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Mon May 29 09:49:00 2017 +0000
6fb66467485a8beee11dad38a08768c2a9955fe7John Lin — Bug 1364341 - part 2: try next codec when configuration fails. r=jya a=gchang
157988294fe9db43471fa6141ba4bb3ed5e3a602John Lin — Bug 1364341 - part 1: release all resources used by existing codec when re-configure. r=jya a=gchang
899ccf14778516da888e49eacad7a68e6d146ac6cku — Bug 1362000 - Regenerate mask layer when the boundary of the masked element changed. r=mstange a=jcristau
b8920ed272589b76cdf291a7ea7f03ec8b7e96a6Bob Owen — Bug 1358964: Always delete content process temp dir even when there is no profile. r=bsmedberg a=jcristau
6f7e81f34df34225cea2c2a48fd85d399dfb01f7Jon Coppeard — Bug 1358073 - Call constructors when creating and copying scope data. r=shu a=jcristau
e62e4db3e31d37fc93c4b3b99f450eba48d78a6aGreg Tatum — Bug 1350301 - Fix broken layout of dominator view with callstacks enabled; r=fitzgen a=jcristau
c4c3049f649ed4b79466f1c3bb62f4871aa619e7John Lin — Bug 1350279 - try other codecs when first one failed to create. r=esawin a=gchang
1e504e2b22218ea1dabdae39d4b17c870389551bmaliu — Bug 1347476 - [RTL] Update TouchDelegate Rect for tab close button relatively, r=sebastian a=jcristau
6e7be87923b6f10aae7de08345239ab3ce7d6af9Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 1341992 - Only do hit-testing with the ignore-root-scroll-frame flag on zoomable platforms. r=tnikkel a=jcristau
befb19ed674f441caf07c85c0fff5f168af8c14aHenrik Skupin — Bug 1336254 - Use to access test pages on without SSL. r=maja_zf a=test-only
a1827dca2447b9db46cf0c72a704ab76268e018aSteve Fink — Bug 1349531 - Remove non-threadsafe static buffers, r=jandem a=NPOTB