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Tue May 20 20:33:50 2014 +0000
cb78c3777143604ef3604b7df54a57f287995e86Daniel Holbert — Bug 1000185 - Part 2: Add a bool to keep track of whether nsSMILAnimationController instances are registered with a refresh driver. r=birtles, a=abillings
542f83ec634547e7abdaea27a5fdf117ca1f0a97Daniel Holbert — Bug 1000185 - Part 1: Perform synchronous SMIL sample after registering with refresh driver, not before, for consistency. r=birtles, a=abillings
50428e91f0bcf4961a86b645c8ff5b17ddc851efBen Turner — Bug 999274 - Wait for the last runnable before calling ShutdownScriptLoader. r=sicking, a=abillings
8438a548150df89a8eb348ff2eac44a581d55ab4Nathan Froyd — Bug 1010322 - Change toolkit/mozapps/extensions/test/browser/ tests to point at actual http servers. r=jmaher, a=test-only
2b437d292f5698a723deebbce9075302f110b2dcDrew Willcoxon — Bug 998303 - browser/base/content/test/general/browser_urlbar_search_healthreport.js attempts to connect to r=mak, a=test-only
1c26f679818470636f1ac4765fee160c9ce11a8cBoris Zbarsky — Bug 976920 - Mostly back out bug 932322 for now; only define the unforgeable properties on the window object itself. r=jst, a=lsblakk