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Fri Nov 02 16:35:51 2018 +0000
c00f4ecec6e7b7dc3867bfad8e116ed18395bc68Tom Prince — Bug 1492128: [mozrelease] Pass repository to buglist commands; r=mtabara a=release
45948f09c167c3a3fffe0fa3c86e709fff133c5dTom Prince — Bug 1492128: [mozrelease] Send an email when a release starts with a bug list; r=mtabara a=release
824771ceb6f16cedde18560a2813df04a5ac97bcTom Prince — Bug 1492128: [mozrelease] Add command to generate buglist for a given release; r=mtabara a=release
ca613265746bfed11bb80a512283b1b1d784ef23Tom Prince — Bug 1492128: [mozrelease] Cleanup buglist_creator code; r=mtabara a=release
a63fa7222a0f69164cf25980f073141f23151a18Tom Prince — Bug 1492128: [mozrelease] Fix flake8 errors in buglist_creator; r=mtabara a=release
99694ca9da4de0a7f6bd11f37d6d35264a7cd8b8Tom Prince — Bug 1492128: [mozrelease] Add buglist_creator to test-suite; r=mtabara a=release
9973958455418abb4db5654b3aa6717d297bac73Tom Prince — Bug 1492128: [mozrelease] Import buglist_creator from build-tools; r=mtabara a=release
4a8f26b29962f52103234709f16c3875d48336edTom Prince — Bug 1492128: Set TASKCLUSTER_ROOT_URL in tasks that use the taskcluster proxy; r=dustin a=release
c3105c9e0647782a6cecc6a12dcd653a87720fc9Tom Prince — Bug 1492128: Add `VOLUME` definitions to base debian images; r=gps a=release
2db0ba9693400ee26ea3071079f2fde51142457aTom Prince — Bug 1492128: [mozrelease] Add mozrelease tests to taskcluster; r=mtabara a=release
e13482c97a0f9a097667a00d833a5f48fcaf413fTom Prince — Bug 1492128: Vendor taskcluster==4.0.1; r=firefox-build-system-reviewers,gps a=release
244a824f3bf142eb8d44736b9d4968bb7b89a0f2Tom Prince — Bug 1492128: Vendor pathlib2==2.3.2; r=firefox-build-system-reviewers,gps a=release