - Slot numbers are uint32_t, so use uint32_t rather than unsigned for slot numbers, slot counts, and so on. r=dmandelin
2be844125c05525c4c0cbbb701c614dfbef564ebJeff Walden — Bug 728411 - Move private data bits from JSObject to ObjectImpl. r=bhackett
26df3b9b439f9de3e0521c569868cc00af5596b6Matt Brubeck — Bug 704406 - Show and hide the restart prompt when changing add-on status in about:addons
4f5d0ac5f3a6d1a2c639419c2ac0b399491a955aBill McCloskey — Bug 737384 - Use reserve rather than resize for iterator wrapping (r=luke)
8c6241724db3cbd62752a738072ede0971e8a62dMatt Brubeck — Bug 482057 - PageUp/Down with the findbar focused does not use smooth scrolling [r=Enn]
7da46c0c739c3ba5636bdee641deb4e206c5c07eMatt Brubeck — Back out 63900b73be92 (Bug 672453) because of M5 orange
b09afc8b6b61c0a2a112b0c3964c02eb469090f5Gian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 729532 - Rename changed strings so translators will pick them up. r=mfinkle
61e725c0d361881013eedfd1e57838a0d4587724Wes Johnston — Bug 738890 - Disable testJarReader until we have a fix for it. r=mfinkle
56664e0e2f2e002ae8f5eaa46873346b652f474cScott Johnson — Bug 718516: Remove call to FinishReflowWithAbsoluteFrames until nsColumnSetFrame is fully implemented as an absolute container. [r=ehsan]
c69c54b0bb113a3dbc648e82f127b3687c39cc19Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 729528 - Delete some unneeded things. r=Cwiiis
ac5aed81d6e32165ea71d8ed7fc20070945bc857Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 729528 - Add an alternate strategy with a margin that is a multiple of view-size and shifts it with velocity bias. r=Cwiiis
7db6f151bded3b330f861051ac3fce230fbe7d75Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 729528 - Add an alternate strategy where we have no display port, to better isolate problems in layout/draw code. r=Cwiiis
ff25df0d0a27ae29a8d6d347e1cb3c24a46d90f6Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 729528 - Add an alternate code path (selected at compile-time) to render low-res content while panning. r=Cwiiis
c48996e29c3210510f31c160d808248265176d05Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 729528 - Move displayport calculation and comparison code into a DisplayPortCalculator class. No functional changes intended. r=Cwiiis
56aab2bfad06c5cbcbf0a60d11bf67d62a163376Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 729528 - Switch to using the requested display port resolution on the active tab. r=Cwiiis
3e5eee67741ff61d1a18d922bdd5bc2fa26b7aa4Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 729528 - Add a DisplayPortMetrics to track the requested display resolution along with the area. r=Cwiiis
263150bd32bbd4e3696f246c717023b3ef52d675Gian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 716729 - Consider deleted entries when looking whether to insert or update. r=lucasr
f01aac7289844cf5f24a43c858e5cd027825dfebAndrew McCreight — Bug 738769 - only unmark purple if purple. r=smaug
ffba0c9081bd55d06f3ecf0817e8a867dda2ca2cWes Johnston — Bug 739257 - Default bookmarks with no favicon should log a message, but no stack track. r=mfinkle
22065301995a145c61b2e6f3b66a1b3b6e718f13Matt Brubeck — Bug 736696 - Back out changes to test_webgl_conformance_test_suite.html from 3812d0ce274e because of incorrect merge [r=sgautherie]
0c0553bc5bc9fcd9052b527f134d75ee0b487b8fMs2ger — Backout bug 722853 - changeset f40a17213344; r=orange
63900b73be92e1dee28ca3e75ffcfd4ed42a92c6Ms2ger — Bug 672453 - Followup: fix intermittent orange; r=hsivonen
7474b9e08e0d1e4681b59395306e7f52ccafc1bfBenoit Jacob — Bug 737182 - limit max texture size on Mac Intel driver - r=bgirard
d3f94293896d8d521b677ab9dd52742a2056c3d4Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 726592 - Uninitialised value use in nsTextFrame::GetChildFrameContainingOffset; r=roc
dcfd02b6aea71bd2078bd280273a977fe186d3d1Robert Lickenbrock — Bug 734681 - Make UNTIL_SIZE decodes shutdown the decoder if decoding is already finished. r=joe. This should fix the intermittent reftest failures introduced by Bug 715308.
f805ebc90a3034953b335c92ed159bfc4309e8f0Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 732585 - Drag and drop images into message window is broken; r=roc
f40a17213344bff17f296ba89ed0a5a558c0f191Josh Matthews — Bug 722853 - Derive private browsing status from docshell when assigning element states. r=dbaron
2722ebdf066fbf27c8ddeba7e46de3b2de92dcb1Gian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 729532 - New layout and text on "Setting up" screen. r=mfinkle
5bdd055f22b52a209e429148dda75e73841984ebGavin Sharp — Bug 738804: back out keyword.URL prompting code while we investigate other larger changes, r=fryn
2302e6bc12d74c32ea7b77baaff492a726d49c72Mark Capella — Bug 734982 - Map ARIA role 'form', r=surkov, f=eitan
7731e8b41a708c18f737c6cff13ac15e99f9691dBlake Kaplan — Bug 736114 - Fix dumb typo. r=vingtetun DONTBUILD
8ff0525ff798c14220bc9b22ffcece75a0324a17Andreas Gal — mozSettings is missing a few files in the b2g package manifest (bug 739536, r=cjones).
c3cb87871829896d2a57d5bc7377521e2898399fChris Jones — Bug 739090: Dynamically call the right *ForceUse interface. r=mwu (npotb)
5adbca606d517b3759bb024fbab7a07c0bdd9850Serge Gautherie — Bug 739008. (Bv1) Fix patch Av1a. r=sstamm.
18fedd79d6ccc214906b8ec2f3d892436afd15b3Michael Wu — Bug 739417 - InputReader doesn't send motion up events, r=cjones NPOTB DONTBUILD
7f4d6e62d1f745250ae619c8fb3940468255a588Blake Kaplan — Bug 736114 - Fire an event every 5 seconds containing the signal strength and link speed of the connection. Also add a synchronous API for clients that don't want to wait for the signal. r=cjones DONTBUILD
360c61ec152a7237d4f13ebc047ff6c1410846eeSerge Gautherie — Bug 739008. (Av1a) Fix and improve test_sts_privatebrowsing.html. r=sstamm.
82a5a9a0e12bc46a018d9ec6b42331b7059fcf80Matt Brubeck — Back out 66ed24196754 (bug 739008) because of test failures
04d45f71df7a126ef6f00c0d46f0f3f1fc6cf4feMichael Wu — Bug 739139 - Fix build of nsAppShell.cpp on gonk-gb, irc-r=cjones
83c31fdc8ae9268f476e294f2b6e56411548e3e5Chris Jones — Bug 739392: Update built-in mozconfig with new gonk build option. r=mwu (npotb) DONTBUILD
66ed241967547b0b18450d2d5b1a75a10f514247Serge Gautherie — Bug 739008. (Av1) Fix and improve test_sts_privatebrowsing.html. r=sstamm.
df8ac2a1ecdd3223a110a15ee717b3ce6882effaBlake Kaplan — Bug 739335: Fix wifi on Gingerbread gonk. r=cjones (npotb)
a30fd69f1e0c75ba46caaf37ad45e2b8f3bc776cMatt Brubeck — Merge last green changeset from inbound to mozilla-central
5a0fa83685d7e94142f6fd41ee642c0dfd0da857Alexander Surkov — Bug 727942 - childAtPoint on XUL trees is broken when page is zoomed, r=marcoz
78e3ec2adbdf011b735661f0e9e7f48616f33060Jonathan Watt — Bug 738929 - Speed up building of layout/svg/base/src by cleaning up #include directives in its source files. r=dholbert.
df36e7f3aba4fdcabdd67bc37d598bbdd672046aJonathan Watt — Bug 738975 - Speed up building of layout/svg/base/src by dropping content/html/content/src from the include path. r=bz.
9d156f164c8e9ea6adf957d16540d123283df0b2Wolfgang Rosenauer — Bug 737646 - no biff notification if notification-daemon not running. r=karlt
ddb88db53379eba20b5f44149ca262fce8b3435eJonas Sicking — Bug 301705: Don't throw when XMLHttpRequest.status is gotten too early. r=bz
3018a98a65b2fd63c9121f22f6b78dbcc429af7bEhren Metcalfe — Bug 738957 - Remove the nsMathMLForeignFrameWrapper class and related files. r=karlt
fa767f5ea5d7849ca2218ae1b60b1b269db5071eSteven Lee — Bug 734869 - Fix hang when shutting down sensors. r=mwu
178fcd971e595c08132d79d04ce179d0517f72e4Ian Moody — Bug 701205 - The updater informational messages should not be italicized. r=dao
597edb1cfe210b1b710bf1474e57b39605beefd6Bobby Holley — Bug 738874 - Don't allow non-classinfo XPCWNs to be wrapped cross-compartment. r=mrbkap
28cc6bf92f1f23b304f7617be2d33bf71a65040aMakoto Kato — Bug 716333 - get rid of WithConversion (xpconnect part). r=bholley
a76abef16726f29e2b85650335c53a62452355cfAlexander Surkov — Bug 736059 - fix comments
9726ff9a8868cdae779348f65d8db1b8e8eec702Alexander Surkov — Bug 736059 - do some cleanups of nsAccessible::GetAttributesInternal, r=tbsaunde
75b2f91a3b8053dbb06d2b796a2d38b3b81f98d1Makoto Kato — Bug 738581 - fix various warning on mozilla/intl. r=smontagu
95c4ed9b56f2d35e296b51691fe93b3f65461f4bChris Pearce — Bug 726400 - Backed out changeset 4ad6c040729f. r=backout.
4ad6c040729f220a079a0c771117ef973375c7baChristopher De Cairos — Bug 736400 - Make each decoder Clone() method check if its mimetype is enabled r=cpearce
b95853f361bf9efc9d0dcb0bdd763a34837a4408Brian R. Bondy — Bug 735177 - Windows XP does not trigger Maintenance Service Uninstaller when installing product. r=rstrong
9f417cb5cd16f0083bda275b29c3ceec2fd045f2Phil Ringnalda — Back out c4a4b0171b99 (bug 736400) for Android build bustage
c4a4b0171b99299ebd17218fe38fa68f6e7d4a31Christopher De Cairos — Bug 736400 - Make each decoder Clone() method check if its mimetype is enabled r=cpearce
5574b6eadb139dbd0b714edc98e7cf5945aa79dcJeff Gilbert — Bug 735378 - Cache temporary composite surfaces - r=bgirard
fe40e7c2d790fee9c7c937cd9bf984b5651d775dDão Gottwald — Bug 585946 - Location / search bar splitter moves to the end of the toolbar when toggling "tabs on top". r=neil
ba4983d9c1f9de34648146b7189edf9a294b8ff6Chris Jones — Bug 739145: Enable b2g updates. pending-r=gal (npotb)
6e4ae5caddf49cc86c116a452a52af8c5c7778b4Chris Jones — Bug 739137: Try harder to ensure that b2g shuts down when we ask it to. r=fabrice
9673b80d6bb15f37a9714cb9740ae436e9fab45cMichael Wu — Bug 739118 - Pad AudioTrack to match android's expectations, r=cjones NPOTB
7f87b434f7c6499bad5810d00c0d3d1fe9fbb795Chris Jones — Bug 739115: Add runtime checks for ICS and select libnetutils interface and wpa_supplicant states appropriately. r=gal (npotb)
246b134bdca37f18547a609873b6ac53ba95185cMichael Wu — Bug 739108 - Set android_sdk_version on gonk, r=cjones
3e4735893504f2fc57f68f9596e5fa5a53717d38Ed Morley — Merge mozilla-central and mozilla-inbound
b3b3928b2c0faf3c5d24a56a4812aa86e9ccd0a3Doug Turner — Bug 734855 - Rename DeviceMotion to DeviceSensors. Review comments address r=mwu
df108e67c87ac98ea770de65ac97dfb4f587f70aDoug Turner — Bug 734855 - Rename DeviceMotion to DeviceSensors. r=mwu
246d43704fc75ed25187ca44917e06590ecc64caDoug Turner — Bug 734855 - Device Orientation - Make EnableDeviceMotion finer grain. r=mwu
2c14032c09e15253da2f5fa70ac423a93b9549cdOleg Romashin — Bug 738865 - Use Small Tiles should not be Android only.,bgirard
ec81d6124138c6704a1d11439a5c55b6b758a3dbCharles Chan — Bug 737765 - Use aLength in insertTextCB(). r=hub
c2a5e0dba377180ae77acbd98c14bbc9b3ecfa3dHenri Sivonen — Bug 737417 part 3 - Remove comm-central scaffolding from nsIParser.h. r=smaug.
6b6084350c40398ef9441715b0bee9b8cddc37caIgor Bukanov — bug 737624 - memory-only encoding/decoding of scripts and functions. r=:luke
27bc8243ec5b9c6cc33603cbbec01580cfd5c85dMatt Brubeck — Merge mozilla-central and mozilla-inbound
2342271b2be16c50307a6b4f0257310fe010faa3Henri Sivonen — Bug 672453 - Whine to console about various character encoding declaration-related authoring errors. r=smaug.
6009d836249f540739c89417a50922648a870f53Masatoshi Kimura — Bug 736686 - Part 2: Implement Blob constructor in Worker. r=jonas, bent
120e179a4af7ffae3c7d5df25f95ad0dacbe52feMasatoshi Kimura — Bug 736686 - Part 1: Make dictionary initializers callable off main thread. r=khuey
081b574dbad3ea95b40a458e036eabc7ed7ee7d3Dão Gottwald — Backed out changeset 30798fdc5bad
30798fdc5bad0d4b899faf5f979e1caf5a901484Igor Bukanov — bug 737624 - memory-only encoding/decoding of scripts and functions. r=:luke
7a39ee24bd89ea0d9f3be6988b3642e64389af7aMs2ger — Backed out changeset f33e1e959036; r=bustage
f33e1e959036794b13b2b5169cfba81017d417c1Igor Bukanov — bug 737624 - memory-only encoding/decoding of scripts and functions. r=:luke
9094735bcb469ea0197f4020ce1882d77fd66475Jonathan Kew — bug 688125 - part 2 - add memory reporting for fonts in the gfxFontCache. r=njn
deba21d63d211aca4544aae779974209e7f17c51Henri Sivonen — Bug 738572 - #include nsIHTMLContentSink.h in fewer places. r=bzbarsky.
0e0773c0188ff97ab06ef97d9681abfe02b8e7ebMichael Wu — Bug 737199, part 2: Port Gonk nsAppShell to the ICS InputReader. r=cjones,gal pending-r?mwu (npotb)
7e51d72827a608d9fa9d2d805d92a2016d899280Michael Wu — Bug 737173, part 2: Port AudioManager and libsydneyaudio to the new import. r=cjones (npotb)
2fae50aeacf1f742bd66c5e5e38022d1347e66edMichael Wu — Bug 737173, part 1: Import the Gingerbread/Ice Cream Sandwich-compatible audio client code. r=cjones (npotb)
b70043c5cc0164248456555b238417ac5e85dd01Michael Wu — Bug 737199, part 1: Import the Ice Cream Sandwich version of InputReader and friends to get off the treadmill of an internal interface. r=cjones,mwu (npotb)
4d340eb36a3e7d3c18b689fddc87687588e73b64Kan-Ru Chen — Bug 739019: Allow chrome code to use PowerManager. r=cjones
bfa002b0812fe02dba975504fb2fa83689115395Chris Jones — Bug 739020: Restore ANDROID_SOURCE so that the stagefright plugin knows where to find the gonk/android code it needs. r=mwu
1a99df27f7b9624e150f35ef005d70513e4487ceMichael Wu — Bug 737196 - Make camera code build on gonk-ics, r=cjones
e779cd5a38f08a94015632ee4843512790dddbbeMichael Wu — ELFSIZE not defined on gonk-ics (bug 737190, r=gal).
33fa8d55914c5757e532587752f76c2f7026dc24Andreas Gal — Build changes to support gonk-ics (bug 737167, r=cjones, patch by mwu).
841924d85767a902376707569b083c6d4f8ad58aAndreas Gal — fix mozglue/gonk/ comment style (bug 739003, r=cjones)
20a01901480f5d107d74df171f77f09acfed80f8Ed Morley — Merge last PGO-green changeset of mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central
4c2c3a714ebe2e689630874ea350d3f67db969bfDiogo Golovanevsky Monteiro — Bug 735031 - Make Fullscreen API work with DOMElements rather than only HTML Elements. r=cpearce,smaug
164c27136716da933ab0f7cd5d16adeccc492d16Scott Johnson — Bug 711418 - Enable font inflation for body and html elements with fixed heights. [r=dbaron]
6bbe864b5162039196e06141f5df542574045313Oleg Romashin — Bug 735602 - Add possibility to choose EGL backend on Non-Maemo Linux/Qt/Gtk builds instead ofo GLX. r=jgilbert
9c463a882b6f3c3782d1fc3e72c2d87809a27612Alexander Surkov — Bug 738635 - fix XUL tree accessible leak and add XUL tree mochitest sugar, r=marcoz
d6418c8e8fbfe8b2e2f5ce4dbc6f2ac76ce42c52William Lachance — Bug 738032 - DevMgrADB shouldn't copy entire directory when checking if we can use run-as. r=gbrown
3f5e4cca2b5bcf4bbeed1e8dd4bc0a1e6e1d8ab9Ryan VanderMeulen — Bug 737807 - Upgrade SQLite to version 3.7.11 (SQLite changes). r=mak
1dd79bbc16e480a129de2184e8b9e2d27ecb80daRyan VanderMeulen — Bug 737807 - Upgrade SQLite to version 3.7.11 (Mozilla changes). r=mak
c38c2569a026d41cbe5788d2e95dad7be9817208Hsinyi Tsai — Bug 737793 - Final call state on receiver's phone is 'disconnecting', not 'disconnected'. r=bent
f6cbefc9ea3f345bfd1869e96f33257e884905cbdietrich — Bug 726235 - Break out XPath code into separate module. r=zpao
6c2e0e02113b39dc56cd680133a6623a2df4f30cMark Capella — Bug 726071 - get rid nsAccUtilsGetPositionAndSizeForXULSelectControlItem, r=surkov, f=tbsaunde
5fa800f5ff0c2207285b71143e6dac980429fcb4Wes Johnston — Bug 728224 - Update tests to expect default bookmarks. r=mfinkle
25b7ced6fdd70b3e0aab312f21f899d3d9140d09Wes Johnston — Bug 728224 - Create deafult bookmarks in Fennec. r=mfinkle
68c598b9c6bc37ba4fb8c9865ec422feb78c9913Brian Nicholson — Bug 738848 - Use selected document instead of active document in FormAssistant pageshow. r=mfinkle
ca74029146c222b122b5303c81c52c95b8e06e2aBill McCloskey — Bug 703474 - Fix memory leak in GC write barrier verifier (r=igor)
f9f96c36c7419f737feaa5e510a0d2931c00ec2bBill McCloskey — Bug 737573 - Fix leak in SaveScriptFilename (r=igor)
71f36268b7de38a098ae249a568453e7e9f68c65Wes Johnston — Bug 738421 - Close up ZipReader. r=cpeterson
dc11394d4693e3e10dcc4dcb67e1b29d7f0cb1c5Mark Hammond — Bug 738535 - JS_WrapValue the FileReader's array buffer result. r=khuey
78d8cc585047711a70adddbe8a16007937ba9a34Matt Brubeck — Merge mozilla-central and mozilla-inbound
8794d663b5f451831c8c60f2c1e737434c62c1faBobby Holley — Bug 733984 - Explicitly disallow shadowing on location wrappers. r=mrbkap
db3b9cfacad08aa368fb1640adb69bbd57537c07Margaret Leibovic — Bug 721731 - Tests for new combined view. r=lucasr
ebf68e8be0d0df31fbb5f97bad8853dedf828ae7Margaret Leibovic — Bug 721731 - Create combined bookmarks/history view for top sites/awesomebar queries. r=mfinkle
9e4b0f835ee5acacfc06344a920522c61ce0fb15Margaret Leibovic — Bug 721731 - Add bookmark entries to testBrowserProviderPerf. r=gbrown
5904fd174eec2ad0eddbf23bca1c0088d6da5a48Steve Workman — Bug 682244 - Change CRL autoupdate pref from formatted date to integer. sr=bsmith r=kaie
405657ee89b00dd2029b1f4828b18915dc0d6af3Jonathan Kew — bug 737863 - nsBaseHashtable::SizeOfExcludingThis should be declared const. r=njn
220f36e7f9f78d656680e400b19f76c70af0eb48Nicholas Nethercote — bug 737412 - handle null sizeOfEntryExcludingThis pointer within ns{T,Base}Hashtable SizeOfExcludingThis functions. r=jfkthame
1e64ae9b40096ba2d66ce34e1388f8da770129e6Jeff Gilbert — Bug 696569 - Allow for non-premultiplied data for canvases - r=bjacob,joedrew
f53bfab388dec869401c3722874f000889d523feJonathan Kew — bug 738197 - handle potential failures in gfxFont::GetShapedWord more robustly. r=roc
66223f04fb5505123f5469bb53f5df79b33c16ccBobby Holley — Bug 667388 - Tests. r=mrbkap
1fb77c1bb7425855a005ed125ae33c8a712d8f02Bobby Holley — Bug 667388 - Handle wrappers during structured clone. r=mrbkap
419581bb1b9054e3e3429c6fe4f327d9d17f2641Bobby Holley — Bug 667388 - Introduce the PUNCTURE wrapper action. r=mrbkap
1742f60b446837de68abbff2f64040c027ff39a9Bobby Holley — Bug 667388 - Make the chrome-to-content Xray wrapper derive CrossCompartmentWrapper. r=mrbkap
6519fd0616e2aa9a695ed4370705079afe2ebd22Bobby Holley — Bug 733984 - Apply Location wrappers for same-origin cross-compartment wrapping. r=mrbkap
ae71e6cdc6c479bca3e8f8ccc7e27424a519192cBobby Holley — Bug 733984 - Use the Location security policy even for content accessing chrome. r=mrbkap
c8464d25e40dea51e098de652fc69184a366997aBobby Holley — Bug 733984 - Clarify the security characteristics of Location objects. r=mrbkap
2b113540e75a445d08ab66122ee47aeaf676c444Bobby Holley — Bug 733984 - Stop specializing createHolder, and simplify holder creation in WrapperFactory::Rewrap. r=mrbkap
4a9ebf972d27ebc93d84529a40b0dd5dfaa36933Eric Chou — Bug 730990 - Device object boilerplate for DOM Bluetooth - r=qDot
c7850c2189c28aab0d5956f02d8bfa038e1fd1d1Kyle Machulis — Backed out a44ac6895a2f r=bustage
1b27ef5fa879a339af5f00b6cdca168da760bd69Kyle Machulis — Backing out a44ac6895a2f
fc3368275b8b2e2c7c8315c941334c03e1bc4751Kyle Machulis — Backed out changeset a44ac6895a2f
b20113842765c15c86b3306921bb63f9887fb0c3Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 734302 - Part 3: Add a menu item for toggling the profiler on mobile; r=BenWa,dougt
a44ac6895a2f72e1a83ab9ab97e48bdcf73c44f1Eric Chou — Bug 730990 - Device object boilerplate for DOM Bluetooth - r=qDot
d0dfb71a2df99cde818e4ebefd93c5b519e5482cRyan VanderMeulen — Backout 1152d14294df, 18c70ab50559, dbd51616925a, 730c2e84247f, and 7beb8fd46629 due to perma-hangs on WinXP debug moth. (test_memoryReporters.xul | application timed out after 330 seconds with no output)
ba379b14fd60f52d1278366cb7c0386cdc6e2599William Lachance — Bug 722403 - DeviceManager: killProcess(): Add forceKill parameter and kill all matching processes, r=gbrown Earlier patch by Christian Holler.
94d710277cd45eef41b9ac77b29e1da48e979436Rafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 683975 - Disable lto. r=rail.
5630215267119b0fb296a71fa7182aec6a8daec2Mark Finkle — Bug 738527 - Syntax error breaks removing closed tabs r=bnicholson
85503b53e573cf3573205604cf3a456bb6043de0Mark Finkle — Bug 738526 - SessionStore TabValue APIs are busted r=bnicholson
04eded9395584637a1ea756a04897441029ab233Joshua M — Bug 679801 - "New Tab", "Panorama" and "List All Tabs" buttons do not get inverted on Aero with tabs on bottom. r=dao
bfeb5c92b61375ea352a9a1b531fbdb430d41475Pallani Kumaran — Bug 738160 - Fix "beause" spelling in /browser/locales/en-US/chrome/browser/browser.dtd. r=gavin
8889d78513a7315db324ef4ccaf038e08c48fe30Ian Moody — Bug 738233 - Fix misplaced brackets in browser_bug329212.js. r=dao
95e583913662b2d29160ebc6730483e36a46fca1Kan-Ru Chen — Bug 738529 - Check "screen" wake lock before turning off screen. r=cjones
b05d102a640685567cb3761facd71306be15d1f5James Willcox — Bug 725167 - Don't reposition Android plugin views that aren't in view hierarchy r=blassey
73db7a5e57f7c07ba490f87f5232b0e95d19c07eChris Lord — Bug 738740 - Fix handling of parameters in nsTArray::ReplaceElementAt. r=bz
1b05e9751f3477275a7bb566fc20f3941411af1dBenjamin Smedberg — Bug 719154, remove the implementation of chained and filtered event queues now that they are no longer needed, r=jlebar
8b15746f43a1184d0747d270354b29233fc5fdcfMarkus Stange — Bug 733861 - Use std::ostreams for profile stringification. r=BenWa
b28c614c6fe3de1fe34c972cb9eadb67983594b0Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 738049: Using LayoutInflater.Factory improves performance. [r=mfinkle]
b594b5c7b0b89ff5575bb159b21e50f745e26d84Ehsan Akhgari — Backout changeset 11b6f37603ce (bug 734302) for Android bustage
6336183aab441e3bab5e4bdd83a9291df24e6585Hub Figuière — Bug 718627 - Part 3: Make helper GetObjectOrRepresentedView() public in mozAccessible.h. r=surkov
8f72ba91d63a3e2a072c8c49b456ee59cac25d29Hub Figuière — Bug 718627 - Part 2: Expose CaretLineNumber() and GetTextBounds() from nsHyperTextAccessible. r=surkov
fc9658fae44bc3df1815568767baacb6405c52d6Hub Figuière — Bug 718627 - Part 1: Autocomplete is to be ignored. Use TextField directly. r=surkov
3e18c3a6535a9edd35d41f1a3af2837fb06660b7Edwin Flores — Bug 738392 - Fix plugins not rendering inside CSS transform on Mac OSX r=roc
682c5137c71046d4078a0873f265ef5216ffa446Daniel Holbert — Bug 738705: Remove dead helper-class CompareByContentOrderComparator. r=bz
11b6f37603cee3d98742bf9aead51f9ab92b576cEhsan Akhgari — Bug 734302 - Part 3: Add a menu item for toggling the profiler on mobile; r=BenWa,dougt
2e4e3c05511da5fa5994825efbf26d40ce87bccbJared Wein — Backed out changeset 1801abb2839a (bug 730318) r=bustage
219df2cb3ff50b9b1d72ff60a38d9f7b8c3c9434Jared Wein — Backed out changeset 62e3e0fc06c9 (bug 730318) r=bustage
87a922aac70a84ec000432aad5c23111b2ccd494Jared Wein — Backed out changeset 5f79a3dd45ff (bug 730318) r=bustage
d85fe5da4eca68e16b09b8e04a5a7492d7619e9fJared Wein — Backed out changeset c120dd831b3f (bug 734323) r=bustage
7a17a0087abb42eb3b94bdee2a36e2f4642dbc4cJared Wein — Backed out changeset 29a7f9d3d4c4 (bug 730318) r=bustage
dc4ea07ec97db4d2fd15712210679c3915aa0d00Richard Newman — Bug 738516 - Auth cache should be set for all requests, not just authenticated requests. r=msamuel
5a555fb12c229fded805841853621c7ad0b83a36Nick Alexander — Bug 709402 preparation. r=rnewman
d4befb43d27a9b9ea860f9bf87208d8c09f70cebMarina Samuel — Bug 715792 - Process client record commands (but don't act on them). r=rnewman
83107987850db1b230004ed9796e39cf167dfbdaRichard Newman — Bug 731024 - Part 1: Unsupported record types causes Android Sync to reorder folders containing livemarks/queries/separators…. r=nalexander
6fd5e0d9d94be3b9b4c7ec675df531c5a86232c0Benjamin Smedberg — Bug 734975 - Package a .tar.bz2 file for the XULRunner package on Mac, instead of the .pkg.dmg which installs XULRunner to an obsolete system location. r=Mossop
23cf3da09191f5f69843d77138c5547d0299c232Jonathan Kew — bug 736210 - fix bug in nsCaseTransformTextRunFactory surrogate handling. r=smontagu
52825f4226e65d2b2434aa4befee046d73cd2c80Mark Capella — Bug 734023 - Remove language arguments from nsIScriptGlobalObject methods, r=jst, f=ms2ger
a5f39c72791d997476cef64645b526f2f199098dAlexander Surkov — Bug 727942 - boundaries of imagemap may be incorrect when page is zoomed, r=marcoz
aa32e30bab3457f9df10ff1979b94b2d291ceb62Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 710126 - When loading images, scale them to fit on screen. r=Cwiiis
68def3ab33b6c65ee705865ec70ab56a0595112eMike Hommey — Bug 736519 - Package jssubloader cache in omnijar. r=khuey
4934f8f21328c65032e55f86decb6c491a492ee1Mike Hommey — Bug 734050 - Build stlport as part of our build process. r=ted
ca4a43a9a316100a7fa14c5a23f239c0b7fe73a7Mike Hommey — Bug 732480 - Don't build and package update-settings.ini when updater is disabled. r=khuey
93fc7bf5e5be1c0e647abbcf5675fdfbc028c4e7Aryeh Gregor — Bug 735805 part 5 - Mochitests that run no tests should fail; r=jmaher
54cb23113c6f00fe2cb0ae64fb5b687b4b4f92f0Aryeh Gregor — Bug 736529 - Calling waitForFocus() and then finishing before you get focus should cause the test to fail; r=jmaher
ff86ef0b6b1c1435a27f809f296da5475e19144dKartikaya Gupta — Bug 738556 - Improve testCheck to use a variety of scroll amounts and more reliable dragging code. r=Cwiiis
b141942f20675be3630293fbce5ab51af7c1d632Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 738556 - Optimize frame time measurement and checkerboard time measurement in robocop a little. r=jmaher
13cf485e1d1c5e834abc843618e267529cb44b78Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 738554 - Fix a couple of race conditions where we could start listening for events after they occur. r=mfinkle
45bf5d610be2db78b22734c23b421de3606d9bb7Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 737889 - Part 2: Stop the propagarion of drag/drop events over non-editable content; r=roc
f7b3bfdcd4e42a8f2ca8ae4028f6ec898eca4f66Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 737889 - Make sure that clearing the readonly attribute does not disable spell checking; r=roc
d1fe9713a665a6bed76266cbb603db2cc53cf100Josh Aas — Bug 738542: Increase min required JRE to 1.6. r=smichaud
c216e1c3801012e5d9ac8c12bcb0a898c3ba0eb7Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 738649 - Incorrect return value check in nsHTMLDocument::EditingStateChanged; r=khuey
adc7f3ed2d78325bb14b1aa9a797d954c3382f75Henri Sivonen — Bug 482911 addendum - Tell nsBrowserGlue not to import initial bookmarks in a couple of tests to avoid fatal assertions on Mac. r=mak.
4047389481569ad6f49a420cc70c630aa62098b5Henri Sivonen — Bug 482911 - Reimplement Netscape bookmark import using the HTML5 parser. r=mak, sr=gavin.
d85d2f90b632b95e62c56af90421c4b12a6ba3a3Josh Aas — Bug 726734: Reload plugin instances when the src/data URL changes. r=jst
21fabfdbeaab98df15d9980b679b901cb7fb87a9Alexander Surkov — Bug 706784 - drop action accessible ref on linkable accessible when linkable gets unbound from tree, r=tbsaunde
7beb8fd466295eb9e0033093abdbaf12ff473fb6Jonathan Kew — bug 688125 - part 2 - add memory reporting for fonts in the gfxFontCache. r=njn
730c2e84247f37939b2c30417009dcd5c17c217cJonathan Kew — bug 688125 - part 1 - add memory reporting for the platform font list. r=njn
dbd51616925a691de22fad8d350f41071b5f504cJonathan Kew — bug 737863 - nsBaseHashtable::SizeOfExcludingThis should be declared const. r=njn
18c70ab50559920a2ddfa7e42b934f785874de3bNicholas Nethercote — bug 737412 - handle null sizeOfEntryExcludingThis pointer within ns{T,Base}Hashtable SizeOfExcludingThis functions. r=jfkthame
1152d14294df24ac807730e4861075a5a81d8474Jonathan Kew — bug 738197 - handle potential failures in gfxFont::GetShapedWord more robustly. r=roc
b3e429486693a64a17ca096b30fd47d038623e1fMarco Bonardo — Merge central and inbound
14b05b24d1e5eef9db7c2bac6687c74d1ad05fc9Chris Lord — Bug 737434 - Reuse tiles when resizing tiled textures. r=bgirard
3e17d25beb07a96b97544bd4851006f38081cf99Henri Sivonen — Back out changeset d2693e86769d (bug 482911) due to crashes on Mac xpcshell tests. r=orange.
e793817bfbee1462fbab01fe458351bc35859bbeHenri Sivonen — Back out changeset d2693e86769d (bug 482911) due to crashes on Mac xpcshell tests. r=orange.
fd2c598e7fde575a0d7a29b1b9b6bca917ef0120Andreas Gal — add mozglue support for gonk (bug 738559, r=glandium)
d2693e86769dfdfe5601b39161aab9b35353833fHenri Sivonen — Bug 482911 - Reimplement Netscape bookmark import using the HTML5 parser. r=mak, sr=gavin.
ae8de224173233054d226733679d8712a4c225e4ffxbld — Automated blocklist update from host linux-ix-slave38
d78e842b5973f4512597333db770aee6d0b169d9Ms2ger — Bug 738771 - Outparamdel nsEditor::GetDocument(); r=ehsan
7f9b3c618daec9578ffa9ec7e89eac9f35f38646Peter Van der Beken — Bug 738593 - Rename IsProxy to IsDOMBinding; r=mrbkap
743f5158bd1aa49670d1f1a92690adabf17a8a38Ms2ger — Bug 736619 - remove the unused struct ClearedGlobalObject from XPCJSRuntime; r=bholley
9fdfd263167b830b040c8f51a77736c1e7a6437eMs2ger — Bug 734724 - Inline nsIScriptContext::ConnectToInner into its only caller; r=jst
53ed280cc94bed37aeed7a7057dd930e3be82863Ms2ger — Bug 734029 - Move nsJSContext::{Set,Create}OuterObject to nsGlobalWindow; r=bholley
f1c738169b20a03dbd49263043f574f2634df2b9Ms2ger — No bug - Remove always-true comparison.
df1f94b2bdee149285c9f30ec7e62ff27110fe97Serge Gautherie — Bug 604266. (Cv1) Remove MOZ_INSTALLER support. r=ted.mielczarek.
1699897f0c0527f9052280e4ebb133a31b2e2432Vivien Nicolas — Bug 736193 - Use the offline cache to load applications [r=fabrice] DONTBUILD because NPOTB
8bc3c696e0a7cdf4ad64e27c69b919fea253eeb1Gavin Sharp — merge fx-team into m-c
4173214920c3dab17c187375eb53b73e95eea3c6Tim Taubert — Bug 705911 - [Page Thumbnails] Save screenshots of redirecting sites; r=dao
5ff4f574298e76cb6dd5633acec5c16a7b7edfc8Frank Yan — Bug 731546 - Add link to marketplace on about:home. r=mak
6470fe2fc4de48077605605aa052448c6586b7a6Jared Wein — Backed out changeset 1801abb2839a (bug 730318) r=bustage
6c283714c5a979718aa5a79e736492ee41a40364Jared Wein — Backed out changeset 62e3e0fc06c9 (bug 730318) r=bustage
eb9dfe4659a70b1fba1cc18e0525fddc60258facJared Wein — Backed out changeset 5f79a3dd45ff (bug 730318) r=bustage
418c8f45151b495d47fc31482d284153cfecaf30Jared Wein — Backed out changeset c120dd831b3f (bug 734323) r=bustage
e04dcc41a324f24dec93d3122e435a76ab46d135Jared Wein — Backed out changeset 29a7f9d3d4c4 (bug 730318) r=bustage
d41503780635a7f261fb4637b481daec1afe9732Kyle Huey — Bug 738334: Fix a worker timer race condition. r=bent
c1bfb6203345cc358327d959e2aeed534e0129d2Dão Gottwald — merge backout
344e07332d529765281e50126fcb4708dc860ec3Dão Gottwald — Backed out changeset bf13c2253055
dc5c600d5fe3a4fe4cb7f9d9cd45110b01c24104Joel Maher — Bug 737458 - add tp5row and cleanup r=armenzg
8042c37b8100337e398ef704a3d58140b110a29dKyle Huey — Bug 737875. r=hsivonen
c20ec27eb0e8ec666a987a6f71a3902257f8128dMarco Bonardo — Merge last green PGO from inbound to central
ea55576a4a1e963f43f87ba5f416752ddaaee785Makoto Kato — Bug 738157 - missing nsSubstring_h___. r=dbaron
af368aa1f6efbf0c516fc3bc4c5c521a9199a3dcMakoto Kato — Bug 684138 - Remove unused GARBAGE from r=khuey
de43aa36ceef74e681c1839b06c830dc67067c62Jignesh Kakadiya — Bug 726005 - IDRefsIterator::Next() should use nsDocAccessible::GetAccessible(), r=tbsaunde, f=surkov
98b90ef66f2488b5d828ee5e005af455ee6f8f0aMark Capella — Bug 737156 - Map role=note to IA2 role NOTE instead of SECTION, r=eitan, dbolter
dc2296f477cb501f01cfa49c85ed83ec8f856186Daniel Holbert — Bug 734125: Remove reference to recently-removed globalstorage Makefile from rs=ted
3fa40cb042192580e6934bbebaf20a0ead18716aMakoto Kato — Bug 738209 - Cleanup a usages of NS_Convert*to*() in places. r=mak
53c21294270d16d537274010d6e612f3fd5eae5aMatt Brubeck — Back out 636349fa2e09 because of robocop failures
3d3aff127856e9ddfc65ebb36af235bebb43860aBrian Nicholson — Bug 725428 - Draw white background in LayerView until Gecko has painted. r=kats
2c770225ec8fd1d46901627b7c3b990af9ffc3eaAlexander Surkov — Bug 736944 - make nsDocAccessible::RecreateAccessible fall into usual ContentInserted/ContentRemoved procedure, r=tbsaunde
bc2f3408c170459db99e41f189745969374a2588Brian Nicholson — Bug 737782 - Add keyword as a default bookmark column. r=mfinkle
81aff28f132fe8a92c7eaa5b85d096ee78a84764Marco Bonardo — Merge central to inbound
6018a0d6b33dc24ece8c2be6a348b0dff909d00fPatrick McManus — bug 717759 - negative pipeline feedback on img decode problem r=bz r=jdrew r=honzab
f94cf04e8d736d67c6ed72be46c83ad6aceef539Patrick McManus — bug 717350 doom cache entry on last-modified mismatch r=honzab
da069eeaa55a214d3033faa2ff22ee6a39aa6f84Patrick McManus — bug 671591 - restart partial http transaction (in progress) r=honzab
52efc30fbfecff37fce7c3b15ad5a58b20b6dba9Patrick McManus — bug 603514 - http stalled read detection r=honzab
87ea59a6d1625dd810e9bf3985fceed8948437fePatrick McManus — bug 603512 - large objects block pipelines r=honzab
e1e48e9ce79565e48f0b93ca75192976e92e379dPatrick McManus — bug 665885 respect keepalive: "max=" attribute r=honzab
e83a04b972e9e858ae3a025a4ac0eac4286e1d22Patrick McManus — bug 737155 - httpconnectionmgr::processPendingQ allow more than 1 with pipeline r=honzab
ee6328d11bfbdb4522005db634ff4647768520d6Patrick McManus — bug 599164 pipeline with type and state r=honzab