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Tue Mar 13 21:17:50 2012 +0000
e3c4c92dec3196682a4a4e4206e401c10daee4faLukas Blakk — Merging in l10n changes NO BUG CLOSED TREE
ae5906f35ddbe10638ac2137edac468e87f2a22fLukas Blakk — Branding changes for mozilla-aurora->mozilla-beta uplift NO BUG CLOSED TREE
59431165391fc48076e60a6d84ee63b977840c7dLukas Blakk — Verision bumps for mozilla-aurora->mozilla-beta uplift NO BUG CLOSED TREE
71d3a36281aa73d902ad0625323dfdf8e218d671Axel Hecht — no bug, add km to shipped-locales for 12, ra=drivers, DONTBUILD
699889e9bce704445bbdbdecf0c3a14755a496cfBrian Hackett — Disable regexp cloning optimization for global/sticky regexps, bug 728021. r=dmandelin a=akeybl
0e04fa59464ccf3c32e19e92b912eb9e30e3a6c6Jared Wein — Bug 198964 - Backout the enabling of general.smoothScroll from Firefox 12. r=gavin a=akeybl
2e6e504f74073873709fa8f74dcf1ec50e46c484John Schoenick — Bug 716556 - Fix possible buffer overflow in nsScriptableInputStream (attempt 2). r=bsmedberg, a=akeybl
74c3521374f9b295ade23fe6cbd25ee46e2aeefbJeff Gilbert — Bug 724476 - Fix ANGLE to readPixels BGRA better - r=bjacob, a=akeybl
9ba6560332ee7899433f2ec4114885710cf75117Dão Gottwald — Bug 734273 - tab bar sometimes shows scroll arrows with only one tab after startup. r=felipe a=akeybl
06a1c1a9dd386792a81b6e843c36e720e956dc91Marco Bonardo — Bug 591884 - Make IE importer fallback to the default Links folder to support toolbar favorites in versions >= 7
8f4aeb506495c7dab52161886c3385cc3dbaaa30Jonathan Kew — bug 733512 - update freetype to v2.4.9. rs=dougt a=akeybl
1494156016c121965a1ec48407cb1cfe71114a25Boris Zbarsky — Bug 734406. Fix printing and print preview for <canvas> by checking for script-enabled on the original document, not on the printing document. r=tnikkel a=akeybl
bff5977d29b9f878ae427a56ed362a3ae305acaeSerge Gautherie — Bug 707039. (Dv4) XPFE autocomplete.xml: Adjust the direction of the (content) autocomplete popup list based on the textbox direction. r=neil a=Callek.
8f1eb954ff3710ba5669017d786a6c179e9c05a0Benoit Jacob — Bug 711656 - Fix bug in D2D blocklisting check - r=Bas, a=akeybl
5541c0bb37f04373b7f500373d1b3757a1b70d06Brian Hackett — Ensure 'for' loops have a leading JSOP_NOP, bug 732776. r=dvander a=akeybl
1fd7cde3955883d99cbbc5229433a53c87ef62e4Brian Hackett — Don't use reference to freed contents of JIT script, bug 730806. r=dvander a=akeybl
87bde6b152a7608ee8f862d0f5d642dae93c0b19Brian R. Bondy — Bug 731901 - update.status telemetry ping is not reporting correctly. r=rstrong. a=akeybl
e824347e2dbb59e6375acea5ecc9e7a23395e8d0Dão Gottwald — Bug 716334 - Avoid making the browser window visible before the layout is rendered. r=felipe a=akeybl
bc72b5aaf9e51fbee97daa66a8ad3a31ce59386aSerge Gautherie — Bug 733730. (Av1) file_bug594730-4.html: s/is_not()/isnot()/. r=jonas a=akeybl
3e0b6d27b12444fd74e27bea29e919ece1260537Gregory Szorc — Bug 732605 - Only schedule shorter sync interval if records were successfully applied; r=rnewman, r=mconnor, a=akeybl
f34b0b635e29466c5c2411a4bc6c1706820160daZack Weinberg — Bug 729817 - Allow the Nouveau driver with Mesa >= 8.0 - r=bjacob, a=akeybl
a740be7764593fc6755bfd293976e60488cca5a5Oleg Romashin — Bug 732764 - gfx/angle/src/compiler/Types.h:211: error: 'abort' was not declared in this scope. r=bjacob, a=akeybl
189307c5ee86ae069751915eb211847e284ead70Oleg Romashin — Bug 732143 - WebGL on maemo6 N9 does not work anymore after FBO switch 720467. r=joedrew, a=akeybl
1481424a289b8b9f3c73697f7f0b5574b8755c04Serge Gautherie — Bug 727954. (Bv1) test_autocomplete_delayOnPaste.xul: Support XPFE AutoComplete widget too. r=mak, a=Callek — Bug 727954 - "Port |Bug 717772 - Delay autocomplete of pasted value| to SeaMonkey" r=IanN, f=sgautherie, a=Callek
9b65a5d98a68fd62135dd75d43dccda861fda49eGeorg Kahest — Bug 664109 - "Requests for changes to the TLD whitelist for IDN, to add .ee" [a=akeybl ; implied r=gerv]
2b0803c821de1857e7471c7431729dfe4a3fa95bJustin Wood — Bug 726797 - Multi-GPU Detection Broken on Windows Gecko 11. r=ajuma a=akeybl
e62e4dc101c26e709f8c80a7a9e9b05dd967650bSerge Gautherie — Bug 731332. (Av1) importScripts_worker.js: Do not try to access the network. r=jst a=ted
c81d62b02d19763887821a821608f2376440860dKyle Huey — Bug 713643: Back out Bug 497995 from Aurora since it's not ready for prime time. a=akeybl
05ee6a6690ba061a0d4f87eb3edcf1aaaf52117cAxel Hecht — no bug, update shipped-locales with status for 12 in preparation for beta merge, ra=drivers, DONTBUILD
2d7675fa0920c09132519aa56cec38f8ef3de032Serge Gautherie — Bug 732792. (Av1) test_bug674770-2.html: Set "middlemouse.contentLoadURL" preference too. r=ehsan a=akeybl.
dac6479027cb9907e017aa363287372122e67ac4Simon Montagu — Improve the tests for end of output block. Bug 718573, r=emk, a=akeybl
823901e07ecd61094688038c38d6ef1228f90d0bJeff Walden — Bug 732669 - Box primitive values correctly when accessing properties of them. r=bhackett, a=akeybl
9a4d259e4728f155211f0708190c14fe73ffbc2cEhsan Akhgari — Bug 715744 - Blocklist bexternal.dll to prevent crashes caused by it; r=bsmedberg a=akeybl
7e54125049952052378d77c7e4547b37f4d04815Benjamin Smedberg — Back out changeset 65da0d7b408d - bug 410904 from Aurora because we want to make a change to the referer value in bug 729009 and don't want to cause more churn than necessary. a=akeybl
b999a4b8ad1aa4990a028ae93dd46d5b577e5e74Benjamin Smedberg — Back out changeset 65da0d7b408d - bug 410904 from Aurora because we want to make a change to the referer value in bug 729009 and don't want to cause more churn than necessary. a=akeybl
c0bc135b7c61a6b542e2b7418648f2ae875315feElad Alfassa — Bug 713634 - Add dir="&locale.dir;" to Sync completion message. r=philikon, a=akeybl
b85d46219b00f2a614f98d2aec559fc085c0de0dAsaf Romano — Bug 724808 - First run import wizard doesn't show up anymore.
cbfa968b61f551d85265fd3d37884ca095eb5ebfOlli Pettay — Bug 730013 - don't addref/release nsTransactionManager so much to prevent it to end up to the purple buffer, r=ehsan , a=akeybl
054df423ec81da987fd878ec1b0010d22b53aed0Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 731117. Bound the size of CG surfaces to match cairo. r=bas, a=akeybl
086fa692e38b6fcb7a7b1bbc44a36ceb712e137dJeff Muizelaar — Bug 728028. CG: Avoid double transforming filled gradients. r=mwoodrow, a=akeybl
d4d7f8a7c845a9e248dc8d9a0b44e548c3f1d4efJeff Muizelaar — Bug 729850. CG: Get the point order correct when transforming a path. r=mwoodrow, a=akeybl
abe71413079edf63eadc99e91ddd3d35c7ef3f7eJeff Muizelaar — Bug 729145. Don't ignore curves when we don't have a current point. r=mwoodrow, a=lsblakk
eba22b452eb0ecf6a395e3bb323d7ee2a77e3828Jared Wein — Bug 722258 - Click to play overlay doesn't hide if the control bar play button is used. r=dolske a=akeybl
4d6c44001fbf2833b60cc9269fa5ae9716cc1294Mats Palmgren — Bug 717521 - Limit pre-rendering to max 4096 x 4096 pixels (post-transform) to avoid hang. r=tnikkel a=akeybl
0d95e027554abf657959f87088dd203c966c75e9Benjamin Smedberg — Bug 725016 - Always deliver category-change notifications asynchronously. This is required because extensions need the JavaScript-global-property category to work, but we always register contracts at the "end" of a chrome.manifest so that they will always be after the CIDs, but that means that they are after the categories are registered. r=bz a=akeybl
8ed2f0e14adccb713edef15250b8cb138788520bBenjamin Smedberg — Test for bug 725016 - extensions which add categories in their chrome.manifest expect that they contract they refer to will be available when the category observer notification is fired.
5d66efa5b59b1f5b2edebacfdf715187ae9e1e0eDave Townsend — Bug 706186: xulrunner-stub depends on mozglue.dll and msvcr100.dll. r=glandium, a=akeybl
e3d75c79ac48312a226632d71c2e1e7e54970a35Aki Sasaki — bug 725294 - mobile mozconfig updates. r=catlee a=akeybl
6ac22688553b53069d6292a4251e015eb5b4a198Tim Taubert — Bug 585813 - Script timeout at tabbrowser.xml:1457 when closing tabs; r=dao a=akeybl
67ee19b77fe08da69de1757ff644c4bca707d9a8Jonathan Kew — Bug 723472 - don't trigger an OOM abort on a zero-size allocation. r=cjones a=akeybl
c9d984d834a8fb52cc7d28db6ccb079617072f4cBenoit Jacob — Bug 713305 - Force staying on discrete GPU while any WebGL context is live - r=jrmuizel, a=akeybl
cf771f62185893cb53e2c82dc7704f9fbc1cc0a8Mihai Sucan — Bug 717631 - Selection in Scratchpad behaves strangely if selecting into the gutter; r=rcampbell a=akeybl
c2cd6bb9807bcee083be21d9243197435d0bbea9Peter Van der Beken — Fix for bug 691707 (Enumerating new proxy-based DOM bindings should enumerate the prototype too). r=mrbkap, a=akeybl.
bca13b0d5619b498a7388d73c8b4ec9a900eeb07Tim Taubert — Bug 730484 - [New Tab Page] don't iterate NodeList properties when creating cells; r=dietrich, a=akeybl
e09de6c6898235c01505d1d3bf2826e6bae07de0Matthew Gregan — Bug 730425 - Perform an additional range checks in stream read functions. r=roc a=akeybl
c86866d1eddb0a9d19464efc496255e9437d232fBenoit Jacob — Bug 729817 - Block the Nouveau 3D driver as it's installed by default on OpenSuse 12.1 and crashes - r=mattwoodrow, a=akeybl
02f621047867f41674696bf0e0a0d834acefa435Benoit Jacob — Bug 696636 - Block OpenGL 1 drivers explicitly to steer clear of crashes - r=mattwoodrow, a=akeybl
17f98701eca200ded0a4be5e13a1fc9881922a30Matthew Noorenberghe — Bug 721242 - Delay Firefox migrator doStartup() call until after passwords are migrated. r=mak, a=akeybl
fcaf9e4c7965de9b7d84a84ec4456cc9115b7f09Boris Zbarsky — Bug 722641. Back out bug 598482 because it reduces perceived responsiveness in some rare cases. r=tnikkel, a=akeybl
18840d884c978cc86cbc1f96599248d93be2c307Brian R. Bondy — Bug 731382 - Security enhancements for silent updates. r=rstrong. a=akeybl
b5ef80040f7222e2e89d6f00b5851690d694b7a8Serge Gautherie — Bug 725015. (Av3) Add missing 'return', Set needed preference, Make todo() message more explicit. r=mounir a=akeybl.
a9fe736bec056a366002e4691e8c20ae0af365baAxel Hecht — bug 729094, update all-locales, ra=drivers, DONTBUILD
55ee634844872f3765120d74989565adb121551aJeff Gilbert — Bug 727178 - Revert ANGLE to using glFinish to resolve - r=bjacob, a=akeybl
7bb6bf824139c110f6f58880473673646e4a3458Brian Hackett — Don't run compile-and-go scripts on globals with a cleared scope, bug 680456. r=dmandelin a=asa
5cda17e7c743e2c6107f4063f745f29d9672b4c5Serge Gautherie — Bug 629595. (Bv1a) test_webgl_conformance_test_suite.html: Ensure waitForExplicitFinish() is executed, Disable test on Windows 2000 and (if necessary) on SeaMonkey, Move Mac OSX version check to a better place. r=bjacob a=akeybl.
27165fe21717ebc7e7cb734c6a59458290d2e476Serge Gautherie — Bug 730551. (Av1) browser_bug638292.js: Support SeaMonkey's "about:blank" loads. r=bmcbride a=akeybl.
c3be19a1a2be78fc11c13a84b1c142ebc3e61a64Serge Gautherie — Bug 728538. (Bv2) browser_ConsoleStorageAPITests.js: Set "browser.tabs.max_tabs_undo" preference, Document code. a=akeybl.
8d2531bb41b3472d09cbf57ddb6bc1106917f7e9Serge Gautherie — Bug 728538. (Av1) browser_ConsoleStorageAPITests.js: Improve code a little. a=akeybl.
e8c002b5c9844065f42b86dd8bf90fba1ce68520Serge Gautherie — Bug 728633. (Av2) Add ensureElementIsVisible() calls, to support having more items. r=bmcbride a=lsblakk.
1334274e439cd4d92c05792735403a1deb380e58Serge Gautherie — Bug 718235. (Av1) events/test_focus_general.html: Disable synthShiftTab() check on SeaMonkey. r=surkov.alexander a=akeybl.
94f465b22c9430bebba6e18ed3586250d5d7cbeeMatt Brubeck — Back out 47550f045496 (bug 691707) because of test failures. a=bustage
8e997efa140bea5c74f986f8569cce277eb377a2Matt Brubeck — Bug 717904 - Add-ons Manager is broken after installing an extension with browser restart [r=Unfocused, a=akeybl]
47550f045496789c19d8cbf0f66729f22069e53aPeter Van der Beken — Fix for bug 691707 (Enumerating new proxy-based DOM bindings should enumerate the prototype too). r=mrbkap, a=akeybl.
381310995e757b80625d429d7c8427fcce92e03cNick Thomas — bug 712678 - append '-xul' to android-xul app.update.url build target. r=mfinkle a=lsblakk
ff481fda4945833e4d80cead466e58bf333f11acBas Schouten — Bug 729116: Try our best to have a valid mTarget even when having an invalid context. r=joedrew a=akeybl
2211daf0acc778c0b1d988cfc2538698659a1749Vladan Djeric — Bug 714964 - Add a 'dirty bit' column to webappsstore2_temp to reduce writes in DOM storage. r=honzab a=akeybl
8655ba93f381cd743cf077864e60ee9653bc1017Justin Lebar — Bug 729453 - Decrease stack allocation in nsTArray::SwapArrayElements from 8kb to 64b. r=roc, a=akeybl
04c1060b1a978ca9cef937b92510ac19fc26bc28Olli Pettay — Bug 730753, call CC after full GC, r=mccr8, a=akeybl
41a90075bca830a121ed08938c58ba9fc5360942Olli Pettay — Bug 728577 - nsGlobalWindow::mFocusedNode seems to keep documents alive longer than needed, r=enn,a=akeybl
a9460d1a9af79fb8f8769fb7e711402ab7d93831Gervase Markham — PSL and IDN lists rollup; a=akeybl.
6362ff66c1a4b783207b7953e9195d90ba3459d1Gervase Markham — Bug 621708 - update .au entry in PSL. Patch by pkasting; r=gerv.
c039ae2609201294464ec18aa0a79bae9577d5c9Gervase Markham — Bug 704089 - add .<Srb> to IDN TLD whitelist.
0a71eb74ff85654e6e54523be4231fecd8f2ad67Gervase Markham — Bug 669138 - add .<Thai> to IDN TLD whitelist.
0c782f863ef21fbd3be4250df0ac8716f8942d0fJothan Frakes — Bug 694030 - make .qa have open registration at 2nd level in PSL. r=gerv.
10b29a30ddedac334d8e322df2c87447a0a368e2Jothan Frakes — Bug 688908 - standardize formatting of .asia entry in PSL. r=gerv.
ee689625b8ce13f1a75e59dd56babff0bd4027feGervase Markham — Bug 687459 - add and private registries to PSL.
092330978d46240fcfafb22739b013405a38a827Gervase Markham — Bug 685781 - add CentralNIC domain to the PSL.
3931fabacaed47793167ff8d161d282eea2a8970Gervase Markham — Bug 676359 - add exceptions for and to PSL.
29b6c2ea10c5cfb930190f7c8e84e9171668f41fGervase Markham — Bug 666500 - Add and to PSL.
458dfbb65f3195675faeeb16a4d675d3153854f3Jothan Frakes — Bug 661509 - remove .yu from PSL. r=gerv.
b8c5457537506833fe27f43ba042782c9c6877caJothan Frakes — Bug 660387 - add to PSL. r=gerv.
84c358b6510518deb2de8c7bedac75e3c62863a2Gervase Markham — Bug 660215 - remove .local from PSL. Patch by Jothan Frakes; r=gerv.
a3c261cc5e23d6a5843167bbdcfeec8df99a1a26Gervase Markham — Bug 618051 - enable IDN for .si.
6061fc798602a7a63be4de64944fb5a061805cbaMike Hommey — Bug 728656 - Avoid crashing when there are no GL extensions reported by the GL implementation. r=bjacob,a=lsblakk
460b04172f557e78e55ac6251ad102808e7d7ed1Jason Duell — Bug 716841. EventSource::GetInterface goes into infinite loop if redirected. r=bz a=lsblakk
cc87efdeb644258a8c082a871a80d69cc8f51cc6Benoit Jacob — Bug 711656 - report force-enabled features in crash reports - r=jrmuizel, a=akeybl
154b852a995230f8a97f4786e6e3be61bc524f6eSteven Michaud — Bug 721663 - [10.5] Crash in unpackImageRow @ CGAccessSessionGetBytes while printing or previewing. r=joe a=lsblakk
fa54977e954e6dd24b4b5ba3b61679f56bf9c984Benoit Jacob — Bug 699033 - tame a crash in ANGLE compiler - r=jst, a=lsblakk
0f03f46fef08b0641007c2622508ad4c9e1f885fTimothy B. Terriberry — Bug 722924 - Fix handling of Vorbis floor0 codebook with no used entries, r=kinetik, a=akeybl
a08366de68334b24876931e08e63cadc92af3fe3Mark Capella — Bug 725647 - [SeaMonkey] mochitest-a11y: test_embeds.xul needs to support non-Firefox applications too. (Av1-moz12) Use "browser.chromeURL". r=surkov f=sgautherie a=akeybl
856dfbcebb26d18a18ea13bb9a5abb3d8ee0c0c6Olli Pettay — Bug 725768 - BBP for ObjectHolders, r=mccr8, a=akeybl
74efe408346a38b50f4c1983631e5e1e9cd03a52Brian Hackett — Don't do closure optimization for NAME accesses to non-outer functions, bug 728342. r=dvander a=jst
5da86f8addbb7d3e781c42f88cee2be03e504dceMike Hommey — Bug 713622 - Re-enable elfhack on Fennec XUL. r=mbrubeck,a=akeybl
1f89179f19d7bb179fe90c354068dc120ffa5f17Mike Hommey — Bug 723861 - Ship and r=ted,a=lsblakk
643e4dd653509b1cba02d71272c1decbd1fca10aGavin Sharp — Bug 724116 followup: get rid of the .inc file since it confuses l10n tools r=mnoorenberghe, a=akeybl
b259413df9d9af272cbd9cae167029e6e4d349caMatthew Noorenberghe — Bug 724116 - Add additional URL types to implement channel parameter for Google search plugin. r=gavin, a=akeybl
14b4ca2bc6bc3e422b64e9ee7010dac39b1ae133Matthew Noorenberghe — Bug 722352 - Modify Google Search String Attributes r=gavin a=akeybl
6fbc572e912fa7fec53d99b02dcbcc60fa95795bGregory Szorc — Bug 712542 - Apply add-on state before install when installing through Sync; r=Unfocused, r=rnewman, a=lsblakk
a8fa3bbd301c1e2a6710e7766416d33844e8931bDão Gottwald — Bug 572659 - Don't expose the Gecko patch level (13.X.Y) in the UA string, only show the major version (13.X). r=glandium,bz sr=gerv a=akeybl
aca232a7c04b5f99ee443d8876cf163dadb43673Luke Wagner — Bug 720289 - Back out most of bug 699974 (r=jst,a=akeybl)
65f8a8f3283f23297e4b7cd86bbd6f17d86d25f0Serge Gautherie — Bug 718237. (Bv2) test_focus_autocomplete.xul: Skip this test on SeaMonkey ftb. r=surkov.alexander a=akeybl.
0108145862071b8f372b4929e32881beee679a31Honza Bambas — Bug 621446 - investigation bug for crash at RecvRedirect2Verify update1, r=jduell, a=akeybl
fd7744b11e519bb9b51744f6ee5ae7e9418f398eNathan Froyd — Bug 726656 - fix to optimize omni.ja; r=khuey a=akeybl
487e88c24549df18a892e6259e9d9b7df5420886Kai Engert — Bug 728617, Update Mozilla to NSS 3.13.3, r=rrelyea, a=akeybl
38b308bf68642def73c661025b0ecd244bf4c330Robert Longson — Bug 711653: In SVG lighting calculations, when input surface is 1px wide, use a normal vector that points straight out of the page. r=dholbert a=lsblakk
f27b777981ffe9a0c20b905781a810f60d6b724bJeff Muizelaar — Bug 726764. Avoid leaking CGPaths when getting text paths. r=joe, a=akeybl
f7dee7d1368adf5a802736f75f41e2eca2b27661Alex Keybl — Backing out 6f079f13c06a for bug 725869 a=me
a24be82568ecb88ecfb48c9bc6a7fb3140ad97b1Myk Melez — update revision of Add-on SDK being tested; a=test-only
76dddb5a8ae7634d4903623478ee8f5bf6616602Brian Hackett — Fix dictionary state when swapping objects, bug 727330. r=luke a=akeybl
1feee394bb270723492affca1e17e86e88e1e1e7Serge Gautherie — Bug 718324. (Av1) Fix condition for packaging 'default*.png'. r=ted.mielczarek a=akeybl.
c2749c1ced57850ed4126bb8d065ca792ad2012cAlexander surkov — Bug 677154 - Detached document accessibility tree, r=MarcoZ, a=akeybl
0bcfd4989ce943ad6e3294f054e395db84845a09Josh Aas — Bug 633427: Fix bug in which we mis-label plugins as Flash plugins. This was causing us to load plugins unnecessarily when clearing private data. r=smichaud a=akeybl
58434c395d1c18d4582d6e04415a348ad4be39f5Chris Pearce — Bug 727303 - Add nsPIDOMWindow::SetFullScreenInteral. r=roc a=akeybl
026e5d8f9638ea985350cd2457214299f8135704Serge Gautherie — Bug 728541. (Av1) browser_bug703210.js: Add a missing removeEventListener(). r=smaug a=akeybl.
fdc6d9d791d713d554036152ef096469e6c8ffc4Serge Gautherie — Bug 728628. (Av1) browser_viewsourceprefs.js: Use "about:mozilla", instead of "about:robots", to support non-Firefox applications. f=jwein r=neil a=akeybl.
77a5d4052be1992042088743d17c58a2bee82c51Bobby Holley — Bug 714590 - Use the helper jsclass format everywhere on aurora. r=mrbkap, a=akeybl
da24c3793fa877fa0cb02383624c2d8e80082576Doug Sherk — Bug 711656: potentially fixed devices not being caught by blocklist, r=joe, a=jpr
7d7576bb68148d24ce54eed5523acdc0245d1e1dDão Gottwald — Bug 727793 - Status panel tracks the mouse position on the wrong side when using a RTL locale. r=mak a=akeybl
51619e45fb5e4d2bfd4acb4fd16ee6e5d9d86c9dDão Gottwald — Bug 631250 - Let the status panel not switch sides for the find bar. r=gavin a=akeybl
c00445fcd26d3d99b76328b0382a1248bc4c10d0Gavin Sharp — Bug 727244: tabbrowser exception when dropping links on tabs, r=fryn, a=test bustage
b740b95280281e90cdd5d8941b675581cff066b3Gavin Sharp — Bug 724161: simplify some javascript:/data: drop checks, r=dao, a=akeybl
6ff957842178637b56f1303907cb97b77f3d607bGavin Sharp — Bug 718203: don't allow drops of javascript: URIs on the home button, r=enndeakin, sr=bz, a=akeybl
c98c403449370a31b17e179a9f3fe3d5ce0f7393Andrew McCreight — Bug 726777. r=sicking a=akeybl
1daa4441b7aaa8234e4b574141e13b95e4867208Robert O'Callahan — Bug 715401. Instead of trying to create a fallback surface, just leave mTarget alone. r=bas,a=akeybl
77b10632390c2be7a75c6da29fe99c3f9b42dc06Jonathan Watt — Bug 722206 - Change layout/reftests/bidi/718236-x.html to work around sub-pixel failures on Windows 7 reftest-no-accel. r=smontagu, a=akeybl
dfb7c3567c492805465fe1ebf01a52e5e0f5fa1eMark Banner — Bug 720636 - Permanent orange: TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | test_TelemetryPing.js | false == true. Update the test to not rely on the graphics hardware installed as it is really just testing that the hardware information gets reported. r=jdaggett,a=akeybl
57a4882d9b7885a0113e54d4e2fbf1dd8d2a1d26Brian Smith — Bug 713936, Part 3: Update to NSPR 4.9 RTM (NSPR_4_9_RTM), r=kaie, a=akeybl
2c9869ab7175fee267c6d2a508ae04d0520a5b58Brian Smith — Bug 713936, Part 4: Remove security/patches/bug-717906-lowhash, r=kaie, a=akeybl
f234a7c7cbd0874c6e68722f54b96f6d7a2a4974Brian Smith — Bug 713934: Update SetCertVerificationResult to use SSL_AuthCertificateComplete, r=honzab, a=akeybl
6029b47e1a14de9398510e3f5e914c028f39410eBrian Smith — Bug 713936, Part 2: Remove local patches that were incorporated into NSS 3.13.2, r=kaie, a=akeybl
995672e7d82c1d5e73575307bf1744e48ba0d198Brian Smith — Bug 713936, Part 1: Update to NSS_3_13_2_RTM (NSS 3.13.2), r=kaie, a=akeybl
51acf7d3322cc4824a3103cb2d0095c90ad4dc8fBrian Smith — Bug 716636, Part 2: Fix cert authentication lock reentrence, r=honzab, a=akeybl
9748196d1c17ee11d5c5d8e52fe38fbc54f3dd56Brian Smith — Bug 716636, Part 1: Fix TLS toleraance lock reentrence, r=honzab, a=akeybl
25a023e0faf7149601af37b860897732a61f10ccBrian Smith — Bug 710176, Part 3: Abort the connection during send or recv when we time out assuming TLS intolerance, r=kaie, a=akeybl
ff20f55bc31b10422a7d8eb3e986113ce524b198Scott Johnson — Bug 718516: Replace call of FinishReflowWithAbsoluteFrames() with FinishAndStoreOverflow() for nsColumnSetFrame to prevent crash. [r=ehsan][a=akeybl]
f1319928a26a243c0bbd7cb8aecb1bac92793048Wes Johnston — Bug 724215 - Avoid crashing for when adding touch points early. r=dougt a=akeybl
94a9071cf5596d44d2a7d86b4e99b8c38a1244e1Wes Johnston — Bug 718904 - Avoid crashing if longtap does not return a Cursor item. r=mfinkle a=akeybl
be24af2fb7f6acfebf97494309e62cbf030f4925Brian Nicholson — Bug 724152 - Honor URL_SAFE flag for base64 encoding/decoding. r=blassey a=akeybl
4af6218cce89dd372a27df930b59d341d7056bedMasatoshi Kimura — Bug 723894 - Crash when Web IDL dictionary object is null; r=mrbkap a=akeybl
5d0815d5f98017698841f2d6320a60c1786e22f3Masatoshi Kimura — Bug 722962 - Avoid a race condition; r=jonas
5b9d4fd12bdedf6a9290c1e66f417f884c5e38eaSid Stamm — Bug 717511 - Content Security Policy Bypass. r=bsterne, jst, a=akeybl
f1957e96aa14593f57ea4571392b8a8d9aa6e4dfTim Taubert — Backed out changeset ba0287a8920f (bug 716538) a=akeybl
c6fcc091279c8979a1ac75d1bf1a0333e8aea30cBenjamin Smedberg — Bug 727401 - import libpng overflow patch from r=joe, a=akeybl
9ad3b142fe47fb04f9fcfb77af400b87889aa2d1Kyle Huey — Bug 725848: ProxyCompleteRunnable must always run, even when clearing the event queue. r=bent a=akeybl
d3c833832242638f234d4fc1888af60244b530d4Kyle Huey — Bug 725885: Worker interval timers can be deleted prematurely. r=bent a=akeybl
07b25bee8bd150b6c6716efa316b59aed6519b28Gavin Sharp — Bug 723808: don't allow loads in type=content docshells to inherit the system principal, r=bz, a=akeybl
dd496886b608623308b8bef85187c3713fc859bcSteven Michaud — Bug 721160 - Stop explicitly linking libcrypto on OS X. r=ted a=akeybl
6d5e4ae2229e5b8c301ee9a3fa8e84ca8103a811Tim Taubert — Bug 725668 - [New Tab Page] Typo in NewTabUtils.jsm - undefined variable; r=dao a=akeybl
3c05502ba4ace4f1ab1aa95c2be6f3625c56b66cMakoto Kato — Bug 717121 - crash nsMIMEHeaderParamImpl::DoParameterInternal. r=bz, a=akeybl
19788bc83248b9776ef492ec1e97424370d67ebdMats Palmgren — Bug 724432 - Skip UpdateOverflow if we did Reflow. Don't propagate UpdateOverflow in ReResolveStyleContext. r=roc a=akeybl
c5fce77e6f195778afae12061130594df0386eb7Mats Palmgren — merge backout
58710da82f8ff50ce6934ba50caed8199ce24070Mats Palmgren — Backout Part 4 of bug 524925 (73eaf1199ff0). r=roc a=akeybl
1444f8427e81eeda207b419e987cbdeea09efc1cMats Palmgren — merge backout
00c7793f07703ba409dbcde1f67951e26709ca53Mats Palmgren — Backout bug 719177 (2cae7e5c62ae,07bd73451aa4,13739446fc8e,0246973f2513,f222fbece983,8f11aaac24dc). r=roc a=akeybl
76e53f59457fc92242f44c0cacf0d1cdad52b3dfMats Palmgren — merge backout
95b5009ae49f73e69873ba60d54ec954831c7382Mats Palmgren — Backout bug 722117 (a5569fc4c390). r=roc a=akeybl
68abb9fd7d6cbf62281b004bab6f5f9b7a04f701Brian R. Bondy — Bug 720521 - MozillaMaintenance service does not get uninstalled when Firefox is uninstalled. r=jimm. a=akeybl
b1ac78935db9e4306edc166c72573b73984ac8ebMounir Lamouri — Bug 709448 - File input click() handling should allow openControlled popups. r=bz a=akeybl
f816d64080b8514e84d1af8fc460c9679a8e71c2Brian R. Bondy — Bug 719947 - Add an indeterminate progress bar for updates applied from service. r=rstrong. a=akeybl
96584d3595fa876146da89d8fbe7eabc33d18fdfMarco Bonardo — Bug 723044 - Don't trigger moz_hosts frecency update when updating frecency on idle.
a151c6a7592a60958693c75ff819853aa743d103Jared Wein — Bug 725122 - Fix the intermittent timeouts by only setting the src attribute of the <audio> element after the event listener has been added. r=neil a=akeybl
f1ca688e9a4aae6590dca1ec27a9aa3c6027c3a6Jared Wein — Bug 722532 - Large play button should not be displayed on audio elements. r=dolske a=akeybl
3979dbbde70e8dd63b0e2322547808f18bacc190Gavin Sharp — Bug 724145: add telemetry for whether keyword.URL is user-set, r=jaws, a=akeybl
f076711d9973c75a83799a0afdaee072df448850Paul Rouget — Bug 699121 - Style Editor should save file:// URLs immediately. r=paul, r=cedricv, a=akeybl
4e7a1c34196df679d50ddd05408b25604f39226bVictor Porof — Bug 724778 - Improve CSS editor toolbar alignment. r=dao, a=akeybl
49a2a17edbf699a1bd41d9b6729eaef79dfeb3dbSimon Montagu — Change SetForcedCharset to BrowserSetForcedCharacterSet. Bug 724776, r+a=gavin
9d47691b06d9b61c40aec5d488f2a2596c7576fbGregory Szorc — Bug 725083 - Handle undefined sourceURI when installing add-ons; r=rnewman, a=akeybl
6b8c57dc160aa2bf42fe559484914ec99430fa5cBrian Hackett — Tweak logic when analyzing properties of new scripts, bug 720380. r=dvander a=johnath
55ede99684cd891b5eaa8d6a57bb088733a1abe6Phil Ringnalda — Bug 724455 - mark conformance/textures/texture-mips.html and conformance/textures/texture-npot.html as failing on 10.7, r=bjacob, a=akeybl
2ab48f3e27d3c636d020ec51d965916007632017Benoit Jacob — Bug 700429 - mark uniformfBadArgs.html and uniformiBadArgs.html as passing on 10.7, r=jgilbert, a=akeybl
46a2e9a276f1a95bc022470496e95559888414a4Kyle Huey — Fix Bug 657588. r=bsmedberg a=akeybl
7a1b738dd4e78d184357b3dfcf6e0d10def7def5Dão Gottwald — Bug 724516 - Unregress handling of large standalone images that should span multiple pages when printing. r=roc a=akeybl
57e02511df21666e3cfa48a96cfdec95ec6cfd29Diogo Golovanevsky Monteiro — Bug 713383 - Directly viewed images should be printed with a transparent background on the body. r=dao a=akeybl
ba73c174bac6ba2c6e1c326ef0c7d6d550bf6aa6Marco Bonardo — Bug 722254 - Add an XPCOMUtils method to generate a singleton factory.
72ec179d6f8e96fdbc2fe2feaafe331f93e95638Matthew Noorenberghe — Bug 722636 - Only show "Undo Add to Dictionary" context menu on text fields and add separator r=ehsan a=akeybl
59dd99d012ec3768b51c46be822a08ade8481716Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 725069 - Never mark the comment nodes as editable; r=roc a=akeybl
f9b5e1f66169ea120383cc49f4a52880b5e7ce76Zack Weinberg — Bug 682141 band-aid: add another todo missed the first time. r=cpearce a=akeybl
17659ede539f5eed214ff60b103d4da4f1df8514Mike Hommey — Bug 725736 - Properly wrap getaddrinfo and related symbols (regression from bug 683127 part 2) r=dougt a=mfinkle
20f0d78e17416ccac1ecf86985d31c7c23375d41Tim Taubert — Bug 723102 - [New Tab Page] Can't Hide/Show New Tab Page when closing left tab; r=jaws a=akeybl
c99d404f4267570863b00faa333834e4df5ab0d7Tim Taubert — Bug 722479 - browser/components/thumbnails/test/ tests leak chrome://global/content/mozilla.xhtml; r=dao a=akeybl
ba0287a8920fb25b8477fced86e57e76c5717074Tim Taubert — Bug 716538 - [New Tab Page] Set to enabled by default on Nightly; r=jaws a=akeybl
26c731b682ceec3a25432347d0050816d030c82bNathan Froyd — Backout Bug 707320. r=taras a=akeybl
e844448f2d1d171290f6428660f944b46206d943Brian Smith — Bug 712363, Part 5: Add back synchronous cert validation for Thunderbird, r=honzab,a=akeybl
dd0380ff42643a2ba3b8ff4310f12c7bf39327eaBrian Smith — Bug 712363, Part 4: Split the creation of CertErrorRunnable from the dispatching of it, r=honzab,a=akeybl
8e27df1d74b47fdfd7c381050d3a6474c09e8ce1Brian Smith — Bug 712363, Part 3: Correct the documentation of how threading works, r=honzab,a=akeybl
38c4b6c2a63e7699c3af6a7bf57ce762b9e6bd31Brian Smith — Bug 712363, Part 2: Move CertErrorRunnable, SSLServerCertVerificationResult, and HandleBadCertificate to SSLServerCertVerification.cpp, r=honzab,a=akeybl
0bff753b0529cfe5b7ae5e746adc428ee082ec03Honza Bambas — Bug 712363, Part 1: Make SyncRunnableBase work without deadlocking when run on the main thread, r=honzab,a=akeybl
97e11c38e51bcd4aa6ab02fad0f06b8a8382d7ceBenoit Jacob — Bug 718629 - intermittent waitpid failure causes OpenGL features to be blacklisted on X11 - r=karlt, a=akeybl
baeb3c39c4772aec1996fbe7c882ff2841e79f87Gavin Sharp — Back out parts of bug 698986 to resolve bug 716945, a=akeybl
2ce0548f5e52cc958d1357e0047d836e1e49a987Olli Pettay — Bug 723157 - Call forgetSkippable more often, r=mccr8, a=akeybl
36476c9edc645fab23800226d6d5bbfac6eae1a4Olli Pettay — Bug 723064, r=mccr8, a=akeybl
87c39b5f821ce804864641461f0f449c60233b03Chris Pearce — Bug 718939 - Backout bea7ecf9084e. r=roc a=akeybl
6236433849116bab8b7a9c5c0da49e060cb585acOlli Pettay — Bug 724284, cleanup XBL proto setup, r=bz a=akeybl
cd3f31d128b8a3e888c39f5b932d50edccf4783cMatt Brubeck — Bug 723480 - Mouse events in XUL Fennec broken by bug 721484 [r=blassey, a=akeybl]
c7f3d449b282121129f9524381beb6dc4ab2e8a1Matt Brubeck — Bug 723746 - XUL Fennec uses non-tablet layout on ICS tablets [r=mfinkle, a=akeybl]
7c3ad9f9c38d8a984c6de044e9bc3044c204ebd7Mark Finkle — Bug 671634 - Fennec UA changes. Useragent should be different between phones and tablets. r=me sr=bz a=gerv,akeybl
784efd5bfec0668bb9030ae639b80458fc7b12aeChris Lord — Bug 724230 - Backout ondemand tiling. r=blassey, kats a=mfinkle
9f620b4e916d3d5cdbb4609c4f61ac776388d842Mark Finkle — Bug 715262 - 'Browse Add-ons' link on about:home and Add-ons Manager icon in about:addons should point to new AMO Android product r=mbrubeck a=akeybl
111665833e7dcf8a1790e4052c9e82f8e7ef316fEhsan Akhgari — Bug 707037 - Revert the update check frequency increase (bug 707020); a=akeybl
65c1ea711b91702e6dbb1332122281f188051457Mark Finkle — Backout 0eac67dba10f, test not ready for aurora r=mfinkle a=mfinkle
bdb7d2cdf138cf32801ffb6dcb160191ecbc9c35Mark Finkle — Backout aeb3e5db799e, tests are not ready for aurora r=mfinkle a=mfinkle
1e51e4d8d70b418802ea4b2335f5abd85af71535Mark Finkle — Backout cb8140c09c30, test is not ready for aurora r=mfinkle a=mfinkle
dbe501301fcfefb2e4fcd60622802151a207980dSriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 721769: BrowserToolbar's edit-field should expand when stop/site-security is not shown. [r=mfinkle a=mfinkle]
27cc69c36cc84af7e355756262c01cf2d7a00bbcSriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 711185: Restrict autocomplete height to rows present and space available. [r=mfinkle a=akeybl]
cb8140c09c30c0147c44d7e5115ac364d7ae57e9Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 720538 - Add a regression test. r=jmaher a=akeybl
a216293125905c16c9a664450e4af1b15924d689Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 720538 - Remove unused functions and variables. r=wesj a=akeybl
1b5272d0974c32e4f01ba674ff554975fedb3f76Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 720538 - Re-use getValidViewportMetrics to ensure the zoom-to rect is valid. r=wesj a=akeybl
ed47bdb3676245a7ee9c763ad98f2d4a3a7b4489Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 720538 - Clarify and fix incorrect rect bottom calculation. r=wesj a=akeybl
fefd5adb4134563c72f94c891f557c2989fe7b65Brian Nicholson — Bug 723349 - Fix params in addTab on session restore failure. r=mfinkle a=akeybl
0eac67dba10fdf213b0980adb2a62a602575e9bbChris Lord — Bug 717349 - Add a checkerboarding test to Robotium. r=jmaher a=akeybl
aeb3e5db799e88c7a800839accf3e7d34a80df3cChris Lord — Bug 717349 - Add checkerboard testing to Robotium. r=jmaher a=akeybl
dfce8408f9407da0a2f1f96b0998b386a329e5b1Chris Lord — Bug 717349 - Add optional render and checkerboarding profiling. r=kats a=akeybl
976580a0c9d79f3e717e060e011f3ed00c3d0e53Brad Lassey — bug 721741 - Add support for Flash on Android 4.0+, follow up to use reflection and not require ICS SDK r=dougt a=akeybl
d39937f28182dbe2731cc90057dba9bf725676cfJames Willcox — Bug 721741 - Add support for Flash on Android 4.0+ r=blassey a=akeybl
2f88bdcf5fbf925c15a629f5bbc50459c7f10109Lucas Rocha — Bug 720764 - Show toast notification when opening link in a new tab in awesomebar (r=mfinkle a=akeybl)
4e7107d35192e74612ddf7241ac897ab95eac0f4Lucas Rocha — Bug 722655 - Fix crash on about:home when tab isn't present (r=mfinkle a=akeybl)
53b837964a4b5fba0a13cd740cba707d6c0a3133Lucas Rocha — Bug 710335 - Hide recommended addons section from about:home when empty (r=mfinkle a=akeybl)
b1cd565bc9991489adce96e442f68c057e76e617Lucas Rocha — Bug 722752 - Show/hide sync banner when sync accounts are added/removed (r=mfinkle a=akeybl)
01693365cd8501f4f76e71b2783fa14c03a4f32eBrian Nicholson — Bug 723550 - Lots of base64 decode errors in logcat [r=blassey a=akeybl]
de903fa58268937a1d173592bdd3c433aa1558c8Brian Hackett — Catch some opcodes which return directly from a script, bug 723099. r=dvander a=akeybl
f68ab5b1ce7afafce5dd920f205b889c2f7789faMatt Brubeck — Bug 723917 - NullPointerException when removing a menu item [r=sriram a=akeybl]
3f61c19f697d865995bea8d6fe90bb2e810ace4dBrian Nicholson — Bug 719479 - Don't animate tab counter during session restore. r=mfinkle a=akeybl
c9fb84b0331eacdeaf36d3c71e10cabb03b8dffeKyle Huey — Bug 723029: Check result code before using the database. r=taras a=akeybl
b577cc1e8d9b105aa8c7ec0a65aa787bf9a1d459Gregory Szorc — Bug 723323 - Add extensions.getWithPerformance.url pref; r=Unfocused, a=keybl
10b4c33374b7b85d1f276b3eb9e9fc0fe2c525ecGregory Szorc — Bug 716736 - Re-add performance data to daily add-on update check; r=Unfocused, a=keybl
68fb495e3183754b2692f438dbe664a1c48cbea9Boris Zbarsky — Bug 723446. Be a little more careful changing declarations on keyframe rules. r=dbaron, a=akeybl
1f3329e303fe0676950a1430467427361e4fbb5aMargaret Leibovic — Bug 719875 - "Tap to activate plugin" placeholder can't be tapped after going back/forward in history. r=mfinkle a=akeybl
ed8a492bca0a48482aa56f52b6d5d414f389fdf2Brad Lassey — bug 723305 - Tabs menu uses smoothScrollToPosition(), which doesn't exist in eclair r=mfinkle a=akeybl
49f5c924b7a55b422d7cc4c634e9fb24146a7f3aBrad Lassey — bug 723243 - SimpleScaleGestureDetector uses getActionIndex(), which is not available in eclair r=wesj a=akeybl
7c4652b0f3b08c7faf52debb6399e09ccf0dc14dBrad Lassey — bug 723151 - No drawable resources defined for eclair r=mfinkle f=sriram a=akeybl
40793282254ebde719faecb2f7a657a5f70b6a71Brad Lassey — bug 723159 - Base64.decode not available on eclair r=mfinkle a=akeybl
cc433916cd1de3d15efcad4a23f201875a42d8d3Brad Lassey — bug 720408 - Exception handling message Tab:ScreenshotData: java.lang.StringIndexOutOfBoundsException r=mfinkle a=akeybl
06e1d3d61dda56155f6ffdb08dac588e9ebea714Brad Lassey — bug 705874 - Binary XML file line #6: Error inflating class org.mozilla.gecko.BrowserToolbar (Startup crash on Android 2.1) r=mfinkle a=akeybl
e222d18ba92cb8503af397d4054f6f3511410678Matt Brubeck — Bug 723772 - Mousemove events broken in XUL fennec [r=wesj a=akeybl]
0eafcf050b50ab41138582b197d1c819917cb761Wes Johnston — Bug 723200 - Enable multitouch by default on Android. r=mbrubeck a=akeybl
f010ed04ac8df00c737a6df02b0f0692d8b2aac4Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 715260: Web apps support should be hidden as it is not supported now. [r=mfinkle a=akeybl]
120652cab07582fa4c12a31252b1a0bd8b41fea7Wes Johnston — Bug 721079 - Calling preventDefault on the first touchmove event prevents panning, but not quickly enough. r=smaug a=akeybl
566bf2358dc4cfb3194b018ae0a0e0ca53f5f1f3Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 723899: There is no "empty" resource in ICS. [r=mfinkle] [a=akeybl]
9fb0c06ceb49cc13eb9ae1b88f78aaa3bcec50faMargaret Leibovic — Bug 724045 - createMobileBookmarksFolder doesn't set title or parent. r=mfinkle, r=rnewman, a=akeybl
64d39b99f7a4bdf55a9c7f899f95f3bde32aef43Richard Newman — Bug 724297 - Firefox Sync launcher icon opens settings or Fennec main activity, not setup. a=akeybl
13d4e59381f6f6a03a58351c3e9a48496775810fRichard Newman — Bug 718544, Bug 723992 - adjust Sync's permissions. a=akeybl
badab638e09d6416c0d99568a5d1ef4a24001291Richard Newman — Bug 723235, Bug 720304, Bug 723240 - Request bookmarks and history items sorted by sortindex/frecency, with limits. a=akeybl
4f769f1fcf824e48ed6e683e476da6a2bb101cb8Richard Newman — Bug 720934 - Part 2: Collected Android Sync 0.4 code drop (Bug 722945, Bug 709348). a=mobile, a=akeybl
b07aec0d378b3837fc52dfe9c8a622d229e98664Richard Newman — Bug 718703 - Part 2: makefile change to preprocess sync_options.xml. r=ted, a=akeybl
600a1f8793787c1dfcb53efbd631f37e3aaa93c3Richard Newman — Bug 718703 - Part 1: Sync crashes from Pair a Device link in sync settings. r=rnewman, a=akeybl
769552280aa42137d18fbb97e344a8b8dff1c6d7Richard Newman — Bug 722430 - Propagate NoSuchAlgorithmException and InvalidKeyException; wrap in CryptoException higher up the call stack. r=rnewman, a=akeybl
43ee85dffc7bfb090b6c1e407bfe632bd28f97edRichard Newman — Bug 722896. r=dchan, a=akeybl
d6581d4115cf194619882921bdf0fa3971911d0dRichard Newman — Bug 722426 - Remove WRITE_SECURE_SETTINGS from the Android manifest, since this permission is only granted to system/firmware applications. r=rnewman, a=akeybl
99eca3dd8a7cfe4429098e9f0ef55f2b21b7c492Richard Newman — Bug 722434 - check for failure after JSON parsing. r=rnewman, a=akeybl
6aa8343c3b4a8b82fe11672cd1d84d7402eeb19fRichard Newman — Bug 720934 - Part 1: Collected Android Sync 0.4 code drop (Bug 721305, Bug 709348, Bug 719693, Bug 709660, Bug 718703). a=mobile, a=akeybl
e6022b12e254735d6e7640f30595c99ab40d47e4Richard Newman — Bug 718703 - Part 0: Makefile fix for preprocessing multiple files. r=ted, a=akeybl
73f3d8eeb937f4c73472268ba72791d92e6a8ef4Chris Lord — Bug 722325 - Revert bug 720987 for transformed frames. r=roc a=akeybl
63278b4cbe87bb63f1211bd7adcdabbec33bd5d6Justin Lebar — Back out bug 715308 and bug 721510 due to crashes and intermittent OSX reftest failures. r=joe a=akeybl
7d6a233980336f902066a282c8f157861cf78853Robert Longson — Bug 722882 - Regression in scripted SVG attribute changes. r=jwatt, a=akeybl.
5588d4b9d3790a5a7f37945f30883ec56d07d159Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 718684 - Fix rect calculation so that the form assist works within iframes too. r=sriram a=mfinkle
0222e009ec90922d40313da215871e591a640303Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 718684 - Cleanup: remove trailing whitespace and unnecessary variables. r=sriram a=mfinkle
208a45339c607b565fb3b87fd924c4826c106a42Brian Nicholson — Bug 721341 - Get zombie tab thumbnails from database. r=blassey a=mfinkle
c4bb47d063c87394c24765ac9a78b143bafeb381Brian Nicholson — Bug 721341 - Add getThumbnailForUrl to browser databases. r=blassey a=mfinkle
756657eac2e0d33f26500a7df5cee23240efeb09Brian Nicholson — Bug 721341 - Do not restore background tabs in session restore until viewed. r=mfinkle a=mfinkle
e557bbede99947e373638b36d11e2a3bd0f15cebWes Johnston — Bug 721080 - Pages with touch event listeners that don't call preventDefault should not hold up panning. r=dougt a=akeybl
2b18a071c9b24d821e658017e43e2d30ef2d628cWes Johnston — Bug 721076 - Set correct prevent panning mode on touchdown. r=kats a=akeybl
21dd26f143abcfc8582c1725c7e7123c87e97887Wes Johnston — Bug 721076 - Return correct prevent default value if there are no changed touches. r=smaug a=akeybl
d63ae89f6c9791a3ce94f7866bb2eb3850be51f0James Willcox — Bug 707824 - hide plugin views immediately when closing or switching tabs r=blassey a=mfinkle
ff1c55497404af13b1af76fc493851eb6a49f259Matt Brubeck — Back out ae27914c62ac (bug 719560) because of Android XUL test failures. a=backout
ad17a574d68a23f0332e77bb8879117c0cabf30bDoug Turner — Bug 721006 - Crash when setting a very large document.title. r=mfinkle a=dougt
ae27914c62acd6acb51967bac3af993f7f7a4c73Brad Lassey — bug 719560 - Can't publish split native and xul builds under the same product on android market r=mbrubeck a=akeybl
e2132d9cfb7d97430c0d17fd7e555402caaefadaBrian Nicholson — Bug 719900 - Remove blank favicon images from awesomebar lists. r=mfinkle a=akeybl
c0de524a4cca6844ad6fc9b109c51a358bbf33c8Matt Brubeck — Bug 720932 - Clean up default search engine code [r=wesj, a=akeybl]
8edb8d421bef134b36569394eb353ef4500a7354Matt Brubeck — Bug 723084 - Remove observers when tabs are destroyed [r=bnicholson, a=akeybl]
4e3a872ac00d0cf457bafd8c7c98ff863aad2c08Mark Finkle — Bug 722627 - NativeWindow.contextmenus.remove creates a JS exception r=wesj a=akeybl
15d8f3c6072d59e5b3d075e751e5e2529807e56fMargaret Leibovic — Bug 722586 - Correctly update active/inactive browsers. r=mfinkle a=akeybl
72dd0b3694fc9b0d93782741411e007e0c9cfcbcMatt Brubeck — Bug 722808 - Back out c0ae127e29cd (bug 717522) because of nightly build failures [a=akeybl]
f5bc594f5b4819bbe42bb29c276d792f4569285eArmen Zambrano Gasparnian — Bug 719567. expand talos.json to support pageloader.xpi. r=jmaher, a=akeybl
ac0c9d29c16f27e6f73e0f49f0c382a2d832756aRichard Newman — Bug 721305 - should use …, not .... a=akeybl
6fb3bf2324365a87ae04416e4d91e8e6227dfdf4Alex Keybl — Added tag BETA_BASE_20120131 for changeset 4191ccc5f66c CLOSED TREE a=migration r=migration NO BUG
15ee4136abf026a085439408441987bf79928b99Ed Morley — Backout d74a924a149b (in effect relanding bug 707320) due to M-oth orange
33496286f2aa88f19684bc8dcf7418ed4e8ea9ccAlex Keybl — Changed branding from nightly to aurora
9fe9199410e89b6c239745d0a9c45900701f06efAlex Keybl — Version bump from 12.0a1 to 12.0a2
bbc7014db2de49e2301680d2a86be8a53108a88aDoug Turner — Bug 720092 - java.lang.IndexOutOfBoundsException: getChars (0 ... 88168) ends beyond length 0. We do not know why this is happening yet. This patch catches the throw and logs what values we have for start and end. r=alexp AURORA_BASE_20120131
294b0fcf805b82675ce98dcc0a76264dbe9dd27aRail Alieev — bug 714978: change mac osx compiler in official branded beta+release builds from using -j1 to -j4. r=nthomas DONTBUILD because it doesn't affect dep/nightly builds.
f64c0d0b436b4a2827f4cf5e7b8d59e48a5c001bEd Morley — Merge last PGO-green changeset of mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central
69daa03d3ce35a4a36f33be1522a14df83fe42d8Ed Morley — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound
b26ac73e455441df4adb5aef4de0e1c049038436Brian Smith — Bug 710176, Part 2: Import ssl_Poll fix from bug 542832, r=kaie
fc9db5c753795359ac867efdfdcdc6551d55e7e1Brian Smith — Bug 710176, Part 1: Do not do TLS intolerance timeout during cert validation, r=honzab
eac4b032f258ab636d5d6adb598ce979210ae6deMakoto Kato — Bug 716233 - Use Roboto as default on ICS. r=jdaggett
1faaebaf134fbd36b01d620449714531a03322eeEd Morley — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound
d2bf6d11d889618553625580ae5a2718221e642bMarkus Stange — Bug 715867 - Don't fire duplicate sizemodechange events on Mac. r=smichaud
c0256a2b39861b37fbb40918eabf2313d0d90915Makoto Kato — Bug 719319 - unnecessary to use additional OS_LIBS for firefox.exe. r=khuey
7b5995e5d55126d8feea79c42208dbd3a7ecb75dSimon Montagu — Remove unnecessary test for next sibling. Bug 722137, r=roc
159c690b5aa549f18640e4399ca691b02a292d36Simon Montagu — test for bug 722137, r=roc
8919c54229e147cbe099f9e3ad59ee9a86ab4580Chris Lord — Bug 722068 - Fix invalidation during animations in MultiTileLayer. r=pcwalton
43db43f13cdeb20d5ef62bdaddca552b5b0d91f8Chris Lord — Bug 720613 - Prevent resizing before the surface has been created. r=pcwalton
e42f47918fafd4a830f4c14d017c1607123e2309Rafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 683975 - Need infra for developer contributed compilers. r=rail.
5cb20ac871d04df5c69c4ca88c5a5f3fdfbb4a96Makoto Kato — Backout bug Bug 702179 due to bustage on MacOSX deubg and Win32 debug
5a8ff4828791d9aa2d487b0902db8ef9764fe548Ginn Chen — Bug 702179 Reland 1d0ec7fa8b96 since Bug 719742 is fixed.
c75743aa5bcef7738a5869d7e4bd379b92d24cdfAlexander Surkov — Bug 707654 - embeds relation on root accessible can return not content document, r=davidb
3e14b079b2306333da0ddd7b2fdab9ae5efadab7Ginn Chen — Bug 717861 GetVsize and GetResident underestimate memory size on Solaris r=justin.lebar
d74a924a149bde74758b49d7ced9147e449b7ac1Justin Lebar — Back out bug 707320 (revs 5a315a55ea7e, 6c2b90a11ea8, 5c40a413d9a9, 51bffa83d14f) due to startup crashes (e.g. bug 722545). r=froydnj
a71b7cea4577de5f0e3103ae02fda13f1eace112Tim Taubert — merge m-c to fx-team
5421a03367b800dcb935f946a661d0fdf7129be4Tim Taubert — Backed out changeset ff95d5991457 (bug 716538)
1fd0846a865f6eabf2ae0fcf449321403b6f7c8fJared Wein — Bug 710373 - Pressing the vertical slider down arrow should move three lines instead of one. r=roc
ff95d59914578e24deb8dd86ebf1670e8c750312Tim Taubert — Bug 716538 - [New Tab Page] Set to enabled by default on Nightly; r=jaws
1f3c7fa158aa4b7ffef8873f3f80f00f56b8accdMarco Bonardo — Bug 720792 - browser_urlbarAutoFillTrimURLs.js cause can't work with autoFill nonzero delay
060de47a1822f740fd317a0a18f96da47ca60b95Ed Morley — Merge last PGO-green changeset of mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central
2fa163bb05d764c56d243c345d003cd39567c3a2Wes Johnston — Bug 721484 - Don't disable mouse events for touch events. r=blassey
4b41e38a1f131e29c491ba26ee4cea0d89f53899Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 721125 - Prevent the edge resistance from being negative, which can wreak havoc on the viewport. r=pcwalton
042092c83f226993dc822bc8d16c0db6b547018cMargaret Leibovic — Bug 719868 - Progress throbber still shows when we load about:home on startup. r=mfinkle
c0fa1e61c61933710f1d25c480a29a9779368fecBas Schouten — Bug 712630: Mark some tests random when D2D is used. r=roc
0cbdbe1c65134a9a9fe2dd7f266c9951d21fc68bBas Schouten — Bug 718730: Allow creating a bitmap from just an A8 texture. r=jrmuizel
c645bbfc747563fa469d07d78d39a97ef6a7b92cBas Schouten — Bug 719136: Don't attempt to upload when there's nothing to upload. r=jrmuizel
c654ab313a6d00b408344e68ed494ece98bfc9f8Bas Schouten — Bug 624109: Deal with failing DXGI factory creation due to DLL injections. r=joedrew
713814f071689ff0852bbb61b6128a875edc1c94Bas Schouten — Bug 715658: Properly invalidate cached SourceSurfaces. r=jrmuizel
2fdade6a758224c989211700fa2ab5733cb9f90dWes Johnston — Bug 721079 - Report pages with touch event listeners to Java. r=mfinkle
d935729476d9a41eb926ae75d834aaa050343081Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 708687 - Snap the page when the page size changes and pushes it into overscroll. r=pcwalton
e7a004ba490e15b9b83ae24a98bef66e67c56ef0Brad Lassey — backout 934ce089223c because xul builds can't install on tegras running 2.2 to run tests
a3358c5fa80af764d9f961a5a82885d73abaa103Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 713464: Application Locale should not be reset from CPP. [r=mfinkle]
43550ac61001c4a4857e88f4eb93c194273b6ba5Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 720144 - Add a simple pixel test to testLoad to ensure the page loaded and was visible. r=jmaher
2934da670f6247a91c99c2b764131b68a2431434Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 720144 - Expose methods in robocop to grab the painted surface and to compare pixels. r=jmaher
a3e88a6dd4c9e0592a2dcf1e4ce43073b6f1ef0cKartikaya Gupta — Bug 720144 - Allow listening for draw updates and obtaining a copy of the composited surface for robocop testing. r=Cwiiis
f123328d6dacc248a608825864ad7437ed847ab6James Willcox — Bug 721803 - Add known-good devices to direct texture whitelist r=blassey
47a3904d3523a722725f4f30804478e92b815478David Mandelin — Bug 714616: fix write barrier in Array.shift, r=billm
f719c5a97683cde655105608fa3c55be4ee84ad5David Bolter — Bug 722248 - Some chrome accessibles report incorrect visibility states. r=MarcoZ
0aacfba4caab859ad3d089f6ac5c285a9eaaef43David Anderson — Support soft-float for ARMv6 (bug 696291, r=mrosenberg).
02e01981f3629cd48dfce476489fce5d78feab6aJeff Walden — Bug 722023 - Only call GetElementIC::attachGetProp with named properties, not indexed properties. r=bhackett
a5337afc5350a711ebce44d9e1644f5109818576Jeff Walden — Bug 721322 - Functions containing |expr.arguments| should be marked (conservatively) as using arguments. r=jorendorff
192205ad7f9cebc99c4ef46482ab57d6230e8590Brian Nicholson — Bug 710845 - Don't show disabled search engines in AwesomeBar. r=mfinkle
934ce089223cf570c51c798adbe3356ffec12b4cBrad Lassey — bug 719560 - Can't publish split native and xul builds under the same product on android market r=mbrubeck
9eafdaeae37878ebd13de2da3b36752f3c164494Marco Castelluccio — Bug 702158 - [Skia] Get Skia backend working on Linux, part 2
cfefd7606d75f68a4baf355e93a81f876f2eaa16Makoto Kato — Bug 719718 - hostxpt is unnecessary even if cross. r=khuey
ef4badb703b714404f2216de6641cb33fcfa0284Brad Lassey — bug 721547 - don't generate large screenshot when tab menu is opening r=minkle
532d055cabd6c3eba536907021c172b836be90e4Nathan Froyd — Bug 715953 - add telemetry for recent background timers; r=bz
94bae0abad47cca863d5fdae87a217a3b3b29ba1Daniel Holbert — Bug 722510: Remove unused argument from nsBlockFrame::DrainOverflowLines. r=roc
5fc3efb1d791bb8a3787c3ca4d48b789aa933b52Michael Wu — Bug 719647 - Add Touch Event support to Gonk widget backend, r=cjones
c3d1e9d47da338983a6a4dd40b5294ad6f74ccddMatt Brubeck — Bug 719921 - Enable add-ons compatible by default for Fennec [r=wesj]
365277d89057e868cbbd97d611a1dc0d0f8e902cMatt Brubeck — Back out 1d4d44ecd75c and 823cd2815483 (bug 709230) on suspicion of causing intermittent startup crashes
543a3ea8cbc81949781512cd12f5e105e2d8a96aScott Johnson — Backout 561e1013aba0 for bustage on windows.
068243a9667908922fd57b3449bc1c0221dfe8c4Scott Johnson — Backout 828713f89601 for bustage on windows.
c89909dee64ff3240a13493fcb0644c0195d94e0Scott Johnson — Backout 648e5e5b9dd3 for bustage on windows.
f64266a2463a3d963e927edd435f48ad8bb7115fScott Johnson — Backout 656500fc5e79 for windows bustage.
de33a82cee1f3f22326bba3375d6f55d48a7c53dScott Johnson — Backout 6a4c4cb828a8 for bustage on windows.
15ca5d162a81dad7cd563c338dfce6ea7f603acaScott Johnson — Backout 10b455909e94 for bustage on windows.
f8ea7f4307ca47cd5ed10c78d9132793b369d5bcScott Johnson — Backed out changeset 5d81f5f84779
5d81f5f84779072a87fb9a3714a767dfaaf3a4edScott Johnson — Backout 561e1013aba0:10b455909e94 for bustage on Windows.
5a4a56fea6082ff4669c425df88e14ace0b8f75aMargaret Leibovic — Bug 718126 - Tapping the video scrubber doesnt work on Native Fennec. r=wesj
c52ce509a5c3a6ad9081f1b5ddff2aa397ca5ff3Blake Kaplan — Bug 722318 - Ask wpa_supplicant if it had already connected before we connected to it. r=gal
10b455909e944bad69d160653477d77e02a3b44fKan-Ru Chen — Bug 709585 - Part 6/6, Connect DOM and hal. r=sicking
6a4c4cb828a8f45133fb6a1c0dcb2c545ffd2b0dKan-Ru Chen — Bug 709585 - Part 5/6, hal code for the Power API. r=cjones
656500fc5e791f1f4a68935e038671b9f946862bKan-Ru Chen — Bug 709585 - Part 4/6, Dummy PowerManager DOM code. r=sicking
648e5e5b9dd38fa9aad01d72a6cbfb7218f2485fKan-Ru Chen — Bug 709585 - Part 3/6, Plug mozPower into navigator object. r=sicking
828713f896011476485e4326f3806757b9ede9f0Kan-Ru Chen — Bug 709585 - Part 2/6, PowerManager interface. r=sicking
561e1013aba0b3ac5db71a2de28adc32b28dfeb1Kan-Ru Chen — Bug 709585 - Part 1/6, Makefile boilerplate. r=sicking, sr=gal
6d180635060d2f324fdace497c98bad8fea91a23Scott Johnson — Bug 706198 - Disable font inflation on sites optimized for mobile to avoid strangely inflated text. [r=mbrubeck,dbaron]
cfa6e7eff71f8d0ca66197b0b1c486c1bf27fcc6Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 717681: The URL bar adds a black line on rotation and screen lock. [r=mfinkle]
27f749dda6fd87d3f20981b8e151f304364011b6Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 721628 (part 5) - Use size_t instead of int64_t in some JS memory reporting structs. r=luke.
829732925bfa6dbac73d7d73011119dac832fcc6Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 721628 (part 4) - Use better names for various JS memory reporting things. r=Ms2ger.
19b63ce08d27a2d4fd1db21df1ed9560c2ec728bNicholas Nethercote — Bug 721628 (part 3) - Rename several size type-inference-related measurement functions and types. r=bhackett.
c7cc6d203ced99d864dace315e2af078a49444b3Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 721628 (part 2) - Remove mention of slop bytes from JS memory reporter descriptions. r=luke.
c6aad97a8288dc56680fff090d70913d93e3b0c3Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 721628 (part 1) - remove the non-working shell built-in stringstats(). r=luke.
e42e07e4f6689480074274b7ca7e46f41e692c08Justin Dolske — Bug 718253 - Critical omission from en-us spelling dictionary ;-). r=ehsan
e4ed1817e1a77d3b2ed4cc0d1a9bdb3026585876Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 722444. Initialize mData for 0 sized surfaces. r=bgirard
bf005f6e4d5f39c42b3cb0c50e8e852f6d1cd7e0Benoit Girard — Bug 722164 - Set Azure Quartz Canvas image interpolation to low for better performance. r=jmuizelaar
8e80c7006ebafa9775bd228aaa10c3afa6f16217James Willcox — Bug 719872 (part 2) - Use old FontHost implementation on Android r=mattwoodrow
b735935813b2174fed1330293f25802c673b43aeJames Willcox — Bug 719872 (part 1) - Backout 8de271eee34b r=mattwoodrow DONTBUILD
567bc606a167a6ca4d84aaedeab8ba1a33f7789aKartikaya Gupta — Bug 722367 - Update path to robocop.apk and fennec_ids.txt in mochitest-robotium target. r=jmaher
15f4101321a3ccd1c9962e8f78e8ef1238c96d87Till Schneidereit — Bug 679026 - Add gcMallocBytes per compartment. r=gwagner
e676b8f86ab121d1c8615a0e6e3f35e57653f102Landry Breuil — Bug 667325: On OpenBSD, try to open r=khuey
9f162faf97d261ed019addb9ff186b842e12d71eDaniel Holbert — Bug 722424: Reorder SyncChannel init list to fix build warning. r=jmathies
b7e5bbe0003df7d098e14d7b95a84cffc8501404Igor Bukanov — bug 722348 - eliminate JSRuntime::requestCount. r=luke
ea33b9fb8a717946f00ff0c218de6f9c9ed62b1aNathan Froyd — Bug 718214 - provide mozilla::Telemetry::CanRecord; r=taras
3c2a8aa90e0683a7889c59f773140fc52a6eaaf2Daniel Holbert — Bug 722075: Fix $(NULL)-after-commented-out-lines in a mochitest Makefile. r=gavin
cae76db91b49809be3579cfec47d26a7a36fa8eaMatt Brubeck — Bug 721459 - Enable WebSMS by default for B2G [r=mounir,khuey] DONTBUILD (NPOTB)
823cd28154837eb1735c6f2c2673909e5bc74b76Chris Peterson — Bug 709230 part 2 - Optimize Java .class files with ProGuard. r=dougt
1d4d44ecd75c705e3d7049d3248c183eb8161664Chris Peterson — Bug 709230 part 1 - Add missing access modifiers to r=dougt
60ce23560e511443ce598e4ae521ea7d6980dbbeChris Peterson — Bug 709170 - Don't bother generating Java debug symbols for local variables. Saves 70 KB. r=dougt
63757aa2e6291fcfde96cb96027908b66e6a7e02Marco Bonardo — Bug 720792 (part 1.5) - Disable inline autocomplete till part 2 lands.
0b19bd7d123b90385363ff193f25b4ad124a7975Marco Bonardo — Bug 720792 (part 1) - Backout autocomplete delay changes, for compatibility problems.
de1de9a14af6a1a7437baefa4752b066ed003a6cTim Taubert — merge m-c to fx-team
fc8563c31bec5b55446050d71b6344c70ec5bd06Tim Taubert — Bug 721087 - [New Tab Page] Cells should have an outline to indicate their positions; ui-r=limi r=dao
d42fcb70cb22bb2c43c18b3f687e36e89652b0e0Cedric Vivier — Bug 720291 - Intermittent browser_styleeditor_new.js | content's background color has been updated to red - Got rgb(255, 5, 5) (or 6, 6), expected rgb(255, 0, 0). r=dcamp
39afbd62c96e7f81e3e4f1d825a3a61346390f80Victor Porof — Bug 719039 - After the Highlighter was refactored, ESCAPE key closes Inspector when Tilt is open. r=rcampbell
832987101d50f5a535ca76fba8d0834f1b539786Paul Rouget — Bug 720468 - Add an "*" at the beginning of a file name if the file needs to be saved. r=dao
3a02c994022dee5513a0dd68b032123e0725e70cPaul Rouget — Bug 712223 - [highlighter] Breadcrumbs bar doesn't always have the same size on Windows and Linux. r=dao r=jwalker
3f26b7bee352762468ed5b9d1fe81527faf25ea4Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 720482. Make CG snapshots work more like the other backends. r=joe,mattwoodrow,bas
ba2a5d61cab5b327384eda0f15da838c5bbd11efEd Morley — Merge last PGO-green changeset of mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central
a308b2b991cb0147468bc2736b41c9d4db8244edBenoit Jacob — Bug 722211 - Update WebGL conformance tests to r16765 and adapt mochitest to harness changes - no review
4d526d7ec68077adf0d84ea527683fe8e308e7d7Mats Palmgren — Bug 706889 - Apply font-inflation to checkboxes and radio buttons. r=dbaron
9c30c5187e3e402d0c2c8016dca36fe24d35e14fMats Palmgren — Bug 706889 - reftest.
1ea2df08454f54eaeaabee498e98ab9f8c13ad9estefanh — Bug 713446 - White text with text-shadow in selected bottom tabs. r=dao.
596709924d3301cccea08d689024c4515acbf482Lucas Rocha — Bug 722050 - Fix about:home checker-boarding (r=mfinkle)
f97d3584b39516896b47994e89ed63dd7f28caddLucas Rocha — Bug 721765 - Fix typo in about:home's top sites string (r=mfinkle)
4b7d5b27dd5f0a1ce44093de00eb1e5e8469149cMichal Novotny — Bug 649778 - document.write may cause a document to be written to disk cache even when the page has Cache-Control: no-store
9b50354e65c85bb1635c20cd416cf2ff66fcf8baPhilipp Wagner — Bug 694754 - Accessing DOM Document methods lookupPrefix, lookupNamespaceURI and isDefaultNamespace through XPCOM and quickstubs should create equal results. r=jonas
e73a68477cfd991faf71489890ee3df15c7b5fa8ojab — Bug 722127 - Bump required libvpx version to 1.0.0. r=tterribe
c0ae127e29cdeecfe5db94784dfaab492f4a56daAxel Hecht — bug 717522, fix xul l10n repacks, r=aki
69fbba57d30e067c9a99c1da7244ca7d7294cef3Mats Palmgren — Bug 692145 - Wallpaper text offset out-of-bounds crash. r=masayuki
e4020431bd51eac44526f7ceb97ebd82a4762d9eMarco Bonardo — Backout 3bd7584753ae for test failures
18e6dee01897eed8551f0e7e964f92b36891a223Marco Bonardo — Merge central to inbound
50d035da14ccf72b7ef771376404322eaeeeb77dMasatoshi Kimura — Bug 696586 - Part 3: Tests; r=jonas
027e317d7b5cc475ef326845ff318310c3308ba5Masatoshi Kimura — Bug 696586 - Part 2: Add moz-blob response type and ability to access to the blob in progress events. r=jonas
50cc1a5530da3e92e0d4a614d0d4aec353c09196Masatoshi Kimura — Bug 696586 - Part 1: Split nsDOMBlobBuilder.h from nsDOMBlobBuilder.cpp; r=jonas
3bd7584753ae7d9063159353ff9bdd483f33f5bbNathan Froyd — Bug 720456 - include more startup-relevant information in telemetry pings; r=taras
50080b09ae0487b75c1111211d2ae76e532df296Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 698930 (part 3) - Clearly identify in aboutMemory.js which user-controlled strings have been sanitized. r=jlebar.
f989793c20bd316d32bb16f4dfbd8f4b1d567d47Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 698930 (part 2) - Some minor cleanups to aboutMemory.js. r=jlebar.
cba1d921a6d592a6771ef586cb96520f06eefb22Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 698930 (part 1) - Always show negative numbers in about:memory, and highlight them. r=jlebar.
0a6f3638cdaba9d3b5ef2eef73a42b2a167dc52aChris Pearce — Bug 715469 - Make video full-screen button use background image, so it doesn't fire a load event. r=gavin
f7d9a6ddddfe0d662b79d64e447b44b078ecfc71Robert O'Callahan — Bug 721627. Don't return nsRefPtr/nsCOMPtr from nsDisplayImage methods. nsDisplayImage::GetImage is unused anyway. r=mats
481d57edc9b1db5f0febaeef45b36a1c0bcf3f13Masayuki Nakano — Bug 692145 Separate CountNewlinesIn() to CountNewlinesInXPLength() and CountNewlinesInNativeLength() r=ehsan
7597b7feee736c3ef8584a91d7ef45b2e3dd707eMats Palmgren — Bug 692145 - Wallpaper text offset out-of-bounds crash. r=masayuki
836b5e3bc8164fda8866dedf289335f07195f73aBrian Birtles — Bug 720103 - Pass timed element not interval to notify new interval callback; r=dholbert
8b6e498d5933ec76cfd6031d92d09437275b3597Neil Rashbrook — Better test for bug 649840. r=ehsan. + bustage-fix by sgautherie.
2bdf77e42239b2cd300a6997f99d34e2403f3c93Ed Morley — Backout 8705f07a49ec (bug 649840) for bustage
8705f07a49ecca80089c21be7cfc7d795baec728Neil Rashbrook — Better test for bug 649840 r=ehsan
e7386241a1472a8ebf1957a6b52463799f0b1d0ePhil Ringnalda — Back out f410bdf30132 (bug 722428) for mochitest bustage
89bb79343f73f27e3f5f4d6b001d64a1d8338927Olli Pettay — Bug 721515 - Add Documents, elements and textnodes to BBP, r=mccr8,jst
aa0476948dc0bf46db3e702f2cc65979d0a38252Olli Pettay — Bug 721548 - Cleanup purple buffer during cycle-collector-forget-skippable, r=mrrc8
de4f382f487ba1da03d6233e27465056e4e747acOlli Pettay — Bug 721543 - Call forgetSkippable before CC, r=mccr8
f410bdf30132fa51821a089bf5db563952c8c4dcKyle Huey — Bug 722428: Sprinkle weakref pixie dust on SpecialPowers to avoid leaks until shutdown. r=ctalbert
e61dcd6f9bd7f53f5d30463fb7c41b4d9a4564d1Serge Gautherie — Bug 722019. (Av2) Remove some useless/redundant listbox rules, in gnomestripe and winstripe. r=neil.
bfeeb813aef2dfe25a74343034664127d954b274Marco Bonardo — Merge last green PGO from inbound to central
3068e997f7fd71c43b3e7f8fb624c9fcc1227bf9Phil Ringnalda — Back out a4045a049e9e (bug 662324) for browser-chrome orange
4d85f4ff71450cef362b44d0a7bca94270b78043Thinker K.F. Li — Bug 718617 - Move ObserverList of chromium into namespace "base", r=bsmedberg
847a2d676b67d0a413101a5164e8a30afad45685Reuben Morais — Bug 722144 - Allow dblclick on EventUtils.sendMouseEvent. r=smaug
ab27cd7968454471d5d3947d9e5a7c0d8ab38a97Karun Dambiec — Bug 721495 - Passwordmgr tests: Use EventUtils sendChar() and sendKey(), instead of calling synthesizeKey() directly, r=zpao
3bdf5e09ead78a9b28a64066275bffb5fa26bf81Landry Breuil — Bug 722011 - Comma at the end of enums are not valid in C++, r=Ms2ger
68b7ab93105f59d5641433b35b9ba20bd074a980George Wright — Bug 721855 - Honour the pref on OS X, r=joe
7b55af240c1514e43ccc334a10bcdc628036c9b9Wes Kocher — Bug 707223 - Move Graphics <tbody>s into a single table to fix cell alignment issues. r=jmuizelaar
a4045a049e9efd60c4c776871034a0c2d15f51faIan Moody — Bug 662324 - Add "Fill" and "Fit" position support for "Set As Desktop Background...", r=gavin
1725d83e893a7c06f8b1d17d1b1d3f360d4e5af6Andrew McCreight — Bug 721420 - WantAllTraces should disable Skippable CC optimizations. r=smaug
1f0c0a016330d2046b5250f769189fc626188139Doug Turner — Bug 713803 - Rationalize JNI access accross android widget. r=blassey
e33539a90ae2943e1398b2df19fda3d1f10405d1Doug Turner — Bug 722118 - Android make package fails if --disable-tests. r=blassey
d10da858631ab3a5f133144b1485e825a0dbad86Joe Drew — Back out 9699edcbcedd (bug 721467) for causing bug 722167.
359f1d7d9db636e69326c4ab43ff4c469a0d3252Phil Ringnalda — Merge mozilla-inbound and mozilla-central
8b7bae91f3494a1bc9534ac232dc16bc9cd22081Robert Longson — Bug 722003 - Fix crash calling getClientRects on non-rendered foreignObject. r=roc
87e6229b40730867ff2c850727bc8480a6e5bc31Phil Ringnalda — Back out 59d8d92f9f3c (bug 713803) for Android C1 permaorange
a5569fc4c390ee079155f6adf158ea18819721f8Mats Palmgren — Bug 722117 - "ASSERTION: CalcDifference() returned bigger hint than MaxDifference()" with blink. r=roc
59d8d92f9f3c08443ab3437f8eabcf90b1a7a616Doug Turner — Bug 713803 - Rationalize JNI access accross android widget. r=blassey
3a6ece55c68c69dca745889e96707dd0b64d6447Matt Brubeck — Bug 720400 - Crash in nsPluginInstanceOwner::RemovePluginView @ mozilla::AndroidBridge::EnsureJNIThread [r=blassey]
ab3edf81a46f7beebd5c01cdd254df9e16945346Jim Blandy — Bug 718786: Make the shell exit with EXITCODE_RUNTIME_ERROR when code is terminated. r=jorendorff
f35a3eb441382843babe55a8646e49a2101fff5eSerge Gautherie — Bug 721535. (Av1) Stop packaging dead chardet.xpt. r=smontagu.
aee879a3190a0084fd28d5c5f011dd68dda14353John Schoenick — bug 702466, imported patch fix_via_handler_table, r=sicking, a=dveditz
ec666b4c8d84873e7e6eac77f77cfd647a6356ddJoe Drew — Merge the last PGO-clean changeset of mozilla-inbound into mozilla-central.
7d6ce43efe5edec5352f4c2bfb9608b4d30c9e5cMatthew Noorenberghe — Bug 721265 - Firefox migrator: form history support r=mak
c84e0881d475c812b7a248760088dda42e1c0001Jon Buckley — Bug 721230 - Implement a compressed texture support stub for WebGL conformance. r=bjacob
5049c0494794b2df2b42bb430112254fb5288b0dJoe Drew — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound.
d9a514effc2a21b9a7b35ba6bcb78fe77eaae7a4Landry Breuil — Bug 722046: Fix build failure on OpenBSD/Gcc 4.2.1 due to extra semicolon. r=Ms2ger
b0fd43a506f3a4c4765e73a3d76a3388c3ad3a81Daniel Holbert — Bug 714496: Disable known-random mochitest test_smilCSSInherit.xhtml. r=jwatt
daafac7f7bfaeb6cb6842aad6b5be3834362a09aWes Johnston — Bug 718959 - Use data uri for homescreen shortcuts. r=blassey
f8282085e2257a7728ded0af5702a9d37d5e38c9Wes Johnston — Bug 711071 - Check for scrollable in velocity calculations. r=pcwalton
bcaff471b3850653e73a4bb9427475f65d99afacJonathan Kew — bug 722014 - backout changeset c8ea6b7164bc (test from bug 698652) due to intermittent reftest oranges on OS X and WinXP.
0529bd4e33bd98387942bdf433c3c8657d53d332Mats Palmgren — Bug 714587 - If the new boundary point is null, as it is for the call from Reset(), then it's expected that the new common ancestor is also null. r=smaug
d78b890eae96f68e8c0c29003c60448284b57d94David Zbarsky — Bug 682611 - Part 3: Remove ns(I)RangeUtils; r=smaug
2c215e31b7d0185a75f3602047b74549a37bd332Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 715098 - nsICacheMetaData shouldn't blow up in debug mode if visitor returns false.
5313091609ad4dc4a1f694ed5dabefeef287ef35Robert Longson — Bug 649114 - Text-anchor middle is not computed correctly for element scaled to 0. r=jwatt
e57b01411394e4eca4197259a44d073f8caa9c16stefanh — Bug 425916 - Improve look of mac treerows when in editing mode. r=mstange+dao.
9393d706cb29593c5d39013a7cfa3f2df3e20f43Jonathan Watt — No bug. Fix orange for real.
f36a9b649c6b9b2ea2a9660328d92ef19f3f0120Jonathan Kew — bug 721511 - use stack-based buffers for moderate-sized glyph runs in cairo/dwrite backend. r=bas
a9a667cc58397d67ec297138ec0b421b0254ab59Jonathan Watt — No bug. Fix orange.
b939fbd0a46f9e6db2651c850641a3874996cf3cJonathan Watt — Bug 711958 - Add a 'length' property to DOMSVGStringList. r=dholbert.
b945ae00f5f582c3023fbe72f8ad253c5bc940b0Jonathan Watt — Bug 716527 - Prevent nsSVGForeignObjectFrame::PaintSVG from dereference null aDirtyRect. r=roc
cb21301bbdd3408124b9235196fcc187087fcd61Jonathan Kew — backout changeset 2ea682dba295 (bug 721511) due to windows crashtest orange.
f35f0858a5b4234ef477c0d88c48b2ef05744163Jonathan Kew — backout changeset bcd556d83109 (bug 721315) for reftest orange.
2ea682dba295dfc7a250a7c942905bac1ee7aff8Jonathan Kew — bug 721511 - use stack-based buffers for moderate-sized glyph runs in cairo/dwrite backend. r=bas
bcd556d831090f8bc73b5cc7b233d3d03667f64fJonathan Kew — bug 721315 - avoid potential dangling mFamily pointers in font entries. r=jdaggett
ededf3963a98c8c33aff8378cfe864d858ad270dBrian Nicholson — Bug 701092 - Limit session restore attempts. r=mfinkle
c8ea6b7164bca65531664fa4de77d77b5303f757Chris Jones — Bug 698652: Test that minimum font size is ignored in canvas. r=dbaron
c16a73f0f3a1fd21cf209efcfc231d2c10959cc0Chris Jones — Bug 698652: Ignore the user's minimum font size when drawing to canvas. r=dbaron
22986f29b1bdc66cea2bfca45bc35552b6a73108Robert O'Callahan — Bug 721294. Only call nsIPresShell::WillPaint for the root presshell. Pass aWilLSendDidPaint correctly to nsIPresShell::Paint. Remove aPaintDefaultBackground from nsIPresShell::Paint. r=mats
d68b6a9939d8d52f49cd8d9f06dd49968c65a5f9Phil Ringnalda — Back out eb80ab6ee07b (bug 721627) and 06d02e7132b2 (bug 721294) for orange and red
024b7dac0eaf9d03dda150f826111d66d0a01c7eKartikaya Gupta — Bug 721888 - Turn on the warnings-as-errors flag. r=blassey
2571f70b20c5c60b54c2452e41b7a172280778a4Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 721888 - Fix compiler warnings. r=blassey
eb80ab6ee07b7316fe51227659fa4158221bd17dRobert O'Callahan — Bug 721627. Don't return nsRefPtr/nsCOMPtr from nsDisplayImage methods. nsDisplayImage::GetImage is unused anyway. r=mats
06d02e7132b28cd0aea416a772c444485ae34260Robert O'Callahan — Bug 721294. Only call nsIPresShell::WillPaint for the root presshell. Pass aWilLSendDidPaint correctly to nsIPresShell::Paint. Remove aPaintDefaultBackground from nsIPresShell::Paint. r=mats
8f3fbc4a9c2a3971c1dcec4c7638e130ff6d027aMats Palmgren — Bug 672944 - Test -moz-box text-overflow. r=roc
bdbd188e6f5fa3c6e959e15882d171dfed611e1dMats Palmgren — Bug 672944 - Setup overflow areas for the scrolled block frame in a XUL scroll frame for the benefit of text-overflow; Make the text-overflow code grok the extra wrapper frame in this case. r=roc
2cae7e5c62ae63554993a8f32cea553846c6e4a4Mats Palmgren — Bug 719177 - Changes to 'clip' only needs to update the overflow areas and repaint but does not need a reflow. r=roc
07bd73451aa40ee4d59ecce7cddbd57cb5811651Mats Palmgren — Bug 719177 - Changes to 'border-image-outset' only needs to update the overflow areas and repaint but does not need a reflow. r=roc
13739446fc8e01c8dd7db32645e4a341b2ea1099Mats Palmgren — Bug 719177 - Introduce NS_STYLE_HINT_UPDATE_OVERFLOW as a short-hand for nsChangeHint(nsChangeHint_RepaintFrame | nsChangeHint_UpdateOverflow). r=roc
0246973f2513b7d7d93b1d3e8bf03bcebb34fff6Mats Palmgren — Bug 719177 - Changes to '-moz-text-blink' and some 'text-decoration-style' values only need to update the overflow areas and repaint, not reflow. r=roc
f222fbece9833a7a500bfb1408f0a346a898c567Mats Palmgren — Bug 719177 - Replace all NS_STYLE_HINT_VISUAL with nsChangeHint_RepaintFrame except for 'visibility' and 'z-index' which are the only ones that need SyncFrameView. r=roc
8f11aaac24dcb1415e9684a632bf60d887b409e0Mats Palmgren — Bug 719177 - Changes to 'text-shadow' and 'box-shadow' only needs to update the overflow areas and repaint, not reflow. Changes to border style/color/etc only needs repaint, not SyncFrameView. r=roc
731208933852757138212cf2c2faf20371da8233Mats Palmgren — Bug 720987 - Don't use the existing overflow areas when calculating the new overflow areas after a style change. r=roc
1583548890073075f9c57c80e48e7e9b0e376d4bJustin Lebar — Bug 721510 - Always decode at least one chunk in RasterImage::DecodeWorker::DecodeSomeOfImage. r=joe
9dd8e5d526b829e8d4afeee46f121cd1dbab5839Matt Brubeck — Back out 602d30678cac because of test failures
109c05e0b3a372595eee886c8845c89154dac114Brian Nicholson — Bug 716681 - Tabs are being duplicated when going back into Fennec. r=blassey
04e40f6991f695ffb959985b31e7162eca49c51eBrian Nicholson — Bug 721577 - Race condition in about:home for tabs from last time. r=mfinkle
9c391570dbe16fcb6a04103e63928987aecd1609Brian Nicholson — Bug 719195 - about:Home displayed briefly before session restore. r=mfinkle
602d30678cacd9ecdff8b7e04f69078badcbf723David Mandelin — Bug 714614: holes flag for parameter list, r=luke
9801e9475d3b6d12f992f10530d78a5bc84b5e48Andrew McCreight — Bug 693527 - tell the cycle collector about watchpoints. r=jorendorff
9b81bf7d458c7c36b76d177f9c958e09139bf1b0Bill McCloskey — Bug 708303 - Use pinReg/unpinReg more in write barriers (r=dmandelin)
ca20586c4cd4e1ab6a786d20c02770da1cc71f01Bill McCloskey — Bug 716619 - Simplify GC probes (r=sfink)
5095046dc23cc052fc855cf9b862b3b17b93b208Felipe Gomes — Bug 714276. NodesFromRect should be a chrome-only API. r=smaug
40b1a7a5e6309a941ad41bd1986cdde93c9f91ccLuke Wagner — Bug 720695 - Fix uint32 overflow and INT32_MIN corner cases in CompareLexicographicInt32 (r=waldo,sgimeno)
e50a68c31b0000230a353abbb34d7be6f4322d1bMatt Brubeck — Back out b4decc9b812f (bug 721510) because of frequent Mac reftest failures on a CLOSED TREE
117f2280bd374a99b6344a0641ac16281d9f1aa4Phil Ringnalda — Back out 88145df4191a, 42408569a696, and 2108d51be2e7 (Bug 719841, Bug 678086, and Bug 695922) for tp crashes on a CLOSED TREE
8df0708b2fe3b06158d0a820a9b3e16e0c5e2c73Jonathan Watt — Bug 701060 - Fix race condition with pref observers causing test orange. r=ehsan.
be23da096c4085bc1c05376d10f0af785cb893acSriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 715213: Move "+" to left side on Tab menu. [r=mfinkle]
28c8e1836673a5c97ae026fe128cccd1b53d542cGavin Sharp — Bug 717105 followup: substract process lifetime from timeStamps so that the values are actually useful, r=taras
5b86c60b846137d20cb215bd3fa8c08492a064acSriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 720698: ICS should use blue outline color for URL bar. [r=mfinkle]
266cd6aa74dc8f71b8318f29d5ca5ff018402c42Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 717674: AutoCompletePopup list should be native to the device. [r=mfinkle]
4df33078d5d08d308e71e4457370c5a332876cb5Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 712526: Restrict tabs menu to occupy only 2/3 of the screen. [r=mfinkle]
88145df4191a6b4d29f552c2f0e5f05c21545cc2Bobby Holley — Do not innerize an object assigned to __proto__ or used as the target of a with statement. Bug 719841, r=mrbkap.
42408569a696aebdfeb742bca0b035553de3b25cJason Orendorff — Make the JS debugger consistently ignore dummy frames, fixing an assertion failure. Bug 678086, r=jimb.
2108d51be2e7ac67f0f79bdf97969e5a160f7380Jason Orendorff — Reinstate a few assertions in TokenPos constructors. Bug 695922, r=luke.
0c26709f20dc82b401da8584fae5fdb8ed8144eeSriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 711198: Autocomplete Popup should have a minWidth. [r=mfinkle]
9699edcbceddfc85c3dca074a7a69eadb9186865George Wright — Bug 721467 - Add an optional codepath (currently enabled only for Adreno 200 GPUs) to only use glTexImage2D for texture uploads as glTexSubImage2D can be slow and/or buggy r=joe,BenWa
2567134e9924ccb89962095bf7f9ee803c6aaac5Joe Drew — Bug 719631 - Support creating offscreen DrawTargets for the Cairo backend. r=jrmuizel
051f094b80a7dec261d96079733de0e29cbb2b63Joe Drew — Bug 719629 - Add ThebesIntSize() convertor function. r=mattwoodrow
151ed82c3193ad05d943099f3f41ab2d395bb379Joe Drew — Bug 719628 - Fix the formatting and naming of ThebesSurfaceKey. r=mattwoodrow
64c5a333c0f63e2e0748c7bf02f82f4ecc40260eJoe Drew — Bug 719627 - Merge the functionality of ScaledFontCairo into ScaledFontBase, as is its purpose. r=jrmuizel
920e8c77c0424f541f8ade0ed2eecdd171067e80Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 713402: Tabs not shown in awesomescreen in honeycomb. [r=mfinkle]
840d3613b8d802c9b98031dcc2afe547bdb3d091Bill McCloskey — Merge
ff332e866e416734dee23306397f35ae012c76adBill McCloskey — Back out 77b82d0464b4 for build failures (bug 716619)
687b80084d3d3131ce45f06454cc12620db49bbfMargaret Leibovic — backout 7b3a4af0e68a for twinopen failures
77b82d0464b41d26fe4bf107526d95cefbe3eed7Bill McCloskey — Bug 716619 - Simplify GC probes (r=sfink)
f5784f097de32f145f3d028e9112894e7cf8c218Mark Finkle — Bug 721639 - Add some canvas optimizations for thumbnail generation [r=mbrubeck]
9a36661ced48f51080a15b06b0c308a520cb584fJustin Lebar — Bug 721589 - Fix intermittent orange in image/test/mochitest/test_error_events.html. r=joe
7d5a6dae7d76cae7cf7729a4ad7296389c805746Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 712687: ICS should use a different layout for landscape mode. [r=mfinkle]
b4decc9b812fa0a133681b4bc8a54b29c5dc54edJustin Lebar — Bug 721510 - Always decode at least one chunk in RasterImage::DecodeWorker::DecodeSomeOfImage. r=joe
7b3a4af0e68a1dd62d178d32cefeea3165ac071fMargaret Leibovic — Bug 719868 - Progress throbber still shows when we load about:home on startup. r=mfinkle
b07da7be62c2a89c8af4a839a27500744c350020Hub Figuière — Bug 718624 - Handle press action on links, expose the URL. r=surkov
7a0a7c36def8a15fce297af412bf1e57a4aaaee1Rafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 683975 - Need infra for developer contributed compilers. r=rail.
108db1fb550125a5bc65f6b9edd9c513294df3a5Jan de Mooij — Bug 679804 - Move relational ops to jsinterpinlines. r=dvander
e2235de2b8e60ae40e12cb05aa6dd8ae1fb186d5Peter Van der Beken — Back out 570dd369e02a, bc777c65c5ca and 12a483042e9a to fix bustage
12a483042e9ae8100e0b69f93aab212541f52b34Peter Van der Beken — Fix for bug 717009 (Inline ListBase<LC>::instanceIsListObject and ListBase<LC>::getListObject). r=bz.
bc777c65c5ca7cf12f605489e63371b6c07024ffPeter Van der Beken — Fix for bug 716997 (Allow new DOM bindings with 0 methods or properties). r=jst.
570dd369e02a7ad1cc48e738a052543458fdcf3bPeter Van der Beken — Fix for bug 693811 ("Assertion failure: shouldCacheProtoShape(cx, proto, &shouldCache) && shouldCache" in ListBase::nativeGet). r=mrbkap.
acdba5a71711eabfaaf8ea631583c6ad078ad484Joel Maher — Bug 721857 - [fix median calculation] deploy new r=jhammel
80cc0dcc7fec28afefdbf703049645be992e8a16Joel Maher — Bug 719697 - robocop isn't signed properly from buildbot builds. r=aki,blassey.
79d0b6168a53502dd4c13e7e8098f5b11d5a9166Jonas Sicking — Bug 702466: Make sure we actually abort if we end up with unbalanced stacks. r=dbaron
284bcd56f151bee9d09fbae81cfd5722cec34271Serge Gautherie — Bug 652297. (Bv1) Add '-DMOZ_DEBUG=1' too to actually stop trying to package MSVC DLLs in debug Windows Firefox. r=ted.mielczarek.
771fbd0b871857ff553e31b7c0c17b8e60e0aacfaceman — Bug 593443 - Add some new prefs to the about:support whitelist. r=Mossop
04d19214f561e5202ea82a38761c50234fe188e2aceman — Bug 559500 - On about:support, "Open Containing Folder" is misleading. r=gavin
1e69d40864005fe3e8e450e4aa6bab5322071265ffxbld — Automated blocklist update from host linux-ix-slave32
447c2d1181390b52b196dda6477da750342d9718Tim Taubert — merge fx-team to m-c
71aeeb6a2547cb8cd4735d73c90b366974258407Tim Taubert — merge m-c to fx-team
a6e8ef1ef92635c2710cd529c3852588678ea579Jared Wein — Bug 721626 - Video controls' fullscreen button exits fullscreen when in a fullscreen document. r=gavin
c77a616744a20071a0e68f51b502049537ea440bJared Wein — Bug 714277 - Customization palette has only three columns in a new profile on Windows. r=dao
4c5e22a03a2552e325015afcc3b76cfa308fc000Jared Wein — Bug 681548 - Media controls visual refresh. r=dao
5cac59d4e1e14c47ce2ade41c30278da2de97dd6Victor Porof — Bug 719732 - /*global */ comments in Tilt's codebase add more confusion than help; r=rcampbell
e4216a369836bdb7099131e4000aba19ee755d0cVictor Porof — Bug 719731 - Get rid of window mediator's getMostRecentBrowserWindow across Tilt codebase; r=rcampbell
aa1323985e20a52de7affb922285ca000dbc65c9Victor Porof — Bug 719049 - Sometimes iframes xy positions aren't calculated correctly in Tilt; r=rcampbell
2090ef6114022479698ecbc44741075bcc36f4edVictor Porof — Bug 718973 - It would be nice to have more Tilt notifications; r=rcampbell
9a5736e0f721fac63ec71be5d3f65c88b0e1aec6Joe Walker — Bug 693269 - Ensure jstermhelpers work in JS mode in GCLI; r=dcamp,msucan
36058d6226b8073ce164dc4017f4961c3fbd3d4eJoe Walker — Bug 704918 - GCLI 'console clear' doesn't clear everything in the console; r=dcamp
3ef01a0874d140ca0ecb59807c085b96aa95cad5Tim Taubert — Bug 715710 - [New Tab Page] Black bars behind titles should be lowered in opacity from 80% to 50%; ui-r=limi r=dao
ab6256b65403a301f57fce6a9fbb6c83445da886Tim Taubert — Bug 717492 - [New Tab Page] URL bar history pops up when pressing toolbar buttons; r=dao
0ab12334bd7e5d2007cb9e74341a453d4a3f5ef0Tim Taubert — Bug 717110 - [New Tab Page] Tooltips should be added to page thumbnails; r=dao
d0b8df7e28eac6eb0ef2697e117f9e5cdab2308cTim Taubert — Bug 721413 - [New Tab Page] Load links lazily when opening a new tab; r=mak
d4b00a9e87b53db1c8f8373292032434dc73a074Tim Taubert — Bug 455553 - Part 5 - New Tab Page tests and test suite; r=dietrich
d394252ee2a8b1394f4f44b64c680153f50681dcTim Taubert — Bug 455553 - Part 4 - Shared Module; r=blair,mak,dietrich
9de64b482a23eba3d726e2588427400649bcf984Tim Taubert — Bug 455553 - Part 3 - about:newtab integration; r=fryn,gavin
f64d87ed4ce75d70932ff29475e87de7edf54c55Tim Taubert — Bug 455553 - Part 2 - Assets / CSS / Images; r=dao
34e387bd3d8167241dc4120d7a7d504af96110a0Tim Taubert — Bug 455553 - Part 1 - XUL/HTML Page and Scripts; r=blair,dietrich
5e41076a67dd41640e18138d9a923da97fd258aaJoe Walker — Bug 718431 - WebConsole doesn't show the warning icons on warning and errors; r=paul,dão
a5d23f7e5cb56cb7350fd6223d22cec3ab1386beJoe Walker — Bug 719292 - Error: hud.jsterm is null in resource:///modules/HUDService.jsm:2074; r=msucan
50250bac846bfd658847dc822e57f20b970b5f81Joe Walker — Bug 697043 - GCLI's inspect command should use an overlay rather than direct node manipulation; r=dcamp
8dcdd01df6842ab086be219dee1c7428276a3c4aJoe Walker — Bug 717425 - GCLI forms should 'submit' when ENTER is pressed; r=dcamp
9921aa6919e592cbed1b094f2a4d1d4242528492Tim Taubert — Bug 721422 - [Page Thumbs] Re-enable tests and make them work with URI_DANGEROUS_TO_LOAD; r=dietrich
cc2667e1478c943232542a261f1b097dc5abbfddTim Taubert — Fix backout of bug 455553
dba0b31edfbff986ba0cf0fff0411f49c40c39afJohn Schoenick — Bug 702466 - Validate internal stack state in xslt parser. r=sicking
8a59519e137ec6ed458b54834c544d3f4d7262c0Armen Zambrano Gasparnian — Bug 721822. Add r=jmaher, DONTBUILD, NPOTB
e99e0dc97746c95829572d8a0496052958cb51a3Serge Gautherie — Bug 652297. (Av1) Stop trying to package MSVC DLLs in debug Windows Firefox, Reorder XPCOM files. r=ted.mielczarek.
7ab255f53568efa4dc84a34a1d2f7a18453ab315Matt Brubeck — Merge last green changeset from inbound to mozilla-central
afb95cbc720f8e80f02c72cfb4d620532333c459Alexander Surkov — Bug 719754 - rewrite events/test_docload.xul, r=marcoz
0a548fed2a7ab4de392faede06b2244c579ef721Lucas Rocha — Bug 721354 - Update about:home everytime it's shown (r=blassey)
37af3f39a6b56348a430c5a9b3deadd792f90f74Lucas Rocha — Bug 721354 - Add API to AboutHomeContent to trigger updates (r=blassey)
d9b4aa76311e64866ac7ce60cdb0a93dbe15d0d2Lucas Rocha — Bug 721354 - Remove redundant runnable to load addons/tabs in about:home (r=blassey)
101feb514dd07b82cd4c1a20011d43a209247e28Lucas Rocha — Bug 721354 - Factor out code to load top sites in AboutHomeContent (r=blassey)
878b3da812e1c6c25c81ac9701209debad409cb7Lucas Rocha — Bug 721354 - Remove onFinishInflate handling from AboutHomeContent (r=blassey)
e6a2c58123b9f73c2cf5941bce3d747ba0ea1660Lucas Rocha — Bug 721354 - Move view attributes to layout file (r=blassey)
ec7e23e015994429a2ea258258058d011b2ad5f1Lucas Rocha — Bug 721354 - Remove unnecessary constructor arg from AboutHomeContent (r=blassey)
31dffd0f03e55647868c22c13f13957de83cf4d1Hub Figuière — Bug 712927 - Rework the tabs hierarchy in Mac a11y. r=tbsaunde,surkov
36c5d3e2f4467bdb2f1a1ccade08b2fd32336542Brad Lassey — bug 720712 - Crash on startup on Samsung SCH-i400 (Continuum), Android 2.1, Base64 API is API level 8 r=lucasr
f80d6519ad292cc32591e6f6e73d686472f05a84Karl Tomlinson — reftest for bug 716402
5221f139782956f34f06889a850ee10b2fc6a6a4Phil Ringnalda — Back out 705d94f0a11c and c593ef0f4353 (bug 719697) for crazed infra filename dependencies
f928b631a92da7f84ab7fd00673e0f132431f929Matt Brubeck — Bug 721301 - Disable font inflation by default in XUL fennec [r=mfinkle]
705d94f0a11ce500ae40b0ff2f93c2736a4f44b7Joel Maher — Bug 719697 - [fix uploaded name] robocop isn't signed properly from buildbot builds. r=hwine
41cff9d2d95865ab058327679a1a464c0f859ac8Jonathan Watt — Bug 721210 - Remove dead include paths from XPCOM Makefiles. r=bsmedberg.
c593ef0f43535a62c76bb7056f020d9567c1aa00Joel Maher — Bug 719697 - robocop isn't signed properly from buildbot builds. r=aki,blassey.
7b6195e6cc41aa82d21058b234b71b8edd9b0b6bWilliam Lachance — Bug 713970 - Restore accidentally removed changes and fix error handling in devicemanager
841549cbe2ff3c77b411f12e3674441e293cdd31Brad Lassey — bug 721308 - ConcurrentModificationException when closing a tab and reopening the tabstray quickly r=mfinkle
f64e79dc46aba10f24d024ffa7f4e8072d73b138Justin Lebar — Bug 719459 - Add onmozbrowsertitlechange event. r=smaug
3ffb3008556923035ba1ad10f2069419122babb4Felix Fung — Bug 275223 - Enable Tree View Columns to be Sorted in Page Info. r=db48x
a02b6f797e023fc3dc8f7399c8d077b38934b4acJonathan Kew — bug 721466 - fix VS2010 build failure in gfx/graphite/src. pending-r=roc
3116d5b836873bc0a20aed2e9a4c389f0242390dNicholas Nethercote — Bug 719335 - Allow arbitrary collapsing/expanding of sub-trees in about:memory. r=jlebar.
87a57afa0226686468473127d9768ab167f1054bMatt Brubeck — Bug 720614 - Disable WebSMS by default [r=blassey] REQUIRES ANDROID CLOBBER
0ec894d6c37c3351d5b77f2d92ca563aa4c857e4Matt Brubeck — Bug 708774 - Always use fullscreen landscape keyboard in native Android fennec [r=mfinkle]
91cbd6eb803c5d679c812eeec40e25c4c79ba976Rafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 719438 - PDBU_maintenanceOnIdle can try use the places database after it is closed. r=mak.
c4b103adf7fc4bf141b1bb9d2109372524c3949dPatrick McManus — bug 670277 - Fix WARNING: NS_ENSURE_TRUE(mState == STATE_TRANSFERRING) r=biesi
60020371c71ba8b2960c5f5fc5efcaa7be8028e8Justin Lebar — Bug 715308 - Part 1: Decode RasterImage::Draw()'n images before other images. r=joe
4b51bcdbe4f5575e1325c92a8c2e31d2c5c959c3Justin Lebar — Bug 715308 - Part 0: Add tests for image onload/onerror. r=joe
289a4f7f390a8981fb3ca78dab6b59bdb96b9ebaJustin Lebar — Bug 716523 - ClearOnShutdown() should assert if called after XPCOM shutdown. r=bsmedberg
da7dad5d2c8dd49db21e70b676383eae871fe456Justin Lebar — Bug 715405 - Add a type-safe linked list class. r=waldo
812a3da795fe39f9560becd59f09443b2e6255b8Justin Lebar — No bug - Fix .gitignore to only ignore 'obj*' in the root directory. rs=cjones
34b1cc9454d2cd54cc1b4cb4c7fcc5897385e9b2Chris Lord — Bug 721070 - Checkerboarding at bottom after pinch zooming out. r=kats,pcwalton
ddde7a49f6f7122cadbaea55ad185aa6776d3f98Chris Lord — Bug 721100 - After panning, tap area is offset at wrong place. r=pcwalton
e4e85a8b32c7030970fb1537dee184b742fc67b2Trevor Saunders — bug 718990 - the empty string is not a valid atk plug id r=surkov
ff7d18fbe8c8642a6ebd163e5c51d62946c25988Christian Holler (:decoder) — Bug 703912 - Avoid format string problem in window.dump on mobile; r=blassey
547cea3b54fdcc10164e1333743ae7c56516e719Matt Brubeck — Back out f151cccff911, 2c463faae83f, d7a8aefd3e8a (bug 719697, 713970, 720614) because of build bustage.
863a1db98fbe52af7e862755f3b75dd1245b4ef7Josh Matthews — Bug 674353 - Avoid using null pointer when trying to autocomplete. r=mak
0e4ff4aa33a6c527295d8b225d1be081ac0c8fc0Paul O’Shannessy — Bug 482975 - browser_477657.js is unreliable (orange) [r=gavin]
f151cccff911b8a690e6497a3aaa8d8a46d282a9Joel Maher — Bug 719697 - robocop isn't signed properly from buildbot builds. r=aki,blassey.
2c463faae83f805af70e82bdc6e514c9d19f173dWilliam Lachance — Bug 713970 - Restore accidentally removed changes and fix error handling in devicemanager. r=jmaher
d7a8aefd3e8a23300393c55ae6cb60c29b19401cMatt Brubeck — Bug 720614 - Disable WebSMS by default [r=blassey]
cdf89e1937eb630839a72db0fa8d919dc82aae1dJustin Wood — Merge backout
1a08877de7ed89df2e13535a571bcd97f0287958Justin Wood — Bug 721625 - Backed out changeset 886f040f2844 for regression from Bug 719659
206305cbbeb15ffb1be04fc5ed4e1ed5b6e5e740Tim Taubert — merge m-c to fx-team
8d11d8bc80916193b7deea497f0059906e813d09Jared Wein — Bug 666306 - Added a large play button when the video is not autoplay and with controls enabled. r=dolske
f0f0451c75eb82c1ffccb8c0eab59e11aab1ee53Paul Rouget — Bug 720975 - Switch to vertical layout only when the window width < 550px. r=msucan
4870e4fe1320cbbdc9c89f91e82ac6d3016ce765Cedric Vivier — Bug 721353 - Fix invisible outline regression introduced by bug 719022. r=paul
d5ceec63ef0ab5026d471ead9a81a1e536957232Cedric Vivier — Bug 721350 - Style Editor auto-scroll to the selected style sheet is annoying. r=paul
7571ade2acbf0bfc1f23aa126383f505b3700d57Cedric Vivier — Bug 719021 - Saving an empty new style sheet does not display the file name upon saving. r=paul
c07595bee6cf341885c2b8b8497fc7a3e2c6a10eGregory Szorc — Merge mozilla-central into services-central
93c071e2d4eaa34e93d8717380e7a45da38035f4Gregory Szorc — Bug 710448 - Rewritten Sync record reconciling to handle edge cases; r=rnewman, r=philikon
2879d93049e8ef09bf1cd3aa22a259d136c034b6Murali — Bug 715877 - JPAKE pairing code is not accessible to accessibility APIs. r=philikon
347bd64309233167c13bcb2c44b33db86a98a97aEhsan Akhgari — Bug 721564 - Get module information for the profiler on Windows; r=BenWa
a82c9700c6730311cd4f5594d43a1f4aac0f913fMarco Bonardo — merge again
2bab273026b136fa65e87a1d01de461f48cdd3daMarco Bonardo — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound
0eef9179ab0df1b281884a90d47ed3550bb9f12cSiddharth Agarwal — Followup to bug 699385: remove a bit from js/src/ I forgot to tackle in the original patch.
5eb7ad98588a3f78d76402227f87fbb9d77c1a00Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 720442 - Scroll input fields to bottom of viewport rather than top. r=blassey
1d68a3277ada46ff436cb0496b69bb3d4b2e8e04Justin Lebar — Bug 719531 - Part 2: Make FallibleTArray use moz_malloc rather than NS_Alloc, because only the former is fallible. r=bsmedberg
e8c23cd5fc7985ca235e97aba11f3282bc14c51aJustin Lebar — Bug 719531 - Part 1: Add test that FallibleTArray returns false instead of crashing. r=bsmedberg
fccccb47213ed5351a957a6fce612cf3864803e5Jeff Gilbert — Bug 721205 - Add correct logic for enabling BGRA readPixels for GLES - r=bjacob
9effde68bac51e8fd6cd8bfffb18886b510533daMatt Brubeck — Bug 719557 - "Full Screen" add-on (window.fullScreen) has problems in native Fennec [r=blassey]
f9be3f46122e1ea481f08a43d22eb53228e833d8Benoit Jacob — Bug 720438 - Update ANGLE to r963 - no review
688b672929cab850269ec9a4e7111a034337f950Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 718032 - Make stackwalking for other threads cheaper on Windows by avoiding involving a third walker thread; r=jrmuizel
d46d4d7405290b53833bf1b1e4e9699505dd34ccPhil Ringnalda — Bug 694248 - skip layout/tables/crashtests/691824-1.xhtml on Android, r=ehsan
4c0e02c455fd4a786dc267bd3fcda48be55bc008Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 712065 - Special treatment is needed to get the size of SVG documents. r=mfinkle
965d183e0f3d554233dd4b4101e2f7cddec9a22eBrad Lassey — bug 721209 - tab screenshots unnecessarily big for background tabs r=mfinkle
3950aa85276d1e7f55ca445d03cf4059ada39725Siddharth Agarwal — Bug 699385 - Remove support for pre-Windows 7 SDKs. r=ted
40f3a8423c893a41232f9c88af2c33482444f837Siddharth Agarwal — Bug 718541 - Work around an MSVC compiler bug with inlining JSObject::nativeLookup. r=Waldo
8d39654512d58e9990035f3e7e60f2a4c9bbfb70Dave Herman — Bug 721611 - evalWithLocation, r=Waldo
e7142decacd5b7ffec3fb2d4f027f4c71ff64903Gian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 721320 - Enable persistent SQLite journal on LocalBrowserDB. r=lucasr
0ddce98aaed2e581fdae7d1b0bad0bc49507241bSimon Montagu — Remove unused files from intl/chardet. Bug 713866, r=emk
01d0bab1636ef49d2cbb9dc2a64405cba7b204fcNicholas Nethercote — Bug 715453 - Remove computedSize from nsMallocSizeOfFun. r=jlebar,bhackett.
6f3b4c36b2850ebb13adb23f8b6ce716fe7b54b4Rafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 683975 - Need infra for developer contributed compilers. r=rail.
39b235bc0ac475c4dcd5e540921a57f5fd56adcbHenri Sivonen — Bug 721313 - Do not run normal parse end code when parsing a full document from string. r=smaug.
9b70467dfec07fe3c7da8c65bb0f94a1a9f5e9c3Jonathan Kew — backout changeset 26509d4e545d (bug 715953) due to debug orange.
26509d4e545d8a7b0b288d6d169cada283a3010fNathan Froyd — Bug 715953 - add telemetry for recent background timers; r=bz
eba8a5ac183f19d0acf435eacb9469186b8e684cEdwin Flores — Bug 710521 - Refactor gfxFont to separate out drawing stroke and drawing to path. r=roc
b0d7705cd271bfe9cf3506967eb4a5a9c0537224Dão Gottwald — Bug 720984 - contentAreaUtils.js: getTargetFile leaks gDownloadLastDir into the global scope. r=gavin
572cfaeede5cb713f544ccdf45c6504b2d8ecc12Marco Bonardo — Bug 720501 - urlInlineComplete should not attempt to case-preserve results, since that interferes with the controller's case-preservation.
ba57f7b6a2f3ed4202de5a6ce81ebc67dfd48cb2Marco Bonardo — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound
04af5f29e0bff8da8ec48b82b0d0d003045deb68Blake Kaplan — Bug 718733 - Allow JSAPI tests to create compartments with principals. r=jorendorff
8085a3fff93c00d655cafa394461174934a0c1e0Blake Kaplan — Bug 720305 - Deal with odd getters and setters. r=jwalden
4a93a7908feb7bace1b7e62878afd46dd6e24e2fBlake Kaplan — Bug 664737 - Make GetNext use a belt as well as its braces. r=bzbarsky
f10313959cb08c759bc7919b85721d07eab7d08bbjarne — Bug 673543 - crash nsDiskCacheMap::DeleteRecord r=michal.novotny
8ee43a7c94dd5d52465166a1bbad04012dbcb899Jonathan Kew — bug 719366 pt 1 - [harfbuzz] fall back to applying 'latn' features if neither the proper script nor 'DFLT' is present. r=behdad
3ea57c1351ccae8b545deef76c044df4d11de60aJonathan Kew — bug 721068 - update to latest graphite2 code from upstream (hg rev 911:a697cecbaddd). rs=roc
d2d6243b6fb445ea6827210e15fb3700d8244f10Jonathan Kew — backout ad84dd34e531 (bug 720984) for xpcshell test failures.
22797d62aa14ad054543fbf46087a557f723cea2Alex Vincent — Implement XMLHttpRequest.timeout support. Bug 525816, r=smaug, sr=sicking.
2fd4890ba80d2bbabdceb8a790db040ecc8c4e3bJulian Seward — Bug 720758 - Uninitialised value use in gfx/layers/basic/BasicLayers.cpp. r=bas
ad84dd34e531ccf41921e9154dc636451483d638Dão Gottwald — Bug 720984 - contentAreaUtils.js: getTargetFile leaks gDownloadLastDir into the global scope. r=gavin
e31b47c574bff4c89cff38855b40a56865092388Jonathan Watt — Bug 721131 - Speed up build in content/svg/content/src - clean up #include directives in its header files. r=dholbert.
33b309643e39c6da3e4d485a07e0382c62f0bec7Simon Montagu — Recreate content when a deleted frame is the only child of a bidi continuation frame. Bug 718236, r=roc
f29c4f3492769e9f35d2c8d019c223f17e565f48Simon Montagu — tests for bug 718236, r=roc
5aadcbb1dfce9d7a2035b846f29292a406b7e945Brad Lassey — bug 711201 - instrument when we paint for performance testing r=dougt
218a7935768bfb940d4f648ded613187412527baBrad Lassey — bug 711201 - instrument when the throbber ends for performance testing r=dougt
7cdb5f5d38c6bfe4e0f3c819bee95a119665be38Tim Taubert — Bug 721398 - moz-page-thumb protocol should not access from a web page; r=mak
d1cdc35292f19c9c9ca1563871e694dfa3e4f1e6Tim Taubert — Backed out changeset 34157f4059ba (bug 455553)
8d1334baf2c1b9d4e5a1a5d2daaaa1d04e17c843Tim Taubert — Backed out changeset 3f30da5d0bc3 (bug 455553)
02512dac94c9e2efaa0560388b6e3dd92bffed2cTim Taubert — Backed out changeset 746adaa9c9da (bug 455553)
330a6839466e51946209f8c67881dd7c510b2b8eTim Taubert — Backed out changeset 95143a881557 (bug 455553)
3677a84a568b1d65383d83e8abc74db5041ff84cTim Taubert — Backed out changeset 38eda0c8b0fd (bug 455553)
f47e281a0509efddc1c7bbfb9a003b0423aead0dTim Taubert — Backed out changeset 7f44427086f7 (bug 717110)
104bc7e1037354668e0acf8777ea7ce702f075a2Tim Taubert — Backed out changeset 74b125f29e23 (bug 717492)
bc1dcb97c141d105958902d00269565270e8b9e1Tim Taubert — Backed out changeset bff640abf40c (bug 715710)
38768b0ef1af661a76a6fe296a8ce43f5578719cOlli Pettay — Bug 719949 - Unmark listeners in XHR, WebSocket and EventSource if the object is black, r=mccr8
85b19db37fd05e44e646ad77ceefe4f21a3c7e29Olli Pettay — Bug 720647 - Add message managers to black-bit-propagation, r=mccr8
7aef3dcb28d09a8e0ed5b8a4179119aab3765f62Olli Pettay — Bug 720808 - Add nsJSEventListener and nsGlobalWndow to BBP, r=mccr8
2bfef4ad7ad37a71fd5f5b3e8dfc0cc4650f7d31Olli Pettay — Bug 720630 - Add a way to unmark all the listeners in black documents, r=mccr8
4fc8228cbfa50e55afca11118c3c9d76cf7e426cOlli Pettay — Bug 720536 - unmark ELM listeners, r=mccr8
ee2d438cdd77712ae9e9b8f0a945144c7e6796aeOlli Pettay — Bug 720686, add some cycle collection optimizations to XPC, f=mrbkap,r=mccr8
e758551e3924f8928b624655b968a0029dee9cbdTim Taubert — merge fx-team to m-c
e3e1d313f956ff1e82f736e182bae414471afee9Tim Taubert — Bug 716855 - [Page Thumbnails] Screenshots should contain the the top-left corner; r=dietrich
bff640abf40ccbc4ee850c1db1d1a7c48ce1c1ceTim Taubert — Bug 715710 - [New Tab Page] Black bars behind titles should be lowered in opacity from 80% to 50%; ui-r=limi r=dao
f20f2b7c93cb07a51f739c2242cc4d474a81b9f8Marco Bonardo — Merge last green PGO from inbound to central
c9b1b20d95931f259528a374410f78a4ee02d7b5Brad Lassey — bug 721208 - Tab screenshots can hose the gecko event loop r=mfinkle
0132c13944c9ed8feefb68b2f84e6460c2b05206Brad Lassey — backout out 1b0c8e6f01e2 to fix its commit message
1b0c8e6f01e2d8bc932618ee335cf3ed094021c8Brad Lassey — bug 721032 - Make thumbnails in about:home and tab menu identical r=mfinkle
0e7c2ed8e866f87e3c11e9914555434c1e3ffce5Brad Lassey — bug 721032 - Make thumbnails in about:home and tab menu identical r=mfinkle
2b74b62701e2f5f636fb1ed447170cf18cbd45e9Brad Lassey — backout f583132674d5 due to failing tests
38a3bc6cc423b044c7c73b0404f3a109d9511ad2Adam — Bug 720680: Less paren slop. (r=cdleary)
7f26e362a9f7d06f43d5e525ca5c4d9b79ccb11bBrad Lassey — bug 721216 - Bitmap compression on main thread causes the tab strip to take a long time to appear r=pcwalton
f583132674d5ab623bde7aa46c8e6d8db9c721b1Brad Lassey — bug 714168 - make reftest-remote seems to fail on tablets because nsLocalFileUnix throws exceptions when setting file permissions on a FAT file system r=mossop,unfocussed
50912fc183283fd8996760341f3e82990b36d273Patrick McManus — bug 708415 spdy code review of nshttp* r=honzab
c0e2f40662cc40631e4bc44650d4737b3838e7e9Patrick McManus — bug 708415 spdy make stream frame writes to session atomic r=honzab
d94542f096a4b6e63a79fe22274d49992d93ae3ePatrick McManus — bug 708415 spdysession review comments r=honzab
2fad8903e5f014e4eebe2e8f2ff4ddaa12b4b67cPatrick McManus — bug 708415 - spdystream review comments r=honzab
710c9b8252fb521ddf704ce290011dc8c6c75e3ePhil Ringnalda — Backed out 2e37e7223aa3 (bug 460146) for orange
45207178a7350cf632e3bbf38c89ab1f8b8d873eMargaret Leibovic — Bug 721220 - Send message back to java after tab selection is complete. r=mbrubeck
a89575b19f6c58f34161a81ba2c4f9ff1b60b9e6Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 721069. Remove default case from filter switch statement. r=cjones
2e37e7223aa3bc75d90157c1dfccb027d42a9b87Maxim Iorsh — Bug 460146 - CSS3 border-image images should appear in Page Info ? Media. r=db48x
59f3e45dc542f576aa372feaa57aa677198f7a76Alex Pakhotin — Bug 720333 - Only the last letter typed is displayed when HKB is used. r=blassey
f70a43cdccf5529abd224f168e611b9ea5f8a12dAlex Pakhotin — Bug 708280 - delay checking for update. r=blassey
087c753880cbe3fb95b825c6bc7f5d087a5a20e3Chris Jones — Bug 715232: Don't attempt to CopyTexImage from an RGB framebuffer to an RGBA texture. r=joedrew
6f90007540121c7346d44e7941c1a27db5f960d9Ed Morley — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound
bcfd8414a0d2a43398f9a5e780bfc9549f9225c2Marco Bonardo — Backout 691af0af89da (bug 720501) for test failures
d49eb8c7238f7d08332e3e0c64ba05260c2ea5c6Marco Castelluccio — Bug 702158 - [Skia] Get Skia backend working on Linux. r=mattwoodrow
01a3ddc9b6f87166690062654ebf210f82a22fc5Makoto Kato — Bug 720962 - don't build nsBrowserProfileMigratorUtils.cpp on Linux. r=mano
5343959472c8f22e1c44a2e8d6933999d8a326dbDaniel Holbert — Bug 695222 followup: fix indentation in column-fill chunk of nsRuleNode::ComputeColumnData. [ whitespace-only, DONTBUILD ]
a90aec7e52506f83359c2771842b4c4b40679347Rafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 683975 - Need infra for developer contributed compilers. r=rail.
2828742670282786a062023c535e314bc91bab67Margaret Leibovic — Bug 721214 - Use Tabs.selectTab to select a new tab instead of sending a Tab:Selected message to gecko. r=mbrubeck
c4a69ca8e7761666cb892d74aefd1efa6b5ee332David Mandelin — Bug 708377: use standard ToInt32 everywhere in typed arrays, r=jwalden
1f2edf4aabf1cdd7d901d1a906d20a0594fe1f38Marco Bonardo — Bug 720598 - nsAutocompleteController HandleKeyNavigation() and EnterMatch() call GetDefaultCompleteValue() with a bogus aResultIndex.
691af0af89da90c91ae9c007c4567ca3815b93baMarco Bonardo — Bug 720501 - urlInlineComplete should not attempt to case-preserve results, since that interferes with the controller's case-preservation.
6eecafcc7914f6dce2258eb0d3cd5459fda649b9Richard Newman — Bug 720471 - Missing Arrays and SharedPreferences.Editor methods in Android SDK <= 8. r=rnewman
bcd88f12416d2683f6a0947ed26c23576b8e6968Richard Newman — Bug 721129 - Incorrect BigInteger comparison in JPakeCrypto. r=dchan
fc0e9a5535183a1885eb0e24d762ea1d8ebbad8aRichard Newman — Bug 720933 - Android Sync 0.3 code drop. a=mobile
c93a18bfceee9deb195582cc6f4e7347e0b430d9Richard Newman — Bug 718928 - AndroidManifest.xml does not depend on Sync manifest include fragments. r=ted
ab612ac883e82abc1f24ce32a4e6cf9820516464Marina Samuel — Bug 709660 - correctly process resolution-specific Sync resources. r=mbrubeck r=rnewman
8113ce367f8f24eaed2c2bf03e2cd77b3c158f35Matt Brubeck — Bug 715275 - New default favicon images for different resolutions [r=sriram]
50a68eb941f9bb8fd882a3b7894ef1427b2facdaBrian Nicholson — Bug 716906 - Add "Firefox Sync" item to settings. r=dougt
051a19214251af08890cfabc6f3197eb625e9162Jeff Walden — Remove internal #includes of jsstdint.h, the functionality of which is now part of the JSAPI and need not be explicitly #included. No bug, r=evilpies, r=jorendorff, r=terrence, all over IRC
c1321dc798b7c7d14678ab156a9d9aa19a010e1cJeff Walden — Bug 720941 - Remove JSDOUBLE_COMPARE (and DOUBLE_COMPARE, outside SpiderMonkey), as tinderbox's Windows compilers seem not to need it any more. r=dmandelin
92da4726d122354f6f82ae2510aa23e0ad83b31dJon Buckley — Bug 682299 - CORS <video> tests. r=roc
05316b7ecf15320f22f9f68a4c31c79876953689Jon Buckley — Bug 682299 - Implement CORS support for the <video> tag. r=roc
8161e9cd391c4787e8e0fef5a30898ee829aedb9Jon Buckley — Bug 682299 - Move CORS attributes and enumerations to nsGenericHTMLElement. r=bz
8fe66d9bdc30b11184cc01ddf36a07a283a34293Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 718270 - When hiding the VKB on small pages, increase page size to prevent zoom-in. r=pcwalton
232d8602bdfac61c66cc42f7aca6320fabb457c0Gian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 713283 - Merge Favicon import with history import. r=lucasr
325a180c4177a92cbcd35056a9b70a7d4d16b969Gian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 713283 - Limit imported history entries. Sort by approximate frecency. Update visits count. r=lucasr
70793ab5cd71a2455260ba157ab9eb3794c15c6cGian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 713283 - Show a splash screen during Profile migration. r=dougt
b67773fa260a563d7e1265a8da9440e64227d3a3Gian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 710331 - Remove old splash screen assets. r=mfinkle
e37dbe8d753462d24dc940c1e0d9a07be4b46cc8Gian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 710331 - UX for bookmarks and history import. r=mfinkle
402b394b66238c926edef76a349cdc633120d058Tim Taubert — merge fx-team to m-c
dca6fb65e46b4501e60ebce82b9cb6a34af9caffOwen Carpenter — Bug 716464 - Typing about:Addons into the url bar loads the add-ons manager but doesn't hide the address bar (the test is case sensitive). r=bmcbride
74b125f29e23d0739f5e88ef3d454ad74847f73fTim Taubert — Bug 717492 - [New Tab Page] URL bar history pops up when pressing toolbar buttons; r=dao
7f44427086f7a0819555fbb998323a5ed9cda904Tim Taubert — Bug 717110 - [New Tab Page] Tooltips should be added to page thumbnails; r=dao
38eda0c8b0fd88acca3a858d53732e19e23695c4Tim Taubert — Bug 455553 - Part 5 - New Tab Page tests and test suite; r=dietrich
95143a881557a97de2e7f4a342d1c669656d3be3Tim Taubert — Bug 455553 - Part 4 - Shared Module; r=blair,mak,dietrich
746adaa9c9da7d82a3bf6615123d56f0967c2d55Tim Taubert — Bug 455553 - Part 3 - about:newtab integration; r=fryn,gavin
3f30da5d0bc30bfd7142b9a3c8b7145f24d2d16bTim Taubert — Bug 455553 - Part 2 - Assets / CSS / Images; r=dao
34157f4059bac86d59c587d861e3e2173fd062adTim Taubert — Bug 455553 - Part 1 - XUL/HTML Page and Scripts; r=blair,dietrich
c6a3d396b0cd241f0f49095486e6de7a8de2c52dTim Taubert — merge fx-team to m-c
8985a8e405feca43d935333d879a005908051e37Tim Taubert — Bug 497543 - Part 6 - Don't capture thumbnails for SVG/XML documents; r=dietrich
2546d7485d08a7c344ebaed7e58791cea3d326d1Tim Taubert — Bug 497543 - Part 5 - Don't capture thumbnails while the page is scrolled; r=dietrich
98963203d50d932d517067ad10232d6b2407ba08Tim Taubert — Bug 497543 - Part 4 - Tests and test suite; r=dietrich
695b2193de978d587c1e3a5941d91e5f1d9ab4f3Tim Taubert — Bug 497543 - Part 3 - Browser integration; r=dao
fecd16860a0264b69fefd934951038b254d60de9Tim Taubert — Bug 497543 - Part 2 - moz-page-thumb:// Protocol and Channel; r=mak
066e52b8906b96ba662317bece0056c248c7b7cbTim Taubert — Bug 497543 - Part 1 - JavaScript Module; r=dietrich
85fbc84de81850ee41b12d28288bd78cbebfe524Victor Porof — Bug 715163 - Mouse click + drag causing Tilt to Translate instead of Rotate on First Open; r=rcampbell
b8fce88d3a66e4cc2322448dc1006397bbdccdaeVictor Porof — Bug 718425 - Make all Tilt animations less choppy; r=rcampbell
586448c078ef739e1009ca6739ade5c87364d877Victor Porof — Bug 718303 - Tilt intro and outro transitions aren't very precise when page is zoomed; r=rcampbell
397db1eba037d38be2b0e1c6b90b0b1cf6b55bfeVictor Porof — Bug 715647 - I want to be able to remove nodes from the Tilt view; r=rcampbell
8eab8fdaa6757ed2c1cbdf126478d583fcd4ae5eEd Morley — Merge last PGO-green changeset of mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central
56ce42bc8afe429bcc69e2097834e90d23c418b2Patrick McManus — bug 718206 fix spdy nsitransport event generation r=honzab
a9823c18b423e97718435433866af1597126776ePatrick McManus — bug 716380 - remove an incorrect assertion in socket transport r=honzab
6afce25c341f8ab035b4ac489e81d0365970eaa2Mark Reid — Bug 720785: report update channel in telemetry ping, r=gavin
17e6e596ba287b8fafeefcb5c01d8e7fd78f7e2cJustin Lebar — Bug 720444 - Add amount of free physical memory and free space in the page file to Windows crash reports. r=ted
a79f4ada83431c06d2d4bc8debb4161ea708986fDoug Turner — Backing out 1b2d36e0657b - Bug 716906 - Crashes on ICS. r=dougt
df5b6590fcd3ae161b65ae3d4efb1e5c98493255Michael Wu — Bug 712973 - Use InputReader from libui in gonk widget backend, r=cjones
6a64b8fcffaf630d0ca1a8d446e91cfdb323c9c3Michael Wu — Bug 720769 - Enable nsTransferable in Gonk backend, r=cjones
64f284541eaf66ee2f33fdabba8c3a3b5b1269bbBill McCloskey — Bug 706227 - Add way for JS_GC API users to give detailed reason for invocation (r=mccr8)
1eee0e95256e106959cabc7d2a48fc4fc1bdc759Marco Castelluccio — Bug 664824 - JM+TI: Make JSOP_IN fast for dense arrays. r=jandem
d9120155ac87b1291ddb1c8a646e30d262901524Wes Johnston — Bug 718904 - Don't show a context menu for long taps on header rows in the awesome screen. r=lucasr
d543ed92dcbdbca47402f6fcc8e1a5c7d8fca82eMargaret Leibovic — Bug 719860 - Full screen plugins don't work with click to play enabled. r=jst
4cf430a5716c0b5738cf99695d4f200b33785673Ali Juma — Bug 717951 - Allow AppendAppNotesToCrashReport to be called from off the main thread in the chrome process. r=ted
3732b1b4a0e02fb1533fcbdcebbdcf2043eef5a1Abhishek Singh — Bug 650322 - Remove 'ac_add_options --disable-installer'. r=ted
eb21d015649665642835d20085c5fe39d499567dGeoff Brown — Bug 712277 - Avoid crash in zlib adler32 following compression failure; r=michal.novotny
aa5578d6b29fb0b225b341335bdc699e631dabe4Rogério Gonçalves — Bug 719850 - Web Console should be checked according to the selected tab. r=dao
e5c17ee0fe7ed197805b0054b9098a295312de5cDão Gottwald — merge backout
f7ed5ba2ad37d75cb5e9ff30c2aa318cb54a8e42Dão Gottwald — Backed out changeset 1fe477ec35e9
3807634fedb72b9fbdf004e9735e6336831ca558Matthew Schranz — Bug 698384 - Make document.createNodeIterator's 2nd and 3rd parameters optional. r=smaug
1fe477ec35e972d75bef9d4dd74344c0754f0db0User Rogério Gonçalves — Bug 719850 - Web Console should be checked according to the selected tab. r=dao
6e8de9819b23c3a2fa546e09ac78e153a19e3a81Dão Gottwald — Bug 720981 - Remove element.iQEventData when it's empty. r=ttaubert
14488fd43b868a62c78077b0952c7cedefbd44b4Lucas Rocha — Bug 720152 - Add URI matches for image ID operations (r=blassey)
707d41d9ba05246ea3eb31ed449eb0ef810b125fMakoto Kato — Bug 720957 - contentLength is unsed in nsJSONListener::OnDataAvailable. r=smaug
817dbb7ee947058e3c3d81d8cb3f8b624d9e4f28Richard Newman — Bug 720471 - Missing Arrays and SharedPreferences.Editor methods in Android SDK <= 8. r=rnewman
dc81a55caf181b40a1003b9d3728fa1fd372f4c5Richard Newman — Bug 721129 - Incorrect BigInteger comparison in JPakeCrypto. r=dchan
0d2c99684564d6bfb3aef6913d575471a4c2bd39Richard Newman — Bug 720933 - Android Sync 0.3 code drop. a=mobile
4552b3b13be3569117a8f3590b63d0fd8e79e3cbRichard Newman — Bug 718928 - AndroidManifest.xml does not depend on Sync manifest include fragments. r=ted
9d32ec36883b68ebdd509cf16705a3551c8dd47bMarina Samuel — Bug 709660 - correctly process resolution-specific Sync resources. r=mbrubeck r=rnewman
edf8075b0333a0ed7be2d77b1fd06bc87ca7bdecTim Taubert — merge m-c to fx-team
7b66794634ecc7f2c7e5cc46eba0b9ee82f588c0Cedric Vivier — Bug 720431 - Can't close Style Editor with cmd+w. r=paul
c34ef990df3331cd6a911843c0e083277100089aPaul Rouget — Bug 719457 - When the URLs are very long (style editor), the user needs to resize to see the editor. r=jwalker
03f516e5c808fddd9e7f23149f6fbc09ed730c19Paul Rouget — Bug 715123 - Style Sheet Titles should be moved someplace less confusing in the Style Editor in Vertical Orientation. r=jwalker
ffaed1950e3bd2a4807da316ebe836fcfc6b09e7Cedric Vivier — Bug 715892 - In the Style Editor, remove the stylesheet filter. r=dcamp,paul
7fb03c72dbb060b935230b39ea4d18515e44e229Paul Rouget — Bug 719783 - In the Rule View, pressing Escape close the whole Inspector. r=dcamp
01a1a9d501067995a4748d8327af189974230494Paul Rouget — Bug 719933 - In the Inspector, the arrowkeys shortcuts should be used only when the higlighter or the toolbar are focused. r=rcampbell
006eb238ac904fdba62b7eb3eb7411d5d09b4c8bCedric Vivier — Bug 713612 - add closing curly bracket to avoid disrupting the rest of the CSS. r=rcampbell
2d2a7c5534e37ddccd283331e88357cbeee9e1b5Paul Rouget — Bug 719022 - Digits-only file names get .css prefixed in front of postfixed. r=jwalker
db26afebdd5102e050313f10b9e6df0bd235d20dAlex Lakatos — Bug 719028 - Style Editor does not highlight a few CSS2.0 and CSS3 properties. r=msucan
0d5ad6a6f814daabf70822accbdcd05619b4bcd5Ed Morley — Merge last green changeset of mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central
fa01b899854a2ba1ed337ba6411aed1051bd78e2Henri Sivonen — Bug 358452 - Make the behavior of space, tab, carriage return and line feed in title attribute tooltips HTML5-compliant / IE-compatible. r=dao
93e51ab759cbbb189ef9b89a0af3b46262eec1f1Ms2ger — Merge m-c to m-i.
63db726e7634fd9ead1f636e5068d6467a88a8bcChris Lord — Bug 720663 - devicemanagerADB pushDir fallback not always tried. r=gbrown
4034e454bfbbc10a85ea08ce3b16ff655d8030edMike Hommey — Bug 720737 - Set MOZ_LINKER_CACHE instead of CACHE_PATH. r=blassey
747d47aadb5997892fb3be8c462e361c48f89e5dMike Hommey — Bug 719742 - Make expandlibs properly handle the case where OBJ_SUFFIX is .i_o on Linux PGO first pass. r=ted
27583d9d31b4a1341207a44b24254cf69369b98bNicholas Nethercote — Bug 720219 (part 5) - Clean up JS type object measurement. r=bhackett.
a6849eb97d824cdc6731de769c369f2cadf6204eNicholas Nethercote — Bug 720219 (part 4) - Clean up JS script measurement. r=bhackett.
4af91c6b9316ec670db4510a5cd38e9d0f81f6aaNicholas Nethercote — Bug 720219 (part 3) - Clean up JS shape measurement. r=bhackett.
a818c5a6d0216e42826f95e43e3a6db1c579db43Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 720219 (part 2) - Clean up JS string measurement. r=bhackett.
c83476fb4257d5721f32456085efd6cca038200cNicholas Nethercote — Bug 720219 (part 1) - Clean up JS object measurement. r=bhackett.
badb5fd300312eb2c07f5538cc078f1d473f810bJosh Matthews — Bug 717243 - Handle multiple geolocation callbacks that can occur before a clearWatch call. r=dougt
08917f31c6abcf06e3756e9865a21c6ec1ae58f5Gian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 720461 - Fix loop logic in Android SQLiteBridge. r=dougt
1a9bebba9dc26fdaa4c7d5c82aaf7947c6fcee8bMakoto Kato — Bug 717526 - fix warning of nsStringAPI.h on Win64. r=dbaron
b201038da207173f3acc68a9a9142ac243ebe5d0Jeff Walden — Bug 566700 - Remove sharp-syntax generation from the toSource methods. r=dmandelin
5dce9f6e78795f82230fa645354635ccc0231c30Jeff Walden — Bug 566700 - Remove sharp variable support. r=dmandelin
3c47bcef2ce42579171f459413374af2459d0282Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 720721. Properly transform the clip path in DrawTargetCG. r=mwoodrow
e517d4c431436772c46802f98618155ea8e37973Luke Wagner — Bug 675078 - rm JSThreadData and JSThread (JSRuntime is now officially single-threaded) (r=igor,rs=mccr8)
bbb9dbfe659b3832146f6887dd59cc41f8fe6515Terrence Cole — Bug 720891 - Despecialize the optimization for TypeObject marking; r=bhackett
fbd97e48185031f38a79885e3e052b398e564ccdMatt Brubeck — Bug 718296 - Use third-party fixup on location bar searches [r=wesj]
a23e8635383a27dfc4962c80d1760fc4775cf8fbBill McCloskey — Bug 720853 - Add read barrier for atom table (r=luke)
df684ea711fcb569ae6fcd692a8a1f27788940e7Bill McCloskey — Bug 720848 - Trace through watchpoints from TraceRuntime (r=jorendorff)
ef5bc6a47bd5d9098e7b14603cb35db09f314894Honza Bambas — Bug 717773 - Crash [@ SpdySession::LogIO] on gmail part 2 r=mcmanus
80a63d2f69ea3c4818e2230c92ea522951fca941Wes Johnston — Bug 720058 - Follow up for review comments. r=bnicholson
288eae8384a25fd92778f5cd744f17fbce9d73e1Matt Brubeck — Back out 79deba022227 (bug 675078) because of Win debug mochitest-other failures
2bad4ac7fefe9e107ca64f79f161c90d79a4d506L. David Baron — Make selects and things inside them not be containers for font size inflation, so that font inflation inflate selects appropriately along with what surrounds them. (Bug 706609, patch 8) r=roc
5d3bf71120237af4895da49d9a0cbf2fa666e9d0L. David Baron — Apply font size inflation to 'line-height: normal' by using the metrics of the inflated font rather than multiplying the inflation by the result for the uninflated font. (Bug 706609, patch 7) r=roc
7a0cbba01ab568f6f3ff700e7a39a05f1ee950d2L. David Baron — Honor inflation during intrinsic width computation when needed. (Bug 706609, patch 6) r=roc
561d7fded0cced29bf18f2bbd05eeb72b33a61daL. David Baron — Switch nsLayoutUtils inflation methods to the new setup with state on the pres context. (Bug 706609, patch 5) r=roc
8213675b8a78cc6e8d9c43e5ebdfe66786ae02e5L. David Baron — Set inflation container to null during ComputeSize calls for inflation containers, when we should not have inflation applied. (Bug 706609, patch 4.5) r=roc
3051be6f12c23ceda14b80dc37ac46906a22d14fL. David Baron — Set inflation container to null during parts of intrinsic sizing that should not have inflation applied. (Bug 706609, patch 4) r=roc
b626d3cc9ab17fee1b5d155df172d068036aba6fL. David Baron — Make floating :first-letter frames not be containers for font size inflation, to avoid triggering assertions. (Bug 706609, patch 3.5) r=roc
bdb0f1de8252b9708835f65064f3673c9552c623L. David Baron — Set inflation container and width correctly during reflow. (Bug 706609, patch 3) r=roc
2e49b2f5abc15dae6a4d8ca668c5f717d2072164L. David Baron — Add member variables to pres context to track, during reflow and intrinsic sizing, the current inflation container and its width. (Bug 706609, patch 2) r=roc
479a6867fcd3d3b658800a373a3e712a5b61f73cL. David Baron — Add a frame state bit for whether a frame is a container for font size inflation (Bug 706609, patch 1) r=roc
4b3f1baa77fc62db3c6be54a7a939b0722d04a22L. David Baron — Fix error report for unexpected character terminating style attribute. (Bug 720163) r=bzbarsky
ba99528f5f117303c1421eed48f5fbb49792cc88Wes Johnston — Bug 719309 - Follow up. Rename a variable. r=mfinkle
f684bc45535353b3648aaa5e7d33fb799a8dcaffChristopher De Cairos — Bug 686137 - Make nsMediaDecoder::RequestFrameBufferLength virtual. r=kinetik
ab66c3d65c0403bc3814f8361ffe26dfe011370aChristopher De Cairos — Bug 686137 - Add test for setting mozFrameBufferLength. r=kinetik
f9b12afb9724f7d1111c8b22ea54d0f3c0d58346Wes Johnston — Bug 716595 - Don't alter selection if we cancel a select dialog. r=mleibovic
1a83fdd31f6019bca3a84da53ec1dced213950efWes Johnston — Bug 720058 - Only allow showing one select ui at a time. r=bnicholson
17f835ac21d3cbbe183d3a0ea3612be1593a5ef5Wes Johnston — Bug 715925 - Indent options in opt groups. r=sriram
b9fe3e1419c6887c2a77e54359c72db79bf27fb0Wes Johnston — Bug 301471 - Autofocus the Try Again button in the net error dialog. r=bz
bfa8aedbff44a8da5a55a4f0f571f17a895d9ba6Wes Johnston — Bug 719309 - Hook up touch events pref and disable them for now. r=mfinkle
1b16c4bd7aa2748041812e2e0bf54707c63faf51Wes Johnston — Bug 719240 - Delay sending touchmove events until touches have moved a minimum distance. r=mfinkle
a63b9ee257e8414ae610b0c4dcda0c06fb5b901eWes Johnston — Bug 603008 - Only delay panning on pages with touch listeners. r=mfinkle
0286995894b721ce49b392e0bc4d32eef9b46e1bWes Johnston — Bug 603008 - Android widget multitouch implementation. r=blassey,kats
49c9b4e6325bcf30209daf1d5956017223fce744Steve Workman — Bug 622232: Cancel DNS prefetches for HTML Anchor Elems after a tab is closed; r=mcmanus sr=bz
6ae43e3c400be7d33ba7b60c7e94cc1ff12c31d0Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 719917. Add some more network and plugin related SAMPLE_LABELs. r=bgirard
680991750088895c293927b5c208a067ec20a984Terrence Cole — Bug 720840 - Call MarkStringUnbarriered directly; r=billm
383712b389bca5328f0c662e18d5afe49e2bd9acGavin Sharp — Bug 717105: add TelemetryTimestamps module to collect arbitrary timestamps with telemetry, and start using it for browser startup and sessionstore, r=zpao, r=taras
7030a479b0e3680993b5690352350f05ca7f7372Benoit Jacob — back out Bug 696495 for linux m1 orange.
fd742da19c524d33a08a471e7fb8be32d4a22215Jeff Walden — Bug 720759 - Delete the fallible EqualStrings signature when both provided strings are linear, so that callers are required to use the faster, infallible linear-strings overload. r=Ms2ger
5d572733c31ebb146365569b04d6976d62687001Jeff Walden — Bug 720759 - Convert js::SameValue, js::StrictlyEqual, js::LooselyEqual, and js::EqualStrings to return a value through a bool*, not a JSBool*, to eliminate a (single!) Windows warning. r=Ms2ger
ec9a6b8c81d8315648b09b0fbbd5dc3a0a0dd1ffJeff Walden — Bug 720759 - Export mfbt's guard object classes to avoid warnings using them in exported APIs. r=Ms2ger
33ab41faf05e25a609bf16f0dab117c64af54606Patrick Walton — Bug 710533 - Tint the checkerboard with the background color of the page. r=Cwiiis
bed243ed9d21aa721e1b2443185b312df6b654bfDaniel Holbert — Bug 720815: Remove extra semicolons after NS_DECL_EVENT_HANDLER() statements. r=bent
3e9d7409a091b728b6691553d0ee7a479dab507eHub Figuière — Bug 369710 - Alerts are now usable with VoiceOver. r=tbsaunde
5ab4319499522329fde5e0485ab134f7a0aff4e6Vivien Nicolas — Bug 720811 - this._activeCall is null if the call has not been answered r=philikon
0a4bc12a0d9870d4d48eb7f6c36cd21e9c6a6ebaJustin Lebar — Bug 696162 - Followup: Use static_cast rather than reinterpret_cast, where appropriate.
23ec123586baa1ed8fe569d029ca61e2ad8e42e2Benoit Jacob — Bug 696495 - texture-mips.html failures might be workaroundable by setting minification filter before glGenerateMipmap call - r=jgilbert
a4e932fb3c3d893e60d34ad925ec48f1e54dab1cBenoit Jacob — Bug 707460 - Fix WebGL framebuffer statuses and errors - r=jgilbert
f9a4b9014002e80aefb0c1e6dc47941db66f965cBenoit Jacob — Bug 706674 - WebGLFramebufferAttachment's are not WebGLRectangleObject's - r=jgilbert
bdc686b071bb16499120c8b679f113ea51530c8dBenoit Jacob — Bug 717658 - OOM crash in BasicLayers: dump sizes to help understand this crash - r=joe
ea41d0de5a04fa4c0a944004f4cc52c9a6c4a91fMs2ger — Bug 672893 followup - Make JSCompartment not a JS_FRIEND_API; r=luke
cac3f64d36d09be1c711301e9347dcc8a06d608aEd Morley — Backout 01a5ce645a8b, 6e849614a79f & bd75f26eee25 (bug 720759) for win debug build failures
5e9adf3343de97588622887fea6e5f8f5bfc35feEd Morley — Backout b7f926cfa8c8 (bug 672893) for Windows build failures
f35bd9404ee494995c7af90221a1aa6f4f5128f8Marco Bonardo — Bug 720066 follow-up, fix a typo that causes test failures (luckily).
0a116f325333e5db37cb9cc2afff622bfd7bc564Marco Bonardo — Bug 718999 - make "You can't dereference a NULL nsCOMPtr" assertions fatal.
ddba5171787231891f5d600841921342b088ee68Marco Bonardo — Bug 720110 - URL autocomplete breaks keyword bookmarks.
360bd1a6e72bbc745b9d0ed270a4763b5edf57b3Marco Bonardo — Bug 720066 - Tagging broken, cannot type in the tag field.
b7f926cfa8c8950b8d44a3b0d90099f7fa1c81d9Ms2ger — Bug 672893 followup - Make JSCompartment not a JS_FRIEND_API; r=luke
6991a46d321eb76e1c35f85210c10cbc5a76f8b7Ms2ger — Merge m-c to m-i.
01a5ce645a8b022b64685e0bcc018d1c5ae1b976Jeff Walden — Bug 720759 - Delete the fallible EqualStrings signature when both provided strings are linear, so that callers are required to use the faster, infallible linear-strings overload. r=Ms2ger
6e849614a79fce45958fd7e92d62603b015d7a98Jeff Walden — Bug 720759 - Convert js::SameValue, js::StrictlyEqual, js::LooselyEqual, and js::EqualStrings to return a value through a bool*, not a JSBool*, to eliminate a (single!) Windows warning. r=Ms2ger
bd75f26eee254c2b9bf1a22e18c304833060a7a0Jeff Walden — Bug 720759 - Export mfbt's guard object classes to avoid warnings using them in exported APIs. r=Ms2ger
04b4225269a45d7e5c2e2fbbe50a0cb37b881551Justin Lebar — Bug 696162 - Fix jsgcchunk's AllocGCChunk to be more efficient and to avoid potential problems on Mac 10.7. r=igor
79deba0222272dd103c35d8317eff8c487ef2dbfLuke Wagner — Bug 675078 - rm JSThreadData and JSThread (JSRuntime is now officially single-threaded) (r=igor)
040975f3210a0a122bbb7ffe1cc4b090fecaa9f7Bill McCloskey — Bug 720505 - Remove MarkRuntime from jsapi.h exports (r=Ms2ger)
4d6cb73f892bc8b8e10551e5b110f53cceadf1baBenjamin Smedberg — Bug 716638 - Annotate the size of a failed allocation due to OOM and submit it with the crash report, r=ted
04c7c0a46c38b1ec442255dc79f474baebd25909Margaret Leibovic — Bug 720427 - Save as PDF is using an invalid URI method. r=wesj
4cb1b8a6a0f6ff6fe7cc07205de3c2450f4e46feMargaret Leibovic — Bug 720581 - Access static fields/methods in a static way. r=blassey
c375946d50398e1f388ecf92e6e5f500ec7c6757Margaret Leibovic — Bug 720574 - Remove unused variables and imports. r=mbrubeck
3a9e2a1b176778b3ef8b38fa708dcfdb105d6781Margaret Leibovic — Bug 720048 - Move Tab:Foo listeners and associated tab logic into Tabs. r=mbrubeck
9be58af4f6a5ebe8e4ab10df0c4d495475158420Margaret Leibovic — Bug 720494 - Move GeckoApp.handleAddTab logic into Tabs.addTab. r=mbrubeck
fcec3385530b922626e5a4d07ee37c22cc2c9917Margaret Leibovic — Bug 719493 - Don't block on gecko to select a tab. r=mbrubeck
111b399b10e42a1d613589061090305ec98026a0Margaret Leibovic — Bug 719494 - Closing tabs is too slow sometimes. r=mbrubeck
fd472718b66ebbedb5f783a057da8725de2c8232Matt Brubeck — Back out e7fa7c10803e and ebf0c9794a34 (bug 696162) because of Win64 build failure
3ac73fd59a12f87ab198f2122f5f8c1b2b572452Lucas Rocha — Bug 710325 - Show addon icon in about:home (r=mfinkle)
c1a1a872ecaa1145bb80c3b3227e80746bf7c538Lucas Rocha — Bug 710325 - Thread-safety fix in Favicons (r=mfinkle)
5efbddddb54f1bc7639d4b0066af13abd2cbb99bLucas Rocha — Bug 710325 - Show addon version in about:home (r=mfinkle)
7cafa419af61f3952e2cd7d875aa6a46f4169dc9Matt Brubeck — Bug 719795 - Crash when GeckoSmsManager.init is called more than once [r=blassey,mounir]
4976f17b061ac8630839280b298a9198a754514aMatt Brubeck — Bug 717283 - Fix build bustage caused by merge conflict in d8fc13006aa4
cd76470c9e6f24bcf63edce87666d3335058a6a0James Willcox — Bug 706684 - Add a small fix for Froyo devices r=kats
ebf0c9794a344448ba4bdbb936ffe3f0d0db0463Justin Lebar — Bug 696162 - Followup: Fix comment style. DONTBUILD
e7fa7c10803e42cece7b977f0649f6b0ffee237eJustin Lebar — Bug 696162 - Modify jsgcchunk's AllocGCChunk to be more efficient and to avoid potential hangs on Mac 10.7. r=igor
d8fc13006aa47bbf33c77905c4b0e9e354c7bc3fChris Lord — Bug 717283 - Use tiles on-demand. r=pcwalton, snorp
2a9c391e2a8985057bb68b53a281ace0b46d67fcChris Lord — Bug 717283 - Store sub-tile metrics on the tile object. r=pcwalton
dc059f35f32bfa25aa8f699f328926b0078721caJan de Mooij — Move GETELEM/SETELEM operations to jsinterpinlines (bug 718683, r=pierron)
da20a9c178f58a1a951f9f6c98ca85a93c780288Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 718961 - Fix typo in event name. r=blassey
8193983c614d5ca5423c27292a286c51f3725de3Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 718961 - Make sure we copy the URI from the java to the C++ event for the VISITED event. r=blassey
80dc2d055f552847557a2b0ac81b0ab9b8ec551cChris Manchester — Bug 713970 - mozdevice abstract methods should have better failure patterns;r=jmaher
7dc821ed89f18ea391b96d4a3a133b76a58995c8Geoff Brown — Bug 718528 - Robocop: upgrade to robotium 3.1; r=jmaher
91782ac21c655eba42c5a792bd9418b2996a37beGeoff Brown — Bug 718829 - Robocop: make testNewtab more reliable; r=jmaher
8689bf0890246878031b3c36752451bdfa8ac450Geoff Brown — Bug 717684 - Robocop: better diagnostics when TEST_PATH incorrect; r=jmaher
3ca66b666f8531f9deaecb0cf5ff52654bb736f9Rafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 683975 - Need infra for developer contributed compilers. r=rail.
08dc835966996a466c2ead4138d4e887724fccfaRafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 720554 - Use fatal assertion and check thread in History::Shutdown. r=mak.
9e1503b399a724b8e00e87e98ad07e4f31b935a3Lucas Rocha — Bug 708414 - Invite users to set up sync on about:home (r=mfinkle)
3a59fe0a2dbe44cc3f9bba7c3afd922eb553bf6cLucas Rocha — Bug 708414 - Show message when there are no top sites to show in about:home (r=mfinkle)
977686f756fe720f76b986d3c43b575232c1b19fLucas Rocha — Bug 708414 - Improve layout of about:home for top sites (r=mfinkle)
16cc48013e6a642166b61c68fccb7c493b263995Lucas Rocha — Bug 708414 - Add API to check if Fennec is running for the first time (r=blassey)
fffb40f09574f55db9e39c51087ef78388c9d8ffNathan Froyd — Bug 714365 - DictionaryHelpers.cpp gets rebuilt on every build. r=ted
15050562b814cbba3003632c5e35209b2489328eMs2ger — No bug - Try to fix ¬m bustage.
cfc432c9bfd14eb0d36fd893f4b41dd817915abcJonathan Watt — Bug 416581, part 1 - Move mLanguage from nsStyleVisibility to nsStyleFont. r=dbaron.
a60f021bab003ce65863c84cda423673f1c73e8fMarco Bonardo — Bug 719584 - Build SQLite with /O2 on Windows, since /O1 crashes in PGO.
65126f431e53e1eadc66c1e4e6dfacf7796f6f60Marco Bonardo — Bug 719579 - Force SQLite to use malloc_usable_size when jemalloc is used.
92b6a058907f028442db6d32a3d1c4ede077b488Ryan VanderMeulen — Bug 718455 - Upgrade SQLite to version 3.7.10 - SQLite changes. rs=mak
0acc0724334936a1a54f452b339f00ddbe545cccRyan VanderMeulen — Bug 718455 - Upgrade SQLite to version 3.7.10 - Mozilla changes. r=mak
5200b73a4e4e7ab268327da8ae508053d4d76ae1Marco Bonardo — Merge central to inbound
30f32ca8241ae46acadb60e215c99de90372882aHenri Sivonen — Bug 720650 - Remove nsLoggingSink. r=mrbkap.
03ae304e45afdc7e6f4f0db9201659faeba4deafSerge Gautherie — Bug 720955. (Av1) Report IIDs when they differ. r=ted.mielczarek.
69d3ab27a237176169e328f52437417a4edc2e31Oleg Romashin — Bug 720299 - Qt Fennec does not compile with faststartup (undefined reference moz_free/alloc et.c). r=dougt
005488525c43e46e1ada6da5d4df8621818577ceMs2ger — Bug 718504 - Remove some GetChildAt callers; r=smaug
70991ab26e20de36cbdcab9fc8a1d29113101e0dMs2ger — Bug 718170 - Part c: Use nsINode in IsEmptyCell; r=ehsan
677e38a3838ce9745812e0bd11cf9172bfabf05eMs2ger — Bug 718170 - Part b: Use nsINode in IsVisTextNode; r=ehsan
46fce3248ec9dcce1f242ad98fe00839ee7db5bfMs2ger — Bug 718170 - Part a: Use nsINode in IsEmptyNodeImpl; r=ehsan
0e4cd20fd801eec51d651efcaae334cab655098dMs2ger — Bug 689337 - Desktop notification interfaces should not be marked 'function'; r=khuey
4b1abacde2fd3c1da25be58bb84229042739f0c8Ms2ger — Bug 718271 - Use TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL instead of TEST-UNEXPECTED-ERROR; r=jmaher
048568c7684f7e0381cdddbe091bbc58216194b4Ms2ger — Bug 720124 - Remove dead code from HTMLContentSink: AddComment; r=hsivonen
86377c75fbca7e0e40f7a2165041931150230c38Ms2ger — Bug 720124 - Remove dead code from HTMLContentSink: AddProcessingInstruction; r=hsivonen
ffa1adda4c4ff548c0d99fa437c9c1913d70cea3Ms2ger — Bug 720124 - Remove dead code from HTMLContentSink: IsFormOnStack; r=hsivonen
92474bceca8a2f890e00a608b7eaec545a6039dcMs2ger — Bug 720124 - Remove dead code from HTMLContentSink: form; r=hsivonen
5c0b40af4d51d8f44b9553eb7289bbfd75512df0Ms2ger — Bug 720124 - Remove dead code from HTMLContentSink: meta; r=hsivonen
8232ce31f2219647a28bf2d897f4bcc239aa54dbMs2ger — Bug 720124 - Remove dead code from HTMLContentSink: mInsideNoXXXTag; r=hsivonen
2bb09ec057e6e16f3831117e474596ab964e2deaMs2ger — Bug 720124 - Remove dead code from HTMLContentSink: mNumOpenIFRAMES; r=hsivonen
90ce75a0083fe9594a04b055cb35caee10ed843bMs2ger — Bug 720124 - Remove dead code from HTMLContentSink: AddDocTypeDecl; r=hsivonen
086f5438276f90f2a9bbfbfa891b92f1b33d09a3Ms2ger — Bug 720124 - Remove dead code from HTMLContentSink: frameset - link - style - doctype; r=hsivonen
90480621f7c5276483c563b864ee3943c8d6fb7fMs2ger — Bug 715112 - Remove HTMLContentSink::ProcessSCRIPTEndTag; r=hsivonen
f92194f05828df1c2369ef72be2c68c8739a32a9Dão Gottwald — No bug - fix some browser chrome tests that pollute the global scope
c3643d492d6825c5858dd9b76877745d3413bbe6Matt Brubeck — Merge last green changeset from mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central
117f6d70c5848da872fae33c03702158e126adc0Ben Turner — Bug 705640 - Implement DOMError as defined in DOM 4, r=mounir.
8b5e839439588112886ad61edc0291ff69450890Ben Turner — Bug 718132 - IndexedDB: Intermittent Failing to get JS wrapper in IDBRequest::NotifyHelperCompleted. r=khuey.
ab64f34dd8ea8bfc606abec136c266148cc46531Mark Banner — Bug 716238 - ThunderbirdTry: "495794-1.html | load failed: timed out waiting for reftest-wait to be removed" - Ensure media.autoplay.enabled is always true. r=dbaron
f173a9a1e0560a1c61e69702e4c7558be8dd47dfSimon Montagu — Rename BrowserSetForcedDetector and remove unnecessary parameter. Bug 720310, r=gavin
9aab7ae07561a3004625ca7c80d98f06c6daf9afSimon Montagu — Remove unused forcedDetector property. Bug 713825, r=bz
57f0b07c2dc5108e3c1fb477dc4e134e3161158bSimon Montagu — Move nsIDocumentCharsetInfo out of intl/chardet into nsIDocShell, Bug 713825, r=bz, mbrubeck
1cbdfc84d7e30a602e3d30ae31744f9e796a19f6Simon Montagu — Move nsIDocCharset out of intl/chardet into nsIDocShell, Bug 713825, r=bz
388edf50e323695b2254c775ddd63a8f23f23f50Phil Ringnalda — Bug 718260 - stop running test_xhrAbort.html on WinXP until it can stop crashing in the middle of the next test, r=khuey
043c16767e3355fbe6ae423d2b0e3f9e5eed0d89Timothy Zhu — Bug 686514 - Make ctrl-plus and ctrl-minus scale image documents.,jonas
ed9d9eb609ba4cc61af9f27853ae3ff88f6c1d15Serge Gautherie — Bug 720095. (Av1a-mochitest) Fix some strict warnings and nits. r=ted.mielczarek.
1982c882af0ff513c528196d6e14365ff9829bcfBen Hearsum — Bug 607389 - generate partial updates at build time for releases. DONTBUILD
70fafe57af70a9641791d0e5bf01033b9665f20eTim Taubert — merge fx-team to m-c
5591b74cdf3101516a0178dbc56197e1828e611eGavin Sharp — Remove outdated reference to "build configurator" webtool, rs=khuey, no bug
8ce7e49ce59321b63c614fb45250c5a22bf13a32Gavin Sharp — Bug 719254: rename nsBrowserGlue's onBrowserStartup to something more descriptive of what it actually represents (windows have been restored), r=dao
10825497af66dc7b357abd132b1190c13a4a4763Paul Rouget — Bug 566092 - Inspector highlight doesn't handle reflows correctly; r=rcampbell
fd894e4a756953a67158784e02f4c6ae7f4716cbDao Gottwald — Bug 719849 - global variables pollute the browser window during devtools tests; r=rcampbell
294722039fc9f1ee87125e190b4b560c21e78b72Tim Taubert — Fix backout of bug 455553
6e3018bb5cfea3a85433f17ebe71f014a160df5dMarco Bonardo — Merge last green PGO from inbound to central
444aae098b6a1b57178155ffba17d0689e5c4f44Phil Ringnalda — Backed out changeset b77c0c621163 (bug 710533) for native ts bustage
af307c946dc9a13272d76e4f0af5755cd16c5345Phil Ringnalda — Back out 420d7b8ed59d for being a bad backout
420d7b8ed59de60d115454a7bb317f7a5d33de20Phil Ringnalda — Backed out changeset b77c0c621163 (bug 710533) for native ts bustage
531b3679e334f7f70617c9a029b2b1e439d5a5bfChris Peterson — Bug 701002 part 3 - JavaStackTrace: remove unused showErrorDialog() method. r=dougt
6a687f06990c539a9919964b0be209210a0992dfChris Peterson — Bug 701002 part 2 - JavaStackTrace: send "JavaStackTrace" field to Socorro. r=dougt
e0d47ee06f3467cc937112d2df17969b2ea060e4Chris Peterson — Bug 701002 part 1 - JavaStackTrace: consolidate reportJavaCrash() stack logging. r=dougt
b77c0c621163f9931e06bd0d84c050074f39d5b9Patrick Walton — Bug 710533 - Tint the checkerboard with the background color of the page. r=Cwiiis
4035cbbd550b233c28f5ac55e19314f25e72651cPatrick McManus — bug 720150 - spdy syn_reply div by zero on valid 0 len inflate buffer r=honzab
ca4d85ac6bf50317f6f9d52f314cb53bb2a1cf79Patrick Walton — Bug 706684 - Implement a simpler scale gesture listener on Android. r=Cwiiis
650f4fa9ca1244e9538edb4daabebbc805e6eee5Jim Blandy — Bug 717417: Don't skip ScriptDebugEpilogue when an onExceptionUnwind handler throws an uncaught exception or terminates the debuggee. r=jorendorff
93602e4ac4d9f8bce5594f72bfdfaa2190da2c24Jim Blandy — Bug 717417: Add 'terminate' shell primitive. r=jorendorff
6c5229914ef986dc2cc98bdf9336c6b5fde26c67Brian Hackett — Ensure code is discarded appropriately when kicking frames into the interpreter, bug 719674. r=dvander
a6a01e576efc4a0e6cbdfa9b58644e287a8ffa79Bill McCloskey — Bug 716027 - Add write barrier to SetReservedSlot in jsfriendapi.h (r=bhackett)
b1d7e7ac1b7781dab432ac17e8a15fedbc28679eBill McCloskey — Bug 716033 - Move write barriers from jsapi.h to jsfriendapi.h (r=luke,bholley)
859a8f4d3536aa6e746ca7c124080adbd94b1761Brian Hackett — Convert integers to doubles at join points immediately after a chunk boundary, bug 719918. r=dvander
95a78ca23d9be7e6d7d4d7c003c61187e935e24fDão Gottwald — Bug 714594 - Don't list app tabs in the all tabs menu. r=mak ui-r=boriss
c797a7c680234faf8182b349b0ee54a794f398ddDão Gottwald — Bug 485237 - Use \!toolbar.visible instead of the chromehidden attribute existence to identify popups. r=gavin
3e8c74abc6e569faaa93acf650205798f7aac7c3Brian Hackett — Don't leak JITScript->shimPool, bug 720359. r=dvander
f8d4887aae8df037b0c8a45b3349601c21f958b5Jeff Walden — Bug 720316 - Convert RegExp indexes into uint32_t. r=luke
6a2a7edff3c554a1db08794ffe771a93a91526c2Jeff Walden — Bug 720316 - Remove the entirely-unused JOF_SLOTATOM. r=luke
271838a8bc5ea69c8f1634072973fd2cfa676b8eJeff Walden — Bug 720316 - Introduce GET_UINT8 and SET_UINT8 helpers for bytecode immediate examination/setting. r=luke
5fcbfafa4471e35b362bfd17da0ad59df5b3606dJeff Walden — Bug 720511 - Make sure indexed elements on prototypes of an array being joined show through in the final join-string. r=luke
f79582c3fd75772dd1d654b9745b37186f61f1a6Phil Ringnalda — Backed out changeset a57b82b18bde (bug 622232) for build bustage
0ec0b8f17be98b0fbdaa19436cdacda22f424853Santiago Gimeno — Bug 715265 - Optimize all-int array sort and avoid creating a JSString per element when there is no comparator (r=luke)
a57b82b18bde3e51f7fc44ff250690d18255374aSteve Workman — Bug 622232: Cancel DNS prefetches for HTML Anchor Elems after a tab is closed; r=mcmanus sr=bz
66dc5e17869162b8a3276b7692d7b050232131d9Brian R. Bondy — Bug 719202 - Innocuous uninitialized BMP header value. r=joe
56ee4d79fd79c5c956a1c98cc9474fc817e9fc68Andrew McCreight — Bug 720292 - add more cycle collector edge names. r=smaug
3098655dc8a5399b59ba83d28613d3d7f05886aeHub Figuière — Bug 712923 - Properly handle Heading elements to be recognizable by VoiceOver. r=tbsaunde,surkov,marcoz
1b2d36e0657b5cf7c151bd0bfa487ee18f3e8bf4Brian Nicholson — Bug 716906 - Add "Firefox Sync" item to settings. r=dougt
8ec6ce57086f436d7a69bed30f3ee5177863afbeSteven Michaud — Bug 720168 - Crash in nsHttpChannel::CallOnStartRequest @ objc_msgSend | nsOSHelperAppService::GetMIMEInfoFromOS. r=bgirard
f531dd09e05b36a12497727d7ef676d002ce2028Vladan Djeric — Bug 716590 - WalkStackMain64 shouldn't skip frames unless it's walking the thread that called NS_StackWalk. r=dbaron
80da2e1c26b60ac1f56d9b14dd5ddd38f43b9195Steven Michaud — Bug 714951 - [Mac] Aurora and Nightly icons incorrectly positioned in mounted DMG image's finder window. r=gavin
1b5b7d538230afd714174f78d918ada69c960c93Brian Hackett — Add incremental GC barrier for generator frames associated with args/call objects, bug 716013. r=billm
850ce7c81121f7731719449c974da81ee333a11fBrian Hackett — Add JSOP_LOOPENTRY for target of initial loop jump, bug 720169. r=dvander
735345948d326c50f68c308cf600f707c5a4c3b9Brian Nicholson — Bug 701824 - "Show character encoding" (Text encoding) preference should be hooked up. r=mfinkle
ca8cb417520c71e2eed541c0696ff850dbabb684Brian Nicholson — Bug 719662 - Use nsIPrefLocalizedString for getComplexValue. r=mfinkle
05221dffb4ebf72be844dd4ef951c235806ab5ccJosh Matthews — Bug 649564 - Stupid typo in test_socks.js. rs=ted
92844ace31ecdde9d47950ebcd5e5ee9c9630b2dGregory Szorc — Bug 717713 - Add -Qunused-arguments to default Clang compiler flags; r=ted
0049666222dee49144171edc40da978cd78db2baJeff Walden — Bug 720094 - Simplify the implementation of JSDOUBLE_IS_NaN a bit, consolidating two implementations (conditioned on the architecture) into one. r=dvander
1efdc864bce257b69b8aab23baee4a1a75217f78Robert Longson — Backout Bug 649114 - Reftest failures
886f040f2844f96399ad56e1c793c759bae38d43Jeff Walden — Bug 719659 - Add -std=gnu99 to CFLAGS so that gcc and friends permit use of C99 constructs without warnings. This doesn't mean that everything in C99 is permitted now -- only the stuff supported by all the compilers we care about, including MSVC. r=espindola
7026011a83df40a996b40afaa413d8def439791fAdam — Bug 688891: Remove unaligned LifoAlloc API. (r=cdleary)
24dac171a324a343cebc273bc6275e4016dabb0dAdam — Bug 688891: C++ power-armor for Sprinter. (r=cdleary)
d17842ea50f24fc677eb0372fbcfaa9d524372b0Ed Morley — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound
f500e9a0253c4c16093d76c6eb27754a2b2bc094Robert Longson — Bug 649114 - Text-anchor middle is not computed correctly for element scaled to 0. r=jwatt
1023b9920a8d055ba34375be7f119e49cfd9b6e6Luke Wagner — Bug 720067 - re-merge StackSpace.h with Stack.h, extract gc/Root.h (r=bhackett)
51bffa83d14fda4ad8c181de3881855995d27056Nathan Froyd — Bug 707320 - add tests for load/save functionality; r=taras
5c40a413d9a979e55e0da0fa5a7d6b968308d5d0Nathan Froyd — Bug 707320 - add load/save histograms to TelemetryPing; r=taras
6c2b90a11ea8348c63590fc9e5cc3713c750885aNathan Froyd — Bug 707320 - provide interface for loading and saving histograms; r=taras
5a315a55ea7e3380354d9fa7b84f7f28b4d7ff71Nathan Froyd — Bug 707320 - provide reflection for separate Histograms and SampleSets; r=taras
8f06957d69d9fe5e48e048d0995ecf4e4c3a0aa1Josh Matthews — Bug 649564 - Make kill never take down the test, and add a missing callback. rs=ted
778cf04d7c553a03043a2e77cc52655c5cc48d5bDavid Bolter — Bug 717505 - Crash [@ nsAccessible::VisibilityState] when closing a tab. r=roc
e69ad50ec0d77ab7d42d9edede5653a110a3f320Robert Longson — Bug 647914 - Horizontal and vertical SVG paths are omitted from bbox calculations if they have siblings. r=jwatt
57fa9183c078ebbb464b9a02634c3cd6a6735b0cJonathan Watt — Bug 719408 - Remove broken paths from files in layout. r=bernd.mielke.
aa713a50f43582b8286e996913e18695cbee56b0Ed Morley — Backout 8886b027527a (bug 718132) for xpcshell failures
2b0a5accb8ccc5a7f780c617ae6d9dc93247624cBobby Holley — Bug 579535 - Remove AddScriptBlockerAndPreventAddingRunners() API and warn about script runner failures. r=bz
551030e6e380b57a31be28b5ce62d4dea6e9a337Ed Morley — Backout 143f01714f2b (bug 705640) for build failures
8886b027527ab9c4f0dff28c81321a65f5370e96Ben Turner — Bug 718132 - IndexedDB: Intermittent Failing to get JS wrapper in IDBRequest::NotifyHelperCompleted. r=khuey.
143f01714f2b68424d930a6619c61c62a61381a9Ben Turner — Bug 705640 - 'Implement DOMError as defined in DOM 4'. r=mounir.
cfaee7b043f7204d8db74d4f579c914f5bedc6faOlli Pettay — Bug 720423 - Add NS_DECL_CYCLE_COLLECTION_SKIPPABLE_SCRIPT_HOLDER_CLASS_INHERITED, r=mccr8
3be494e4cc8fc5a9a510b2721f777bd9aac37221Serge Gautherie — Bug 720071. (Av1a) Fix windows/nsFilePicker to actually be buildable using "--with-windows-version=502". r=jmathies.
965f4bc3fc210abfdd33f736b7565a10235c4185Serge Gautherie — Bug 718545. (Av1) browser_keyevents_during_autoscrolling.js: Use EventUtils sendChar() and sendKey(), instead of synthesizeKey(). r=enndeakin.
c1fd381a7faa4bb3bfe606bebcdd1c0a0fc8ef74Serge Gautherie — Bug 490384. (Dv1a) Improve and reenable test_bug466586.html. r=joe.
3e6a0fe556508baf4b9c07578f82e181e65e267dPhilipp von Weitershausen — Bug 720601 - Update package manifests after renames and removals. r=fabrice DONTBUILD because NPOTB
dead9dc86cfa8ee48c6a09017cdd1c78e764d970Joel Maher — Bug 719946 - please update a new r=armenzg
6a059b75146f05c247ca9053d48174953010c0b9Ed Morley — Merge last green changeset of mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central
920c698ea0eb9fbb91c460f558eeddc51e69e3b3Asaf Romano — Reland Part 1 of Bug 710259 - Add a module for reading property list (plist) files (and add support for lazy-getters values in Dict.jsm). r=mak, sr=mossap for the new module. r=sid0 for the changes to Dict.jsm
f0eaab2dfe71b7c81aa658ad956fb2873d34b494Ed Morley — Backout fcb3a7884fa9 (bug 705640) for build failures
fcb3a7884fa9e5a8e64fb7fa0e9dfbb643a2f853Ben Turner — Bug 705640 - 'Implement DOMError as defined in DOM 4'. r=mounir.
2c45818269df11c0c77b41515f4d60d20d1a3d30Bas Schouten — Bug 657141 - Part 2: Only optimize away clip levels when using solid alpha masks. r=jrmuizel DONTBUILD
df60208f850cfca08e572302860ceffdddd8dda4Dão Gottwald — Backed out changeset 17933c63c7b6
17933c63c7b60faea661d9d5690b27cff6164f15Dão Gottwald — Bug 657141 - Part 2: Only optimize away clip levels when using solid alpha masks. r=jrmuizel
79cb2db62a9be80e38af1a3dfbd827db0bc54200Murali — Bug 714342 - page-proxy-stack should be a <hbox> rather than a <stack>. r=dao
e170001f3e9b29b17e1ff32c3c7dfc6b19ccda9fMarco Zehe — Bug 477015 - Create namerules based tests for accessible name of images, r=surkov
05df0cddc299aac74bc6645a7264019012df0ce3Matt Woodrow — Bug 718329 - Make fuzzy reftests take max tolerance values. r=roc
e29b78989aeb91b60b2030baf19f70ffd28b6484John Daggett — Bug 706340. Add gfxinfo to telemetry metadata. r=taras
75ddbfb943c7312d592d1206e98f2ef4b316c390Justin Dolske — Bug 720288 - Don't do a default browser check in debug builds. r=gavin
b7dd715e6009aff3a0d8dfd79b8f3cda60cae89aJustin Dolske — Bug 714140 - Charlton Company trademark notice can be removed from About dialog. r=gavin
2f9840b376a67eb19faeec0f38513283efadb067Brian R. Bondy — Bug 715910 - Use localized group account name for Users. r=rstrong
0719cb122243b96d38a6ba3be859ff95ca9907e1Matt Woodrow — Bug 718334 - Fix some tests to make them work with Skia. r=roc
975ec4955ef920a70ab94e1ce4022e4b85a66a8aMatt Woodrow — Bug 718809 - Use TransformBounds in TransformGfxRectToAncestor. r=roc
24524a1fd69995a72b59ab9473d6c961e94613c2Gregor Wagner — Bug 719501 - Allow JavaScript-navigator-property properties to be null. r=jst
9b069a37f58f3f99da04c3edac88761f64b1568eEd Morley — Backout ca7d87ab38b6 (bug 707654) for causing problems with NVDA (bug 720393); a=MarcoZ
42368fe44c8ca09c48b12cea0a611e3493cd6769Tim Taubert — merge m-c to fx-team
946022ef981f3c5dcd358a3c2e3df75d29aa6ccbRobert Strong — Bug 720016 - warning when compiling the maintenance service - swprintf takes a count parameter. r=bbondy
758005504cab0575100075b05898af63b771f8f3Mike Hommey — Bug 683127 part 12 - Enable the new linker on Android native UI. r=khuey
fd8fc492279c5605edcf9cd4190c201100a364dcMike Hommey — Fixup for bug 683127 part 11 to properly load sqlite3. rs=tbsaunde
4e12e9a68795853768a0c1308cfde605d39f87e6Serge Gautherie — Bug 719389. (Av1) Fix "#ifdef MOZ_WINSDK_TARGETVER >= MOZ_NTDDI_LONGHORN" from bug 441197. r=khuey.
ee922e0041e148f6aa67c7ce8c71ad7daff1e2c3Mats Palmgren — Bug 720142 - Avoid calling GetFirstInFlow() on the row group twice. r=bernd
d65285b0491765c83a7346c1ff21117e56d9dd61Mats Palmgren — Bug 720142 - Only calculate the border half we actally use. r=bernd
67fb425e004bc562a297788e6c9e8f293eb7a284Mats Palmgren — Bug 720142 - Use nsIntRect for table damage. r=bernd
7de99b312d6f702b1756483af25a6a8d52f18229Ed Morley — Backout 5ad0ee32f855 (bug 710259) for build failures on all platforms
bf035b906c2ee10aa90c9f205b670bca79b1cca2Asaf Romano — merge
5ad0ee32f855a7740cdbc0467c5c2452d6c44391Asaf Romano — Part 1 of Bug 710259 - Add a module for reading property list (plist) files (and add support for lazy-getters values in Dict.jsm). r=mak, sr=mossap for the new module. r=sid0 for the changes to Dict.jsm
224d1d26ce18ffaadbea2552859ab48ba7a051b3Brian R. Bondy — Bug 719066 - Callback application should relaunch with the same privileges it had last. r=rstrong
9a67d6f21b3de20f348562aa16d8193dd0aee239Brian R. Bondy — Bug 716045 - "Run As" dialog appears after every Nightly install. r=rstrong
10c3bb782afffebe365e5dc5800ccf40557bc1c2Justin Lebar — Bug 720157 - Don't crash when OnLocationChange sends a null URI. r=smaug
14810f6dd6a78b6d5eaa41fac21180ab25ea6461Phil Ringnalda — Bug 702171 - ignore uncaught exceptions in browser_sessionstore.js so we can hear ourselves think over the constant yammering of "this.browser.fuzzyZoom is not a function", r=mbrubeck
a6a127333270e53134f2c058597a2b267c710112Ed Morley — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound
ca7d87ab38b6e7ef55edd6ac2f300b8c1fcbfc01Alexander Surkov — Bug 707654 - embeds relation on root accessible can return not content document, r=davidb
d7f703ae1c8c7014be939f31244ddde5422f6691Ed Morley — Merge last green changeset of mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central
3ff0e8b46d702cd6f35ba5b7a349ed54cba5b2dcEd Morley — Backout 91eebc6bdb59 & 7d776b291014 (bug 717283) for Android native reftest crashes
71370660e59d3342c2328bac06d21ae5c6561707Simon Montagu — Tests for bug 670556, r=emk
f9596d9d2d2b2752eff35caccaa8bf5c9761c944Simon Montagu — Fix typos in conditions. Bug 670556, r=emk
91eebc6bdb597e482f7d522c06dec7ceeb051fc1Chris Lord — Bug 717283 - Use tiles on-demand. r=pcwalton, snorp
7d776b2910142012951c9d6c41b94243ebb5b4eaChris Lord — Bug 717283 - Store sub-tile metrics on the tile object. r=pcwalton
b6c3441ce15354bde092592721b77d4fc73127f7Mounir Lamouri — Bug 719632 - Add Network API fallback methods to the hal's gonk backend. r=cjones
2d9846b8eb2893451a84188795add1a9e6ad79bbGeoff Lankow — Bug 669392 - File and Directory paths should be cropped in the middle and not at the beginning of the path; r=Unfocused
40bc6b9b09d1742924e7169b71be01d5260a1fd2Benoit Girard — Bug 635544 - rename nsIWidget::DrawOver to DrawWindowOverlay. r=roc
8a915ca62e05a13dc41939f071d6d185a06c6890Tom Schuster — Bug 686296 - Non-extensible ArrayBuffer __proto__ should not be changable. r=jorendorff
46716e93feb4a7e5d40a0369cf56db0fad1c0b49Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 719954 - Bracket the clicking on list items with the event expecter to avoid a race condition. r=gbrown
328f9cbb65984bf81db49f9c47310b41d7007bfbKartikaya Gupta — Bug 719954 - Change testBookmark to actually load a bookmark instead of a history item. r=gbrown,jmaher
e862a60fdb13fabdd317a586beec3ce62c62c4bfKartikaya Gupta — Bug 716863 - Abort uselessly continuing to fling subdocuments once they can't go any farther. r=Cwiiis
e5f5c1c96f4e2ab84f2f4b15ed86b0ae57d25bfbKartikaya Gupta — Bug 716863 - Check for overscroll and bounce after iframes are flung. r=Cwiiis
8ff77543b294b308930d36c245cdd56907445f38Justin Lebar — Bug 720069 - Fix intermittent oranges in test_browserFrame{1,2,3}.html. r=philor
8c9477207cf661be358fb23daa92540d6fd41878Alexander Surkov — Bug 526703 - Screen readers announce ARIA list items, tree items, and listbox items as 'not selected', r=marcoz
62b602a493940a8cd8b2e4007674a97c79be303aPhil Ringnalda — Back out ca4e2ab3717c (bug 720069) because I clearly didn't even think about it, much less test it
ca4e2ab3717c92fa039096bb042978d570d9c7f4Phil Ringnalda — Bug 720069 - define the script that the iframe onload calls before the iframe, to avoid orange when iframeLoad is not defined, r=jlebar
0e9d30f46b7d4957f76d3be8815e728a9f163c97Patrick Walton — Bug 707956 - Restore original zoom scale on double rotation. r=kats
f1b3f874e000b373ec052e6800e13fcb8578a6c1Ed Morley — Merge backout from mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound
a53e3dcc585c7a81b5561cba37997f0fc3f82309Ed Morley — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound
374975f24277430b46c4dd87d93b5eeed80548a2David Mandelin — Bug 718128: Implement draft spec ArrayBuffer.slice, r=jwalden
0c8e2e79385131cebc9f72554dc41391813c2b62Brian Hackett — Root strings in native iterators when converting from array of jsids, bug 719686. r=dvander
7afd96e2977e7d67d7dec70ba2132f34f123cfd7Brian Hackett — Fix use of space above the active JS stack pointer, bug 718347. r=dvander
a862ba2711fdba6e316f060ccb3b2c5d6f8b3a69Brian Hackett — Keep track of SSA variable values at exception blocks after an explicit throw, bug 719758. r=dvander
244711942710bc1ddf8792c33d10f5a63b5e1267Mike Hommey — Backout 7469527224bf (bug 683127 part 12) because of crashes on Android during places migration
8297a76e055272e728e6a5ceda034466ccfc26ccMike Hommey — Fixup for Bug 683127 part 11 to avoid crashing on places migration. rs=Ms2ger
d43360499b86d66d82ed0e585b75bb3237864ad2Rob Campbell — merge fx-team to m-c
1655a3f30b7e29337f6ef11987965bf0abf3aee7Dave Camp — Bug 719934: Disable GCLI by default. r=robcee
96036564910e079cee268f427cc715a82cd8c407Paul Rouget — Bug 718259 - Remove the resizer button in the Inspector Toolbar; r=rcampbell,dao; ui-r=shorlander
ca5b6d4d1892ca81139768e09a867c37cf522481Victor Porof — Bug 718281 - Hide Tilt outro transition in a pref; r=rcampbell
66fcdc7716dcecd62e412b204333358607a03cc1Victor Porof — Bug 712096 - Exiting 3D (Tilt) mode of the developer tools should show a transition back to a flat page; r=rcampbell
0f664cd835ec8d9f733843ce66e5a97f7ad90a6cVictor Porof — Bug 715518 - WASD controls don't work in 3D view if typeaheadfind is active; r=rcampbell
24cdcf5654fc6ef95ee77319424780fdeeaf69ecVictor Porof — Bug 712029 - Implement a way to reset the modelview matrix in Tilt; r=rcampbell
0c90c1267f632022799479aeb19dedb20c4c11d9Victor Porof — Bug 713391 - There should be a test to make sure Tilt is opened via the access key; r=rcampbell
50cd93681c9b9330600fe456f310a2d25d503831Cedric Vivier — Bug 708613 - Move SplitView component in devtools/shared; r=rcampbell
bf4edffd939497bafb3ec96a7cd7e983966c0a39ffxbld — Automated blocklist update from host moz2-linux-slave43
8c664c7ecb7943de6b05ea6c88b0a4d9cf208b10Mark Banner — Unit test bustage fix from bug 672681 for apps without private browser and that don't have places enabled by default. r=unit-test only bustage fix
e46cca5066131e6a86c3ac2989572d179150d10bEd Morley — Backout 56ad9ccfcd15 (bug 719494) for native Android M1 crashes
099ec081e8aa1a92cfbbd0f6d007b3900e02ea53Ed Morley — Merge last green changeset of mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central
b881c5526ed2264bc4a585a9488e41c1457134dfLuke Wagner — Bug 719878 - AllFramesIter does not find all frames when the current segment contains only a native call (r=sfink)
b7684cc4cb7818c61bf1a5cd5090e3669d8b256aDaniel Holbert — Bug 719698: Mark functions in thread_helper.h as 'inline' instead of 'static' to fix build warning when they go unused. r=ehsan
9cf740464cd01a801e50b1e22f1156756765f2bfAtul Aggarwal — Bug 698263 - Rename mozilla::imagelib namespaces to mozilla::image r=joe
6ccf407f0b858e951c5d211da0222ffcd5d3b5aaGeoff Lankow — Bug 684107 followup - stop importing XPCOMUtils.jsm and Dict.jsm into DownloadLastDir.jsm; r=gavin
13b29452a036f4e8b1c3d46e58e32b5aceeb243aGeoff Lankow — Backed out changeset 86da174de8df (bug 719841)
8689400e67a67c4a8fedb6c6c0534228af2bad7eGeoff Lankow — Backed out changeset febc999231e4 (bug 719841)
26678d3cbf833c60a887a710e059b9c18fa49193Geoff Lankow — Backed out changeset 2059cef905c4 (bug 719841)
40130b6029341c38385ab79e9e6992f39ea39113Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 719176. Add the ability to maintain a temporary buffer of samples. r=ehsan
2059cef905c45608a751daaf1415d85d39ad64dcBobby Holley — Bug 719841 - Tests. r=jorendorff
febc999231e431bc8bb79568ae8a27dfb6adf9deBobby Holley — Bug 719841 - Assert that inner objects don't appear in prototype chains. r=jorendorff
86da174de8df17eaaf1d8d2103f70d56376ddda5Jason Orendorff — Bug 719841 - Do not innerize an object assigned to __proto__. r=mrbkap
cf45def338fac6e606fad2b529b6e246a46117e9Oleg Romashin — Bug 719253 - Fennec cannot init EGL libs due to wrong library name. r=glandium
cb94b815ece04a82c595b8f24f14f764343229bePaolo Amadini — Bug 718484 - Merge browser_privatebrowsing_beforeunload_enter.js and browser_privatebrowsing_beforeunload_exit.js; r=ehsan
098a5b456aefac69aea0ad02a4f8cfda178f6890stefanh — Bug 718392 - [Mac] Restore non-highlight when hovering menus in content menubars. r=dao.
9b15fc2bd106e0d4eb0efda650af547cf5a411cbBrian Nicholson — Bug 715225 - Clean up menu contents. r=mbrubeck
56ad9ccfcd15eb758aabba10198a99b297d35d3cMargaret Leibovic — Bug 719494 - Closing tabs is too slow sometimes. r=mbrubeck
731fce748f78a9d9575a6cf02dbaa5d185e46996Margaret Leibovic — Bug 718708 - Don't prompt to remember password when there is an invalid hostname. r=zpao
22f182db02de448d1249d4bb979cce3e90c36357Andrew McCreight — bug 717711 - telemetry for time in between cycle collections. r=smaug
f9b1cbb631fa8c35d4940bfdc617976f3b3d02a0Ben Francis — Bug 710231 - Part 4: Enable browser frames for Gaia in B2G. DONTBUILD r=jlebar
ade1cb934f01a47436d2a022b2c81d8f8a1c46efMatt Brubeck — Bug 719271 - Site-specific zoom level shouldn't apply to media documents [r=gavin]
25002e370287108eee1d698c378c4a3d1f82d14fMatt Brubeck — Back out 47584f117727 and e05a8743389a (bug 717283) because of native Android startup crashes
a8520279a1dc4563a9ece41e0f565fbffb0e25c0aceman — Bug 711839 - --disable-ogg configure option breaks build after bug 689834. r=bz
031a6b22d3808848b659ade87cf5b06cb4a98cafISHIKAWA, chiaki — Bug 567585 - TB3 fails to raise an error when it tries to save an attachment to write-protected directory. r=Paolo Amadini,r=sdwilsh
47584f1177270dcf5c309473157208b2cd8dff0dChris Lord — Bug 717283 - Use tiles on-demand. r=pcwalton, snorp
e05a8743389a1e278097ea795fadc2ef90258cdfChris Lord — Bug 717283 - Store sub-tile metrics on the tile object. r=pcwalton
df1276b994064c65f9b6730e5bb02f0bf5167fccDavid Bolter — Bug 678965 - telemetry for injected screen reader dll's. r=nfroyd,tbsaunde,marcoz
abb2ccdb82fde17d0ca72e868c236efb7817a50eJason Duell — Bug 716801: Location parsing. r=bz
befdbbd1a136611a93d94b4b2534afdd79c627ceKartikaya Gupta — Bug 717085 - Ensure that when Gecko does a session-restore, it knows how big the screen is. r=pcwalton
c145acbf470d3e3748d9606473353a1f9c69c9a3Justin Lebar — Bug 710231 - Part 3: Add mozbrowserloadstart, mozbrowserloadend, mozbrowserlocationchange events to <iframe mozbrowser>. r=smaug
b50727e80564d3a35d9ef8f10a8ca07d7695c4a7Justin Lebar — Bug 710231 - Part 2: Move nsGenericHTMLFrameElement into its own file. r=smaug
a262cdf67c8274bb1e72b32af7e1d310c1031155Justin Lebar — Bug 710231 - Part 1: Back out bug 708176 part 2 (rev 1bdcd84ae727). r=smaug
8c71c2afb684111572f99c884682677041dab9eeRafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 683975 - Need infra for developer contributed compilers. r=rail.
408ab9247ef1684867b51914ca5540c935d366f1Brian Hackett — Backout 5cdf9574bede for build failures.
0ed3beaf82473b5bc051244c140f86f3a9346e7aAlexander Surkov — Bug 706079 - ignore aria-activedescendant referent having no ARIA role, r=davidb, f=marcoz
5cdf9574bedecfbd8ce311a64cb6de2cd199868dBrian Hackett — Remove emitter special casing for __proto__, bug 717249. r=waldo
82ec65fda578ebe3410a5605583ff5c81c5c992fBrian R. Bondy — Bug 715910 - Set permissions for the service even on upgrades. r=rstrong
88370023d850aa767a322398c7de2ecdbe65b9b8Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 713780 - Stop using JSONStringer as it results in a performance regression. r=Cwiiis
fd479cee8771380ef03624394c0662b11de65d1dKartikaya Gupta — Bug 703347 - Add a background image visible during overscroll. r=Cwiiis
38b4039f740e5a07644b376cbd5809eb468cd99aMarco Bonardo — Bug 712767: Send profile shutdown topics to cpp tests requesting a profile.
51f43afa160ed590ff22845a8e1bd0b621e23bf4Jason Orendorff — Add file needed by some Map/Set tests (the tests were introduced for bug 697479). r=orange.
2cabdf75c971bc0236efd949df022c76871d7b29Reuben Morais — Bug 708585 - Add a preference to control how app tabs are loaded if restore_on_demand is set. r=zpao
af0a15a363630c67b9ab89d23b34a89c235142f1Paolo Amadini — Bug 672681 - Make nsIDownloadHistory::addDownload asynchronous. r=mak
6a5e20a0f7419f896f82f19d3665f75b7334ed08Jason Orendorff — Bug 697479 - Implement Map and Set builtins for JS. r=jimb.
bd3c52671d7455ce4bb88b5b618e649407da057aJason Orendorff — Fix a few typos in comments in js/src. No bug, no_r=me.
11ba93db719a7e3ee2b61fb1036bcbde2545e78cJason Orendorff — Bug 717278 - Vector should have const and non-const begin(). r=luke.
65d66257a1767cf4aead53dba5af2db71b2b2f10Jan de Mooij — Bug 719135 - Move some arithmetic operations to jsinterpinlines. r=dvander
10db8f79cd650c371a14d571a6c505fb75a932f1Henri Sivonen — Bug 102699 - Support text/html in DOMParser.parseFromString(). r=smaug.
8bb4941a7f7de6b6a6ef87d393a4367c38bafe7cHenri Sivonen — Bug 714777 Windows calling convention follow-up. r=smaug.
69a75d09b8c133c13f3eed393dce4697b6f998eeHenri Sivonen — Bug 714777 - Refactor fragment parsing out of nsHtml5Parser. r=smaug.
3d760b97157b818dfb5be521915e5c20cf665fb7Henri Sivonen — Bug 715103 - Move parser unblocking management from nsContentSink to nsScriptLoader. r=smaug.
7f662941aca675c6a9318ba4919be4f1ca83aebaHenri Sivonen — Test for bug 715739 - Make document.write from inside a script-created parser not add to the wyciwyg channel. r=smaug.
3a9d1729cd5c4676a21ec4e858a3fe1b4d8daa01Henri Sivonen — Bug 715739 - Make document.write from inside a script-created parser not add to the wyciwyg channel. r=smaug.
f2b68e3ab05ae3c6d759745e30ac334517a5db6bHenri Sivonen — Test for bug 715112 - Check that DOMContentLoaded fires when a document built by a script-created parser calls document.close() on itself. r=smaug.
994b74a4a909265832a52d8f7b7873198dce7c9bHenri Sivonen — Bug 715112 - Remove duplicate document.close() state tracking. r=smaug.
a4d83f2fb3f2e07f749f8353b1793222dfac378aTimothy B. Terriberry — Bug 719612 - Update libvorbis. r=kinetik
0a9fd06dea540d2cdef8e536ae346a65e4b6ac5eKarl Tomlinson — b=716402 improve inter-glyph pixel rounding r=jfkthame
4053b191975dc2b6a4fde19c6f43f663398b874dJosh Matthews — Bug 715700 - Test to check that localStorage across multiple windows remains in sync while in private browsing mode. r=mayhemer
740578328b88be11c9756b85f47b9f8ab89890ceJosh Matthews — Bug 715700 - Cache all keys when setting a value in memory DBs r=mayhemer
f6cbf4661e213cde490fbfd618047d6c305bc438Mike Hommey — Fixup for Bug 683127 part 11. r=me
283408b8d8a3724ef0f5ee2bce08e21ce3acb924Mike Hommey — Bug 603370 part 1 - Add an option to expandlibs-exec to allow to reorder the objects list. r=ted
0fce8e34930ffe177d1887c2ed779f86007a3b43Mike Hommey — Bug 718485 - Make the gkmedia library the default target in layout/media
7469527224bf3058483c5718ff2ff09a4c21fc95Mike Hommey — Bug 683127 part 12 - Enable the new linker on Android native UI. r=khuey
27e66973c882c3d33e051b00bfec2e9eeb75d923Mike Hommey — Bug 683127 part 11 - Hook the new linker in Android initialization. r=blassey
41c7ad654949db5393d22a95d8dd4d233d47f244Mike Hommey — Bug 683127 part 10 - Allow debug symbols to be found under gdb without extracted libraries. r=tglek,r=mwu
229140e62d7b49f34cb140a639d21f92aaa39d97Mike Hommey — Bug 683127 part 9 - Allow to temporarily extract Elf files from a Zip archive for e.g. valgrind. r=tglek
bd752f4935d978c6e81f04c632ea054701f64a08Mike Hommey — Bug 683127 part 8 - Allow to load Elf files from a Zip archive. r=tglek,r=sewardj
54a8b1b25477d04ecfae8f13775ec5b25a7c27deMike Hommey — Bug 683127 part 7 - Use a custom Elf linker for libraries given with an absolute path name. r=sewardj
fe5a5abec7ed9d6546e5b715ec4ba009f119185aMike Hommey — Bug 683127 part 6 - Use wrapped dl* functions in the XPCOM standalone glue when building with MOZ_LINKER on Linux. r=bsmedberg
dd3b6608192433b823543fe180aebd8ba61f963bMike Hommey — Bug 683127 part 5 - Initial Elf Loader, wrapping around dlopen/dladdr/dlsym/dlclose. r=tglek,r=sewardj
fd1fd139aa1645414103503309460a1567cd7e77Geoff Lankow — Bug 719002 - Use a transaction when upgrading addon.sqlite's schema; r=Mossop
5d0f4e08e31e196acb0f4a74144e31f6e2abdf41Daniel Holbert — Bug 716738: Label layout/tables as gcc-warning-free with FAIL_ON_WARNINGS. r=dbaron
c53d7932f6b7cb8c66bf328ede8a277332d62541Alex Pakhotin — Bug 711648 - Pre-commit underline is not shown for the composing text. r=blassey
bd0ef67d45dd2946f6a2060e0df5a968078bb780Ed Morley — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound
d59f9cae9cd4e14a993ead7a108687381f4dfe5bBenjamin Smedberg — Bug 715885 - Don't allow extensions to hook nsIDragService. r=roc
e70f6f04cf0f551503e7223e6ec51c7094bfbd09Robert Longson — Bug 715999 - Old tooltip appears when the SVG object that the mouse is over is removed. r=dao
a6e3185f8aa9cc202ba77fdf5981486e1340ebf8Josh Aas — Bug 646512 HttpChannelParent::OnStartRequest deep-copies nsHttpHeaderArray. r=jduell
eb09304af438ae482b9ec98218700fa35d2fafe8Gavin Sharp — Bug 719538: make nsWindowsShellService use nsIWindowsRegKey, r=jmathies
26998c1affd1e787ea00b330a68e5edee8ee635dEhsan Akhgari — Bug 719575 - Fix clang builds which are broken now because of Skia changes; r=mattwoodrow
d0eed1fd4272f7559db1ed5b1bdc503143bc442eBrian R. Bondy — Bug 718357 - Do not use new console when browser restarts on Windows. r=jimm
3a322365e2d4cdd821207612be5b59fcb55d4955John Schoenick — Bug 718899 - Implement Cu.forceShrinkingGC / Cu.schedulePreciseShrinkingGC r=gwagner
49936b49aff3498fecf5b0c87684e135c19199f7Dão Gottwald — No bug - fix some browser chrome tests that pollute the global scope
31e70de97d2221b6d898e8a301bc2dba45ae2823Tim Taubert — merge m-c to fx-team
3f877d406d8a54e8849dad5e7f763b0da7490602Tim Taubert — Backed out changeset 9883a9f66cf0 (bug 497543)
97973b8c04be141e4d6a4cb253adbb7dc45af917Tim Taubert — Backed out changeset cc55d047eff9 (bug 497543)
43588ad492ac9f117d63f90210c7ab421783c0ceTim Taubert — Backed out changeset 13e27937167b (bug 497543)
f3cf8f1827a2da608e3ed76a1f64a1a520e3ab05Tim Taubert — Backed out changeset f38769f877d6 (bug 497543)
0cbcaaf2d512d77e1f3bc497482325ea4b6a2dd9Tim Taubert — Backed out changeset 27a45008fc12 (bug 455553)
816b9e460e28ce232ba2cdb6ea814bf474143c02Tim Taubert — Backed out changeset ce8a25a34c2a (bug 455553)
6fd01ecaaa3721d263dfc79cd7efc626b7f0c076Tim Taubert — Backed out changeset 6fd9a7eb3b01 (bug 455553)
e3a59e6affd3cea57240954850a2d3183c2d850dTim Taubert — Backed out changeset 34e078df2ed6 (bug 455553)
84c998ef1689174fa1b1d26b4b95066963b90ac8Tim Taubert — Backed out changeset c389d719d4ec (bug 455553)
c389d719d4ec42911c0ae0ddaf4f770053dcb6abTim Taubert — Bug 455553 - Part 5 - New Tab Page tests and test suite; r=dietrich
34e078df2ed6616b203661efcaff990990e2e5a9Tim Taubert — Bug 455553 - Part 4 - Shared Module; r=blair,mak,dietrich
6fd9a7eb3b011e07b7b6d093095fc5dd85a90c52Tim Taubert — Bug 455553 - Part 3 - about:newtab integration; r=gavin
ce8a25a34c2a43eae72f62145ea6d56d0cfce658Tim Taubert — Bug 455553 - Part 2 - Assets / CSS / Images; r=dao
27a45008fc1237187b77167f30d71a1e2ab1f75dTim Taubert — Bug 455553 - Part 1 - XUL/HTML Page and Scripts; r=blair,dietrich
7edc6c4cf83d12ecb16b685dc374c22f8c61cb5eSerge Gautherie — Bug 718239. (Bv1a-bis) accessible/tests/mochitest/events.js: Fix typo in patch Bv1a. r=surkov.alexander.
6af8c11d727ab056898c3139fdb71d6a381fe8c0Serge Gautherie — Bug 718239. (Bv1a) accessible/tests/mochitest/events.js: Use Services.jsm. r=surkov.alexander.
eb0fb073ac35e561a7dfa144a3e398096eb86ce1Serge Gautherie — Bug 718237. (Av1) accessible/tests/mochitest/*: Support "SeaMonkey searchbar" too, Remove 1 useless "browser.css" use. r=surkov.alexander.
30b1cb696452a8ff2be7337bf8e59beb86db2ef6Jon Buckley — Bug 716397. Fix mozglue package warning on Linux. f=sgautherie r=khuey.
5c2bc94d359c5ae62d996c67c70222e6a8e717d6Ed Morley — Merge last green changeset of mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central
cebc16a770fbc1524ad29a47d9cbd4c2a16293a9Philipp von Weitershausen — Bug 719283 - Part 2: Add stub SmsDatabaseService for Gonk. a=bustage
8ddf161732065f72503773b56c6f10245bb4c666Philipp von Weitershausen — Bug 719283 - Part 1: Fix SmsService for Gonk. a=bustage
3bb96b5ee587e7dd7af3a8b5613a128b90b25fc9Philipp von Weitershausen — Bug 711671 - Rename nsTelephonyWorker / nsITelephone to nsIRadioInterfaceLayer
4cc27651eef809b8f40f0e6dd1d49183873e52ddGian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 713228 - Followup, fix misleading comment. DONTBUILD
7ffb74dfed7c06dbb8bfb3e31db04dedf5839768Alex Pakhotin — Bug 712972 - Can't type into awesome bar. r=blassey
0460a3d6ca3be0d5f7a0a6d081d179a6619de512Nicholas Cameron — Bug 718521 - Add reftest for rounded-rectangle clipping of multiple items. r=roc
55168447493a176f769bfaff877c63a142acaddeNicholas Cameron — Bug 718521 - Fix bug clipping to rounded rectangles for multiple objects. r=roc
d32def0aee9cfc41e6795012ea2a99d33a3b0068Gian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 713228 - Fix spurious semicolons in APKOpen.cpp. r=blassey
846d6ab488d012e0c75a24f27a82b00cd43d841cGian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 713228 - Add bridge to access our own SQLite libraries from Java. r=blassey
860e4b68b7ef37e3f9c8239f8ca3ab2e9d77b4f0Margaret Leibovic — Bug 718846 - Don't show progress throbber on about:home. r=mfinkle
c49433b9ad7d3e965e5e4c42f29e1d24d31f4418Matt Brubeck — Merge mozilla-central and mozilla-inbound
e5eaff41f775424be2c1f08370b6db471aa4e659Chris Pearce — Bug 717026 - Change test to not play() media to avoid audio thread destruction bottleneck. r=roc
eb7efbe87af1a57bd0ea21cfba25bea4b3fe390eChris Pearce — Bug 713381 - Queue media decode thread creation when limit reached. r=roc
6012abe637a8e8b2367a6e142bdf3204e7139abeChris Pearce — Bug 713381 - Add nsDeque::RemoveObjectAt(index). r=bsmedberg
73b1d81f8816ec5a19e972550016bc708774b013Chris Pearce — Bug 713381 - Add null check on decoder state machine, increase media thread limit. r=roc
847feb303673f37913fb3172913ac78135548233Brian R. Bondy — Bug 718450 - Callback application does not relaunch on some limited user account WinXP. r=rstrong
de34e4fefcade8bfbd7f2590fc426ad1cbeb2a8cFabrice Desré — Bug 717975: only expose m-c implementation of navigator.mozApps on b2g : followup [r=jst]
043724be277131896b90db0c4c16c489e4436029Ted Mielczarek — bug 706554 - Add nsRefPtrHashKey. r=bsmedberg
4c09a651bcc1040f73f61b088f62db34777db15cLucas Rocha — Bug 709078 - Only load necessary cols on awesomescreen filter and about:home queries (r=blassey)
23b59d488767362c94803b2e1818d91086a19528Steven Michaud — Bug 675356 - Dmg files sometimes not handled correctly. r=josh
e55e8be05041f82ca839312c55f409e1f5148ef4Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 719429. Fix canvas data leak in DrawTargetCG. r=ajuma
16a7c717fad02eeb4a2f4c48e847a8d63e78349fSavita TS — Bug 715555 - Fix "unusued" spelling. r=gavin
7e7800f6e68b6e277fd9f4b7db85e82560b3f71caceman — Bug 678982 - check for null pointer dereference in gfx/layers/d3d10/ImageLayerD3D10.cpp; r=bas.schouten
173c06d3dd71eaa3d791fd402b862275399bf58aKan-Ru Chen — Bug 711300 - Add GPS support for gonk. r=jdm
5bd7228ca8a7f416e1cf38adbde530dcdf741f79Benoit Girard — Bug 711168 - Implement the compositor protocol for OMTC. r=cjones
0dda5c0d994f9acf589329df3e7807c5b814893fTim Taubert — merge m-c to fx-team
de8da833554e1676397a6cf2e02f5b9199abad8cTobias Markus — Bug 707650 - Remove extra slash character from web console test uris; r=rcampbell
a89c7779fed4e8bb265ca07c1a9fc0555bcf18d2Rob Campbell — backout rev f96d6dd51d6c from bug Bug 708613; a=orange
94bcd5b46e1cb9a245b58e8006cd0fce7aa9c64aRob Campbell — merge because ttaubert; a=#fx-team
f96d6dd51d6c3538e6d9e8cab1af927647ec379cCedric Vivier — Bug 708613 - Move SplitView component in devtools/shared; r=rcampbell
c2526ed5efdaed04d75b40b7e00fea935f337054Cedric Vivier — Bug 687698 - Integrate Style Editor's automatic transitions; r=rcampbell,dao
4c3923ea4a2d8103ffa7756744ade24078fcda61Cedric Vivier — Bug 701635 - Style Editor should have a page loading placeholder; r=rcampbell
360620a4257564971ad0d0fa036dc8e7220d32afCedric Vivier — Bug 715291 - Style Editor throwing CSS warning on Error Console, Unknown property '-moz-box-back'.; r=paul
f38769f877d646dd1608c300f84d96638b2cc738Tim Taubert — Bug 497543 - Part 4 - Tests and test suite; r=dietrich
13e27937167b8693fa4fe1b0f6d61746b5c12d4eTim Taubert — Bug 497543 - Part 3 - Browser integration; r=dao
cc55d047eff997e7ad704036ec24e0f66d5ab37dTim Taubert — Bug 497543 - Part 2 - moz-page-thumb:// Protocol and Channel; r=mak
9883a9f66cf04ebe9b2c1b885954d02f97612278Tim Taubert — Bug 497543 - Part 1 - JavaScript Module; r=dietrich
e5e66f40c35b6ccfe4a1c59f977fdbaca5dd6ecbMatt Brubeck — Merge last green changeset from inbound to mozilla-central
622f1d1e7c52e19686f00ff322e9daaf2479326eRobert Kaiser — bug 709589 - Some engine manager cleanup found by SeaMonkey reviews - nits, r=gavin
c8ed809f6a9d294cf5c2ec9295d2b50f0db1402fRobert Kaiser — bug 709589 - Some engine manager cleanup found by SeaMonkey reviews - improve onSelect, r=gavin
3374fe9737a9fc09e670c860d7db127ea1937d53Robert Kaiser — bug 709589 - Some engine manager cleanup found by SeaMonkey reviews - improve _cloneEngine, r=gavin
79cb693afd546acaa7001479f6c55abdd4d735adRobert Kaiser — bug 709589 - Some engine manager cleanup found by SeaMonkey reviews - improve observer, r=gavin
84becc09d9044bc9e1db839271a4286b581bf3dfRobert Kaiser — bug 709589 - Some engine manager cleanup found by SeaMonkey reviews - use Services.jsm, r=gavin
1fd3d62346865eceb3f29a147e2e380864d04d42Makoto Kato — Bug 715204 - Non-ascii titles are displayed as garbage during session restore. r=bnicholson
19a5e75b8ed854fac01a43178df20f81bf2b66bbMarco Bonardo — Bug 717772 - Delay autocomplete of pasted value.
2d06b0b645b57c9bd56cc7cc68d97998eebcbf38Marco Bonardo — Bug 711503 - Don't trim url when inline autocomplete inserts text.
953bde82b7a7d2ea4408b1792791612ac8434214Michael Ventnor — Bug 566489 - Enable inline autocomplete again, but make it smarter.
3898e1c52fa332cfb80c449bb4e2be48229da8d1Michael Ventnor — Bug 699751 - Change schema for new inline autocomplete.
f23efef7f6160a1620ee5d3af2bc2596f31079a7Michael Ventnor — Bug 660156 - Race condition between sync and async autocomplete searches.
51dcdc85081c86bd0caa030f72248734507761ceMichael Ventnor — Bug 660592 - Allow autocomplete results to hide themselves from the popup.
eea95e86541f0595ffc9da24e3904299b8c329acJonathan Watt — Bug 636379, changing expected condition on XP from fail to random, since the test seems to be passing half the time and failing half the time (after bug 525095 landed?). r=me.
14ec9677313bfcfed0fb7a0bf41dd93d1d4aa7d7Marco Bonardo — Merge central to inbound
d0db3841139c05afbdebcf87d87650ce5c2976efHenri Sivonen — Bug 713810 - Use the HTMLness mode of the original document for the View Selection Source serialization.
ee34d8fb535d65f05be6aba30f23b8f04df177b2Mike Hommey — Bug 718737 - Add a startup timeline event on the first nsDocShell::LoadURI for non about:blank content. r=bz,r=tglek
757813d7135ed5001e87a74298c46db3ad4f6a92Mike Hommey — Bug 717906 - Enable NSS lowhash API so that Mozilla builds work on Fedora. r=rrelyea
44eadf6de374ac1b176984ab7d630727e75c49feMike Hommey — Bug 717906 - Allow to enable NSS lowhash API without requiring FREEBL_NO_DEPEND. r=rrelyea
7cf1f4e669997b730482502fe6d86d195eb324e9Mike Hommey — Update NSPR to NSPR_4_9_BETA6 tag. Fixes bug 712262, bug 712275 & bug 712281; a=ted
7bffffb49f91f263c0a103859f53d3d97a4a68b1Edmund Wong — Bug 717491 - Removed bin/components/proxyObject.xpt from r=ted
51dd2c0a4c73c1faa375c14ae80d3eed4e40bed0Phil Ringnalda — Bug 718564 - adjust crashtest assertion ranges to reflect reality part two, the forgetting of one
945b24b3522dc568b12ac98b5640999d989f0d9aPhil Ringnalda — Bug 718564 - adjust crashtest assertion ranges to reflect reality
98b0b403727deb383a759fc2bdd7f452b093bb80Matt Woodrow — Backout 0190782907ea because of failed tests
147c00d2ca3b56211fd0b60011403c97cf5c50baJeff Muizelaar — Bug 718440. Add more sampler labels to various places. r=bgirard
2cfe51d20cceef4d2236ec3c6b4da1c6e6e06197Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 719273. Avoid including windows header files into sampler.h. r=ehsan
8de271eee34b5d670e791041ba9bb536bc79542eMatt Woodrow — Bug 716415 - Follow to include changes that I forgot to qref. r=bustage
fced79b75704a979de94b5f327c8fca8ac32362eMatt Woodrow — Bug 716415 - Fix windows build of Skia. r=jrmuizel
8763e1f49736cb2785123a9beda5d5cd5cf3ebdbMatt Woodrow — Bug 715718 - Fix uninitialized variable in SkDraw.cpp. r=gwright
0190782907ea9d3973b8c29d69c9c45dc9d80349Matt Woodrow — Bug 718334 - Fix some tests to make them work with Skia. r=roc
19c3a59d61adacda45d10e3315683a3c302f7ce6Matt Woodrow — Bug 716415 - Enable soft clipping with Skia in Azure. r=gwright
47db1c632a61b78c7c11d91d466e28a9ee5892d6Matt Woodrow — Bug 716415 - Store our changes to SkUserConfig.h in a patch file. r=gwright
e5131d25c42ceac0ffeeaa36dd3f5bcb721b874cMatt Woodrow — Bug 716415 - Update Azure for Skia API changes. r=gwright
be5d69db8531cc80a74d8b907ed640feb0265e24Matt Woodrow — Bug 716415 - Apply mozilla patches to skia and fix bitrot. r=jrmuizel
7e9a396c0a562c84cef99b8dd2d09b2deec00615Matt Woodrow — Bug 716415 - Update Skia to svn revision 2980. r=jrmuizel
be4ed2c8f4461406f58939a1b7c08423f09d2fa8Matt Woodrow — Bug 716415 - Add missing README_MOZILLA file. r=jrmuizel
e190ab5f22406055898c48248a2b6c671a839adaMatt Woodrow — Bug 716802 - Implement new 2D API functions. r=gwright
79b026da30f0a730b0afeec8a8e2fcca53dc306bPhil Ringnalda — Back out 78a8aeae5b30 (bug 696291) for Android build bustage
d4c6be1f2db47068efff2afe75cc75c117f14e3cTimothy Nikkel — Bug 675015. Wait until scrolling is complete to dispatch synthetic mouse moves. r=roc
8af1f1a4d79f7806f162c7d7abbcc1bf98f1796aBrian Hackett — Define mjitChunkLimit in --disable-methodjit builds to fix test failure, no bug, no r.
a904454ebfbbec94690d601e0bf99239172c822cBobby Holley — Bug 702353 - Proof-of-concept on some pretty involved tests. r=ted
679b3a8d94c198d99e0fe5ffd3909386d49887f4Bobby Holley — Bug 702353 - Implement Proxy-Based XPCOM Wrappers in SpecialPowers. r=mrbkap,ted
5bc8dcf80474165908bd0bd7149565d86e9edeb0Bobby Holley — Bug 718072 - WeakMaps constructor doesn't always get initialized on the global object. r=Waldo
02e6d576cbd3c28dd2b3955626222b9f3cd45705Chris Leary — Bug 719315: Free unused chunks. (r=luke)
78a8aeae5b30f3c7cb7768bfae2645bf75743212David Anderson — Follow-up fix for ARMv7 regression after soft-float support on ARMv6 (bug 696291, r=mrosenberg).
84b48b4d62a1dcdce5d8b415b4979e3a72c4c365Brian Hackett — Fix warnings, no bug. r=dvander
aba1658ce66cf41eaf0a4fad9b817c73ed58c73fJames Willcox — Bug 719233 - Only use direct texturing on whitelisted devices r=blassey
78f821cb89749b065b738a6520ee22b97a83e01cTim Taubert — merge m-c to fx-team
3698bfa55a72a2c46dd1e1706f638d3241f0f592Tim Taubert — Backed out changeset d0b03b763e5b (bug 702920)
d0b03b763e5baa3c3148cb196e4b06994e2c8d4fBlair McBride — Bug 702920 - If compatibility changes for a user-disabled addon, the UI doesn't get notified and doesn't update. r=dtownsend
d2b7fa944d77cd252a367f57bc5bc9eb5bb0007aMSU Capstone Team — Bug 717119 - Typo in documentation comment for AddonUpdateChecker.getNewestCompatibleUpdate(). r=bmcbride
2175dcb4ca0b0c0157e9bb9b38b6cbee945317aeRobert Strong — Main patch - Bug 660038 - Remove channel switching support. r=bbondy
e527c2b55f5c09b5cd0a8d6d81bd90cd8b83269dRobert Strong — RelEng patch - Bug 660038 - Remove channel switching support. r=nthomas
97b424c630e7f0664ea66de1e5e39c4dcbf3f140Frank Yan — No bug - Fix typo in comment in /browser/base/test/ a=comment
8be167cb61afb0a0c46e7617b43255f3bcc5d86bFrank Yan — Bug 593645 - Use popup.triggerNode for tab context menu - tests. r=dao
224d7c74206f8f21c978371932d54bfec64c3e83Frank Yan — Bug 593645 - Use popup.triggerNode for tab context menu. r=dao
f76b576a9e28264cda0df1e782ac48d8c04f0ff8Marco Bonardo — Merge last green PGO from inbound to central
cfd3838b4dc2420462e09d8bbf187e43b2a3af0eJames Willcox — Bug 707439 - Fix Flash plugin positioning
c8b028065b13386841418783f7369046f623abfaJames Willcox — Bug 718014 - Restrict dirty rect to subrect of tile texture
96a9dffede078c3baca6e9a68866cb9e355c6a4dBrian Hackett — Pass scope chain explicitly to FindProperty, bug 717494. r=dvander
ece333215bde81e1ed9f984d64991cb0adfe7c7eChris Pearce — Bug 717026 - Ensure libsydneyaudio windows block size is an even multiple of channels*frame_size. r=kinetik
57c19a4e2d50fbba067ef806a1d11b8b12843781Brian Hackett — Store JSStrings instead of jsids in native key iterators, bug 713754. r=dvander
d0c192e5bd41345e6acdc497e820150ae9aec484Brian Hackett — Compile large scripts in chunks, bug 706914. r=dvander
1f6244d044aa0797af698cb987f0e12608e82b7eMatt Brubeck — Bug 575830 - Image zoom is reset when switching tabs [r=gavin]
025fa101a51bdbb2758cccffaa790a8f38b04dd8Johnny Stenback — Bug 706381. Re-create the dummy java plugin when re-using the inner window.
87ad0c8ae369121deeecf3ecbc737183bcd761c6Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 715453 (part 2) - Ignore computedSize in nsMallocSizeOfFun. r=jlebar.
593594a73dd0b46198dbe4d5c49cabf6f3d3865eWes Johnston — Bug 603008 - Platform support for multitouch events. r=smaug
04d508fb9e4c3b30d301edf15585a4458aef7286Chris Pearce — Bug 713381 - Commit backout. r=backout
d24c4d2ffde94ac0d2e6a2d2bf6041cdf65189c2Chris Pearce — Bug Bug 713381 - backout 38271572005b,d5ebbc25b4b8,6435f51dd10d. r=backout
1240ddec34afb660d26d401c51048cddfa733ef3Benoit Girard — Bug 719239 - Gecko Profiler: Stackwalk feature isn't reported properly. r=ehsan
280032efe1c0b785ac61abb84fecd6cdbf8a5b5aLuke Wagner — Remove tracer bits from InterpMode (no bug, r=dvander)
0fcee05b6e0ace1a8d7ef57fd7f677df7fc23160Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 545015 - Attempt to work around the configure breakage on Windows 7 with errors about not being able to write to conftest.exe; r=ted
80d20ea83b92c09c716146e384c84a3fdfbf6bf4Michael Wu — Bug 708191 - Don't draw when the screen is off on gonk, r=cjones
6d074e0ec7c416a8b0ff9f5c19505434ee214416Michael Wu — Bug 718631 - Fix Gonk build after bug 598482, r=cjones
5af4464163bdf4300ee07fa5e73827b365281859Michael Wu — Bug 718679 - ipToString in nsWifiWorker.js uses wrong byte order, r=mrbkap
d05a2f422e7d86f94c097b97230425207f948aebJonathan Kew — bug 718513 - reftest for synthetic bolding of src:local() font. r=bas
92395111938e3a363af505e160d26305234d4357Jonathan Kew — bug 718513 - [dwrite] implement synthetic bolding for fonts loaded via @font-face with src:local(). r=bas
0f8b66a9333317df9159b8bc255754ddb0a92dd5Till Schneidereit — Bug 718518. Remove in-tree uses of the nonstandard third argument to String.prototype.replace. r=dcamp,jgriffin,dao,ted,dtownsend
f8f3d849c74acc24db4e82141e3902c166ce56f0Jignesh Kakadiya — Bug 717066 - Make nsGenericHTMLElement::GetLayoutHistoryAndKey return void. r=ms2ger
efb5775264896624c063620eaca52f4108b3bdc7Boris Zbarsky — Bug 713427. Don't assume things about lazy frame construction bits that just aren't true when doing IsVisible() testing. r=tnikkel
1d3e470a47095f5bcc91f3f9674896e5fc415c3aMargaret Leibovic — Bug 718499 - Save as PDF saves content from the wrong tab. r=mfinkle
429503206f26a72effc1cb8240ad62cafd13dfcaRafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 715397 - ability to build m-c on 10.7 (lion). r=ted.
6435f51dd10d6ace3a410d560ed8d92b27ed4edeChris Pearce — Bug 713381 - Queue media decode thread creation when limit reached. r=roc
d5ebbc25b4b8e8f3e9e9fc3cbd7ce7d251de43baChris Pearce — Bug 713381 - Add nsDeque::RemoveObjectAt(index). r=bsmedberg
38271572005b735b177b4b7039962486f07435f0Chris Pearce — Bug 713381 - Add null check on decoder state machine. r=roc
016472ad4a74e76441c6d3dc8017242b7a263aabChris Lord — Bug 524925 - Reftest that checks whether dynamic transform changes result in the correct scrollable overflow being propagated through parent frames. part=6/6 r=dbaron
a915d5820eb886e53bebdc7cc95f403a97db6fe0Mats Palmgren — Bug 524925 - Consolidate overflow clipping checks to nsFrame::ApplyOverflowClipping(); and fix some code style nits. part=5/6 r=roc
73eaf1199ff0a1770cb96fb00c3ee03014e70488Mats Palmgren — Bug 524925 - Make outline style changes update the overflow and repaint instead of reflow. part=4/6 r=roc
4352ce32058423a4860a62a81f6e6af0a0d959b4Mats Palmgren — Bug 524925 - Make all transform style changes update the overflow and repaint instead of reflow. part=3/6 r=roc
9d0e181c6aa41d15d5bba8a7ac60ca7a7e7cf8b5Mats Palmgren — Bug 524925 - Update the overflow for all the affected frames, not just the primary frame. And the ancestors of those. part=2/6 r=roc
8651133cd19662053356aa499f2b0248b04e5bf0Benjamin Stover — Bug 524925 - Recompute overflow without reflowing for transforms. part=1/6 r=dbaron
1b9c27fad1b935b7a280c78f0182717567fa3caaMargaret Leibovic — Bug 711206 - Use an empty title for awesombar on about:home. r=mfinkle
5a8bf51c8ede454e676b6f9a10219658e9672588Josh Matthews — Bug 649564 - Try to ensure that the socks client subprocess is never killed after the process completes. r=ted-irc
7736d47f8fab770803b227527364363a59ab2135Chris Leary — Bug 717762: Proliferate js_memcpy and PodCopy, take 2. (r=luke)
e30e16f95cb08c0a28ff7731de249f882a250f27Joel Maher — Bug 719140 - native android reftests fail due to missing window.innerWidth/innerHeight. r=mfinkle
6553d699ca34e64dbec22d26c8ae0e7e655d6893Geoff Brown — Bug 716937 - Robocop: make testBookmark more reliable; r=jmaher
acbca13be1cb99dddc347835dab0fc0b92466061Brian R. Bondy — Bug 718348 - Obtain more telemetry data for app update memory errors. r=rstrong
993295f8f80b6008faffeb4eba0a0a41779ad040Simon Montagu — Use moz_malloc and _free instead of nsMemory. Bug 705407, r=bsmedberg
a363fe2b2d3fff61b0da93d24486f7981433a239Rafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 683975 - Need infra for developer contributed compilers. r=rail.
be734df2dcab1834060ca072a2bd96ca1b5a716bBen Turner — Bug 718202. r=jst.
1024e7260173e78c72a67dca365a4f91ad96567dVivien Nicolas — Bug 718652 - Send a sleep event on the homescreen window when the screen is turned on/off r=cjones
944637ae3a9b2dbf7225fa6be91ac2ecfd132096Vivien Nicolas — Bug 718651 - Add B2GComponents.manifest/xpt to b2g/installer/package.manifest r=cjones
0e424ab9ddffd0139948d2da13e977321d41b2e9Jim Mathies — Bug 718752 - Only apply read only checks in save mode for Vista+ file pickers. r=bbondy
d2f36b2d2c3bc1f4fa87dc07d4e499340d5671abJonathan Watt — Bug 718968 - Remove old include paths from r=dholbert.
2813a0ddc819fb89f977bb8d7636e74a10248001Ed Morley — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound
9519fed510ee714348ebb4bbdafb22d7d5814240Igor Bukanov — bug 718600 - remove JSRuntime::(rtLock, state). r=luke
58e933465c3624555701e202085c87d024a3bf41Serge Gautherie — Bug 694353. (Av2-FF) Stop explicitly packaging NSS .chk files which are now created in the staging directory directly, Reorder PSM files. r=ted.mielczarek.
c461f057fcff66b2ba7d20665aa02acc1500854dJoel Maher — Bug 718795 - deploy new r=armenzg
19af1aac33aca78cdd832bb8090a588b2e2335ecWes Johnston — Bug 713922 - Don't allow empty password for master password. r=mfinkle
e29329299573b697d3fcbe973d1ddb00bfc4dadaWes Johnston — Bug 716161 - Don't allow clicking disabled selects. r=mfinkle
79e5d0b77d1080c7f29378ee48b0cad85220de33Mark Finkle — Backout 60eb0da71cdb as suspected crash cause (bug 718765)
f93675b9e0ac52a581a549e135c4c5631cdd761dTim Taubert — merge m-c to fx-team
b54c8094dad55d48f9ac17da5b489d077cd8ba37Mihai Sucan — Bug 714942 - Implement minimal UI for Jump to line in the Source Editor. r=rcampbell
5104705ee96a447a4d6fed2f74eb1b581171bd0aMihai Sucan — Bug 650345 - Implement minimal UI for Find in the Source Editor. r=rcampbell
3446a54199ab3f3e145bcaa1fbb9553d2b273512Paul Rouget — Bug 703031 - [highlighter] Refactor the highlighter code. Create highlighter.jsm - Patch D; r=rcampbell
a62e69926f832a2c4ff84eea30ab0f65aa75dbedPaul Rouget — Bug 703031 - [highlighter] Refactor the highlighter code. Create highlighter.jsm - Patch C; r=rcampbell
3e736f012ce8688295dc1a0f21cc69bf673879dcPaul Rouget — Bug 703031 - [highlighter] Refactor the highlighter code. Create highlighter.jsm - Patch B; r=rcampbell
15d0a2e0c3c83085f3c78b92ee497cfc3d7a24dbPaul Rouget — Bug 703031 - [highlighter] Refactor the highlighter code. Create highlighter.jsm Patch A; r=rcampbell
7538f4d4697c67c34ce17cb567a35133eb4cb1bcMounir Lamouri — Merge m-i into m-c.
715e4b7e3b51fded840bec05b9294cc9b8506febMakoto Kato — Bug 718500 - View > Character Encoding > Auto-Detect menupopup is broken. r=smontagu
0673da2a834a2f128380f78788d2a4c45a5f518aRandell Jesup — Bug 712224: Make jprof generate output for 'cleopatra' backend. rs=dbaron DONTBUILD
6eec3b4644bd983359ce9f0e92ca5de42278d9bcMargaret Leibovic — Bug 706835 - Remove the new tab indicator animation on about:home load. r=mfinkle
952ff8dadb81d36ddb12b20d74061890d3e4c66dBrad Lassey — bug 713503 - prefetch urls from known url shortening sites before gecko is running r=mfinkle
b7ca6c0493dd25b78aefaf9582ce4d69546e0155Mark Finkle — Bug 704415 - Style the Add-on Manager [r=wesj]
2f3527e85663a3eefca078c7696d4b4a7c6b464bBrian Nicholson — Bug 712970 - Show 'tabs from last time' in about:home [r=mfinkle]
5f522d3446578d5db2a2fc63bf32a2f43cdfc5f3Brad Lassey — bug 711543 - Get thumbnail images of tabs loaded in the background, and display them in the tab menu r=mfinkle
095649e65552b1ab61c63d81539f8b295effda42David Anderson — Support pre-SSE2 CPUs in JaegerMonkey (bug 696291, r=bhackett).
04890cad686c7ab392a27a7db897b18cbe269682Ben Turner — Bug 718311. r=mrbkap.
7080b6f34d32d71d3cdd2bc4fb5695d5e550e5f2Ben Turner — Bug 718100 - 'Web workers should GC more'. r=mrbkap.
2cf8cd8656321a70bef63f9042dfeab9bb660c8cMakoto Kato — Bug 718382 - IPCMessageUtils.h(70) : warning C4099: 'base::FileDescriptor' : type name first seen using 'struct' now seen using 'class'. r=cjones
924d6091bec7b8d8a9974d020cf09d52129487c4Benoit Jacob — Bug 718629 - report more info about failures of waitpid on the glxtest process - r=joe
b105fa66bb3707858f9ab67cfbf40e0c41c51fbfThinker Li — Bug 713426 - Support PDP data call in ril_worker. r=philikon
3b8dd350dbab3c8f6322920a2a50704a2ce04a13Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 715770 (part 3) - Remove nsRecyclingAllocator. r=bsmedberg.
7fe6463d454786c023235a4b1da4f66d45fae4c3Luke Wagner — Bug 718134 - un-union StackFrame::args (r=bhackett)
96fe039c46856b3dea40b169e8d1ba2956872781Luke Wagner — Bug 718022 - further nerf f.arguments (r=waldo,sr=dmandelin)
f757bd8bcf7deeba064fa1137ad0f4afee845d3dBrian R. Bondy — Bug 716473 - Simplify Mozilla Maintenance Service uninstaller. r=rstrong
e5b34af4a3df5487557f8e5eb63b1e16d2bc5cc5Matt Brubeck — Back out 2c762ec80235 (bug 675356) because of crashes in GetMIMEInfoFromOS in Mac tests
ebc05c90d282ca5ebdd013b5f0714b96f73dced0Matt Brubeck — Back out 88733ce1bef3 (bug 718440) because of Windows build failure
2c762ec8023568c3eb0befee8696d6fd040292c3Steven Michaud — Bug 675356 - Dmg files sometimes not handled correctly. r=josh
e3ac624ee5249aaaf7b3522a490bb94f78eb16e8Bas Schouten — Bug 710511: Rename DrawingModel to ANPDrawingModel r=snorp
3706737bdf487db9a1911db819eefd008e2e695bBrian R. Bondy — Bug 716915 - Service is sometimes not used after several successful service updates because maintenanceservice.exe is missing. r=rstrong.
88733ce1bef30577af5977197fcc1eb422ceaf46Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 718440. Add more sampler labels to various places. r=bgirard
e312a306ed0150aa9541e875b6628233eddd0695Chris Peterson — Bug 717841 part 2 - Fix HistoryQueryTask's time range checks. r=lucasr f=dougt a=dougt
46328da0936d021a130e6fea17f051db8eb3eb39Chris Peterson — Bug 717841 part 1 - Replace Date().getTime() calls with SystemClock.uptimeMillis or System.currentTimeMillis(). r=kats f=dougt a=dougt
339d1d51af7a14302fdd49e1e6f94ca6387de91eChris Peterson — Bug 709845 - fix checkstyle warnings about extra imports, missing access modifiers, trailing whitespace. r=dougt a=dougt
d27ddb7ad0322f1a2bb866092532bd2f3b764e40Chris Peterson — Bug 709845 - Update history's URL after redirect. r=dougt a=dougt
6da5a83a4a5c18dbaedf9bb2518020dc0e60c9b7James Willcox — Bug 716190 - Retry graphic buffer locks if we get -EBUSY r=pcwalton
b8ede0b17a1c05aa58298d409c5f6a2bf986ae08Matt Brubeck — Bug 712760 - Add some smaller font inflation size options [r=mfinkle]
546e69d2fe66a6f69e1e3e6fb388a447b49d1ff4Gavin Sharp — Bug 712421: allow pasting of a URL in the download manager window, r=neil
8ae60977fefffb3ec650a267936210d4b9dd9b18Gavin Sharp — Bug 714272: icon does not appear in Download preferences pane if default download location is "Desktop", r=jared
7087bb2ced148327594d06b2bd89a6994db8c086Mounir Lamouri — No bug - Fix build bustage because of jsdate.h not being accessible anymore. Push on CLOSED TREE. rs=Ms2ger
9f68bafdd6852e727f4af1a303ca20a9bab0466aMounir Lamouri — Bug 713687 - Part 4 - Network API Android backend: use enable/disable notifications to prevent listening when not needed. r=dougt
9ee757bbbcd0031fe56d1cf394e0e7d9bff9bceeMounir Lamouri — Bug 713687 - Part 3 - Network API Android backend: make GeckoNetworkManager a singleton. r=dougt
b92399819ec4dc53371f336283ed58c21884b9bdMounir Lamouri — Bug 713687 - Part 2 - Network API Android backend: listen to network changes and notify the DOM. r=dougt
e652d673382fae155a88ef779b2fa3b4e16421f6Mounir Lamouri — Bug 713687 - Part 1 - Network API Android backend: get current information. r=dougt
778597344568aa509f3731056fad9501307977a3Mounir Lamouri — Bug 677166 - Part 7 - Network Information API: DOM implementation. r=sicking
ae007b96ebf087c2b2a38c97532c5e05bbb55531Mounir Lamouri — Bug 677166 - Part 6 - Add NetworkInformation handling into hal. r=jlebar
4a9f98d2f07afb39cce383ece7f37b4421ec317eMounir Lamouri — Bug 677166 - Part 5 - Use a pref for connection.metered. r=sicking
5c6dc5015a9a43b95ea9cf055a36bcdc818af40aMounir Lamouri — Bug 677166 - Part 4 - Add a pref to disable Network API. r=sicking
4f8fb99e8e86afe7745d170d69d261bfe56cac6bMounir Lamouri — Bug 677166 - Part 3 - Implement mozConnection stub. r=sicking
e1cf27289600d011ec66e89d813efe67094b9bb7Mounir Lamouri — Bug 677166 - Part 2 - Add .mozConnection to Navigator object. r=sicking
c199854a52b76bfc0036fe694f7b46d04414bc21Mounir Lamouri — Bug 677166 - Part 1 - Makefiles boilerplate. r=sicking
4deac0f12db9325e8f9c94dc6983fd7df1cb260bMounir Lamouri — Bug 713377 - Part 2 - Don't build when WebSMS backend is disabled. r=dougt,cjones
544fd25dfc6121e70ecfbca52a87a6a9b34d1b41Mounir Lamouri — Bug 713377 - Part 1 - Add a --disable-websms-backend build option. r=blassey
ba43b80683e70093ad282833f391932775cc2799Mounir Lamouri — Bug 674725 - Part AV - Port WebSMS to Android Native UI. r=blassey,dougt
6c91add316dda5249d975327d4f99d85d7a45df8Mounir Lamouri — Bug 674725 - Part AU - Release message lists in case of GC. r=smaug,cjones
157150fe0659918d5d1480a2de45d83d19c7bfa5Mounir Lamouri — Bug 674725 - Part AT - Handle failures for getMessages(). r=smaug,cjones
d20eabae9a7fb9c45b4d8ff232268c8b7456196aMounir Lamouri — Bug 674725 - Part AS - Remove SmsCursor.filter. r=sicking
b045d642ed32cb932e9352c262496643ec917762Mounir Lamouri — Bug 674725 - Part AR - Handle reception of the next message in SmsRequestManager. r=smaug
cd7e8a34d4f39c89741250d6d576d02872d5eba9Mounir Lamouri — Bug 674725 - Part AQ - Read the next message in the list (Android backend). r=cjones
afca8fef2e4e15e6ccc7703326e8d093735dc425Mounir Lamouri — Bug 674725 - Part AP - Implementation of cursor.continue() in the DOM code. r=smaug
731e1914b5985fdc912c36a0771a3f5ac3056e68Mounir Lamouri — Bug 674725 - Part AO - Show the first message of message list in SmsCursor. r=smaug,cjones
358b9db3d4868e03cc11ae39f04a2d89388416efMounir Lamouri — Bug 674725 - Part AN - Handling no messages in created message list. r=smaug,cjones
3b95e40950156f9fa9298272bd5d65225975dd43Mounir Lamouri — Bug 674725 - Part AM - Implement SmsCursor. r=smaug
547e3a3d109ee4d1a250b0f08f5fe5220283612cMounir Lamouri — Bug 674725 - Part AL - Store Android Cursors to keep track of created message lists. r=cjones
0da63ad71e41b11e0fd4c98ce52afa5f2db0429cMounir Lamouri — Bug 674725 - Part AK - Create an Android Cursor when a message list is requested. r=cjones
3f4e4e0d231249db6b82bdecaf156618eabaeadaMounir Lamouri — Bug 674725 - Part AJ - Create a message list when getMessages() is called. r=smaug
48725e4f215ac788f704f6c64ecbc3be034d3efcMounir Lamouri — Bug 674725 - Part AI - Implement SmsFilter. r=smaug,mrbkap
3eb67a0b91f1230c68bd2f644774b86baaeee2cdMounir Lamouri — Bug 674725 - Part AH - Allow to pass a SmsMessage or an id to delete(). r=mrbkap
31e83a9f249bdb0a6b510ee115dc62169370d3b5Mounir Lamouri — Bug 674725 - Part AG - Notify when delete() fails. r=smaug,cjones sr=sicking
bf45d340bd9cd34d483d0e54bcceb91c4bacf8bfMounir Lamouri — Bug 674725 - Part AF - Implement delete() on Android. r=cjones
bcdf4416d3cb0d5b922fb72e959ff598d4dcfdcdMounir Lamouri — Bug 674725 - Part AE - Implement DOM and IPC boilerplate for delete(). r=smaug
842b2a0c9a5e5bfec0b2af212da59a792928bcabMounir Lamouri — Bug 674725 - Part AD - Notify when getMessage() fails. r=smaug,cjones sr=sicking
01968a419339e49ad32b5976cccad7ac7810d052Mounir Lamouri — Bug 674725 - Part AC - Implement getMessage() on Android. r=cjones
2b834066b4ab0d9cf7628012eed241bbf7c31a69Mounir Lamouri — Bug 674725 - Part AB - Create a thread to handle SMS IO on Android. r=cjones
2fcc66b6b9610a02a84a08e297ae450659088d43Mounir Lamouri — Bug 674725 - Part AA - Implement DOM and IPC boilerplate for getMessage(). r=smaug
6148455f5ddc84a1fb6fb765db6435cf91cddb78Mounir Lamouri — Bug 674725 - Part Z - Allow sending to multiple recipients with send(). r=mrbkap
a09cc4f2fbe92ba7c9050f8e7c9928c807ec0067Mounir Lamouri — Bug 674725 - Part Y - Notify when send() fails. r=smaug,cjones sr=sicking
070bd086ef5b029d470a953a7acc545bfe91db2eMounir Lamouri — Bug 674725 - Part X - Use SmsRequest for send() method. r=smaug,cjones
d9531e001bab499515c8f310f89464a31e19a3c6Mounir Lamouri — Bug 674725 - Part W - Implement SmsRequestManager. r=smaug
d1847657d5d83b3d9ab859a785b5b3ccb192715eMounir Lamouri — Bug 674725 - Part V - Implement SmsRequest. r=smaug,mrbkap
33d6c9206d5e8aab8c10f08296a35c9ede97bffaMounir Lamouri — Bug 674725 - Part U - Implement WebSMS delivered event for the Android backend. r=cjones
12357c16d0fa4e312826b6ed05aa410c3f266f53Mounir Lamouri — Bug 674725 - Part T - WebSMS delivered event: DOM and IPC boilerplate. r=smaug
a4caf71debe5128a9f489177ae6ae63951a686f3Mounir Lamouri — Bug 674725 - Part S - Implement WebSMS sent event. r=cjones,smaug
f3e61fd4a07e31575808104e44811d24fded9f75Mounir Lamouri — Bug 674725 - Part R - Save sent messages in the Android database. r=cjones
03c51f35c291c8bfa66f8d9fe65a2418d26cb4e6Mounir Lamouri — Bug 674725 - Part Q - Implement SmsDatabaseService. r=smaug sr=cjones
a80807411ae8db84e1afa4d55f3f2f561c11b4fcMounir Lamouri — Bug 674725 - Part P - Implement a system able to listen to sent messages in the WebSMS Android backend. r=cjones
a10b1eeb41c37e046885b4c31277d085d02b72bdMounir Lamouri — Bug 712683 - Don't use GetMessage for SmsEvent implementation. r=mrbkap
f4049f65efc6e367c54643ad7c66b3e81e24bac5Joe Drew — Merge last fully green rev of mozilla-inbound to m-c.
8b4aae361875a4bc96c48c9b85425433b3249d63Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 692879. Enable Azure canvas on OS X. r=mwoodrow
73f05b4552b03491b82321122338eda4d0b07c9fJeff Muizelaar — Bug 717921. Always get a thebes surface to mark dirty. r=bas
044c107a719f16795f2eeb0fb2605530b6839963Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 717921. Only have one thebes surface. r=bas
d3b761d31434ee736a92969360df0d4a5df9fe5eJeff Muizelaar — Bug 717921. Add UserData to DrawTarget. r=bas
f9f62e9293d842233143e9578eaab4b11bd0e161Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 692879. Handle failing tests on OS X 10.5. r=mwoodrow
68c24abeab95a930b7fda751ca54f8735100e715Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 692879. Adjust reftests so that we pass with azure-quartz. r=mwoodrow
c43d0ddbc1c7fec08206d457d202aa1993b5345eJeff Muizelaar — Bug 692879. Implement CoreGraphics Azure backend. r=mwoodrow
732a7796c490358717eef4dcf9b3d6cca863e655Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 716639. Add a constructor for gfxQuartzSurface that takes a gfxIntSize. r=mwoodrow
06c1e5e1387a8ca0eadbd6421b800103f1c6ceb0Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 580786. Add support for fuzzy reftest matching. r=dbaron
39948fbe66594b52b4d52d30f47326674e4ce74aJeff Muizelaar — Bug 580786. Require gWindowUtils. r=dbaron
52f52eb53549961ef0e86a3b2504dacebb1cfc5aMatt Brubeck — Back out efd165428f08 to 4a79fefefa28 (bug 580786, bug 716639, bug 692879, bug 717921) because of reftest error
26c821293430fe7cc0637db0fa177fca83ea0cacAndrew McCreight — Bug 718029 - don't skip JSContexts with outstanding requests. r=smaug
d0e25fc5a4dceba03ee63a4dca0e22215a2b5880Bas Schouten — Bug 644199: Properly re-upload after clearing mTexture because of device reset. r=roc
9ffa2b1718fb2f8d10ac5355ba6744de2d55f333Daniel Holbert — Bug 698630 followup: remove the one straggling 'ifdef MOZ_SMIL' that was accidentally added to b2g. rs=Callek
46c1346414bdd82e310d36e30ae771c77f660d0bJeff Muizelaar — Bug 692879. Enable Azure canvas on OS X. r=mwoodrow
880d6811d7cb0c13de55bcd5636a703c9d3f7ad1Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 717921. Always get a thebes surface to mark dirty. r=bas
319fac0e27e77770aa12be7c2f367b5c2e461208Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 717921. Only have one thebes surface. r=bas
188debd46df416ab0fa965c7139d7d2e0849750cJeff Muizelaar — Bug 717921. Add UserData to DrawTarget. r=bas
cbeb60db01cbd6f08eeea23791c9bfe0f3af8fd6Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 692879. Handle failing tests on OS X 10.5. r=mwoodrow
7bfdbd721e0bd1f11eba7bd3175a0f8da7d4a575Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 692879. Adjust reftests so that we pass with azure-quartz. r=mwoodrow
c2fe0bb0e677a627af31b3c0f23070183f109435Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 692879. Implement CoreGraphics Azure backend. r=mwoodrow
9d8d71829f22ceb4e3b1156fa99045d57d0e9325Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 716639. Add a constructor for gfxQuartzSurface that takes a gfxIntSize. r=mwoodrow
992cb2426ecff91b1106c068cbf683dde2a6382dJeff Muizelaar — Bug 580786. Add support for fuzzy reftest matching. r=dbaron
efd165428f08c0f5043745105a50875a8de312a9Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 580786. Require gWindowUtils. r=dbaron
4a79fefefa28fdb09001ac809ad37b17ada51477Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 718681 - Correct the preprocessor condition in mozilla_sampler_get_features; r=BenWa
39296dfa2ac689c5d5dc10588e788aa6cc5a9d34Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 718026 - Only walk the stack on profiling builds; r=jrmuizel
419f8a0f6374c6f69a00577d8b6670883e254a83Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 718025 - Add support for stacktraces on Windows to the built-in profiler; r=jrmuizel
e6b4507afdf6a117e7e84d4cb863c3d62dfb1a49Marco Bonardo — Merge central to inbound
2613bbdae8c6142f0e47c842bc80885fed47ea77Oleg Romashin — Bug 718494 - nsHTMLTableSectionElement.cpp:188:12: error: variable 'rv' set but not used; r=Ms2ger
b41beba4c7bb78da9a7d1529ff81b778a03f8dedGeoff Brown — Bug 715198 - disable cache compression (avoid failures when new profile accessed by old software versions); r=bjarne
b3435ec4db1d4c1d8beef39b590230d995b1936cDão Gottwald — Bug 718536 - browser_select_compatoverrides.js leaks selectAddons.xul. r=bmcbride
762fa6f964a9f3ea192a7e6525d45f6c0b2984f9Reuben Morais — Bug 717805 - Remove CopyArrayElement. r=jwalden
a79c86c9392515ccc00ccd06de0b05663d5e1492Dão Gottwald — Bug 718228 - tab close transition to transparent is too fast. f=jwein r=ttaubert
83fa8893f553a214684313a5fe7708de4a8b63b3Gregory Szorc — Merge m-c into s-c
3d526c2ac8e82de24039b70ddb7b9bf11a1db9d7Gregory Szorc — Bug 704539 - Better handling of HTTP channels in Sync; r=rnewman
59ecf7d205344e3d0deaa2a43f04e9ec550ba039Richard Newman — Merge m-c to s-c.
2152f7c1273e49fc2df6572e1ed61ef7bc30c2fdGregory Szorc — Merge m-c to s-c
19c77c1b12e54addce1f6cd96f364838e928c4a7Richard Newman — Merge m-c to s-c.
682eb90df44ba691e840347dee5931f9a1de11fdRichard Newman — Merge m-c to s-c.
d3dc18e55d43b52a624a4a400e0168c7659c89bbGregory Szorc — Bug 716784 - Enable FAIL_ON_WARNINGS in services; r=ted
c67326c291532663ed970e98188e913ae1b65950Richard Newman — Merge m-c to s-c.
e4828b86cbf773cec53f6a197d076f9fdabeac54Richard Newman — Merge m-c to s-c.
f24e29497bd409bc6001c05614aa62b0544e937aGregory Szorc — Bug 714383 - Move add-ons engine checkbox to top of list; r=rnewman
4c7f169a47553c2491a284e6db055142fcc11bc9Serge Gautherie — Bug 718546. (Av1) bug389321-1.html: Use EventUtils sendChar() to send char, not sendKey(). r=ehsan.
1cfc17f1bd13a7220b0b90c822b98a91d7fdb6bfOlli Pettay — Bug 718634 - Move CanSkip* to nsCycleCollectionParticipant, r=mccr8
ff1bedd7d4637cbef5d354765623c210ef0d2b89Marco Bonardo — Merge last green PGO changeset from inbound to central
f43cfe78a5b4049cc8c1207437a805cb2f1f8ee6Stefan — bug 668263 - fix erratic spacing in print-to-PDF by cherry-picking Cairo fixes from r=jrmuizel,ajohnson
5ca8b35c3a4c37f3b32726404e9491601b9b20feMs2ger — IGNORE BAD COMMIT MESSAGES on a CLOSED TREE r+a=lumpy
a1bf01b0a84261612c704bb82d63a11cd5850471Ms2ger — Backout for philor.
19355d17b0b462da89cbd8e3e5ac0666b5f34645Ms2ger — Backout bug 580786 / bug 716639 / bug 692879 / bug 717921 / bug 692879 (2dc5909e63b0:ced751d32df6); a=philor
60add44419ef23753c389a979019b75546326f93Simon Montagu — Make continuations non-fluid when the end of a bidi paragraph is forced by a preformatted newline. Bug 698335, r=roc
e25139fcf302c9d736730404e60dcb0c1004a016Alex Pakhotin — Bug 717902 - Form autocomplete pop-up with the available suggestions is not displayed in landscape mode when HKB is used. r=blassey
ec8ded10b50cb68da6be4d4f47dbbdd489d4ee78Mike Hommey — Bug 714553 - Avoid race condition for objdir/embedding/android/ dependencies, pending-r=ted
ced751d32df6bed72ca5894d361164c5cf4cfc3eJeff Muizelaar — Bug 717921. Fix bustage about moz_xrealloc.
71a6bf76bac2d5c4674d48ae09fcdd016760217fJeff Muizelaar — Bug 692879. Enable Azure canvas on OS X. r=mwoodrow
656fff80b58ad4c3375e424655edc98cce092d7dJeff Muizelaar — Bug 717921. Always get a thebes surface to mark dirty. r=bas
fb32032a3982e099ee7a6af2914545d9c3200ef2Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 717921. Only have one thebes surface. r=bas
91ee34dffc9f3f51f0e16c16fc2923877e2cacd4Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 717921. Add UserData to DrawTarget. r=bas
eb66e5b64afe00027e863082a1d5252ad181a40fJeff Muizelaar — Bug 692879. Handle failing tests on OS X 10.5. r=mwoodrow
fe11808a4109f60910d6b4b58d5ac1067243f87bJeff Muizelaar — Bug 692879. Adjust reftests so that we pass with azure-quartz. r=mwoodrow
e6e3821a4b95b3599d93ffd37e1c08abd0b4dc35Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 692879. Implement CoreGraphics Azure backend. r=mwoodrow
1a2a2395cece68435b4e47dad294bf9753935a34Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 716639. Add a constructor for gfxQuartzSurface that takes a gfxIntSize. r=mwoodrow
eb189727e43fe8d679a2f70781b0ae499764a64cJeff Muizelaar — Bug 580786. Add support for fuzzy reftest matching. r=dbaron
2dc5909e63b02f2326f818f2f706ecbcc4b83f8aJeff Muizelaar — Bug 580786. Require gWindowUtils. r=dbaron
79ffbbba5d534fa749afd0b0c185aad67bfd0f5fTrevor Saunders — bug 717683 - remove unneeded includes of nsIAccessible.h r=davidb
1660517d25b1437a9ac1b435cfa7c91757b72f64Trevor Saunders — bug 717683 - remove unneeded QI to nsIAccessibleDocument r=davidb
a57d0b0d3c2800dfe31caba76b0d3c6c747cf6b3Trevor Saunders — bug 717683 - remove unneeded QI to nsIAccessibleDocument r=davidb
5f6a7d59e259f066719c49cfae9bc016c7f54157Trevor Saunders — bug 717683 - clean up atk document impl r=davidb
f0cf32f96fa8cf15e0817d3ead738fad803fe4e4Trevor Saunders — bug 717689 - remove unneeded nsCOMPtrs to accessibles r=davidb
252d3d08fbc411732d1fd57a2eae514e92247237Jignesh Kakadiya — Bug 686433 - move out nsXULSelectableAccessible class from nsXULMenuAccessible.h file. r=tbsaunde
e40e72d6264ddf069d78a4c99a9544e6d396092cPhil Ringnalda — Back out 2273e0264d4a (bug 718025) for Windows build failure
2273e0264d4ab5b24c35b56fda8b825d1001cbbcEhsan Akhgari — Bug 718025 - Add support for stacktraces on Windows to the built-in profiler; r=jrmuizel
3077b729dfd5454ba95c4294987262d74e731c07Mats Palmgren — Bug 716408 - Fix nsTableFrame::DidSetStyleContext indentation. r=bernd
9d4556015326fd22a2372d82931f4f619d468c0dMats Palmgren — Bug 716408 - Assert that a prev-in-flow is null or of the same frame type. No need to null out mCellMap, the ctor does that and re-Init of frames isn't allowed. r=bernd
f0eeea7083ec1425a91777bf54d6257fbd3a91afMats Palmgren — Bug 716408 - No need to null-check for delete, no need to null out members in dtor. r=bernd
5ba6c410088565b7566371fd8024f2c7e442921cMats Palmgren — Bug 716408 - Initialize all bits of mBits to zero. r=bernd
302fde3d16e39426d19eed82a6e5420d0a39136eMats Palmgren — Bug 716408 - Make nsTableFrame::GetTableFrame abort if the given frame isn't a table frame descendant, thus guaranteeing a non-null result. r=bernd
14223e7cfb3bb1fc9eff90b4231b5a567afcc8d5Mats Palmgren — Bug 716408 - Remove unnecessary nsTableFrame::GetFirstInFlow() calls to get IsBorderCollapse() bit. r=bernd
57fc94d1196ab212ecf0c3f2182735d6ec077d2aMats Palmgren — Bug 716408 - Remove null-checks of GetFirstInFlow() result. r=bernd
46f81aec317f9e592d0768de5d1bfffdbc10c7a8Mats Palmgren — Bug 665597 - Test that child overflow that overlaps the parent's padding doesn't trigger a scrollbar.
905ef8691d96dce44120ba562d67754ceac8ff81Mats Palmgren — Bug 665597 - Fix some reftests assumptions about margins and scrollable overflow. part=5/5 r=dbaron,roc
87536f378706a1055422a84a9927f9649f8c9864Mats Palmgren — Bug 665597 - Use saturating calculations when adding the margin to the scrollable overflow rect. part=4/5 r=roc
804c80adda0a2379a4573780c049e0fe5080c0a4Mats Palmgren — Bug 665597 - Do not include margins in scrollable overflow for popup frames. part=3/5 r=roc
53a6bfdd95fb9e773b2283ddd056678011072904Mats Palmgren — Bug 665597 - Only include margins in scrollable overflow on the sides where it applies. part=2/5 r=roc
7f8cf8e934a501d5190fe33722144e6facc871d8Benjamin Stover — Bug 665597 - Include margin calculations in FinishAndStoreOverflow. part=1/5 r=roc
e176daacecfca8baadaada589d8f85d32ffaff34Robert O'Callahan — Bug 665597. Don't check overflow rects include border-box if the overflow rects are saturated. r=mats
961442fdd15945f7d1fbe3b4098e87f633de97c5Robert O'Callahan — Bug 665597. Add nsRect::SaturatingUnion(Rect)(Edges). r=mats
0b4c58200e3a4ad1966d7f1cd244ab9bb73fa69aTim Taubert — merge m-c to fx-team
8119541c7a7fe7d9e704c9bfb6d68a47726b9cfbVictor Porof — Bug 712868 - tilt does not honour webgl.force-enabled preference. r=bjacob,msucan
268524cb6639c7b6bd772a209ad77432bd13a54eVictor Porof — Bug 711966 - Change Tilt accesskey to "3" on Windows and "D" on OS X and Linux. r=dao,rcampbell
027cfe0bb45e603c506060d994c8a5b98e3ea3edVictor Porof — Bug 713260 - Add a Tilt test for content location changes. r=rcampbell
0e7d183d0d121962ba0caaf2462c32c4b09a2c2dOlli Pettay — Bug 718340 - Don't traverse black windows, r=mccr8,jst
34572943a3e44c327984dd4d671df580eb521223Justin Wood — Merge last green PGO from inbound to mozilla-central
7ea3311b5e6c2465baf167d3e6dc55998c0ae1fbNicholas Nethercote — Bug 715770 (part 2) - Don't use nsRecyclingAllocator in libjar. r=taras.
ce914679955e8778c312335884d9d97fbbc7321cJonathan Watt — Bug 715769 - Kill unused enums nsWidgetType and nsLanguageSpecificTransformType. r=bernd.mielke.
0eba182bf9d7a359dd8dac054934c7fc0dc9825dJonathan Watt — Bug 718442 - Have .hgignore and .gitignore ignore the project files Eclipse IDE. r=khuey.
71d5f079acca20cabcbb8f693683234d9c7d5b54Benoit Jacob — Bug 612320 - remove useless viewport changes - r=vlad
5634697d0acdc2653354a717f2196e53238a0c46Benoit Jacob — Bug 717584 - FAIL_ON_WARNINGS in content/canvas/src - r=Ms2ger
ca2f62afaf0d120e041cad9f7fe579e10debc5c8Benoit Jacob — Bug 713369 - don't try to fall back to another GL provider, if one GL provider gives a WebGL initialization error - r=jgilbert
97deecdd51f1c0f309b2f30295f32796547927c6Matt Woodrow — Bug 715720 - Support DrawTargets in CanvasLayerOGL. r=jrmuizel
60eb0da71cdb391b45cfb1ddca7c01e6c6c09501Bill McCloskey — Bug 708303 - Use pinReg/unpinReg more in write barriers (r=dmandelin)
e1c5a79f27cf84114d4e11cd8b37428c8416c85dEhsan Akhgari — Test case for bug 639736; r=roc
504046941435878dcbf552aae3917de3240061bdEhsan Akhgari — Bug 718316 - Try to fix the intermittent orange introduced after the landing of bug 598482 by flushing before capturing the screenshot; r=bzbarsky
aa8f474988e67d1fe1abbe7ae42a810062d53fe2Benoit Girard — Bug 717059 - Fix nsProfiler::GetFeatures() to handle zero length and remove warning. r=jmuizelaar
9dea63ddf4e2ca50466a220add9ddaf898c2534eJeff Muizelaar — Bug 717698. Add about:jank infrastructure. r=ehsan
0d2f21cfac9c4a0e4e70fe3ca0fce1db43525fbdBlake Kaplan — Bug 718001 - Run DHCP when wpa_supplicants connects to a network so auto-connects get DHCP and DNS love too. r=gal
ab470552b6f18008fa53d79fb0c6eb032fb129cfRobert Longson — Bug 676178 - Scale stroke dashes to text size properly. r=jwatt
82ee45c3759e10732d15d213b1eac46c80e5fc2bLucas Rocha — Bug 704922 - Fix racy behaviour of bookmark checks in Tab (r=mfinkle)
48b579a0492519c08535360e11c1dc3337fe29a8Marco Bonardo — Backout 789f244f34f8, 1bea53f2d067, 577cba6021d2, 4191fe602648 (bug 697641) for win build bustage
789f244f34f8c45d9102cc9d7e59da07cb7862e5Sinker Li — Bug 697641, part 4: Pass sensor events from Android to Gecko. r=cjones
1bea53f2d067a78872a51160125730b625f59b1bDão Gottwald — Bug 697641, part 3: Make Sensor API available for Sandbox. r=cjones
577cba6021d2d6a66aa3b293bb6827dd1498314eSinker Li — Bug 697641, part 2: Add a hal API for sensor access. r=cjones
4191fe602648c59e7a1f31015c13e31225e6c10dSinker Li — Bug 697641, part 1: Export Android Sensor Manager API to Gecko. r=cjones
dc636e517089cfe0382c8593eaa5eef63f11225aDão Gottwald — Bug 715857 - Disable a11y tests that put <tabbrowser> in random XUL documents and expect it to work. r=MarcoZ
07e3b77349fd1b9ad38d07db2beed01f078c6a38Robert Longson — Bug 718266 - Simplify dasharray code. r=jwatt
797896e68634128dfd785059f569c37ca2ece178Oleg Romashin — Bug 715822 - OGL CleanupResources should cleanup Texture resources too. r=mattwoodrow
2343aa7b0815c253f263c137b61cb8cdd369cec3Asaf Romano — Bug 715099 - Convert nsProfileMigrator to JS so we can JS modules on migration. r=mak.
af6585a74bb9f108f84a8c687555c3bef9f2276cNathan Froyd — Bug 704176 - don't reflect corrupted histograms; r=taras
33e46ccc6d5c88e159f9bb55e9cc82e9cdeb7d9dNathan Froyd — Bug 704176 - introduce GetHistogramEnumId; r=taras
9cf47a611458a7e53639aee78c33450ef4ed092bNathan Froyd — Bug 711563 - compact function specs; r=jorendorff
dbb0ed6a5a6f0000b7c2280e9143097c3e812345Nathan Froyd — Bug 711563 - flatten property and function names; r=jorendorff
1f327a1c588b76be1b4c26a3973805511b84739aNathan Froyd — Bug 711563 - more compact property and function tables; r=jorendorff
15a53db6fca95565cceb6944780d005b3308ac69Nathan Froyd — Bug 711563 - reduce space required by hash entry chains; r=jorendorff
4facc14043a68c8eb5a041fb69e0f9774a2d0fafMatt Brubeck — Merge mozilla-central and mozilla-inbound
fb92bdd1ab2db1596af2e60f66af2fd00af4db29Makoto Kato — Bug 703882 - crash nsExternalAppHandler::nsExternalAppHandler. r=bz
0fe6641a2076a582ce040a83e1672f81c3f49a39Phil Ringnalda — Back out bccc0adeebd7 (bug 715198) for test failures aplenty
bccc0adeebd7263a0a6bc7293af57de9861fbf4dbjarne — Bug 715198 - browser is loading compressed data directly to the page, r=Josh Aas
3f378d354444754f1e072d55426155e56e8df80cMakoto Kato — Bug 710112 - cleanup xpcom/io for windows (reduce LoadLibrary/PR_LoadLibrary). r=jimm
f64609a2123591ff07d78ad5fab542293e9acce0Ginn Chen — Bug 717862 Error: Goto dbus_done bypasses a variable (or an exception) initialization. r=tbsaunde
a3bdb21f350c2f69fe0c67d9849417cc12081a7eGinn Chen — Bug 717863 default pagesize is 8192 on Solaris/SPARC r=igor
720f1f3c2c0f681fa42f0be907c2cefb4fc407ddGinn Chen — Bug 717174 plugin is all black with wmode opaque on a xBGR display and no RENDER r=karlt
1007541442b5da8170f8a7d5627210e75673ba88Michael Kohler — Bug 707711 - No way to delete bookmarks r=mfinkle
fbf07f7e8c93f78c7062d9d90d5b3d700864df0cMark Finkle — Bug 718257 - Syntax error breaks add-on install restart doorhanger [r=mbrubeck]
3f4c56289ac7e6b4af02ada2fa3878be4baa4575Mark Finkle — Bug 717739 - turn off non-native sync [r=mbrubeck]
f65331c8b0e71969936fb6d2b3327b49f553d03dJustin Wood — Bug 714967 - Support mozilla::services with external linkage. r=bsmedberg
12091526e9d07038eeb31a9ff459156c57c53d84Phil Ringnalda — Back out 4ac407704d74 (bug 689387) for causing or exposing or whatevering bug 718411
62df2afae1c77e322169381aa2766fb02f1d03f5Joe Drew — Bug 473236 - Remove executable bits from ScaledFontSkia.*. r=jrmuizel DONTBUILD
42a133039277e53257e98ed8d3c36459bd4703aeSerge Gautherie — Bug 628589. (Fv2) test_acceleration.html: Add a workaround for SeaMonkey (tinderboxes) which don't support acceleration. r=joe.
1a2426b19376efe328fbb4822925d41b777844b6Serge Gautherie — Bug 717868. (Bv1) bug389321-1.html: Fix "Unknown key: VK_VK_BACK_SPACE". r=ehsan.
b3b8d62e0d925bed5c6722eceaedf9d57cf55b95Olli Pettay — Backout bug 718340 since there was unknown orange
1b89605ede03c96532646cc624fc68a2571eb162Rail Aliiev — bug 715586: should generate sha1 and md5 checksums. r=catlee,ted
9259ed35120571b57f5bd7778c25b609d82e5cdfOlli Pettay — Bug 718330 - Add URI of owning document to nsGenericElement::Traverse logging, r=mccr8
93d7303c1684c0f48220269e88465cb98f548818Olli Pettay — Bug 718340 - Don't traverse black windows, r=mccr8,jst
a895ecb782e1da97478a33d06e78b012cc9b87b2Tim Taubert — merge m-c to fx-team
2cba23414a5c8b89add15ed70ffbf4a9c8069ee6Diogo Golovanevsky Monteiro — Bug 718133 - Remove keyboard shortcuts for zooming to 1:1 scale when viewing standalone images. r=roc
4ac407704d74cf979e346a267eed3dbd6c589100Martijn Gerrits — Bug 689387 - Video controls should use new mouseenter/mouseleave events. r=dolske
7f728aef5ad85bc06bb6502931e2a75d0299edfeGreg Karz — Bug 712347 - 'The image cannot be displayed ...' error message is hard to read on a dark background. r=roc
f7c8c8ee3fad1d0812b05857db00cf22632ff685Jared Wein — Bug 198964 - Enable smooth scrolling by default. r=gavin
b8281fe1b926a7089efa196522257e6bd82e578cDave Camp — Bug 706886 - Line-through disappears after editing overridden rule in style inspector; f=rcampbell; r=joewalker
fb9e08e7281525f5574bcbf7e4258ffedbb33a16Cedric Vivier — Bug 713359 - CSS cut short in Style Editor; r=dcamp
f92279a1c99b92ab0da359810ed35519e7c59c40Paul Rouget — Bug 717258 - Fix CSS typo in winstripe/devtools/common.css; r=jwalker,dao
ac68e86a346e89c820dd035e7275b01d6dc8b300Paul Rouget — Bug 715887 - Rename Properties to Computed in the Style sidebar; r=rcampbell
2344d3d742144735e4183c8c8ba4a5f0fd8014dbPaul Rouget — Bug 704017 - [RTL] The Inspector rules view should be LTR; r=dao
88bbbc7d113afd30c148ef2066e9183897433414Michael Ratcliffe — Bug 714027 - Devtools sidebar box has a weird background when opened on Windows; r=muscan, dao
ab192fefef70fd024349c01801d4fca70b80597cPaul Rouget — Bug 712867 - Orion is white-on-white when using High Contrast Black color scheme; r=msucan
047c8ba7d2e405845a1e7940b23c6a9e6407a395Olli Pettay — Bug 718297 - Add EnumerateAll to nsPropertyTable, r=jst
823072af2430cf86939ff891f8bfb11243be7415Ed Morley — Merge last green changeset of mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central
bc30dee3a6f22a57e17d8382f9d416fbde1413edJustin Wood — Merge m-c tip to m-i
006ab840347570b92f26c28f2efe05973357ced6Jonathan Kew — bug 714067 - correction in ligature indexing when combining marks are present. r=behdad
1b67951de0a28eb0f308fdd1061a02a48c07c767Jonathan Kew — bug 716229 pt 2 - initialize font-matching using the group's primary font. r=roc
b4195741db430f6ef949926ae0efe8902baae27eBoris Zbarsky — Bug 712289. Make sure that alignment requirements agree for js::Value and jsval_layout. r=luke
5e6e63f3aed889ec7474ab688856c0418aba3e3aBoris Zbarsky — Bug 598482 part 23. Set a backup timer to update plugin geometry if we don't manage to do any painting or layout flushes for a while. r=roc
399dace827fa78a3372dc29da5b203d9fbc3c84fMarkus Stange — Bug 598482 part 22 - Bump nsIViewManager UUID. r=roc
8988bb11120223aed5ad6a6efcffa672eb248125Markus Stange — Bug 598482 part 21 - Update the invalidation setup comment. r=roc
0d025e2e01340f542b78d0ecbf83eee64b00fba4Markus Stange — Bug 598482 part 20 - Rename Update to Invalidate; view updates are now always asynchronous. r=roc
88b93c35849925f3d5129a4f351a02d361dd98b8Markus Stange — Bug 598482 part 19 - Remove unused aViewManager argument. r=roc
05dff2f69c0c8cef1ed9b74438b2fd4b97d5a768Markus Stange — Bug 598482 part 18 - Separate NS_WILL_PAINT and NS_PAINT handling; only flush again if no NS_WILL_PAINT event has been sent by the platform. r=roc
b9e630462207eadd7a097eae127a38f265d1e0d6Markus Stange — Bug 598482 part 17 - Don't unnecessarily invalidate everything when showing a list box popup. r=roc
71d77495b606fc145bdceabcda29181978bd9405Boris Zbarsky — Bug 598482 part 16. When flushing layout, also flush out widget geometry changes. r=roc
6d9721de770c41005b74cd6d7623cfd32ce29c60Markus Stange — Bug 598482 part 15 - Rename view update batches to refresh disable batches and only use them in the two places that can enter reflow (where synchronous painting is permitted). r=roc
a353425564823a2cd13d02b96a194c2513fcb23eBoris Zbarsky — Bug 598482 part 14. Rename IsRefreshEnabled to IsPaintingAllowed. r=roc
d7dcde1032edd13519723092621a9fa0c4dd2138Markus Stange — Bug 598482 part 13 - Flush invalidations via the refresh driver instead of from view update batches. Change the meaning of "refresh disabled" from "no invalidations allowed" to "no synchronous painting allowed". r=roc
4b492a0e51f555e359526cd771a1ce0891652101Markus Stange — Bug 598482 part 12 - Remove unnecessary widget parameter. r=roc
2d5e31af7e3eca158926709b2e582b0e3d83dfd9Markus Stange — Bug 598482 part 11 - Set up a connection between the view manager and the refresh driver. r=roc
4616fa6c1dc7ffd22b9b177e0e909d3b7287b244Markus Stange — Bug 598482 part 10 - Small refactoring in nsViewManager. r=roc
ac01aec1a983a45baf0503608cc9998169ae7e96Markus Stange — Bug 598482 part 9 - Remove unused aIgnoreWidgetView argument. r=roc
61a1f0b288124bc6919e965834f31df253718311Markus Stange — Bug 598482 part 8 - Remove unused mUpdateCnt. r=roc
04292f9ff36324c5a6fdfca1e98fc1e30dcf290aMarkus Stange — Bug 598482 part 7 - Remove NS_VMREFRESH_* flags. NS_VMREFRESH_NO_SYNC is now the unchangable default. r=roc
a4e8d5f7c9be751cc014394501b3155c4b8717e9Markus Stange — Bug 598482 part 6 - Remove nsIPlaintextEditor::eEditorUseAsyncUpdatesMask because it doesn't have any effect anymore. r=roc
e83f53b3302e57aea3a5813d476f477bd2f4020dMarkus Stange — Bug 598482 part 5 - Remove support for event-based invalidation flushing. r=roc
a0238d9206c2ac317f3e2cd8b34951733d07a6d8Markus Stange — Bug 598482 part 4 - Remove unused nsIDOMWindowUtils::processUpdates. r=roc
3b7183745bb97b3120b7b7c1f38e9eb28482cdd9Markus Stange — Bug 598482 part 3 - Remove synchronous painting APIs from nsIWidget. r=roc
487d669f797347ec943473ec8e01e01de73e94b4Markus Stange — Bug 598482 part 2 - Remove synchronous painting APIs from nsIViewManager. r=roc
7dd97ae4452da6b5274faedd71ce08ed1986c6a2Markus Stange — Bug 598482 part 1 - Never force synchronous plugin geometry updates because it forces paints at bad times. r=roc
b820017dc73895c618cb9a3ddb9affea72636f7cBoris Zbarsky — Bug 598482 part 0. Change a few more tests to not depend on pointer positions, since we don't control those.
1e0405f18207dfa14ea1b2543276239f4e238351Boris Zbarsky — Bug 716031. Fix editor test to not assume simply doing a timeout will flush layout. r=ehsan pending
59cb54c6dfe12005af95a12314dd88eb46e0ccccPatrick McManus — bug 718210 decompress spdy server push headers even when rst r=honzab
b641c65643b99c258bafc9de9377506b2a9604e0Phil Ringnalda — Back out 3ab1dcfb2218 and 46ae4bf4aaf4 (bug 622301) for Windows PGO bustage
75c21e9321d62eda1d53cb66b2a4542f6054cee6Brad Lassey — bug 713874 - Black thumbnails are produced by GeckoSoftwareLayerClient.getBitmap() r=mfinkle
4117cd7064ee371f47deb98fb95ba34ce177302fJonathan Kew — bug 715471 - use fallible allocation for potentially large buffers in nsTextFrameThebes.cpp. r=roc
5104f9ed6254122ef05f236c83060e3420cae367Jonathan Kew — Backed out changeset ba3335f34100 (bug 713874) for Android build failures.
ba3335f34100a1b9367c50d9d683991f45b0f1ecBrad Lassey — bug 713874 - Black thumbnails are produced by GeckoSoftwareLayerClient.getBitmap() r=mfinkle
cfd6e9dbc3795ea4f122b80ba4f54ea509edeaceLandry Breuil — Bug 717769 - Include sps_sampler.h if __linux__, not XP_UNIX. r=bgirard
9283d65116ac04ee6975b0f3dad8676ba12d8491Ms2ger — Backout 2fb55a6e7c14 (bug 710183).
f295de5da279a6629d913b4b3e984c56b93b8890Ms2ger — Backout 6529bd9386cb (bug 710183).
ed73f7ef3e7d39b8879b15d219b6bc04b18f9239Bobby Holley — Bug 716167 - Add a release-mode assertion that XPConnect is never used off the main thread. r=mrbkap
a0e3fb36fb1acb91155aa0193263c1e142a69df4Bobby Holley — Bug 716167 - Only push null contexts in XPConnect for main thread events, and remove infrastructure from bug 326777. r=bz
3f65bc07bd89ce79411cde7f73cbcbb71f8acc89Bobby Holley — Bug 717498 - Clear nsThread::mEventObservers at thread shutdown. r=bsmedberg
3ab1dcfb2218efb5d24a582bb160aa10e7cce891Bobby Holley — Bug 622301 - Remove now-obsolete 'callee' parameter. r=mrbkap
46ae4bf4aaf4374b398f35f31c07dcf45fc5c999Bobby Holley — Bug 622301 - Don't use XPCWrappedNative::GetWrappedNativeOfJSObject in quickstub unwrapping. r=mrbkap
944eb2cc77d879300f8f70fad77c145c73dbdbb4Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 717819 - Remove the special casing of getting the offset parent for children of tables now that bug 10209 has been fixed; r=bzbarsky
8b1714ea887cd2177756ec17107fa4757b270a66Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 717871 - Remove two superfluous SimpleTest.finish calls to fix SeaMonkey perma-orange; r=gavin
da960aeaf4bfb42eea3819f67a920513669383d6Boris Zbarsky — Bug 718150. Make sure to update our stored size on Swap() even if we didn't already have a front surface. r=cjones
bf46df6a1fd98f07b844f104380f0bc0915baf06Joel Maher — Bug 717725 - sutagent 'exec' waits for 'am instrument...' command to finish instead of letting it run in the background. r=gbrown
6529bd9386cb2a6196c3ded1e130ede566d5634bRyan VanderMeulen — Bug 710183 - Upgrade SQLite to version 3.7.9 - Mozilla changes. r=mak
2fb55a6e7c14af15d59e5d4ae3064af365f7e3f1Ryan VanderMeulen — Bug 710183 - Upgrade SQLite to version 3.7.9. r=mak
256c575375073285c36b73eca8db37142a2322baRobert Longson — Bug 717870 - whitespace compression setting need to be recalculated when text is added. r=dholbert
c7511462f15fad0e0e7955e5073fa13c9737c771Marco Bonardo — Merge mozilla-central and mozilla-inbound
754c87545661b2ee5bea6ad32b3982ee9b7c07faSteve Workman — Bug 697830 - Delayed DNS prefetch queue is disabled for e10s. r=jduell
9c71a5a5668181529d7055640f22e10462ebe046Georg Koppen — Bug 696662 - HTTP Auth headers cannot be modified after http-on-modify-request. r=honzab
49afabda6701e120b15e625446cf067a1d450334Olli Pettay — Bug 716518 - Add skip* phases to cycle collector, r=mccr8
d7984d345c24a28ec1c158d09a914ea12b008f29Ms2ger — Bug 712034 - Clean up jstypes.h a bit; r=njn
c1577ea56e1725960cf2622c8013f263aabee7ceMs2ger — Bug 714052 - Remove JS_NEITHER; r=luke
fb8cb96c2282a2299a761a5f8d8c8f49357178cdMs2ger — Bug 717371 - Don't use nsINode::GetChildAt in PresShell::GoToAnchor; r=bz
fb524533a4777d964ce81dc5bb19c2038152ec73Ms2ger — Bug 717370 - Cleanup range-using and nearby code in editor; r=smaug+ehsan
2b995693ad47281738e0df71443025ea50f67afcMs2ger — Bug 717195 - Export dombindings.h; r=bholley
e3cd4ae3e9e1678324322356668fffd8a39350bfMs2ger — Bug 714613 - Simplify nsShiftJISToUnicode::Convert; r=smontagu
1d487061009b1f7e93e1e27dd2b5a9978f7e0de0Ms2ger — Bug 717216 - Don't return nsnull from nsXBLDocGlobalObject::EnsureScriptEnvironment; r=volkmar
dfc618d2f28f4266be01d2aa071c1510053612faMs2ger — Bug 677079 - Part ab: Remove jscntxt.h and dependencies from INSTALLED_HEADERS; r=dmandelin
9f706102086fbbc7b622d1a562d28d107b6ee269Ms2ger — Bug 677079 - Part aa: Expose sizeof(JSContext) in jsfriendapi.h; r=njn
cf1294a14a4c97a3ed2dd1da1ceca715a0d926dfMs2ger — Bug 677079 - Part z: Move JS_CHECK_RECURSION to jsfriendapi.h; r=mjrosenb
9ee7f65718423e5a684602699295933a08624fdfMs2ger — Bug 677079 - Part y: Move AutoIdVector to jsapi.h; r=evilpie
4b70a75df702f70bede9cf47005a4ed2039c5391Ms2ger — Bug 677079 - Part x: Move AutoValueVector to jsapi.h; r=evilpie
aa34f07b7f670e8b107d108a20b8653add3ea6cfMs2ger — Bug 677079 - Part w: Move AutoVectorRooter to jsapi.h; r=evilpie
b2bffccbc28b7274a58d30024ee4d903eb5bcf3eMs2ger — Bug 677079 - Part v: Expose rt->compartments in jsfriendapi.h; r=jorendorff
d848942fc440ea80308708045d32846e5c8bd3e3Ms2ger — Bug 677079 - Part u: Provide TriggerOperationCallbacksForActiveContexts in jsfriendapi.h; r=bhackett
c8ba49dafe5e2fad9822ec590cdb3a486113410bMs2ger — Bug 677079 - Part t: Provide IsContextRunningJS in jsfriendapi.h; r=jorendorff
346328bd1f2e11bf41c7ab6fba3f0085f59b108fMs2ger — Bug 677079 - Part s: Make JS_TRACER_INIT a function instead of a macro; r=billm
fee37d705c87843ca3125afded1589ec331a4eb8Ms2ger — Bug 677079 - Part r: Provide AutoSkipConservativeScan in jsfriendapi.h; r=luke
35247789f332e6e120a3b6cb10d8f362f813287dMs2ger — Bug 677079 - Part q: Expose gcLock in jsfriendapi.h; r=gal
e798120914f78063f54f358649fd300bfdbc4eeeMs2ger — Bug 677079 - Part p: Remove AutoLockJSGC in favour of js::AutoLockGC; r=bholley
33d5a1f2af518d6f1503c6583bcd38d5f96f76deMs2ger — Bug 677079 - Part o: Expose setActivityCallback in jsfriendapi.h; r=gal
fe8240db58344f6a24b961ef1d0b7c0bb4dc5975Ms2ger — Bug 677079 - Part n: Expose JSOPTION_UNROOTED_GLOBAL in jsfriendapi.h; r=gal
41ea9acca64152f6513ca1c30afea9dd366aa015Ms2ger — Bug 677079 - Part m: Expose context's compartment in jsfriendapi.h; r=jorendorff
29a2d146c5ff184df4bb8dee53d4329002a6f792Ms2ger — Bug 677079 - Part l: Use the existing JSAPI for the global object for a context; r=bholley
46b5d4c3b3d8fd767add83477e36d55139edc33aMs2ger — Bug 677079 - Part k: Expose outstandingRequests in jsfriendapi.h; r=cdleary
be5a53604bc33bfde4d010714c3eb56a96a730b1Ms2ger — Bug 677079 - Part j: Stop using js::ContextAllocPolicy in ListenerManager.cpp; r=bent+sfink
f9fe45249420b8b0b0d216cc57e40498f866b726Ms2ger — Bug 677079 - Part i: Expose errorReporter in jsapi.h; r=mrbkap
2b2c3d92ae9f5fe44f41da077db23cc8cec6ab0aMs2ger — Bug 677079 - Part h: Expose debuggerHandler in jsfriendapi.h; r=igor
58eef6ad44addac145082de0c48fce67e6f1feeaMs2ger — Bug 677079 - Part g: Expose VersionSetXML in jsfriendapi.h; r=bhackett
6ffce4fb752ba5b7ae02a844415aa0ced8607462Ms2ger — Bug 677079 - Part f: Expose structuredCloneCallbacks in jsfriendapi.h; r=jorendorff
10519108297f9e61058a85623e085a3cda243b8aMs2ger — Bug 677079 - Part e: Move js_GetSCOffset to jsfriendapi.h; r=luke
ebd92ba20fd1379cbd7a6a155dca371daf56cdf5Ms2ger — Bug 677079 - Part d: Move js_GetErrorMessage to jsfriendapi.h; r=jorendorff
4f665744b6e65d4db1b11757eb2e98e74d155152Ms2ger — Bug 677079 - Part c: Stop installing jsdate.h; r=Waldo
1668811de954f540bd9ca0386a998557ee688fd8Ms2ger — Bug 677079 - Part b: Use existing JSAPI functions where those are available; r=bholley
b2ef431401ff181a07e13e0bcd5ad2b26f418ae9Ms2ger — Bug 677079 - Part a: Move AutoLockGC to jsfriendapi.h; r=igor
6701b741568dcff934d9170db50c81c5a3f8a2d2Ms2ger — Bug 716236 - Fix indentation in GuardObjects.h and allow its inclusion into C files; r=Waldo
21c84409902e21e1677b170053a3bca3885d8ea8Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 513702. Remove gfx/cairo/cairo/test/. r=joe
8fce4fbe7eb717235582c0818925e9180462b115Richard Newman — Bug 709339 - First mostly functional drop of native Sync. a=mobile
26c1b9c3ce320ac08620f12b5c63f71893e15e97Richard Newman — Bug 709339 - add sync_options.xml to Android Makefile. a=mobile
7db237c4472c6a21e9a807357f0fe34be39bbb10Richard Newman — Bug 717869 - fix BrowserProvider.generateGuid to not append trailing newlines. r=blassey
20a5102d00ab1d775f3c3e345993b6c3fb11d19eDão Gottwald — Bug 716271 - Add "Tabs From Other Computers" to the Firefox button's History menu. r=dietrich
27a7f197c6fc99b941d061490dd3bccd2ae5dadfMarco Bonardo — Merge last PGO-safe green changeset from mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central
939f9467fc73abff67c7be6a75da7fb4e57dd0e5Alex Pakhotin — Bug 714950 - Unable to see characters typed in landscape fullscreen VKB. r=blassey
a08f701c3b6ec90972e681328a44ab0e1dd4cacfFabrice Desré — Bug 717975 - only expose m-c implementation of mavigator.mozApps on b2g [r=jst]
d55387b7d9c80223cf948b471a03d2c364d9d66bShu-yu Guo — Fix opcode metadata counting for property and element ops, bug 717988. r=bhackett
7ea17887bc78be093e3878d14a48fbd4aea6af4eBrian Hackett — Mark types for second value pushed by JSOP_CALLXMLNAME, bug 717252. r=dvander
70cde72e024bcb00eb21401c89932d4c1300de33Margaret Leibovic — Bug 717284 - Update "Enable plugins" pref strings to be more l10n friendly. r=mfinkle
1e60b2e0c8a3dbd171e7308dd0785e313bd5f1bdMargaret Leibovic — Bug 710704 - Make click events work properly in frames. r=wesj
40993c4c18d0dbec72587051a314a41abae69ab6Margaret Leibovic — Bug 711993 - Catch exception thrown by in PermissionsHelper observer. r=mfinkle
21d52deaef00ae570639be613e9cc34fe7002840Brian Hackett — Merge.
2b2ca37b0305d1f41c42e26bd66b59bf0239e1b6Brian Hackett — Don't clobber compared FP registers when syncing before a double comparison, bug 716119. r=dvander
4dd329d75054a9d949f5b26197425ea3520888f3Chris Leary — Back out b36175bbda47.
f4d1511c16ba1821a72aa124988e1231758e9635Kevin Gadd — bug 627628 - Throttle the dispatching of starved paints so that time is allowed for the processing of input events between each starved paint. r=roc
b36175bbda47da731573c8031a132a4f2385235dChris Leary — Bug 717762: Proliferate js_memcpy and PodCopy. (r=luke)
254f355a4a9605a1879326ffdc2ac8e0215c35b8Doug Turner — Bug 712576 - On Android, we place a criteria on the location provider such that it must return a 'fine' grain location. It could be that this prevents some location providers -- ones that have network but not a GPS backed device -- from working. r=jdm
9b2f2f9242531212b0071ff3377fb9c989ee51cdJim Mathies — Bug 716862 - add virus scan indeterminate mode to the list of taskbar modes displayed when the dl manager is not open. r=felipe.
1feecb1dad1fdfb87dfea3622f7398e135a99d3aChao-ying Fu — Add MIPS support to JaegerMonkey (bug 678154, r=dvander).
03fbbdd792f02a54de1d3c40138fd6689035a0cfMarco Bonardo — Backout 47c464033fa8, 465bacf25d61 (bug 704176) due to build bustage
23099bd5d462e0fde1a316a2d9a512333eac912dLucas Rocha — Bug 699793 - Clear favicon urls database when history is cleared (r=blassey)
8a0d9d68c5b0c8962db2780c6dc1cac54a22bdf4Dão Gottwald — Bug 694084 - fix typo
a8113fbfd2f43eafa55fc9d3fcf96f2a7c9dc410Hiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 680327 - Use NS_LITERAL_CSTRING instead of nsDependentCString. r=honzab
4b9a2c610a5e4c9e01622f6a6bda887190030c09Hubert Gajewski — Bug 629893 - Remove unused props.policy.label. r=gavin
47c464033fa8353e9bd04bc035409ef46d3543a4Nathan Froyd — Bug 704176 - don't reflect corrupted histograms; r=taras
465bacf25d61c97a4189044067c545671a6d8584Nathan Froyd — Bug 704176 - introduce GetHistogramEnumId; r=taras
020e61c8efeda9aa2f88fa68e88b90fabea96d7aRafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 717908 - disable unreliable test. r=igor.
b605399234fcaa52134392bcc58248ae8d977b15Honza Bambas — Bug 621446 - Fixed red caused by changeset 63c3d103610c from bad member rename, r=bustage
9fab07be5d36ab8bfbd8eb0d72299e1a119097a6Honza Bambas — Bug 717773 - Crash [@ SpdySession::LogIO], r=mcmanus
63c3d103610c3febbd8dd20748c077a0b5935a03Honza Bambas — Bug 621446 - investigation bug for crash at RecvRedirect2Verify, r=jduell
0ab265a621483849a275383f92ff80b3f8c35e73Jim Mathies — Bug 618353 - Provide content with the ability to shrink the size of glass borders for glass windows and shrink the fx border by 2 pixels. r=felipe
9fdf008925cec4032b0bc8be859176e5d1ea3d4fBrian R. Bondy — Bug 714115 - CF_HTML not being used when comma as a decimal point. r=roc
f9413ba08c261a63259d484d17e389c98dbe15f5Ali Juma — Bug 717027 - Make IPDL compiler generate code to handle SHMEM-related messages even when there are no other async messages. r=cjones
0153a4156538a9aec7d5845732a69aad19537c6fHenri Sivonen — Bug 702167 - Remove an obsolete script execution test whose premise is wrong per HTML5. rs=smaug.
6f3285fc0d028e3cd8bf84f1e570d9692a21c708Nathan Froyd — Bug 717501 - reduce space required by unicode tables; r=evilpie
d13c738c54ce627f0091580a5825f037c9652a83Jacek Caban — Bug 717224 - Misc libraries fail to link on mingw due to missing -luserenv r=bbondy
157c86d30692cd09b572cf03628e1439f9544963Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 715836 - Ensure the UI is only modified from the UI thread. r=pcwalton
317592537ff6226d89d776d62135ff6263ea494fKartikaya Gupta — Bug 715836 - (Cleanup) Remove unused functions. r=pcwalton
a18c8d5765eade4826971e2a52cbbd1a10c2d392Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 715326 - Fix viewport position when zooming up a page that is smaller than the viewport on both axes. r=pcwalton
fc2e0fc688c6051ffd794bb2f1dd6cd3a4680526Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 715326 - Don't round the page size in browser.js. r=pcwalton
6290daa6518971521834692d8c05b38f9a70412fJonathan Kew — bug 708075 - observe memory-pressure notification and discard cached gfxShapedWord records. r=roc
7ee957b3e88312891e632b71f0f48c9bdb3eb00aEd Morley — Backout 148044813372 (bug 715471) for multiple test failures
14804481337294895fc28dc09c8c15b2c742ede8Jonathan Kew — bug 715471 - use fallible allocation for potentially large buffers in nsTextFrameThebes.cpp. r=roc
4a9747a88eab2a59133ba877bcc35c0f243e353cGeoff Lankow — Bug 717694 - Persist prefs after closing the add-ons manager; r=Unfocused
9f00bf6379a6a7b30c14906cf56817a6f1cee562Mike Hommey — Bug 697301 - Avoid the compiler making optimizations to mozalloc_abort that end up corrupting stack traces. r=cjones
065691d7581cfc7100d6f9a3def53f7229f70126Mike Hommey — Bug 716825 - Avoid loading system libraries with their full path. r=bjacob,r=gal,r=blassey
2877e53c2d70d2c0e3ae57e95e9a4a1eaebb72d4Masayuki Nakano — Bug 717560 input events during composition should be fired after auto batch is gone r=ehsan
78e58e679fca654cfc28fa12127803b824e62487Masayuki Nakano — Bug 717147 part.3 Findbar shouldn't do incremental search during composition r=gavin
1a71337e5cf7b1443455ab68a9da65c747a1acd5Masayuki Nakano — Bug 717147 part.2 Don't do autocomplete during composition r=dolske
1f64197c3878270bc26fb030b87b81fcf4bceb0eMasayuki Nakano — Bug 717147 input events which are fired after compositionupdate should be trusted events r=ehsan
3eaa7d9f1c69542503dce25d3d52bf0a6c4becfdSerge Gautherie — Bug 717868. (Av1) test_reftests_with_caret.html: Fix "SimpleTest.finish()" handling. r=ehsan.
1a94821b4655a0faffd44e2e63585bdcb721e3d0Serge Gautherie — Bug 717753. (Av2) test_focus_browserui.xul: Use "browser.chromeURL" preference to support other browsers than "Firefox" too. r=marco.zehe.
790cd9bba7f52fc8c4ef9f16e7c46363216c510eOlli Pettay — Bug 716004 - Traverse nsXBLDocumentInfo less often, r=jst,mccr8
742d5f9f284db15da07f0cac485fef9f9606fb64Olli Pettay — Bug 704583 - Add testing mode to FocusManager, p=enn,smaug r=smaug,enn
9b5f1ccdb02163d837e0141de5ccb6e12a07ddf8Tim Taubert — merge m-c to fx-team
ed19305f89e68a735422c82dd81ff7c10ec3687dJared Wein — Bug 710968 - Updater incorrectly checks fread() retval. r=bbondy
1798c955b58a34cd143e7dcbfca1fed7eb5b1786Tim Taubert — merge m-c to fx-team
85c42ab04ac38bc60367c0c0030195e2d52f52f4Joe Walker — Bug 706230 - GCLI should have a jump-to-scratchpad feature; r=dcamp,dao
f5d3a571e31672824082e84e27c544f31e3c56d8Joe Walker — Bug 711368 - gcli.css uses both box-sizing and -moz-box-sizing; r=dao
1fe52552b30278e771b18f97ac080463422bf745Joe Walker — Bug 715501 - GCLI should be built with the latest version of dryice; r=dcamp
ce832e50680701bb80c22832092b2e083c70a311Joe Walker — Bug 717598 - Backout changeset 05f3cb:13e49 missing reviewer from comment, a=robcee
05f3cb248cc4b500cd8c452314ab48d9838c6bb2Joe Walker — Bug 706230 - GCLI should have a jump-to-scratchpad feature
7f6c0fc6ef8c2e188a64eee43bb6a17b4cd8f5a6Joe Walker — Bug 711368 - gcli.css uses both box-sizing and -moz-box-sizing
13e4919e0f9f1024787b1b792c2e6d7c2b04b06fJoe Walker — Bug 715501 - GCLI should be built with the latest version of dryice
932d5d369d4e3d640c7331ee24514c552768cf85Paul O’Shannessy — Bug 717030 - Cancel fullscreen animation when entering dom fullscreen [r=dao]
a1388e9f3679d22cc0312daae0d1c7a3be4e1ef9Paul O’Shannessy — Bug 714083 - Update to point to [r=gavin]
ef5124de30f318ef62115efd3cc1ef798cec886eMihai Sucan — Bug 611032 - Errors from before the Web Console is opened do not show.,rcampbell f=rcampbell
7c20376168c8f5406b65f81c077ea5f3d8343212Mihai Sucan — Bug 609890 - window.console API messages from before the Web Console is opened don't show.
8d4638feec54d4a48e62ba0339cf33080fd77367Phil Ringnalda — No bug, remove trailing whitespace on a CLOSED TREE
b05c0f2fc18e0667a6b1450249f417fb95d374cfEd Morley — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound
6bf79cb6e973715c31c6e31b494c6df81e0f31d2Gregory Szorc — Bug 708134 - Rewrite add-on URL to note it was installed by Sync; r=rnewman, Unfocused
07cfb8019fcd4779754e9b6182c5ed53d915723cBenoit Girard — Bug 717059 - Bustage fix for android. r=bustage
ac78d7a4e8197cd8bc433fd8241e8ef3f5e3dbbfBenoit Girard — Bug 717059 - Profiler: add 'stackwalk' optional feature for Mac/Linux on profiling builds. r=ehsan
d44e07a5db122adc171faa6fba4fc216807d24e7Daniel Holbert — Bug 679832 followup: Use StdInt.h-provided intptr_t to let nsCheapSets int-to-void* cast be cross-platform. r=bsmedberg
3db72233e5d92532b6883f14d3ec8d3e2b7909afChris Jones — Bug 716332: Delete temporary fbo. r=joedrew
2cc49e58c516767e28ab2831f279a45b93d4976cBenoit Girard — Bug 717769 - Fix Built-in Profiler on Linux r=ehsan
d41fbe45000018a326fdb4f4f38153394be589a9Nathan Froyd — Bug 715947 - add telemetry for timers fired; r=bz
821b2b0daf21a4f3cb0dba5f67eb20b951c19707Landry Breuil — Bug 717733 - Fix int64 types usage in js/xpconnect, build failure on OpenBSD
899a12aeff6cb8d35a7d2a0ddea9b0f6acb427f7Boris Zbarsky — Bug 716793. Dispatch synthetic mousemove off the refresh driver, not as fast as we can. r=roc
d83fa420aa7bc1d50eaf1fb3aefb6182fa1a11c6Luke Wagner — Bug 715561 - Don't forget to bump JSXDR_BYTECODE_VERSION! (r=jorendorff)
8c24766efc04643ab9510f229a3edd171ea84a2eLuke Wagner — Bug 715561 - Fix js_XDRStaticBlockObject to handle empty destructuring let (r=jorendorff)
53d56e848d1a0bb3a4fbf828744651a46bf816a7Luke Wagner — Bug 715561 - Tidy up js_XDRStaticBlockObject (r=jorendorff)
c3956cae4197b331e8ef854d4a96d0bdd47e1a95Dão Gottwald — Bug 694084 - Showing/hiding the conditional forward button resizes the search bar in a new profile (when the url/search bar splitter hasn't been used). r=gavin
35ca03af1b5e3f785e859bcde8659efd5b3a66cfDão Gottwald — Bug 646038 - URL destination flickers when the mouse pointer is over a link positioned at the bottom corner. r=gavin
efdfbd08a4330368aef846bfc6f45d7275826bcaJosh Matthews — Bug 454790 - Allow programmatic selection of -moz-user-select: none frames. r=roc
350305686094ca4ba0ccaf57c95279571c7223d3Jeff Walden — Bug 716112 - Add an optional second argument to MOZ_ASSERT to allow explanations to accompany assertions, if desired. r=cjones
88acaad9c766dcd306969e6bdf16b2cd81cec68eMs2ger — Bug 717441 - Backout bug 715093 / changeset d5f3e38021fd for Fennec crashes.
c04fb55118f84b2fe83f09ea4eedbfa1b07df491Brian Nicholson — Bug 709888 - Remove UA switcher. r=mfinkle
67fe34d2c8afddec0f83cafe279362565a31d88eMark Finkle — Bug 717231 - Downloads are not added to the Download Manager (stock ICS 4.0.3) [r=mbrubeck]
4b0fd441c9c70767a253f2b437b1d2aabb6840e0Josh Matthews — Bug 717512 - Use focusedWindow instead of activeWindow when requesting focus for needs-focus tests. r=ehsan
014f28a0543c2e76bc5da916a3e163c81788c453Benoit Girard — Bug 717059. Add suppport for optional features. r=ehsan
2c1f1e307171886bf7b93074ef4dfaaf9aedbf09Benoit Girard — Bug 717059. Use double ms instead of float so that the types match. r=ehsan
37b69f47d522c61a43e9ac8c6ddc9022440e981dKartikaya Gupta — Bug 717408 - Remove unneeded clause in python exception handling that was causing errors on python 2.5. r=geoffbrown
aa62396ae6bdd594211e3acab8efa6cc02ee7b34Simon Montagu — Implement text-align-last. Bug 536557, r=dbaron
69eb27cd5313d32e2377316aeee579d7e33e60d9Simon Montagu — Tests for bug 536557, r=dbaron
cd17d9409fda69fa6abefea715ab30935de13dadKartikaya Gupta — Bug 713011 - Add a check to ensure we are running on the correct thread. r=blassey
b3b6bca8a02a3d34dd02491e2b5e84c73ce8f8b2Ben Turner — Bug 717173 - 'Crash @ JS_ReportPendingException'. r=khuey.
d7abb1f2efc8f9a84f83b609020b5ca8c61928ddBrian Hackett — Fix AssertValidPropertyCacheHit when called from JIT stubs, bug 717251. r=dvander
c75c08fdf2c3f2132b0d4cce7f92f895de9b749cMatt Brubeck — Bug 711199 - Update menu icons for Android 2.2 and 2.3 [r=lucasr]
d76bf407d5c1014114a4e7616c6b20d64ae80eaeAsaf Romano — Bug 713519 - getCharsetAlias should throw for unknown character sets. r=smontagu.
3c371703da3c1b5d08447509e83fb83128318e87Marco Bonardo — Bug 711914 - Fetching bookmarks information during onBeforeItemRemove may break the bookmarks cache.
9e52edb8a5348cf6704ef41d6ae18323263549eaNathan Froyd — Bug 717311 - reduce space required by sCatEAWValues; r=jfkthame
a0c02bb5fbb4343c063832485646d7385944ac99Ed Morley — Backout 6605cc311ec5 & 9217303c2e5c (bug 536557) for M4 orange
d16983821d2f225d1946e5234fe3370a4dcf49ceMichal Novotny — Bug 716289 - crash in nsCacheService::SearchCacheDevices
16d8c02193abb8d8636b70385ed657c45fc65831Brian R. Bondy — Bug 715746 - Fix for intermittent test_0000_bootstrap_svc.js failure failed: 7 == succeeded. r=rstrong
6605cc311ec5ef7f9d63671c2392d7c307b30a4fSimon Montagu — Implement text-align-last. Bug 536557, r=dbaron
9217303c2e5c983cb032315066bba0cabd0c85aaSimon Montagu — Tests for bug 536557, r=dbaron
76fc8cdd2a31b8d0365fdfdac6a50f0db0906391Ed Morley — Backout f94f83c7f2df (bug 708075), 6bf51f18e69e (bug 717311) for test crashes
f94f83c7f2dfd510d5a68937d4263f999355b970Jonathan Kew — bug 708075 - observe memory-pressure notification and discard cached gfxShapedWord records. r=roc
6bf51f18e69e8d8c2279382daa11a1dcc67c3e23Nathan Froyd — Bug 717311 - reduce space required by sCatEAWValues; r=jfkthame
d5830c12eb5864eb3a8905dc67b36cde87fbdbe5Ms2ger — Bug 675221 followup - Remove xpcom/proxy from; rs=build
f357bdd35f1b6808566b94ba7dee14e4d9630719Jacek Caban — Bug 717220 - Tons of 'comma at end of enumerator list' warnings r=jones.chris.g
4089da57bff1caf1da11ddaa259fd5c84649db7fJacek Caban — Bug 717223 - Delayload linking of gkmedias.dll broke mingw compilation r=khuey
964b118ac852038d4e33b12592983eafd8112943Oleg Romashin — Bug 694964 - crash [@ gfxSharedImageSurface::Open]. r=ajuma
c98283f80ae7d02a408e21169144adcf13be08e0Doug Turner — Bug 704467 - Crash in mozalloc_abort | __swrite | dexDataMapAlloc. Protect against a bad class cast. r=wesj
fb5bcf9ae739c64ffb6718e4f7030f2b84cae4f9Matt Brubeck — Merge last green changeset from mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central
feba786cfdc8667873f84cb1979b4105ad7bbfacMasatoshi Kimura — Bug 716570 - Rename blob URI scheme from "moz-filedata" to "blob" per spec. r=sicking
024745e78d82f85a88ad23fba9099da4fb3d4067Dão Gottwald — Bug 717191 - browser_scratchpad_bug690552_display_outputs_errors.js leaks the scratchpad window. r=rcampbell
04ed592322672a562c7afb01510c0831a23b3e14Robert Longson — Bug 525095 - Fix artifacts being left behind when text is resized. r=roc
0dbdc8243364e3696e203b47ab2528229797bd6bChris Jones — Bug 710563: Temporarily set layout.frame_rate.precise only for b2g, while bug 710563 is waiting to land. r=mwu
ba96b6a034c23ed035e9663e29877f7dfb2fd38bBrad Lassey — bug 711136 - thumbnails on about:home are really poor quality r=mfinkle
a4abb0dd6b5643d8931928412ee437e3aec47567Dmitrij Petters — Bug 714767 - Grey horizontal band on bottom layer of URLBar [r=mbrubeck]
4c0a14d58397f07543c80262ccd81319e1807fe7Geoff Lankow — Bug 715735 - Detail view icon has no dimensions set, causes a relayout when it loads; r=Unfocused
a9eb2cfdebd81907d14f0a4f35c3cfd2679a1badBen Turner — Bug 717158 - 'B2G telephony: unknown (outgoing) call index is assumed to be incoming later'. r=cjones.
4abbedf5b4ca3e532f84c7c020fa2629f6e542e1Ben Turner — Bug 716754 - 'Crash when accessing navigator.mozTelephony from chrome page'. r=sicking.
ebb34e2325778e6be9d312c7619e25585bc7561fBrian Hackett — Avoid skipping sync code in GETPROP PIC on non-length accesses which can invoke a getter, bug 717184. r=dvander
16f0d80b3137f26f033e681d6e1d17675af32448Brian Hackett — Account for all special CALLPROP behavior in inline cache stub, bug 717208. r=dvander
91ed31395881c4589e4afbe4eb60052778473924Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 171237 - Part 2: Correct the calls to ScrollIntoView which were not updated as part of bug 605138; r=roc
fb7a018387f9d2b7aa49134dd0501842185759fcEhsan Akhgari — Bug 171237 - Center the search results instead of scrolling only enough to show them in order to provide more visual context; r=roc
465e3ad31c64dbf4d14c9e2dea65b1b12a3ff876Matt Woodrow — Bug 712509 - Disable Skia's internal malloc debugging as it was causing crashes on android. r=Bas
fa9cc1988191e1f43a643bd483d0f0944dce6e70Matt Brubeck — Bug 714285 - Fix bug in text input context menu matching [r=wesj]
c5536ad3e639f13d4efe214a3c523cd805fcad46Matt Brubeck — Bug 712307 - Update the urlbar icons for Android fennec [r=bnicholson]
289576c5080271352fb1c342e809268e2ff009edPhilipp von Weitershausen — Bug 717434 - B2G telephony: audio isn't switched on for incoming calls and never switched off once switched on. r=bent
ece727bdde6e2ea1a41acdcad8b9e7b2daa7fe43Philipp von Weitershausen — Bug 717156 - B2G telephony: crash after page reload due to improper callback unregistering. r=bent
7446734cbf34e8f4ce253ebb58cfa2c00c806240Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 715770 - Remove necko buffer cache. r=biesi.
ae61a309be6917a76506532bc2f079c60063f464Rafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 716576 - nsCacheService closes its databases too late. r=michal.novotny.
5a020d632a28369edb00723753c404c7ed912702Josh Matthews — Bug 713172 - Followup to finalize statements instead of nulling them out. r=mak
0f7291d2316d369fea3d97d28109188818b735f6Matt Brubeck — Bug 715211 - Update tab menu icons for Android fennec [r=wesj]
f383c28a6dfa284448e454d924845ab83938b652Matt Brubeck — Bug 714920 - Don't include Copy All or Select All in context menu for empty fields [r=mfinkle]
48af5f55c8b8b16756ef2050bb7d64fb6e78875dDaniel Holbert — Bug 679832: In nsCheapSets, cast 32-bit value to intptr_t before converting it to 64-bit void*, to silence GCC 4.6 warning. r=bsmedberg
1d1938bb244d2a2082b128dc4ae6fe4e7d04e927Daniel Holbert — Bug 716699: Mark some SMIL and SVG-related directories as gcc-warning-free. r=jwatt
baa88d873a77108f9976178772b424bd1947af06Benjamin Smedberg — Bug 90268 mochitest - test that we only deliver an <object data=""> stream once, because on Windows in windowed mode (only!) this causes Flash to stop working. r=josh
8f2f9ffb6ca4e315334ca4f5b9ed82d7d16db887Chris Jones — Bug 717155: Poke a different backlight controller. Stopgap for bug 712378. rs=jlebar
e897ce4266159516568f8a095629010de5c55ef9Lucas Rocha — Bug 707150 - Enable local bookmarks/history database (r=blassey)
87b138f5e7829a9777777d64ba4ef075bad66685Lucas Rocha — Bug 707150 - Fix NullPointerException when getting IS_FOLDER (r=blassey)
5660fa471b73d15716a15d0b308c5aaf81a24581Nathan Froyd — Bug 716657 - add Telemetry::AutoCounter; r=taras
65da0d7b408d410e61dbeca98ebe559135ae0c98Fabien Cellier — bug 410904 : add referrer in http request from npapi. r=josh
d28ab93ab623e23eb0c58368b3205f7151fa1475Boris Zbarsky — Bug 716226. When using insertRule on a keyframes rule, set up the child keyframe rule correctly. r=dbaron
3cdbbe54fab96ce165738dbe963984aa4feb3809Ehsan Akhgari — Some debug information for bug 717243, r=me
b725e5995f1f2bb22e159336de4686c73ca25a43Wes Johnston — Bug 709078 - Add logging for awesomebar query times. r=lucasr
c146569ded26e6118db7ae695e6525d3bbd63deeEhsan Akhgari — Bug 717154 - Make sure the focus handler is only run once in order to avoid the intermittent orange; r=bzbarsky
39b93b408124b4362ebcc8aed34a97d46210bc30Ed Morley — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound
dc23947abad9e1246bd9c281b3ce518a38f4e042Michal Novotny — Bug 716293 - release sink on the same thread where the data is written
81cb240e14c4fac784678b5354c51e7836ea096aLuke Wagner — Bug 714547 - SecurityWrapper should not interfere with same-document.domain access (r=mrbkap)
1cc0885caf0243fc1a4ad50ac91a4e9eb57fa4a0Brian R. Bondy — Bug 714306 - Fix for a handle leak in nsAutodialWin.cpp netwerk code. r=cbiesinger
96b2fbc34bfbc8d1e52acef42d57d7ff5a60ec6aDaniel Holbert — Bug 716787: Disable warnings-as-errors on 32-bit Mac OS X debug builder, since it triggers a compiler bug there. r=glandium
04f4b820f6a79fd9d606d4c12652526b15f54844Gervase Markham — Bug 712992 - fix erroneous MPL-only licence; switch to tri-licence.
fd544d5c7967420f33f5885f3d6f503860725b8dMs2ger — Bug 716357 - Fix license header in FilteringWrapper.cpp; r=gerv DONTBUILD
dc3f10e2e734bc0b4dd389d60ad536644f09c74dJustin Lebar — Bug 717092 - Rename pref 'low_physical_mem_threshold_mb' to 'low_physical_memory_threshold_mb', for consistency with the other low-memory prefs. r=njn
39e49fcaed223e445a19760bb3974a3958b56178Henri Sivonen — Bug 717203 - Remove obsolete speculative parsing code. r=mrbkap.
418f713f7092d824aac7798069886318c1a92259Henri Sivonen — Bug 717198 - Remove the tag observer code from the tree. r=mrbkap.
e41a37df38928a7ddb548466bd9747f7e1fbda89Brian Hackett — Fix non-threadsafe builds, no bug. r=jorendorff
103460516db6451789c70480e60c1c167e44b046Nathan Froyd — Bug 709971 - HTML reflow telemetry; r=bz
4f007aadbf3ed0488bd17be379765e246cd3de5dDão Gottwald — merge backout
745ab99fbd9b33a693e5c26111cca98353948b5aDão Gottwald — Backed out changeset b4d322e5af47
751ce658ce7397c9a2dedf5e6e84ac7877b28a0bKan-Ru Chen — Bug 714717 - Part 2, Reschedule timer after non-idle event. r=MikeK
e44700517c2d414f416f6cab6f84fdffe9cddb67Kan-Ru Chen — Bug 714717 - Part 1, Sanity check nextWaitTime. r=MikeK
b4d322e5af4744b0153a647efbdf4e7a83aa0ae2Nathan Froyd — Bug 716657 - add Telemetry::AutoCounter; r=taras
a157f6aab51ba7f4b8a823d33d9c0cdf3e3b98cdLucio Valentin — Bug 583218 - "Web Console" menu item should be checked when the Web Console is open. Additional fixes by Rogério Gonçalves. r=dao
74b7b6b595a150b542435e6aba688f70b5f2ba24Geoff Brown — Bug 717042 - assert in Robocop Asserter so that robotium framework will recognize failures; r=jmaher
d56f08ec0225fcab71f6636bb0b2686648943156Joel Maher — Bug 716732 - Robocop: fennec_ids.txt not always generated. r=kats
cab1a867f0bd72ffc26b010ea58564218b6a2b31Kyle Huey — Bug 717549: Drop the reference to the content editor when the spell checking UI is reset to prevent zombie compartments. r=dao
b3b1353ad67758903838bfea7823881faba97850Marco Zehe — Merging m-c to accessibility
90a2cc46965d1a0e4e6f651f7417e9ad45d806a6Trevor Saunders — bug 673689 - fix some new places where nsIAccessibleRole::ROLE_FOO was added r=me
0ef29ddd07e54d636e64586bc09130e1f315a3e9Jignesh Kakadiya — Bug 673689 Introduced name space role. r=tbsaunde
8f723d91fb82313b0b4226f1168a73dd063d9d67Hub Figuière — Bug 714976 - The role description should be HTML Content. r=tbsaunde
8ffdb4c7404a88ee124e0f5461a9ce563bc49ee1aceman — Bug 709486: Remove prefix "Warning" from xpcom chrome registration warning-message. r=bsmedberg
7c7d2a8db7ffd00d817249c1cfd3939465418894Kyle Huey — Bug 703133: Flush layout data asynchronously on charset changes. r=bz
d85920b5691b773138f861841d582dd70457c3b6Mike Hommey — Fixup for bug 683127 part 4: Avoid RefPtr.h using JS_Assert. r=tglek
d037afa608744ae2a8864e89370c1200e2763857Mike Hommey — Bug 683127 - Don't try to log the offset, since it is no longer used. Fixes debug Android build failure; rs=edmorley
40c9f9ff9fd578cd56da91d129374ed361142149Ed Morley — Merge last green changeset of mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central
95ec5fc65854686d12dcba6df1b2722f345b134fDavid Rajchenbach Teller — Bug 707096 - Add a public API for TypedArray / ArrayBuffer. r=dmandelin
b55d3ffd5243d84cab563099255177ed01b17961Nathan Froyd — Bug 715906 - remove TelemetryHistogram.histogram; r=taras
cd03664850edba20d4498cab12e03ea91fa0c3acLeonard Camacho — Bug 709756 - expand/close marks and html elements are not aligned in html inspector. f=mihai r=dao
7c9a9e02b08cd8f754052d84b3f9fb1db860bedcRobert O'Callahan — Bug 713532. Mark passing test.
27cc07ec8b88109297434a041853a0c95be3e225Robert O'Callahan — Bug 713523. Part 2: Add SimplifyOutward for mVisibleAboveRegion and mDrawAboveRegion to avoid performance sinkholes when many layers are above a single ThebesLayer. r=tn
2ddeb63ac2d99ec9120c4e2c7893279ea7cbb1f4Robert O'Callahan — Bug 713532. Part 1: Suppress subpixel antialising in retained layers with an ancestor which has a non-integer-translation transform. r=tn
fe35840e0000f2e5ef8718a0dc755858bc423c21Ms2ger — Merge m-c to m-i.
bf9bc81cfc0cc0936595658db3b2a0e901358ad4Marco Bonardo — Bug 712006 - Remove the Binder class from localStorage.
37c00830f5991e2f0283631bd51288d9a03b34c2Marco Bonardo — Bug 711972 - Use a StatementCache in localStorage.
52edf42878930241de0331a601481eca9d410360Mike Hommey — Bug 683127 part 4 - Use the new ELF linker Zip reader in the old linker. r=tglek
ea78ef72f47fe254cd6beea23425417af9d83490Mike Hommey — Bug 683127 part 3 - Test for the Zip reader. r=tglek
85c7cdc1a91601eaf43562b736bd65b768d64d14Mike Hommey — Bug 683127 part 2 - Build system glue for the new linker. r=khuey
12f6fad6692480cf9273698fb4029672834d250cMike Hommey — Bug 683127 part 1 - Simple Zip reader for the new ELF Linker. r=tglek,r=mwu
2a6cac678c94d9fe78c11b837b270e3304fc2df7Mike Hommey — Bug 713229 - Require NSPR 4.9 beta 4 or greater. r=ted
345863ffe8c8c9f04e1b1ace6ea628073f29cd23Mike Hommey — Bug 712579 - Load nssckbi from the location of nss3. r=kaie
4202e19f36e29ed8f9d95fe5747cf352b1209d6dEd Morley — Backout b121ed2a5db6 (bug 716699) & 59cd8f499630 (bug 716787) for OS X debug build failures
9f1349e72752bb9cf4d87fdd17db50fce302bd91Masatoshi Kimura — Bug 702820 - Allow XHR to data URL. r=sicking
8202dc75af5d132f9fa38ef84860a9fdf569ca0aNathan Froyd — Bug 716553 - fix build warnings in Telemetry.cpp; r=taras
effb4811409bb97702198c63f257eafaf1d9ff8baceman — Bug 706724 - Fix for error: ‘ftruncate’ was not declared in this scope. r=benjamin
6630cc3b20a72b49505d013fc989f303abceec8baceman — Bug 631909 - make label 'Modified Preferences' in about:support more accurate. r=gavin
b121ed2a5db64eea67554df137d48919437ef587Daniel Holbert — Bug 716699: Mark some SMIL and SVG-related directories as gcc-warning-free. r=jwatt
59cd8f499630d5fb0d67e02ae5b7e3a2468a6f7eDaniel Holbert — Bug 716787: Disable warnings-as-errors on 32-bit Mac OS X debug builder, since it triggers a compiler bug there. r=glandium
e42fbf39edbf1cfe5f519c795fed79c3fdab3ab0Nick Hurley — bug 657076 - better error handling in FTP for e10s. r=jduell
5461d5635ca9258401f96ea856217f00d30fab1dRichard Newman — Bug 717056 - more setup strings for Android Sync. r=blassey
03d77ca70f27554ea955e1e2cdd3201a623a2620Brian Nicholson — Bug 697858 - Save restore state in bundle. r=mfinkle
cee13e0b2ee4453596c39da411818f2f699d45a9Felix Fung — Bug 713269 - Use Asynchronous Favicons API for PlacesUtils.jsm. r=mak
f78cc74ee58933cefcae2db7032bd5af92b0545dMargaret Leibovic — Bug 715889 - Don't try to show the form autocomplete popup in full-screen VKB. r=mfinkle
ad341c2f7cdf54d615c39ddb3c3a525626b9537dMargaret Leibovic — Bug 710835 - Listen for input events instead of composition* events for form autocomplete. r=mfinkle
d2ff5d57658dc875cb335188a9204e5c26eee19dEhsan Akhgari — Bug 668728 - Teach the mochitest harness to verify that the test calling finish is the same one that we expect it to be, to avoid drastic failures such as test_reftests_with_caret.html inadvertently navigating back, and skipping half of its tests; r=ted
b6f547939cfbb675b01ace20fc6482e3a8e348f9Philipp von Weitershausen — Bug 717141 - B2G telephony: point pref to correct default dialer app URL. r=me DONTBUILD because NPOTB
603df6854a5296c095df575bafd5f4353770d1eeJoe Drew — Bug 715513 - Implement text in the new 2D API's Cairo backend. r=jrmuizel
7349c6b4ac7f856f12b606894872c526e8ffae28Joe Drew — Bug 715652 - Jeff's review requested changes which were easier to implement on top of path support. r=jrmuizel
14930a83054b9cfda27d7e60f54680215fd8ac63Joe Drew — Bug 707848 - Implement paths in the 2D API's Cairo backend. r=jrmuizel
4b4d5cd00d43f83f097b2b7a0b7d1e407b5e4081Joe Drew — Bug 715652 - Implement significantly more of the 2D API for the Cairo backend. r=jrmuizel
53a8a6b4c812103b51e17023410224ea14b0de40Joe Drew — Bug 717047 - Use <cmath> instead of math.h in nsMathUtils.h. r=bjacob
6d755ac01cbb8fb569d1b4d806c232766bb2deaaJean-Alexandre Anglès d'Auriac — b=714068 use gtk_icon_theme_get_icon_sizes instead of gtk_icon_theme_has_icon to determine whether GtkWindow will use an icon r=karlt
912022fc07417a32adb048fee36fd93ab35d73c0Chris Coulson — Bug 635918 part 2 - Provide additional recommended properties when playing samples via libcanberra r=kinetik
9a6371bdb362e27f7afb54f23e494e8eaa1c00a6Chris Coulson — Bug 635918 Part 1 - Make nsISound::Play use libcanberra on Linux rather than esound r=kinetik f=karlt
6571d631dd40922a6ba6b25dcd0ddb8460894ebdKarl Tomlinson — b=682625 pass VisualID when PictFormat is not available r=cjones
98768291cee95712410e1ca285693f8aaa32c253Karl Tomlinson — b=682625 move XVisualIDToInfo to X11Util r=cjones
04dd5995b0861582ec32d947ff3615d9f277b8feKarl Tomlinson — b=682625 use simpler SurfaceDescriptorX11(gfxXlibSurface) constructor in PluginInstances r=cjones
e2d3f721ffc900e88dff591fdadfeb380dea6c44Karl Tomlinson — b=682625 share code for layers::SurfaceDescriptorX11 with plugins r=cjones
c5aecfec255a2fe3fcb47def49e5c6178575356aKarl Tomlinson — b=716424 remove unused string kDocumentIconPath r=roc
246f9b345686214e172b855f70ce68ef627fb6a3Brian Hackett — Include stack entry for 'this' in CALLXMLNAME during decompilation, bug 716713. r=dvander
cb912e0dba6707d32fa278cb176ef4459c6518b3Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 716673 - Fix up copyright and authors. r=pcwalton
2c6c054efeb20f8736fd3d3e3f8777fca2fc991cKartikaya Gupta — Bug 716673 - Pull out duplicated hard-coded strings as static variables. r=pcwalton
c9e0ff7b92eb51cd1b6e130ab804dd320368fa1eKartikaya Gupta — Bug 716673 - Split out the Axis class from the PanZoomController. r=pcwalton
66766a64792184a9ae4466faf131d0c48a236ffaKartikaya Gupta — Bug 716673 - Split out a SubdocumentScrollHelper from the PanZoomController. r=pcwalton
260031a8af9acc752a00f86dbcacc37164b6c196Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 716673 - Encapsulate the fling state in Axis. r=pcwalton
821ffb38adf8a455c043376f1bc7c34bf3b1c4f0Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 716673 - Encapsulate the velocity, locked, and disableSnap variables in Axis. r=pcwalton
ee48470bdaf3457e19cfdaa92069a8e60f946a1fKartikaya Gupta — Bug 716673 - Use the locked velocity instead of unlocked velocity in a couple of places. r=pcwalton
72528d442842fa2de3dc42fe3ebdc43f6c906972Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 716673 - Fix up the advanceFling() step. r=pcwalton
82efff89bd7669b71987f5695076b9343c9e5a11Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 716673 - Collapse unused WAITING_TO_SNAP and SNAPPING flingstates into STOPPED. r=pcwalton
9f3130c6f2858b15c8ca6c6abc55fdf6ccfd574eKartikaya Gupta — Bug 716673 - Completely encapsulate Axis variables lastTouchPos and touchPos. r=pcwalton
b4f876211d7e879351004bb654de6d03fa7fa27dKartikaya Gupta — Bug 716673 - Completely encapsulate Axis variable firstTouchPos. r=pcwalton
c7eb5f95bb59056a6b38e8e73bcd59b445fee970Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 716673 - Refactor some more duplicated code from the track() functions. r=pcwalton
4f670580388f0b585d1062d6248269562c97f15cKartikaya Gupta — Bug 716673 - Refactor some repeated code into a startTouch method. r=pcwalton
9b10d778278b8e36ae1d81513d228f6bb0680e4eKartikaya Gupta — Bug 716673 - Misc cleanups in PanZoomController. r=pcwalton
dcf520615ac25f1c1a1e429c4b0457510e82047bKartikaya Gupta — Bug 716673 - Remove some dead code. r=pcwalton
d742721fc8327567ba38972fe9a52e98b98698e6Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 716673 - Refactor some code that sends messages to Gecko. r=pcwalton
f8974d08b3e51dc3ccbddc9e9ba3cdd9030144c9Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 716673 - Remove unnecessary finalize() function. r=pcwalton
c550ffd3ba74600b3f892a75807d21e70e253a75Matthew Noorenberghe — Bug 273874 - Firefox migrator for new profiles r=mak
b6d90462cc6d882d15846848cbc45362f63f4f51Matthew Noorenberghe — Bug 706733 - Use constants defined on nsIBrowserProfileMigrator rather than redefining them r=mak
78e4144065ccb92c41672519a2842b49898a67edMatthew Noorenberghe — Bug 461820 - prevent accessing searchbar history from content (tests) r=dolske
f1569a132a83874ff49657fc96527514981c32ccMasayuki Nakano — Bug 716819 Move nsToolkit::VistaCreateItemFromParsingNameInit() and nsToolkit::createItemFromParsingName to WinUtils r=jimm
0e41b25f9a59e108ba6f1b707c0fd79ad97afa29Kan-Ru Chen — Bug 714694 - Part 2, Track user activity in gonk backend; r=mwu DONTBUILD
7c5ecb76b94c1a85cb0e051f5e841bf6dad3f311Kan-Ru Chen — Bug 714694 - Part 1, Add IdleService to gonk backend; r=mwu
3710dc1826ca8e0499902287b924a57c5c3d4573Ed Morley — Backout 4c84b021a3c8 & d16206820082 (bug 714694) to correct patch author
208cbee3b3a0f75a3f53d52f26ece07074f9bb4fPatrick McManus — bug 716871 remove nshttp::CLAMP r=jduell
d71926e38f2c62dc725309f167d82f94da163c18julian reschke — Bug 716961 - clean up HTTP header field name constants in nsHttpAtomList.h r=bz
4c84b021a3c8a91a74fc4495351043df5e24dd83Ed Morley — Bug 714694 - Part 2, Track user activity in gonk backend; r=mwu
d1620682008220ebb61a6cc458cb455126749f80Ed Morley — Bug 714694 - Part 1, Add IdleService to gonk backend; r=mwu
b6a501cb1a64d2e95dee5745a182c2f158cde5d5Ed Morley — Backout b9e154713763 (bug 702158) for pgo linux failures
c16d6dc44101276c0a9256b648ba5cf385cab152Matt Woodrow — Bug 715916 - Check the result of GetFrame in RasterImage::GetImageContainer. r=joe
f2df780ad0476887699181cdfcd7b76ab0c05bf2Justin Lebar — Bug 717019 - Attempt to fix intermittent timeout of test_getContentState.html by switching from (which is a live domain) to (which is faked by mochitest). r=me
6f4760bd3de0aa23a1bf726bbdbb03f37d1beea6Ed Morley — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound
37ede8ee0d0ec8a7556245d1a76af133757a8ebbFlorian Scholz — Bug 696647 - Remove invalid MathML atoms; r=karlt
5b40b3847195556b7c71c8d2758188c927695cf9Daniel Holbert — Bug 717004: Drop unused/unnecessary rv from GetLayoutHistoryAndKey, and check rv of nsILayoutHistoryState::GetState before using its output. r=volkmar
79eb51bafb9aa229128ab1a4adee845c189c6f1eChris Pearce — Bug 716417 - Don't add media elements to the element table twice if when we hit decode thread limit. r=roc
448aa12907aa9cc84ca8ed83e09bb16d4f5720f9Fernando Jiménez — Bug 714855 - RIL: Implement ICC states transitions and ICC codes (PIN,PIN2,PUK,PUK2) handling. r=philikon
0af33fc7dbeb986741c75896f0fc251b41bf0a61Dave Townsend — Bug 707207: Add the hotfix certificate's fingerprint. r=Unfocused
e10473f947bf21c9e985ec4c3710a247cc233cddBrad Lassey — bug 716818 - potential race condition in GeckoThread r=mfinkle
bdabac538e907fa48c8c7ddfd67208fc43ad9f51Brad Lassey — bug 715507 - GlobalHistory is accessing Gecko on the wrong thread r=dougt,kats
0a7aa3e81b34c88cc1a01177987a04204a636032Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 716867 - test_sqliteMultiReporter.xul calls SimpleTest.finish needlessly; r=njn
b9e15471376308a5e2b960ce5ebcc540f4bcda8dMarco Castelluccio — Bug 702158 - Build Skia Azure backend on linux. r=mattwoodrow
17a76e33b6fe31c11dd22d8031a7f514f1c1631fBenjamin Smedberg — Bug 715576 - libalerts_s.dylib is incorrectly-named (_s indicates a static library) and links against the static-js library, which is bad. Make it link against either libxul (static-js) or the dynamic-js library correctly, and rename it. r=ted
2d79876ee1421bb02c92f6dc925c8f4f2298d207Benjamin Smedberg — Bug 675221 part H - fix test_bug489671 which is throwing exceptions from a console listener, which is supposed to fail to prevent infinite recursion or infinite repetition behavior. r=bz
86da3ca1e3aefcc089892d8e9cab9d0a70c7e091Benjamin Smedberg — Bug 675221 addendum to part A - reimplement the recursion check for the console service so that a poorly-written console listener doesn't cause an infinite repeition, r=bent
ab435575ac338cb5941e8add00398320f187ea2eBenjamin Smedberg — Bug 675221 part B - remove the implementation of XPCOM proxies, sr=dougt
4d03df4a60dc425869923ec5c54ca82bdb9828dfBenjamin Smedberg — Bug 675221 part A: replace XPCOM proxies with runanble for code in XPCOM itself, r=bz
4de07a341aab9657b1e1437afe0756c9f7c436beBrian Hackett — Fix non-threadsafe builds, no bug. r=jorendorff
c42d08fdec34547f8302ca6d04f9fe8ea471eaa2Jignesh Kakadiya — Bug 716215 - nsHTMLEditor::IsEmptyNodeImpl checks if the parent is a form widget instead of the child. r=Ms2ger; sr=ehsan
4fc86339a424b5aff60d4d6603a3ed1ba5c5cf37Ms2ger — Bug 332648 - Part h: Move AutoEnumStateArray to jsapi.h; r=evilpie
2140f9cb5d6a7bbe8218888564f32cda7d58c32bMs2ger — Bug 332648 - Part g: Move AutoIdArray to jsapi.h; r=evilpie
8fd1b83456805a966980fa01c062988aed782215Ms2ger — Bug 332648 - Part f: Move AutoIdRooter to jsapi.h; r=evilpie
af8168703a407fafbeef0311297b72625ae80304Ms2ger — Bug 332648 - Part e: Move AutoArrayRooter to jsapi.h; r=evilpie
13f996c0d905fdb8d3585d21ce4f47079d9a0679Ms2ger — Bug 332648 - Part d: Move AutoStringRooter to jsapi.h; r=evilpie
422290830373e85f668ddd6c5586d68ee24becbdMs2ger — Bug 332648 - Part c: Move AutoObjectRooter to jsapi.h; r=evilpie
6407283df40bd481a2bd897296d71f0d543607b3Ms2ger — Bug 332648 - Part b: Move AutoValueRooter to jsapi.h; r=evilpie
4c85015dc460efd7ec52a5a3068b66d01364f36dMs2ger — Bug 332648 - Part a: Move AutoGCRooter to jsapi.h; r=evilpie
2e7afd15d01a48fcdd692fc8543c9d1541ac25bfMs2ger — Bug 714264 - Part c: Move IterateData / CollectCompartmentStatsForRuntime / GetExplicitNonHeapForRuntime to js/MemoryMetrics.h; r=njn
b9077aadd3d745c00159ac95aedc2402d94c7d39Ms2ger — Bug 714264 - Part b: Move CompartmentStats to MemoryMetrics.h; r=njn
6324ddbe266839db9a2395a13064857e20f44940Ms2ger — Bug 714458 - Part c: Don't include jscntxt.h in xpcprivate.h; r=bholley
0c55d7a26512089532bbde885763ac197090721fMs2ger — Bug 714458 - Part b: Provide the thread-related APIs xpcprivate.h needs; r=igor
996cc657dfbadbfb3b177f8700388fe461560330Ms2ger — Bug 714458 - Part a: Introduce JSAPI for JSContext's second private pointer; r=Waldo
034af96fa579585a25cf4b498b9c2a5e848ba668Ms2ger — Bug 716207 - Part b: Cleanup nsTextEditRules::RemoveRedundantTrailingBR; r=ehsan
581a264557030eb6e37be2ecd900d2d102498669Ms2ger — Bug 716207 - Part a: Cleanup nsTextEditRules::DidUndo; r=ehsan
1fd016e845378ce75338579310d278d2afe77a80Ms2ger — Bug 699731 - Remove PR_INT64_MAX / PR_UINT64_MAX from non-nsprpub source; r=ted
df571c75b4c04ddfdc3a4a6dc97e5029d8446acaMs2ger — Bug 715634 - Cleanup XPCJSContextStack; r=bholley
d2e9c6b60088cd562458fd24d000f12cb85090fbMs2ger — Bug 715206 - Remove XPConnect from IDB's LOCAL_INCLUDES (again); r=bholley
109e7285c5eee7650494ebf560f596cb7ff71fc3Ms2ger — Bug 715110 - Don't use getPreventDefault in editor; r=ehsan
2f310f45610707e33b63f292d144b946d7b8bec1Ms2ger — Bug 714728 - Remove jsword/jsuword in favour of intptr_t/uintptr_t; r=Waldo
d5f3e38021fd52a6c331d4d532e4b1875461b26eMs2ger — Bug 715093 - Get rid of MOZALLOC_INLINE in favour of MOZ_ALWAYS_INLINE; r=glandium
545fc4728614f090b8630428d46d1476c040b3a8Ms2ger — Bug 716630 - Kill editor's warnings; r=ehsan
e79ef0ffcb0998cb134fdfd416549327e4600e64Ed Morley — Merge last PGO-green changeset from mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central
460ffa419de5dfa993841b6ef6fcf9a8c56017d2Brian Nicholson — Bug 715673 - Hande browser-lastwindow-close events. r=mfinkle
1da3bc5e4131746d99fe314e167e95f23af4c1c1Brian Nicholson — Bug 715388 - Don't show telemetry doorhanger for session restore. r=mfinkle
9c2ca2a79d79159fd470ee31763d439f1e884bebJonathan Kew — bug 716229 - don't switch fonts for non-printing control chars. r=roc
018cfb14c03e95b679c793cfed1aeae941470771Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 716456 - Make sure to pass a correct ancestor to GetPreviousContent; r=bzbarsky
b18d407e2321e01fcb286ed45080546d71db0c88Vladan Djeric — Bug 714450 - Mark the DB whitelist in Telemetry immutable after it is initialized. r=benjmain
a537453b1d667a66d5272915e43499eedb3554b5Vladan Djeric — Bug 708962 - Start Telemetry service at application start to avoid deadlock from GetService spinning event loop. r=benjamin
8eb5fd52246138ddf748a6c44e7fdbd44f5608fbBenoit Girard — Bug 711564 - Disable ICA/CA Plug-in drawing model on 10.5 because of instability. r=smichaud
8db1c4599e7b7fd87f31e38f00b26df499b20990Ed Morley — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound
d377d38a23d3c2894df9ec0c6b6844a47def8024Rafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 715930 - Use stdc++compat.cpp on OS X too. r=:glandium.
14385cbb4131675f2f0427c03390fd59e7ff6292Justin Lebar — Bug 708176 - Followup: Fix busted test. rs=smaug
2d10d554b08c49b1b5f4454a2d5503fed1a784acGregory Szorc — Bug 716868. r=philikon
0fdae7529dfbe6c899e5eb823769420b8a25ed71Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 716937 - Make the testBookmark test actually pass. r=jmaher
4d427e719ed9e535c6adb7b63ac1469c1ef57371Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 716934 - Print warning when clicking on elements with no listener. r=jmaher
afa049904ea67099a58d1d63d4f8ae3a8d37827bVladan Djeric — Bug 711970 - Open localStorage DBs with the faster openUnsharedDatabase. r=mayhemer
1ed2eb54e546ff460a17141692cd46beb45d7655David Bolter — Bug 716589 - crash nsDocAccessible::GetNativeWindow. r=tbsaunde
1bdcd84ae727f884a8f54bf442a387f61a86765cJustin Lebar — Bug 708176 - Part 2: Add {i,}frame.queryInnerState(), which allows privileged pages to peer into an iframe's state. r=smaug
cc753e60507381bd2590c34a1a3db6a0d2a0491cJustin Lebar — Bug 708176 - Part 1: Add nsContentUtils::URIIsChromeOrInPref. r=mounir
4cef10089737b62f57ed12a5608cc05b21fd759fAndrew McCreight — Bug 708322 - never traverse non-gray JS Objects. r=billm
1dd32322b52950666989f8ca785b84db19ef1034Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 716877 - test_eventctors.xul calls SimleTest.finish needlessly; r=smaug
2b4c5610aa69ad332fe20527f0cd06cc071850bfEhsan Akhgari — Bug 716677 - test_bug296375.xul makes incorrect assumptions about the event ordering; r=smaug
9fb4756a6cbcc8caa8e1279f56df7cdb992b727eLucas Rocha — Bug 716089 - Fix query syntax for filtering URLs on local DB (r=blassey)
e59ed78d1ed470d503fb9bb111e664a2a17505d8Brian R. Bondy — Bug 715910 - Logging to determine service permission problems, and always set it on upgrades. r=rstrong
1b76dd555ee7d5cdcbaf6e5b811c44a3a9f5af4aBrian R. Bondy — Bug 715749 - service broke builds with --disable-updater. r=rstrong
5060dad145fd1ba698f4cf738faa77a9e95ef77aBrian R. Bondy — Bug 716126 - Include update.status contents inside maintenanceservice.log file on failed updates. r=rstrong
4f2f486f898f4954b3df7c224b232b70e541828fPhil Ringnalda — Back out a76df5ba3dc2 (bug 713480) for test_bug650995.js permaorange
d6c0bf5999b021733f230bfdcdc203a1f869fb0fJoel Maher — Bug 714116 - deploy a new r=armenzg
36e7f9692e36100b5c48d1f84571f06f7136baa4Joel Maher — Bug 715312 - Robotium tests for Fennec Native do not close file input stream. r=kats
9bee22d394a9772e6fd7ef67f3ada5cd56eb22f7Gian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 702217 - Fall back to SQLite when we fail PrefixSet construction. r=dcamp
a0fb6ed985c669b3d641186097ff735222e7464cGian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 702217 - Avoid double allocation in UrlClassifier. Handle OOM conditions. r=dcamp
4796cf23c294a2d11b9dd302fbc3392c7d0248d7Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 715791 - Preserve line numbers when preprocessing java files as well as js files. r=ted
d58132b4ecc400ab71e5971d606775eba3a732cfJonathan Kew — bug 711355 - fix potential leaks in nsCoreAnimationSupport found by static analysis. r=bgirard
a76df5ba3dc224c9856ef98718781ccaae74de48Michal Novotny — Bug 713480 - Compressed entries stored as files are padded with zero bytes to the length of uncompressed size
0f5d650bf2eb72bb6b3dbab80bd1435e20f4d3bfMats Palmgren — Bug 702184 - Wallpaper a frequent orange. r=ehsan
3c6cfdfe7d4650eaeb2a393ef5cc146a930ac5cfDavid Zbarsky — Bug 682611 - Part 2: Remove nsIRange; r=smaug
6e016e20e726a465058c3ae64e893d6050af528dDavid Zbarsky — Bug 682611 - Part 1: Merge nsIDOMRange and nsIDOMNSRange; r=Ms2ger r=smaug
e0ca89e88831cb0332e885fad039bc5424df6913Trevor Saunders — IGNORE BAD COMMIT MESSAGES
75c1c5c35b8a43cfce1a145ef69972046cb9b496Trevor Saunders — merge accessibility to mozilla-central
0bd285aab6c6555aee73b41cbe76788fede46b20Trevor Saunders — disable osx tests part 2 test_caretmoved.xul had conflicts
e2342ae9b94d8f8428f793f3205ee85d7c9977e8David Bolter — Bypass failing OSX tests (b=650294,b=650366). r=tests
91c2ca8c60295a27b8caf5de5a86874720f80aa1Santiago Gimeno — bug 713792 - stop QueryInterface()ing to nsIAccessible image internally r=tbsaunde
648239b7558d601f3d5824a8791308ede33051eeAndrew Quartey — Bug 539699-ITypeInfo nsAccessible member conversion to static r=tbsaunde
3a47e5f593ad543c7f5a2217228696b75424f569David Bolter — Bug 591363 - (in)visible state is not always correct? r=tbsaunde, marcoz
39acd9b60ebc2090731a3461b25b12454d66bf43Trevor Saunders — bug 693343 - comment check of DBUS_SESSION_BUS_ADDRESS
eed7b12a22a548a1f48363b3b8839f6c89377bd7Trevor Saunders — merge mozilla-central to accessibility
e95cb5b98154df596cf6382d3d70b7a6dee5bb3bTrevor Saunders — bug 693343 - a11y disabled in Gnome 3 when GNOME_ACCESSIBILITY is unset patch=mgorse, tbsaunde r=tbsaunde, karlt
b386494d97ebceefc8113a2690a7e1774afdc641Ed Morley — Bug 698425 - Fix lack of whitespace breaking conditional in; rs=build
1962ca549264ba02a27d1c50c13fb969411bf1c3Tim Taubert — merge m-c to fx-team
9ea2996a1f3c744fa86ef6841ab57df0e13c2f32Joe Walker — Bug 709748 - GCLI 'help' command causes firefox to crash; r=paul
83afca21c9e63b62b8e82d8bb83199cef449cb8cJoe Walker — Bug 689605 - GCLI should be ready to be shipped, preffed on; r=msucan
fdab6d891be0645b2cbb2842df8c9d66e2f4e3deBerker Peksag — Bug 683510 - GCLI needs a 'console' command; r=msucan
62cca592625d6be53dcd2e31acb844c55555d975Joe Walker — Bug 710152 - GCLI javascript completion should stop providing completions with complex JS input; r=dcamp
a64fb47161e7afccff4a468dca7fe0cc69fc7488Joe Walker — Bug 704184 - Find a better way to scroll web console output; r=dcamp
8409adc46f1456637010e3e54c2d08d2b5dbd1c1Joe Walker — Bug 704182 - webconsole forces wacky lists on GCLI; r=dao,msucan
fee66b45f4865c34b5ca5bf762c8d8199ecb6e22Axel Hecht — bug 716842, make sure that l10n repacks have mobile/locales/Makefile, r=aki
011e3cef606891433ee68734561bc7e6fd9406f8Ed Morley — Merge last green changeset of mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central
25fe3fddc59e8d04dbcb48edb0745aa62d0772bdRafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 715872 - Change the order of -framework options when linking XUL so that it works on 10.6 -> 10.5 builds. r=ted
39e508fd70aa2d50be90a7893bb47bdb7c6e5efdBenoit Jacob — Bug 713276 - Upgrade WebGL conformance test suite to r16456, follow-up - no review
4b41575c2a3a66c982b65e6f19fd2f2dfe49f172Rafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 715528 - Drop old bits about cross compiling from ppc to x86 and default OS X for ppc. r=ted.
e9aeacb404ba444aca4d37cf7498aaef75a9c8a3Mike Hommey — Bug 714029 - Avoid jsctypes-test dependency on the xpcom glue. r=bsmedberg
b2447177ec5aaa7ade93fd129c5c723710d9c2e2Mike Hommey — Backout 057e7ead186e (bug 714029) because of failure to build on Windows.
838aece95748a64bc31c93ba4696e19c77378ab3Dão Gottwald — Bug 716692 - browser.js needs to stop observing browser.tabs.onTop when the browser window is closed. r=gavin
d33ae35163056ca8b47e04bae72e75bae973dd07Richard Newman — Bug 716811 - Local DB calls getAsBoolean for IS_FOLDER, schema uses integers, ClassCastException results. r=blassey
8ec9356640fd3c43bd262c394f1ca623582e4248Mike Hommey — Bug 710972 - Define G_VARIANT_TYPE_STRING_ARRAY when building against older glib. r=karlt
057e7ead186e1b232a88210fa6be3259fa3185ccMike Hommey — Bug 714029 - Avoid jsctypes-test dependency on the xpcom glue. r=bsmedberg
5cb8fed78a857eb5f7df47de3a4ddc2bbef3620cMike Hommey — Bug 712284 - Remove dladdr hack for NSS on android. r=ted
d208399b9194499f7c35d950d5bc51c0f8501a0dMike Hommey — Bug 708570 - Make libfreebl depend on nspr. r=ted
c899dde431443b687daaf66f35f9dcea03858e4dMike Hommey — Bug 709776 - Move tri-licensed Android library parts under mozglue/. r=blassey
cf890c9c3e4c1514e3f6583d6fde256cd59be738Mike Hommey — Bug 701371 - Rename mozutils to mozglue, and move it to top-level. r=khuey,a=brendan
8ffacd1ba6a865495c74d285ba97738b3fd805c9Boris Zbarsky — Back out rev 2a35bcdd7c1e (bug 716793) to fix orange tests
167afff96b0d7edbf0cf5ea8fe374b6b1cfc6884Makoto Kato — Bug 715783 - delay load for comdlg32 and winspool. r=khuey
4bb7458176c4dcfd78fa919e128a2432bf7efc19Jeff Walden — Fix the test for bug 715682 to use the right file name and bug number, and give it a more accurate description. r=trivial
51cc1b5c935afe6084dd9d33f9c638b23153b1b2Jeff Walden — Bug 715821 - Add tests for reimplementation of Object.prototype.__define[GS]etter__ in terms of Object.defineProperty. r=tests
71eb0a8829cf659a19c5a434b1e687e9cef5b540Michael Kohler — Bug 711818 - MOZILLA_GUARD_OBJECT_NOTIFIER* should use a MOZ_ prefix to follow MFBT style
2a35bcdd7c1ea8b55e9052c4aa30bb79f8cc916aBoris Zbarsky — Bug 716793. Dispatch synthetic mousemove off the refresh driver, not as fast as we can. r=roc
46282354b7bedd7c5e8e27b7fbb9ed2ee78d50d7Felipe Gomes — Bug 706897. Fix intermittent test_destinationURI_annotation.xul failure. r=mak
0a5fdc470f9aabab2eef0f5ce2a61b6dd7db3bb6Rail Aliiev — bug 714542: Mac build uses pretty naming for *.checksums files - rename mac checksums file. r=ted
01d69766026d4a1ed6b56b5b8148a630ea6dde6aRichard Newman — Bug 716760 - "Pair device" string addition. r=blassey
366ca21f60e00cb5a83331d45312844dc19a4bf4Nick Thomas — Bug 693192 - Nightly builds infrequently fail with "make: *** [uploadsymbols] Error 50", r=ted
8a0f91a93adb06d61b68114c49462cd964731b93Ed Morley — Bug 716480 - Don't list "Change" as an entry on the control panel uninstall context menu for the Mozilla Maintenance Service; r=bbondy
212eea4c8b3b624c8234e5ccb32d5e803012fdfeEd Morley — Bug 716168 - Remove browser/components/wintaskbar/ now that the tests live in browser/modules/test/ (bug 699575 followup); r=gavin
517e687ce17e16cd6b09dec3bec576c889efac9fPhilipp von Weitershausen — Bug 674726 follow-up: make WebTelephony build with gcc. r=bent DONTBUILD because NPOTB
2676737a824ce68d5a802a3240c10c6087b0f631Margaret Leibovic — Bug 716722 - Remove unnecessary code and use Services.jsm in sanitize.js. r=mbrubeck
6a0de913a0429d0aae8518e5de030a72859afa9cTerrence Cole — Bug 716176 - Trigger write barriers when copying BaseShapes; r=billm
b4778618b053c04fb8a99bdfde3c7626146b2c50Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 710940 - Make sure our implementation of get_current_cs does not return null, in order to respect hunspell's assumptions; r=smaug
fd89376a7ef287f26badf04b50027abd25143e82Chris Peterson — Bug 712791 - Avoid crash by catching SQLite exception. r=dougt a=dougt
7dde51205d2481b9ea33a409043461172f620849Daniel Holbert — Bug 716702: Fix C++-style comment in header 'jsopcode.h' that gets included in C code. r=bhackett
9cfdb612a026c1960ec27e2f99e7438ec9837513Landry Breuil — Bug 714312 - Use <machine/endian.h> to get endianess on BSD systems, fixing the BSD build. r=ted
0b102e74b3b8afbd8e0f970304d90696422c0d7fJeff Walden — Bug 715821 - Make Object.prototype.__defineGetter__ and Object.prototype.__defineSetter__ perform their work by forwarding to Object.defineProperty. This eliminates two calls to CheckRedeclaration, which is impeding property-storage-splitting work. r=bhackett
3c05c5afca65c4ef85894157a9dc95613c137f02Margaret Leibovic — Bug 714787 - When clearing site permissions, also clear content prefs that keep track of how many times a permission was granted. r=dougt
b575f4ce92734f304c169f5a88fc22173e0647ceBen Turner — Bug 714459 - 'Rename RadioManager / nsIRadioWorker'. r=mrbkap.
bac673bc7211a1f5cc8487f564f482a9aca03219Ben Turner — Bug 674726 - WebTelephony. r=philikon+mounir, sr=sicking. Not part of the default build.
1927c7905f5e6dcc562b2c97bd4f1c8842264f1fEd Morley — Backout a9f4c0795560 (bug 715673), 05dfaf51fa83 (bug 715388) & af32a0da45c9 (bug 697858) for native Android test failures
efc8919dcce42066791399045faa5ce12ad03096Daniel Holbert — Bug 716663: Fix check for PR49911 to use "=" instead of "==" for string-equality-check with 'test'. r=respindola
d3244d19894ce369c3c570567f2dd6b073fb495eScott Johnson — Bug 715203 - Fix ua.css to include moz-column-fill as inherited property for scrolled content. [r=bz]
4ece35f727c04b97aae58dd49c6275cbf1e7b16eEhsan Akhgari — Bug 716593 - test_bug596001.html calls SimpleTest.finish needlessly; r=roc
addfdfd36160b333192046e467a05bf5c74fd961Luke Wagner — Bug 716068 - de-OptimizeSpanDeps (r=waldo)
467e926f8a1983b7104bc4dd6f1414db42cfc563Luke Wagner — Bug 715817 - rm SRC_EXTENDED (r=waldo)
c7e4fd6cd6a46c2b5032255ba13975e2c3a82402Jim Blandy — Bug 716629: Mark deleted JSFunction::toFunction methods as private, as per MOZ_DELETE instructions in mfbt/Attributes.h.
4998e366dd09a2f86f869fed2e522f5343727b9cJosh Matthews — Bug 716127 - Test for overlapping geolocation provider shutdown and unfulfilled request. r=dougt
e8544d85984776b38f31f2c2fd0735e8d5a0b94cJosh Matthews — Bug 716127 - Avoid shutting down geolocation providers if one-shot updates are pending. r=dougt
f5a4d6a88a6ab9328dbe11b1f1b22847c35ed1f7Philipp von Weitershausen — Bug 715773 - B2G SMS: Package dom_sms.xpt and set temporary permission prefs. r=cjones
a9f4c0795560128b821e841e3de6fbda9987748aBrian Nicholson — Bug 715673 - Hande browser-lastwindow-close events r=mfinkle
05dfaf51fa8369eb04a2f50afd4035f11c04ea70Brian Nicholson — Bug 715388 - Don't show telemetry doorhanger for session restore r=mfinkle
af32a0da45c9adef1d8e87210d20d6d8a2ec9ebaBrian Nicholson — Bug 697858 - Save restore state in bundle [r=mfinkle]
c2a85ff814c8610749529195916d968a257d04f3Mounir Lamouri — No bug - Fix build bustage. Follow up from bug 716541. r=mrbkap
a1a6f5452614da91ab16fbdc37318d73cdd6b64fJosh Matthews — Bug 713172 - Ensure the download manager database connection isn't closed while it could still be required. r=mak
a477a8579ead9f7a1f458c5440764c71eee76caeMounir Lamouri — Bug 716541 - Do not fail build on -Winitialized when treating warnings as errors. r=glandium
8e12454829d3b934d6c0bdb78469b27a67292bf0Mounir Lamouri — Bug 716338 - Use FAIL_ON_WARNINGS in content/html/content/src. r=bz
cf15bf30ba2cb6c5f1fd0a58e56934f51737b7a5Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 716145 - test_eventctors.html calls SimleTest.finish needlessly; r=smaug
c713003d32266feab42364fee8bfb0fa4074337cbjarne — Bugs 715418 and 685804 - Test case for bug 650995 has wrong name / Intermittent failure in test_bug650955.js r=michal.novotny
8e7225a8b1cc65184cf6a57da336dee5d34fd584Irving Reid — Bug 700734: remove "interface not derived from nsISupports" warning
04e2d8313601d768e2c3bf21edb5821017e813c7Boris Zbarsky — Bug 716549. Flush on every mousemove, because otherwise we can end up with mouse events (mousemove, mousein, mouseout) dispatched to the wrong elements. r=smaug
e94c3b3085197c4163a4425b2077470903e9d724Rafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 715554 - Missing semicolon. r=mak.
2ac52594bdb7e4b3f6b8787ab0bb827e8aba38b7Rafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 715554 - - Send quit-application in browser/components/places/tests/unit/test_clearHistory_shutdown.js. r=mak.
7d0ba2cb9c742335cd90fd4dac4e81c145ebd4b0Rafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 716105 - Send quit-application in toolkit/components/search/tests/xpcshell/test_645970.js. r=mak.
90a869f23e115a16763d4d923a4b5462f6ad366fJacek Caban — Bug 712594 - libffi fails to build on mingw-w64 r=bsmedberg
8abe69741c4f362079a083f77c83d6a4a4a389efJacek Caban — Bug 714646 - jsgc.cpp fails to compile on Win64 GCC r=igor
7ab4f1ebc7cc60fd22cf6def3819798417918bb6Brian Hackett — Backout 54cd89b0f1fa (bug 712714 backout). Talos will probably report fake regressions for this patch, do not back out for this reason.
b6c60a28454d68d2bab7899c164ca8205dc8e5edTim Guan-tin Chien — Bug 716447 - Remove setCapture/releaseCapture from touch.js as it interfere with mouse events r=vingtetun
a85cf7f0d235e543276ec1cedd118da02c190bc1Igor Bukanov — bug 716512 - make sure that gcparam in shell cannot set MAX_GC_BYTES to a value les than the current GC_BYTES. r=anygregor
6f54fcb4f7005104e5634f63fdc9e8a5c75b3e2fHenri Sivonen — Bug 655261 - Remove nsIParserFilter from the tree. r=mrbkap.
6e755023cdfa02a626d03b7c28af27f3678451c2Henri Sivonen — Bug 655255 - Remove nsICharsetDetectionAdaptor from the tree. r=smontagu.
a3a0382b5de842eb4b793aba6c815db31a9c2021Krzysztof Kotlenga — Bug 678940 - remove caching of uniform values. r=joe
6a84838e8c98279465b523a513905effbff8953dJignesh Kakadiya — Bug 704430 - Remove nsLayoutUtils::GetFrameFor. r=Ms2ger sr=roc
6d3dbf8ffab25e6f3938fd843c64388073ef1563Dão Gottwald — Bug 707567 - prepend http:// to URL copy selection only if at least the full hostname is selected. r=dietrich
6239ab8b23193f7972a567c4253a89f1cd94f064Bernd — bug 711864 - dEndY is already in the rowgroup r=mats
1848f311b78616be3519f18496d71f5eb7a84402Robert Longson — Bug 619967 - Resolve percentage filter primitive attributes correctly. r=roc
20ae82960dc3e9608065eac60bc3e5294dde39b2Cameron McCormack — Bug 619967 - Test that percentage filter primitive attributes are resolved correctly. r=longsonr
0dd51bebba24a46d3bfe8ee77938424a1806ef31Ed Morley — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound
db09603b41863e5a84628b520ac08ab91ff26198Mats Palmgren — Bug 715056 - Use GetNodeParent(), not GetParent(), because ranges deals with any node, not just content nodes. r=smaug
cddeb9fcc249fdbac692d74275f6395c4118bb9aJesse Ruderman — Bug 715056 - Crash test.
23d71e342b3e8d1d5afe4942001a1547d5c3f06bNicholas Miell — Bug 715952 - glxtest incorrectly creates the backing pixmap and causes X errors - r=bjacob
33359378d8f80f88796c969cd30e862f46191fceGeoff Brown — Bug 705175: update devicemanager, devicemanagerSUT versions of getAppRoot; r=jmaher
96e27b40144f46820485497a2bc343d0fa7a5dd5Geoff Brown — Bug 716077 - be more strict when matching proc name in devicemanager.processExists; r=jmaher
aea8ac101dfee2d5b406926d3f2ec833a11f2834Joel Maher — Bug 710445 - Add support for packaging tests in a specific directory. r=gbrown
8b1c24ce4537fdbd311f16f645d27975e54db80fJoel Maher — Bug 715309 - robocop needs to have a more uniform log format. r=gbrown
9a230265bad5fb7d2c4ead3c9e4173081d8e90a7Tim Taubert — merge m-c to ux
371c513e15d71609bef93c88d0e476e3a73c5d9eTim Taubert — Bug 710975 - Bad index checking in nsIEProfileMigrator::TestForIE7(). r=gavin
ffedccc6bf24c5c2a3fb6ee8a77c19606d3b4fd1Jared Wein — Bug 708431 - Video controls fail to initialize if an extension implementing nsIContentPolicy is present. r=roc r=bz
cf8c9f9aeefc43d6801c2253c9c08eda985d7568Serge Gautherie — Bug 713192. (Av1c-FF) Improve code.
0e46065c6d9f52ffba5edef215795826d5fb053aOlli Pettay — Bug 715615 - unlink nsHTMLTableElement, r=bz
4052f4936e1c2ca3559b6b92e52a372f74184b02Olli Pettay — Bug 714633 - Release message manager related data structures more aggressively, part2, r=jst
39a83f2080dcab94292b5cdcef73c8152a7d2d5bOlli Pettay — Bug 714633 - Release message manager related data structures more aggressively, r=jst
0674f2bdd78b7fad7e4ada649c8d2f115f1bb08bOlli Pettay — Bug 716006 - Don't traverse NodeInfoManager so much, r=jst, mccr8
0d10b1ea459f1cc19a3f7db19090d4ec7db60415Ed Morley — Merge mozilla-central and mozilla-inbound
879883efec3c4d6ac60a6d7e66b2c8576afc9aa0Ed Morley — Backout 8ec01f6f316f (bug 705175), a1dc0efef542 (bug 716077), b5686f25b258 (bug 710445), 32f8d3be2ad1 (bug 715309) for mochitest/reftest failures on Android & Windows
48da43d7924abe0af693118478095db7b2861e31Ed Morley — Backout b1612e3ba9b9 & 668a56be0eef (bug 622301) for Dromaeo regressions
8ec01f6f316f94544ed57caf1255df2e5c520015Geoff Brown — Bug 705175: update devicemanager, devicemanagerSUT versions of getAppRoot; r=jmaher
a1dc0efef5421356cb0dedeaea04d93f551eb33cGeoff Brown — Bug 716077 - be more strict when matching proc name in devicemanager.processExists; r=jmaher
b5686f25b258de3e888e7bf44a9a0be56e6a83eaJoel Maher — Bug 710445 - Add support for packaging tests in a specific directory. r=gbrown
32f8d3be2ad1d2250dc3ade7411a3a61ee25bda2Joel Maher — Bug 715309 - robocop needs to have a more uniform log format. r=gbrown
797a60d83008ccef68d547d136a26a0d7520cff7Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 700508 - Disallow non-leaf memory reporters (attempt 3). r=jlebar.
1a4ef8ec3f5af2a2dbd2259aee2f03fb42e2654fDão Gottwald — Disable browser_bug321000.js because newline handling is shaky (bug 592528)
2843998a1579174c158432e02700695a21238c54Dão Gottwald — Bug 589114 - Use frame scheduling for animated Fullscreen toolbar hiding. r=dietrich
840ffcc76aa3935e813a3def527ebae63b543775Dão Gottwald — Bug 644746 - Call updateVisibility when constructing the tabs container rather than when addProgressListener is called for the first time. r=gavin
440b585a289664f24e1a57e9a1498d28bc650918Dão Gottwald — Bug 618770 - Use tabs-on-bottom layout when the tab bar is hidden. r=dolske
985b197bb2320c84aef28a29105f8f4be21396f6Jeff Walden — Bug 715852 - Fix an assertion running ecma_5/Object/proto-property-change-writability-set.js that happens when a test gets methodjitted just so. This fix is the required methodjit complement to the interpreter fix from bug 713944. FAIL. r=i-am-dumb
757a4840315461f0516e5a5fb440377309d60679Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 712574: Use better includes avoiding merges [r=mfinkle r=blassey]
7fc3617ee1e568954abb430fcbdf21e793fa334fSriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 712808: Redrawn URL bar needs to refresh its values [r=mfinkle]
a79e588b6fbdc781538b2f508d2e242c9dec52bbChris Peterson — Bug 714874 - Disable some Java warnings. r=rnewman r=dougt a=dougt
16f5cf776059a57038a46b9868819c9edddda331Chris Peterson — Bug 714874 - Fix Java warnings about redundant casts. r=pcwalton r=dougt a=dougt
c00505771db1342ceef5b9e80deb5e1fbc9d64b2Chris Peterson — Bug 714874 - Fix some Java warnings. r=dougt a=dougt
ccf8194f6c26ae77c95504e92995d271956a6d80Chris Peterson — Bug 714874 - Split Fennec and Sync java files to allow different compile flags. r=rnewman r=dougt a=dougt
8f25e8a59a1ed1fb7cc27ed588fba1192531eccaNicholas Nethercote — Bug 715453 (part 1) - Remove NS_MEMORY_REPORTER_CHECK_SIZES. rs=edmorley.
20e469f2bd881fd33cba8c2e14f9da73878e9b27Michal Novotny — Bug 716146 - Telemetry - close disk cache output stream
a761ff40306bca0dc384838a73531425cf8b3869Bobby Holley — Bug 715417 - Eliminate getPrincipalArray and globalPrivilegesEnabled from JSPrincipals. r=mrbkap
b1612e3ba9b98fd87061a84357226ca1b54f973cBobby Holley — Bug 622301 - Remove now-obsolete 'callee' parameter. r=mrbkap
668a56be0eef2753c30fecb01bef3961049620bbBobby Holley — Bug 622301 - Don't use XPCWrappedNative::GetWrappedNativeOfJSObject in quickstub unwrapping. r=mrbkap
c6566c71bea0660c6c953b54494d8410e079413eEd Morley — Bug 716139 - Don't try to generate js/src/analysis-tests/Makefile, since the directory no longer exists; rs=khuey
9a1a4157bf4900391f3062cd07d97148ab9c5c4bEd Morley — Remove non-existent/duplicate * entries, update conditionals, style fixes (no bug); rs=build
4b4802dc4a5b5fc7184b167073242db3370f0665Paul O’Shannessy — Bug 707321 - Intermittent browser_581593.js | an unexpected uncaught JS exception reported through window.onerror - Script error. at :0 [r=dietrich]
7ce8729ba2c72b24ea59db136ce001839504a626Patrick Walton — Bug 708746 - Part 5: Make the initial viewport size and page size equal to the device screen dimensions instead of 1 pixel by 1 pixel. r=kats
4539e9ec1e19fb85eaaf4daedb23ef5d55d6bfbaPatrick Walton — Bug 708746 - Part 4: Remove viewport metadata updates that occur after the document is shown. r=mbrubeck
18a2b5e395ca86bcba19b0f349df0d41f299387dPatrick Walton — Bug 708746 - Part 3: Don't display a document until we've changed the browser size to match its viewport. r=kats
ef5ab1377d94943fd3dc7c76ab275c1cb05caf44Patrick Walton — Bug 708746 - Part 2: Key viewport metadata to each content document instead of each tab. r=mbrubeck
ed2a79ca496fa83166452e03f4be9d2cdb86f4f6Patrick Walton — Bug 708746 - Part 1: Add an observer that allows us to determine when a new page is shown. r=bz
48928463f9785a3518a2936c313de4546857c980Igor Bukanov — bug 714280 - Make gcMaxBytes a hard limit. r=anygregor
82883346ddfea4842d0cfad311f95835e3bb245bWes Johnston — Bug 708651 - Create a fake profile directory if BrowserProvider is started before Gecko. r=blassey
701095bec70454bfbe8e6def6e7fc172c667afc2Mounir Lamouri — Bug 703121 - Part 3 - Make buildbots use --enable-warnings-as-errors on Linux and Mac. r=khuey
b281d54daedda7cb682875f05a4050c42678af88Mounir Lamouri — Bug 703121 - Part 2 - Do not force warnings-as-errors to be disabled on Android. r=khuey
08d24f493dc1ddc90fe5b788cc29b2f6c2834f0eMounir Lamouri — Bug 703121 - Part 1 - Make warnings-as-errors opt-in instead of opt-out. r=khuey
2c5ba63e4884e668d3bd02bbc97fc754dbf4ed24Ed Morley — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound
0c98dd9fd645d3c76edc881fc8e4050747afa4a3Jeff Walden — Bug 713965 - Replace deleteGeneric (taking a jsid) with deleteByValue (taking a Value), and use the property-type-specific methods exclusively. r=bhackett
f03e02f515295167f3a02eb7e63f21cc18b0382cJeff Walden — Bug 715059 - Make ParseNode non-copyable and non-copy-assignable. r=luke
c2c541acf20100e21afdaa10cca59aec89e6a817Jeff Walden — Bug 715682 - Make sure to generate the appropriate initializing opcode for accessors in object literals. r=bhackett
7c34bef1d9eab4b50210ab9601dd9604e4865d24Igor Bukanov — bug 715883 - eliminating no longr used JSRuntime::gcEmptyArenaPoolLifespan and related code. r=gal
5971546ca35ea9a4137f08939fe027c76c41d162Margaret Leibovic — Bug 715730 - Flash app restarts after clicking a selection when click to play is turned on. r=mfinkle
d9760c10962fa58fdbcae53754fdb2a5ac27ea70Patrick McManus — bug 714669 fix nshttpconnection::pushback() assertion r=biesi
b971ace649b2cc1089241360f1ca53ca6bd8c966Patrick McManus — bug 712572 part 2 r=jduell
5cabc9128f1eef2f3a96a10f2136c2d22d4f42ddPatrick McManus — bug 712572 part 1 r=jduell
909cbc7fa325649c25ec4c3e481012e173116ef2Matt Brubeck — Bug 714789 - Don't show "Open in new tab" for non-openable links [r=mfinkle]
555ca2958f6f146ac075496ec7a1dfe9f0238781Rafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 701863 - add tests for cloned histograms in telemetry pings; r=taras
488c9feac9bd35bb0d02823193c508f1b14a1593Nathan Froyd — Bug 701863 - clone STARTUP_* histograms properly; r=taras
4c6086b7e2fab725f2d3b3b77d575cd028029bebNathan Froyd — Bug 701863 - Add a way to clone histograms; r=taras
b9601344d6d7419e03f7c39e7b394c257aca3217Nathan Froyd — Bug 701863 - make JS/C++ divide explicit; r=taras
309fc0271e4c0c287045e34d9435c0ace686ad05Wes Johnston — Bug 715303 - Fire focus when clicking select elements. r=mfinkle
af4f9dd24993d9aa5e3eda3437f6cc7490de674fWes Johnston — Bug 698917 - Remove & from prompt labels. r=mfinkle
ebd93b75749b5002faa67194b1b58a12d8a8c04eAndrew McCreight — Bug 707313 - use special non-NULL next for weak maps not in the list. r=jimb
f0eab7fd20af5570670f3f048846a5536cac0cfeJim Blandy — Bug 715656: Rename js::StackFrame::markFunctionEpilogueDone to updateEpilogueFlags, to be less misleading r=luke
89c6efec31a704c07a40af3fb1d4b68f36115257Jim Blandy — Bug 715667: Remove some unnecessary toFunction() calls applied to JSFunction values. r=luke
47cc12948f74963a2c28e8018b2253fd88a33611Terrence Cole — Bug 715943 - StackFrame marking should not skip its JSFunction; r=luke
9ba8b867f96655ee07a8e86d7302503639975872Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 715704. Add a quartz implementation of mark_dirty_rectangle. r=roc
24a58ac9dca221c194c0da899c84866639e5bcc6Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 715699. Mark the Thebes surface dirty when we change it the canvas implemention. r=bas
fdc667b43e1112175b7a711b557497b64248b7edJim Mathies — Bug 679240 - Split total channel timeout into two discrete wait periods. Avoids aborting children after system sleep. r=bsmedberg
ff517d1a0c4ab7398da763d6ba667badf06ca25bffxbld — Automated blocklist update from host linux-ix-slave29
5a446202be5fa2633e4cc1c6113a6ebded512882Ed Morley — Merge last green changeset of mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central
70d7b2d50873790ee308c20f032f7d74f8edf9b2Fabrice Desré — Bug 715941 - Use port 6666 for httpd.js as 7777 can't start [r=vingtetun]
157fc21f09fc776e105450943c0aedb3c99e0eb2Mark Finkle — Bug 703450 - Restore tabs when waking up, always open external links in new tab [r=mbrubeck]
13d57ec07b6e2afbaa44dfcd29d3c24118c95cbdMark Finkle — Bug 710433 - The bookmark menu item should always say 'Bookmark', not 'Remove' [r=mbrubeck]
4083764d3c63f35bc1a08832a83717f4b72e2217Benoit Girard — Bug 715618 - SharedLibrary operator= doesn't handle self assignment properly. r=matspal
42550933b54b662ca482e82ebfe33e26748be19bJames Willcox — Bug 715894 - Only draw dirty rect when using gralloc textures r=clord
f70cf8170972fd502b2c9b3e9cc92f69fa8d3e77Rafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 715325 - shutdown indexedDB during xpcom-shutdown. r=benjamin.
1f17624f1ab7ea7b7a0dbe847307896b4197826fEd Morley — Backout 4779d8df054b (bug 700508) for linux64 Moth orange
461a7c9235945abb04cb87e5b1aa8697a7745246Michal Novotny — Bug 707436 - nsSetSmartSizeEvent can cause a lot of IO on the main thread
347c13fd3e43e9a5d84f3703fe735e8335410a46Blake Kaplan — Bug 715498 - Revive the -c "compile only" option for the JS shell. r=cdleary
8522883040c0afc619cd05161d9b36c439136cb2Mark Finkle — Bug 715347 - Add basic Download Manager support [r=mbrubeck]
6b1628d598550d6a8d38f922f6fefeeef7a13ebaPatrick McManus — bug 667387 - make nshttppipeline::taketransport() work with websockets r=honzab
fa8c8e768e9fc0a08eb882864e06e99a4ad82dd6Geoff Brown — Bug 715408 - Delete any existing remote profile before running mochitest-remote; r=jmaher
8dda17695ff59005649d412f02c8e63c5f152cb7Dão Gottwald — merge backout
1451fa0319d57992b032450b51746861885af1ddDão Gottwald — Backed out changeset 5fbe5ee99a27 for browser_bug321000.js failure
54cd89b0f1fa936a6c763f31f34d8b5b6ff4bb2cMarco Bonardo — Backout c0d337401801,78d17e22a223 (bug 712714) for talos regressions across the board.
11ab4e9dff6b04139f86cfab4070cdff858c0c3eMarco Bonardo — Merge mozilla-central and mozilla-inbound
e1b77400dc949950b7d81e70e830f3c8e17a8479Dão Gottwald — Bug 618770 - Fixing stupid a11y test
14d7efc12d6b8b35a06315fd9c56d90996f9e51cChris Jones — Bug 715696: Make sure the screen comes on when b2g loads, and when toggling it also set the brightness. r=vingtetun
441a93f42c6ded5d33f32852c9e70fd98134b716Vivien Nicolas — Bug 715205 - b2g application can't run Gaia's browser-chrome tests r=cjones
a1f1e4d685c0008b2cb6a4038a9004ef0ab6b598Chris Lord — Bug 709120 - Update non-visible tiles asynchronously. r=pcwalton
32d494dce3427db139995626c5d4aa6e94ced784Chris Lord — Bug 709120 - Use MultiTileLayer in Android native fennec. r=pcwalton
4a363485a656177d6cf1e4ea320943293a195c2cChris Lord — Bug 709120 - Add MultiTileLayer to Android native fennec. r=pcwalton
a664e35073407d4e2333b170a00c808987389947Chris Lord — Bug 709120 - Add tiled buffer support for Android/native. r=pcwalton
4eb8bdad32dd5455dfd5f9d443870062fad69d86Kan-Ru Chen — Bug 715800 - Ignore all directories start with obj* in .gitignore. r=jmuizelaar
f97fcb931525f63f135fc23bf08d12c52e6da1feThomas Prip Vestergaard — Bug 713822 - Simplify @media queries. r=dao
3f4c460bb95ef86da937ffdbdcb03c470157b11fDão Gottwald — Bug 693014 - Respect event.preventDefault() for click events on <video>. r=dolske
5fbe5ee99a271022d28707068506b858f94c5483Dão Gottwald — Bug 618770 - Use tabs-on-bottom layout when the tab bar is hidden. r=dolske
a8504f16777020cdf38dc15fe138178053707eceChris Pearce — Bug 712738 - Cap seeking outside of buffered data in live streams to end of buffered data. r=kinetik
9e534250c98b00aea8c8000e4967bdd0626806e4Chris Pearce — Bug 711866 - Don't null deref when shutting down during media load algorithm. r=roc
4779d8df054b671e7e44deaed81a83ae9bb6b0e0Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 700508 - Disallow non-leaf memory reporters (attempt 2). r=jlebar.
8dc46cdc401b476c0904498fb29363d98f91f194Brian Hackett — Seal/freeze objects without converting to dictionary mode, bug 708641. r=luke
bb37803ae6c89e8d826ff709d71665627af5204bKartikaya Gupta — Fix broken build caused by interefence between csets f5afa1e3faa9 and e20434400f0c. no bug, r=me
6c3cea75e5bac20af1850f1de0d73876a5797806Brian Hackett — Fix bug 715662.
f5afa1e3faa9a5b96f645acb34c963087188c0ffKartikaya Gupta — Bug 715369 - Work around Solo.getCurrentActivity() possibly returning the wrong object. r=jmaher
aae720a3208821564bd7ceed7a049f6c79d67c6fKartikaya Gupta — Bug 715444 - Handle races where the event being listened for comes before the listener is registered. r=jmaher
91a8e4c55adbc9d8024cfe416d143446c291420bKartikaya Gupta — Bug 715164 - Guard against another race condition in PZC. r=pcwalton
b0ec2c8e105561269d27f1a9545f4b568064e2fdMichael Wu — Bug 715679 - Handle more than one window correctly in Gonk, r=cjones
bdce0ad479d76b7ba943531658726a26d0b6342bMichael Wu — Bug 715678 - Fix indentation in gonk/nsWindow.cpp, r=cjones
b91361c61e7d287e2d267f73b8b836fd084c0db0Geoff Lankow — Bug 664897 - Details view should scroll down when it has inline settings and options button in list view is clicked; r=Unfocused, ui-r=Boriss
9136ddb5f8a14a680223281604ad138a7aea4171Nathan Froyd — Bug 712427 - provide more information in SQL PRAGMA queries; r=mak
e12b877ae637f5e2e8fa57ab6040ba25e10e3b8fJeff Walden — Convert a couple always-true appends to infallibleAppend, since that's what they should have been using. No bug, r=trivial
1111830907257ac74f8735ad1b8df50ef5a0b347Jeff Walden — Return NULL, not false, from some JSObject::replaceWithNewEquivalentShape, which returns a Shape*. No bug, r=themaid
90e2471b7a422fedafb4e31ede0cc1b766a2cd6aJeff Muizelaar — Bug 696398. Add an api to analyse frame rate. r=ajuma
a48083197b68f2f5b97cda2f82449866bd96aa8eJeff Muizelaar — Bug 715672. Fix typo in ipc_message_utils.h. r=cjones
5ca40c028ae5f2f6f7aec3ea2195a90422ccd2baRafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 715582 - Send quit-application in browser/components/privatebrowsing/test/unit. r=mak.
f6928624a1ce9d224c9af73a59d06f88a1f2e459Chris Pearce — Bug 713597 - Move assertions around so that they don't null pointer deref when full-screen exits during full-screen request. r=smaug
c0d337401801dba787908b933e9b4f80d7764eb6Brian Hackett — Make sure to call XML methods properly in property ICs, no bug. r=dvander
050b661a6ceaff1c4fbe2706f56582203f6bfdfdEhsan Akhgari — Bug 707020 - Increase the frequency of update checks temporarily when landing bug 481815; r=rs
ed6e4d7917fb02f6850eb515e19b5540b2d02d90Jason Duell — Bug 712188: Return correct websocket close code when brower navigates away from page. r=smaug
78d17e22a223f7ea26c2dc5379f0f53bebb0b96aBrian Hackett — Remove JOF_CALLOP, bug 712714. r=dvander
57a33c9f08b118e9b4b7e715c6519df597eb6204Olli Pettay — Bug 714162 - Don't traverse certainly alive selections, additional patch, r=mccr8
75ead35a1230f305804cae6da16f91d190e7cd2cSerge Gautherie — Bug 710562. (Av1a) Disable 2 application-specific '#ifdef' in Toolkit, as a workaround ftb. r=taras.
7564c427cd9846de2243f546a5f01a9bc0565106Kyle Huey — Bug 683891: Stop exporting THEBES_API symbols from libxul. r=glandium
af6501ede37845e43374df21326ae8550696d053Kyle Huey — Bug 714752: Make imgIContainerObserver::FrameChanged take an imgIRequest*. r=joe sr=roc
fcc32e70c95fdbb491100259f35742d1b45c0cd9Marco Bonardo — Merge last green PGO from mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central
0ac1cbff2a676dd6312e9ee2dcd813e14645fcc8Graeme McCutcheon — Bug 471319 - Don't make incorrect assumptions about the bogus node after undo/redo. r=ehsan
4f11bea71a4a50465fc6b05e02def70a163dca04Brad Lassey — bug 710392 - exclude about:home from top sites on about:home r=lucasr
e4c773d0f228232e8a022746285f1aa52636bdd0Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 715443 - [2/2] More robotium cleanup. r=jmaher
262123f588e0061d2ec720f55e2117a0743d11aaKartikaya Gupta — Bug 715443 - [1/2] Robotium cleanup. r=jmaher
e20434400f0c68562daca89630bc101daff96a32Geoff Brown — Bug 715197 - Robocop: implement isDisplayed(); r=jmaher
1f35778a02a8f98bf45fe0ffe0fcc0b4039ded60Geoff Brown — Bug 715060 - Fallback to normal devicemanagerADB.pushDir behavior when unzip fails; r=jmaher
d9011e124a959f0acc35bff27fdf3239bc53a8ffBrian Hackett — Add liveness intervals to indicate variable writes within try blocks, bug 714645. r=dvander
1a8a06e6c634608db279ebf9a4719add45549f75Brian Hackett — Use persistent type sets for initializer opcodes, bug 714600. r=dvander
26d7324c8d37eac60d1abea7e4f645a55084ca68Jonathan Kew — bug 703100 followup - fix potential crash due to string not being null-terminated.
faf5f8842fecfdb4fbee3fb112e90baf56bfb27cBrian Hackett — Don't modify dictionary shapes in place, bug 703157. r=luke
c0b62edd29173fff8fa7f23cf45e0dbe78321614Jonathan Kew — bug 703100 - pt 7 - fix fragile reftests that depend on metrics of fallback fonts used for invisible chars. r=roc
7b612dae71ec81d28e265f4414d43e80242077f5Jonathan Kew — bug 703100 - pt 6 - remove pango-specific todo()s in test_backspace_delete, now that it passes on all platforms. r=roc
daadf6827faaf55146463b7fdf68956fa1b78887Jonathan Kew — bug 703100 - pt 5 - optimize allocation of gfxTextRun objects to avoid separate allocation for CompressedGlyph records. r=roc
433b37e097c724cd18e2e5e16b243d0c6a37cb9aJonathan Kew — bug 703100 - pt 4 - add timed expiration of cached gfxShapedWord records. r=roc
102dff1e0bb54afa509dccbda5700f8db3673174Jonathan Kew — bug 703100 - pt 3 - remove copy of original characters from gfxTextRun. r=roc
e053ff76503dc6f96de659d3bab88de46075ea48Jonathan Kew — bug 703100 - pt 2.5 - adapt Android/FT2 font code to work with gfxShapedWord caches. r=roc
561d067101078fa0b209de589c5d1ea57ac7e140Jonathan Kew — bug 703100 - pt 2.4.1 - make gfxPangoFontGroup font-matching behavior more similar to generic gfxFontGroup version. r=roc
fd151d941e295d92fbee5627831321459e5d3920Jonathan Kew — bug 703100 - pt 2.4 - adapt Linux/Pango font code to work with gfxShapedWord caches. r=roc
4bc3a3ee012de9147e3e5642873ff7611e5e66c6Jonathan Kew — bug 703100 - pt 2.3 - adapt Windows font code to work with gfxShapedWord caches. r=roc
62e53dcfcd6154c170a39d716d0aad6f3848995cJonathan Kew — bug 703100 - pt 2.2 - adapt Mac font code to work with gfxShapedWord caches. r=roc
99a6a46456ac0b3dcfdaf203ab2e405d0423dee8Jonathan Kew — bug 703100 - pt 2.1 - implement gfxShapedWord caching for gfxFont instances. r=roc
05fff11a2781a2b837efe8d66f31cafd3d7ec23dJonathan Kew — bug 703100 - pt 1 - eliminate gfxTextRunWordCache and gfxTextRunCache. r=roc
8ae16e346bd0c2c93711884b2a2e5db10060512dJan Varga — Bug 715074 - SIGBUS on unaligned access in Key::EncodeNumber. r=sicking
c7e27452a143c834a4d1d7acf8c202261504210cKartikaya Gupta — Bug 715164 - Guard against another race condition in PZC. r=pcwalton
8b0437df0da3682206e3a37a43b2d49c92618442Ben Turner — Bug 715756: Workers: Enable TI and allow JIT hardening to be disabled. r=sicking.
ae6e1f90b511ea547326a3580392ec416e5b3e55Neil Rashbrook — Bustage fix for bug 714164
ae1c4efbfb4911180f128d6da7dc408b2de26d59Neil Rashbrook — Mac OS X bustage fix for bug 714164
ada466fe633f21adf9266ff8d6eebcb8fe24831bNeil Rashbrook — Bug 714164 Restore some global window commands that were removed as part of bug 669026 because they appeared to be unused r=ehsan sr=roc
b0e65467c4c834dcc2209fed1f9f44bfd157dedbKyle Huey — Bug 715113: Update Snappy to r56. r=bent
65983b0e4a7646496287e199bd94909dae62fd77Kyle Huey — Bug 709400: Make all methods on nsIInlineSpellChecker scriptable so that it can be overriden from JS. r=ehsan
a85767e77c0f66dfdefde27ee578db31f784f362Ben Turner — Remove stray tabs from ril_worker.js. No bug, DONTBUILD.
595fba5b92d4eadc3af82a9f4ecfaadfc1d7422bMarco Bonardo — Merge last clean PGO changeset from mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central
511078d51f7196339b6de3a5ae80d9b05f76ea81Marco Bonardo — Bug 715465 - Extraneous reportError in preferences/advanced.js
3c970a5c173cbd73631c147cbe1b3fe66c300874Marco Bonardo — Bug 715268 - Downgrades may cause missing favicons GUIDs.
fcbdb7dc7fee5350a61199197efdbdb8cac01c5fMarco Bonardo — Merge mozilla-central and mozilla-inbound
2aa777331ed2597c0d9e894c451eccb4aeeb6436Jonathan Kew — bug 711690 - don't warn about unsupported font formats if a different source successfully loads. r=jdaggett
8062086f8e005c35be0868fd81030be6f02748a5Igor Bukanov — bug 714562 - fixing races between the background arena decommit and with arena allocation. r=wmccloskey
18a8baa27b416dc5dbfaa5ad5342c0d6babb32f9Landry Breuil — Bug 714315 - Use DirReaderFallback on OpenBSD, where __NR_getdents64 doesn't exist. r=cjones
dd994bf80fc0ab805e336bf94699ad19e7d6a798Dão Gottwald — Bug 632233 - In XULBrowserWindow.onLocationChange, look for a "disablefastfind" attribute in content documents after ensuring the URI scheme is "about" or "chrome". r=gavin
2c1e788aea4eae6e68f325d95e9b5f626e2239fdMakoto Kato — Bug 715045 - Remove old vc support code. r=jimm
590333161e6f014f67fc61b096e86aa6a851a186Bas Schouten — Bug 711063 - Part 11: Allow using Azure for content drawing with D3D10 layers. r=jrmuizel
2d3b8d36d9b22dfcac9c10d228abd9d9de89f1d1Bas Schouten — Bug 711063 - Part 10: Adjust BasicLayers code for Azure-Thebes wrapper. r=roc
fc99e486eb6fd67a27f3de9c39b8e835cc3a8d82Bas Schouten — Bug 711063 - Part 9: Adjust gfxDrawable to be compatible with the Azure Wrapper. r=jrmuizel
759e3ffe1a3fadee0c10890ea27e9715be7806f4Bas Schouten — Bug 711063 - Part 8: Adjust SVG code for Azure-Thebes wrapper. r=roc
880ba940def0bf9b2bb7a512d506c0606cf1b96fBas Schouten — Bug 711063 - Part 7: Adjust Border rendering code for Azure-Thebes wrapper. r=roc
d8d656a32dbc9920655ca51a0eeee4269f44c320Bas Schouten — Bug 711063 - Part 6: Adjust nsRenderingContext to be compatible with Azure wrapper. r=joedrew
7a442aaed755d10839a85d4b1edb48d55e40adfbBas Schouten — Bug 711063 - Part 5: Adjust gfxWindowsNativeDrawing to be compatible with Azure wrapper. r=jrmuizel
bf6a3c047d9a6619af7a7192c604e91ee1d3ae7bBas Schouten — Bug 711063 - Part 4: Adjust gfxUtils to be compatible with Azure wrapper. r=jrmuizel
9fd54e12e6703800815668f4eac950df397bd66aBas Schouten — Bug 711063 - Part 3: Adjust font code to be compatible with Azure wrapper. r=joedrew
6b01463490513a2269d7c8de379d9208b3f706afBas Schouten — Bug 711063 - Part 2: Add new wrapper code for gfxContext and gfxPattern. r=jrmuizel
f8c79a52b765874e93c8e4614df85e8d23e7a8fdBas Schouten — Bug 711063 - Part 1.5: Add operator to gfx::Matrix for size transformation. r=jrmuizel
33fa4f12c4bbaba9182debbb684383deb082257cBas Schouten — Bug 711063 - Part 1: Add new glue code for Azure Wrapper. r=joedrew
c87c1aedefd440aeb1ce52df7d0f61cbfd3a16d1Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 715048 - Don't re-run configure if changes. r=khuey.
7ac9a1114c661b2e7860005a786a0d044df382c7Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 715011 - Ensure that panning of subwindows can still happen while the top window is locked on one or both axes. r=Cwiiis
8e10a9f7ee1bc9e93fb5a52bf2068b921c9c2a26Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 715011 - Check the computed style instead of the element style to determine scrollableness. r=Cwiiis
505df76715456d7047899fa5f15b322a21114f20Jonathan Hage — munder, mover, munderover: reftests for the align attribute (bug 557476). r=karlt
44d3202f73e0b37ee1aa60d0cb0bc782d32b57c7Frédéric Wang — munder, mover, munderover: add support for the align attribute (bug 557476). r=karlt
21c2b8c54c54ed4c110d500e7934d2a0316e9b11Chris Coulson — Bug 696030 - Use MonitorAutoLock rather than MonitorAutoEnter in nsGIOProtocolHandler r=karlt
04244dc1f49853dfff572a8b8664cd52135c1ca3Chris Coulson — Bug 713827: dlopen() gconf library in mozgnome component r=karlt
f1e771f3c2cdb2b976af4be9c0a240374fd05b6bKarl Tomlinson — b=713572 don't draw from BasicThebesLayerBuffers when transaction is incomplete r=roc
71d4fc31c1677733fe187a91651d60cdbb9de907Karl Tomlinson — b=715063 don't warn when org.gnome.system.proxy GSettings schemas are not found r=roc
60937143195c087cab458224cdffad878d9b2cafMark Finkle — Bug 708597 - Download toaster notification is displayed only for the first download [r=margaret]
22a2d9ed21111c8fc0638f2550a77ff142b0f341Geoff Lankow — Bug 714593 - Preferences button on search view does not work with inline prefs; r=Unfocused
93fb2f8cd624ee1dec00312d95fc7c2909657ba7Ed Morley — Backout b48ad2fa6178 (bug 708651) for talos and mochitest failures
57d4b43b95a442cd8cf1090513e70e6038175ddaGeoff Lankow — Bug 714583 - Labels of inline options shouldn't get cropped; r=Unfocused
4d4a6450547766b22574deaa651caa0b0f50cf98Matthew Gregan — Bug 710491 - Remove NS_SPECIALIZE_TEMPLATE from nsAutoRef's documentation. r=khuey DONTBUILD
df09a93f088775f8255c30cdaa62eccaf3d01518James Willcox — Bug 713774 - Fix crasher when changing orientation on Android r=blassey
4d652a824f11cd35ef1a9a93784586b7d906a899James Willcox — Bug 715190 - Clear existing GL errors before trying to check for a new one r=clord
45e9963f21e914e1dabaec4a7e984c906ac228fcChris Jones — Bug 672166: Get rid of nsIScreen_MOZILLA_2_0_BRANCH and create nsBaseScreen for shared code. sr=roc
b48ad2fa617881de9c85bdcc5f25e95b29a464fbWes Johnston — Bug 708651 - Create a fake profile directory if BrowserProvider is started before Gecko. r=blassey
00a4148fad8255e1511cca233dd4e7ce32e53f9aPatrick McManus — bug 715284 WebSocketChannel.cpp compiler warning r=jduell
f6f8a1cd6702c23881c2c7025b52f017b2115007Joe Drew — Bug 715243 - Add the ability to use gfx logging on Matrix. r=Bas
4bd2675fefa0f85249a1945ac5d4f17e946a59a2Joe Drew — Bug 705204 - Add mozilla::gfx::Matrix::operator!= and operator==. r=Bas
ec3401e5a7b8c939b3a730718d85cabcee05a6c8Joe Drew — Bug 705200 - Add mozilla::gfx::Matrix::IsIdentity(). r=Bas
2325e88b6026d5396df22e2f014daeb05e877fb9Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 711658. Move quirks triggering earlier. r=bgirard
bb91dfae700703d64870da6dd2ba7adc01963a9bTerrence Cole — Bug 715201 - Add more barriers to BaseShape; r=bhackett
df2cf9afad63879f12137ab717d942607de9f9e9Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 695859. Don't progressively display images during decode if we have all of the data. r=bholley
a5fa5e73d9019fbc69a3dda44326fe7d14f4d29bJeff Muizelaar — Bug 715240. Only track decode on draw latency when we have all of the data. r=joe,f=jlebar
6c67d9517dbb04ca590f43ca00f175a6aed99b0eJeff Muizelaar — Bug 715232. Add some more MOZ_FINAL. r=joe
1dc627b6158d0ecbc231dab918df24d941a9d772Bill McCloskey — Bug 714418 - Remove nsIXPCScriptable::DONT_SHARE_PROTOTYPE (r=bholley, sr=mrbkap)
99d43af273a8d2560d63896488252775be639c53Bill McCloskey — Bug 714353 - Remove nsIXPCScriptable::Trace (r=mrbkap)
922ff16773a27801b5412db73c453b914313cc8aBill McCloskey — Bug 714350 - Remove nsXPConnect::RestoreWrappedNativePrototype (r=mrbkap)
c3e98453fc95b39a73092baa538cc704d9ce899bTautvydas Andrikys — Bug 454024 "ftp:///" (no hostname) gives an empty list of files instead of an error. r=jduell
7dd5039ca2e7db4f3bd171e897000cd859edc0c7Doug Sherk — Bug 710163: (part 3) remove context-lost-restored.html from failing tests r=bjacob
23f3b97f655a4e7db3df368d9c9a205bfde84e79Doug Sherk — Bug 710163: (part 2) fix EXT_context_loss semantics r=bjacob
8e3d4ad9e413e9d84ecf5ca20a76823e3096a54aDoug Sherk — Bug 710163: fix EXT_lose_context semantics r=bjacob
9c4f810196d21c41d8adb7f453cc21990f2e30edKyle Huey — Bug 715162: Add missing nsTArray.h include.
2c39af68ec8f2a7fd50802441093f1ecc6ee94acKyle Huey — Bug 712175: Delayload gkmedias.dll. r=glandium
f3e1f687b8f727ee9125e161a6076504a45dff63Kyle Huey — Bug 715185: Remove using namespace declaration from nsDOMFile.h. r=mounir
2c8e6bd39c55fa2c549e7385aa330f647b491f08Kyle Huey — Bug 715162: Move LazyIdleThread to xpcom/. r=bent
8d341b0d890400c803281415dc0bccd0c687c52eSerge Gautherie — Bug 705957. (Bv2) test_bug_511615.html: Improve the spelling of "priviledged". r=ehsan.
5413ba3ed406e2caa85af69d3ace66fd45ae8d27Jim Mathies — Bug 683967 - Disable child side aborts on parent hang. r=bsmedberg
4795500b7c1d62f7659c9cd2e0c26e8b7a705bd4Tim Taubert — merge m-c to fx-team
93e89c2fd0964403d910f7b6df968e4f4e1c3220Michael Ratcliffe — Bug 691478 - JavaScript strict warning: resource:///modules/HUDService.jsm, line 5012: reference to undefined property this.lastInputValue; r=dcamp
52d25037c272a62341f3cd988f2f289585216be3Blair McBride — Bug 691389 - Error: win is null when performing drag&drop of a XPI file to Add-ons Manager tab. r=dtownsend
50c9e7757aa5a045a998fa27f6ae27d7744f3ebcDão Gottwald — Bug 714281 - Show the all tabs button only when the tab strip overflows. r=mak ui-r=limi
8c43976e73a452516bd687583e7e4a5fb74855f3Kenny Heaton — Bug 690552. ScratchPad should display exceptions as comments, just as it does for results. r=felipe,robcee
10894668e37f17be5b8bee6fa33fa24eb0b534c0Brian R. Bondy — Bug 711692 - Various fixes for intermittent failures. r=rstrong.
e5481fffac9eed0219069eba9d109f5cfcfbe283Brian R. Bondy — Bug 711692 - Environment variable related fixes for xpcshell tests. r=rstrong.
bda3dc1ca333f941eeed6d8a5b7e6665cf9d5fa8Brian R. Bondy — Bug 711692 - appbin fix and SCM lock hang fix. r=rstrong.
780d40dcf3c078dce9d9c9932d8958180d8442f7Robert Strong — Bug 711692 - Fail if service is started and doesn't stop at test start. r=bbondy.
5c67bc43f94d8e67e55c00c5331bf2850ec3c5aeBrian R. Bondy — Bug 711692 - Don't rely on event and don't uninstall/install service on updates. r=rstrong.
44ba65ab3eb5ba8d58f8340360cec1bb38d013e8Brian R. Bondy — Bug 711692 - Cleanup tests. r=rstrong.
a3578e0c0a5184764a207f9bda61e59b1186385cBrian R. Bondy — Bug 711692 - Loop on app bin copy to ensure it can be removed (intermittent test failure). r=rstrong.
025e1bd0f6f26217530d56943d39fb53a49887c2Brian R. Bondy — Bug 711834 - Clear out env variable after getting value from unelevated updater.exe. r=rstrong.
a788eb31a0aaf6c0a7d3c9b167ca1c727b3b0cc5Brian R. Bondy — Bug 711692 - Intermittent service callback log failure fix. r=rstrong.
1dc69ce16ae3867ab718ac5eec7666d23d891324Brian R. Bondy — Bug 712211 - Stop service before the test as well and wait for 20 seconds at most. r=rstrong.
2aecc5325bcaff5dd1a4342353554556e123a38eBrian R. Bondy — Bug 712155 - Maintenance service: Wait for service to stop before starting the next xpcshell test. r=rstrong.
8c8f118947645ee7a3ead3ea71aa2a6f0fd598a8Brian R. Bondy — Bug 711834 - Fix force no UAC prompt for xpcshell tests. r=rstrong
dabd7c594ea9eb7b0adf994e19edf1ae9a21f55aBrian R. Bondy — Bug 711792 - Speed up and simplify maintenance service update command processing. r=rstrong.
9d47544d1abadbe1f99615eb22b070abdd66abc8Robert Strong — Bug 711692 - Append TEST_ID to app_console_log. r=bbondy.
e805d90954b7293c788f0ef008bfc6104a7cfc60Robert Strong — Bug 711692 - Some intermittent failures cleaned up for new maintenance service tests. r=bbondy.
1ce1a71414fdcfc99e63726901c14d95289d9f90Brian R. Bondy — Bug 711682 - command line support to determine if updater is signed. r=rstrong.
8401a8217e98642dd40eac461d410cfa9e94ee5eRobert Strong — Bug 711660 - maintenance service updater tests can't be run locally. r=bbondy.
4b4c207842019b459af177a203fb3ca1094d74f6Brian R. Bondy — Bug 711505 - Callback application should be locked when doing updates from the service. r=rstrong.
d4043fc86503bac5192a9afb740d0f3ffd93d919Brian R. Bondy — Bug 711140 - Use maintenance service if the fallback key is present so tests can run. r=rstrong.
bd49fc438b1bb13cc007dd282f5a0061b0c22a0aBrian R. Bondy — Bug 709598 - If no registry keys exist for the install dir, don't try to use the maintenance service for updates. r=rstrong.
c20c8ef8f0f4d989105dbd10984090ffea14dceeBrian R. Bondy — Bug 708778 - Updater service used on Windows should drop as many permissions as possible. r=rstrong.
df4ba8bfc9caf08eb89c4dcd09561e394a8d2cfeBrian R. Bondy — Bug 709173 - updater.exe needs to be verified to be an updater, not just an executable signed by Mozilla. r=rstrong.
7fbfb0e7256533952fe9544fc79d518cfa2c86e9Brian R. Bondy — Bug 709158 - updater.exe was not verified to be a particular product's/channel's/version of the updater. r=rstrong.
ee4def38eede8560ea1a183bfc7ac143e92781d9Brian R. Bondy — Bug 709183 - Callback path and arguments untrusted, don't use/pass them. r=rstrong.
457620c55eec932472a2849011a0175050243006Brian R. Bondy — Bug 708854 - No longer use session ID for work item files. r=rstrong.
d5637e69d71ed290e6a7d7892b486a657f2a98edEhsan Akhgari — Bug 481815 - Make sure that the maintenance service tests are only run when the service is enabled. r=rstrong.
7e565fc8516cfd7485721da1405fddf1603aeca1Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 481815 - Automated tests for updates using the maintenance service; r=rstrong.
1bd9f069576e63b5527ea9b4d99b7f3aca1bd5c4Brian R. Bondy — Bug 708153 - Build config for building and including maintenance service. r=rstrong. sr=khuey.
314cab6ecbe347e0e2149a8bc477646b85426735Brian R. Bondy — Bug 481815 - Provide a Windows service for silent updates. r=rstrong.
34cbeb81ea8e86d6dc8dd3584bfd25e7d81cb83fSerge Gautherie — Bug 707039. (Bv1) XPFE autocomplete.xml: Rename resultsPopup to popup. r=neil.
5af79a8f877e7dea6aadb587694cee15c9aadb74Serge Gautherie — Bug 707039. (Av1) XPFE autocomplete.xml: Rename openResultPopup()/closeResultPopup() to openPopup()/closePopup(). r=neil.
0cdaf07730732e1a2523d8fbed9810de3da4d7a6Mark Finkle — Bug 714975 - [ICS] Home Screen icons are too small on ICS [r=wesj]
bc1196840c427c6212743e79f71c066fbed69f47Ed Morley — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound
db8ea632731159dd69fc17e6181c5e7ed0ba732eTom Schuster — Bug 607692 - Inline parseInt(<int|double>, <0|10>) in JM. r=bhackett
783ecbf07090d79f2096b5916ab3482156771b72Tom Schuster — Bug 714894 - Remove tracer specific JSOPs. r=bhackett
f84e21bcbb55ce371449e2b1c51d26823fcff283Brad Lassey — bug 714972 - Opening links from external apps doesn't work after OOM r=mfinkle
95b9cb1a8e2d023408a12d516d2be42fbf207adbSteven Michaud — Bug 682208 - Remove extra call to GetSubmenuWidgetChain(). r=enndeakin
0022f8be9feae8e2f706291719934617018fd8e7Hub Figuière — Bug 714132 - Retain mBackgroundColor in ToolbarWindow. r=smichaud
0e8af7eb5f55a1b7fb824bb00f852fe4937d3694Ben Turner — Bug 711388 - 'WORKER_RUNTIME_HEAPSIZE too small for big PDFs in PDF.JS'. r=sicking.
80cc942b8db76934b6c14f10699aa346108de28dSantiago Gimeno — Bug 710292 - Add a common HTMLSplitOnSpacesTokenizer tokenizer. r=khuey
5025534b9d88feb23fd58c0b6e1dd5805d5ce113Blake Kaplan — Bug 689118 - Protect against JSVAL_IS_OBJECT(null) being true. r=luke
05785aed9ca1f8d7faf8c128b43b6065a196278dHenri Sivonen — Bug 714760 - Remove obsolete tests for the HTML parser. r=mrbkap.
ebe9f8508d67567f5bd6f1df664b8738421a8d0cMarco Bonardo — Merge mozilla-inbound and mozilla-central
e4fe4d48518fd965c7fcd48142c54ace1d396d0eNathan Froyd — Bug 712299 - don't require manual syncing of font data; r=bz
ae7a421e7fdbd6d70e6de9314c72f56f4a5c993bEkanan Ketunuti — Bug 714741 - Fix the spelling of the comment in SpdySession.h. r=mcmanus
43f76a0051889e5c07dac4dab2e090e03ce2be16Masayuki Nakano — Bug 712483 Implement mozilla::widget::WinUtils r=jimm
ad98a08690cb7329ee47bda90ab8f9ea28c3e186Chris Jones — Backed out 64d814cd18b3 for changing interface used by tabbrowser.xml. Thanks Ms2ger!
a814c07a085fec703558a89979f4d88c7eb0d1caChris Jones — Backed out changeset 64d814cd18b3
c9db040a4982523afdb7c60e48adc370a37686f1Patrick Walton — Bug 709492 - Part 4: Send a viewport size upon loading Gecko so that we don't suppress painting for the first page. r=kats
551b099bdfc273a69953d1155ff984a543b1573ePatrick Walton — Bug 709492 - Part 3: Tie viewport updates to drawing to avoid page transition flicker. r=kats
0cdee671f96b5bbc47fa12f140309b3145c200d5Patrick Walton — Bug 709492 - Part 2: Forward the painting suppression flag from the presentation shell to the Android widget code. r=kats
a137f5f41545aea15d28371b59eeb57f7a85cc3cPatrick Walton — Bug 709492 - Part 1: Add a paintingSuppressed getter to nsIDOMWindowUtils. r=bz
acd18cd340b016d19a61ae0279a65064a2082984Mark Finkle — Bug 711515 - Opening links from external apps doesn't work if session restore is active [r=mbrubeck]
64d814cd18b35b73ddbb568b026d1df11a85b2ddChris Jones — Bug 714416: Get rid of nsIScreen_MOZILLA_2_0_BRANCH and create nsBaseScreen for shared code. sr=roc
3ec9d653933557e4fb1635deca2c39fcbc999b61Neil Rashbrook — Bug 715129 File picker can't pick applications on Vista or later r=jimm
0735adef851b76e86719f3751167f20e068cb468Neil Rashbrook — Backout changeset d1f777b14d52
d1f777b14d5258b840b4bbe2336944ec880c9bc5Neil Rashbrook — Bug 715129 File picker can't pick applications on Vista or later r=jimm
e6fb800eb24a19a3b3e300666b402a6cee3f54a6Kyle Huey — Bug 715014: Delete IndexedDB files directory so that databases can be opened again after being deleted. r=bent
ea4d463ec99fa322bc8bc8ff64a1505cb88fd3c5Gabor Krizsanits — Bug 587797 - Tests. r=khuey
29f2858488df164802458ce9a9a158993b6a5107Gabor Krizsanits — Bug 587797 - IndexedDB: Make it possible to access IndexedDB APIs from chrome. r=khuey,bent
58326f271ab78de6d77d6f08ca6806d6a0b5f84bKyle Huey — Merge b-s to m-c.
c56d11e05feb181418c308766dd93f13733e413dKyle Huey — Bug 714178: Expose the value of CPP from configure to the rest of the build system. r=ted
787e8f478ba51a57e183fde58534a2c23d02f4feTed Mielczarek — bug 714347 - pymake sort function should remove duplicates. r=khuey
07104d3a5c66c7eabc76350750314657131d6971Kyle Huey — Merge m-c to b-s.
cc4d4c230ec1ce93654306060f7b5db87cba1238Siddharth Agarwal — Bug 515374 - Add a flag, currently off by default but possible to turn on per-app, to make warnings fatal. r=khuey
0eec6ba6a87aa3149854bb7680eff9ac0cb924f4Marco Bonardo — Merge last green PGO build from mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central
06de54d7d7b47bb5bc22ce97d1fbe2da2429f891Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 714286 followup - Fix the temp path detection code for Windows; r=mccr8
52d9d7bbfad1d3d29a972ec92ebc3cf035e4c3b9Brian R. Bondy — Bug 555176 - Provide the same formats we do on drag when copying images. r=jimm
d26fad81f51a9f840d93b13742486e28325b0d92Brian R. Bondy — Bug 627956 - Fold widget/build into widget/windows. r=roc
e57e271bf32838bd8c9d7b96d96409e445970feeBrian R. Bondy — Bug 679226 - Fold widget/src into widget. r=roc
683a5696109003cd8c4be625f282e50b1f94a748Brian R. Bondy — Bug 700123 - Update telmetry probe with new update.status codes. r=ehsan
e2b6064a04ff508b622b587d0994021f001d36d7Brian R. Bondy — Bug 683205 - Reftests for RLE8 BMPs. r=joe.
d0e3133d19e21dac315651c7d34c43b90bab1d6bJeff Walden — Bug 713183 - Make JSOP_*PROP and JSOP_*NAME store a PropertyName immediate, not a JSAtom immediate, and take advantage of this fact. r=bhackett
a45349a7d74a40dca1e6152aaad1a8424f76ac2cJeff Walden — Bug 713755 - Convert all |a[...] parsing to use constructors that don't examine the token stream. r=jorendorff
214d94667876890c30b2a32f087ec95c885d7467Jeff Walden — Bug 713755 - Convert all |a.<stuff>| parsing to use constructors that don't examine the token stream. r=jorendorff
ff44100cc3c3727ee2276800e3121c24c43cc575Jeff Walden — Bug 713755 - Rename parse node variables in memberExpr, and shorten lifetimes where possible. r=jorendorff
377a1042074ee12c703eb00a2339b44a6164f315Jeff Walden — Bug 710941 - Simplify |a.<here>| parsing by having it not reuse primaryExpr parsing. r=jorendorff
20550c970bd498ae92d6eff07beb9697faed2001Jeff Walden — Bug 714572 - Fix nearly all clang warnings building image/. r=bholley
be81e5f7850fe09d825fa36efb7ff6f3a7867f20Jeff Walden — Bug 714218 - Specialize some get* implementations to do property-type-specific handling, with their getGeneric forwarding to the appropriate specific implementation. r=bhackett
6b0d4b65c4f14dc07e201019861d1dd6e142be1cLuke Wagner — rm lingering remains of JS_REQUIRES_STACK analysis (no bug, rs=dmandelin)
8455cd44e1f4d4baabebe8a9ca2f72f123effbc6Luke Wagner — Bug 714650 - make sure not to change block into dictionary mode when adding empty destructuring properties (r=jorendorff)
a917bd8e3f8e5b104fc36f8c5ea729a6adb7b4ebLuke Wagner — Bug 714697 - rm lingering remains of JSCLASS_CONSTRUCT_PROTOTYPE (r=waldo)
97940e37bd7491b8a809cff1c2ec1d1ffd0611c7Luke Wagner — Bug 714696 - rm lingering remains of tracer in js::Value (r=waldo)
d7a02042ab5b86bd967f86f67d0c58fb9ff50be9Brad Lassey — bug 711156 - Perf: regression on performance on startup from 12/11 to 12/12, move profile migration check off main thread r=gcp,alexp
56ee31100cf6a90221cb072a3f4bc74737efd58fEhsan Akhgari — Bug 691118 - Frames inserted into the frame manager should only be overflow containers, not true overflow containers; r=roc
7d6b4a1557f476a79acaf272e56ea5ad64b69fe4Matt Woodrow — Bug 704469 - Use style context parent instead of frame parent when looking up perspective for 3d transforms. r=roc
6840cbb0b4cfd332db08b53dfaff646248dbae4bEhsan Akhgari — Bug 712510 - Initialize the return value in the extremely odd case where it's never assigned to before returning; r=roc
9ca7f53b97753c65d0394862eeaad7c22d66ba8eNicholas Nethercote — Bug 710958 - Remove gfx{Glitz,DirectFB,QuartzPDF}Surface. r=joedrew.
8fba04927c44b914d46ce8cb046a6b8dc5e43e36Wes Johnston — Bug 713921 - Updating master password should not reattach textbox listeners. r=mfinkle
e251ac6325b49356548223f73f24624018d094d8Justin Lebar — Bug 712959 - Imagelib should notice when all image.mem.* prefs change. r=joe
6ef4bf58a5c97559dcf4b24cca2f979d96a54ed2Philipp von Weitershausen — Bug 714974 - RIL: Turn off debug output by default. r=qDot
ef2409ee1e0e52033c0383b641aa5208c80b911fNicholas Nethercote — Bug 631138 - Update the big comment describing Shapes. r=bhackett.
cc4c6c59c516968e11c7648e35fec573c9147b1cKartikaya Gupta — Bug 714903 - Fix getLanIp to work with Mac OS X as well instead of dying with an exception. r=jmaher
042e74585d41c807fbc224cf9c543bb71a6397f2Rafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 714377 - Close connection in storage/test/unit/test_storage_connection.js. r=mak.
35b3c5ac6e8f695cef7abe1e6427dfb8877aabfeRafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 708051 - Avoid IPC x ipc confusion on case insensitive filesystems. r=joe.
20ec67ea2f4a6d2bf9678a3e34ae249591486bedMark Finkle — Bug 714602 - Use defaultPrevented instead of the deprecated getPreventDefault() [r=mbrubeck]
e8589944b67174f3b828954eab1da8bd2604cc0cMark Finkle — Bug 714062 - Add-ons Manager page should be opened once, e.g. tapping on 'Add-ons' should switch to opened about:addons page [r=mbrubeck]
df86a9abc6fade2af444c98a51c8479260ebf1e3Matt Brubeck — Bug 712517 - Disable ActivityObserver on Android to fix blank screen bugs [r=mfinkle]
7f4ccc0e14d32631b78053853bd0ab923fa33657Benoit Jacob — Bug 713276 - Upgrade WebGL conformance test suite to r16456 - no review
5bbbb0127380504fccaaacb64e807a74af9cb789Mark Finkle — Bug 714829 - Unused StringBuffer is created in GeckoApp.addEnvToIntent [r=dougt]
91e7e04c53b5f3a6a6e09902fb265b93320ca677Mark Finkle — Bug 714711 - A few unused local variables in PanZoomController.onScaleEnd [r=kats]
94c669ea03c2314d95f586fe613d07263711145cMark Finkle — Bug 714762 - ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException at Tabs.getTabAt [r=kats]
c90dc56f83f0d52b61197b9ae93a5493a1f9f7ddMark Finkle — Bug 714713 - Comparison of strings using == [r=dougt]
695adbd228787b43d83d34f3e4cbe605c19ab607Kyle Huey — Back out Bug 587797 due to test failures.
4dd520a2dab09603a51919908379e89bdf0b9226Gabor Krizsanits — Bug 587797 - IndexedDB: Tests for making it possible to access IndexedDB APIs from chrome. r=khuey
31d2fae950ff43a36df8fd89d6a0f928b68f2264Gabor Krizsanits — Bug 587797 - IndexedDB: Make it possible to access IndexedDB APIs from chrome. r=khuey,bent
ea1181d6a8167ddbcd35d2d01d0d815e48a9718bBrad Lassey — bug 714553 - align embedding/android/ with mobile/android/base/ r=khuey
dd08f68dce1b1f389d055bd13d4c908497fef053Jim Mathies — Bug 712571 - Fix for nsIFilePicker filterIndex always returning 0 on Vista and up. r=neil.
e6e6d271538cc8443725ae27b47d315a512731a5Rafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 714378 - Close connections in storage/test/unit/vacuumParticipant.js. r=mak
da39e7b9896767fd741a152dca9e0f9b4444e923Rafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 714367 - Add an explicit getOpenedUnsharedDatabase to storage/test/unit/head_storage.js. r=mak.
79b42c063508b0c5c584d9ae38b1a30f5f78c49cTobias Markus — Bug 712698 - view.selection is null in error console when starting Firefox with about:config in a tab. r=Mossop
93d49e745ff710081763774ffdb6cfffe23966d3David Marteau — Bug 714597 - GfxInfoCollector.h used in Thebes API should not depend on internal string API. r=roc
e779821f3395bfd91ae6d89edf02f27b52d6031cDão Gottwald — Bug 713835 - Style Editor search box shouldn't be round on Linux. r=paul
cb346e8b07897fc24f75723cfbb3385c4757e5a4Marco Bonardo — Merge mozilla-central and mozilla-inbound
6c8e6f6a8ac8a374504a8b3f82ccda25f2ab64c3Makoto Kato — Bug 709562 - Part 1. Add delay load for RAS dlls. r=khuey
6ed882263c14a860b8cd8616e6dbada7f8aaf372Makoto Kato — Bug 709562 - Part 1. nsAutoDialWin does not need to load rasapi32/rasdlg dynamically. r=jimm
6ffca345df2b4bb45d57b2fbb690c1a09786e67bBenoit Jacob — Bug 713266 - Update ANGLE to r930 - no review
f33f32134b89c3c5b3c3356601537140e0f41f17Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 703143 - Use a memory multi-reporter for SQLite's per-connection reporting (attempt 2). r=sdwilsh.
1d00e560e0dc39ddec224cc8cf3f5e2484c29eedMark Finkle — Backout 0284b1ff46c6, for NullPointerException
172f007cc17cf9ae1c2c27656e992b88dfdc4f1bMark Finkle — Bug 714715 - Variable is used before a null check in GeckoApp.launch [r=dougt]
03f3e1ebcd6462114e8b5b6d4129d6b58dc2beeaMark Finkle — Bug 714710 - LayerRenderer.checkFrameRateMonitorEnabled should use start() instead of run() [r=dougt]
0284b1ff46c6c7decbc14d1492be1964a8580af1Mark Finkle — Bug 714713 - Comparison of strings using == [r=dougt]
ddf371bc13f0d4ad827e0da6c2420352629f3955Mark Finkle — Bug 714708 - NullPointerException at GeckoInputConnection.notifyIME [r=dougt]
200a8d1fb4520c923c2b979b201a0a3f31c5f344Doug Turner — Bug 713991 - Geolocation fails when used with large number of access points. r=gmealer
a737cc816eeccdb145f4d73043d02a2d4f79c5aaTim Taubert — merge m-c to fx-team
3c3f90925e20a8c0e57194ac630acaf96c30a9ecMichael Ratcliffe — Bug 589375 - Inspector: style panel keyboard access. r=msucan
35d39a331bb8e0671ee18fd68cb0927556f169a6Michael Ratcliffe — Bug 704132 - Style Inspector's left column should auto-fit text contents. r=dao r=paul
a60b890c6936cd4d31b23d6824c70a1d4db8dd53Victor Porof — Bug 713360 - [highlighter] Breadcrumbs bar started looking funny after bug 497995 landed. r=dao
8be4e3d2105e8155d7a29b5f87ff072027c6d414Victor Porof — Bug 712472 - click-and-drag in Tilt becomes wonky after you do full-page-zoom (Ctrl +). r=robcee
cb73188eedf8255c212e5a55c1d4826c916a6f9bMarco Bonardo — Merge last green PGO from mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central
6ff43da616bed93b5264b0cdf62aca4349f13006Luke Wagner — Bug 711273 - rm cruft: JS_REQUIRES_STACK,, jsstack.js, fallibility of ClonedBlockObject::put/UnwindScope (r=waldo)
f0d76403ae9caa10901b1f53269e3c252d614cd7Luke Wagner — Bug 713311 - give the remaining scope objects typed interfaces (r=waldo)
5c3e0e48bb8c8cbbf1fb8d1d70f40b29a8b08f2cJeff Walden — Bug 714264 - Move declarations around such that it's possible to include jsprvtd.h before Vector.h or HashTable.h. r=luke
bec367e2a44a75c462a54da578620f0d171d4823Jeff Walden — Make vm/Unicode.h not include jsstr.h just for jschar and a couple <stdint.h> types. No bug, r=mozbot
08599b3e8590655a3de33eec487d620aef45db17Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 713586 - Robustify against undetected race conditions. r=pcwalton
e0d9af4fbf3d13467ef06ab366499507bba66732Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 714649. Make ExpirationTrackerObserver final. r=roc
06df9b7d4a693292b28e0957dc3416f48e450663Jan de Mooij — Bug 714607 - Make jit-test/tests/basic/bug680217.js run faster. r=bhackett
f4f47800d2ff0b6736979f117d78bf13276f161dHenri Sivonen — Bug 708620 - Whine to console when a form is submitted in an encoding that cannot represent all of Unicode. r=smaug.
f50dc1ff3794dbc313133276dbed60482db9742eHenri Sivonen — Bug 711049 - Adjust MathML text integration point treatment to comply with spec changes. rs=smaug.
2f3dbb399dbfb981b293c70f8171b7924d6e8236Henri Sivonen — Bug 711052 - Make <rp> and <rt> handling match spec edits. r=smaug.
f301341f2e02f2ad33525f616dac019dc0f1e158Ms2ger — Bug 714580 - Remove extra parens from JS_ASSERT_IF; r=Waldo
7d23dd6c50ebb19e7edeb495367c55352bbc809cThomas Prip Vestergaard — Bug 710992 - Fix third argument in memcmp call in pixman-image.c; r=roc
092e88ea2eb70f5b549efdf7c7201c9ac89e5ce9Nathan Froyd — Bug 609710 - Fix warnings in TestStartupCache.cpp; r=mwu f=Ms2ger
50116672ff05465c5b9d737fc54e30defd76226fLandry Breuil — Bug 714332 - Fix uint64 types usage in dom/workers and dom/base; r=bent
e433daca145f6fba40167416016ff7d62a2ffaa5Ms2ger — Bug 707049 - Followup: fix accidentally introduced 'uint8's from js/src; r=sparky
941801e7439cf019790590c6e6d72a86a7b1f0c6Gabor Krizsanits — Bug 677294 - part 2: need a way to create new JS scopes and run scripts against them (same compartment); r=mrbkap
b3030d5f893b6ee6165a197ea4b7087edf012cefMs2ger — Bug 623610 - Remove support for geostd8; r=smontagu
5d10897fecd0e3ebba4f371ffeba4054efc72c7fMs2ger — Bug 714258 - Remove unused variable rv in nsEditorController::RegisterEditorCommands; r=ehsan
f098b5d51b44dad8efa12bb5e24eab8cff280c91Ms2ger — Bug 710805 - Assert validity in xpc_qsBasicString; r=jst
9c3ab8c81d28d426c692d3d46cb1f42eaf611b9bMs2ger — Bug 709086 - Don't use JS_GetParent in mozJSSubScriptLoader::LoadSubScript; r=jorendorff
69fe2af4da71132bc31b8866e1bb9e96a1f97a21Ms2ger — Bug 714057 - Remove uintn users from XPConnect; r=bholley+khuey
92ac3413d15f9ed3fe7cb0a71897348fd4149d83Ms2ger — Bug 713645 - Remove superfluous inclusions of jscntxt.h; r=luke
e0bfd4932e93514ed8a824c33234b54f807c3e17Ms2ger — No bug - Return 'false' instead of 'NULL' from ContextStack::pushExecuteFrame.
44d992ccc97a76b333509576f4ccdf0da89299beRichard Newman — Bug 714565 - Part 2: more logging cleanup in r=mfinkle
ac280e7eb3e665f21315a0510e25cf43ca6b277eRichard Newman — Bug 714565 - Part 1: correct synchronization in BrowserProvider. r=mfinkle
31b7a15bc54de48552146a1718f3e4eca4c5117fPhil Ringnalda — Merge mozilla-inbound with mozilla-central
edffd43801d923c6d0540438fe3982db0f5960cdBill McCloskey — Bug 712480 - Assert in most JSAPI functions that we're not inside a GC (r=Waldo)
abfc5d20b3b7fd8759c3f0bc06870c57c0dc492eJeff Walden — Return NULL from a pointer-returning method, not false. No bug, r=fix-warning
5f179b135d4cd080a4409ba1cf264aca2b0ff73aJeff Walden — Bug 714422 - Don't mark GetCurrentProcessArchitecture as a static inline, fixing 271 warnings when building with clang. rs=dholbert
68af7609e29f7d565bc686947a9fae9c1d71e5efJeff Walden — Bug 714411 - Fix several instances of classes/structs inconsistently declared. rs=dholbert
b76de21ba602555dc09ab324834af9f705ca9eaaBill McCloskey — Bug 714363 - Remove XPCWrappedNativeScope::mPrototypeJSFunction (r=bholley)
9cf3968475006ca542e693eb56468f73c76e1f76Igor Bukanov — bug 714545 - js_FinishGC should not race with the background thread. r=wmccloskey
9152791a6f9039f1be5534b1ea5d88dbec21cb20L. David Baron — Weaken the quirks mode inline box model zeroing-of-containers when those containers have children that are vertical-align: top or bottom, so that it's a little more like when they have children with other values of vertical-align (except that it's an approximation). (Bug 714519) r=roc
a4a07b81ad67f647edddc1a87e79b203802e241aEhsan Akhgari — Bug 714256 - Remove locking from the transaction manager; r=roc
c2c6616eea53345bcfafbfa5f4764bc76bfee198Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 714286 - Cycle collection log should be written to a place where the process can write to, and the name of the file should be printed to the error console; r=mccr8
24365794891f0ab54b126ced6775487003d64616Robert Longson — Backout bug 620274 to fix crash i.e. bug 667324.
d98fbf3cbd713b9108a09fc3c0ec68f6b38c4736Olli Pettay — Bug 713778 - nsICycleCollectorListener should not enable trace_all by default, r=mccr8
51965075faf527b132104dfcb62f313baecbcc34Kyle Huey — Bug 714445: nsWebMReader should not read preferences off the main thread. r=roc
d702c3cf4e4acfb68df904a3ed69dad9e287cf42Tim Taubert — merge m-c to fx-team
5fdc72d7ac9115630e1fd329b3b9d5563d80366bBlair McBride — Bug 713815 - Addons with compatibility overrides are still able to be installed. r=dtownsend
33e3950b5ef5a5c3f7a1637025ef528385ebc274Blair McBride — Bug 713816 - Add additional logging when parsing compatibility overrides. r=dtownsend
3cd031ae2711e5b5f977f014985a98a24677658fThomas Prip Vestergaard — Bug 711540 - Align text in "Video statistics" to the left
d77b056ed4bdefed6a29ae722b014c8b4b066d95Phil Ringnalda — No bug, remove trailing whitespace to trigger builds on a CLOSED TREE
da6c33eb4b1646591a7e232d437713cb0366a33cPhil Ringnalda — Merge mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central
29f66fc7e017ba5a4b5df172555dc3c6020c31b5Igor Bukanov — bug 714344 - background decommit must not leave GC chunks with no empty arenas on the available allocation list. r=wmccloskey
905e6efc3cce0423d71912a892cd2bb85e3f3437Brian Hackett — Fix warnings and Clang compile errors, bug 707049. r=waldo
b73c54dfb1d0450a856725c3d1ea85bec07cb337Joel Maher — Bug 701076 - [hoooking up make] Robotium integration into birch tree. r=blassey,bear
10f831bfaf08329ede947f4cbf19480a4cf62601Brian Hackett — Backed out changeset 4282a285d381 (bug 707049 backout).
4282a285d3813d5eb7a6639e690ce533a2fc1b04Ms2ger — Backout 0d642e4e08cf (bug 707049); requested by evilpie.
eabdc8f1c3440a36e8c755d4281e1286cd9cd876Masayuki Nakano — Bug 711903 part.2 Fix new test failure r=ehsan
9877c56df1a335d1ecca85b36cca5e72d03510fbMasayuki Nakano — Bug 711903 part.1 EventUtils.synthesizeKey() shouldn't dispatch keypress event for modifier keys if the event type isn't specified r=smaug
7fc0a1ede6a9333b847f4b0e51ac075f3011d0c4Masayuki Nakano — Bug 713502 Fire input event even during composition r=smaug+ehsan
196f5b34b6e3979195a2cf5068eccaa96dc1133dEd Morley — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound
37348c68ba0b7bdfd6affeebd30cd7d8cd68a987Tom Schuster — Bug 622348 - JavaScript Math.round incorrect for (2^53)-1. r=Waldo
0341759ffb4cd88254b45b09bf3ecaf35a34acf1Robert Longson — Bug 652050 - mark tests as passing on Android after bug 607854 landed.
883815d2edb2e7104f7c0c7cf1164db083b2b4b8Robert Longson — Bug 607854 - implement SVGTests interface. r=jwatt
a895e9432ea4eebaf577c2e6937c7de15385bebcBen Turner — Bug 713069 - 'Remove AutoEnterCompartment calls from finalizers and assert'. r=mrbkap.
af2659d377d40e24af4a9a550ae13cad47b6453cBen Turner — Bug 713728 - 'Workers: Need a shutdown observer topic'. r=mrbkap.
ca99dd8313ce46018751a7e44686f5ce24382faaMakoto Kato — Bug 711919 - Remove AWT_11 and CM_BLDTYPE from r=khuey
0ca69b1af85d6211d722328212843c25f17c0f1fMakoto Kato — Bug 714035 - Remove applications.(telnet|tn3270|rlogin). r=bsmedberg
6dc6795b4479cdd213ffaa00b56b6f584ac56835Jeff Walden — Adjust the test for bug 713944 to work in the browser and reenable it there. r=unbust
0d642e4e08cf26daa6edcc91ad22a435c40176d6Brian Hackett — Add dynamic analysis for identifying moving GC hazards, autorooter classes, some VM rooters, bug 707049. r=billm
7e94dbbde863cbef3f6981989e8dc9b7ac0fd2b1Jeff Walden — Temporarily disable the test for bug 713944, there seem to be some shell/browser differences. r=orange
b91a01700813141d43744a0e509cc9cf60e0c88bChris Jones — Bug 714307: Synchronize back/front buffers in gonk fallback path. r=mwu
a258a0b2d9e4093ae1844ba4733e1010054b5fa7Jeff Walden — Bug 713944 - Assert that a data descriptor referenced in the property cache was writable only if the property cache entry was a hit. If it wasn't, the descriptor might have been made writable in the interim -- and if the cache entry was for finding the property along the prototype chain, the shape key used for the entry lookup would be invariant across the data descriptor's mutation. This also fixes bug 643847. r=jorendorff
656af9b2d4817739d1eed19c6ef3e6f1d022f95cJeff Walden — Bug 713944 - Move some declarations down to uses in fill(). r=sparky
35124605e1a3bb588ce15a28af9ef27b64e61a4aJeff Walden — Bug 713944 -Convert PropertyCacheEntry::vindex into two separate, private fields, and add some accessors for them. r=jorendorff
b3113b7753c187268b4d032fa62f881fe1d4ba93Patrick Walton — Backed out bug 709492 due to breakage with external urls. r=backout
de0a0865d0e9f0208b77bd614c81336cbef90cb8Ehsan Akhgari — Test case for bug 690164; r=roc
36cd5cc8a9097c9a186130073b39bbd06f144ef8Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 713856 - Dynamic change of DOM in lists before block element creates blank line; r=roc
2ea7afaa47a90d18c2ff51095d7e0daa8e4d9dfePhil Ringnalda — Back out 04ef7f564450 (bug 701076) and 632f07583bd8 (bug 711591) for mochitest-oth bustage
d4c526ba534353396ea1d12c49b5c60b67f8a56ePatrick Walton — Bug 711333 - Fix race condition when moving and updating textures. r=kats
f2610136fb54094038a312f6d92ba4f5a428fdb5Patrick Walton — Bug 714230 - Unsuppress drawing for background tabs when they're shown. r=kats
9dda4ea46da1821c8259eadf279549b90354cdcaGregory Szorc — Bug 714202 - Fix implementation of AddonsReconciler.pruneChangesBeforeDate(); r=rnewman
04ef7f5644504e96208a12e50d1a39471b7c4441Joel Maher — Bug 701076 - [hookup to make] Robotium integration into birch tree. r=blassey,bear
632f07583bd8aae01cef0faaf6d3f8afd5c33cebJoel Maher — Bug 711591 - make the robotium test driver a bit more driver like. r=ctalbert
495160d5047a9cc963548057c6d7af31fcbe0f9bMark Finkle — Bug 708806 - Remove strings for homepage preference r=wesj
8f2f34d9057944dad72239cc12036633aa9ebc1fKartikaya Gupta — Bug 712761 - Fix returning incorrect object from openURI. r=dougt
a579327de2c2afcd11676ac4bc226b45b8deeaa8Mark Finkle — Bug 714234 - Handle window.close() via DOMWindowClose r=wesj
dc8dc29f53ebb13c9d8a31f0ea6b73bbeda783edRaúl Porcel — Bug 713517 - Add IPC support for alpha. r=benjamin
3e7c2110dec8e42780710712b9fdf1d95c1109eamr.Shu — Bug 713828 - Stop styling page-proxy-stack. r=dao
0609a69f85a66fc6ea356482859dd8eed33994faEhsan Akhgari — Bug 613517 - Remove support for making links relative when pasting/dropping HTML data over an editable area; r=roc
aa47e51cbd8a84409b36979c6adae620a413a2e7Benjamin Smedberg — Bug 692817 - Potential math overflow in Base64.cpp, r=dbaron
fca43c453bc4010b5a5c48cb1e6434b3486d768aBenjamin Smedberg — Bug 708935 - Make the DNS listener proxies release the nsIDNSListener on the main thread, to solve last-release issues and ASSERTION: ASSERTION: nsStandardURL not thread-safe from PendingPACQuery, r=mcmanus
c85e6c648d8f4490001317f738e786303cc25dd4Bobby Holley — Bug 713747 - Remove UniversalFoo from caps (and thus, the tree). r=bz
c991b7a9810a6f0c44d2bc5f6a6d90e236cb7793Bobby Holley — Bug 713747 - Remove usage of UniversalFoo in gecko. r=bz
3efc3a946a7f3ddffb2ca16f197e1753d8e2be8fBobby Holley — Bug 713747 - Remove UniversalFoo from all.js. r=bz
3aa338192b8a95523827f1ef6e1ab7258b804620Bobby Holley — Bug 713747 - Fix funky tests. r=bz
e1b00c29bf03a01186b1541e4ead4de144592c77Bobby Holley — Bug 713747 - Use UniversalXPConnect and UniversalXPConnect only in test coverage. r=bz
aee26fea635fca5ee712b161a3e65d589b4b7d0aDaniel Holbert — Bug 695677: Add <use> element to svg-image-script-2.svg, to force its resources file to load before onload fires. r=longsonr
a447e66c31744217ee9e42106f370d0ee90a171dMark Banner — Backout changeset e13a27a39088 / bug 714394 due to breaking comm-central builds. only change so DONTBUILD as per the original checkin
8f658d460c3d12f53e4068425c64555cb4007bfdffxbld — Automated blocklist update from host linux-ix-slave02
e13a27a390880dac6648c095f5ec9547f161a46cJustin Wood — Bug 714394 - Re-Add xpfe autocomplete to since comm-apps need it. rs+=khuey DONTBUILD
f268da52217d333b76c02e8219cb6d983a900207Olli Pettay — Bug 714250 - Optimize nsTransactionManager traversing, r=ehsan, mccr8
4dd80e8ee29e8539d0d81aea2b4229919bd7ea5dNeil Rashbrook — Bug 692153 Make Copy and Select All always work even when contenteditable areas are present r=ehsan
9fdaea5d67e2f1f97045700e7fe92b4eb277f12bMs2ger — Merge m-c to m-i.
26acd30cab90ae882f55e3453ab5cbe18a3ed6faNicholas Nethercote — Bug 708159 - Avoid unnecessary work done by multi-reporters in nsMemoryReporterManager::GetExplicit. r=jlebar,bent.
3f2e5930cb895eee2faf35e22e4fe5dcdaa0f038Phil Ringnalda — Back out 5bd2b99f0645 and 9a4874754660 (bug 580786) for Android R1 failures
6e4452ca6da267b562ba688ef5d2d2007299d298Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 709924 - Adjust viewportExcess after scrollIntoView(). r=Cwiiis
bcfe95e5f7bd169a6745e4064dafbf583319b350Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 713729 - Ensure that a fling is in progress when doing velocity-based fling adjustments. r=pcwalton
d0e07813ae6ee422b1f42c5f576bc48b2e8d380bMark Finkle — Bug 713887 - Javascript error when using the menu quit to quit fennec r=mbrubeck
5bd2b99f0645247b5b3e3b92e2d4175f1944e7e2Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 580786. Add support for fuzzy reftest matching. r=dbaron
9a48747546604fdaa27df2d1b5988ea5bb1af48dJeff Muizelaar — Bug 580786. Require gWindowUtils. r=dbaron
ca3ba6070968e2952c4fc25fe0992de0e82005c7Jeff Walden — Bug 710932 - Create true/false/this/null parse nodes with a constructor that doesn't examine the token stream. r=jorendorff
b1560ef4222cfae85cf3474669144de4979512d7Jeff Walden — Bug 710932 - Create defsharp/usesharp expressions with a constructor that doesn't examine the token stream. r=jorendorff
a1ca7fe3d8e29a0c2a3cac0206e3dd2bb4425032Jeff Walden — Bug 710932 - Create ?: conditional expressions using a constructor that doesn't examine the token stream. r=j