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Sat Aug 05 15:50:35 2017 +0000
08ab8a747932d8a65e8940269cd1ea4aea907a0eJustin Wood — Bug 1387532 - Enforce that we don't schedule multiple chunks for the same test without passing buildbot the required chunking information. r=catlee, a=test-only
c342cab423f6de346ac5c2daeeceebc715b5f84cJustin Wood — Bug 1387532 - Beta is scheduling multiple Win8 opt reftest-noaccel runs on every push. r=catlee, a=test-only
bf61f9884b5b3b22b5c7d9606cffb5ebffd70be4Cameron McCormack — Bug 1381731 - Remove gUnusedAtomCount assertions since they're hard to get right given OMT atom refcounting. r=bholley, a=NPOTB