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Wed Oct 31 19:35:01 2018 +0000
cb358118e54de761923e4b29bee9d34c1560b98aPetru Lingurar — Bug 1502435 - Update tests to include checks for canary clientId. r=jchen, a=RyanVM
81b5e0d8a72630490c41ccd34698c08413e2866bPetru Lingurar — Bug 1502435 - Include new `bug_1501329_affected` property in the core ping. r=jchen, a=RyanVM
02cbbb3db3b576d57ad3f6f74916ea6d4b4f3306Petru Lingurar — Bug 1502435 - Set valid clientId and save if previous was canary clientId. r=jchen, a=RyanVM
c7c256c66f93a5c31efdd573aab6e4322fb50ea8Jan-Erik Rediger — Bug 1501329 - Expose "wasCanary" flag in saved-session pings for Fennec. r=chutten, a=RyanVM
455c4d904d2778da6d3cd86ac960d4f20ac99eb4Jan-Erik Rediger — Bug 1501329 - Persist information about canary after resetting client ID. r=chutten, a=RyanVM
6cfcc707ee835deb65fa583775d4aeec7c9647a6Jan-Erik Rediger — Bug 1501329 - Set valid client ID on Fennec if canary is detected. r=chutten, a=RyanVM
bf07e6c3ea338ef4e0c4ce6742ec4117f322b4e5Bob Clary — Bug 1499246 - Specify tooltool_cache for android-hw. r=jmaher, a=test-only